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Lolcow Bunker Thread #19 Anonymous 197747

Anonymous 197748

sad sad times, anons

Anonymous 197751


nooooooo oh my god I will be so embarrassed

Anonymous 197752

>She obviously doesn't give a fuck about anons and has no consideration for us
t. person who wants lolcow to become adminless and shut down

Anonymous 197753


Anonymous 197754

Please no, i really hope not. You just KNOW they’d label it as an alt-right site just because we don’t bow down to the tranny delusions

Anonymous 197755

I gave money, too. Hardly $1k but it was in good faith. I'm not happy about it right now if she is going to threaten to take down the site out of spite.

Anonymous 197756

So the general tinfoil is that shaymin is oldmin, and Ian/someone else has the backend access?

Anonymous 197757

i donated too and now i regret it

Anonymous 197758

Shouldn't you be off paying $200 for a $20 server?
But yeah, great comparison. The admin of the whole site vs some random anon.

Anonymous 197760

the trannies will weaponize it. i can see hontra making a video about it.

Anonymous 197761


Me with all this tech talk.

Anonymous 197762

anyone with actual tech knowledge could fix the site

Anonymous 197763

Wow its me in picrel kek

Anonymous 197764

>muh tech knowledge
>muh tech knowledge
>muh coding
>muh coding
>muh tech knowledge
>they NEED ian
i'm so sick of the fucking tranny and his broken brain

Anonymous 197765

I donated, hardly $1k but not nothing either. I will be upset if it just goes to her shitcanning everything out of spite. Because that's what it is. Go talk to "shaymin" if you wish and she sounds a lot like oldmin/"Ines", same bpdchan antics and antagonism towards her userbase. I really don't know why she would want the job if she is going to be like that.

Anonymous 197766

yeah it is not some secret code, you don't need to be Ian or anyone else, some tech knowledge is necessary but really not all that much, what it really takes is someone willing to put up with the bullshit

Anonymous 197768

I tried that proxy trick mentioned in the last thread and keep getting "could not resolve host"

Anonymous 197769


how do people still think shaymin exists… it's so obvious that shaymin wasn't real. i have offered to help her and she never reached out to me. i don't understand why she won't just pull the old site. also jesus christ how many people did she leech off of. very glad she just ghosted me when i offered to help.

Anonymous 197770

I really tried to have hope in shaymin because i thought she was one of us, despite all her flaws I gave her a pass because I figured she was a true shayfag. An imageboard user. To burn it all down just because of this is so DUMB. Her ignoring offers to help is DUMB. I cant help but feel really betrayed

Anonymous 197772

No, it wouldn't if it wasn't for your autist screeching because you can't wait and/or are too lazy to copy paste custom layouts.


Anonymous 197773

I still think she's just having a good ole bpd meltdown because she thought that she could make this a smooth transition. I don't think she accounted for all the stuff that usually goes wrong when implementing any major changes to a website, and she didn't realize LC is full of autists who hate sudden change and interruptions to their routine.

I'd really like to know why she chose now to do this. Was her hand forced or did she actually just underestimate the task?

Anonymous 197775

so are you saying Ian is doing some kind of gatekeeping to keep the site under control? sounds kinda tinfoily to me at this point tbh when the easy explantion is >>197773

Anonymous 197776

Men cope hard over the fact that the first programs were women.

Anonymous 197777

honestly… i'm incredibly suspicious now, it makes sense
>updating the site to lynxchan was ines's passion project to begin with
>ines said she was going to train this new admin who was a shaynafag and that the shaynafag would formally introduce herself in a post but i can't recall shaymin ever doing that, the site just quietly changed hands and we barely heard anything
>shaymin never did the townhall that was promised after she took over
>ines and shaymin both act the same, throwing tantrums on discord and mocking farmers who volunteer their money/time in good faith
ines got frustrated and threatened to nuke the site if she didn't find a replacement but her ego prevented her from accepting help and actually passing the torch onto a more competent person (sound familiar?) i'm starting to think she just made a new fake persona to transfer power to herself while getting trannies off her back and to get them to stop trying to doxx her. also like why would a normie shaynafag with no coding experience who barely visits lolcow even bother applying for admin lol

Anonymous 197779

back-end part is not tinfoil at this point

Anonymous 197780

this tinfoil does line up ngl

Anonymous 197782


>the first programs

Anonymous 197784

the receipts coming up lol. of course that cow is too stubborn to get help from other s. she won't even admit she can't code

Anonymous 197785

This. The newfags just don't know this shameful part of the lolcow lore

Anonymous 197786

at this point I'd rather Ian be running the codebase or whatever and letting us more or less run the site as we wish rather than this bpd nutcase

Anonymous 197787

did shaymin go rogue and make a mess
or was this change thin ian sanctioned

Anonymous 197789

right like if shaymin isn't doing anything of value and her job is just to direct the jannies and communicate to farmers (she's failing at both) literally anyone could be plugged into her spot and get the job done better

Anonymous 197791

Except that Ian rarely checks lolcow so if Shaymin stops paying the server bills it could take up to months until he notices

Anonymous 197792

What if shaymin is actually Ian but he's pretending he's a girl again

Anonymous 197793

pls stop taking the bait. if someones talking about ian theres a 99% chance its that fucking tranny, the other 1% being complaints about the stupid ian related tinfoils.

Anonymous 197795

and regina, you're also a retard

Anonymous 197796

lol okay shaymin

Anonymous 197797

>if someones talking about ian theres a 99% chance its that fucking tranny
So you're the troon then

Anonymous 197798

Shut the fuck up already

Anonymous 197799

You're really obsessed with calling everyone a tranny. Not all of us think women are incompetent coders, we just know Ian didn't hand LC over to any. I do remember the other admins saying they didn't know wtf to do with his code because of how heavily he customized it. That's why it hasn't been changed much, I think it was Regina who mentioned how they even used to have a time when they wanted to change banners.

Anonymous 197800

now I want to see this crazy code

Anonymous 197801

the irony is this ian dude sounds like the one who is incompetent at coding if whatever he did was so weird it's illegible to everyone else who looks at it

Anonymous 197802

Elaine please at least try to hide your seething.

Anonymous 197803

nah tbh that is usual scrote hackerman behavior if you have worked with them they pride themselves on their code being obscure which is why women should be in charge of development

Anonymous 197806

I had completely forgotten that oldmin was supposedly called Ines til I read that post lol.

Anonymous 197808

Most of it is him talking to himself and samefagging like in your responses. Business as usual.

Anonymous 197809

She isn't called that, Ines is a rando Elaine thought was admin. Of course she now wishes the hate-love of her life was still there kek.

Anonymous 197810

Continuing my post >>197730 remember when this admin permabanned an anon in the Shatna thread simply cause anon offered to help admin with the site, or takeover? Lmao now shitmin is throwing a fit and calling it quits after a few criticisms (most valid) were made.

Another thing. The rest of you need to pull yourselves together. This can all be fixed. It's not the end of lolcow. If you really enjoy lolcow and value it, you'll fight for it. All that is needed is an anon we can trust who is well suited for the role and understands what needs to be done, and how to do it. Database anon sounds like the best choice. She actually has extensive knowledge and is confident in her abilities.
Then, we need to form a team of anons with relevant skills and knowledge such as coding, that can fulfill support roles for admin.
Then there's the costs. We have encountered this issue before and overcome it. The solution to the costs is donations and spreading the cost equally between the admin and support team.
I will remind you, it is important to keep XX women only spaces open and running, as there are so few that exist in this scrote dominated hellscape we live in that is most unfavourable to real XX women.
lolcow is so much more than just bitching about retards.

Anonymous 197812

i wrote that post and i'm definitely not elaine, sorry to disappoint! i don't think her name is really ines lol. i just called her that because someone i replied to called her that and it was easier than being like "the old admin who i think could still be the current admin-" every time
calling everyone a tranny or elaine won't make you look any more credible, though. you're just making yourself look worse.

Anonymous 197813

i'm grateful to not be mentally deranged

Anonymous 197815

thanks for the hopeposting nona

Anonymous 197816

Since when have you been a janitor Elaine?

Anonymous 197817

Ok but we don't have access to the backend

Anonymous 197818

>you'll fight for it
I think we all want lolcow to stay up but most of us can't do much. It's up to anons who have enough programming knowledge to take on the site and there are only a few. All the rest of us can do is offer suggestions that may or may not be helpful. Things are very uncertain right now.

Anonymous 197819


I just got home after watching The Whale….

Anonymous 197820


thank you n0nnie i hope this will be resolved soon

Anonymous 197821

i agree database anon is definitely the best choice, she sounds incredibly competent and has basically all the skills we need. i really hope she's willing to take on the site.
there are definitely enough anons willing to join the support team and help shoulder the financial burden.

Anonymous 197823

Oh, I really want to watch it for Brendan Fraser but I don't want to cry.

Anonymous 197824

In the absolute worst case scenario, db chan's got a backup of old LC. I guess if it's in salvageable we'd literally just have lolcow2.0 with its own CSS and shit. Idk

Anonymous 197825

Okay the problem has been identified. Now you know the issue, you can think of the solution. So how can this be solved? What is needed to solve this problem?

Anonymous 197826

She's already said multiple times she isn't interested, but will help if she absolutely needs too, kek

Anonymous 197828

I don't have any experience of knowledge of tech so I can't do much but if another admin, an actually competent one who knows what she's doing and communicates with nonn1es takes over I'll donate what I can to support her. I'm not as optimistic as you about the site though and I don't see this ending well with lolcow intact.

Anonymous 197829

where the fuck is ian kek

Anonymous 197830

Only if they 100% verify they are women, judging by how many fucking troons want the website too and are currently pulling falseflags left and right.

Anonymous 197831

i wanna see it so bad! need a new movie that will make me cri

Anonymous 197832

Oh believe me, I came in the theater feeling cocky believing that I wouldn't cry. Obviously that failed but it was so worth it. I highly recommend it regardless; his acting blew me away and really needs to be witnessed

Anonymous 197833

lmao the projection in this post

Anonymous 197834

I agree but just last thread dbchan said she came to the conclusion she couldn't be admin, right?

Anonymous 197836

there's a literal retard on lc meta right now kek, it can't even type

Anonymous 197838

Admin or are we talking about some other retard?

Anonymous 197839

she's not actually Ines that was a faildox but "Ines" is an easy way to call her at this point

Anonymous 197840

Kek what?

Anonymous 197841

Reeee i want to see too!!

Anonymous 197844

and how

Anonymous 197845


ok just for you

Anonymous 197846

you are aware the process of vetting could take weeks? she probably got bombarded with dozens or even hundreds of messages (if the shit was reposted elsewhere). so many male psychos out there.

Anonymous 197847


Anonymous 197850

seriously, there's no way trolls didn't crash that thread, it got so bizarre.

Anonymous 197851

Lucinda was a farmer all this time?

Anonymous 197852

This is like when scambaiters piss off the indian telemarketing scammer and he starts swearing.

Anonymous 197854

im all for a handful of us sharing duties and verifying as women, but i dont know how to do it in a safe way. and frankly with the attention from the mtf thread im hesitant over doxxing

Anonymous 197856

Anonymous 197857

Omg yes. The snapchat shayfag got banned because she said she wants the site and would run it better. Fuck, she really would've run it better. Snapchat shayfag I fucking hope you are with us!!! We need you!!!!!

Anonymous 197858

voice chat, maybe? i don't think someone could be doxxed by voice alone?

Anonymous 197859

/snow/ is open right? Someone who's familiar with the Shayna thread should tell her to come over here.

Anonymous 197860


things really went crazy when you compare the current shit show to what people were saying 11 days ago lol

Anonymous 197861

It's literally just one legally retarded britbong in there right now though, not really a direct comparison

Anonymous 197862

Anonymous 197864

there's no way it wasn't brigaded. am I tinfoiling too hard?

Anonymous 197865

Samefag but how about we start a new lolcow that looks the same as the old, but it's coded and built by fellow anons - No ianscrote, no "ines," and no shitmin in control, a new lolcow independent from them, built by actual anons.
We start from scratch, give it the same look and feel and transfer all boards and threads over to our new site. No more relying on these incompetent bpdfags and scrotecoders we can't trust.
Database admin and a support team of other verified female anons with relevant and helpful skills, knowledge and resources should start a fresh new lolcow site and begin the new lolcow era.


Right? All we wanted was some cute banners. I did get to see some of mine used before I died so I guess there is that.

Anonymous 197868

yeah the discord had that and it seemed to work, good point. maybe step one is reorganizing separately with just a handful of nonas and then assigning a few duties
i dont want us to lose our space, i cant dedicate a ton of time but im willing to give some to keep it

Anonymous 197870

Is it not obvious enough in the post you're replying to that there is very clearly a man posting?

No, kek. There's very obviously a man in the thread currently

Anonymous 197871

nta but probably timezones

Anonymous 197872

>Is it not obvious enough in the post you're replying to that there is very clearly a man posting?
what's your point? it's a shit show.

Anonymous 197873

I think the best option is probably to find someone to become the new admin then have dbanon or the new admin/coders clone the site if shaymin isn't willing to do it herself before quitting. Tbh it's probably going to have to be on the new imageboard software but at least now we know someone has already made a css for the old theme so that all that matters there. I actually believe shaymin when she says the old code is crap so we probably were due for the upgrade anyways

Anonymous 197874

>There's very obviously a man in the thread currently
idk it cares too much about some supposed abuse and types like a 35 y/o female heroin addict kek

Anonymous 197875

You know the first ones to try this will be trannies trying to IP harvest.

Anonymous 197876

this is a good point

Anonymous 197877

In the discord, before it went bunker mode, some troons did this repeatedly and just asked female relatives to vc for them but luckily sooner or later they were found out.

Anonymous 197879

if dbanon or a techanon would be willing to actually clone the site, i'd be willing to be the new admin, pay out of pocket for server costs, deal with jannies and communicate with users. i'm a longtime farmer and have way too much time on my hands as well as experience moderating other places, and it doesn't look like shaymin is going to respond to my offers to donate/help out so might as well put this out here kek
i'd be so out of my depth trying to actually replicate the whole site and i'm sure it would be a huge difficulty so that's only if some tech savvy n0nnie actually wants to do it. but it could actually be a good thing maybe, to get less antiquated code and admins/mods who actually want the site to thrive.

Anonymous 197880

is there a way to make the structure safer so even if there was a male trying to sabotage it, it'd be impossible? asking because men can pretend to be women or find a way to get verified. ideally a new site would be done by an already secular group of women that know one another, not strangers, but we don't really have that luxury.

Anonymous 197881


yeah, we need to organize but i want us all to be safe
i left the discord bc i felt uneasy about them cataloging stuff and i feel like itll be easier here

this sucks, why cant we just have a place

Anonymous 197883

thank god someone else noticed. I thought I was going crazy, kek.

Anonymous 197885

you are aware that there are people who have known her for a long time? that might have noticed she might have needed help with the site? sadly you never knew how much she trusts you and thankfully i never had the opporunity to go any further than that.

Anonymous 197887

>>197875 Why would we allow trannies to do that? We would verify each candidate for the roles. Photo or video of hands with a sheet of paper with present date written on it, and voice call to further confirm. Asked a selection of questions only real female anons would know the answers to.

Anonymous 197888


2d trapfags (female) are incredibly oppressed

Anonymous 197889

Is original.lolcow.farm still not accessible

Anonymous 197890

ok I'll bite why would you as a woman want a man that you thought was a female? do you even know what a trap is or are you like 15 years old?

Anonymous 197897

it seems majority of people are still complaining

Anonymous 197898

Let's make a blank imageboard but take pictures of all the old threads and paste them and just use it that way. It will be a lil ugly but we can work it out you. You won't be able to interact with posts but just act as if it was just one locked thread.

Anonymous 197901

Screen Shot 2022-1…

>break site dns
>ask people to email you at site domain

Anonymous 197902

not for me

Anonymous 197903


i'm not a self-inserter, so i don't want them myself. i just think they're cute to look at + i enjoy the contrast when they're placed against a bishonen or something…

…though if i had to dig deep and make up an actual (?) reason, maybe i like them because on some level i do enjoy feminine things, but don't to see female characters perform femininity (going off of "break the corset" logic). but that's ultimately bullshit y'know

Anonymous 197904

omg is that why she isnt checking her email or is it still muh trannies

Anonymous 197905

>but don't to see
*don't want to see

Anonymous 197906

faggot gtfo

Anonymous 197909

Screen Shot 2022-1…


Anonymous 197910

Just wondering, could an anon go to the Shatna threads in snow and sift through them to find shatna Snapchat anon's comments to reply her letting her know we really need her help right now? That would be helpful and much appreciated.
I think snapchat anon was in the third most recent thread. No point in me doing it I can't reply cause I was banned too kek

Anonymous 197911

what do you mean? it's not like i posted porn or something

Anonymous 197912

nta but i did both of those things and it still won't work

Anonymous 197915

why the hell did she not say she broke her domain instead of making fun of the people emailing her? bizarre lol

Anonymous 197916

I'm right clicking every banner I can see in case the unthinkable happens and shaymin won't hand over the site/doesn't find anyone suitable. If lolcow goes down I'll upload them somewhere so nonn1es can keep them for nostalgia's sake. Unless there's already a torrent of the banners, does anyone know if there is?

Anonymous 197917

is this pakichan

Anonymous 197919

>stop posting trapfaggotry itt

Anonymous 197920

and when the world needed her most, she vanished

Anonymous 197921

it only works on mobile for me without a vpn

Anonymous 197923

so you don't know what a trap is and you just like femboys. ok. got it.

Anonymous 197924


the lolcow.farm url is back up for me

Anonymous 197926

nta but are you retarded?

Anonymous 197927

I asked her. I CARE.

Anonymous 197928


i know this sounds terminally online but i’m going to have a mental breakdown if lolcow shuts down. it’s the place that peaked me on trannies and the only place i can feel like i’m with a bunch of incredible women who aren’t afraid to speak their minds. if i wasn’t on welfare and had knowledge on what to do i’d apply for admin in a second. i love all you n0nn13s so much

Anonymous 197930

you care that he likes trannys?

Anonymous 197931


Don't go anywhere then. We may have need of you.

Anonymous 197935

Still down for me

Anonymous 197937

Anonymous 197938


they sounded esl…but this is what i mean, i am literally oppressed. if i weren't a trapfag i would not receive the shaming i do. the isolation. i am alone and nobody understands, all fujo/yumespaces care about are bishonen and bulky hunks.

aren't the terms equivalent? they both mean "draw a girl, call it a guy/otokonoko"

Anonymous 197939

i think they want it to be the same 5 people so they can feel like they "clocked" who it is. it's like a fun game to some people

Anonymous 197940

I used to be part of one of the gender critical subreddit's refuge discords and a phone call was used to vet along with asking terfy questions a man wouldn't be able to empathize with (what your peak trans story was for example). I think that plus a pic or video with them speaking showing them wearing women's shoes would at least be pretty secure
Nta but as a young Bisexual I first developed an attraction to women and then a year or two later it morphed into bisexuality but it was exclusively for very femmy men when I became interested in piv sex. I'm not exclusively into traps (or gnc band dudes in makeup now lol) but I've never developed a liking for "manly men" either. Traps are basically a way to get a man almost as pretty as a woman (and in fiction they are drawn as women) but still a man if you're currently horny for penis. In fantasy they also act like women so you don't have a moid personality with the penis. I think it's a porn genre mostly for female-leaning bisexuals or febfems but I have encountered straight girls enjoying it too

Anonymous 197941

why are you so incensed

Anonymous 197942

where?! where?!!!

Anonymous 197944

Where did that nona say she masturbated to traps?

Anonymous 197945

they're not. the fetish appeal of a "trap" is that you thought it was a girl at first but it turns out it has a penis and is a boy. this is a total surprise but you fuck it anyway because ??? (fetish reasons)

Anonymous 197946

i'm like the jesus christ of female imageboards

Anonymous 197947

nta but trap is a porn genre….

Anonymous 197948

traps are hideous, they're just moeblobs with a dick.

Anonymous 197950


nah same- it's the only place where i feel like i actually fit online and feel understood, and i didn't realize how badly i needed a female space like it until i found it; i would be devastated. luv u too, don't worry we'll figure it out i'm not losing you!!!

Anonymous 197951

i think any woman who claims to be into traps is extremely pickme-brained and pornsick

Anonymous 197953

I'm not into traps but I'd be your friend, .

Anonymous 197956

literally who?

Anonymous 197957

Explain why it works for some anons with different providers then

Anonymous 197958

i guess i should've said otoko no ko then. a large part of the appeal for me is that they are feminine/especially pretty (and i am pleased when i'm reading a manga and a cute side character turns out to be a guy) but i generally don't gravitate to works where the main gag is "dick in skirt"

can you show me something that isn't a porn genre

Anonymous 197959

Samefag, forgot the word was banned. Whoops.

Anonymous 197960

i think we're entering the psychosis stage of this event

Anonymous 197961

i have actually been banned for three days for posting about traps, that's basically the same thing

Anonymous 197962

fucking kys baiting moid

Anonymous 197963


Anonymous 197964

Wait what word?

Anonymous 197965

how about YOU kys for assuming everyone who likes something you don't is a moid

Anonymous 197966


Anonymous 197967

Starts with an n, ends with onna. Or onnie.

Anonymous 197969

Thanks n onnie

Anonymous 197970


are n0nnies really trying to make a site just like lolcow? i like cc but i don't think this site will work for longterm lc users

Anonymous 197971

this is absurd to me. it's like if i post a red-haired woman and go "yay i love women with red hair" and the rest of you go "umm well actually sister! there are porn videos of women with red hair so it's automatically a moid thing :/"

but i also want to say that jesus was stoned too…so i accept the abuse for speaking my truth.

Anonymous 197973

a woman with red hair is a normal thing in the real world and traps are literally a coomer porn term

Anonymous 197974

You're comparing a woman with red hair to a fucking man dressing as a woman? Are you serious? Go dilate you retard.

Anonymous 197975

the three horsemen of the apocalypse: blaine, pakichan, romanianon

Anonymous 197977

i'm serious about helping out with the lolcow replica if the coding anons are serious too lol

Anonymous 197978

what vpn are you using

Anonymous 197979

plz don't reply to baiting moid

Anonymous 197980

There's gonna be a split, people who were using cow boards will wind up scattered to twitter, lsa, and probably at least one lolcow clone
people who stay here will only be the ones who exclusively used /ot/, /g/, /m/, and /2X/, and they'll need to assimilate as best they can

Anonymous 197981

traps were originally for closeted gay men. "oh whoops I thought it was a girl" "it really is like a girl so it's ok" blah blah
I guess you should have, especially if you're gonna keep posting about how you're oppressed for liking them and you don't even know what they are.
if you don't believe it's a girl at first it's not a trap. that's why it's called a "trap".

Anonymous 197982

What do you guys think about reverse traps ie women that look like men? Cool or nah?

Anonymous 197985

I feel the same . Being able to speak openly with other women about trannies and moids as well as post dumb shit is so freeing. All other female sites are just clones of Reddit and you can’t even say you hate moids without being bashed by other women because ‘feminism is about equality, not putting women above men!!’ it sucks.

Anonymous 197986


i didn't even use a vpn and got in just an hour ago, now it's not working again

Anonymous 197988

please shaymin, anyone, let us in before quitting the site i hate it here. we're like a bunch of drunk hobos fighting out in the cold after being locked out of our shelter. please.

Anonymous 197989

Same. I wonder if this means she's restoring it and everyone will be able to use the site again.

Anonymous 197990


thank you an0n, you give me hope

Anonymous 197991

absolutely based, I'll be going back to Gaia

Anonymous 197992


they're based. especially when paired with a femboy

>if you don't believe it's a girl
sometimes i do though…like picrel, grusha's pretty girly looking

Anonymous 197993

Samefag, I also got a little notification on the site saying "ungoing upgrades, posting has been re-enabled at original.lolcow.farm." and a button that says Take Me There

Anonymous 197994


Anonymous 197995

grusha is ugly don't pair rika with him

Anonymous 197996


i liked the cows and /ot/, but i guess i'll integrate to cc and just wait to see if a new site ever happens for the time being

Anonymous 197997

I still can’t access anything at all. RIP

Anonymous 197998

Screen Shot 2022-1…

Anonymous 197999

I would not join that discord

Anonymous 198001

do you want to kiss. mwah

his hair is weird looking but he's cute

Anonymous 198002

She's already handing things over???????????

Anonymous 198003

The sites now working for me, don't know if its just me or but its kinda chugging a bit

Sage 198004

I seriously can’t help imagining that all posters here are troons. Sorry.

Anonymous 198005

i hate that people aren't spacing their quotes anymore. stop fearing retards that screech reddit spacing whenever they see a paragraph break

Anonymous 198006

>hand things over.
to who????

Anonymous 198007

But wtf does
>organizing or keeping up with bunker discussion
Mean exactly? I'll take one for the team and join though.

Anonymous 198008

That is reaaaaaaally fast.
Changing identities again maybe?

Anonymous 198009

He's been posting here for months before the first bunker thread namefagging as UH (unabashed hermaphrodite) which is a name he uses on other sites.

Anonymous 198010

Anonymous 198012

thx n0nna, let us know what you find

Anonymous 198013

Oh so she’s crazy crazy

Anonymous 198014

I was thinking that too

Anonymous 198015

Who is she handing it to???

Anonymous 198016

N0nnies i do NOT like that it sounds like she already is handing things over to a new admin when she hasn't even replied to emails. I don't like this at all.

Anonymous 198017

Not this thread specifically, just cc in general.

Anonymous 198018


>she's talking about josh

Anonymous 198019

why would anyone space their quotes lol

Anonymous 198021


Anonymous 198022

organizing… what? did she make a server to stalk this thread?

Anonymous 198023


Anonymous 198024

Is this our Christmas present??? jesus christ this is a shitshow

Anonymous 198025

i hope youre wrong, feels more like shes just throwing her hands up and giving up but just hope newmin is one of the people who said they emailed her here

Anonymous 198026

Oh dear god we've been sold to what is no doubt a troonie babooney
I hope none of you have ever left anything incriminating in any of your posts

Anonymous 198028

you're not integrating. you can say "gender-non-conforming men are hot" then it's ok to like it. You can't say sometimes you think they're girls and expect people to not bully you (1. they will never be girls, 2. the fact they will never be girls is the ultimate point of traps so you aren't even doing the fetish right to be honest).

Anonymous 198029

wtf is going on in that server? i don't want to join, it seems sketchy and idk how discord works. is someone willing to join on a throwaway and post caps?

Anonymous 198030


Anonymous 198031

There is no way she could have properly vetted a new admin in just a couple hours. We are entering end times.

Anonymous 198032

discord serv.jpg

Hacker voice I'm in.
Nothing yet, just this. It's only 3 other anons other than me and admin. I'll keep you guys updated as much as I can if no one else does.

Anonymous 198033

ur a real one n0nna

Anonymous 198034

Fuck this was my first thought. He's been trying to get lolcow since he first found it. If he's following the drama here and is aware shaymin wants to let the site go he'd be the first to email her. If shaymin doesn't care about lc being run by women she'd 100% give it to him because he'd be able to avoid fucking up and making it go down at the very least.

Anonymous 198035

Samefag, if the text looks weird that's because I edited out the time.

Anonymous 198036

you know i just thought of something regarding transferring threads onto the new site, even though i'm too late now. since /ot/ has way too many threads (with some being duplicates or scrote filled like the old ones) why not just transfer the most recent threads only? they're usually numbered (ie dumbass shit #765600 whatever) so just go by the most recent number

Anonymous 198038

ask how the fuck she could possibly have a new admin WHEN SHE WON'T REPLY TO EMAILS

Anonymous 198039

kek why would you get this mad about it

Anonymous 198040

i will be adding astolfo banners to lolcow when i am made admin

Anonymous 198041

>"Ines" hands the site to Shaymin, who is totally not her
>Shaymin hands the site over to Dashamin or someone who is totally not her either

Anonymous 198042

What happened to the Shaytard admin? She give up on learning how to do it or what?

Anonymous 198043

stop speaking evil into the world retards no moid is going to own lolcow

Anonymous 198044

damn, I remember you, that is rough

Anonymous 198045

that's not a bad idea, but didn't database-chan already back everything up?

Anonymous 198046

I just got done with last minute Christmas shopping looks like everything is still grim

Did anybody get any cool presents for people that you're stoked about? I got my lil nephews minecraft swords that turn into minecraft axes and I dont have to deal with the fallout where they beat the shit out of each other cuz I'm not raising them lol

Anonymous 198047

can you ask her where she found a new admin

Anonymous 198048

It's holidays and she's obviously frustrated/in bad headspace n0nna. Let her calm down, spend some time with her family like she wanted and she'll either have changed her mind or respond to you in a more coherent way than she probably would rn.

Anonymous 198049

that's not that bad

Anonymous 198050

Ok, I asked. I hope she won't get upset and kick me out.

Anonymous 198051

you mean shaymin? n0nnie where have you been kek

Anonymous 198053

so if Shaymin is a fail, and we had to pick one cow who's biggest follower and/or alog had to become the new admin, who would it be?

Anonymous 198054

do any of the cows actually know how to code?
my vote would be for actual shayna tbh, she couldn't possibly do worse than her namesake

Anonymous 198055

Josh is the only coding cow I can think of.

Anonymous 198056

i mean what cow's thread should produce the admin if that is the thing we are doing now

Anonymous 198057

love you

Anonymous 198058

Lucinda thread only because that would mean we get Lucinda as admin and it would be so funny. That’s how I want us to go down.

Anonymous 198059

I just remember that last year, the previous admin was trying to teach new admin (someone who frequented Shayna threads) how to run the site. I haven’t been here since the site went down, just decided to check today if there was a refugee thread here.

Anonymous 198060

the invitation expired can someone post a new link?

Anonymous 198062

gjretings I am ur noo admynn

Anonymous 198063

Anonymous 198064

Lucinda doesn't even have the brain capacity to handle it because she has starved her braincells

Anonymous 198065

Anonymous 198066

Anonymous 198068

thank you n0na

Anonymous 198069

samefag but imagine her schizotyping style but with the admin stamp on top kek

Anonymous 198070


I emailed shaymin about potentially helping with costs but she said it's not a money issue.

Anonymous 198071


you're sweet n0nny

Anonymous 198072

Unironically this though.

Anonymous 198073


Anonymous 198075

our unicorn queen wouldn’t let us down :( we’d have chicken run movie nights every day and she’d let us know what’s going on whether we want it or not.

Anonymous 198076

taylor bc she would communicate in meth binges and be too lazy to fuck anything up

Anonymous 198078

discord update.jpg

New discord post. It sounds like she's relying on that anon to have a backup, which is very strange.

Anonymous 198079

One of the 5 consistent Heather anons.

Anonymous 198081

wtf kek

Anonymous 198083

They’re changing the layout again because we fucking hate it. At least they better or they’re fucking stupid. Where is the god damn sanic thread

Anonymous 198084

>the "i'm scared" and "i have a bad feeling uwu" anons everyone was bullying the other night turned out to be completely right

Anonymous 198085

I'm terrified kek. Who the hell is taking over…

Anonymous 198086

Fuck the shit owner for selling out

Anonymous 198087

discord admin upda…

There was also an anon who said they got a reply from admin asking for a resume, but I wont post that in case they want to talk about it here themselves.

Anonymous 198088

Wtf the new one was fine

Anonymous 198089

discord update 5.j…

Anonymous 198090

Admin most of the users can't even view either of the websites.. How are you going to get enough applicants (who aren't moids who have been waiting for this for a long time) to choose from then?

Anonymous 198091

we're probably genuinely the best off if she just pulls the plug

Anonymous 198092

null planned to do the same thing when KF was crippled due to keffals, he planned to do a torrent file with all the KF archives

Anonymous 198093

discord blah.jpg

She hasn't answered the question about if she's found a new admin already, but I wasn't expecting her to. She's very experienced in question dodging…
She said on /meta/ that regular lolcow should be working if you clear your cache and wait.

Anonymous 198094

Shut up

Anonymous 198095

So does she have someone lined up as a new owner or not? Sorry if I'm retarded but I'm not understanding her kek

Anonymous 198097

Yesterday I was crying about hating nucow. I'd even prefer having to tolerate lynxchan than lc not existing at all, and I hate lynxchan

Anonymous 198098

i'm scared for the future of lc but honestly the bunker threads are the most fun i've had on an ib in a long time, i feel more connected to my fellow n0nnas who are experiencing this shitshow in real time kek

Anonymous 198099

>entire board suddenly turns into twitterfags defending her

Anonymous 198100

discord a.jpg

She hasn't answered, and no you're not retarded she just doesn't want to answer any questions.

Anonymous 198101

same kek

Anonymous 198102

i don't understand, she is hiring new jannies but doesn't have a new admin lined up? or does she? why is she talking about server costs?

Anonymous 198103

same lol, i havent even been using lc recently

Anonymous 198104

Do farmhands need technical knowledge? I'm in aus but could help.


200 is a reasonable monthly cost for the site. No less than 150 at the bare minimum for the disk space and bandwidth and you might pay more, too.

Anonymous 198106

She won't answer that question Ughhhhh I've got a bad feeling about this

Anonymous 198107

Same to your whole post, whatever happens I'll remember having fun with my nonn1es anxiously posting in the bunker thread about the future of lc

Anonymous 198108

Ironically that kind of autism is also the cause of admin throwing the towel. Self fulfilling prophecy.

Anonymous 198109

same here. if we go down, we go down together!

Anonymous 198110

victim blaming

Anonymous 198111

cow discorddd.jpg

Some of these messages may be a little out of order. I'm trying to keep up with the messages being posted.
Don't know what this is about but I'll post it anyway in case it has any relevance to anyone

Anonymous 198112


>inb4 it's Josh

Anonymous 198113

kys tranny

Anonymous 198114

fed upp.jpg

Anonymous 198115

i am so tired of her "being intentionally vague" shit lmfao (assuming it's intentional, maybe she's just genuinely shit at communication) it's really not the time for that considering there's only a handful of users left who trust her whatsoever, and with so many people saying that they'd sympathize with her more if she was just upfront with us

Anonymous 198116

thicker skin.jpg

I asked again if an admin has been found. No response.

Anonymous 198117


Anonymous 198119

>calling people "autistic" and telling them it's their fault shaymin went full retard, refused to communicate and dropped several bombs on the site unprompted because they expressed their worries

Anonymous 198120

Why is she so retarded omg I was defending her last night but she's just as retarded as the anons I was trying to defend her from

Anonymous 198122

No, but completely sperging out while she was still working on it effectively made her give up. Yes, it's partly your fault and you caused exactly what trannies and moids wished for, congrats.

Anonymous 198123

IHM runs 94chan and as far as I can see her site has close to 100% uptime, don't know why she'd bother

Anonymous 198124

>dropped several bombs on the site unprompted
Samefag but she literally announced all of this on meta.

Anonymous 198125

She doesn't have anyone lined up!! Lol fucking liar

Anonymous 198126

what's the news cuties whats GOOD

Anonymous 198127

Oh Jesus Christ.

Anonymous 198128

what holy shit

Anonymous 198129

why can't you be normal and blame the person actually doing these things instead of point the finger at some anons? if someone is that dissuaded from people saying they're worried and have a bad feeling then that's honestly pathetic and they don't deserve to run a site as large as lolcow. besides that stop being a suck up, she'll never fuck you etc.

Anonymous 198130


I guess this is the answer, but I don't know because she didn't respond directly. If she doesn't have anyone lined up I'm not sure why she's talking about janny applications when that's something the new hypothetical admin would handle.

Also, sorry for this shitty quality.

Anonymous 198131

She keeps getting screencapped in her LIES

Anonymous 198132

is there a current working link? is the site back up? sorry to ask for spoonfeeding

Anonymous 198133

admin discord.jpg

This is referring to these posts >>197901 >>197909

Anonymous 198135

i love the anons in there confronting her, ur doing the lords work

Anonymous 198136

To all the n0nnies I was getting mad at lastnight for sperging out at shaymin, I still don't think you should've done it kek but I'm sorry for getting mad at you all. Fuck shaymin

Anonymous 198137

did the cache clearing thing, and nothing. still can't get to the original site either.

Anonymous 198138

why would she say "while i hand it over" if she doesn't have anyone lined up kek, i know it's kind of a nitpick but the wording made it seem like she already found a new admin


ummm MX is literally a DNS record

Anonymous 198140

Because I have empathy and can imagine how shitty it must be to see a ton of work in front of you while very vocal autists who are part of the people you do the work for in the first place (in your free time, during Christmas, while paying 200 a month out of your own pocket for it) screech about it not being done yet and making up retarded tinfoil after tinfoil.

Anonymous 198141

If you can't get in on original lolcow try a free proxy. You can find one just from googling. Some threads won't work if you try to click on them and it's a bit finicky but better than nothing.

Anonymous 198143

She said to try clearing your cache and waiting for the website to load, but apparently lolcow.farm should be working

Anonymous 198144

>during Christmas
literally no one told her she had to do this at this time kek. she brought it on herself

Anonymous 198145

she could've done this at any other time. actually doing it later would have been better because she could have made sure the new site actually worked, and properly beta'd it.

Anonymous 198146

why did she renamed herself as shatmin

Anonymous 198148

NTA but i also tried this and still get error messages

Anonymous 198149


Changed her name to Shatmin and some farmhand stuff.

Anonymous 198150

She could have got donations so it wouldn't have to be paid out of pocket if she did better.

Anonymous 198151


I hate discord

Anonymous 198152


Anonymous 198153

Are you guys esl? She said she viewed emails of anons offering help, not that she has someone lined up?

Anonymous 198154


Uh oh, she didn't like your post anon. Don't know why she just can't come here and say it herself though instead of expecting us to deliver the message.

Anonymous 198155

why would anyone DM her when she is stepping down? I thought she was "fed up" but she's accepting the admin equivalent of hiring-manager work. the fuck

Anonymous 198159

I don't know, please keep doing it though, this convoluted system of communication is the most entertainment that's happened in months, maybe years

Anonymous 198160

what is the vetting process ?

Anonymous 198161

didnt she say she was transferring the site in the meta thread or am i retarded

Anonymous 198162


Like why is she indirectly responding to anons on here. Also, she's sticking by the farmhand that revealed someone's IP address.

Anonymous 198163

True, but that doesn't change that the situation must be shitty for her. It also doesn't justify the autistic screeching I mentioned.


>rooting for lolcows demise

Anonymous 198164

Screenshot 2022-12…

>If you don't have faith in the vetting process of previous admins then what makes you think I am not Null or some other scrote?
lmao shaymin don't do this you're gonna drive the tinfoilers insane

Anonymous 198165


Anonymous 198167

they're talking about this anon

Anonymous 198168

tinfoil, admin is shitty cp spamming tranny

Anonymous 198169

>is because of anons are pointless


Ffs shaymin if you are reading just reply. Namefag even. Communication is the number one thing everyone has been asking for

Anonymous 198171

ESL moment

Anonymous 198174


The fuck…

Anonymous 198175

Thank you nonn1e

Anonymous 198176


The picture she shared

Anonymous 198178

What is this about a farmhand revealing an IP address? Sorry if I'm being retarded kek I haven't heard of it. Is that discussed anywhere?

Anonymous 198179

That message is so cringe that I'm changing sides, I'm rooting for admin now I think

Anonymous 198180

She shouldn't need a message bitch.

Anonymous 198181

IHM is another drama prone BPD-chan but at least she knows how to run a website.

Anonymous 198182


I don't like being admin's message bitch but I want everyone to see this stuff so.

Anonymous 198184

hold up who’s IHM ? and why did she got this message ? this is getting weird

Anonymous 198185


Hi, IHM here. That's actually bullshit. I love how she leaves the context out, I'd be happy to post.

Anonymous 198186

ok what's the grift this is getting ridiculous

Anonymous 198187

you're like a wartime journalist n0nna, people will appreciate your documentation later

Anonymous 198188


This is the response she gave me to the first email. Is there a way to attach multiple images?

Anonymous 198189

kek is that the admin of 94chan? bc i went on there like half an hour ago and the first post i saw was an anon saying "the admin of this site is an incel loser faggot" lmao

Anonymous 198190

you're doing lord's work, n0nnie. we appreciate it.

Anonymous 198191

what is 94chan?

Anonymous 198193

I mean she's right, you shouldn't give them a fucking answer key for that

Anonymous 198194

What is 94chan

Anonymous 198195

ok now post a screenshot of the email you actually sent not literally your draft with the cursor still blinking wtf

Anonymous 198197

Admin there's literally a bunch of samefags of questionable chromosomes here seething and desperately wanting you to retire so the site can be ruined. Please don't take it to heart.

Anonymous 198198

you're a hero on the front lines anon thank you…… this is getting so messy kek!

Anonymous 198199

non popular board lmfao, you’re not missing much

Anonymous 198200

3 instances happened around 2 weeks ago. First a janny redtexted someone venting about their cancer with "seethe" and then claimed it was an accident. Then a janny banned an anon for calling herself a darkie while venting about race. Then an anon samefagged her post to make a joke about cat pee and an farmhand decided to reveal their IP address to prove they were samefagging. I would provide caps but lolcow isn't working on my computer. I hope another anon wil post them though.
Jesus, what's going on.

Anonymous 198201

thank you so much n0nnie. why cant she just come over here. maybe cause we'd trigger her kek

Anonymous 198202

you did send that message then? you sperged out when she declined? or is there more to it?

Anonymous 198203


That is the email, as I sent it. Here's full exchange.


Nah IHM is a woman, Britney something, she's been doxed for over a decade. Really, really hates Kirtaner which is based. Has an ED page, has been involved with drama. But she is a true and honest female.

Anonymous 198207


Here's what I sent her after she went BPD mode like she does every other week because she's an incompetent fuck. Anyways, good luck femanons and I hope your new admin isn't a dumbass.

Anonymous 198208

tl;dr someone samefagged in the cat hate thread on /ot/, farmhand outed them when they denied it. it was discussed on lc's /meta/ and the cat hate thread

Anonymous 198209

Probably because it really was the tranny.

Anonymous 198210

>Jesus, what's going on.
I have no idea at this point. It's too chaotic to follow

Anonymous 198211

Thank you for explaining, is it known if this was multiple jannies or just one?

Anonymous 198212


94chan looks like poltard bs

Anonymous 198213


Anonymous 198215

just so everyone knows, she spent 3 days fiddling with premade code for a shitty poorly structured imageboard.

Anonymous 198217

ah i see, looking at her ED page now. thx n0nna

Anonymous 198218

Shaymin or IHM?

Anonymous 198219

kys blaine

Anonymous 198221

can you link it kek

Anonymous 198222

sorry, shaymin. i am tired.

Anonymous 198223

Ew… are you a farmer? How did you arrive so quickly after hearing your name?

Anonymous 198224

Thank you!!

Anonymous 198225

IHM your internet history is truly bizarre, at least she wont hand to someone who has an entire dedicated ED page https://encyclopediadramatica.online/Brittany_Holechko

Anonymous 198227

No, it's not known.

I should clarify that the reason why no one liked that that farmhand posted that anon's IP is because it was a very harmless post and not worth revealing information like that over. There was another instance about 2 years ago where a farmhand revealed someone's entire post history because they posted their own face and lied about it when farmhands wouldn't take it down. It wasn't as frowned upon because it was more reasonable for jannys to reveal something like that in that kind of situation.

Anonymous 198228

it was a brief contest, but you win the cringe off

Anonymous 198229

IHM seems like a retard. Anyone saying "my chan" is beyond cringe.

Anonymous 198230

Anonymous 198231

Alrighty then.

Anonymous 198232

>on my chan. People respect me.
>admin is a faggot
You can't make this shit up.

Anonymous 198233

oh wait, i know her. she tried to fuck my friend's neonazi boyfriend. what the fuck is happening here?

Anonymous 198234

Merry milkmas, I guess? Might be the milkiest so far.

Anonymous 198235


Anonymous 198236

God, I forgot how much I hate encyclopedia dramatica.

Anonymous 198237

this so much. wow.

Anonymous 198238

Then why wouldn't she just say that?


Anonymous 198241

it's beaten the previous christmas with the romania anon drama. cheers

Anonymous 198242

Kek you know her irl? Give us milk

Anonymous 198243

why would you stay w a friend who has a neonazi bf

Anonymous 198245

what the fuck is going on kek

Anonymous 198247


Anonymous 198248


Anonymous 198249

kys damaged xy chromosomoid

Anonymous 198251

She ostracized herself more with this than the neonazi shit kek

Anonymous 198252

Admin successfully deflected kek. Now we're not even talking about her and she's no longer saying anything in the discord.

Anonymous 198253

N0nnies I will make a new ib called nekochan and it can be our new home.

Anonymous 198254

IHM was her pawn all along…

Anonymous 198255

That's a damaged xx chromosoid nønnie

Anonymous 198256

>says that lolcow.farm runs a pedoring to get it closed
>admin wont lend her the control of the site
>reeeeee admin is so mean to me!!!

Anonymous 198257


can shaymin just fix the site or event post a generous ETA on when the site will be fixed

fuck this shit

Anonymous 198259

did brittany leave?

Anonymous 198260

how are you a drama board user but you're leaving right now of all times

Anonymous 198261

Makes sense with who seems to be lurking.

Anonymous 198262

kek based

Anonymous 198263

Wtf EW can we get the cc mods to ban her from here

Anonymous 198264

>says that lolcow.farm runs a pedoring to get it closed
Was this relating to when Elaine was making these claims? I knew IHM was involved with Elaine in some retarded way, it's in Elaine Thread 1 or 2, but not that she made these claims.

Anonymous 198265


Anonymous 198266

More proof that you guys suck at clocking trannies

Anonymous 198267



Anonymous 198268


Anonymous 198269


Ikr it keeps getting crazier

Anonymous 198270

gtfo nobody likes you

Anonymous 198271

Perhaps this was all a gift in disguise

Anonymous 198274

Maybe she just doesn't conform to gender behaviour socialisation and the stereotypical behaviour deemed acceptable for a woman to exhibit, by society.

Anonymous 198275


Anonymous 198276

i'm giving it until january.

Anonymous 198278

worlds least obvious selfpost

Anonymous 198279

sorry, my ex friend(phoneposting) and we didn't know at the time about him being a neonazi. i left that cursed friend group a loooong time ago. but i remember she caused a fuckload of drama with people and sent random nudes. she lived a couple hours away so she mostly talked to the group on skype unless she got rides to where we lived. she tried to fuck the guy at a con moot appeared at about a decade ago. possibly stole money from someone's car. i totally forgot about her, and most of that crowd honestly. merry fucking christmas.

Anonymous 198280

its literally IMH are u tarded ??

Anonymous 198281

that is not what selfpost means

Anonymous 198282


honestly even though I was on IBs starting from when I was a teen this is getting a bit much for me.

Anonymous 198283

Not op but I support my friends through their terrible dating decisions as long as they aren't hurting their kid or something like that

Anonymous 198284

why do we have to accuse other women of being "mannish" ugh.

Anonymous 198285

no, her email looked like 4chan copypasta

Anonymous 198286

one sec, no one fed google any of the lines yet

Anonymous 198287

it's always random nudes in these sort of circles, kek. glad you left that behind.

Anonymous 198288

She has a whole ass encyclopediadramatica about her, some of you really are tranny obsessed huh

Anonymous 198290

nvm, it's fresh pasta

Anonymous 198291

I'm tinfoiling it's the retard tranny just trying to say shit like he always does

Anonymous 198293

I forgot about the tranny for a second, I was genuinely just trying to insult her

Anonymous 198294

because this woman's entire internet presence has been based on imitating retarded moids and starting shit with other women for scrote attention kek. i get what you mean but she's not a great person to defend

Anonymous 198295

this thread has been like watching the titanic slowly drown

Anonymous 198296

It's not gonna be IHM, so this is irrelevant.
What has shaymin said?

Anonymous 198298

It hurts cause you know I'm right

Anonymous 198299

zero record of any of this on /meta/

Anonymous 198300

youd support a friend dating a neonazi, really?… anon come on. get some standards. if a friend makes that choice she probably isnt a good person either

Anonymous 198302

It's their "go to" when someone says something they disagree with

Anonymous 198303

Because lots of nonn1es still can't get in to post. CC is a graveyard any other day

Anonymous 198304

only half of us are going to know this ever happened

Anonymous 198305

Deflection techniques on par with megacorporations.

Anonymous 198306

shatmin hasn't said anything since the last screenshot. the discord chat died the moment IHM posted here



Looks like ED covered IHM's Shaymin moment

Anonymous 198308

true and i feel yucky to be a part of it tbh. it was kinda fun before this ihm creep came into the site

Anonymous 198309

they were all big messes. they still hang out at cons pulling the same crap to this day apparently. brittany is in a league of her own though…she's the same as she was a decade ago.

Anonymous 198310

That's not what she said

Anonymous 198311

Anonymous 198313

what were we talking about?

Anonymous 198314

Takes more than one person to run a mega megacorporation

Anonymous 198315

This has shown that the userbase of LC has declined from what it was and now a majority of twitter and PULL retards. Shaymin did nothing wrong and everything was fairly standard for an image board switching site software. She was doing a better job of it than most of the moids I've seen attempt it, including Josh and she was doing it in her own free time and without payment.

Anonymous 198316

Idk what to tell you. There is a female friend/relative in my life who started dating neo nazis for a while (not like internet dweeb nazis) because we grew up in a poor trash community and she got super sexually assaulted her whole life and they were her way of feeling safe at the time. I'm simplifying but life is complicated.

Anonymous 198317

what are you implying?

Anonymous 198318

Maybe she saw IHM lurking on here and it made her throw her hands up.

Anonymous 198319

Lc went downhill when twitter discovered it and Shane Dawson had a screenshot of it in one of his videos. You could instantly recognize the twitterspeak. About 2018?

Anonymous 198320

>he's my emotional support neonazi boyfriend

Anonymous 198321

I'm still confused why everyone got all upset, shaymin included.

Anonymous 198322

This whole thing has been like watching two trains collide into eachother at full speed while not being able to do anything to stop it

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