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Lolcow Bunker #5 Anonymous 212411

Both lolcow and farmcow are down for now. Shaymin is instating new admins and farmhands.
Do not engage with nonn1es saying provocative shit to start infights. Report and ignore.

Last downtime's bunkers >>>/b/206139

Previous: >>>/b/211808

Update on the quest for new admins >>>/b/209975

Anonymous 212412

Is it too late to become a shayfag? There are too many threads for her..and they're all gone

Anonymous 212413

>Is it too late to become a crackwhore?
Why would you want such a thing?

Anonymous 212416

Anonymous 212417



Anonymous 212420

I'm deathly afraid it might be time to…. get a life

Anonymous 212421


Never too late to get shaytarded

Anonymous 212422

If you could purge 3 lc threads from any boards from the internet forever which ones would you kill?

Anonymous 212423

I worked out and studied today. It was horrible.

Anonymous 212425

I hate how LC is down because I need to vent right now
>reward system changes so that you can earn double the points
>but they also changed it so that the redemption for an item is 6 times more points than in the previous program
Wow! It's fucking nothing. Do these companies think they're fooling anyone? For the record I'm talking about Tim Hortons (a Canadian chain coffee shop) but it seems like even Starbucks is doing this shit.

Anonymous 212426

>unpopular opinions
>fetishes you're ashamed of

Anonymous 212429

I generally don't care what other anons post about as long as it is kept in the right thread but >>212426 is right. Celebricows can go.

Anonymous 212430

just the tinfoil thread

Anonymous 212432

Anonymous 212433

Dog hate thread
Women shilled as attractive that you find ugly

Anonymous 212434

>pro ana scumbags
>not purge but revamp a few threads like the fujo cringe one and the tif one so there's less pearl clutching
>any thread known for housing homophobechans

Anonymous 212437

images (16).jpeg

I miss lolcor

Anonymous 212439

Why do you care if anons hate gay moids? A moid is a moid.

Anonymous 212440

Screenshot (368).p…

Anonymous 212441

wait are you really Shayna's shane? When I search the email his actual details come up

Anonymous 212442

Fuck I forgot about pro Ana scumbags. That one goes too. I thought that one anorexic woman that got into bodybuilding was kind of interesting but otherwise the thread is only appealing to bonerattlers

Anonymous 212445

I think it's so funny how lolcow's vent threads were where a lot of known lolcow users had their start. It's like the vent threads are supposed to be for venting about whatever one wants, instead it's a "vent at your own risk" kind of thing. So many anons in there wanting to pick fights.

Anonymous 212446

I care if anons hate lesbians

Anonymous 212447

n0nnas drop the grossest food(s) you enjoy. i like that spray cheese in a can stuff but i refuse to purchase it as an adult and haven't had it since i was like 12. but god do i want to…. it is my greatest shame

Anonymous 212448


Anonymous 212449

I hope so.

Anonymous 212450

Little Debbie's Nutter Butters.

Anonymous 212451

wait who is he

Anonymous 212452

Not a current food I enjoy but when I was a child my favorite food was sandwiches with lunchmeat and jelly on them

Anonymous 212454

I like to thinly slice spam and fry it til its super crispy. I also have a weakness for Chef Boyardee ravioli and Maruchan Instant Lunch.

Anonymous 212455

Sausages with strawberry jam

Anonymous 212456

>Women shilled as attractive that you find ugly
Changing my vote from just the tinfoil thread to include this one as well, it's a total freakshow, so bad I blocked it from my memory.

Anonymous 212457

Shane can you talk to us? You might as well spill the tea on Shayna, she's slandering you on her twitter kek.

Anonymous 212458

Anonymous 212459

tinfoil thread (literally all infighting), gyaru thread (all infighting but twitterfag edition), celebricows (i simply don't care)

Anonymous 212461

one time i got stoned and ate some of that spray canned cheese but i didn't notice it was for dogs. the next day, I saw the picture of the dog on the can. I'm such an idiot, lol.

Anonymous 212462

my sibling would inhale those spray cheeses in the same manner one would huff to get high. what compells those to the spray cheese?

anyway mine is very spicy instant ramen only i put mayo in it cause im a baby and then i put seaweed and garlic and ocassionally egg or rice
it looks like a fucking mess by the end

Anonymous 212463

Does anyone have the sanic totem image saved

Anonymous 212464

it's just some shayster who knows his email, you all belong in an inshaynasylum

Anonymous 212465

it was deleted within 5 seconds

Anonymous 212466

what did the post say? it's already deleted.

Anonymous 212467


Anonymous 212468

yeah thats why i thought it was him

Anonymous 212469

y'know as a savory+sweet enjoyer i kinda respect this. sounds disgusting but you kinda had the right idea

Anonymous 212470

celebricows, tim thread, tif thread

I actually like the troon threads but I feel like it attracts moids and troons (male). Celebricows can burn tho idc.

Anonymous 212471

I'd fuck his brains out.

Anonymous 212472

said "will lolcow be deleted", but it was probably just a shayfag.

Anonymous 212473

it said this, it IS his email I believe but like a said it could be anyone, it's funny though and they did delete it right away

Anonymous 212475

I am having amazing dreams tonight and tomorrow I will wake up thinner. Amen and good night all

Anonymous 212476

No fucking way, it’s someone just using the email to troll

Anonymous 212477

because namefagging is not allowed here

Anonymous 212478

Fair enough and agreed.

Anonymous 212479


if you're woman who likes feminine-looking drawn characters, you will be needlessly oppressed online

Anonymous 212481

Would literally be on life support without my tim thread

Anonymous 212482

Yep, schizo pedo tranny time I guess. Nonas, get ready to report.

Anonymous 212483


Anonymous 212484

Anonymous 212487


respectfully disagree about the troon threads. they're worth having for sure because there are so few anon places like that where you can blow off steam and have a kek. the problem with them is any homophobia or picrel

Anonymous 212488

did they buy the email address? Because it's not free on the site (As in the email isn't free to see I believe, could be wrong)

Anonymous 212489

honestly unsure, i think it's just kinda fun to spray on stuff. also samyang buldak ramen with kewpie mayo in it is really good, but i am also a baby when it comes to spice

Anonymous 212492

Same tbh I used to have a crush on him and Max when I was little

Anonymous 212493

The people who sperg about trannies grooming children are right though, because it actually happens.

Anonymous 212494


Anonymous 212495

I wouldn’t be surprised. Everyone in Shayna’s orbit ends up getting doxxed especially creepy sexually violent man like Shane

Anonymous 212496

How? Japanese people out mayo in everything

Anonymous 212497

kek i actually tried it cuz i saw a video of someone making it that way on instagram

Anonymous 212498

It's not really gross but weird and I'd eat it as a vegan a lot. Ramen noodles mixed with peanut butter. I want to make it again

Anonymous 212499

i don't know what japanese people eat i just grab random items from the korean grocery by by house and put them together

Anonymous 212500

nevermind on the site you can hover over the censored email and get the name on the bottom of the site, there's another email of his (alledgely as well). I still think it may be him, putting that shit in the email section, seeing the site is down and asking if it could be taken down, because he was 100% lurking SHayna's thread. I posted that he was still following some people Shayna knew and like 4 mintues later he deleted his account. Despite not deleting it right after the break up

Anonymous 212501


Anonymous 212502

Not sure if it counts but some people think it's disgusting. I eat butter and coconut oil off the spoon, I like drinking different oils and eating animal fat with no meat like fat back. I also eat cans of coconut cream and pots of double cream with nothing else.

Anonymous 212503

>also samyang buldak ramen with kewpie mayo in it is really good
yeah see this is what i was aiming for but my grocery store lacks this mayo so i have to use the American Mayo
meat or vegetable flavor? i feel like vegetable ramen would be good with tahini instead

Anonymous 212504

there's no way that moid could have found his way to cc at all, let alone the 78th bunker. whoever is trolling is very funny and accurate though

Anonymous 212505

Mayo and ramen is pretty common

Anonymous 212506

Not that weird actually

Anonymous 212507

Does the totem work on here too?

Anonymous 212508

the tim threads peaked me so i'm biased but i think it's nice that those threads exist and there's a place to catalog troon degeneracy and rant about the problems they cause. they do attract maleposters however that's a problem with the lack of moderation on /snow/ not the threads themselves

Anonymous 212509

i'd just use the noodles, not flavoring

Anonymous 212510

Samefag but holy shitu

Anonymous 212511


>be me
>dunk on trannies in TIM hate thread
>laugh at redditors in reddit hate thread
>also use reddit to search for trannies jerking off (only the 0.001% who look good and have nice dicks)

Anonymous 212512

We are all getting cute bfs this year

Anonymous 212514

my dad needs to eat his fucking words then because he made fun of me when i invented it

Anonymous 212515

makes sense
just a weird pasta at that point

Anonymous 212516

oh you're about to get a monumental whooping in here

Anonymous 212517


it better be bf (prince gf)

Anonymous 212518

i need my lolcor back i'm drunk and i need to post in the husbando thread, it's my ritual

Anonymous 212519


Gross but also I do the same thing except with TIFs (the feminine ones obsessed with being "gay men" are my favorite) so I can't judge too hard

Anonymous 212520

Am I a sellout if I get Latisse and lip filler?

Anonymous 212521

someone said his name in one of the bunker threads im sure, I want to believe! It probably was a troll, but his name was said in passing on here

Anonymous 212522

no way lmfaoooo

Anonymous 212525

ok who is this. jerma? joey graceffa? am i supposed to know?

Anonymous 212526

they can be super hot facially. i like pussy but the combo of male features and a vagina is gross to me. female features + dick is nice though.

Anonymous 212527

I miss the Jill thread

Anonymous 212529

nta but maxmoefoe

Anonymous 212530

Thread pic is so cute! I didn’t know there were cow Sylvanian Families.

Anonymous 212531

Kek you and I are like bi opposites or something. Love the pussy+manly combo, think feminine+dick is disgusting

Anonymous 212532

Anon…… stop

Anonymous 212533

don't pretend you're so perfect!!! i know you like some gross shit too!

Anonymous 212536



Anonymous 212537

can i whine about trannies here
why must they shove their gendershit into everything. cool matriarchal society in a book but this tranny is like "ummm what about trans men? how do they fit into this?" how about you fuck off

Anonymous 212539

Shaynas pedophile ex (has kids and a wife) who is a military ex and likes beating up women who acts like kids.

Anonymous 212541

>>also use reddit to search for trannies jerking off (only the 0.001% who look good and have nice dicks)

Anonymous 212545

no nonners please think of your arteries

Anonymous 212546

I wish I had told my troon (MtF) ex how disgusting he was for supporting sex work and how it's sooo empowering. All males really are the same. Even when they're appropriating womanhood and proclaiming themselves as feminist they still have that male brain.

Anonymous 212547

Finally some quality bait lmao. A blessing on your house anon.

Anonymous 212548

Are you the same autismo who constantly complains about "retarded" children and girls getting groomed by trannies? You're weird and gross don't ever forget it

Anonymous 212549

kek I just realized that it's not immediately apparent that this is Buster Keaton. Anyways I'll stop.

Anonymous 212550

They will never be able to escape their male socialization

Anonymous 212551

You have a tranny fetish?

Anonymous 212552

I randomly added someone off of snapchat, turns out it was one of my coworkers I had a little crush on from a previous job (I didn't know his last name, kind of a weird coincidence) and he hit me up and said he'd be into hanging out… damn nonas… idk…

Anonymous 212558

Was lolcur responsible for anyone else's peaking? I peaked once before (pre-2017) but had a period after where I almost trooned partly out of self hated over being SSA. After I lost a bunch of they/them friends and mentally spiralled I started lurking on lc more and peaked for the second time about 10 times harder

Anonymous 212562

It was nuked right??
Yeah i joined in 2018 as a handmaiden, only browsing certain threads. then I read the mtf ones out of curiosity, and it took me a few years to fully peak

Anonymous 212565

I didn't even peak, I always knew them trannies were bad news LC only confirmed my suspicions

Anonymous 212567


This bitch is 48. Imagine being 48 and still being a tiny white cat that likes apples. Grow up bitch, that bow won't hide those wrinkles and nasolabial folds.

Anonymous 212568

it started when i met a one in a million super hot tranny online, I thought it was a girl but after he told me he was a tranny he found it funny that I was so curious about it, so we started sexting and i'd watch him jerk off on cam. he had a pretty face, huge dick and was really bossy and acted kinda like a big sister but also like a big brother who would make fun of you and tease you

I said what i said (still hate trannies)

Anonymous 212570

God I miss LC. I just want to read about cows not be forced to interact with the brain-damaged speds from /ot/ and the obsession threads.It's my space to get away from troon shit, not fucking bathe in it.

Anonymous 212571


I want to peg him without lube and force tied up William to watch

Anonymous 212572

Firstly if you knew anything about her, you'd know she's a human girl and not a cat. So all your judgments of her are fucking pointless. Secondly, she doesn't like apples, she is measured in apples (5 apples tall, weighs 3 apples). And what fucking folds? You talk like a moid

Anonymous 212577

does anyone else feel weird about those websites that can prescribe and send you antidepressants and adhd meds without actually speaking to a psychiatrist. im not even totally anti-medication but it seems strange and unsafe to me and i see ads for them on youtube sometimes. just feels like a bad idea

Anonymous 212580

Don't respond to the pedo tranny. He is spamming again, disgusting creature.

Anonymous 212581

lolcow needs come back asap so de/g/enerates can slither back to their containment area

Anonymous 212582

>5 apples tall, weighs 3 apples
Wtf, unrealistic standard.

Anonymous 212583


KEK you have no idea what you talk about. Her favorite food is apples, especially her mom's apple pie. And that's not a human girl..that's a human WOMAN. A 48 year old one that pretends to be a kitty.

Anonymous 212584

fuck off she's only in like second grade or something

Anonymous 212586

Yes nona. Birth control prescription websites too. I get it’s a pain to go into the gynecologist but it’s really important that they see you annually to make sure your reproductive system isn’t fucked

Anonymous 212587

She literally did nothing to hurt you i dont even know why you're fucking talking shit about her on here

Anonymous 212588

My tranny friend was the same. He tried to teach me how to be a good feminist after insulting me for being opposed to abortion (I was like 19 and just repeating what my parents told me, gimme a break) all while he was very open about watching incest porn and sending me links even though I told him to stop that shit.
Men are so retarded and disgusting, all of them, this asshole wasn't even attracted to women! Just thinking about male feminists make me so angry, and now they're protected as soon as they put up a skirt, you can't even make fun of these fuckers anymore
Yes. The man hating and gc threads did it for me. Then I stayed for the mtf threads because it is the only place you could talk shit about men being men without someone banning you on the spot.

Anonymous 212589

Anon, that's just an excerpt from Harry's book.

Anonymous 212591


please fhucikng kill yourslef and nevercome back….

Anonymous 212592

n0nnas what game should i download from cdromance tonight ….

Anonymous 212593

It's not even the male male socialization, it's their chromosomes. They are innately male and always will be.

Anonymous 212594


Samefag, also her whole family pretends to be cats. Family full of furry degenerates, I tell you.

Anonymous 212597

All of your friends and family and pets hate u btw

Anonymous 212598


Anonymous 212600

Can you point me to evidence where they claim to be cats? Their last name is Kitty, that's it. Do you believe everyone with the last name Baker is a baker? Retard

Anonymous 212602

Um, these aren't cats? Are you retarded? These are literally humans. Where are you getting cats from?

Anonymous 212604

Sanrio has stated that Hello Kitty is not a cat, but that she is a girl. They all look like cats..Put the pieces together.

Anonymous 212605


Here's a receipt. Samefag.

Anonymous 212607

Anonymous 212608

Exactly, they're not cats. They want to be though.

Anonymous 212610


Btw, here's her boyfriend. They look pretty similar don't they? But I'll leave it at that.

Anonymous 212611

I do this too, but with a tiny bit of soy sauce.

Anonymous 212612

He's literally just your average white bongoloid male… stop trying to slander Ms. Kitty with these incest implications.

Anonymous 212613

It's not incest accusations, however I do suspect that HK has been pretending to be her own boyfriend.

Anonymous 212614


On the topic of Hello Kitty, does Sanrio really expect me to believe that Kuromi is a rabbit? She's a demon. She's a devil. Look at her tail. Yeah, sure, "rabbit".

Anonymous 212615

This is her first relationship please shut up we have no evidence that she doesn't date outside of her race

Anonymous 212616

its a hat

Anonymous 212617

You don't wear hats on your ass, anon.

Anonymous 212618


I do believe that without her hat her ears would probably be like Melody's.

Anonymous 212619

I need sanrio to wipe this photo from the internet like elon musk tries doing with old photos of him

Anonymous 212620


Cinnamoroll is ugly.

Anonymous 212622

Me. I was 16. I was A HUGE handmaiden, I would literally cape for them and argue with people about them. I would argue with my exes about it too, and while I never said shit about terfs, I always said trans lives matter and whatever. I had two trans friends but they were outed to be psychopaths or pedos.

I peaked at 17/18 after having a fall out with my old cosplay group and when it was a FtM who tried cancelling me for being anti porn and saying that porn affected women and had a high case of sex trafficking. I asked her her thoughts on the fact that pornhub and multiple sites has desensitized men and allowed child p*rn, and she said "everywhere has something bad in it", etc.

After that, and after seeing men get away with pedophilia and rape while pretending to be women and getting called women, something snapped in me. I used to be heavy on r9k and I thought the troons were nice men who didnt want to rape women or werent pedophiles, but they were.

Anonymous 212623

God shes so hhhnnghhhh

Anonymous 212625

I have a tim cousin who started my peaking and the farm really finished the job.

Anonymous 212626



Anonymous 212627

Samefag I just realized how scary this looks at first with all the spam going on and I apologize

Anonymous 212628

I peaked after having a nuclear ritalin meltdown in which I had to be hospitalized for suicidal ideation. After that, I was sent to outpatient therapy. It was too far away so they sent me a laptop to use for zoom and other activities. While I was doing my allotted "enjoyables" time, instead of progressing in a video game, I was browsing lolcow and started reading the FTM and MTF threads from the very beginning. It felt wrong because I had been steadfast in ignoring those threads for like 4 or 5 years and then I finally caved and peaked instantly.

TL;DR ritalin helped me peak, in a way. But yes, it was definitely because of lolcow.

Anonymous 212629


Anonymous 212630

Bargain Bin Pokémon lookin ass

Anonymous 212631

oh i laughed hard at this

Anonymous 212632

leftcows (it attracts too many twitter users and right wingers)

Anonymous 212633

I experienced too many emotions over the course of these 3 posts

Anonymous 212634

cottage cheese rolled in bologna
fried suet sandwich
mayonnaise sandwich
cream corn and cut up hot dog casserole with butter and maple syrup

Anonymous 212635


the end is nigh, repent of your sins

Anonymous 212636

I do this but i call it "sesame noodles"

Anonymous 212638


Anonymous 212639


This Mars Argo fan blog I follow just announced he started an onlyfans? Okay?

Anonymous 212640

He’s cuter than most Pokémon to me, at least in plush form and cinnamoroll isn’t even in my top 5 Sanrios.

Most Pokémon plushies are pikachu or eevee, and pikachu is ugly.

Anonymous 212641

got a stupid question:
is there a way to retrieve the temp email address i used for signing up on an app? if i go to the site i got the temp email from it'll just give me another new email

Anonymous 212642


s, with everything that has been going on lately, do you think about graduating lolcow? I have tried to in the past but LC is one of the last places online where I actually feel comfortable.

Anonymous 212643

When is it back up?

Anonymous 212644

no updates on shaymin's discord addressing the issue as of now. guess we'll have to wait and see.

Anonymous 212649


I just want to laugh at Shaymu with my dear n0nitas uwu. This is the first time I’ve ever seen a vegetable featured in her food pics (though it’s cancelled out by all that cream and processed meat, fucking disgusting)

Anonymous 212650


lmao she’s such a fat hog

Anonymous 212651

Did she post this tonight? I’m at least happy she’s actually cooking as opposed to wasting money on food delivery

Anonymous 212652

pro ana scumbags is just anorexic girls fighting each other, literally will post about women they were hospitalized with and not see the irony

Anonymous 212653

Samefag, just realized it’s a hello fresh meal ffs. It’s a step in the right direction but services like that are such a waste of money

Anonymous 212654

i'd eat that, actually

Anonymous 212658

She's celebrating our fall.

Anonymous 212659

I hate that every scrote on tinder does music now. Then you have to pretend to like their trash music.

Anonymous 212660

By drinking empty calories. lolcow fukin pwnd

Anonymous 212661

Yeah I posted the pic as soon as I capped it so it’s tonight. I zoomed in to see what the recipe was and saw that it was Hello Fresh too, what even is that? Is it like weight watchers or some shit or is it just for people who are timepoor or lazy and/or too retarded to find a recipe and get the ingredients from the shops. It’s not like Fat Shat has a job that prevents her from being to go to the grocer or the market like normal people do, she’s so fat and lazy it’s ridiculous

Anonymous 212662

That chicken looks rancid. I thought it was some sort of fucked up salmon.

Anonymous 212663

I’m vegan but if I wasn’t I wouldn’t touch it, I can feel my arteries hardening just from looking at all the grease

Anonymous 212664

Is the chicken supposed to be pink? I don't think the chicken is supposed to look pink…

Anonymous 212665

it's a meal kit service. they send you exact portions of ingredients needed for a dish and you cook it yourself.

it's for people who don't know how to cook and never learned and have too much money (it's cheaper than takeout but far more expensive than knowing how to grocery shop for yourself).

Anonymous 212666


this pig loves prosciutto

Anonymous 212667

It’s supposed to be wrapped in prosciutto but I’m guessing it’s toxic preservative-riddled ham not actual prosciutto DOP

Anonymous 212668

it's wrapped in prosciutto

Anonymous 212669

>1120 calories
and you know the pig ate every bite and then a “snack” and a bottle of wine

Anonymous 212671

I don’t count calories but isn’t that like a whole days worth for an adult woman?

Anonymous 212672

>1120 calories for one meal
Is doing OMAD?

Anonymous 212673

Shayna is not doing and never has done OMAD.

Anonymous 212674

ntayr but I looked this up and
>Most women need 1,600–2,400 daily calories to maintain their weight

Anonymous 212675

Her retardation knows no bounds, imagine being 25 and not knowing how to shop and cook. I get that not everyone loves cooking (though I personally do, it’s both creative and therapeutic) but she can’t even do the bare minimum for herself like go to the grocer and get some veggies, a packet of pasta and a piece of chicken, how embarrassment

Anonymous 212677

Kek have you seen Shayna? You’d know the answer to that question.

Anonymous 212678

Idg why normies hate trauma dumping so much, I personally like it and think it’s funny. I love when people trauma dump and tell me all their secrets.

Anonymous 212679

I don’t use tiktok but what has that got to do with it?

Anonymous 212680

I hope my friends don’t game tonight I’m so tired but I already flaked out yesterday so I don’t wanna do it again

Anonymous 212681

Fat Shat doesn't need to maintain.

Anonymous 212682

bpd vibes

Anonymous 212684

The only time I'd be open to hearing someone's sob story irl in one go is if I've known them for a while, or if we were doing drugs together.

Anonymous 212685

Maybe I do but I feel closer to people when they trauma dump

Anonymous 212688

i want lolcow back to come back. i need to signal the other oneychans in the husbando thread

Anonymous 212689

I don’t know if it’s trauma dumping per se but for some reason people love telling me things, apparently I’m good at getting people to “open up”. I think it’s just that I’m a good listener, I dunno. Either way, it doesn’t bother me at all, sometimes people just need someone to listen

Anonymous 212691

I don’t mind people trauma dumping as long as there’s no expectation behind it, but half the people who do it seem like they expect whoever they’re dumping the trauma on to do something about it. like sorry i can’t really do anything about your crazy narcissistic mom but it does make an interesting story

Anonymous 212692


going shayzy over here without my lolcor

Anonymous 212694

please i need to post bait in the unconventional attractions thread

Anonymous 212695

i dont want to feel closer to you we just met. rude and needy.

Anonymous 212699

nta but i thought by "it's a girl" he meant "it's a she, a female character who doesn't belong to any known species", not a literal human

Anonymous 212700

I just got home after experiencing my first car accident. i'm still really shaky and I'm tear up at random times. I'm honestly kinda terrified to drive to work again tomorrow morning. at least I was 100% not at fault but my mind doesn't care about that. I was going 60 on a green light and someone fender bendered me on the driver's side. I seriously could have died… This trauma is going to haunt me

Anonymous 212701

Did a new thread get made before it went offline? I was gonna make one with Peter Lorre.

Anonymous 212702

>that's a human WOMAN. A 48 year old one that pretends to be a kitty.
She just like me fr

Anonymous 212703

everybody hold the phone, just had a thought: butch mermaids. think about it. very sexy. alright that's all for now.

Anonymous 212704

no i dont think so

Anonymous 212705

Jannies here are so good at their job. Even with Snail being AFK they still managed to pull through.

Anonymous 212706

tucker fartson

Anonymous 212708

was just thinking this. thank you cc jannies

Anonymous 212710

Honestly can we have a shay bunker thread lmfaoo

Anonymous 212712

I know you shayfags are going through horrible withdrawal tremors and fever but you can't subject the populace of cc to your retardation (lovingly)

Anonymous 212722

Anonymous 212723

anon please i love her

Anonymous 212724

Don't listen to her >>212712 just go make one

Anonymous 212725

Are we allowed a bunker Shaynatorium here

Anonymous 212727

put it in /x/ lol

Anonymous 212728

i would honestly love that

Anonymous 212729

please I beg

Anonymous 212730

please do not you guys are going to make miners hate us just for a boring ewhore

Anonymous 212734

I am still having dreams about someone I haven’t talked to in like 4-5 years. I am over them and that experience, or so I thought. Like I have literally made it my mission to focus on myself, and giving myself what they couldn’t. But I’m still having random dreams? Any witchy nonas willing to give me spiritual advice?

Anonymous 212735


I like it when he does this

Anonymous 212736

I’m sorry nona. Cars can be incredibly scary. the silver lining is that no one did die. I’m sending you hugs. Do you have someone to spend the night with you or a support system to talk to? If not I’d recommend reaching out to someone.

Anonymous 212737

Does anyone here play Toontown Rewritten and is it worth it to download kek I am so bored

Anonymous 212738

At first I thought you meant /x/ on 4chan kek

Anonymous 212740

Please don't.

t. native miner

Anonymous 212741

Ladies tonight I drank nearly an entire bottle of wine that was like 3 feet tall. novelty chirstmas present. Help

Anonymous 212742

kek the other day I was asking my friends if they've seen anyone actually buy Hello Fresh. The only people I've heard of using it are just youtubers/influencers being paid to sponsor them, never heard of anyone actually buying it themself. But I guess Shayna is someone who does

Anonymous 212743

honestly how dare you? pikachu is adorable, take it back

Anonymous 212745

The only actual people I know who’ve used it are my coworker’s teenage daughters because their mom sees it as an opportunity for them to learn to cook when she doesn’t have time to teach them. No adult that I know would buy it for themselves

Anonymous 212746

don't take a bath and when you go to bed, sleep on your side

Anonymous 212747


Alright jokes are over WHERE IS LOLCOW IS IT COMING BACK HELP. The thread is comfy and all but I need more, sorry nonnitas.

Anonymous 212748

pro ana scumbags for sure. one of the only threads where you can go and see people being like 'yeah i was on the same psych ward as this cow'. plus the noise of the bone rattling in that thread is deafening

Anonymous 212749

I absolutely love valentine’s day and I really love being in a relationship with someone who’s as affectionate as I am

Anonymous 212750

Thank u for the advice nona. I’ll be okay I drank it relatively slowly throughout the evening and drank tons of water between glasses. And I shared it with a friend. I’ll be okay besides embarrassing myself in the lolcor bunker thread. Mwah

Anonymous 212751

Ramen with a shitload of blue cheese, anything with an ungodly amount of coriander, snails

Anonymous 212752

i like peeping in to see eugenia cooney updates without having to actually search her on the internet, which feels like a step too far. but the anons in that thread are indeed insufferable

Anonymous 212753

I had the same thing happening and it didn't go away until I started talking to that person. I would literally wake up in cold sweat, have shivers and other stuff until I talked to him. It completely went away when we started dating.

Anonymous 212755

Snails??? Blue cheese?? Are you feeling ok

Anonymous 212757

i need more info . does she have the typical seashell bra or something more like a seaweed wrap

Anonymous 212758

I get a weird feeling that it’s not actually audience members who post there and it’s just mass self posting containment thread

Anonymous 212759

i don't make this accusation lightly but i think she could be french. hope i'm wrong though.

Anonymous 212760

I accidentally worked 12 hours today like a retard

Anonymous 212761

Ugh I have the same thing. I have dreams about an ex friend from 5+ years ago and a boyfriend I dated for 2 years. They are nearly constant, but are exacerbated by anniversaries of traumatic events and bouts of depression. It’s super frustrating because logically, I know these relationships were unhealthy. But I think my subconscious desperately misses them.
Are you a lonely person? Part of me thinks it’s because I haven’t made any meaningful platonic friendships after the loss of this person as a friend. I don’t know for sure, but part of me thinks if I kept myself more busy and put more effort into making friends I would stop dwelling on them so much.

Anonymous 212762

>seaweed sarashi wrap
sounds badass

Anonymous 212763

oh, no– better. classic mermaid designs didn't used to have bras and I'm going back to tradition

Anonymous 212764

I’m just European (not French tho) kekk

Anonymous 212765

I wish I was sexy enough to get away with being boring. I have no talents, interests or personality because all that got beaten out of me as a child and no parts of my personality are left besides being depressed. Since I’m average looking I actually have to be interesting to have people like me.

Anonymous 212766

nta but personally I don't think a butch mermaid would wear a seashell bra, or any bra really

Anonymous 212768

i'm the anon and YOU get it!!!!!!!!! yes!!! YES!!!

Anonymous 212769

I have the same issue. I still dream about my ex gf who I have been in no contact with for longer than we were together, and a group of friends from hs I miss

Anonymous 212770

there is something wrong with you people

Anonymous 212773

Stop. No one wants to see that

Anonymous 212774

Wtf is with these posts. Is this Blaine trying a new angle or something.

Anonymous 212775


But since you been gone
I can breathe for the first time
I'm so moving on, yeah, yeah
Thanks to you
Now I get what I want
Since you been gone

Anonymous 212776

now this is a quality post

Anonymous 212777

Why was my ”wtf” reply to the shayna pic deleted lol

Anonymous 212778

innocent bystander

Anonymous 212779

I will not be silenced!!

Anonymous 212780

I stopped saging on non cow boards on lc because of cc. It’s freeing

Anonymous 212781

Lies, it still has the crackhead in it.

Anonymous 212782

i'm mentally horny but not physically horny. what's going on?

Anonymous 212783


I know some Nonas hate it but I love being in this thread more than I like being on lolcor tbh. Nonas from all walks of life congregating in one thread to shitpost and vent about their day. It just feels so nice and casual. Love you guys

Anonymous 212784

someone may have hexed your pussy

Anonymous 212785


n0nnies i’m dreaming of the shaynatorium. after all we’ve been through these past few weeks, having been abandoned by our beloved lolcor, camp morale is down. we need shayna selfies and memes now more than ever. we NEED THIS

Anonymous 212786

Yes same. It’s so chaotically wholesome here I love it. It feels like a sleepover or something

Anonymous 212788

does anyone else have unflattering pictures of Shayna that they find funny in their photo album on their phone and have had other people see it. Most embarrassing moment was when my boyfriend saw the unflattering pictures I had screenshotted from one of Shayna’s live shows just in case I wanted to post them to lolcor. He asked me why I had weird candid pornographic photos of some random overweight woman

Anonymous 212789

anon has never had a sleepover and is so chronically online that the mere mention of it triggers an anti tranny reflex as that is the only context she has heard the word in… anon…

Anonymous 212790

Anonymous 212791

Absolutely. Anon has never had the experience of being awake at 2 am at a sleepover and laughing with your friends at the most random shit

Anonymous 212792

I have this too with my ex bf who groomed/raped me from a young age. I don't know his whereabouts, or what he's doing with his life. Whenever I dream about him though we're going on cute dates and having a great time together, it's bizarre. I don't even have any anger or resentment for him, I just don't think about him at all when I'm awake. I also dream about a girl I dated in highschool who I fell out with years ago, she wasn't a great person at all but same sort of thing, we have a great romantic time in my dreams.
I posted about this on a vent thread a while back but she ended up seeing a friend of mine a couple months ago and told me I deserved every last bit of what my ex bf did to me, fully knowing she fucked him and he took pictures of it and sent them to me. They're both pretty horrible people and it's been so long that I feel like I have made peace with it all, so it's both interesting and strange to me that I still dream about both of them, and in this way.

Anonymous 212793

one time at a sleepover one of my friends held a guitar and i slapped at it with a back scratcher and my other friend laughed so hard she threw up the 2 full sleeves of oreos she ate earlier

Anonymous 212794

this is why we need a shaytorium

Anonymous 212795

I agree but of respect to the cc natives we should not build it anywhere here though. It really does need to exist, so where could we actually have it?

Anonymous 212796

4chan’s /x/ kek
In all seriousness I’m not sure. Shitting crystal cafe up is not an option, but I think it would need to be an anonymous website where you don’t need to sign up.

Anonymous 212797

please explain to me what this actually means what is a shaynatorium

Anonymous 212798

were you the cool girls at school

Anonymous 212799

Make ever larger breast implants your personality.
> that’s a rodiculous idea
Yes but it has worked for many women.

Anonymous 212800

the shaynatorium would basically be a thread dedicated to sharing and archiving shayna memes

Anonymous 212803

Does anyone have the “I may not show it but the Shayna thread really do be giving me brain damage” meme. I need it

Anonymous 212804

Nvm kek I found it on google images

Anonymous 212805

speaking of Eugenia, what happened to Ashley? I stopped following her insta because I just felt really bad.

Anonymous 212806

I know you're bullshitting but I wouldn't even be surprised if that were true. Harry's obsession with his mother would make Freud roll in his grave at maximum velocity. If William were a woman he would have had to deal with degenerate little brother lusting for him because of how much he looked like Diana when he was younger.

Anonymous 212807


Anonymous 212808

You should have quite while you're ahead. >>212789 told you what the problem was and now you're doubling down. Took the vibe from wholesome to depressing real quick.

Anonymous 212809

lol, one time my cousin accidentally farted at a sleepover and i laughed so hard that i threw up pizza on my bed. i always thought it was crazy that i puked from laughing, but i guess it's not that uncommon.

Anonymous 212812

That literally happened to me with my bf only he didn't say anything he just handed me the phone and looked grossed out kek.

Anonymous 212813

Is kf not working for anyone else?

Anonymous 212814

Lmfao nona. I’m glad I’m not alone

Anonymous 212815

It’s ok. I’m the sleepover anon and I accept your apology. I just tried to use an analogy for what this thread feels like, didn’t mean to sound troonish

Anonymous 212816


i am one again asking to make contact with other socially awkward/shut-in n0nas.
i wont give up yet.

Anonymous 212817



Anonymous 212818

I like joking about my druggie mom sometimes but it makes people uncomfortable and they're like "I'm so sorry.." I'm like it's ok it's just jokes.. I consider it normalize your parents divorce level of trauma (mild)

Anonymous 212819

what kind of contact?

Anonymous 212820

Nona I’m a shut in how tf do I contact you

Anonymous 212821

Anonymous 212822

Calling herself a degenerate feels like a nod to lolcow

Anonymous 212825

i keep having dreams about people from elementary school and my dead grandparents if that counts

Anonymous 212826

I hope lolcow comes back up soon so I don't have to keep reading the posts of these weird shaynafags.

Anonymous 212828


caption it anons

Anonymous 212829

I had a friend and we used to drink at the bar and swap bad stories, but the friendship fell apart. I did the same thing with another friend and we remained friends for the last 15 years so I don't know how it works exactly.

Anonymous 212830

SAME. that plus those pussy edits are giving me the creeps

Anonymous 212832

absolutely not, scrote.

Anonymous 212834

>When you tell him to bring the diapers but he brought the XL Depends and not the S ABDLDreams

Anonymous 212836


i would rather see our queen’s face than sperg about ugly moids or trannies

Anonymous 212837

Don’t rope the rest of us shaynons in with the pussy edit creep. I like the shaynon thread because I can observe her without sifting through 1,000,000 pictures of her holes. Her threads are gratuitous enough but trying to sift through her social media myself is impossible

Anonymous 212838

Anonymous 212839

Does anyone have the pic of her at that weird spanking school ball with the huge bun on top of head and puffy pink dress

Anonymous 212840

How old are you?
Are you a MILF-chan?

Anonymous 212841


life's like a box of farmers

Anonymous 212842

The mondo bun? Pls don’t I will laugh too hard

Anonymous 212843

download (3).jpeg

Anonymous 212844

>calling nonas milf-Chan
get out (leave!)

Anonymous 212845

are all of you trolling or do this many grown adults care about a chubby girl in oklahoma??? stop being neets and give me retarded shitpost and cat love back for bedtime please

Anonymous 212847


I love cute men!

Anonymous 212848


Here's a cat for you, n0na.

Anonymous 212849


i just want to talk to others, i guess. i havent had a friend since my ex best friend 6 years ago. would just be nice to talk to others.

yeah wanting to talk to other people with probably/maybe the same issued makes
me a scrote, get a grip schizo-chan.

i dont know maybe we can figure something out, im willing to prove im not a scrote so no one is creeped out..

Anonymous 212851


Anonymous 212852

lolcor was built off of making women who were debatably more tolerable than even Shayna. I don’t understand the /ot/ gatekeepers. Lolcor has always been mean.

Anonymous 212854

Making fun of*. Sorry

Anonymous 212855


>not the OG queen

Anonymous 212856

she's graduated to king now though hasn't she? kek

Anonymous 212858

She’s arguably way more presentable than Shayna. Queen

Anonymous 212859

idk i was around for audrey kitching, raquel reed, zui whatever, hannah beth & they were infinitely funnier than making fun of an overweight depressed woman who is doing sex work

>>212848 ty

Anonymous 212861

It's not about being mean or not. Yeah lolcow has always been mean. It's the way you weirdly obsess over her in ways that would otherwise be consider socially retarded. Like the anon talking about having nudes of her in a folder just to laugh at, that she let's other people see. Shit like that. It's super autistic.

Anonymous 212862

She’s not even from Oklahoma kek. She’s a Massachusetts rich girl who had every opportunity to turn her life around

Anonymous 212863


Anonymous 212864


Excuse you. I am neet, but never a shayposter.

Anonymous 212865

Good thing Shayna is in Washington and obese so we can still talk about her

Anonymous 212866

it's just really low hanging fruit. be more creative
nothing like pixyteri, she is beautiful

Anonymous 212870

What are your favorite photos of our Queen?

Anonymous 212871

is kiwifarms also down for anyone else?

Anonymous 212872


Anonymous 212873

this pic reminded me of my favorite thing about shayna: while she seems to be almost completely lacking an inner life and is mostly a shallow and reactive creature once every 2-3 years she gets a new philosophical deep thought that she wrestles with intermittently until she finally “solves” it. it’s kind of a two steps forward one step back kinda thing bc she always forgets her breakthroughs. it is so fucking funny to me. anyway the first 2-3 years were: can one be a baby but ALSO a bimbo? (yes). question #2: can a baby bimbo be a DOMME?!?! (ongoing, nazi hat, some limited breakthroughs). Anyway my point is we are absolutely due for another one. any day now.

Anonymous 212874

Well yeah, she has over 120 threads on lc

Anonymous 212875


Anonymous 212876


Shaynus is entertaining because she’s trashy and embarrassing, not hot at all like the women you mentioned. My primary reason for disliking her is that she makes content devoted to rape and pedophilia “kinks”, making her misery all the more satisfying.

Anonymous 212880

If you find Shayna less memeable than pixiteri or any other old cow, that’s not my fault. She’s just as entertaining minus the autism that makes me feel sad for pixiteri

Anonymous 212882


CC mods after I got drunk and posted things in /x/

Anonymous 212883

No, it's Katherine McMahon. She's a failed burlesque queen.

Anonymous 212884

It's shayna 3 years and 60 lbs ago

Anonymous 212885


It is Kathy McMahon.

Anonymous 212886

No it’s Kathy/parkavenueprincess
She’s like Shayna if she was more delusional about her social status

Anonymous 212887

the woman in the background of this picture really makes it

Anonymous 212888

Samefag, one of my favorite things about Kathy is how she stubbornly REFUSES to get bangs and cover up her megamind forehead because her mom has bangs and she hates her mom.

Anonymous 212889


Imagine you're him and your legs are shorter than your head, every breath you take is a snort and you had to be C-sectioned out of your mom because your big ass head would literally kill her if you came out during a vaginal birth.
How would you kys?
I would jump into a pool and sink and then wait for the black peacefulness of death to consume me. I may struggle for breath while I drown, but I've struggled for breath my whole life with my short gross snout.

Anonymous 212891

Yeah I personally prefer Kathy. Some of her tweets are so ludicrous. Her entire existence feels like a LARP. I don't know if she's genuinely delusional or if she has to keep up the pretense that any of what she says is true for the sake of "image".

Anonymous 212892

>she makes content devoted to rape and pedophilia “kinks”

I hate her for the same reason. When you see the shit she posts that is borderline glorifying domestic abuse and pedophilia it’s hard NOT to a-log her especially if you’ve gone through it yourself

Anonymous 212894


I love her selfies so much. They're so fucking goofy.

Anonymous 212895

yes. wtf is happening

Anonymous 212896

Plenty of human beings also have to be C-sectioned too because of medical complications. Like fair enough breeding certain traits is bad for dogs' health but what you're complaining about there literally happens in humans too.

Anonymous 212897

i think it’s freeing to have a place to be socially retarded and autistic and i like the variety that freedom creates. it’s so easy to just not look at a thread you don’t like and i find it super aggressive and weird to police shitposting. i’ve always been curious about this behavior but never wanted to shit up a thread to ask.

Anonymous 212898

Wtaf look at him dude he's miserable. Don't hate the playa(me posting him) hate the game (the people who breed them and the people who buy them and think they look cool)

Anonymous 212899

Nta but it's a fucking dog.

Anonymous 212900

The people who breed these dogs deserve death

Anonymous 212901

Yeah but like it's the breed

Anonymous 212902

Screen Shot 2023-0…

i was laid off for three weeks like five years ago and i spent over $100 in real money playing lovenikki i needed to share this shame i've never told anyone

Anonymous 212904


Anonymous 212905

Kathy is so fascinating because she seems to have zero passion or understanding for the time periods she tries to evoke with her larp.

Anonymous 212906

Okay? And?

Anonymous 212907

this is why I’m not downloading any blank nikki game to talk to you guys.

Anonymous 212911

This looks like if you took a 8 yr olds drawing of a dog and ran it through a 3D dog printer.

Anonymous 212912

Is that woman on the bottom right really blind

Anonymous 212913


Anonymous 212914


Anonymous 212915

You think it's normal for a breed of dog to have c-sections every birth? You think it's normal for a breed of dog to die giving natural birth? If a dog of that breed were pregnant and about to give birth and was a stray with no human owner that could throw it in the car and drive to a veterinarian, it would die. To reiterate: it's a fucking dog. Not a human being, which as a species have become dependent on medicine and science and shit. It is a dog.

Anonymous 212916


Don't tell me to spoiler this

Anonymous 212917

i’ve been trying to figure out why kathy makes me so much madder than shay and i can’t figure it out at all. shay is objectively worse with the whole selling toddler rape fantasies for pennies but kathy’s “survival sex worker” LARP makes me so mad i can’t check in on her very frequently even though i love her thread

Anonymous 212918

it reminds me of avatar palace and when dollz/dolls were a thing. where you would just have dress up games for you and your friends, it has nothing to do with men. the whole game is dressing up and progressing by winning dress up games (but the levels are judged by a cat and make no sense, which kind of makes it more fun??)

Anonymous 212919

We’re all in the same boat nonas please stop the infighting

Anonymous 212920


Anonymous 212921

I didn't say that. I literally said in my OG post that I understand breeding certain traits is bad for the dog's health. It's not natural that humans die giving birth and have to have C-sections to prevent it either but here we are.

Anonymous 212922

I feel you nona. Kathy is truly the most holier-than-thou person I’ve ever seen and it’s infuriating. And creepy.

Anonymous 212924

Does anyone else remember stardoll? This post makes me nostalgic for it

Anonymous 212925

i miss being in the kathy thread with no nnas critiquing her swarovski spacing

Anonymous 212926

can you wait for the dog hate thread to be accessible again to post this instead of sharing your dog suicide fantasies with all of us

Anonymous 212927


Anonymous 212928

the boat is getting crowded and heavy and there's poopoo in the corner

Anonymous 212929

can't wait for you to go on a diet

Anonymous 212930

not arguable, PT mogs shatna in every way

Anonymous 212931

What? Humans do not die 100% of the time giving natural birth. That dog breed dies 100% of the time giving natural birth.

Anonymous 212932

I’m ayrt and… you’re right

Anonymous 212933

yess i loved stardoll. especially the bootleg hot topic store on there and the avril lavigne clothing line collab lmfao

Anonymous 212935

>Liking dogs = fat
please elaborate on your mental illness

Anonymous 212938

It's still way too common. I swear every other person I know says they had to be c-sectioned.

Anonymous 212939

she maintains her boujie posting directly alongside her begging for “mutual aid” and there isn’t a single flash of cognitive dissonance on her smug face. how does she do it?

Anonymous 212940

and poor. I will not elaborate

Anonymous 212941

Samefag but I forgot to call you retarded.

Anonymous 212942

Yesssss. Ngl forums were like protocol-lolcor for me kek there was so much drama. Also I loved the amy winehouse game I dressed her up a million times

Anonymous 212943


Anonymous 212944

Bitch, I don't care about the people you know. Why are you defending the existence of a dog who lives life in pain and cannot give natural birth, like most every other fucking dog breed can. Ohhh because humans get c-sections too! Smh.

Anonymous 212945

Chill out you sperg

Anonymous 212946


hello my non nnies I am going to read all the previous threads. Hope you are all well tonight!

Anonymous 212947

my elementary school friend had an iyaz fanclub on the stardoll forums just because she liked that one song he had about ipods and only that song kek

Anonymous 212948

Not when there are retarded comparisons being made I won't!!!

Anonymous 212950

I'm not? I said breeding those traits are bad. I just said humans have evolved to have fucked up anatomy which makes us bad at giving birth too. Stop projecting.

Anonymous 212951


Anonymous 212952


Anonymous 212953

Anonymous 212954

Dress up doll forums have just as much drama nowadays, but it's all twitter shit discourse sadly

Anonymous 212955

Thanks nonn1e hope you do too

Anonymous 212956

has anyone tried lume i just took a shower and put it on and want to see how long it takes until i stink

Anonymous 212957

I know exactly what song you’re talking about anon kek that’s so cute. im assuming we’re around the same age and I remember how popular that song was

Anonymous 212958

Anonymous 212959


Anonymous 212960

Okay well whatever you're being mega spergy over this. Fair enough. It was the result human meddling. You're right.

Anonymous 212961

KEK I don't want to know how much I've spent in Love Nikki and Shining Nikki. I think I'd throwup if I knew

Anonymous 212962

Because you're being purposefully obtuse.

Anonymous 212963

nona I'm on your side with this one

Anonymous 212964

Weren’t mother and child mortality rates way worse before modern medicine? You’re both retarded

Anonymous 212965

sorry im hi and watching random shit on youtube but this is so cool what the fuck i feel like i would break an arm if i tried doing this

Anonymous 212966

is this the man from ummm that zombie show i dont remember the name but his bestie fucked his wife cause they thought he was dead and she got pregnant

Anonymous 212967

i miss lolcow but i wish it were as active as these bunker threads. i know when it's up again ill still end up refreshing pages waiting for new replies

i wish i had other sites to fill my time but lc has a very specific vibe to it and ive grown comfy there, and tbh i rely on lc anons for socialisation. nowhere else has filled that niche for me. i might check out fujochan but i heard its kind of dead

Anonymous 212969

Were they……worse….than dying……EVERY single…. natural….birth??? Was it really worse than that?? Truly? All women died giving birth before modern medicine because humans have disproportionately humongous heads that rip open the entire bottom half of a woman so severely that she will always die, every time? It was that bad?

Anonymous 212970

What do you guys watch to relax before bed

Anonymous 212971

No commentary speedruns.

Anonymous 212972

Baumgartner Restoration videos. good shit

Anonymous 212973

asmr videos (unironically)

Anonymous 212974

cow hoof infection cleaning videos

Anonymous 212975


this is so cool but it's kinda making me anxious, picrel

Anonymous 212976

I’m trying to ask if what’s happening to these dogs is comparable to what happens to human women
If it’s unrelated you’re being a freak bringing it into this thread

Anonymous 212977

I don't. These bunker threads are full of people I'd never interact with on lolcow usually and some of them are insufferable.

People talk about these threads being comfy but the entirety of last thread was people posting mediocre moids, people getting mad at people for posting mediocre moids, then people getting mad at people for getting mad at posting mediocre moids.

Anonymous 212980

my bf plays these old boat restoration videos that are so boring to me i immediately pass out, 10/10

Anonymous 212981

Nta but no? Humans aren't breeding our children to have massive heads and upper bodies too heavy to even fuck properly without falling over. And the anon you're replying to isn't the one who made the human comparison

Anonymous 212982

If you're >>212964 then I have to ask why you even responded because the entire argument is that humans do not struggle as badly with natural birth as that specific breed of dog, that MUST HAVE a c-section to give birth, otherwise the dog will die every single time. The whole argument is that these dogs are crimes against nature and should not exist as they are. Some anon chimed in with "wellll humans also need c-sections :)" which missed the point entirely, and now here you are, also missing the point entirely.

Anonymous 212984

ayrt and yeah i was watching the neocities sperging in real time in the last thread and it was absolutely retarded. id still be happy to see some of the /m/ threads more active though, some of the threads i visit don't see any real activity for days.
i think lc anons are just prone to infighting and its like a reflex to just accuse everyone of being a moid or a certain anon. it ruins a lot of otherwise good threads

Anonymous 212985

Why does this person look like the decapitated child from Hereditary

Anonymous 212986

>i was watching the neocities sperging in real time in the last thread
What happened? I was asleep and all mentions of it seem to be deleted

Anonymous 212987

I write erotic fanfiction aimed at women during work time in my office on my work computer but I have to shove in some dumbass metafiction as a joke because I've read too much postmodern literature. I sincerely love my readers and I hope they find my stories funny and/or arousing (better if both) but sometimes I'm nervous about writing the actual sex because I'm a hugless kissless virgin.

Anonymous 212988


today I ate my birth year in calories, what does it mean noneritas

Anonymous 212989

idk if anyone remembers eldena doublecast from those 'what your favourite x ship says about you' videos on youtube but he trooned out a while ago and i just had the displeasure of getting one of his tiktoks on my fyp. bro even makes a 'joke' about being an agp in his bio. makes me feel sick bc he said his whole reason for transitioning was that crossdressing made him horny. sorry anons i just had to vent

Anonymous 212991

All I can say is I hope you're not a time traveller.

Anonymous 212992

It really wasn’t anything interesting, tl;dr shaymin made a bunch of yesterweb trannies and kinkfags mad by being based and chastising them for their degeneracy so they kicked her out of their discord server. And apparently oldmin and shaymin are one and the same according to the yesterweb people because “why would they have any reason to lie?” but I’d take that with a grain of salt

Anonymous 212993

KEK it was 1997 don't worry

Anonymous 212994


How do you report missing persons in another state? A person on tumblr posted disturbing stuff and I don't know where to report this.

Anonymous 212995

I swear the "shaymin is oldmin" is one of the schizo pedo tranny psyops.

Anonymous 212996

elaine came to this thread, posted a bunch of screenshots about oldmins neocities page, also some screenshots from the discord, people were tinfoiling oldmin and shaymin are the same people. idk it was so dumb and also everyone was infighting about supposed 'gayops'. im praying to god even mentioning it won't summon up the absolute retards from last time, i just want to enjoy my bunker thread in relative peace

Anonymous 212997

Fujochan commited sudoku by deleting the /sh/ board, literally the only interesting about the site.

Anonymous 212998

that cow is fascinating to me because she came from being mentioned in a lilee jean thread and has just torpedoed her life into worthlessness over it. Fascinating as in I think "hmmm what a retard to ruin her life like this" and then never think of her again

Anonymous 212999

can you honestly blame them, having a board for shota is just asking for trouble

Anonymous 213000

Have you tried calling the local police, or even the bar itself? Do you know any of the person's other socials you could check for signs of activity? It could very well be that she forgot (I'd hope so).

Anonymous 213001


i need lolcor!!!
call lolcor
picks up
i need milk!!
lolcor blocks me
why lolcor..

Anonymous 213002

ive been online too long tbh bc looking at that image it just feels fake to me or like some kind of weird joke. i don't believe it for a second. idk anon id see if you can find the county from the image in the picture, and check their police dpt website. there should be a way to get in touch

Anonymous 213003

Seconding the other anon, alert common contacts then call police. I just looked up that bar and it has closed already.

Anonymous 213004

wait the shota board? they kept the ex one tho

Anonymous 213005

Is she an adult? If so, I worry authorities won't take a report serious if it hasn't been over 24 hours. They give the excuse that adults don't need to tell anyone where they went unless it's been days

Anonymous 213006

iirc i read they were getting some legal trouble over having a board for shota

Anonymous 213007

samefag to say, don't let this stop you from trying to contact them though

Anonymous 213008

Is there a name or a picture of the user who posted this? I mean, how would you ask the bar if they've been there? How would you report it to the police?

Anonymous 213010

Even if she is I don’t care, feel like pure shit, just want lolcor back (though it’s pretty cosy in this here bunker when the retardation is kept to a minimum)

Anonymous 213011

so they removed the pedo thread but kept gore?? hah?

Anonymous 213012

i thought it was legal in some countries. somehow other imageboards still allow loli

Anonymous 213013

why would someone make this scheduled post instead of just telling their irl friends/family?

Anonymous 213014

The person who posted this only has one other post on their blog. They didn't even leave their name or include any details of how people could identify them. They're with a 'Jose Perez' but no description of this man. Idk, seems weird.

Anonymous 213015

I don't know this person. I was looking at some tags and found this. You need a tumblr account to view this blog.
There is no other information about this person on their blog.

Anonymous 213016

Depends where they're hosted I suppose

Anonymous 213017


feel like pure shit just want my kinkamu thread back

ntayrt but I love you fellow friendless nona

Anonymous 213018

i wish they brought the contact thread back

Anonymous 213019

Samefag, Jose Perez sounds like a fake name. Maybe this wasn't a date and something made her suspicious.

Anonymous 213020

I would assume then that she has mutuals who know her IRL and that's who she intended the post for (assuming it's real), you might just have to leave it and hope she has people looking out for her.

Anonymous 213021

Does it sound fake? I think I went to highschool with at least 40 people named exactly that

Anonymous 213022

NTA but I think the reason why it might sound fake because it’s basically the Hispanic equivalent of John Smith

Anonymous 213023

Me too, I’d love to meet more TERFs and SWERFs IRL, especially what with the world rapidly going to hell in a tranny flag-adorned handbasket

Anonymous 213025

I was just going to say the same thing, this seems extremely odd and frankly doesn’t make sense to me. I’d still call the cops though

Anonymous 213026

i was on stardoll into my late teens, the club i was in got deleted but i'm still in a discord with the members and follow some on insta. that club had some really fun drama, once a member made a tumblr for anon confessions and so many people shittalked each other or just said nice things about each other. its crazy im still connected to them, i've known them all ~8 or 9 years now. i miss old stardoll so much

Anonymous 213028

No that's actually a good thing.

Anonymous 213029

I approve of this thread pic. I spent yesterday sewing more clothes for my Critters while drinking.

Anonymous 213031

How many days has lolcow been down now?

Anonymous 213032

Legit my idea of a good time, n0nita

Anonymous 213034


her engagement is abysmal, how can anyone believe her 43k followers are real fucking kek

Anonymous 213035

If you told irl people you like dogs dying they would think you're a serial killer. You can accuse n0nnie of being fat, but at least there isn't something so red flag about her that it would make her be rejected by most people kek

Anonymous 213038

nta but I wish there was a cat hate thread

Anonymous 213040

Wasn’t there already one ? Did it get locked?

Anonymous 213041


Anonymous 213042

If there was I never saw it. Some anons posted cat hate in the dog love thread but they got told that the thread was “uwu positivity only love all animals uwu”

Anonymous 213043

why does walter white jr look nothing like either of his parents
(inb4 he's adopted i only watched like 3 episodes of breaking bad dont hate me anons)

Anonymous 213044

>pro anan scumbags
For the love of God there's no milk. There hasn't been milk since Molly vanished and N2F was entertaining on the daily. You can delude yourself into believing Cecee is interesting, you can all pretend that blonde one (Ham?) is pro ana after like 4 years of being normal weight and bragging about it, but I'm begging you to do it in yoir diary. there is no anorexia milk.

>dog hate thread

The weirdos that attracts is unreal. Just wait in the Luna or Shayna thread long enough and that one especially creepy bitch who talks about murdering dogs shows up, that's the kind of person lingering in those threads

>cat hate thread

This is so petty. The dog hate thread is already full of absolute rejects and fat girl energy, that doesn't mean you should start a spite thread to rile them up

Anonymous 213045

There was one. I remember hiding it because people who dislike animals upset me.

Anonymous 213046

there definitely was one at one point. i remember at one point too the unpopular opinions thread would constantly get shit up with dog vs cat hate anons arguing about outdoor cats

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