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What you would do if you discovered that your son is coomer or becoming a tranny Anonymous 220581

What would you do if you discovered your son is a coomer or becoming a tranny. What kind of measures would you take as a parent to prevent it from happening, or stop it once you discovered it.

>Pic related literally a house on fire moment

Anonymous 220582

If he's underage, I would take him to therapy and cut off his access to social media. If he's an adult, he better have saved up for a home because I'm not gonna deal with him

Anonymous 220588


>If its terminal like without my awareness the child was groomed 5 or so years I would disown him have another child, somebody with potential and continuity, somebody that will survive and handle material human existence and contribute to the species instead of costing them resources.
Completely fucking based.

Anonymous 220595

See if he's autistic and explain that if he likes baking or pink that's it's not "inherently female therefore that must mean he's a girl."

Anonymous 220617

girl, what the fuck are you talking about? that poster was agreeing with you. did you misunderstand what "based" means?
all men are kinda coomers though. can't castrate every son.

Anonymous 220749


sorry, can't find the link because i don't remember where i saw it, but…

when a kid started to troon out, a parent (dad i think?) just started LARPing as trans: enforcing pronouns, typical terrible new transname, cross-dressing, being in drag when dropping kid off at school (kid demanded to get let out a block or two away), other obnoxio trannyisms, etc… until the kid realized how ridicu-cringe it all is (i think it took a day, maybe two)

…i think every parent/sibling/friend of a tranny should do this.

Anonymous 220761

I would take them into international waters and let the sea deal with them. Poseidon's son now. oh well.
>We don't affirm schizophrenics
When my family member had psychosis the doctor told her "I can't tell you what's real and what isn't". That's where we're at already as a society. How do we expect anyone to ever get better under neoliberal post modernity where nothing is material and everyone's thoughts are valid no matter how obviously objectively false.

Anonymous 220766

would not encourage the behavior but reassure him that liking feminine things does not make him a girl. I would accept him as a gay man but scare him out of trooning out by showing him pics of those fat, balding autists and the horrors of transition surgery.

Anonymous 220767

Edit: did not read the coomer part kek. Ban him from the internet. I wasn't planning on giving my kid internet though until 18.

Anonymous 220768

>Fifty-three percent of the mothers of boys with GID compared with only 6% of controls met the diagnosis for Borderline Personality Disorder on the Diagnostic Interview for Borderlines or had symptoms of depression on the Beck Depression Inventory. Results of the Summers and Walsh Symbiosis Scale suggested that mothers of probands had child-rearing attitudes and practices that encouraged symbiosis and discouraged the development of autonomy.
53% vs 6%

Anonymous 220771


from what i've seen, if you baby your child until the age of consent, you'll have to keep it in your house forever, otherwise you'll unleash some kind of failure (at best) or monster (at worst) into/onto society. when they're finally free from total control, they go totally wild.

i'm too old for it to have been The Internet, but the kid my age whose parents wouldn't let him watch TV shows like the simpsons was torturing animals and statutory raping when he moved out at 18; homeless, drug-addicted and divorced before 21.

as an adult, the home-schooled kids i've seen are awk as fuck. a teacher-mom and her student son are regulars at work. both polite, but the teen son will sit cross-legged under a table while mom looks around, and he does other things that some adults probably think are quirky/cute/etc, but peers recognize as weird and bully fodder. i imagine co-workers will recognize the same, if the kid can get through an interview to be hired.

12 year-old home-school girl is shy like a 3 or 4 y.o. (head always down, partially hiding behind mom and silent to the point of being almost mute).

moderation and explanation, that's the way to go.

Anonymous 220790

This is so hard for me to imagine because it's a nightmare scenario to any sane mother. Especially having a coomer son. If I had a son that transitioned I could at least have the hope he would detrans, but a coomer? That's a complete failure and I'd live in misery knowing he probably has a goon cave

Anonymous 220791

Samefag I hate saying this but in all honesty if I had a son who became a coomer I would do everything in my power to never be alone in a room with him or live in the same house. Coomers do not see any woman beyond a set of holes. A coomer son is nothing but a potential rapist

Anonymous 220794

All men masturbate.
Men who are disgusted or conflicted by their own masturbation seem distinctly unhinged, frequently needing to blame the Jews and the porn industry for the fact that they began masturbating when thinking of their female classmates at pubescence before having ever seen or searched for porn.
Wanting your son to be an asexual eunuch will not make him into a decent human being. It seems quite likely to turn him into a dress-wearing psycho though.

Anonymous 220798

Ayrt I didn't say he couldn't masturbate or be a "eunuch" I said I don't want him to be a coomer. The alternative to a monk isn't porn addicted loser who can't form meaningful relationships (coomer), there's this thing called a "healthy middle ground" where he can still have a sexual appetite that doesn't destroy himself

Anonymous 220799

"Coomer" per origin refers to men who make and masturbate to pictures of sexualized videogame characters on /v/, or who "fail no-nut November." The first allows the male populace at large to pretend that there is not a pornographic objectification of women inherent in videogame media itself and all evidence to the contrary is a personal problem of individual men rather than a systemic problem of all men, and the second allows bizarre and terrible online cults (mostly of a far right political stripe) to perform one of the primary social requirements of cult formation, the deprivation of agency and removal of pleasure from members who have made some token pledge to buy in to said movement/cult. This is accomplished both in "succeeding" and in failing in the task to not masturbate for a month, as either way grants legitimacy to the structural and ideological necessity of the cult.

Anonymous 220806

Ok but if you're not a turbo autist then a coomer is someone who's life is consumed by porn. This isn't complicated:

Coomer = porn addled wank addict

Porn addled wank addict = man who is a failure, thinks all women are viewed as potential sex (including their family members), broken mental health.


Anonymous 220865

De-trans'd my daug…

here it is >>200326

Anonymous 220956


even if story is fake,solution is real.

Anonymous 220975

false dichotomy.

Anonymous 223145

My cousin's (he is a 13 year old) father did this and I can confirm that it worked.

Anonymous 223204

So, we are pretending this actually happened? And if we are entertaining the idea that this happened, we are pretending this wasn't a horrible way to deal with it?

Anonymous 223267


Take away all current electronics. The #1 reason he would troon out is online troonery groomery. He will be forced to use a fax machine or typewritten letters for any peer communication. His phone will be a 2002 Nokia flipphone that he can only play Snake on (And good luck using internet on that). He is not getting them back until he is an adult. I would never put my child through public school either, so this should limit the exposure. It will be full homeschool.

Anonymous 224155

this. I'm going to be strict as hell about internet and electronics. he's getting kicked out at 18 if he wants to be a troon.

Anonymous 224156

No internet. No phones. Outside time. If somehow that fails then he was groomed at school. Homeschooling is probably the best solution to prevent groomery. Introduce him to positive role models and indulge in what hobbies and interests he develops as a learning child.

Anonymous 224157

There are only two options.
>If one more person hallucinates to me about some ‘program’ where teens are kidnapped and ‘fixed’ and returned to their happy parents, I might explode. No such thing exists. You have two options. Only two. No help is coming. Only death and suffering.

Anonymous 224159



Although you would have to be careful about not already having raised a little sociopath, because you even see cases like picrel now.

Anonymous 224160

When he enters the real world he'll probably be bullied into suicide

Anonymous 224171

I used to follow the figures published annually by the workplace bullying institute, and the last half decade or so I spent watching it showed that high school is actually the least bully-occupied environment for males. Bullying is highest in junior high and second highest in the workplace, then comes elementary school, then college. Forget every shitty male coming-of-age movie ever made. Those were just using bullying as a metaphor for the sexual and freudian angst of male puberty and sexual competition. And forget your own experiences when in a thread about males, they have a completely different existence.

Anonymous 224173

That doesn't contradict anything I said about high school not being bully central for males nor about male and female experiences of bullying being completely different?

Anonymous 224181

Better than being a rapist

Anonymous 224490

Very honestly most trannies i know were abused by their mothers during their childhood, i find this kind of "what if your child was x" scenario not only not useful, but kind of backwards

Anonymous 224532

There are differences between harsh but firm and reliable treatment and recurring but intermittent abuse and it's usually the second one that promotes disorders of identification and ego formation, which explains the effect noted in >>220768
Forming strong resolute rules and discipline is probably doing more good than harm even if the specific direction of those rules are meaningless - a firmly held discipline of playing a board or videogame with the father and any siblings would probably be helpful just for giving the child structure regardless of the merits of the game, for example.

Anonymous 224548

Plz tell me you've got deets

Anonymous 224549

Does anyone have any tips for homeschooling kids?

Anonymous 224553

>Forming strong resolute rules and discipline
Moid or traumatized pickme with stockholm syndrome.
This stuff is very psychopatic and robotic.

Anonymous 224555

Respect for rules and discipline are some of the most important things in order to be successful. People who have no discipline are absolute loser subhumans, I don't know why you'd want that for your child.

Anonymous 224577


Bull. With how trans is being pushed in public schools and the amount of school shootings in the us there is absolutely no reason NOT to homeschool.

Anonymous 224654

Hardly see trans kids? Are you still in school? Gave yourself away. I see enough to be concerned when they get off the bus or when I go into the city.

Anonymous 224716


found the retarded military moid. go back to sticking suppressors up your Chimbo bunkpartners ass and folding hospital corners. your entire life is centered around killing yourself to impress other apes

Anonymous 224718

Ladies, please have a read of this, I hope me sharing this story will help you truly understand the severity of the situations our future kids may experience and fall in to.

I have an unfortunate story of a coomer named Daniel I grew up with (3 years younger than me). Born to lovely parents, no childhood trauma, friends of my family and close with us. He had this evil ingrained in his genes I believe.

He was a violent child, extremely smart… now I mean the manipulative type that can convince ANYONE he is the victim. From age 8 he would hit other children, strangle them on occasion, manipulate any situation where he is in the wrong to being the angel and the other person the instigator. He was caught watching porn at age 9.

By age 10 he began openly showing other children, including myself the porn he had found, r*pe, beastiality and other violent gore-type videos. All on their family iPad.

By age 12 I realised he began sodomising their dog, she became aggressive toward other dogs and him only, she eventually began growling at anyone who neared her bed, she attacked him several times, tearing him up… this was only found out by his parents and us when he went swimming and we saw the fresh scratch and bite marks on his body. I was 15 at the time and expressed my thoughts toward my parents, they sheepishly told me they agreed and had already discussed that option.

When he turned 14, things took a nasty turn… friends of our parents group had their first daughter. He became a kind child toward the new baby, he showed us all that he was beginning to change his ways and show he was maturing. As time went on, I (now 17) offered to look after the baby, as I usually did with all the kids (5 others) so that all of the parents can go out and have fun for a night. Daniel began to see this as something he could do and offered to take over occasionally, which meant I could join the parents. We thought he had changed, though I still had my doubts and didn't like any of the children being in his company alone. Eventually, the baby girl was left in his hands and this is where the story changes.

The baby girl, now nearing 1 year old began showing signs of dissociating, not responding to voices and visual prompts. She stopped making noises and her entire demeanor changed. I expressed to my parents that I think something is happening between him and her. My parents hadn't seen this but began watching closer. My parents went straight to his parents and expressed their concerns. They were distraught and didn't know how to deal with it. Things clicked in to place for them after it was raised. They ended up telling the family that had the girl and they left the group on bad terms. I left the adults to discuss this and they found some disturbing things on his internet searches.

His family, specifically his mother began spiralling. Their marraige started to fall apart, they had no control over him. By 16 he began getting in trouble with the police when he got his license. He ran away from home but despite this, he stayed in school.

The school suggested a trip to Cambodia may be good for him, it may help with his issues. Unfortunately, this trip would be anything but, he charmed a girl on the trip in to joining him in his room and proceeded to r*pe her. She told her friends and this spread to the teachers, who called the trip off and had police waiting at the airport for him to land back in our country. He got off scot-free through his manipulation tactics and the fact he was only 16 (legal age of consent here).

At 21, he now is a drug dealer who works at McDonalds - still living at his parents house so they can keep an eye on him. He is still the horrible person he has always been and I can't wait for the day he gets truly punished by someone or the justice system for the awful things he got away with.

Anonymous 224719

definitely, I was raised on a bike, out on the water and slashing through bush to find a suitable campsite. The drive to be outside is ingrained in me, despite being on imageboards. This is the way.

Allowing your children to try different hobbies, even if some are time consuming (sports - trainings, tournaments etc), even if they're expensive (instruments, painting models). Anything is better than sitting them infront of a TV to watch Vegetales and Cocomelon on repeat for 6 hours.

Anonymous 224723

I don't live around a city with trannies. I live around suburban cities but not an urban one. Why is it giving myself away? Which city do you live in that has tons of them? How many would you say you see on any given day.. or is it more of an every other day/ week thing?

Anonymous 224725

Holy fuck I hope he burns in hell or some bigger guy ultimately beats the shit out of him.

Is the baby okay now? Was it confirmed by a doctor that the baby was abused ?

Anonymous 224738


I'm gonna have daughters with my future wife so idc

Anonymous 224755


yeah what moids want of replacing women is a cope but the opposite is true, in the reproduciton process we are already at the age where scotes are replaced we just need them to produce their cum and just put that into our vaginas when ovulating and thats it, its so simple and we can pick top of the shelf genes lol. We don't have to cope with Science Fiction, we got bodies that work already for those proposes, we are the lab, the only one that works to birth human beings into life.

Anonymous 224756


Also you forgot the part when the scrote just dies after 1 week, this procedure is impossible when they transplant a womb into their bodies it has always ended in death because they cannot keep the organ alive, its like putting a rotten corpse part inside your body it infects everything else with rot and they die.

Anonymous 224760

I want to read more about the stem cell babies, all that's coming up for me is stuff from 2009

Anonymous 224761

I never knew gay men did that. I don’t understand why you would WANT to feel the physical effects of pregnancy, just find a surrogate jesus christ.

Anonymous 224762

Oh, and as a lesbian, honestly I never understood stem cell babies either. The picture describes the pregnancy as “normal” but is it really? I always hear that they come out deformed but I’ve never looked it up out of fear.

Anonymous 224763

Okay, genuinely, can someone look up “stem cell baby” and tell me if anything bad comes up? Or just tell me not to go to images? I saw a picture of a (real) deformed cyclops eyed kitten once with no nose and i couldnt sleep for 3 days, so i think if i saw a really graphic picture of a deformed baby it would be worse, especially if it had something to do with the face.

Anonymous 224766

>progress in 2018
Alright I'm looking forward to it, elite lesbians please put more money in this technology

Anonymous 224794

>just find a surrogate

Anonymous 224796


Ikr? The fact that women give birth to babies for gay moids is proof that we are way too fucking nice to males. Imagine how selfish a man has to be to know that he is homosexual, get into a homosexual relationship, and still desire for a woman to give birth to his baby. He is homosexual, and he knows it. He should understand and accept the consequences of being homosexual and in a gay relationship; including not being able to have biological children. If he wants children so badly, he needs to read about adoption. But no, because again, the gay man in question still wants a biological child and for a woman to do that for him. Dragging another person's biological labor into his own family mess. This is narcissistic on a wild level, and I hate that the only people who call this out are radical feminists. More women need to stand up for themselves and openly disapprove of this surrogate shit. It's not like gay men are very respectful of women anyway.

Anonymous 224799

Liberal feminists think it's so empowering for gay moids to have kids and think that they deserve to be parents, too!!! as if they care about being a father and about childbirth. They are gay, they fuck each other in the ass. Liberal feminists also think surrogacy is empowering because money. In fact, liberal feminists and normies think that if you do something that makes you money, then what you are doing is empowering. Imagine basing your entire life and morals around what makes you money. It's funny because the same people are usually anti-capatalist.

Anonymous 224872

i agree completely and i'd extend that ban to surrogacy of any kind. i think lesbians should be allowed to adopt and have children through ivf though (just no surrogacy)

Anonymous 224882

it's the same thing as prostitution. a women "agreeing" to do it for pay doesn't make it acceptable. rich women don't do surrogacy, it's always vulnerable women from piss-poor countries who do it survive without having to sell their bodies for sex, so they sell it for reproduction. surrogacy is inhumane because of the physical and mental repercussions of carrying out a pregnancy full term, with all the health risks associated, only to hand the baby away to strangers for pay. it's also conceptually immoral to use women as breeding machines, and on top of that unfair to the child being separated from their actual progenitor.

Anonymous 224886

I bet you support prostitution and think it is empowering; same goes with porn. If not, then why support surrogacy?

Anonymous 224888

fags and trannies are the enemy they always want to have control over women / womanhood they are fucking insane

Anonymous 224891

>will the world finally stop infantilizing us?
It is not infantilizing to expect to be treated as human. That's a very libfemmy way of thinking and I disagree with it completely. People make all sort of choices due to desperation, and the fact that rich women don't spontaneously "choose" to be surrogate mothers and the overwhelming majority of women who do it are women in poverty shows that the motivation is at best a form of coercion.
>has a net positive impact on the world
I disagree. It is not inherently positive for humans to be raised by someone who is not their actual progenitor. Obviously that's not possible or ideal in many cases, but that's not an excuse to force it to happen when it didn't have to.
>a regulated and controlled surrogacy arrangement leaves the surrogate mother with a hefty sum
A regulated and controlled prostitution arrangement leaves the prostitute with a hefty sum. A regulared and controlled organ market arrangement leaves the organ sellers with a hefty sum. A regulared and controlled leisure-murder arrangement leaves the family of some very desperate people with a hefty sum. Regulation and control don't make an inherently exploitative thing acceptable.
>the world with a new human that wouldn't have been born otherwise
Why is this good?
>and the couple with a baby they are going to love and cherish
They can love and cherish someone who is already born through adoption.

Anonymous 224897

>regulated and kept to certain standards
Who will regulate it? Who has the power to regulate it? A government? Governments that are run by men who have no knowledge or care to learn about women's bodies? If you're American, do you want the same government that denies abortion rights to be controlling surrogacy? The same men in the government who are primarily money-driven and lawyers? I understand you likely mean doctors, but both doctors and a government have to come to an agreement to set a price on childbirth.
>mother with a hefty sum
And? Is this all just money to you?
>the world with a new human that wouldn't have been born otherwise
Who cares? This is such a weird thing to say. I'm not an antinatalist but having another human on earth is literally a net negative, not a net positive.
>a couple with a baby they will love and cherish
Lol. Lmao. You don't know this. You know exactly how this will be exploited. You sound extremely naive.

Anonymous 224898

>so which is it?
You conveniently ignored what I said after: "Obviously that's not possible or ideal in many cases, but that's not an excuse to force it to happen when it didn't have to.". Anyone would say it's inhumane and abusive to take a child from their loving parents to give them away to someone else. Adoption exists because not everyone has a loving family, which is an unfortunate fact. This has nothing to do with creating a situation that doesn't need to exist (getting women pregnant for money and sell away the children).
>life good, death bad
How so? Are you against abortion?
>you're taking away options and offering nothing in return
The infertile couple doesn't need anything in return. They can remain childless, or they can adopt. Having biological children is not a right. As for the women, obviously the correct thing is to focus on eliminating poverty, but you're not going to achieve that through making surrogacy (or prostitution) legal.
>you should be asking the women who want to become a surrogate in the future and those who already have that experience
No. Surrogacy existing impacts my position in society as a woman so I have all the right in the world to be against it.

Anonymous 224900

It does and I will stick my nose wherever someone implies, through actions or legislation, that I'm less of a human being for my sex.
Making surrogacy legal could impact social benefits for women in poverty if they're not willing to be paid to be breeding machines (as already happened in Germany with prostitution). Would you be comfortable with that?
Who gets sent to prison if the mother passes away due to pregnancy or labor complications?

Anonymous 224901

Not the anon you were responding to, but I agree with you. Plus, I hate that people compare surrogacy to a fucking job just because the woman can get paid for it. Why do people think something as serious as surrogacy is equivalent to working at something like a fucking fast food job just because there's money involved? Like what someone here already mentioned, liberal feminists always say that capitalism will be the death of a society, and yet they play right into a capitalist's hands by saying "yes" to the concept of women's bodies being for sale or rent.

Anonymous 224902

Assigning a monetary value to childbirth feels demonic to me and I'm not even religious. It's morally grey at best. I don't get what you don't understand about this. You can't always have what you want in life, the idea that you can pay any amount of money to fulfill any demands you want is absurd. Maybe you should adopt a child instead of treating birth as any other service-based job, just expensive to hire. You probably don't even actually like kids or care about children.

Anonymous 224903

Any job that would require a man's body to get distorted beyond recognition for 9 months with the risk of getting mangled leading to lifelong disability or death on top of very deep psychological trauma for a few bucks would make anyone shriek in horror. But because it's something that only affects women, it's okay. We don't allow all sorts of things, like selling one's own organs, for moral and physical integrity reasons, but we're conditioned to think differently of anything involving just wwomen.
The one thing that fits that description for men is war, but even then it supposedly serves a higher purpose other than fulfilling some rich bastard's selfish dream.

Anonymous 224907

>it's on the doctor
Why? Pregnancy is an inherently risky thing, the doctor wouldn't have a part to play if she never got pregnant for money to begin with
>no one will get sent to jail
Really? So some rich fuck pays an impoverished woman to do something inherently risky and she ends up dying, and no one gets sent to prison? Amazing deal. It makes no sense to compare it to a pregnancy a woman chooses to go through for her own reproductive sake either. Obviously if she was pregnant through coercion the dad would be sent to jail - with or without pregnancy complications, that's already illegal.
>there are many jobs that lead to lifelong disability in 100% of cases, and most of them are conducted by both men and women
How many of them take 9 months to complete per payed-task, can only be done around once a year and a very limited number of times in one's lifetime? How much does surrogacy cost anyway. Google tells me the average pay for surrogacy is 30 to 50.000€. How many times would a woman have to go through pregnancy and labor to live a dignified life?

Anonymous 224908

>artificial wombs when
oh, you're a troon. Should have known. I regret having this conversation now.

Anonymous 224909

>if there is a legal contract, it is a job. a risky one, but a job nonetheless
What kind of logic is that? Anything can have a contract. Porn is full of contracts, but would you say that's ethical? Based on what we know of the porn industry? Just because something can count as a job, doesn't mean it should be allowed. That's the very reason why things like making five-year-olds work in sweatshops with little to no breaks were banned in many parts of the world. Those kids were technically working jobs, but those jobs were horrid and were banned accordingly.

Anonymous 224915

>thinks pregnancy is what sets women back
>wants women to do it for a few bucks
having a y chromosome should be considered a disability.

Anonymous 224918

That's the exact kind of argument "feel good" feminists make about sex work, and we all know how toxic that kind of "job" is. Just a heads up.

Anonymous 224921

>morally grey decisions within reason
Again, you are so naive.

Anonymous 231750

>what would you do about
>scenarios that exists in your head
i'd press the [-] button

Anonymous 231775

>gay moid
What's wrong with calling them fags?

Look at their bizarre reaction to childbirth: They're clearly going to molest their "child" and pimp him out to their fellow fags.

Daily reminder that fags reproduce by raping little boys with BPD moms.

Anonymous 233708

These fags aren't capable of being the least bit grateful to women. Not even after one sacrifices her body to birth them a child! A child that won’t be nurtured or loved by a mother. I honestly don’t trust fags with children, I’ve heard way too many cases of them doing horrendous shit to ever feel comfortable about the idea. I just feel like moids aren’t capable of caring for children like women are.

Anonymous 233711


hire a shady south american doctor to snip off his bölls when he is sleeping and sell them to the organ markets.

testicles can be transplanted to they might sell

Anonymous 233717

>that picrel
the more you larp as a feminazi, the more i want to leave this site. well done troon

Anonymous 233719

>ancient meme format
it's like I teleported to 2010 or something what's going on?

Anonymous 233723

epic lulz

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