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terfposting #26 - you'll never bring us down edition Anonymous 183288

Previous threads:

The last thread was deleted again, as the one before it was. I suspect a troon is making them so that they get deleted from time to time, or the nona who made them got banned for something else (more unlikely since it happened twice).
But here's the deal, troons: you will never ever win. There are more than enough of us to keep making these threads and exposing your antics to last until your males bones get buried beneath the ground only to be unearthed by an archaeologist that labels them "sex: MALE". You will never be women, you don't pass and you don't belong here.

Anonymous 183292

I find it really suspicious how terf threads get deleted. I also find it odd that it took like hours to get the spam posts off.

Anonymous 183299

I would guess a certain troon made the two last threads, and then proceeds to spam. When he gets banned and his posts are deleted, he takes the terf threads down with him.

Anonymous 183300

Why don't the mods IP ban him?

Anonymous 183330

He probably uses VPNs. Mods should ban popular VPNs like 4chan does so he has more trouble ban evading.
I am certain it is him, since we're conveniently being spammed again as soon as the terf thread is back up.

Anonymous 183341

I agree. Mods need to get on it and ban popular VPNs like Tor pronto.

Anonymous 183347

How is tor a vpn

Anonymous 183350

my mom (who has always gone along with everyting "woke" unquestioningly) recently hinted that she has some reservations about trans idelogy. two things she said were "i just don't understand how every chromasome in your body can be one way your brain can go another" and "i wonder how many people have that operation and regret it, if any". i feigned complete apathy because i didn't want to out myself as doing wrongthink and start a fight. how can i subtly increase her doubt?

Anonymous 183352

"I heard that study about the brains got completely debunked, isn't that crazy?" and "Oh yeah, I've definitely heard of people regretting it. I saw a bunch of women are actually suing the hospitals that let them get mastectomies at 16." and then play dumb and say you saw it in the news if she starts probing deeper. That way, when she's curious, she'll look it up herself and see the lawsuits are true.

Anonymous 183358

personally i would just show her all the information about it and detransition stories, maybe get that irreversible damage book and leave it lying around for her to find. i don't understand having to hide "wrongthink" around your own mother, that must suck if she is really that woke that it would be a problem, must be stressful. on the bright side i think things are going to get more apparent as time goes on, and if she is already questioning then there won't be much to stop her from seeing the truth sooner or later.

Anonymous 183368

>I suspect a troon is making them so that they get deleted from time to time
That's not a fucking excuse, why delete the entire thread when you can just ban the user? Another 300 or so posts down the drain

Anonymous 183369


Ruh roh

Anonymous 183370

>feigned apathy
could be a good approach, but saying, "I dunno lol" isn't good. the way to pull off feigned apathy is to say in an offhand manner, "those people are nuts" and then immediately change the subject

Anonymous 183371

i do agree that some actively work to pull in people in transgenderism, i also think it's annoying that whenever some moid snaps out of it they blame the "cult" as if they have no responsability whatsoever regarding their choices and gross fetishes. ex troons love to blame everyone but themselves out of their usual self righteousness

Anonymous 183377

I agree, each and every individual is responsible for their own choices.

Anonymous 183378

Because male posters always have their entire post history deleted.

Anonymous 183383

So? I have asked this in the previous thread too, why would you delete a thread with 300+ posts just because it was made by a tranny? Most of the content were posted by legit users

Anonymous 183384

>7: crystal.cafe is a female-oriented community. Comments from male users are not desired. If you state your gender in your comment or post in an otherwise identifiable manner, bait, or thirst-post, you will be banned and your comment will be deleted. Encouraging male posters by responding (including calling them out) may result in a temporary ban.

Anonymous 183385

Read my reply again, it seems you couldn't properly process what I just said.

Anonymous 183412

This is lmao to me.
>iM a WoMaN
>No you're larping stfu
I can't be bothered with these people anymore

Anonymous 183416


Are you still a 100% sure about that?

Anonymous 183423


Never trust TRAs

Anonymous 183491

I'm somewhere in the middle. It's definitely frustrating though when someone wants to troon out and whether it's removing their breasts or getting their dick inverted if you do anything to try to stop them it's "OH SO YOU'D RATHER I KILL MYSELF? HUH? YOU HITLER, YOU BIG HITLER! YOU'D RATHER ME BE DEAD THAN HAPPY HUH HITLER??" only to fast forward a month and it's "WHY DIDN'T ANYONE STOP ME REE" as if the people around you that care about you aren't going to cave the minute you start threatening suicide.

On the other hand though these people are mentally ill, I think we can all agree on that, and when an industry and culture develops around taking advantage of people that are genuinely sick, that is also despicable. If we had a healthy society or at the very least real help for mental illnesses (or even less than that… the ability to call something a mental illness when it clearly is one…) it'd be so different. On the bright side, the tides are turning I suppose. Tranny support is plummeting everywhere thankfully, I really believe history will look back on this period in time as one of pure insanity.

Anonymous 183498


if i hadn't peaked a long time ago this moid would've done it for me.

i sure do fucking love when the gender and sex that i was born with has become a fetishistic dress up game for an ugly fat homosexual man that wants to be an insta baddie.

his entire profile and social media presence is fucking nauseating.

Anonymous 183541


Notorious troon cult brainwashing organization in the UK "Mermaids" sacked their CEO after an internal report covering child safeguarding and racism complaints.
But check this out: they won't let their own staff see the report because they fear for the safety of the authors.

Anonymous 183542

Because keeping their posts up even after being banned encourages them to post. I agree with CC's approach of deleting their entire post history.

Anonymous 183544

One of my uni flatmates decided he was trans about a year ago. I tried to be tolerant and all that, even despite the fact he was clearly just a man in a dress with bad makeup and an unconvincing wig, and even with the number of people who'd stare or make comments at him.
Recently, though, he's started using Tinder, and it baffles me that he's capable of so much cognitive dissonance. He'll say no to men because he's "not attracted to them", then swipe right on men in lipstick. I don't know how they even manage to maintain that mindset.

Anonymous 183545

So you agree with roughly 25 of my screencaps and posts being deleted because the OP was a tranny?

Anonymous 183546

interesting that sex isn't a protected thing. doesn't that make sex discrimination perfectly OK? why would these people even seek permission if that is the case?

Anonymous 183603

I agree with all tranny posts being deleted, no exceptions.

Anonymous 183613

This will only encourage further sabotage, leaving the OP and banning the poster would be the smart choice.

Anonymous 183614

eww who is that

Anonymous 183642

Here's a nice song
I found

Anonymous 183651

al.weeezy on IG / TikTok.

Anonymous 183680

Even lyrics / topic aside, this is really good all around! Great voice, really good production and songwriting. Very impressed! Deserves way more attention

Anonymous 183702

Ableton is for children she should of turned that monitor off and shoved it up her ass instead of trying to show it

Anonymous 183737

Also why is she sequencing it like its fl studio. You're supposed to create scenes and use ableton with a controller.

Anonymous 183802

How it's made doesn't really matter so long as the end result sounds good lmao. You sound like a jealous seething troon who's mad he can't hit the high notes

Anonymous 183809


That comment made me kek

Anonymous 183816

>le sad face :( nooo, i'm entitled to live in close quarters with a woman even though my presence makes every woman within 100ft of me wildly uncomfortable
TiM moment

Anonymous 183967



Anonymous 183969

This is a very long video about a detrans woman talking about what she calls the "archetypical" female enbies/ftm. I think most of us probably fall under this archetype she talks about (basically weird girls). It's a bit of a slow video but there's an article for those that prefer reading it.
It's always nice to see more videos talking about gender shit from women. I didn't finish watching it yet.

Anonymous 184035

>Tranny support is plummeting everywhere thankfully
So far I've seen the opposite be the case, just that the people who hate AGPs are being more vocal, particularly in the USA. Even then it's mostly over stuff like bathrooms turning into havens for perverts.

lol It's just the irl version of that gif where the tranny flips out at the woman for setting him up with another tranny.

Anonymous 184059

male wife.png

Anonymous 184084

I can't believe that's real, it reads like ragebait. I just can not believe it. Plus the account is banned and I can't even check the post history, it has to be a troll.

Anonymous 184085

What could have been…..

Anonymous 184144

Its a very interesting video nona I am going to give my own thoughts about this topic. The girls that become MTFs tend to be intelligent, open, creative, and agreeable. The biggest struggle for anyone like that is to define themselves, and develop strict, clear boundaries. In order to accomplish this goal they develop a hyper awareness of identity and ideas in order to shield themselves from invasive concepts that attack who they really are. This manifests itself as what looks to be high levels of sensitivity, but the difference is its not tied to external stimuli and it goes away once proper identity is established. IE the threat has been circumvented. Putting all of that into perspective it makes perfect sense why they would try to "become men". Because they need to become more disagreeable more assertive and less open. So, they look towards the sex that is associated with those traits and attempt to embody that sex in order to obtain the traits they need. Of course, this process does not have to manifest itself through taking drugs that permanently alter you in some way, or actually considering yourself as a man. You could simply acknowledge you need certain traits and are looking to understand them by looking towards men who display those traits. But that requires a level of self awareness most people lack, and it really doesn't help that the majority of the population doesn't understand the process and tries to disrupt it because it's foreign to them so therefore it must be bad. I think that's a lot of the reason why a lot of these women fall into the idea in the first place because people are stupid and won't leave others be when they're going their own way. So the women start to think something is wrong with them because of the backlash when in reality it's just ignorant people trying to weigh them down. Of course there are the bpds and narcs who become transgender too, but those people don't do it with the same intentions. It's usually for the attention with the latter, and they become enbies most of the time while the former become MTFs more often.

Anonymous 184146

>The girls that become MTFs
Assuming you meant FTMs

Anonymous 184147

Yes my bad missed that typo.

Anonymous 184165


Anonymous 184172


Anonymous 184181

this must be really rare cause i never met enby/ftm/tif irl

Anonymous 184190

I'm so jealous. Every. single. one. of my bisexual (there were no lesbians) friends trooned out. And yes, they were all quirky artistic unpopular girls.

Anonymous 184191


Anonymous 184192

i hope this is real lol

Anonymous 184199



Anonymous 184204

pretty sure it is and he didnt get the job lol

Anonymous 184205


>this totally happened you guys see how heckin valid i am

Anonymous 184206

Hickam felt sorry for him (read: was bullied by troon brigade) and tried to get him rehired.

Anonymous 184208

The only reason a troon would get cat-called would be as a joke. No one cat-called him though, because this was a fetishistic fantasy. They love to fetishize women's harassment.
Fucking exhibitionist showing off his bulge. Also lmao there is not one feminine feature. Such narrow hips.

Anonymous 184215

Is the tranny now in Hawaii?

Anonymous 184222


Thoughts on taversia from tiktok? I assumed he was not a female from the beginning, and apparently he came out as a trans woman recently. I can't stand him at all.A good chunk of his content was just him leaving people guessing about his gender on purpose

Anonymous 184227

He should hang himself

Anonymous 184228

>came out
LOL uh, I thought it was pretty obvious that he was a man and I thought everyone else did too?? His tryhard voice is insufferable.

Anonymous 184238

Was curious and took a look at his profile. No pictures unfortunately but he's 33 and didn't transition until after puberty. Hmmm

Anonymous 184239

They think that when a tranny chaser is after them it means they pass? Lol

Anonymous 184240


it's the same guy from this

Anonymous 184241

Oh god, that's hilarious

Anonymous 184245

ahahahaha holy shit

Anonymous 184247

Kinda off topic on topic, but it always baffles me how easy it is to recognize trannies based on voice. I've been watching some videos about sonic in the past few days and I always appreciate when women talk about the franchise (cuz it's moid dominated) and as soon as I heard the voice in this specific video it just felt kinda off. Kinda weird. I thought I might be a schizo playing "guess the tranny" but even then…. Women don't need to talk in such stereotypical ways. The intonations etc. It's just too cliché. Ask a tranny in "femvoice" to do a deep voice and they'll never be able to do a deep female voice. I'll post the video so you can confirm if I'm schizoing or if I guessed right.

Anonymous 184248

When I see the CWC tier autists I sort of feel for them. You know the type, a fat man in pigtails and a shabby knee-length skirt. No heels, no makeup, no hormones or surgery. Is womanhood a fetish for them too or are they like me, just performing a role they ended up in by accident?

Anonymous 184254

Sounds pretty clearly like a tranny to me. You can just hear how put on the fucker's voice sounds. Also it does have a sort of masculine intonation to it, you can hear when it says a few words it has a more male pronunciation and phrasing within some sentences.

Anonymous 184259

this almost made me gag

Anonymous 184291

I know tons of them. Literally all of the girls I know who were any sort of "alt" scene or are not straight are now they/thems.

Anonymous 184293

don't know who he is but from the screenshot alone I can tell that is a bloke

Anonymous 184324


Anonymous 184326

I know what you're talking about. It's ALWAYS some mix of California valley girl accent/AAVE. And if their voice isn't deep, it's raspy because they are forcing it.
I was under the impression of his gender from when I had first saw one of his videos, but I don't use TT enough to care what is going on. Finding his drama/controversy on him is what reminded me of him.

Anonymous 184340


even if he does everything he will nbaw lol

Anonymous 184354


trooners seething

Anonymous 184370


Elon is /ourmoid/

Anonymous 184382

I'm usually not scared of having kids bc I want to someday soon but this is scary

Anonymous 184386

Yeah moids never appreciate how hard women have it just so humanity keeps going. They dont appreciate their mothers enough ESPECIALLY trannies dont they hate them so much. The only women in their lives and they dont listen to their wiser advice.

Anonymous 184394


shit's getting pretty dark

Anonymous 184396

whats dark about his phd thesis?

Anonymous 184398


Anonymous 184418

the poor censors…

Anonymous 184489

He’s not. Musk is said to have aborted every daughter he was supposed to have. He has like, 10 sons in a row. Can’t be a coincidence.

Anonymous 184493

Thats a completely possible outcome moids being born are like 45% , girls is like 55% I read. Ever watched Malcom In The Middle?

Exa Dark Sideræl Musk is his only daugter he had her with Grimes so thats why the retarded name.

Anonymous 184504

No way though. Ten children with like six different women and all sons? Half of which were IVF? He purposely picked sons and aborted the daughters.

Anonymous 184505

I will never not find it funny in a very fucked up way that his troon son only is alive because he was born with a dick. I hope that eats him alive. He must be seething so much at his little sister.

Anonymous 184506

This pedo apologist was doing the MAP thing of pushing boundaries by claiming that kids should be allowed on Grindr and it should be treated as an "LGBT Youth Space" since they are already on there anyway. Funny how he admits the app can't control kids using it against the rules but he thinks they'd totally be able to prevent pedo adults from using the "kid friendly" version.
He also wrote a piece about a freshly-turned 18 year old having sex with their teacher and other disturbing tweets comparing a baby's cry to porn sounds. An all around disgusting male pedo, nothing too new.

Anonymous 184508

Also btw this screenshot is fake. I wouldn't doubt he'd say that, but it's fake.

Anonymous 184549

those poor pedos and their enablers, people will go after them now

Anonymous 184550


I fucking hate trannies. They are pampered every fucking where they go. Even on TERF spaces, you're not allowed to call troons subhuman for instances where they kill little girls and assault pregnant women. Troons can send billions of death threats, kill dozens of children, rape countless women, and not enough people seem to be saying anything. Even tranny serial killers get more respect from the public than the girls and women they have destroyed. I fucking hate troons and I believe they don't deserve life.

Anonymous 184555

It's impossible for me to understand what drives them. The world is virtually overflowing with better nudes and porn than you can get from some rando in a target bathroom. So why??????

Anonymous 184556

One troon who violently raped, stabbed and stomped a black teenage girl to death before setting her body on fire until she was unrecognizable and had to be identified through dental records recently got out of prison and is now on Twitter making death threats against GC women.

Anonymous 184559

Do you have the article??

Anonymous 184562


Also if you're active on GC Twitter lots of women complained of being followed by his several accounts and harassed.

Anonymous 184574


Anonymous 184677

It's not the nudes, it's about violating intimacy, or just about violating.
Like rape: it's more of a violent matter than sexual matter.

Anonymous 184824


Anonymous 184883


>"I do believe that, mentally, trans people are the gender they say they are (For the most part anyway. There are probably exceptions.) And spare me the "chromosomes" and "fetishist" arguments, I'm tired of that debate".
>thinking that men can be women and vice versa just because they're mentally ill
>ignoring the very real science of what makes females and males as the two human sexes
>dismissing the fact that most trannies have AGP, with the fetish being connected to porn or just plain degeneracy
It's been two years, but I think this anon is either a tranny, or is rather unintelligent.

Anonymous 184887



Anonymous 184933

There are terfs on Tiktok but they are banned almost instantly. "Misgendering" is not allowed on TT, just like on Twitter, and TikTok has the tendency to ban you if enough people report even if it's not warranted, so of course troons and TRAs exploit this. Also, China has every interest to promote troon ideology in the West. They have a VERY different approach on Douyin (Chinese TikTok), so go figure.
Also the person who responded to you on the last thread saying terfs are a boomer thing is an obvious male. There are more and more zoomer radfems.

On a related note, did anyone follow a radfem with shaved hair on TikTok who often posted videos against prostitution (such as disgusting "reviews" written by male customers on a German website)? I believe she lived in Germany and is Eastern European, her name was Masha or similar. She was banned and I can't find any of her accs now.

Anonymous 184943

That's why libfems are fucking dumb, until recently they used to bash white moids and now they put them on top of the pedestal of oppression just because these fagots put on some dresses and bad makeup

Anonymous 184948

What is this referring to?

Anonymous 184955


Even just regular faggots. Women respect gay men too much. Like, way too much. Gay men will say the nastiest things about women and our vaginas, but we're supposed to allow it because society thinks the fact that they like dick in their butts makes them "uwu poor wittle guyz who needs some fwendz".

Anonymous 184957

This. This is my theory for why libfems are so defensive of trannies and will shit on other women to protect them.
Even if they don't want to admit it, they still see these men as poor widdle yaoi cinnamon roll babiez they need to protect from the big bad outside world.
Since a lot of libfems are imported straight from tumblr many of them are your standard garden variety fujoshi woke edition, so that's why they claim to care about "gay rights" but only ever coddle gay/trans identified men and completely ignore lesbians

Anonymous 184959


The fucking yaoi fetish. Yikes, this genre of art and writing really screwed a chunk of Gen Z women over, huh? Somebody please tell the libfems that it was gay men who tried to take media focus and donation money AWAY from women and children with HIV, just so that more fagot males can have treatment while recklessly having butt sex with twenty different scrotes in a single year.

Anonymous 184960

don't bring fujos into this. 2D boys have nothing to do with IRL scrotes.

Anonymous 184966

This. Libfems need to stop caping so hard for only men in the gay community. Gay men do not care about you, and you will never be their good little fag hag bestie.
When I mean fujoshis I mean US fujoshis like the ones that screech about >muh heckin wholesome kweer rep. Thankfully I don't see fujoshis of other countries pushing tranny garbage nearly as much.

Anonymous 184969

Oh ew I see what you mean. Those are also likely to be they/thems and then criticize other women for muh fetishization of gay relationships.

Anonymous 184988

Yep! The aidens.

Anonymous 185026


I had to look it up since that seemed low. The typical gay man has 11 lifetime partners but the super sluts are way worse. Pic related.

Anonymous 185317

The fact that chymping scrotes spam so much ugly porn while claiming they are not gay and totally real women and not degenerate coomers chymping out because a women only website rejects their retard self identification as both women and muh special logic god king inventor tm will never not be funny. Scrotes are really bothered by not being coddled and their womb envy and degenerate behaviour being pointed out KEK. Never stop shaming and ostracising mentally ill coomers.

Anonymous 185319

I don't think they're attracted to it. I'm starting to think it's about men being supposedly visual creatures, they are legitimately scared and have a strong emotional reaction to pictures of poop and blood and they simply project and think that we'll feel the same way.

Regardless of online space, the worst thing a man can do to another man is show him a picture of poop or a dirty butthole, it just legitimately upsets them

Anonymous 185350



Guess who it is?

Anonymous 185368

why do you insist on coming here when you know you are not wanted? we clock you every single time.

Anonymous 185369

B**e is the guy you responded to. He's trying to insinuate the other poster is one of his schizo troon obsessions (elaine, probably).

Anonymous 185391

I see, blaine is trying to cause mass confusion by accusing others of being him. That's another thing to be noted for the future.

Anonymous 185398

He does that every single time he comes here. It's not that difficult to clock him since it always happens around the time we get spammed with porn/gore, for some reason.

Anonymous 185413


I'm reading Rice Women by Rani Manicka and it mentions transvestites. I think the last part perfectly describes troons.

Anonymous 185417

how old is that book? lmao.
it describes the women hate trannies got perfectly. They always look at women with spite, they look at the world with spite everything its an ideology pure denial and scorn.

Anonymous 185420


Who is it who's spamming CC with this disgusting shit every couple days now, incel moids or trannies(also incel and moids)?

Anonymous 185427

Tranny falseflagging as a raid from a random other imageboard. He frequently goes on there and begs them to raid lc/cc but they tell him to fuck off everytime, so he has to do it himself kek.
It's recognizable, because it's always the same images he uses(nikado porn, racist shit, scat, soyaks), both when he sperges out while namefagging and while he pretends to be a raid.

Anonymous 185436


who else. these people see one thing they dont like around here they sperg out and the fact that they save that shit tells you everything about who they are and what they believe in. We should just have the state line these people up against a wall and bam get rid of them instantly.

Anonymous 185439

I feel like I was born at the wrong time because instead of men wanting to be IRL bishounen and look their best for us while acknowledging they're still handsome men, they want to troon out and LARP as a sex they'll never be.

Anonymous 185442


From what I understand, there was a teenage girl on Tumblr. Some tranny sent her pictures of his penis, and she blocked him for his disgusting act. He told his friends about how "bullied" and "ostracized" he was for being blocked, and made it seem like the girl was "transphobic". So in these pics, you see all of the troon's supporters sending her racist insults, rape threats, and threats telling her that they want to kill her.

Anonymous 185443

>He frequently goes on there and begs them to raid lc/cc but they tell him to fuck off everytime, so he has to do it himself kek.
This is the saddest thing I've read all day. Not even other moids want to take part in his shitty raid attempts.

Anonymous 185456

Lmao troon has zero loyal friends to aid his raid. What a loser.

Anonymous 185512

>If you don’t want maybe you should take the side of trans girls so they wont threaten you

What has the world come to

Anonymous 185513

*death threats

Anonymous 185525


First published in 2002, apparently. I'm loving it so far so highly recommend if you haven't read it.

This part is from one of the male characters' POVs though. Here is more context. He goes to Thailand for sex and only gets ladyboys offering him it, but he is disgusted by it since they are dudes. lmao

>I know I am looking for something. Something I have not found. I traverse the streets of Chow Kit and watch the transvestites. Plastic women, they are called. They sashay boldly up and down the street; their flat chests thrust far out in front of them, their tight bottoms pushed far out behind them, pouting at passing men. Often they slide up to me, their wigs, false eyelashes, stuffed bras, tight girdles, brightly painted fingernails, and platefuls of vibrant makeup, their voices artificially high.

>“How much?” I asked once just for sport, and instantly she snaked down beside me, a rich smile and a ready caressing hand on my arm.

“Depends what you want,” she bantered. I looked at her. The skin was soft, but the eyes were wretched. An Adam’s apple bobbed in her throat. It
was impossible to sustain the mischief. I sighed regretfully.

>She was instantly alert. “But not much,” she assured me.

>I know why she is far less than a prostitute—because she gives herself away as if she were a can of worms. Her sexuality can only be offered in

the dark to strangers with deformed tastes.

>“Maybe next time,” I told her.

>“I show you strange things,” she insisted with a peculiar blankness in her face. I believed her. I believed that she could show me something strange

and exciting but utterly abhorrent to her. The idea fascinated me. How misshapen is the vessel? Aah, if only she wasn’t a man. But Sevenese, my
lad, she is a man.

>I shook my head, and he stood up huffily, with exaggerated movements. Let it be known I had wasted his precious time. I watched him walk away

and join another of his kind. Together they pointed and stared at me venomously. I know their tragedy. Their misfortune is not that they are not
what they should be, but that they are not what they want to be. Women.

Anonymous 185532

It has always stayed the same, infected with male violence and depravity, it's just a new flavour of it we are seeing.

Anonymous 185534

I've seen anons talk about gender critical women getting banned from TikTok. Is Tumblr also that anal when it comes to women calling troons out on their shit? I wouldn't be surprised if Tumblr is. I want to a Korean girl's blog on Tumblr when she expressed how horrified she was to be harassed daily by troons telling her to kill herself. Went to the comments, some racist, misogynistic, and straight up life-threatening insults were still up in the comment section for like a week.

Anonymous 186279


Anonymous 186288

so glad my country is doing something about these pedos

Anonymous 186294


Anonymous 186295

The fact that girls get abused into being scared and disgusted of their own bodies to the point of wanting to chop their breasts off. Omfg.

Anonymous 186296

testosterone is making her feel like superman and she thinks she is happy because she is turning into a man, it will all come crashing down on her because taking something that makes you feel good doesn't solve your problem. if she told this story to her doctors and they are still doing the surgery then they should be in jail.

Anonymous 186324

absolutely horrifying. I can't wait for the pendulum to swing back on these butchers.

Anonymous 186417


Anonymous 186461

Thank god for this place. So many people went to defend trannies and tell these mentally unsound scrotes that they're women. Why did so many people just cave in? Why aren't more people telling troons that they're men and not having periods just because their stomachs ache? It's like this forum and lolcow are the only places left where we can 100% freely shit on troons.

Anonymous 186471

>Why did so many people just cave in?
Fear of cancel culture duh. Nobody believes in the tranny shit except trannies.

All of it is forced, by corporations. The Ideology of trannies should be for full corporatism because those are the ones who got their backs, the bourgoise, save for a few ones like Elon Musk or JK Rowling which are a huge minority in their class, most rich people are Woke™

Anonymous 186472

Probs because trannies have set it up so you'll lose your niche friend groups and even your job if you dare speak out against them.

Anonymous 186473

Anonymous 186491


how long until JK rowling starts saying dilate?

Anonymous 186500

lol saved

Anonymous 186501

love it

Anonymous 186550


Who the hell would actually go through with this? I would kill to have firm, perfectly symmetrical titties and some people just throw them in the garbage. I can't process this

Anonymous 186554

nsfw this wtf your porn addicted brain thinks that anyone likes to see "perfectly symmetrical titties" out of the blue? be for real anon

Anonymous 186555

What a poor girl, looks like a redditor with that receding hairline and a smug face.

Anonymous 186562

whats the bulge, is she wearing a "packer"??
They chop their boobs off because they are mentally ill. Telling a schizo the voices aren't real doesn't work, telling a cutter scars take a long time to fade doesnt work, and telling a troon she has nice boobs so don't chop them doesn't work. That stuff doesn't appeal to mental illness.
Nothing vulgar or inherently sexual about breasts, assuming youre not a troon we all have them. No one flips their shit about shirtless males and I will look at perfectly symmetrical titties in public. But yeah I naked troons are gross so spoiler would be nice.
Looks like a thinner version of sam hyde.

Anonymous 186563

do none of them care about scar reducing cream? it looks awful and of course she won't pass with those

Anonymous 186565

scars, even non surgical ones take forever to get rid of. Most take years to fade, ans a lot of surgical ones never fade.What always gets me is the saggy skin leftover, cant they remove that? What about the puffy nipples that look deflated?
Most of these post top surgery pics are right after the surgery before theyve had time to fade. From what I see most tifs start regretting troonism before they even fade

Anonymous 186599


>nooooo but nooo trannyshit isnt a fetish, is a real gender identity–its not about sexaulization or fetishing and grooming children at all!!!!!

Anonymous 186778

Kind of size where one half doesn't want to touch them because it's "practically flat", yeah I know it's not literally, but societal standards. The other half you attract is still put off by them, because while they're too small to count for those who like titties, too big for those looking for scrote-lite.

Anonymous 186785

Yeah but people are retarded and would faster try to "clock" a regular butch woman, because "ew female masculinity", but wouldn't even look twice when a guy in a dress with long hair walks in. People are fucking retarded and don't know what to look for.

Anonymous 186876

>#1 in Brazil

Anonymous 187100

Honestly, that's embarrassing for the other woman who thought she was doing the world a favor by scolding a tranny. The OP is clearly a real woman, just with short hair. Do women with pixie cuts need to be afraid to use public bathrooms now?

Anonymous 187148

wtf I'm gonna set this shithole on fire

Anonymous 187210

Please do.
t. Brazilian

Anonymous 187235

gata respeite seu país. se essa gringa realmente jogar uma bomba aqui e eu nao conseguir comer minha rabanada no natal você vai se ve comigo

Anonymous 187242

Sacrifices must be made for the death of Brazilian moids. Also, the xenophobic overlords here don't allow other languages.

Anonymous 187327

>>calling the police and a lawyer over being misgendered.

Anonymous 187747

100% yes

Anonymous 187796

Anonymous 187831

thats why you voice it to all the people around, the people got your back. the tranny shit is top down corporate woke ideology, the people usually the poor, working classes got your back except in universities with the managerial classes. Wokeistan ends at some point, you are never alone.

Anonymous 187921

totally justified shooting if a man cornered and put his hands on her

Anonymous 187946

I wanna give a shout out to the editorial team of Reduxx. I know some of you probably browse this place, I hope you know you rock <3

Anonymous 187999

LC was down so I couldn't get my daily dose of terf milk and just spent the morning snidely responding to tranny posts in /lgbt/. God, they are all such degenerates. Hate them so much.

Anonymous 188053

Were they celebrating troon porn being popular on PornHub? I've seen a handmaiden celebrating it, as if PornHub was not PedoHub.

Anonymous 188078


Could you post a link to this book? I can't find it anywhere, only books with oddly similar titles but obviously different stories.

Anonymous 188079

oh my gosh i remember her! i’d seen her posts around before. i didn’t know her account got deleted, that’s awful.

Anonymous 188083

Do they still go after "misgendering" on Twitter now that Musk is CEO?

Anonymous 188119


Anonymous 188122

ohhh thank you, I was so confused

Anonymous 188267


I bet op wears programmer socks

Anonymous 188282

"Linux is only free [good] if your time is worthless" same for trannies.

Anonymous 188318

God, this photo is so fucking creepy, it looks like he's wearing a huge mask. Pure nightmare fuel.
Also I wonder what the other guy was thinking, I almost feel bad for him

Anonymous 188334

nta but i just read this nonstop for 2 hours and im hooked, thank you for the recommendation

Anonymous 188349

He needs all the filters, kilos of makeup and facial feminization surgery just to fool a few retarded TRAs on TikTok. he looks like a clown with that makeup.
It's embarrassing how much you love sucking misogynistic billionaire moid dick. Also stop browsing /pol/
If that was a woman, she was probably not stupid, just overly empathetic and considerate. Perhaps naive. We're always taught to care too much about other people's feelings, be too tolerant and coddle and support men, instead of being assertive and skeptical and having boundaries. This sounds like a typical such case where a woman decides to believe and support the delusions of her degenerate scrote out of love, despite it hurting her own feelings, because she thinks that's the right thing to do. Plus, there's a lot of disinfo and not enough actual info for everyone to realize gender theory has no biological basis. She might change her mind one day if she didn't already.

Anonymous 188351

>woman decides to believe and support the delusions of her degenerate scrote out of love, despite it hurting her own feelings, because she thinks that's the right thing to do
entire /feels/ board

Anonymous 188352

Well, yeah, that just proves my point.

Anonymous 188396

My browser says this is a phishing site

Anonymous 188420


Sailor Moon terf posts are some of my favourites. Especially because it makes trannies mald so hard (despite only the hsts having watched it). So many people try and trans the gnc characters but canonically only Females can be sailor senshi so they can die mad about another fictional property lol

Anonymous 188476


It probably rose to popularity because more people aware of that the T stands for in LGBT now more then ever

Anonymous 188477

There’s nothing more cringe then scolding a butch or masc woman for using the bathroom, I hate how the Matt Walsh version of “gc” is what has more exposure

Anonymous 188546


No end of man made horrors

Anonymous 188590

Anonymous 188594

I remember seeing about this ages ago, back them it was something for women who were self-conscious about their shoulders, probably better to promote it among people with higher mental illness rates.

Anonymous 188681

oh fuck that looks painful. why are they so retarded they keep opening markets for retards with depression and they keep baiting. the state never steps in and makes it illegal in the US.

Anonymous 188766


Very well-adjusted people.

Anonymous 188950

1. Man hands reduction
2. Boat feet removal
3. Leg and arm shortening
4. Hip widening surgery
5. Ffs
6. Adams apple removal

Tik too trannies. You have 20 more surgeries and 30 more revisions until you're perfect.

Anonymous 188986


istg the HP game will break gaming subreddits. Do you think we’ll be getting a gamergate 2.0?

Anonymous 188992

I hope its less sexist this time. Growing up as a teen girl who liked video games during gamergate sucked.

Anonymous 189029

potentially making your shoulder unfunctional to chase a dream that is impossible

Anonymous 189087


The jokes just write themselves.

Anonymous 189110

I somehow avoided the gamergate drama, maybe its because back then my English was just to bad but I still have no idea what it was about and I will never bother searching it up

Anonymous 189113

transgenderism is a mental illness

Anonymous 189115


No problem. My mom recommended it to me and it's become one of my favorite books now. If you're interested in learning about Japanese occupation of Malaysia and how the ethnic Indian and lower-class ethnic Chinese population struggled under it, is a very powerful read. The character Mui Tsai is practically a ragdoll for her master that has one after another of his children only to have every last one of them taken from her. Then, to top it all of, she is barely allowed to see them. Pretty horrifying read.


I don't think it should be, but try this link in that case.

Anonymous 189122

I haven't used reddit in years but I used to like that sub. I know that the fate of every circlejerk sub is that they will turn to shit but this is so ironic considering the fact that they usually mock gamers who kneejerk react to everything.
Anyway several big game companies has done horrific abuse. Not only crunch hours but sexual harassment and abuse and female employees have reported sexist work environment where their skill and opinions werent valued compared to their male coworkers. But I guess that doesn't matter since it affects the oppressive privileged cis women

Anonymous 189163

Every couple of days? It’s practically tradition here.

Anonymous 189171


I wanted to see if the AI would turn chestplate sensei into a fude. Did not disapoint.

Anonymous 189187


Picked this from tumblr it’s funny to see people dunking on themlets

Anonymous 189233

Funny how no one boycotted Blizzard this hard after the sexual assaults against women and suicide.

Anonymous 189266

>a hemicorporectomy

Anonymous 189365

Anonymous 189468

I was surprised to see people casually talking about playing overwatch 2

Anonymous 189503


My friend's ex trooned out and it brings me so much amusement. His entire instagram is a goldmine. The caption to this was "felt hot today."

Anonymous 189527


32 sure is gonna be your year, bro

Anonymous 189529

>"felt hot today."
Oh god, have TiMs now started claiming they get hot flashes?

Anonymous 189535


guess the tranny ai

Anonymous 189537

duhhh it's dylan (in 2 years)

Anonymous 189567


Kek my friends ex did the same. So fucking funny to me

Anonymous 189589

Dylan. Speaking of him, has he posted a pic of his post surgery face yet?

Anonymous 189596


Is this the life fakebois dream of?

Anonymous 189648

well, now I have to go look for firsthand accounts of FTMs and gay bathhouses.

Anonymous 189653

this writing style is dense and annoying. what the fuck is it saying. they were spinning around to show one another their cocks

Anonymous 189689

The chin on this moid makes other incels seethe

Anonymous 189696


>might show a cop how long my middle finger is
Kek. What is with these hideous moids who think they're ultra leftist and badass? Here's the same guy. I know it's hard to not focus on the AGP smirk and the makeup applied like a toddler's fingerpaints, but let me draw your attention to the real prize: the guillotine earrings. I knew this guy for years, he grew up in a cushy upper middle class household and his parents paid for his college. Even before he trooned out, he liked to pretend he was antifa or whatever, when he's just some fat comic book nerd. I hate men.

Anonymous 189699

not yet. wonder if he will post updates of the healing process or wait for the grand unveil. either way will be funny.

Anonymous 189700

All the gamergaters trooned out along the incel to troon pipeline, so probably.

Anonymous 189706

Moids think left = what is a attractive to women, not that they believe in left leaning ideals, only ones that help them achieve selfish goals. They only believe and support progress in relation to coom, which is why you'll see a lot of lefty men who only support prostitution, trannies, and sexual freedom, but don't give a shit about womens rights/safety, racism, poor people, or other non-coom related ideals.

Anonymous 189727


You hit the nail on the head. When my friend told me he was a TiM, I wasn't surprised at all. I know that he had raped her in the past and was absolutely pornsick. I used to see him reblog fetish porn on tumblr back when they were together. They're all the same. I get so angry when I think what he did to my poor friend. Whenever she mentions him, she still tries to use his girl name and pronouns and shit in spite of everything he did to her. I wish she would just peak already, but she's slightly genderspecial/nonbinary or whatever, so I doubt she will.

This is also him. I hate how men have coopted feminism for their own sick agenda. It makes me seethe.

Anonymous 189740

Ahh, gay bathhouses. To boldly go where only the bravest and most socially retarded Aidens dare to tread…

Anonymous 189754

>troons can't even plan out a sign
>expected to have the foresight to plan out a "transition"

Lol. Lmao even.

Anonymous 189775

One SomethingAwful Forum user broke up with another after some infidelity came to light, and did so in a bizarre, irrational, overdramatic male way. Individuals named in said infidelity happened to coincide with a few gaming subcultures 4chan had been griefing for years, so this was adopted as a retroactive moral excuse for expanding and accelerating said pre-existing griefing and actively recruiting new and terrible people into said griefing circles. Mainstream media outlets then tried to report on the accelerated pre-existing griefing, half of which did so by talking about the inane relationship drama. It is insane for a mainstream journalist to try to contextualize bomb threats made against Anita Sarkeesian to some fucking stupid comedy forum breakup that happened during a game jam contest instead of the years of previous bomb threats made against Anita Sarkeesian by the same people. Because that kind of journalistic contextualization looks insane even to an insane person, said relationship drama seemed like it might be actually important somehow. Emotionally suggestible people got caught up in the idea that from the comfortably lazy and low risk position of griefer and comments troll they could participate in something important, grandiose and significant by doing nothing riskier than online griefing and trolling.
Yes, it was that stupid.

Anonymous 189792


time to post this under Johnny's every post

Anonymous 189793


>read pic related
>second chapter has a tranny telling a story of how he punched a woman in the face on the subway for laughing at him
>apparently cried while telling the story to the interviewer

Anonymous 189802

guillotine earrings, the jokes write themselves!

Anonymous 189880

He looks like Yaniv

Anonymous 189889


I can see it. Why do they always do that one smirk?

Anonymous 189932

>Man beats woman to prove he is a woman
Just male things.

Anonymous 191402


found this story about the doctor jazz jennings interned with last season

Anonymous 191829

There is a lot of men in politics motivated purely by sexuality. They are fucking despicable.

Anonymous 192169

It’s kind of fucked, they say women can’t do things because we are “emotional”, but I don’t understand how I’m supposed to trust anyone who can only think about sex 24/7.

Anonymous 192241


Men will claim they're women and then do zero of the work. You think if a women got published in a newspaper looking like this, she'd be anything but mocked? Every single comment would be able how hideous and unfuckable she is, nothing about her rights. Yet this ugly man declares himself a woman, and the whole world falls over itself to worry about him and his right to be a skin walker. Nuh uh, you want to pretend to be a woman? Here's what men would actually say if you were a woman and not a man. Your make up is poorly done and shows how talentless you are, your clothes are ill fitting and cheap, your hack dye job is from a box, your hair cut does not flatter your thirty chins, and you're so fat that your watch looks like it's a tourniquet for your hand.

Anonymous 192367

Mens coom comes above all else, it's why this shit has been so heavily forced on everyone in the last year, degen men in power want it and pay for it to be enforced and shilled to the masses. All of it just makes me not want to spend money.

Anonymous 192548


What was she thinking? Like seriously, how does this make us look good? Does she not realize that the movement relies on trannies being uniquely rapey and deranged, and flashing strangers doesn't help?

Anonymous 192764

Are you sure that protestor wasn't a TRA? Body type looks kind of male. Not trying to do the "no true scotsman" argument since sadly there are retards in every movement who don't understand the movement.

Anonymous 192894

She’s just fat

Anonymous 192897

Jesus christ this is retarded

Anonymous 192904

suit 18.jpg

Someone was saying it's @gussiegrips on twitter

Anonymous 192950


Most of the moids that do it in their mid-late teens pretty much decided and spelled their own doom long beforehand through getting into slice-of-life anime and later on loli porn at the age of 12-14, go back through their internet and IRL history and you'll find it's nearly always the ones that refused to fucking grow tf up past the age of 12, don't fit in at school, and then gravitate to certain parts of the internet where they can leech off everyone around them.

Take Chris-Chan for instance, no matter his parental situation, he would have gone the exact same way regardless IMO. Maybe moids with mental deficiencies and an persisting interest in shit that's associated with coombrains should be forcibly castrated/locked up in asylums with no objection :/

(Image source: 'forums.transbian.love'. someone on /pol/ linked to it saying they found a 'tranny hideout')

Anonymous 193030


Why does Scotland want to destroy themselves so bad

Anonymous 193151

No idea but I found the word 'hecklers' at the top funny considering much troons love that word

Anonymous 193240

what did the original picture say?

Anonymous 193381


Anonymous 193454

queen shit

Anonymous 193549

scotland is retarded and do everything to compete with england when nobody gaf about them here.

Anonymous 193650


its fake hair right?

Anonymous 193653


Anonymous 193720

that's definitely a troll

Anonymous 193930

on Twitter.png

Anonymous 193949


apologizes for the terrible edit

Anonymous 194170

holy based, she’s literally like Mr. Kim in IASIP

Anonymous 194177


Where are all the young GCs? Due to misogyny, right or wrong younger women get more attention from moids and are less easy to wave away as conservative boomers

Anonymous 194186

How do we make it easier for young women to come out as GC?

Anonymous 194225


A serious act of bravery, huge respect for her. Looks like they're sending her to the gulag

Anonymous 194235


Dang I just realized what if the owner is her son, and he's stabbing her in the back to appease the woke mob? That's so fucked

Anonymous 194300

Reminds me when I went to a gay bar and some woman brought her loud gay friend into the tiny bathroom with 2 stalls where I was pissing and I immediately sobered up hearing some random male in this sketchy bathroom. Now they’re not even going to have signs specifying gender. Guess I’ll start bringing my boyfriend into the fucking stall with me just in case since there’s no rules anymore.

Anonymous 194304

Scary! Did you at least tell them off?

Anonymous 194334

Nah we were about to leave anyway and I didn’t want to start trouble with random people who may be at critical Twitter levels of TRA retardation and justify assaulting me

Anonymous 194395

Old Asians are openly racist

Anonymous 194495

I don't blame you. How are we supposed to make headway when so many public spaces are like this?

Anonymous 194531


Okay, and? You don’t know this woman or if she’s racist or not. Kinda racist to call old Asians racists. This is the TRANNY HATE thread, keep it on topic.

Anonymous 194543

Wait, can you really get assaulted for being GC? I thought the public generally stood up for us or at worst would disagree respectfully (or if a troon, screech)

Anonymous 194599

where do you live that you have to fear for your safety?

Anonymous 194648


She is so based.

Anonymous 194658

She's racist because she wouldn't let a fucking tranny into a woman's bathroom? Come on, try a little harder.

Anonymous 194834

You've never seen the 1000 variations of "punch a terf" ?

Anonymous 194951

I don't get either of these tweets

Anonymous 194992

People have died for less, wouldn't shock me at all

Anonymous 195208

Why is the tranny mad at chairs? Does it make him think of the (fake) 41% stat?

Anonymous 195613

Now that you mention it it does look like that, like the top has adhesive.

Anonymous 195617



Anonymous 195665

Separating sex from gender was a mistake, I'm from a country where this isn't a thing but some retards are trying to import this shit fuck this world

Anonymous 195765


they should get married

Anonymous 195887


Are hospitals overrun with troon employees too? Holy shit. My mom works as a monitor tech and I just heard her complain she has to work with four different troons.

Anonymous 195888

OT, Can't believe people didn't meme this 5+ years ago when it came out

Anonymous 196191

And asian too so they cant call her racist. She is just "transphobic" which is based, less people should give a fuck about that label. If I get called transphobe I take it as a badge of honor that I'm doing the right thing.


Anonymous 196206

>I'm wearing high heels I'm wearing a fucking skirt
so I guess that gnc women aren't actually women aren't actually women because womanhood is about clothes

Anonymous 196252


Can someone please explain why some Scottish GCs are lionizing this exhibitionist creep? It's not heroic and it's not a good look, why are they making pro-flashing memes

The tranny account is an obvious satire, not sure if JK was purposely playing along or if she actually thought it was a real troon, but the chairs thing I think stems from some broke troons seething over the fact that she owns an expensive chair

Anonymous 196305


How ugly is this fag going to be

Anonymous 196322


I thought the chair thing was related to this exchange.

Anonymous 196325


and this

Anonymous 196330

TiMs who get FFS always look uncanny like Blaire White

Anonymous 196584

Its worse than that because they are human, an animal capable of reasoning but very little it seems I find most trannies to be extremely stupid especially socially, they are autists and no the meme that high degree autists are super smart is not true they lack basic intelligence in many areas. Chris Chan is a retard.

Also those motherfuckers know what a real woman is, they have moms its bullshit they dont know.

Anonymous 196816

A lesbian TERF in my community died at the beginning of this year and a local news source made an article about her work + legacy. The comments were flooded with "lets go piss on her grave" and "a dead terf is the best terf" and shit like that. I live in a very liberal small town/city and I definitely would lose my job and be socially ostracized (even from my friends) if i was openly GC

Anonymous 196844

The thing with this is you can describe what a chair is. All you need to say to exclude this horse from your definition is "not an animal". Yes, you will never reach a point where there is an exact 0% chance that someone will be able to find an exception but you can narrow it down a shit-ton and ascribe tangible qualities to it.

When you ask a TRA what a woman is, you don't get a definition like this, you get nothing. Because they have nothing to say that doesn't reveal the stereotyping that lies beneath the whole thing. It's a textbook false analogy.

But it works perfectly on TRAs because the type of people who swallow something as delusional as gender ideology in the first place literally lack the ability to understand this kind of thing.

Anonymous 196857

Trannies know damn well what a woman is no matter how much they pretend otherwise, because otherwise what would they transition to/from? Any muddying of the waters is a) a cope and b) a distraction intended to frustrate people enough that they just give up because it's so fucking absurd and insulting that we have to argue about it in the first place.

Anonymous 196977

That isn't an animal though

Anonymous 196995

Is that really her pubes? It looks like some kind of velcro.

Anonymous 197000

inb4 he just looks the same

Anonymous 197049

No, it's a chair with a frog face painted on it.

Anonymous 197082

I can't tell if you are just baiting or not, but a toy that resembles an animal is indeed not an animal kek.

Anonymous 197098

We're not talking about stuffed animals, which also aren't animals… We're talking about a chair painted like a frog, which is not a frog.

Thank u for coming to my tedtalk

Anonymous 197115

the frog chair is a metaphor for trannies.

Anonymous 197153


God I hate trannies. So I like to play MtG at my local game store with a group that meets there weekly. This week I got a text from one of them saying that another girl will be joining us. So I go along, excited to meet another girl who's into MtG, and it's a tranny. A fucking tranny. He had the typical obnoxious tranny personality, and an equally as obnoxious fashion sense. What is it with these assholes and dressing like they fell into a secondhand clothes bin? Now I'm gonna have to stop going because of this nasty-ass motherfucking cock-in-a-frock.

Anonymous 197286

Pathetic, even trannies have more courage than you. I say what I believe about those freaks and anyone who doesn't like it can get out of my life if they can't cope

Anonymous 197306


nah trannies are low impact as fuck all they can do is groom and not every single one of those attemps is successful a thing like clubQ happening hits them hard af because their population is smaller than normal people. Blocking access to mones, that shit, etc all in combination cucks them all they got is groomers always did only groomers. We need to cut down either the groomers of the means and thats it we win but for that we have to use the state.

Anonymous 197357

not gonna lie, the chaotic part of me is really interested to see how this will play out in terms of numbers of teenagers id'ing as trans as part of a trend/alt subculture.

Anonymous 197368

I’m at a point in my life where that would be the final straw for me and I would have sent him to god myself in Minecraft

Anonymous 197618

>Now I'm gonna have to stop going
Part of the problem, that mindset is exactly why we are at this point

Anonymous 197715

>socializing with trannies in my card game is a winning move

Anonymous 197869


Anonymous 197892

You are braver than I. I am way too afraid of them. Not even that I would get physically hurt, I'm afraid of being doxxed and everyone I care about in my life getting fired and shit because these freaks harass people's places of work until the boss fires them because they don't want to put up with thousands of spam calls. I could be wrong about this but didn't that girl named Jess on tiktok who made fun of Dylan get expelled from her college and fired from her job? Also her libfem family harassed? I don't want shit like that to happen.

Anonymous 197900


name my band

Anonymous 197933

Sordid Phantasm

Anonymous 197954

The Ejaculators

Anonymous 197955

Boyz 2 men [in dresses]

The Ack!street boys

Anonymous 197984

Panic! At the axewound

Anonymous 198077

>Yes, you will never reach a point where there is an exact 0% chance that someone will be able to find an exception
Trannies are right about this, words aren't given exact definitions. That isn't how language works. It's not like we had a democratic vote on the precise definition of "chair". It's just that everyone has colloquially agreed on the meaning of "chair". You can tell that everyone agrees because everyone uses the word in the same way. There's never any ambiguity about the word "chair". Previously there was no ambiguity about the word "woman" either. Adult human female. But of course trannies are now purposefully using the word in a different way in order to create ambiguity, and to try to normalise their definition.

Even in polite conversation I won't refer to them as "women" or "she", but it can be difficult because of things like >>197892 said. Usually I just try to get around it by avoiding the topic. It is a culture war though. If I were brave enough I would "he"/"him" them completely nonchalantly, with no apparent malice. I think that's the best way of doing it, to let people know that it's totally normal and acceptable to refer to them as men. But I don't really want to lose my job.

Two Men

Anonymous 198096

bocchi the cock

Anonymous 198157

>Now I'm gonna have to stop going because of this nasty-ass motherfucking cock-in-a-frock.
Probably the best thing to do before he starts to skinwalk you or gets you cancelled for terf crimes.

Anonymous 198196

Why do they always wear those cheap fucking dresses. Also lol at the troon on the right. You can tell he's creaming himself for being able to LARP as the cool bassist girl of his dreams.

Anonymous 198214

Autogynephilia, and they dont fit in women sizes they always but L, XL, XXXL, etc because they got male skelletons.

Anonymous 198226


Anonymous 198289

Ah yes, everybody knows that women don't wear L, XL, or XXXL. They only make those sizes for trannies! Are you dumb? A fat woman is still a woman.

Anonymous 198297

Cause they don't actually give a shit about or enjoy fashion, they just get off to the idea of clothes meant for women. Any will do, a $2 canvas maid outfit from wish? Perfect so kawaii

Anonymous 198811


Why does this pervert nutjob keep exposing herself and why are other GCs defending it please I don't want to be associated with this degree of mental illness

Anonymous 198818

Wtf is her issue she makes us all look like retards. This is the same shit trannies do when they do not disown their own who do fucked up shit

Anonymous 198826

As a fatass woman me and my ovaries are offended

Anonymous 198895

notice how trannies don't even acknowledge or apologize or beg their fellow nutjobs troons to behave so they don't give them a bad name when they do this shit, maybe you could learn from them?

Anonymous 199055

No, I'd like to think we have some self respect.

Anonymous 199075


> 3.2 thousand upvotes

Anonymous 199165

its totally not a fetish fellow girlies

Anonymous 199496


someone I kind of knew in highschool trooned out and now they're a self proclaimed alstolfo kinnie. the jokes write themselves.

Anonymous 199532

didnt admin also had a poast/fediverse acc with the same pfp as her discord ? could swear i was it on poast.me, she even retweeted some josh poasts during this summer with the keffals war, but i cant find it again

Anonymous 199546

Thank you. The point about the frog chair is that no matter what definition you give, I can find exceptions. This is what troons do to the word woman in order to pretend that there is no such thing as a woman. But through a thousand examples, we all know what a chair or a woman is.

Anonymous 199560

The frog chair isn't a fucking animal you dimwit

Anonymous 199574

Ack! at the disco

Anonymous 199584


And no gave a fuck

Anonymous 199615

They hate us because we tell the truth. Men hate when women do that. You’re supposed to entertain their delusions at all time. Yes honey, you’re an alpha male who survives on raw meat and sex. Yes honey, you’re really a woman when you wear stilettos and get a boner from being catcalled.

Anonymous 199620

Men can’t stand when women don’t take them seriously. Laughing at them is the best thing to do, even if it’s behind their backs. Once they catch on they get so paranoid. On r/mtf I’ve seen them ranting about how they can’t trust any woman because it feels like we’re just being nice while talking shit behind their backs or not subscribing to the proper ways of thinking. The tie themselves into knots over it.

Anonymous 199653

Amhole Twin

Anonymous 199669

she really likes showing off her fake muff

Anonymous 199670

>makes me feel less like one
Because deep down he and everyone else knows he's not a woman.
This is why more women need to be transphobic. Women not accepting them is 10x worse than men not accepting them in their eyes. They won't have approval from the people they're trying to be.

Anonymous 199676

you paint the chair green it doesn't become a frog and putting makeup on a man it doesn't become a woman

Anonymous 199678

Well-poisoner or paid off to make us look bad.

Anonymous 199688

I may be being naive, but I don't get that impression. I think it's a woman who got fed up that these men are pretending to not know what a woman is, and so flashed them the very thing that every single one of them has come out of, she got attention and shock for it, and so she repeated it a couple of times.

Anonymous 199692


Anonymous 199700

Double posting but I would like to clarify that her actions are still hurting the cause and she shouldn't flash people. But considering the troons are nailing dead rats to rape shelters and pissing themselves, I don't think a woman flashing people is going to hurt the cause too badly.

Anonymous 199731

if women online can make him feel "painful" more like pain FOOL. Imagine his mom.

I wish all trannies a hell where their mom gets to contact them from heaven 24/7 talking to them explaining them all the reasons why they will never be a woman lol.

Anonymous 199787

No, conceding is a losing move. If you don't take a stand somewhere, they will take everything

Anonymous 199956

time to double down ladies

Anonymous 200007

threadpic looks like a scary mannequinn trannies are so disgusting looking

Anonymous 200158

This is hilarious because I know for sure from 4chan /lgbt/ that there are trannies lurking CC and LC and knowing that real women don't consider them as their own is enough to put them on suicide watch. So, to any trannies reading this: YWNBAW

Anonymous 200174

This makes a lot of sense now why MtFs tend to focus more on terfs than violent homophobic moids. Despite the latter being more likely to legit murder them in the streets, they would rather shit on the ebuuul terf bigots because they know that not having the approval of real women, the very object that they are trying to imitate, makes them seethe.

Anonymous 200183

Spot on. Also because they know they can still physically overpower most women but not most men.

Anonymous 200193

nah women are just easier to bully and they know that

Anonymous 200216


Sucks that Margaret Atwood isn’t a terf. She was right with this.

Anonymous 200235

Lol more proof that MtFs aren't actually real women.

Anonymous 200245

i believe that most women will become "terfs" in the future, no matter age, color, religion, etc, but mostly women of color, you'll forgive me but most of white women are a bunch of leftist handmaidens

Sorry my english pleash

Anonymous 200252

You're right, most of the world is anti-trans anyway. American trannies don't know how lucky they have it yet they still complain that America somehow sucks for them.
Also your English is fine don't worry!
One small correction though is that instead of "you'll forgive me" I think it sounds more natural to say "please forgive me"

Anonymous 200253


I think she's just a GC who happens to also be a pervert tbh

Anonymous 200261

>that name

Anonymous 200267


Louis CK was more eloquent

Anonymous 200272

no he wasn't, fuck him, fuck his retarded unfunny stand ups and fuck all other sexually assaulting moids

Anonymous 200278


Even troons know better than to try to treat sex offenders like heros. I think what's happening is that Miller is very deeply involved in the Scottish/UK GC scene, to the point of being praised by name by JKR, and other people deeply involved in the GC scene there want to stick up for her. It would've been so easy to just disown her but instead people are acting like she's a heroine

Anonymous 200282

>Even troons know better than to try to treat sex offenders like heros
They do it all the time by sweeping it under the rug

Anonymous 200300

Sweeping something under the rug is an implicit admission that something shameful has occurred. Making memes like, actually flashing people to own the troons is good, that's the opposite of that


this has to be the single most weak insult known to man.

Anonymous 200326


Most likely fake but this is such a funny idea lol

Anonymous 200330

I saw this on Twitter, a genuinely great idea since it combines the reality of how hilarious grown men look when being "women" with the natural shame at liking any lame things your parents like. I hope people try it

Anonymous 200342



Anonymous 200343

Anonymous 200352

Unironically this would work on about 90% of teenage genderfags. If my mum started larping during my sisters she/they phase it would have lasted less than a day before she realised it was cringe

Anonymous 200353


Anonymous 200354

There's more to it than that, it's because their whole larp revolves around women being all "teehee airheaded bimbo", so when he sees that we can have educated opinions and actually enjoy arguing, he realizes being a retarded failure at life couldn't possibly make him a woman.

Anonymous 200361


Someone please explain this to me. I don't understand and frankly I'm kind of freaking out

Anonymous 200418

Only a man could be that conceited and unaware. He thinks a woman is a creature that exists only to please men, therefore that's what he seeks to ape.

Anonymous 200500

i though this was blaire white

Anonymous 200652

A man is not a woman because he says so, sincerely, a real women and not a man pretending to be a woman who needs synthetic hormones, surgery, and a dress to fulfil their retard larp.

Anonymous 200653

I’m currently in High school and awhile ago we had a thing about “Lgbtqia+” ideology basically. from my knowledge, the whole school had to write and learn about different genders, sexualities and identities. It was all very childlike almost like it was for primary age students honestly. If anyone wants I can attempt to find the materials or something similar. But anyway, my main concern is that there is a poster in my class of trans statistics which includes the infamous suic*de rate. I heard that the constant repetition of these stats negatively impacts effect trans people. There are multiple trans identifying people in my class for the record. I wonder if anyone has had a similar experience at their own school or work

Anonymous 200654

forgot to sage for off topic, sorry

Anonymous 200656

>I’m currently in High school
Are you 18 though

Anonymous 200690

This is an 18+ site but tell your school that literally all suicide prevention rulings say explicitly to not advertise suicide to people as an "obvious" conclusion to ~transphobia~ because it's a social contagion that will result in a self fulfilling prophecy. That's why 13 Reasons Why is hated by actual psychologists. The gay anthem was "it gets better" for a reason, advertising that trannies will 41% tells kids it's a common or even logical eventuality
I used to know a in depth guide on the do's and don'ts of suicide discussion but this site at least gives a basic overview: https://mindframe.org.au/suicide/communicating-about-suicide

Anonymous 200693

its using the word punk as rebellious, brave. Not as punk like idiot.

Anonymous 200701

This is the one thing that fascinates me about troons. Not only do they delude themselves into believing they look anything like a woman; they think they are desired by both sexes. TiFs and TiMs are few and far between. Troons must live in a bubble.

Anonymous 200702

The most insidious aspect of tranny suicide in the media is the constant reinforcement that 'trans kids WILL kill themselves if not immediately validated in any form they desire'. Literally telling children suicide is the normal and righteous response to your parents not letting you cut off body parts or w/e, it's sick.

I honestly think TRAs want high suicide and murder rates, guilting normies about those issues is their only winning move and the only way they can pretend to have the moral highground. The most influential troons are well off white moids who are perfectly safe from danger, the movement only benefits from other people's deaths. Though ofc they're mostly lying ans inflating statistics because we all know if they had some truly horrible stories about transphobic murderers we would never hear the end of it.

Anonymous 200704

Are you expected to regurgitate these ideologies, or would you be reprimanded for going against the grain?

Anonymous 200723

Based school, doing the best to turn that 41% into 100%

Anonymous 200768

I do want to see. I’m past high school and no one in my family is in that age either and I’m genuinely curious. I’m guessing they’re dry and childish kinda off like all textbooks when it’s a controversial topic?

Anonymous 200859

I know, I just can't believe stock and rowling are applauding this creep, do they endorse this shit? I don't understand at all

Anonymous 200860

Oh fuck no

Anonymous 200880

The performance was to make a point of the absurdity of trannies, its not good to copy their stupidity even as parody but many understood already anyway because u can find the motivations literally in a google search. Anyway Merry Christmas.

Anonymous 200911

>I flashed a child my merkin, but it was just a parody of trannies so it's OK
Again, why are you defending this? She should be removed from any power or influence in the movement, she doesn't speak for me. I'm in this to protect women from sexual assault, voyeurs, and exhibitionists, not to make excuses for predators just because they are real women. That also goes for weirdos online who like to claim that "women can't rape". Anyone with more than a few lesbian friends knows that isn't true. Stop defending predators, you're just giving ammo to delusional men in dresses. I'm pretty disgusted by people sticking up for this crap

Anonymous 200964

Ngl, when I saw that image without knowing the backstory, I thought it was a tranny.

I'd be curious to see how the trannies would react if the bill was passed the other way. Not saying what she did was right, but it's probably mild in comparison to what the trannies would do.

Anonymous 200979

Troons have been beaten a bunch of times by US states, there was also the Bell case. I'm sure if we looked around we could find something, any volunteers?

Anonymous 201232

men can't be lesbi…

Wait, was it just a merkin? That honestly makes it better in my eyes, if it's just a wig and not her real bush.

Anonymous 201250


a troon made a "game" named "terfenstein" where you play as a xir killing feminists https://store.steampowered.com/app/2192840/Terfenstein_3D/
this is ofc peak scrote vileness but the only thing I can think about is how much I wish I could join this feminazi terf army lol

Anonymous 201338


1. she's obviously not a predator
2. feminists has been doing these theatrics of denouncing their "bad" apples since forever and it got us absolutely nowhere.
3.you have even more ammo. you can literally just use it as an opprotunity to deflect with the thousand examples of creeps (and literal murderers) on their side every time they bring it up.

Anonymous 201421

This is literally any incels fantasy right down to killing feminazis.

Anonymous 201456

Sadly at the stage we're at the tif daughter would probably be elated she now has an "epic trans mom" who understands the burdens of being a tranny, and even when he shows his true agp colors she'd still meekly let him skinwalk her while wearing comically huge fake tits like it's happened with every other tranny dad with a female daughter.

Anonymous 201476

Is that from the Yesterweb forum? I don't get how a community supposedly dedicated to the "old web" with its decentralisation and free speech can be so obsessed with authoritarian identity politics.

Anonymous 201477

Bump for cp

Anonymous 201501

This reminds me of how I stumbled upon a Youtuber yesterday who had videos where he only killed female characters in video games and spared the male ones. Of course, he claimed it was only for the lolz. Men are gonna men.

Anonymous 201507

Men never. Ever. Do anything just for the lolz

Anonymous 201524



Anonymous 201632

dylan mu*vaney is like

>here's me putting on makeup!

>here's me playing with barbies!
>here's me wearing an apron!
>here's me buying shoes!
>here's me wearing a pink dress!

>the haters say that i promote a stereotypical version of womanhood and reduce them to glitter and pink and i absolutely don't thank you very much i am a well-rounded multi-faceted person

>anyway here's me trying on nail polish!!!! :3

i know there are lots of women who like femme stuff but how does anyone watch and enjoy this he's like a male stepford wife

Anonymous 201823

I really don't know what to make of that guy. Is he a HSTS satirizing AGP trannies? Or is he a HSTS with AGP? I just want to believe he's not for real; that he's just putting on an elaborate drag show and taking all his admirers for a ride.

Anonymous 201840

i hope steam takes this shit down or i am never buying a game from them again

Anonymous 201863

are retarded terms. who fucking cares the reason why a scrote troons out? it's retarded and should be condemned either way. plus some are bisexual and could possibly be both at the same time. they've just always seemed like pointless labels to me.

Anonymous 202056

>that being male is bad
It actually is though kek. This is not the reason that kids are becoming trannies, it would not explain ftms.

Anonymous 202061

(same nona as 202056, pressed reply too quickly)
How you are raised is not what makes you a girl, your two X chromosomes are. Even if they were raised and "acted as girls" they would still not be able to become women.

Anonymous 202073

Why are you so sure that females and males must troon out for the exact same reasons?

Anonymous 202082


In my country the main charity is called Minus 18. If u read their site u will get an idea of what we had to learn about. it was super juvenile cuz all students participated in it, my school has ppl from the ages of like 13-20 attending. Heard a kid got kicked out of class for refusing to write abt gender spectrum
and demisexual lmao it’s screwed

Anonymous 202111


Why ? Taking pictures of people in public without their consent is not ok

Anonymous 202150

damn can't a guy just sit at a cafe by himself

Anonymous 202152

Oh no, how dare someone dine out by themselves.

Anonymous 202180

If we're thinking of the same person, her instagram is marishka.nt

Anonymous 202190

These people can’t stomach the idea of being comfortable enough with yourself to spend time alone.

Anonymous 202218

I know that this site is obscure but I still think his face and name should had been blurred out. Specially since this post is criticizing the facebook group for not respecting his privacy

Anonymous 202273


Pic is not even from Christmas

Anonymous 202375

Lmao at least they got one participant with funny jokes amirite

Anonymous 202535

I was listening to a the narcissist cookbook song, it's called "gendering teddy", too many words to cite, cause hipster slam poetry for 8 min, but the main idea is like:
so in the history of humanity there once was a need for various numericals and math language, deeper we dig - more words we need, and that's the same idea with gender and words describing gender identity, becaaaause - attention - he had a teddybear in his childhood, who was not 'him' and not 'her' either, because he just knew that, but has no words to describe it
well, obviously, there was an enby teddybear and not a FUCKING INANIMATE TOY who have never been born thus have no sex and no chromosomes, jesus fuck how dumb people could be I am amazed

Anonymous 202642

This set off my flight or fight

Anonymous 202961

It's a chair that is green with eyes. It does not fit the definition of animal. It is not a living organism. Are you autistic by any chance?

Anonymous 202974

This is so bizarre, I graduated not too long ago from high school and we had like 0 trans kids, maybe 3 nonbinary girls that were out and 1 ftm that has since detransitioned. We never had to learn any of this bullshit. Our GSA club was retarded though and made the teachers take a class explaining the genderbread man. Sorry, genderbread being. All of this weird shit has grown exponentially. I know a few nerdy guys that would've probably been troons if they aren't now. Imagine having tranny statistics hanging in a classroom! There weren't any random suicide statistics in classrooms just a year ago, probably.
Yeah those trans 15 year olds are just going to be sitting next to posters telling them that they will die, what the fuck

Anonymous 203183

Did you report it? Steam won't care if they don't get enough reports about it.

Anonymous 203312


I just had to share it here

Anonymous 203350

Anonymous 203625

Sounds like something a white male would write which is… Ew.

Anonymous 204263

Cuckold Simulator is better and it critizices trannies on a part of the game, it sold much better as well it was on the top ranking for like 2 weeks, nobody is gonna buy that tranny bitter shit lmao.


Anonymous 204319


They will never be a woman.

Anonymous 204325

4chan uses a paid script, blockscript to automatically ban most vpns. Users often use tuxler which is basically a botnet or mysterium to ban evade.

Anonymous 204344

Dudes Rock

Anonymous 204347

Taxidermied animals are animal corpses, and therefore ex-animals. Animal remains can be made into chairs, but that doesn't the chair an animal. At best, it makes it animal-derived. Are you suggesting troons will suddenly become real women by literally wearing our skin?

Anonymous 204358


Troons flash their cocks all the time. It happened recently in some UK TV show, a troon flashed his cock and played the piano with it on TV and got applauded for it. Yes, this woman looks insane and it's bad optics, but why is it more shocking when a woman does it?

Anonymous 204363

This troon by the way caused a Norwegian feminist to possibly face jail for transphobia. Yes, you've read that correctly. Google Christina Ellingsen.

Anonymous 204367

bless you nona, that's her

Anonymous 204531

What did you give as the report reason? Nothing seems to fit. Did you add a comment?

Anonymous 204642

nta but i put it under "legal violation" and reasoned it was promoting hate speech in the US as the game rewards you for killing solely women and the entire game is centered around it
doubt it'll get the hatred treatment though because it's troons
at least there's some pushback in the discussion page

Anonymous 204645


Took a look at op’s profile and why am i not surprised to see weird degenerate porn subreddits like r/betawomen

Anonymous 204652

R/girlgamers i a cancerous tranny den, don't go there

Anonymous 204665


I know how bad they can get. These types of posts are inescapable

Anonymous 204667



Holy fuck this is why you carry a gun.

Anonymous 204669


Anonymous 204672


Anonymous 204678



Anonymous 204682

cat out of bag.png

>post was written by troon invading what should've been a women only sub
checks out

Anonymous 204690

Oh noooo not sexology, my favorite form of valid science

Anonymous 204698

Kek, trannies bringing up book burnings from the victim perspective while they're on a crusade to ban or boycott any piece of media associated with people or thoughts they don't like. They really are stupid, aren't they?

Anonymous 204711

Yeah, aren't there trannies that burned Harry Potter books?

Anonymous 204728

Anonymous 204856

Anonymous 204868

Didn't the Nazis support troons because it was better to be a tranny than a homosexual

Anonymous 204914

I don't even care about HP but all these controversy of "no no no don't buy the game!" is making me want to play it now

Anonymous 204998

I’ve even seen moids saying that. TRAs are their own worst enemy. People are going to want to investigate things that are “off-limits”.

Anonymous 205000

They’re no better than the Christian fundamentalists who were burning the books in the 90s.

Anonymous 205101

they were on to something

Anonymous 205162

WELP. Guess I have some wizard vidya to play.

this is a good bear

Anonymous 205284


Anonymous 205343

transgender surgery has to have some costs insurance doesn't pay for. These kids clearly don't have jobs. Why don't these weak-willed parents just say no?

Anonymous 205353

>getting mad at terms like "HSTS" and "AGP"
>aggressively written post
>missing or deliberately ignoring the point of the post you replied to for the sake of making an unnecessary "call out"
you're a tranny, aren't you? you're pretending to be a terf in a way that you think will allow you to shut down the use of "AGP" and "HSTS". gtfo AGP HSTS troon

Anonymous 205460

theyre not even trying to hide it, so cringe

Anonymous 205464

no bc GC women already have a shitty rep (because of the tranny dogpiling) and the troons are generally looked upon with favor in the eyes of media, so if one troon does this kind of shit its "ok" (read: that tranny teacher with the prosthetic breasts) but if a GC woman does something outrageous it gives us all a bad name. i hope this post makes sense lol

Anonymous 205467

what?? i havent heard of the rat thing can u pls send proof so i can laugh

Anonymous 205477


Would you ever try to call out a tranny in the bathroom?

Anonymous 205499

holy shit lol this is like silence of the lambs

Anonymous 205505

holy shit the holocaust comparison??? man moment lmao

Anonymous 205922

Imagine being mistaken for a tranny. I would probably kms

Anonymous 206047

Yes because trannies make women's bathrooms unsafe for us.

Anonymous 206058

She's not obligated to present more femininely, but she has to understand that, looking the way she does in the midst of this predatory trans movement, sadly she may be unfairly targeted. Her anger should be directed towards TRAs.

Anonymous 206064

Only if it was extremely obvious or they were acting weird. I'm butch enough that I get a lot of uncomfortable side eyes in public bathrooms and I don't think I could handle being yelled at so I wouldn't do it to someone else.

Anonymous 206070

Why should she change anything about herself. Butch and masculine women have always complained about similar things even before the gender bs took off.

Anonymous 206096

I didn't say she should. Butches usually still look like women. This woman is just an unfortunate exception bc of rare circumstances.


LMAO it clocks every trans person I know. Both genders.

Anonymous 206299

yeah continue pretending it's some crazy outlier when it's not. people suck at judging and some are quick to confront.

Anonymous 206305

Women who get their breasts removed are outliers.
>people suck at judging
No, sex is visible to most people. You sound like a tranny. Makeup can't hide your sex.

Anonymous 206335

You can be naturally flat and still be a woman, you know

Anonymous 206347

this is true, but breasts are hardly the only female body characteristic. hips, butts, waist, height and facial features tend to be different in women compared to men.
however i agree that these are mostly beauty standards based on cues that indeed exist but are exaggerated in people's minds and i think on average the physical differences between the sexes are a bit more subtle than paraded.
what makes a woman is her genitals.

Anonymous 206348

Not her, but I see her point. These labels are sometimes used to make HSTS seem like the "good trannies" when they're every bit as bad as the AGPs and in fact many of the gay troons do have AGP as well.

Anonymous 206350

These sort of "news" are always indoctrination attempts to emotionally blackmail us into allowing troons in the bathroom. This sort of situation would be solved by a single sentence explaining the situation and then the "call-outer" would be apologizing and being the objectively shitty person. This has nothing to do with a fucking male being able to go inside a changing room, expose his cock to children and then call the police on women when they complain, which is what they want.

Anonymous 206353


You don't pass. Never have, never will.

Anonymous 206357

Anon said she's an outlier for having no breasts, there are more women who are naturally flat, so she's really not so much of an outlier. So why act like she's an "unfortunate exception bc of rare circumstances"? Butch, masc, gnc women have been harassed about it for decades, way before any TRA stuff. People are bad at being able to tell and it's not caused by something "extraordinary" as being flat, people are legit retarded and aren't doing some secondary sex characteristic analysis after having exposed themselves for hours to comparison pictures and training their brain to "clock" people.
They just see certain clothes and their brain goes into that direction, even if to you personally she's "obviously" a woman. Other people will see short hair and masculine clothes and will ignore whatever curves or female characteristics, but go off on their snap judgement. It wouldn't surprise me if more masc, butch, gnc or whatever women get called out in the bathroom than TiMs, because people's brain in a snap judgement in the corner of their eye just goes "long hair, skirt, heels, probably a woman".
The majority of people who try to call out butch women in the bathroom aren't some based radfems trying to protect women from the troons, but more likely some conservative who legit cannot comprehend the idea that a woman wouldn't wear the feminine uniform. Excusing them and saying it's a price you will have to pay for being gnc, only makes the problem which causes gnc women to troon out worse, instead of normalizing gnc women.

Anonymous 206361

Who says the call outer isn't a tranny kek? No one can confuse a mastectomies scarred women with a man? Breasts aren't the only difference between men and women.

Anonymous 206364

>tranny invades women spaces
>women are feeling unsafe nowadays
>poor woman gets mistaken for a man by women
>trannies : wUmEn tHiS uR FaULT !!!!

no stupid fag, if trannies wouldnt invade those spaces nobody would complain and mistake women for men

Anonymous 206365

>it's not nice to accidentally be rude to an ugly woman, so allow men in woman's spaces facist

Anonymous 206367

woman, something you will never ever be.

Anonymous 206371

moid speaking. why saying that this woman is ugly ?

Anonymous 206384

If it's so common, why is it news then?

Anonymous 206386

its news because we are being brainwashed into accepting troons in bathrooms.
flat chests in women are much more rare than having breasts, but small breasts are much more common than big breasts (in countries where people are not mostly overweight) and small breasts tend to be not very noticeable under clothed that aren't tight.
this whole talk of "women are supposed to look a certain way" kind of reeks of the exact troon ideology we are trying to get rid of. women aren't supposed to look or dress or act in any way except having a vagina, that's what defines their womanhood not the caricature of women scrotes made up with their pornsick minds and convenient trad beliefs.

Anonymous 206388

i'll correct myself, flat chests are much more rare than having *noticeable and protruding breasts. flat women usually still have breast tissue.

Anonymous 206392

because nobody gives a shit about stuff masc/gnc/butch women deal with, unless it's to tack on some other sort of cause. Did you expect old timey newspapers to have a headline every time Anne Lister was mistaken for a man? Or the newspapers in the 50's? People only care now because of the culture war, with both TRA's and GC's using masc/butch/gnc women as pawns, but TRA's are obviously worse with it. Once this shit is over, everyone will go back to ignoring the problems gnc women deal with, including the GC's. Only a select group of lesbians and feminists (not polilez) give an actual shit.

Anonymous 206396

>In the end we shall make thoughtcrime literally impossible because there will be no words to express it
fuck me, it really do be orwellian these days. please kick me off this planet.

Anonymous 206455

>Walk into a bank with a ski-mask on
>People think you are a robber and fear for their safety
>Walk into a women's bathroom or changing area with moidwear, woke zoomer moid perm, and no breasts
>People think you are a troon rapist and fear for their safety

Anonymous 206600


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