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Fujochan Bunker Thread Anonymous 221596

Fujochan is down for maintenance, so here is a thread for fujosisters to fujosperge their fujoneeds.

Anonymous 221599

It's been fun watching Japanese artists begin to proactively block people with "proship DNI" in their bios. I'm so butthurt this happened when fujochan was down, it would have been exciting to chat about live.

Anonymous 221600


fujo sisters…. i miss the site… it must come back… my heart yearns to post ..

Anonymous 221603


Did anyone on fujochan try generatimg yaoi with AI? I don't use it much. Which generator would probably work best ??

Anonymous 221604

As an artist I have avoided looking into ai.. but I got this little idea and I can't stop thinking about it.

Anonymous 221609

Just for shitposts. Personally I find AI porn soulless in the way I find 3DPD porn soulless. I don't think AI can nail the eroticism of a ship and I feel like that is what is going to protect fujoshi in the long run.

Anonymous 221610

Isn't maintenance supposed to end this month anyway?
Thought about using it for tracing over NSFW pics because I refuse to look at porn for referencing
It makes some sick abstract NSFW pics though I'll give it that
Even with ControlNet it struggles to capture dynamic poses, ship art will be eternal

Anonymous 221612

>Thought about using it for tracing over NSFW pics because I refuse to look at porn for referencing
that's cool idea nona! i've been trying to draw nsfw art from my imagination because of that exact reason but i've always felt like it was too limiting; but looking at the real shit makes me feel physically ill so i never will.

Anonymous 221617

I should have said BL or shounenai. I've seen such amazing ai art posted here in the anime style and it didn't look bad at all. Now 3d porn would look terrible to me yeah but if it looked like art I've seen posted around here of biochan, I'd be really interested in seeing how it turned out !! I have more respect for real artists yes, but good bl is hard as hell to find. Sometimes it just feels like a desert.

Anonymous 221622


I couldn't really do porn but I made a bunch of pics of cute blushing boys and butts with waifu.nemusona: https://imgur.com/a/vN6ZyBm

The image feature of Novel Ai can be used to make porn or nsfw images, but you have to pay to use it.

Anonymous 221623

all very peggable, well done nona

Anonymous 221627

thanks for sharing nona! some of them look funky (kek at the balls/underwear fusion one)

Anonymous 221628

You have no idea, it produced some real monstrosities. Idk if it's the lack of male art it has at its disposal, but it just can't draw male genitals at all.

Anonymous 221630

KEK based Japanese fandom. I have a favorite game that was only in Chinese and Japanese, and I pray it never gets English release precisely for shit like antishippers.

Anonymous 221638


OP I hope you don't mind but I took one of the images you made, scaled it and cleaned it up cause I liked it so much.

Anonymous 221660

What kind of prompts do you use ? I have always avoided ai until now. I don't understand how many details prompts require. Like how do yo use words to shape the artistic style of the art?

Anonymous 221661

I have had this cool vision in my head for ages, I haven't had time to draw it. It's so particular from the hairstyle to the art style to the clothing. I throw my hands up at ai actually being able to picture what I have in mind. I throw mybhands up at the ability too put it into words. How do you even even get the look of it right?? Only AI I've ever used has been for gags and I didn't take it seriously.

Anonymous 221669

They took down fucking /sh/. I'm mad. I no longer have any reason to post on that site. Why all the hate? Why do people think we're disgusting like moids are? Stop lumping us in with moids.

Anonymous 221672

Of course not it's not like I own these lol. Looks great! You can even make the images bigger with waifu2x.

You gotta try everything. I'm not sure if it's using tags from the booru site linked in the description, or just everywhere. So start looking up tags there. I used in general "male, boy, anime boy,1boy, pov, looking at viewer, face detail, face focus, bare legs, dark hair, sweating, blushing, embarrassed, aroused".
Then it depends on whether you want it to focus on the front of their body, or the back. For the front I did things like "front view, lying on bed, lying on back, chest, arms up, torso, torso focus, close up". For the back, "ass, ass focus, all fours, bending, bent over, bulge, male genitalia, shorts, bare ass, bottomless, male underwear".
You can also use sentences + tags. And you also have to add a bunch of negative tags for female traits, like "female, girl, breasts, cameltoe" etc.
Try with both Anything 4.5 and the last one on the list, can't remember the name.

Anonymous 221677

>I no longer have any reason to post on that site.
Good riddance.

Anonymous 221679

They took it down for legal reasons. Sad. Meanwhile actual children are being hurt while the world and the laws are against fiction.

Anonymous 221680

Oh I just realized how the denoise scale works. It's pretty important, I'm retarded.
If you get an image that you like, set denoise to high. The next images you generate will be similar. The lower you set it to, the more different it will be in relation to the previous image.

Anonymous 221708

Oh, I didn't know that about the denoise scale. I'll have to try that.

Anonymous 221718

Shit it's actually the other way around, lower = more similar. I'm retarded nonnitas just read the instructions on the site.

Anonymous 221743


>Isn't maintenance supposed to end this month anyway?
Maybe, the owner is sick so who knows. I miss the site so much, but she needs to think about her health first after all.

Anonymous 221745

Oh geez, get better soon fujochan the person. I can wait on fujochan the site if that's the case.

Anonymous 221751

I want to post on fujochan… I miss it so much. Is the admin OK? On lc in the BL general someone posted about the admin being very sick but I don't have discord and that where the screenshot was from.

Anonymous 221752


>mfw I was already blocking these people and blocking anyone with suspicious flags in their usernames or bios

Anonymous 221758

Screenshot 2023-02…


Anonymous 221759

Hope fujo admin gets better soon
What did she mean by malware?

Anonymous 221760

cc used to allow shota too.

Anonymous 221762

Is there a rule against posting it here?

Anonymous 221763

Yes. Look it up in the sticky thread on /nsfw/.

Anonymous 221772

When the admin asked for volunteers, I said I would help if she brought /sh/ back.

Anonymous 221779

Super based. I hope they start blocking westerners with pronouns in bio too

Anonymous 221805


Shota is a cancer that kills yaoi. Stop fucking posting about it. Even if you're under 18, we're not all the same age and would like to enjoy our hobby in peace. So you hate antishippers? Stop giving them a reason to crucify nondegenerate fans and destroy artists reputations after after it becomes notoriously hated. Its only really hated because of shota. /sh was deleted from fujochan for a good reason. I'm just half convinced shota fans are moids trying to destroy yaoi for the fans. Guaranteed it is not sustainable. I mean how stupid do you have to be to not see its shooting yourself in the ass to post shota???? Its the pinnacle of retarded social reject dumbfuckery. Stop ruining our threads with gross shit that's guaranteed to get it shut down one way or another.

This is a call for other women to take a stand against the brainless idiots that ruin it for everyone else. If you're not as bad as men then you also have the foresight not to upload stupid shit the fbi watches.. like a coombrain moron.

Acknowledge that shota is dumbass overreaching moid trolling.

If other women wont acknowledge its moid sabotage, they're letting moids poison yaoi so its something you can't have self respect to enjoy.

Anonymous 221806

Anonymous 221808

I doubt moids are posting shota to own the evil fujoshi.

Anonymous 221812


troon detected

this is gospel

it is literally impossible for anyone with XX chromosomes to feel any sort of heterosexual pedophilic tendency



this is our one silver bullet to filter out all of the moids from cc one and for all. protect it. cherish it. use it.

anyone who disagrees is actually a troon. this is a call to all real women to unite.(troll)

Anonymous 221815

When /sh/ was still there that board unironically creept me out. The rule was to not post toddlercon but there were already posts that were on thin ice that could be considered toddlercon. I think it's just best for the board to not exist. It was bound to degenerate more and more. They already post shota on /cm/ and /b/ anyway, it's not like we needed another place for this shit to congregate.

Anonymous 221818

stop. this is such bad bait it hurts my brain

Anonymous 221858

Exactly it makes it easy to filter moids. And I don't care what you do in private, but if you post that shota in here, or anywhere… Thanks for ruining a perfectly good thing you coom brained retard.

It should be the rule. If anybody posts any shota garbage, they are MOID BAITING. The post should be deleted to keep our fujo threads comfy and free of hateshipping garbage. So tired of tranny scum ruining our things.

Anonymous 221859

It's true tho. No woman is retarded and moidlike enough to post shota thinking it's not going to ruin yaoi for themselves and everyone else. It's scrotey as fuck.

Anonymous 221907

>fujochan is down
>all the pedophiles start showing up
wow, couldn’t have seen that one coming in a million years.

Anonymous 221990


Anonymous 221994

Okay samefagging a few days later to say talk shit get hit. Apparently the game I play is closing the Japanese server (the language I speak) to open an english server. It's so fucked it's not even funny. I mean, I obviously speak english too, but I don't wanna replay the first two years of this shitty phone game with the usual twitter-tards. God help me.

Anonymous 221999

You're Japanese?

Anonymous 222001

No, but I studied graduate level Japanese for six years+ plus I have family that does business there. Not gonna act like my Japanese is perfect but it's passable for being a weeb kek.

Anonymous 222002

Samefagging to say I know that as a western saying all westerns bad won't get me any asspats but I can't take the modern amount of troon content plus general bullshit I see in most western weeb fandoms these days.

Anonymous 222020


Am I still welcome on fujochan if I'm mostly into western and 3d?

Anonymous 222021

lemme guess, harry potter?

Anonymous 222022

Yes. There is a western board as well as discussion of it in more general threads.

Anonymous 222029

Make more pls

Anonymous 222034

Just because I prefer to look young men doesn't mean I'm going to look at shota you disgusting moid. Get BOTH the geezers and shota out of here.

Anonymous 222061

Yeah, but confusingly it's sectioned off to the /RPS/ board. I'm a big live action slasher too, pls make some posts.
fujochan back btw

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