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3c bunker thread #6 Anonymous 241983

3c is temporarily down due to technical difficulties, so here is a thread for addicts to gather in the meanwhile.

Anonymous 241985

did i fuck the numbers? i hope not

Anonymous 241986

kek i was making one too, we were about to have 3 bunker threads

Anonymous 241987

ok bunker thread #7 is ready

Anonymous 241989

oaaaa im shitting

Anonymous 241990


first for 4h to the new sexo

Anonymous 241991


face reveal, please no bully

Anonymous 241992

wahhh chupie you've made you're famous

Anonymous 241993


imagine having these two at your disposal whenever you want. you can make them do anything you ask and they can’t complain

Anonymous 241995

*made it

Anonymous 241997


rare fanart of a kairat pairing. please give it lots of love

Anonymous 241998


innie my sweet kind angel

Anonymous 241999


you might think this is the same ass pic i posted last thread but, actually, they are two subtly different ass pics that jaemin creative directed and renjun uploaded

Anonymous 242000

word on the lc streets is that everyone who uses inshallah and mashallah is paki-chan whom i do not know

Anonymous 242002

jyp's american girl group show is coming in 3 days this is going to be such a trainwreck, they look like theyre being held hostage

Anonymous 242004


Anonymous 242005


now we have here a cute fanart of ratsoo

Anonymous 242006


shalalalalala omonona

Anonymous 242007

i think thats itzy

Anonymous 242008

they are being held hostage to introduce the american girls

Anonymous 242009

so jyp was the only company that didnt give up the borger kpop group thing? kek even hybe dropped it.

Anonymous 242010

3c detectives we have raw talent

Anonymous 242011


innie shooting hoops

Anonymous 242012

yeokshi jyp are the top borger bootlickers

Anonymous 242014

this couple is so confusing, i wonder if there's a single emotion shared between them

Anonymous 242015

it's because only jyp respect music and understand the rich history of african american culture and have SOUL… asian soul

Anonymous 242016

hybe dropped it because they kept losing trainees because they didn’t know what the fuck they were doing and because whatever training methods they were using were unbearable to the burger girls

Anonymous 242017

i think if you wrongfully accuse a nona of being a jani you should get permabanned but if you are right you get to take their jani spot and husbando

Anonymous 242018


>post more juyeon
ok since you asked!!

Anonymous 242021

you know what i would agree that jyp respect african american culture if skz didn’t exist

Anonymous 242023


luv rhino
ate troons

Anonymous 242024

detectivebros we finally made it…

Anonymous 242025


jesus christ

Anonymous 242026


Anonymous 242027


no one is taking innie from me i will scream

Anonymous 242028


>spam exo
ok since you asked!!

Anonymous 242029

damn shouldve written that apology after all now theyre just spamming it in the thread

Anonymous 242030

shut up and listen to momo sing mid-tempo japanese r&b

Anonymous 242031


wow i love them

Anonymous 242033


i was saving this one but here is a particularly lovely picture of innie

Anonymous 242034


shinee is in the house tonight

Anonymous 242036

you know what, inniesis? that's a really good innie

Anonymous 242037


sometimes i think to myself: are we able to fix it?

Anonymous 242038

i want to frame it. i will get you a copy to hang in your home as well

Anonymous 242039

how i miss proper moderation

Anonymous 242040


me and my best friends on a video call

Anonymous 242041

your false flags are rapidly declining in quality, hows the mentals doing?

Anonymous 242042

oh my gosh that's so nice of you, i will have to find the perfect place to put it. so if you see it's not hung up anywhere that's just because i'm waiting to find a place that's special enough

Anonymous 242043

how is he such a chad

Anonymous 242044

keys visuals are crazy just my type ah jinjja.. its a shame because i heard he likes men ㅋㅋ why do handsome men always go to hell?

Anonymous 242045

don't engage

Anonymous 242047

Anonymous 242048


say something nice to him

Anonymous 242049

he certainly exists and denim was a choice!

Anonymous 242050

why so mean :(

Anonymous 242052


cute ratito

Anonymous 242053

mashallah what a youtiful rat

Anonymous 242054


so brave of them to do a shoot without makeup or editing

Anonymous 242055


thank you, he's happy now

Anonymous 242056

hashtag no filter

Anonymous 242057


Anonymous 242058

3c down when i have a lupus flare up… when it rains it pours sisters

Anonymous 242059

we should have equal rights to grimace birthday meals

Anonymous 242060


Anonymous 242061

what is the file size limit here? if i can post 15 mb tumblr gifs it will be daebak

Anonymous 242062


i am so obsessed with erig in this pic you have no idea

Anonymous 242063

whats the story with grimacesis

Anonymous 242064


i woke up, changed my mind and decided to watch the mvs with you. have i missed something important, should i backread

Anonymous 242065


wasian titanic kai

Anonymous 242066

just poop

Anonymous 242068

how are tbz real

Anonymous 242069

dont like the blue eyes

Anonymous 242070

juyeon is mogging

Anonymous 242071

i don't know but i don't take it for granted

Anonymous 242072

she is advocating for us in the global south who are grimaceshakeless

Anonymous 242073

>flood detected. post is discarded
ok sisters time for me to go i guess

Anonymous 242074


just 4 hours until he debuts, may the 28th time be the charm

Anonymous 242075

juyeon sauna sex fic when

Anonymous 242076

closing my eyes at bepler posts

Anonymous 242077


Anonymous 242078


just 4 hours until he comes back, may the 15th time be the charm

Anonymous 242079

close this unzips

Anonymous 242082

zips it back closed!

Anonymous 242083


ángel kai y devil kai

Anonymous 242084

>great i didn't realise half of you came here, now i have to split my time between this place and cc sigh
if you want to post with hivshitters don't come back to us

Anonymous 242085

ay carumba se ve muy bello

Anonymous 242086


a fetus jiwoong for good measure, night nonitas see you at 6pm kst for cream soda and in bloom

Anonymous 242087

and why were you there huh

Anonymous 242088

board owner told me to overlook both threads so we can decide on who to permaban (unironically)

Anonymous 242089

caught her ass at the devils sacrament again

Anonymous 242090

tbz sauna poster will be getting the boot

Anonymous 242091

word she told me to order 12 male strippers and some crack cocaine too did u pick any of that up

Anonymous 242092

let me tell you bout lesserafim

Anonymous 242093

please please nuke thr hiv board

Anonymous 242094


you'll never catch me

Anonymous 242095

if we could market ccc as the only hiv free kpop space we would improve our userbase so much fr

Anonymous 242096

thinking of creating a no hybe ib

Anonymous 242097

reasonable people dont care

Anonymous 242098

board owner is a european drug addict and it is 7 am no european drug addict is speaking to us at 7 am

Anonymous 242099

the hivcels mostly keep to themselves besides dawn

Anonymous 242100

*to clarify: if ccc doesn't come back

Anonymous 242101

drug addict proof?

Anonymous 242102

you gotta drop the fr if you want to look like different posters

Anonymous 242104

>she doesn’t know

Anonymous 242105

she is literally a mother of 2. she is up by 5 am

Anonymous 242106

pickle rick.png

Anonymous 242108

gasahara gave birth again?

Anonymous 242109

sis what the fuck is that theme kekek

Anonymous 242110

and she gave birth after that

Anonymous 242111

you remind me of the developmentally challenged man who's sometimes on my morning train who announces every stop and watches everyone get on and off because he thinks he's the train conductor

Anonymous 242112

whats wrong with it?

Anonymous 242113

loosing teeth made him go from 9/10 to a 2/10

Anonymous 242114

Anonymous 242115

n-nothing it’s beautiful did you make it yourself?

Anonymous 242116

hit a nerve

Anonymous 242117


everyone is a critic…

Anonymous 242118

awwnn you're upset board owner is not your friend

Anonymous 242119

if i were a board owner and i had a kid i would gracefully hand over my title to someone with less of a life

Anonymous 242120

what is this spergout in defense of posters who are posting gross shit about teens

Anonymous 242121

i don't think anyone is defending hivcels

Anonymous 242123

if board owner did acid while pregnant will the baby be a pickle

Anonymous 242124

nobody's sperging

Anonymous 242125

>taemin hyunjin tiktok

Anonymous 242127

it’s the hivtards themselves shitting up the place with ban hiv because they can not go one thread without attention on themselves

Anonymous 242129

board owner is a chinese surveillance ant who betrayed fairness and equality to exclude us and look down on us, insulting grimace fans worldwide with poor distribution of the grimace meal and those of us who have loved and supported mcdonalds products with loyalty

Anonymous 242130

because they like to post with said teens so they feel personally attacked

Anonymous 242131

who is 'they'. which posts

Anonymous 242132

she hates dawn she might nuke the board if you guys think they are friends

Anonymous 242133

i thought mcdonald’s was russian

Anonymous 242134

i just want to say i am not posting with them, i just have internet fomo and don't want to miss anything important

Anonymous 242135

truly the yunjae of our times, can't wait until i read these schizo ramblings over shanbin's future breakup albums

Anonymous 242137


Anonymous 242138

proof of her hating dawn

Anonymous 242139

she should talk about dream instead

Anonymous 242140

you made this up right

Anonymous 242141

dawn wrote a fic about that pickle and adult eric cartman

Anonymous 242142

i don't know what insane person would compare fucking yunjae to beplerfaggotry but they should definitely stop it

Anonymous 242144

ask dawn let's see if she'll be honest about what board owner has told her

Anonymous 242145

did i?

Anonymous 242146

3c should have accounts

Anonymous 242147

how would that improve the user experience

Anonymous 242148

it's the exact same kind of autism over a plausible ship, it takes me back

Anonymous 242149

make a post that isnt metaposting i fucking dare you

Anonymous 242150

but when i post exo i'm booed

Anonymous 242152

but that would be boring

Anonymous 242153

theres nothing else to talk about and the scatschizos are online so good luck trying to get them to shut up

Anonymous 242154

i'm trying

Anonymous 242156

so you guys are friends?

Anonymous 242157


Anonymous 242158

you guys are more obsessed with scat than autinys, dont bring it up to excuse the fact that you cant post

Anonymous 242159


innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie innie

Anonymous 242160

this would work better if there wasn’t diarrhea 4 scrolls up

Anonymous 242161

ook so schizo is here

Anonymous 242163


Anonymous 242164

kek scatsis got banned and all her posts got deleted. time to see what’s missing

Anonymous 242165

3 hours to the new exo, we are giddy

Anonymous 242166

you can't say someone won't shut up and then admit you have to actively scroll and search for their posts because they aren't posting anymore

Anonymous 242167

reminder that we can delete posts and i deleted one of mine but i'm not the scat spammer

Anonymous 242168

i cant believe someone who saves poopy vaginas is trying to gaslight me rn

Anonymous 242169

aigoo my bad im not used to this place

Anonymous 242170

theoretically we're all here because we enjoy posting with each other as a community and wanted to continue

Anonymous 242171

wait that thing was posted by our person? it's not spam? the fuck is wrong with you

Anonymous 242172

wow this is actually true when you think about it, i really appreciate at least 70% of people here

Anonymous 242173

obviously it wasn't posted by any of us dumbass, the schizos are just on fire today. too much new simulation overloading their pattern seeking brains

Anonymous 242174

i keep trying to tell you guys but you always fall for the word and pearl clutching samefagging

Anonymous 242175

skizo would do this on 3c if she wouldn't get banned on sight

Anonymous 242176

who was it? did someone check >>242164

Anonymous 242177

no it fucking wasn't, can't believe you guys are that retarded

Anonymous 242178

how to tell skizo is online
>board owner this that ated my pussy
>gangstalking janis

Anonymous 242179

can you stupid girlies go back to gaypg. they are welcoming the twittercels whose first ib was 3c there

Anonymous 242180

i've been craving mcdonald's so i'm going to order it

Anonymous 242181


Anonymous 242182

whatcha getting

Anonymous 242183

usually nonas arent dumb enough to actually fall for her shit

Anonymous 242184

>she is accusing regular posters of being cp spammers again

Anonymous 242185

i think she likes to samefag as nonas who fall for it kek

Anonymous 242186

10 nuggets, fries, coke zero and an apple pie for later

Anonymous 242187

you forgot the autiny sperging
>ban hiv
no since she's a staycel

Anonymous 242188

well she cant get the grimace meal. its over now

Anonymous 242189

oh it's australian hours that's why we have an uptick of retardation like >>242178

Anonymous 242190

idk, accusing everyone of being samefags feels like her move

Anonymous 242191

shut the hell up already ffs

Anonymous 242192

that thread is mukpg pedos, a thread full of twitterfags may unironically be less disgusting

Anonymous 242193

Anonymous 242194

there she is!

Anonymous 242195

gonna go back to talking shit about the autiny jani since we are being retarded rn

Anonymous 242196


sunwoo has nothing to do with anything

Anonymous 242197

do you think some bored miners read this and laugh at us

Anonymous 242198

close the tab

Anonymous 242199

Anonymous 242200

dear autiny jani, you're seriously mental. but i rather deal with your run-of-the-mill CID10 than actual cp or scat spammers. I really hope we can overcome these trying times together and walk down the flower road to 3c together.

Anonymous 242201

you close the tab

Anonymous 242202

heol so the schizo poster is the sunwoofag… i'm not surprised.

Anonymous 242203

i am not complaining i think ur peachy to be around

Anonymous 242204

so true sister the seonghwa mod is behind everything

Anonymous 242205


good morning nonas, we are up and awake

Anonymous 242206

i don't even know who the supposed skizo itt is meant to be

Anonymous 242207

it's san sis and don't butt in our heartfelt exchange

Anonymous 242208

2h45min to the new exo. we are all excited!

Anonymous 242209

how can sansis be a mod when she can only speak 2 words of english

Anonymous 242210

ackshually it's the jongho admin

Anonymous 242211

misophonia has ruined my life and my relationships not even exaggerating

Anonymous 242212



Anonymous 242213

what if i simply describe some dream mp4s since i can't post them? i've really collected so many while 3c has been down

Anonymous 242214

don't be racist

Anonymous 242215

exo should havr bullied them more

Anonymous 242216

KEK dumb faggot

Anonymous 242217

i find jonghoposter especially annoying because it’s obvious she just posts him for some weird kumbaya ot8 shilling to combat the woosan akgaes

Anonymous 242218

it's like you're describing a dst that doesn't exist

Anonymous 242219

sansis isnt a mod. i know this because of something in particular but i wont share it

Anonymous 242220


Anonymous 242221

found her

Anonymous 242222

nobody cares, you're not a secret agent, you're posting on a tiny kpop fan site

Anonymous 242223

3/4 of blackpink are whores. lisa is gargling on the dick of that uggo and old billionaire to keep her lvmh deals. jennie fucked the weeknd for a small part in the worst rated tv show of 2023 and throating the unwashed cock of that bts uggo for publizity

Anonymous 242224


wish more kactors in kdramas looked like sanghyun noh

Anonymous 242225

i have to find the gook redacted hate accounts and have some laugh

Anonymous 242226

youre right i am definitely not a secret agent haha guys dont worry im one of you. im just a nona like any other mingilings weeee haha mingi mango

Anonymous 242227

she's a queen for that

Anonymous 242229

if you find them share them with me juseyo

Anonymous 242231

i hope exo bullied everyone specially redacted and seventeen

Anonymous 242232

blinkchads, do not engage with bait

Anonymous 242234

ok so imagine it's mark sitting in a chair and chenle comes over and tries to sit in his lap, right? but mark pulls the chair away as a prank so chenle falls into his lap and mark grabs his shoulders and chenle laughs and gets comfortable on his lap with movement that i'm just now realising seems kind of suspicious but i'm not going to dwell on it because dream aren't like that

Anonymous 242235

i will become an exol if they admit it

Anonymous 242236

its too lq even for you guys

Anonymous 242237

bang chan in 2 years

Anonymous 242238

i would date the son of a billionaire tbh sure he’s uggo but he’s not even old he’s 28

Anonymous 242239

that's very sad, chan

Anonymous 242241

he looks 42 and is really uggo. surely you can find a better looking male who is also rich but not that rich

Anonymous 242242

i want to know more about that handsome news anchor

Anonymous 242243

chan ddosed 3c when he found out about acg

Anonymous 242244

i'd feel bad for dating a billionaire, they could solve al world's problems but they don't they are bad people

Anonymous 242245

lisa is a trannie so actually good looking guys don't want to get near the wound she calls a vagina

Anonymous 242246

we are listening to this

Anonymous 242247

word unironically all billionaires are garbage, really awful people. being middle class from a third world country i could never be ok with a person being just like "fuck, just let all this people starve while i yatch in st barths"

Anonymous 242248


Anonymous 242249


my inniesisters.. im trying to let you know signeul bonae signal bonae

Anonymous 242250

bts memoir be like we are ugly losers who got bullied by exochads

Anonymous 242251

we are now here

Anonymous 242252

ok after rewatching the clip a few times i have concluded that chenle wasn't grinding on mark but was intentionally hurting his dick as revenge for the prank. mark's noises are sort of weird but overall it's a normal moment and not sexual

Anonymous 242254


Anonymous 242255

thanks but im not really sure.. i cant really imagine it? what were they wearing and how was morks hair styled

Anonymous 242256

find a way to post it so i can properly analyse

Anonymous 242258

>mingi posted in the gaypg thread

Anonymous 242259

I'm searching for you, the Tinkerbell who the memories sent, I followed you to Neverland
At that place I gazed at you and smiled
I'm forever your Peter Pan, your man that stopped at that time
I may be clumsy, but I loved you so much, and I'll run to you
i truly get gook girlies I truly do

Anonymous 242260

how did you know its him??

Anonymous 242261

eggsis writing enshyten fics she is losing it

Anonymous 242263


ok i'll post it but dont be schizo and do not jack off

Anonymous 242264

mingifag aren't you embarrassed to post mijgi right after a post that went like this
>dressing niki in white and taking his virginity, tears welling up in his eyes!

Anonymous 242265

and what are YOU doing to make it better?

Anonymous 242267

homewrecker, gay orgy, undignified, greasy smelling room, disgrace to his bloodline

Anonymous 242268



Anonymous 242269

right kek, i have no idea what happened while i was sleeping

Anonymous 242270


based exochad whoever this is

Anonymous 242271

why are you asking the piss people if they’re embarrassed about anything

Anonymous 242272

no no no no no no no!! i want to be normal

Anonymous 242273


innie is a savant

Anonymous 242274

unsubscribes from gaypg updates

Anonymous 242275

can the bepler girlies let exo have one win? we just need one encore

Anonymous 242276

im a lonely girl.. i live in korea to be closer to husbando… i eat the ramen every day (12 packs) and then i go online and pretend to be a machiavellian genius

Anonymous 242277

nonce shit is worse than pissfaggotry

Anonymous 242279

exo'll take all the wins, exochads we don't need to fret

Anonymous 242280

dream have NEVER had a gay orgy im pretty sure

Anonymous 242281


exo live countdown in 44 minutes we are so excited

Anonymous 242282

what are you eating (or have eaten) for lunch today i need some inspiration

Anonymous 242283

i can excuse cp spam but i draw the line at hivpedojacketing

Anonymous 242284

i'm really upset at what mark lee has become.

Anonymous 242285

are any staysisters here? today skz announced
>seoul maniac tour dvd (with set of photocards)
>seoul maniac tour bluray (with set of polaroids)
>tokyo dome tour merch
>next round of nacific
im going broke jinjja

Anonymous 242286

we kinda do but we are just happy we EXIST

Anonymous 242287

a bullet for me, french toast for you

Anonymous 242288

do you really unironically think he's fucking multiple dream members

Anonymous 242289

let's put it like this: it would not shock me.

Anonymous 242290

e x o
we exist!
e x o
we exist!

Anonymous 242292

e x o
cream soda!

Anonymous 242293

well not the grimace meal since they didnt distribute it here

Anonymous 242294

chenle doesnt know how gay sex works he didnt know what he was doing

Anonymous 242295

we will be buying nothing.

Anonymous 242297


I have questions for you
Number one, tell me who you think you are
You got some nerve trying to tear my faith apart
(I have questions for you)
Number two, why would you try and play me for a fool?
I should have never ever ever trusted you
Number three, why weren't you, who you swore that you would be?
I have questions, I got questions haunting me

Anonymous 242298

yes but he wouldnt look at chenle the whole time

Anonymous 242299

not even the innie tapestry?

Anonymous 242300

reporting something to a gook uni is such a pain in the ass

Anonymous 242301

e x o
e x o
e x o

Anonymous 242302

e x x
e x o
e x o

Anonymous 242303


i want all ya cream soda

Anonymous 242304

bacon had such a glowup

Anonymous 242305

i would like the donut actually

Anonymous 242306


my 80s glam rock rat wife.. she is so youtiful

Anonymous 242307

group orgies happen in fanfiction, not in real life. especially not for dream who chenle described as 'very normal and brotherly'. especially not for chenle who doesnt know what a gay is yet

Anonymous 242308

we all want kai's donut but only kyungsoo shall have it

Anonymous 242309

so damn ugly

Anonymous 242310

chenle has no idea what normal is and he's dumb enough to believe someone who tells him there's nothing gay about humping another man's lap if you laugh while you're doing it

Anonymous 242311

don't be mean to her, she is sensitive

Anonymous 242313

you think they stop at lap humping when the cameras arent on

Anonymous 242314

okay fine… um, could use work on the hair

Anonymous 242315

what are you reporting what did they do to you

Anonymous 242316

>taemin recording a dance challenge with hyunchin
>xiubaekyeol recording eunchae's diary
maybe i should kill myself after all

Anonymous 242317

noooooooo the feet

Anonymous 242318

there are 2 exos that didn't have bigger controversies that's straight up suju level daebak

Anonymous 242319

yes but only when chenle is involved

Anonymous 242320

>xiubaekyeol recording eunchae's diary
what could 35 year old men possibly have to say to a 16 year old girl

Anonymous 242321

because he's too innocent to spoil… aigooooo how romantic

Anonymous 242322

the kai episode was cute, chanbaek are terrorists though

Anonymous 242324

exo oppars in 37 minutes

Anonymous 242325

it better be good

Anonymous 242326

yeah true actually i think i was a bit hasty with that comment. kai was really respectful but they could have got anyone else in lsfm to host that show

Anonymous 242327

37 minutes to the live countdown

Anonymous 242328


the cream soda looks good

Anonymous 242329


Anonymous 242330


dont get mad but im posting another dream clip that i just found. im always finding clips

Anonymous 242331

that’s in three minutes

Anonymous 242333

just woke up, how are we doing

Anonymous 242334


Anonymous 242335

if it does I’ll pretend to love it and eventually end up loving it

Anonymous 242337


good morning unnie. we are scrambling to buy the innie tapestry

Anonymous 242338


the prereleases were great so we are really confident the tt will be just as good

Anonymous 242339

the way his eyelids flutter is fun

Anonymous 242340

eyes rolling to the back off the skull and obvious sleep deprivation

Anonymous 242341

morning nona, what's the move for today?

Anonymous 242343

well they are idols, they don't sleep much

Anonymous 242344

dramatic nona

Anonymous 242345

since i'm bored i think i might draw incubus kyu that a nona was talking about

Anonymous 242346

>no presscon for exist
daebak it's really just us against sm and the world

Anonymous 242347

pcy is hard mogging them wow

Anonymous 242349

we are watching exos live, 3c bunker

Anonymous 242350

it's started?

Anonymous 242351


Anonymous 242352

bacon looks like he got ran over by ten trucks…

Anonymous 242353

i will shut up about the innie tapestry now hwaiting exosisters

Anonymous 242354

im going to have a lazy day since i have the day off

Anonymous 242355

bros she was not lying chanyeol is turbo hot wtf

Anonymous 242356


good morning another day of wishing soobert would ditch his boring ass stiff ass group and throws dart rolls dice join tbz where tall useless gaypops can really thrive

Anonymous 242357

someone link what we're watching please

Anonymous 242358

can't someone make a synctube for that exo live?

Anonymous 242360

too lazy to make it a webm but minhyuk is looking hot since he got in the military

Anonymous 242361

Anonymous 242362


kek alright nona, but i can't guarantee it'll be quality

Anonymous 242363

egg looks good and miserable

Anonymous 242364

can we have a btsg

Anonymous 242365

the lighting on these premier lives are always gloomy

Anonymous 242366

Anonymous 242367

so how long is this supposed to last

Anonymous 242368


you can have this airdropped to your location

Anonymous 242369

sehun looks great too tbh this haircut really suits him

Anonymous 242370

just post here, i want to roast their ugliness freely for once

Anonymous 242371

sehun more like asymmetricalhun

Anonymous 242372

he looks terrible girl

Anonymous 242373

we shouldn't make too many threads, lets post together in one thread in these trying times

Anonymous 242374

exolfriends i'm really happy for you but can you please make a synctube, i really don't feel like reading your spammy reactions to every frame of this live

Anonymous 242375


Anonymous 242376

can chanbaek at least do some fujobaiting

Anonymous 242377

he looks really good even my non kpop friend commented

Anonymous 242378

chanyeol is so ugly its crazy, fucking goblin, also hagcons hairs… jinjja… i miss kai

Anonymous 242379


i love my husbando

Anonymous 242380

i’m not sharing a thread with moas

Anonymous 242381

close the tab and get back in ~2 hours, angel

Anonymous 242382

sa if you could make him slutty in it i will pay you many shekels

Anonymous 242383

i can make a syntube if you guys want but it'll be like two of us there if that

Anonymous 242384

you're malding because he's mogging egg ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Anonymous 242385

>another big survival show coming soon
when will it stop

Anonymous 242386

what the fuck did they do to bacons mop topkek

Anonymous 242387

what are you doing if your gaypop enlists and comes back obese

Anonymous 242388

even the underage beplerfags showed enough common courtesy to move their liveposting out of dst

Anonymous 242389

chen is literally a father

Anonymous 242390

he looks decent today, they all do except rat and sehun

Anonymous 242391

just do it, isn't it tedious to have to solve a captcha every time you want to comment on the stream?

Anonymous 242392

yeolie is fujobaiting with kyungsoo

Anonymous 242393

then don't post in gaypg

Anonymous 242394

sehunnie is so funny

Anonymous 242395

nobody alive wants that

Anonymous 242396


I miss your tan skin, your sweet smile
So good to me, so right
And how you held me in your arms that September night

Anonymous 242397

hmmm bros the live looks better on tiktok than youtube

Anonymous 242398

we don't use titok

Anonymous 242399


Anonymous 242400

he does the same nail thing i do to grow my hair

Anonymous 242401

beautiful song and man, too real

Anonymous 242402

tiktok is the worst app to keep up with gaypops on due to the underagefags on there ruining everything

Anonymous 242403

he did not like the edward scissor hands comparison

Anonymous 242404

>tiktok is the worst app

Anonymous 242405

gonna sleep another hour

Anonymous 242406

the army should have taken sehun instead

Anonymous 242407

ccc is so active compared to other ibs

Anonymous 242408

what if mark is infertile now because chenle sat on his dick too aggressively and squashed it

Anonymous 242409

he can get a new zombie penis

Anonymous 242410

that's because we only have one thread which is a chat room and very addictive

Anonymous 242411

yeaaaahhhhh superhuman

Anonymous 242413

> "it woulkd be funny if kai is watching" "he would never watch"
kek of course

Anonymous 242414


scandinavian creature

Anonymous 242415

Anonymous 242416

regret it sounds mid

Anonymous 242417

hear me out sounds mid and kyungsoo is gone

Anonymous 242418

i'm falling asleep to my exo sisters still watching remember to be happy exo exists

Anonymous 242419

we loved hear me out, silly!

Anonymous 242420


e don't push him
o push him

Anonymous 242421

>kyungsoo live singing

Anonymous 242422

actually we were forced out with force

Anonymous 242423

wowww egg's english pronounciation is so good

Anonymous 242424

no make up already best bside after let me in. holy shit baekhyun's singing just now was so sexy

Anonymous 242425

>exo mentioning johnny not for nct promo
nct made it

Anonymous 242426

kekmao they just said they actually recorded the peter pan demo with johnny, thank you lsm for taking him out of the lineup

Anonymous 242427


Anonymous 242428

Anonymous 242429

aigoo the hiv nose

Anonymous 242430

chen looks great

Anonymous 242431

all juyeon's fault

Anonymous 242432

so far the album sounds very early 2000’s r&b, love it

Anonymous 242433

bros im so tired

Anonymous 242434


who's grandma is this?

Anonymous 242435

just ascended with kyungsoos vocals on another day

Anonymous 242436

sehun kind of looks now like ma dongseok if he wasn't big

Anonymous 242437

mine, we're in a big age gap lesbian relationship. also fuck jap girlies what did they do to deserve all those events

Anonymous 242438

heolkek they do vaguely have the same phenotype

Anonymous 242439

aigoo chanyeol directs sehun in the studio, chanyeol-ah let’s do a better job!

Anonymous 242440

unnie you need to find girls your age, and they're securing their future… don't blame 'em

Anonymous 242441

hate bacon all you want but he keeps getting better at singing, he really doesn't stop practicing and going to classes

Anonymous 242442


Anonymous 242443

bacon hangs out with seungmin

Anonymous 242444

put that thing away eric you'll poke someone's eye out

Anonymous 242445

>hate bacon all you want
as you wish

Anonymous 242446


Anonymous 242447

hm… cream soda might bang girls

Anonymous 242448

cream soda is a banger ravi will burn in hell

Anonymous 242450

cream soda is a banger and the choreo wow

Anonymous 242451

what does ravi have to do with it

Anonymous 242452

I cum whenever I hear Kyungsoo's speaking voice

Anonymous 242453

oooooh sa nvm the army thing

Anonymous 242455

a chansoo pc… I need to pull it i will be so rich

Anonymous 242456

hmmm girls… i want that chanyeol lenticular

Anonymous 242457

19 versions is craycray

Anonymous 242458

things aside this might be the most natural older group live i've seen, they aren't awkward and don't act like your usual 30 year old gaypops

Anonymous 242459

exol thinking she's slick

Anonymous 242460

egg watched oshi no ko fucking weeb

Anonymous 242461

chen just said nini exobros we are killing ourselves

Anonymous 242462


Anonymous 242463

egg and chanyeol cant stop kekking bacon will kill them for their lack of work ethic

Anonymous 242464

it made me cry

Anonymous 242465

beautiful xiumin eyes

Anonymous 242466

shut up fatso

Anonymous 242467

suho talking about kai I'm going to neck myself

Anonymous 242468

egg holding chanyeols waist like that…

Anonymous 242469

they are fucking

Anonymous 242470

i have no option but to commit suicide

Anonymous 242471

let's gooo

Anonymous 242472

we are already there

Anonymous 242473

praying that sehun doesn’t drop a stinker, he was doing fine in tempo and obsession

Anonymous 242474

lets gooooooooo

Anonymous 242475


Anonymous 242476

why does the video look so low budget

Anonymous 242477

wheres zb1

Anonymous 242478

kek sehun said 'befooled'

Anonymous 242479

suju type mv and dancing

Anonymous 242480

Anonymous 242481

kek the blonde white girl. the chorus is pretty coomworthy ngl

Anonymous 242482


Anonymous 242483

reee forgot i'm not on 3c

Anonymous 242484

girl what the hell they got suho with a white girl… that was a banger though

Anonymous 242486

big lvgookman energy from the mv

Anonymous 242487

zhanghao is just ugly

Anonymous 242488


Anonymous 242489

i already forgot how the song went

Anonymous 242490

told you girlies I need all ya cream soda would be become and instant classic banger

Anonymous 242491

has more energy than i expected but i feel indifferent

Anonymous 242492

i need all yaaaaa cream sodaaaaaa
best delivery of a meme line since shot imma party till the sundown

Anonymous 242493

zb1 was nice!

Anonymous 242495

shawty reee autocorrect

Anonymous 242497

exo be yellen

Anonymous 242498

i need all ya cream soda

Anonymous 242499

if they video was better it would feel more 2pm and less suju but i really like the song

Anonymous 242502

new bread

Anonymous 242503

exo saranghaja

Anonymous 242505

zb1 is going to be so fun live

Anonymous 242507


Anonymous 242511

i love shanbin

Anonymous 242512


Anonymous 242689


Anonymous 242690

was it an accident

Anonymous 242691

are we in trouble

Anonymous 242693

we outstayed our welcome…

Anonymous 242694

i was gone for 20 mins what happened

Anonymous 242695

is that what happens when you get banned here? miner janis we come in peace please tell us what you want us to do

Anonymous 242696

backscrolling it looks like they removed dawn's posts from this thread, and maybe some others… damn it

Anonymous 242697

um.. girls?

Anonymous 242698

thread suddenly gone

Anonymous 242700

i don't want to go to 4chan please God

Anonymous 242702

dawn wtf did you do

Anonymous 242703

maybe this'll be a cyclical thread? i kinda don't wanna waste posts posting stupid stuff, every post is crucial

Anonymous 242704

im scared can someone hold my hand please

Anonymous 242705

new thread, let's see if it stays up

Anonymous 242706

new thread i guess, i feel like i've been well-behaved on here so if it gets deleted we'll know whether they're purging individual posters or they want us gone altogether

Anonymous 242707

someone already made thread 8, fear not sisters

Anonymous 242711

>dawn exiled
it took 2c janis 2 days to do what 3c janis have failed to do for 3 years

Anonymous 242712

i'm grateful to be here and i don't hate anybody at all, let's be peaceful and calm

Anonymous 242716

they are so based

Anonymous 242954

tfw have a really sexy mingi video and 3c is still down

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