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Lolcow.farm Hate Thread #4 Anonymous 246328

Previous thread:

Anonymous 246329


>The only reason I'd want to be in a relationship with someone is so that I can have access to their income and be able to afford rent lol

Anonymous 246354

Anonymous 246357

Lolcow users when you don't share their brainrot and hivemind: AAAAAAAAAA

Anonymous 246474

That's so relatable.

Anonymous 246539

Tumblr-y in what way nona?

Anonymous 247521


Anon subjects us to his scat fetish

Anonymous 247527

Jannies are so dumb how is that racebait, the fact that black men have black penises? That a black man's penis looks like poop? Who cares about moid feelings.

Anonymous 247528


Whats lolcow.farm about to begin with? I bounce mostly between CC and 4chan (mostly /k/ and /s4s), so I don't know much about it.
Right away the site looks female-oriented like CC, so I don't get why there is a hate thread up.

Only instant difference is the dedicated hate threads.

Anonymous 247531

>Yeah how is it racist to say black people are poop-coloured????!!! It's such a nice thing say to say. Btw the n word just means black etymologically so I should be able to say it. I'm not racist btw I just hate black people lmao.

Anonymous 247532

lolcow is primarily a gossip website. If you want to know why its hated then read the hate threads.

Anonymous 247534

>so I don't get why there is a hate thread up.
The hate thread is mostly for LC refugees to vent about lc freely. Of course there's also some cc anons that simply hate lc in there too, but it's mostly lc related drama being discussed which obviously implies there's a large user crossover.

Anonymous 247557

Lolcow.farm is a gossip board kinda like kiwifarms is as a forum, crystal.cafe is a normal board like 4chan.

Anonymous 247625


Is it just me getting this feeling that lolcow is filled with gay scrotes?

Anonymous 247640

madness, lower right

Anonymous 247657

the site is owned by a gay guy called john brooks if i'm not mistaken. he's from the netherlands or denmark or something

Anonymous 247663

he's pretty dangerous by the way and he comes in a pack of 3 (hmm) with his associates kurtis hale and daniel thomas toruno. they run a pretty big criminal scamming organization based out of some warehouse in iceland. anyone autistic enough reading this with some free time can research and make the connections, he's behind torswats and all those recent happenings as well. KF'ers were wrong and they like to throw fellow gay men in their clique under the bus when they need to

Anonymous 247683

Yeah, that's how I feel too, I've never met women who were this catty, gay moids on the other hand…

Anonymous 247689

>John Brooks
Sounds pretty dutch

Anonymous 248045

Idk if it has anything to do with kf being on the fritz for a bit but statistics say their userbase flipped it's now predominantly visited by young males aged like 15-25. Cc has more female users these days, all around older users as well

Anonymous 249059

Have you noticed the moid posts lately? More than usual.

Anonymous 249060

I can appreciate the honesty.

Anonymous 249062

Dammit I'm negative schizo

Anonymous 249171

Any other here that got banned because of the psychology of fandom thread? Why are the only bans on the fujo defenders and not the ones that kept baiting and infighting?

Anonymous 249173

Fair, but why not ban the bait posts?

Anonymous 249174

Lolcow has newfags as jannies nowadays and the website is filled with tourists from twitter and tumblr that hate women having fun and radfems that see fujos as the boogeyman that turns their potential gfs into tifs, so you keep getting reported by them.

Anonymous 249176

Screenshot 2023-08…

>newfag jannies
Is there no way to fix this? Also this is what I copped a ban for (I'm the bottom redtext). I feel like a dumbass for getting banned over something this stupid and not because I was trolling or something.

Anonymous 249181

Screenshot 2023-08…

This post is straight up baiting and also definitely a twitterfag that should've gotten banned for unironically using twitter lingo.

Anonymous 249182

did u report it

Anonymous 249187

I'm always too scared to report and getting banned, but I'm gonna start reporting more infighting instead of responding to it.
It was pointed out in that thread, but the most popular male ships of 2023 were mostly friends to lovers and not toxic (there's some outliers). Also Killing Stalking (an eastern work) is a single example versus things like Heartstopper and Red, White, and Royal Blue (both western). Also that anon claimed lesbian ships aren't toxic when quite a few lesbian ships in the west are toxic (was pointed out in thread)
>not twitter lingo
You just gonna ignore the "sapphic" You sure you're not the gayden?

Anonymous 249188

I think she meant that she said sapphics instead of lesbians which is a twitter word meant to include trannies. Lolcow is filled with twitterfags, stuff like this is common there nowadays.

Anonymous 249189

You need to go back.

Anonymous 249190

To preface, I'm not mad I got banned. Rather that I got banned for this post >>249176 and not for my posts where I replied to bait and contributed to the infighting. Like if you're going to be a rule enforcer, enforce it properly or don't enforce it at all. Someone needs to properly review these new jannies because they suck ass at knowing the rules.

Anonymous 249192

>A few dozen examples of uwu soft romance is not enough to gloss over the fact that women as a community have a history
We just gonna pretend there isn't thousands of heterosexual romance books for women that have rape and stockholm syndrome. It's not just fujos. It's women's media in general that has taboo and straight up toxic themes. Anne Rice herself wrote the Sleeping Beauty series.

Anonymous 249193

>fujos as a community have a history of defending abusive dynamics, pedophilia, and otherwise framing awful things in a romantic light
Oh no the fictional character is being hurt, who cares.

Anonymous 249194

Some more examples that aren't Anne Rice: CJ Roberts, Kitty Thomas, BG Harlen and countless others write erotic (and sometimes downright pornographic) romance novels that often have themes of rape, bdsm, stockholm syndrome, abuse, etc. And there are women (key word: women) that read and enjoy these novels. There are literal facebook mom book club groups dedicated to reading some of this stuff. But no. My mistake, only fujos enjoy dark media and like painting abusive shit in a romantic light.

Anonymous 249195

No hahaha
>radfems that see fujos as the boogeyman that turns their potential gfs into tifs

Anonymous 249196

>Got called out and is now angry

Anonymous 249197

You're not my type

Anonymous 249198

how do u know. she might be

Anonymous 249200

Anyway, does anyone know the vetting process for the farmhands on lolcow? Like do you just verify you're a women and they let you be on the mod team, or do they ask a few verification questions to make sure you're not a handmaiden or tradthot? How can they tell you aren't lying when you say "I hate all trannies and I've definitely been on this site for 2+ years."


Did you really just compare Hannibal x will to killing stalking ?! Lmao

Anonymous 249203

Not this fight spilling over to cc, too….

Anonymous 249205

>LCF is massively critical of straight people romanticising abuse
You gonna post caps that aren’t about real life straight women that cape for real life abusers. Not saying you’re wrong, but it’s disingenuous to constantly sperg about fujos caping for fictional abuse and almost never mention the straight side of it. I’m sure you could also find lesbian media made for women with similar themes. So why is that only fujos makes you sperg like an autist

Anonymous 249223

yes and did you forget about two of the most popular books AND movies for women and teenagers alike called TWILIGHT and FIFTY SHADES OF GREY?
It is a pattern with every female oriented romance to have toxic things.
I remember the only main yaoi series I liked junjou romantica had all this seethe because of the rape and yet the people that hated it loved killing stalking because it was "serious"
The huge hypocrisy is never pointed out.

Anonymous 249229

I don't care about this dumb infight but why do so many of you say "straight women" vs "fujos" as if they're mutually exclusive?

Anonymous 249230

the difference is men deserve it

Anonymous 249236

>continues to shift goalpost
I think it’s obvious you’re trolling or just some weird antifujo sperg that can’t contain her autism. The fact of the matter is that you claimed only fujos have such dark media and I pulled out Anne Rice as a counter. But instead of responding in any meaningful way, you acted like I was a gayden for pointing it out and started sperging about how lolcow is critical of Anne Rice’s shit too. I asked for caps, and instead of doing so, you doubled down and somehow became even more retarded.
>blatantly ignores post with popular women’s books
I know some of those authors aren’t the most popular but they have a decently sized fanbase.
>majority are going to be off put
No one claimed it wasn’t off putting, rather that it’s common for women to enjoy. You’ll notice the goalpost shifting from the original argument if you read a little farther up.

Anonymous 249239

>The antifujo sperg is a soyjakparty poster
Color me surprised. How do we combat these annoyances on lolcow. It seems obvious some of the farmhands are fine with soyjak tier posts that constantly derail threads with antifujo sperging or comparing shitposts to horror cows.

Anonymous 249241

365 days is the series with all romanticization you seek, and yet, even if Twilight didn't have rape, the dynamics between Edward and Bella, about him wanting to eat her and resisting the urge to suck her blood and so on, is basically a supernatural equivalent to a man that was a predator that had to change himself for the better.

Anonymous 249245

so glad that their shitty moid ass website is gone

Anonymous 249247

They still have a bunker board out there. But it's really hard to follow, so I think any raids are going to be one offs.

Anonymous 249248

I don't think fujos are irredeemable degenerates or anything, but seriously, there's a lot of stuff I like I wouldn't mention on LC, unless I felt like starting an argument, because it'stoo problematic for its standards. Not Anne Rice tho, her prose seems atrocious.

Anonymous 249313


Only in Shayna's thread you can find such retardation.

Anonymous 249314

What is it about shayna that drives anons crazy to the degree of needing a shay board to be contained?

Anonymous 249321

Just gotta speak my mind. I believe I've just about lost my patience. I don't care what anons think about me, but the "gay scrotes" anon blaming me for their bullshit is clearly the troon from 4chan in the DIYHRT thread. Fucker spammed pictures of me, all of them got deleted because he's male, I stupidly brag about that specific incident and on rare occasions pretending to be the "you whores" guy in /ot/ (last time was during hellweek) while manic, completely forget about the site until someone spams my askbox who I'm 99% sure I know their URL by memory (glowcel) and I get brought to my attention that a male spammed /2X/ using my name. I'm quite tired plus I have significantly more fun telling the tranny /r9k/ rejects on /lgbt/ they will never be women due to their misogyny and porn addiction. I get unbanned in a few hours because I told a scrote who was threatening me to ack. A lot of this situation is my own stupidity, but I was not the cocksucker anon. I said stupid, made up shit on 4chan to sound cool, we've all done that online, it isn't okay and the anon who was sexually harassing me, a lesbian tif, should be ashamed of himself

Anonymous 249322

you admit you go on a 4scrote board filled with degenerate misogynistic pedos, larp as a ban evading misogynistic scrote on a website that's supposed to be for women only, and you're bawwwwing about some weird cringey tranny discord/tumblr/whatever infighting as if any of us know or care.
most your problems can be solved by you unplugging your monitors and talking to people irl or getting a job instead of spending time with mentally disturbed trannies all day.

Anonymous 249324

>I'm quite tired plus I have significantly more fun telling the tranny /r9k/ rejects on /lgbt/ they will never be women due to their misogyny and porn addiction.
How ironic… You will never be a man either, tif-chan.

Anonymous 249325

I'm well aware. Best I can do is medicate and hope to live a life in solitude. Majority of my problems are caused by impulse and not thinking anything through as >>249322 said, but simultaneously I have to say that /lgbt/ is a great way to peak or get close to the threshold. I can count on one hand the number of MtFs I have ever liked, and now I've figured it out by browsing that shithole. /ftmg/ and /clg/ are the two best threads in my opinion, but it's a great stress reliever to take it out on pedophiles, even if it backfires when I talk myself into my own grave. I need a better hobby when my computer is out of commission and needs a full system replacement, but this passes the time.

Anonymous 249332

maybe it's because the only time someone brings yaoi up is always to talk about the bad things in it, while yumejoshis can write boring ass self insert fantasies and get praised for it and scrotes can fap on ryona games.

Anonymous 249338



Anonymous 249339

>then he talked about getting rid of the cat

Anonymous 249345

I'm the anon that was hating on dick suckers (I don't understand what's wrong with that, they are pigs and male supremacists) on 2X and got accused of being someone I'm not, first a male, male troon (I hate males and have phobia of them) then a self hating ftm which is genuinely infuriating to hear when you don't hate yourself, never did and your whole nervous system breaks down when you feel disrespected, treated like a trash etc. And when you hate all women's self hate and destruction the most of all people probably(saying I hate myself obviously has bad intentions if you dont gaf about how other billion of women hate themselves), then got accused of being Blaine(?), Then some other person who's name I don't remember, then a fujoshi, then a faggot, then "pakichan", then tif-chan, then accused of going on 4chan while I don't go there and 4chan makes me sick, then got accused of being that person from /lgbt/, then got accused of being some lesbian tif. I'm none of those people to add more about myself, I hate males, fujoshis, faggots, Tims and dont have much against gcs besides the cunts who are obsessed with nagging women who hate womanhood while I promise you I have nothing in common with 99% of ftms yet I get compared to them. Gc cunts need to stick to hating the males and talking about biological reality and stop engaging in female socialization.
I received the most subhuman treatment within the female socialization and no men are not in the room with us when female socialization happens. It's just women being retarded, I'm good at observing and analyzing the reality, having critical thinking skills and it makes people absolutely mad like I'm supposed to be ashamed of myself and beg for the social approval kek bye. If you think I hate myself trooncum-chan(cause I bet you're here cunt) then why won't you let me talk positively about myself and say I'm smart? You're just a troon obsessed gc, hating male troons ok but why it expands into some weird female socialization shit and becoming neurotic about it wtf

Anonymous 249346


maybe take a walk outside Nona, it might do something for you. No point getting so worried over troons when no one will ever think they're the same as women.

Anonymous 249347

Why are all the local LC retards hanging out in this thread? Both of you are wannabe malebrained failures, just get off imageboards because it would make everyone's day. Thank you.

Anonymous 249350

What does wannabe male brained mean? I'm not trying to be in anyway, I'm just being

Anonymous 249352

I like you, nona

Anonymous 249363

male brained = being an inconsedirate braindead rape ape

Anonymous 249367

>personalityfagging leaking into CC
No one cares.

Anonymous 249404

>insults women on a women-only website
>receives insults
>"muh female socialization!"

Anonymous 249495

Haha yeah… a yume would never like (reverse) ryona… couldn't be me haha…

Anonymous 249498

wishing that moids get abused >>> wishing sexual abuse on women

Anonymous 249717

Fucking thank you. I could not give a crap what happens to men. They're so "all powerful" oh no suddenly they're not?? What???????? Lmao

Anonymous 249743

i honestly think there is a small group of posters on that website that lurk as much as i do and have convinced themselves i’m the fat mexican former (?) admin lmfao. we share a name and i searched a username of mine to see if i was being gang stalked during a manic episode and then i got a random rash of followers on the one account i still used the username on which was an oversight. i share a name that i use online w someone too, but i lurk too infrequently and their archiving sucks. i never posted cause i never found it worth it and knew there was board rules i didn’t know how to follow. idk. i have an aunt unhinged enough to post on there but she’s not technically savvy enough to pull it off at all i think. who knows. also didn’t realize rhis site had a sage checkbox bc i haven’t really been here much to post at all.

Anonymous 249748


wtf was this interaction, it was on the dumbass shit thread too.

Anonymous 249759

The mods post in on the boards without their farmhand tag on all the time. Not sure why this is surprising to you. They are trying to slowly change the site now so it's not so jarring when they switch over to the new site. It will probably be like cc, no cow boards just a few authorized boards from ot or something that the jannies like best. They are so hostile towards their userbase nobody but the farmhand whiteknight (probably a janny themselves) will deny it

Anonymous 249770

It's a desire to "fix" someone and thereby be uniquely necessary in his life.

Anonymous 249798

Lolcow has a problem of accusing people of being other people.
I made a post, and discussion started from it, but I didn't reply to anyone or make other posts. They're infighting and accusing each other of being OP (me)… They have no idea kek.
(Also I'm not a personalityfag, it's just a particularly schizo thread.)

Anonymous 249799

>it's just a particularly schizo thread
But they do it in every thread kek and cross threads too. The other day someone accused me of bringing an infight from a different thread, I hadn't even posted there.

Anonymous 249803

I often post and then people piggyback on whatever reply someone sent me acting like they're me kek
I don't mind it much, but when they act like they're me when I'm asking/telling something personal it gets on my nerves

Anonymous 249843

I'm not one to tinfoil much but yeah, maybe I'm the one who's naive here and that's the case. Earlier on meta, someone snapped at a farmer who posted about having contacted the farmhands through email but hadn't received an answer. Why would a supposedly random anon not involved in the situation get worked up over that?

Anonymous 249865

Why would anyone willingly talk to them? Anon needs to take her meds.
I can't follow but I get that you're the problem here.
>your whole nervous system breaks down when you feel disrespected
What the fuck is happening ITT
It's likely, a bunch schizos have her living rent free in their heads. Stay safe out there anon.
Maybe they're just an asshole but the anon mentioned the gmail, which hasn't been the right email for over 4 years at this point. If anon was a janitor or a farmhand then they're a retarded one.

Anonymous 249887

ayer thank you that actually makes me feel a bit better. i have some other weird connections by nature of it being such a small ib but i just share a lot of superficial similarities that if yr autist enough to be obsessed w shayna yr going to assume the coincidences are too much to ignore. or at least that’s what i tell myself so i don’t feel secondhand embarrassment that there may have been people in my life that shit up the board on my behalf and i only saw the iceberg float past and went “huh weird. anyways.” my main interest is in the conspiracy thread and /x/ on here so i guess that explains my problems. also to drive home how out of the loop i was i didn’t even know the website changed and there was all that farmhand drama. there’s a few different issues coming from there and none of them came from my direct involvement if they are actually connected to me so i’ve come to terms w it.

Anonymous 250193

Yes the "remaining vocal userbase" that will vehemently wk this strange mod behaviour is just the mods samefagging themselves in /meta/ with their tag off. I can only imagine what their new off site discord/mod group chat looks like. Never seen a team so nasty to their own userbase, I think they dislike the userbase more than the admin who complained about getting stress shits kek. Also, have you noticed that every time multiple anons have a legitimate issue with the moderation team and brings it up, there's suddenly some weird "moid spam" that swiftly needs cleaning up "THANKS MODS FOR ALL UR HARD WORKK" the wk will swiftly come back to rebuttal (It's clearly a deflection/distraction tactic at this point)
Anyway this is just a preview on what's to come when they switch over to the new site. They have closed so many threads for no reason, trying to shut shay down now and dakotas thread now. They had the nerve to force everyone off /w/ with their weird policing and moderation then have the nerve to say theres not enough traffic on that board to justify having it.. there's no more traffic on /w/ because the mods were allowed to punish anyone who posted there until it finally died. Absolutely insane the state of the site is in. They moderate it like reddit mods

Anonymous 250206


I didn't really follow most of the moderation related drama because I don't browse /w/, but wtf is up with this redtext in /m/. Multiple anons came out justifying it for "non-contribution" or not saging/using slurs (lol), obvious newfags saying that you need to sage in /m/ and when called out trying to apply their own made up rules to everyone else. The post is just a response to someone not remembering what people refer to an art style as, it's really not offensive in any way. No-one can explain how it's meant to be derailing the thread. For context, thread is about art styles people don't like.

Anonymous 250209

lol I was about to post this too, I guess we are meant to not interact with posts. I don't keep up with /w/ either, but there was an anon who referred to some moderation choices as "bizarre" (and no I am not that anon before some schizo farmer shows up) in /meta/ and she gave examples of redtextes in /w/. One of the examples was a posts banned for necro, I think it was Kota's thread, when it should have been for unsage, the thread had last been bumped in like 3-4 days. The mod replying saying something like it was a non-contribution and something something, just admit you fucked up, non contribution is not the same as necro. It's so weird to see farmers (or "farmers"?) defending this sort of stuff because it's not even some gray zone, you could interpret this one way or another, it's just objectively wrong. Also if I were admin I'd make saging in /m/ illegal lol, board is already slow as fuck and you want people to sage as if they were in a cow board?

Anonymous 250210


doubleposting the /m/ post being discussed in /meta/. that anon just throwing summerfag as if it were applicable to the situation and unironically coming off as more of a newfag than anyone else

Anonymous 250211


Anonymous 250225

>Wish there were still enough petty oldfags around from the /cgl/ era
I'm right here nona, but they declined my farmhand application so there's not much I can do kek

Anonymous 250235

I got banned for not saging in celebcows but it was only for a few hours, and it was on me for not reading the updated rules on saging.

Anonymous 250237

You are supposed to sage in celebcows, personally I think it's dumb and if you are going to apply cow rules to it, it should just be moved to snow.

Anonymous 250241

I've heard about Carrey-chan before but I didn't know she was so weird.
Look at these posts wtf

Anonymous 250250


anon posted selfie.

it says "i (heart) my nonas"

Anonymous 250252

She reminds me of brittany murphy

Anonymous 250253



Anonymous 250254

Just what LC needed another personalityfag, this one doesn't even have a personality

Anonymous 250256

hmm just saw this on that other website that's supposedly like this one but for dudes… …?

Anonymous 250257

what was the context for this?

Anonymous 250278


The reponses in /meta/ started implying that boards are getting "cleaned up from non-contribution posts" despite the original post being a contribution to the discussion, and said cleaning not happening in any other board or thread. The /m/ newfag dug her heels in and insisted that the anon that got redtexted is some male boogeyman who is regularly spamming the boards, and that everyone should still sage on offtopic boards. It's utterly bizzare, a random user gets banned for nothing while trump-chan dumps 50 "contributing" posts to celebricows per day. Not to even mention all the other retards that haunt other cow threads.

Anonymous 250282

some farmer wanted to show nonas her face.. and thats it.

Anonymous 250283

I'm not much of a lowcow user but I thought farmers don't refer to each other as nonas, isn't nona a term only used on cc?

Anonymous 250284

He's ugly.

Anonymous 250285

They've been saying nonas on LC since like 2021 I think, there were anons who were against it because they think it's too "uwu" but if you're not an edgy bitch you don't fit in on lolcow.

Anonymous 250286

Oh, I always thought is what is used on lc not nona but then again I'm a newfag to lc.

Anonymous 250287

N0nny gets highlighted in red text because it's apparently also a bad word kek but it gets used constantly.

Anonymous 250288

It's redtexted because it used to mean you're a tumblr refugee since they used n*nny a lot because of anonymous asks. However it did kind of become an lc thing after a while and I don't think tumblr has enough of a strong presence to bring in newfags anymore.

Anonymous 250289

Was nona used before n0nny was popularized?

Anonymous 250291

I don't think so, at least I don't remember. I feel like all the n0nny, nona, nonatella, nonichka and other derivations appeared at the same time n0nny became more normalized on lc. Around the pandemic? These past few years have been a blur.

Anonymous 250420

I just think it's funny how lolcow anons call each other that while crying about twitterfags and zoomers and the so-called sanctity of "board culture". Bet in 5 years or so it will be the zoomers seething over "alphoomers" or whatever they're called and whatever social media app catches on in the meantime.

Anonymous 250429

It's mainly newfags saying it and refugees from other boards

Anonymous 250440

I hate the idea of a lolcow, they are just people that don't follow social norms. The message is "conform or be ridiculed". I honestly don't think people so neurotic and insincere have the right to call disinhibited people lolcows.

Anonymous 250441


I feel bad for her but I keked

Anonymous 250444

by this logic being a lolcow should be a badge of honor. social norms are for weaklings

Anonymous 250448

What do you think about Chris Chan?

Anonymous 250449


His life would be better if he hadn't been discovered by people and Bob had successfully cut down the internet. Even with the recent events I consider him to be a tragedy and can't find humor in him. It's a tremendously depressing situation.

I love internet drama as much as the next onlooker, but I prefer it to be centered around dumb shitty youtubers, or pompous idiots like Dobson. I find no joy in the misfortunes of the mentally ill.

Anonymous 250459

I can see your jealousy.
CC is definitely comfier and with a better userbase then lc sorry

Anonymous 250460

Appeal to authority is a fallacy, nevertheless

Anonymous 250468

I think chris chan was a mentally impared retard, that could have taked learning from his experience about how human nature is social hysteria, and if lots of people are making fun of him they are not going to stop because that would require going against masses and losing perceived social acceptance. He was dumb, and his case isn't special.
Lolcow enjoyers are the same, and if not worse than those they call lolcows. No one that has a life worth living invests that much time into someone else's existence.

Anonymous 250470

I got called a normalfag because I said I was sick of anons instigating fights on purpose and replying to vents with hateful bullshit. The "board culture" shield they use is retarded. Why would anyone want to post on a board where any innocuous thing they say will be attacked by some schizo Regina George larper?

Anonymous 250473

True, the cow yourself thread speaks volumes. I do think documenting certain internet personalities can be useful however like internet trends and movements and their negative impacts or people who are actually malicious and a danger to others but documenting innocuous lolcows seems dumb to me and some anons there nitpick people's bodies and faces like crazy.

Anonymous 250477

Another seagull here, missing the early days of lc and cgl when many a kek were had. Also sick of the tranny farmhands ruining the board culture. I just lurk to see how they're posting in threads as anon or fighting for their lives to defend themselves everywhere. They stand out because they take things so personally.

If you're not a mod, don't do the work for free.

Anonymous 250495

I hate how the mods red text especially when they add totally funny responses, like someone will be doing something retarded, and then like 3 or 4 mild posts get redtexts, while the person is still being retarded, or their retarded posts aren't red texts.
I don't believe the mods ban everyone in a infight. They just pick at random for vanity or the ones who like to make "Clever" redtext comments, pick ones they can do that with. I don't know if i make sense kek

Anonymous 250496

No you make perfect sense nona. An anon got a ban literally for making a joke but the mod obviously didn't understand the context so she made an obnoxious "joke" of her own in the redtext. It's so fucking stupid and cringe I can't stand it.

Anonymous 250500

Mods are also redtexting random saged posts with their own opinions nobody asked for. It's so clear they're a bunch of trannies who couldn't integrate into the board and have no idea what people are talking about.

Anonymous 250503

4chan trannies also regularly admit to being the most prolific users of the site, too. wouldn't be shocked if the most annoying over the top "radfems" are tims hating on tifs

Anonymous 250506

I assume it's because retarded newfags think that imageboard culture means being an insufferable aggro edgelord.
>4chan trannies also regularly admit to being the most prolific users of the site
where are you getting that from? 4chan trannies and scrotes regularly complain about being banned on lc and whine that it's an evil terf/misandrist site, they admit to posting on cc a lot though. just did a search in the /lgbt/ archives for lolcow and it's mainly male trannies crying about it being a terf site.

Anonymous 250512

>4chan trannies also regularly admit to being the most prolific users of the site
I hate to break it to you nona, but cc is mentioned way more often on 4chan than lcf, and coupled with the fact that cc is a lot less active the % of moids looking for qt femcel gfs is higher. I love both of these places mind you, I just don't think "lc is a moid heaven" is a proper insult coming from cc since you know, people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones… Moids will always be a plague for female ibs.

Anonymous 250515

I've seen funny red texts before but that's not the case for most of them, I also hate when the unfunny red texts get posted in the LC own caps thread. Had they been just regular replies, people would be like "this thread is meant for funny caps/lc has become so unfunny".

Anonymous 250522

honestly I'm sure there are at least a few NLOTs LARPing as "TERFs" on lolcow for the ~gender euphoria~. They're just so slimy and perverse that they intentionally seek out women who don't want anything to do with them and try to infiltrate our spaces because it gives them validation. I have even had the misfortune of stumbling upon one myself in the friend finder thread, he introduced himself as an actual woman and only after months of conversations he finally admitted he was a tranny but still played the victim and insisted he was "different from the others" and "hated other trannies and men so much he could only stand to be friends with terfs". Later I found out from others he was a pretty known user on /tttt/ and even tried to defend trannies in the mtf /snow/ thread. So much for "not like other trannies I promise!!" Trannies will attempt to prey on any female-oriented community just to feel like "valid girls"


Who actually owns lolcow

Anonymous 250532

How did you not know he was a tranny did you not ask for any sort of verification beforehand?

Anonymous 250534

Anonymous 250538

He was even voice verified in a lolcow server but he was also a chemical castrato much like Tim Petras.
last time I remember he went by papaya I think

Anonymous 250542

LB and snitch can only refer to Laurelai Bailey, infamous for both being a rapist and snitching on Lulzsec to the feds in 2011. Sadistic tranny with lots of sockpuppets.
If true, that’d explain why lolcow periodically gets “owned” by “Trollsec” the limp dick successor to Lulzsec lmao I always wondered what that was about

Anonymous 250543

Anonymous 250544


Anonymous 250550


i get that you're trying to make a point but why you would you bring this up?

Anonymous 250553

Unfortunately both cc and lcf are rife with trannies and lfc being more "aggresively terfy" still doesn't truly deter them like >>250506 implies, in fact it encourages the slimier ones (well all of them are but some more than others) to be even more insidious

Anonymous 250555

this just sounds like troonfoiling to try and scare women off from using womens only imageboards. male trannies are always going to eventually slip up and say something that outs them as men/troons. if you have actual proof that there's a bunch of them larping as terfs/radfems just to be able to post on here and lolcow I'd love to see it.

Anonymous 250556

I don't know about tims but lolcow is 100% filled with faggots, especially in the tif threads.

Anonymous 250557

i agree with you and understand. it's interesting to see how small this circle is and how word gets around. he was a loon.

you are not understanding.
>honestly I'm sure there are at least a few NLOTs LARPing as "TERFs" on lolcow for the ~gender euphoria~.
>if you have actual proof that there's a bunch of them larping as terfs/radfems just to be able to post on here and lolcow I'd love to see it.

she just gave an instance of one that tried to blend in with community groups and users through the friend finder thread. the fact that this happened shows that there are trannys who will try to do this.

there is no rule against whatever gender is posting on the site. you just can't disclose it. why would it be shocking that a surprising percentage of users are trannys?
they are like a roast infestation on the internet.

Anonymous 250558

Sounds like youre here for damage control to me. Anyone can look at the analytics available for free publicly online and see that lolcow is infested with men, over 60% of the userbase are males, I can only imagine how many trannies are there. Cc has less males and a slightly older userbase than lc. The mod team on lc is not to be trusted, they prove it time and time again. Remember the time they locked the mtf thread? The recent weird stuff allowed in 2x lately and the general odd moderation. The moderation is so weird ,they only reluctantly tighten up when enough people start bitching about it long enough, you can rest assured it will devolve back into the same old shit shortly after the admin is forced to make a text wall explaining their bs. Rinse and repeat. Lc feels like an echochamber and it's funny you're blaming troonfoiling as the reason women are being chased off as if it's not the moderation team who's made it their mission to punish users for using the site. What's with the weird bans today? Or hell, even the past few days…? They are trying to blame it on some weird auto ban system which nobody knew existed.

Anonymous 250559

ok now I know you're just making stuff up, that site demographic thing has been debunked hundreds of times already. it uses keywords and other random guessing strategies, it said 4chan is mostly women despite that cesspit being one of the most male majority sites out there. as of lately cc has a younger userbase of zoomer "femcels" that find this place from it being brought up on /r9k/, twitter, and tiktok. it wasn't like that when the site was first made by a lolcow anon and only advertised there. cc also definitely has more males, this place gets daily mentions on 4chan and soyjak and other scrote sites as a place to find a femcel gf not to mention the daily scrote spam raids.
yes and sure enough it was mentioned that the tranny outed himself as being a male just like I said happens eventually. there is a rule on what sex is allowed to post, males/xy chromosome havers are not allowed to post on lc, even if they don't outwardly admit they're men they still get banned if they're reported.

Anonymous 250560


If anyone is making shit up right now, it's you

Anonymous 250561


Anonymous 250563

Is this the schizo from the cc bunker?

Anonymous 250564

this still doesn't prove anything, there is no way this site is getting accurate data from users on anonymous imageboards. it uses keywords, google analytics, data from installed apps/products, and other techniques that would not work on anonymous ip-based websites like 4chan that don't require any accounts nor downloading.

Anonymous 250565

this schizo freak has made hundreds of word salad seetheposts already, why are the farmhands just letting them chimp out freely in /meta/? they've been tinfoiling, alogging, posting emojis, hi cowing, infighting, all stuff that they ban other anons for yet are letting the schizo post freely without so much as a single redtext or deleted post. what gives?

Anonymous 250567

Already here huh

Anonymous 250568

You don’t know what word salad means lol

Anonymous 250569

God it was always so obvious that the 2-3 people calling everyone and everything a schizo were just doing evil mindgames its sooo fucking obnoxious and low effort

Anonymous 250570

Even Rita knows about all the trackers lolcow use that stalk your YouTube watch history, locale language, Google search history, desktop screen resolution, general cookies etc etc. they collect a mountain of more data than 4chan ever did

Anonymous 250572

exactly. i pissed off a tranny on 4chan and now he's insisting i must be the person shitting up lcf when i'm not. i don't even post on lcf anymore, so how the fuck would i be spamming 2x? its definitely a tranny trying to pin shit on me, hence why there hasn't been another post reveal– it's not me. i also regularly see /lgbt/ admitting to wishing they were "biological women" so they could be "terfs." and that they "browse lcf too much."

Anonymous 250573

yeah, hence why i don't use the site anymore and why it's the troon i pissed off by making fun of diy hrt

Anonymous 250577

It’s easily verifiable by looking up lolcow in desuarchive. I don’t know what anyone would gain by denying that trannies have flooded lolcow unless they themselves were one. Whole place is a turf war between Blaine, commiedgirl and spookybones and probably pixy? Who I guess might be laurelai? No clue but they’re so nuts and idiotic, fun to watch them step in every single trap laid out for them though

Anonymous 250580

you know that simply searching the /lgbt/ archives for lolcow disproves this right? almost every post mentioning the site by name is that whiteglove tif (who I'm assuming is you) whining about how she was banned from posting there and also tons of male rapeape trannies crying because it's a terf site.

Anonymous 250581

Sir you really have to choose between
>it’s Blaine! Every post is Blaine! I’m Blaine hahahaha Blaine everywhere
>there are no trannies on lolcow
Like you’re losing it man

Anonymous 250582

huh? is this directed towards the whiteglove tif?

Anonymous 250585

>t. pedo tranny scrambling to deflect that it's him

Anonymous 250586

Nta but that's exactly what world salad means

Anonymous 250589

I don’t understand the schizobabble but this whole situation is really creepy.

Anonymous 250601

Nta but it’s not

Anonymous 250602

first you say you met in the friend finder thread and then you say you met them on a discord server hm

Anonymous 250606

so obviously samefagging kek

Anonymous 250616

The defensiveness of LC anons is so annoying, if you don't 100% agree with them, they need to sperg as if you were attacking them. Or the scizos who will see random posts that could apply to anyone on earth and interpret it as the person complaining about anons or them in particular. They need so bad to touch grass and maybe then they'll understand not everything is about them.

Anonymous 250619

Is it about that "get it off your chest" thread? It could be anyone posting such as your "friend", coworker or acquaintance. Maybe those anons are schizos but you're stupid if you think it's 100% impossible.

Anonymous 250627

yes, that's me. no, i wasn't the one complaining about being banned. if you look up LC or LCF you will see many more tims admitting they frequent the site. trannies don't like speaking in plain terms, they use acronyms

Anonymous 250629

How do they stalk your Youtube/Google history and how would you protect against that if you've posted there?

Anonymous 250631

this isn't possible and I feel that the some anons from /meta/ made their way here

Anonymous 250634

lolcow does use google analytics cookies, you can even see those in an ublock logger window just saying https://lolcow.farm/cdn-cgi/apps/head/0Zhf9SgQQx4r7e1syCc4tGTMqV4.js

Anonymous 250636

They also use doubleclick.net (as does this site) and youtube Google tracker. You can check this yourself if you have an iPhone by going into your settings and turning on “prevent cross site tracking”. Safari will tell you which websites have tried to profile you
and what trackers they use
Again enable blocking cross site tracking on your phone, clear your cookies and cache, get browser extensions for your pc browser that prevent tracking and scripting. Always use a VPN and don’t be cheap with it get a good one. Apple does a decent job at hiding things for you so explore the privacy options on your phone if you have an Apple device. Androids differ there but you can get many apps that protect you from this sort of stuff. Many websites track you, it’s only an issue with lolcow because the admins are a bit bananas as you can tell by them frantically popping up here to tell you basic tracking technology is “impossible”.

Anonymous 250643

A lot of websites use Google analytics. I don't see what any of this has to do with YouTube or Google search history. You're claiming that LC collects more data than 4chan which is a literal established Honeypot since hiro took over. I feel like you were one of the anons shitting up the CC bunker thread and trying to scare anons from posting on here too.

Anons shouldn't ever be logged into Google or YouTube for casual web browsing anyways, people have lost job opportunities over it.

Anonymous 250644

>Anons shouldn't ever be logged into Google or YouTube for casual web browsing anyways, people have lost job opportunities over it.
This has me interested, elaborate on this please?

Anonymous 250645

So google can hand over data to employers or something like that. A few anons years ago talked about applying to jobs with their gmail accounts and then suspected that they didn't get jobs for their browsing history. They do background checks all the time so I believe it.

Anonymous 250648

>it’s not possible
>people have lost jobs because of employers being able to see their browsing history
Huh? You’re contradicting yourself. Google analytics is still not the only tracker they or this site use, as mentioned. Why do you always conveniently ignore half the things said and cherrypick specific points to twist? It’s suspicious to say the least.
You feel like I’m everyone at all times it’s getting a bit frantic.
Nobody was scaring anyone away from using anything anyways, just telling them how to be safe online which you really seem to dislike for some reason. Care to explain why? You got unreasonably upset over someone saying that unplugging your router for a couple of minutes gets rid of malware, which is true. IP spoofing is easy, also true.
DNS hijacking is even easier, why do you get so bothered over the women on these sites being more educated on cybersecurity?
I know you won’t answer any of this and simply pretend like I said things that were never said or outright ignore half of the questions, like you’ve been doing with everyone else who has tried to help.

It’s obvious to anyone with half a brain that you have an agenda with your posting and are highly manipulative.

Anyone reading this who isn’t a suspicious individual: You are not stupid for wanting to be safe nor are you crazy. There is nothing wrong with wanting to learn, exploring privacy settings, reading up on what is actually possible by going to trusted sources that you yourself have chosen and verified and being concerned over your safety on these sites. It’s smart and reasonable and anyone telling you something else is not your friend.

Anonymous 250649

I promise I'm not whoever you think I am, I only repeated what other anons said about using radfem sites while logged into gmail. Google works with law enforcement and comapnies all the time. https://support.google.com/localservices/answer/9376654?hl=en You're claiming that using google analytics opens a backdoor to anons' browsing history and account credentials.
>There is nothing wrong with wanting to learn, exploring privacy settings, reading up on what is actually possible by going to trusted sources
Why are you insinuating that anybody here is opposed to that? Anyone can easily search up what google analytics are and how they work. https://marketingplatform.google.com/about/analytics/features/

Anonymous 250650

>You're claiming that using google analytics opens a backdoor to anons' browsing history and account credentials.
Nope, never said this. Can you quote to me where I did?
Again, why are you ignoring the fact that lolcow uses more than Google Analytics trackers? That’s not to mention that Lolcow has heavily modified backend code which I have halfway taken a look at once, which is why I suspect (they) are quite upset with me.
They should consider investing in a scrape shield if this bothers them, btw. The code for lolcow is honestly very creepy and I can not imagine why it would be set up this way for a normal gossip website if the intent isn’t to target its users.
I’m insinuating it because I have said nothing that should get you to be this defensive and petulant if you didn’t have ulterior motives.
The lack of transparency of the lolcow team when it comes to their code, its modifications and the way they are able to make those post reveals is without a doubt suspicious.
I will eventually continue to scrape the site, whether they like it or not and maybe I’ll make a breakdown for the average user on what these things mean for them and their data safety. Would that be okay with you, since we are both in agreement that user safety is the priority?

Anonymous 250651

Not the person you're responding to but could you elaborate on some of the implications their code has on user's safety?

Anonymous 250655

>lolcow does use google analytics cookies
>They also use doubleclick.net (as does this site) and youtube Google tracker
>Even Rita knows about all the trackers lolcow use that stalk your YouTube watch history, locale language, Google search history, desktop screen resolution, general cookies etc etc. they collect a mountain of more data than 4chan ever did
I don't know why TiFchan is being brought into this conversation but that is what you have implied so far. I went to doubleclick.net and it redirected me to google analytics so it's not another service.
>That’s not to mention that Lolcow has heavily modified backend code which I have halfway taken a look at once, which is why I suspect (they) are quite upset with me
Why would they be upset about this?
>I will eventually continue to scrape the site
There's nothing illegal about doing this so you should be fine, but I don't trust that you're telling the truth. How do we know you're not just lying?

Anonymous 250656

Tracks way too much about individual users and collects packets of data on them that can easily be used for nefarious purposes. If the site ever got into the wrong hands it would be incredibly easy to follow people from site to site or even outright identify them with the information gathered if interested enough to do so. They can tell a lot about what device you’re using, what the firmware status is etc. which can be used for exploits.
>How DoubleClick works

>DoubleClick is the largest provider of Internet advertising. In the course of providing advertisements to web sites, it collects information about web site visitors. When a user opens a web site to which DoubleClick supplies advertising, the users computer sends a message to the web site’s server requesting that it send it the desired web page and it also deposits a cookie on the user’s computer that links the user’s computer to the DoubleClick server, which sends the advertising that belongs on that web page. >The DoubleClick server contains a profile of the user which contains data about the user complied via cookies and other tracking technologies. The server uses the profile to target advertising to fit the preferences of the particular user, and it also updates the profile in light of the user’s current online behavior.

Why is doubleclick used for a website with no advertisements? Why do they need to compile a profile on their own users? Don’t you agree that is suspicious and concerning, with lolcows history of revealing their own users post histories?

You quoted some things that weren’t my posts but I still don’t see how any of that says Google analytics opens a backdoor to browser history.
You’re completely free and justified in considering that I might be lying. I don’t know what I would have to gain in doing so but it’s a reasonable suspicion to have. I don’t think there is a way for me to prove to you that I’m not, so you will simply have to decide for yourself until I eventually continue with it and bother with an infodump.

Anonymous 250657

>If the site ever got into the wrong hands it would be incredibly easy to follow people from site to site or even outright identify them with the information gathered if interested enough to do so.
So for those of us who have posted there, are there any steps we can take to mitigate this? Or are we just kind of screwed?

Anonymous 250658

I think as long as you don’t get on the bad side of the admins you will be fine from what I have observed but yes unfortunately there’s little you can do if you posted on the site without having used proper protective measures. You should at the very least delete any cookies the site has deposited on your computer and I recommend getting either a browser extension that blocks tracking or one that overloads with false cookies so as to make it more difficult to discern what your real online activity is.
I sincerely do not mean to scare anyone, I just think caution should be advised for using the site especially since a lot of its users are very young women. This goes for this place as well, though the admin here doesn’t seem to be as volatile as lolcows.

Anonymous 250659

If you're spooked about doubleclick or google then why are you posting here if this site uses the same scripts? You claim to have looked at the backend but you haven't shown us proof, you only brought it up once I questioned how google analytics would reveal someone's youtube or google search history. If you saw something like that then why didn't you take evidence and come out with it, and why are you doing this after schizo saturday happened? An anon above debunked the accuracy of google analytics >>250564 >>250559 and how come no mods have come forward about any of this over the past 6 years?
Just use a private browser and delete your cookies on every site you use, you can download extensions to automate it.

Anonymous 250660


Lc has tons of trackers. I also think it's suspicious when someone tries to say it doesn't or tries to deny the stats when the male majority userbase is brought up

Anonymous 250661

Sorry for asking so many questions, I'm just trying to clarify exactly how much risk we're talking about: from what you're describing it sounds like if they do gather that much information they'd be able to figure out your browsing history and your real identity?

Anonymous 250662

I’m not spooked by it, I’m advising to be careful. I am being careful posting here.
>How come no mods have come forward about this
I don’t see why a moderator would have any insight into the backend and the trackers they use. That’s sysadmin stuff, aside from that I suspect they only pick moderators that are naive when it comes to the possibility of tech, hence the large form you have to fill out to apply to become one with questions about how IP addresses work and so forth.

Again, I don’t think it’s wise to post things that I have left half finished and I should take my time to continue with it and write out proper explanations. Until then you are, again, free to think I’m lying. I mentioned it because you questioned why I feel the way I feel, I have also mentioned it previously on the site but have received a ban for it and was called a man. I’m cautious when it comes to lolcow and trying to help the users of the site, as there are multiple people very interested in hindering that from happening. I don’t know what schizo Saturday is, are you referring to the posts on meta? They were rather difficult to understand for me. But the CC bunker thread discussion did inspire me to post on here and caution users further. I really have no interest in convincing you of my sincereness or intent, I’m interested in preventing any possible damage to people who don’t deserve it. That’s all.

Anonymous 250663

If they wanted to and you were sloppy with your security, yes absolutely. It would take some time and effort still so it’s likely only reserved for people they dislike or bother them, such as the many “personalityfags” on the site that always slowly disappear over time or cows that are foolish enough to browse/post on the site.

Anonymous 250664

Are there instances of them actually doing this that you know of?

Anonymous 250665

>That’s sysadmin stuff, aside from that I suspect they only pick moderators that are naive when it comes to the possibility of tech, hence the large form you have to fill out to apply to become one with questions about how IP addresses work and so forth.
That makes sense, but wouldn't the long form actually help pick out competent moderators? In the past they never asked these new questions. I admit the form was too long for me to want to fill out because I'm lazy. Are you saying you were a sysadmin?
I think spoony used to spam 4chan so much that moot publicly called her out as one of the most insufferable posters on the site

Anonymous 250666

Nothing I have hard proof of, I can only speculate in that regard. I do think the “Ines” person Elaine Miller latched onto as being the admin of the site was likely a victim of this. But I have no proof of this and it’s just speculation, so take it with a grain of salt.
Yes it would if that were their intentions. I don’t think the current moderators come across as very competent, do you? They’ve always stricken me as either naive or downright spiteful. In the previous lolcow hate thread on here, some users mentioned being rejected despite being oldfags. My theory is that they filled out the form accurately and knew enough about how things work to not be considered.

Anonymous 250667

What is this from and how do you see it?

Anonymous 250668

You can view a privacy report like this if you use the brave browser. I have all the "agressive" blockers on

Anonymous 250669


That's the monthly report, not how many scripts are currently active

Anonymous 250670


I am getting less scripts on lcf than cc

Anonymous 250671

It’s easy to modify scripts to evade detection for specific blockers or browsers if you know what you’re doing. Not saying they did this, but it’s entirely possible the browser isn’t catching every tracker for either site. Some scripts only activate once you do specific actions as well. It’s all difficult to say for sure without having the entire source code.

Anonymous 250672


The picture I posted before is the weekly report. This is what is says under monthly

Anonymous 250673


Anonymous 250674

Anonymous 250675

This reads like a larp. How exactly are you scraping the back-end of a website to see it's code? To my knowledge you can only get what's publicly available on the front-end via scraping, unless you're using "scraping" as a colloquial term for something else.

Anonymous 250676

You just misread or I phrased it poorly

Anonymous 250677


They also ignored the question of whether or not they were a sysadmin.
>I will eventually continue to scrape the site, whether they like it or not and maybe I’ll make a breakdown for the average user on what these things mean for them and their data safety.

It's your own words, this sounds like a larp. You're saying you're going to scrape the backend the public shouldn't have access to and while I doubt that's true you're basically bragging about trying to "hack" lc

Anonymous 250678

You can circumvent tracking blockers with Javascript, redirects and some other techniques using response headers and APIs. I don’t think it’s likely that lolcow has done this as their admins come across as a bit clumsy with their coding attempts but it’s not impossible.

Anonymous 250679

Nah you’re again just making ill intended assumptions due to your own agenda. Of course I’m ignoring personal questions, it’s rather obvious when someone pretends to be naive in an attempt to extract information on the person they’re talking to, or at least it was with you.

Anonymous 250680


What the hell

Anonymous 250681

the privacy report only exists for mobile or ios, I only got 5 trackers on desktop here

Anonymous 250682

Does it matter how many? There should be 0

Anonymous 250683

Screenshot 2023-08…

You're reaching.

Anonymous 250684

Lolcow and crystal cafe are not mega corporations that collect advertising data for capitalistic gain. Lolcow collects data for personal use to a small group of people that are obviously very spiteful, it’s not a great comparison to make.

Anonymous 250685

Most websites use cookies and not all of the sites in my browsing history are owned by corporations. I don't have a name, email, or account tied to any anon board which is part of the appeal. I don't have to use websites bloated with js. Google analytics have to be accessed through a singular account not multiple people from what I could tell.

I wish the captcha here wasn't js based but this is as good as it gets for me without registering for a walled garden.

Anonymous 250686

I've tried it on a few different platforms and I'm only getting 1-2.

>They should consider investing in a scrape shield if this bothers them, btw.
>I will eventually continue to scrape the site, whether they like it or not
That's not an assumption, it's directly what you've said and the rest of your claims don't make sense unless you're doing something other than just scraping the site.

I don't doubt that they have trackers on lolcow, they're at the very least using Google and Doubleclick (and for the record, so does this site) and you should take steps to protect yourself if you visit any website, but the idea that they're running some sort of blackmail ring behind the scenes doesn't seem founded in reality. If you're serious about what you're saying then I do hope you follow through and disclose whatever's going on, but right now it's a wild claim with not a lot of evidence to support it.

Anonymous 250687

Do those websites alert you to the cookies they use and give you an option to allow or reject them? They’re likely legitimate then.
You’re free to continue using lolcow if you want to, my advice is clearly not intended for you then. Alas, I have a theory as to why you’re being so defensive, I’m sure I’m not the only one who your behavior is making them think twice about what your real intentions here are.

Anonymous 250688

I’ve never claimed they run a blackmail ring, I do think they play fast and loose with user data and bother people across websites they’ve tracked them to. You don’t seem to understand the difference between screen scraping and web scraping, is that purposeful or are you just a beginner at coding?

Anonymous 250690

Blackmailing seemed like what you were hinting at with the idea that they could identify their user's real identities, so apologies if that's not what you meant.

Not really, but there's always gaps in people's knowledge. You said you'd viewed the back-end code for the site, and to my knowledge that's not possible to do just via web scraping. That's why people asked you to clarify: it's an extraordinary claim to make that doesn't seem to make sense.

Anonymous 250691

I’ve seen some of their code that’s not on the front end yes. That doesn’t imply I’ve been inside their backend, it’s just web scraping. It gives you information on things in the database. That’s a big gap of knowledge you have, on a lot of things but this one you should really read up on because it’s stuff you learn early on usually.

Anonymous 250692

By the way, if you think I’m the person who has been bothering you as the new lolcow admin and finding your social media with Elaine, I am not. I understand why you are upset but you are still being tricked by the person who is actually doing that. You need to stop trusting the wrong people and you especially need to stop doing destructive things to others without verifying that the information you have isn’t doctored.
I’ve seen the screenshots of the previous admin spreading the rumor that you are a man and other unkind things. People didn’t start believing these things about you out of the blue, someone who is very closely on your shoulders is telling them this. This is sincerely well meant and I know you will demand proof and accuse me of lying, which you are free to do but at some point you will think back on this and realize you were being made a fool of

Anonymous 250694

I used to be a mod there and I could tell this would happen. I thought the place had way too many rules and was over moderated. I tried to warn people but it went nowhere. The admins really do have a unique level of contempt for their user base that I haven’t seen anywhere else.

Anonymous 250695

It's the same for me, I get 2 trackers on 4chan as well.
>Do those websites alert you to the cookies they use and give you an option to allow or reject them? They’re likely legitimate then.
Disclosing the use of cookies doesn't make a site legitimate or not, if you think that then you're misinformed. You're using the logic many cows have used when referencing GDPR, that makes you suspicious. >>250690
Why can't any of you condense this information in a way that makes sense?

Anonymous 250696

Is there a way to tell exactly what's being blocked here?

Anonymous 250697

Screenshot 2023-08…

You can't view the privacy report unless you're on mobile so try it on desktop and look under settings >> privacy settings. It's better to download ublock matrix because it gives a detailed summary. By the way, one of the scripts doesn't even work because it's being blocked on here. Anon is making bold claims right after a banned poster made claims that a kiwimoid is in control of the site and spoofing user IPs to ddos cc and other boards.
>That doesn’t imply I’ve been inside their backend, it’s just web scraping.
You're contradicting yourself again, you said you were screen scraping after an anon questioned you.

Anonymous 250698

I assume if they give you an option, use secure https and you have otherwise verified that the site is okay, then yes the cookies are legitimate. Lolcow hides its cookies and until now they were outright denying the use of trackers and calling people schizophrenic for even suggesting it. It’s not deniable anymore now, so the goalpost is being moved.

I don’t know how to condense it to make sense, as I can’t really make full sense of the situation myself either. I know Butterz had been telling people SpookyBones is a man and lying about being a wife to a husband, is this true or not? I don’t know. I also know Butterz impersonated Shaymin on their private discord, I’ve also been told that the neocities website that was linked here once was made by Butterz and Elaine in an attempt to mock someone. I don’t know who exactly that someone is or if that is true either. Butterz is allegedly the Admin that came before Shaymin, they used that same discord to troll the PULL refugee discord and doxed many users in there, this is documented on lolcow in the PULL thread on ot. They have always been a very vindictive and sneaky person, so I take the information that is sourced back to them with a heavy grain of salt. I know that the Choachan admin believed a lot of their lies and paid the price for that, I also know that they have doxed farmhands more than once, this is also documented in the Kiwifarms lolcow thread. They started spreading a rumor that the Choachan admin slept with Null and is going to reveal secret information on him, or at the very least told Elaine that a “Kpop lynxchan adjacent slag” is doing so. This was shortly after the Choachan admin told them they want no part anymore in the things they were doing. This was shared in multiple discord servers over the last year. That’s all I really know, as well as Butterz claiming to be a certain “Yasmin” in private to people, is this true? I don’t know, I sort of doubt it as Elaine posted her social medias on onionfarms together with a web scrape of the database, I assume this is why my web scraping of lolcow is raising alarm bells. I assure you that was not me, I have no association with those people. You know who was in a discord server with Elaine for many months though and was pretty much close friends with her? That very same admin. A lot of the things that are publicly known are carefully orchestrated to look a certain way, while the truth is pretty much the opposite. I don’t have any direct contact to any of these people so I don’t have the full context here, but maybe someone who is missing some of these gaps of information can use this to make more sense of the situation.

Anonymous 250699

Quote to me where I said I was screen scraping please

Anonymous 250700

Ngl it's really weird there's an anon so uptight about people, specifically women, wanting to be safer while they use an imageboard. There's nothing wrong with people wanting to avoid being tracked especially on a website that doesn't have ads and has been known to have weird moderators. What's the motive? Even if it's not as bad as it looks (it looks pretty bad to me) why would you have an issue with women trying to be safer while they use the internet?

Anonymous 250701

the samefagging in this thread isn't even subtle

Anonymous 250702

What's your issue with people being safer on the internet? What's wrong with being mindful about your privacy? Please do explain. Also, only one of those posts is mine, paranoid much?

Anonymous 250703

The first two are mine and I don’t know what about that is samefagging? I just replied to your post because I didn’t see it while writing the other one

Anonymous 250704

Meant for you, accidental misquote

Anonymous 250705

I can let you know from what I have noticed so far:

> Butterz is allegedly the Admin that came before Shaymin

I’ve known about butterz since they owned the previous lolcow discord server, which is how I got their discord. So I would believe this to be true since the discord server was linked on the site. Or they had connections to the site itself.

> I also know Butterz impersonated Shaymin on their private discord

It’s really hard to tell if Shaymin was real or someone butterz made up. From what I was told this Shaymin person was a shayfag who didn’t want the site to shut down, so she offered to be a front facing admin while her husband did the technical stuff. Then it turned to making a new site that would be easier for Shaymin and future admins to use…. And then the site broke and Shaymin had a meltdown and resigned. Then we got 3 new admins. Idk seemed kinda weird.

> they used that same discord to troll the PULL refugee discord and doxed many users in there, this is documented on lolcow in the PULL thread on ot.

This doesn’t surprise me as the lolcow discord server (before the peanut gallery) had instances where Elaine would join and try to get personal information from people.

> Butterz claiming to be a certain “Yasmin” in private to people, is this true? I don’t know

I think she talked about being Mexican/Japanese in servers but I’m not quite sure. I know she did share that nenetl site to people, which is why I believed it was her.

> You know who was in a discord server with Elaine for many months though and was pretty much close friends with her? That very same admin.

It’s honestly very strange because when Elaine first came around with the admin vendetta it seemed like she was exhausted of being stalked by her and would vent a lot about it. I only really knew about sandwich hanging out with her but seeing butterz do it was really weird. One of the accounts they used to catfish her with was in the bunker server after the site broke down near the end of the year.

The whole Elaine situation itself is really weird. How she came into the lolcowsphere and all. Like, in the lolcow thread she was almost immediately doxxed, private messages with her were shared, and the contents of her messages were really weird. It seemed like she was already in the LJ sphere to dox people.

Then she accuses null of being the admin of lolcow, which she does to a lot of people. Then moments later a thread of kf on her is made? She accused me of being the admin too. Then, “Ines” and nenetl, I think she also accused an of user of being the admin too. Idk seems like someone is just feeding her info like that to mess with her.

Anonymous 250706

you know what narrative you're trying to push and most of us don't care about discord beef

Anonymous 250708

You’re not making any sense. Do you have anything to say that aren’t weird cryptic posts full of false accusations? There’s more than one anon here now who sees through your bullshit, I have no narrative to push. If I did I wouldn’t have given disjointed information and made something more coherent people could easily digest. I’m being 100% honest, you should give that a try from time to time instead of trying to fuck people over constantly.
Thank you for adding to it, I agree it’s all very strange and this person has done a lot of damage to a lot of people and communities and I just want them to be stopped at this point. They’re not good people or sane

Anonymous 250709

Your posts are cryptic and disjointed and you're repeating stuff you heard on discord from people whose motivations are questionable, I'm not fucking anyone over by questioning why the same couple of anons keep shitting up the bunker and this thread to scare anons into believing that our YouTube and Google search history can be viewed through Google analytics, or that we are getting our IPs spoofed and having our routers infected with malware.

Anonymous 250710

I'm quite interested as someone who isn't a discord user. Seems like the behind the scenes drama from that platform keeps spilling onto the site and it's been a longstanding issue. The Streisand effect perhaps. All the people behind the scenes seem weird and untrustowrthy, but what else would one expect from an image board???… Just kinda crazy because I originally came to lolcow years ago for an og cow I knew in person growing up but it seems like the people running these imageboards are huge cows themselves. The whole echo chamber ambience and personal behind the scene dramas are weird and off putting when you just want to laugh at cows or be silly in ot. There's all this shit flinging going on and not all the things add up, people are going to notice and wonder, raise an eyebrow at the situation as a spectator.

Anonymous 250712

I’m not having this same discussion with you again. You’re trying to start another argument that will end in endless sperging so you can bring out the old “It’s all CP spamming tranny Blaine” thing and shove this all under the rug again. No way I’m doing this circular shit with you. You’re not getting another reply to me until you say something honest or worthwhile so enjoy yelling into nothing. People can read this thread and see that I have provided accurate tech information and that you have been acting nothing but suspicious.

Anonymous 250713

I wouldn't be surprised if there's some sudden "moid spam" all over the site soon in an attempt to cause a distraction from all this

Anonymous 250714

It seems like drama encompassing multiple imageboards because malicious rumors are being spread about all the female ibs, really makes you think.

Anonymous 250715

At this point it seems like a ton of former discordfags are upset that the current admins aren't entertaining them like shaymin and burritomin did so they came out of the woodworks to spread schizobabble in an effort to threaten the current staff. No proof, no screenshots, just schizobabble. Had they actually had anything interesting to show us they already would have, instead they're resorting to cheap tactics by banking on farmers total tech illiteracy, confusing people by mentioning a ton of useless discord shit etc.

Anonymous 250716

It’s ridiculous how obvious it was that whenever they wanted to distract from something they would spam horrible shit and nobody seemed to bat an eye at it and just ate it up. Same with them calling every single person who came forward with information over the last year or two “Blaine” and “schizo”. It’s not even smart or clever, it’s the scheming of a demented broken mind that is fully losing grasp on reality from huffing their own farts too much

Anonymous 250717

It seems like drama encompassing all ib (not just female ones) because all the people behind the scenes run in these weird circles and wreak havoc on the userbase and each other they are SO insufferable. Even to the point where they spam each other with cp and gore. Fucking nasty pathetic bunch of people. All of this drama is because all these people running these sites are cows themselves on an ego trip

Anonymous 250718

This is most likely, there's probably anons coordinating their posts while they giggle about it on their discord servers. Scrotes are probably laughing at all of this.

Not once have I accused anyone in this thread of being anyone other than the zuoRAT poster in the bunker thread, which you confirmed yourself when you said you were banned.

Anonymous 250719

I’m pretty sure the CP and gore spamming only came from one person who is unfortunately in this thread with us right now. But yes, it’s sick and I’ve been severely damaged from having to see that stuff whenever I opened some of these sites.

Anonymous 250720

People are banned on lolcow every single day, that was not what was said here or on the CC bunker thread. You really think everyone is so much dumber than you, don’t you? People can go back and read things for themselves, I encourage them to do so, because that puts your posts in a whole new light you sick freak

Anonymous 250722

>I have also mentioned it previously on the site but have received a ban for it and was called a man
Do you have Alzheimer's?

Anonymous 250723

Multiple anons posted pics here and on meta asking about the trackers but anyone who would know the answer is dodging it like a bullet/deflecting/gas lighting as usual. Your obvious attempts are obvious. All of you stains on society behind the scenes from kf and 4chan and lc and onion and whatever other decrepit corner of the internet you can congregate in, you all deserve each other. Youbare worse than majority of the cows you entertain on your sites. All of you are schizo pedos who project on your userbase or spam disgusting images from your hard drives when anons start raising their eyebrows at your weird behaviour. You all deserve each other and are clearly touching tips or flinging shit behind the scenes.

Anonymous 250724

giphy (9).gif

Anonymous 250725

As if angry and sick isn’t their default state anyways. I’m leaving for now too, because I don’t want to deal with this person any longer than I have to. There are people out there who have screenshots of the shit they have said and done and I’m sure they will arrive here at some point. I said what needed to be said and anything tech wise I mentioned can easily be googled and verified.

One last message to this ghoul:
I fucking hate you with all of my heart and I sincerely hope you go to hell for the shit you made so many people forcibly see over the years, you’re the worst person I’ve ever had the misfortune of meeting and you are a plague on the internet. Your end can’t come soon enough, fuck you.

Anonymous 250726

You're too dense to realize my post was about you and your deranged ramblings anon

Anonymous 250727

Ok CP spamming loonytunes. See you never, hopefully

Anonymous 250728

Why aren't you making reports instead of writing walls of schizobabble and gossiping on discord? Accusing everyone of being a pedotranny isn't going to work this time

Anonymous 250729

The mods for all these imageboards are pedos who raid each others sites with their personal image folders and circle jerk each other in private discord servers. Seeing the way the site has been handled, noticing the patterns, and seeing the way you retards interact with each other when it spills over out of the private discords onto the sites…ya you're all peices of shit, birds of a feather flock together, and anons totally out of the loop just trying to laugh at cows are getting caught in the crossfire.

Anonymous 250731

It's not just me questioning the webscraping claims but I'll pretend you didn't redditspace

Anonymous 250732

Pepperidge farm remembers.
Speaking of the past and being so keen on attacking, I saw some "anon" randomly posted,and I mean RANDOMLY posted in an /ot/ thread within the last couple days about the the time shoe infiltrated the staff and tried to say that was tinfoil too while trying to discuss this alleged tinfoil at hand right now

Makes me believe this even more because I was there when the shoe fiasco went down. IT HAPPENED just go back and few years and look for yourself.. they are trying to rewrite lolcow history knowing this place is rife with newfags after last christmas

Anonymous 250734

This is all true. OG admin here, AMA

Anonymous 250736

>It was the same song and dance as with burrito/shaymin, supposedly stuck around to "help" with the back end and then slowly stopped being talked about despite nothing ever actually being concrete about if they'd fully left or not.


>Not to mention all the claims burritomin was still around 'helping' because shaymin was too retarded, or something.

You're giving yourself away if you're going to mention rumors nobody else heard about in an attempt to cement it as fact.
That's just silly because the shoe thread has everything documented with the discord screenshots where shoe admitted to having an account at one point or another. It wasn't just her that confirmed it if I remember correctly.

Anonymous 250738


Lc has always been a shitshow. It's always been infested with pedos from other image boards

Anonymous 250739

Ah right, Kiki Kannibal's faildoxing attempt after spending months spamming hardcore gore. She'd be great friends with Elaine

Anonymous 250743


These rumors came from the trannyspammer and made their way to former friends or janis who have been saying the same thing for months. If you can link a post where the admins confirm it then I'm all ears.


>why would you even get involved in all that shit though if you're a farmer and a user of female imageboards why would you feed into the whole tranny delusion

>Then why was Elaine convinced that you were shaymin? Did you openly talk around her that you were shaymin?

>I thought it was pathetic when they insinuated a stalker had all their ips and were hiding in hyperbeams too. Clearly there were a lot of bad faith actors in discords riling each other up and this is the result, a bunch of paranoid schizos trying to prove they spread less rumors than the other

>its hard not to take accusations of pedophilia personally, but supporting their friend's dox attempts and deliberately spreading rumors on multiple boards to fearmonger makes it public interest

>Get over it, she apologized to you already a week before ccc shut down. I apologized too. I don’t get why you’re trying to change the narrative to be more than what it is.

I don't know what 3c admin and another ex mod were apologizing for but now >>250698 says:
> I know that the Choachan admin believed a lot of their lies and paid the price for that

At this point I am begging anyone to stick to the same story without changing the goalposts. Stalker, no stalker, hacker, kiwimoids, ian, shaymin, lulzsec, or kaliacc. Make up your minds for once ffs.

Anonymous 250745

Stop trying to find a fall guy and stop trying to deflect. There are tons of archived posts from over the years that will prove this is a pattern, an internal problem stemming from those who run these types of sites. The problem is the group men running all the image boards and stirring up drama behind the scenes in their private chats, which then bleeds onto the websites when you they are in one of their gay ib battles. It's always been a group of pornsick schizophrenic men spamming each others image boards with cp/gore, trying to shit on each others boards, and I guess also collecting data on its userbase for no reason.

Anonymous 250746

>The problem is the group men running all the image boards and stirring up drama behind the scenes in their private chats, which then bleeds onto the websites when you they are in one of their gay ib battles

It's not deflecting when another anon made the claim that cerbmin/whoever is behind spam and malware attacks >>250717 , if this is true then why did they reach out to somebody they suspected was behind it all?

Why did it take a month for the story to change here? https://imgur.com/a/ZYB1FmN Only the people involved can answer this and give a semi-coherent answer.

Anonymous 250747

>all imageboards are run by men, especially the female-only imageboards are all owned by the same group of moids, women can't run imageboards and if they do then well, they're all pedos
>faggot faggot faggot faggot

God you're annoying. Can't you just accept that you're not wanted on either board and it's not a huge conspiracy about you personally and you're genuinely just this retarded and insufferable? Get out.

Anonymous 250749

Like I said the problem arises from all of you men congregating in private chats, causing a ruckus amongst yourselves, then when you get yourselves nice and riled up it bleeds over on to the sites when you start chimping out and attacking each other, as if thats not bad enough the userase has to sit through your moment of shitflinging endless cp and gore spam. The owners of all these sites know each other behind the scenes, russle each others jimmies in private chats and then make it everyone else's problem. You can twist and turn it however you want, Anybody with 2 brain cells and pattern recognition can see this has been a longstanding issue and you fuckers want to play the blame game and make it the userbase's issue. I wish you would all keep it hidden away your secret online group chat for terminally online moderators instead of fighting these tard wars, but clearly these lonely pedos can't contain themselves. Anyway crazy how all this is stemming from some very weird anon who wants to defend lc moderation while simultaneously getting pissed that visiting women would want to hunker down on their privacy. Why so many trackers on lc? 4chan and crystal Cafe don't hold a candle it's odd for an ib with no ads

Anonymous 250750

does anyone know why there is no thread for jvloggers on the weeb containment board? like who decided that's a good idea, to close a thread about weebs?

Anonymous 250751

They've been trying to close jvlog and Taylor's thread since 2016.

Anonymous 250761

>make it the userbase's issue

Why do you keep accusing anons of being moids when you know it's more than one skeptical anon

it isn't our problem that you all have unresolved discord drama

Just make a new one ?

Anonymous 250762

The disproportionate level of moderation for jvlog, taylor and dakota rose threads is really suspect when hardly any posting goes on other than reactions to mods. Those threads might as well be wk threads with mods posting as anon at this point.

Anonymous 250770

you'd be banned immediately if you made another jvlog thread

Anonymous 250772

I hate that I know this but it started in the joy sparkles threads in 2018 - 2019. She put lc on blast and we ended up with a lot of normies who thought nona etc was cute. It used to get used occasionally before that but was poorly regarded. The newfags in the joy thread would do it, get told off, apologise and teehee I'm new then do it again anyway. It didn't take long to spread.
/autist lore (I've always hated it for sounding infantile)

Anonymous 250774

For you and any other anons worried about all this technobabble bullshit: it's fine.
What they're trying to scare you with is called fingerprinting. The combination of device info, browser, addons, etc = your fingerprint, which may or may not end up being unique. If someone has your 'fingerprint' AND access at an admin level on another site, they can look at it and say yes, this is the same user on both sites. That's it.
If you post shit about your life, that's a different story.

This misinfo campaign is retarded as fuck. Ignore them and any other scaremongers trying to tell you stupid shit like google analytics is some secret spyware.

Anonymous 250775

Because it was constant infighting, hi cow-ing, self-posting / vendetta-chans and other retarded bullshit. Those threads were cancer for AGES before admin finally said fuck it and banned them.
You're just outing yourself as part of the cancer that got them banned. Those threads didn't get enough modding for a long time and when they finally did it was too late.

Anonymous 250780

If you're going to claim that the admins are men or pedophiles then you're going to have to back it up instead of expecting people to take your word for it

Anonymous 250781


It's always been that way. I don't believe moderation has changed much, it's the same old song and dance. Rinse and repeat. Even right down to the males who run the site being caught in retarded private chats and running hand in hand with other ib owners and performing raids on each others sites. Those who refuse to learn their history are doomed to repeat it kek

Anonymous 250782


Anonymous 250783


Anonymous 250784

Remember when "cerbmin" announced she's apart of a new mod team of 3 now? Aimèe, Jenny, and sentinel? The new admin had to reassure everyone it's NOT the same sentinel who was actually shaymin from the discord chat?? it's all just a coincidence . Also weird that they decided all 3 administrators will now share the same colored light blue tag instead of having their own color..and wanted to be called cerbmin while posting pics of cows with 3 heads on one body. Anons who imply they were around in these private chats also have implied that there is only 1 person running the show and lying about the other admin help. Also if you look back, admin says she and all the farmhands have 5+ years of experience here yet very recent posts ask us to be patient with the mod team because they don't know shit and are new "please have patience with the bans" lol its all so obvious and tiresome. Nothing has changed in years, with the exception of their made up scapegoats. The people asking for spoonfeeding should just peruse the site and see how nothing has changed.

Anonymous 250786

Cerbmin was the name that anons gave them they didn't come up with it themselves tinfoilchan

Anonymous 250787

What's got you so upset about women being mindful about their privacy while using a site infested with moids and subject to daily cp raids? Especially when they have had a handful of farmhands that spitefully revealed identities in the past? Why does it bother you so much and why do you call it fear mongering when others point out the disproportionate number of trackers on lc (an ib with no ads) why does it bother you so much we want to keep our identity safe in these circles, which are clearly being ran by mentally ill terminally online discord users

Anonymous 250788

I don't believe that when it wanted all 3 admins to have the same tag color and then BOOM suddenly tons of spammed pics of 3 headed cows saying they want the name to be cerbmin after everyone said those original 3 names were 3 tranny names. Then you had a person who implied they were a farmhand and had access to the private chats say that's it's really only 1 person as admin and they cant code for shit its an absolute shitshow behind the scenes (believable). It's just the same old samefagging and praising themselves you see from them in meta and even here right now kek

Anonymous 250789

I'm not the anon you replied to but every board has spam, trolls, bad actors like you, and is subject to illegal content because of the anonymous nature. There's only one "female only" board that admitted to having a male in their midst behind the discretion of the userbase.

Anonymous 250790

What does any of that have to do with other users wanting to be safer? Why would you call that fear mongering? Highly sus that you would imply that lc is trustworthy place and call people who ask about the weird trackers on lc "bad actors". Someone here is so invested on trying to convince everyone its crazy to be safe online. Why are there any anons acting clutching their pearls at the thought of women being more vigilant about their privacy when posting online? Only a nosy or malicious person would have a problem with women trying to be safe while using the internet.

Anonymous 250792

You mean ex farmhands who just lost their kpop containment zone and a vendetta chan who admitted to posting hysteria that the admin or former admin was a tranny. It's not a coincidence that the DDoS and hacking fearmongering is related to their incompetence. Anons accusing japananon/bib of being an admin admitted to being in discord servers with them, and someone was pushing it in the previous hate thread. If you guys haven't been doing this for months you wouldn't look unhinged and desperate to stir up drama.

Anonymous 250793

>>>/b/246081 Everytime someone asks for proof and receipts you flip out and get defensive, I wonder why.

>>>/b/246040 Bonus post where tifchan says she heard this rumor from very reliable sources kek.

Anonymous 250794

If anyone looks unhinged, it's the mods posting without their tag defending the hell out of themselves and getting snarky with their userbase on a daily basis. You guys immediately shut down and try to deflect from any actual discussion about it. You don't want women to be safe online. You along with all of your other moid image board owners get off of raiding each other and collecting data on your users for nefarious purposes. You keep looking for a scapegoat but willfully ignore valid privacy concerns. You try to shut down long time users who are noticing and speaking up on the pattern of behaviour from the mod team for years. You can only keep crying wolf before people start catching on, that's why there was a mass exodus of female users around Christmas and the userbase has been flipped to a male majority, and I'd bet a good % of the "females" are troons

Anonymous 250796

Look at everything you just wrote, scare-chan. You're too obvious.
It bothers me because faking trackers as the new way to sow discord creates dangers for anons when they browse the rest of the internet. They'll walk right into actual problems because they're following your fake safety tips.
So instead of posting another OMG LOOK AT THE TRACKERS image, show me the settings you used to get those numbers. Let me replicate it. Because as countless others have already shown, you're full of shit. So go on, scrote. Settings. All of them.

Anonymous 250798

Highly sus that you're trying so hard to do the "I'm just thinking of the women! I want them to be safe!" manipulation. Obvious troll is obvious.
Also a reminder that these supposedly all-seeing all tracking mods have previously fucked up post reveals of cows because of simple stuff like using the same vpn. And not even a proper one, just the built-in one for opera. Totes superhackers.

Anonymous 250799

Faking trackers? I encourage everyone to use brave privacy browser and check the privacy report or yourself. The fact that you keep trying to say it's fake when multiple different anons here and in meta posted pics of the trackers asking for explanation and here comes the mod defenders to screech that it's fake says ALOT its very weird and only lends more credibility to anons saying the mod team is up to no good. You can't stop users from downloading a privacy browser and checking for themselves.

Anonymous 250804

Don't use Brave on desktop at least. Used to use it all the time but then they updated the browser to mine BAT even if you disable use for yourself. Ungoogled Chromium is a much better basic browser option.

Anonymous 250805

I'm not a mod or admin anywhere, and I'm still not the anon you originally replied to >>250790 , you really can't stand that more than one person isn't buying what you're selling. You may not be a tranny, but you're sure acting like one.

I checked on brave myself and I don't have the 1k trackers screenshot you keep reposting everywhere. Other anons used tools like umatrix as well but you're going to discredit that because it doesn't suit your tinfoil.

Anonymous 250806


Anonymous 250808

Clear all your data (history, cookies, cache) and then check again. It should only show 1 tracker which is Google Analytics.

Anonymous 250809

I just installed it there's nothing to clear

Anonymous 250810

I don't get any of that on desktop and I even went through my settings to check cookies being used.


You can search it up, Brave has been a Chinese data harvesting browser for years with snakeoil VPN and BAT mining practices. The mandatory BAT thing is new to me but I wouldn't be surprised.

Anonymous 250811

Kek so brave is a Chinese data harvester now that someone proved lc has the weird needless trackers? Way to move the goalpost (as usual)

Anonymous 250812


On the first run, Brave fetches five extensions from brave-core-ext.s3.brave.com and tries to install them, pic related.

While running, Brave will make lots of requests to the domain p3a.brave.com as telemetry. They claim they store the collected data for several days. This feature is supposed to be opt out but is enabled by default.

Don't take cybersecurity advice from "anons" with ulterior motives, the irony is that the very people fearmongering about Google analytics are using browsers that harvest data for Google themselves.

Anonymous 250813


I must be doing something wrong because I get one blocked on 4chan and cc but 0 on LC kek

Anonymous 250814


The plugins that Brave tries to download on startup.

Anonymous 250815

I have no source besides myself, so I guess take it with a grain of salt but.

>Use Brave for a year or so, happy with it because Privacy Chrome.

>Disable everything right away except basic functionality
>Having a great time
>week passes
>Realize my computer is running like garbage
>Mess around a bit and then realize Brave is using 80% CPU
>Close all tabs, clear cache/cookies, delete all extensions.
>Suspend and releauch Brave
>Fine for a minute and then shoots back up to 80 CPU

This was a year and a half ago and I'm pretty positive it was mining something. Haven't had any issues with ungoogled chromium. For what it's worth I still use Brave on mobile, but there is no way I'm touching desktop again.

Anonymous 250817

All of Braves safebrowsing is proxied through Google, they have listed the endpoints here https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/wiki/Deviations-from-Chromium-(features-we-disable-or-remove)
It's really not the privacy oriented browser it advertises itself to be.

Anonymous 250818


I looked at the site on Firefox. There aren't thousands of trackers like that troll claimed.

Anonymous 250819


If I block scripts like you did (the only way to get that high of a number - could be some script retrying over and over again) but on 4chan instead of lc it won't even let me open the site. This is only bad site design if anything else. Most sites nowadays have some form of JS in and won't even work without it.

Anonymous 250820


Custom headers, with coinbase at the top.

Anonymous 250821

To add to this, this only appears on mobile, if I attempt the same on PC I won't get the infinite script blocking problem.

Anonymous 250822

So weird all these people with extensive knowledge about brave suddenly coming to convince you its no good after someone posted a gif of weird trackers, weird its only happening right now and not when people were posting their screenshots of discussing it in general yesterday or any other time data collection on lc is discussed. Very odd indeed. Brave is cool for the simple fact it gives me a report of how many trackers are on each site. you can see a weekly, monthly, or 3 month report with all the websites you visited and how many trackers etc were on it

Anonymous 250823

So you're just going to continue gaslighting the anon >>250815 who was rightfully suspicious about the mining while ignoring all the evidence in front of you. I thought you wanted anons to protect themselves KEK

Anonymous 250824


Literally just go on any privacy obsessed fags blog and they'll be talking negatively about brave. Mind you I use it myself because I'm lazy and I got it ages ago but it's been in quite a few controversies, this Tom Scott one being the most popular.

Archive of the tweet:

Anonymous 250825

How is there any gaslighting when, if anything, I've been saying to be cautious online while you have been trying to convince everyone lc doesn't have trackers and it's just tinfoil to be suspicious and cautious while using an image board. Brave is still better than chrome and it let's you see how many trackers per site on the privacy report

Anonymous 250828

This is about Brave not being privacy friendly, not multiple anons pointing out the discrepancies in your mobile-only privacy report, but nice try.

Anonymous 250832

I'm the anon that started this conversation by accident, I don't even use lolcow so I'm sorry to distract from your guys discussion.

I just had a nasty experience and don't trust the browser and also want people to stay safe online. I'm glad some other knowledgeable people had info on the browser too, but I didn't mean to prove or disprove anything about lolcow.

Anonymous 250835

If you were in the cc bunker thread then you know the anon who admitted to getting banned for schizoposting would react hostile to anyone correcting her or disagreeing with her tech claims. If they're calling everyone who disagrees with them a pedo tranny and telling them to kill themselves then they will rightfully be seen as a bad faith actor.

Anonymous 250836


Currently looking at the scripts tags on lolcow.

<script src="/cdn-cgi/apps/head/0Zhf9SgQQx4r7e1syCc4tGTMqV4.js"></script>

This one interests me the most as I included the code in the snippet. From what understand I think it runs and checks Twitter and Facebook interactions on load.

There's also this function

It's really hard to tell what the scripts are doing but this function caught my eye. I have no idea what it does since I've never worked with GAT

Anonymous 250843

Been binge reading the thread, and I have a question… I'm not an oldfag, I started using the site (and imageboards in general) 5 years ago. So I'm curious to know what do anons mean when talking about how the mods are "ruining board culture". What was different back then, any specific examples?
For me, since 2018 I feel like it's the userbase that has gone bonkers. I have the impression anons infight a lot compared to the past, they are always so aggresive, trying to bait constantly. Or maybe it's just me that has become more sensitive over the years? Idk.
Like, I remember someone making an "Anti-Feminism Thread" in /ot/ back then, and it got like… maybe 34 replies before being buried in the catalog… of course. Nowadays, you have the blackpill feminism thread in /2X/ constantly getting bumped with infigthing, baiting… Just… what happened?
Lolcow helped me develop my critical thinking and I'm thankful for that… Now I'm just really sad it's turning into a cesspool of constant bait and deranged users…

Anonymous 250850

It's mainly that the site grew in popularity and gets mentioned on twitter and tiktok on a daily basis, I think it happens to cc too but cc was advertised on tumblr on reddit when it first opened. I think the GC spergs also migrated when the reddit ban happened and they always accuse anons of being trannies whenever they have a disagreement. When the site was new there was less moderation but the userbase was also comfy and smaller aside from the racebaiting and scrotes who didn't want to be pushed out in 2017.

Anonymous 250864

Man anyone who read through this thread and doesn’t get that the lolcow admin is insane and you shouldn’t post on there is a lost cause at this point or just one of their friends. This isn’t even subtle anymore

Anonymous 250865

The reason to reply is that anons were taking the bait. Then it spreads. This is the same bad actor that has previously pulled stuff like this about 'tranny mods' etc. They pulled the same stuff over on /meta/ and anons there started listening as well. Once this shit starts to circulate, it doesn't die. And it gets exploited by Elaine, Blaine, whoever else wants to fuck things up. And as you saw, poking them made them take the mask off pretty quick.
And as mentioned previously, knowing how to actually stay safe and looking this stuff up for yourself is very very different to listening to some random on a shitposting board.
Fucking THIS. This is why the troll is so obvious. There's plenty to discuss about modding, admin actions, the state of the site. Trying to paint google analytics as some kind of NSA tool is straight up schizo.
Things got bad during the awol admin's run because a few of the larger cows (JSBS, Onion / Lainey, some others) started naming it to large audiences. There was an influx of fags from youtube, twitter, tumblr, reddit.
Oldmin came along and said make LC great again, am oldfag since /cgl/, bring back the culture. Then started changing things to what she wanted and yelling at anyone who disagreed. She also opened pandora's box and said manhate and troon threads were OK. That was the most dramatic shift in the culture and the tone. That shit had always been banned because it brought out the worst in anons and attracted troons and moids. Now it's taken over and been retconned as It was always like this.
And yeah, the 'new' LC will be PULL 2.0 definitely.
>this isn't even subtle anymore
>just don't use it
Every time lol.

Anonymous 250866

>Literally admitted to not knowing the difference between web scraping and screen scraping
>Then goes on to say anon was saying they were screen scraping the whole time
>Literally just learned there’s something other than screen scraping
>Thinks web scraping is hacking
>Didn’t know you can avoid tracker detection and tried to mock the concept
>Goes on to call others tech illiterate
It’s just laughable

Anonymous 250867

Go to sleep, have you really been up for 2 days just to write these weird gaslighting posts of yours for the few people reading here? You’re mentally breaking down more than before dude

Anonymous 250868

Gaslighting? OK zoomer.
And oh good, we're back to thinking it's the same person instead of a bunch of different ones.

Anonymous 250869

Gaslighting wasn’t invented with zoomers. Are you ok? You’re either the same person or someone they’re friends with because you’re both spewing nonsense and are very invested in this and constantly trying to tell people what to think

Anonymous 250870

No, but not knowing how to use it and trying to weaponise it was.
You're cute, anon. Every bunker you're here trying the "Are you OK?" etc and it never works. But you keep on trying. You're such a trooper kek.

Anonymous 250872

I’ve never been in any bunker or asked if you’re ok before… you’re really weird

Anonymous 250873

>Oh we are back to thinking everyone is the same person and not different people huh!?!?!?
>0.2 seconds later accuses anons of being some random other anon who asked if they’re ok because they’re visibly mentally unstable
Yep shits ogre with lolcow

Anonymous 250876

At least you’re not spamming this place with horrible gifs of women being beaten to death anymore. Big ups to you for that we love to see growth. If you typing up these unhinged letters to every anon you think you can convince with your nonsense keeps you from doing that then all the power to you. I prefer that over your other distraction

Anonymous 250880

Don’t even need to use brave to check that, you can get ublock origin and click around a bit on the site to get a bunch of trackers to show up in the logs. Probably more if you tweak the ublock settings to be more aggressive. Same with malwarebytes browser guard or any other privacy browser extension. Fuck even an iPhone will tell you lolcow is using trackers. Why the retards over at lolcow try to deny this when it only makes them look like the crazies that they are is unknown but it’s probably because they’re exceptionally fucking stupid

Anonymous 250881

Kek I’ve never seen these. Love “then make one” but god forbid you actually go ahead and do make one then. They’ll ddos you and spam you with the worst shit imaginable and then try and scapegoat you as the one doing it like they did with crystal cafe and choachan. Fucking despicable scrotes.

Anonymous 250882

Ok done catching up on this thread now and to the schizomin from lolcow - you and your site have been reported to the fbi more than once by the Choachan staff. I’m sure the feds are crawling your database as we speak. Isn’t that why you’re so damn mad at them? Because they were actual women who could code better than you and didn’t think the CP spam you were doing was something to handwave away? What you did to those two girls is so fucking nasty and I feel genuinely horrible for the board owner who was completely distraught at the end of all of that and nobody has been able to reach her since. If it comes out something happened to her because of your sick shit then I’ll make it my personal mission to make sure your faggot ass gets hung by your balls.

Anonymous 250883

I hope she’s doing better, I feel so bad she’s had to go through that. I also sent two online tips and hope that they reached someone. Glad to know someone else cares.

Anonymous 250884

>Glad to know someone else cares
Echoing that sentiment. I’m sending in another tip right now as well and I’m going to try and find other places one can report them to. They’ve been at this shit long enough without any repercussions I’m so sick of it

Anonymous 250900


>nobody can reach the boardowner
>boardowner is traumatized :/

Anonymous 250901


I sure wonder who is behind the legal threats against the new kpop webmaster

Anonymous 250904

Nobody has contacted them. All you’re doing is confirming that you guys also run that place. You’re so fucking stupid oh my god and all this because you’re mad you got found out

Anonymous 250912

Heolkek.cafe is a gangstalking honeypot targeting women

Anonymous 250917


Gangstalking isn't real, it's a severe mental illness. Get the help you need and feel better. Or keep posting like a lunatic. Whatever.

Anonymous 250922

It’s a joke on the Choachan spam you kept doing for months and months on 4chan. But you know that, whatever. Lol dumbass. Your site isn’t safe to post on either way just like your other site lolcow isn’t safe to post on because you guys are pedophiles

Anonymous 250933

i wish the /meta/ schizos would just close their screen and step outside

Anonymous 250946

Damn the writers room has really fallen off if this is the best you’re sending. Your whole shtick is fucking lame and it’s criminal now too when you started thinking using abused children and ddos was in any way fun and appropriate

Anonymous 250947

And for anyone that hasn’t been poisoned by these people and has no clue what I’m talking about:
They, meaning the “sektur” are a bunch of terminally online losers who sit literally and I mean LITERALLY online all day every day and write up these elaborate plotlines that they act out on various websites such as lc and KF and onionfarms. All the shit you know is completely made up by them. They did Elaine dirty like they did because she cowtipped too hard on half of them being actual pedophiles so they mindbroke her and because she was young and dumb she thought joining the whole circus was easier than getting actual legal help against them. It’s all really fucking annoying and none of the shit you read from them is real, they use real people and their families like it’s a cute little fiction book because they’re narcs on a power trip

Anonymous 250949

And yes you retards we knew the whole time. You’re really not as smart as you think you are, you just tended to pick your targets right with retards like josh. Fucked up this time tho

Anonymous 250950


All I know is this shit is weird as hell. Not even Facebook, a platform known for stealing data, has as many things blocked. Whenever you bring this up in meta you get called a moid and then suspicious posters try to get you chasing rabits about some other unrelated bs

Anonymous 250951

Yes obviously lolcow is a haven for trackers and has been for a long time. Gotta keep the sheeple in line after all. It’s ridiculous how nobody has noticed this before now. Do you people not look at your adblock toolbar?

Anonymous 250952

It's insane to be completely honest. I dont like how lc tries to act like they are superior as if they dont rub elbows with the owners/moderators of all the other shithole imageboards.. someone in a ot thread said "it sucks that all these circles always end up being so incestuous, lc+kf+cc+ etc all seem to have overlapping userbases/staff with former beef and it gets in the way of things functioning properly" which i agree after observing from outside the ("sektur") box looking in. Anyway regarding the weird trackers, scripts and god knows what else on lc, the suspicious poster in meta keeps implying its just simple scripts and people are retards for being worried about it, as if malicious scripts aren't a thing.. They keep saying there is no proof and then screech at you when you post videos inquiring about it. Feels like lc is imploding on itself rn. Sad times

Anonymous 250953

To be fair they kind of try to force you into their circles too. If you try and leave or outright reject the offer to join they’ll target you and try to ruin your life. They’re super fucking annoying and I agree it’s impossible to run a website with all of these people constantly on your ass. Even if there’s no prior beef they will try their hardest to create some as a justification for their newest plotline because it’s summer and they’re bored again. & yeah the lolcow team has lost their marbles entirely and are letting the dumbest people speak for them. Starting to think the previous admin pissed them off over something so they’re hellbent on making her look like a retard because surely she’s not this stupid right? Right?!

Anonymous 250956


Anonymous 250957

Whoever Taylor swifts ghostwriter is on KF is cerbmin right? That bitch is so nuts lol

Anonymous 250958

She literally sent me spyware in a PDF once and thought I was schizophrenic so she purposefully tried to induce a psychotic break. Not even making this shit up, pure lunacy that broad

Anonymous 250959

Lol holy shit just took a look at meta and they’re being so messy with the shit they’re coming up with. Both the old admin and the current mod team are there ganging up on users as per usual and blabbing on about general Armstrong, bib, 3c and Blaine while calling everyone else schizophrenic. It’s the standard formula. They really must’ve lost one of the better writers because this is a fucking messsss and they look so retarded. I’m guessing general Armstrong caught on to them being a bit uh touched in the head and left and now they’re trying to fish for info on her? Dunno but they don’t realize how deranged they look and I think that’s really cute.
Shout outs to H btw you’re brave for still fucking with these harpies who keep dropping their seroquel down the drain, queen shit

Anonymous 250960

Todays highlight of lolcow meta schizophrenia
>schizomin and co trying to claim fma is for trannies only
>using cis women unironically
>trying to say the fma author is a tranny
I mean they have to be trannies at this point lol

Anonymous 250962


they're not trannies they get mad if you say their behavior makes them come across that way, they're the schizophrenic friends of notorious twitterfags who ran the first female imageboard to have a confirmed male infiltrate their staff kek.

it's funny that they tried to rope hk into things and say that someone photoshopped emails when boardowner brought up a good point, no emails have been posted.

Anonymous 250967

There's something I am really curious about, maybe someone here has a clue. There's a farmer who's either a mod or extremely close to one. They're obsessed with locking threads on /w/ and successfully got the aforementioned jvlog thread and the Belle thread locked purely through their own autism and capacity to infight. Now they want Taylor R's thread, Dakota's thread, and Aki's thread locked. They clearly are ESL and one of the biggest tells is how inconsistently and often incorrectly they use the contraction "its" in English. They have started ridiculous narratives about cows based on nothing and love to blame "anons" for these takes. (A good example is how they would samefag about how "anons think breastfeeding is nipple play" in the Taylor thread, but if you searched all the relevant threads, that poster made up the entire thing, no one else ever said anything like that.)

This person basically never gets banned, or extremely rarely, and is always in /meta/ reeing, though I haven't seen any posts obviously by them in the latest barrage. Is this a known weirdo? I'm sure they were in whatever discord existed (I never was so can't comment). I've pretty much only been banned for bullshit reasons and only on /w/, but some of my bans also had ESL tells. And not just any kind of ESL, but specifically Chinese ESL tells imho. I can't be 100% sure on that but can explain if needed.

Is this mentally ill person someone you people know? When I say this idiot is practically ban-proof, know that I've seen maybe all of 2-3 red texts across their hundreds if not thousands of infighting, whiteknighting, and derailing posts. Both recently and on fairly dumb things so could be an attempt to cover up what multiple farmers have been pointing out.

Anonymous 250974

Yes we have noticed. If you look through meta threads, you'll see anons bringing it up since atheist, like, 2020. It's obvious the baiting and screeching is a mod that cherry picks which threads should and shouldn't be allowed. They really hate cow threads and says anything other than blatant whiteknighting is nitpicking. I noticed someone keeps trying to ask them to clarify what they consider nitpicking but they get ignored every time (likely on purpose) if you look at the screenshots posted here from 2016 you can see there's been some funny business going on with Taylor's thread in general for years now. It's not the first time a cows inner circle/flying monkeys have infiltrated the staff before but I think the new mods are depending on its new userbase being so young and new to know this

Anonymous 250975

>>250974 samefag
*at least and excuse whatever other typos, I'm sure you catch my drift

Anonymous 250987

I would have taken those screenshots more seriously if some of them weren't Kiki. I found much better ones from 2018/2019 about mensclub, those are clearly the ESL weirdo screaming that Tom is being slandered and shit like that.

Anonymous 250988

Lol I highly doubt the Choachan admins were ever friends with you guys. Why do you keep pushing this so hard when everyone’s caught on that you’re trying to frame them because they reported you for CP? They very obviously hated your guts and when you still thought people liked you or the mod team you tried to claim they spammed lolcow with racist stuff. Do better, this is embarrassing and nobody above the age of 12 thinks you don’t also run HK, what with the board owner sounding like she fell on the head and “her” constant attention whoring. Thanks for confirming you’re trannies with this aggro post btw

Anonymous 250990


did you purposely misread my post? i said that i wish people like you who pull up retarded tinfoils constantly (namefag of the month is le admin guise i swear) would go outside. ffs just step away from your computer and read this with a straight face

Anonymous 250992

Tinfoils aside everyone has to admit that moderation under cerbmin has been abysmal, suspiciously bad even. Considering all those questions in the application form, all the people who applied and got ignored/rejected while admins still claim the site is critically understaffed you'd think they have extremely high standards in picking their mods but it really doesn't show. If we were to tinfoil again it's like they use the form to intentionally keep out the good mods.

Anonymous 251000

kek does anyone know why it's suddenly a long ass ban for posting in /w/? every individual post in the latest vocaloid thread are all redtexted for the most retarded reasons

Anonymous 251002

The farmers have been posting as anons with their ESL on /w/ and trying to get rid of that containment board by discouraging or banning all the regular posters. All the threads you mentioned look like the cows themselves are either selfposting or begging to close them. Just a quick glance shows red text all over Taylor's thread except for posts that are complimenting her. It's so transparent and retarded because it's far removed from the board culture norms.

Anonymous 251003

Wdym? The thread seems to be full of newfag retards like the gaijin gyaru thread. The only weird ban is the one where the poster is talking about the tif, but maybe it's the tif herself and the mods have a way of knowing (device etc).

Anonymous 251005

yes, some of the bans are obvious newfags. but others discussing how the thread is pointless (while saged) or how it's a shit thread that didn't even mention new cow drama is retarded. maybe it is tifchan, but if it was why wouldn't they put her banner? it seems like a mix of new users and shitty farmhands who don't know board culture either

Anonymous 251012

Elaine? or what do you mean by "peacock"?

Anonymous 251015

god i can hear him saying that in my ears
i gotta stop watching him

Anonymous 251016

I applied to mod and have been around for a long time. Aside from tons of recent bans for posting according to the rules in /w/, I have an almost ban-free, obviously female post history. I am fluent in four languages (forgot if I put the fourth though) and understand the tech stuff involved. My app was clearly ignored, probably because of the /w/ mod and her/his friend(s). Sad. I have gotten bans saying "lurk moar" when I've made several of the cow's threads. I've gotten bans for "infighting" when I politely express a different opinion. "Derailing" for answering a poster's question with evidence from the cow. "Nitpicking" for … anything I post. Even in Dakota's thread. "No1currs" for everything else. The only threads in /w/ where it's safe to post are Stefany Lauren's thread, Lori's thread, and Jill's thread. I am glad someone cracked down on all the medblogging in Jill's thread though.

Anonymous 251026

omg so it's not just me. the last vocaloid thread in /w/ was fine but the new one? all redtexts. most are fine posts, the last thread only got shat up at the tail end when discussing rita and soyjak scrotes discovered her. this new thread gets SAGED posts banned for "not contributing" or providing a rundown of the previous thread because the new thread is fucking terrible, or because an anon asked for ancient cow lore not previously discussed. which honestly is worth a spoonfeeding.

Anonymous 251036

I remember that. That anon kept defending japanese men although several anons said japan had high domestic abuse and crime stats. A few anons then brought up Indian men for also being likely to commit sexual crimes and that anon lost her(his?) mind after that and started spamming.
That anon then posted a picture of an "ideal woman" with bleach blonde fried hair and bad faketan and shooped face hoping it'd make anons mad and lost her(?) mind when anons told her(?) only selfhating brown like trashy looking women like that. She kept defending brown men and saying how great they were until she got banned.

Anonymous 251037

>misdirected misandry
go back

Anonymous 251040

>misdirected misandry
So which one are you, a man or a pick me?

Anonymous 251044

Misandry is fun

Anonymous 251047

Won’t someone think about all the poor men reading?

Anonymous 251216


you mean picrel? It's just one person, the same one mentioned here: >>250967
I put a dot next to lines with ESL errors.

Anonymous 251223

yes and they also essay post in the radfems cows thread with zero milk

Anonymous 251224

they locked the tradthot thread too

Anonymous 251228

I don't. That shit always attracts the schizoposters and women who deal with trauma by obsessing over it and treating it as their identity. That's why it was always frowned on if not banned before. THAT is why anyone who has been there a while is sick of it. It was never part of the culture and never should be.
Take it somewhere else to "promote it". LC shouldn't be a soapbox for anything.

Anonymous 251253

Lolcow has become tranny sharty farms. The staff posting to try and get the user base off feminism is extremely obvious across snow and meta

Anonymous 251315

i hate cerbmins psycho schizophrenic 40 year old fat ass so much. she thinks any sort of bewilderment towards her schizo accusations and prodding is confirmation of truth. like how are you 40 and you still act like a shit eating teenage boy troll who thinks he "got you" because you got frustrated with him punching holes in the wall. i hate you fat ashley i hate you

Anonymous 251317

https://www.onionfarms.com/threads/ashleys-playhouse.2670/page-572 her thread on onionfarms. make it a drinking game and take a shot for every post of hers you have also seen on /ot/

Anonymous 251318

she goes as chia_pug and leafdog on discord so leap out of any servers you share with her

Anonymous 251320

actually would be funnier if its just karl forever taunting her on the site he tricked her out of but also kill yourself karl youre fatter than ashley

Anonymous 251328

Yeah, although I don't see the connection and nobody bothered posting proof again. It's just someone stirring shit and confusing people.

>inb4 I get a schizo tier reply implying I'm the lc staff

Anonymous 251337

They tried this before in January when they claimed an Ashley J whatever was staff. They need to change up the schizofoils. Now calling other women roasties makes it a tad obvious where they came from.

Anonymous 251339

one of the 3 cerbmins as if theres 3 first of all and yeah she is or was/is at least a janny. half the posts on ot are her schizo word salad.
>hope this helps
>random angry accusations
>talk of being gangstalked by scary karl moid
whole site is like her deranged diary and she spams soyjaks and niks asshole and the occasional child porn when you post her name or make her feel like her psycho hugbox is being threatened.
and yeah putting inb4 while yammering about proof and then also saying you wont look at or read the thread does make it likely youre just assley assmad

Anonymous 251340

yeah i came from choachan what are you gonna do? ddos it? oh wait

Anonymous 251341

kek claiming to be DDoSed while having cloudflare implemented
Yeah it's just choachan spergs making up new tinfoil, too bad their buddies already tried it before. Predictable to say the least.

Anonymous 251342

>i cant read that site
>knows intimate details about assley such as being a jewess and not having any cleaning facilities in her trailer
hmmm suspicious

Anonymous 251343

girl you can still get ddosed with cloudflare they just mitigate the ddos like what? do you know how anything works? does tommy not explain this to you?

Anonymous 251344

>predictable to say the least
says swamp beast while samefagging at herself on a dead thread within minutes of her name being posted. predictable to say the least

Anonymous 251345

it's a lot easier to play victim and cry about getting DDoSed than shutting down your site because you're tired of dealing with it. Making up elaborate claims of a hacker tends to hurt the person's credibility.

Anonymous 251346

assley you are not schizophrenic. you are just a very low intelligence psychopath. complete fucking retard with no principles or remorse, its why nobody is ever scared of you despite those empty soulless eyes and your seething hatred for everything that isnt under your control. youre just too dumb lol

Anonymous 251347

Here we go again, this is so pointless and embarrassing.

Anonymous 251348

nobody is crying victim why do you always think people give this much of a shit? i think youre a fat cow who ddoses and ruins good websites and you deserve more of those scary stalkers that have been haunting you for so long you lonely fatass

Anonymous 251349

why do i get accused of being the choachan admins or staff and having said their words every single time too? i dont care bro

Anonymous 251350

Are you all being trolled or are you just a samefag because I don't know or care who Ashley is.

Anonymous 251351

im the choachan board owner here to troll you some more and make you really angy im the admin too and also a pedo tranny but im still prettier than assley

Anonymous 251352

i dont care! but i will reply to your posts very aggressively anyways because thats how much i dont care or want to know!

Anonymous 251353

Okay onion scrotes are just shitting the place up. Moving on.

Anonymous 251354

assley you have more than kf and onion moids stalking you because you are so thoroughly unlikeable wherever you go online and we all know where you live
>inb4 i dont know who ashley the jew from onionfarms is you schizo!!

Anonymous 251355

do you think the sharty will be a neat addition to your fanclub once i tell them how epicly you trolled them?

Anonymous 251356

would the onionbros welcome me and my internal lore on assley or do they have some weird bully monopoly on her where only approved information can be posted

Anonymous 251360

thats a whole nother psychosis in itself

Anonymous 251377


After looking through Ashley's Pintrest, I'd believe she's cerbmin. Here are some of her pins found interesting

-lots of borzoi dogs, we had annoying borzoi posters who were allowed to personality fag for the longest
-3 headed dog pictures saved
- two headed cow pictures saved and two headed poem saved in a different folder called "takes" kek
-obsessed with moomin
-wolf weirdo dog lover (furry vibes/tendencies)
-tons of weird grotesque moid art saved
-tons and tons of gore (interesting)
-Spooky scary try hard (think Heather sparkles but worse)

Anonymous 251383

Would be hilarious if true, I just wish the schizo posters did a better job at assembling proof if something is real instead of just dropping breadcrumbs and sounding like negative iq retards

Anonymous 251389


More cerb pics from Ashley's pintrest kek

Anonymous 251391


Borzoi obsession on Ashley's pintrest

Anonymous 251393


Pt 2

Anonymous 251396


Some pics I just found interesting..
The 3 snakes intertwined
3 wolves watching girls
group of girls falling into a trap

Anonymous 251441


Ashley is sperging in an attempt to do damage control on that board an anon shared here. She says this is akshually just an ai pic of Josh (even though these pics go way back from what I can see from that thread) and that it's a made up kiwi farms name but it doesn't take much digging to find family articles that confirm she is a real chatanooga cretin named Ashley hutsell jackowski.

Anonymous 251445

You have the low functioning kind of autism

Anonymous 251446


They look completely different, but nice try. The only similarities they share is being fat and white. Josh's eyes are further apart and more downward turned while Ashley's eyes are closer together and slightly upward turned.. his nose is more snub and pig like while hers is more beakish and bulbous, Josh's top lip is a little larger and fuller near the center of his philthrum while Ashley's is thin and a little masculine like a 1920s exaggerated cupids bow lip line. Josh has a more square shaped face. His eyebrows are more straight while Ashley's are more arched. You've got to be blind to think this is the same person.

Anonymous 251447


Anonymous 251450

This is the most outlandish tinfoil ever. You're really going to imply this is all a ruse from Josh despite the fact it's easily proven ashley is a real person who has been a shit stain on imageboards for years . The same ashley obsessed with cerberus and borzois. Okay. This is a really lame and desperate of you.. I really believe the "schizo poster" after looking into this myself

Anonymous 251451

It looks like the real reason lc sucks so bad is not because the team is "working on the new site" but because they spend all day sniffing each others farts in private discord chats or arguing with moids on onionfarms/whatever adjacent farm. there seems to be a good amount of stuff about ashley that you can only find on wayback machine now, perhaps one would say she's a cow in her own right

Anonymous 251453

I just want to say that I quoted an anon WKing the mods with a soyjak and it got deleted in minutes.

Anonymous 251454

How did they get the pictures of Josh? Don't you think the original would be out there somewhere? Even if it was sent in a private discord at first?? Why wouldnt josh pipe up when this person has been going around talking shit about him on any board that wont ban them while using altered pics of himself? These pics don't even look like ai imo.. They just look like some random old fat woman. Don't you think some farmers on any of these boards would joke about it at some point over the years? I would believe it's a randos pic before I believed it was a genderswapped ai+photoshop pic of josh…but what do I know…

Anonymous 251455


Crazy how this picture pops up all the way back in 2014, on the same sites they were roasted for..spouting off the same stuff they still whine about to this day. Anyway this is not a picture of josh

Anonymous 251468


ashley hutsell jankowski is a real person and a real psychopath. she has been around the internet, shitting it up for, for decades now. she used to be a power mod on Something Awful where the phrase she loves to use "Hope this helps" comes from. She occasionally tries to scrub the google results for her name but I'm pretty sure she has a whole article on some wiki detailing her escapades on there and MPC.

she was doxed on KF after spewing the same shit Burritomin always liked to spew about Josh and KF, and someone from MPC recognized her. If you read through LC /meta/ from december-january you can see one of the schizo farmhand whiteknights mention MPC and othet Ashley-isms. She was also a mod on Choachan from the very start until the admins realized she's the one spamming gore, fake soyjak raids and CP. I was a janny for them and they didn't originally know it was her but told us it's Ashley doing it, which set her off into a psycho spiral obsession with them and labeling them as her "abusers" and trying to turn other Janitors against them until she eventually did the usual DDoS shit she always does with KF because she can't call any workplaces or contact hosts for supposed illegal activity like she does with Kengle on onionfarms. She's sincerely not schizophrenic, she's an alcoholic psychopath who is extremely calculated and will lie like it's the most natural thing to do, pretend to be 50 different people, come up with elaborate stories, find and contact people you have mentioned in passing and ask them for all the personal details they have on you and then taunt you with them anonymously. The people bullying her aren't great, but she's much, much worse. Pretty sure she only hires teenage or mentally ill farmhands so she can groom and control them better.

Anonymous 251476

I stopped lurking LC when I noticed an uptick on a-logs towards pregnant women, kids and animals (mainly cats and dogs), it was always about vulnerable individuals one way or another and it grossed me out, it got to a point where I couldn't differentiate between male and female anons. It could've been scrotes behind those posts, but again, I greatly dislike being in such environments anyway so I left after lurking for almost a decade, I'm getting too old for this and I don't fit in with their increasingly deranged customs and politics

Anonymous 251478

kek of course she's there feverishly reading, does she ever sleep?
i can try and translate this garbled ban, get into the mind of the schizo so to speak:
basically, she thinks she is a communist marxist internet guerilla who is slowly changing internet culture by ruining imageboards and making them become more PC because she really, really, really hates racists! after all, she pretended to be a 19 year old anorexic mexican, jap, jew from lebanon so she knows how awful internet niggerposts are ok?

Anonymous 251480

what is MPC?
>she eventually did the usual DDoS shit she always does with KF because she can't call any workplaces or contact hosts for supposed illegal activity like she does with Kengle on onionfarms
Are you saying this person is responsible for DDoSing kiwifarms kek.
Someone in the cc bunker thread posted an a-log rant against a pregnant women in lobstercord and they sounded legit mental.
>I was a janny for them
Prove you're not a scrote or a troll.

Anonymous 251481


holy shit, no way, post ban?
anyway I was told to come here so I am reposting my questions for the former mods:
so why did everyone leave? was the 'event that caused her tauntrum' the Christmas fiasco? how long ago did all this happen? is everyone too scared of retribution to post proof? how come info on her is always shoah'd?

Anonymous 251482

post screenshot

Anonymous 251483

>basically, she thinks she is a communist marxist internet guerilla
sounds like that yesterweb tranny, madness

Anonymous 251484

>so why did everyone leave?
If you're going to ask obviously staged leading questions, make sure to not mention something that wasn't said. Anyway, this is the most hilarious tinnfoil yet.
Maddess is a Black woman.

Anonymous 251485

theres like 200 people ddosing KF and shes one of them yeah
kek this is so obvious and creepy with the pic attached. good thing youre fat enough to suit the whole mafioso witness intimidation thing youve got going on. your next larp should be al capone themed

Anonymous 251486

like how burritomin was mexican, japanese, jewish, a lesbian, from yemen and a mandated reporter working with the fbi? i mean, not sure about this madness thing but lets not pretend people dont lie on the internet

Anonymous 251488

ash (1).gif

Ashley hates when you post this on lolcow kek

Anonymous 251490


kek she is full on losing it now, camping the meta threads and deleting posts as soon as i make them.
your admin everyone! make sure to kiss the ring

Anonymous 251491


another very non petty ban that totally doesnt reveal the mind of madness and her insane obsession with two former farmhands everyone liked more than her

Anonymous 251493


Anonymous 251494

??? nta obviously but elaborate?

Anonymous 251495

I just now came here kek I didn't get banned yet, rip though

Anonymous 251496

so there's 3 of us? reunion!

Anonymous 251497


I missed yew guise, are you active in this thread?

Anonymous 251498

ok. let me know if I missed something.

>december 2019, the GC/PP threads are banned, janny meltdown

>leavening happens slowly until shaymin (may or may not be real) claims power
>old modcord is nuked
>at this point retardjannies are sequestered
>'migration' happens on New Year's 2022, last ten users leave the website
>cerbmin comes to power, all hail the new boss same as the old boss?
>choachan meltdown

Anonymous 251507

yeah she ddosed the choafags or something and has a really intense hateboner for them so if you wanna see her chimp out just pretend to be them or say choachan is better or something.
also hi ashley nice soyjak spam on my vpn ips that you get from lolcow kekkkk

Anonymous 251514

now that i think about it, since shes actively trying to get my vpn ips blocked from here by spamming under them, she has absolutely done the same thing to others. makes me wonder if she did it to the choa-chans and spammed places with their ips after they revealed who she is to people. keep seeing anons on here get mysterious captcha bans too

Anonymous 251516

How does she know which vpn you use? Did somehow everyone divulge that information to her?

Anonymous 251521

i post on lolcow with them, staff can see ip addresses. after that you can just look them up with ip info sites to see what vpn someone is using or, if not, find out their router provider and other shit

Anonymous 251527

dec 2019 meltdown was the another modcord nuke, the 2nd was more like a 2nd server I believe


Anonymous 251539



Anonymous 251541

To be quite honest I didn't buy this ashley shit at all at first but now it's become quite obvious… When did the staff that left even figure out she's on the team, how did it happen?

Anonymous 251543

choachan admin figured it out in december and told a bunch of us that were friends with them. dunno how they figured it out but its obvious now that they were right and targeted for it

Anonymous 251545

I'm not really surprised a chronically online alco managed to get into an imageboard mod team, it's kind of to be expected. I just hope they get rid of her and come forward with what's actually going on. Unless they're all in cahoots together in which case rip lc.

Anonymous 251546

ok, so oldmin is spookybones who’s actually Ashley who nobody has heard of until today? Can someone explain what’s going on, coherently?

Anonymous 251547

is that discord someone just made legit or is it a honeypot?

it's already rip lc. she's not just a mod, she's been behind the wheel all this time and all the other mods are gone. all we can do is congregate here to talk shit about her as she busily spams and ddoses any alternative sites.

Anonymous 251548


Damage controlll

Anonymous 251549

pretty sure she's the only mod and admin left. everyone was slowly leaving already, as mentioned by others. she's never gonna fess up to the truth or let go of her schizo throne so yeah rip lolcow indeed. she's gonna keep coming here and repeating every troll theory that was thrown around too in a lazy attempt at discrediting this, because she has a husband that she is repulsed by, an inheritance from her relative dying and no job

Anonymous 251550

agreed in that i thought the probability was low on ashley, didn't even put it on my bingo card.

i honestly didn't want to go through her kf board or of to connect more dots but i could see her how she thought about it. the typing and obsessions are similar, even the way she insults kek.

actually, this was tinfoiled near the end of January… and people did hear about it. no one ever cared when others posted about it. this loon pretends to be people, so it's hard to tell who her actual associates. if you didn't hear them speak it was probably her. so spooky could have just been her.

also, this is a joke, right?

Anonymous 251551

They wouldn't know. It's just choachan admins, hex, and gullible morons pushing anything they can to see if it sticks. Maybe it's retard revenge for their kpop hugbox going down. They skim kiwifarms and splinters then write their tinfoils based on whatever some troll fed them, unless they're legit just making this stuff on their own.

If you guys were this mad about your apology being rejected, then you wouldn't double down on your lies. Just saying. Can one of the four of you give a proper explanation for sending the apology if you believed that I was Ashley/ spookybones, or behind all the DDoSing + spam?

Anonymous 251552

i like how she revealed that ashley has indeed been the admin for 6 years now, by saying
>mentioning farmhands from 6 years ago
she always does this when you make her mad enough with the truth, reveals something that shows who she is and that people are telling the truth. she just got the years wrong because her memory is shot from being a raging alcoholic and cant remember when what farmhand was on her team

Anonymous 251554

kek straight up admitting that you're here and reading is not cute. neither is that choachan obsession, those two never did shit to you besides all the work on your site.
can you explain why you keep saying you arent the admin anymore and then keep knowing things only an admin of lolcow would know? or why you keep claiming to never read lolcow or post on crystal cafe but uh here you are? weird

Anonymous 251555

i'm fairly certain the nikocado ass pictures that get posted here are from the moids on that soy website.

Anonymous 251556


More proof of her scrubbing meta kek it's really pathetic at the point, not sure how she will ever recover. Maybe she will keep spamming us with her vile fap content

Anonymous 251557

What proof is there that Ashley was oldmin/Shannon/Cerbmin apart from one Pinterest screenshot? Fog of war is thick.

Anonymous 251558

the sharty doesnt even exist anymore. one can speculate on who the culprit behind that was (very similar things happened to other ibs mentioned…) but using them as an excuse when theyre busy picking up the pieces of their destroyed community is braindead alcy nonsense

Anonymous 251559

its really obvious its you when you screech about proof and try to push an imaginary war with choachan, who also dont exist anymore kek

Anonymous 251560

>burritomin, cerbmin, shaymin were all spookybones/ashley, a tyrannical alcoholic idiot
>as soon as she came into power, the site began its steady decline
>old mods leave one by one, currently none left unless boomer mod oats is still trucking
>new jannies are brought in to shut farmers up every once in a while
>moderation constantly fluxuates between nonexistent (after the jannies get burnt out and leave) and baby hitler (after a new wave of jannies comes due to being both poorly trained and poorly chosen; they're allowed to do whatever they want)
>those she hates are targeted, some are spammed with gore and cp in the cases of ccc, cc, and fujochan
>nothing can be done about it

Anonymous 251561

Their posting style and insults are all the same. Not to mention people on the back end behind the scenes piping up that you keep trying to silence and censor

Anonymous 251562

Well? If lc is compromised then can’t you post here?

Anonymous 251563

I thought spooky bones was a man?

Anonymous 251564

Can someone explain how the Ashley thing started? I've seen she has a thread on KF and some "orbiters" and they fight each other. But how did they find her?

Anonymous 251565


>those two never did shit to you besides all the work on your site
Very delusional of you. And if you're natu it's funny how a few weeks ago they were posting up and down that you're my last bootlicker when we both know I haven't talked to you in years. Then you guys have to resort to mentioning names that have had no involvment with the site in years. It's sad and desperate.

> keep knowing things only an admin of lolcow would know

What have I said that only the current admin would know? You guys are the only ones who have consistently pushed this after Blaine and Elaine.
>why you keep claiming to never read lolcow or post on crystal cafe but uh here you are? weird
Why are you pretending that we talk? I haven't said anything to any of you. Hex admitted to spreading tranny rumors and a faildox of me on Christmas and said it was "wrong" of her, so is it wrong for me to worry about my safety when you're all deranged and holding a vendetta against me when most of us haven't spoken in years.

I like how you all always dance around trying to contact me a week before your precious kpop board got shut down. If you have a vendetta or fixation on ruining my life, go for it. But you're not hurting me by spreading more faildoxes of me and harassing cerbmin or hk admin.

Anonymous 251566

spookybones is ashley and tommy, her husband. she wanted to make shaymin a husband and wife team before hastur doxed her to KF kek

Anonymous 251567

why did she pretend to be a brooding emo girl/Native American lesbian Mexican/Japanese woman all at once?

Anonymous 251568

girl nobody fucking cares how many times do people have to tell you that they arent the damn choa admins kek fucking losing it

Anonymous 251569

too much vodka and she larps as whatever her newest dyke crush is

Anonymous 251571


The bar is low for them. Pic rel, from the time choachan admin admitted to spreading a rumor that shaymin was i2p and that I had given the site to i2p by "accident".

Anonymous 251572

started 12 years ago on some racist boomer forum called MPC. she schizoed out on KF in 2020 and got promptly doxed and people realized shes easy to get mad and troll so they did and do to this day

Anonymous 251573


She only admitted to knowing what the rumors were about after she was confronted by screenshots, because her friend was a newfag who was an outsider and was manipulated into spreading rumors for them.

Anonymous 251574

it does still exist, under a different domain name. who do you think has been raiding us the last couple days?

Anonymous 251575

meant to reply to >>251558

Anonymous 251576

here we go again with ashley posting screenshots of innocent parties she fooled for years and years sigh

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