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Crazy Doodle Thread Anonymous 2811

Not the "official" bad draw fag from lc but I really loved that thread, so I hope this one gets requests too. I'm making this one so we can have some fun again. Ask for a doodle/drawing, and have someone make it for you. Yes, m'lady, you're getting a masterpiece for free.

Anyone can send drawings, btw. Send yours!
To start, here's my first random contribution.

Anonymous 2812

3 friends.png

I got excited when i saw this thread and decided to download and doodle this in autodesk sketchbook with my finger. I call it a steambun style because they look like little bun heads

Anonymous 2813

wheeee, this is cute. draw some cute bun heads having sweets? that'd be cute. i need to catch some sleep now but im happy that was the last thing i saw before crashing lmao.

Anonymous 2814

Michael Fassbender…

It Michael Fassbender.

Anonymous 2815

Hello Drawnons, can I plug the board-tan contest here real quick? I humbly request you to consider it, thank you <3


Anonymous 2816

Sure thing, I don't see why not!

Lmao this is GREAT

Anonymous 2820


Yes, please! I feel like there are too few contestants.

Anonymous 2822

In this case, I would like to request Drawnons to scribble board-tan inspiration!

Anonymous 2826


Me too! Or anything, really. I know CC is still quite small, but surprise me people. Don't be shy eh.

Anonymous 2828


I'm not really an artfag, but I like to doodle on my notebooks.

I want to learn how to proper draw but it's never gonna happen.

Anonymous 2829

But Anon you're already drawing properly. All skill is is in an accumulation of experiences and efforts, so if you keep drawing it's an inevitably that you'll improve.

Anonymous 2831

I'm not just being nice: I like the face a lot!

Anonymous 2835


it's my cat nyar (i swear his anatomy is normal irl)

Anonymous 2838

Cute! You've got talent anon. I like your stroke work. And if that's what your cat looks like…extra cute and lucky!

Anonymous 2842

This is cute <3 I also love the name, it's adorable

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