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Bump this thread every time you visit for the FIRST TIME today! Anonymous 31485

Let's have at it, CC.

Anonymous 31486

good day ruby.restaurant

the next 364 replies should all be posts by me

Anonymous 31501

hi first time today. probably not the last.

Anonymous 31502

good morning. today i ate potatoes.

Anonymous 31503

this website seems to be slower than usual this past week

Anonymous 31504


more like this past month

Anonymous 31506

hello. i just tried to watch a youtube review for the dating app hinge and was served an ad to join the US military.
what does it mean?

Anonymous 31507

Good morning all.
This post is about you now.

Anonymous 31508

Hello and good day, I slept until 4 pm

Anonymous 31511

hi for the first time this evening. i left my house today

Anonymous 31513


I like to check here a few times a week. I wish there was more traffic though.

Anonymous 31514

Hi, I check here daily, but only because the novelty is still new for me

Anonymous 31515

I check in daily, but only because it's novel and new

Anonymous 31519


Who's a good girl?
Yes, you are.
I mean YOU

Anonymous 31520

Good afternoon prospectors on garnet.grill
This is just my daily check-in but I am surprised to see other people. Normally this place is a ghoast town with nothing but ECHOE ECHOEs

Why thank you

Anonymous 31521


>tfw you come to check in but the only threads to be bumped are ones you don't care about

Anonymous 31522

Just bump the ones you like

Anonymous 31523

This. Admin said a few times that bumping old threads is encouraged and necro is of no concern, so just go for it.

Anonymous 31527


Anonymous 31528

Anonymous 31530


well. it's 1am.

Anonymous 31538

today i had some beans.

Anonymous 31543


henlo citrine.cafeteria

Anonymous 31549

good day

Anonymous 31556

Hi c.c friends!!!!

Anonymous 31559


Anonymous 31566

it's 1:00 and I am still here!

I think I may bump the bed-thread general once I get a good idea of a worthwile post tomorrow or some other day.

Goodnight to this new day emerald.eatery

Anonymous 31569



Anonymous 31573

I just woke up. It's anout 11 EST and I am not excited to start the day.

Anonymous 31574

hello sunday

Anonymous 31576

Anonymous 31579


happy sunday everyone

Anonymous 31580


Hi c.c, how was your weekend?

Where I am it is finally getting some sun and good weather and my humor is getting a lot better.

Anonymous 31581

so is this going to be the new randumb dump thread now that this >>>/b/14153 is about to hit the limit?

Because I will treat as such to post all my random thoughts, like this good morning greetings for today

Anonymous 31584

>joined a discord server on Wednesday because I needed someone to talk to
>everyone seems cool, plenty of memes
>waste my entire weekend on there
>went on VC a few time
>mods find out I'm a girl
>wake up on Sunday to find myself muted
Hope you weekend was better than mine turned out

Anonymous 31586

maybe make another randump thread

Anonymous 31589

Yeah that's discord for ya. This is why I prefer talking to people in real life. Nobody can mute you there. The only way they can ever stop you from being a friendly and nice person to them is if they kill you!

Anonymous 31592



Anonymous 31597

Good morning all.
Back at uni after a week break.

Anonymous 31598


have a wonderful day anons!

Anonymous 31600


Today, I had eggs.
so tired.

Anonymous 31605

Why anon?

Anonymous 31606

I hope it's Traumatic Brain Injury anon.

Anonymous 31607

Welcome miners. I just found out my supervisor is coming to observe on Wednesday, so if that goes badly you'll be seeing a lot more of me soon :-)))


Somewhat related, but is lolcow good for miners? I'm looking for another imageboard to browse when CC gets slow that's not vehemently misogynistic like a certain Taiwanese basketweaving forum?

Anonymous 31609

Lolcow is only marginally faster and…spicier than cc to say the least. There are a lot more arguments, but it's with other women so you won't get called a useless roastie whore or anything. Might get called a fatty though.

Anonymous 31629

sup dudes

Anonymous 31632


In class

Anonymous 31641

'sup, gorls

Anonymous 31642


Anonymous 31644

cant sleep but now im going to try again, gn!

Anonymous 31648

Just arrived from work and after I take a shower and a nap I will be able to shitpost on pearl.pizzeria

I hope you have a wonderful sleep!

Anonymous 31649

Haven't been here in a couple weeks, hope everyone is having a good day thus far. Just had my charger stolen from me after I gave it to someone while I was at the library and assumed they'd return it, lmao. Never doing that again :D

Anonymous 31650

Just woke up from a nap. Was supposed to get work done for tomorrow. I am gonna fail uni at this point T__T
shitposting is grand
that fucking sucks anon. this is why I never give up my charger to anyone. you're probably a better person than me if that makes you feel any better.

Anonymous 31651

I just wanted to say that I love this thread so much. It never fails to reset me after a long, emotional day

Anonymous 31656

I'm on my way to work. I had a really emotional weekend so it's kind of nice to be diving back into routine.

Anonymous 31659

I need to get rid of this habit of browsing CC at 1:00

Anonymous 31666

Hi c.c

Studying a lot today, but also procastinating in the good old way I know: cleaning, baking, and watching random youtube videos that I would not watch any other time.

Hope my exam tomorrow goes well anyway!

Anonymous 31667

I hope it goes well, too! GL anon!

Anonymous 31668


So much snow today

Anonymous 31671

Thx u, I usually don’t give people my charger unless I know them but I had a bad day and thought doing something nice for someone would make me feel better. Smh, luckily it was cheap af

Anonymous 31685

great as.jpg

ok, ok

Anonymous 31690


i have to go back to work today after a week off. but i hope everyone has a good day today :)

Anonymous 31702


Not feeling too good today

Anonymous 31703


hello cc lgtb

Anonymous 31711

this nap after a day of work and a short stint out makes me forget about this place, but I am finally checking in at 10:10 PM!

Anonymous 31713

Good morning cc

Anonymous 31719

I have so much work to do but I'm high key depressed and can't get out of bed

Anonymous 31729

Are you still in bed 4 hours after this post?

Anonymous 31730


i'm posting less than i usually do
lurking is so COMFY

Anonymous 31739

Hello cc today I swept up a dead spider off the floor. How is your day going

Anonymous 31741

I always leave those for weeks or until I have guests I can ask to do it because I'm irrationally scared they'll jump back to life if I get near.

Anonymous 31743

Yeah me too, I noticed him yesterday but I was not mentally prepared to throw him away until today

Anonymous 31755

It's been too long.

Anonymous 31769

Hey miners.
Currently pooping pants because I may approach a guy in 8 minutes.
Oh boyyyyy.

Anonymous 31770

How did it go?

Anonymous 31771

He said yes! We're grabbing coffee tomorrow. Big excite.

Anonymous 31772

That's great! Remember to take it easy, and be watchful. Good luck!

Anonymous 31787

the rain is calming and makes browsing sapphire.supermarket feel good

Anonymous 31788

rainy and stormy here too.

Anonymous 31792

I hate myself and wish I were dead almost everyday.

Anonymous 31800


I feel very happy lately for no reason and it feels weird. I'm afraid to lose this feeling.

Anonymous 31803

You forgot to hate yourself. Like it when that happens.

Anonymous 31873


it’s gray and windy here today, totally okay with it ^_^

Anonymous 31878


Sunny day today. Am happy. Cannot wait for summer to return.

Anonymous 31903

I wish I had sun. There's still snow on the ground where I am (NorthEastern USA)

Anonymous 31911


I can't wait for summer either, I want to wear summer clothes!
Today my friends came over, I waited for them so long and I was sure they wouldn't come but they came anyway and although they only stayed for 15 minutes I'm so happy they came to see me.

Anonymous 31915


Anonymous 31998


I scored a part time job at an ice cream shop while I go to college. Today is my first day, I'm feeling kind of nervous because it's been some months since I last did customer service.

Anonymous 32007

goood morning girls my spacebar button doesnt work so i have a space in my clipboard that i use to make spaces

Anonymous 32036


Good afternoon! Would anyone like to have black tea with me?

Anonymous 32037


Anonymous 32050

Glad to hear! How did it go?

Anonymous 32051

I had black tea once and spent the rest of my work shift with the most painful stomach cramps I've ever had. Never will I try it again!!

Anonymous 32052

So far it seems like the best job I've had so far. It's a small shop and all of my coworkers have been very kind. It's also the first job I got via my friend's recommendation rather than applying online, hooray for nepotism!
I usually don't like black tea, but Good Earth Sweet and Spicy tea is amazing.

Anonymous 32258

IG went to poop so im stuck here

Anonymous 32268

just made cheesecake! no-bake kind, tomorrow will be a good day~

Anonymous 32269

please share the recipe! oven-less anon here >>>/b/31601

Anonymous 32285

I always find that tea doesn't have much taste for me. At home I drink tea with milk and sugar, and I do have peppermint tea which is very nice - it actually has taste. Floral teas always taste slightly perfumey but that's about it - am I doing it wrong, or is that legit how they're meant to taste?

Anonymous 32288

OMG I remember that yesterday. I went to look at someone's profile and it didn't work and I was freaking out. I almost broke my phone I was so frazzled.

Anonymous 32289



Anonymous 32295


God, I love this place. I've been on 4Chan since middle school and I just found out about this site thanks to the autists on /fit/ mocking you guys. This beats the 8channel /girltalk/. I'm HOOOOOME.

Anonymous 32297


Do I detect a comrade in anime boy posting?

Anonymous 32300

Oh… these are boys?

Anonymous 32307

Good morning anons! I passed out on my coach last night instead of making it to my bed
Similar story, but with r9k. Welcome anon.

Anonymous 32310

What did your coach say in the morning?

Anonymous 32316

They are just feminine boys who are drawn even more femininely by the fan-artist.>>32289 is Goro Akechi and >>32297 is Yuri Lowell.

Anonymous 32343

I got sunburned yesterday T_T
Not bad but I always get anxious cuz "muh premature aging"

Anonymous 32368

Hello I am eating

Anonymous 32374

I need to do laundry

Anonymous 32387

It's 7 am and I can't sleep yet, FML

Anonymous 32390

freshly clean bed-sheets helps me sleep well; but im still here on CC at 1:00

Anonymous 32403

I'm in a boring class rn. Everyone else is either on their email or on Facebook and I'm on CC. Story of my life.

Anonymous 32404

goodest of days to you all, I am tired and my back hurts a lot. My best friend keeps messaging me about her annoying boyfriend.

Anonymous 32419

hola, cc.

Anonymous 32420

looking up to you.…

Hello CC
I've been reading a cute manga

Anonymous 32424


Good morning all

Anonymous 32455


reporting for duty. i haven't been around in a week or so…

Anonymous 32456

It's been a long week in it's only Tuesday

Anonymous 32458

google image searched this and a cute manga came up. The subject of the manga itself I always find mentioned here on cc compared to other sites for some reason; though I am only 5'7"

thanks for the recc

Anonymous 32459



Anonymous 32463

wonderful pichur

Anonymous 32557

homura chan.png

I miss Madoka… 2011 is so far away now.

Anonymous 32560

Probably should have mentioned the name in my post, I just put it in the filename usually but I forgot those are hidden here. Title is "Looking Up to You" if anyone else wants to read it. I am only 5'4 myself, but the premise is still cute to me.

Anonymous 32562

hello ladies
I'm sick cough cough

Anonymous 32570


To be honest this is my third or fourth time today

Anonymous 32573

you must like it here

Anonymous 32579

A mood

Can't wait until summer break when I can go on here constantly

Anonymous 32580

This is my first time back in a while. I don't really like it here anymore, the ambiance has changed.

Anonymous 32588

goedemorgen, starting my day at 4pm

Anonymous 32589



Anonymous 32618



Anonymous 32625

I feel personally attacked by this image

Anonymous 32628

:3 how is everyones day

Anonymous 32629

woke up at 11:30 because I have nothing to do for the day

Anonymous 32631

implying this isn't someone's fetish and would ask you specifically to keep it smelly

Anonymous 32658


I just feel like there are a lot more bait threads, more gullible Anons to take the bait and more perma-angry Anons trying to start shit than when the site first started up. It felt very chill and natural back then and now I feel like it has taken on too many of the facades and pomposities that you get on most imageboards.

Sorry for the slow reply, but I had to respect the thread rules.

Anonymous 32680


Ntayrt, but I understand. There are so many bait threads. A lot seem obvious to me (like the "I want to keep this nerd in his place' thread? it felt like a larp so I didn't follow the thread) but it seems a lot of people don't report? I didn't report that thread in particular but I report glaring bait threads. I wish more people did.

On that note, I feel like way more anons on 4chin are being open about being female lately and maybe it's wishful thinking but going by the posts' tone I think it's thanks to this site.

Anonymous 32684

The things that were talked about before the influx of lower quality posts, which are primarily things people keep making duplicate threads for, like happy feels/music/health issues.

I still check in sometimes, but I'm barely motivated to interact with anyone because the only threads that get bumped are bait or anons trying to out troll each other.

Anonymous 32693

The only topic I see repeated a-lot in multiple threads (excluding catch-all relationship threads) are diet/weight threads.

Anonymous 32695

Good morning cc! I didn't sleep very well, I think because I was hungry and where I live is really noisy. I made some breakfast and I feel a lot better now. It was nice to wake up before my alarm. I'm going to try and be productive this morning.

Anonymous 32696

That’s the spirit!
Make it a good day anon.

Anonymous 32749


hello miners! A book I ordered from overseas finally made it through customs and I'm really excited to read it

Anonymous 32756


hi cc

Anonymous 32792


good afternoon, miners!


It's the autobiography of a guy who was friends with some of my favorite writers from the time period - I get obsessed with particular authors and want to dig up all the gossip and dirt I can find

Anonymous 32796

hi cc

Anonymous 32815


Hi good morning

Anonymous 32819

the weather is lovely today

Anonymous 32820

Hi cc.
It’s much colder today than usual where I am.

Anonymous 32822

I'm happy to be alive, I hope everyone has a great week :)

Anonymous 32824

Yo all~ Saw someone mention they really like this place so.

Anonymous 32829


Hallo, cc!

Another comfy, lazy Sunday

Anonymous 32834

I look forward to being productive in the coming workweek so I may obtain slowly but surely the funds needed to purchase/build a palace from which a landmark will be built decorated with lavisg crystals and serving numerous tea and coffee products

Anonymous 32836

Good morning cc! I'm having brunch and recovering from a hangover. I feel a lot better now that I've had probably over a liter of water lol.

A thing that I've been planning but thought would fail is suddenly coming together. I feel happy and productive.

I hope you feel the same today!!

Anonymous 32840

Good Monday morning, miners.
I'm happy today for some reason.

Anonymous 32841

how many of you people browse crystal.cafe at 3:00 AM?

I need it for a survey

Anonymous 32843

Sometimes on weekends or when I accidentally slip into being nocturnal on breaks from uni.

Anonymous 32853

Same! It's been such a good day so far, but I'm so afraid it'll get ruined any moment now

Anonymous 32857

First time (ever). Really

Anonymous 32886



Even if it's an April Fools joke, welcome to cc !

Hoping to get some errands done today

Anonymous 33058

what does the Bastnasite.Bodega look forward to this weekend?

Isn't there like less than 40 weeks left of the decade or somethin?

Anonymous 33060

Going to the desert to see some blooms, hopefully they are still around.

This decade was kind of shite, but I don't really see it getting much better for the next one.

Anonymous 33063

I'd love to see the desert one day.

For my weekend plans, I'll be at home in bed with my laptop like every day, but maybe tomorrow I'll visit a friend to do laundry (I don't own a washing machine).

Anonymous 33075

A legend

Anonymous 33077


Hiya CC, it has been a while since I've posted here but I'm getting my first job and finally going to therapy. And I lost weight! Life has gotten a lot better!

Anonymous 33079

Good job, anon! Keep it up!

Anonymous 33084

Hi ladies
I can't stop thinking about graduation and what I'm gonna do with my life.

Anonymous 33086



Anonymous 33104


yahallo, miners! this weekend I will be catching up on housekeeping

Anonymous 33121


I hope you get a chance too, anon!

Anonymous 33135



Yep! The third season got announced at anime japan, I'm looking forward to it.

Anonymous 33148

Is it normal to be frigid/asexual most of the year, but in Spring turn into some cheesy romantic? I do not like this at ali.

Anonymous 33164




Sorry, I wanted to do that.

Anonymous 33203



I experience that, myself. Idk how common it is though

Anonymous 33208

Possible remnant genetic coding for hominid reproduction enticement. Soon as genetic editing comes out it should be wiped, honestly.

Anonymous 33211

I haven't been on cc in a few days, which is really rare. But I've been making an effort to be more sociable irl even though it's difficult and scary.

Anonymous 33220

good morning everyone!

Anonymous 33298



good morning!

Anonymous 33376

This site on Friday night seems to be boppin and active with all these new poasts

Anonymous 33419


finally some nice weather today

Anonymous 33421

Good afternoon crystal cafe!
I have a university formal tonight aka I have to put on my best normie impersonation for at least 4 hours

Anonymous 33428

woke up super late and hung over. feel like the day is already gone, time to browse cc

Anonymous 33455


Just woke up from what was about to be a nightmare, now thinking how else to spend this night

Anonymous 33457

Good afternoon, cc! I woke up way earlier than expected and ended up being pretty productive. I'm treating myself to lunch out (at the supermarket lol) because it's the weekend and I've been good about not spending too much money lately.

Anonymous 33459

is it unhealthy to hang-out on CC on the weekend at 3:25 AM while drinking soda?

I just can't stand the morning hours, I have no problem waking up at 6:30 for my normal workdays but I just hate that sometimes it's dark in the morning. Like I just want to wake up and be faced with sunshine, drives me mad

Anonymous 33460

Oh shit I gotta do taxes

Anonymous 33462

Hey CC

I'm hungover and in no mood to face the day without talking to the ladies first.

Anonymous 33512

Got a link here from 4chin when i said there's really no such thing as a fem incel

Anonymous 33513


not my first time here today but my first time bumping this today, i feel sad and paranoid

Anonymous 33514

4chan /pol/ femanon here, first time on this site. Just wanted to say that Jews did 9/11, Sandy Hook, the Kennedy assassination, WW1 AND 2, and are the puppet masters of our current Cheeto in Chief. That is all.

Anonymous 33516

Anonymous 33519

Honestly same

Nothing like overly caring about someone who wants nothing to do with you to ruin your day

Anonymous 33542


good afternoon, miners

Anonymous 33569


Hello again.

Anonymous 33579


Good morning girls, I’m starting to cram for finals

Anonymous 33580



Good luck!

Anonymous 33588

Hello cc

Anonymous 33593

hi cc

been skipping classes because I'm piece of shit who can't leave my apartment

Anonymous 33626



That's rough. Have you tried just opening the apartment door for a little while? If I do that a few times I can make myself go out on the sidewalk at least

Anonymous 33639


>enter the cafe
>full of gape porn
smh did the guys think this would shock us? Or are they searching for a domme gf under the guise of a raid?

Anonymous 33640

Gape porn? I am simply rattled.
time to look for sauce on the other threads

Anonymous 33645


We 2007 now

Anonymous 33667



Missed it.

Gonna rearrange my room today~

Anonymous 33672

It was on for maybe an hour this morning before getting deleted. The mods on don't fuck around when it comes to rule 4 lmao

Anonymous 33698

Just woke up from a 2 hour nap after my last class before graduation.

Anonymous 33703

Bitch me too the fuck
Not graduation, but a 2 hour nap.

Anonymous 33704



congrats on graduating!

Anonymous 33705

congrats anon!!

Anonymous 33706

Thanks girls! I still have finals next week but I'm almost there lol

Anonymous 33709


What a shitty day.

Anonymous 33710

What happened, anon?

Anonymous 33743


I crave food.

Anonymous 33820


Not sure if I should be excited because CC is getting more active or upset because this is my favorite thread ):

Anonymous 33830


I'm making pasta with fresh tomatoes for my S.O. today! Hope you've found a good meal.

Anonymous 33915

I get sick going into the weekend and cut back on compoopturd use so as to not actively check this site to focus on my health and right as I am back to being active there are all sorts of threads with new posts (some pruned but I suspect more due to self-deletion than raid/bots) that interest me but I dont understand the context and I gotta finish reading.

Might be the first time I feel as if I am not "in the know" of what happens here in this site despite checking it daily, so many new posts or maybe I am just getting old and my cognitive abilities are losing the ability to remember all sorts of shitposts on obscure imageboards.

Anonymous 33925


bunp for justice

Anonymous 33934


2AM so it's a new day :P

Anonymous 34023


Urge to get cute rodent pets rising.

Anonymous 34024

good morning, i just had cake for breakfast

Anonymous 34027



I want some …

Anonymous 34056



Anonymous 34169


bump xP

Anonymous 34183

qt images

I'm back from uni and I'm gonna go for a run today. I've lost a bunch of weight about a year ago and I've just been maintaining. I just want to be skinny but I guess some progress is good ):

Anonymous 34196

Don't starve! If you're below obesity on your BMI, then you only need to worry about temperance. Also you could start building muscle.

Anonymous 34307


yo, cc

Anonymous 34312

I should walk the dog, but I'd rather eat chicken and look at Pokemon.

Anonymous 34315

checking in for the first time in over a month…i was on here multiple times a day for like a year but for some reason i'm just not into like i was.

Anonymous 34322

I got nine hours of sleep and had left-over pizza for breakfast for the first time in a really long time. Feeling pretty good.

Maybe it's a good thing that you're not relying on it anymore? Anyway, welcome back.

Anonymous 34323

i barely kept my streak in duolingo
28 days going at it :)

Anonymous 34326

Same here. I generally feel that I've grown up from imageboards, it's time to move on.

Anonymous 34328

see you tomorrow

keep it up and soon it will be stuck as a habit and you will have no problem with motivation

Anonymous 34330

Accessing for the first time today

Anonymous 34331


hi anon

Anonymous 34335

Holy shit that is one cute fucking cat.

Anonymous 34338


morning anons, haven't been around in a couple of months! happy to see everyone still kicking

Anonymous 34346


okaeri !

Anonymous 34352


I really want a cat

Anonymous 34356

Had a super long weekend, can’t wait to crash. Good night CC!

Anonymous 34358

Me too ;_;

Anonymous 34359

Reaching cc for the first time today

Anonymous 34361

W-what happened a few hours ago to CC?

Anonymous Admin 34362

We had some downtime due to an oversight on my behalf, sorry! Everything is well.

Anonymous 34366


hewwo anons, first time here and probably going to stay!

Anonymous 34367


Welcome aboard, anon!

Anonymous 34370



Anonymous 34372

Here again

Anonymous 34382

That’s probably the tannins. I like to be (try)hardcore and drink things plain (coffee, whiskey, etc) but without a little bit of milk or food, if I haven’t eaten yet that day, black tea makes my stomach try to claw its way up out of my throat. It’s a common reaction. It still annoys me because I want to like things plain, and tannins are good for betta fish so why not for me? Plus “first thing in the morning” is exactly when I would most like some plain tea and not necessarily any food or extra steps yet.

Anonymous 34384


good morning cc ~!

Anonymous 34424

Good morning! I didn't sleep very well last might, but I woke up before my alarm and had raisins with breakfast. They're my favorite sugary treat right now.

Anonymous 34450

Hey everyone,
I'm eating lunch alone at work because I need a break from being actively social and making small talk. I was going to eat with a group, but I was really good today so I'm letting myself have some quiet time. 5 more hours…

Anonymous 34451


Anonymous 34458


It's my 3rd post today, but I always forget about this thread

Anonymous 34459


My first post today, glad users like you keep this thread alive

Anonymous 34463

on the bus on the way home from work, I can’t wait to go home and have a nap!

Anonymous 34501


Anonymous 34504

This meme is so wholesome ;_;
(I waited until this morning to post this so it'd be my first post today that's how cute it is)

Anonymous 34535

I love it too!

And something like that happened to me yesterday. A woman stopped me to tell me she liked my shoes and it made my day

Anonymous 34705

Everyone should give more unsolicited compliments.

Anonymous 34711



finally some nice weather today

Anonymous 34717

I've been really tired and groggy the past few days. No matter how much I sleep my head is cloudy. :(

Anonymous 34776


it's another day in paradise

Anonymous 34781

finals r done
now i can dedicate my time to the cafe

Anonymous 34782

1 new thread per day per board, go

Anonymous 34783


Anonymous 34788

First time today

Anonymous 35067



Anonymous 35082


Good afternoon, miners

Anonymous 35089


I love you guys so much

Anonymous 35102

Good morning! I like that picture. It's sweet and the colors are nice.

Anonymous 35106


Good morning.

Anonymous 35116


good morning~

Anonymous 35197

Did anyone celebrate crystal cafe's 2nd birthday?

Anonymous 35199

I completley didnt know about that, as I first started posting in 2018

Anonymous 35221

Hi cc! I'm feeling good this morning because I actually got a decent amount of sleep, woke up before my slarm,and found out I had more money in the bank than I thought. Hope everyone else got some good news today, too!

Anonymous 35282



Anonymous 35283


I can't sleep

Anonymous 35315

I really, really, really like this image.

Anonymous 35326


Hi miners, I hope everyone's having a good day.

Anonymous 35329


I woke up this morning to the sun streaming through my window and felt really at peace. Have a good holiday, Americanons.

Anonymous 35453


hello all

Anonymous 35454


good day to you

Anonymous 35477


I haven't touched my Animal Crossing New Leaf file in 50 years.

Anonymous 35551

It’s almost 1am here, does that count as a new day?

Anonymous 35552

Sure anon

I’m on mobile rn cuz my laptop’s broke but I still want to see the ladies

Anonymous 35553

If you want it to!

Anonymous 35555

You should. I just remade my town actually.

Anonymous 35620


My town remains unfinished to this day.

I'm scared to load up the save file. I don't want to see if my favourite villager has moved away.

Anonymous 35641


To all the lurking miners: Hi.

Anonymous 35699

2 weeks more and it’s 50% of the year done and the decade is a die die die!

Happy I could spend 1.5 years of that decade on the sapphire.shack. What about you geologists?

Anonymous 35701

Um, 50% of the year is at the start of July, not the middle of June. Indeed if you wanted to be even more precise, midday on July 2nd is halfway through a normal year as 182 and a half days have passed and there remains another 182 and a half days until the end.

Anonymous 35728

I hadn't even realized this decade would wend with this year, even though it's obvious. Huh.

I guess I'm looking forward to the futuristic/retro futuristic stuff thst will probably come out playing up the 2020 thing?

Anonymous 35792


>mfw I post daily to contribute to keeping this board alive
>mfw most of my posts are boring as hell

Sorry miners.

Anonymous 35796

Ur beautiful even when ur boring as hell qt

Anonymous 35805

gangsall here.png

alright i'm here

Anonymous 35808



You. Are. Valid.

Anonymous 35810

hello, my anonymous friends. hopefully my insurance gets back to me today.

Anonymous 35820

I just took a shower and washed my hair. I'm drinking cold coffee without a shirt on. I don't want to get dressed and go to work, even though today should be an easy day.

Anonymous 35849


hallo, ladies! another day in paradise.

Anonymous 35851

good day!

Anonymous 35854


Anonymous 35858

I came to say good morning, now I’m going back to sleep

Anonymous 35859

restful sleps, anon

Anonymous 35860


Good morning all.
Good morning anon!! Hope the rest of your sleep goes well.

Anonymous 35862

this is a great gif
thank you

Anonymous 35889



Anonymous 35895



Anonymous 35896


wa ha ha

Anonymous 35907


Not sure what to bump this thread with so how 'bout some casual conversation…

How do I stop being envious of other girls?

Anonymous 35918

What specifically makes you envious of other girls?

Anonymous 35928

I guess it's because 99% of the time, I know males ( and women but it applies to males more) will think other women are more attractive than me and thus treat that girl better. It doesn't matter if they outright have a crush on them or just them observing, To them, those girls will be funnier, more interesting and overall just more tolerable to them because males will always base how well they'll treat a woman on her attractiveness.

Sometimes they do it on purpose, a lot of times it happens subconsciously, either way, I don't know how to put up with a mind like that.

Which leaves me with another thing to be envious about.

I'm pretty envious of their outlook on males.

Either they don't know or they don't care how males really are and are okay with dating, marriage and even hanging out with them; I wish I had they're mindset.

I don't hate these woman nor hate men, it's just I don't know how to deal with this truth so my go-to emotional response is envy and I feel it's eating away at me and ruining a lot of the joy (almost all) in my life.

Anonymous 35943

I've made similar observations about other women being treated better by men (and I'm fully aware why) but my go-to reaction is resignation instead of envy.

Sorry I can't help, anon.

Anonymous 35970

God I felt that. I have felt this my entire life. Thank you for finally putting it into words for me anon.
As much as men are gross/scary and I try to dress very conservatively and walk as quickly as possible to avoid their gaze, I get this weird pang of envy whenever I see a man checking out or obviously flirting with another woman. The funny part is that I would hate it if that same man were to do that to me, but it's this internal part of me that says "attractive to men=good".

Anonymous 35971

hello. i haven't been around as much lately. i don't know what it means but when i'm feeling better/less depressed i don't come on here…

Anonymous 36095

Spent my morning getting myself removed from people search engines, I hate how much information they collect on you

Anonymous 36105

What has you feeling down?

How did you remove the information?

Anonymous 36139

you should post on sulphur.snackbar when you're happy, because happiness is contagious

happy posting is good

Anonymous 36145

I opted out, you can request to do so on most sites

Anonymous 36147

Is this a European thing?

Anonymous 36150

I thought it was an American thing lol.

Anonymous 36167

Good morning CC! I've been tired when I wake up lately, I think because I snore which keeps me from going into deep sleep.

Anonymous 36181

good afternoon (in my time). I'm deciding today to genuinely try to stop compulsively masturbating and to quit smoking (because it's really too expensive for me to keep up with). Wish me luck, miners.

Anonymous 36198

Godspeed. You can do it bro

Anonymous 36201

Are you that anon from /feels/ who said she masturbates for hours a day?
Good luck!

Anonymous 36203

Keep us updated on how it goes! It seems like it would be hard to quit both at the same time, but maybe easier in the long run?

Anonymous 36206


thanks, anon.
yep, that's me. Yesterday I flat out failed, but today I'm doing a lot better, so I have hope. thank you for the support, I know you're all anons, but it feels nice to have the support of anyone, especially since it's an issue that I can't just strike up a conversation with anyone about quitting, lol.
well, the easy thing for me regarding cigarettes is that I just need to stop buying them. I should have clarified, I meant I was going to quit smoking by myself, though I will socially (but I almost never go out, like less than 4x a month, so it wouldn't be that much). The masturbating one is more difficult for me because it's so ingrained in my routines and in how I react to stress. I've taken up working out in hopes of a) tiring me out so I'll be too tired to masturbate and at least reap some benefits from working out, and b) hopefully the physical stimulation will kinda replace what masturbation used to mean to me in a sense.

Anonymous 36214


The memory always plays out the way I want it to. We're in your secondhand Civic, the blue one, when we notice wrinkled gum pasted onto the wing mirror. Your brother spat and dug it into the glass with chicken thigh fingers in retaliation for ratting him out about something worth doing. Forever a diligent handmaiden I open the window to scrape it off and wince. My flesh feels like eggs sizzling against the frying pan sun. Humidity seeps through the air-conditioned sanctum. No thank you, Mr. Sun; please don't shine on me. I scratch it off as quickly as I can, sacrificing the once untarnished veneer of my tangerine fingernails. Forever a transgressor you mutter murders. I remind you of the penalties: lost years, lawyers, the horrible jumpsuits. You tell me it'll be worth it if we never enter college. "We?" You affirm my horror with a smirk. I fall in love with you all over again: not the you you are now, all regrets, bar exams and plaid. I fall in love with the you who tells me his six-year-old brother is a piece of shit, and in the same breath notes my eyes shift from ocher to amber underneath the summer haze.

I know I'm not a good writer but I had fun with this piece derived from an online prompt. Haven't written in a while. Good morning.

Anonymous 36369


Hello everynyan!
It's been awhile but I'm working on getting my A+/Network/Security Certs. And I have a cute bf who likes to shitpost and listen to comfy music. I also got my internship! I'm surprised how well everything is going but it was a lot of hard work. I wish everyone here good luck on their ventures!

Anonymous 36379

Mistakes happen. I understand about not really having anyone to bring it up to. I quit alcohol two months ago and as much as I would like some irl support it's not really something I feel comfortable about bringing up with people I know at work or whatever.

But masturbation is definitely not something that would be socially acceptable to talk about.

I'm happy to hear about your successes or slip ups on either front.

We should do something when you it some kind of big milestone!!

Anonymous 36442


Anonymous 36564

I quite liked it anon, it's quite evocative
I work with writers a lot, and I've certainly seen a billion times worse.

I hope you write more and that it brings you happiness to do so.

Anonymous 36626

you are right and I waited for the exact date to say that you are right.

my mind is messed up and oblivious with mistakes

Anonymous 36646


Bumppity bomppity bump!

Anonymous 36660

My credit card was overdrawn so my automatic phone payment didn't go through. Thecompany sent me a bill in the mail which I thought I paid, but I didn't. So now I can't use my phone for a week while I wait for the company to bill me again and then for the money to go through.

I feel so inept.

Anonymous 36683

It's okay anon, everyone makes mistakes once in a while.

Anonymous 36848


Happy 4th yall

Anonymous 36927

Happy Fourth! I live abroad so I didn't celebrate, but I kind of wish I had done something. Did any anons do something fun for the fourth of July?

Anonymous 36960


Anonymous 36961



Anonymous 37017


There's an ant invasion at my dad's house and he doesn't give a fuck. He steps on them when he sees one and doesn't even pick it up.

The living room is full of ant corpses in front of the windows and I'm getting paranoid of every black spot on the floor.

Anonymous 37032

Now that I read this I realize I never saw ants as something disgusting or as much of a pest and there's ways to deter them, my grandparents still struggle with them at their house
At least they're not bedbugs or cockroaches

Anonymous 37044


Anonymous 37085

bird angel.png

what's up i think i'm invalid :)

Anonymous 37087



Anonymous 37164


This is the first time I visit CC, I found it by a reverse search of a imagen in another IB.

This seems really comfy, I think i'll stay. Maybe that way I stop lurking that other IB.

Anonymous 37168


Welcome home anon-chan ( ◠‿◠ )

Anonymous 37185


Good evening everyone. I hope everyone is doing okay

Anonymous 37648


Are you still here, anon?

Anonymous 37759

Yes, I've been lurking around here since then

Anonymous 37826

first time visiting in almost a week as I was busy with work and personal stuff. Did the forum get nuked or something (at-least for feels)? Page.2 bumps of /feels/ is way back at 7 days ago at the bottom compared to what used to be in the same day or 2 days ago; and doesn't seem to be much in terms of new threads.

was it another standard raid, or are people here just enjoying the summer heat and going outside?

Anonymous 37899

I woke up at 8 pm

Anonymous 37911

When did you go to sleep?

Anonymous 37946


Good morning Diamond Diner

I'm taking a bus this afternoon to stay with an old friend for the weekend

Anonymous 38123

Super late, but I made a thread in /hb/ for giving up bad habits. How's it going so far?

Anonymous 38128


Feeling ded from waking up at 10am after going to bed at 5am, also gonna get get dragged out by my parents today. I discovered cc a few days ago cause my brother recommended it to me, seems super comfy.

Anonymous 38131

your brother recommends you imageboards to visit?

Anonymous 38143

Is that strange?

Anonymous 38150


Yes, it's so magic just like the Doctor

Anonymous 38321



Anonymous 38322

guess we're bumping

Anonymous 39542



Anonymous 39596


its happening

Anonymous 39597

Screen Shot 2019-0…

Anonymous 39681


Greetings everyone!

Anonymous 39683


Danny Brown is the greatest rapper ever.

Anonymous 39699


Anonymous 39714


Hello fellow loners

Anonymous 39753

i! love women!!!!! im such a huge dyke jesus christ!!!!

Anonymous 39781


Anonymous 40414


Anonymous 40513


heheheh hello!

Anonymous 40514


Anonymous 40604


Anonymous 40616

Good morning ladies. Just started watching Utena and now I want a prince charming gf :c

Anonymous 41076



Anonymous 41096


Good morning!

Anonymous 41785


How are y'all c.c denizens?

Anonymous 41805


Visiting for the first time

Anonymous 41834


Feelin pic related.

Anonymous 41891


Anonymous 41909

Lately I've really been wanting to put my hair up in double buns and this pic isn't helping

Anonymous 41916

Screen Shot 2018-0…

first time! hello

Anonymous 42059



Anonymous 42087

4 Tumblr.png


Anonymous 42089


Anonymous 42091


hi all

Anonymous 42176


Bumpy! Been awhile since I visited this site, hoping it will be a little active.

Anonymous 42220


Anonymous 42461


First time here, Usually up late, should be doing homework.

Anonymous 42485


It's monday my gals

Anonymous 42536


Morning, it's Tuesday. Have a good day everyone.

Anonymous 42567


I'm bored

Anonymous 42568


A new day on the c.c

Anonymous 42574


Wednesday Aaaaaa

Anonymous 42592


This is my first time in this place actually.

Anonymous 42597


fucking love that squish
i just imagine it poking it would be like a light pfft
does anyone know how to make irl friends? lol
or know how to dress? i really wanna learn how to dress well
i feel like everything i wear is really basic. ugh.

the image is not an example, it's on etsy but it's an xl and i am like a small

HOW on EARTH do u guys know how to find what you like?

Anonymous 42602


So bored..

Anonymous 42606



Anonymous 42607


Howdy CC, hope y'all are having a great day today

Anonymous 42609

Is this safe? Can you really do this with a cat without it biting you?

Anonymous 42610


Still bored…
What are y'all up to?

Anonymous 42612


Hi anon, I noticed you bumping this thread. I too browse CC in hopes of talking to someone.
I'm having breakfast watching the news.. A whole two families with their children died at our southern border (US). A cartel murdered them. crazy shit, I have a soft spot for children so this is really sad for me.

Anonymous 42613

Playing video games instead of doing the chores.

Anonymous 42614


Anonymous 42615


So this here is our new place to chat then?

Anonymous 42616


not that anon, but sure.

Anonymous 42639

Anonymous 42645

Anonymous 42649


Yet again bored..

Sure looks like it

It's a shame that happened… hopefully they'll pay for what they've done…

Have a good one too anon

Anonymous 42663


Have a good day anons

Anonymous 42669


Are you always bored?

Anonymous 42678


Good morning, my dudettes!

Anonymous 42681


Howdy there cat poster

Anonymous 42697


Yet another Bomp
Yet another boring day
Good day for y'all anons
Pretty much
Got a lot of stuff to do but don't feel like doing anything

Anonymous 42698

hey anon what's up .-.

Anonymous 42716


Today's obligatory bomp
Still bored, but with a twist. I'm tired too..
Have a good day and/or night tho anons
Not much I guess, been trying to learn to make my drawings not as bad in my spare time
Wha have ya been doin lately anons?

Anonymous 42752


Welp here's another bomp for today

Anonymous 43194


(Dont worry! The koi is safe, that doesnt hurt him, hes just curious)

Anonymous 43280


bompin in a winter wonderland

Anonymous 62998


Anonymous 63012



Anonymous 63051


Anonymous 63075


Anonymous 63097


I didnt know this thread existed

Anonymous 63233


Anonymous 63237


Anonymous 63369


Anonymous 63441


Not my first post today but today I posted for the first time (ever) after lurking on and off since 2018? Anyway, it's very comfy.

Anonymous 63454

havin a drink.jpg

Anonymous 63459

Who's this cutie ?

Anonymous 63461


Damon Albarn

Anonymous 63462


Anonymous 64244


They say time is the fire in which we burn.

Anonymous 64252

galaxy network.png

Hello again, naturally.

Anonymous 64253

Anonymous 64264

eh not as cute from the front I guess

Anonymous 64285


Anonymous 64286



Anonymous 64292



Anonymous 64304


Anonymous 64333


wish cc was a fujoshi/yumejoshi/weeb fan haven desu.

Anonymous 64347

But fujos and yumejos are mortal enemies. Just because we both like cute boys doesn't mean that we enjoy them in the same way.

Anonymous 64350


I'm both a yumejo and a fujo.
Depends on the character.

Anonymous 64359

snufkin yaoi uwu.j…

i'd love for cc to be a fujo heaven honestly, wish there was more bl related discusion

Anonymous 64386


How is everyone today?

Anonymous 64388

I've heard of fujoshi before but I've never heard the term yumejoshi.

Anonymous 64400

Tired. Want food.

Anonymous 64419


Anonymous 64421



Anonymous 64620

Just got rid of two whiteheads whoohoo it’s gonna be a good day.

Anonymous 64817


Anonymous 64853


Good afternoon.

Anonymous 64854


whats going on

Anonymous 64856

awful things.gif

Anonymous 64943


Anonymous 65036


Anonymous 65037


Anonymous 65057


Anonymous 65061


Anonymous 65086

Fat fuck cow.

Anonymous 65103


Anonymous 65106


Anonymous 65111

happy cow.jpg

As someone who lived near cows before, they really are just big dogs.

Anonymous 65112

gaypg bro?

Anonymous 65126

Hey yall whatsup I'm drinking alone, this is a good thread and I love yuo all

Anonymous 65150


What it is, what’s up. Got this cheems in the club

Anonymous 65151


Anonymous 65153


First meal of the day at 4 pm.

Anonymous 65156


Anonymous 65157


Anonymous 65163


Anonymous 67149

I treated myself to a cookies and chocolate Parm ice-cream bar today, it was amazing.

Anonymous 67157


Anonymous 67215



Anonymous 67273

Image from iOS3.jp…


Anonymous 67278

missed you cc
uguguguguguugugugugguug why is everyone busy these days fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuUUUUUUUUUUUUU

Anonymous 67800

me and who?

Anonymous 67808


Anonymous 67815


Hi I havent been here in 2 hours

Anonymous 67818


happy friyay

Anonymous 67821



Anonymous 67822


Good afternoon.

Anonymous 67847


A 68361



Anonymous 68374


New here :)

Anonymous 68377


Anonymous 68390


Anonymous 68480


Anonymous 68481

Why are you posting the Minarchism flag?

Anonymous 68527


Anonymous 68538

I've tried nothing,everything works.

Anonymous 68618


Blessed image.
I am that I am not

Anonymous 68630

Is this like a bump when high thread?

Anonymous 68657


>Is this like a bump when high thread?
Me on the left.

Anonymous 68958


How the fuck do I respond to four crying laughing emojis in a row

Anonymous 68960

I wouldn't but ffs your post reminds me of when my ex cheated on me with his friends. It hurts.

Anonymous 68962

That pic unironically hurts so much and reminds me of when my bf who I thought was straight cheated on me with my ex who I also thought was straight and the worse part is that neither of them is bi they are just straightup gay so they were just using me to prove to themselves that they were straight like god fucking damn i hate men so much

Anonymous 68979


I ended up responding by asking about school I want to be his friend but it's hard when he's not giving me anything to work with, whatever I'm probably reading too much into it this is how normies are
Sorry to hear that queens you both deserve better

Anonymous 68984

I don't really get the context here. What did he do the emojis in response to? Are you worried he's a closeted homosexual? Are you just trying to be his friend, or his special friend ;);)?

Anonymous 68987

NTA; in case anybody asks, the sauce is: Mikleo (blue hair) and Sorey (brown hair) from Tales of Zestiria.
I, of course, spoilered it out of respect for the two anons that are hurting and I have zero clue on what to say about their stories.
It is probably just a laugh about something you said, anon. Probably not something personal and direct to you if you have been in good terms with that person.

Anonymous 68990


Either would be fine I think we both know which one is preferable tho,
Context is we were talking about how corona messed with our last school year
"I logged on to do two assignments for math n never logged back on again then I ended the last semester with a 90 the end really didn't matter (sleeping emoji)"

"(Laughing crying emoji x4)"
I'm kinda stupid so I had to brood on my response to that for about two hours
You're probably right about it not being serious he just sends pretty short messages and the emojis and one word response made me think maybe he wanted to end the conversation
We went to the same middle school and a few for high school and I was a disgusting weeb so that's affecting me a bit lol I wish I could erase people's old memories of me

Anonymous 68992

My first time ever seeing this board so bump

Anonymous 69110


Happy Friday the 13th, miners!

Anonymous 69368

Imagine if you could describe with your own words all of the feelings that are implied in every anon's picture that they posted in this thread.

Anonymous 70003


Anonymous 71284


Woke up at 7pm again today woo

Anonymous 77926


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