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bringing traffic to crystal cafe! Anonymous 461

how do we find more users while keeping robots out? i think this site has potential if the user base grows.

Anonymous 462

I think an advertising campaign on /cgl/ might help

Anonymous 464

Perhaps Admin can arrange some type of meeting on cytube or something so we all can put our heads together on how to increase traffic.

Anonymous 465

Say what you will, but perhaps letting PULL users in on it could be good…?

Anonymous 466

I understand this sentiment, but judging by the userbase on this website advertising on a site like PULL would be a generally bad idea.

Anonymous 468

Not that anon but since this isn't a drama site I think it should be ok. There's been more civil discussion here than I've seen on lolcow. I do get where you're coming from though. This site is still small so if the move is made to advertise on PULL it could decimate us or it could help us.

Anonymous 474

Please don't. Everyone on PULL is generally super dumb or underage. Unfortunately, the majority seems to be a combination of both.

Anonymous 479

As other anons have said, I'm not a big fan of advertising on PULL. While I know not all of them are insufferable, whenever they find their way onto lolcow they tend to be really dumb, nitpicky and tend to not integrate or learn how to post on these types of boards. I'd rather not have to deal with namefagging and unquoted posts saying stuff like "lol yeah"

Anonymous 484

>whenever they find their way onto lolcow they tend to be really dumb, nitpicky and tend to not integrate or learn how to post on these types of boards
God, this. For some reason, they can figure out how an over the top, tedious forum layout works but can't for the life of them NOT be lazy and learn how to press two buttons on an imageboard. Let's not forget that they're the ones flooding the site right now with all the piss and shit childish attitudes on top of derailing, not saging, not being arsed to check the catalogs, and not even knowing how to reply. Seriously, they're the ones who led us to our downfall and why anyone would think it's a good idea to bring them back lest they're from PULL, is beyond me.

Anonymous 486

Hmm I was thinking maybe two chromo on reddit, but personally I like to watch a site grow slowly. It makes me feel like a proud mother.

Ultimately I'm game for whatever admin-sama wants. But I just don't want to be invaded by normies or robots

Anonymous 487

no twox is crazy and sjw as fuck. almost all girl-centered subreddits are. they sympathize with the most bullshit posts because you're not allowed to invalidate another womyn's experience :(((

Anonymous 488

Speaking of that, I got downvoted for saying I was fat

Anonymous 489

I think if you guys want to make this site more busy you should try and keep a dialogue going and post/talk with other anons as much as possible. It's only natural this site is starting out slow but as long as we do that we should see some steady growth eventually. Stay active anons.

Anonymous 492

Might be a bad idea but whar about tumblr? There are so many different sects of it besides the normie/sjw/fandom parts.

Anonymous 494

>cute pastel blog posts something about lolcow
>sjw who followed cute pastel blog because owner doesn't post political shit sees it
>sjw opens this site
>sees that we're not fond of sjw ideology

Anonymous 495

Yeah and all the sects have the same cringeworthy mentality underneath their played out aesthetic just to pander to their followers. The only non-lulzy side of tumblr are all the popular nature bloggers and I doubt they give a fuck about imageboards.

pull and tumblr… really, guys? So far cgl seems to be the best idea. If anyone knows of any girly subreddits that isn't full of wackjobs, that would be great too.

Hahaha, exactly.

Anonymous 498

I don't think it's a great idea to advertise on a bigger site right now…we're still really small so increased traffic has a chance of just supplanting us for their own userbase easily.

I dunno, if word of mouth is any reliable, but if anyone is in other communities to lowkey spread the word to less cringey ladies?

Anonymous 504

That's a good point.
I'm worried if we advertise it that the board will turn into the same insufferable sjw mess that these types of communities often do.

Anonymous 539

Naturally letting the site grow sounds fine. I originally found lolcow googling skincare. The more we post, the more likely people will find us.

Alternatively, focus advertisement on small boards and websites with a chill user base. I think that's the type of people we want here, right?

"What kind of user base do we want?" If we can answer that, maybe how and where to advertise will be clear.

Anonymous 544


>Naturally letting the site grow sounds fine. I originally found lolcow googling skincare. The more we post, the more likely people will find us.
I just wonder how common that experience is. I would hazard a guess that many people find other boards through references on posts, specifically comments. I think that if Miners carefully drop mentions in only strategic places online we could grow a bit more in some different ways. When you're pretty sure that the only people who care enough to read what you're replying to seem to be on the same page. Example: On reddit, far enough down a comment thread/message thread with one person that you're agreeing with in crucial ways, you might drop a mention to a place to discuss x beauty issue or where you learned something new and just link the thread. (That's also going to rely on us posting quality shit.) What do you think?

Maybe some cool community projects/engagements could help us build more of a sense of this site's nature as a collective.

Also, because I have a chantastic lurking past, I wanted to mention that I saw the evolution of /r9k/ (and maybe other boards were mirroring what I witnessed as well) from 2008~2013 or so. One thing that got me down was the steady decline in attempts at using basic punctuation, sentence structure, and grammar. If we all were to attempt that more frequently, we could weed out a lot of the low-effort posters, just with the light background shaming. (Humans like to conform in groups, anyway.) We don't have to demand perfection, just basic effort that will give our site a quality lacking in other chans.

I have one other idea that may be unpopular. While the theme for the chan is very cute for a chan and appropriate for this site, would miners agree with at least seeing the possibilities of what could be done to make it look a little less chan-like? I come from a digital design background (13- year hobby now) and I feel like we could make something cool and unique and appealing, possibly. I have never explored chan theme modding (I've done very customized forum, gallery, WP, etc. theming) so if anyone knows more about that or has seen some great chan themes/has a link to view some, please let me know. I just looked at the Userstyles database for 4chan and saw this one with a basic static background image that adds a lot of aesthetic value. We can do something that is cute and stylish reminiscent of a tumblr theme, but classier.

Overall, this site makes me want to post while I currently don't in places like lolcow. I feel like CC has a slightly more mature, responsible nature to it - less inflammatory overall.

(High as a kite at the moment, so let me know if my ideas are too out there.)

Anonymous 558


I am >>544.
From another thread there is a post with a cute miner girl. She could maybe be involved in a cute style of theme? >>215

Anonymous 559


I also found this cutie

Anonymous 561


Anonymous 562


Anonymous 563


Our sexy lady version.

Anonymous 564


Anonymous 566

I like these 3 most

Anonymous 606

This is cute!
Also good.

Anonymous 607

Do we want to?

Anonymous 712

Unpopular opinion likely, but I don't understand why we'd necessarily need a name the same way that lolcow has cows and farmers. I mean it's not like we're mining for anything, we're not digging up dirt or trying to expose anybody. We're just girls chilling out, having a nice chat over figurative tea and biscuits. We're just users. Anons.

Anonymous 724

Can whoever is doing this please stop?


Anonymous 725

Just why. I'd rather keep this site lowkey and have a small group of people. Every time the group gets larger it gets more shitty. Please.

Anonymous 726

It's fucking Mystery.jpg. Girl is like a cancerous growth.

Anonymous 731

…Why are you browsing r9k anyway? That post is buried too.

Anonymous 733

I'm not, that link was posted to mystery's thread on lolcow

Anonymous 734

This is the same day someone posted the Discord on /r9k/, isn't it?

Anonymous 735

Oh, gotcha. I've stopped browsing there entirely but of course mystery is still obsessed with the place.

Anonymous 737

She's obsessed with online communities because her rancid personality and mental deficiencies repels any form of social fulfillment irl.

Anonymous 754

They'll fuck anything in a two mile radius so as they fawn over her, she's loving the attention which she so desperately craves. It's a win-win but both sides are losers.

Anonymous 755

Maybe we could try to advertise in Girl-centric reddits like /r/girlgamers or /r/TheGirlSurvivalGuide/ in apropiarte posts (i.e a girl asks for more girl centric welcoming platforms, subtly tell them about this place)? Or maybe steam groups?

Otherwise, i don't think promoting it on sites like tumblr or PULL would bring any kind of good traffic and this place would go lolcow state of decay fast.

So the best bet would be waiting it out and let it grow for itself with and active friendly community (even if it's small).
I found lolcow by accident while looking for more drama of euthanizewhitepeople, and stuck there while the community was still okay because i liked the idea of a girl-board, never used chans before that.
So maybe, instead bringing people because of drama, if we are helpful and talkative in a variety of topics and stuff google searches will also work to bring traffic.

Anonymous 1445

i love this site but you can really tell it's mostly populated by lolcow users. can we start advertising on other platforms to get at least a semblance of balance? I'd even prefer users from pull.

Anonymous 1451

Seconding this.

I love cc so much but it's dead af, I feel as if it's not even worth visiting once per day.

Anonymous 1452


i wouldnt mind inviting pull users. they're a better fit for c.c than what we currently have.

Anonymous 1453

Worry not, it's just the beginning. Let's make this board shine.

Anonymous 1454

Yeah, some days there is even 0 new posts. Having so little activity will kill the site eventually.

While inviting users from certain communities may make people think it will "kill" the comfiness of the site, it's better than having barely any traffic and the site dying by itself or this only being a containment website for lolcow users tired of lolcow.
I believe with strict moderation, we can and will avoid the worst type of posters anyways, so maybe giving a shot at PULL or /cgl/ would be a good idea.

It's not like the lolcow userbase is the best, and this semi-comfy site was formed out of that, so it should be enough evidence that out of shitty communities can come nice things.

Anonymous 1457

As much as I hate PULL as a drama site I agree that reaching out to promote to its users is a good idea. It's basically the same user demographic, no?

Anonymous 1463

No. They're the ones who killed lolcow.

Anonymous 1465

Highly doubtful that they caused lolcow's downfall. You might want to explain for sake of contribution.

Anonymous 1480

>>1463 pretty sure KF and Reg encouraging cow tipping in private discords was what killed LC, not PULL. Again, as this isn't a drama site I doubt any irritating behaviour will arise.

Sage because I'm eating sage and onion stuffing.

Anonymous Admin 1536


Nyx graciously allowed us to advertise on PULL.


Anonymous 1537


I am glad tbh. I also made a status about it on my fb but I think most of my friends don't use boards.

People where complaining earlier in the thread but eh, I'd rather have more traffic, it's kinda boring to wait for like days to have an answer on a thread.

If it gets too obnoxious, I'm sure there will be bans so I guess there is no need to worry.

Anonymous 1666

Oh, good. Cant wait for more awful posts by 13 year olds who don't know basic imageboard etiquette and lack common sense like the "pupper!!! :3" thread in media and the newfag bitching in the lolcow thread about rules.

Lol, sweetie…

Anonymous 1683



You sure sound fun. That thread really wasn't breaking any rules, it didn't even have the emoticon that you mentioned.

As long as PULL users don't break any rules, there's no problem. This board is not a lolcow user only secret club. That post flopped anyway.

sage for slight saltiness.

Anonymous 2721


I noticed the board is getting slower and slower instead of gaining more traffic. Some front page posts can be up to 7 days old or more.

It seems that none of the attempts to bring people became all that fruitful. Or maybe the current userbase just got tired of constantly posting on the same threads and not receiving any replies from new users, so it seems even slower.

I really hope it does not die out, i really like it here, but i feel like i've already posted in most threads far too much kek. Sometimes i'll even post in ones i'm not that interested in, only to bump them and make the website not look as dead, but it's starting to seem futile.

Is there anything else we could try to bring traffic? I feel like admin has tried most websites with barely any success in any of them.

Anonymous 2722

Give it time, it's still in its baby shoes. Most communities don't experience a noticeable growth for many more months if not years.

I'm all for shilling cc more though.

Anonymous 2723

I feel like I've posted so much personal stuff that it's easy to identify my posts, so I've slowed quite a bit, even though I like this site a lot.

But yes, I totally know what you mean by posting in threads you don't even care about to just bump them for others.

Anonymous 2724

I think part of the reason is because most of the threads we have are too organized and like generals, and while I have no problem with that I think it possibly discourages anons from making more casual (and maybe because of that, more friendly and inviting) threads and discussion.

Anonymous 2727

Same, I really like the atmosphere on this site and the wide variety of topic but I'm worried it will die. I post pretty frequently and I have been noticing myself posting in threads I dont really care about just to give it a little bump. I think there is some great potential here and great topics to be discussed but I feel like things are just pretty slow. I think the image threads honestly get the most traffic tho, probably because they're easier to post in? Even people on lolcow have been saying CC is just dry and dead.
I considered bumping the CC promotion thread on PULL but got too anxious too lolz
So anyone got any ideas on how we can bring over more traffic??? Maybe tell a friend?? More promotion on [similar] sites??? Purchase a billboard??

Anonymous 2728

I think most of us would really love for this site to gain more traffic, but not at the expense of post quality so I think that can make choosing where to advertise tricky.

As a suggestion, I remember seeing that there was a bot account up tweeting images posted here on crystal cafe. Maybe our userbase can make an effort to retweet those images, so the account gets seen by more people and possibly lead them towards here?

Anonymous Admin 2729

Everyone is welcome to make their own threads for specific situations!

I'm open to new ways of advertising. I'm trying different approaches including small paid ad campaigns.

Anonymous 2730

same.. i'm afraid of getting called an attention whore for posting frequently.
yes!! it definitely doesn't feel very casual at the moment but i do love cc.

this might be an unpopular opinion but i don't like crystal cafe as our site name. it might be too late to change but idk it doesn't stick w me? sounds kinda lame imo and i feel like we could come up w something better.

Anonymous 2731

Yea I feel same about the name and feel like it might make people stay away from the site. But it's kinda growing on me, very slowly.
Changing it doesn't really seem possible at this point and you would need more input from others probz

Anonymous 2732

I don't like it either, but I don't have any ideas for other names so there's that.

Tbh I also dislike that the place is kind of weebish. Personally I have nothing against it, but most of the people that I tried recommend the site didn't like it because of that.

Anonymous 2733

I see a lot of people complaining that traffic to the site has stagnated but I'm here a couple of times a day and I've definitely seen it on the increase.
I think people forget that if the site had just one board there'd be threads getting bumped all day, but we have 10 boards diluting that activity considerably.
Maybe people have just gotten used to how active lolcow is, but they forget that lolcow not only has just 6 boards, but also benefited enormously from the exodus of staminarose, maximumfaggotry and PULL, and that even in the beginning it was still really slow. This site is still only 3 months old. All things considered, I think it's doing pretty well.

Anonymous 2734

Aww, that's a shame, I really like it.

Anonymous 2735

The twitter bot hasn't been updated since August 4th so if it isn't updated frequently at all, it may not be worth having but I thought it was a neat idea. Maybe someone can maintain or something but what content would it offer aside from random images from this site? There'd be no point in coming to the site if people only come to look at the images and the twitter just has them.

Same anon. I don't have anything against the weeb stuff and I'm sort of one myself but I don't know how we would make it less weeby. Making a rule against posting anime picture or gifs would just drive people away(not to mention a lot of our banners are anime related). The only one I've come up with that won't drive off current audience would to add more non weeb banners and encourage more non weeb threads.

Anonymous 2736

I am not a weeb at all and not into weeb media but i really don't see it on the site to the point of me being turned off by it. I barely see Japanese media discussion outside of /cgl/ and a few other threads here and there.

Most threads barely contain weeb-related stuff (unless anime reaction pictures count as that?), and are more centered around general discussion.
Most banners are anime related, yeah, but that would be easily solved with more people submitting different banners.

Could you maybe specify what makes the site weeb-ish? I'm kinda curious lol.

Absolutely agreed on the threads thing! I thought of making a thread for certain online game but contained myself because i thought it would be received with "why don't you post this in the general instead of making a thread on it" kek.
But i agree that more casual threads would probably make the place feel more "full" and inviting for new people.

Anonymous 2737

personally i think it's too moe or sjw tumblr steven universe kinda vibe. i like cute girly shit but i think the name is too much. i wouldn't be interested if i just a saw url link to cc because of it.

Anonymous Admin 2739


I'm not opposed to a name change if users want it, especially with the site still being so new. If we wanted to re-brand, we'd have to do it carefully because we could only really pull it off once. Definitely open to suggestions!

Anonymous 2740

I still really like madchen.cafe or puella.cafe

Anonymous 2741

anything .cafe sounds corny ><

Anonymous 2744

really? I like the novelty of a mint-pink chat cafe. I thought the name sounds so nice and refreshing, that's what drew me in. western culture is so vehemently against grown women liking cute pretty girly feminine stuff, for some reason. I don't like the weeaboos and koreaboos and other orientalists either, I guess theyre from /cgl/, lolcow, or tumblr's annoying "uwu" zone. But I just don't go onto those discussions and enjoy the site for stuff I do like.

Anonymous 2745

Might depend on the timezone too. I'm from Europe so when it's daytime here, the site is really really slow.
School has also started so I think a few users have other things to do.

>Could you maybe specify what makes the site weeb-ish?

As you mentioned: banners, reaction images, a lot of the images posted, everyone is studying or wants to go to Japan/Korea etc., or it's at least mentioned once in every thread. Even in the gaming thread we got Jrpgs etc mentioned lol Basically, something asian-related it's mentioned in almost every thread there, on every board. Oh, and there's cgl.

Personally I don't mind it, but that's the feedback I got from the people I recommended the site to. And I suppose once they mentioned it, I started noticing it too.

It could be way worse, I guess. The community is still small so as we grow it'd probably get less noticeable.

>add more non weeb banners and encourage more non weeb threads
this. Once I have more time I'd actually like to add more to the site (themes and banners).

It's really up to us to make this place what we want it to be.

Anonymous 2747

most of these 2ch style sites have weebs or anime in them at least. it just comes with the territory.

Anonymous 2790

For those concerned about PULL users and the like, just a suggestion- we could possibly have some sort of sticky for new users just coming from these communities to read, just to explain what the current userbase is like and the sort of feel of the site.
I would also suggest maybe having some sort of age restriction set up in place? I imagine the current userbase is mostly over 18 at the minute. So it could be suggested to new users that we prefer posters to be of age- or at least act like it.

Anonymous 2791

18+ is already a site rule

Anonymous 2793


>I don't like the weeaboos and koreaboos and other orientalists either, I guess theyre from /cgl/, lolcow, or tumblr's annoying "uwu" zone

maybe it wasn't you intention but this sounded so pedantic lmao

But anyway, I think that the feud against the site name is kinda pointless. Nobody is going to agree 100%. I personally like it, there are people that hate it.. If we change it everytime someone disagrees with it… IMHO.

Anonymous 2794

>Could you maybe specify what makes the site weeb-ish? I'm kinda curious lol.

Anime/nerd media doesn't make something weebish. It's all of the people in the other threads talking about wanting to go to Japan, wanting to be idols, wanting to speak Japanese etc. it's really cringey and off-putting tbh.

Weebs, keep it to yourselves.

Anonymous 2795

>I guess theyre from /cgl/, lolcow

being a weeb is heavily frowned upon on both of those websites?

Anonymous 2796


This is a little unfair, tbh? This is an anonymous platform that people usually use to vent and to have an escapism. Just because someone wanted to be an idol, or go to Japan/Korea, doesn't mean the person is a raging weeb irl? From some threads, most girls here seen to be pretty well adjusted.
What's de difference between that and someone saying shit like "I always wanted to be a model", "I dream of going to Europe", "I am studying german"? Please, get over yourself and stop being so judgemental for no reason.

Anonymous 2797

Just ignore the posts anon. I don't think we can ban weeb shit just because some people don't like it. Imageboard tend to draw in weebs for whatever reason. No one is going to stop posting just because you don't like it. It's already been said in this thread but it'll probably get drowned up somewhat once the site grows but discouraging anime/weeb posting could just drive off more potential posters. Make more threads and banners if you want to help tone down the weebs.

Anonymous 2799

this tbh. This site can be whatever you want as long as you contribute.
To add more variety to the banners, I made this thread:

Anonymous 2801


>complains about weeb shit
>posts on a Japanese formatted messaging board of which was originally created to discuss weeb shit

Anonymous 2802

Huh, i see!
I always thought of anime reaction pictures to be as any other reaction pictures and not associated with weebs at all since most people use them, even outside imageboards and people who don't even watch anime use them now. I also to consider JRPGS to be like any other game since now it's a fairly widespread and "normal" genre.
I also am one that sent some of the anime banners simply because i found them girly and cute and fitting of the theme of the site. I guess i just don't associate weebiness with a e s t h e t i c anime or whatever.
Now i'm kinda embarrassed about sending anime banners without thinking it might turn the site weebish for some people, sorry kek.

But i mean, maybe i am accustomed to it in general because my time on imageboards, so i guess my opinion is heavily biased and not one that people new to this kind of site might think, so i understand how it might be off-putting, especially for a more grown up userbase.
Thank you for explaining!

I mostly ignore idol threads, i don't even visit /cgl/ because i stated, my interest in anime or weeb media is very low, so i don't get upset by people posting about them, since i don't seek them out.

But with that said, keeping a certain part of the population from joining the site just because people don't like their hobbies or where they want to live/travel seems like a sure way to kill off the site.
As long as they are acting grown up and not acting like a 13 year old that watched 3 animes and wears cat ears and a tail running around screaming random Japanese phrases, i don't believe we should keep people that have interests in Japanese media from posting on the site about those things.

It's up to people to post whatever they interest them and generate discussion outside of that media, since the community here seems fairly grown up and mature, regardless of their hobbies, i believe people should try to encourage more discussion of the things they like instead of trying to silence the things they don't. I believe that people that are put of by the "weeb vibe" could easily make threads about whatever thing interests them and it would surely garner attention of someone.

Saged because 0 contribution to bringing traffic to the site.

Anonymous 2804


Lolcow is very fine with anime. Most of the users are part-time weebs, not that there's anything wrong with that.


Anonymous 2805

I think people are confused about the difference between liking anime and being a weeb. There's a difference.

Anonymous Admin 2823

A small update concerning our advertisements!

I've ran paid campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, all catered to a specific set of interests to avoid undesired users. This didn't work too well.

However, our Instagram account is growing quite nicely. At the moment, I am posting a variety of images posted to c.c, but I'm planning on using it to showcase original content by our users once we're big enough to count as an incentive/reward for our dear users. <3

You may follow us at https://www.instagram.com/crystal.cafe.ig/

According to our analytics and statistics tools, Instagram is giving us a decent reach and a slow but steady incline in page clicks. Once I get around to improving our frontpage design, I'm sure things will improve.

The Twitter bot mentioned in >>2728 >>2735 was short-lived because there was no interaction. I would happily bring it back if I had to time to code a bot instead of making scheduled posts the way it used to be.

We also have a Tumblr account, which I sadly lack the time to update, since Tumblr needs a lot of attention. If any users would like to volunteer to become a contributor and make regular posts or fill the queue, please let me know.

Anonymous 4312

not to be That Guy but are we not crediting artists on the instagram? Seems like bad form.

Anonymous Admin 4314

Most should be credited, but I'll go back through the posts and check. Thanks for looking out for fellow artists!

Anonymous 4367

Just a heads up, I saw this thread on 4chan


Anonymous 4369

yeah we've known about this for hours, it's been talked about in /meta/

Anonymous 4392

Sorry to be off-topic, but is there any discord for c.c? I have a good time here and would really like to join it, but I'm worried about the issue mentioned by >>4367 and >>4369

Anonymous 4399

it was deleted

Anonymous Admin 4400

There is none (there was an unofficial one that was abandoned and eventually removed today) and there will be none in the near future as I think it would hinder site growth. Once we are active enough I can make one.

Anonymous 4684

Not trying to second-guess your decision(i'm sorry if it comes that way!), i'm just curious, but, why do you think having a discord would hinder site-growth?

The community here seems really friendly and maybe a discord could attract new users if people invited their friends to it and saw the overall feeling of the community.
As said by previous posts, new users to this kind of site may have a preconceived notion of the website and its community because of multiple things that make it seem weeb-ish or "immature" to some people, and i think a discord would show those users that the community is not all a certain way, thus attracting more widespread audience to give the site a second chance or not judge it by the cover.

In the end, it's your decision if to have one or not, so, sorry if it seems like i'm pointing fingers at you or something, i'm just curious about your reasoning for it.

Anonymous 4685

I don't like the idea of a discord. It makes it feel like there's an "in" group with the admin or moderators (or even just between anons). Some of us don't use discord despite its popularity and the point of this website is its board. To have more than that inevitably creates a hierarchy among people who use the discord vs those who don't.

At least, that's my thinking.

Anonymous 4694


On another topic, am I the only one that noticed a slight increase on users/traffic? Makes me really happy to see our little cafe growing, even if just a bit!

Anonymous Admin 4698


Our traffic has increased dramatically. Thank you for the free advertisement, Robots <3

Anonymous 4699


I saw you guys posted on r9k the other day, so that might be some new traffic?? But I'm glad because this place is very cozy to me, and I'd much rather visit here.

Anonymous 4701



I expect other raids to come, but I am happy that she-who-must-not-be-named plans kinda backfired. Feels good.

Anonymous 4780

Personally I came here from the spoony thread in lolcow. This place is adorable!

Anonymous 31360


i've tried dropping the link in in boxes of people i like, no clue if it's worked out.

Anonymous 31371

Vandalize public bathrooms with the link to this.

Only guarantee that males wont see

Anonymous 31406

That wont work soon. Transwomen flock in already

Anonymous 31704

I've now actually done this on a wall that had a bunch of girls writing back and forth. It reminded me of being anon on an imageboard, then I remembered your post.
Bathroom-chans! If you see this post: welcome! It was me calling for weeby femcels!

Anonymous 31710

the heroine that Benitoite.BBQ deserves

Anonymous 31712

Cringe. I wish anons would stop this kind of talk, this is why /r9k/ thinks they are welcome.

Anonymous 31734

Capitalize on website breaking drama? Worked for 8chan

Anonymous 31740

I'd tell girls I know to check it out but I feel like they would easily recognize my posts

Anonymous 31742

I encourage some of my female online friends to post here, I know my posts are easily recognized but I'm pathetic and vent about everything to them anyway, so they already know.

Anonymous 31744

>implying there aren't already males on this chinese basket weaving forum

Anonymous 31753

What if these two people know each other irl

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