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Drug Use General Anonymous 469

high thoughts
Favorite things to do while elevated
Wild stores
Music to lift up to

Anonymous 470

I really like DXM. Had a chill time tonight just looking at the stars and cuddling my boyfriend. super duper comfy. 2nd plateau tonight. Lo-fi thread is giving me mellow vibes. I've realized the simple life I want to live, and my boyfriend wants the same. Things are okay.

Anonymous 471

I did cocaine daily for over a year and never got addicted
I ended up addicted to alcohol
This is ridiculous

Anonymous 473

I'm an opiate girl. Not addicted because I can't get my hands on them all the time, but I really enjoy morphine and codeine. It's so relieving to feel like I don't have to worry about anything and just chill out while listening to some tunes.

I want to try psychedelics with someone one day to see what the hype is about. Hopefully, I can gain a cool trip experience.

When I took DXM, I had really bad tremors for 4 hours straight and it was really scary. My legs and arms would not stop shaking, I had vision four times worse than if I was really drunk, felt like I was going to have a heart attack because of the tachycardia, my hearing was fading away, I felt like I was going to pass out, felt like I was seeing the world in frames, got the worst cotton mouth anyone could ever experience, and I could feel the drugs inside of me (???). The funny part is, I didn't get nausea like everyone claimed they usually get, the symptoms I experience were 10 times worse and anything but. All I could do was lay on the bathroom floor hoping it would end soon. I only took a little over 100mg which isn't even first plateau for most people. I can't tell if I'm really sensitive or had a giant panic attack because I was doing it alone. The experience made me feel numb and I had derealization for months afterwards. I can't even drink coffee without having panic attacks now because of the caffeine and the way it reminds my body of how I felt that day.
I'm glad you had a great time with your boyfriend because my experience sucked balls and ruined my mental health.

Anonymous 478

I'm so sorry to hear that! I can sympathize with a lot of those symptoms honestly. I usually stay around 450mg personally, but as I get up to 500mg I'll experience some of what you're talking about during the come up, which can definitely be very intense. I can see why that would freak you out.
Im also sensitive to caffeine with my anxiety, so it's understandable why that would affect you like that too.
I'm sorry you had such a rough time. Did you take pure DXM? A lot of cough-syrup will be mixed with other things that are no bueno, which may have heightened the negatives of your experience.

Anonymous 483

It wasn't pure DXM powder but the Robitussin coughgels I ingested did have DXM as the only active ingredient. I made sure there wasn't any guaifenesin or acetaminophin in them.
I'm flat out staying away from dextromethorphan forever if I can't even handle 100mg of this stuff. Cherish the fact that you can get a nice high on the easiest drug anyone can get their hands on right now.

Anonymous 491

I've taken most things but I got really addicted to MCAT a few years ago. It gave me a better high than mdma, and it was one of the only drugs in that group to not send my body into weird OD mess. I felt the happiest on it, but I've had depression most of my life so that's probably why it became addictive. But it was getting to the point in professional settings I was just off my head and I never thought I'd be in that situation or do anything like that. I even did some when I visited my parents.

Nowadays I barely even drink alcohol, let alone take druggers. My skins a lot better and my hair is way nicer, but I do miss the ease of being able to take something to deal with social situations/sadness.


Anonymous 514


I fucking love LSD.
I hope everyone who is curious and thinking she perhaps shouldn't try it, just goes out, makes a nice setting and tries it.

Anonymous 525

I've only tried edibles and they didn't do a thing for me. I will remember your advice, though. Someone once warned me about ecstasy as well. Thank you.

Anonymous 536

I went to an arts highschool and there were loads of kids that did drugs, so I ended up slipping into that. I've done coke, mdma, lsd, 25i, mushrooms, benzos, and weed. Nowadays I don't know very many people that do drugs nor do I have a dealer so I just kinda gave up on drugs and drank instead because now I'm legal.

Anonymous 546

Why don't you order them?

Anonymous 588


i just love mdma/ecstasy is the best party drug for sure, I once had a "date" with my boyfriend on mdma and it was awesome, we went for a ride with some friends and talked for hours.

I've done weed but it makes me anxious if i get bored or if i'm not in the right place with the right people so, no more. I used to love lsd but it has become so difficult to find the real thing in my city, i just gave up. I hate/love coke, the hangover sucks and it doesn't last long, i prefer 2cb for that matter. I've also tried xanax but it make me feel nothing, literally n o t h i n g. didn't like that.

I want to try ketamine but it scares me, idk.

Anonymous 589

I've tried lsd and smoke a ton of weed, almost daily.

One time I spent a week on Ambien with no recollection of what happened. Scrolling through my phone, I found chatlogs that really embarrassed and sort of scared me (a dude was inviting himself over knowing which state I was in and I was too intelligible to talk, but wouldn't have been able to open the door anyway)

I won't take larger dosages anymore, but last night I fell asleep with my boyfriend both on Ambien and it was extremely comfy.

Weed helps with my anxiety, but I hate that it makes me fall asleep very easily, no matter the strain.
Just bought bbys first bong.

Anonymous 590

Ooo wanna share a pic of your bong?

Anonymous 611

What show is that picture from? I'm out of the loop.

Seconding, I want to see!

Anonymous 633



I got a bit carried away with the picture but it looks like a little Erlenmeyer flask.

Anonymous 647

I love smoking weed and doing any form of marijuana/THC I can get my hands on. I have really bad anxiety and it helps me mellow out and unwind at the end of the day. It's all the joys of getting drunk without losing self control and no hangover.

Any miners have recommendations for what to try if you've only smoked? I've been too scared to try anything else.

Anonymous 651

I've never tried anything, not even weed, but I'd like to maybe give it a try. Whenever I ask friends how they feel when they smoke, they say it makes you super sleepy and hungry… Is that true for everyone? The sleepy part can help me a lot, I really need to relax, but I don't want to feel hungry (I've had really serious problems with binge eating).
Sorry if my question is retarded.

Anonymous 656

Weed increases your appetite. I always thought munchies were a cliche, but now I make sure to have a selection of sweet and savory snacks for when I'm high because the cravings are intense. You could binge on healthy stuff that you enjoy eating? Everything tastes better when high, it really turns a snack into a delicious treat. Check out >>>/health/2 for healthy snacks!

Anonymous 658

Such a pretty picture! Thank you for sharing c:

Anonymous 659

Thanks, kind anon!

Anonymous 660

It temporarily increases your metabolism which is why you get hungry, so technically you'll be burning some of those snacking calories. Just make sure you drink a glass of water beforehand, one during, and one after smoking if you really want to keep the munchies away. It also helps to portion out your snack ahead of time, so you're not mindlessly munching. Best of luck!
Second thing I ever tried was robotripping. It's legal to purchase, and your can control how high you get by finding the proper dose. There are different plateaus of a robo high. Look up "DXM dosage calculator". I'm going to compile a bunch of resources for this thread in a few days to make sure everyone can trip as safely as possible c:
Robo is definitely a different type of high, but outside of potential nausea/vomitting I feel there are no downsides. I really like to do the following:
>Pack a light back pack with a water bottle or two, and easy to eat snack (I'm very picky with texture on robo, so my at-home fave is sorbet. Your bag snacks should be like a banana and some dry cereal). Have sketch book and pencil with you at all times too, if you'd like (I find that if the come up is intense, some gentle doodling calms me down)
>take dxm
>smoke a bowl
>Ride out the weed high in a comfy, quiet place with some water to sip. Light clothing is preferable, as is a gentle fan (I get warm on the robo come up). Weed high should last long enough for the robo to kick in mostly fully by the end
>Wait for your robo come up to be over (you'll be comfy and feel settled once you've hit the plateau).
>Grab your bag and go outside
>Take your time to explore nature. Lay down on a comfy Boulder, look up at the leaves on the trees above. Feel grass between your toes.
>Ride out your robo high appreciating life, relaxing, and having a good time
Friends, nature, and water will make your robo time a+

Anonymous 677

Thank you! I'm amazed at how much less weed I use and how much smoother it is compared to my shitty wasteful pure (because I'm allergic to tobacco) joints that canoe like crazy and taste like shit.

Anonymous 693

Thank you! I talked to a friend and will probably give it a try with them soon. I'll follow your advice.

Anonymous 711

snacking on edamame and smoking a bowl and having a comfy time, who else is lighting up tonight?

Anonymous 727

Awesome, good luck!
Here is the calculator I use: http://dxm.darkridge.com/calc.html

Make sure that with whatever you buy, there is only DXM. The gel caps are usually this way, wether it be a store brand like CVS or the actual Robitussin brand.

When I say you'll settle on the plateau and will be comfy, I mean that you'll be comfy within the high. You will still be trippin balls (in a great way, in my opinion). I would go with the first plateau for your first time.
It's hard to explain a robo high, so I want to offer you what I can to prepare you~
I find it's easier to be active on robo. You kind of forget about the limits of your body. I was obese and out of shape the first time I tried it, but hiked up and down a mountain for 5 hours like it was nothing. I really like jumping off of small heights (like a few inches) as well. It just has a nice wooshy-feeling. I'm about to head to bed, but I check here daily so feel free to ask me questions about your trip before/during/after. Stay safe and have fun!

Anonymous 743

Bojack Horesman, it's on Netflix

Anonymous 756

Any other lovely ladies trippin today?

Anonymous 761

I'm on it. Comfy high times music

Anonymous 769

What were you on?

I took DXM twice yesterday. My stomach was completely empty because I was busy. I forgot to eat the second time because I was still kinda trippin when I dosed again.
I accidentally third-plateaued with my boyfriend and it was wild. Wish I had been prepared because it was intense but really fun! Next time I'll make sure I'm ready so I can have an awesome time. I went swimming in my pool, and floating around in it made me feel like I was on a different planet. I reported to my brother that "water doesn't feel wet" anymore, and asked him to bring me a piece of bread. I swear to you I was doing my best to eat this thing for what felt like an eternity, but each time I looked at it I hadn't taken a bite yet. I asked my one friend who was less high about it, and she said I just kinda squished it against my face a bunch and said I was becoming one with the bread for a while. Lmao.
I have a visual condition, so light became even more strange. The moon looked like a beauty blender in shaped because the light was so distorted.
Over all, really fun time. I just didn't expect to be there.

Anonymous 779


anon this is u

Anonymous 817

Does anyone have a funny story to share about things you did or thought when you were high?

Anonymous 863

haha I don't want to take this thread to a ~depressing place~ since everyone's talking about smoking weed and tripping but does anyone else have experience with harder drugs/addiction?

I was addicted to opiates (oxycodone and then heroin) from age 18 to 23, when I got on methadone. that was almost 3 years ago and I'm still on it but finally tapering down.

my life is so much better now but I still think about heroin daily. I always had problems/issues as a kid/teen but I feel like they could have been resolved easily/faster if I hadn't turned to opiates and become an addict. blah.

I totally regret going down that path because even tho I'm doing great now and am content, I feel like it's like opening pandora's box - there is no closing it or going back, I will never forget how good it felt and how much I was in love with it

Anonymous 865

>I will never forget how good it felt and how much I was in love with it
Man, this is why I've always been terrified of harder drugs. I've think you've surmised it pretty succinctly with the pandora's box comparison. Really congratulations on becoming and staying clean though Anon.

I did want to ask in this thread for some general feedback on the one experience I've had with ecstasy. I took it for the first time a few years back and I had a really bad experience with it and haven't touched drugs. My friends were going out to a D&B night and so had got some in, and me being the substance babby they decided to introduce me to it so they could at least be with me during my first time. It didn't go well. I took a while to come up, but when it started to hit I didn't react the way my friends were, it was like I became temporarily insane instead. Time sped up, my vision seemed like it had dropped to 5 FPS, like there was a strobe light in my brain, and throughout the night I began hearing voices in my head that gradually increased in intensity until it was like there was an entire theatre audience of people surrounding me all trying to speak to me at once.
I remember locking myself in the club bathroom with my hands over my ears trying to block out the voices for what it seemed like 3 minutes, but when I finally opened the door my friends were freaking out because apparently I'd been in there for an hour not responding to anybody. Not long after I just ran home and hid under my duvet for the rest of the night.

The only thing I've been able to come back with since this happened it that ecstasy is supposed to amplify positive feelings right? So what happens when a really negative person who's experiencing depression takes it? It would amplify all that negativity wouldn't it? Or should I just write this off as "some people can't do drugs ¯\_(ツ)_/¯"?

Anonymous 867

It would definitely amplify your negative feelings. Most party drugs just amplify feelings in general, so if you're feeling good you'll feel better but if you're feeling bad you'll feel worse.
Ecstasy is also just Molly mixed with other misc. drugs (could be cocaine/heroin/who knows), so you'd probably be better off with just Molly next time as the other drugs could be worse off for you mentally.

Anonymous 877

oh shit, congrats on being clean, Anon-chan! Stay the course; I was the dope/benzo variety myself for about 8 years. I used Subutex to taper, though, not Methadone.

I mean every word of this: you've done amazing, navigating life after opiates is trash but you got this in the bag, bby <3

..now if you'll excuse ME ladies, i have this void to scream into, drink at, and binge eat bc my boyfriend is now my ex~

Anonymous 1440

cont. in response to this anon: >>>/feels/936

Another thing that helped me significantly reduce the amount of weed I smoked was getting a bong because a smaller amount got me higher and I'd slowly be able to use less. I also packaged my stack into little baggies for specific time frames, aka one baggie a week and if I'm out, I have to take a break. That required a lot of willpower I didn't always have.

In the end the one thing that really, really helped me is that I didn't buy my own weed. I'd have my boyfriend do it so I'm not constantly tempted to get more. If I had to wait a week or two, there was nothing I could do since I don't have my own hookups. That was an important thing for me since I had no choice but to take breaks. It really messed with my mood though and for the first few days or up to a week I would be constantly sad more than usual and even crying for no reason sometimes.

Anonymous 1718

I'm over 48 hours clean from weed. I'm still feeling very vulnerable to triggers (lots of pot smokers around me, besides other life stresses) but the first two days is supposed to be the hardest I guess. I'm hoping i'll feel more mentally stable by tomorrow.

I started smoking occasionally when I was 13 and it became a daily habit by the time I was 15. So yeah almost seven years of being addicted has kind of fucked my brain and although I've "quit" many times for short periods I've never been able to keep it up for the long term.

I want to be completely clean because I want to do better in my education/career, improve my physical and mental health, generally just progress and move on with my life. Also because i'm starting to realize how strong my mental addiction is and it's starting to scare me a bit.

Anonymous 1719

Congrats Anon, keep going!
How the hell did you afford a daily weed habit starting at age 15 though? Don't mean to be rude, just baffled.

Anonymous 1720

>The only thing I've been able to come back with since this happened it that ecstasy is supposed to amplify positive feelings right? So what happens when a really negative person who's experiencing depression takes it? It would amplify all that negativity wouldn't it?

It doesn't quite work like that. MDMA is an empathogen/entheogen; they make you experience extreme empathy. So being in uncomfortable, scary surroundings would be amplified and you'd feel extreme fear and discomfort. Similarly though, it would be impossible not to feel good hearing a song you love. Do you have any doubts about your friends, or the club? Do you really enjoy dnb? It does amplify mental states, but it's more like specific thoughts or worries come to the forefront. It's not really general, if that makes sense.

>Or should I just write this off as "some people can't do drugs ¯\_(ツ)_/¯"?

I would probably put you in the category of some people just can't do drugs, but not because you're a negative person with depression, because that's me all over and I fucking love mdma, it's this specifically;
>and throughout the night I began hearing voices in my head that gradually increased in intensity until it was like there was an entire theatre audience of people surrounding me all trying to speak to me at once.
>I remember locking myself in the club bathroom with my hands over my ears trying to block out the voices

So "hearing voices" Is basically mis-recognising your own thoughts, and thinking they're coming from outside, and that you're not the source of them or not in control of them. The fact you covered your ears to block out voices is not a good sign. Even when tripping absolute balls, you should be able to correctly recognise your own thoughts and their source and know that covering your ears would do nothing to help because it's not a sound you're experiencing.

They reckon schizophrenia results from the brains inability to correctly categorise self generated and outside stimulus, like for example people with schizophrenia can tickle themselves, because the brain thinks that their arm doesn't belong to them. Same with the voices in the head thing.

I'm not trying to scare you or say you're like, a latent schizophrenic or anything like that. Taking hard drugs really is like going insane for a bit though, ymmv on the enjoyment of that mental state.

Anonymous 2000

I've been reading up on medical journals with clinical trials of magic mushrooms helping with depression.

I've had experiences of taking shrooms in the past and it really did help with anxiety issues but I haven't taken any for a few years now. After those studies on depression came out I asked my boyfriend to get his hands on some and we're now making mushroom tea. Hoping the rest of the night goes well and all is calm. Looking forward to the therapeutic effects.

Anonymous 2002

Have fun anon! Let me know how it goes. I'm also an anxiety-chan looking to try them soon.

Anonymous 2004

Anyone in the US ever buy those magic truffles from zamnesia? I hear people in the UK can get them without issue at customs but I doubt its the same way for the US.

Anonymous 2023

Sounds good, using psychedelics in the right way can be really therapeutic, as that you realize a lot of things about yourself.

Anonymous 2071

Don't have any lsd but i got some mushrooms i want to try soon. Looking forward to it. I just have to get an accurate scale so i know how much i take.

Anonymous 2092

how make homemade pot bong/pipe? i've tried like 4 times with 0 luck so far.

Anonymous 2093

just buy a small glass bong for 15 bucks, it'll be easier to clean and less of a hassle.

Anonymous 2094

i literally can't go outside. also i live in hick country, no smoke shops.

Anonymous 2095

Anonymous 2102


Who's getting lit with me tonight? <3

Anonymous 2106

send me weed and i'll do it

Anonymous 2107


here you go anon-chan, now light up

Anonymous 2109

why dont you just buy one online? if you're in any of the states or canada, dont even tell me that you're worried that it's illegal because it isn't.

Anonymous 2110

>f you're in any of the states
ah yes, the united states of the world

Anonymous 2115

thats why i said if. didnt know canada was a state now. did you not read my post?

Anonymous 2116

because i live in hicksville country and no one fucking ships here is why

Anonymous 2117

didnt even know there were non shippable areas. that blows. good luck to u then w/ making glass

Anonymous 2145


Taking a small break over the weekend to refresh my tolerance. Think of me when you light up, girls <3

Anonymous 2231


Build something that is called bucket bong.

You need:
- a plastic waterbottle
- tinfoil
- herbs
- bucket full of water

You cut the end of the waterbottle off, put it in the bucket of water so that it's filled with water. Then you wrap tinfoil around the head, make some small holes in it. Put the desired herb inside (this step always AFTER putting the bottle in the bucket else the air pushes it all outside).
Light it up and slowly and gently pull the bottle up. The underpressure makes the bottle now filled with smoke. Remove tinfoil screen, apply bottlehead to mouth and either inhale from there or push the bottle downwards so that the smoke gets pushed into your lungs.

Anonymous 2310

That's not possible lol. Your edibles weren't made properly and you're not inhaling as you should. It took me over a year after I tried weed to actually experience the high (I was very young and stupid but not sure what exactly you're doing wrong anon).

Anonymous 2313

I trust that the edibles were made properly considering the people who gave them to me worked on a marijuana plant in cali and were stoned all the time. I definitely did inhale properly, it's not my first time smoking or doing drugs.

Anonymous 2314

has it always been this way for you or did you develop a tolerance? for me, i had to smoke like ~10 different times before i felt anything at all (i was really determined)

Anonymous 2317

No tolerance, since I rarely get the chance to come across someone who will give me their pot. I googled it and people keep saying they didn't get high until their so-and-so time. I guess I'll have to keep trying because my friends were all fucked up with red ass eyes and the weed was medical grade both times.
Friends told me my eyes were glossy after I took a bunch of hits and I did cough that shit up hardcore but I couldn't feel anything at all. The only sober person there told me they could tell I was still sober even though my eyes were glossed over.

Anonymous 2322

Smoked weed for the second time in my life last night. First time was about three weeks ago, I was with my boyfriends buddies wives friends (long story) and I smoked a bowl with them. It didn't have an effect on me but I chalked it up to them being yuppies who had shit weed.

Last night I was hanging out with my boyfriend and his buddy, we were all drunk and exhausted from going to a bar then a club, his buddy showed me how to smoke a bong and we watched stupid videos for a few hours. I remember giggling incessantly at something really stupid but that was it.

Am I broken? Is this common? My parents smoked weed around me all my life but never talked about it. I can't ask my boyfriends friends because I know they'll make fun of me. And my boyfriend is a weenie and doesn't smoke (and I think he doesn't like me smoking either).

Anonymous 2323

That was the same reaction I had when I was smoking weed. I decided it wasn't worth it for me.
However I didn't use much of it as I rather wanted to be careful. Maybe I just didn't use enough.

Anonymous 2336

Y'all need to understand smoking weed is harder than smoking cigs. Whether it's a joint, bong or bowl. You need to shape your lips in such a way that you inhale the smoke straight into your lungs and keep it there. Pretend you're swallowing the smoke if you have to. Whatever you do, don't exhale until you're coughing out a lung or it's been at least ten solid seconds.

Most cigarette smokers barely inhale, they keep the smoke in their mouths and then quickly exhale. That's the opposite of what you need to do if you want to get high off weed.

Small pipes or bongs will be harder. Smaller joints might be harder as well. For beginners, the bigger the better since you won't need to be so precise when inhaling.

Anonymous 2467

this is some of the shitest advice I have ever read, both in terms of accuracy and harm it poses to the people likely to follow it. I know the thing is to be nice on this site, but fuck you anon for real.

>Whatever you do, don't exhale until you're coughing out a lung or it's been at least ten solid seconds.

idiotic, unnecessary lung cancer giving advice right here. Do not inhale directly into your lungs, don't hold it for any longer than is uncomfortable for you. Don't pretend to swallow the smoke!?

>Most cigarette smokers barely inhale, they keep the smoke in their mouths and then quickly exhale. That's the opposite of what you need to do if you want to get high off weed.

Ah, you don't know what inhaling is yourself. That's the issue here. Smokers do not keep the smoke in their mouths, idk where you got that from. When smoking a cigarette, you draw the smoke into your mouth, and then you take a second breath in to inhale the smoke, and then you breathe out. This second breath in is the inhale. Not inhaling properly isn't any of the bullshit you explained, it's not performing that second breath properly. Sometimes this is a result of not being able to toke properly; to check this, simply breathe out after toking when you have the smoke in your mouth, if it isn't a massive billowy cloud, you're not pulling hard enough, occluding the end of the joint or something similar.

You do not need to hold weed smoke for any longer than cig smoke, your lungs are so quick and efficient you wouldn't even believe it.

You shouldn't smoke a joint any differently than you do a cigarette. You might need to hold the joint more gently with your lips or insert it to a different depth in your mouth depending on what the filter is made out of, or if it's roachless. But that's basically it.

Anonymous 2558


Not sure whether to post this in >>>/b/593 or here, but since it's recreational in this case, I'll go with this thread.

I got Ksalol (Xanax/Alprazolam) 1mg blisters in the mail today and took 2mg. I'm starting to feel soft and relaxed after having a pretty disappointing evening, but now I'm worried because duurrrr I also take 6mg Bromazepam and 40mg Cipralex daily (both as prescribed) and you shouldn't mix your benzos. But I've been taking Ambien with my Bromazepam too on occasion and have been fine.

Will report back if anyone's curious.

Anonymous 2641

actually bringing the smoke into your lungs helps to absorb the thc better. anon isn't wrong. plus lung cancer isn't just he smoke it's tar.

Anonymous 2643

inhaling = taking the smoke into your lungs. smoking period = taking smoke into your lungs.

Of course you need to inhale in order to absorb THC. But first, someone not used to smoking is likely to take a bad drag and cough regardless, so trying to hold it in will only make it harder; second, holding your breath with smoke in your lungs is a terrible idea all around.

I personally suggest making cannabis butter then making something to eat with it because smoking is a major waste.
And yeah,
it is rather underwhelming for some people. I enjoy it from time to time (before an extra boring class, when bored and hanging out, etc) but I never buy it myself, only take a few drags when my friends have it. It's not worth it

Anonymous 2652

ik this reply is super late but a small yet significant amount of the population has a natural sensitivity to DXM, and it can really fuck you up. At 100 mg, that's likely what happened. Are you on any ssris or maois? That can fuck with your trip as well, though I'm not exactly sure how.

…you ok? I def would've blacked out on that, but I have practically 0 tolerance

Anonymous 2655

Absolutely nothing happened, I got slightly clumsier and slower in my movements (like being drunk but without the sensation of being intoxicated), eventually went to bed and slept for 4 hours and woke up fresh and renewed.

Anonymous 2660

Bringing the smoke into your lungs is inhaling. That is what that word means. Anon is wrong. You don't know what tar is or the mechanics of how smoking causes lung cancer.

I'm gonna let you off because you're clearly either underage or english isn't your first language. Or both.

Anonymous 2683

I have done a variety of drugs (not heroin or crack though) throughout a span of several years. I've had good and bad times-definitely more good than bad, but the intensity of the bad has outweighed the good.

I never had a dependency and my life is not hectic or horrible.

What actually broke me in the end was weed oddly enough. I had been a huge pothead throughout my teen years and into my early adulthood. Never had a bad time until the last 3 times which was ok because I had wanted to stop anyways. So like 2 years later (around this time I wasn't doing anymore drugs) I decide to eat some of an edible with a thc content that wasn't so strong-store bought btw. Well, I fucked up and had the worst panic attack in my life.

They kept coming days after, I guess it triggered something idk, but I actually ended up going to therapy because I guess it triggered anxiety from the panic attacks? It became a BIG problem.

I'm doing lots better now. I can't even take a fucking asprin or have a drink anymore though. And being around weed gets me pretty anxious enough that I just decided to stop hanging out with alot of people. I'm not really missing out though since they just got stuck in life and all they do now is smoke or experiment with other stuff.

Looking back, I used to think everyone should try drugs-at least a psychedelic because I remember feeling "oneness" with the universe. Its just an illusion though and I wouldn't recommend anybody anything.

Sorry, didn't mean for a long blog post.

Anonymous 2684

I was not on any SSRIs or MAOIs at the time. I'm guessing I'm just super sensitive to dxm. Shame ha

Anonymous 2710


Does anyone else get anxious when doing drugs? I used to be a pretty big stoner as a teenager, then all of a sudden I thought my heart was going to stop every single time I smoked.

Also every time I do coke I have a moment of "oh my God I did too much, I'm gonna die" even when nothing's physically wrong with me. Same thing happens when I do Molly.

It's really annoying and no matter how many awesome experiences I have on these drugs, I always have underlying anxiety for a solid portion of my high. Can anyone relate?

Anonymous 2725

definitely relate. i was a very heavy smoker for at least two years. i smoked constantly throughout the day, every day. i will even admit i was addicted. i always had fun at first, but as time went on it was just something to do when i was bored. eventually it didn't feel good at all anymore and it made me very anxious and paranoid. it made it impossible to be around people high because i'd feel so slow and detached. i cut back to smoking before bed. but i started new meds recently and it made smoking worse so i hardly smoke at all anymore. i don't do a lot of other drugs anymore either. my last shroom trip had me anxious too though

Anonymous 2726

agreed. in my first two years of highschool, when i first started smoking weed, my highs were perfect, and nothing felt wrong. then at the end of my second year in highschool i took an edible and got super paranoid. my friend would always get super paranoid when she smoked but i thought it was pretty minor or she was overthinking it. but when I finally experienced that paranoia it was hard for me to ever comfortably smoke weed again. I'll still smoke on occasion and when i feel like im in a safe and comfortable environment but it has just never really been the same. also my social anxiety doesn't really help out either. lesigh

Anonymous 4868

Seems like every time I take LSD it tastes more bitter than it did last time. Anyone else? I think it's psychosomatic, like my brain is afraid of what's to come and is trying to get me to throw it up.

>inb4 "it's NBOME dummy"

I'm not retarded, I get my mind-altering substances tested before I put them in my body

Anonymous 4869

Should I try cocaine with my friend? I live near the border so it should be good quality.

Anonymous 6630

I did cocaine for the first time last night (I was drunk out of my mind and had done some weed) and now everything feels fuzzy and it looks like the world is clear snow with black (like old TVs when nothing is playing on them). I feel pretty good actually, but I'm wondering if this is a comedown from the cocaine because most people seem to hate the comedown, but if this is the comedown for me, fuck, it's nice.

Anonymous 6644

I have tripped on DXM quite a few times and I love how the world looks on it, I love the feeling of not being inside my body and I love how energetic it makes me feel. I also take benzos occasionally because they're the only things that make calm me down but depending how much I take they seem to turn me into a monster, pretty much.
I love DXM but the gels gave me the worst trip I have ever had and I could feel the drugs inside me as well, odd.

Anonymous 6649

Recreational Vicodin (I technically have a medical need for it but I’ve gone half a decade using it once or twice a month for any reason, not worried about addiction at this rate)

MDMA I tried a few times and loved although there’s definitely 2 kinds of MDMA highs and I definitely get the “mind opens and ascend to a higher plane” kind, not the cuddly touchy kind

I want to try LSD and DXM but have no drug friends and am a white housewife in my 30s so finding them isn’t as easy as it once was

(Weed/weed stuff doesn’t agree with me, I get nauseated and paranoid depending which molecule. I’ll fight for legalization for y’all though)

Anonymous 6663


drugs are bad!

Anonymous 6734

what a stupid thing to say. are you 15?

Anonymous 6735

Yup, of course drugs are bad generally speaking. They have the potential to ruin your health, both physical and mental, not to mention many are highly addictive. Even marijuana, that is technically harmless to one's health, can be addictive (https://www.drugabuse.gov/publications/research-reports/marijuana/marijuana-addictive), which is a bummer because I've wanted to give a try due to health related reasons since I'm off prescribed psych meds atm, but I may not.
I don't give a shit if anyone I don't care about does hardcore drugs (without harming others) though. If people want to get high, let them do it and deal with the chances of having to deal with terrible consequences, just like everything else in life.

Anonymous 6743

Psych meds are drugs too and those are helpful. Drugs aren't bad for you, when used properly and like most things in life, people abuse them. If you abuse anything, drugs or not, it's going to be unhealthy for you.
>>6663 does sound underage or is some neet loser who wanted to spam their anime pic because they don't have anything to actually contribute to the discussion. And anyone worried about plant combustion from smoking marijuana, needs to take a good look at the ingredients they ingest and use daily in their food and other products which isn't healthy for human use at all; that's not even conspiracy, it's just plain facts.

If you have an addictive personality, obviously stay away from any kind of drug or addictive substance, but there's no point in not trying anything once with having taken safety precautions beforehand, and having the knowledge of what you're doing before you do it. I'm not saying go to the club and take so much ecstasy that you're on the floor having a seizure, but if you truly think drugs are bad, you need to get out of the house and stop thinking in black and white. Take a good look at the things around you in this life. You yourself just sound overly paranoid if you're scared of trying pot, anon. I'm not saying this to be a patronizing cunt, but you should really stay on those psych meds.

Anonymous 6747

For the anons who are able to take drugs fairly regularly, how do you keep yourself from being addicted? I've never done drugs before, only drink alcohol. I sort of feel like I'm missing out on something but the thought of drugs kind of scares the shit out of me.

I know someone who got heavily addicted to meth and she started out just smoking some weed here and there and trying out shrooms. Seeing her spiral out of control freaks me out.

Anonymous 6748

The stuff that isn't really addictive (but keep in mind, anything can become psychologically addicting):

Cocaine (the comedown sucks and you will want more almost immediately)
Meth, heroin (fentanyl, etc. opiates in general)

Anonymous 6751

Planning usage and making sure that it doesn't interfere with regular functioning (work, school, responsibilities). Also trying to maintain psychological balance, because a lot of drug abuse comes from having an unstable life and using becomes a coping mechanism.

Anonymous 6920

As other anon said, a lot of them aren't addictive. "Drug user" and "addict" are only seen as synonyms by the general public because they're all against the law so people don't know much about it. That being said, you could always get psychologically addicted if you use it as a coping mechanism.

Going about it maturely is also important. IMO lot of people spiral out of control because they are already unstable to begin with and then don't approach it with the right mindset, instead just chase after the best or most powerful high. You go from weed once a month to meth addict when instead of enjoying your fucking weed once a month you think "now that i know a guy who deals weed i want to get my hands on the something else".

And then you also have to know how you deal with different drugs. If you like something too much, you should stay the fuck away from it. I'm this anon >>471 by the way, and I'm doing cocaine from time to time now after almost a year without touching the stuff. I'm fine with it, I can have cocaine at home for months and not touch it. On the other hand, if I drink two beers it already makes me start binge drinking (being even slightly intoxicated makes me crave more and more, and the lowered ability to judge a situation keeps me from understanding what a terrible idea it'll be to drink more), and it takes all of my willpower not to get into a weeklong episode of waking up, buying booze, getting drunk, passing out, repeat.

All in all, you're not missing much. Most people involved with drugs fucking suck, and the experience itself is not that amazing or life-changing. It's just fun for a few hours.

Anonymous 7001

>a weeklong episode of waking up, buying booze, getting drunk, passing out, repeat.

this is my life right now and I feel you, anon. coke robbed me of something like $700 in a single month but afterwards I was able to get straight once I realized I couldn't afford the habit. vodka became my cheap alternative when I started having schizophrenic-style reactions to weed (literally saw my teeth fall out into my hand after biting into a sushi roll at a restaurant. imagine how awkward that situation was.)
it's weird because I have a friend who has gone through alcoholics anonymous and they keep telling me that I'm not an alcoholic, I'm just a 'heavy drinker'. But I honestly feel like I can't control it at this point. There have been times when I've gone to work drunk, there have been times when I rushed out of my house thirty minutes before work and went to the liquor store because I couldn't stand the idea of going in sober. Doesn't help that I hate my job (retail). The past three years, I've gotten into two fender-benders, both times intoxicated. There were mitigating circumstances each time–fogged up windows, the other driver forgot to use their turn signals–but If I get into one more, my insurance company is going to kick me off their books.
i honestly feel like if i only had the money to afford therapy or psychiatrics, it would do me a world of good. i know where this comes from. i remember getting drunk, getting raped, and driving drunk home afterwards thinking 'i'll just forget this, pretend it never happened'–and how the alcohol helped with that. how it made it seem like even if it did happen, it didn't matter. your body is only a shell. it's your soul that governs it. that's what i told myself.
but it's not, really. the things that happen to that shell affect you in more ways than you can ever realize, at least not at the time. it was only years later, after i saw the news article, that my rapist had been caught, that he had been brought to court by three other women, that i realized that there were undoubtedly countless more people like me out there. women who never filed the police reports, women who chose to 'forget about it', women who were so afraid for their lives (after he told us that he knew where to bury us in a local nature preserve so that 'the police would never find you') that they would not pursue justice.
after i saw that news story, things just spiralled out of control. i'd been drinking before, but it turned into a situation where I was drinking daily. not just wine or beer, but straight liquor to get through the day. It's been about three years since then. It doesn't go away.

Anonymous 7028

I've smoked pot like 20 times and everytime it makes gives me major heartbeat, which makes me anxious and I just want to munch on vegetables and fruits and sleep. It's such a mediocre experience I've pretty much given up on weed. I've tried different weed, smoking from a joint, bong and pipe and it's always like that. Any advice on what can better my experience? I remember one time I was pretty tipsy when smoking and that was pretty fun.

Anonymous 7262

I'm going to a rave on NYE and I'm kinda nervous about it. I know I'm going to roll even though I'm trying to distance myself from that scene.

I don't know, I just, I love rolling so much but it makes me feel so dirty. I feel this way about all my drug use. I think I just have a heavy conscience about these things and I need to lighten up but like. Part of me wants to stop doing drugs but part of me really enjoys it, hence why I'm going to rave on NYE.

Anonymous 7489

I tried to robo trip less than 24 hrs after I took benzos and I couldn't get tripping, I managed to get a buzz but not trip like I usually do. I also took a bit of a lower dosage but not by much, could the benzos have been the reason I didn't trip or the dosage?

Anonymous 7552


Ayahuasca is legal where I am from, and I've wanted to try it, not to get high, but because I'm sort of a new ager and want to see if anything amazing will happen to me, etc.
But no one I know wants to try it, and I don't want to do it alone… I keep thinking something really bad could happen to me if I did, like someone trying to take sexual advantage of me if I was passed out there. SIGH.

Anonymous 7553

Lol I chose the wrong picture, sorry. I will leave it there because who doesn't like roses?

Anonymous 7565

Smoke less at once. You can always smoke a bit more if you're not high enough, but what you're basically describing sounds like you're getting too high - bear in mind some strains are creepers and it might also be taking longer to hit than you're expecting. Are you getting anxious right away, or after a while of being high?

You can drink something sugary and/or caffeinated to temper it otherwise, but that kind of defies the point; it's wasteful imo.

It might also be the people or place that you're doing it, both can have a big impact on anxiety levels when high in my experience.

What do you mean by rolling? I associate that with joints but given the context, it sounds like you mean it differently.

Anonymous 7584

Rolling is the high from dropping MD. Like, you trip on acid, you roll on MD.

I'm still not feeling much better about my choice. I know that the drug I have is pure but that's not really my worry. I just worry that what I'm doing is wrong and gross, I don't know.

Anonymous 7585

Ah ic. The first time I did MD it was great. I'm not really sociable so really helped me get past that at the time. The comedown was a bit shitty though, I'm prone to depression so having to manage it felt like the opposite of being on shrooms (where you have to manage the shitty sensations at the outset instead). Also being horny AF and not having anyone to fuck kinda of sucked.

The second time it was shit, I started badtripping pretty much straight away, broke out into a sweat, felt extremely anxious/anti-social. It was probably bad quality and I wasn't in as good of an environment as the first time, but it was enough to put me off trying it again.

> I just worry that what I'm doing is wrong and gross

"Wrong" I get, but gross - why? Are you worried about what you're going to do while you're on it?

> I'm still not feeling much better about my choice

you haven't actually taken it yet… why not just keep your options open and decide on the night.

Anonymous 7604

I've taken MD many times. I just always feel this way before and after doing it. It's not that I worry about what I'll do on it, I always have a great time. I think it's the fact that I'm so aware that what I'm experiencing is fleeting, in a sense it's not real, it's like fake happiness. So that gets me down a lot. Whenever I'm rolling I'm in absolute bliss but it always makes me have deep revelations that I don't know what I'm doing with my life, I'm wasting it all away, etc.

But also I just always feel guilty afterwards, like I've done something really immoral and fucked up.

Anonymous 7618

> in a sense it's not real, it's like fake happiness
I think it's more of a case of an amplification of your happiness

> what I'm experiencing is fleeting

> I don't know what I'm doing with my life
It sounds like this is the root of the feelings of guilt

> I just always feel guilty afterwards, like I've done something really immoral and fucked up

Meh. That doesn't sound rational and I suspect it's related to the above.

I'm jealous of people that can take it, I feel like there's something wrong with me because I can't. Funny how life works like that, huh?

I think if you commit to trying to find a sense of purpose/direction in life, you'll probably not struggle with this and be able to enjoy the experience guilt free.

Anonymous 7662

I haven't done weed for a couple years (and before that was never really that into it) but I bought some edibles recently as a treat. Whenever I take one I and it takes effect I start violently twitching and spasming to the point I'm wondering if I'm having some kind of seizure. I thought maybe I was just doing too much, but even eating half or a quarter of one causes it. I can't find any information on what it might be either. I decided to stop and I'll probably throw them out, but it's a bummer because they were god damn expensive.

Anonymous 7663

Edibles these days are really potent, is there more information about the dosage on the packaging or through wherever you bought them?

You can try to cut down the portion again. If you're really concerned about the effects overall or don't want to risk it, probably best to get rid of it or pawn it off to a friend that would want it?

Anonymous 7664

I agree with >>7663 I've had similar effects a few times when I start smoking again after long breaks. I think it's just a general tolerance thing, so lower dosage is probably the way to go.

Anonymous 8292

Woke up this morning absolutely hanging. Went and showered. Putting my moisturiser on and noticed I'd accidentally got it up my nose. Oh wait no, that's coke.

I need to stop. Now.

Anonymous 8580

How's it going now, anon? Have you taken any steps into changing your current situation?

Anonymous 10012


Who's ready for more states (and Canada) to legalize the dro this year? I'm at least hoping the stricter states with legal medical expand their programs and include other people who would benefit from marijuana use and not just those literally going to die while waiting for their card to arrive in the mail.

Anonymous 14186

Trying DXM for the first time. 178 mL or so down the hatch, I hope it goes nicely

Anonymous 14187

I'm like 100 lbs for reference. Hopefully this gets me to the second plateau.

Anonymous 14188

How did everybody meet their drug dealer? I kind of want to try DMT but it seems hard to find.

Anonymous 14198

Hate dissociatives. Hope you're okay, let us know how it went.

Most people online just use dark net markets. Drug dealers are also a pain in the ass to deal with. It's not even worth it.

Anonymous 14204

My favorite is PCP, it's similar to ketamine and DXM but much more functional in terms of an every day dissociative.

I got all my stuff through the darkwebs, better than scummy drug dealers and other weirdos. Like, you literally can't find mushrooms without some smelly hippie trying to pick you up.

Anonymous 14305

Everyone, if you are 5'4"' and around 100 lbs do not do this. Anon here, I am currently in the hospital(have been for the last week days) and will have to pull out of school for this.

Anonymous 14309

Anonymous 14312

I nearly died. Point is, those online calculators don't mean shit if you're petite.

Anonymous 14313

NTA but online calculators don't mean shit whether you're 100 or 200 lbs. We all have different bodies with different chemistry that will react differently to any kind of drug. Your weight is irrelevant. Learn from this and stop fucking with drugs.

Anonymous 14315

You must have been allergic to DXM or taken cough syrup that had guaifenesin/DPH which can fuck you up. I went to second plateau on pure DXM and only experienced nausea and explosive diarreah that went away after expulsion.

Sorry you had a bad trip, anon.

Anonymous 14318

Why are you being such cunts, it's a good psa for any other anons who may want to try it. I nearly fucking died and and due to go to a psych ward because of how close I was to dying. Stop being assholes

Thank you anon, part of the problem was I took the extended time related cough syrup for Robbitussein's. This experience was for the best, I was suicide before and doing shitty in school and life with no will to live and it's a real wake call to all the lies I was telling everyone around me then

Anonymous 14319


Some cough syrup has acetiminophen in it that causes liver damage. Those can shut down your liver. DXM itself has an extremely high lethal dose. You would have to drink several bottles to die from respiratory failure.

As a shamaness I recommend you get a hold of a gram of ketamine or pcp next time you feel horribly depressed. They've been using dissociatives on treatment resistant depression in Europe and just recently in America. A sedative induced coma refreshes your brain by turning off neurons and allowing them to heal which until recently was thought not to be possible.

See the House M.D. episode where he has surgery with ketamine as the primary anesthetic.

I'm glad your alive girl, good to have you back.

pic related.

Anonymous 14403


Anonymous 14413

As close as I was to death, it's weird because I loved the actual experience being on DXM and crave it even more. I wish there was a better guide to dosing. I'm sure I went through the k hole or whatever it's called when I was tripping and I wish I could redo that experience given that I knew more what to expect and try to retain from it. I remember a lot of the visuals and the full blown dissisociation was nice. It's really weird how you can barely be aware of what you're doing in this reality but still text and do some simple tasks.

Anonymous 14424


Enjoy your mental issues

Anonymous 14449


Anonymous 14450


dxm trip replications

Anonymous 14479

>being this clueless and ignorant
Enjoy being boring as fuck and stupid your whole life.

Anonymous 14480

>5'4" and 100 lbs
Good god, stop calling yourself petite you absolute average slag.

Anonymous 14487

Why do people get so triggered over this, I was described this way by multiple doctors and it's the only time I've ever thought to call myself that.

Anonymous 14488

that isnt petite by any means

Anonymous 14496

5'4 and 100 pounds looks quite small by every measure wtf you mean

Anonymous 14498

oh cool it looks exactly like my nightmares.
how the fuck could you enjoy this.

Anonymous 14512

Except thats literally an above average height. Not small at all, just average. Sorry no one thinks you're the petite princess you believe you are.

Anonymous 14514

>Except thats literally an above average height.
Not everywhere is America, friend.

Anonymous 14515

What? Maybe in Bolivia. 5'4 is absolutely below average.

Anonymous 14516

I was just trying to warn other people who are, in my doctor's words, petite. I am not bothered if that's not really what I am, but multiple people have described me as that, not to mention shorter people than me have described me as that. Some people use the word "petite" to mean "slight" or whatever. Jesus.

Like, what would make you happy, fellow girls with bmis of less than 18, take extra caution when calculating dosages?

Anonymous 14836

>tfw when no sorcereress gf to do dissociatives with

Anonymous 14841

I'll smoke ketamine with you love

Anonymous 14874

love this method. gets you fucked up and you dont waste anything.

Anonymous 14875

go ahead G

Anonymous 14876

whos ready for fucking northern europe to at least decriminalize it? for such a liberal place our drug laws are completely backwards.

Anonymous 14912

I'm sorry about that anon :( boys are literally evil and can't be trusted ever, I hope you're doing okay now.

Anonymous 15052

i really want to get into psychedelics and dissociatives. trying not to abuse my prescription stimulants anymore. flirted with benzos a bit recently which were a drug of choice for me when i was younger but managed not to establish dependency on them this time.
listen to this shit next time you use whatever your drug of choice is, it induced a totally dissociated trance state in me while i wasn't really even that high.
the coolest part is that they recorded this live during the '70s and managed to make it sound so incredibly modern.
it makes me picture strange ritualistic acts in a dark, dirty concrete basement involving oil of some kind.

Anonymous 15056


>want to smoke weed
>don't know anyone who smokes it because I'm an introvert and everyone in my small circle of friends would never do weed
>city is filled with drug dealers but don't know anyone and would never look for one
>ordering it online would get me arrested

Anonymous 15057

Just tell yourself you'll have an anxiety attack and a really bad experience. Cup of tea instead.

Anonymous 15060

Do they have med cards where you live? For me getting my card helped with anxiety so much, you only have to be in the store for a few minutes while the person bags your weed and takes your money. I always hated having to meet random sketchy dealers in their basements and feeling obliged to hang out with them for hours before I could leave.

Anonymous 15833

>want to get high instead of do work

Anonymous 15912


Stop taking drugs

Anonymous 15927


what if of my drug of choice is love?

Anonymous 15928

i mistyped my post because im high, srry. caught red handed.

Anonymous 15935


Anonymous 15941

unnamed (7).gif

hi Ms cop I brought u dis

Anonymous 15974

when i'm high i enjoy just walking around wherever i feel like. just remember to take water with you so you don't get super dehydrated while you're out and about. i don't like driving while high though so i tend to just wander where i can get to on foot.

when i'm tripping on a heavy dose i usually put on some music and have a lie-down and just think. it helps if there are other people close at hand just in case i start feeling uncomfortable and need a distraction but for the most part i've had positive experiences being by myself. i also enjoy drawing if i'm on a lighter dose. if i had someone to shepherd me around the city i'd probably want to go to an art museum.

Anonymous 15975

nothing better than the comfort of your own bedroom and doing mundane shit like listening to music or playing vidya.
>tfw playing otome high

Anonymous 18408

Anyone getting lifted this week? I'm planning a nice dxm trip while I have work off to account in the afterglow.

Anonymous 18410

I like to go to a pond in the woods where there's always a bunch of squirrels I can feed and take photos of. It makes me feel super relaxed because it's already a magical place when you're sober, but when I smoke weed I feel extra connected to nature, as cheesy as it sounds. Makes me feel so special and wholesome.

Anonymous 18438

>I like to go to a pond in the woods where there's always a bunch of squirrels I can feed and take photos of
>but when I smoke weed

Anonymous 21876

I got stoned tonight and accidentally an entire package of oreos without really noticing

Anonymous 21877

Fuck, I always crave cheetos even though I don't like them not stoned.

Anonymous 21878


Cheetos sound so good atm ;_;

Anonymous 21889

My husband recently took LSD for the first time and I got a pretty noice contact high. Now we consider ordering 1pLSD as long as it's still legal.

Anonymous 22115

anyone ever only want to do drugs for the rest of your life because you are too anti-social? My only regret is that drugs can be nice to do with people when you'd normally stay the fuck away from people.

Anonymous 22123

I'm gonna try shrooms within the next two weeks

Anonymous 22135

>My only regret is that drugs can be nice to do with people when you'd normally stay the fuck away from people
When I was younger, I felt the same. And is exactly why I stopped doing drugs. Now, I have found people's company that are worth being around without being inebriated.

Anonymous 22298

I had a very beautiful, religious experience while I was on psychedelics a few years ago, and I haven't felt the urge to take them since.
I broke some of the rules. People say not to take psychedelics alone, and they say not to take it when you're in a bad state of mind. I did both of those things. I had just broken up with my boyfriend that day, I'd been saving these shrooms for a couple of weeks, and for some reason it just felt like 'the right time'.
I took them and sat outside on the grass for a while. At the time I was living with several other roommates, and one of them had a friend over who had also just recently broken up with his girlfriend. Eventually some more people started to visit the house, and I started feeling overwhelmed by the number of people and the amount of talking out in the back yard, so i went inside, put on some instrumental music, and laid down for a while.
it's notable that throughout this time (about 8 hours) the animals in the house periodically gathered around my bed and watched me. other people occasionally popped their heads in to check on me as well, but i told them that i would get them if i needed anything.
i was thinking about what i was struggling with in life, and what would improve my life. i had my eyes closed for most of it; maybe at some point i started dreaming, i don't know. what i remember is being in space. there was a vast field of stars in front of me, and i felt impossibly small next to them, and next to the three entities that i saw. it sounds goofy as fuck, but one of them was a huge, blue-white light or star, the one on the right was a vast golden statue of buddha, and the one on the left was an enormous blue man sitting cross-legged. they spoke in unison and they asked me what I was seeking. I couldn't think of any better answer than 'wisdom'–which was true, I had taken this drug thinking that it could give me some insight on my life–and they gave me some reassurance and advice. I think what they told me then is a universal truth–I had probably thought of it myself, before, but it never managed to reach me like it did then.
When I woke up, I was euphoric. I felt like I had figured out everything that caused myself and everyone unhappiness, and I wanted to share it with everyone. Fortunately by that time the couple of people who had come over to visit had turned into a straight-up party and when I came out of my room, I was surrounded by my community and people who were willing to sit and talk with me.
That feeling of euphoria and perfect understanding has faded over time, but I still think that the realization I came to that day is crucial to my personal happiness and it gives me hope whenever I think about it.

Anonymous 23327

I have a really hard time holding myself back from smoking all day when I have weed, I want to make it last longer and not kill my tolerance.

How do I trick myself? I have split my stash up into 1 gram baggies and intend to hide them from myself, any suggestions? If I had any friends I'd ask them to lock my weed in a box with a numbers lock so I have to ask them for the combination (lmao), but I'm a friendless NEET.

Pls help

Anonymous 23328

You should bake edibles and give yourself one cookie a day.

Anonymous 23341

Get a productive hobby that doesn't revolve around weed

Anonymous 23393


I really loved reading this. I did a small amount of mushrooms for the first time ever this summer and it was so lovely. I didn't really hallucinate at all, but my find felt so creative and flexible. I would draw all these funny associations between things I was seeing as my friend and I spent a few hours in a secluded arboretum on a college campus. I felt so free. I want to try a higher dose some time this year…

Anonymous 26086

I feel like my IQ has risen since I started smoking weed. Not just IQ but like I can think more deeply about things and am much more creative. Abstract concepts do not seem so abstract anymore. I guess that's why some of the most brilliant minds of our time were weed smokers(such as carl sagan, bill gates and many presidents of the US)

Anonymous 26101


oh anon.

Anonymous 26102

yep, thought the same when I read what she said. It's one of the funniest posts I've ever read if she's not trolling

Anonymous 26172

Well lately I've been inhaling, like getting high on aerosol or huffing petrol fumes.

Behind all the stigma it's truly a top tier drug. It's a weird experience sometimes buying a few cans of duster and the cashier looks at you funny, similar to buying a bunch of Mucinex or other purer forms of DXM cough syrup(also an incredible drug btw). I've only bothered with petrol huffing a few times but it's easier to be caught by my dad doing that.

I don't really both with music or have any wild stories. My preferred activity is just kind of getting into some comfy pajamas and then sitting in a comfortable criss-cross meditative position.

Anonymous 26463

I used to run a really shady company that did research on drugs. I was allowed to legally carry no less than a kilogram of molly for research purposes in a sealed briefcase. This was in 2010 before all the bathsalts and stuff. I can still do it just would have to start aother company for it.

Anonymous 26469

I need a drug buddy where I live. Texas.

Anonymous 26651

Been smoking weed for about 3 years now. The highs used to be great when I first started but then I started getting paranoid and didn't enjoy it as much.
Moved on to mainly drinking but now I've rekindled my connection with weed and it has been awesome. Had such a great, happy, relaxing high last night, it really brought me back to the good days. Can't wait to smoke again later.

Anonymous 27873

Last night I made out with a rando in a club bathroom in exchange for bumps of ket.

It was pretty good, I guess? Just kinda felt nice and amplified my drunkenness. But I only took a tiny bit because it was my first. I think I'd try it again at a higher dose.

Anonymous 27878

I lived in east-central texas for 4 years until a year ago and it was sort of easy to find drugs buds but also i was a student. what area are you in/near?

Anonymous 28405


I'm quitting weed. My tolerance is shot so I don't even get high, just buzzed, and every time I run out I spend days being unable to sleep or eat. It's not worth it anymore especially since I had a run-in with the law. It sucks, but it's time. Wish me luck, sisters.

Anonymous 28409

Do you happen to be from Alaska? Just curious

Anonymous 28410

Not even remotely, now I'm curious as to why you asked

Anonymous 28412

Good luck, I support you!

Anonymous 28414

Thank you, I will come back here if I fail to confront my shame

Anonymous 28415


Good luck, sister.

Anonymous 28416

Probably because that miner who talked about being on probation lives there.

Anonymous 28417

Oh oops, thanks. I'm from Europe btw and not on probation (yet).

Anonymous 28418

Oh and she posted a blunt or joint selfie in the same manner.

Anonymous 28419

Makes sense, maybe Alaskanon is my Doppelgänger.
I was:

Anonymous 28420

What was your run-in with the law?

Tbh I quit smoking for the same reason as you. All the joy of it faded and it started to feel pointless as if I was only high for like 10 minutes. Every time I get back into w33d it goes back to that boring pointlessness within a few weeks.

Anonymous 28422

I got a warning letter after the 435673th time of buying weed on a darknet market, responded, never heard back again, moved (unrelated), and after six months or so tried again. It worked 3 times and the 4th and 5th package didn't come so now I'm paranoid as all hell and decided it's just not worth the risk. If I lived in a big city again I'd at least find a plug irl, but as it is right now, I'm dry. I'm a fool.

Anonymous 28798

When you get the package just use it all at once or don't open it and wait 2 weeks for police-kun to appear. They can't prove you anything unless you have your name on it.

Anonymous 29056


I tripped on lsd with my bf for the first time and it was really fucking fun. One of the best things I did was look at a book made by one of my fav artists Anthony W Gerace (pic related is some of the work from that book) was really nice seeing the work move around and finding random pages extremely hilarious for no reason. Woke up feeling super inspired the next day too.

Anonymous 29057

That would work if the packages weren't intercepted, Anon.

Anonymous 29539

It's me again, I went to visit a friend for Christmas and he had some weed that we smoked together for a few days in a row, but I didn't get high except for the first time, which was nice. I was okay when we ran out.

Made a local friend who told me about a plug, I was gonna get some to celebrate NYE on my own but he's been absent. Usually I'd be nervous and checking all the time but I'm still okay.

I hope I can pull myself together, only buy small amounts, and take breaks in between. No more binging on weed for weeks on end, but the occasional dime bag maybe? Thoughts?

Anonymous 30630

Still me, haven't smoked again since Christmas.

Anonymous 30641


Keep it up! How're you feeling?

Anonymous 30642

Pretty good! Out of sight, out of mind. I don't have the money or any plugs right now, so that makes it so much easier. I haven't recovered my appetite yet, though. I used to be able to eat so much and now I have a bird-like appetite and lost some weight. But it's better than smoking half a gram a day and not feeling anything. Thank you!

Anonymous 31033

gang weed rise up

Anonymous 52866

DXM is not a deliriant wtf?

Anonymous 52867

It's not, but that's how things look like for me on dxm. I hallucinate visually extremely easily, though. I get visited by people, the whole shebang.

Anonymous 52869

I don't know if you've ever taken dxm, but that's a good representation of what you see.

Anonymous 52884


I love weed, but I don't have the option to do it by myself anymore. That's the only time I truly enjoy it, when I'm alone. I get to feel relaxed and focus on good things and things that I love…
I can't do it with others because I get very sensitive… bleeehh

Anonymous 52896

last time i smoked weed i had a panic attack and called the cops thinking i was having a heart attack and threw up on my porch

Anonymous 52928

lmaoooo i'm sorry anon, that is terrible but hilarious. did that ruin bud for you?

i miss bud so much. i was visiting my family over easter and am stuck here quarantining. no chance of it any time soon. my brother smokes constantly but i feel too bad to do it in my parents' house. plus it's no fun on my own, i really enjoy the social element of hanging out with some friends and smoking a blunt/eating edibles.

Anonymous 53229

>spent the whole day waiting to smoke
why am i like this

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