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Happy Feels/Vent Anonymous 345

Share the good things that have happened to you recently!

I randomly got a call for a job that I didn't apply for, but the job offer is my passion (cake decorating)! I went to the interview yesterday, and was hired immediately. The chef is a cool druggy gamer guy as are the other dudes in the kitchen, so now I'm gonna make a bunch of awesome cool nerdy friends! He really liked the cake I brought him and the work I did. The pay is more than I was expecting.
The only thing that makes me nervous is that he also wants me to work the line, which I've never done, but the place is classy so we're putting out beautiful food that I'm really proud of and even messing with molecular gastronomy, which I've wanted to get into for a very long time! I'm so excited to do my best.

Anonymous 350

>>345 are you the anon from the baking thread??? THAT'S SO CUTE AND GOOD. I am happy for you <3

I won a five pound note in a packet of crisps the other day! i never win anything so that made me happy! I brought some facemasks with it~

Anonymous 357

Yes I am! First day was amazing. I'm so happy to be living my dream. I'm going to end up responsible for all of the pastry stuff soon. Everyone was really nice to me. We got on well c:
Congrats on your win! I hope the face masks work extra well for you!

Anonymous 358

Giving my pets a treat always improves my mood. They hold it with their little hands and enjoy it, then close their eyes while I pet them and talk to them. It's impossible to be unhappy when you're feeding a friendly animal.

Anonymous 359

What kind of pets do you have? That sounds so adorable!

Anonymous 373

I'm graduating. Finally. I'm so happy… Yes, things have been extremely stressful because I have lots of things to finish until the end of June, but I know this phase of my life is about to end, and that makes me so relieved.

Anonymous 374

I'm really happy for you Anon, well done ♥

Anonymous 375

CONGRATS anon! Hope your next phase of life goes wonderfully!

Anonymous 395

Thank you, anons!! :') I mean it.

Anonymous 421


I have rats, they behave like little puppies and get really attached to you if you treat them right. They love to cuddle and play all day long.

Anonymous 423

oh man I REALLY want to get rats, but two things are stopping me from doing that:

1) they have a very short life (2 or 3 years right?) I cant deal with the heartbbreak
2) They dont sell them where Im living atm

Anonymous 427


Yes, their life span is very unfortunate. But their companionship is worth it to me.
In case you meant pet stores, you shouldn't buy rats there anyway, so maybe you will find a reputable breeder or rescue in your country?

Today's happy feel: just spending a relaxed Sunday with music and comfort food.

Anonymous 433

I live in South East Asia….you will never find domesticated rats here :(

Your bb looks so cute!

Anonymous 531

This website has had such a positive influence on my mental wellbeing. Which in turn is helping me physically as I'm exercising and looking after myself better.

Everyone's been so nice and kind to each other for the most part that I'm kinda finding myself thinking like if little chibi miners cheering me on when I'm anxious.

Sorry to be gay but I'm really content ahh~

Anonymous 536


Sooner or later everyone I care about will die.

Anonymous 537

>>536 …. wrong thread…?

Anonymous 647

My boyfriend makes me so happy. He's thoughtful, gentle, sweet, always appreciative. I'm over the moon.

Anonymous 689

I reconnected with an old friend today and we're having a grand catching up while drinking together online lmao.

Anonymous 692

I got to see my friend and eat ice cream together and gossip about our lives.

Also got a new journal in the mail. Super excited to start writing in it.

Anonymous 778

I'm seeing my best friend next week for the first time in two months and I'm so excited! We're both very poor at the moment but we're going to watch lots of films and shes the only person I can truly be myself around so ahhhhh~

Anonymous 783

One of the feral cats I have is doing really well. She got a really bad infection and almost died but she's doing so much better. She had 5 kittens and had gotten the infection not long after so I was worried they'd lose their mom but they're doing wonderful as well and are starting to walk and can hear now. The mom is getting fixed soon and I'm so happy she's doing great again! I'm almost jumping off the walls I'm so excited!

Anonymous 791

Thank you for helping those little souls out! That's really great.

Anonymous 792

Screen shot 2011-1…

i've wanted to be beautiful my entire life. i never have been and i probably never will be, but i'm starting to realize that i can be happy without it, and people will love me anyway. idk maybe that sounds negative but this is huge for me

Anonymous 793


i got married on my birthday last week and i'm full of love. i love being a wife

Anonymous 794


I've been living with my boyfriend for almost a decade now and I never thought I would be able to live with someone because I've got so many emotional problems but he makes me feel better every day. Last night I was really anxious and he hugged me and talked to me for hours until I fell asleep. I know it's kind of weird to be saying this after 8 years but I'm just so in love.

Anonymous 795

congrats bb <3 <3

Anonymous 798

I just bought a car!! This is the first step to ending my NEET streak and getting my life back in order. It feels so good to be able to even do little things like running errands!

Anonymous 826

Awesome, congrats!

After a month of pretty much being 100% antisocial, I visited some friends today and it was nice.

Anonymous 933

OP here~ so my coworkers/bosses are awesome and we're all friends. I brought my boyfriend to hang out with them before and it went well.

My BF has been needing a job, and we've been needing a dishwasher. He dropped off his application yesterday, and since we were slammed he got hired right away! Now I get to see him at work 4 days a week (a day extra than the previous dishwashers were there) c: Everyone at work already really likes him, and my boss told me so a few times last night. It made me heart so happy to hear people approve of my boyfriend, especially older people that I respect, because my parents haven't really said anything good about him even though he's great (my mom in particular is judgy).
I'll be moving in to a house with my best friends and my boyfriend and my girlfriend soon too! So happy!

Anonymous 934

>>933 awesome to hear that anon!!
Just be careful when you move in together re; working and living together. Make time to do things separate from each other~

Today I'm SUPER stoked because I've nursed back to health four dying plants and I feel like Queen of the Fae rn. Expecting birds to fly in my window and start dressing me

Anonymous 935


My mental health took a massive tumble and I had to finally accept that I'd be dead soon if I didn't make a change. I moved to a new place and got new medication for my mental health and I feel like new. I get up before noon, I socialise with strangers, picked my friendships back up, play with dogs in the park, spend less time online and don't procrastinate as much anymore. I even stopped smoking weed every day and don't even miss it. I don't want to be too optimistic about this sudden change, but I hope I can keep this up and learn how to be a functional human being for real. I feel like for the first time in years I actually have a person inside me instead of just anxious thoughts battling it out and drowning out any semblance of a personality I could have.

Anonymous 936

Any advice for quitting weed anon?

Anonymous 937

It's not the first time I've 'quit' and I still want to keep doing it recreationally so I'm not the best person to ask and it's mostly the change of environment for me. I used to spend my entire life in bed with nothing but internet and anxious thoughts, so weed was a crutch to make things bearable and now that I'm happier and more energetic, I feel like I'd miss out on my current good streak if I spent it getting high and falling asleep (which I usually do after smoking). I'm sure in the drug thread >>>/b/469 you can get better advice, I'll also stick around there if you want to talk! One more thing, I don't know how you smoke your weed, but if you mix it with tobacco, you could consider working on that first. Nicotine habit is harder to kick and you'll find weed not as big a problem after.

Anonymous 938

>I don't want to be too optimistic about this sudden change, but I hope I can keep this up and learn how to be a functional human being for real.

I feel the same way lately. Congratulations on your progress!

It feels really precarious to me. Being a functional human has always felt like balancing on a moving boulder. It's really hard to get on top of it and then once I'm there I have to keep running tirelessly, because no matter how hard it is on top it's harder when you're under it. I always feel one misstep away from falling off again.

Anonymous 939

That's exactly what I'm so afraid of right now. I'm trying to use my current drive to get as much of my things in order as I can so that when it tapers off I'll have fewer of my former issues to deal with. It's the best opportunity at a real fresh start I've ever had and I intend to use it.

Anonymous 942

>Expecting birds to fly in my window and start dressing me

As you would deserve, anon! Congrats on healing your plant babies, and thank you for the advice

Anonymous 943

I didn't realize how endlessly dissociated I've been until today I suddenly snapped back into it HEAVILY as my boyfriend was telling me about how much he likes me. I was able to stay in reality for like two minutes and it was such an amazing feeling… I'm so happy I was able to feel that way

Anonymous 990

i gave my boyfriend a cover of a song we both like for our anniversary and i was kind of expecting a fake thankful response but he loved it so much, he freaked out and told me that i need to be in a band and that he had no idea i could sing so well

i am still over the moon that he loved it so much

Anonymous 1000


I'm moving into my partner and I's first place together on the 31st, and he just told me that rather than fussing together over furniture, that he'll just give me an allowance and I can go out and furnish the entire apartment by myself, because "I trust your taste". Apparently he doesn't mind shelling out for proper furniture either, none of the flat-pack stuff. His only stipulation is that he wants a giant, fluffy beanbag in the living room that he can sink into and play his Switch on, so I'm probably going to make that the first purchase, even before a bed.

I've been on Pintrest for the last hour pinning décor inspiration. I can't believe I've gone from council houses and food banks to this. I'm one lucky idiot.

Anonymous 1001

whew i''m jealous.

Anonymous 1002


I actually almost feel jealous of myself too? That sounds weird, but I just never in a million years thought I'd be able to get into this position of financial security. I keep expecting to go to sleep only to wake up still trapped in my old life. I'm not sure I really even deserve this.

Anonymous 1004

I would love to see your pins, I love home decor so much. Would you mind sharing?

Anonymous 1023

just be sure you have a reliable job in case the relationship goes south

Anonymous 1024

I thought the same thing tbh. ~Financial security~ but the boyfriend is ~shelling out~ and giving an ~allowance~? Good on you girl and I hope he's the one who moves out if you split up so you can keep the place, but stay independent.

Anonymous 1025

Dear Lord anon, that bedding in your pic looks SO comf! I trust your boyfriend that you have good tastes too. Congrats btw~

Anonymous 1028

No where did she say that she gets an allowance normally, or that he pays rent or for her things. Can we not assume the worst?

Anonymous 1035

I just made a home décor thread in /b/ so I'll post them there!


Please post your own décor tastes as well, I need all the inspiration I can get.

I intend to, but I'm not worried about that being a possibility. We're highschool sweethearts, been together 10 years.

pls no jinx relationship precious miner.

Anonymous 1036

Ok, I'm happy for you anon just want you to be safe ;-;

Anonymous 1037


Th-thanks Anon.

Anonymous 1050

A small joy, my class got cancelled for today!

Anonymous 1210


This guy has been following me around, pressuring me into dating him and trying to separate me from my friends for a little over a year now, and I finally gained enough courage to tell him how what I really thought about him and cut him out of my life permanently last night. My heart was beating so fast because I'm super non confrontational but rn I feel so free and happy

Anonymous 1212

congrats on losing that weight, anon! you're freeeeeee

Anonymous 1219


I went to feed my cat really late in the night cause she woke me up and stuff. When I came back to my bed, I said "It's so cold" two times, normally, not too low nor too high. But my boyfriend that was literally snoring by my side immediately wakes up, covers me (with air I think lmao), hugs me and say something like "Not on my watch". Then sleeps 5 seconds later. It really made my night, it was so cute and I felt so loved.

Anonymous 1234

That's so cute. I live cozy bf feels!

Anonymous 1235

*Love. damn I got 1234!

Anonymous 1265

Old post but it made me really happy. I hope the next 8 years are even better!

Anonymous 1294


It's my birthday today. I turned 26.
My partner woke me up this morning by throwing balloons at my sleeping head and letting off party poppers in front of me so that the sparkly foil ejected itself into my face aha (wouldn't have minded another ejection though right girls ayyyyyyyyyyy)

Today's reflections. I woke up in a new bed, in a new home, in a new place, and of a new age. Even though everything has changed so completely, somehow it all still feels the same. I don't really feel any older, but I'm one of those "only as old as you feel" types, which I guess means that as far as I'm concerned I might as well be 8.
I am happy though. I'm really, really happy.

Since I got the day to myself, I'm going to finish pulling on my tights, dry my hair, slam my face into some makeup and go out and buy me a birthday Starbucks.

Anonymous 1296

W-was he quoting Soldier: 76? ヽ( ´¬`)ノ

Anonymous 1297

Happy Birthday anon! Hope you have a good one

Anonymous 1299


Hey happy birthday!!! You don't have to buy birthday starbucks if you're a member with them, you get a free drink!

Anonymous 1301

Thanks Anon, I hope you're having a great day so far too <3

(thanks for that little tidbit anyway. Guess I'll have to use it next year lol)

Anonymous 1307

I don't know where to put this because it isn't negative but it's like bittersweet but still good. I don't know but yeah.

Almost all the kittens I've raised,except two(I'm adopting them myself), are going into homes in a couple weeks. It feels really great because I know they'll have really loving homes and warm places to sleep and grow but I handraised some of them when their mom got extremely sick so I feel like they're my babies. I've helped find cats and kittens homes before so this isn't new to me but it's just a mixed bag of emotions.

Regardless, I hope they all grow up to be healthy and happy in their new homes. I'm so glad I got to save them all from sickness or freezing in the rain! I know they'll miss me when it's time to go to their new owners but these are people who will love them so I can rest easy.

Happy birthday anon! I hope it went well for you!

Anonymous 1355

I've woken up before 9am two days in a row!!

This is amazing for me! I'm so tired but I'm happy I've been able to force myself up

Anonymous 1358

Congrats Anon! Keep it up. Also don't think you're in the clear. I've been up by around 7 or 8 for months now and it's still got to be an active decision for me to practice perfect sleep hygiene or I still end up staying up until 3 or 4 in the morning. It gets easier the more you do it, but I probably won't ever be able to do it automatically.

Anonymous 1364

>>1358 oh yeah I'm totally prepared I'll be hating waking up but it's definitely good to try and wake up early! I've even been having breakfast! I'll never be a morning person EVER, I accept that. But at least I can get up and angrily start to do fun stuff hahaha

Anonymous 1472


this is so lame but i styled my hair today and it actually turned out pretty which is super rare because my natural hair is curly so its really stubborn even if i straighten it and then go through it with a curler for some soft, cute waves (which is what i did today and i am feeling cute!)

Anonymous 1477

I'm happy for you! curly anon here, I get the struggle.

Anonymous 1493

images (20).jpg

I hope I don't write a super lengthy and cheesy post, but I'll let my heart speak here. Sob. Bear with me… Okay. Sob. I bet this is going to get VERY LONG.
I hope it can help one or two anons there, or at least inspire or help you a tiny bit.

The thing is I'm so happy to see how far I've come.
Last year was really sad and tough for me. Life was so shitty.
I've dealt with depression since I was 13 (it's been 11 years) and back in 2016 I was on some really heavy psych meds. I do understand they helped me a lot during that period of my life, and maybe I wouldn't be here without their help. But they made me feel horrible in the long run… Physically, I felt like crap. Super fat, tired, insomniac… And I felt incredibly sad and alone. So lonely. I was hurting really fucking bad. If I had to sum up 2016 for me I would say it was the same old stage of the repetitive depressed cycle I already knee so well. You know, "woe-is-me, I'm so tired of trying to kill myself and failing/giving up that I'm gonna accept my fate and be unhappy for the rest of my fucking existence". I was getting numb again, and didn't have motivation to fix my life. In the end I guess I needed some sort of savior. And that didn't happen. So I decided I'd work on myself again, for the very last time. I felt unworthy of that, but I decided to do that just for the sake of not dying knowing I hadn't tried everything I possibly could.

I started with eating healthier (because I was huge and felt very tired).
My first motivation wasn't really losing weight, but taking better care of myself because of how horrible I felt, and I know it had a lot to do with the way I was eating. I'd eat anything I'd see in front of me without a second thought. I decided to change everything in December, before the holidays. It's not like I was going anywhere or like anyone would invite me to eat at their home anyway, so while everyone was feasting, I was planning on becoming healthier.
Changing my diet really gave me an energy boost, and – not very surprisingly, but sort of unexpected anyway – I lost a bit of weight. So I started to try to actively lose weight to improve myself and feel better with my own body. It's been eight months and I've lost 18kg. I am still overweight according to my BMI, so I want to keep losing weight from now on so I can get to a healthy number by the end of this year or early to mid 2018.

Anyway​, losing weight and feeling better health wise gave me confidence enough to dare to think I was worthy of trying to live.
But I couldn't continue to live the way I was living… So awfully negative. I have the tendency of overthinking everything and anything, so I started to talk to myself whenever I thought I was thinking way too much about unimportant things that would only make me suffer:

"Yo anon, why are you overthinking this topic? Chill! It will be okay"
"Anon, that doesn't even matter anymore, does it? Let's think logically for a moment. Hm. Hmmm. You see, it really doesn't! So let's let it go, shall we?"
Etc etc etc etc etc

I understand it can sound very silly, but that helped me so much. Also, I started​ setting reminders of my phone saying things like "you do matter, Anon", "things will be okay" and "good vibes".

In the past I'd say that was a really stupid and overly simple action. That trying to trick my brain wouldn't work on me and that I knew I'd be miserable forever. But I can guarantee that once you allow yourself​ to give positive thinking a chance, it does work. It doesn't mean things will magically work out. No. But you will enjoy your life better, and deal with situations better too, especially when things don't magically work out and you're left frustrated or down.

This one sounds super silly, but I've realized it does help me is stop saying that I am sad and that is it. Or that I am fat, period.
Instead of just saying I am or was this or that, I say "I am fat, BUT I'm doing something about it and in a few months I won't be fat anymore". Or maybe "I feel sad right now", focusing on the fact this feeling is temporary.
I guess that just keeping a positive attitude has helped me a lot.

Yup, I still need to work on many things. My self esteem, obsessive thinking, the way I saw myself as the victim every single time, and more. Ugh. But I want to better myself. If the problem has nothing or little to do with me, I say fuck it and move on, focusing on myself. I don't need to be everyone's savior.
There are things I'm not sure I can change, but I'm going to fucking try. And if in the end I can't really change them, I'll adapt to make things easier for myself, or more comfortable. That's it.

Oh, and one important thing was definitely hitting the gym. I only started that last month, but I've noticed I sleep a lot better and that I feel like my body was craving some type of exercise. So exercise, even if you can't leave your home. Do it consistently​, it doesn't need to take too long in the beginning.

Sorry if this is all over the place or confusing, but god… I feel good now.

Anonymous 1604

This is a petty kind of happy, but karma bit someone who treated me like shit in past right in their face and it was amazing, it made me feel so good and really set me up for a good rest of the year.

Anonymous 1608

hey anon, if you didn't do anything wrong and if the person really acted in a shitty way, then it's okay to feel the way you do. you're not provoking their sadness/stress/whatever, so it's ok to sit and watch.

i don't know if i believe in karma per se, and i probably don't, but i believe that when people act shitty or do stupid shit, they will have to deal with the eventual consequences of their actions. enjoy the show.

Anonymous 1616

Thank you so much anon, I felt a bit awkward about posting it hence the "petty" but you've just made me feel 10 times better about it, and I most certainly will enjoy it:)

Anonymous 1622

I'm glad I could help!

Anonymous 1624

Got dressed for work today, got an email saying it's canceled because of the weather and that I'm getting 2/3rds of the time paid for!!! (:

Anonymous 1627

you lucky duck

Anonymous 1628

Congrats! I hope you'll have a cozy day

Anonymous 1632

Whoo! Good fortune! Hope you enjoy your day off Anon.

Anonymous 1636

I Skyped with my LDR bf today and he was so cute. I love him so much and I'm so lucky to have him in my life, I can't wait to be with him.

Anonymous 1670

I used to be really ashamed of my culture as a child. And now I'm finally getting in touch with it more and I'm realizing that I should be proud and that we're not that bad. It makes me feel so much more at peace.

Anonymous 1685

Saw a movie in the park and went out, toured the city :) It was the most fun I've had in a while!

Anonymous 1687


Found out my tumor isn't cancerous, I was low-key high-key doing a massive concern about it all so now I'm super relieved.

Anonymous 1690

bb that's so sad but it's so good that you feel better about it.

Anonymous 1693

Ooooooh Anon I'm so happy for you.
Do you know if it's something that's able to be removed any time soon?

Anonymous 1697

Today I finished my personal study plan! I was feeling kind of desperate about graduation, but now it feels like maybe I can do it after all!

Anonymous 1710

Yay! That's great Anon :3 Hopefully the removal goes well!

Anonymous 1764


I was ranting on twitter about things and people I don't like in fandoms and internet communities and two mutuals that I muted because they were obnoxious SJWs unfollowed me soon after. Good riddance. I should have done that earlier when I was still using tumblr though.

Anonymous 1765

Same here. I muted an old friend because our friendship is over and we're both too nonconfrontational to unfollow each other. The other day I noticed that she finally did and I felt pure relief. Have a happy life gurl (both her and you)

Anonymous 1766

I think what made them unfollow me was a tweet I posted about how it's weird that the people who complain the most about fujoshi and shit all over female fans are fakebois who fetishize the shit out of gay and bi men and trans people.

One of my ex-mutuals has been posting passive aggressive tweets on me for liking harmless things she deemed problematic for a while now, and I see that she's doing it even more now that she unfollowed me lmfao.

Anonymous 1774

I found a part time job! I'm happy about it, especially since it was super quick. I spent a few hours looking for interviews yesterday, landed four, and ended up getting accepted on the first one.
Can't wait to get started!

Anonymous 1775

Gratz anon!

Anonymous 1828

I'm visiting the Midwest right now. I'm glad to be going home soon because I've been traveling all month long but I'm going to miss the sound of cicadas. It's really one of the most soothing sounds. I'm also wandering around the neighborhood realizing how different it must look, feel, sound, even smell, in the winter. I know everyone complained about snow but I feel like just once I'd really like to live somewhere with actual weather and 4 whole seasons.

Anonymous 1983

i think i might have met my new best friend. i'm crazy happy about it but i hope i don't jinx it. i literally have the social skills of a slug, but things are good so far.

Anonymous 1984

My life is in order in every aspect for once. Got a good gig career to pay the bills, doing amazing at university, in pretty good shape and a great ambitious boyfriend who is so supportive of me. Feels so good in every single way!

Anonymous 2020

I'm getting a new cat soon. I can't wait to bring her home to shower her with love and play time. She has lots of energy so she'll go great with the other cats!

Anonymous 2033

My bf is living overseas and today I got his engagement ring over the mail. I'M SO HAPPY, it's finally official :')

Anonymous 2043

Went to a country fair with my parents, even though I should be studying, had a nice time and feel relaxed and a bit more grounded.
I don't get a chance to be around farm animals at all so petting cows, horses, and ducks was fun and one of the sheep was very accomodating and let me pet it's fuzzy black nose.

My only regrets were that there weren't any bunnies to pet this year, the brave llama that defended her sheep flock from a bear wasn't there, and I didn't see the horse that snuffled me out of a PTSD flashback the other year, he was just absolutely magical.

Anonymous 2054

I went kayaking yesterday in a calf-length bodycon dress, tights and £49.99 sweater. I never planned on getting in the kayak in the first place and had said from the beginning that I wasn't going to do it. I wasn't dressed at all for the activity (intentional to avoid doing it), I looked completey retarded and became soaked in lake water, but I had just decided "fuck it", and clambered in.

There was a moment where I stopped paddling and just allowed the current to take the kayak, and I was floating serenely down the channel of the lake, surrounded by swans and grebes and people waving from passing boats and the nearby grass. Overhanging branches filtered the sun which beat down on my head and shoulders, and the wind blowed gently through my hair and across my ears making a light "phwooooo" sound. I turned around and saw my boyfriend smiling from the seat behind me and my brain must have leaked a gallon of serotonin in that moment.

I think I just made my happiest memory. I'm going to start saying "fuck it" more from now on.

Anonymous 2055


Saved up a little of my student money to buy a new bed spread, pillows and duvet. I'm excite.

That was so lovely to read! It's so nice to hear that you had fun after all

Anonymous 2056

Ahhhhh I'm gonna experience your comfiness vicariously through this post. I was always told that when it comes to both shoes and beds you should spare no expense because those are things you're going to end up spending most of your time in. Looks like you're doing it right.

Anonymous 2062

I know this might sound silly, but I'm shocked at how affordable a goose down comforter is where you are. Can you share the site you ordered from? Man, will you enjoy the bedding though! I made a similar purchase a few years back and it makes a huuuuge difference in sleep quality. 11/10 recommend.

Anonymous 2063


Thank youuuuu!! It's arriving tomorrow, I will share a pic of the finished result :thumbs up:

It's from here! http://www.linenslimited.com/linens-limited-goose-feather-and-down-duvet-10-5-tog-single

I was thinking the same thing! I think that because it's the sites own brand it's cheaper, but since the reviews about the website have been very positive so far I'm looking forward to it :)

I'm going to buy curtains next as the streelamp outside my flat got a way-whiter-than-necessary bulb installed and it glares around the sides of the blinds I have at the moment. My whole room colour scheme is white and light wood so I'm wondering whether to go with plain or patterned fabric!

Anonymous 2071

Thanks for the link anon!

Your room sounds wonderful <3 I would LOVE a white room with light wood floors. Personally, I'd choose whichever looks best…perhaps white with a subtle texture to it. Obviously I can't see your room to suggest based on what it looks like, but based on your description that's what I might do. Or like, a very light creamy colour in between the color of the floors and walls.

Anonymous 2081

I dont know if this counts as happy feels but

>at mma lesson

>everyone there tired as fuck
>sparring with friend
>friend keeps trying new move on me I don't like
>keep getting punched in the face because my arms are so tired I keep letting my guard down
>"haha anon you need to stop letting your guard down!"
>punches me again
>is tired of this so I go to do a warning kick
>round house kicks to the neck
>teacher is really impressed and wants me to take part in a competition next week

Anonymous 2092

I went to an appointment I procrastinated on for three weeks, rode my bike around the lake and got a delicious snack on the way home to reward myself.

Anonymous 2160

I just got payed. I want to treat myself to something, I might buy some video games because I saw that FE Echoes is on cheaper now. Or I could go to a restaurant with friends someday.

Anonymous 3002


Holy shit i feel like crying.
In the last two months i had multiple consecutive 10's (perfect score in my country) in exams and projects without a single score dropping below it.

I had a rough patch where i was going crazy with studies and i didn't know how to express myself correctly since i couldn't muster up the energy to care (i was very stressed and depressed, still am but hey), i was even considering dropping my studies. But after taking some months out and relaxing and having some time to myself, i turned the tables around and i finally feel like i am slowly but surely going back to my roots before depression and stress took my memory and good school life away.

My professor (which is very strict), that before this kept telling me i should express myself better and more concisely, to not be so "messy" and that it looked like i didn't care (to be fair, most of my grades were a 6-5 or below at best, which are some of the lowest i had in my whole life), told me in my last project review that i sound very eloquent and that i explain myself in a perfect manner. She also told me she is very proud of how good all my work has been recently and that she sees a very bright future in me if i keep this up.

I honestly haven't felt happiness in a while, but this encouragement from a teacher after all the shit i'm going through and seeing how little by little i am improving on my own seriously made me feel that maybe i am not a lost cause after all.

Anonymous 3003


Holy fuck, congrats, anon! :D

Anonymous 3627


I was kinda unmotivated/sad because of college stuff and couldn't study properlly for the JLPT, and was also demotivated since I decided to go a level down cause without proper studying I woulnd't be able to pass N3, so yeah, it kinda became a big snowball of unmotivation and sadness. But going in today to do it, I think I actually went pretty well, N4 was way easier than I thought it was gonna be (since I had struggle a bit with N3 before),
Now I am pretty hopeful that I may actually pass and maybe get a short term internship that I was eyeing before that asks for N4 or higher.

Feels good.

Anonymous 3716


This year is finally about to end, that makes me so damn happy!! Just a few weeks left! My head is a mess and my life is full of doubts and what ifs, but oh boy, the new year makes me hopeful…

Anonymous 3724

I…just love it when everything falls into place.
>Finally got the acceptance letter that I've been waiting a month for
>Paid my tuition deposit (but I have to wait for it to process until I can register for orientation and housing so ugh, but also yay.)
>Just finished my lab final today, feeling great about it. Confident that I'll do okay on my lecture final.
>Found a super nice orthodontist that's cool with letting me shadow and writing me a letter or recommendation for my program.

Anonymous 3738

I had a job interview on Monday and got accepted today! I was really worried I wouldn't get accepted as I made a mistake during the interview. Really glad I got the position, as it's at my university, pays well, the work seems interesting and a good match for me, and looks good on my resume to boot. I've had a crappy few months so this really made my day (and likely the next week)!

Anonymous 3853

I know this is almost one week old but yay! Congrats!

Anonymous 3886

Just had my nails done today after a long time without pampering myself and I feel so happy, they're so pretty!

Anonymous 3982


I love my boyfriend so much. He's wonderful to me, and an amazing person. I wish I could give him the world <3

Anonymous 4020

Coming home from last day of work, feels great man.

I kind of want to go back and buy some stuff to make crime brulees within the city..

Anonymous 4035

Just got accepted into my dream university! I transferred from a community college, I remember telling my counselor that I wanted to transfer there, I could tell he didn't think I could do it, even said "but it's top 10".

Well, fuck you dude! I did it :D I had a killer year, tons of sleepless nights! Happiest day of my life!!!


Anonymous 4036


Anonymous 4038

Anonymous 4040


Anonymous 4042

thank you :) I'm so excited!

Anonymous 4509

I can’t help but like everyone that I meet. I don’t know why, but I can never hold a grudge against anyone and I wouldn’t say i’ve been genuinely angry at anyone for anything in the past year. Love is all you need <3

Anonymous 4843

Sent an email to this really cool person and they actually are interested in talking to me about my career AWEEEWAAAWAAAWAAAA. I was really scared I was being too demanding/assertive but it seems to be okay. Nervous for muh business call now but omg I'm so happy and excited.

Anonymous 4970

A bit of backstory: Graduated highschool last year and became a NEET after parents refused to cosign a student loan. Spent a lot of time thinking about the past. I'll be attending a CC in spring in hopes of transfering , and. I'm happy I've moved past the whole "doing/liking things to impress other people" attitude. If only I'd left it behind sooner, things would be so much better.
If I want to go barefaced and wear my hair a bit messily, I'm going to do that. I'll focus on the betterment of myself, and not be concerned with other people's judgement.

Anonymous 4977

Congrats and good luck to everyone itt

Anonymous 5185


I'm starting a new job soon changing diapers and giving baths to people with Alzheimer's. It's corny but I'm trying to psych myself up by thinking about shounen protagonists I love and thinking "I believe in myself!!" I know it will be extremely stressful but I think I can handle it!

Anonymous 5197

That's actually pretty nice, anon. One of my family members has Alzheimer's. I'm sure it will be tiring but thank you for doing this.

Anonymous 5243

Thank you for doing this.

My grandma died of alzeheimers and so did a couple of her sisters. Im always afraid Ill get it too, or my dad . Its always in the back of my mind.

Anonymous 5245

If you do a 23andMe genetic test it can tell you if you're predisposed to get Alzheimer's. It would also be stressful to see a confirmation of it but then at least you can know for sure that you need to take preventative measures like exercising daily. And if it only runs on one side of the family, there's hope you didn't inherit the genes for it.

Anonymous 5246

Thanks for your advice but if I did that and found out I had the gene, I would probably go fucking crazy and god knows what else. I rather just wait and hope they'll find a cure or die before it starts affecting me.

My dad is almost 70 and so far no sign so i HOPE he didnt get it, and if so, I guess the chance that Ill get it is almost zero right?

Anonymous 5247

Genetic predisposition doesn't mean you will certainly develop Alzheimer's.

Get a DNA test to see if you have the 3 responsible genes linked with it. Minimize amyloid beta deposition and tau phosphorylation. Do puzzles/sudoku/math problems daily. Learn new things. Check your B12 and make sure you don't have a deficiency.
Depending on your age you can take mmse-camcog, Tea, Bdi, MoCA, BDAE tests. Your father should get tested.
Depression and anxiety up the chances you develop Alzheimer's , MCI or SCI considerably. Beck-anxiety test and the ICD-10 geriatric depression/anxiety scale tests are pretty fast to take.

Over 6000000 people suffer from this disease, it's not a death sentence, anon. Don't worry too much about!

Anonymous 5248

Got back with my ex, we talked it out an we'll be taking it slow.

I'm getting the window in my room replaced so it should be warmer once it's installed.

I got a new tattoo.

I'm feeling really calm and conten <3

Anonymous 5251

>Depression and anxiety up the chances you develop Alzheimer's
Well then Im definitely fucked lol

>Depending on your age you can take mmse-camcog, Tea, Bdi, MoCA, BDAE tests. Your father should get tested.

Unfortunately I'm living in a poor country atm so theres no chance I can get those tests. I'm also not talking with my father so yeah.

> it's not a death sentence, anon

But it is. And it is your family that get the worst of it, while you won't even know what's happening .

Thanks for your tips tho! greatly appreciated!!! <3

Anonymous 5263

Today was my first day of training at the Alzheimer's place, I learned that if an old person bites you you don't want to push away but pull in and press up on the base of their nose to try to get them to release their grip. I haven't had to do it yet but there is a resident who is a serial biter. I hope I can do this job.

Anonymous 5264

Good luck!! Hopefully you wont have to use that technique!

Anonymous 5265

Thanks anon. I'm hopeful I'll be able to stick with this.

Anonymous 5744


I pulled my traps while lifting and they were seriously hurting for a good week and a half. I thought for sure I'd have to visit my GP, but today they're feeling much better!

I'm excited to get back into the exercise groove since it's the only thing keeping my anger issues under control.

Now I'll just make sure to warm up properly and get enough sleep in the future.

Anonymous 6835


My boyfriend makes me so happy. Every single day.

Anonymous 6953

The bf and I are going to start exercising together.

Also my application for food benefits got approved, so I don't have to worry as much about my budget for the summer (summer financial aid does not cover housing).

Anonymous 9269


positive feels post:
yesterday I got my teeth cleaned for the first time in about two years. there was some discoloration on one of my lower front teeth for a long time that (although my lip covered it whenever i smiled) I was incredibly self-conscious about, but I figured it was just a permanent stain and there was nothing to be done about it short of bleaching…but the dentist I went to managed to get rid of it! I can finally look in the mirror without wanting to cringe or worrying about whether other people noticed it. I was so happy when I noticed this morning. On the downside, I have to get my first filling, and I hate that idea (dentists scare the shit out of me, please do not poke my sensitive face tissue with your sharp metal implements/whirring mechanical gadgets) but it's better than letting a cavity develop. I'm going to be super conscientious about flossing and brushing regularly from now on so I don't have to worry about doing this again.

>mfw i had to dig this far down into the catalogue before i found this thread

we need to encourage sharing more positive experiences on this site, guys.

Anonymous 9274

>>mfw i had to dig this far down into the catalogue before i found this thread
>we need to encourage sharing more positive experiences on this site, guys
You're right, but the only thing I can remember now is that I don't feel like punching people in the face anymore.
Also I hope everything goes well!

Anonymous 9280


I hope that you encounter some good feels to contribute, soon, anon.
For what it's worth, not punching people in the face is a great way to conserve energy, so that you can spend that energy in productive ways. You're on the right track!

Anonymous 9286

Thank you! I hope that I can post better things in the future.

Anonymous 9352


>we need to encourage sharing more positive experiences on this site, guys.

I was very close to bumping this last night with a story, I really was. I didn't because I hate getting lost in a fantasy and jinxing myself but I will post it today. I've posted bits and pieces of this information here before but I really am proud of myself.

I have been taking better care of myself this year. Even with all of my lows I know I am happier in 2018 than I was for quite a few years. It has been almost 2 months now since I last smoked a cigarette, I got myself hooked at 17/18 and am 25 now. I haven't smoked weed in about that amount of time too, and I'm not here to judge anyone who does those things but it wasn't easy for me to just give those up.

I dealt with some stressful shit in December 2017, I was dumped in a very awful manner after a 3 year relationship.

I've moved on. I would get hit and on some occasions to the point of receiving a concussion or black eye, I had my wrist twisted and torn once and had to wear a homemade brace made from wooden spoons and medical tape. I had my ability to just go for a walk alone taken away from me pretty early in the relationship, I ended up in a really bad place because of some unhealthy instinctual belief that I was helpless being alone and that he was the only one who loved me. In hindsight it was crazy to have remained there but I was very mentally unhealthy, right before being dumped I spent a lot of days in the mental hospital. I had no one else.

I hurt so much those first few months being alone but am actually in a much better place now.

I weigh like 25 pounds less than I did at that time, I haven't been this thin since I was 19. Even though I'm 25 I feel prettier than I ever have as an adult these days.

This part I do not want to jinx, but I ended up going on a date recently after whining about nothing working here. He took me out for coffee, walked around with me and we talked watching the sunset and the ocean and I never wanted it to end. He made me laugh many times and even said the cutest things like "we can go wherever your little heart desires". I didn't even think it was possible someone like this would be interested in me, his face is so cute and he is a "chad" in that he is confident, 6'4 and has an athletic body(his job forces it on him) except he plays computer games like counterstrike and runescape and is more of a dork like myself. I'm so overly happy with this, he is coming over one of these days to watch anime with me all night. I almost feel like I'm dreaming. It feels too good to be true but each day I text him I know it's real.

I only have 2 friends, one irl and one on the internet, but they're both smart and humorous girls who think I'm just as special.

I didn't think my life would be like it is right now, ever. I am a newfag to this CC in that I only started using it in February and it has been a positive influence on my life so far.

Despite everything that has happened in my life and how hellish and lonely my early adulthood was, I know happiness and a good life are possible for me if I love myself and mind my thoughts. I know that it's within my power and that I'm a strong enough person for it.

I'm feeling particularly sappy tonight and just want to say good vibes and good luck to all of you, especially those in the darkest places.

Anonymous 9360

Anon, the changes you've made are amazing, I'm proud of you and I mean it. Good luck and I'm sending good vibes your way too.

Anonymous 10729

I'm a lot more social lately. I go to church, a buddhist centre, occasionally concerts, hang out with my housemates and feel better about myself. I still have problems with loneliness but it's better than before.

Anonymous 10853

I've started exercising again and I'm feeling much better

Anonymous 10855

Welp I had pizza last night

Anonymous 10856

what kind of pizza?

Anonymous 10859

My bestfriend is coming over for a sleep over and tomorrow we will go to a theme park.

Anonymous 10860

was at the health food store and a real old lady came up to me and said i'm beautiful and my skin glows :'))

Anonymous 10861

I hope you have lots of fun!

Anonymous 10863


Anonymous 10869


Third time I'm getting flown out for a job interview (all separate occasions). Hopefully third times the charm.

Anonymous 10874

Good luck and keep us updated!!

Anonymous 10876

Look out world, it's taken me 23 years but I've finally realised the benefits of proper skin care and teeth brushing!

Anonymous 10877

good, it took me 24

Anonymous 10900

images (3).jpeg

I wanted to fire up the onion to look for psychedelics, and instead found out that 1p-LSD is legal around here and I can just order it from a normal webshop.

Anonymous 10931


My bf makes me really happy. He makes me feel comforted and protected. I wish I could give him the world because he deserves it. He is wonderful and I wish him eternal happiness.

Anonymous 10941

Have fun!
How long you two been together?

Anonymous 10942

My boyfriend is the most beautiful man I've ever seen he legit looks like a model and he dresses so well, has incredible music taste and writes amazing poetry and i love him sosososososososo much

Anonymous 10984

Thanks! They set my date for the 17th and have recently informed I need to do a 20-25 minute presentation on my technical skills. rip.

Anonymous 10997

I'm so excited to go to college in a big city. I am scared, but still I can't wait to learn something new and to explore the city and all its shops… hehe I can't resist new stuff. I hope I don't spend too much money after all.

Also I have a story from prom, the one highlight from that dreary night: we were taking photos in a park before the dance, and then we had to leave to the venue where the party was being held. Everybody had already left and I was standing there alone in the park looking like Cinderella waiting for my family to pick me up. It felt super awkward but then I saw a little girl with her mom on the other side of the street looking at me and she looked so happy and amazed by me. That was the coolest moment of my life

Anonymous 11183

I found a fiver as I was leaving the train station today.

Anonymous 11211

How did you spend such fortune?

Anonymous 11306

makoto smile.png

Im going camping again with my friends and bf

Anonymous 11320

Please don't mock me I have nothing to live for.

Anonymous 11321

Sorry! I didn't. I just wanted to know how you spent it.

Anonymous 11322

Oh, ok. My mistake.
I failed to avoid the conductor on the way home so I had to pay the fare.

Anonymous 11334


Today I saw a hummingbird hovering outside my office window, I think it was trying to get to the pink begonias I have on my windowsill. So cute.

Anonymous 11380


This summer has been fucking awful but I'm deciding to take it into my own hands and hopefully next spring I'll be able to study abroad at a nice art academy in Prague. One of my professors that I've had twice agreed to write me a recommendation letter, and once the whole application is in I have a good chance at going!

Anonymous 11388

Sounds exciting! Good luck on your application!

I got into a graduate program which was an ego-booster, but I think I have to decline because of finances. When school starts again I'll speak more with the director and see what my options are.

Anonymous 11390


Thank you anon! Studying abroad could be really beneficial for my career, as I go to a regular University and not an art school. I'm excited because I could actually learn how to get into the entertainment industry!

I really hope you can work out something with your graduate program. It makes me so sad that education has a paywall. Good luck!

Anonymous 11441

my mom's been really supportive these past few months, i've had a bit of a health scare & she's taken me to appointments, held my hand, made me dinner a few times, just generally acted as a helpful parent. i'm grateful

also the fall semester starts up tomorrow! hoping i take well to my classes ^_^

Anonymous 11888

happy feel for today:
when i was in middle-school, I had a really close online friend that I used to play Furcadia with (before I knew what a furry was). Pretty much whenever I got online, we were either talking or goofing off together. She was a pretty well-known portrait artist until she went to art school and basically fell off the map, and for years I had no idea what happened to her because she deleted all her art/personal accounts associated with Furcadia. For a while I thought that she was maybe dead because she'd disappeared so completely and I couldn't find her even when I was looking for her irl name. But today when I was going through my art folder looking for a picture to contribute to the avatar thread, I found one of her old deviantart drawings that I had saved from years ago, and guess what? it had the watermark of an account that was still active. I looked up the same username and it turns out that not only is she not dead, she's a senior concept artist for a popular video game rn and she's living her dream out on the west coast. I'm so happy for her and proud that she's following her dream. I don't think she would remember me nowadays but I sent her a message on Artstation anyways, and I hope we'll be able to reconnect.

Anonymous 11890

have you talked about this before you found her again? I remember reading something like this a while back and being really bummed that something might’ve happened, but I’m super happy she’s not only safe but is living her dream!! I really hope you get to talk to her anon, I’m sure she’d not only remember you but be super excited to talk to you again <3

also I’m a little curious, what game did she end up working as a senior concept artist on?

Anonymous 11891


I started going hiking with one friend three times a week and working out with another two times a week and it's pretty much cured a lot of my negative feelings. I heard from somewhere that working out is just as efficient as taking pills and I believe it. Also I'm less lethargic and tired all the time so that's a plus.

Anonymous 11892


Oh I remember this story, cool to hear that.

Anonymous 11899

Yesterday I got really stoned and had the best orgasms of my life :)

Anonymous 11945

yes, i mentioned it on another thread! i was going to respond to the original post but i couldn't find it again so i figured happy feels thread was as good a place as any. and the game that she's working on now is Overwatch, which is pretty cool. I don't play it myself but I know a lot of people who are super into it.

Anonymous 12001

i went to the doctor today for the first time in years this morning.
also for the first time in years was honest about the fact that i'm a crippling alcoholic and i need help because self-medicating like this is going to eventually kill me.
i was so scared that she would judge me. nobody else knows about this, not even my family, and i can fake 'normal' well enough (even while totally flipping wasted) that nobody can tell the difference. i was so scared that i'd just get this talk like 'well you need to go to AA don't you'
but she just tried to help me and let me know there are options that she can make available when i'm ready to start weaning myself off the bottle. i left the clinic feeling happier and more optimistic about the future than i have in years. i actually have hope that things can get better now.
anyone who's involved in health care, i hope you know how much the services you provide mean to the people that need them. thank you.

Anonymous 12007

In the TFW no BF thread I told about my social awkwardness and how a boy I crush on flirted and I was a total moron about it.
The thread and my kid sister convinced me to try myself - and it worked.
And today his totally amazing mother invited me to coffee and agreed to teach me crochet.
Even my kid sister thinks that's great.

Anonymous 12026

My boyfriend gave me one of my birthday presents early (my bd isn't until sept 18) and he got me a freaking gamecube! It's my favorite console and I can't believe he actually got it. And he also got my favorite game to go along with it (supersmash bros melee). I can't wait to see what else he has gotten me (supposedly he spent about 600 bucks for my birthday omg)

Anonymous 12036

just wanted to say we have the same birthday kek.

Anonymous 12038

The manager got back to me saying that they'll extend an offer to me. I'm so happy, but nervous that somehow that they'll rescind the offer because I'm not used to things working out lol
tfw finally get to move to another state

Anonymous 12041

Ayee that's kinda cool lol. Happy early bday anon

Anonymous 12057

That's also my favorite game <3

Anonymous 12296

My bf is bringing me donuts.
I found a really cute and comfy raincoat at the thrift store.
It's gonna be fall and not so damn hot.

Anonymous 12299

Tomorrow i will start my intership, I'm nervous but they're all really nice people so I'm sure it will go good. I'm glad i have found such a chill and good intership.

Anonymous 12345

Where are you interning?

Anonymous 12346

Congrats!! I hope you enjoy it!

Anonymous 12356

i've never been fitter/healtheir than i am rn and im so glad. also found a great job i can actually manage timewise during school so that's extra great. i just feel great being me! hasn't happened in long time lul

Anonymous 12362

Congrats anon <3 this was inspiring to hear~!

Anonymous 12364

I ordered a refurbished laptop a few days ago; it's set to arrive next Monday. I'm excited, and I hope it lasts for a while. Also hoping there won't be any issues!

Anonymous 12365

>> Fit/health
Howd you do it anon please help the needy

Anonymous 12367

Normies are so fucking catty and judgemental. Even places like Lolcow are nothing compared to how my coworkers talk about other people. Yet they act like they are the sweetest and nicest person on earth.

Anonymous 12368


honestly, i just realized that sleeping until 12 am and eating shitty junk food made me feel unhappy and sad all the time

i had to change my mindset completely and i took a long ass time but now i work out regularly and try to eat good stuff that acutally fuels my body instead of shitty processed food

basically i don't drink soda anymore, cut out read meat almost completely, get up early to get some workout in (even just 10 minutes does wonders) and i just try to be all around happier, yknow?

took some effort but i never want to go back to my neet days where i'd sit on my computer for 12+ hours a say, drinking like a litre of energy drink and eating chips shivers

Anonymous 12397

After going out to dinner, my boyfriend and I walked back to our car. He always opens the passenger door for me which I appreciate very much. Obviously I can do it myself but I find it very sweet. A guy parked right next to us gets out of his car and jokingly tells us how his wife now hates him because she saw us and kept interrogating why he's never bothered to open the door for her. We both chuckled for a good few minutes on the way home. I love how much of a gentleman my boyfriend is!

Anonymous 12400

Have to share-
I have been eyeing the Cheating thread for two plus weeks with dread.
My husband was acting oddly; staying after work, solo ‘errands’ on a Saturday, a few calls at night where he went outside so I couldn’t hear. On Facebook chat, which he never does. I swore once I heard him on the phone saying ‘my wife can’t find out’.
Then Wednesday I was checking the account - he’d spent $2,000 at a jewelry store. My birthday is in July; our wedding anniversary in March.
I was gonna’ confront him Saturday.
But last night he came home, ordered me to dress up, and took me to an amazing dinner and gave me a lovely ring - the 10th anniversary of us meeting! I hadn’t even thought about that.
I admitted I thought he was cheating and he just laughed, said he was married to the best woman on earth, why would he settle for less?
I just am so relieved and happy

Anonymous 12401

That's so sweet, anon! I'm happy for you two.

Anonymous 12402


This year, my husband realized at 1 pm that it was my birthday.

Anonymous 12404

I’m sure he loves you, men are just dorks.
Loveable, but dorks

Anonymous 12406

this is very sweet and also makes me want to kms
but i'm glad for you anon

Anonymous 12410

Jesus I thought this was going to go another way. I'm so happy for you anon!

Anonymous 12415

I can cry prettily if I show some restraint (so my face with tears streaming down it with little redness or change in expression).

It is awkward, though, because I was sobbing at work that way and then a co-worker starts talking to me and I realize she doesn't realize I was sobbing. I tried to sort of wipe away my tears that fell to my jawline.

Anonymous 12493

I started uni expecting to start gaining the freshman 15, but I actually lost 2 inches off my waist without effort. I haven't even started going to the gym there yet, just keeping up with my regular home workout (that has plateaued me in the past).

It could just be because I'm already kind of chubby so lose weight eating the same amount of food that makes smaller girls gain weight. It could be that I'm coming off of working nights. Regardless, I'm relieved.

Anonymous 12542


Girls! Girls! Girls! I feel like an adult for the first time today. Me and my bf went to our first apartment viewing today and it was so exciting! The bathroom is like a damn closet though (it's literally small as a closet its depressing) but everything else is perfect! It sounds lame… but I wanted to tell you guys first. Hah..

Anonymous 12547


Conratulations! I hope you and your bf get a nice cozy home for yourselves.

Anonymous 12553


Met a guy completely by chance who just also happens to be
>an asexual
>an autist
just like me, ha. I feel like I’ve never related to someone this much, it’s almost bizarre. We’ve known eachother for a very little amount of time so I doubt he feels anything for me, but I’m just happy. I don’t know. He’s a good friend.

Anonymous 12554

Aw, I hope you two stay close and can develop a relationship! You sound like a good match.

Anonymous 12555

>by chance
how? tell my the details so i can build some hope for myself pls

Anonymous 12566

I'm going to see a Fun Home (the musical adaptation) !

Anonymous 12583

What's fun home about?
Have fun

Anonymous 12587

From wiki since I don't feel like I could explain it better than this:
>Adapted from Alison Bechdel's 2006 graphic memoir of the same name. The story concerns Bechdel's discovery of her own sexuality, her relationship with her gay father, and her attempts to unlock the mysteries surrounding his life.

I realized there is an extraneous "a" in my initial post, oops.

Anonymous 12677

I don't have any happy feels, not bait or a troll, but everything goes wrong for me.
I guess i'M happy other people have their happily ever after, even though my own one and only excluded me and isolated me.


Anonymous 12717

Hahaha good one anon
Are you diagnosed with autism? I'm diagnosed with autism, thank you for the special shout out to me, glad you love me too

Anonymous 12718

Btw, I hope you're professionally diagnosed with autism yourself or otherwise I have the right to tell you to kill yourself for thinking you can be so carefree that something people maliciously target real autistic people for can be a cute thing for you

Anonymous 12719


>otherwise I have the right to tell you to kill yourself

wow much edge
ntayrt but don't get so defensive about your super-special autist status. nobody's bullying you itt so why bring it into the conversation at all

Anonymous 12721


Anon you replied to. Yes, I was clinically diagnosed with HFA as a child, and it has fucked my life. It’s not cute. I’m just happy about finding someone I relate to.

No need to get pissy.

Anonymous 12724

i hope that the relationship you mentioned beforehand works out. it's always nice to find someone you can connect to; even if it doesn't evolve into a romantic relationship, i'd like to imagine that you guys have plenty of good times to look forward to together.

Anonymous 12727

I actually hate being edgy, I only mentioned it since I hate it when people mention autism casually since I'm diagnosed with it and I know people actual dxed autists, I'm justified deeply thank you very much.

Oh my bad then, sorry for overreacting then, you're all good

Anonymous 12728

*dxed autists

Anonymous 12730

>i'm justified deeply
no you aren't.
you made that post assuming that the person who claimed autism was doing it just to appear 'cute'. and then you told them that you were justified in telling them to kill themselves if they weren't 'legitimately' diagnosed with autism, regardless of whether they had the opportunity to see a mental health professional in their life or not. you have no idea what other people go through. i believe you when you claim autism because your total lack of empathy testifies to that.

Anonymous 12733

um, I was doxxed for being diagnosed with autism and targeted for it, I was even removed from a minecraft server for telling everyone I'm autistic.
Now be quiet, I'm autistic and I was only reclaiming my own autism, and the person I accused cleared things up already? my problem was with them, and they're actually diagnosed. no issue here.

Anonymous 12742

i passed my fucking goddamn dissertation defense. i never thought this would actually happen. finally done with school forever!!

Anonymous 12744

stop sperging about how oppressed you are and stop telling everyone about your autism

Anonymous 12760


Please, hang yourself, we don't need your retarded genes being passed on.

Anonymous 12761

That's not what it was, I only wanted to call out someone using "autist" since I assumed they were't diagnosed, it turned out they actually were, the issue has been resolved.

No, not really, I used simple logic, check my post accusing the other person of using autism as something cute and quirky. They cleared things up, everything's okay.

Anonymous 12763

>That's not what it was, I only wanted to call out someone using "autist" since I assumed they were't diagnosed, it turned out they actually were, the issue has been resolved.

NTA, but you were wrong, you had wrongly accused someone and now you're still riding around in your high horse. Being wrongfully f accused of lying is an issue and just because you say it isn't doesn't make you right. I thought your kind realized when others tell them they're acting inappropriately.

Anonymous 12764


>I was doxxed for being diagnosed with autism and targeted for it, I was even removed from a minecraft server for telling everyone I'm autistic

Anonymous 12770

dang, good job, anon! enjoy your freedom! i hope you get a chance to take a vacation or something before you go job-hunting.

Anonymous 12779

> I was only reclaiming my own autism

Anonymous 12781

Even if they weren't autistic you still don't have the "right" to tell people you wish harm on them because of a perceived slight against you. That's narcissistic and cruel.

Anonymous 12850


This is just a cheezy stupid happy vent about an overly idolized relationship. Very long rambling. A lot of rambling.

I'm with my boyfriend for 5 years now. I always had a strong dislike of men and thought that i'll either be alone, find some girl to be with or end my life. The last part was the closest. I tried dating before, but all the guys just wanted sex, would never listen, would close up and never talk, would be angry at everything, would be complete human filth. start okay and go down hill fast. But he was someone that saved me. I love how we talk, I love how we discuss things. I love that I can tell him anything and never be afraid that he will get angry. No matter the topic, if it's emotions, problems, mistakes, even sexual or any other thing..The way he takes criticism or just me being filled with a bag of diagnosed mental problems and all that is comforting. Never got yelled at or had to be afraid. He would always just calmly be with me, hug me and then try to understand the problem and discuss. Or sometimes say nothing, kiss my head, leave me be for an hour and then just hug me for a very long time.

The things I told him multiple times would gut most men. I know that really well. I even challenged his manliness, his ideas and beliefs at the start. All men I talked with used to flip when you don't stroke their ego. But the way he'd take it…Just openly say, no fluff or anything that he feels hurt, annoyed, angry, but that it's also fair that I feel one thing or another and then we'd just talk. Try to understand, find a solution. Other times he'd openly just tell me something that i'm lacking or he's unhappy with. It was shocking at first, but then I realized that it was never a thing he tried to hurt me with. It was always something that bothered him and he wanted me to know and he would always want to change or find a compromise. Sometimes we can't and we grew to accept that nothing is perfect. I'm not perfect. He's not perfect. What's important is that we know the flaws.

The point is, i'm thankful that I feel that I can fully trust someone. I feel that I can crumble and he will catch every single piece of me. When my mind went to shit a few times he did just that. I want to be with him. I want to raise our children together. I used to hate children and the idea of pregnancy. But now…It's driving me nuts. With him I became a complete idiot so fast when we met. I'm an idiot, idiot, idiot for feeling like this now and I couldn't be happier. The way he speaks, the way he reasons, the way he reaches for goals, the way he also crumbles sometimes and shows it, the way he does silly thoughtful things like read me fairy tales when i'm sick…I can't help but feel the way I do. Intoxicating. It's not healthy. The more I write and try to actually put forth these emotions the more silly it sounds and looks childish, but can't help it.

It's funny, all these years passed and I only feel the flame for the entire relationship growing. Sometimes it takes a step back, but then it takes 2-3 steps forward.

it might sound like my life revolves around him…But over the years I was able to make major changes in my life that i'm happy about. It just always feels that it's his support that drives me forward. There are still so many things that I want to improve in my life, but it feels nice to reflect. I Overcame major things like self harm, major anxiety, bulimia. Was able to find something i'm passionate about to focus on it, learn and pursue as a career. So many things I still need to work on and so many problems, but i'm happy.
So yeah, thanks for reading my rambles, it just feels nice to leave this somewhere as a vent.

Anonymous 12856

>I'm not perfect, he's not perfect
>proceeds to explain how the relationship revolves around you having a bunch of problems and him fixing all of your problems for you

Anonymous 12857

This lmao

Anonymous 12879

nta but nobody's perfect. there are probably flaws in his personality as well, but that's not the point of this anon's post so there's no reason to bring it up.
just be happy for her ffs. why come to a happy feels thread if you're going to act like a bitter bitch?

Anonymous 12915


I'm >>12542 and… it turns out the lady was actually feel sketchy and we both started to get a bad feeling about this place (she asked us to put down 1000$ just to hold it, but we never even met her face to face when we saw the apartment another guy was there but he didn't even speak english ;-;). I guess it was kinda sketchy to begin with.. but eh we decided not to go with this apartment. But the landlord we have now she also has a another place in that same area so we're thinking of just waiting until she kicks out the tenant there (she's on her way out, just an old lady with dementia and she's trying to find a facility to go to). Ah it was nice while it lasted.

Anonymous 12916

((because they're jealous))

Anonymous 12917

tenor (1).gif

I'm >>12026 and my birthday was yesterday and he got me a shit load of gamecube games that I adore (apparently he's been writing them down for months, literally had no idea he was doing this I just thought we were talking about games lol) and he bought me a Nintendo switch, and the full complete set of Samurai Champloo(which is a damn good anime!). We never really do much for my birthdays so this was really sweet.

Anonymous 12958

Aw so cute.jpg

>Game Cube Games
>Nintendo Switch
>Complete set of Samurai Champloo
Where can I find someone like him?

Anonymous 13122


Today is the first day in a long time that I've had no deadlines, no worry, nothing for me to do.
I can relax, catch up on housework, put on a facemask, and play animal crossing.

Anonymous 13307

holy shit, they finally gave me my offer letter. That took forever. Hopefully the actual start date won't take so long.
Happy, tho. I can't wait to start my independent life, and do cool work.

Anonymous 13400

I moved in with my bf last week! I'm so happy and so in love.

Anonymous 13409

I'm happy for you anon!

Anonymous 13482

Might be a weird happy vent, but I found out through using my school's wi-fi that someone else here uses lolcow.
Feels good to know I'm not the only gossip-y loser here. I feel a serious kinship with this mystery woman.

Anonymous 13484

thank you!!

Anonymous 13513


Out of curiousity.. where you from, anon? I’ve used my school’s wifi to browse lolcow.

Anonymous 13514

Atlantic Canada.
I found out because she got banned from the Jill thread.

Anonymous 13515

Dang. I am not the mystery woman.
But at least the ~mystique~ isn’t lost, right?

I wonder if anyone near me uses lolcow…

Anonymous 13525

McGill unversity?

Anonymous 13526

No, think as far East as possible. And think cheap.

Anonymous 13531

>getting banned from lolcow

maybe you actually don't want to meet this person.

Anonymous 13533

I wouldn’t say that. It’s insanly easy to get banned there nowadays.

Anonymous 13534

i usually just lurk there, but i didn't think it was that bad these days.
did it list a reason for banning?

Anonymous 13535

She got banned for bringing race and privilege up in the Jill thread. Go back to tumblr, I believe it said.
I've gotten banned before for replying to men but I keep doing it.

Anonymous 13536

that could definitely go either way.
maybe make a post in the /ot/ or /g/ friend finder thread to track her down? i'm sure a lot of anons would be excited by the idea that there might be another browser at their university.
>replying to men
i feel this. it's hard to resist when they make such stupid comments

Anonymous 13682


Last night I was helping my bf cook dinner and he started singing a song by the Beatles. I rested my head on his shoulder for a bit while I listened to him and eveything felt so wonderful, it was like I was watching things from a distance. We're living together now and I love him so much.

Anonymous 13788

i love being a woman so much. i can see why trannies exist this shit is awesome
even if i do have to deal with the negatives which i won't detail since i'm sure everyone here understands, but. yeah

Anonymous 13812

tenor (2).gif

I just saw the new My Hero Academia movie yesterday and it was SO EPIC! I had so much fun and I went by myself since my bf doesn't like the show anyway and he had to work. I met some guy there (both of us were about 3 hours early) and we talked for the entire time until the movie was starting. We sat by each other and he basically hyped me up the entire time. This was his second time watching the movie and he was like 'prepared to be hyped!' I've been hyped about this movie since it was announced and it did not disappoint. I kinda wish I wouldve gotten his name or something he seemed pretty cool but after the movie was over we both went our separate ways. Boo we could've gushed about more anime!

Anonymous 13820

anon are you me? lmao i saw the movie this week alone too. although i didnt make any friends it was a big step for me since i get anxiety in public. i wish i couldve met someone too ;__; i actually started watching the show because of how popular it is hoping i can make weeb friends, no luck yet but hopefully one day ;__;

Anonymous 13826

Congrats for going out of your comfort zone Anon! I was kinda scared too since I had to take the train to get the theatre (as it was only in select theatres). It was my first time taking the train alone but my love for the series helped me push through it lol. I spoke to him first because he was wearing a My Hero Academia shirt, I complimented him and then he sat by me and started talking. Lol if he wasn't wearing the shirt I wouldn't have talked to him, so i'm glad for that. He was very talkative so he invited others to talk to us too, I enjoy people like this because I'm really shy so I /never/ start the conversation unless I see something I can relate to (like his shirt for an example). There's still hope for you Anon! This series is like insanely popular! I'm sure you'll find friends through this series.

Anonymous 13861


I cut off part of the straps on a tank top, then sewed them together so the straps fit my upper chest. I've never sewn before. I'm now a fledgling domestic goddess, I guess. I can make cereal, too. My top skill is organizing and cleaning. To be continued…

Anonymous 13865


Gonna see Hannibal's comedy show !

Anonymous 13963

Udlate: make pancake mix cookies and just brought them out of the oven.

Anonymous 14298

I'm so happy. I started a youtube a few months ago, it's nothing special or anything. But lately my views have been going up and I got my second comment so far and they've all have been positive. One of them were even wondering when I'll upload more. Haha it probably means nothing to anyone else but the fact that they asked that made me think that they were actually looking forward to my content.

Anonymous 14301

no need to out yourself, but what kind of videos do you make?

Anonymous 14312

N-Nothing much. Just otome mobile games

Anonymous 14314

anon do you record yourself playing them? if so do you have a screen capture method you can recommend lol

Anonymous 14323

I just screen record there’s no commentary for me but since i’m still kinda new to this that’ll most likely change in the future. I don’t know what phone you have but I have an Iphone 7s and it comes with a screen record function on it already so that’s what I use!

Anonymous 14374


I'm getting my hyper fucked up mouth fixed in 7 days.

I've been stressed about it and the money it would take for so long, I haven't seen a dentist in over 10 years(I was 14 or 15).

I'm gonna have a fixed mouth on Halloween weeeeeee. Also getting two wisdom teeth extracted so I look forward to the opioids.

I am so relieved anon, most of what is wrong with my mouth is neglect I did as a teenager.

Anonymous 14424

Congrats Anon! I also need to go to the dentist and get my wisdom teeth taken out. Ples make the appointment for me too

Anonymous 14534

It would be fun to have a miner buddy to get orally mutilated with.

Anonymous 14562


Approaching two years on Prozac and it's still working. Two years of feeling like a decently rational human being after a lifetime of being irrational and anxious and sad for no reason. I'm doing so well that my therapist recommended I stop seeing her so often which has never happened to me before. I haven't gone back in months and don't feel the need to yet. I'm thrilled and my fingers are crossed that it keeps working! eat shit OCD!!!

Anonymous 17497


this is a lovely bit of prose i just wanted to share with my fellow ladies.

>all the time my head buzzed with the impossibility of girls: girls who found exactly the right shade of rose shirt to wear with my skirt, who were impossibly talented in fashion; girls who braided my hair and kissed my cheeks while talking about their favorite mountains; girls who gently guided me through going to the gym and who would get ice cream with me in the sweaty aftermath; girls who looked dangerous but were always ready to watch a show and drink wine with me, who scratched the faces of boys who dared demand too much of me; girls who were quiet and gave me their highlighted notes in fonts i couldn’t dream of, who stood up to other girls when they stepped out of line. girls who protected me, girls i protected, girls who came to me for advice on being woman if the body feels wrong and who gave me advice on how not to quit life despite the fact i felt like a constantly ringing last song.

>all the time they were perfect, impeccably so, from the round laughing cheeks to the photogenic queens to the sundae messes to the freckles to the core of them. girls flooded every nerve ending with the ability to somehow exist so wondrously that you were sure you were in a dream.

cr. to inkskinned

Anonymous 17498

I'm relatively new at my job (I work tech support) and for the month of November I did the the single-most out of every person in the entire support department in relation to ticket quantities. Seeing that was pretty cool and made me feel good.

Anonymous 17722


I'm going to be going on a date this weekend at a nice, little French restaurant. I'm very excited, yet nervous at the same time, but I think my happiness is overpowering that small bit of anxiety. We've pretty much both established that we're more awkward in person, so I'm not too scared of being an awkward mess in front of him. I'm also super thankful that I've met this person. We have long conversations on text, like messaging full paragraphs about various things. I love it!

Anonymous 17723

this made me smile
have fun on your date, anon<3

Anonymous 17724


You better update us after the date.

Anonymous 17725

Please resist the temptation and save yourself for marriage.

Anonymous 17727

Your posting really grew on me. I love everyone here. Never stop.

Anonymous 18380

original (1).gif

Today we said I love you to each other for the first time, i finally have a good Christmas memory that is not from my childhood.

Anonymous 18384

He better be proposing soon.

Anonymous 19204

Today I went to the laundromat, fed it a large (for me) bill and selected my machine, then left to go to a drugstore and on the way realized I never pressed the button to return my change because I'm used to machines automatically spewing out change after the selection. I was sure
that by the time I got back someone else would have claimed my change, but when I returned, other patrons of the laundromat had noticed the balance in the machine but left it alone and said they were wondering if I'd be back. That was nice.

Anonymous 19482


Oh God, I'm really forgetful and have had similar experiences. There are a lot of kind, honest people in the world. It makes me happy.

Anonymous 19639


Just used Cold Turkey to block 4chan until the end of March! I'm feeling such relief in knowing I'll literally have to find another computer (which I don't have barring the space in my uni's library I've reserved but, guess what – I'll block it there too) if I want to use the site before then.

Sort of realized I've only been active there in hopes of befriending peeps in a certain general, but that's not going to happen, ever. So I should give it up, y'know?

I think I'll spend the 4~ hours I wasted daily there trying to improve my skills, or studying, just something productive.
And yeah I'll probably be stressing over this tomorrow but hopefully the feeling won't last. I'm tired of getting angry over shit and people that ultimately don't matter.

Anonymous 19641


Just stay here with us, Anon. Once I found this place, I never looked back. It's slower and can be frustrating in a different way, but I don't miss 4chan one bit.

Anonymous 19642

>I think I'll spend the 4~ hours I wasted daily there trying to improve my skills, or studying, just something productive.
this is the dream, good on you anon.
what general?

Anonymous 19655

That's a secret.

Anonymous 19665

good luck anon! i hope you accomplish stuff

Anonymous 19694

You're inspiring me to do the same, although with lolcow too. Both are big time sinks.
I think I'll do that when I get home.

Anonymous 19703


>someone uses the word gencri in a thread on /meta/
>I'm like what is that
>shes like it's gender critical
>I've read so much about trannies since then, dove headfirst into a rabbithole but I haven't really changed though
>meet FtM guy recently who is kind of cute, makes me feel good
>he's like way more involved in speaking to me than any guy I talked to in 2018, makes me feel heard
>I want to date but have no idea what to do but I'm happy if he's my friend at least
>no idea wtf my life is becoming I'm still NEET but things are looking up

Anonymous 19704

She's got a vagina though…

Anonymous 19705

hey that was my post lol

Anonymous 19756

Have fun being a friend or more with this person, just don't bring up your gencri views and be open to changing your views.

Anonymous 19757

Sweet victory.gif

I got the highest grade I've ever gotten from the cutest prof I've ever had. Burn thirst like fuel, miners, it works.

Anonymous 19759

No no I'm not gencri I meant I just got introduced to a bunch of new shit and I have spent time reading stuff, watching youtube videos and swimming in this rabbit hole. I am a mixture of liberal feminist and apathetic.

Update I went ahead and hit on him.

Anonymous 19761

Anonymous 19763

my mom is giving me money to buy my wedding dress. thanks, mom!

Anonymous 19769

c-cc-congrats on your wedding and may you enjoy a great relationship, update us on the babby name pls

Anonymous 19783

>hit on him
>not telling us how it went
Hope it works out anyway. Trans guys are based, usually cuter and more understanding. Although your guy sounds like a sweetheart regardless.

Anonymous 19788

At the time of writing that he hadn't responded to my text. He later apologized some hours later and said his phone died and he was out doing stuff. He called me cute also and said he was down to talk more, so I guess he got the hint? I don't know how it went.

I woke up feeling happier and more energetic than usual today, and he's saying goodmorning now and I've been so lonely. End of happy feels blog.

Additional info: we totally have that GFD anon's ideal proportions going on, I'm taller lol

Anonymous 19792

thank you! the baby will only come in a few years, but I will definitely post about it when it happens lol

Anonymous 19798

I have a very lovely, patient boyfriend. He's really neurotypical himself but he tries to understand and help me in my times of need. I am very thankful to share my life with him, and I look forward to our future together :) I hope everyone else finds a love like this if they are searching… I cannot tell you enough that if someone truly loves you they will prove it.

Anonymous 19801

alright i think i'm ok with it.
even if the fact they purposely excluded me for long still hurts & that i was never sought out, it's fine. need to move past it.

Anonymous 19803

congrats having fiance and bf

Anonymous 19804

Aw, good to hear, anon. What did you say to him? Just call him cute? Regardless it all sounds like it's going well.
>that gfd anon
fuck I'm pretty sure that's me actually, I'm always going on about height differences on here lol.

Anonymous 19809


I said I really liked his style and then said "talk to me anytime cutie" and sent flirty emojis. I'm kind of a clueless weirdo about this sort of thing.

>fuck I'm pretty sure that's me actually, I'm always going on about height differences on here lol.

There's definitely a few of you lol.

Anonymous 19810

Nah that sounds perfectly fine…not too intrusive or anything lol.
>that pic
God I wish that were me
And there ARE definitely a few of us here, I love this place.

Anonymous 21158

[HorribleSubs] Oso…

>found my composition book full of love letters and suicide notes while unpacking boxes
I was so afraid I left it at my old dorm when I moved out. I left on bad terms with one of my roommates, so I thought if I dropped it while leaving she'd use it against me.

Anonymous 21176

I finally accepted my crush on my best friend, anon. It's such a liberating feeling.
I saw it coming months ago, but I tried to push it out of my mind, since I wasn't mentally ready for a relationship, and I was under the impression she's asexual. During the summer we had several conversations about my coming to terms with being gay and eventually she confessed she's gay too, but still wrapping her head around having sexual feelings. I felt comfortable enough with her after that to talk about the gay fanfics I read, and she didn't judge me at all or anything. In fact she started showing me her folder of artistic butt pics and lesbian couples. We also found out that we both love cuddling and hugging (so many cuddle sessions after we got comfortable with that). It was around this point that a little voice in the back of my head started going "gaaaaaay" during most of our interactions, but I still chose to ignore it.
But now I just don't care anymore. I can fully admit to myself that I like her, and I'm willing to risk the friendship. I figure it's best to let her know now that I can still get over it relatively quickly and painlessly, and she's not going to have a massive amount of feels dumped on her. I hope to do it on Tuesday, but I'm pretty nervous about it. I'm hopeful that she'll be willing to at least consider me as a romantic partner and maybe that she'll even accept. I hope I'm not misreading all the touchy-feeliness we've developed over time.
A detracting factor is that she's leaving for a semester abroad in a couple of months and she might reject me because of that… But I think we have good enough chemistry that it's going to be worth the trouble. Wish me luck anon.

Anonymous 21182


Between November to now things have been shaping up for me!

>got a paid internship in HR for a catering company prominent in the city

>boss @ internship loves me and gives me glowing recommendations
>go from 150 to 121 lbs (started this past summer but whatevs)
>actually saving up money
>being able to fit in and buy more cute clothes
>seeing a qt guy and have gone on 2 dates with him
>maybe third date with qt
>graduating in May
>skin clearing up and being more strict on my skincare routine

Anonymous 21287


i haven't got class on monday!
which means i can stay up late on sunday doing something…productive, i hope

Anonymous 21844

Finally got a call back for a job interview and I think the interview went really well today! I know if I get the job on Friday. It's just part-time but I'm also a college student with shit time management. I hope I can gain work experience and save money for traveling and food!!

Anonymous 21853


Gogogogogo I'm so excited for you!!!

Anonymous 21866

I know zodiac signs mean nothing but this year is the year of the pig in the chinese zodiac and that's my sign lol. I don't know I don't believe in that sort of thing but I truly feel like it's really gunna be my year this year and it makes me happy. So far this year has started off so well I hope it stays this way.

Anonymous 21867

Make it your year, anon. Don't wait for it.

Anonymous 21870

I am making it my year. I've changed my prospective on a lot of things. I'm making sure it'll be my year!

Anonymous 21878


According traditional superstition the matching years for the Chinese zodiac are said to be worse in terms of good fortune.

But you got this anon, make it your year, signs or not!

Anonymous 21881

NTA but this is a lovely pic and it has brightened my day even more and given me happy feels

Anonymous 21886

giphy (1).gif


Anonymous 21940

I've been reconnecting with some old friends after years of isolation and it's a good feel. They really came through and welcomed me back and made sure to include me in online stuff and helped me out already.

Anonymous 21943

That's great to hear, anon. If I could meet my old friends again, I'd love for them to welcome me back.

Anonymous 21976

>idiot scrotes advertising a discord server here and using a scantily clad thot as the OP pic

i kek heartily when they try so hard to get us to talk to them but can't even pretend to not be horny cocks for 30 seconds

this is my smug happy feel

Anonymous 21979


ordered nissin raoh & shin ramyun, my weeb self is happy
can't wait to get home from class, have a bowl & chill before getting shit Done it is going to be totally satisfying dudes

Anonymous 22626

i treasure every m…

>tfw pure autismo
>struggle with connections and heavy heavy heavy anxiety around everyone
>always feel like im doing something wrong - even if people are nice to me since my interests are so niche (basically formed from imageboards - was homeschooled and had no friends as a kid so that happened)
>spend every single day wishing i could get an irl bf who genuinely understanded me and shared interests with me
>met lad who i slowly realized had my exact niche interests and the actual same autismo as me
>somehow i have no anxiety with him and my abandonment issues do not bother me with him
>fully fully fully comfortable with him - instead of my autismo moments turning into cringe and awkward moments we both laugh about it together
>have never felt so genuinely loved and accepted in my life
i thought it would never happen

Anonymous 22627

Got a temp job to bolster fun moneys and get experience before graduating.
One more term before I finish my degree, it feels like I've been in school forever.

Anonymous 22648


>Be a Becky
>Not ugly, just skinny
>Tried to pursue the love of my life
>Really thought we had a connection, I really wanted him to be my husbando
>Got rejected because I wasn't his type (into thots like every male is)
>Been depressed over 3 months now
>Slowly gaining weight from binge eating and drinking
>Realize this pathetic bullshit can't go on anymore
>Decide to get your shit together
>Start working out again etc

Fuck this loneliness shit. Fuck getting a bf. The true love I used to dream of is just a fairytale anyway. I'm going to become a Stacy and fuck Chads. Cya bitches.

Anonymous 22650

This but instead of fucking chads I kys myself.

Anonymous 22651

Please take your non-happy feels and put them in the numerous other /feels/ threads that are more appropriate.

Anonymous 22685


I love coffee naps. Nothing puts me in a better mood.

Anonymous 22809


It's been two weeks since I checked on my ex's social media or interacted with them in any way and I feel like a human being again.

They treated me like shit, to be honest, and dumped me in a really cruel way, but I wanted to believe they were better than that and kept searching for a sign. I didn't want to face the fact that the person I fell in love with never really existed. It was getting to the point where I couldn't stop crying for entire days. But I did it, somehow I stood up for myself.

It's like I got rid of a vampire. I have energy for the things I like again, I have energy for my friends, and I feel like I can respect myself. I'm optimistic about the future and I haven't been hopeful in years!

Anonymous 22815

I’m happy for you, anon. I’ve had my heart broken in such a way and you described it very well, it’s almost like going through grief when you realize the person you loved did not even exist. Just give it time and instrospection and it can be a very valuable lesson. Anyway, I’m proud of you!

Anonymous 22816

I think I'm finally coming around to accepting my ugly self.

Although I still get bad insecurity days, by wearing weird clothes and drawing attention myself I've become comfy making others uncomfy. It's still kind of sad that I'll be alone forever, but by embracing the fact that I'm a monster I've become a bit happier. Scaring people just by existing is kind of cool.

Anonymous 22933

I scored a date with a younger guy who's a khv after years of going back and forth about it internally, and it'll be a while until it's gonna happen but I'm just really exhilarated wondering how it'll go

Anonymous 22936

Don't expect him to know anything. Be very understanding, and guide him, unless you're the same, in which case follow the same advice.

Anonymous 22950

Get a rating on /soc/. No joke it helps. Especially if somebody says you fit their niche or whatever, it really boosts the ego to be called cute, even if it's on 4chan.
Very wholesome, anons.

Anonymous 22964



Thank you so much, I'm a tiny bit proud of myself too.

Aaaaaaahhhh how romantic! You'll be able to give him his first kiss, and first hand holding… good luck anon I hope everything is amazing

Anonymous 23013

Mother's day yesterday, and my sister came home for a bit.
She isnt a useless neet like I am and I always feel awful in her shadow. But we both woke up early and made breakfast for the family together, and it was just really really nice.
Haven't felt that close to her since we were both teenagers, and that was a long time ago.

It was a really nice day.

Anonymous 23090

Thank you <3 I'm worried that he might be looking for more than I'm looking for, but I'll do my best to give him the best possible experience.

Anonymous 23253

I feel cute today somehow, even if I'm not perfect.
I hope all insecure anons here can feel cute, too.

Anonymous 23258

I got a new phone (well, it's a hand-me-down from my mum) and it's so much faster than my old phone. I can't wait to download all those cute photo apps I've seen other people use lol.

Anonymous 23290


I'm in a really good mood today. The sun is shining, it's nice and warm outside, and I just want to give everyone a hug and skip around. Being kind and cheerful is easy today

I want to be nice to everybody!

Anonymous 23563

Yay! That's such a good feeling!

I just had a really satisfying breakfast and I'm getting ready to start the day. I just feel positive today for some reason. Maybe because I've had a really relaxing weekend so far.

Anonymous 23770

Our cutepie just uploaded new videos. I also have work free monday thanks to holiday. I think my Japan trip plans are finally realising. It's gonna be a nice week, I'm sure.

Anonymous 23781

>Our cutepie
This is not a pedophile board, please go back to /r9k/

Anonymous 23784


how old is she?

Anonymous 23785

With a search it seems she's 15 or 16.
And is an orbitfu, although she does seem to pander to them.


Anonymous 23812

huh, legal here

Anonymous 23813

ayrt and tbf it's the same where I live.
If you're a grown ass adult (over 20) I think it is a bit off to lust after high schoolers though. That's just personal values since I know most high schoolers are dummies still and will be prone to changing immensely in personality over the next 4-5 years. Also power imbalance. That's just for dating though.

Anyway orbiting is still /r9k/ behaviour even if she's your daughteru or sisteru(?).

Anonymous 23816

Went on me first date ever. I am 20 now but probably wouldnt even have asked the guy if I wasnt pushed by my friends in class. How I befriended them remains a mystery to me

Anonymous 23817

Well, how did it go?
Also don't worry I didn't go on my first until 1 week after turning 21.

Anonymous 23818

ok-ish, we talked alot and he laughed alot. One of my few male friends then talked to him in class since we visit the same school and told me that he would agree to a second date. I texted him and asked him and got hit with the "We will never be more than friends" line. Still glad he didnt evolve into another "what could have been" guy though

Anonymous 23820

>we will never be more than friends
Oof. I felt that from here, anon.

At least you got a yes though! In the future I hope you can find someone who wants to continue as more.
I'm sure you will, as long as you keep your…goku-get-em attitude.

Anonymous 23821

I'm not the anon who posted the video and yeah I agree with you 100%. Teenagers change too much through this period and dating one while being 20+ should be looked down upon. I reacted how I reacted because at the same time calling it pedophilia (like the other anon did) is a little bit over the top.
Honestly, she's probably gonna regret all this videos when she gets older. I feel ashamed to this day for less..

Anonymous 23822

>Oof. I felt that from here, anon.
fucking tell me about it, real shame though. He is pretty smart

Anonymous 23851

Intelligence is the most important quality I look for in a man. Everything else is secondary. I'm not sure how common or uncommon my opinion on this is.

Anonymous 23852

idk about you but I would like my partners to be smart and cute. The rest is fairly secondary apart from the obvious stuff like being kind

Anonymous 23854

NTA but intelligence = ability to work stuff out which is nowdays more important than raw strength when it comes to providing for family and generaly living good life.

I guess people who are heavily into looking for life partner would want to have intelligent partners. It's one of personality traits and let me tell you you can get used to bad looks, but you'll never get used to horrible personality

Anonymous 24571

>apply for job
>get call the same day for an interview

I thought this job hunt was going to take way longer than this, holy heck. It's a little part-time thing, but cash is cash and I can pad out my time with volunteering to look sexier on a masters program application. I feel good!

Anonymous 24574

Good work, anon!

Anonymous 24580

Anonymous 25115


Holy shit wtf i suddenly dont feel like killing myself anymore because i have an e-bf. Finally someone makes me feel better about myself instead of making me feel like shit. Hes my only happiness in life. He could do anything to me idc, because he thinks im a qt… Finally someone thinks that… Finally im waifu material to someone…

Anonymous 25116

Bad move, anon. It's going to hurt bad. You need to talk to real people.

Anonymous 25117

It's nice to feel wanted, but bear in mind that men are willing to stick their dicks in car exhaust pipes, sheep, and worse.

Anonymous 25118

Wow that's really nice! I hope I can find a nice e-bf too.
(or even e-gf?)
(or even e-f??);_;

I hope it works out for you. I guess an e-bf is kinda like a LDR but you erp or something idk. Do you two do things online together beyond just chatting? Like games and stuff?

Anonymous 25119

You're never going to be truly happy thinking this way.

Anonymous 25120


Au contraire, mon cher.

Anonymous 25121

>truly happy

Anonymous 25123

I can be your friend anon.

Anonymous 25136


This. It felt so good for once in my life but ultimately I wish I never met him

Anonymous 25172

I've just been wallowing in a depression fog the last week, but this morning I woke up, exercised, and took a shower before work. I don't know how long this'll last, but I'm feeling pretty positive.

Anonymous 25993


>tfw might get a job working with a girl who is friends with a guy I've been eying
>tfw we went to high school together, she remembers my name (!!) and is putting in a good word for me
>tfw may get friend, comfy part-time job, and bf
I was actually preparing to befriend her to get to him but decided I didn't want to be a user/asshole, then she made the first move when I was buying some pants!!!
As a side note, the jeans are comfy and make my ass look nice. It's a good day, lasses.

Anonymous 26669

Officially dating someone I actually like. It's weird because I am sometimes unsure of myself in relation to my feelings because I've been in a couple long-term relationships before, but I knew I wasn't actually into the people I was with (they knew I felt that way, though). I thought maybe I was just aromantic or emotionally stunted. But, perhaps I was mistaken. Or perhaps I was kidding myself on my actual feelings of my past relationships. Whatever the truth of the matter is, I'm glad I get to hold the hand of a person I desire in this way I've never experienced before.

Anonymous 26684

>tfw might get a job working with a girl who is friends with a guy I've been eying
>tfw might get a bf

Wait, so, you think you might get to date this guy because you might work with a friend of his? You're not even gonna be his coworker, just someone who knows someone who knows him? How does this lead you to "might date"? I know it's "might", but… girl…

Anonymous 26685

We all attend the same university and I see them around all the time (they aren't dating though, he's the complete opposite of what her actual bf looks like). The plan would be to become friends and maybe we could end up all getting coffee together.
I don't think that's totally out of this world.

Kind of nervous about the whole thing now since interviews are supposedly being held in a week, but still hopeful.

Anonymous 26686

Even if you become friends, that's still a long stretch to go. Being in the same social circle really doesn't mean anything. Don't you know any people who are pining for one of their friends? Anyway, I'm not trying to beat you down, just… maybe manage your expectations so you don't get too disappointed.

Anonymous 26689

Don't worry anon, I've mastered being disappointed after pursuing and failing with men so many times since my adolescence. I'm the queen of moving on from either rejection or having to reject disappointing men. Even if all these plans work out and he actually likes me he may just be a bad match lol. Since taking care of my appearance that tends to be the situation I get myself in…
I appreciate the concern though! Happy vent that this imageboard tends towards caring anons (since this post sounds unhappy vent-y). I really love it here.

Anonymous 26703

That was way too nice a reply for my awkward comment, lol. I'm glad I didn't come across too bitchy. Good luck, Anon <3

Anonymous 26726

cute pfp.png

I feel extremely lucky to have found him. My heart is so full of love and happiness and affection for him.

Anonymous 26768

I'm so glad for you anon. May you be happy together always.

Anonymous 26868


My BF is supporting me when i tell him about when i was raped. it makes me feel safer knowing im not disgusting or damaged for him.

Anonymous 26873

I’m so sorry that happened anon. You aren’t disgusting or damaged in anyway, you are incredibly strong.

Anonymous 26874

it's okay. im just glad someone i care about doesn't think this. it has happened when i was between 8 and 10 so it's pretty much the past now.

Anonymous 27482

I finally passed my drivers test after consistently learning how to drive for a month everday during my summer break with my step dad, I'm 19 rn and my goal was to pass before I'm 20. Now I just need to either inherent my moms old car or find an inexpensive used one and learn about insurance and all that, prolly will take some more time till I can stop using the shitty bus system in my region but I'm happy with this first step.

Anonymous 27539


Anonymous 27544

Congrats anon, I'm 21 and I still didn't even start getting a drivers license because of money and other issues ;_;
But public transport is great here and I wouldn't be able to afford a car anyway so I feel like I'm not missing out

Anonymous 28886


I found a job before moving so I don't have to rely on my bf to pay the rent and it's with an organization that I genuinely believe in.

Comfy life is coming together.

Anonymous 28902

>with an organization that I genuinely believe in.
Feeling it.

This is an immensely important thing when it comes to being comfy at work, at least for me. I'm at an organization I really like too, but my current role is a bit shitty at the moment. I know that my role will change over time though so I'm okay with it and I'm happy to stick around for the long term. I don't dread going into work and I don't feel like it's a big chore either, which I've felt in the past at other places.

I just gotta work on the bf bit though…….

Anonymous 29944

The guy I have a crush on is such a beautiful man. Today after a bout of rain, the way the sun shined on his radiant smile as he walked up to me, with a cute cowlick in his hair fluttering slightly in the wind - it simply melted my heart away. I could feel my face flush red as a tomato the moment I caught sight of him. He’s not my boyfriend or anything like that, but I feel so happy just to have experienced that moment.

Anonymous 30281


I just bought my boyfriend gifts for his birthday that’s coming up soon and it’s making me all giddy because I know he’s going to love them!

Anonymous 30308

Started my job. Coworkers are nice, work is not soul-sucking, new apartment is alright.

Aww, that's great! I love finding or figuring out excellent gifts because of the recipient's reactions that I did a good.

Anonymous 30378

My bf of one year is planning to move to another country after graduating and he asked me to go with him. I was so happy I started crying. I knew he was planning to leave since we started dating but I didn't know he if would want to keep our relationship going. I'm so autistic and dumb, I didn't think he'd want to stay with me for that long. He wouldn't be leaving anytime soon but I'm happy and relieved that he wants me in his future.

Anonymous 30430


I’m >>30281
Just as suspected my boyfriend adored his gifts!

Congratulations on your new job and apartment! That is very big and exciting.

Oh wow, how lovely! I’m happy for you.

Anonymous 30444


So happy for you all!

Anonymous 33345


OKAY, update on this situation.
She left the job almost immediately after I started and I didn't get to ask about him. Job is awesome btw.
HOWEVER, some strange events have brought us together and I'm hopeful! Given he isn't gay or not interested, both valid. But I will shoot my shot.

>didn't even think we had same major

>ended up taking a course I didn't intend to this semester
>join at last minuted
>look him up on social media now that I know his name
>he is also a moody artfag
>tfw fashionable, artsy bf is becoming attainable at last

I'm ecstatic. He's so adorable and I can't wait to get to know him!!!! AHHAH!!
I've had just horrid times with men lately so I hope he's nice and he likes me.

Anonymous 33348

I got a puppy and named him snicker doodle

Anonymous 33349


Actually for real startes wedding planning instead of just anxiously avoiding it and it actually feels exciting now.

Anonymous 33402

My friend writes really nice songs, he sent me a really nice happy one yesterday but didn't see that I saw it so he showed it to me in person, he was so proud of it and I'm proud of him too, I wish he would publish his songs but I understand why he might not want to. Also my nails look so pretty lol
Good luck! But don't get too invested in him, in case he turns out to have a bad personality!

Anonymous 33405


>in case he turns out to have a bad personality
Thanks for looking out for me, anon.

I actually talked to him today and made him laugh a couple of times. And when I doodled something in my notes he saw and started doodling something similar (it was bugs…we drew bugs together. Pic related, the true lovebug that started it all). I kind of hoped he'd ask me about art shit but that's fine, next time I may bring it up myself as well as ask about doing the partner project together.

My mom doesn't like him but at this point I think she's just tired of the revolving door of men I've crushed on lmao. He also has superficial traits in common with a guy that hurt my feefees big time, but he gives off less red flags so far (not super into his religion if at all anymore, more agreeable, less unnecessarily mean, etc.) and is just a different individual anyway.

Will update thread if he becomes bf since that will be the ultimate happy vent.

Also that's very cute that your friend just writes songs to share with pals. It must feel super special.

Anonymous 33441


Well then go get him buggy-chan, he sounds nice. I'll cross my fingers for you. Also I want you all to see this picture I attached, it's very important.

Anonymous 33451

My mom is getting her PhD in her 50s. I'm very proud of her!

Anonymous 33480


I made the presidents list at my CC and im doing very well. All of my majors professors know and like me well. Im hoping i can transfer into my dream school with scholarships next winter.

Im losing weight and going vegi is a lot easier than vegan, and I have been only slipping up once a week or so.

Anonymous 33522

>redoing high school maths so I can get better grades and get into a good uni
>exam coming up
>feel hopelessly unprepared, pray I at least pass
>take exam, nervous as fuck
>goes much better than I expected
>become optimistic enough that I'll be disappointed if I got a score below 70
>ends up being 93
If you'd tell 3 days ago me she'd get a 93 she'd call you a liar.
I feel out of this world.

Anonymous 33578

I know I said I'd only update if he became bf, but I just had to gush for a hot second.
He asked me to coffee and, holy shit, he's almost 100% what I'm looking for. Kind of passive, close with his family, bad at math (lol), and of course a good art boy. He's also good at gently saying what he's feeling which is so shockingly healthy. AND he actually listens to me and asks as many questions as I do. The only issue I can see is he smokes weed sometimes, but tbh? I don't think I'll ever meet anyone this close to perfect again.

And we're doing a big project together; I'm so excited! AH!
If he doesn't just turn out to be gay I think I have a chance for real. I hope I also made a good impression.

Anonymous 33753


I bought new kitty tights, I don't care if people think I'm childish, I love them. Their eyes are a bit derpy but they even have a tail and a little bow on the back. Also I saw a courtyard full of snowdrops and violets and saffrons, it was so pretty
Beautiful picture, I think I'm going to paint it (also if you have more similar photos please post)
Awesome, I wish you all the luck!!

Anonymous 33770

I've been getting good at challenging my negative thoughts and proving them wrong. Example: After a few minutes on this exercise bike I figured I couldn't last for 20. I lasted for 30 and it felt so good to be able to prove to myself I can do it, even if it's something seemingly small. There's something magical and empowering knowing that you can break your own expectations.

Anonymous 34590

I finally did what I’ve seen putting off for a year — I applied for a new job somewhere new. I don’t know if I’ll even get a response, but I’m optimistic. I also put my minimum desired salary at $300 more per month than I’m making now…. wish me luck!

Anonymous 35416


Final (?) update.
Feelings are mutual and we're talking often. He even noticed me last year too…

Currently he's afraid to date since his situation is uncertain (whether he'll even be staying in the country given current circumstances, which would mean returning to a very controlling family) and his poor mental health. He apparently thinks I'm very cool and together as well as knows that I only date long term.

But we're not doing anything casual either (especially with corona) since neither of us want that, and he hasn't even tried which makes me feel respected. He's a thoughtful boy and though I initially thought he was just being gentle/leading me on, we talked some more and given both his words and past actions I no longer think so. Situation is just bad.

Who knows how this will turn out, but I think I'm quite in love with him and I'm reasonably happy with the outcome. Even if nothing ever happens it's wonderful to finally have someone I've been thinking of for so long in my life.

Anonymous 35675

This might seem like a small thing to you all, but I have issues with being a people pleaser and not being able to stand up for myself and say no. Stems from being bullied as a kid and fearing retaliation. But today I was able to say no to someone’s request for me to do something I didn’t want to do.

Still kind of nervous that this might cause bad consequences, but feeling pretty proud of myself that I’m was able to do it.

Anonymous 36620


I’m getting ready to board a plane right now to see my boyfriend. I haven’t seen him in 5 months and I am so excited. I’m a bit worried that I’m gonna get sick but I’m just so excited to see him again and for over 2 months this time.
Much happy feels at this moment.

Pic unrelated

Anonymous 36633

You’re so lucky anon. I haven’t been able to see my bf because of the US-Canada borders being closed.

Anonymous 36634

God, same. I'm still waiting for international travel bans to end so I can move in with my husband. Wishing the best of luck to both of you!

Anonymous 36659


Thank you anon, it makes me feel better to know im not alone

Anonymous 37042


At the beginning of 2020 everything became a total disaster, a total drama. It was painful in many ways for me and people I care for with all my heart.
Now it is June and we are still alive and oh yeah it's getting better and better. I will work hard and do my best. Dattebayo!

Anonymous 37066


I just bought some cute body creams since Bath and Body Works was having a sale and I am excited to smell good.

Anonymous 37068

I could spend hundreds in Bath & Body Works, I love that store. When I was in middle school and didn't understand the average price of makeup products, I spent $18 on two tubes of lip gloss…

Anonymous 37073

>had a milia under eye for over a year now (white pearl looking thing under skin, unlike acne it never pops or goes away)
>was putting it off because money issues, and had previous milia removed at derma and it was really painful so not in a rush back (and everything has been closed for months now)
>today, looked at it in the mirror and snapped, took a lance to it
>finally managed to remove it, and it didn't even hurt
all gone! bye bye!

Anonymous 37105

I'm so happy I just discovered the emoji panel in windows, it opens when you press the windows key and dot, I'm so excited I would post some but it's against the rules but maybe one could be forgiven right? ᓚᘏᗢ

Anonymous 37158

omfg thank you for teaching me this, I am also so excited and I can't believe they have kaomoji too


Anonymous 37201


I spent a wonderful special day with my boyfriend and I am really grateful for that.

Anonymous 37335


I got an interview for a part-time job I applied at! They wear a cute uniform and I hope I get to wear it :)

Anonymous 37336


>needs moar meepits
I'm sending you good wishes, hope you get the job!

Anonymous 37339


idk if this counts as a happy thing, but the girl who always liked to sit on my ex boyfriends lap in front of me has recently gotten really fat. And I mean, like almost 90-100 extra pounds in a year.

She went to a private liberal arts school, and she use to be able to flirt with everyone's boyfriend because she'd preach that opposite sex friends can be intimate in a "platonic" way. She would often say that physical intimacy being predominantly preserved for romantic attraction was "heteronormative," and everyone just ate it up.

It was considered problematic to tell her off, and if you got jealous of her for cuddling with your bf, then you simply had more "reflecting" to do. I didn't think I needed any reflecting, so I broke up with him.

After the weight gain, she spiraled hard because she could tell none of the guys were lusting after her anymore.
I'm happy.

Anonymous 37340

Anon, I hope you're soon able to find happiness in something other than a stranger gaining weight so that you feel better about your own weight.

Anonymous 37341

Fuck that bitch, but also >>37340 is right. Please move on now.

Anonymous 37342

how was she able to get away with that? and why did these guys with girlfriends think that was okay?

Anonymous 37343

I mean i guess there's no incentive to believe ppl on the internet, but I've never had any issues about my weight. I think I just realized how terrible she made others feel for a couple of years, only to struggle with jealousy for external reasons.

Can't help noticing the irony.

Anonymous 37344

tbh she used to confront guys that stopped being intimate with her, and tell them they were being shitty friends for falling for "traditional narratives" of friendships? I'm not quite sure how to describe it, but it became all about dismantling the idea that girls and guys can't be intimate without it being.. weird.

Anonymous 37353


bought Stardew Valley recently and it really helps take my mind off of things

Anonymous 37354

I got it recently too. The mods make it a lot more enjoyable imo. Specially the portrait mods.

Anonymous 37356

I mean obviously she wanted to have the guys lust for her but if she used the excuse of them being bad friends, she is the one being a bad friend forcing her friends to touch her when they don't want to. what a jerk I don't condemn you for being happy she is fat

Anonymous 37374

I was told my whole life that turning 30 is the worst thing that will happen to me and that everything will be over.

Now that I turned 30 I can say that this isn't true at all. I'm the happiest I've ever been in my life and finally feel like I've grown into the adult that I'm supposed to be.
Who cares about ageing skin? It is not that important. What is important is being financially independent, being able to make important decisions and solve difficult problems on your own.

Anonymous 37376

I'm happy to hear it's been good for you! This is the kind of 30 I aspire to.

Anonymous 37416


Totally get this. Happy for you! Also, don't know about anyone else but I had such shitty skin in my 20's. Eczema, acne, awful sunburns, cracked skin, you name it. My skin looked a lot better once I hit 30 just from the merit of having figured what products, diet and makeup work for me.

Anonymous 38701

I filed my taxes!

Anonymous 38711


I saw a guy with a shirt of one of my favorite bands today, I'm happy even in these hard times that people with good taste still exist

Anonymous 38924

Despite putting zero effort into my degree, I passed it. I have no idea how, but I think I'm lucky in real life. I kinda failed high school, but did good enough. I kinda failed college, but did just good enough. And my Uni work has been awful but I've somehow passed. It's utter madness.

Anonymous 38964

got a (temporarily) remote job. i'm planning to go on vacation while working. breakfast, 8 hours of work plus maybe lunch break, and then in the evenings and on weekends enjoy the place. i've never had an opportunity like this before. either i have money to go but no time to take a vacation, or time but no money. now i will spend 3-4 weeks sitting on a beach. (and fuck corona, idgaf about it, i already had it.) i haven't been on a vacation in years. FINALLY i get to have a good time and enjoy myself.

today i bought cute and comfy sandals and a pretty dress.

Anonymous 41245


moving to a beautiful, bigger apartment next month!! i got froyo yesterday <3 and ordered some new clothes <3 might do my nails today and something else that i can't think of right now <3

Anonymous 41277


I feel like i've recently had a growth spurt, mentally and spiritually. :)

Anonymous 41280

Anonymous 41764

I helped a good friend, I feel needed. :-)

Anonymous 42338

good for you anon!

Anonymous 42434

My heart is still broken but I got promoted and now make more money than I ever imagined at my dream job. The security of being able to financially keep my aging parents afloat counts for a lot in these strange times.

Anonymous 42438

My friend hugged me today and it was nice.

Anonymous 42522


My bf ordered me a tamagotchi which I'm very excited for.

Anonymous 42566

Everything is going well for me right now for the first time in my life. I am probably the happiest I have ever been. I have my mental health under reasonable control, have a great apartment, work from home doing a comfy job, and just started to see a new guy who I am growing to like more and more with time. I'm 33 now and I had thought it was too late for me, but it seems to have only just begun.

Anonymous 42568

I did something I’ve needed to do for a while. (Contact my apartment company for maintenance). I’m doing well at work and on-track for a promotion.

Anonymous 42569

Wow… Congrats!

Anonymous 43576


Autumn is slowly rolling around and I love it. The summer is nice and all but the dark mornings and early evenings in these months somehow always bring me back to my childhood, to making arts and crafts projects in primary school and then wandering home excited to show them off. Hard feeling to describe but I love it.

Anonymous 43604


Anon yessss I'm 31 and you're giving me hope. I have had the worst years of my life and lately I've felt like I'm stuck now after losing everything and I'll never recover. Maybe someday I will. I'm happy for you <3

Anonymous 43645

People in my psychology major are fantastic and I want to meet all of them.

Anonymous 43865


I got the most retarded crush on this moid that works in a shop last year, and since covid, I thought I would never see him again. The first time I go back to this shop today since January, and who was there? Him. And he complimented my outfit, which he did the first time I saw him last year. I feel too old to ever date at this point, but at the same time I can have a little fantasy, yes?

Anonymous 43866

I made myself a fancy coffee drink and drew this morning while sitting next to the window in a lounging kimono. It feels luxurious. Early mornings to myself are the best.

Anonymous 43892

Ask him for contact next time.

Anonymous 44402


i'm going on a date this weekend with a cute boy 6 years younger than me! (i'm late 20s).

Anonymous 44407

Hopefully he is legal. You should have said your exact age instead because otherwise your post looks like bait.

Anonymous 44412

>late 20s
>6 years younger
>hopefully he's 18+
anon lmao retake your maths class

Anonymous 44413

>late 20s
Don't they ALL claim so? wink wink nudge nudge

Anonymous 44414

are you mentally challenged?

Anonymous 44424

I'm over him despite never thinking I would be.

Anonymous 45168


A cute boy followed me on twitter and instagram.

Anonymous 45697

I stopped talking for a couple days with a friend because I get in moods and get too scared to say anything, and she said she missed me! I have no idea why she thinks my company is so pleasant that she misses it, but it made me really happy and I almost cried because I am starved for pleasant social interactions. I hope she really meant it.

Anonymous 46856

My bf gets so excited about fighter jets or games/movies with fighter jets in them and seeing him go into full nerdmode and start excitedly spouting off all this technical jargon makes my heart flutter, I love seeing him get excited.

Anonymous 46932

Why he didnt join the airforce then. He could be making mad bank. If he doesn't makes his kid if he has one join the airforce he failed his own dreams.

Anonymous 46997

They turned him away because of his bum knee but he works at a company that builds fighter jets, so that's almost as good lol.

Anonymous 47002

I got a text from a girl I used to work with out of the blue saying she was thinking of me. It made my day.

Anonymous 47014

>oh, you like cars? How many formula 1 races have you been in then?

Anonymous 47020

I've wanted to do this before when I randomly think of friends but I'm worried it would be unwelcome or come off as creepy.

Anonymous 47041


I got a promotion today which includes better pay and benefits. It feels good to see my hard work pay off.

Anonymous 47418


My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer last year and I was really worried for a long time. Although she had a very good therapy from the beginning and chances were high that these treatments can keep it under control I often feared that I was going to lose her. Today her doctors told her she's cured, of course there will be checkups and whatnot but she's okay. She's okay. :)

Anonymous 47420

I'm happy for you anon!! May your mom stay cancer-free.

Anonymous 47618


Friends… please, if you love yourselves, get yourselves golden retriever type buff himbo normie passing boyfriends with normal wholesome sexuality who will pick you up and carry you around and call their parents every week.

I always dated nerds with low sex drive, obsessive rumination about whether it's right to see me as a sexual being, or straight up broken dicks. I didn't want to be shallow, so I always prioritized intellectual interests over sexual compatibility, health, or sanity lol. But I'm 28 and until now had never literally ever been intimate without shame and worry that there's something wrong with me, since my partners rarely expressed being that excited about my body and didn't seem that invested in maintaining a sex life. I had constant knots in my stomach thinking about their previous partners or whether they had watched so much porn they didn't see me as anything special, and I neurotically sought ways to look hotter and closer to ideal because I thought this was a requirement for being desired, even by the best and kindest man, because that was just in their nature. I almost resigned to the good ol' spinster life because of how miserable these men made me.

My partner now can't keep his hands off me or shut up about how sexy he finds normal things I do and my normal body. He was overjoyed when I let him give me head after I had felt too self-conscious and terrified for that, and got teary when I explained to him that is was hard for me to take off my shirt because he didn't understand what I saw as flaws. Last night we did some unplanned cam stuff (he's away for a while for work reasons, and we are committed enough that it feels safe) and I hadn't shaved my nether regions, so I made a ha-ha-only-serious joke apology for that afterwards. He looked absolutely puzzled and then made sure I knew that this had not made a difference at all and no one sane would expect that always. This made me realize I don't think I ever felt truly wanted or actually loved before.

I know in a sense these are just minimum requirements for a healthy relationship, and for lucky women it's just the default. But if you're like me at all, please drop the autist who never compliments you unless you directly request that, and mechanically asks if you want to have sex on designated calendar days.

Anonymous 47619

>will pick you up and carry you around
oh my god no that sounds like a fucking nightmare

other than that it's pretty neat, almost too-good-to-be-true sounding (i guess it's because i've never been approached by such guys, only nerds or none at all) but i believe you anon
best wishes to you two

Anonymous 47638

Met my dad for the first time. Still intermittently crying thinking about the fact he left everything just so he could be near me and has been keeping up to date on my life for 18 years despite not being allowed to contact me. I honestly thought I'd feel nothing and this would just be an awkward meeting, but it's like I could feel the sheer weight of emotion and love from him and I can't help but be so desperate to reciprocate.

Turns out I have 2 brothers and 3 sisters who just instantly accepted me. My youngest sister even has the same form of albinism as me, which made me feel so different as a kid. Within an hour of meeting my dad's wife, she started planning an extension to the house so I could have a room to stay in.

My mother is not at all affectionate, and this sudden outpouring of unconditional love is just so overwhelming and emotionally exhausting, but in the best way possible.

Anonymous 47642

Oh wow, this must be a really strange thing to experience. I'm really happy for you though, your dad and new extended family sound very sweet.

Anonymous 47660


>obsessive rumination about whether it's right to see me as a sexual being
omg, i thought i was the only one with this experience

Anonymous 47661

ah, the classic Madonna/whore dichotomy typical to the moid brain.

Anonymous 47666

f57 (1).jpg

I don't understand, what is that ?

Anonymous 47669

Anonymous 47670

For some men (mostly dysfunctional in various ways), to respect you enough to want a committed relationship with you, they must see you as a mother figure and/or pure and virginal and good, and neither of these really allows them to see you as sexual or actually desirable. Sexual desire is targeted towards women they wouldn't love or commit to and only see as objects, nowadays probably porn.

Pretty sure a lot of the deeper theorizing around this is bs as always in psych and especially Freud originated topics, but whatever the reasons, this type of behaviour is something you do occasionally see in men. IME especially autist adjacent or otherwise highly nerdy guys seem to suffer from this and it's absolutely miserable and detrimental to your self esteem. You think you're being the perfect girlfriend when you act sweet and caring, but this only reduces how much they physically want you. No matter how hot you are, they'll prefer porn, while still wanting to endlessly cuddle with you and sweet talk and gaze in your eyes but then look away if you get naked and never get really excited about you.

Anonymous 47812


This year is the first year where I’ve had genuinely happy romantic fantasies.

I used to go over scenarios in my head about how any relationship I would undertake would inevitably end because of my needs for space and issues regarding my sexuality. I never connected with any form of romance I saw in media and I never saw any relationships around me that seemed like something I would ever want to replicate. Lately, I’ve managed to start to imagine better outcomes for myself, and it feels nice.

Even if it all comes to nothing, It’s nice that I’ve come to a phase in my self-esteem where I can imagine something good for myself, even if I never get it.

Anonymous 47834

I finally called to catch up with my little brothers and step mum after putting it off for forever! I had to call to see what they all wanted for christmas and their plans. I have such a complex about present giving and it stresses me out so badly that I sometimes leave it til the last minute. Not to mention I don't get to see my brothers often and I find it hard enough talking to children as it is. It was actually a real wholesome conversation and I feel way better about finding something my little brothers will like. They also insisted they come to visit me before christmas since i cant come to see them

Anonymous 48107

It's been a year. I hope this worked out.

Anonymous 48122

I nearly killed myself on Tuesday and backed out last minute. Then on Friday I had a ton of good, life changing luck in one go. I’m super fucking grateful to be alive.

Anonymous 48127

I'm so sorry to hear that you were feeling that low, but what a stroke of luck. That's so great, anon.

Anonymous 48232

Got a response back from an ADHD specialist in my area who is accepting new patients. When he emailed me back he mentioned that, "most of our patients are women your age who were never made aware of how ADD/ADHD impacts women differently than men and who were never shown how best to manage their ADD/ADHD.", it's so hard finding someone who treats adult ADHD and takes that into consideration. I feel so lucky to have found him, because it seems a lot of psychs who aren't specialists don't take that into consideration with neurodivergence in women.

Through him I will be able to get a full evaluation, get counseling, and get all the proper paperwork for accommodations for uni (which I need to attend uni again) and for meds. I am finally in a position where I can afford to do this, I have struggled for so long, and for so many years I didn't know what was wrong with me. I am happy to be on the right path towards helping myself, and work on functioning better in day-to-day life.

Aside from that, a wonderful woman at my church forwarded me a job listing for a receptionist position as a cat veterinary hospital. I had mentioned to her that I was searching for a job, after losing my full time job when the pandemic started, since then I've just been working lots of odd jobs. Hoping to get the receptionist job and be able to have a structured schedule again, it would be so rewarding to work in that type of environment. First time in months things have been looking up for me, don't have anyone else to really share it with but I am happy for the way my life is headed.

Anonymous 48301


got a few scholarships so the upcoming semester is paid for. i'm so damn glad, i was so so so sooooo worried about this bullshit, but now i don't have to worry about this specific thing.

definitely not at all ready to deal with actual people tho so i hope online classes persist until next fall. sorry to everyone that hates them.

Anonymous 48495

i love cuddling so much, there is really no better feeling than having someone hold on to you and play with your hair

i used to think that i would get annoyed if i ever had to share a bed with someone but it's really such a wonderful thing when you get to sleep next to someone youre attracted to. the warmth of another body, the sound of their breathing, and the physical touch is all so lovely, and i miss it so much

Anonymous 48531

Kuzuha is such a cutie

Anonymous 48560

I got a job after having troubles to find one all year due to covid yayayayayayyay

Anonymous 48589

aw grats anon!! i hope it goes well

Anonymous 49190

I got a job, had a stellar time spending the past few days with a good friend, and they left me a bit of weed. I'm gonna make a delicious stir fry and then eat it while stoned

Anonymous 58042


It's been a lovely sunny day so far and people were nice. Good vibes here- good vibes for you anons!
I have a feeling summer will be great.

Anonymous 58269


>wrapped up in blanket
>fan blowing at me in high speed
>watching YouTube videos on laptop
Feeling real cozy.

Anonymous 58312

I love a moid more than anything, wow. Does anyone know this feeling? Is this how relationships are supposed to be?

Anonymous 58334

What do you like about him?

Anonymous 58372

I know it's the cliché answer but I like everything in him. The feeling gets stronger the more I get to know him, even when we already know each other so well. I love that he understands me the most, he gets me, in my essence.

Anonymous 58373


Today is a better day but … The game is a little too calculated, he's eventually going to slip up, that smooth criminal. Anyways, I'm cool for the summer!

Anonymous 58431

I know it's mixed but I cut myself for the first time in a while and all my overbearing negative thoughts are gone. I'm being productive and helping myself today, it's a good start. I want to maintain it.

Anonymous 58477

i have a callback interview this week !! im v nervous and im afraid i wont pass the drug test if they give me one heh but im excited to start potentially makin some cabbage :3

Anonymous 58648

Watching Kylie Minogue Aphrodite concert in London on the tv. It's so beautiful with the costumes, Greek themes and music. She is so sensual. I now understand her popularity in Australia and Europe.

Anonymous 59098


Today I made my bed, ate properly, learned an easy classical piece on piano and worked out. Some place called me back for a job interview next week too. I'm gonna watch Kiki's Delivery Service later tonight with a fresh fruit bowl, and maybe read before bed. I haven't read for leisure in over a year. Depression has always beat my ass during the summer and I know I'll be back to crying in bed all day tomorrow, but today was a small victory.

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