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Lolcow Discussion - Stick to Rule 9 Edition Anonymous 6231

Discuss your thoughts on lolcow.farm, it's direction, what you think of it's moderation and site culture etc.

Anonymous 6233

Has anything changed over there in the past months? I haven't been active on it

Anonymous 6238

Not really, same old shit as it used to be.

Anonymous 6242

I feel like it's too full of people concerned about bashing/nitpicking on physical appearances of said cows, with less of the actual milk itself. I don't want to know if you think someone has shit bone structure, I want to know what they did to maintain their status as a Lolcow, thanks. Praise to the real posters who do the research though, some of those people need a fucking medal.

Anonymous 6248

Thanks, anon.
I stopped browsing lc shortly after cc was made so I didn't stay around so know if the new admin and mods had changed anything.

Anonymous 6257

is anyone else getting timedout?

Society6 6258

It's currently down.

Anonymous 6261

Reeee I hate tempcow. Guess it'll just be crystal.cafe for however long this lasts for

Anonymous 6280

It was fun at first but then everyone seemed to turn into bitchy 16-year-olds who will call you either fat or ana the moment you post something.

Anonymous 6284

I hate that farmers will throw away logical speculations about cows/flakes just because they're positive, I think I might've seen people get banned for positive speculation as well.

Also I feel like many of the targets are just sort of dumb/mentally ill/annoying and not necessarily bad people.

As much as I'm a sucker for drama, lolcow is getting a pretty excessive.

Anonymous 6286

Adding on, the average farmer seems to struggle with insecurity. Even between users the tone is hostile.

Anonymous 6574

Aaaaaaaa I've recently found myself browsing lolcow a lot lately, and I've realized it's really affected my mood. Gossiping/reading about others is really addicting and I enjoy it but it's made me feel really bad about myself lately idk. I like their /ot/ and /g/ but it doesn't as cozy to me. I'm a big fan of their mascot tho

Anonymous 6577

I kinda get this, especially with threads about absolute pieces of shit making bank, when here I am struggling. Feels bad man.

Anonymous 6585

Reason #3932482394 why I can't stand mentally ill insecure people. I don't understand why society expects you to emphasize with those soul sucking retards.

I understand that. Some of the threads were really fun but it gets boring after awhile. IMO gossip about actual celebrities like famous musicians is much more interesting since they live far more exciting lives than some autist cosplaying for bucks online.

Anonymous 6593

Thought police mods and girls angry at everything.

Anonymous 6701

I still check it daily but I feel like it's not as fun as it used to be. Sometimes there's some hilarious milk but it's pretty rare. I also feel like there's too much moderation in general. I look at some of those threads and 95% of the the comments are all sage, even if it's actually relevant information. I know some moderation is needed to help keep raids and robots at bay but they're overdoing it.

Anonymous 6707

unnamed (22).gif

Concerning things not being fun anymore, it's not even lc's fault imo. It's just most ""cows"" are not exposing themselves as much as before I guess. Back in the day people didn't really think that things they post to the public would probably be there forever, and many do now.

I lurked today and it seemed very active. I dunno if today was an exception because I rarely ever check it at this point, but if the cows getting more aware theory is right things will get slower in 1 or 2 years

Mfw I'd have to read 20 threads to catch up on onions drama

Anonymous 6710

I hate how quick people are to take robot bait and get into lengthy arguments. Idk if we have an influx of new users but it seems pretty bad lately. There's a robot in the male envy thread who's getting like 7 replies per post.

Anonymous 6711

I kind of wish we could get rid of male envy and the similar threads altogether. Robots are only attracted to those threads pretty much. Any thread that remotely revolves around men or gender discussions. The thread on sexbots could have been kind of interesting but robots came in there too since it deals with sex and gender relations.

They ruin everything they touch tbh.

Anonymous 6713

i fucking hate the male envy thread. even when people try to bring up good points and defend the fact that certain things are easier for one gender than the other, robots come in and muck it up. i've said it before i always clarify i am talking about average people when i say 'men' and not fucking robot shits, they don't even count as men to me.

Anonymous 6736

Have you guys directly suggested to admin and staff members that you should get rid of the thread? Sometimes people complain about things in threads and comment sections, but don't report them directly - that tends to happen in every forum/chan/website, so sometimes the people who could fix the problem aren't even aware of the complaints. If it's getting out of control maybe locking it for a while would be the best option

Anonymous 6739

Yes. A week ago I posted in /meta/ Complaints and suggested the thread be autosaged but got no response.

Anonymous 6740

it got talked about on discord, but the admins are clearly too busy pruning shitty dying /pt/ threads that rob/ot/ is a containment board now.

Anonymous 6741

also yes, i know it basically was, but it is now just a depository for robots.

Anonymous 6756

the onion thread's are actually pretty interesting sometimes but the thing that pisses me off is that they get so many posts so quickly it becomes impossible for me to keep up sigh
and the second u ask someone to summarize for u they just tell u to check/read the thread, which already has like over 800 posts.
i like how most threads include a summary in the beginning tho, i just wish more popular threads did the same but perhaps in the middle of a thread or something

Anonymous 6786

for some reason they are policing the momo thread heavy today. even though you know, we're trying to report illegal activity. it's turning into /cgl/ fast.

Anonymous 6812

unnamed (10).gif

I've lurked a lot this week and I was overwhelmed by the amount of things I'd have to read. I'm not even a lazy fuck, I just don't have time to go through so many threads anymore. The summaries are very helpful though.
But apparently nothing much has changed in the lives of my favorite irrelevant e-celebs, so whatever. I'll just stay here forever.

I'm so glad I don't have time or motivation to read about some of those people anymore tbh. Especially fucking onion. Seeing his face is enough to make me wanna reeee forever.

Anonymous 6816

Now no one is doing anything and it's being mega spammed.

Mods are asleep or just really lazy from yesterday

Anonymous 6827

I hate how militant they are about "just posting new info" and now you cant even give your opinion even if you sage or some farmhand will come and bitch about it (ie ; onision's thread). They are getting more and more anal about it ffs

Anonymous 6832

I do like lolcow /g/ and /ot/, but the site is down so much.

Anonymous 6843

Is LC still down for you guys? Idk if it's on my end rn

Anonymous 6844

Even the temp site is down. Rather odd but I'm not surprised.

Anonymous 6845

Does anyone know when it will be working again? I'm not in the discord to ask that myself. Thanks

Anonymous 6848


me too, they don't let you discuss anything, its a NO FUN zone. every single time you mention something that isn't onision boring patreon, videos or tweets you get accused of derailing and nitpicking. its so annoying. we can't even make fun of lainey make up anymore because apperantly that's derailing too. and we can't discuss the other ex gfs or sarah either cause its derailing. and we can't do aaanything that isn't calling onision ugly basically. man, i want to make fun on lainey's foot face in peace, let me live.

Anonymous 6849

Temp is back up.


Anonymous 6872

So much this. I don't know if it's a new admin power trip, or what, but but the over-policing and quick bans are getting stupid.

Anonymous 6873

One (of many) of the problems with Lolcow is the sick Beauty standard used to judge girls in both /pt/ and /Snow/.

Girls need to look perfect all the time,

*no expression lines, no eye bags
*V line jaw
*If a girl doesn’t look good because of lighting = real ugly face
*gained weight? = it’s karma for being a bitch
*If the girl is cute = she had plastic surgery / filters / photoshop
*tiny nose and small face are goals

Basically no one is considered pretty there, and some farmers often come up with comments like “If she wasn’t a bitch i wouldn’t be saying this” “it’s her personality what makes her ugly” …. Haha No, you are a bitter bitch who likes to make other girls feel bad about themselves, probably because you feel like shit too.

Anonymous 6881

That's true concerning beauty standards, but unfortunately that's how many (many, not all) women are when they group together to shit talk someone else. It's not a problem that only happens on lc.

Having relative anonymity just allows them to express those thoughts more freely and be harsher with their words.

That was the biggest reason why I almost never go on there anymore; I've came to avoid that type of environment because it made me overly critical and negative towards myself. But tbh it's not lc itself. It's people's behavior, no matter where they are. I'm sure that if that thing was allowed on cc people would eventually do the same thing and nitpick too. It's human, unfortunately.

Anonymous 6882

The bans are getting out of hand tbh. Like, they still ban people who seem to be following the rules. I don't get it.

Anonymous 6883

So basically they're autistic weebs and koreaboos

Shit, I even do that myself. I just don't like the way they do it. they sound like retarded neets.

Anonymous 6884

Dakota thread going off autosage is annoying. It keeps popping up on /snow/ with dumb shit. It's just spam from people who don't understand how contracts work or how anything works.

Also this. They should update the rules because they're just policing threads.

People shit talk other's appearance because it's not something people can change easily. You can change your weight, personality, attitude (or atleast fake it) but you can't change your looks that easily.

Anonymous 6885

I think they can't make up their damned minds what they want the rules to be. You get people being banned for following their OTT rules all the time.

Case in point, I noticed on /ot/ today someone got banned for posting in unpopular opinions and another anon saged asked why they were banned, if was for necromancy. Ok fine, but then you get them bitching at other people for not using the the catalog and making a new thread.

Wtf do you want them to do? Make a new thread or contribute content to an old thread and necro it?? If the reason they were banned was because of no sage, then how the hell do they expect old threads to get used?

Anonymous 6886

Yeah, I saw that. Who knows? It seems like there are "secret" rules or something.

Anonymous 6887

Can someone point out in the rules where it says "no necroing a thread" because I just looked and didn't see it at all.

Anonymous 6892

I don't think it's actually stated anywhere. I've seen them do it when someone comments on an old /pt/ or /snow/ thread without any milk to add, which I can understand. I think it just shows even more how they don't know what the fuck they want out of the site. Nonsense bans/over-policing.

Anonymous 6900

Dakota's thread is now derailed with the usual "Ostrengas are here!" and an anon wants now to make it about people who defend Dakota as well.

Anon is now asking Farmhands to have Tay's thread back after it was mentioned that Taylor's and Dakota's thread are auto saged.

Why is that person acting like she has special rights there?

Anonymous 6901

But it isn't normal that people who don't want to be like and have valid points that get banned or hunted for "whiteknighting" while people who are incredibly toxic can sperg all over the site. It's supossed to be a site for discussion not for destroying / punishing people for the rest of their lives

Anonymous 6903

Agree. The site culture has gotten to a degree where the toxicity makes it not fun. You get shit on if you don't join in and agree with everything vile that everyone else says.

Especially the people griping about admins/mods power tripping in Moo's thread. Anons can personally report/do whatever, but the rule that cowtipping is a subrule of is "Don't harass subjects," which some clearly are doing.

Anonymous 6904

to be fair, they were banning people for mentioning tay in the gaijin thread despite tay's thread being autosaged.

Anonymous 6905

my issue with the moo thread is that people have literally been doing that stuff for weeks, and the mod bitching about posting moo's mom and mentioning people from kf were bugging her. that's not attacking people at all.

Anonymous 6907

Mostly newbies in Moo's thread need to learning to fucking sage. Having mods say something before would have been nice, but people would cry about it.

Anonymous 6908

Did you guys see someone just get banned for 'necroing' the raven thread? Wtf, this is not good modding, lock the thread and post about where to go.

Anonymous 6909

why should users be spoonfed? they can use the damn catalog if they dont want a ban

Anonymous 6910

Lol no, they "necroed" the most recent thread which wasn't locked for some reason.

Anonymous 6912

Farmhand banned people for making comment about Tay haters in lolcow after warning people, to avoid infighting from that point I suppose.

However, I think that if they really want to avoid that issue then they should ban the anon who always tries to discuss about Taylor there.

Anonymous 6914

>I think they can't make up their damned minds what they want the rules to be.

I think this is one of the biggest problems with lolcow and I've been feeling it for years. It bugs me how users feel entitled to try and push their expectations on others at this point, instead of learning how to blend in. Too late to fix, imo. Whatever culture existed seems dead and gone.

Anonymous 6925


Old threads rarely get locked because users are usually not too blind to see the multiple large warnings saying they're full soon.

Also, you mean this post? How is adding absolutely nothing to a thread that's been dead for a month not necroing, especially when there's an active thread linked just a few posts before that?

Anonymous 6926

I think the main problem with lolcow is the users. Moderation fucks up occasionally but I think that's part of the bigger issue - newfags refusing to blend in and hijacking threads while whining about the rules. The last admin's era brought newfag guides, the thread limit warnings, thread making guides, attempts at reigning in the derailing through the discord server and the chat box (which users literally asked for until it was made and they complained until it was removed again), a complete re-write of the rules to make them more cohesive, all of which are symptoms of too many new users coming in and being too dumb to use lolcow or read up on the provided links to help blend in. It got too popular for its own good tbh. Everyone wants to give their 2 cents, so opinions fill up threads more than actual milk and it's hard to draw a line.

Anonymous 6934

the influx of newfags is a huge issue. it's like endless summer on there now.

slightly related but i've been getting really annoyed lately by people who seem like newfags pretending to be oldfags. they keep responding to obvious newfags telling them to sage their posts, but the newfags actually did already so it just makes them look stupid.

Anonymous 6950

Some farmers are nitpicking to much on the appearance of cows and snowflakes. I also think that some snowflakes don't need to have a thread like Jill for example. There isn't a lot of drama with her and farmers are only complaining about her appearance.

Anonymous 6958

i have to agree here. when jill first made her 'jfashion' (not sure how that's possible since she's not japanese) threads made sense, because people were actually talking about 'party kei' and her whole 'lolitas are supposed to be lovelies phase. now it's just "OHMAGAWD HER HAIR IS SO UGLY, HER CLOTHES R UGLY, SHE LOOKED CUTE IN LOLIIITA!!!" and that's literally it.

we get it, her stupid style is ugly, it's been known for 2 years now, there's no milk.

same with the koot thread. people just keep commenting on how ugly and fat she is and 'how does she still get work?' they don't get that she had a contract, and that jmags shoop literally everyone, and that she's still being gawked at. she's not interesting anymore at all.

yumi king threads are boring as well, they have been for months since she stopped doing cringy DIYs, her and splenda's marriage vid was sad, but it's not the same cringe.

sage for thread rants.

Anonymous 6970


Lolcow is down, again. Their host is pretty shitty, I reckon.

Anonymous 6973

Seriously wtf is going on

it was never this bad before

Anonymous 6974

Have they mentioned when it'll be working normally again?

Anonymous 6988

I think they mentioned that they are going to be looking for a new host/provider (or whatever it's called) due to all the shutdowns lately.

Also what's your guys opinion on Tempcow? It's basically the unorganized, less moderated version of lolcow that was created when the site was down but now a lot of the excess Onion material goes there due to the lolcow onion thread being filled up too fast. I like that it's getting more of a specified use but I don't rly like the layout design of the site so i never check it out

Anonymous 7002

Can anyone tell me why Dakota's thread isn't on auto sage anymore? (Besides no real miruku and the obvious fact it's cancerous for all types of reasons)
I wanted to ask that there but the last posts in the thread are accusations of samefagging and other complaints, so I don't want to post my question there and make people reeeee.

I think many other threads should be put on auto sage. Also why is Margo still in /pt/? She is completely irrelevant at this point and should go to /snow/ imo.

Anonymous 7006

cause the mods are trash, anon.

Anonymous 7024

different anons have complained about the thread in general and pointed out many times that there’s someone very arrogant (sounds a lot like a spergelic) that hates Dakota and gets salty when anons criticizes her opinions and posts and also targets the anons who “defend” Dakota.

Anonymous 7033

Ahhh spergelics. One of the first reasons that place stopped being fun tbh. You couldn't criticize anything Venus did or said anymore because it was always Margo's fault, even after a year being married. Wtf. Good to know they're now leaking in other threads.

Anonymous 7035

My God this, t b h I prefer kiwifarms for my milk since they focused on actual drama and not pointless nitpicking

Anonymous 7037

I agree with pretty much everything that's been said here. lc used to be a casual, fun way to lurk the lives of narcissistic human disasters and feel better about my own life but so many factors have turned the site to shit. obviously the hosting/ tech issues suck, tempcow is useless, and people are terrible on ALL sides with mods either not doing enough or overbanning, newfags not integrating or knowing when to comment, and especially the older farmers acting like mini mods with "sage your shit" every goddamn ten seconds, or derailing over petty shit.

also the milk in general just seems so dry and nonexistant? at least with every cow or snowflake i used to follow. vicky and kiki/kota are still living in their deluded fantasy lands but there's nothing actually happening, toopoor/instahoes are dead, kenna is dead, bree's dead, snoozy is boring, no one cares about nicole or her calves, luna's threads move at a slightly faster rate but nothing's actually happening aside from the same old drugged up grime. jill is kind of a guilty pleasure i still visit sorta regularly despite her not even being a cow, but goddamn do people nitpick shit that doesn't matter, like we GET it she's lazy and spoiled, i'm just there for the casual cringe factor but the farmers are actually almost making me feel bad for her.

the only exception are onion threads which i literally have been behind on the drama surrounding him since early 2017, i gave up because the threads were going WAY too fast for people with lives outside of the internet and it was impossible to keep up with, seems like it still is even though his drama appears to be getting less and less interesting. people were always like "read the past threads morons" as if i could be assed to go through ten thousand of the same exact comments repeated because everyone wants to hear themselves talk. just call me when he gets jailed at this point

but hey, at least the impending death of my favorite site to be a chismosa on will maybe mean less time wasted procrastinating/ distracting myself and i'll have more reason to focus my attention on my own actual life!

Anonymous 7040

agreed. sometimes when I'm bored I try to check out a new thread but it's literally the same shit spewed out everytime in just different ways.
jill thread and onison thread r definitely my guilty pleasures, and the onison thread has slowed down a lot since they moved some of the discussion to tempcow.

Anonymous 7052

I wish they'd do something about the anons who just keep posting links instead of screencaps. I understand if you can't post a video since it needs to be downloaded and reuploaded, but not being able to post a fucking screenshot? Really? The mods also don't give a shit about that.

Anonymous 7058

i am getting so fucking tired of anons saying to 'sage' posts that area already saged. like wtf, and most of -those- comments aren't saged. why aren't they getting banned?

Anonymous 7059

I've seen people taking screenshots of just what's best for them, or in an attempt to make the person they hate look bad. It's always good to have the link to judge for yourself. Also, some links contain a lot of information and pictures so it's better if you just post the link.

Anonymous 7060

I have noticed a lot of cow tipping on twitter, instagram and other sites. they use lolcow tags, links etc. you can tell who did it because they take screenshots and use the same stuff from the fake accounts they create.

Anonymous 7066

Ya, the auto archive is there for a reason (for when things inevitably get deleted).

Worse are the people referring to things without screenshots or links at all.

Anonymous 7068

This. Someone told me to post a screenshot instead of a link for an article (maybe the same miner ITT lol). Just click the damn link

Anonymous 7087

can't it be both?

screenshots are important because it saves time. i think it's a good rule of thumb to put in a milky screenshot and add the link AND mention it's for like archival purposes.

Anonymous 7097


same anon but shit, the milk came back in a way but in a morbid sense….. between luna's ex committing suicide and lil peep overdosing within days of each other, lurking threads feels way too heavy now and i actually genuinely feel bad for both luna and layla. their exes died way too young and in really fucked up ways

Anonymous 7112

I feel like the Admins have been so hands-off compared to the first one. And moderation on /ot/ and /g/ is a joke, which is disappointing because I spend more time there than /pt/ and /snow/

Anonymous 7116

what made me hate lolcow even more was the anons that sperged on the too poor thread. Lil peep died and it came as a shock to everyone. While anons were mourning and felt empathy for Layla some annoying ass anons came there with the usual "stop deraling newfags" "sage this shit" etc… Lolcow has become 99% whiny bitches trying to moderate every thread because they're self-proclaimed oldfags.

Anonymous 7119

i'm posting this here rather than lc for obvious reasons, sorry for ot but holy fuck. i thought you meant her ex who was in jail. i knew this person on a personal level and i'm in complete shock. tai was so sweet and kind and caring, and has helped build up so many people suffering from chronic illnesses. i can't fucking believe this, i feel numb.
tai had so much compassion and support to give vulnerable people. i'm angry at myself for falling out of touch because i could have tried to help offer some support in kind. no one deserves to die so young. this is absolutely brutal… fuck. i don't know how to feel

Anonymous 7123

It sort of annoys me we need to use the tempcow now to talk about onision things out of the onision thread.

Anonymous 7125

yeah that was really irritating, some of these elitists don't realize how fucking spergy they are and they need to maybe leave the computer every now and then. i think it's pretty ironic that so much infighting and derailing in general is BECAUSE of these same anons complaining about everyone else derailing, and they drag it on and make it worse. in this case it was especially uncalled for, like with the majority of what i've seen in the media surrounding peep's death, even people who hated his music or thought he was an idiot or whatever are sending their condolences/ having some respect, and are genuinely sad because he was a young ass kid and the manner and events of his death are shocking enough to have warranted the reaction that it did. it's not derailing when someone dies and people are obviously going to talk, but anons were trying to turn a soundclout thread on a gossip board into mental health discourse and i'm glad the actual mods autosaged it for now so that people actually affected by this can discuss shit freely and oldfags aren't triggered as much

i'm really sorry to hear that anon, i can't imagine how you feel but i always got that vibe from them too and i'm glad they were a positive influence on some level. like of course it wasn't the other sacks of shit luna has dated, it seems like it's always the decent/ genuine people that suffer.
i feel like a culmination of all this death and other terrible shit happening recently around everything i've regularly lurked or been a part of has got me all weird and introspective and idk how to feel either

Anonymous 7151

I had it out with them. Venus is as spiteful as marge. Plus I think they are lying about venus age.

The himeka thread is filled with jealous (trans)women. I dont understand. They befriend her and then go lc to call her a bum for the millionth time. Thats not milk. Then threads like blair and jaclyn are white-knighted. Whats the point of lc.

Anonymous 7152

Are moo's threads worth reading or is it 98% of opinions on her weight/face/etc? They grow so fast. Whenever I lurk there's two or three new threads. I'm not familiar with her so I've always wondered that.

Anonymous 7153

There's a tiny bit of milk there, but not really worth to go through 38 threads because the majority is still: "she's fat", "shitty cosplay", "no moo you're not that famous", "lewds", nitpicking on her face/body/shoots and basically shitting on everything she does.

Anonymous 7167

the only thing happening is moo acting like every other lewd cosplayer and anons sperging about her weight. Honestly, why is she even in /pt/ ??

Anonymous 7169

>>why is she even in /pt/?
People would get super mad if they sent her to /snow/. Her threads are so popular

Anonymous 7173

There was a time when she would sperg enough herself to actually warrant a position in /pt/. She started off in /snow/ and was moved. The milks drying up though. A lot of anons seem to cling on her photoshopping and "my dudes" reactions but it's honestly not that milky. We all know she's a selfish liar and she's way fatter than she tries to let on. Not /pt/-worthy anymore.

Anonymous 7201

When I get into an argument with an anon I sometimes wonder if I'm secretly arguing with one of the mods or even the admin. Does anyone else think this or am I a paranoid weirdo? lol

Anonymous 7202

Hmmm I've never thought of this until now. thx for making me paranoid It does seem that the users who do end up in arguments are put out the pasture fairly quick tho

Anonymous 7204

I think they can turn off the name tag and I think it would be odd for them to never post, just lurk?

Anonymous 7209

Yeah, there's nothing wrong if they want to post too, of course. The only wrong thing would be taking advantage of being an admin or mod to ban anyone who disagrees with them, but I highly doubt they do that.

Anonymous 7216

>Does anyone else think this or am I a paranoid weirdo? lol
No, no at all, they are biased and ban people they personally dislike or disagree with, it's not so complicated to find an excuse.

Anonymous 7217

Posting is ok, PULL mods do it all the time.
>The only wrong thing would be taking advantage of being an admin or mod … but I highly doubt they do that.
Don't be naive, miner. You can see the abrupt changes in moderation every time a new admin and team arrives.

When Regina came in, her team was much calmer than the previous one and /snow/ was not so salty because she saged many threads.

Now that new farmhands arrived /snow/ is a mess again, coincidence? nah

Anonymous 7218

Regina was an asshat though. The new mods are doing far too much obvious cherrypicking and on top of that there's an obvious influx of total morons.

Anonymous 7222

Unpopular opinion: every admin is an asshat, OG escaped into exile and steered from the shadows and we didn't have 2nd admin long enough for anything major to break. Anyone who spends that much time and effort on a gossip site has to have something wrong with them. The new admin seems chill so far but really absent.

Anonymous 7225

I only ever used /snow/ for one thread, which eventually dried up as it transferred to GG.

Nowadays I only browse /g/ and /ot/. Some of the threads are well-deserved, but I agree with other anons who say there's a lot of unnecessary bitching and nitpicking. I'm glad we have crystal.cafe because /g/ is quiet.

Anonymous 7243

You can tell most of the users these days are newfags because every thread nowadays has users who put in an email address or namefag, don't know what sage means, use "samefag" excessively when they refer to themselves doubleposting ("samefag but…"), referring to admin as "admins" when there only is one, yelling "MOOOODS" instead of reporting, taking every single bait etc

Anonymous 7244

The samefag and sage thing bother me (but not to the point where I'd try to call someone out). How hard can it be to read the rules?? I'm pretty sure there are also explanations on what sage and samefag mean.

Anonymous 7284

Question - are there lolcow boards that were retired or are secret or something? I was reading an old thread and found a reference to /sty/ and saw that it was an actual board that just doesn't aper on the list o boards at the top. How many of those are there?

Anonymous 7287

You can still access them. Idk if there's any others besides cream and sty though. I don't think so.

Anonymous 7291

I'm a little surprised those are still available. I thought both of them were great to put exceptional posts and major shit posts; all of it entertaining. Does the new regime even know about any of it?

Anonymous 7292

Yeah idk if it's moderated. I wouldn't be too surprised if they dont really know/think about it. The mods seem like huge newfags, apparently they didn't even know about the "implying I'm not a 9/10" copypasta

Anonymous 7293

Not hating but you're probably a newfag if you didn't know sty was an actual board.

Anonymous 7295

Sure, and that's relevant how?

Anonymous 7298

If you read the thread you're going to find out lcs current newfags are one of the reasons why the place has gone to shit, so it's relevant.

Anonymous 7300

Can y'all stop with this gatekeeping bullshit? Who cares if they're new, at least they're asking questions

Anonymous 7306

Nobody cares about people being new, it's about how they don't read rules and don't care to follow them.

Anonymous 7307

/ot/ and /g/ are full of some of the worst women on the internet. bitter and man-hating for no reason. you have shit taste.

Anonymous 7314

Artfags in moo's thread are driving me up a fucking wall.

Anonymous 7319

/int/ is so fucking inactive, why is it even still up? anons post maybe every 3 days, IF THAT. fucking hell admin needs to delete that shit already.

Anonymous 7320


Tell me about it. At least it was kinda funny for me to see that anon going like "IMMA DO THIS 10X BETTER CAUSE I AM ACTUALLY AN ANIME ARTIST" and then showing up with that drawing. Mind you, I actually thought it was okay, but not for the amount of bragging that anon did. kek.

Anonymous 7325

I noticed the 1st drawanon got very salty (salty enough to post a finished DA work then delete it) but I got ruffled when the 2nd anon looked at the thread and thought 'hey i should post something too' like, why?

Anonymous 7328

Why are farmers up archive anon's ass? Male user comes to lolcow, starts big archival project, offers to host lolcow entirely, "didn't even know about Billie until a month ago". So a newfag male trying to get attention by mirroring videos which we've been doing fine with manually. AND wants to host lc. Red flags everywhere.

Anonymous 7329

Why did he even have to say he's male in the first place lol

Anonymous 7332

What thread is this posted in? or did this happen in the discord? that sounds..shady

Anonymous 7333

Started up in tempcow when he offered to host lolcow in the future to avoid more downtimes. I don't think Admin would give lolcow to a random anon instead of hiring a business tbh. Sounds too similar to Null trying to take over lolcow by offering email servers and hosting. Not saying it's him but definitely a similarly shady autist. Next thing I know of he had started his video archive and was constantly bragging in tempcow threads and Onision threads about his work. He posts at least twice per video now. I'm just waiting for this to blow up when he realizes lolcow users wouldn't want another male staff member.

Anonymous 7334

Oh and he made a big deal in the tempcow thread about someone from Puyallup (Greg's location) 'hammering' his server until he backpedaled and said someone from there was just actively watching a bunch of videos.

Anonymous 7357

I feel bad for the girls who have been criticized in PULL and LC for years as if they had committed some kind of atrocious crime and it's really delusional to justify all that hatred by saying "They are a bad example", "they were rude in the past" to whom exactly? people who were rude or shitty to them too?

Anons lie, exaggerate and invent gossips all the time as well, its really petty tbh.

Some people actually like the girls there but are scared to speak openly because there's are very dedicated girls with an excessive hatred who can't stop pretending that all their opinions and "research" about these girls is the TRUTH and that is relevant to the history of the internet, it's not.

You can find many opinions about those sites out there, most people find it despicable.

Anonymous 7359

this is the wrong thread, friend.

Anonymous 7361

Nah, this is the right place and thread, check comments again. Here miners can express themselves as much as they want about what they feel about lc, because it's not a secret that is toxic and full of lies too.

Anonymous 7362

uh…no. talking about how evil sites like pull and lc are toxic and full of meanies adds nothing to the thread, which is about you know, actual thoughts on the site itself and not just the concept of drama sites like that. i suggest going to the vent thread or something.

Anonymous 7365

Your attempt to invalidate my opinion is useless, many anons have expressed similar feelings and thoughts and if you look at the description it clearly says

>Discuss your thoughts on lolcow.farm"

>it's direction
>what you think of it's moderation >and
>site culture


So it's not just about what YOU specifically expect to read here, so do not come to tell me what I have to say or do.
I suggest you stop being so arrogant and respect people's opinions.

Anonymous 7367

Not that anon, but calm down. If anyone's being arrogant it's -you-. You came into a thread meant mainly for the site's users to air out issues and discuss how the site functions only to complain about the site in general as a concept. No one else has been doing that. Your post by itself would be arrogant if people were even discussing the morality of these kinds of hate sites. It's not about being a secret, but you seem to be the one being direspectful. I'm agreeing that you should move a different thread for this kind of narrative.

Anonymous 7372

You're getting dogpiled because you posted this where users of lc are hanging out but I just wanted to say I agree with you. Gossip is cruel and the fact that it's on an anonymous imageboard where anyone can access it instantaneously 24/7 amplifies it into an obsessive hobby for some people.

Anonymous 7373

I'm not OP, and I already said everything I had to say on the issue in the first lc thread we had. But I just want to say that even though I do agree with you, my main problem right now is with the amount of people who seem absolutely fucking obsessed with certain cows to the point they would either skin them alive and wear their skins or shoot them in the head if they could. Yeah, you had one or two like that popping up in a thread every now and then a couple years ago as well, but currently I feel like most of them are batshit obsessed and addicted to alogging? Maybe it's not the truth, and just my perspective, or maybe a consequence of the latest batch of newfags, but that has been bothering me.

Anonymous 7386

Anonymous 7411

Oh wow, I completely forgot manure. Thanks! I wonder why those boards weren't nuked.

Anonymous 7439

can't believe how much shitposting the mods allow to stay

there's a thread in /ot/ right now: "tips for punching women". the guy got banned but for some inexplicable reason they kept the thread unlocked. do they actually think decent discussion will come out of it??

Anonymous 7440

I wish posters like that would fuck off and stay fucked off. I feel like every few weeks there's an influx of robots and general assholes and it takes a few days to get all of them out, but only after they've projectile vomited their misogyny all over certain threads.

Obviously there isn't much anyone can do to prevent them showing up, I just wish there was.

Anonymous 7448

I'm the anon that made the long post about self defense. I honestly thought the first line was a typo and that the op was looking for advice of avoiding rape/attacks.

I'm glad they kept it tbh. I think they were hoping for something positive to come out of it. The fact that the op was banned shows that they're not going to stand for those kind of posts but turning it into something positive shows that we're not going to let silly little trolls bother us. I think the posts about self defense below it display that there's a need to educate women/girls on how to protect themselves and if anything, that op post just helps encourage more to do just that.

Learn to kick people like that op in the balls! :)

Anonymous 7449

Having come here from somewhere else, it's kinda like something so sweet and pure, I have a hard time seeing why anyone would want to try to ruin it. It's like a peaceful lovely grassy field in comparison to a lot of places!

Also liver shot, hit the liver even decently hard and anybody will go down, guranteed!

Anonymous 7451

Ah good times. I remember moving a lot of shit to /manure/ back when I was a janitor. It was a good spot to move obvious bait and still allow farmers to sperg out on them since it didn't really affect the regular flow. I know a lot of people had mixed feelings on /sty/ but when we started getting a huge influx of shitposters I thought it was a good board for that sort of thing.

I think this is the right attitude to have. There have been a few bait threads that turned into something more positive or spurred on some actual discussion instead of infighting.

Anonymous 7508

I think Venus threads should be locked and banned for a while, for both parties: one side feels like people are making her thread a fan thread (which is true imo because no criticism is ever well received whatsoever) and the other side can be very petty as well, making things absolutely ridiculous. Things are not actively milky, so why not just lock that shit until real drama happens?

I'd probably be considered a ~hater~ if anything, but honestly it's not fun anymore since she doesn't have any drama going on, or doesn't act cow worthy.

Saying this here to get to know your opinions, and because I don't really post on lc that much anymore.

Anonymous 7510

Also, even koots is more interesting than Venus at this point and she's not even really milky, it's just a bunch of crazy shoops. There are actually many threads that should be locked for good, but I understand many people would reeeee.

Anonymous 7527

I think there will always be bad/stupid/petty/unfortunate comments, which I think are easy to ignore if they do not come from very dedicated (or repetitive) users, like spergelics' posts. There's a spergelic who gets very aggressive when people say something negative about Venus, even though anons have explained that no one really hates her, lc =/= spergelic's safe zone, not a fan club etc. Oddly, spergelic hates Dakota.

Anonymous 7528

Speaking of spergs, there's someone constantly trying to tell people to sage and raging for no reason. It's honestly getting annoying, it's not a big deal if a topic gets bumped here and there. They even started derailing the dumdolly thread lol

Anonymous 7529

are you kidding? there's a huge influx of newfags who won't sage. on top of that you realize posts will go autosage if enough of that happens right? i get that seeing people 'reeeee sage!' over and over again is annoying, but did it occur to you that it's happening on like every thread?

Anonymous 7530

Uh oh, seems like you angered the beast!

Anonymous 7531

I have seen that too, "reee sageee your shit!", "reeee stop sperging (ironic)" lol

Anonymous 7532

Honestly I think that's an exaggeration.

Anonymous 7533

ok I'm reading Venus' thread..
Anons are talking about Venus not uploading videos as usual and there's more of the usual in-fighting. Now that I think about it, this seems like just another tactic to keep people from talking about her.

But don't get me wrong, I wouldn't mind if several threads in / snow / were removed/banned.

Anonymous 7534

Yeah, honestly I think people tend to overdo saging, sometimes I'll see people posting relevant/funny information and still sage

Anonymous 7537

Maybe I'll be called a gatekeeper too but the recent newfags are really a pain in the ass. I don't want to repeat everything that has already been said here, but holy shit… I've lurked more the last few days than I ever did the last six months or so, and can understand why people are getting annoyed. They can't integrate, pretend they're oldfags even though can hardly understand how the place works (no saging, telling people who sage when they did, telling people to report posts for no fucking reason like wahhh I don't like this, or something)

Anonymous 7540

Lol yeah I think anon really angered the beast ^^

Anonymous 7543

You can see them miles away. And I do agree that it's annoying, but It's a farmhands job to tell people to quit the shit, not some random user(s).

Now if farmhands would actually do that job, well, I guess we can only dream.

Anonymous 7670

anyone else feels like robots live in /ot/ and ruin all the fun off it? like some of the shit on that melanie thread man, i can just tell that whoever is typing is a sweaty dude angry that "women control everything and literally all rape accusations are false!". can't stand that place. super mean spirited for no reason.

i also think Jill and Mariah haven't done anything outrageously bad to deserve the daily vitriol honestly. i mean, onision has made some genuenly disturbing things and i understand the obsession people have with him. but Jill? Mariah? They do shitty cosplays? "Uhhh they used the wrong colored contact for this anime girl ohh nooo"? idgi. there are other cosplayers girls that legit haven't done anything remotely interesting, but i can't even be bothered to read their threads and post their names. its so repetitive. its just calling them ugly and posting twitter screenshots like… okay? at least onision has breakdowns on streams ijs

Anonymous 7671

I don't understand Aly threads. It's mostly just picking apart her typing, which, come on, English is her second language, saying "hairs" instead of "hair" is how Italians do it. Broken English and Emojis isn't milk. Same with Margaret, I don't get why Farmers make fun of her for saying Venus the way Europeans pronounce it instead of the anglicized "Vinass".

Jill at least has a big social media presence and does cringy shit sometimes, but her threads could have 1/10th the comments and it'd be enough. Everything else seems to be nitpicking.

Anonymous 7674

I can't even post in the Mariah thread without being banned, apparently not completely shitting on her makes people sperg out and report for "off topic." I'll be the one singled out for a ban despite other people repeatedly posting and replying to off topic shit. The ban is always "unspecified reason" of course. I think a farmhand has it out for her, I've noticed one of them constantly refreshes that thread because bans and warnings are issued within less than 5 minutes.

I've never seen a thread so over modded in my whole time on that site. I'm hiding it from now on.

Anonymous 7675

tbh I feel like momo farmers are the angriest / most protective farmers and probably just report the shit out of anyone who disagrees with them

Anonymous 7677

Jill, I really don't know much about her. She is young, likes fashion and is a bit eccentric, and is obsessed with Japan. Woah, that's like 80% of every other girl in snow at this point. She's harmless compared to many other disgusting people you can find in /snow/. I don't think she's nearly as bad as other snowflakes there. And yeah, Moo is bad and all, and I'd never have her as a friend but to be really honest I think what really bothers people is that Mariah is fat, but doesn't own it (PS), and makes money out of her fat body; I've always thought that bothered at least a handful of farmers because how dare this fat chick make money like that while ruining muh precious favorite videogame/anime character?
It's ridiculous.

Recently I saw someone get a lot of shit for calling people out on getting so pissy because of Mariah cosplaying their favorite characters. They sperged out so much they just proved that anons point. I stopped following the drama after a mod gave them a warning, I don't know if it kept going or not.

If anyone knows how to pronounce Venus' name then it's her mother. Your mom can name you Shit but say Shit should be pronounced as Sandy, and that's it. You're Sandy.

Anonymous 7699

I think onion boy's the worst.
They WORSHIP onion's past gfs, like to the extent to which you cant talk bad(aka: the truth) about them without being called a troll or onion himself.

Anonymous 7726

Oh yes, THAT. Or anyone who ever said anything against a cow, they all get praised and become untouchables. I don't know if you guys remember how SR was praised for days because of his videos on onion. Ironic, I know.

Anonymous 7727

Yeah that pisses me off. When Billie was with Onion, people were calling her "crusty" and ugly. Now that she's gone, suddenly she's "beautiful" and "talented". All of the exes are treated like they were mentally ill for getting involved with Onion but simultaneously untouchable now that they've moved on. I know lc isn't a hivemind and that expecting everyone to have the same opinion is impossible but it becomes annoying when people are calling for bans and ranting about "Billie haterzzzz" which does more to derail the thread than discourage people.

It's also really hypocritical when people freak out over the exes being criticised and claim it's derailing but posting pics of Billie smoking weed and selfies somehow isn't.

Anonymous 7728

Billie is not relevant at all anymore, she shouldn't even be mentioned anymore. Wtf. I'm far behind on onion so I had no idea they post pictures of her smoking pot. That's so stupid.

Anonymous 7729

I hate seeing the artist threads. The bad art ones are funny, but what's annoying are the people who do nothing but complain about youtube/efame artists. Almost all the posts are sour grape-tier whining about not having the same number of copic markers or tablets that these people have. If it bothers them so much they could use the time complaining to either draw or post their work online in a similar manner.

Anonymous 7730

don't forget there is tons of personal army shit that goes on.

Anonymous 7742

>All of the exes are treated like they were mentally ill for getting involved with Onion but simultaneously untouchable now that they've moved on.


There is no grayscale in lolcow, black-and-white thinking is something very typical of people addicted to drama.

Anonymous 7758

So I went and I looked at it (seeing as it keeps coming up here) and I don't really get it, can someone explain it to me a bit?

As best I can make out, it's just a chan dedicated to talking shit about e-celebs, most of whom appear to be mentally ill. Is that really all it is, or am I missing something?

Anonymous 7767

I guess that's really it to sum things up. Not all of them are mentally ill though, but yeah.

Anonymous 7796


>Not all of them are mentally ill though

Anonymous 7799

you're basically correct. it's mostly for really dramatic(pt) or cringy(snow) e-celebs just to follow their drama. usually the drama ends up fizzling out, but farmers(lolcow's users) get super obsessed and end up following and criticizing their every move which leads to boring petty threads that are filled with obsessive girls who act lowkey jealous or defend whoever it is.

Anonymous 7800

What's going on with the Ostrengas' threads? Kiki has been gone for months, Dakota isn't doing much, Why is there a sudden hatred lately? there is someone constantly bumping their threads with random or ancient dramu lately.

Anonymous 7801

There are anons who are pointing this out in their threads too, I don't understand why these last days are getting more hate than usual, Is it because the Ostrengas copyclaimed the videos of the anon (Mushroom in PULL) who uploaded their old videos to youtube? they also managed to get YouTube to eliminate this person's channel.

Anonymous 7805

It's true, not all of them are mentally ill. Being an attention whore/shitty person doesn't equal mental illness just by itself.

Anonymous 7806

The shoeonhead thread was the last decent one on the site and now its degraded into people talking about how june is "shapeless" "getting chubby" "only eats junk" "looks old". It is boring to read those milkless nitpicks over and over again, especially when its blatantly not true.

Anonymous 7807

They are lolCOWS for a reason. Please tell me which one of them is not mentally ill

Anonymous 7808


I started going there around 2015. Granted, there are threads about genuinely terrible people, but many began to come off as vendetta/nitpicky and if you point out a nitpick you are told that the point of the place is to do just that. Many "cows" on there don't supply milk and often times it comes off as if anons are jealous that someone else hit the weeb jackpot that they wish they had (Venus getting a Japanese husband and living in Japan, Cosfamous girls, etc.). Again, if you point that out then everyone gets pearl clutchy about how there isn't anything to be jealous of, but much of the original userbase of that community is derived from /cgl/ and staminarose and those girls are well known for being envious and malicious.

I'm no saint. I won't act as though I never lurked or contributed because I did start a few (now long since dead) threads myself that garnered a lot of posts, but its cumbersome to be surrounded by people who constantly want to talk shit and nothing else. It makes me sad that /g/ and /ot/ are so slow. Nobody wants to make friends over there because they know that the moment they slip up, they'll end up with a thread of their own for having stretch marks, acne, nasolabial folds, or something else trivial.

Anonymous 7811

So if someone gets posted they're automatically mentally ill? wtf. Mental illness =/= shittiness or serves as an excuse for it.

Anonymous 7826

Not all of them are mentally ill. Also, they aren't "cows" / "flakes", calling people like that is very dehumanizing.

Anonymous 7827

Are the Jvloggers mentally ill?
Beckii Cruel? Abi? Kelly? Himezawa?

I'd dare to put more names on this list but I don't want to wake up the beasts.

Anonymous 7829

You just summed up the whole site. I've been trying to lurk less often, it's made me feel really guilty lately. Maybe I'm just becoming a pussy but goddamn, feels bad man.

Anonymous 7831

Lel @ the people taking that obvious bait in shingles thread. idk if those are just newfags or if people are suspicious since she once tried to whiteknight herself there, but that needs to stop right away.

Anonymous 7834

Same anon you replied to here.
I don't think that you're a pussy. We all gossip, we've all had somebody we've disliked intensely or even hated, we've all talked shit or at the very least indulged in other people doing so for our own amusement. However, after a certain period of time goes by one starts to realize that its a cycle of negativity. The milk has either dried up or the person in question goes from the outrageous village idiot to a sad former shell of a human being and then you just start to pity them. There's quite a few farmers that I've seen openly wish that some cows would just better themselves and some are a bit more hateful.

Like I mentioned earlier, I am no saint. I made threads about people who genuinely irked me because I felt personally slighted by them gentrifying my innocent hobby.

Anonymous 7869


Is anyone else having problems too?

Anonymous 7870

Anonymous 7874

Anonymous 7878

Every time I look at lolcord I just feel sad. I think it's just a mistake and should just be gotten rid of. It just seems to have harmed lolcow more than helped it.

Anonymous 7879

i agree here. it's a mess. i keep muting it and unmuting hoping it's gotten better but…

Anonymous 7880

What happens there? I joined right when Regina started one, but would never say anything so I left soon after.

Anonymous 7881

Looks like the site is having issues again

Anonymous 7882

The first one died off toward the end and another one was made but it's only active whenever someone starts a shitstorm with another user. Now it's about as active as the old one in its demise.

Also lol is that the real Kopyboat in there?

Anonymous 7906

I feel the same way. Kind of silly, but I'm sort of superstitious/spirtual and I'm scared of the bad energy comes from it. I try not to post, and if I do I try to be speculative rather than malicious.

Visiting lolcow is like popping a pimple, gross but satisfying.

Anonymous 7909

I came here from Kiwi Farms because I saw this site mentioned in a post.

I migrated to maxfag when /cgl/ banned dramu. I was an avid follower of PT's cowdom at the time. When maxfag went down I went to stamina rose. And when that was gone I went to lolcow farm. So I have been with the whole thing since the very beginning.

However, in the past months I have barely posted on lolcow farm. To me it's a dumpster fire now. Which is sad because I have been with everything for so long. I can't stand the bitchiness or the constant anachans and jealous fatties all over the place. It's just a circle jerk of bitchery now. It's like a female wizard chan in a lot of ways.

This is the exact problem with how they view cows and snowflakes. They don't really understand the definition of a lolcow very well. There are too many vendettachans who think whoever they are jealous or or think uses too much shoop is a lolcow.

Most of the cows indeed give no milk and many of the snowflakes are boring and ordinary. Berry Tsukasa is a good example of this. She's just one of countless shoop addicts who lie about their lives to impress others and seem more important than they are.

Then there was that other one who's threads were banned. You weren't allowed to make threads about her, which I liked as they were cancer. Then came the salt and the "conspiracy". That the admin was purposely banning discussion for various stupid reasons.

Before it went straight to hell there was more of an effort to weed out nitpicky vendettachans. Now they've taken over and constantly bitch about nasolabial folds ect…

We came from /cgl/ and I admit we were bitchy there too. But having our own image board let us branch out a bit and I think that in the beginning it was not as bad because there was a certain element a lot of us really didn't like. We didn't want vendettachans and anachans and now they've taken over. So I guess it's all theirs now. Us olbies from the /cgl/ drama threads can't compete.

Anonymous 7934


LolCow is down again. Two days in a roll. SAD!

Anonymous 7942

I'm butthurt they autosaged the Asian masculinity thread with no notice. Cunts.

Anonymous 7943

I thought that I was the only one who felt that the place attracted bad energy. Lol. Great minds think alike.

Same anon you quoted here and I completely agree. I tend to frequent only one thread in /snow/ which is the alt/goth cows thread and the same nitpicky shit happened yet again in that thread. First, it was one obsessed anon who kept talking about Kaya's acne and that isn't milk. When people told them to shut up they launched into a tirade about how who ever told them to quit it must be suffering from an acne plight of their own. Uh, no? Its because having acne isn't milk. Its because you were focusing on how somebody looks as opposed to the crappy things which they've done.

Then, in the same thread, one anon was assmad about Angela Benedict and when they very clearly kept trying to get other anons to talk shit with them and it didn't work, they blatantly samefagged within a few hours of their original post even though literally nobody prior to that thread gave a fuck about AB. And, what was their gripe? Something about how she doesn't have enough facial expressions when she films her videos. Anon was told to knock it off because they, much like the Kaya acne anon, were clogging up the thread with non-milk/excessively nitpicky posts and then they baawed that people were stanning for AB.

Like m8, there was just one post of someone saying she isn't a cow where do you get "ERMEGERD ALL DIS STANNING!?!!?!" from lmfao.

At this point I wouldn't even be surprised if the Kaya acne anon and the AB anon were the same newfag. AB doesn't even have milk unless we're suddenly considering anyone who didn't have a perfect Leave it to Beaver home life a "snowflake" or a "cow" now and by that logic plenty of the farmers who post there deserve their own threads.

Anonymous 7984

/ot/ is starting to get unfun because there's a specific poster in there that freaks out and accuses others of being samefags if they type something that disagrees with anon's specific opinion. They then proceed to derail the thread to throw a 50 reply tantrum about how they think original post is derailing. Instead of, idk, reporting what they think is bait if it's so bad?
I think in-fighting from a few other threads, like the man-hating thread, is turning this anon paranoid and hostile.

Anyway it's really nbd it's just annoying. Kind of why I like cc better because people here tend to be more reasonable.

Anonymous 7995

i know that poster. she's not just annoying but she's fucking nuts and she goes from mildly annoying to 1000% sperg chimpouts in like 5 minutes.

Anonymous 7997

i think that cunt must be spoony or some other 4chan trip because we're being raided by robots now…

Anonymous 7998

Apparently LC was posted about over on r9k so all the little robots came over to sperg out on us evil women. Posts were report hours ago and the mods haven't done shit.

Anonymous 8000

it's probably some bitter fembot who posted it there pretending to be a robot.

Anonymous 8002

>Anyway it's really nbd it's just annoying. Kind of why I like cc better because people here tend to be more reasonable.

Agreed. LC has no greyscale and its tiresome to not only have to deal with that, but also trying to explain to newfags and samefags that not liking somebody's shoes or face isn't "milk".

Anonymous 8003

There's a bunch of dead threads on the front page of snow but no recent posts, why's that?

Anonymous 8005

Raids by either /r9k/, /pol/, or someone else posing as one of the two.

Anonymous 8006

Yes, someone bumped it with now-deleted spam.

Anonymous 8010

I just got banned "forever" with no reason given, and then again when I swapped devices to ask why
I don't care that they banned me the second time, since it's been evasion, but they didn't even give me a reason for the first ban. I used to mod there during a quieter time so it feels a bit like being kicked out of a friend's house without a reason.

Looks like I'm moving to strictly cc forever

Anonymous 8011


Someone necroed our thread and this couldn't have happened in a worst moment since lc was raided yesterday and they said they'd come back today. Hopefully it'll get sent to page 2 or pass unnoticed but I don't fucking know.
Brace yourselves, anons.

Anonymous 8013

love when posters here say theyre over drama and then one of them proceeds to do this. you can tell some of the people who browse here are nasty and can't get passed the point of lurking lolcow.

Anonymous 8014

I don't think the problem is really lurking lolcow, or posting there. The problem is bringing their attention to us when they're fighting raids. As long as they follow the rules here i don't care if they browse other chans or not, and tbh most of us came from lc anyway. I thought what that anon did was bad when they took a screenshot to ask for milk, but it's not against rules anyway. It was just bad timing.

Anonymous 8016


the OP of that thread is the real problem. i wouldn't be surprised if she posted it herself. she didn't say she was a low-tier cow for no reason…

Anonymous 8020

I'm sorry that this is happening to you, anon. I'll keep you in my prayers.

Anonymous 8026

So did you have fun making that thread then posting it to lolcow?

Anonymous 8030

Genuinely don't know what you're talking about. I responded to your(?) post because I think its shitty that this is happening to you.

These >>7808 >>7834 >>7943 are my posts.

Anonymous 8031

what are you talking about? >>8011 isn't the OP of that post. they are worried we here will get raided cause whoever OP is, is obviously an attention whore cow

Anonymous 8032

Oh shit, read that wrong. I thought they were OP accusing me of making it and I was like ?????

I don't think that we'll get raided by a cow army, but probably Krautchan since they're the ones starting shit right now over in /ot/ for no reason at all.

Anonymous 8036

omg no. they are upset cause the thread here was bumped during a raid of lc. meaning the robots raiding could find us more easily.

Anonymous 8037

Damn, I'm sorry.
I was >>8026 and thought you were making fun of the situation/was a troll. I apologize!
I posted >>8011 and no, I wasn't the person who made that thread, or posted it to lolcow looking for drama. I was just worried they'd find us more easily.

Anonymous 8038

No worries, anon. I was just confused. I just felt bad that this is happening to you during the holidays and junk. I don't know, I'm a faggot and I still have that dated mindset that during this time of the year you at least try to get along with others. Also, like another anon itt mentioned I dislike that lc has no greyscale.

Anonymous 8042


Get over yourself. Not everyone here said "they're over drama", it's not a hivemind. I like to have a comfy place and I like to browse lolcow still, sorry for not being kawaii

>I don't know, I'm a faggot and I still have that dated mindset that during this time of the year you at least try to get along with others.

This is so cute, though, anon! Unfortunately, robos are miserable shits all year long. Guess they must be even lonelier on the holidays since everyone is out with their families and girlfriends and they are alone in their basement filling their piss bottles. Luckily we didn't got raided or anything, even though this place is not news to them.

Anonymous 8049

why do you keep saying 'you' ? that anon isn't the cow who selfposted here, they're someone who saw our thread on lc get bumped.

Anonymous 8050

When people speak like that they're using the objective "you".

Anonymous 8051

>sorry for not being kawaii
Uh… not that anon but you sound fucking insane lmao. Why would you be "cute" for browsing here? Lay off the anime. You also sound salty that you still browse lolcow. If you're that mad at yourself, might as well stop. They clearly said some people. You should take your own advice and get over yourself and fet some reading comprehension whilst you're at it.

Anonymous 8055

The raiding is getting annoying.

Anonymous 8070


>Lay off the anime

What is irony right
I just meant I wasn't the a cute crystal.cafe only user, what's so hard to understand? I am not salty for enjoying lolcow still, is just that anon said "love when posters here say theyre over drama", and I don't remember signing any contract that I should be? Also, "can't get passed the point of lurking lolcow" is pretty pretentious as well. Funny thing for a person "over the lc drama" to say, btw, badmouthing other users.

Anyway, moving on..

Anonymous 8074


Why y'all keep trying to bring them here during the raid? lul

Anonymous 8077

Oh come on, you're acting like this site is some kind of secret. Even if a bitter robot saw that comment, decided we needed a raid, shared it with his robot friends and they came here, we've been raided before and the mods dealt with it well.

Anonymous 8081

As the anon above me stated, this isn't a secret club among chans.
/pol/ and /r9k/ as well as krautchan and some other places already know of this place and have "raided" it before, so people talking about it on lolcow will have 0 impact on wether they decide to come here next.
The admin and mods dealt with it super quickly and efficiently, so i am not worried about these no life kids coming here with their edgy frogposting since i know it will be dealt with withing minutes if not seconds.

Anonymous 8089

okay? so then they personally don't feel part of the site?

also they aren't

>I'm sorry that this is happening to you, anon. I'll keep you in my prayers.

>No worries, anon. I was just confused. I just felt bad that this is happening to you during the holidays and junk.

they clearly think the anon who posted about lc is the OP of the thread here.

Anonymous 8090

I know this may ruin the fun of a while but wouldn't it be wiser to nuke the man hating thread for now?

Anonymous 8091

it was a mistake in the first place. i definitely understand the desire for it but it's got a lot of issues.

>should have been on /g/

>is full of a lot of fear mongers
>full of paranoid women neets who don't interact with men and will now believe robots are the norm
>filled with robots who are just reaffirming that statement

also please don't think i'm a robot or some #notallmen fucker. i just would have rather a misogyny thread like we had here. i could not (obviously not now it's a dumpster fire) discuss misogyny in that thread very well, internalized or otherwise.

Anonymous 8094

Anon, can you stop derailing the thread with reaching already. You're too pressed and paranoid about how someone worded something.

Anonymous 8095

it's saged, let them do what they want. the other anon's wording was weird and they are a nutcase anyway.

Anonymous 8096


>other anon is a nutcase
>paranoid anon types literally like the person lighting fires in /ot/ and /snow/

Okay, m8.

Anonymous 8105

they don't tho?? can you stop derailing?

Anonymous 8128


What's with the quality of the farmhands on lolcow within the past couples months or so? I notice the quality comes and goes in cycles.

>venting in the man-hate thread

>obvious male shitposter responds to me whining about having his posts deleted bc it's a woman-only thread
>post pic related in response
>farmhand deletes my response first, doesn't delete the male shitpost until she realizes her mistake later
>keeps my previous posts just fine
>surprise! I'm permabanned for the one post
>farmhand fucked up bc she didn't read my reply in context and thought I was the male
>appeal but of course it won't be looked at >won't even get an apology for the mixup

I'm salty af. It's the principle. I've never been permabanned from lolcow before and it's been awhile since I've even been temp banned for a post that doesn't break a rule.
I shouldn't have to appeal because someone else fucked up.

Anyone else getting bans for bullshit reasons lately?

Anonymous 8160

i've been getting tons of bans for nothing. not like forgetting to sage. i got banned for telling some people posting OT shit to just put it in a tempcow thread, in the same thread that others are attacking people about nothing, unsaged, and not getting banned.

Anonymous 8163

Sometimes bans are not public iirc. You can't know if they were banned or not sometimes.

Anonymous 8164

The new admin fired all of the competent mods. I haven't been banned, but there are an influx of faggots from PULL who do need to be banned for shitting up threads.

Shut the fuck up already.

Sounds like the mod fucked up.

Anonymous 8166

calm the hell down, sis, why are you responding?

Anonymous 8210

Looks like it's a technical issue. Appealing will most likely work in your case


Anonymous 8214

It's been a day and it's not fixed. They fucked up big time and blaming it on a system is dubious. But maybe this will be the spark to instill better moderation and responses to raids.

Anonymous 8286

wouldn't be surprised if the ban isn't repealed because you posted that here. new admin seems sensitive.

Anonymous 8289

Why sensitive?

Anonymous 8290

Well they reversed the one on my home IP. Not my phone's though, which tbf I haven't bothered to appeal because it'll probably reset anyway.

Seconding the other anon about the sensitivity thing though. What have you seen about the admin?

Anonymous 8297


Shes vented in the new lolcord more than once about negative comments getting her down. I think shes a nice person and hasnt been a terrible admin so far (shes doing her best with the current userbase) but if youre going to run a site like LC you need thicker skin.

Anonymous 8317

I left that server because it wasn't terribly active and people didn't seem too pressed to talk to one another. I assume it was Sencha?
I do agree that one needs a thicker skin when running a website like lolcow, but she doesn't seem like a shitty person.

Anonymous 8318

Nayrt but I think she's an OK person. I haven't interacted with her much cause I don't chat as often as I used to but she isn't bad from my interactions with her. She is a bit sensitive but to be fair she hasn't had the site very long and hasn't done anything shitty afaik.
She needs to find more staff(or better, idk what's going on with the mod situation) though. Hopefully that will come in time but who knows.

Anonymous 8325


Wew, there's been a child porn post on /ot/ for 10+ hours now.
Do the mods or admin even care for the website anymore lol

Anonymous 8327

Well I'm sure glad they can ban people within five minutes for saying something nice about Moo in /pt/ though! /s

Anonymous 8328

Christ I reported that immediately when it was posted. Reported those links to law enforcement too in the meantime they're sitting on their asses. What the fuck are they even doing?

Anonymous 8329

That's so fucked up. I just went to lc just to report it and I definitely won't even touch the links so I'm glad someone reported them to the police >>8328

Anonymous 8339

I'm so sick of munchie freaks clogging up the Taylor Dean thread. We get it, she could be faking, but there is so much more interesting evidence regarding her hypocrisy and johnny situation that is credulous, not just based on speculation.

Anonymous 8343

I'm bothered that the self hating Whyte ppl threads still not auto saged but they autosaged the Asian masculinity thread. So dumb.

Anonymous 8345

I'm tired of race threads on lc period.

Anonymous 8346

Every time I visited the AM thread I got the feeling that it was like 3 people responding to eachother and bumping the thread

Anonymous 8349


>tfw banned for no reason on 4 different IPs
Since I got hit with that alleged lolcow ban error on my usual IPs, I was actually pleased to post again whilst away from home for Christmas. First post was in the vent thread, mentioned that I was in the previous lolcow mod team, and that auto ban&postdeletion combo came through immediately

I'm sure that I've just been banned for the error that /meta/ mentions but it's such a unnerving coincidence that I was talking about modstuff. It's so infuriating, I wouldn't care if I was given a ban with a reason like how I'm technically IP hopping or a temp ban but I hate this feeling of punishment without a reason

Anonymous 8351

that shitposter on /ot/ is super pathetic.

>i'm not that way anon, you are

>you're so pathetic
>you're insecure
>i'm not insecure!!!

like shit give it a rest.

Anonymous 8352

>I hate this feeling of punishment without a reason.

Because you are being banned without a reason, it says as much. And I'm sick of this current mod team acting like it's a system error. I don't buy that for a minute. Someone had to submit your ban.
It wouldn't make sense if they had a system that autobanned talking about modding but no filters for more serious, criminal offenses like cp posting for instance >>8325.

Anonymous 8365

Btw was the cp thing deleted? I really don't feel like going back there even though I hid the thread with the links

Anonymous 8367

Yea, it's been deleted

Anonymous 8375

Got a 24 hour ban for not saging a post that didn't needed to be sage because it was on topic.


Anonymous 8378

i've been shitposting and not saging in multiple threads for days now and am not banned. sorry bby.

Anonymous 8385

There would've more people if it wasn't autosaged though.

Yeah but… they ARE annoying. And they cal themselves that. So it's only race related because they decided to faction themselves out of incels to be special or something.

Anonymous 8390

As someone who's been using lolcow for years: I hate this too. And it wasn't happening before PULL shut down temporarily and the chan had a sudden influx of PULLbitches coming in to shit up the place. They're the ones who go on nitpicky tirades tearing someone's looks apart for no good reason other than wanting to wear their skin themselves. That's why I believe the aggressive banning strategy is necessary despite getting banned a few times myself for petty reasons like forgetting to sage or replying to bait (because I told others to stop replying to this bait). I don't feel like reading through 30 "ewww look at those nasolabial folds lmaooo" replies and I'm fine with threads getting slower if it means we get actual content instead.

The strict banning policies drive away those who don't care about content enough to follow posting rules so I'm fine with it. It was annoying and frustrating at first, but especially reading this thread I realize the reasoning behind it.

> i think it's pretty ironic that so much infighting and derailing in general is BECAUSE of these same anons complaining about everyone else derailing, and they drag it on and make it worse
I agree. People should just ignore+report instead of starting a fight to derail and shit up the thread. I know the temptation is so much to resist especially with annoying robot bait but it's the way it should go. The Momokun thread has this happening a lot due to the constant newfags clashing with the oldfriends being afraid of the thread being moved back to /snow/ and I thank the mods for banning people for infighting now because it shuts them up.

>Reminded of the time when the salty drawfags got mad nobody used their drawings for thread images and started bitching why people liked the tracefags better than artfags who ~put effort~ into their work
I'm glad they're mostly gone now.

>i also think Jill and Mariah haven't done anything outrageously bad to deserve the daily vitriol honestly.
Momokun is the only thread I read up on LC these days and while some anons are nitpicky as fuck and there's only so many ways you can say that she's fat over and over again, she's actually done some really vitriolic shit and absolutely deserves all the hate. Two evils don't negate each other, just because some anons in the thread are spending their time zooming in on her pores and stretch marks doesn't mean she's never done anything to deserve 30+ threads of people talking about her misdeeds.

Anonymous 8400

The way some farmers obsessively post about a cow's body makes them seem creepy and deeply insecure. I know it's a gossip site but most of the time they're just reaching.

this is getting into blogpost territory but I've met people exactly like this irl who make these creepy, passive-aggressive comments towards me (i'm not ~amazing~ but I have a below average BMI) and they're always people who you can tell are really insecure about themselves

Anonymous 8401

>people make comments towards me cause they're insecure

i get that on lolcow, but you seem kinda stuck up saying that…

Anonymous 8402

nayrt, and I don't think she sounds stuck up. Projection is pretty common and sometimes painfully obvious, and it's not stuck up to call it out every once in a while.

Anonymous 8406

There goes another anon again accusing someone of being stuck up just because they aren't being completely self-deprecating in their post. Loser.

Anonymous 8408

Shes not wrong though. It's akin to fedora neckbeards complaining about something minor like POINTY ELBOWS in anotherwise decent if not attractive girl.

Pointing out super minor things to shit on the person when they themselves aren't that impressive. To make themselves feel better.

Anonymous 8410

Child porn was just posted on /ot/ again. Wondering how fast the mods will handle it this time.

Anonymous 8411

I've reported it and hidden the thread an hour ago and it's still there.
I understand it's a holiday and maybe mods are busy (which, even then, at least a mod should check up to see no CP is posted during the time), but i don't remember moderation being this slow and bad a year ago.

Anonymous 8412

It's been up for three fucking hours now. I saw a mod post the other day in the vent thread that most of the moderation is shifted to /pt/ and other boards, and /ot/ doesn't get as much attention, though that had to do with robot posters instead of the cp incident. This has happened twice already and something like child porn should be handled as soon as possible regardless of what board it's on. Hopefully this is a wake-up call.

Anonymous 8415

Wtf man how can things like that go unnoticed? Mods need to check the dashboard and see people's reports and nuke that shit, it's so simple. How many mods do they have that something of this kind can stay up for hours again?

Anonymous 8416

Kind of a grandma question, but I accidentally expanded the CP pic in /ot/ before picking up what it was. Could that like.. get me in trouble with the law? I noticed then immediately reported but now I’m worried.

Anonymous 8418

I don't think so unless you click the links or share them

Anonymous 8419

I'm pretty sure you're okay, otherwise the entire board would be jailed for noticing that it was child porn in the first place..
FYI I clicked on the links to report the urls to the NCMEC's cyber tip line both times. They led to Russian forums that were selling videos and linking to galleries, but no actual images are on the forums themselves. Law enforcement probably has more of an interest in busting whoever runs those forums for distributing child porn to consumers in the US than for what you're worried about anyway.

Anonymous 8422


Moos thread was just moved to snow, let's watch how many people are gonna sperg now.

Anonymous 8423

Fucking hell that was longgggg overdue.
I'm getting my popcorn!

Anonymous 8425

God, good. Genuinely one of the most exasperating threads on LC.

Anonymous 8431

You're kidding. I would've never expected this to happen considering Moo was such a popular cow and one of the "favorites". Gonna be interesting to see how this plays out.

also grabbing my popcorn

Anonymous 8446


Meh, there's often a lot of drama and nit-picking among the other users in lolcord, so I left. I never posted much there anyway.

It seems that the same type of nitpicking that occurs on lolcow, often occurs there except among the users. I don't know if it's improved or not.

Anonymous 8447


I actually don't blame Sencha or Regina for that matter, it's hard to be motivated about the community when the community by virtue of it being lolcow, is going to be unappreciative and find criticism in the littlest thing. Why care about a community, which won't be appreciative? Lolcow attracts insecure people, if you try to do anything for a community of insecure people, they'll find a reason to criticize.

I'm starting to think that, the best thing that can be done at this point is to just let lolcow die.

Anonymous 8448

>>unappreciative and find criticism in the littlest thing
You just hit the nail on the head there.

Anonymous 8449

If I was banned for not breaking a rule due to an error, I'd have my share of criticism. It would have nothing to do with being insecure. What does that even mean in context of unfair bans? It's not like whoever on whatever forum ever appreciates bad and overzealous moderation.

Anonymous 8451


Is that there's no reason at all for them to have any motivation or put forth effort into addressing the complaints and fixing the site, when the userbase is automatically going to find something wrong.

There are valid complaints, but honestly, what's the point? People need a reason to put forth effort into the site. Often times people put forth effort into the site because they're doing it for the community, other times they do it because the site is making a profit.

Lolcow isn't monetized, and the community is full of insecure drama addicts who nitpick every little thing, that the community isn't worth putting forth more than the minimal effort for.

Otherwise, in terms of lolcow communities, there's Pull, that Autistic edgy neo-nazi forum ran by that weirdo, and Lolcow, which is dying.

Anonymous 8452

I'm talking generally speaking, not about a system error. A system error is what it just is, it's not directly staffs fault. I quoted that anons line because I do think most of the userbase is unappreciative, and if you have been around long enough you will know why, with the most recent displays of that being getting what they wanted then complaining (/int/, autosaged threads, getting Moo to /snow/).

As in it attracts insecure people, idk if that's a fact or not. I'm not the person who posted that, but she does have a point. When you're not at peace with yourself is easier to shit on others.

Anonymous 8453


From what I know about KF, I don't advise moving on from Lolcow to there. The site is full of weirdos and they seems to constantly looking for reasons to dox their own. Also, it's pretty much an Alt-Right site.

You can make an account there if you want but I wouldn't recommend it as its full of just extremely weird bizarre people who just seem angry at the world, at the least I would avoid getting overly involved with the community.

Anonymous 8454

I understand your logic, but it's like this for the majority of moderation on different social channels so I'm not quite sure what someone who's sensitive to backlash would have been expecting. I've been a long-time lurker and I'd never want the task.
Not saying it's right, but it comes with the territory. Other chan sites are really no better, and I've maybe come across two where these problems aren't so bad but that's because they're extremely low-traffic and not specific to any kind of discussions that foster shitposting and drama.

Anonymous 8457


True, but I don't blame them since if I was in their position then I would've stopped moderating/admining and let the site eat itself within a month.

Anonymous 8458

A question about kf: are most of them men in their 30s and 40s? Because it feels like it. I lurk 1-2 threads there as a guest, no intention of ever making an account because apparently they're always getting doxxed

Anonymous 8459


I have no idea but I know that it seems that the average person on that site is past the point of being weird.

I mean, if you want an environment where every discussion somehow manages to turn into a circle jerk about murdering transgender people and being angry about the jews and blacks are destroying society, but you aren't quite sure, but you're almost positive it's not entirely ironic, and think that a sense of danger, in the sense that there's a possibility that an extremely unstable mentally ill member will stalk, come to your house, and rape you, then I highly recommend it.

For everyone else then you should stay far away from that environment.

Anonymous 8460


Meant to tag >>8459, sorry for the confusion.

Anonymous 8465


>>only two members from there so far have either attempted or have successfully carried out a mass shooting and I would estimate that there's only a 60% chance that the owner of that site is going to end up being a serial killer.


Anonymous 8466


There was a recent member who successfully shot up a school in Arizona, and an attempted mass shooter from Halifax.

Overall, there are less mass shooters from Kiwi Farms than one would originally expect.

Anonymous 8467


*recent shooting, not member.

Anonymous 8473

There's CP again on /ot/, this time with a very very explicit image.
I reported it again, it's been around half an hour and it's still there.
Hopefully this time they are quicker to delete it because this shit is making me want to stop going to lolcow altogether.

Anonymous 8474

Thanks for the warning. That means I won't lurk today.

Anonymous 8475


I reported it too and it's still there. Actually, it was the first image to pop up when I opened the home page.

Also, the dumb fucks saying "spoiler this image, is NSFW!" like it's just a regular camgirl, and other saying "the links are full of CP", like… Orly? It has CP on the thread's name. And pic, for that matter.

Anonymous 8476

Something has to be done, even get the cops involved if necessary because this person (or people) seem to come back every day to post that shit.

Anonymous 8477

i got banned and my comment got deleted when i responded to a mod in another thread on /ot/ about robots being banned, i asked why cp doesn't get banned so quickly.

Anonymous 8478

Anonymous 8479

Can I report it I'm not from the US?

Anonymous 8480



Anonymous 8481

It's gone now

Anonymous 8483

It was gone before I could report it. Please people who still post on lc, ask staff to keep an eye on during this time of the day. That's when they usually post that crap, no?

Anonymous 8489

I'm really confused by some of the posts in the thread discussing crystal cafe. I use both sites but I haven't really seen people pushing "UwU trad ladies" shit. If anything, I only see people calling out others for being unnecessarily bitchy. Which is something people do on lolcow too.

I wonder if they're butthurt because someone here told them to stop being an edgelord. Their posts read as being over sensationalized.

Anonymous 8490

>I use both sites but I haven't really seen people pushing "UwU trad ladies" shit.
Me neither anon. I asked in the lc thread and someone linked to the thread in /meta/ as the culprit, yet I don't see how a couple of anons (samefag?) who's being way extra accounts for the general attitude on the entirety of the website. I wanted to comment, but I didn't want to start an argument as those anons didn't seem like people who could be shown otherwise.

Anonymous 8491

Same. It's just chan rivalry at this point.

Anonymous 8492

>chan rivalry
you serious?

Anonymous 8493

>assuming the anons are samefag

that's stupid

Anonymous 8494

Unfortunately yes, that does happen.

Anonymous 8495

Take a read through the /meta/ thread. People don't care for plastic behavior and lynchmobbing that runs rampant here.

Anonymous 8496

I use both sites too anon. I do think we can be clearer on the drama rules since some are under the impression that 0 drama is allowed despite rule 9 existing(I noticed the confusion when Admin tried making a new Behind the Bows for /cgl/). And yes, while the thread in meta is only one thread, it does kind of look weird. I still love this place regardless though.

Anonymous 8497


Well that didn't take long, someone's already angry at you.

Anonymous 8498

I think we should ask to lock that thread, but I don't wanna be the only. What do you guys think? I think getting rid of it would be good now that things have calmed down.
And cc is still a babby, rules will probably be changed and clarified in the next months. we're 6-7 months old irrc, it's obvious our userbase is still forming.

Anonymous 8499

Not that anon but woah that was fast. Hi salty farmer. Are you angry people called you an angry edgelord?

Anonymous 8500

>plastic behavior
Keep seeing this, but don't understand where it comes from.
Are people not allowed to be nice to other people on chans without it being fake? Do we need to be edgy to be ~real~?
Holy fuck it's a bunch of people here with different personalities, not just a shared consciousness. A snarky cunt in /b/ calling all of lolcow bitches will most likely be a different person from a someone being very sweet on /feels/, it's not double personality, it's being more than one person.
Not every anon has to have the same personality and not everyone here is the same, lol.

Anonymous 8501

you realize you're doing the same shit they're complaining about right?

>sees a complaint



Anonymous 8502

That's just a joke, mate. I don't give a shit if they're complaining, but how fast they were to post that just surprised me.

Anonymous 8503

So they don't like it when people act too nice, but when people start being critical they don't like that either? Jesus, you really can never win.

Anonymous 8507

There is a difference between miners choosing to be that way on their own and miners actively trying to enforce that behavior all over the site. The latter is shitty and dogpiling on someone over it only drives people off.

Anonymous 8508

>The latter is shitty and dogpiling on someone over it only drives people off.

Can you link examples? I'm curious.

Anonymous 8509

>enforce that behavior all over the site
>dogpiling on someone over it

Where? Please link some that are not the /meta/ bullshit that most people here disagreed with as soon as it was posted.
I keep seeing this but most people only reply with the /meta/ thread, which is a pot of brewing cancer that does not define this website mentality at all, imo.

Anonymous 8513


Anonymous 8515

I wanna see this too. No one on lolcow has posted screen caps either.

Anonymous 8517

can I have some too?

Anonymous 8520

Anon thinks she's being forced to type like a "Victorian woman" when she visits here, kek.
I asked for caps of this behavior, but so far she's been dodging the issue. Let's see if anon delivers the proof of these goody trad uWus festering on this site…

Anonymous 8521

I don't remember any specific situation she can use to prove her point but if she find one or two she will use it to say we're all like that, which is obviously a lie. I've never seen that happen here either and I'm online everyday.

Anonymous 8522

i agree that the board is a bit fake tbh…

Anonymous 8523

>Forced to type like a Victorian Lady

Lol is this bitch for real? Sounds like the "problem" is in her own head

Anonymous 8524


I'm dying, how did she come up with that? Lol

that would be pretty funny tho

Anonymous 8525

whoever went over to /ot/ and is 'defending us' stop.

Anonymous 8526

samefag, but there's a lot of shitposting going on from that anon and it's embarrassing, i don't want to be represented as that, much like i don't want the meta thread representing us.

Anonymous 8527

Well that thread went downhill quickly.

Anonymous 8528

You sound like the person over there typing in lowercase. It would be in your interest for anyone to stop making posts that disagree with you.

Anonymous 8531


Holy shit can these two threads (this and the one in meta) be locked? This is absolute nonsense and it's gotten ridiculous, does anyone agree we should ask staff to get these locked for now?

Anonymous 8532

Because its making shit worse?

Anonymous 8533

Nah this thread is fine. It's the thread on LC that has turned to garbage

Anonymous 8534

All the arguing is happening there and people are bringing back caps to chuckle at. There's no problem happening here as far as I can tell.

Anonymous 8535

how exactly? plenty of people type in lowercase. i'm an old user… i was just making an observation. the entire thread is turning into garbage.

Anonymous 8536

Because now everyone is paranoid.

Anonymous 8538

With all the drama, which is just going to continue to escalate, I give it 6 months before cc begins to die.

Hope I'm wrong.

Anonymous 8539

Screen Shot.png

>a garbage thread
>on lolcow

Capping "Victorian woman" for posterity.
We should make it our banner.

Anonymous 8540

Yes. Please.

Anonymous 8542

i suppose that's fair. honestly, my complaint is that i think the miner on lc is starting to get really pissed off and is ending up contradicting herself a bit… that's all.

obviously, i just don't feel we should keep arguing with people who are clearly just bullying us.

Anonymous 8544

>top notch moderation

Which is why admin refuses to listen to anyone about Spoony, right?

Anonymous 8545

>my complaint is that i think the miner on lc is starting to get really pissed off

I think it's suspicious how you dismiss the farmers there who have been acting aggressive from the start.
All that's being asked for is proof.


People said this anyway when cc first started because it was a "dead" board. Well, it's still here. So obviously there's a need for it and /g/ doesn't cut it.

Anonymous 8546


Nah. We have top notch moderation right now compared to every other chan, we've survived our first raids gracefully and hopefully we will grow with time, remember we're just 6 months old. This is just our first drama, many will come with time.
Long live, CC!
-reposted because I chose the wrong gif and added details

Anonymous 8547

i'm not? i was saying that she's just playing into their hand. why are you so set on me being that person?

Anonymous 8548

I personally don't see why spoony shouldn't be allowed to post unless she outs herself but the last thread about her was deleted in 3-4hr, and isn't welcome here anymore. That's way less time than that cp stayed up on lc for example

Anonymous 8549

Because that poster is clearly out for some damage control and your post fits the bill. I don't want to argue here, but those farmers proved nothing.

Anonymous 8550

i really don't see what you're talking about. i just feel that the time for us to retreat gracefully has passed. i don't appreciate this either. it's my opinion that the miner is getting too worked up because of the cows on lc and she should just ignore them since they're not listening to her…

Anonymous 8552

You're right, that thread can devour itself over their perpetual butthurt about the /meta/ thread. Good point, anon.

Anonymous 8553

At this point any valid argument is just being spat at her. We can be comfy over here without them.

Anonymous 8554

Lcs current userbase lives to nitpick to the max and shit on everyone and everything that isn't them, when they're not busy attacking each other. That's their prerogative.
There's no real good threads at the moment, everything is messy ASF, and tons of cows aren't even cows, just random weebs that got some small e-fame (and that isn't being a cow. I don't wanna go full oldfag but cows nowadays aren't nearly as milky). The time when it was fun and good are long gone. Best of luck to staff, they will need it. The thread discussing cc is just another proof the place has gone to shit.

Anonymous 8557

Arguing about cc on lc doesn't hurt the site at all. You're being a bit paranoid about some irrelevant thread on ot.

Anonymous 8558

It's better to tell them that, they're the ones getting triggered as fuck. I do agree our fellow miner needs to stop. Let them sperg into the void.

Anonymous 8559

(Reposted because i put on an image without wanting to.)

Honestly, whoever is the poster on LC, please stop.

You will not change their mind about this site, at all, they have their opinions and that's it, i really doubt that those will change if a whole day of arguing back and forth between a bunch of users hasn't. At this point you are just arguing in circles with a bunch of people who have a set opinion, it's only hurting the site by giving them what they want, which is attention.

Honestly, this is getting old really fast.

Anonymous 8560

>all those farmers saying how they'll just use their g and not come here
I think that's great. Weeds out the people who feel it's their right to be hostile everywhere on the internet because they post on gossip websites.

Anonymous 8562

this is what i was trying to say, just didn't come out as well…

Anonymous 8563

We get it.

Anonymous 8564

Stop. For fucks sake.

Anonymous 8565

unnamed (1).gif

I thought the exact same thing, they are saying that if it was a bad thing. Watch them crawl back next time LC goes down tho

Anonymous 8566


Anonymous 8568

Exactly, reading the posts one farmer was like "we don't want to join your girl's club" and I was just thinking haha alright then, not like anyone invited you.

Anonymous 8569

Anon should let >>8562 defend themselves. She keeps asserting that she's from lc, but then does stuff like this to shut her down. She's not the only one in opinion that engaging with lc is suicide.

Anonymous 8570

>shut her down
I was agreeing. Why is everything we suddenly post a "shutdown" or a "lynchmob"? You're reading too much into it.

Anonymous 8571

I guess I'm paranoid anons here may be from lc trying to rile us up. Sorry for that!

Anonymous 8572


This has gotten old really fast. Both threads on LC and CC have turned into dumpster fires. I've had complaints about both sites and have aired them out when needed and moved on. There are some anons here who want to push the UwU sugary sweet shit and yeah they need to fuck off but in time they will once they realize the site isn't gonna develop into what they want as a result. Both threads need to chill tbh. CC is fairly new and could use some work but the admin seems fairly responosve to criticism. Whoever is engaging in a "battle" (or whatever you would call it) with LC please stop. In all fairness, there have been anons wrongfully banned from here from my understanding so it's not all farmers who are just bitching about wanting a hugbox. Acknowledge faults, and let's just chill.

Anonymous 8573

They're here lurking but I think it's funny how they can't really show face now that they've declared they'll never post here again kek.

Anonymous 8575


Agreed but let's do what >>8667 said:

Anonymous 8576

Correction: >>8572
My bad!

Anonymous 8579

They keep baiting for an argument over there.

Anonymous 8584


I have a hard time believing that there are too many people on lolcow who aren't teenagers with the way the community acts. At least I get the sense that people on crystal.cafe are able to act like, and handle problems and criticism like adults.

Anonymous 8586

I don't know about that, immature though for sure. I remember I posted in the engagement thread a loooong time about, before I found us, and they made fun of me for proposing to my bf. Said stuff like that he was a manchild, like, okay, I can't be a forward woman? It's the same stuff they complained about us doing. I don't think they know how to be mature at all.

Anonymous 8588

Not meaning to stir the paranoia pot here, and I don't really have a dog in the fight, but I noticed the "You can't sit with us" troll guy posting earlier in /meta/ and if you're not sure who's running back and forth starting shit with both sites, I'd be tempted to say it might be either that guy or some other troll, thinking "Hey, let's get the girl boards in a mega-war! Lolz!"

Keep in mind that at this point I have zero evidence for this theory however, it just sort of occurred to me.

Anonymous 8589

could be, or someone shared it with another chan. or it's spoony's revenge again. either way i hope they don't come back.

Anonymous 8590

Aww, I posted in the engagement thread too anon. And was it the same one about the rings? I wanted to talk about rings but all anons wanted to do was argue over stones, and then of course the thread became dead as hell. Who wants to bump a thread with pictures just to keep it relevant? It's like talking to yourself.

Anonymous 8591

Ot and I don't wanna derail but I wanna do that so badly, I know my bf wants it too.

That makes a lot of sense tbh. And least the drama stopped here, let's keep it this way please. That was getting old.

Anonymous 8592

I was one of the anons trying to argue in lc and I stopped when anons asked me to. Not a male, but who's to say who else might have been stirring the pot.

Anonymous 8594

Namely farmers looking to start shit because that's what they do best. Sorry not sorry, but that's their nature. They can't even stop arguing for hours in their own threads and making a war against each other over a preference.

Anonymous 8596

My line of thinking currently is that the people posting were requested (by >>8572 ) to stop, with several more posters here seconding it, so the desire for it to stop is clear, there's pressure from peers to stop, so a sane person would stop, even if they're angry, or etc.

However, if the cross-site baiting doesn't stop, or shows up similarly but in a tweaked format, then it's probably someone looking to start a war between the sites.

EDIT: Sorry, I saw an annoying typo, deleted original post, fixed typo, fucked up the re-post, deleted re-post, now re-re-posting.
(I'm just going to go have a social phobia attack now, I'll be crying in the corner if you need me…)

Anonymous 8597

Haha are you okay anon?

Anonymous 8600

images (9).jpeg

This is hilarious, i second it. can one of you make a banner?

Anonymous 8604

Anon's still lurking and capping things from here even though the argument is hours old. But of course, we're the complaining SJWs…

Anonymous 8617

S-sometimes even I'm not sure if I'll be okay
Really though, I'm a bit of a thread killer and I leave a wake of awkward silence a mile wide in my path, but otherwise I'm good.
Thank you for asking <3

Like I said in >>8596 if we here are all in agreement and give assurance that we have stopped cross-posting and do not want the fight to continue, but posting and escalation of hostilities still is continuing despite both sides seeming to have agreed to back down, then I'd be tempted to say there's a third party (read: a troll) trying to stir shit between the two sites.

If it is a troll, the war between sites is a novel idea (kudos and golfclaps all around to whoever thought of it) so the trolling faction probably won't drop such a new and interesting tactic quickly, so we might see them try and use similar techniques again, especially if the troll(s) consider this attempt to have been successful. If they considered this time a success, they'll probably re-group and try to change their technique to make sure it will work better the next time, meaning an actual legitimate war will develop. To combat future attempts, I'd suggest we modify our rules here and state specifically that starting cross-site wars or posting about CC on other sites in an inflamatory manner is not wanted.

Not that making the rule will stop a troll attack, but it will give any future legitimate posters an idea of undesirable behaviour, and also it would be just like a troll to make cross-site posts and then claim they did nothing wrong since it isn't against our rules.

The best way to combat a future attempt would be to not allow it to accidentally happen by making the rule, then if it does happen, we'll know it is most likely a trolling attempt and the site admins can communicate with each other and be confident that legitimate users are not involved. (At least as sure as one can be online, etc etc)

Hope this was of some assistance <3

Anonymous 8620

New rules don't have to be made. Keeping the current rules as they are is enough because remember, this entire thing is about anons wanting to be cunty here and not being allowed.
As long as they keep their whining on lc it's not cc's problem.

Btw they've been talking about your posts and think you're a tranny. As if that makes any sense.

Anonymous 8621

well I like both LC and cc

Anonymous 8622

Seconded. I just wish people would respect there's different expectations and rules on each and one doesn't have to change for the other.

Anonymous 8626



Anonymous 8628

Are you okay, anon? You seem really needlessly excessively angry.

When you actually go to the thread on lolcow in /ot/ they actually aren't really saying much to insult cc, and they mention spoonie by name really for no reason at least every four posts so the whole thing honestly comes off as baiting that plays solely off of the idea that few people will go to both sites and will fully read both threads before posting an inflammatory reaction.

After reading both threads, which I reccommend, I honestly legitimately call it baiting.
And it's strange that spoonie gets mentioned so frequently (especially when she's legitimately irrelevant by this point).

Anonymous 8629

I'm >>8620 not >>8625. More than one person thinks farmers are being over dramatic and throwing themselves a pity party because they didn't succeed in getting what they wanted here. There's more objective bait being posted in ot than there is here.
Also it's *Spoony, not that it matters. Spoonies are the hypochondriacs farmers lynch on /snow/.

Anonymous 8631

Maybe they're just bored. Why are there 200 reply arguments on lolcow? Because people are bored.

Anonymous 8632

LC isn't tumblr

Anonymous 8634

they don't though? a few anons have opinions doesn't mean that's the general consensus of the entire site

Anonymous 8635

It's no secret that there are libfems that do have a lot of SJW arguments.

Anyway, I do think it's particularly stupid of farmers to accuse miners of being SJWs just because nobody wants excessive bitchiness here. As if nobody has the right to think that way just because it's a chan. I'm a crossposter and I find it easy to adjust as necessary.

Anonymous 8637

are you serious?

Anonymous 8639

i'm saying it's ridiculous to say LC collectively believes one thing

Anonymous 8641

It's ridiculous for either site to claim that, yet that's what farmers were claiming earlier. That everyone who posts here is a two-faced fake ass just because we wanted a space where we could talk about feels and feminine things without males and the constant threat of derailment that often happens on lolcow.

Anonymous 8642

the site rules don't really say that
just because a few farmers claim that doesn't mean that's what every farmer thinks, just how i won't assume every miner is a TERF

Anonymous 8644

If they assimilate and don't try to call attention by mentioning they're trans, no one cares because nobody can be the wiser. They can still be banned though in the same vein of posting "FORMER MALE HERE" or "MTF HERE."
It's like how guys pretend to be women on lolcow to say a bunch of misogynistic, anti-feminist garbage. There's really nothing to prove it one way or the other unless they out themselves.

Anonymous 8645

At this point literally nothing will convince me this cross-post war wasn't started by a troll.

Anonymous 8646

i've seen alot of feminists use that term for themselves

this is what I meant and the same applies on LC nobody cares about anyones "male reporting in" posts

Anonymous 8647

Probably the same troll who has a bone to pick with miners about not liking their unpopular opinion about makeup and feeling admin didn't act quick enough about locking that Spoony thread.
>cross-post war
Can we not? It's hardly a war, it's people acting passive aggressive because one side can't get their way and the other can't just let them whine.

Anonymous 8648

LC needs to exclude men from posting, just like here. I like that stating your gender gets you banned here, I love rule number 7

Anonymous 8653

>men banned on lolcow
I wish this so much.

Anonymous 8655

>>Only a man would try to argue that we should be okay with men.

I wish. There are tons of brainwashed female morons out there.

Anonymous 8656

Men are banned and have their post histories cleared lol. It can be a little slower over there and robots are baited by the man hating thread but let's not disparage lc over something they actually make an effort to take care of.

Anonymous 8658

Men are absolutely not banned unless you're talking about /g/. They're free to post whenever else they want. I appreciate the current staff unlike most people itt but the only men who get banned are the ones baiting or making a mess.

Anonymous 8660

That's probably why lolcow is such a shit board, because they allow men to post and don't ban suspected men.
Men aren't capable of independent thought, or thinking at all. They're robots who are only biologically programmed to have sex.

Anonymous 8665

I don't think all men are like that, but they do tend to behave worse online. modern men are shitheads generally speaking, and very different than the ones they like to use as examples to their ~superiority~. They should stay away from our imageboards.

I think banning men from the other boards can do wonders do LC

Anonymous 8667

I agree.
Banning males from having a voice in any society would do wonders.
Women evolved to be natural compassionate leaders and thinkers. Men are ruthless savages and warriors. All the problems in society can be traced back to men.

Anonymous 8686

read the rules

Anonymous 8791

What’s with the recent radfem bullshit over there? It’s leaking into /snow/ and here as well.

Anonymous 8793

Do you know anyone who isn't a radfem who isn't an insecure narcissist? lolcow attracts insecure narcissists who are unable to feel empathy for others and feel like they need to gain superiority by shitting on others, then they come here.

Anonymous 8813

They seem like a trolling robot, I don't think that we should associate them with radfems or gender critical feminists. Literally no one but mental people think that way.

Anonymous 8814

Who cares if they want to murder transgender people. It really makes no difference to me if they advocate for the murder of repulsive mentally ill freaks? I could really care less about what happens to them or what people do to them. I don't want to see them, be around them, or think about them, otherwise people can do anything to them and I don't give a fuck.

Anonymous 8815

Wow, well you've convinced me! There's no way this post is a troll.

Anonymous 8817

No. I'm just saying that I don't care about them and I don't know why all of you do either. Stop giving the troll attention. If men are murdered it's not my problem and I shouldn't have to care. I'm not saying that I agree with executing humans, but I really don't care one way or another and you really should stop caring and stop giving the troll attention.

Anonymous 8819

can we ban nasty legbeards like >>8817 too?

Anonymous 8820

I'm just saying that you really shouldn't get as emotional about this stuff. Like, I can't think of one reason to give a miniscule amount of care over these people, who ultimately made the choice to do what they do.
We can't protect them from their own choices and if they make the choice to be shunned from society its their decision let them deal with it.

Anonymous 8821


Jesus christ can you all stop derailing already, go make a discord to jerk each other off about murdering trans people or find a corresponding board and stop shitting up threads with this shit, nobody cares about your hate boner.

Also, miners, stop responding to baiting trolls or they won't stop. They are crossposting on LC and here to get as much attention as possible, and have been for the past 20 hours, it's obvious what they want.

Anonymous 8824

>>Also, miners, stop responding to baiting trolls or they won't stop. They are crossposting on LC and here to get as much attention as possible, and have been for the past 20 hours, it's obvious what they want.

So that anon was right? Lmao jokes on me, I laughed when I read her post, I thought she was tinfoilhatting.

Anonymous 8825


I've been posting on cc for months. I didn't just recently come here to troll. I wasn't the murder advocating anon, but the anon who said I don't care about tranny males.

Anonymous 8827

Murdertrannychan just got banned from lolcow too so she's revving up here instead.

Anonymous 8829

She will probably get banned soon for derailing here, mods seem to be around. I don't like trannies but I don't wanna read about them in every thread.

Anonymous 8830

There were a few different posters posting about murdering trannies. They should just ban them all.

Anonymous 8833

A lot of people have posted here for months and continue to crosspost. I think trying to pressure people into picking sides lest they face a ban is retarded..

Anonymous 8834

I don't want to stir things up, but what actually happened? Is it one person, more than one? Was it cross-site trolling from a third party?

I'm >>8617 and I'm interested in knowing if my theory was correct. It's nice to be right at least once in a while (in this case painfully nice, I guess? Since the whole situation sucked ass really.)

Anonymous 8836


None of this would be happening if weird, aggressive opinions on trannies stayed in the appropriate threads and when questioned wouldn't resort to "exterminate the trans menace!" or "found the tranny!"

I'm so, so, so tired of arguing about trans people. I'm sick of seeing tranny topics where ever I go when I just want to talk about my own shit. I really don't care what they do, and the people who obsess over them need to go somewhere else. Containment thread when?

Anonymous 8838

uh oh.jpg

>Wild_Child 19

Oh boy, I hope it's not who I think it is

Anonymous 8839

Oh is that "wildchild" from lc? Makes sense how the flames are being fanned now.

Anonymous 8840


God why..

Anonymous 8841

I'm not certain it's WC, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was; from their comment history, the writing style sounds similar to how WC would write on the lolcord

Anonymous 8842


Unfortunately it is. Trans containment thread all the way please.

Anonymous 8843

Can you give me a TL;DR of the drama there? I knew WC was a nuisance but I never knew why.

Anonymous 8844

Literally not the anon who was calling for murder. >>7808 is me, but I've been reading back and forth between the sites and this Reddit tantrum is only going to make people believe that this place actually is populated more by trans as opposed to cis girls. It was irritating enough to always be getting that assumption on /cgl/ and /ck/. I didn't want it to happen here, too.

Also, who is even WC?

Anonymous 8845

In the lolcord, Wildchild was the weird (but nice, I guess; they never really bothered me) one who would say things like "Hi, I'm Wildchild!" and "I like flowers!".
I left the lolcord for the drama, but I think the majority of the users there got annoyed because they acted autistically… and that they were trolling the whole userbase by acting as a "uwu troubled but harmless soul". Eventually they left the lolcord.

Also, if you look up "Wildchild kiwifarms", you get a lot of weird shit that pops up.

Anonymous 8846

Wildchild is an mtf trans(I think so anyway) that would hang out in lolcord and type out walls and walls of texts about politics or about some weird shit like being followed by black men trying to put him in a prostitution ring. He came along when kiwi farms was down for a while and never left until recently but idk why he did. He's been doxxed from my understanding over at kf and has been banned from there or something like that. I just blocked him when he got too annoying but anytime there was an issue with him some type of shitfest would ensue. He once thought all of lolcow was coming to kill him and some people got upset cause other thought he was just an elaborate troll. Idk it was a clusterfuck with WC around. He wouldn't have been so bad had he toned it down a lot.

Anonymous 8847


Not defending them because I guess that happened before I joined it but I feel like much of the server is sort of weird. People barely talk to one another and I ultimately wound up leaving because I assumed there would be more activity or people wanting to do movie nights and vidya, but nah.

>being followed by black men trying to put him in a prostitution ring.

I call bullshit.

Anonymous 8848

Same, anon. And considering I've been called a tranny like five times within the past 24hours I'm really pissed that it's going to make that extermination farmer so damn smug.

Anonymous 8849

Nah, I definitely agree; the lolcord was weird. It was always a few select people that talked and you can tell there was a clique of "powerusers", so to speak.

I can say that WC had a lot of paranoia, how people were looking at them funny, and that some person started talking to them in numbers and that meant people were watching him. It was quite surreal.

Anonymous 8850

I think it was a troll tbh. Iirc things like that were why people got so annoyed with wc

Anonymous 8852

>It was always a few select people that talked and you can tell there was a clique of "powerusers", so to speak.

HOLY SHIT I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE WHO NOTICED THIS. Yeah, I only wound up saying one thing about eating peppers and one of the users who came off as one of the power types said something about chex mix. It was also shortly after someone posted that vid of Underbust talking about being a girl gamer in the lc channel. I ended up leaving and deleting the few posts I made along with my "info" post in the intro channel because I figured that if it gets raided I don't want any assholes trying to bother me. Its like I mentioned earlier itt; I think everyone in there was too scared to get close to anybody for fear of getting a thread made for themselves about something trivial such as a minor disagreement.

And, I think its pretty sad that people feel that way as well. I still use both lc and cc, but I do find it sort of embarrassing that pull users seem to get along better than we can.

Anonymous 8853

I got strong "power user" vibes in there too, a few times I spoke the same two or three people would snap at me. Literally, the entire server was dead 24/7 and they'd snap if anyone they didn't deem as one of "them" spoke, it was fucking bizarre.

Anonymous 8854

Was this wc the person who made a joke saying they'd be ten new admin or something like that?

Anonymous 8855


>>I do find it sort of embarrassing that pull users seem to get along better

True. I don't have an account there but I do lurk a lot, I don't think pull is as bad as it seems except for the strong ass SJW vibes they have. I'd definitely post there if it was anon.
(Maybe I should have posted this in the unpopular opinion thread)

Anonymous 8863

(I'm >>8617 again)
Wow, cross-posting to reddit is…unusual.
It's like they're trying to attract as many random shitposters as possible to both boards. I'm guessing they have a grudge with both lc and cc. Does this fit with the history of the wildchild from lc?

Initially I had suspected the cross-posting incident was a more organized raid originating from /r9k/ or similar but now with the reddit post it really isn't fitting /r9k/'s method of operations: they usually utilize the army of users they have, this incident though seems to be being done by more of a lone troll with not a lot of followers, hence utilizing the interwebs in general to commit the raid.

The troll's heavy emphasis on portraying cc as "full of terfs" indicates that they possibly have a problem with cc seeming not friendly towards trans people, specifically male-to-female trans. Does this seem to match the history of the wildchild from lc? Do they have a problem with cc or have had one before?

With the reddit post, the most interesting element is the inaccurate portrayal of how events actually went down. It indicates the troll is not above lying to achieve their desired outcome, but also that they desire to have both lc and cc seen in a certain negative light, which also indicates a possible past negative history with both sites.

As for what to do, I would say to basically do nothing. If we don't respond and play dead, they'll eventually lose interest and move on to something that will give their ego the satisfying rimjob that they're apparently looking for.

(Also, I'm not a tranny, I just have Aspergers)

Anonymous 8864

It is unusual. They honestly sound like some kid who missed the not your personal army memo.

Anonymous 8865

Wildchild (the reddit poster) as people have said, has history with kiwifarms (google wildchild kiwifarms for the run down on that)

They came into lolcord, they did their "Hi Friends!" shtick at first which most users played along with and just saw them as harmless. They then started typing up massive walls of text about politics, about being gang stalked and users suggested they get medical help or call the police. They then accused lolcow of plotting to kill them and left. I'm not sure if WC is severely mentally ill and has no support irl or is a very elaborate, dedicated troll.

Anonymous 8866

I'm gonna go with severely mentally ill.

Anonymous 8867

After reading the other posts, I suspect the weird opinions on trannies and trans-based shitposting in general was actually part of the trolling/raid incident.

The full scope of the entire raid/invasion seems to have started with the cross-posting to lolcow, then simulating a cross-post war and invasion by lolcow to here by posting various terf-esque agressive posts and having it look like they were posted by lc users, then, finally, posting a biased version of the entire incident on the linked reddit board, with the idea of having an invasion of further shitposters.

I could be wrong though.

Anonymous Admin 8868

Both manmurder-anon and a rampant anti-trans derailer have been given a warning ban.

Anonymous 8869


That doesn't make any sense to me considering anti-trans posts have been on here since cc began. Why now and not for all of these months?

Anonymous 8870

I've seen dedicated trolls, and I've seen mentally ill people, and I've seen trolls pretending to be mentally ill people.

I'm half tempted to say the wildchild person seems to have a healthy does of paranoia and narcisscism (narcisscism on the internet? No! /s).

Anonymous 8871

As long as I remember lolcow, the terf mentality has been strong there, they've had entire threads on trans people….for them simply being trans or not passing, not because they have any drama surrounding them. I'm confused as to why this mentality is being treated as new too, I don't agree with trans hate on lolcow too so I keep out of those threads.

Anonymous 8872

I shouldn't ask, but were most of the trans-derail posts done by one person/isp?

(If yes, then I'm right, and my theory was right!!)

Anonymous 8873

The key point in this one case was that there was suddenly, after the cross-post incident, a massive sudden influx or terf/trans posts to the point of derailing nearly every conversation occurring across the site. That was unusual and it was nontypical posting behaviour for cc users (even if the opinion was pre-existing).

Anonymous 8874

Maybe some miners are newer than they'd prefer to let on, which is pretty easy to lie about if only the staff can see your ip. That is unless you moved or are using a vpn.

I actually never frequented the lc terf thread because I had no idea it existed until around November. I was using the site back in 2015 when /pt/ was the only board where everybody got posted regardless of how much milk they had. Only came back as of last year. I was one of the anons accused of being murderchan last night and I gave admin my permission to confirm it wasn't me doing it. I'd probably be called a terf just because I would have preferred for this place to be girls only, but its whatever.

Anonymous 8877

ot sure if you mean me (I'm >>8617 the aspergers girl), but I actually had never been to lolcow until just the other day when I went to read the cross-post thread there to see wtf was even going on.
(I'm actually >>>/feels/3950 as well)

But yeah, main point: no, I'm not super aware of lc's board culture/posting trends, but I get the idea.

Edit: Sorry, can't cross-post for shit apparently.

Anonymous 8878

Samefag: Sorry, that is not even the right post of mine, someone kill me, I'm going to go eat my dinner.

Anonymous 8879

Because they were shitting up all the threads obviously. I am one of the anons who doesn't like trannies here and Ive always made that clear since the beginning of cc. But that shit was going out of control, I'm glad they are banned for now.

Anonymous 8882

Thank you!

Anonymous 8888


hmmm…i’m getting this weird déjà vu feeling…

Anonymous 8894

Wildchild here,
Feel free to ban me since I just lurked a few times after the lolcow drama begun and have no interest in posting as this obviously isn't really somewhere I'm interested in posting.
I just came to clear up that the person posting about trannies wasn't me and I found out about it from lolcow.(YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US)

Anonymous 8898


Excuse my tinfoil hat, but ex admin Regina got called out in the onioncord calves thread. I wonder if it will all be gone once lc is back up.

Anonymous 8899

Was this proven true though?

Anonymous 8901

A farmhand already called them out for samefagging. I don't know why lolcow would have to shut down to delete a comment.

Anonymous 8902

>befriending and leaking trash on discord
Can't say I feel sympathy if it's true. Contactfagging on lolcow with a real identity is pretty foolish.

Anonymous 8903

It's not even about lolcord, it's an Onision fan discord this thread is about. The way I understand it, this Megan is a farmer who was doing the same thing (befriending Onionfags to leak) and started pointing fingers at Regna and someone named Ilka to distract from her shit getting posted.

I'm with you, no sympathy if this is true. If you use your real identity to catfish or get milk or w/e you're pretty dumb. She had drama with Jrcach and on cgl and original PULL according to caps in thread so she can't even pretend she didn't know any better.

Anonymous 8907


Not the same anon, but I also found this floating around… I don't know if it's true but if lolcow has taught me anything, you never should be surprised by the unexpected.

Anonymous 8908

>Regina Gutznuts
>Lives in Germany
top wew who takes this shit seriously

Anonymous 8909

Why did I see the pic?? Yikes

Anonymous 8910

Sounds a little contrived but sad if it's true. I tend not to believe Regina's a tranny though because otherwise I think the ot tranny hate derailing on lolcow might've been addressed sooner since it would've hit the admin closer to home.

Anonymous 8911

She's not. She posted a pic of herself in the hospital once, pretty sure shes a lady.
One time in lolcord she did pretend to be a trap to mess with an annoying guy that was hanging around the server.

Anonymous 8912

It's not true and while she may be German, the rest is bullshit. Gave me a good laugh though. Also, what >>8911 said happened and yeah, Regina is a girl lol.

Anonymous 8916

no that was mirrorballgag/ megannyan or some onion flake

Anonymous 8981

ok seriously, the bans are getting ridiculous. they're throwing out bans for everything. they say they have 10 mods and that's pretty large, ok, great, so 10 mods to sit around overpolicing threads while cp stays for 5+ hours? this is ridiculous. they need to get their shit together. you can't say anything without getting a ban now, even saged, AND on topic.

Anonymous 9019


I wish I didn't read the shoe0nhead thread before I went to bed. I had a horrible dream where she and grocery were going to have a….wedding dinner(?) at my house and I was alone with june in my house (I was cleaning up the house for the dinner) and she was trying to act like an annoying little girl the whole time. Anyway, she runs out my front door and I try to find her and I can't so I go back inside. Grocery comes into my house at some point and asks where June is. I'm like, she fucking ran out, I have no control over her and he gets annoyed briefly before holding my chin up to his head and stroking it and patronizingly telling me something along the lines of it's not my fault I'm so stupid that I'd lose june because I'm a woman or some dumb shit. He leaves to go find June.

Important note, this whole time, some guy who apparently was a fan of Armoured Skeptic is in my house. I guess he was going to attend the dinner and was there super early.

I'm super pissed at grocery for being an ass so I go to the room where the dinner was going to take place. I had set the table and shit and I take his glass and smash it on the floor in a fit of rage that I'm not only saddled with preparing a goddamn house for these idiots, but also because I was just humiliated. I then go to clean it up and the fan/friend/idk of grocery's comes downstairs as I'm vacuuming up the last little bits of glass. He guesses at what happens and snaps. He's saying shit like he's had it with ungrateful women like me who shit on people like grocery who are doing the lord's work, blah, blah, blah, and then he purposely farts in front of me. I just laugh because this person is clearly pathetic as fuck and try to leave the area, but as I do, the guy starts trying to take obvious creepshot photos of me and post them to 4chan, etc. I tell him to stop repeatedly while trying to get away from him and I run to a bedroom and cover myself with blankets because I'm sick of this shit.

He basically stops taking photos and rapes the shit out of me. My vag is bleeding profusely, I'm terrified, and I wake up.

Never again….

Anonymous 9020

lmao anon, dont eat cottage cheese before bed. thats some serious nightmare shit. i cant wait for their sham marriage/engagement to fall apart though. i hope CIC sees the tweet and rejects her spousal visa application kek

Anonymous 9022

Good that you shared this here or you'd get banned lmao. I never even followed her threads but this was funny

Anonymous 9023

I mean except for the spoiler part. I know that was obvious but just wanted to make it clear lol

Anonymous 9025

lol i know, lesson learned.

top kek b/c I wouldn't be able to post it on lolcow in the first place, I was banned from there ages ago

Anonymous 9030

what'd you get permabanned for? the bans are seriously insane. it's getting way out of hand.

Anonymous 9031

Didn't they explain it was a system error?

Anonymous 9033

I haven't had problems with bans although I've gotten warnings for derailing or infighting
I do crosspost and enjoy CC for feels threads I used to use reddit and 4chan before

Anonymous 9037

I also got banned for stating an opinion. I was like I think she’s looks alright here in a thread I forget which thread since it was a long ass time ago.

Anonymous 9038

That's seen as whiteknighting (even tho it's not), so farmers rape the shit out of the report button and farmhands are forced into taking action, so it's no surprise you got banned, anon. I bet it was Dakota's thread but since you don't remember I guess I'll never know

Anonymous 9040

People have different opinions and when you don’t think a certain way or disagree just a bit you automatically get attacked.

Anonymous 9048

opinions shouldn't be banned but nitpicking constantly brings no content and should be
I don't see anything wrong with the rules the way they are

Anonymous 9056

I genuinely befriended the discordians due to talking through with Ana and us understanding each others actions - I saltily posted about her because she hurt my friend (her ex) and she understood that I was just blindly protecting my friend. And understood she posted questionable pics to others as she was unhappy and felt forced by him to stay in the relationship; with coming to the realisation that we both misjudged each other we became friends. I never put on a faux friendliness to dig dirt on any of the girls, they are in fact lovely and amusing people. The thought that Regina knew them all for much longer than myself and knows that they are sweet girls and some going though issues is saddening. We spill our hearts to each other as it is like a family, yet to even imagine taking things said in confidence and twist that into posts behind their backs like R did sucks ass.

It is one thing sourcing posts from their social media and being an observer but quite another to 'become' a person they trust in their lives to have things to post.
Yes I am a long time farmer, but that in itself is not an offence as every damn person here and on LC have probably posted negative things in threads - but to involve myself in 'cows' lives and going great lengths stalking and obsessing, 'befriending' them is just unfathomable and milky in itself.

Anonymous 9061

You forgot to add it's also creepy as fuck.

Anonymous 9149

Screenshot from 20…

shouldn't you be taking this to the LC thread you're in?

from what I understand you were the one behind the "onision patreon" thread and got caught self posting so don't try stirring shit up here
apparently resetting router can help with this issue if it was an old ip ban that was issued

Anonymous 9150

Stop targeting individuals, the thread is for general discussion. You will just get this thread locked like the first.

Anonymous 9157

Quit your pathetic victim act, I googled you for like 10 minutes and found out that you had 4 accounts on PULL with hundreds or comments each, namefagged on lolcow and stamina rose, got into drama with weeaboo nobodies bigger than yourself and this all goes back to 2013. I wasn't even sure about leaking the nudes and was still only discussing them with my friends because how dumb do you have to be to expect nudes posted to a public server to stay hidden? You were the one who badgered ne every day, whote up the huge writeup about Ana including her social links and alerted her ex bf, who posted in the thread only because of you, and her aunt coming in to roast her is also on you because you involved family in the first place. That is not 'making a salty post about her', you were sabotaging her and engaging with her family, friends and ex for weeks for your posts. Every day you were spouting your hate and sharing Screenshots of her snapchat. I was never even befriending them. All I did was say 'aw poor you' and 'Awww ur cute' and they let me into their sekrit channels right away. Don't act like I'm some kind of psycho for clicking invites to their servers long after they already suspected me and kept inviting me back in. I can count one or two people I have had an actual conversation with and you're none of them despite what you claimed crying in the voice chat about my betrayal among with the others. You knew I was in all along, YOU started the leak by bugging me until I sat down with my friends and debated on whether or not it was going too far, yet you kept quiet to your 'friends' despite knowing exactly who the leak was. I logged in once every couple of times to download photos and spam some platitudes about a qt everyone is and that was it. You're victimizing yourself way too much for someone who should know better after spending all this time in drama communities.

Anonymous 9158

Wrong - I never created any threads and I didn't self post except one post talking in third person (which you pictured) it was daft of me but I thought namefagging was a banable offence so I fucked up being naive.
I'm not trying to stir any shit at all, just addressing the anon calmly x

Anonymous 9159

Stay mad Regina and continue to pull shit out of your arse to defend yourself.(YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US)

Anonymous Moderator 9162

Read the rules:
2. Do not pretend to be more than one user.
8. Do not create "drama" threads singling out individuals.

Do not engage with people who do. Report them and move on.

Anonymous 9202

Yeah I agree but being banned for having an opinion made me upset. I felt like a piece of me was taken away since I loved that site.

Anonymous 9213

Were you banned or permabanned, anon?

Anonymous 9236

I was permabanned ;((

Anonymous 36135


I'm so fucking upset

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