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Terfposting #3 Anonymous 70600

The thread for all your transphobic meme and shit talk needs. Go!

Old thread (reached post limit): >>66270

Anonymous 70616

kill me.jpg

Why are trannies so predatory?

Anonymous 70652

It's now illegal to give puberty blockers to those under 16 in the UK under the pretense of gender dysphoria.

Big win for sanity.

Anonymous 70655

Based brits

Anonymous 70656


Anonymous 70657


>british people doing something good
Would you look at that

Anonymous 70658


Anonymous 70659


Anonymous 70660


Anonymous 70661


Anonymous 70662


Yay a new thread!

Anonymous 70663

>ben garrison
good times

Anonymous 70664


Anonymous 70672


I'm afraid I don't know who this Ben Garrison gentleman is, though his comic is hilarious. Is he a famous person online?

Anonymous 70675


4chan edited his comics to make them racist/anti-semitic and now his signature is usually just used as a punch line. I kind of feel bad for him because now people actually believe he's a Nazi, but I have to admit that some of these edits are funny.

Anonymous 70679



This made me breathe out my nose really hard, hahaha.
Man Ben Garrison may be a talented artist himself, but whoever is making these edits has some pretty damn good editing/art skills themselves.

Anonymous 70703


Anonymous 70705

How dare they have self esteem to be honest. How can you look at yourself like that and not feel immense disgust? Men really are never taught to be ashamed of themselves like women are constantly.

Anonymous 70716

this one is fucking amazing. if I had to guess, these people seem like sissies more than actual trannies. since they aren't transitioning in public, they occupy themselves with crazier and crazier shit in private as a substitute for the tranny life they aren't living. really sad to witness.

and then of course a few of them do end up transitioning and bringing their creepy shit with them, which just drives more men to keep their crossdressing a dark secret instead of being nice respectable femboys, and the cycle continues.

Anonymous 70717

>like sissies more than actual trannies

Same shit.

Anonymous 70720

it's literally not. trannies try to be seen as female 24/7, sissies do a bunch of perverted shit in secret. sissies may become trannies, I'm not saying one group is somehow more innately female than the other, but they are in fact different forms of social deviance.

Anonymous 70729

How tremendously sad. What are my problems by comparison, really?

Anonymous 70731

Did they get backlash for this? kek

Anonymous 70856

Saw a wild Troon today, laughable that a lot of them think wearing face masks this year is helping them pass. Truly laughable.

Anonymous 70859

This is hilarious

Anonymous 70861

>they are in fact different forms of social deviance

No, they are not. Wanting to hide your stupid fetish doesn't make you different from people who don't want to hide the same stupid fetish.

Anonymous 70871

It intrinsically does though. There's being a pervert and there's being an exhibitionist. Only one of these is illegal.

Anonymous 70877


Anonymous 70880

Reddit moment

Anonymous 70884

How ironic. "from genitals don't determine one's sex" to "genitals determine one's sex". Trannies are moids & that is final.

Anonymous 70911

Why the fuck is it called "actual lesbians" if it ain't for actual lesbians lol

Anonymous 70914


Anonymous 70918


Anonymous 70926


Honey, the dog is being transphobic again.

Anonymous 70928

based pupper

Anonymous 70945


Anonymous 70946

Someone should start an actualactuallesbians sub

Anonymous 70965

You can't. Well, you can. But it'll get nuked for hurting tranny janny feelings inside of a day.

Anonymous 70966

Only troons have enough time on their hands to be reddit moderators. Actualy lesbians have things to do with their lives instead of be an unpaid powertripping moderator.

Anonymous 70967

They still manage to look 100% like moids because moid hygiene is genetical, that will never change from moids they will always stink & manage to look more sloppy than everyone else. Especially because trannies always been social reject dweeb sperglords.

Anonymous 70978


The transphobic side of tumblr is.. immaculate

Anonymous 70983

Dubs of truth. That's one of the problems with the modern LGBT movement.
Now that all the ideologically black-and-white battles have been won, the only people who have time to devote their lives to this anymore are the maniacs

Anonymous 70995


An oldie but a goodie.
Troons have a cursed existence but I can’t pity them as they brought it upon themselves.

Anonymous 70999

Well fuck, I think I'm transphobic now. What do I do? I'm on a hyper liberal college campus and all of my friends would cancel me for thinking these things. Do I just hide it forever?

Anonymous 71001

are most of you guys in these terf threads lesbian or something? I couldn't care less if some homo wants to dress up and have relationships with men, actually I sort of have a fetish for pretty boys, why can't they just wear cute (male) outfits and some makeup to look like boys from my yaoi doujins, what the hell is wrong with beasts like this >>70994 lol

Anonymous 71009

Just be cool about it, it’s not like anyone besides the trannies can smell it on you. Despite making up seemingly half of the internet, trannies still aren’t as common as you’d think, even on your liberal college campuses. And of the normies, most people think they’re weird monstrosities, especially those who’ve actually interacted with them irl, so don’t be surprised if many libfems you meet actually hold similar beliefs secretly.
Don’t start running your mouth on troons or anything because you can get reported for harassment and the admin staff will not have your back, but your feelings are not as rare as you think they are. The disgust for trannies runs deeper than than this “intersectionality” bullshit can.

Anonymous 71032

> actually I sort of have a fetish for pretty boys, why can't they just wear cute (male) outfits and some makeup to look like boys from my yaoi doujins, what the hell is wrong with beasts like this
Same anon, but unfortunately most irl men don't look like pretty anime boys.
I'm straight but troondom harms all women. I don't want macho ma'am in my bathroom, or women's groups to be infiltrated by fetishistic men. And even then, I don't want my lesbian friends to be harmed or face harassment because they're willing to stand up against girldick.

Anonymous 71046

>unfortunately most irl men don't look like pretty anime boys.
bruh, there was a barrista guy at startbucks once and I took one look at him and my heart stopped, swear to god he stepped right out of an anime

Anonymous 71094

almost nobody minds moids crossdressing here its the tranny pills and surgeries that do irreversible damage to human beings and that is basically the biggest reason why trannies kill themselves. It's an impossible feat, sex changing is a myth, it's impossible but they fall for a scam due to their horny autism. Ironically they lose their horniness after the tranny pills because that shit kills your body sensitivity leaving them feeling like shallow husks of male scrote human with a small dick and balls and some gyno sized boobies at most.

There is just some things that are physically impossible because we live in a physics based universe. Trannies basically want magic, a miracle, religion, non-sense that can't possibly happen to happen.

Anonymous 71100

brood mothers.png

Anonymous 71104

I'll never understand how they can be so blatantly disgusted when they pfp are literally irl photos of themselves. Is it the HRT that rots their brain or what?

Anonymous 71106

Troons fetishize female oppression. Lonely men that get no attention in real life talking about how "validating" it is to be called a slut, a whore, etc., are merely validating their unsatiated narcissism left ravenous for attention from a developmental decade of gloom and invisibility.

Anonymous 71123


Anonymous 71130


Anonymous 71132


Anonymous 71135

fuck you. Explain if the photo is graphic when you spoiler shit. The one right after didn't even need to be spoiled.

Anonymous 71136


Anonymous 71141

alright I’m gonna say it already, I think that boy is really frigging cute, sorry

Anonymous 71142

Troons are the antithesis of pretty boys, they are literally the worst of both worlds. If you like pretty boys you should hate trannies with a passion.

Anonymous 71145

This is exactly how it is for me. I hate trannies bc I love softy pretty boys.

Anonymous 71154


Anonymous 71172

R/actuallesbians is no longer a safe space for lesbians.

Anonymous 71213

is that the "am hole" guy?

Anonymous 71220

the fake ben garrison signature makes it FUNNIER

Anonymous 71221

Anonymous 71226

does he think he has one?

Anonymous 71250

someone should tell him that vaginas usually don't need to be stretched open every day to prevent them from closing up permanently lol

Anonymous 71257

Lefties are a fucking disease

Anonymous 71262

>get off my ass and dilate
I think he means
>get in my ass and dilate

Anonymous 71271

How many years until the zeitgeist changes and this transgender meme implodes?
The lawsuits for malpractice will be huge and it could very well make it harder to troon out down the road for these very same people pushing the agenda.

When you take a step back and look at the big picture you see how it is unfair for these peoples delusions to be fed as they are people also.

Sadly many young woman who fell for the social contagion mind virus will be left damaged when this is all over.
Does anyone have any history on this whole fiasco perhaps a book I could read which is written in a analytical way?

Anonymous 71276


This is the only one I’ve heard of. As you may imagine, these sorts of things were rarely written/researched on until current year and it’s hard to find anything that isn’t wholly in support of the trans issue

Anonymous 71283


Anonymous 71285

I read this book and although I liked it for providing a new perspective it did feel in a lot of ways like an opinion piece and not purely analytical.
There were times when the author used her own experience to bolster an argument which in and of itself was valid but logically was not affected by her expressing what she did.
>these sorts of things were rarely written/researched on until current year and it’s hard to find anything that isn’t wholly in support of the trans issue
Oh I am aware of this sad fact and it does feel like the onus is on us to research things critically ourselves.
I know this is the wrong thread for serious terf discussion but I do ache knowing some family simply do not care to even think for themselves.

The entire movement is fragile and easy to demolish using evidence that contradicts the narrative yet no one will touch it.
Elaborate please.
>stand with sophie
Not in woman spaces thank you…

Anonymous 71286


neovagina warning

Anonymous 71290

Do not see how this relates to what you mentioned originally in a significant way regarding the movment imploding.
Hitler-kun was based in ways I guesso

Anonymous 71295

>How many years until the zeitgeist changes and this transgender meme implodes?
Why do you assume it will implode?

Anonymous 71296

I am thinking the negative consequences would become more obvious especially down the line including social ones that will become harder to ignore.
I also think naturally as it is the current social norm and all norms change that we may see a revolt against it but it wont be any time very soon maybe 5-10+ years is my guess which is worthless

Anonymous 71311


Anonymous 71313


Anonymous 71318

What are the general opinions regarding this type of post in these tranny communities?

Anonymous 71319

Negative replies or the original posts themselves are usually deleted before an answer to a question like that can be found.

Anonymous 71320

So we can safely assume that the people moderating are perverts beyond doubt…

Anonymous 71326


>Unspoilered the image because I was curious
>saw it
>immediately lightheaded
Why do I do this to myself?
More importantly, how can tranny (some of which who’ve had sex with women in the past) would look at this and think “hmm, yes this is a pussy with normal discharge”. The delusion.

Anonymous 71327

this happened.PNG

This totally happened.

Anonymous 71328

>she was mean because she is ugly and unpopular in dating
The levels of delusion that this tranner is under is incredible.
They obviously do not pass anyway because they were seen as a man from someone behind them to begin with.
>children are pure hearted
Not at all children when very young are incredibly blunt and cruel but we learn to lie and even if the child was not lying they
A) are brainwashed by their parents and media
B) are literally a child so how is their opinion in this case relevant

Tht tranner is coping so hard.

Anonymous 71332

tranny kek.png

Thanks for the subbreddit what a gold mine.

>pic related

If I seen this man I would not even consider he is trans and think he is just a fan of magival girl anime.
Maybe it is a troll?
Seen some woman (real) who were in process of tranistioning and it was sad..

Anonymous 71335

I noticed a lot of these MTF have very Masculine facial features (obviously) but are they more masc than the average man?
I do not go outside to see what average person looks like but it does seem like there could be a link between them and being a tranny

Anonymous 71353


Anonymous 71354


Anonymous 71358

this is just insanely telling

they are literally such accurate caricatures of themselves they cannot be satirized

Anonymous 71361

Anonymous 71362

Anonymous 71363


Anonymous 71377


Anonymous 71394

based sexually dimorphic pelvis bones

Anonymous 71405

what the fuck, did they put disabled as a gender, too, or should a disabled person who might be unable to hold it in for long wait because of some tranny making selfies in a bathroom?

Anonymous 71423


>had a tranny as an interviewer
>they were actually really nice to me
>felt bad about TERFdom for a few minutes
>went online
>get called a tranny constantly because "lol no wammenz on the internet"
>trannies call me "biohole" and say they look better than women do
>remember why I hate trannies

Anonymous 71424

it's literally just a coomer fetish for them.

Anonymous 71441

Remember it is reflection of quasi-innate male tendency to view women by looks, her impact on their horniness her only value. Reinforced thoroughly by male socialization, quietly or not, it impacts directly MtF troons who are commonly additionally fetishists in addition to simply heterosexual men.

Anonymous 71447


Anonymous 71448

>is discord
That clown costume…
How many of these tranny faggots are histrionic because god dame they act like it.

disgusting how they fetishize someones gender and then get to claim the right to speak for us all.

Anonymous 71462

moids dress like the steriotype of a woman that is a slut they of course don't get women at all. It's all a retarded fantasy that cannot be reality they are chasing after, no wonder why these people kill themselves this is mental illness.

And its always the fucking retarded looking striped sleeves & socks…

Anonymous 71463

That was obviously a troll.

Anonymous 71468


thats a troll in the screenshots but it doesn't have to be hpd, which is several times more common in women than men, most likely it's npd and autogynephilia (stan ray blanchard)

Anonymous 71469

Regardless is a hPD trait or manifests similarly.
They do seem to crave attention at least the online ones as they ALWAYS let you know they take pink pills when you meet them nearly right away.

Anonymous 71496

>several times more common in women than men
probably because "histrionic" behaviour in women is "normal" in moids
all of them make everything about themselves, for example
that's why liberal "feminism" is more about troon (moids') issues than women's

Anonymous 71546


Anonymous 71551


TL:DR Troon is surprised when lesbian hook ups get angry when he tells them he has a dick

Anonymous 71557

I'm afraid I would do much worse

Anonymous 71563


Have you seen the scale they use to diagnose trannydom in girls? I know dunking on moids is always fun but the massive numbers of young girls transing lately is very worrying.
All of these questions are extremely disturbing.
I wonder if this is all a ploy to exterminate autistic girls by mass sterilization.

Anonymous 71564


compare with the one they use for moids. it's much more extreme.

Anonymous 71565

This screams 4chan troll from miles away

Anonymous 71566

years ago I'd have been sure this was a troll but too many troons post shit like this attached to their real-life names and faces like it's something to be proud of. just a dude boasting about beating up women for refusing sex with him, what's new.

Anonymous 71574

>I wonder if this is all a ploy to exterminate autistic girls by mass sterilization.
This would be laughably ineffective. We've observed an overlap between autism and transgenderism, yes, but with transgenderism's extremely low base rate, you're still talking about a few percent of autistic girls at most. And while autism is genetic, most autistic people don't have autistic parents.

Anonymous 71605

Most of the shit on reddit is not only fake but reposts. Because of its points system that's basically what the site is focused on. Doesn't need to be a troll because reddit is like that normally.

Anonymous 71606

Oh right: I, as A Girl, just looove menstruating! Because it makes me feel like a woman!
what the fuck rly

Anonymous 71608


This shit makes me want to fucking scream, NO WOMAN LOVES BEING A WOMAN because of misogyny oh my God what is so hard to understand that women are treated like shit globally so fucking obviously if given the option especially vulnerable teen girls would troon out to avoid the way society makes them feel about just existing.
'Oh no I hate my body and the unwanted attention it gets me I must not be a woman', no you hate the way men treat you and the way moids have made all media be a constant slew of sex making you self conscious because of the constant comparison women are forced to endure that and the fear of rape and mistreatment, you are not the problem they are
Male trannies are just fetishists on the opposite side of the spectrum
Think about how every ftm absolutely hates their body while mtfs post daily about how sexy they are and how much they love their girldick
God I hate the people who encourage this shit

Anonymous 71612

Autistic traits are genetic and inherited. Girls are tranning in massive numbers and being actively indocrinated into it anon. If you ever have a daughter there is a big chance that she's going to have this tranny ideology shoved down her throat.

Anonymous 71616

There's only two routes for girls now, straight + bimbofication or trans, there's no hope for future lesbians or tomboys

Anonymous 71617


Anonymous 71620


What do you think /terf/?

Anonymous 71624

I love that they put "her" in air quotes.

Anonymous 71639

true, it's very compatible with the current "left" though

Anonymous 71653

Obama is ashy as hell

Anonymous 71656

>hairy arms
is he even trans?

Anonymous 71692


I….okay. sure.

Anonymous 71696


Remember that not only are trannies insane, but online trannies are in the 90th-99th percentile of insanity.

Anonymous 71697


Could transitioning have saved her?

Anonymous 71698

It’s like they are a religion recruiting new converts. Sickening

Anonymous 71699

It would have killed him faster. It kills everyone. Rarely trannies make it to old age because such a life is just not worth living as human laboratory rat scammed trash.

Anonymous 71713

He is already on that doomed path. He came out as bi, soon he will be "collaborating" more with wokies like contranspoints and swallow the troonpill.
It's only a matter of time.

Anonymous 71715


Unironically. Gnc girls hear over and over again "are you transitioning?" "are you non binary?" "you like girls and look like that? are you sure you're not trans?" and eventually they hear it enough that they start to think that maybe there is something wrong with them
Comic would be better like this

Anonymous 71742

Change "globo homo" to something else, and I think we're set

Anonymous 71791

I know you're talking about a tranny but women can have dark arm hair too. I got bullied for it, and found out the hard way that shaving your arms fucking sucks.

Anonymous 71793

Trannies are too much of nobodies in the grand scheme of things, so the more appropriate place to point fingers is at online communities on the left for propangandising this trash

Anonymous 71802

Who is the left? Globohomos. Who owns social media and decided only the left gets a voice? Globohomos.

Anonymous 71831

there's a massive difference between dark arm hair and borderline gorilla arm hair. i trust that your arm hair isn't that bad.

Anonymous 71900


uggh, now twitter nazis are trying to cancel the actress Letitia Wright, the woman who plays Princess Shuri from the Black Panther movie, and they're attacking her calling her a "transphobe"

Anonymous 71902

it is baffling how these ultra-woke retards aren’t mad about her sharing anti-vax stuff but choose to be mad instead about her twansphobia

Anonymous 71904

woke retards are imbeciles and have always been. wokeness hates wokeness itself.

Anonymous 71907

Why does 99% of this crap come from America? People who grew up in ivory towers making up largelg overblown persecution narratives? Too much wealth brought about a privileged young middle class that spends its time thinking about generally futile things? Mental illnesses in general?

Anonymous 71922

To be fair she was getting mobbed initially for being an anti vaxxer, considering the role of her character in the movie.

Anonymous 71926

Anonymous 71928

>being bisexual mastersex
>any correlation with tranninism
fuck off tranny. Go become 45%

Destiny.gg the debater is bi as well & he finds trannies distasteful as fuck & has criticized their lunatic asses for being in women's sports. To hell with trannies.

Anonymous 71950


Anonymous 71952

call me a softie, but it's tragic anyone would have to deal with that especially when it's just to live out a fetish. the fact that a surgeon leaving an open wound where someone's genitals used to be is considered safe and humane practice is absolute insanity.

Anonymous 71953

you're right, but the photo is still real though. someone probably posted it as a meme and a TERF found it and added the story to it.

Anonymous 71954

there's absolutely a correlation between being bi and wanting to fuck or hang out with trannies, even if not all bi people would. of course there's a difference between bi people who like normie men and normie women and ones who like GNC men and GNC women; the latter are more likely to be called "pan" and are more likely to chase trannies. but being against trannies in women's sports doesn't disqualify you from being open to them in other ways, as most bi men are.

Anonymous 71955

No there isnt. Trannies have no use, they can't reproduce.

Anonymous 71957


Anonymous 71959

Thank you for posting this.
God. Can't fucking stand Blaire and his egocentric wannabe Barbie Stacy attitude. HE could never be a true Stacy even if HE wanted to because HE was born an XY, not an XX and that will be his insecurity for the rest of his measly life.

Anonymous 71962

He doesn't look bad, though. Plenty of women look like that. Hardly a hon imo.

Anonymous 71966


>Plenty of women look like that.
t. gigahon

Anonymous 71968

Fuck no. That jaw is way too squareish, those eyes are way to small (moids have smaller eyes), those brows are just fake, those shoulders are too wide, that nose is too wide/long. Ugly women exist im aware but moid trannies usually end up looking like too ogrish looking without make up.

He is a handsome dude for sure, but he dead ass looks 100% tranny even his make up because it's too flamboyant, way too much. Nothing says "I'm a mistake" like caking yourself up over the limit, the make up ain't even subtile 100% he was one of those fags like Jeffry Star before, a drag then became a tranny then a conservative. Talk about being an uncle tom lmao cuz all trannies sick is validation they are the online "pick mees" and the "trad wife" memers and always believe in some shit straight up contradictory either "omg daddy hitler I wish hitler fucked me to validate me!" Nazism/Fascism or full on Soviet Socialim both which would have had them killed lol, Blarie White deserves nothing but suicide, make it 46%.

Anonymous 71975


anyways here’s the original photo, weak attempt tranny

Anonymous 72018

I don't know if it's a "gay conspiracy," though. Have you heard of the "cotton ceiling?" This movement hurts gay people as well.

One always has to remember not to attribute to malice what can be easier explained by stupidity. It's just a bunch of well-meaning white people who think this is the "next civil rights front." Like after civil rights and women's rights and gay rights, this comes next. They don't see how this movement tramples upon all the previous ones, because they haven't really thought it out. They're afraid of their minds going certain places, and of thinking "bad thoughts."

But if they were to give it two seconds of serious thought, they would see that there isn't a single argument for "being born in the wrong body" that doesn't rely on either sexual stereotyping, or isn't similar to the body dysmorphia problems that cause people to want to cut off their arms and legs.

It's just people afraid to use their minds, and think things through. People wanting to be "progressive." They aren't bad, they're just stupid.

Anonymous 72019

I don't think so. You have to remember that calling yourself "bisexual" nowadays (as opposed to "pansexual") is transphobic, since it implies there are only two genders you'll choose from.
Anyone who calls themselves bi as opposed to pan must be at least a little bit based

Anonymous 72021

If you think that guy has small eyes, then I don't even want to know what you think about real women who have eyes like Sophie Turner and Renee Zellweger…

Anonymous 72096

Sorry for the late response, but people might have better luck with podcasts right now. Feminist Current, WLRN, and Boyce of Reason speak frequently on women’s rights being fucked over by trans. I’m sure there are others out there too but those come to the top of my head.

Anonymous 72097

Joe Rogan also interviewed the author of the book in the picture you responded to. He's been pretty level-headed on these matters as well
Naturally, that means all the trannies hate him. But then again, they hate everybody. Anyone they don't hate is probably a moral coward

Anonymous 72099


Anonymous 72100

>some women have one male-typical physical trait! TERFS PWNT, SEX DEBUNKED

Don't be obtuse. If the only thing male about Blaire White was his eyes, he'd be unclockable.

Anonymous 72102


All biological women invalidate transwomen

Anonymous 72104


The best ones are the ones that just compare their PFPs with their actual face

Anonymous 72105

>You don't deserve a safe space
God, I hate these """""people"""""

Anonymous 72109

>have rotting flesh wound
>intentionally insert sugar
I cannot imagine that theses accounts don't go completely silent forever shortly hereafter

Anonymous 72168

Yeah. People that still go by bisexual are usually kinda based because they get tons of harassment for not wanting to fuck trannies otherwise, but now there's also a bunch of bisexuals fighting against being called transphobic by saying stuff like referring to trans as an other category and not by their preferred gender is inherently transphobic in itself. Pansexual is definitely, without a doubt, the tranny chaser and/or woke/virtue signaling sexuality though.

I had a fellow bi friend that didn't dive into what post SRS looked like or know about stuff like the stink ditch hairballs or squeezing the balls to inflate the faux dick, I ended up showing her pics and talking about stuff more in depth to help steer her away from putting herself in sexual positions with crazy trannies. The disgusting reality is an effective turn off.

Anonymous 72172

Society knows perfectly well those are just in the end perverted moid fetishists, fetishizing "femininity" . But they just don't wanna address the elephant in the room, its more comfortable to ignore it & not call it out a mental illness.

clock language is tranny language. go back to /lgbt/ moid. 45%

Anonymous 72176


Anonymous 72178

omg… "reply stop being a man-bitch and accept not choosing your sex is a fact of life, nobody fucking does, deal with it."

Then get banned from their tranny subreddit for being based. Who cares.

Anonymous 72212


An internet friend of mine is trooning out. She was emotionally abused by her ex-BF, came out as a lesbian semi-recently, likes pretty anime boys, is unhappy with her weight, and is currently in a mental hospital. I want to help her before things go too far but honestly I dunno what would be a good way to even talk about it without going full-terf. I'm just praying this is a phase before she makes some hasty decision she'll regret.

Anonymous 72214

The funny thing about women that looney troon out is that since they are still women because sex cant really be changed. They can still get preggers lol. This is something moid trannies will always hate us for.

If a tranny is reading this fuck you, join the 45% pervert moid you fell for a scam, no such thing as a sex change.

Anonymous 72226

Tell her there's no wrong way to be a woman and even if she has trauma associated with being female it's not healthy to try to run from it but nicer, start sending her prowoman propaganda bc a lot of self esteem has to do with the media you consume aka why it's easier to stop caring about wearing makeup in radfem circles bc a lot of them don't force themselves to look super feminine and encourage being happy with your natural self

Anonymous 72253

Haven't read about it in awhile, but won't HRT/testosterone after enough time damage your ovaries and etc?

Just thinking about the women like Elle Palmer that just have their voices ruined forever makes me feel so sorry for them.

Anonymous 72270

there has been a twitter purge and most of my favourite terves were banned

Anonymous 72272

>basic bitch white girl culture
Isn’t that what they want tho?

Anonymous 72277

the issue with america:
>no cultural inheritence. our ancestors severed the connection with the homelands and came on the boats with nothing
>racial stewpot where everyone subtly hates everyone else
>literally nothing to do here, either a boring middle of nowhere or else there's too much crime to go outside, and everything costs money
>our parents are awful people and abused all of us. for most of them they were abused by their parents. families in america are just fucked up, and it really destroy's a person's soul
>architecture is ugly as shit sprawled out garbage and walmarts. makes everyone low key miserable and they don't understand why
>everyone is unhealthy and groomed to be a consoomer. no self actualization, only labels and shallow posturing
>sexual degeneracy without shame
>everyone is a man/womanchild in the worst ways. their unhealthy lifestyle destroys their body, but their lack of connection to elements of the human soul creates immture, irresponsible, shallow-thinking people. hence, a soyboy or a karen.
>trannies, trannies everywhere. if there's something wrong but you can't articulate what it is, you do something drastic to try and change your circumstances and are quick to pin blame on whatever seems convenient.

basically america is such a toxic shithole it's spilling over into the rest of the planet. monetary wealth isnt enough compensation to be forced to be an american.
t. bitter despairing burger surrounded by trannies and nonbinaries. i can't go a week without seeing one of these freaks.

Anonymous 72278

>posting in thread about [x]
>everyone accusing everyone else of being a tranny
>literally evidence emerges that 10%+ of posters are literal discord trannies
>threads are ruined forever, the trannies start shitposting constantly out of asspain, and none of them has a life so they're there 24/7 killing the generals
talking about JJK on /a/ btw. it's really suffering. i wish trannies did not exist and i never had to hear about this shit.

Anonymous 72282


feels good to be cis, ngl. very glad that i don't have to deal with the stress that comes with being trans

Anonymous 72283

do they have to deal with any stress besides not being pampered enough?
excluding the second/third world trannies, but then again everyone suffers there except rich white moids.

Anonymous 72291

It's a mental illness. Legit, its a sort of coping mechanism mainly for autistic moids who just cant accept the fact nobody chooses their gender/sex except genetics. Nobody can play god. No such thing exists there isnt a character editor when you begin life, consciousness happens after the fact of all things one has no control over and this is good why fight it. Trannies best attempt is play pretend and hope nobody ruins their "immersion" but we as society shouldnt give a fuck about what loonie trooners think of us anyway. They and their play pretend "immersion" where they want everyone to forcibly play along can all go fuck themselves.

Anonymous 72296

>You don't get a safe space for women because it invalidates men.

Anonymous 72336


Anonymous 72354


Anonymous 72363

Really captures it all. Trannies (but enbies and the special sexualities too) are the reason why LGB acceptance has been dropping. T never should have been included.

Anonymous 72365

I'm 99% sure "T" used to mean "transvestite," but the trannies co-opted it to refer to themselves

Anonymous 72370

Bisexuals master sex cannot rely on the LGBshit anymore honestly. They are spectacularly retarded especially now.

I'm bi I NEVER ever needed them.

Trannies get madder when you call them Transvestite rather than Trannies though. I think they are not even okay with the term Trans this days, you have to call them WOMEN, GIRL, FEMALE or they sperg out that you ruin their make-beleive childish immersion. They are so retarded, never give them attention ever.

Anonymous 72375

In awe at the size of this lad. Absolute unit.

Anonymous 72377


"Built like a Chad potential wasted on living for the next coom"

Moid's are natural coom panderers, the essence of what they are is determined by whatever gets their dick hard. They are inherent cumbrains.

Anonymous 72454


Jesus Christ. Who the hell is using this standard to diagnose people?

Anonymous 72455

mario lounge.png

Oh yeah. I'm fully aware of this
They even banned the word "Transvestite" from the NBC version of the "Rocky Horror Picture Show." Changed it to "transexual," so it wouldn't offend the trannies
One has to wonder how the transvestites felt about that

Anonymous 72461

>trans-exclusionary radical feminist
Not an Anglosaxon native speaker here and I've just checked what does it mean and shit, it's so misleading. It says that if you're women and don't support trannnies than you're a radical, a fanatic, a maniac and probably a dangerous lunatic. I'm sure it's a tranny who came up with this word. Why do you anons use it at all?

Anonymous 72464

OK, thanks anon, now I understand it more, looks like radical has a wider meaning than I thought. Also what is that root of feminism? Olympe de Gouges and her views?

Anonymous 72517

TETF. There you go.
Trans Exclusionary True Feminist.

Anonymous 72542

Being trans is a choice. Don’t feel bad for them.

Anonymous 72545

Genuine question, what are dysphoric people supposed to do then if not transition?
Most of the detrans people ive seen talking weren’t the type that had crippling dysphoria so there almost no resources on what to do.

Anonymous 72548

Get fucking therapy

Anonymous 72549

If therapy worked troons wouldn’t go crazy with the plastic surgery iirc, therapy isn’t a catch all.

Anonymous 72552

Therapy DOES work. You didn't seriously swallow the tranny Flavor Aid about this, did you? They want it banned because it gives children a chance to escape grooming.

Anonymous 72553


Anonymous 72556

Nah, im saying this because im dysphoric and therapy doesn’t do shit, and not even the was groomed by tumblr type of dysphoric, I’ve felt shit about my body since early puberty.
Im not gonna troon out because being a 5’1 balding Aidencel is worse than being a reasonably attractive woman, society-wise, but I still break down while showering and shit like that.

Anonymous 72558


Anonymous 72570

>have a nice group of friends to play RPGs with
>no drama, no worries, just friends having fun playing some tabletops and boardgames
>group softy invites their trans friend to play some games with us because they're lonely
>instantly injects pronouns and "social consent"
>eventually kills off all political, sex and gender humour because it all makes "her" suicidal
>the moid coomer of the group just one day comes out as trans
>they start trying to convince our bi tomboy friend she's actually trans
>do a little reading and find rapid onset gender dysphoria
>they infected our group
>it's literally a disease
>try to put an end to it
>rally the rest of the group to refuse to follow the new trans rules
>both of them prey on our sense of charity, guilt and compassion
>openly weeps in the middle of the game store
>asks me "Do you want to lynch me right here or just let me do it at home?"
>steel our resolve and just leave

Fucking trannies stole a good friend. He was a massive coomer, sure, but he was a good person. Now he's a bitter vector for this disease who hates all women because he cannot become us, only infect and make us like them.

Anonymous 72580

horrid thing.jpg

good on you for having the courage to leave

Anonymous 72603

> "Do you want to lynch me right here or just let me do it at home?"
Jesus Christ, the way these people leverage their suicidalness against others. It's sickening.
Are you still in contact with any people from the group?

Anonymous 72604

I genuinely hate to hear how you feel about your body. My sympathy for your pain is real.
But changing your body isn't gonna change how you feel about your body,. You can only change how you feel about it.

Anonymous 72605

Everyone else walked away - it's just our coomer who I no longer speak to. I still check his social media and it is filled with a constant stream of vitriol against cis women.

Anonymous 72608

> Everyone else walked away
So they also left the group? Is that lunatic the last person in the group, then? Or did they kick you out? Or did you and a select number of other people just split from the group?
I'm sorry, I'm just still not clear on what exactly happened.

Anonymous 72611

Feeling shit about your body since puberty is part of womanhood tm just because you're not happy being a woman doesn't make you nb or a man. not sure if you have social dysphoria or physical but if social it's usually you internally don't like how women including you are treated you know misogyny, if physical society can influence that too like always being sexualized, being fed media that makes you compare yourself and feel the need to look a certain way, no one would want to deal with that if that's what it's like to be a woman, aka why teen girls feel the need to aiden and troon out to be he/theys it's so blatant that they just want to be treated as 'anything but a woman'
Also w the therapist thing if your current one isn't helping you there's no harm in changing
Anyway stay strong queen I went through the same thing too

Anonymous 72614


I wish there was some guide on how to do that because honestly most detrans resources are for women who were dealing with internalized mysogyny and lesbophohia, which is not my case.
That’s the thing though, I don’t have social dysphoria, just physical, its like that thing post-puberty when you finally accept that this is your body kicks in never happened to me, but idk maybe its a special case because I do have neuro-developmental issues (not autism tho) for now I just avoid showering as much as its higienically possible, I just feel disconnected from my physical form in a very distressing manner.
I haven’t trooned out because I know for sure I would actually be treated worse as a 5’ Aidencel than as a reasonably cute woman, but It doesn’t feel like my body belongs to me, like I look in the mirror and thats just not me, I don’t mind being treated as a woman since I live in a pretty progressive place, its not bad, I have never suffered considerable misogyny, even being GNC, and alas I still feel dysphoric.

Anonymous 72615

This is a very personal question and you don't have to answer, but were you physically or sexually abused at a young age in any way, or is it possible it could have happened?

Anonymous 72616

So you're not a "man trapped in a woman's body", you just don't feel comfortable with your body?

Anonymous 72624

Sounds like you need therapy too anon, all of that doesn't make you any less of a woman

Anonymous 72625

>you need therapy
I'm not that anon and I don't have dysphoria but therapy recommendations feel like a cop out to me. Good therapists are rare, and a good therapist who is equipped to deal with your specific issues is even moreso (especially for more "niche" issues like gender dysphoria, which is complex and can come from a lot of different places, and is currently tied up in troon politics and thus a fairly controversial issue for the psych community). Therapy isn't a magical cure-all and with some of the shittier ones it can make things worse. I'm not against therapy but it doesn't fix people the way a mechanic fixes your car or anything close to that.

Anonymous 72627


Never was diddled as a kid, don't recall that ever happening and I have a quite good memory of my childhood and no symptoms whatsoever, it was pretty chill, my parents are kind of hands off but nothing that would traumatize anyone, I enjoyed my childhood alot.
To be more specific I just want to not have any secondary sex characteristics at all, no tits, neutral fat distribution, I already have a weird androgynous voice (not a hormone imbalance, scar tissue) and its my favorite thing about myself, I know I feel slightly more inclined to a masculine presentation because Man is considered the default in society but honestly I couldn't give less of a shit on how people treat me I just want to get my genderless alien plastic surgery so I look in the mirror and feel goood god fucking damnit, ironically enough, to me having a vagina feels more "neutral" than a penis, its not THERE you know?
(Tho Thank god I was born with two XX chromossomes because it way easier for me to look androgynous than a hulking male-born troon)
I think neuroatypica people make the biggest chunk of FtMs troons, like im pretty sure we just don't experience our bodies and gender the same way normal people do.

Anonymous 72628

>they don't profit from your recovery, they profit from hooking you on drugs

Which is exactly why dysphoria enforcement has become the most popular form of treatment. Healthy women don't pay to mutilate themselves.

Anonymous 72634

Trannies seek out "affirming" treatment already whether doctors lead them towards it or not. Informed consent caught on in the first place because they were already buying black market hormones while going through the "gatekeeping" process or before seeing a doctor or a therapist at all, and doctors decided it was better to at least give them a real prescription and monitor their endocrine systems.

Anonymous 72640

Anon I kinda feel you even though my issue isn't related to gender or whatever, I feel really detached from my body due to chronic illness making me look and feel inhuman and me having no reason to like or enjoy my body. I'd prefer to just have no perceivable body at all. Even when my mother gives me compliments about my body it makes me feel disgusting because I feel seen. Sorry this doesn't help and it's not really ontopic, but here goes

Anonymous 72643

Anonymous 72666


When is my bf finally going to peak trans?
I always give him some nuggets of tervinism and he eithers agree low-key, dances around it just says nothing.
I guess man don't need to peak trans as much as woman because they are not in danger, and also because they don't have their experiences invalidated by trannies.

Anonymous 72667

Holy shit forgive my grammar mistakes and typos, I am kinda dizzy.

Anonymous 72670

if your bf is a straight male who simps for trannies i'd be a bit worried anon

Anonymous 72671

glad as hell you and your sensible friends left them

Anonymous 72675

He's a dude, so he's more uncomfortable about having "bad thoughts" than you are.

Feminist men are trained to just accept what other groups say without questioning them or using their critical thinking skills. He's probably just conflicted as to what the "right" thing to think here even is.

Try to encourage him to think for himself a little. Tell him he shouldn't be forced to believe trans people; tell him he shouldn't even be forced to believe you. Once he frees up his mind and starts looking at the "what does it mean to be born in the wrong body" question critically, he will come to the inevitable conclusion. You just have to open the door.

Anonymous 72676

Nah, he said he likes pussy and ciswomen only, I guess it doesn't help that we had an awful TiM at college that would always try to throw himself at my bf, he was pretty gross.
But anyway, he fell for the TRA rethoric though (as I did myself, but I've peaked and he hasn't peaked yet)

>Feminist men are trained to just accept what other groups say without questioning them or using their critical thinking skills. He's probably just conflicted as to what the "right" thing to think here even is.

Very true, anon. As I said, I am always trying to give him little bits of information for him to peak or at least start thinking more critically about it, and he agrees with some stuff like genderspecials or envies uwu called "Sakura Black Widow Dementia Way", but some other stuff he will listen and then just say jokingly "you're such a rad fem" (I mean yes, but that has become the scawwy mean wowd at our college so).

Tbh he almost peaked once when he saw a TiF throwing a gender reveal party for herself because she came out as a real boy!
Tbh it was pretty harmless as far as trans everything goes, but I guess he was put off by the excessiveness of it and because he thinks gender reveal parties are stupid as is.

So I am waiting. I guess it would take a big news case for him to peak completely.

Anonymous 72698


Anonymous 72701


It's so funny that not even trans want to date other trans and feel depressed because most of the real women wont date them, like wtf did they expect.
Also, have anyone else noticed that most trannies overuses filters on social media? It's so delusional.

Anonymous 72748

Anonymous 72771

Suicidal Homura.pn…

These make me regret having Fairy as my favorite type.

Anonymous 72773

I don't know which hurt worse: the blurry text, or his fetish post

Anonymous 72801

Funny how r/translesbians can exist but not r/biolesbians. Reddit hates women

Anonymous 72976


Anonymous 72977


Anonymous 72978


Anonymous 72980


Forget banning them from public bathrooms. They should be banned from being around children in general.

Anonymous 72981


Anonymous 72982

>letting mentally sick people to confirm their delusions
This is morally disgusting, reddit hates women so much
Fuck, poor children, innocent and naive, they schould be untouchable. I hate trannies more and more.

This is a world I don't want to live in.

Anonymous 72983

>told the kid "I used my fake dick during sex recently"
>I didn't overshare

Anonymous 72984


Anonymous 72987

trannies would be okay with me if it weren't so deranged
i don't know if there are any good ones

Anonymous 73005

What the fuck

Anonymous 73006

Trust me there aren't, except maybe the ones thrt know that are ill and are seeking an actual cure

Anonymous 73007

Yeah, I've got respect for those who recognise it as an illness and nothing more, instead of giving into the fantasy

Anonymous 73008

Unironically find some old /pol/ archives from 4chan. There is some serious tranny hate stuff there written in a way that might convert him.

pic somewhat related 73013

drawn by gojya (ma…

I know this is an autistic question, but how would sexually dimorphic nonhumans react to trannies if they had the sentience to recognize such a phenomenon?

Anonymous 73018

I seen some trannies in 4moids lgbt that dislike falling for the tranny scam and want to either kill themselves or reverse that shit others call themselves heroic repressors because they are autistic moids that recognize they have some sort of mental illness (they do). If you want to explore the insanity of those creatures just lurk there for a day and research, take some screencaps and notes with you. I know trannies to a T now, and yes it is 100% a mental illness. Because it's delusion, going against something you cannot really change, against this universe's physics themselves and this is idiotic because if I were to be pissed off at the fact existence was a battle I cannot win then I would just be normal and choose not to worry about it since it's so silly, it's so silly to hate yourself and others just for the fact that you cant choose your sex before you are born. How fucking petty one has to be to have that delusion…

Anonymous 73049

When I say I just spat my coffee down myself, holy fucking shit these mentalists are deluded

Anonymous 73078


Anonymous 73079

throws up
Blech. It's like they're not even trying to look woman anymore, they just want to be accepted.
Look at that hairy chest…. look at that unkempt hair.

Anonymous 73080

Fuck, my dad is a communist and I feel like someone has offended him. He would never support trannyism

Anonymous 73086


Anonymous 73087

Ew what is that? Nsfw that shit

Anonymous 73088

Seconding because now I just need to know for curiosity's sake.

Anonymous 73091

Endoscopy of a neovagina

Anonymous 73111

is that fucking pus? looks infected and slimy

Anonymous 73126

Without slipping into the "have you tried not feeling dysphoriac" meme, here's the thing: 5'1 balding dudes really exist, and they had no choice in that. They don't deman the entire world sees them as 6'3 Chads, they just seethe in incel forums. So you feel like your body is wrong~, you will just have to cope and deal with it. Everyone does. The real dysfunction is believing that it is a unique feeling, it is not.

Anonymous 73230


Anonymous 73251


reminds me of:

Anonymous 73254

>they dont know any better
it's like they are aware they are mentally ill but just dont want to admit it.

"yeah, lets badly influence potentially sane people into being insane like us the fucking lunatics!" All that tranny server was a mess of child pornography and other super fucked up stuff btw, its the tranny cult that was taking over r9k once.
There is a video about this.

Anonymous 73263


Anonymous 73536

>that video
I remmeber we used to have /r9gay/ as a general constantly and then we even had /cocklust/ as a general they probably have 4 faggot threads now. I hate the gay shit how am I meant to get a NEET bf when they all get turned into trannies and fags

Anonymous 73562

>I hate the gay shit how am I meant to get a NEET bf when they all get turned into trannies and fags
Anon, I…

Anonymous 73579


anon you don't fucking want an /r9k/ boyfriend please have more respect for yourself

Anonymous 73584

That's a cool picture, who is the artist?

Anonymous 73613


Anonymous 73632

findom misaki.jpg

>how am I meant to get a NEET bf
based Misaki Nakahara, i hope you'll find you sla- i mean boyfriend

Anonymous 73653

he literally just shaved?

Anonymous 73654


this is sexual harassment

Anonymous 73656

thats a woman respect it /sarcasm

Anonymous 73663

Anonymous 73666

They just can’t let women have anything. There are countless pools for men and women, but they have to target this one. Fuck these predatory men. I hope the seawater infects their neovags.

Anonymous 73678

1 gLIq0BOf8HUmyWJe…

Is Judith Butler a woman or not?

Anonymous 73683


Yes. Read carefully to understand the message. whatever the fuck she thinks about herself, she is mentally ill and afraid to face reality.

Anonymous 73694


>When the CIA knows

Anonymous 73709

turbo based

Anonymous 73769

Where's the líe?

Anonymous 73896


Don't get me started with the fact that most seiyuus and Western voice actors who give their talent for femboy/trap characters are, 99.99% of the time, BIOLOGICAL women.
The literal 0.01% consists of Ayumu Murase (currently better known as the voice of Venti in Japan), and that is only because he seems to be eternally young due to unique genetics(?) rather than the norm.

Anonymous 73917

Aye this slaps

Anonymous 73948

How unexpected to see a metalhead become a tranny.
The epitome of irony if that is a man who obviously had a bunch of children lying around before he became a tranny.

Anonymous 73970

Woman getting hate for pointing out popular transfreak isn't a woman.

Anonymous 73974

The comment section of her videos is fucking insane so many "she's more of a woman than you are" yeah some freak with fake tits and a wig is definitely all it takes to be a woman, hellworld.

Anonymous 73997


Say hello to the US secretary of health.

Anonymous 73999


everyone ITT is mentally ill
I am sorry sweaties, it's science :)

>pic related

Anonymous 74024

He won't do it but APA will.
Screencap this post.

Anonymous 74031

Yeah, tranners can't pass unless they get FFS and even then it gets kinda dicey. I do feel bad for feminine boys though. They just want to look pretty.

Anonymous 74033


Well, I guess ~ people are mentally ill according to american psychological association.
Kind of like gaming is a mental illness now.

There's a reason more and more psychs are sticking with DSM IV or ICD 10 and don't even bother with the (((DSM 5))).

Anonymous 74035


Yes, because not enabling delusional perverts is more crazy than having a definitive delusion according to their own definition.
>Delusion n. an often highly personal idea or belief system, not endorsed by one’s culture or subculture, that is maintained with conviction in spite of irrationality or evidence to the contrary.

Anonymous 74038

this beat cums yo

Anonymous 74040


men, tranniies, are now allowed in women's sports

Anonymous 74042

Thanks for helping me learn his deadname. I'll use it every chance I get

Anonymous 74044

get your post modern mental gymnastics out of here you tranny scrote. seethe, dilate, cope

Anonymous 74046

God I fucking love when terfs get at each others throats like this. And yes, I'm the rare real biological girl who's actually okay with trannies.

Anonymous 74052


isn't this mainly so that if an employer harasses a troon they can have legal recourse? I'm not gonna lose sleep if some low value moid loses his job yelling at a troon

Anonymous 74062

I recomend you the "Transexual Empire" it's old but it has a lot of good points. Tras hate it for a reason.

Anonymous 74068

reddit is just troon central

Anonymous 74072


You're insane if you support this

Anonymous 74073

get the fuck out hon.

Anonymous 74075

a woman who disagrees with me on an anonymous imageboard? im so fucking mad

Anonymous 74078

Ok so you just want to support fetishistic men having easier access to women and children why?

Anonymous 74079


The usual hon definition

Anonymous 74098

Since when the fuck did they take the word "hon?!"

Anonymous 74099

It’s almost like.. we aren’t a hivemind like the TRAs taught you.

Anonymous 74100

That isn’t what “TERFs” believe, though. They simply acknowledge that males and females are different, and that the words “man” and “woman” actually have meaning. Maybe actually look into what gender critical beliefs mean.

Anonymous 74125

Anon that's an obvious tranny, don't bother

Anonymous 74129


Get your moderation to be way more proactive with trannies.
I don't browse regularly, so I don't really care at this point, but you should all know they infest female spaces and subvert everything.

All the female subreddits have tranny moderators. Hell, r/actuallesbians has 11 tranny moderators out of a 17 total.

LC went from gendercritical and unanimously TERF to accommodating to completely infested.

Lipstick alley is overtaken.

Don't think cc is insulated because it's a small imageboard. Give an inch, they take a mile.

Anonymous 74139

on lipstick alley most of the users i've seen on there definitely do not like troons

Anonymous 74140


Oh fuck, we are getting railed for sure. How do we protect ourself from the derranged males?

Anonymous 74145

Why are troons so prevalent in online space anons? Seriously lots of the mods for subreddits are troons.
It's kinda of like an infiltrating army.

>tfw remember when reddit was most associated with fedora tippin libertard atheist edgelord.

>Now it's all soiboys simping for 'trans rights' and gross mtf appropiating womanhood.
>Anyway, it's always been loosers…

Anonymous 74146

ignore and report posters who promote mtf tranny inclusivity.

Anonymous 74147

>has become massively anti-trans lately
As if this site was ever accepting of trannies. One of the rules for YEARS now is that anyone who reveals themselves as anything but female gets banned. Men have every other part of the internet to themselves. TiMs can fuck off from cc.

Anonymous 74148

Anonymous 74150

That vid’s audio doesn’t work, i think it got copyrighted :(

Anonymous 74151

it works for me and the audio is edited so it shouldn't be a problem. Could it be your audio?

Anonymous 74152

meant to reply to

Anonymous 74155

>Why are troons so prevalent in online space anons?
Because you need an immense amount of free time, interest, and financial security in order to moderate any fucking hobby site. It is a thankless, payless empty job for only the most severely autistic and socially maladjusted because it requires immense amounts of time commitment. Very rarely can you be a well-adjusted person with a normal life and be a moderator anywhere. There is only one upside to being a moderator, and it's a petty sense of power. Overwhelming, only men value this sense of power enough to actually sacrifice time for it's attainment. This isn't to say it's impossible for us to reach these conditions, it's just overwhelming that the amount of people that pursue a position that is literally only power and nothing else are men.

Anonymous 74170

Great going to have bunch of asshats coming here to shit up the place. Hopefully they'll get bored quick and leave.

Anonymous 74182

I don't know if it has been said before but those who post morbid images with spoiler tags should write some description under it. I got grossed out from an infected pus picture because I was curious of what the picture can be but now I wish I could unsee it. Ty.

Anonymous 74199

Also, say bye to women-oriented scholarship and courses.
"Women in tech" 100% means "Troons in tech" now.

Anonymous 74221


Christ, the lolcow admin/mod team have been extremely autistic lately. The MtF thread is littered with unecessary bans and “where’s the milk?” redtexts.

Anonymous 74222


Anonymous 74224

this is the best t…

Thank you, sis. I know you're here.

Anonymous 74226

I normally just post on /ot/ but when I saw this I decided to go to meta and there are actual trannies( as you can see by the trutrans laughing along with them comment also there is some other comments that are obviously such give aways) complaining about the mtf thread and mods are siding with them because??????? I used to think the whole tranny mod thing was just anons being spergy/paranoid but now I'm not so sure.

Anonymous 74227


holy shit im an idiot dropped the screen shot

Anonymous 74229

Screenshot 2021-01…

Just came from there, I don't use crystal cafe usually but they said to come here because it's saner. I got banned for relevant information and replying to other anons, and every other post is redtexted. Some anons seem upset and scared unfortunately.

Anonymous 74230

I’m becoming very convinced that either one of the staff IS a tranny, OR is close with a tranny. The (current) lc mod team has not ever cracked down on something so hard. I just KNEW that the MtF threads wouldn’t last. I wonder how much longer the FtM/“fakeboi” threads will last.
I got banned too after using the site for years! Cc is definitely saner and the cc admin isn’t a neurotic power-hungry aggressor like the lc admin. She really has some issues. Why even bother being the admin of a website if you despise the userbase?

Anonymous 74231


I think we all know for sure now that lolcow admin is a tranny

Anonymous 74234


Might fuck around and ruin an entire franchise for a couple of trannies.

Anonymous 74241

How the FUCK did lolcow even get trannys in their moderation team. Shit is so fucked,I am sick of all female places being full of fucking trannys.

Anonymous 74242


trannies are basically court eunuchs. they dedicate their lives to their cause and have 0 other ties or loyalties.

Anonymous 74243

You can whine about transpeople till the cows come home, but if you continue to show a fundemental lack of understanding regarding the historical role of eunuchs then I'm going to intervene.

Anonymous 74245

go ahead.

Anonymous 74246


This is the funniest part of the lolcow MtF thread breakdown.
tranny mods

Anonymous 74248


>Just work harder, you just have to change your skeleton, cardiovascular system, hormone levels, muscle density, and entire anatomy, ya sore losers :^)

Stunning and/or brave

Anonymous 74249


The forbidden image on lc.

Anonymous 74250

it's perfect

Anonymous 74251

>plastic bolt-ons bolted onto a boy
>"where's the milk?"

That would've been hilarious if the tranny janny didn't ban the poster to say it.

Anonymous 74252

…and lolcow mod trannies closed the MTF thread, fakeboi thread is ok for them tho

Anonymous 74253

Thread is locked. RIP it literally peaked me, so thanks I guess.
They fuckin’ infiltrate everything I stg

Anonymous 74254


Sorry I'm late to the party but this book is being released in May and looks to be promising

Anonymous 74258

kek, enjoying the lc reunion over here, it’s a shame about the TJs there

Anonymous 74259

seems like threatening to migrate from lolcow changed admin's mind because they unlocked the mtf thread and then scolded "spergy" anons in meta for crying about the thread being locked only for a few hours. the userbase threatening to leave is literally the only bargaining chip users have over the culture of a community. being an admin over a popular community is a power trip and that power is taken away if the community dies.

Anonymous 74261

new thread pic

Anonymous 74262

On discord she said both kiwifarms and tranny thread were locked temporarily because of spam but they're still both on autosage.

Anonymous 74264

anyone else noticed the enormous amount of troony programmers and music producers (all being stunning-and-braved, of course) lately? how do they not make the connection with the fact that these people had a male upbringing, with the extra stimulus for STEM and computer stuff (or simply not being excluded/automatically discredited because of being a girl) that comes with it?
After decades of women being told they'e biologically unfit for these roles, how does anyone think that getting a non-biological "woman" to do them is somehow progressive?

Anonymous 74271


women will handmaid for like arca and damien electra because they don't want to get kicked out of the cool avant dj art club. men are spiteful because of how they were maligned in identity politics. a handful of rich women with nepotism media jobs means that women in the rest of the country don't face sexism. they are happy "feminists" are getting a taste of their own medicine and and think that men "out-womening" women and taking their scholarships and diversity positions is a win for themselves because transwomen are men and the trans movement is a men's movement.

Anonymous 74279

dorian electra is a female, if i'm not mistaken. but it still fits your point. if it was just a female "electra" she's be weeded out of the talent pool

Anonymous 74280

she's transmasc. it all started when grimes called out sophie for doing womanface when actual women electronic artists were ignored, so to counter the critique the men just transitioned into women and continued on their merry way. now women have to do some sort of gender play to keep up

Anonymous 74281

it's truly fucking tragic when you see that even grimes is now playing into it.

Anonymous 74288


We are already in the normalization phase.

Thank your liberal feminist allies.
Anyone that didn't see the writing on the wall years ago, and was onboard with identity politics and 3rd wave feminism, are accomplices getting their just deserts.
Everyone that belittled women and ousted them from female spaces for spelling out what was going to happen and how slippery the slope is, congrats.
They were pickmes, handmaidens. They had internalized misogyny. They were brainwashed. Right?

10 short years ago there was no schism and everyone was onboard the 3rd wave feminism train, identity politics, redefinitions and deconstructions, relativism, abolition of norms and roles, court of public opinion, lobbying. Remember those days? Can you recall the instances of women expressing objections and counter-arguments? How did you think of them? How did you interact with them? Introspect.

Now women that state that trannies are men are ousted like pariahs. Women that object to allowing mentally ill men in their bathrooms are attacked as bigots. Lesbian women that refuse to date mentally ill men that skinwalk as women are demonized and attacked as transphobes. Women that object to trannies getting female scholarships are vilified as backwards, insensitive scum.
Who's attacking those women?
Their former allies, other women. The "community" does not consider them feminist anymore, it's a slur, TERF, can you imagine? You are ousted and attacked by other women for not accepting mentally ill men are just like you.

The normalization is gradual.
Who's to say in 5 years time the line in the sand isn't sucking "feminine penis?" Did you ever believe in 2010 that in 10 years time people would be getting depersoned, fired, exiled for wrongthink? I bet not.
I see TERFs always on the defensive. "I don't mind trans people, but.." , "I am all for trans rights, but…" , "I have trans friends, but…" Walking on eggshells, putting up qualifiers, ceding ground. Lesbians are attacked on social media for not dating trannies right now. What will happen in a year's time?

Stream of consciousness rant, I am too tired to care about keeping appearances.

Anonymous 74300

My tinfoil is admin is a woman, but her partner is a tranny and they are maybe poly or having some relationship trouble. Which she then takes out on the innocent users of lolcow by going absolutely batshit and banning everyone who contributes to trans threads in order to show support for her trans partner. There's no reason why any person would be so dedicated to this cause unless it was personal to her. Or, maybe as another anon said she relies on the cis gay male admin so much for help she's scared to criticize any man, but the autism does seem centered on the mtf/pp topic which is suspicious. There's definitely a lot of deep rooted issues there which have nothing to do with lolcow users.

Anonymous 74301

My pet theory is that it's some long time friend she 'trusts' and is 'not like the rest', and is trying to avoid hurting their feelings.

Pick-mes in the meta thread are truly making me sad. Sad that the thread is locking too, it was my best source of material to spark critical thought in people.

Anonymous 74302

>it's some long time friend she 'trusts' and is 'not like the rest'
This is what I was thinking too! She probably has one of those “trutrans” friends and feels bad when she sees posts criticizing trans ideology. I also get this vibe since the FtM threads are always just called “fakeboi” threads, as if any TiF is more valid than the other. She’s seriously a cow herself, posting her self harm scars for everyone to see and complaining about the supposed “rich white” userbase.

Anonymous 74303


Holy shit you lc refugees weren't joking. Admin sounds as deranged as some twitler crazies.

>muh making fun of ugly troons is not milky

I haven't visited that godforsaken place for years, but the lolcow I remember was 90% nitpicking and nasolabial folds. Why are troons the chosen people, anonettes?

Anonymous 74304

LC allows nitpicking as long as it’s at the people they deem appropriate. They are allowing people to shit up the TND thread every time she likes something on twitter, or talk about Momokun’s melting jawline every five minutes… but if you point out a pedo with a “trans” child is disgusting for talking about his son’s new tits, you get banned. Because… not milky enough.

Anonymous 74306

I was the anon that posted about the pedo talking about his sons new boobs, I feel like I helped to start the red text sperg lmao I'm sorry. But I still don't understand how it wasn't related to the thread.

Anonymous 74309

Naw you just made the mods show their true colors and that they don’t actually give a shit about women. This wasn’t OT or a blogpost, they’re just troon simps who are sipping the genderspecial kool-aid.

Anonymous 74328

Thanks President Biden for helping our courageous athletes!

Anonymous 74334

What is and is not considered milk changes every day with every mod; I've never been on a forum with such intense moderation.
>posting her self harm scars for everyone to see and complaining about the supposed “rich white” userbase.
Holy shit, what a mess. Also,
>complaning about the amount of whites on an English board
I don't know what she was expecting.

Anonymous 74335

I've been on LC for a while and the bans really have been ridiculous lately. Not only in the tranny threads either, the moderation is just awful as of late and Admin has been mostly MIA. I imagine she hates the website so she delegates everything to the moderation team and they've been gradually getting power-crazed and ban-hungry.

Anonymous 74337

My fucking sides.
>Just work harder to be stronger than men, there's no biological reason we split sports between men and women

Anonymous 74342


>The year is 2024

>Transexual education federally mandated in kindergarden

>5 year-olds learn about dilation techniques and have to repeat "trans women are real women" mantras.
>It is now a felony hate-crime to express racial and gender preference in romantic partners.
>Women are automatically signed up as organ donors for trans women
>All female spaces, including sports teams, have to abide by a quota for trans women or face fines and lawsuits.
>Female scholarships are unanimously deemed transphobic and are discontinued.
>Since trans women are real women(tm) and have to enlist for selective service, women now have to enlist for the draft because they are obviously no different from trans women and it would be weird to be exempt.
>all female underwear are now federally mandated to include a pouch for trans feminine penis
>female is changed to menstruator in 2022, after backlash it is again changed to birth-giving human, after more backlash it is finally changed to defective trans woman in 2024 and trans lobbies, foundations and think tanks rejoice.
>It is a felony hate-crime to deny sex from a trans woman, punishable with up to 10 years in federal prison.

Anonymous 74354


I just found this shit on fb. Posted by some NLOG they/them.

Anonymous 74358


Social media hate crime is now more important than thefts according to UK police. The new guidance says the police must record every hate crime, even if the accusation is false / malicious, and the accuser must be called 'the victim'. It also calls for police to consider notifying the accused's employer. It states cross dressing is a protected characteristic and that trans people cannot have their gender questioned "unless necessary to the case"

So basically troons can now get you fired abd/or criminal record for stating biological truths

Anonymous 74359


Anonymous 74365


jfc and they wonder why there are "so many terfs" in the UK

Anonymous 74375

I second this idea
Never liked Il Douche heading this party anyway

Anonymous 74376

No need to justify your writing. You're right on the money

Anonymous 74377

I foolishly explained what echo brackets mean and caught a ban for derailing, but I imagine it was more due to the fact that I asked for the presence of more terfs in America in my next reply. It's not your fault anon lol, lc sucks.


Do you have any links to videos or articles of mpj admitting he wasn't a trans woman? It's a hot topic of discussion in my circles and I can never find what I'm looking for to put the matter to bed.

Anonymous 74378

I'd say give it till 2030, but this isn't that much of a hyperbole.
They're gonna push for at least half of these things to happen

Anonymous 74379

Honestly, I hope they do. The more unreasonable the demands, the more resistance they'll face. It'll eventually hit a tipping point.

Anonymous 74380


>pretends to be surprised

Anonymous 74383

shocking, who'dathunk

Anonymous 74386

I actually am surprised. I thought Emma was a wokeling. She was just paying it lip service, I guess.

Anonymous 74391

I think most people get unwoke once their marriage becomes their partner's gender expression playground. It's one thing to theoretically support trans people, it is another when the woman you married tells you through a croaking, broken voice you no longer recognize that you aren't a lesbian anymore. Instead you're with a tiny little fellow who is going to start T-raging on you very soon if you don't indulge their delusion. Man, it would suck to helplessly watch the person you love fall into this madness and act like you're the one hurting them for not just silently nodding along.

Anonymous 74394

Screen Shot 2021-0…

The disappointing Biden move for transgenders-in-sports reminded me of this insane shit from Canada. Troon is on the right, they play women's hockey. In the article they explain how he has got the women's league wrapped around his tubby little finger, calling him them/they and she (which he doesn't like, inexplicably)…while he doesn't even bother trying to get men to use the correct pronouns. All the onus is ALWAYS on women to accept these people.


Anonymous 74398

>Underwater TERF mermaids civilization

Anonymous 74407

“Excuse me sir you’re in my way”

Anonymous 74409

mental illness.

Anonymous 74413

I got banned for calling tranny janny a mong. He seems very easily upset

Anonymous 74415

I’d get scared of him assaulting me if I said something like that. I’d probably call him “beautiful” and then go on my way just for my own safety lmao.

Anonymous 74416

Reject and refuse to acknowledge his existence and walk past him. You know, the one thing all men hate.

Anonymous 74419

Freshly stolen from /tv/

Anonymous 74422

Anonymous 74423

How did Keeks know about this?

Anonymous 74433

tampon tea.jpg

Anonymous 74434


Anonymous 74436


>EDIT:The title should say that """she""" is 22/"""MtF"""
Troon psycho literally used her tampons to make red tea, and she's too preoccupied with using the correct pronouns lest reddit flails her alive for misgendering the brave transwoman.
It's like we are in bizarro world and people are just completely mentally gone.
A male has been scrounging in her trash, foraging for used tampons, so he can concoct his tranny potion, and reddit's priorities are to avoid hurting """Jessica's"""" feelings.

Clown world

Anonymous 74461

this world is fucking retarded. idk what is going on anymore

Anonymous 74465


The author of this book is receiving violent death threats from TRAs, yet its terfs that are "violent" https://twitter.com/AbigailShrier/status/1354272038634962949?s=19

Anonymous 74469

She doesn't even say she hates trannies in her book and is living in reality, no doubt a delusional troon wrote that.

Anonymous 74472


Anonymous 74473

apparently they split back in summer, tbh i wouldn't be surprised if Ellen started getting gender feelings from a mistress or something, an adult woman wouldn't decide to troon out without someone influencing her

Anonymous 74475



Anonymous 74481


KEK anon.
Read this in Adam jensens voice.
>tfw I never asked for this…

Anonymous 74484

care to share a link to this video, please? i'm curious

Anonymous 74490

> Man, it would suck to helplessly watch the person you love fall into this madness and act like you're the one hurting them for not just silently nodding along.
Ooof. I know, anon. I've heard it before

Anonymous 74503


Anonymous 74519


lol a tiny imageboard where women laugh at you is too much for you to handle? is having all of mainstream media on your side still not enough?

Anonymous 74521


>death threat turns into a sexual fantasy

Anonymous 74522

Each day that passes I become more convinced that Hitler, Idi Amin, Bin Laden and Stalin all made some valid points here and there. Khomeini also made a good point when he called America "the Great Satan"

Anonymous 74523

You do realize having places where people can vent out is beneficial, right? Rage building up inside you with no chance to voice jt cause you get instacensored and permabanned doesn't tend to lead to good results

Anonymous 74524

You shall not pass.

Anonymous 74525


Girls I introduce you to the Health secretary of the united states of america.

Anonymous 74526

totally not a fetish (ad lib)

Anonymous 74527


Anonymous 74529

I want off this wild ride.

Anonymous 74530

How is this real

Anonymous 74532

Why are mtf usually fat and or out of shape?
They are usually just fat old men thinking theyre passing, its just gross. They dont out any effort in their appearance. Having long hair and poorly applied make up does nothing to be convincing. I get body dysmorphia is hard but aside from them putting on a dress they put no effort into it. That could at least care for their figures.

Also why do trans people want to force other people to be trans? It seems like a special kind of hell to not feel comfortable in your own body. Why do I see some people actively wish that pain onto others?

Anonymous 74533

I've seen this pic before but I can't be sure it's real. It's too blurry to determine the face and there are lots of troons that have the same goblin look.

Anonymous 74537


Estradiol (more precisely estradiol:progesterone ratio) correlates with weight gain, specifically visceral obesity.
Estradiol increases thyroxine-binding globulin, which in turn down regulates thyroid hormones (primarily T3). It also down regulates IGF-1, which in turn leads to less fat loss and less muscle gain. It also affects other steroid hormones, peptide hormones and even amino-acid hormones like melatonin, but let's focus on weight gain.

Ovarian estradiol(E2) is not an issue here, the issue is synthetic estrogens(primarily oral, topical not so much). Ergo trannies put on a ton of weight because a)they are men whose endocrinology is managed by testosterone, b)they are ingesting ungodly amounts of estrogens(HRT), and c) there is a marked increase in appetite, which further exacerbates the weight gain issues.

Since there are 0 (zero) longitudinal studies or meta-analyses available, given that the tranny phenomenon is recent, expect a ton of class action lawsuits and circus theatrics in about 10 years from now.

Remember that trannies generally take a cocktail of estrogens, anti-androgens, GnRH modulators, 5α-Reductase inhibitors, and progestogens. The inmates are running the asylum and no one knows what the fuck is even going on anymore.

Anonymous 74539

I highly doubt they are all on hormones. I think some of them are just fat.

But thanks for the science.

Anonymous 74552

How long did it take to get the first biological female health secretary, or first gay, lesbian, black, hispanic, asian…whatever? Troons seriously all came into existence within the last 10 years, it’s like a portal opened up and we all fell through into a world where the most oppressed, but absolute BRAVEST people on earth were by and large ugly white guys in skirts. It boggles my mind. Men in my life who were homophobic 15 years ago now tell me about how puberty blockers are great for kids going through dysphoria, not to even get into the women who just 10 years ago would’ve been incensed by the idea of lady brains and lady souls being so different than men’s. I don’t agree with /pol/tards on anything else but the trans shit is absolute clown world. It’s like were the only ones who see it and then we get ran off mainstream sites for saying it. Bizarre shit.

Anonymous 74556

Trannies are a failed lab experiment. A really fucked up one.

Anonymous 74557

Worry not friend the trans bubble is going to burst, with all these teenagers being told they're upset with their bodies because they're trans and not because puberty is a confusing time we're gonna have a bunch of detrans people like kiera bell on our hands angry that doctors and therapists are selling transing as a way to cure all anxiety and depression while castrating and making an entire generation of gay boys and lesbian girls infertile

Anonymous 74558

I think the first step is divorcing the T from the LGB. Troon shit has nothing to do with LGB and is actively harming our rights, esp if ur a lesbian or bi woman. There's almost like an obligation to support the T just cos it's tacked on the end, but trans has nothing to do with sexuality. I think a lot of gays feel like they have to support, I also think a lot of people think that they also have to support the T just so they won't be seen as against LGBT, not realising that you can support LGB on its own.

Anonymous 74559

pregnant people.pn…

Anonymous 74560


PreGnant PeOple really rolls off the tongue, and erasing people's identities for the sake of <1% of mentally ill people makes so much sense

Anonymous 74561

Throw the whole de…

Theow the whole degree away.

Anonymous 74562

I follow some trans people and one who is an oldtrans, has debilitating health problems which are lessened when they reduce their dose of estrogen. The male body is not intended to function well on high estrogen. Their problems are all to do with mobility and ligaments.

Anonymous 74563


Sorry for blogpost but I'm just so sickened by the amount of "trans" friends I have in the queer community. My straight girl friends are all fine and sane and I can still kind of talk about terf stuff with them as long as it's not overtly hateful, but all of my queer female friends, barring one who I'm not convinced won't tag along, identify as something other than woman.

I'm so tired of hearing my friends come out as "trans masc/femme" or "demi girl" or "agender". Just admit society has made you hate being a woman. Wish I could pink pill them all but I'd just end up friendless.

Anonymous 74571

Why would you want to interact with these people at all

Anonymous 74574

because many of these women are friends I've had for years and I understand their desire to not be women is something society has ingrained in them and I don't hold that against them. Thankfully I don't think any are actually transitioning, and women aren't generally gross fetishists like mtfs are. I just try to stay off the topic and keep a distance from all their mtf friends (who hate all cis women anyways so don't interact with me kek).

Also as a bi woman it just sucks not being able to have queer friends without putting up a front. Even if plenty queer women ARE gendercrit, no one admits it publicly for fear of the repurcussions.

Anonymous 74575

I'm in the same boat. It makes me wonder which of my friends are also biting their tongue, or if the people who aren't as active anymore in our shared chats are people who peaked quietly and don't want to face backlash for it.

Anonymous 74577

>be an actual lesbian woman
>guys with dicks that ‘identify’ as female hit on me
>everyone gets offended when I say I’m not interested

Anonymous 74579

That community is overwhelmingly liberal and socialized to be all-accepting and completely brainwashed.
There are more chances of pedos being included into LGBT than trannies being kicked out, the way things are going.

Anonymous 74580


Of course.
Estrogens are antagonistic to androgens in a vacuum. The male body has considerably more androgen receptors than estrogen receptors, and it is developed to use androgens (proxy) as modulators, promoters, enhancers for key functions.
The testosterone cycle is also considerably different from the estrogen:progesterone cycle. Testosterone sees a baseline small increase to a spike on 7-day intervals, following a return to baseline and repeating the process. If you disrupt the cycle with antiadrodens, estrogens and 5a-reductase inhibitors (creates dihydrotestosterone) then you experience extreme issues in skeletal density, mood regulation(nucleus accumbens long-term depression > sensitization), pituitary gland posterior inhibition, decreased muscle mass, increase in adipose tissue, cardiovascular and kidney issues and even extreme psychological issues like inability to pair-bond/socially calibrate(vasopressin down-regulation), and a host of others. Not even taking into account the primary issue, which is ungodly amounts of synthetic estrogens by themselves, even alone.

Again, it's the inmates running the asylum. The whole thing has nothing to do with helping people and curing any disease/disorder. It's highly political. No room for ethics and deontology. Finally, trannies are consumers, many people are making bank. Doctors, pharma, advertisers, multinational corporations.

I doubt there's a long-term plan. They don't care.

Anonymous 74582

Watch it happen in a few years anon. It is clearly going that way. They are already talking about the absence of "consent to puberty" and placing children as gendered people with sexual feelings as adults have. Troons will inevitably move to "I never consented to going through puberty at all" and will identify as pre-teens.

Anonymous 74583

This is all why I stopped associating myself with lgbt, it's no longer about equality for gay people but a place for fetishists to try and normalize their behaviour. Gay, lebian and bisexual people have not been a priority to it in years.

Anonymous 74587

The slippery slope isn't a fallacy if you're watching it in real time.

Anonymous 74588


Feminist library bans feminists for men

Anonymous 74590


Thank God I don't have a Twitter anymore, but I really need to get off fb, because too many handmaidens post this stuff multiple times per day.

Like, can they really not recognize the heavy shopping? Also weird how they say every tranny is ~valid~, but never post pictures of AGP troons with receding hairlines.

Anonymous 74593

thats some Chris -chan shit hhaahaha

Anonymous 74595


Oh, say can you see…

Anonymous 74597

why are they all holding animals so badly, the it's ma'am scrote did it too

Anonymous 74598


Acting like they're holier than thou for doing the same thing every retarded libfem is doing is beyond ridicule lmao. It's not taking a stand if you're following the wave.

Anonymous 74600

Dealing with this shit, too. One of my oldest friends, both she and her husband are trooning out. I wouldn't give a fuck about it if they didn't have kids and weren't suddenly acting persecuted for choosing to do this. She caused some drama in the local drag scene and it was all downhill from there.

Anonymous 74606

same deal here too, for the most part. Have exactly one irl friend who I've expressed my views to, but even he still thinks there's some validity to trans people/transitioning, so he just shrugs off anything I have to say

fuck this gay earth

Anonymous 74609

Pretty sure the woman on the left is the health minister of Belgium

Anonymous 74612

Someone I follow who is slowly being pinkpilled by the internet is still a TRA, no twans rights are not as important as racism or homophobia, the first two things (appearance/sexuality) are people's unchangeable beings and the third thing is delusional trendhoppers and or incredibly low effort men who we don't need to humor.
Stop fucking using people with valid struggles to compare to gender larping.
Though I imagine she'll slowly be peak transed like we all are eventually.

Anonymous 74613

To be clear, since I mucked up the order of that:
Racism and homophobia: fucking valid huge issues that affect a huge number of the population in life changing ways
Twans rights: misgendering some fucking morons on the internet is not a comparable struggle, stop appropriating other people's struggles to bolster your own.
Most people who suffer from actual transphobia are sexworkers not living in any of the countries who bleat on and on about twansphobia, and those are typical moid crimes of abuse and murder which cannot be compared to literally saying a man is a man or that person is a he which is what is called transphobic in the West.

Fuck the fuck off. (fyi this is about scottish politicians licking tranny cock and literally comparing transphobia to racism and homophobia, like it is an at all comparable issue with at all comparable cross section of affected victims or real life consequences)

>Black people being fucking hanged off trees in the US in 2020:

Permanently online trans people: Yes, being misgendered is just like this

Anonymous 74615

I hate trannies so much…

Anonymous 74617

My sister in law went from agreeing with me about trans in 2013 on the basis of there being no such thing as a "female brain", to scolding me for the very same position a mere five years later. I don't know how we dial other women back in, so yeah, I just keep my mouth shut now over the subject. What's the use? I can only hope everyone someday peaks like I did, I used to think it was basically weird but harmless…and now I truly do think they are a risk to our children in more ways than one. ANd I hate that saying that makes me feel like an old school homophobe, because it's just a completely different thing…this time they really ARE fucked up deviants! Society cried wolf over the LGBs and now we've got to just accept the Ts, it seems like.

Anonymous 74621

inb4 tenured gender critical professors start getting fired en masse by the end of this year and we will see literal book burning and book banning in the most "free" countries like the U.S.
Start buying those paperbacks of books related to gender critical ideas, everyone.

Anonymous 74623

WHAT did the fucking science community learn?? They always say sciences proves you wrong BUT FUCKING WHERE??

Anonymous 74631

The wikipedia page about fTm hormone therapy is very interesting in this regard. Physical changes are described in great details, but the section about "brain change", although referencing several studies, is very short and vague about the supposed scientific conclusions that can be drawn from them. I didn't looked into them in great details but the abstracts don't hint at any significant finding

Anonymous 74632

don't you hate it when they go all "trans women are like black women, a subset of women" or "if you fight for black women's lives you need to fight for trans rights". That's so blatantly racist, how do they get away with that?

Anonymous 74647

eurostat sexual as…

It's already happening.
Universities are marxist critical theory nurseries.
You toe the line, or you are depersoned and cancelled. Established science is being altered in real time, and everyone's too scared to point out the insanity.
>A time is coming when men will go mad, and when they see someone who is not mad, they will attack him, saying: “You are mad; you are not like us.”
There is a replication crisis in social science and disciplines in the humanities.
There is a peer-review crisis, where literal meme articles and studies are getting peer-reviewed. Multiple scandals.
Lobbying, unelected supranational foundations, think tanks and agencies have a solid stranglehold on all aspects of life.

"OMG SCIENCE" soyboys and twitter hoes are in fact members of a new secular religion, and they don't piece two and two together.
It's been gradual so midwits never catch wind, they are too hyperfocused on gossip and identity politics (see: propaganda) and inmates are appointed to run the asylum to roaring applause.

Only a fraction of the population is even aware of pic related. Buzzfeed never covers it because that would be xenophobic. But they have no issues asserting 3 in 4 white men are rapists, for example.

Anonymous 74669


Seriously, what is the endgame here? There's obviously going to be a backlash 10-15 years (being very generous) down the road, most normies only like troons in a braindead neolib go-along-to-get-along way, so why go to the trouble of hiding information and silencing dissenters like this?

Is it literally all for psychiatry to make a quick buck? If so that's absolutely retarded long-term. I don't want to start tinfoiling but this whole mess is going to make me do so in a minute.

Anonymous 74684

>Is it literally all for psychiatry to make a quick buck? If so that's absolutely retarded long-term
I agree, it is retarded. I blame the internet for widespread troonery, but I honestly think the normies are going along with it just because it’s the “nice” thing to do and they just haven’t actually thought about it. Hell, even I fluctuated into accepting them until the reality hit. I’m sure there’s someone here who will link this blind acceptance into some existing tinfoil for you, but it’s retarded to think that the bubble isn’t gonna burst for them in the future.

Anonymous 74691


There isn't gonna be a backlash. Things will only get worse.

Anonymous 74696

There was a backlash. It was called the NSDAP and they lost

Anonymous 74697

the more sites like this take away people's right to have a preference and their right to free speech, the more backlash will come imo

Anonymous 74700

I'm dying. The adam's apple shot was perfect.

Anonymous 74710


Wait what, are you telling me that only females produce milk?

Anonymous 74713

there was a point there, and she completely missed it.

Anonymous 74726

People are comfortable and coddled in the west.

Introduce some real strife and you will be amazed how quickly identity politics, trannies, communists, liberal feminism, and entitlement disappear. The useful idiots that perpetuate and engage in this circus will be the first to go. They can't even emotionally or intellectually deal with life on easy mode and need safe spaces and no dissent, imagine if they experienced actual tribulations.

I suspect if you are the person to go into a total nervous breakdown because someone deadnamed your tranny friend on twitter, you will rope yourself the minute there's a blackout or doordash stops delivering food.

Anonymous 74735

There's been no major generation war to draft everyone into and cull the weak. The Middle Eastern Conflict is just a sideshow to keep the military funded and to send some strong sons to get killed/crippled for propaganda. This weakness has carried over to the latest generation evidenced by their total belief in the government and fear of speaking out.

Anonymous 74736


Anonymous 74737

Middle and upper class westerners, anon. There's a reason why IDPol bullshit doesn't fly in working class circles.

But I do agree with you otherwise. A lot of people tend to take the stance that not questioning their own beliefs is safe and it's going to bite them hard down the road. I suspect the majority are just playing along though and as soon as some actual country or global-wide strife eventually comes around all the navel-gazing and virtue signaling will mysteriously disappear.

Anonymous 74738


Women transed herself, gets with a "kinky" transwoman then transed both her children. And people want to say this isn't mental illness?

Anonymous 74739


Anonymous 74750

Coddled spoiled people brought up in ivory towers do not strike back anon, as long as we are economically stable (or rather, a large stratum of the population relatively is) there won't be any significant major backlash. Introduce actual struggle, actual deprivation, actual crisis, and you see how quickly the young burgeoisie's (and their handlers') ideals go down the drain, cause people will be busy caring about shit that actually matters

Anonymous 74751

https://archive.is/c683l trannys outline their game plan to infiltrate women's spaces and push out women who don't kiss their asses

Anonymous 74752

>>74751 i will never understand the male need to be included in absolutely everything. why can't they just have their own things and leave women alone? i know the answer but it still baffles and disgusts me how blatantly misogynistic they are

Anonymous 74753

for everyone listening. IS VERY POSSIBLE THAT PHILOSOPHY TUBE IS TROONING OUT. if any girl here have empty hardrives download everything. We need proof for the future and he is gonna delete everything like contrapoints have done in the past. Thank for anyone that does this.

Anonymous 74755

do you have links?

Anonymous 74758


to no one's surprise…

Anonymous 74759


all his live streams from 2020 are gone for some reason, don't think they're archived.

Anonymous 74762


Holy absolute fucking shit I felt my brain leaking out of my left ear reading this.

Leaving aside the suicide baiting and blatant "poor transwymynz have always been here and now are dying :(" misinformation that's already been included in every stunning and brave coming out post ever, is he… comparing ACTUAL CHILDREN having to get abortions to "trans" kids not getting hooked on drugs that can and will fuck them up for life because the drugs are "reversible" (they're not) and abortion is "permanent" (what the fuck kind of statement is this, sounds like something a conservative man would sa- oh wait)? Did this wealthy white dude really just put on a dress and dismiss any woman who wouldn't suck his girlcock as a "wealthy white cis women"? Did this wealthy white dude just compare himself to suffragettes and black rights movements? Is he supposed to be teaching philosophy?

I want out.

Anonymous 74764

>trans people have existed for as long as there has been a Britain
>after one century of feminism (…)
HOLY FUCK how does he not see the absolute entitlement in that statement?? So you have existed for much longer than feminism and never took part in it, never fought for women's rights, recoiled and thrived in your male roles and now, after women did all the heavy lifting, NOW you want us to fight for you? What the fuck?

Anonymous 74766

The child abortion thing got me too. Is he really going to say "oh kids get to have abortions so why can't they fuck their bodies up and sterilise themselves permanently" ignoring the fact that 1) having a baby is a permanent change to your life too, 2) a good percentage of child pregnancies are because of pedo adult men. He is complaining that these young girls getting raped have more of a privilege than having to wait to transition.

Anonymous 74767

The whole thing is fucked up.
>mastectomies for backpain
>hormone therapy for menopause
Both of these things require a medical indication, what the fuck. Does he think people do these on a whim whenever they feel like, without a doctor certifying that they indeed need these procedures? Also getting a mastectomy or breast reduction though the NHS for non-cancer reasons is extremely hard.

Anonymous 74768


>was Roman emperor from 218 to 222
>preferred to be called a lady
>developed a reputation among his contemporaries for extreme eccentricity, decadence, and zealotry.
>suffered one of the worst reputations among Roman emperors
>"abandoned himself to the grossest pleasures with ungoverned fury"
>"unspeakably disgusting life"
>probably the least able emperor Rome had ever had.
>prostituted himself in taverns and brothels
>forced senators to watch while he danced circling the altar
>offered vast sums to any physician who could provide him with a vagina
At least they don't use feminine pronouns writing about him

Anonymous 74770


Anonymous 74771

I agree with her on this one. Why name the animal you are abusing for profit? No one is naming their steaks "Henry" or "Malik."

Anonymous 74772

notice they don't claim these ones but trans-wash the females who had to pretend to be males to have access to male jobs like James Barry.

Anonymous 74774

thanks anon

Anonymous 74775

Typical conservative "most women actually DEEPLY REGRET killing their BABY and end up wanting it BACK" horseshit, now 100x more creepy when applied to literal kids.

Anonymous 74776

Turns out men still want to control women even after trying to become women.

Anonymous 74777

Holy shit, I always thought hh bomber guy would be first lmao. I wonder when “Abigail” and Contra will reveal their transbian relationship to the world

Anonymous 74782

It's the only relationship ContraHons can get really. Moids dont see trannies as partners the most deviant and sexually frustrated of them just do as moids do and fuck anything that moves so they fuck them but they dont consider them as lifelong partner ever, ask any moid (while pretending to be a moid) they will tell you the truth.

This is why you always see "transbian" relationships between trannies. Thats all they can possibly get. Failed lab experiment has to partner up with failed lab experiment.

Anonymous 74783

This was the most disgusting thing to me. Needing hormones to go through menopause isn’t a CHOICE. Choosing to give your body hormones it isn’t supposed to have, for cosmetic reasons, is a choice. Of course he’d compare apples to oranges.

Anonymous 74785

And he has the nerve to complain about having to see a psychiatrist to prove he has dysphoria, as if everyone else wouldn't have to go to the appropriate doctor to prove they are indeed going through menopause/have debilitating backpain. Infuriating.

Anonymous 92100


I clicked without reading the warning first, holy fucking shit

Anonymous 92239

>women now have to enlist for the draft
This would be a good thing, though, since it would make moids see us as more competent. Plus there would be fewer neets and femcels

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