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Unpopular Opinion General 2 Anonymous 8455

Series, books, movies, animu and mango, games, people, philosophies, whatever.
Share your unpopular opinion and read others, but avoid sperging too much to avoid derailing if possible.

Last one has reached post limit:

Anonymous 8456

I know this may sound fucked up or that I have no heart (which is absolutely not true because I'm a softie) but I hate when family members talk about their relatives illnesses in public or to people who don't really know them. I know that's some sort of coping, they want relief so talking about it helps, but I think it's very rude to talk about someone's cancer without them knowing. Plus it feels like gossiping to me.
Also it makes it seem like the person is trying to get pity points.

Anonymous 8461

I like animals, but I don't like pets.

Except cats. Kind of.

Anonymous 8463

Nope I’m with you 100% and if people find out from someone else and are like “why didn’t you tell me?!” It’s not my story to tell, why should you know anything?

I feel like it’s selfish to discuss your feelings on someone else’s sickness or issues, like it take attention away from that person and focuses it on you and it makes people think about or pity you.

Anonymous 8464

Small boobs are better and cuter, they take longer to get saggy. I understand big ones are ~~sexy~~ but still.

(Girl with big, sort of droopy titties here)

Anonymous 8482

I'm so fucking guilty of this omg, but not with illnesses, more like shit my family members have done to me. I find it so natural, casual to be open about how they've treated me like shit and I know it's shitty and tasteless and most people aren't so open about that type of content. What can I say, my life is filled to the brim with shit. The main reason I feel bad is because my family members can't defend themselves and because they can't tell people how I've been a bitch myself (even if I try to, it isn't the same).

If that doesn't sound bad, it is. For example, I'll detail my siblings' living situations, how they are doing in life, etc. so I can explain how unfair it is that I am treated x way while my sibling is treated y way. Basically, it's too personal. I feel guilt about it and I'm going to try to work on it this year. It's just, I don't have a lot in common with people when I talk to them and it feels like everyone at least has a family…

I agree with you exact point somewhat, but it's difficult when your loved one is losing their mind (having delusions but they can still walk around and such) and is needy and rude to another one of your family members who is suffering because of that. I feel like at that point it's different because their illness is so severe that if they die and people are shocked, I mean, I do think people should get a heads up? At what point do people not talk about other people for fear of gossiping when other people intimately affect their lives so much? But I agree with diseases that don't affect the mind much (I don't mean ADHD, BPD, etc.). It's a complicated subject. I wouldn't think it rude if I'm affecting the day-to-day life of my family significantly.

Anonymous 8484

I own velvet clothing like everyone does at this point in time, but let me just say I'm sick of it.

Anonymous 8485

K-pop is insufferable.

Anonymous 8506

this is not really unpopular, i think. no one really likes big boobs except old dudes and even then they usually mean big plastic ones.
t. another girl with ugly big boobs who can't wait for the knife

Anonymous 8511


My really unpopular opinion of the day is that people are accusing each other of sexual abuse when sometimes there was no real abuse at all, just regret and shame that came from things they did consensually.
What's more fucked up is that being accused of things nowadays means you're guilty to the public.
However how to stop that? It's impossible since it could prevent real victims of coming forward with their stories and accusations. It's hard, man.

Anonymous 8512

this is definitely not true. liking small boobs is an unpopular opinion, you have no idea what it's like to be ostracized made fun of publicly for having average to small boobs.

Anonymous 8514

>What's more fucked up is that being accused of things nowadays means you're guilty to the public.
maybe that's true, but I think the reason companies are firing or asking people to resign once they get accused now is because I'm pretty sure the company knows for a fact the accusations are true and they don't want to have to go through a lengthy, messy trial. But I concede you have a point with the public.

Anonymous 8516

i've been ostracized and made fun of publivly for having big boobs. maybe there's just no way to win.

Anonymous 8518

> I'm pretty sure the company knows for a fact the accusations are true and they don't want to have to go through a lengthy, messy trial.

lol no. many go through trial and are found innocent and the company ends up having to pay for firing them on false pretense.

Anonymous 8519

not the anon you're talking to but honestly I know I'd personally be very uncomfortable being around a coworker who was accused of rape or sexual abuse, even if proven innocent. I know this isn't right, but just being honest. I'd always think "what if he got away" … I think that's one of the bad traits of human nature

Anonymous 8529

Electronic music isn't ~real~ music and 9 out of 10 songs are very similar.
>inb4 that is a matter of taste
Yeah I know. Sounds like shit to me.

Anonymous 8530

Just because someone goes through a trial and is found innocent doesn't mean the allegations did not occur. If a company wants to back someone up with an excellent lawyer, etc. they are likely to be found innocent. People are catching on to this and now don't care as much about the outcome of sexual assault trials because they can be difficult to prove, hence people having responses like >>8519

Yeah, it's fucked up, but people want to save their own skins before "stupidly" trusting a man who was previously accused of something.

Anonymous 8541


Istg, big breasted women are as bad as men when it comes to this issues and ya'll are completely wrong. Small boobs are not magical, they sag just like big boobs. You're thinking of porn small boobs, which sorry to burst your bubble, but are just as unrealistic as big porn boobs. If you think just reducing your boobs is going to make them magically stick up again, you're wrong, and they're going to continue to sag. Even if you get a lift with your reduction it'll last about as long as a reduction at your natural size and in a couple years you'll have small, saggy, deflated boobs. The grass is not greener.

Anonymous 8551

>>You're thinking of porn small boobs, which sorry to burst your bubble, but are just as unrealistic as big porn boobs.
What, do they get surgery to get non saggy small tits?

Anonymous 8556

no they don't >>8541 doesn't know what she's talking about, i'm a small c cup and my breasts look like cute little orange halves and I'm 28, post baby.

Anonymous 8561

If I could choose to magically get new boobs I'd get small ones just because my boobs are pretty big and I don't think they look good on me because of my height (very short, so I think they make me look heavier). However when I'm being sexual in bed with a girl I like bigger boobs, I don't care if they're a bit saggy. They're way more fun and sexy imo.

Anonymous 8582

I'm a small c cup much like the previous anon and I have a very small frame, they're cute and bouncy, but I have to agree that big titties are extra fun in bed

Anonymous 8587


Slutty men and women are disgusting and that behaviour shouldn't be glorified as it has been.

Anonymous 8598

I couldn't date a slutty man. People who are that obsessed with sex and having a variety of partners are way more likely to be unfaithful.

Anonymous 8614

I have small boobs, while I was insecure about it when I was 11-14, I think that they're really the best. Especially if you're slim they look great, plus if you're into anything athletic your boobs getting hurt isn't an issue. I can still understand the appeal of big boobs, I'm bi and I get off to them a lot but when dating girls I truly don't care about their size.

Anonymous 8649


I have them too (flat-chested) and I fucking hate it. People/society always find a way to bring it up and make you feel like shit. Props to you for liking yourself though, I'll be saving up for implants eventually.

Which I guess brings me to my unpopular opinion, I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with breast implants and plastic surgery in general.

Anonymous 8669

Since many of us here are into women too, I'll say I genuinely don't see the appeal of blondes. Except for Instagram people I still feel like almost everyone likes blondes (natural or not) better.

Anonymous 8672


Sometimes, mostly they just hire the top 1% who have great looking boobs.


Good for you, the gods and genetics have blessed you, but you're not the norm. Personally I'm a whole cup size smaller than you and mine were saggy by 22.

Anonymous 8680

tbh you are probably wearing the wrong bra, i thought i was an a cup for years and found out i'm a d. c cups are tiny and will not sag if you're not fat.

Anonymous 8681


You know, if you were dumb enough to think your d cups were an a you might not know what the hell you're talking about.

Anonymous 8683

i think you don't know what you're talking about tbh. do we have to bring real pics of breasts into the thread. d cups are only 4in width between cup and breast, not very big. the buxom breasts people label as d cups are usually f or g.

Link related: http://herbrasize.com/34d-breast-size/

Anonymous 8684

POC solidarity is a joke.

Anonymous 8685


The transphobia on here and LC is really irritating, it's the one thing both places really have in common. The way people start shitting on trans women out of nowhere makes me think they obsess over trans women way more than is healthy, even if it's bait. I was going to post this last night but didn't want to start a debate, but the bait poster in the New Year's thread and LC thread just proved my point.
I know imageboards have always had a conservative slant, but at least before it seemed like people went outside and interacted with different types of people. Now it seems like people are just getting all their interaction online and staying in their hugboxes. I would never want to make friends off of here or LC.
Inb4 go back to tumblr– tumblr is the opposite side of the same coin and I feel a lot of the same things about mainstream tumblr culture.

Anonymous 8687

I agree. You aren't alone, anon.

I used to think this also, but as time goes on, I realized I kept on loving blondes, became blonde myself, and yeah, I am full into blondes now. Funnily enough, I actually think it's more common for people to like dark-haired women now, I feel like I rarely see blondes where I live and I feel like people dying their hair black or dark brown is in now. The most common fetishized colors of women I feel are blue-eyed white ladies with dark hair, which imo looks basic as fuck.

Anonymous 8688

i feel you… sometimes i'm hoping some hateful anons are trolls…

Anonymous 8689

Online interaction isn't the reason people have a problem with trans women. I don't really care what anybody else chooses to do with or to their own body as long as they aren't infringing upon the privacy or rights of another person. Trans people aren't the problem, it's the percentage of that minority that thinks that they ought to be able to behave atrociously towards biological women now that they're 'one of the girls'. Like this guy who joined our Lolita community who asked girls what kind of underwear they wore under their dresses, tried to insist that we 'dress him up' for meetups, was constantly hitting on other members of the comm when they clearly weren't interested, and then cried 'transphobia' when people told him he was making everyone uncomfortable.
Fucking learn them.
Unfortunately, some of these guys simply can't or won't–they expect the rest of the world to bend over backwards to accommodate them, and life doesn't work like that for anyone, trans or not. Idk, I just don't have tolerance for anyone who plays the victim after behaving in such a way.

Anonymous 8690

And yeah, I realize that not every trans woman is like this, and if they're not, I don't take an issue with them. The ones who are, though, are usually the most overwhelmingly vocal ones, especially online.

Anonymous 8691

I feel the same way anon.
I also agree with >>8689, if they are making a show out of "being a woman" or disrespect biological women, they can fuck off, but i don't see why people on LC and here get so triggered by anyone who isn't a TERF.
These websites are turning into tumblr-tier of echo chambers, but instead of ~only liberals pro-multigenders allowed uwu~ we get ~only terfs allowed you fucking cunt~, it's annoying.

Also, the baitposting by that anon is getting extremely tiresome.

Anonymous 8692

I feel this and understand this. That sounds like a horrifying and disgusting experience! I agree that people with shitty entitlement issues like that shouldn't be tolerated, using gender to excuse behavior like that is wrong.

Anonymous 8694

I know people often shit on people who raise legitimate questions about transgender people by calling them "terfs" or "transphobic", I've seen the post that you're talking about and I don't see anything overtly wrong about them or find them all that bad.
I think this is a situation where people with different opinions need to agree to disagree.

Anonymous 8698

I don't even like trannies but I'm getting tired of discussing this in multiple threads. Should we revive the trans/gender whatever thread?

Anonymous 8702


the only blonde i can like is the messy type of blonde that has roots and a completely unnatural shade of blonde. like a courtney love type of blonde, never a beach blonde. never a natural blonde either. just the edgy blonde i guess, don't know if you girls agree

like, the girl from sunflower bean or sky ferreira too. i think dark roots showing in platinum blondes is cute as hell. don't like when people act like its the worst thing ever. the cover of sunflower bean's album made me realize that i actually didn't dislike that specific type of blonde and now i have a weird appretiation but only to these blondes.

Anonymous 8703

>sunflower bean
ot, but i had never heard of this band before and i just looked them up. i really like their sound, the vocals are very pretty. thank you for mentioning this!

Anonymous 8707

idk i dont like it. it looks extremely dirty and unkempt. everyone looks best in their natural colour and girls like this would just look so much better as a brunette.

Anonymous 8709

This. I don't understand why so many women in hollywood also have this phase where they seem to go blonde. I'll probably sound like I'm tinfoiling but I've often wondered if its some sort of social engineering bullshit to make us think that blondes are the most beautiful.

Anonymous 8710

i didnt mean it like that. sounds like some serious tinfoiling on your part. brunettes have been desired for the past 8 years especially with this new dark, sexy baddie instagram thing going on and the popularity with the kardashians. everyone's LONG moved passed blondes. the only people who still think people believe blondes are more desirable are insecure white brunettes who are stuck in the 90s and like to shit on other women for insignificant things like skin colour, race, hair colour, body, etc.

Anonymous 8715

Its just a product of where I've been before moving to Canada, anon. Even being back and visiting for the holidays I can see that the same beauty standards are in place here despite it no longer being 2003.

Anonymous 8716

But see, that's the thing: blonde is now more of a novelty color that is a "phase" and you soon switch out of, a la Kylie Jenner, for example. Brunettes overall are more in, I think. Now, maybe in the porn industry, blondes are still "in", but that's more because people associate blondes with the sex industry, but not because they are necessarily more attractive.

Anonymous 8718

Transphobia isn't a real thing, sorry. I also think the posts come out of nowhere at times, but the criticism in them isn't invalid or in any way wrong. Trans is a disease and making everyone accommodate you and play along with your delusions doesn't count as "treatment".

If "i'M DISPHOREEEEC GIMME FREE SURGERY OR I'LL OFF MYSEEELF" is a good enough argument, I want fucking lipo for anoretics to be a thing.

Anonymous 8729

Trans people are a danger to themselves and need to be isolated in a camp to prevent them from having an influence on society. It's not that complicated. They're rapists and misogynists.

Anonymous 8731

this. most 'terfs' are actually in favor of trans people getting proper, non-mutilating treatment.

Anonymous 8732

The best treatment is keeping them away from society and isolated under uncomfortable conditions until they decide that they no longer want to wear a dress. I can guarantee that it will work 99% of the time.

Anonymous 8736


this seems like what someone would say if they wanted to impersonate a TERF so they could later cite their own posts as evidence that TERFs are transphobic and hate trans people.

Anonymous 8737


i'm not >>8732 but I can see where they're coming from. the best way to get men to detransition is to stop normalizing their behavior and to put them in a situation where it would stop being beneficial for them to transition, if putting them in an uncomfortable enviroment away from being told its okay works, then i'm fine with it as thing are out of hand now.

Anonymous 8741


I don't like Game of thrones nor understand anyone who does. And I hate when people get ridiculously pissy when I casually tell them I dislike it.

Anonymous 8742


seeing how annoying their Reddit-type fans makes me never want to watch it. same with rick and morty (ive watched a few episodes but not a fan)

Anonymous 8743


the subreddit ruined the show for me also PICKLE RIIIICK

Anonymous 8748


I go to a manga reader website and people go crazy over the Loli plus age gap tags. That creeps me out, especially because most of the userbase is female too. You probably know where I'm talking about. It makes me kind of uncomfortable to say the least.
I know it's just fiction and apparently the most popular loli series doesn't contain any nudity but still… *Shivers~* why aren't popular sites like these closed down if they have this kind of thing posted? I don't think the drawn thing is against the law in my country, but it is in the USA where I suppose the site is from

Anonymous 8749


>but it is in the USA

No it's not.

Anonymous 8750

Also for what it's worth even sailor moon has questionable age gap relationships with underage girls, just saying.

Anonymous 8752

nta but sailor moon isn't hentai. I think the point is clear it's sex with lolis

Anonymous 8754

I have always wondered, what do we do with the "transgender" people who refuse to detransition? I mean, we obviously need to get help to those who are willing, but i think all options need to be considered. I think its dangerous to women to allow those who refuse to to stay in society, so isolating those who refuse to get help away where they can't cause societal harm I think is an appropriate response.
There's also extremination, but that view is typically extreme and should be reserved for those who don't comply willingly, it's for the best that we find some way to deprogram using humane methods MTTs back into being males, but i'm starting to think that extermination of MTTs is justified in the most extreme circumstances.

They need to detransition for the benefit of society, if the don't then they need to be isolated from society while we find ways to deprogram them of the social learning and their mental illness. I wish we could do it as humanely as possible but we can't tolerate them in society and we can't allow them to continue with their behavior when the safety of women are at stake.

I would prefer a compassionate response, but we need to be willing to accept that there may be no compassionate solution that also puts women in danger.

Anonymous 8757


I'm so sick of this new crossposter constantly ranting about trannies when I have been and am way more likely to be exploited, raped, beaten, and/or murdered by a straight biological male. Forgive me if I don't concern myself with .1% of a population that only becomes relevant when I'm posting on an imageboard.
>inb4 hi tranny!
And killing people when they haven't even committed crimes? Okay, Hitlerina.

Anonymous 8758


I think you would feel more welcome back at Tumblr.

Anonymous 8759

I keep on reporting them as a troll, I hope that's alright with the Admin because their posts seem like bait to me.

Anonymous 8760


She has the right to her beliefs and just because you disagree doesn't mean they aren't valid.

Anonymous 8761

>she has a right to her beliefs except when you disagree with her beliefs because then you ought to take your beliefs to tumblr

Anonymous 8762

Thing is, what is considered bait varies from person to person. She may just be a pissy girl, she may be on her period, or she may be the type who expresses her opinions as extreme as possible. I can be like that if I'm angry enough.

Some people use the internet to vent and maybe this is her space for that.

Anonymous 8763


Well, her beliefs aren't too out there and they are something we will need to have a serious thought about, but most people don't want to think about it.

Anonymous 8764

>her beliefs aren't too out there
>y'know, like…murder
Lol, this has GOT to be a troll. Even if the average person hates trannies, it would be a pretty big leap for any well-adjusted individual to want to round them up and kill them or force them into re-education camps.

Anonymous 8765

How is it such a leap? Please tell us? Do you really want them walking around in society?

Anonymous 8766

Because sane people don't want to kill people for dressing differently and taking hormones.
Get help. Legit. See a therapist, you could be dangerous.

Anonymous 8767

Reporting someone doesn't mean they definitely get banned. I just feel like their posts seem off since they tend to derail threads with their trans drivel.

Also, there's another troll (I think) that is derailing threads if a poster mentions having a boyfriend. I wonder if they're related to the trans person or not.

Anonymous 8768

Oh, now her opinion makes her insane now. What about the women who are in danger from them? Isn't annnnyone thinking about them? but no, the poooor men, won't someone think of the poooor men.

Anonymous 8769

Nta but again we are on imageboards.. people have always expressed extreme beliefs on those. I've also seen extreme views over on my Tumblr dash with all this biphobic shit or how gay men need to stop being sexist and date women. And these people are completely serious about this with hoards of equally batshit and impressionable fans backing them up, ready to dox your ass if you say a word.

Extreme views exist like all around.

Anonymous 8770

>Does thinking about killing people make me insane?
Lol, we'll see you in the headlines you ticking time bomb you.

Anonymous 8771

Not everyone you disagree with is a troll. I'm not the only poster who has those beliefs that you like to call "extreme".

Anonymous 8772

I'm not saying I think these people for sure are a troll. I am noticing they tend to derail threads and because the same poster(s) keep on showing up, I think it's worthy of letting an admin know.

Once again - it's because of how they derail threads that is the most disruptive aspect to me, not just that they think people shouldn't have a boyfriend period or that people should exterminate trans people.

Anonymous 8773

These people aren't trolls just because you disagree with their opinion and just because someone agrees with their opinion, doesn't make them the same person. I'm telling you that you're completely and utterly mistaken with thinking that only one person can have the same beliefs and that someone can't agree with someone elses view.

Anonymous 8774

>not just that they think people shouldn't have a boyfriend period or that people should exterminate trans people
I don't remember these opinions exactly being en vogue here until recently. It's not a coincidence. It's a troll.

Anonymous 8775

I agreed with someone elses opinion. That person wasn't me. From what I can see, not everyone with a similar opinion is me.

You can keep on believing it if it will make you feel better but its not reality.

Anonymous 8776

Dragon age 2 was a good game (minus dungeons and mobs) and Anders was right about the chantry.

Anonymous 8778

I think most DC/Marvel movies are really boring.

Anonymous 8779

The way Nintendo is going from mostly kid friendly to making every character purposely fuckable disturbs me.

Anonymous 8780

You aren't even listening or have piss poor reading comprehension.
>I'm telling you that you're completely and utterly mistaken with thinking that only one person can have the same beliefs and that someone can't agree with someone elses view.
That's not what I'm talking about at all. When someone is butting into threads to blurt out their opinion (derailing) and when this is happening only as of late, it comes off as a troll.

I can't put it more simply than that for you.

Anonymous 8781

Anon I appreciate what you're trying to do but these people cannot be reasoned with. One of them is mentally ill.
Don't worry, I think admin might take my containment thread proposal seriously. Try not to reply because it encourages them to come back.

Anonymous 8782

:^/ I don't believe in feeding obvious trolls, but I feel as if I am doing that by simply responding to whichever anon I last responded to. Hopefully admin does so, I thought your proposal was a good idea.

Anonymous 8783

I think they have good intentions but they came off a bit strong. I think that their views seem to be misunderstood by people who don't realize the danger that some of these people can bring.
I can see where they're coming from, but also I also understand the other view.

Anonymous 8784

Do we know who's doing it? are they a lolcow?

Anonymous 8785

Yeah they're posting within minutes after they've posted to lolcow. Same typing syntax, same arguments.
So far I've spotted this person derailing on their /ot/, and in a few threads on /snow/.

Unfortunately moderation on lolcow has been bad lately so off-topic derailing isn't being cleaned out as usual. However here, that person is now panicking because if a containment thread is made for tranny discussion, it will be ENFORCED. Thank fuck.

Anonymous 8786

It will also be nice to have a thread dedicated entirely to issues like these for those of us who want to discuss on how to best help these people.

Anonymous 8787


Just a little joke based on the extermination and cure comments. It seemed funny at the time.

Anonymous 8788

Made me laff

Anonymous 8789


Obese people are mocked and treated like shit while anorexics are put on pedestals and seen as poor little victims. That is crazy. Both are sick.

t. Bulimic who thinks a lot about ED

Anonymous 8794

Yeah that drives me nuts too. Mental disorders are romantic as long as people are attractive while being sick.

I think the worst trend is those freaking mukbang videos and videos of westerners binge eating. Usually features some pretty guy or girl and you know they're not actually eating all that food or fasting the whole week up until their next video. All it does is promote disordered eating. They claim "fast metabolisms," but funny, when fatties claim the metabolism excuse they're called out as such.
Men asspat this stuff the worst.
I think because it affirms their fantasy of women being able to eat whatever they want while magically retaining the size 0 effortlessly. Maybe so they don't have to feel guilt for what women actually have to go through to be considered attractive and that it is work.

Besides that,
>those gross slurping, lip smacking, tongue clicking sounds in food videos

Anonymous 8798

Yes anon, I agree with everything you said. I think the main reason is that anorexics don't look ugly for a long time while the problem is developing even though they're destroying their bodies. They look fragile yet "fuckable". I also second you on the mukbang thing.

Anonymous 8800

Yeah there's definitely a honeymoon phase where people treat you well because you're just getting into shape, they think. As long as you don't become too thin, but if it's anorexia the damage is already done by that point.
I wish people would think about these things.

Anonymous 8805

>am way more likely to be exploited, raped, beaten, and/or murdered by a straight biological male
You're not special in that aspect, so don't pretend you are.

Anonymous 8806


Anonymous 8808

Not sure if you didn't understand my post or if something else bothers you, but she thinks because she's trans she's one of the only ones who get discriminated against and who is more likely to be in danger because of straight guys, even though she's far from the only one and people are more likely to be "exploited, raped, beaten, and/or murdered by a straight biological male" for a bunch of other reasons (that are out of their control, so it's even worse if you ask me.)


>but she thinks because she's trans

This again?
Do I have to post a timestamped picture of my pussy to convince you I'm not a damn transvestite?
I am a woman talking about straight, cis men causing the most violence against women, me.

Wow, just wow.

Anonymous Moderator 8810

No infighting, please.

Anonymous 8828


Dogs can cute and loving but tbh they're overrated.

Anonymous 8881

i think mocking and insulting overweight people is unnecessary and cruel, and i am sad that this is an unpopular opinion

Anonymous 8884

Agree and in the same vein I hate it when people don't train, and proceed to spoil their dogs so they become little monsters. Then they think it's "cute" when their behavior is bad. Okay so rant time lol.

My aunt and uncle are notorious for being awful dog owners. After their last dog died their daughter gave them this inbred bull pug mix. He's an absolute terror.
>he will lunge at my face if I'm sitting or bend down to pet
>he won't stop licking, gnawing, and sneezing over my legs and exposed body parts even when I scold him no
>he does that thing where he drags his dick over the carpet because aunt thinks that's funny and not gross…on other people's floors
>begs at the table and whines
>chews everything including shoes
My aunt has already had two hand injuries from him "accidentally" biting her. One of the last bites he caught onto her wedding band and almost degloved the skin going down her finger!

I went over to my parent's house for Christmas dinner and they initially brought the dog. He stunk to high heaven. I was sitting on the couch and he immediately tried to lunge at my face from behind. My parents already said he was not allowed over beforehand but that was my uncle's way of trying to guilt my parents into letting him stay. Before my grandpa died, he'd cave into that tactic so we'd have to put up with begging, drooling, whining, and scratching at dinners. "Can dog's name come later?" Hahahaha, we told them nope! It was so glorious.

Anonymous 8887

images (16).jpeg

I can't stand 500 days of summer for multiple reasons. I won't say them right now because I'm too tired and I'll probably sperg but I'll come back later if anyone wants to fight me.

Anonymous 8896

Eughhhh, how did I forget about this quote? This was my absolute favourite quote a few years ago!

Anonymous 8897

this plus zooey deschanel stans.

Anonymous 8904

Navy blue in fashion is such an underrated color. I think that is partially because people think of it used as like a black or brown, but it totally isn't.

Anonymous 8905


Anonymous 8915

""""Bi"""" women who only do ffm or unicorn chase aren't even bi they're just disgusting pathetic cucks and they shouldn't be welcomed in the rest of the bi community

Anonymous 8917

People don't actually like the "dad bod" and the "mom bod"

Anonymous 8919

I'm with with you on this one.

iPhones are overrated

Anonymous 8923

i think that PULL and lolcow do good things sometimes but i also find it astounding that they can’t admit what they’re doing is borderline obsessive behavior. watching the people being talked about spiral into depression, negativity and ultimately paranoid of everything they post is just.. sad. it’s not to say some of it isn’t justifiable but i feel like it does more harm than good and no one will be happy until the people ultimately end their life. and then they’ll change their story and say “oh they weren’t that bad” . why not just get over it and stop harassing or nitpicking every little thing? it’s just a thought i’ve had.

Anonymous 8926

It attracts insecure people sometimes.

Anonymous 8930

The anon above me is right, you have to be in a bad mindset to be so obsessed with that. inb4 they say we're saying we're over drama
There's a difference between places totally dedicated to drama and drama that occasionally happen in a girl space.
Still most of us have had phases when they nitpicked people. It's human.

Anonymous 8932

90% of the makeup shown in kawaii pateens videos are the same shitty brands with eye bags and huge ass circle lenses. I am still subbed to them because some of the girls are interesting but the makeup is usually terrible and very predictable.

Anonymous 8943

>and no one will be happy until the people ultimately end their life

i think that's a stretch. there've been some cows and flakes who lolcow has lost interest in because they've turned their life around. lolcow users are too obsessive but i doubt more than a few crazies actually want people to die.

Anonymous 8947


it feels like a reach but there are some that seem like they’re teetering on the edge of a mental break down every couple of months. i just don’t understand how people can say “if they were better people, or learn from their mistakes we would leave them alone” but they can make an apology video or post, and people will insist that they are never going to change. i don’t know, maybe i shouldn’t empathetic towards these snowflakes or cows but maybe it’s because i’m stepping away and noticing how toxic the behavior is towards these people. no wonder they never get better.

but thanks to everyone who replied! it’s good not to be called an idiot or to be accused of being one of the cows when i disagree with someone in a thread.

Anonymous 8952


A bit of belly fat is very adorable imo. I'm tired of walking sticks being the norm of what's beautiful. Hams are not attractive but a bit of belly fat can be very feminine and cute.

Anonymous 8955

Not to start a war again but since the derailers were banned: I don't trust any woman who rides girldick and acts like a tranny apogist. That's unforgiving.

Anonymous 8959

This is nice to read. I've put on a tiny bit of weight recently and people have pointed out my tummy a few times and it makes me a little uneasy.

Seriously, I wouldn't mind it at all if people didn't make such a big thing out of it. I think girls of all shapes and sizes can be really cute, it really depends on the face and how they carry themselves. I don't like the idea that there is one perfect body type to rule them all.

Anonymous 8961

All advertising is trash. Anyone who just sits staring at the ads on their phone/computer/TV is a moron and advertising should be banned in all public places.

Anonymous 8962

*Moron was a bit harsh actually, let's say "a bit of a moron" instead.

Anonymous 8963

i don't really agree here. advertising is just direct marketing. maybe changing some practices for ads or criteria would be positive, but it's not going to stop marketing or how marketing works.

Anonymous 8964

Idk how it works in other country capitals but mine is completely free from ads. I wish the entire country was like that. It's just more cleaner.

Anonymous 8975


I instantly get pissed off when I see r/happy or r/wholesomemes on the front page. i can't pin down exactly why. I just hate it

Anonymous 8983

Because the majority of those posts seem so tryhard.

Anonymous 9024


I think slut shaming is a good thing, for both sexes. That type of behaviour is reckless in many ways, cheapens relationships, ups the risks of STDs, and is overall just pretty gross. No religion, god or sexual trauma involved here, these are facts.

But if you like living a life of poor judgement and risky sex, it's ok. I don't care what you do with your orifices obviously. Just sharing an unpopular opinion that is still right anyway.

Anonymous 9027

I agree. But sometimes i find it fun and encourage that person if they're rich, famous, and likeable because im a faggot

Anonymous 9029

>Ed threads consistently active, baiting was allowed to go on as long as it did
>The amount of whores who slept with taken men in the normie thread
>The amount of people in an abusive relationship or being cheated on
>The amount of horror stories of being taken advantage of as a teenager, and the nonchalant "Well I was a teen and dumb lol" attitude about it all

My unpopular opinion is that there's a lot of shit people here, and I don't understand what the fuck is wrong with you all.

Anonymous 9034

I know I'll be reported because people will think I'm a guy to say this but no I'm not: that is typical female behavior. Get cheated on, bawl, take dude back, love attention from guys who should not even be looking at you in the first place.

I'm not saying I'm like that, or you, or whoever is reading this, plus I think you're exaggerating, I don't think the majority of the userbase is like that. However that's """typical"""" female behavior and a place full of women will always make that visible.

Anonymous 9035

Btw I'm one of the ED trash anons so you can at least hate me for that. But discussion is allowed and I havent seen people baiting in quite a while. Plus venting about your ED struggles =/= bait. Hide the thread.

Anonymous 9043

perhaps maybe people here with a lot of mental issues? lol

(wow im half asleep had to submit this 3 times)

Anonymous 9044

You hit the nail on the head there. We came from all places here (LC, Tumblr, Pull, and other chans) so 98% of us are probably mentally ill lmao

Anonymous 9045


This isn't even an unpopular opinion. Chan culture has always largely appealed to people with issues - mental health and otherwise. I would hardly call this "typical" female shit. My irl friends are mostly quite well-adjusted women and I'm the mentally fucked one in my circles.

If you consider that typical female behaviour perhaps you need better friends or you need to get your ass off imageboards and go socialise for real. The same kind of fuckery exists on more male-dominated boards as well.

Anonymous 9046

Meant to tag >>9034 as well, my apologies

Anonymous 9047



anon hit it right in the head

if most anons were normal they'd be on facebook instead of here. same with 4chan, its filled with men with mental illness who write creepy shit. if they were normal they would't find the appeal in an anon forum with strangers. they would be on facebook posting pics with their significant others watching netflix.

board culture attracts people like this, its not about gender and its not about this board in particular. its just the nature of this places. the way something like tumblr appeals to a different type of ugly/crazy chick, reddit to a different type of lonely/ugly self centred douche, and instagram/twitter/facebook towards actualy well adjusted people in your community.

OP is literally complaining about the things that make these type of sites interesting.

Anonymous 9049

Define actually well adjusted because I think those users are just as bad lmao

Anonymous 9053

Facebook people are weirdos as well. The internet age has made people a lot more introverted with "social anxiety", depression, or whatever the fuck more than most people realize.

Oh and, I hate how the internet is so uniform these days. You go on one website you see some stupid shit being said. You go on the other the same stupid shit is said, right after the other website did since there's a lot of cross-posting and general laziness. Different websites don't have a certain culture or individuality anymore. Social media fucked everything.

Anonymous 9054

I hate most mentally ill people. It seems they take out their issues on the internet and project their demons to other people by saying repulsive and irrational things. I hate them in real life too, but most of them are not bold enough to act the way they do online.

Anonymous 9058

>>I hate most mentally ill people. It seems they take out their issues on the internet and project their demons to other people by saying repulsive and irrational things. I hate them in real life too, but most of them are not bold enough to act the way they do online.

That's because they're faking it and just want attention.

Anonymous 9059

Sorry, I posted my reply before I finished. I completely agree with you about internet uniformity and that's pretty sad because internet was way more diverse in this aspect just ten years ago or so.

Anonymous 9060

I hate the Instagram look. Its culture also make people egomaniac and it's full of shit deceiving ads posted as real posts.

Anonymous 9065

I hate the ones that expect you to put up with their shitty behaviour IRL.
Every article you read about family and friends of a mentally ill person is about how they always should put up with all of the shitty things that the mentally ill person puts them through. We are expected to tolerate everything and always be available for them.
But if somebody says one wrong word to the mentally ill person (even if it's not meant in a bad way) they are evil. If they decide to leave and take care of their own life they are the worst person ever. Of course all of that will be made public so it looks like you are were treating them so badly. No mention of the countless times you were there for them.

Idk, I guess I'm just fed up that you have to put up with all of that and don't even get a thank you. You just get yelled at because you didn't pick up the phone at 4:00 am the third time in a week to talk with them how bad their life is until you have to leave for work.

Anonymous 9138

I'm tried of fake activists and people looking to be irate. People were always toxic and stupid but the internet aggravates this issue. Fix it Jesus

Anonymous 9181

unpopular and might trigger some:

i fucking hate that not a day goes by without some idiot on the internet changing any discussion and turning into themselves with


it gets brought up completely out of nowhere and i've read it so many times that the words have lost all meaning to me. everyone on the internet has anxiety and depression (at least in 2017) shut the fuck up. its everywhere i go. i get it, i have mental illnesss,i get it, you think you're opinion matters more for whatever reason. it fucking doesn't. stop attention whoring on any site you can. reeeee normies using mental illness memes and thinking they have actual issues reeeeee

just yesterday i saw some girl on reddit who made a thread like "after years of anxiety and depression," and got called out for cheating on his husband. with her heroin addict ex bf. then leaving husband. poor you, you're a warrior. or yesterday (don't remember if it was twitter or instagram) i read some post like "the reason our generation is depressed is not cause we're lazy :'(( its actually because normal teenage problems". Our generation? Do you idiots not know about emos? Goths? Literally anyone other than your dumbasses? Teenagers have been moody since forever its their nature. Teenagers ALL having mental illness now? probably has to do with the fags on tumblr and reddit glamorizing their "coping" mental illness memes that made the teenagers think theres something wrong with them. no, you're 16. and you're 26 please stop bringing up your anxiety when no one asked. we know.

Anonymous 9188


I really hope this isn't an unpopular opinion because you're damn right.

Anonymous 9193

>>9181 it's usually people who think anxiety is being nervous and depression is feeling sad/wanting to die/escape. It's a lot more than that.

Anonymous 9216


I think the spike in people claiming mental illness comes down to internet culture and memes, words like anxiety and depression are thrown around so nonchalantly. Anxious and sad feelings are normal, and I think a lot of people don't realize that they don't necessarily equate mental illness, like being a bit anxious/nervous to pick up the phone or meet new people is normal. This goes for things like introversion too, I hate when people say shit like
>"~I'm an introvert, but like an introvert extrovert, I like hanging out with friends AND staying at home watchin netflix uwu~".

Anonymous 9218

I agree, I can't wait for the natural look to be trendy again. Some people can pull it off but I'm sick of the same look being everywhere.

Anonymous 9224


I am okay with a little bit of fanservice in games/books/ect as long as it doesn't go overboard in what is a series that isn't just straight up a porn masturbation novel.
Things get better if you have equal opportunity fanservice in the same thing which is for men and women but I think this can be done respectfully and in a natural scenario that would occur.
There's a false equivalence that prevents people from critiquing "sexy" designs to become more practical but I personally think that even if there is unnecessary cheesecake as long as it's not too over the top retarded and the design is nice looking and not just bikini blonde titty warrior, I am okay with that.
For example the robot girl 2B in Nier Automata gets her clothes blown off which shows her butt but her dress and design is attractive and this is not super in your face.
I understand how simply having fanservice can enable men to leer and make women playing the game uncomfortable if they are present however.
I personally don't know if women should be encouraged to sexualize men in the way that men sexualize women because that makes straight men uncomfortable when they experience only a fraction of the shit that women get often. But I don't think they should bitch and moan if you get men in a speedo with the camera all up in there at the beach because that is a context appropriate fanservice scene. The best outcome would have sexuality that can be sexy but adds something to the state or relationship of the characters but this would be sexuality and not just mere shoehorned sexiness.

Anonymous 9226


> ~*I'm such a shut-in but I love going out to cafes with my pals*~

> ~*I love memes and the internet, so introverted!*~

Anonymous 9233

Instagram in general has been trying my nerves lately… I only use it to follow a few artists that I like, and I wish that there was a better way to just filter certain shit out aside from that "see fewer posts like this" option. Like, I don't want to watch some idiot line up their contour with a fidget spinner/taco shell/tampon. I'm tired of seeing these random ass "makeup artists" and their click-baity little videos show up on my feed.

Anonymous 9242

I don't think it's a good thing because I'm with >>8881 not only about fat people but everything. No one should be bullied, shamed or treated as inferior for their choices as long as they're not directly harming others.

That being said, I do agree that it shouldn't be encouraged or seen as empowering and yes, it is harmful.

Anonymous 9246

I noticed admins and modders of websites,boards, chats, ect have gotten stricter in rules in the past years. See: what happened to Twitter and how a lot of communities function now. The conspiracy nut in me wants to say it was the early stages of the repealing of Net Neutrality.

Even if you disagree, there was still more freedom to be said and do what you want on the internet in the 2000's.

Anonymous 9247

I agree with you but I don't see that as a ~totally~ bad thing (unpopular opinion, hello)

There's way too much shit going on where nutjobs have unrestricted freedom to say what they want

Anonymous 9249

It's been almost three years but I still feel like that the whole <<Korrasami is endgame!>> was pandering and completely out of the blue

Anonymous 9259

Of course the baby blames women

Anonymous 9278

You are not alone, sis; It's a shame that one can't speak their mind on the topic because that automatically makes 'em "homofobic".

TLOK was a waste of potential and I prefer to pretend it didn't happen, just like that one movie.

Anonymous 9288

well, I got a warning for calling a celebrity "ugly" as a joke. and on another website I got an infraction for insulting some troll.
I get it's to protect but, if you let passive aggressive trolls get away with everything while people responding to them get banned then eh

Anonymous 9411

I was on the internet since 2000, fool.

Anonymous 9585


I don't get the appeal of the current "beautiful" girl. We have a thread here for cute girls and yes, they're cute but I don't see what's so beautiful about 90% of them (before anyone spergs, I'm not saying they're ugly). It's like you're only beautiful if you are tiny and if you have a small button nose and a super small face attempting to be a doll. On the other hand I'm not pleased with the instathot look which is basically slim and sometimes athletic gal with huge ass lips and dark long ass hair and almost as huge ass. Dunno. Maybe I'm just a party pooper but I guess I just don't like the current beauty standards. I'm not saying I like women that could roll down a mountain with their fat rolls but a softer body and an interesting face are so more appealing and beautiful to me, personally. Sometimes a bigger nose or a deeper set of eyes, or oval no chin faces are extremely gorgeous and it sucks those kinds of beauty are ignored.
I'm not trying to go full Tumblr and say down with beauty standards because that's fucking retarded. I just don't understand them quite well.
This is all over the place but hopefully i made my point.

Anonymous 9588

Well, things seem to be slowly changing with this thicc meme but I'm not sure how long that will last beyond this basic fetish which basically makes clueless girls stuff themselves with shitty food and are surprised that it goes to everywhere but their ass, tits and thighs for the sake of male approval.
I prefer girls who have small breasts and large ass, any types of beauty beyond the current trend always has fans on the fringes and trends seem cyclical so they will cycle.
I agree with you however, that when some group pushes one ideal beauty too hard, I often seek out the opposite. There are plenty of bigger girls who aren't obese who carry themselves well, look soft, have cute faces and maintain great hygiene with good fashion choices.

Anonymous 9596

ugh I hate how infected the cute girl thread is with blue eyes/blonde hair combo. I really find it nauseating after a while.

I guess the main reason I dislike blue eyes is because people will go, "oh…you have beautiful eyes", but it's like automatic and not because people with blue eyes actually have a nice shade of blue or a good eye shape. It's just because it's "rare".

Anonymous 9610

Agree 100%. There's so many beautiful, physically diverse women out there and people always go for the typical pretty looking ones. It's disheartening really. Yes, I do see why those girls are attractive but there is really so much potential in other physical features that I feel go overlooked. Sometimes I'll past girls on the street with such interesting looking faces and I just want the whole world to see the beauty I see

Anonymous 9614

I agree with you on the most part but it depends in the circles you are in and what websites you're looking at. On IG, it is very boring and all the girls are clones of one another – none of them stand out because of this. But that has to do with the way they style themselves and the bbls they get from the same doctor.

On imageboards and less mainstream sites the standards of beauty imo, is even more confining since it's usually only regulated to 1 or 2 phenotypes with little outliers beyond that and this strange sort of fixation and obsessiveness towards them.

The "cute girls" internet nerds and weirdos obsess over particularly annoy me, only because they're boring women with an approachable look to not be as pretty as a IG model but nice looking enough to not look like the scum of the earth. Also, they usually look geeky and homely and that bothers me. No coolness or sexiness.

Anonymous 9615

That's true. The shape of eyes is what makes them beautiful, not the color (although that can help, but not only light eyes are beautiful).

Anonymous 9662

Piercings are absolutely gross.

Anonymous 9664

They can be quite unhygienic too.
Mouth piercings can get all kind of bad bacteria and infections in your mouth and teeth.
Any ear piercing I have no problem with but having lots of piercings looks trashy.

Anonymous 9667

-Hair dyed in unnatural colors (pink, green etc) are for mentally unstable people. It screams ''I'm not okay inside''. Same goes for women shaving their heads, and constantly switching between drastic haircuts and extensions. (Personally I think this is more of a fact, but most disagree)

Anonymous 9668

No, I agree. I think some people look nice (for example pastel colors for youthful looking people), but most just look crazy. But even pastel colors make me want to stay away from the person because they're probably not that well in the head.

Anonymous 9669

It could also be due to the fact the world kinda blows right now. I'd be suspicious of anybody who didn't have some kind of anxiety about how shit everything is right now.

Anonymous 9686

As someone who reads lots of slash fanfic, I get sick of the new prevailing mentality that everything must be fluffy and unproblematic and all interpretations of an LGBT person must be infallibly good and only ever be victims.
Because, oh noooo, then otherwise you've feeding into the negative stereotypes fed through the media that gay people are untrustworthy, immoral abusers…but the thing is that the people who generally believe these stereotypes sure as hell ain't hanging around AO3.
I understand the desire for wholesome gay romance because so many gay couples get the shaft in mainstream media. They end up dying or one of their partners is portrayed as some deviant or immoral and sure these things are all incidental but there is some kind of coding there if it appears constantly. However I have no problem with gay villains because if they're well written, their morals are as reasonable if not more convincing than that of the hero's.
But the problem is that it's all so incredibly dull and boring and lacks any kind of complex dynamic for the sake of offending no one, that I feel like I can almost see the eye twitch and loaded shotgun when someone adds TAGGED noncon to the tag and they leave reeeeee-ing comments in the comments section.
Having only loving and pure gay love stories is simply not a reflection of reality and it helps to have a variety of stories being told.
Even if you do have some fucked up fics, you aren't going to stop people who commit actual sex crimes by removing them.
That won't stop their issues because these people tend to KNOW that what they're doing is fucking wrong and people who say "An ex-friend of mine who read this understood it's fine to abuse me!" tend to be made up anecdotes to finger point and police people to stop doing the thing I don't like.
While I'm at it, stop shaming 14 year old girls for loving boy-on-boy stuff, they're young and let them have fun for fucks sake.
I don't know any gay people who find young girls who ship them IRL anything but simply an annoyance. You're the reason why they have to lie on their blogs that they're ~transmen~ to enjoy m/m erotica which has always been a very female space and it's your fault young girls delude themselves into taking hormones to prevent them being labeled as unproblematic so they BECOME the soft gay boy~ but their boyfriends don't give too shits if they can fuck them regardless.

Anonymous 9701

i think it also screams "i want attention and compliments and to be *~special~*" but that might go without saying. but the need for attention probably aligns with the mental instability.
and most of them are extreme "kill all white people" leftists which is my reason for keeping my distance. when my best friend dyed her hair purple then started spewing her extremist views and i just had to back away.

Anonymous 9715

Nta but you're right about wanting to be special. People need to stop self diagnosing and saying they have Z, X, C and A disorders and just come to terms with being normal in the head, kek. Also as someone said before in this thread (or the normie one), being sad =/= depression and being nervous or a bit anxious =/= panic attack.

Anonymous 9718

where do you live, anon? pastel hair colours are very popular right now. i'd assume they're the standard basic normie girls trying to copy their instagram ~goals~ pages and whatnot

Anonymous 9732


I guess I live my life in a naive way. I have a great job and a comfy life. So it's easy to ignore things that are going on.

Anonymous 9762

The death penalty should be used in the UK for pedophiles who act on their desires. Utter waste of resources to keep them alive and death is a pretty good deterrent.

Anonymous 9791

Wish this wasn't an unpopular opinion. People who sexually abused children don't deserve pity. Most of the times they're scarring someone for life and in some worst cases, helping to create another person who will commit the same type of monstrous crimes.

Anonymous 9803

I find it kind of hard to understand how people who disapprove "fat shaming" in the West tend to not give two shits about it happening in Asian countries because "hurr durr Asians are naturally slimmer uwu~~ also it's their culture, they're expected by society to be thin!!1" …And that's it.

It's a bit hypocritical of them to say the least to make it a-ok when it's in weebland because "they're usually tinier" and "society", but reeee when it happens in the west. Shouldn't they give Asians crap for it too, and how do they feel when models like the girl in the video are treated like shit and overly criticized by people? (I haven't taken time to really see this comment section but the ones featuring her are usually full of Japanese saying she's fat and ugly, etc. Ironically she's not even THAT fat imo)

I mean, if you are absolutely against "fat shaming" I can at least understand some of the reasons even though it's an epidemic and detrimental to people's health, but the fact Nippon does it and it's ok there because tiny frame and culture doesn't make it excusable.

Tl;dr anti fat shaming weebs defending Japanese fat shamers because weebs gonna weeb

Sorry if this is all over the place. I don't have time to phrase it all better right now, but there.

Anonymous 9804

That's how the majority of people think here. I wish that pastel hair would be normal enough so I could wear it at work. Even dying my hair a natural red wouldn't be allowed.

Anonymous 9830

ive never seen anyone excuse japanese fat shaming, guess we just browse different areas of the internet lol. if all thats true then i agree with you, fat shaming is cruel and is only done with the intent to humiliate and hurt under the guise of 'im worried about your health!!!' no stranger or anyone else could possibly care more about ones health than that person themself so people need to shut the fuck up. i also dont agree with the 'naturally thin asian' ive seen images where they have a massive thigh gap bordering on anorexia(or might even already be) that cant be natural. ive seen interviews with japanese women being asked about what they would change about themselves and usually 'be thinner' is an answer which cant be healthy.

Anonymous 9834

>helping to create another person who will commit the same type of monstrous crimes.

lol that's not how that works.

Anonymous 9835

Don't males who were molested during childhood have a higher chance of becoming child molesters too? It obviously doesn't happen to all of them but there's a higher chance as far as I remember, or at least it's what people tend to think.

Anonymous 9836

Last study I read concluded a third had.

I believe it. I was molested and it feels instinctual for me to objectify and sexualize children, I just never act on it or try to encourage that kind of thinking.

Anonymous 9837

Blah, I meant a third of child molesters who had been abused ended up being molesters themselves. But maybe the study I read was outdated. It was one of those specific books devoted to the entire subject of child sexual abuse in my university's library.

Anonymous 9842

Red hair doesn't look nice.

Anonymous 9846

Not even natural?

Anonymous 9859

not the anon you replied to, but ESPECIALLY unnatural. I don't like how gingers look. A lot of ginger girls look the same to me.

Anonymous 9860

omg fuck me, I meant especially natural

Anonymous 9866

Original anon to the post, yes even natural with unnatural being the worst. I know it's different and is seen as beautiful to others, but there's something about it that throws me off.

Anonymous 9870


I'm not a fan of Harry Potter. It was good but not great.

I thought the Jinx books were better.

Anonymous 9877

>It was good but not great

Yes. But politely say that to most HP fans and watch them get buttmad. What an obsessive kind of people.

Anonymous 9880

>hurr durr Asians are naturally slimmer uwu

I see a lot of people say this and it's a untruth that's been scientifically proven otherwise for decades. People are just too lazy to look up things that challenge their perspective because I guess they want to view certain ethnicities a certain way.

First of all, the standards of BMI for Asians is different than for Caucasians and those of African descent. East Asians become clinically overweight at 23 or 24 BMI, South Asians at 22. It's because of their smaller bone structure and having less muscle mass means they have higher body fat % on average than Caucasians and especially Africans, meaning they have to be thinner to look normal. Second, if you give the Asian standard of overweight being at 23 BMI there are a lot more overweight people in those countries than a lot of people realize. Anyone who is non-Asian comparing themselves to these builds are delusional and living in la-la fantasy land.

Anonymous 9957

Nothing makes me more livid when people on the Internet, (usually SJW dumpster fire) are so self absorbed that they turn what is essentially a very culturally, geographically context dependent story into issues closer to home.
They do this because deep down despite claiming to be a "voice" for minorities, they don't care if it doesn't extend to their own wellbeing or if minorities don't totally school them for being ignorant. Doing no research and being 0% critical of anything they read.
But rightfully they could have have their blinkers on for shit they're passionate about that they miss the forest for the trees.
This is more like believing that a moral about human greed and relationship with the land is actually feminist when that's simply not what the story tends to be…about.
It just makes so irrationally angry that I have to leave the computer because it's a waste arguing with them that they themselves are complicit in "whitewashing" because they believe that middle class white America, is the world and there is no way they could be misinformed.

Anonymous 9958

Same, I absolutely loathe it.

I think it's because I tend to develop a really strong aversion for anything I don't care about if it gets too hyped by others. It's not even jealousy/salt, I can't explain why but it just annoys me HARD - I hate small children (when I was a kid girls would GO NUTS whenever a new mom with a baby showed up on the playground), super meat boy and binding of isaac (friends were crazy about these), redheads (internet), and other random crap.

But it doesn't bother me/I enjoy it if the thing being hyped is something I like. Idgi.

Anonymous 9959


>I think it's because I tend to develop a really strong aversion for anything I don't care about if it gets too hyped by others. It's not even jealousy/salt, I can't explain why but it just annoys me HARD

Same anon who wrote the original comment. I can completely relate, we should be friends.

Anonymous 9960


> redheads (internet)
What did the Irish do to you, anon

Anonymous 9976

Me third.
I missed on plenty of actually good TV series like Black Mirror or Stranger Things because of people who were overhyping them and binging on Netflix in general. You know, the typical hur dur, watching tv series is my life, Destiel foreva! type of shit.
I hate to explain myself cause it sounds like I'm trying to be an obnoxious hipster that goes against normie tastes, but I can't control that. For some reason, when my friends and family have seen some movie, I don't feel compelled to watch it (not related to getting plot spoiled). It's more like 'ok, you've seen it so we got it down the list, time to watch crap you guys know nothing about'. It makes no fucking sense.

Anonymous 9978


Disliking red hair isn't an unpopular opinion, liking red hair is.

I absolutely love red hair and I'm so upset that I wasn't born with it. My brother was and he doesn't even like it, life is so unfair. The bright side is that both me and my boyfriend carry the red hair gene so there's a small chance we could have a child with red hair and that makes me so happy :)

Anonymous 9990

I don't like Douglas Adams stuff. My boyfriend has been watching Dirk Gently and it reminded me of everything I dislike about DA's shtick and bored me to tears. It's a tacky vomit of fantasy sci-fi universe whimsical adventure and I think after this show I understand what people dislike about Dr Who (which I liked many seasons of).

It also blatantly ripped off not only Dr Who - it was originally supposed to be a Dr Who story so it's not surprising but it was very noticeable who the main character was based on. Then the boy at the end could be straight out of the Neverending Story.

I zoned out a lot because the increasingly tacky settings made it feel like a Sunday afternoon made for TV movie with better production.

Anonymous 10001

snatching your get

Anonymous 10002


Anonymous 10004


i dont understand the epic win of racing for gets but you do you boys

Anonymous 10006

Beauty and the Beast (wasn't that good). Definitely overrated even though the original is amazing. I'm late, I know, but all my friends liked it so I have no one to say it was bad.

Anonymous 10009

I think Saber is an overrated character and I'm tired of hearing about her.

Anonymous 10016

unnamed (16).gif

Jennifer Lawrence is overrated asf along with Emma Watson.

Anonymous 10019


Anonymous 10028

Fucking agreed.

Anonymous 10039

I can’t believe this an unpopular opinion, I refuse to see it because that dress, is the ugliest fucking thing in the world, it’s so dumb but I get so angry at how it looks and Emma Watson can’t act to save her life.

Anonymous 10057

Sadly, people are blinded by Emma being the star and nostalgia. You aren't even allowed to say that her accent distracts you because someone shouts that the original film didn't have French accents either.

Her acting was shit, that dress was shit, and did we really need gay Lefou or to know how Belle's mom died? Did either of those things truly matter?

Anonymous 10101

Even as a part of the lgbt, I'm tired of people constantly bringing up that they're gay and everything has to be gay etc
After a while it gets annoying and basing your entire personality on it doesn't seem healthy

Anonymous 10106

While humanity was always shit and riddled with problems the internet has made this more obvious and ruined a lot of things. I think the internet needs to be destroyed.

Anonymous 10107


It'd be better to destroy the people who ruin it!

Anonymous 10113

White people with dreads aren't a problem. And the people who think that they are need to seriously re-evaluate their priorities.

Anonymous 10118

i've felt/feel so strongly about this

Anonymous 10122

It makes me uncomfortable how Western beauty standards change every decade. I never noticed how strange this was until a Ethiopian friend of mine pointed it out. She's right. Middle Easterners, Asians, and Africans have the same beauty standards for centuries OR they change but it takes a long time. Why do Westerners especially Americans change what it means to be beautiful in a period of decades?

Second one. I think with the 70s and 80s there was intense progression and evolution in society and the music, culture, ect showed that. Things stagnated since the 2000s and it's not going to get better. People are uncreative and looking to the past for inspiration because Western society is going to get only worse from here on out and there isn't going to be a renaissance again until another 40 or 50 years. Just my IMO.

Anonymous 10123

*just my two cents. Lol shit.

Anonymous 10124

Absolutely true.
As someone who hangs around Tumblr a fair amount, it's like they prize being gay as a character trait over all else. Not only that but they have absolutely no respect for straight people who respect them.
Even moreso in media.
There will be a straight couple in a series who clearly love and adore each other and they bend over backwards and try to rub it in your face that they're only friends and say I love you platonically to make room for ~the mlm/wlw solidarity~
Nothing else about the character matters or means anything. Not their personality, actions or words, but just that we can do the…"look at how gay I am, doing the gay thing xdxdd" token trash.
So much of their fanfic reads like a shitty YA!gay romance novel where I read lines like "She threw away every part of her that was straight and 100% heterosexual" and I just cringe hard.
Please write gay characters who just exist and love each other as any normal couple!
I understand how giddy you are to be out of the closet and openly express your attraction to the same sex, but please stop with the "soft gay bois uwu" stuff.
Especially if you are past 17!
Even in cases where sexuality is ambiguous, I wouldn't even care if they were straight gay/les if people didn't do the "smol gay and strong gay" shtick.
Not to mention tumblr shames bi women for lusting after those evil horrible men which is just awful and for not being lesbians which is shitty behaviour.

Anonymous 10125

selling kimono for…

Cultural appropriation is a rabbit hole which involves screeching about non-issues instead of ignoring actual racism.
I have read posts which say that it's cultural appropriation for a white person to love and cook foreign food. It's like they want to prevent sharing culture forever. The people who complain about cultural appropriation the most tend to be white middle class who think it's their duty to address the implicit racism of poor "pee oh see" victims who can never stand for themselves or have their own opinions. Especially if they disagree with the SJW. Most people of the actual minority group don't care. Pic related.

Anonymous 10126

*addressing not ignoring actual racism

Anonymous 10128

True, but as was previously stated, there is a difference from experiencing emotions that are a normal reaction to situations (anxiety about the world going to shit), and having a disorder that makes you disproportionately anxious. Although there probably will be a rise in general and diagnosable anxiety and trauma related to stark changes in the world.

Anonymous 10129

As technological production advanced, reproduction and creation in culture became much more automated and stale due to the need to cater to a capitalistic society. In order to keep market demographics engaged and consuming, there needs to be constant "revamping" with "new" looks, ideas, products, most of which are just recycled and borrowed garbage. (For more reading on this idea, see "The Culture Industry" by Adorno and Horkheimer).

Which is why we should go FULL COMMUNISM sooner.

Anonymous 10145

Pull isn't THAT bad. No, I didn't come from where.

Anonymous 10147

Yup that's why it's only gonna get worse from here on out. That's why nothing is new except things that is making humanity more splintered and socially retarded

Anonymous 10177



living with anxiety and depression aren't the same things as "feeling bummed out sometimes bc things are bad".

>i made a unpopular opinion post in an unpopular opinion thread about how people glorified depression and anxiety so much that now all the current teenagers think they have it

>someone tells me we actually live in the most speciulz of timuz and they all do have a totally legit anxiety disorder

we live in like the safest era ever https://www.pri.org/stories/2014-10-23/world-actually-safer-ever-and-heres-data-prove http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2015/09/29/canada-election-security-safe_n_8039394.html look, i think the US is living some crazy stuff rn sure but its ignorant to think that the kids today have it harder than they did in other eras. like i said in my original post. moody teenagers have existed in way rougher times. again, this is the safest era you could have been born in https://www.good.is/articles/closer-to-peace-than-ever

anyways, my point was about how i hate that its used as a trendy thing like pic related. gigantic twitter accounts that live off stealing popular tweets of "le relatable content omg that's SO ME!!" now posting how relatable suicide and anxiety are. like in this post that's painfully obvious that it was made by someone who doesn't actually have anxiety as a mental illnesss. my issue is that. that mental illness has become a trendy relatable meme and that its not healthy for anyone involved. teenagers see this shit and repost it and think they all have diseases that they don't have. a lot of them ARE just going through their awkward phase, that's youth. and the teenagers that legit need mental health think its okay because "WE ALL HAVE ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION XD". anyways… mental illness is a serious thing that shouldn't be glorified for likes and validation that's all

Anonymous 10239

People with EDs are to a T shitty people who are a drain on society, a burden to those around them, disgusting and ugly inside and out, and who contribute to negative aspects of society and they should be euthanized.

Anonymous 10242

Why should they be euthanized? Why? Are we going to euthanize everyone with depression now? No, do better and euthanize all cancer patients.
An ED is no different than other kinds of mental illness that allow people to live relatively normal lives. Your opinion is just shitty and not based on any arguments.

I think you're shitty and should be euthanized. Don't be retarded.

Anonymous 10243

>implying Link, Mario and Yoshi weren't always fuckable

Anonymous 10245


Because their "recovery" rate is absolutely abysmal and they continue to be drains on society who actively contribute to horrible and often sexists thinking while hiding behind mental illness as an excuse for just being cunts. FFS they cost the healthcare system more money than super morbidly obese 600 pound people but they are so arrogant they think they're better not only super morbidity obese people but people of normal weight too. They don't care about dying anyways, why should we pay to keep them around?

Anonymous 10246

You have everything backwards. One of the major causes of ED is society, and who's telling you that isn't Tumblr. If you want to/give me more time I can find ED support groups with legit info on this. And what ED are you talking about anyway? Anorexics, bulimics, morbidly obese people?
Yes, most don't care about dying, but at the same time you don't see people murdering depressed people "because they didn't want to live anyway". They need proper treatment, not assholes like you who think they should be nuked because they waste money. They have a real mental illness. Idk if you're saying all of this because you didn't spend more than two minutes thinking or if you're bitter because an anorexic thought she was better than you, ffs.

Anonymous 10247


Blasphemy. Link has always been very fuckable. Mainly Twilight Princess Link.

Anonymous 10248

How is their thinking sexist? Guys can have EDs too. It's not them actually logically thinking, that's why it's called an illness/a disorder. They don't choose to have it.
And it's also not true they don't care about dying, most of them would feel much better and wouldn't consider death as an option if they didn't have to suffer through that.

Anonymous 10252


>One of the major causes of ED is society, and who's telling you that isn't Tumblr

This is true, but the two are not mutually exclusive. They actively contribute to the culture that helped make them sick. They'll continue to indulge in media and hobbies that pushed them towards their disorder, like an alcoholic that refuses to stop going to bars or hanging around other alcoholics.

>Anorexics, bulimics, morbidly obese people?

The former. Morbidly obese people at least tend to have some humility and are far more functional.

>Yes, most don't care about dying, but at the same time you don't see people murdering depressed people "because they didn't want to live anyway"

The difference is 80-90% of people with depression who seek treatment no longer feel or think they way they did. They get better. Anorexic and bulimics on the other hand have a 65% relapse rate after only 2 years, and while the data isn't clear what that rate is for long term, if you talk to people who treat those people they all agree they rarely seen a truly recovered anorexic. They are almost guaranteed to relapse, and always secretly think that being skinny > everything else in life. They aren't treatable, in large part because they value things that are directly opposite to their treatment.


Because they contribute to and gobble up very sexist media. Also because- and this is completely anecdotal I admit- I see so many ana/bulimic girls who constantly hate on women but have fat bfs or worship fat ugly male celebrates. Women in general tend to do this, but it's especially pronounced in women with EDs.

Anonymous 10255

You seem to be talking more about the people you know than the problem itself. Not all anorexics hate other women, idolize fat stars and have overweight boyfriends. Tell any successfully treated anorexic or bulimic that they're not treatable and they will just laugh in your face. Those problems take TIME, PATIENCE and EFFORT to be treated, but having one doesn't mean you're a lost cause.

Plus Tumblr really is shit and makes everything bad in people flare up. In my honest opinion, it should die along with Vine. But everything else I said about EDs still applies.

You need to consider FOOD is everywhere in our daily lives and we need FOOD to survive. It's not like an alcoholic where some places won't offer booze and saying "no" where you can get it (social meeting) is usually more acceptable since you can just lie and say "I am sick, I am taking a med; I can't drink because X or Y".
Saying you can't eat makes things suspicious, that's why anorexics, binge eaters/bulimics tend to lie even to close members and their significant others just because of food.
You're also wrong about sexism: many people dealing with EDs want to look dainty and almost faery like, as if they weren't human. They don't want to be seen as sexual beings: they want to be seen as innocent children forever. Still that goes from person to person and I can't talk for everyone. I'm just letting you know it doesn't simply work how you probably think. For many women it's not about looking hot, it's about looking innocent and fragile.

Anonymous 10271

If you said "all pro-anas" instead of "everyone with ED" it would make much more sense and more would agree i bet.

Not every person with ED thinks being skinny is way more important than anything else or treats 'fat' people weirdly.
Some just have a distorted self-image and some just have trouble related to food.

Pro anas though… jeez.. they're bad.

Anonymous 10272

Some cows on lc aren't that bad. I don't want to mention names because of the rules and because I don't want to tRiGgEr anyone, but a few of them are just people who make normal tier mistakes but get scrutinized and hated even though most of us could do those things realistically speaking. It's just some people want to wear their skins.

Anonymous 10273

Internet culture and the associated trending, more influence I guess?

Anonymous 10274

Look at the lolcow thread, I think it's fine to mention people. Admin says she simply doesn't want disgruntled lolcow users to migrate here and bring their threads, that's the reason for the rule.

Anonymous 10279

Oh okay, I was thinking about Jill in special but don't dare saying that in her thread. Dakota comes to mind too because she hasn't done anything cow worthy in ages.

Anonymous 10302

Feeling legitimately aroused by fictional characters on a consistent basis is a sign of retardation and derangement. It isn't right.

Anonymous 10303

They're not more unsafe no, but they're more mentally ill and enabled for their mentally illness. Thoughts that shouldn't and wouldn't be entertained are now entertained and grown even larger on the internet by people like you, usually twice your age who are disgusting man/womanchildren.

Anonymous 10304

Let me clarify the "you" and "your" is generalized and not directed at anyone here in particular

Anonymous 10331


BuzzFeed. This is not an unpopular opinion, but yah. BuzzFeed. I picked this one because I thought putting these two girls side by side was not also a dick move but pointless since obviously the clothes will fit them differently. But I can find more times when BuzzFeed was moronic or stupid.

Anonymous 10366

Honestly cannot stand the fat bitch on the bottom. She always has that gross, frowning mug and she seriously looks like a chick version of Peter Griffin or Michael Moore.

Anonymous 10369


I hate the tumblr punk sailor moon bullshit.

The art, the cosplays, all of it.

It doesn't look edgy, badass, or make anybody take the characters more seriously because OmG sHWEE GOttaA MOTORcyel!1!1 XDDD SPIKES

On a similar note, I hate seeing those posts/jpeg with typically tumblr or ig users acting like nobody "takes sailor moon seriously bcuz its a girl show". Every person I've ever known, men included, knew that sailor moon wasn't all rainbows and perfume because many grew up watching it when it came overseas. This soapboxing for attention so you can seem intelligent or snarky bullshit is irritating and reeks of #shitthatneverhappened.

Anonymous 10372

>I hate the tumblr punk sailor moon bullshit. The art, the cosplays, all of it.

I second every word. I'm so full of that, and tired of seeing Usagi and the scouts being drawn so ugly. The only reason why I'm still on Tumblr is because I like finding cute pictures, nice phone lockscreens and funny gifs. But personally I think Tumblr is really trashy. I don't want to associate with anyone because they all seem drama queens who are ALWAYS involved in some mess they created themselves, and it'd be hard to deal with that kind of people daily. I mean, if you like it, more power to you! But I would feel weird about being more open about my life there. It's just a place to reblog kawaii stuff for me.

Anonymous 10373

Samefagging to add I'm so done searching for the most innocent things on Tumblr just to find nudes, dicks, and other disgusting things, even with restrict mode on. I complained about this in another thread and someone suggested something but it was for desktop and I'm usually on my phone.

Anonymous 10437

I honestly dont know where this came from. I was a fan of SM my whole life so seeing it turn into that was.. confusing

Anonymous 10440

download (1).jpg

You shouldn't start feeling weird just because idiots took something you like and made it moronic. It's a bit revolting but it's not Canon or official so who the fuck cares?
Unless Naoko herself does something to destroy SM I'll always love it. I can even forgive Crystal tbh.

Anonymous 10449

why does it trigger people when I say Harry Potter is shit REEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Anonymous 10455

I don't get harry potter. It's boring as fuck. You get more bang for your buck if you watch lotr which is also kinda boring but at least I could sit through all the movies bc theyre somewhat entertaining and comfy. Harry potter was a total snoozefest though.

Anonymous 10457

Because it hurts their nostalgic feefees.
It really is shit though. I mean not TERRIBLE, but it never deserved all the hype.

Anonymous 10459

People like Harry Potter for the world building. The idea you can get a letter one day telling you you're special and important and you get to go to a cool castle in the countryside where everything is warm appeals to a lot of people.

Anonymous 10460

Harry Potter is really only appealing to people who grew up with it. I started reading it as a child and continued reading it into my teens and adulthood, so it was a big part of my life. I've attempted reading the first book again as an adult and I'll admit, it's fairly boring but it's the foundation for the rest of the books in the series.

I guess it also wouldn't really appeal to people who aren't British or who didn't grow up on British media. I grew up reading similar books from Enid Blyton about boarding schools in the British countryside and I always fantasised about being sent to one. Harry Potter seriously appeals to British nostalgia. I was also reading a lot of Roald Dahl and Jacqueline Wilson around the same time, all four author's books are flooded with British culture.

Harry Potter opens describing a really typical, British housing estate with the obligatory working class family who think they're "posh". They're serial gossips who think they're better than everyone else on the street. Yeah, I'm sure it's not a uniquely British phenomenon but it's almost a requirement for every street in Britain to have one of these types and it's so easily recognisable within the book and always makes me laugh. On top of that, Honeydukes is just a cliché British sweet shop with things like hard sweets, sherbet, toffee, liquorice, pasties, jelly beans… Even Dumbledore likes sherbet lemons and Lupin carries chocolate. The students eat yorkshire pies and humbugs at dinner time ffs.

My point is that Harry Potter is so grounded in real-life British culture that it makes it almost believeable and really hits you right in the nostalgia as a British kid. Wondering which pub you pass in London might have a secret portal to a magical world and knowing that witches and wizards eat the same boring British sweets as you do is really exciting. I can understand why it wouldn't appeal to someone who wasn't raised on that culture. This anon >>10455 mentioned LOTR which I found fucking painful to read and never managed to get past the first chapter but I can appreciate it's because it wasn't read to me as a child. It's boring now because it does nothing for my nostalgia and it's a book written for children. I get that children's books are only interesting to adults when they're grown up with them.

Anonymous 10461

It is shit tho. LOTR> HP. The author copied so much shit from LOTR that is ridiculous.

Now, I can see how kids can like HP since after all its a nice book/film franchise obviously for kids, but adults? And to be so militant about it? For fucks sake.

Anonymous 10462

unnamed (4).gif

Just wanted to drop this because why the fuck not

Anonymous 10464

LOTR is a children's book also, calm down hun.

Anonymous 10466

No, that's "The Hobbit", hun.

Anonymous 10467

deadpool was extremely overrated. sloppy writing with forced pop culture references and the potential to be charming in a vulgar way. instead, it was just vulgar and lazy imo. was super disappointed, though ryan reynolds was a great choice for the role.

Anonymous 10471

Ryan Reynolds copies a LOT of Jim Carrey's mannerisms.

Anonymous 10472

Not a fan, but lotr is definitely not for kids.

Anonymous 10473

At least JK didn't copy the plot word for word, like Paolini did with Star Wars to write Eragon. Kek
I like HP and think that even if Rowling got inspired by LoTR, she still created her own story and world. Having said that, I cringe whenever I see someone wear le Potterhead badges or other cheap, cringey merch… Most of people born in the 90's are into HP, it's babby's first fandom basically. No need to shove your entry level geekery into everyone's faces.

Anonymous 10475

>copy the plot word for word, like Paolini did with Star Wars to write Eragon
huh, did he really? I remember liking those books as a kid. Never watched Star Wars tbh, so I guess it was lost on me.

Anonymous 10476

images (9).jpeg

This may not be the best thread to ask this, but I don't want us to make a new LC thread because those threads always end up in shit shows. So I'll do it anyway because if i asked this over LC I'd get banned and several "hi Kiki"s, and would probably never really get an answer:

Why do people HATE Kota so much? I wasn't around in her ~golden~ era a few years back, but I did read most of her threads (yes I had lots of free time), if not all of them, to know the big deals such as the lying, crazy family, shitty jewelery, Asian jokes, dyke jokes, and the like. However those things are SO LONG GONE, and she still is fairly young (sorry if anyone here thinks life ends after 21. It doesn't!) that she could have really changed. And even if she didn't change she is absolutely harmless and never does anything milky except for bad shoops. Kiki was crazy but at least she was right about Kaka having no milk tbh, unless something incredible has happened the last couple weeks I haven't seen LC.

I'm not saying that making fun of cows is necessarily bad or that I'm superior by any means, so no need to accuse me of that. Only God knows how interested I am in reading about some other people posted on lc like Luna for example, but Kaka fascinates me because she didn't actually do anything truly horrible like scamming people, being a trash person who wants to keep girls in her basement, or commiting murder, but she gets onion tier hate.

So what gives? Do people want to wear her skin? Are they angry a chubby white girl is still living in Japan despite having photoshopped most of her pics? Are they just angry because projection?

In case I don't reply for a long time because I have other shit to do for a long time, thanks!!

Anonymous 10477

Wow I'm sorry for all the typos, I had to be fast. Anyways thanks.

Anonymous 10478

Personally I think it might be at least one, if not all the things you listed. She's also been around for a long time so it's kind of easy to hate on her.

Anonymous 10479

Pretty sure they are jealous and want to wear her skin. Just like Taylor R…

I’ve defended both before (I only read one thread there now), and gotten similar reactions. Anons will mention Kota is an evil racist or bitch because of stuff she said when she was underage. I find this ironic, since you aren’t supposed to discuss underage people on the site…but picking stuff she said when she was 14 or so is somehow OK.

It’s obvious anons envy Taylor R too, seeing as she’s gotten shit for coming from an upperclass family, having a small dog, and marrying someone “much older” and lest us not forget she had some cosmetic surgery. What a terrible person, right?

Anonymous 10480

i think it's cause she's a prolific liar. even still now. people who like her seem to think she didn't deserve to get where she is. which she didn't.

Anonymous 10481

Even if she didn't deserve it, that's what happened to her a long time ago and that's no miruku. I see no point in discussing her so passionately if she's not even a cow anymore.
>>10479 I don't really follow Taylor r but I do agree with you about wearing their skins. It's the weeb dream after all.

Anonymous 10489


People criticising H&M and celebrities pulling their collections for the coolest monkey in the jungle shirt fiasco are fucking stupid and a bunch of hypocrites.

Oh you use underpaid child labor in third world countries and underpay all your employers for my line? Oh well.

Oh you put a black model with a shirt that has the word monkey on it? i am pulling off all my connections with you, disgraceful! how you could do that to a child.

What if the model had been white? Would you still consider the shirt racist if a black mother bought it for her son? It's just a fucking horrible and tacky shirt meant to be quirky, not a political statement just because of the color of the skin of the model.

Like honestly, people making racist connections are thirsting for racism because a lot of mothers call their child monkeys (at least where i'm from) without it meaning racist shit, it might have been a lot of years ago (i.e black people zoos and shit), but associating the word monkey with black people as a first instinct as a form of racism in this day and age says more about the person that thinks it's bad rather than the person that didn't consider it bad.

Celebrities acting like this is the worst thing that could happen when their shitty overpriced h&m quality clothes were being produced by starving underpaid children in factories getting killed by the fumes are a bunch of fucking hypocrites. And so are all the people boycotting H&M for this bullshit.

Anonymous 10498

Callout culture is shitty and the irritating thing is that our generation are going to be the generation that spreads and upholds this mentality. We'll be parents, mothers and fathers who have this bias which just tears other people down for vapid reasons.
The good thing is that a group of us realize this sham for what it is.
This might be a generalization but America has always seemed like a hotbed for racial issues but you know it's bad when people are actively looking for anything they can misconstrue as racist to wank off that they're ~combating racism in the only way we know how~ because it's easier to blame a minority group/celebrities and do nothing than actually take action for more insidious issues. But that would involve work that isn't simply lodging complaints and banging pots and pans in the forest.
Reminds me when I saw a post that said clapping should be banned because it excludes deaf people. Their persecution complexes are fucking wild.

Anonymous 10499


Ready Player One is so bad it makes me laugh. Seriously, how can this be considered a "novel"?

Anonymous 10553

I think the majority of new farmers and farmhands have turned lolcow into complete garbage.

Oh well, I have to accept that things aren't going to go back to how they were 2-3 years ago and a generation of newhams are going to domineer it how they want.

Anonymous 10556

I don't think nasolabial folds are that bad tbh. Yes, I don't want to have them prematurely because of how people view them, but personally I don't think most people look bad with thin to mild nasolabial folds. I remember several 16-17 year olds from school who had them. It doesn't mean you're old.

Anonymous 10557

Why do people say this about the new farmhands? I haven't been that much over there but they seem to be doing a good job?? Are bans still being issued for no reason?

IMO the reason why LC hasn't been as fun anymore is because most "cows" are simply not really milky anymore. There are some more interesting irrelevant e-celebs out there who provide plenty of keks weekly but most of lcs userbase just wants to talk about disgusting camwhores, fatass "cosplayers" and nobodies in Japan. I don't have an account on kf but I lurk there whenever I'm bored and they have tons of interesting lolcows atm

Anonymous 10559


>Are bans still being issued for no reason?
The reasons got pettier, it's really extra modding.
Ex. I don't get the "infighting" bans on ot especially if it's mostly people arguing over unpopular opinions. Is this not the purpose of ot?
Seems like only one person ever gets banned anyway even if they didn't start it, how does that address the others who are willingly participating in the infighting?
And what separates infighting from justified replies? Makes no sense, and it seems up to the bias of the farmhand to decide which again, seems like extra bs.

It never used to be this way. This is something new that has started popping up within the past ~2 months. I appreciated the bans when people would start derailing and/or blogposting on actual cow threads, but it seems to be leaking onto the ot boards as well. I don't even post much out of concern that if I post something that gets another anon mad enough, they'll report it.

Anonymous 10574

Meat eaters are just as shitty as prolifers. The same people who post shit like "abortion is murder!" on facebook are usually the same one posting "mmmm bacon" under videos of vegan recipes.

Anonymous 10576

Keep lolcow discussion in the lolcow thread please.

Anonymous 10577

It has been scientifically proved that at least some plants have some kind of human-like reactions (like to music etc). Anyways plants are living beings too so why the fuck are vegans/vegetarians still eating them?

Anonymous 10578

Because they don't have a brain and they can't feel pain.

Anonymous 10579

So then would you eat a baby that is born without brain?

Anonymous 10580

If it was the norm to eat aborted fetuses or something, sure why not.

Anonymous 10581

Don't forget that pain is nothing more than a chemical reaction. Plants do react to external impulses. So you could argue that they do feel pain.
Just because plants don't have a nerve system doesn't mean they are not alive. Be aware, eat rocks.

Anonymous 10583

unnamed (14).gif

The thread autosaged and no one seems to want another which is the right thing imo. also it wasn't really a discussion, those were just 2 posts. I don't think you need to mini mod on this one pal because it wasn't derailment and there's no thread anymore, do your research. If you want to mini mod more effectively you could say the same about the vegan discussion happening in this thread right now when there's a vegan thread with plenty of space here in /b/. ironically LC is full of mini mods rn.

Anonymous 10584

Do you honestly think animals are comparable to plants? Because that's ridiculous. I don't mind discussing ethics but pseudoscience is unacceptable.

>So you could argue that they do feel pain.

But you can't argue the same about animals. Animals feel pain and they suffer greatly.

Plants WANT to be eaten. Why do fruits look so beautiful and colourful? Why do apples and peppers turn from one colour to another when they're ripe? Fruits want you to know when they're ripe, they want their seeds to be dispersed. Fruits want us to eat them just like flowers want to attract bees and butterflies with their beautiful petals. It's natural to see a big, juicy strawberry and think "yum" because that's how nature intended it to be.

Anonymous 10585


So when are you going full Morrissey?
I was vegetarian for a long time and I definitely want to go back because when I think about it I feel pretty disgusting and that I am doing something wrong, and I will soon (in fact I'm starting to readjust), but "extreme" views are usually wrong because humans > animals no matter how much fucked up mankind can be. I could explain this further but I couldn't be assed right now and someone will say this to you eventually, whether here, IRL or somewhere else online.
Also I suggest you check the controversy regarding veganism and abortion. Several vegans do not support abortion because it goes against the core of some of our beliefs, and maybe reading about it would be good for you because why the fuck not?
Also just for the sake of curiosity: Moz doesn't actively support abortion, he's still full of doubts on the subject. Sage for 80s Brit popstar.

Anonymous 10586

Everything that was created by humans is artificial. We categorize living things by artificial rules. Rules that change all the time.
There's no clear dividend between animals and plants. Like how there's no point in time when a fetus becomes alive. The world is gradual and organizes by natural distribution.

I'm just saying that differentiating between pain reception is silly. Also, suffering is natural. Or would you want to turn all the carnivores into vegans? Capture wild life just to force them to eat veggies? But then herbivores will still fight for mating rights. Whats your solution for that?

I don't care for vegans having a mightier than tho attitude until they won't try to force it on others. What they preach is basically unnatural, proven by nature itself.

Anonymous 10587

>Capture wild life just to force them to eat veggies? But then herbivores will still fight for mating rights.

Some vegans only feed their cats vegan food with fake taurine. Talk about stupidity and selfishness. Cats NEED meat to survive and thrive because you're denying your cat from nutrients they really need. If you're vegan and won't feed your cat appropriate food please donate your cat to someone who will. That is sick.

Anonymous 10600

>abortion is murder
>mmmm bacon
Maybe it's just me but I don't understand how these are connected at all?
One is implying abortion is bad because they believe it to be murder and would never kill another human.
The other is someone enjoying an animal product because they don't believe a farm animal is afforded the same rights as a human and would murder it for the sake of eating it.

>if it has no concept of pain then it's okay to eat
So insects, mollusks, and some crustaceans are at least fair game.

>plants want to be eaten
That is an evolutionary trait that served a specific purpose in the plant's reproductive cycle. The idea was that the animals eating the fruit would crap out the seeds on some fertile soil and increase the chance of producing more plants.
Very few modern humans shit in a woods. Their crap winds up in sewage treatment plants where undigested seeds are destroyed, eliminating any chance of that plant or tree's reproduction.
Like I'm not agreeing with the whole "plants feel pain too," because I really do believe they're just reacting to stimuli like other non-feeling creatures. But we can't pretend like we're doing the plants a huge favor. Especially when we selectively hybridize them for the traits we want. If they had the capacity, they'd know we bastardized them.

Anonymous 10719


This "Sex positivity" shit is stupid and trivializing to everyone involved. Tell me why we should applaud some whore just because she's exceeding gender expectations by making herself a piece of meat for men yeah right. We don't applaud pimps so why strippers?

Anonymous 10727

I agree with you so much on this, I hope it's not an unpopular opinion here. Please miners don't disappoint me.

Anonymous 10731

>>10719 fucking preach. 100% of the people I know doing this sex positive stuff all have very obvious psychological issues too. I think they need to help themselves through therapy and self-compassion, not by seeking affirmation from grotty men just there for the bobs and vagene.

Anonymous 10733

Girls fucked up in the head yes also many of you are degrees worse than the avarage /b/tard and more gullible as a cherry on the top.

Anonymous 10734

I thought it was cute, most movies are shit nowadays.

Anonymous 10737

>Girls fucked up in the head are degrees worse than the avarage /b/tard

How so?

Anonymous 10738

Misogyny. Don't engage.

Anonymous 10744

It was always my assumption the "average" /b/tard was about 14.

Anonymous 10751

>We don't applaud pimps so why strippers?
Strippers are independent contractors who aren't fucking anyone over in doing their job (to the degree pimps are) and have great flexibility in their schedule, must know how to file their own taxes, usually aren't involved in illegal activities (unless they're an "extras" girl, and believe me, no one likes that), etc. i.e. they can function as a regular citizen in society, educated or not.

Pimps are usually fucking people over and involved in illegal activities. That's a pretty big difference.

I don't like pictures like this, though, because they act like being in some form of school while stripping is unique. It's definitely not.
> I think they need to help themselves through therapy and self-compassion, not by seeking affirmation from grotty men just there for the bobs and vagene.
strippers (lol, at least strippers who last more than a few months in the industry) are more interested in making $$$ than getting "affirmation". If anything, I'd say it's the men who go to strip clubs that want more affirmation than strippers.

Anonymous 10752

it's degrading to willingly contribute to the sex industry, you're objectifying yourself for money. it's bad enough men do it on a daily basis.

Anonymous 10771


You can be a woman and acknowledge that other women act stupid..

Anonymous 10780

I think Marie Antoinette is an overrated figure. As overrated as Marilyn Monroe. I don't particularly understand why either are as celebrated as they are.

inb4 because the latter was fat even though she wasn't

Anonymous 10784

if you allow yourself to be objectified by men, and in fact are complicit in it (like women who are voluntarily in the sex industry), then you're normalizing that exact objectification. that's harmful to all women.

Anonymous 10787


People who treat imageboards as their own personal, no fun allowed, debate dojos are complete morons and need to shut up or lighten up.

Anonymous 10795

They both can jump off a cliff. I think this is an unpopular opinion because someone always gives one a pass while bashing the other.

Anonymous 10796

A lot of strippers are involved in other illegal activities. They aren't some innocent angels because they're women.

They're socially retarded and need help.I try not to have too many biases but by god judging those kinds of people hasn't put me back yet.

Anonymous 10849

The way skinny and especially anorexic girl's sternum sticks out between their flat, side-sagging boobs is so hideous and disgusting, and I don't understand how they could go out in public looking like that. It's like looking at an uncooked turkey with two shriveled oranges slowly sliding off the side of the plate.

Anonymous 10853

anorexics don't want to be pretty or sexy or anything, their minds are damaged. we know their ugly.

Anonymous 10887

You could just hide threads/posts or just ignore those people and participate without derailing. Not difficult. No gun to your head.

Anonymous 10891

A friend of my good friend I known for years is anti TERF and SWERF…. It's awkward as shit considering my good friend linked me up with her so we can be friends. I'm okay with her but I feel like I'm basically hiding my political views. I actually don't really care for trannies or think sex work is positive in anyway tbh

Anonymous 10895

unnamed (27).gif

>Anti terf, anti swerf
Anon, cut ties while you can tbh.

Anonymous 10901

This, they sound like cunts.

Anonymous 10903

>A lot of strippers are involved in other illegal activities.
Aside from the potential stripper that might engage in "extras", which is illegal and frowned upon by other strippers, I don't see why they would be any more likely to engage in illegal activities than people flipping hamburgers.
>They aren't some innocent angels because they're women.
This was never implied in my post.

Anonymous 10910

Anyone who uses those terms to classify themselves is a fucking weirdo, that's why I'd stay away. According to them I'd probably be a terf and a swerf, and all the other words they may use to classify -and offend- someone who tries to have a personal, non brain washed opinion on big controversial issues like those.

Anonymous 10913

>Maybe it's just me but I don't understand how these are connected at all?
Just an observation I made personally that when one person has one belief, they'll usually also have the other. A lot of people who see animals as disposable objects, see women as disposable objects too.

>So insects, mollusks, and some crustaceans are at least fair game.

It's all still debatable whether any of these animals feel pain, so I'd avoid them.

>Very few modern humans shit in a woods.

Yeah I'm aware of that but plants aren't. I'm not saying that we're still helping plants out, we're clearly not. It's just I don't feel bad for eating plants because being eaten and having their seeds scattered is their goal, unlike animals who actively avoid death.

Humans are more intelligent than animals. We have a choice considering we're omnivores. Cats don't. It's pretty simple, really.

Anonymous 10918

Okay so I see you're naive then. Go away fool.

Anonymous 10920

>Go away fool.

Settle down there, Shadow the Hedgehog.

Anonymous 10925

nta, but strippers statistically engage in more high-risk behaviors. they have higher rates of drug use, alcoholism etc. due to their lifestyle. there are a lot of studies that link sex work of any kind to higher rates of high-risk activities. i can link some if need be, but they're easy to research.

even if you don't disagree with sex work as an idea, it's current form is damaging to women and it makes since that these women would use drugs and alcohol as coping mechanisms.

Anonymous 10928

nta either but yeah you are naive, sister. What's up with the 2-3 anons (if not the same person) endlessly defending sex work and the like? At least the majority here seems to know such activities are damaging to women, thank you for being sane.

Anonymous 10939


>This is the best childrens book series.
Not really an unpopular opinion amongst those who have read the books but there aren't many. The series seems to be rather obscure though I found the books translated into my own language in the library which must mean it's somewhat popular. It is a childrens book series but refreshing in the world it builds, nothing high fantasy that you normally see but a pretty unique setting. The accompanying artwork is wonderfull too.

Anonymous 10943

I don't like how /b/ is now pretty much just /pol/shit and moralfags now.

Anonymous 10946

I sort of agree with you you saying that is pointless…maybe bump a thread from page 2 and people will talk? Complaining about pol tier threads full of "moralfags" just makes you sound bitter if you're not trying to change the scenario.

Anonymous 10949

.. /b/ had moralfagging even back in 2005/2006. So, I don't know what you're talking about. It wasn't endless gore, cp, and snark.

Anonymous 10950

It's likely just the same person. Even lc doesn't stan sex work this way. The anti porn thread was going well until incels ruined it.

Anonymous 10962

I know that there were at least two of us. Two things are common in cc and lc, the paranoia and inability to accept different views. One my lead to the other. There's a wonderful saying in my country:
>Everyone around me is mentally ill, and I'm the lone helicopter.

Anonymous 10965

That's normal human behavior tbh, it's not only on the internet. The internet just brings out what people honestly think. People who are super duper accepting of others POV tend to be the minority.

t. judgemental

Anonymous 10966

Imageboards were never the gathering place for well balanced people. It was always the place for rejects with extreme views.
This is why I always chuckle when someone is so full of herself she forgets where she is. Love, you are just as fucked up in the head as the rest of us. Otherwise you wouldn't be here.

I know, I have been on and off since 2004.

Anonymous 10968

All these years and you still feel the need to state you're an oldfag? Also talk for yourself about being fucked up. You probably forgot several anons here are borderline "Stacies". Personally I'm not a basement dweller; I have a pretty normal life, a stable relationship and I'm not in love with animu characters.

Anonymous 10972

Never took pride in it. And it's nothing to brag about. My inability to leave for good is a sign of weakens by itself. >>10949 brought up the "good old times", I was just chipping in to the discussion:
>/b/ had moralfagging even back in 2005/2006
4chan changed forever during 2006 summer. And here I am, 10 years later, still wishing to relive my joyful past experiences on the 20th random imageboard.

You may have a normal life and a stable relationship but it doesn't mean that you can't be an extremist. (even peta people look normal from the outside) Just look at this thread and the opinion on prostitution. It hit peak 3rd wave feminism when women are telling other women how to live their lives and what's better for them.

Anonymous 10973

My original point was that the kind of illegal activities strippers are more likely to be involved in (i.e. prostitution) are not harmful in the way the illegal activities a pimp engages in are. It is a legal job so yes, that will result in people applauding someone who is working in socially stigmatized job, making good money out of it, and going to school at the same time versus a pimp who is directly exploiting and enslaving people for their personal gain.

Yes, strippers naturally work in a club environment and thus are more exposed to alcohol and drugs than the average office worker, but not more than other people who work in clubs (like bartenders, for example).

I miss when the general opinions of this board seemed more equal. If there was disagreement, it wasn't pure condemnation like it is now.

Anonymous 10977

there's drug use for one.

Anonymous 10979

>Yes, strippers naturally work in a club environment and thus are more exposed to alcohol and drugs than the average office worker, but not more than other people who work in clubs (like bartenders, for example).

Statistically speaking they tend to do more drugs and drink more alcohol than your average office worker or bartender though. It's the environment that creates the problem and their own mental health, which is usually damaged to begin with if they choose to go that route.

Anonymous 10990

i hate the whole cute "kawaii" aesthetic especially those omocat have on their store, i feel like every artist on there does the same kind of art themes and palletes and its honestly boring how they seem to get stuck on what gets them money and draws the same "girl o girly boy in sweats/ pastel colors/ glorius nippon symbolism-stuff

obviously i rationally understand that if its what gives them money/like to draw its ok but god its infuriating how boring they get drawing the same thing over and over again

Anonymous 11050

As far as I can remember, Electronic Arts have always done alright by me.

Anonymous 11075

You know what, I'm transphobic through and through and I fucking agree. LC is more obsessed about trannies than the lolcows they're supposed to be obsessing over. I really wonder how they can post the exact same handful of rhetoric over thousands and thousands of posts and not become fatigued.

Anonymous 11076

Instagram trends aren't representative of society as a whole.

Anonymous 11077

CICO is bullshit. Not in the sense that it's scientifically invalid, but in that it's an empty and wildly misused term in the context of weight management. There seems to be an abundance of idiots around fitness forums who think "muh metabolism" and "CICO bitch eat less and move more" are opposing arguments when the former is literally the CO part of the latter. These people who see themselves as champions of the scientific approach seem to not understand the science at all.

Really, I was under the opposite impression. People are completely fine with obviously obese people around them but once they hear that someone is one BMI point below what's accepted as the healthy range they freak out and act like that person is gonna die the very next day or something.

Anonymous 11078

>literally the CO part of the latter
actually let me retract that statement. People metabolize nutrients differently. So metabolism accounts for possibly both CI and CO.

Anonymous 11088

I don't understand your point. Yes, metabolism influences energy management, but CICO is a layer above that. So no matter what's your metabolism like, CICO will always work since it accounts for your body's parameters. Think of it as a cruise control in vehicles, it will keep a constant speed independently of engine size and vehicle weight.
"Muh metabolism" is just an excuse by people who don't have the willpower/ self control. Some are unfortunately fortunate that their body is efficient in the CI part (like inuits) who are vulnerable to modern lifestyle, but all it takes is willpower fight obesity (and most diabetes), just like with any kind of addiction.
If I could lose 10kg in 2 months just by eating less then so can anyone else. No, I haven't yoyoed back.

Anonymous 11098

nta but do you know how metabolism works? the slower metabolism, the less calories your body actually burns and the more it reserves as fat. yes it works with CICO, but someone with a fast metabolism will burn more calories overall, that their CI can be much higher than someone who burns less.

Anonymous 11099


This times a thousand. CICO is an extreme generalisation that is almost useless if you want to really talk about metabolism, the human body, and weight loss/gain. You can tell someone is a compete moron if they follow up up CICO with "it's just physics!" because not only is that not how physics beyond extremely basic theoretical models work, the human body is a biological system, this is why physicists aren't doctors.


>Think of it as a cruise control in vehicles, it will keep a constant speed independently of engine size and vehicle weight.

Okay, but the cruise control in a brand new 2017 Tesla model S is going to work a lot better and be able to maintain that speed using less resources and with less effort than a 1999 Honda civic with electrical problems.

Anonymous 11103

Now I see where the fundamental problem lies. You guys think in absolutes, while I (and CICO) do in relatives. CICO is not about a generic (magical) amount that everyone has to eat to lose weight. It is about bringing down (or below) your own intake to your personal metabolism adjusted energy consumption. One's intake is irrelevant to other's. The same goes for metabolism.
The same diet won't have the same effect on each individual. CICO is not like other diets where they prescribe exactly what and how much you are supposed to eat each day. It is something you have to figure out yourself and adjust constantly. Other generic form of diets work for everyone because they legitimately make everyone starve.

Yeah, it sucks that some people can eat more than others, but that doesn't disprove the CICO method.
No, no. You misunderstand. The difference is in the vehicles. The cruise control (aka the diet) is the same. When you have good regulation system then you can exchange the underlying hardware without noticing a thing.

Anonymous 11108

All I want to say is that CICO works. I've stopped being an obese chan thanks to CICO a now I'm just a pudgy chan. Thanks, CICO.

Anonymous 11109

Speaking of the weight gain explanations, I've been looking into some pretty compelling research about dysbiotic gut microbiota.
Basically it's how beneficial bacterial colonies being wiped out has caused and/or exacerbated autoimmune disorders and obesity (and this happens primarily due to the use of antibiotics). Research has already been published that sick kids who were prescribed antibiotics were more likely to be obese.
Could it be that these bad bacterial colonies cause fatigue, or drive people to crave unhealthy foods?
And although it's nothing new, fecal transplants from people with healthy gut flora are also interesting as they are shown to help.

There's just so much we don't know about obesity.
>These people who see themselves as champions of the scientific approach seem to not understand the science at all.
It's called arguing with emotional appeal. Easier to ignore other possibilities and explanations for conditions if we paint people as just being lazy and inferior to the next even if that has no real basis in logic.

Anonymous 11110

I'm more interested in how you'll fare in the next 5 or 10 years.
A person who was once obese is twice as likely to become obese than a person who was never overweight. Even for people who did bariatric weight loss surgery the potential for relapse is always there.

The deck is stacked against you, but I wish you the best.

Anonymous 11112

That was over a year ago and I'm doing fine. I didnt gain any weight back, only 1-2kg when I'm approaching my period or indulge for a special reason. I don't do CICO anymore. Just try to make better choices now.

Anonymous 11114

It's only been a year. Glad to hear you're making good choices and will continue to do so though.

Anonymous 11115

Like i said it's was over one year ago, almost two, not "just one year". Thank you. I personally believe many can do well in CICO if they readjust while doing it.

Anonymous 11116

The point is that it's a lifelong struggle and plenty of people have hit relapses from events ranging from financial crises, medical emergencies, to major life changes.
I'm not trying to be offensive towards you, but two years isn't a good measure of anything which is why post-weight loss studies often measure outwards of ten years.

Anonymous 11117

You sound salty and you're being overly negative towards someone's success. I'd keep my mouth shut tbh.

Anonymous 11118

i think the issue with CICO is that metabolism actually affects CICO directly. meaning if you're like me and have a fast metabolism my intake can be much much higher than people with average or slow metabolism. I legit eat 4000 calories a day and am not even in the overweight category. am i healthy? no, but i don't need to worry about it. if i do any exercise i get very hungry almost immediately, regardless of how much i eat usually. my body just doesn't store any fat. drs have thought i had hyperthyroid or EDs in the past because of this. that said, it obviously goes the other way, there are going to be people who have to eat waaaay less and exercise waaaaay more to even just lose weight, let alone keep it off. now, i'm not saying that's the norm, but ignoring how metabolism directly affects CICO.

Anonymous 11120

What I'm saying isn't salty at all and is backed by science. It sounds like you just want me to shut up because you don't want to hear it.

Anonymous 11121

I wasn't that anon, you're just being rude to her for no fucking reason when she shared her accomplishments as she'd fail and saying "good luck" as the cherry on the top. Please shove your statistics up your ass.

Anonymous 11122

I'm not being rude at all? Please don't start a fight over this. It wasn't my intention and frankly I'm not interested in it.

I just wanted to have a discussion because I know something about the subject. It doesn't have to get personal.

Anonymous 11124

Not that anon but I'm trying to figure out why you're being so hostile on her behalf when all the other poster was doing was being realistic about regaining weight when she herself admitted she was only two years CICO and still chubby? Just because it wasn't said with sunshine and rainbows doesn't mean it's wrong.

Anonymous 11127

why don't you stfu, this isn't even a weightloss thread. fuck off.

Anonymous 11133

That's the point. It's not a weight loss thread, if someone wants to discuss things and derail a little there's no problem since it has no set topic. I suggest you to stfu or bawl to staff if you're so bothered. Thanks.

Anonymous 11183


"Just be positive" is a really stupid thing to say and pretty crappy advice imo.

Anonymous 11193

That's something that's gotten to meme status but originates in sound advice. Your mentality in approaching a problem plays a big role in treatment, a positive outlook is statistically more effective than SSRI/SNRI/tricyclics/MAOI for MDD for example. That's why CBT(with mindfulness training) coupled with an antidepressant more than triples the success rate of the treatment and minimizes relapse.

WARNING: Boring stuff

Recent studies have hinted that the chemical imbalances in the brain are more transient than we originally thought, merely a symptom of an underlying issue. As in the cells have the capacity to have long-term potentiation, depression and neural facilitation. There are some neuroscientists that pinpoint the issue to the Nucleus accumbens (reward system) and a mix of genetic predisposition with epigenetic variables. The patient has the capacity to reinforce patterns and over time "teach" their brain to respond to stimuli in different ways. Especially to eliminate aversion, maximize motivation and have increased paired pulse facilitation (especially with neurofeedback treatment for serious disorders like ASD, schizophrenia and DID). All the while trying to minimize sensitization which is the underlying issue of mental illnesses.

Anonymous 11207

Man. The nostalgia hit hard. When I was a child, the gloamgozer scared the shit of me. Thanks, anon, for giving another anon the impetus to go back home and reread the series.

Anonymous 11222

Yeah but point is it's way more complicated than just "thinking positive".
People make it sounds like you just fool yourself that everything's all sunshine and rainbows and things will work out.

But ofcourse if you're constantly down about every little thing you need to change your way of thinking.
But not just thinking positive, thinking logically would fit better imo.

Anonymous 11232

okay? but my point is that no one owes her congrats for posting OT shit about her weightloss, if you want to give asspats or see people getting them go to the appropriate thread for that and stop trying to force people to be nice.

Anonymous 11233

>So no matter what's your metabolism like, CICO will always work since it accounts for your body's parameters
I KNOW. I literally said
>not scientifically invalid

>"Muh metabolism" is just an excuse by people who don't have the willpower/ self control

Sure, however that's not even relevant to the point at hand. The point is the "CICO fatty" response isn't even an actual counterargument but people who use it think of it as such.

Like, are you sure you actually read my post? Or are you just being disingenuous or seeing what you want to see in it?

Anonymous 11234

>CICO will always work since it accounts for your body's parameters
Jesus that's EXACTLY why metabolism is part of CICO.

Anonymous 11245


I think it's wrong to complain about furries/otaku/neckbeards/robots/etc who act socially inappropriately to get attention. They are the way they are because they don't have experience making friends and are socially isolated. If you're not going to invest time into them to give them positive attention and be their friend, then don't complain about their negative attention seeking behavior. (This probably sounds roboty but I just really like social outcasts and I feel motherly towards them.)

Anonymous 11249

It doesn't sound roboty, but be prepared for ire because many people here haven't grown up in a collectivist society and your post is going to be viewed as entitlement on behalf of the types of people you've mentioned.

You have the outlook of, "If you aren't going to be part of the solution, don't bitch when you're part of the problem."

Anonymous 11251


You say that, and as someone with no friends, who's too much of a loser to get themselves a job, I do have a lot empathy with society's outcasts. However, a lot of the one's I see online (because where else am I going to see them?) all to often seem like Elliot Rodger Minoras, who actively resent the happiness others have, as if people have unfairly taken too much of the happiness cake, leaving them with none, which is obviously not how it works.

Anonymous 11253

What you said is completely true but maybe they need just one person to be kind to them to help them see that.

Anonymous 11254

…and that's how you try to help loons and end up fucked by them. No.

Anonymous 11262

You think CICO is a diet? Case in point. Wow.

Anonymous 11265

What makes you unemployable, or have just never bothered applying for jobs?

Anonymous 11267

Yep. It's unproductive which IMO is enough to make it wrong. But on the other hand, I'm also of the opinion that people are under no obligation to avoid being 'wrong'.

>I just really like social outcasts and I feel motherly towards them

lol this opinion really is unpopular.

Anonymous 11268

GitS sucks balls. I've never watched something stuffed so full with dialog this dry.

Anonymous 11271

unnamed (9).gif

Most Netflix originals are piles of crap except for Bojack Horseman. And I say most because I haven't seen all of them but all the others I have… Yeah, they're shit.

Enjoy this gif, people. We will surely use this again in a more appropriate thread.

Anonymous 11275

Where did I even imply that? Can't you read?

Anonymous 11276

What part of your post doesn't imply that? CICO was still ~working~ when you were becoming obese.

Anonymous 11277

CICO means calories in, calories out. I had a diet plan and also exercised. I still can't see where you got DIET from, I won't bother with you anymore because you clearly can't read.

Anonymous 11278


No one NEEDS to figure themselves out in their 20s, people are always changing and transforming. People expect too much from young people now, some of them just aren't possible anymore in 2018, this is not the 1980s when your parents were young. Life is completely different.
I'm not saying you shouldn't pursue education or get a job, or commit to someone, not at all. All I'm saying is that sometimes people expect too much from young men and women who haven't anything figured out yet, and financial aspects can be a bummer because life isn't that simple anymore.

Anonymous 11279


Can anyone rec me a TV series with similar depressing vibes to Bojack Horseman? I really miss watching it

Anonymous 11280

I'll just assume you suck at english and have no idea what the word "work" means, then.

Anonymous 11282

You've been shitting up this entire thread fighting with multiple people about CICO. You go on and on. This is getting tiring and if you really really really want to talk about it, I suggest making a thread in /hb/ since you've gone full moron in this one. And yes, you can't read. Sage because scrolling up showed me I shouldn't give you my time, so it's the last time I write anything back to you.

Anonymous 11294

I've only responded to two people. Might be hard for you to accept but there are actually people who agree with me.

Anonymous 11296

nta but yea right. stop derailing and go make a thread to discuss it like anon said. you're attacking her for nothing since her first post and your reading comprehension is off.

Anonymous 11300

Try Flaked.

Anonymous 11314

I didn't misinterpret anything. CICO by itself does not contribute to weight loss. Your statement that CICO helped you lose weight just proves my point that people like you have no idea what CICO means.

This is the unpopular opinion thread. I posted my unpopular opinion. If you don't like seeing it then don't come here? Not to mention, if you didn't intend for me to respond why would you randomly bring up CICO after what I said?


Yeah right samefag. If you won't believe me then I got no reason to believe you. Follow through with your earlier threat already.

Anonymous 11326

giphy (4).gif

Obsessively capping and thinking about some e-celeb and gossiping on the internet about them is more damaging to your head than it could ever be to most of said e-celebs.
And sometimes they're not even an e-celeb, they're just an uggo nobody.

>inb4 they cap me to say cc is a hivemind where we all think the same about this

No. Plus it can be your secret pleasure. I still lurk. My point is that it messes you up in most cases.

Anonymous 11334

I hate that makeup on women is so common and widely accepted in society.

Anonymous 11335

Agreed. Other anon("s") sound mad jelly and socially inept.

I mean, it's just weird for someone to mention they lost weight and keep harping on them "But you'll probably gain it back," "We'll see…," "Okay…but time will tell"

Like WTF. Anon clearly wasn't holding a discussion on whether she would gain or lose weight overtime.

Congrats anonchan! Proud of your hard work. And yeah, at the end of the day CICO is where it's at and what most diets focus on at the core. No idea why "multiple" anons keep being so unnecessarily nasty toward you.

Anonymous 11336

I mean.. this has existed since ancient Egypt.

Anonymous 11338

unnamed (17).gif

Who are you talking to? Or about?

Anonymous 11371

Thank you, anon!

Anonymous 11399

"Emojis" make you look thick.

Anonymous 11400


Anonymous 11401

Enjoy doing this :) :D like a caveman then

Anonymous 11405

I'm not looking forward to the One flew over the Cuckoo's Nest reboot/spinoff not because I really liked the original and don't want it 'ruined', but because I thought the original was shit in the first place and I'd be happy to leave it in the past.

Anonymous 11411

I don't get the appeal of being a strong independent career woman because even in the workdplace you need to be submissive to your boss and everyone else above you in the corporate hierarchy and obey societal expectations for being socially appropriate in the workplace. You only get the chance to be the king of the hill after years of being subjected to this submission and if you eat everyone else competing with you alive.

Anonymous 11579

i don't see anything wrong with calling a woman a female. that's what it means to be a woman ; female. i feel like it's a tumblr thing to get mad over.
like i was talking to this girl the other night over discord & randomly said "us females need to stick together" and she started to get all 'sus' of me. claiming that i wasn't actually a girl like?? that's just my term to use my guy

Anonymous 11580

I think the push to introduce more women into CS is a bit silly bc imo the majority of "men" in CS barely qualify to even be called as such lmao

Anonymous 11583

I think it just feels wrong when it's used by incel-type guys ? It kinda dehumanizes women in those type of contexts.

Anonymous 11584


I'm not that anon but this has nothing to do with misogynists and everything to do with biology

God, I can't stand tumblr

Anonymous 11589

>this has nothing to do with misogynists and everything to do with biology
this is besides the point. when enough people use the word to mean a specific thing in a specific way, yes, it's going to acquire its own connotation.

i don't see using that word as "wrong", but i do see it as a word that men like to use to demean women and distasteful in general. other than some radfems, i've never heard of women using the word female to describe other members of their sex.

Anonymous 11590

Same. I didn't even realize that people found it offensive until very recently.

Anonymous 11591

imagine talking to people lol

Anonymous 11625

Every time I see a yuri fanart with their tongues hanging out, asses hanging out and tits pressed together, I age another ten years.

Anonymous 11627

Me too. I remember using the word female in an argument once and the person started saying I was a man out of the blue.
I understand why she did think that now, but it's still dumb asf imo. It's just another word for girl or woman. I doubt people think that way about the word female in the ~~real world~~

Anonymous 11632

I'm always fascinated how people can take offense at basic terms. My mother tongue doesn't differentiate between woman and female, to me they are interchangeable and I use both to avoid repetition. Also, I wouldn't refer to females past adolescence as girls. That's just feels unrespectful.

Anonymous 11633


They don't, it's just dumb internet shit. Who gives a flip is what I say.

Anonymous 11635

maybe it just depends where you live. where i'm from, outside the internet or not, men use that term in a way that is clearly meant to scorn.

Anonymous 11636

Female sounds like something they would say on the discovery channel.

Anonymous 11641

I don't like lolcow.

Anonymous 11642

I think it was in between 2001 and 2008 that americans started saying "females" like it was something "cool" to say.

Anonymous 11647

word lol.
i hate the act of speech.
sucks that i have to talk to folks in order for shit to get done though.
if only we could all communicate telepathically.

Anonymous 11655

>sucks that i have to talk to folks in order for shit to get done though.
>if only we could all communicate telepathically.

the thought of that is more terrifying to me tbh

Anonymous 11759

i think it should be legal to own child pornography, still think it should be illegal to produce though

Anonymous 11761

Can I ask why?

Anonymous 11762

I have a similar opinion as well… sort of… I'd say that if the CP is at least more than 10 years old then there shouldn't be a problem. though new stuff should still be illegal to produce, sell and buy. I know the buyer isn't technically doing anything wrong, but if people keep paying for it, people will keep making it.

Anonymous 11763

Yeah but owning it is kind of encouraging people who produce such content to do so.
Plus, laws are what you could call an "official expression of the culture and morals". You can compare it to the fact that for a man forcing his spouse to have a sexual intercourse wasn't prohibited 40 or 50 years ago because it wasn't rape, since the woman was "owned" by the man. This changed and now it is considered as rape and is even more severly punished than a rape on an unknown. Well for child pornography it's pretty much the same, society considers that anything related to sexuality and children must be banned. If one day, sex with children is considered as normal, it won't be punished anymore. But for now, the buyer is doing something wrong because it's seen as a deviance by our society.

Anonymous 11767

Absolutely not. The children were harmed while making it and probably were traumatized by what happened to them. It should be destroyed even if the victim is now 30, 40, 50 years old. It's disrespectful to them.

Anonymous 11768

okay fine, then they should at least legalize lolikon on every country.
I know that on japan and on some states you can buy and import lolikon hentai, buy sex dolls and even dakimakura covers, but thats only on a very small select amount of places.
if you ask me, lolis are the best solution to CP. the characters in them are fictional, so no actual harm is being done, and pedos can use that instead of actual CP or acting on their intentions. the problem is that allot more countries than you may think have made it illegal.

Anonymous 11773


Having a limit age to dictate how women should dress is stupid and everyone who encourages it needs to take a step back and focus more on their life and their insecurities.

It seems that as soon as your reach your mid-20s you are expected to dress without any specific style and like a borderline grandma with no real substance or otherwise you are considered a weirdo by the insecure populace. Who the fuck cares if a 30 year old woman wants to dress like a goth? who the fuck cares if a grandma has blue hair and is dressed in all pink ruffles? Why do people get so triggered about women living their life like they want and not being constantly afraid of aging?

"oh she should dress more appropriately for her age" "what does she think dressing like that at her age" "why is she wearing that… she is not a teenager anymore"
"she seems she can't let go of her youth" Or maybe she isn't constantly afraid of aging and does not let a bunch of numbers dictate how much fun she should have in life.

Fucking bleh.
Have fun basically dying in your mid-20s of gasp super old age, while i'll be a grandma living life like i want.

I wholeheartedly disagree. Having any kind of CP encourages pedophiles to normalize their condition.
Also ALL CP is made out of rape and suffering of children, it should never be produced or kept, no matter under what conditions.
Pedophiles should be able to seek help more easily from psychologists without fear so they wouldn't act up in the real world. But normalizing the sexualisation of children even more and fulfilling their desires will do nothing good for society and those mentally ill pedophiles.

Anonymous 11774

I think it's a bit of sexism yes but also a lot of silly societal pressure and people being afraid of it themselves. If a person beyond their teens has nice fun hobbies that require dedication, maybe they're not doing enough when it comes to being an useful citizen, i.e. not building a family. Men get shit too, but they're not crazy pressured into filling their gender roles because men are people and not just "a mom/a wife".

Anonymous 11775

God I love both of your opinions
I love dressing in j-fashion,I don't care it's what makes me happy in this awful world (ouch that edge) and I don't care to please people, only myself

Anonymous 11792

She not mentioning a hentai website rather it's a manga reader so at worst it's ecchi or you can see nipples. That kind of content isn't even illegal in the US, rather, it's illegal on a state by state basis, so it wouldn't be banned country wide. Canada on the other hand is much stricter about the entire business but I find the concept of victimless crimes incredibly morally ambigous in the first place.

Anonymous 11794

Yeah, the policing of how women and girls dress is some shit. It's just gross on so many levels:
>Dress your age
>Sexualization of young girls
>Present women as girls in fashion magazines
>Dressing "younger" is infantilizing but also what people are sold on
>"Old" people don't exist or have fun with fashion I guess

Anonymous 11818

I don't really mind diversity quotas.

America doesn't even actually value merit anyway. Why not just take the shortcuts offered to you, if you can.

Anonymous 11836


It's not like only women are supposed to dress their age. Imagine an old guy walking around in ripped jeans and Converses! He'd be laughed at.

That said, it's probably sexual in some way, like >>11794 mentioned. Now THAT'S gross.

Anonymous 11851

I actually like wearing face masks! The warmth that they give is very nice, they filter out bad smells, and they make me feel insulated from everyone else.

Anonymous 11852

If my own breath didn't condense all over the lower face area (like if I didn't have to breathe while wearing the mask), I think I would like it better. But I have only worn them while sick, so stewing in my own diseased breath probably wasn't the most fun experience in general.

Anonymous 11863

I agree

Anonymous 11865

Confidence is merely permitted arrogance

Anonymous 11867

i dunno, it depends on the guy. you can tell when people bought something specifically because they're trying to imitate a particular look or subculture, and when it's their personal style. i see some fairly eclectically dressed older people in my day-to-day job and i'm always impressed by their individuality, but you can tell that their wardrobe has been carefully cultivated over a period of a years to suit their tastes, rather than they're bandwagoning onto the latest trends to try to impress others or look younger.

Anonymous 11868

i think confidence is self-love.
self-love is a part of but does not necessarily equate to arrogance. arrogance is perceiving yourself as being better than others, loving yourself so much that you delude yourself into thinking that your flaws don't exist, or that any mistake you make is actually due to someone else's bungling. self-love means that you accept that while you have flaws, they are forgivable, and you recognize your capacity for improvement as well as your positive qualities.
i was depressed for years, to the point of attempting to take my own life, because i felt like i was a worthless waste of resources. my self-esteem only started to recover when i began trying to cultivate an inner voice that gave myself pep talks to recover from a mistake, instead of focusing on what i had done wrong. it's not arrogance to be kind to yourself.

Anonymous 11873

Self-love admitted by one's own self is narcissism, precisely because flaws and mistakes can only be forgiven by others, not one's self. Arrogance becomes confidence only when it is permitted by others, society. Society judges a person's merit and identity to determine their worth and whether they are worthy of confidence in themselves.

Anonymous 11880


I wholeheartedly agree with this post.
I'm 20 but I hate it when I go shopping and see girls in their mid 20's dressing like they are in their mid 30's lol.
mfw they look at me top-down

Anonymous 11896

lol, I used to be perfectly non-biased against trans ppl, but there's a "girlfriend" I tried to make at work… Well it wasn't long before a strange flirting developed with me (girl). I'm at a loss to understand why so many tans "women" are into girls. Would it not be easier to just find a girl as a man? Better chances anyway.

Anonymous 11897

Meh we all know the whole sizing thing… Wearing incorrect bras. But when people talk about boob size you need to say what most people can relate to. So a lot of women who wear D cups are actually something likke G+ or something ridiculous. Don't use obscure (but correct, I wont argue…) sizing used by a niche to describe youre so called non saggy but big boobs. Theyre on the small average size in popular opinion.

Anonymous 11899


Audrey Hepburn is not one of the most beautiful women. She is not one of the most beautiful actresses. If I picked ten women off the street at random, every single one of them would be better looking than Audrey Hepburn, yet for some reason, if you try to search for the most beautiful actress, who is the first person to show up? This ugly troll, smirking like she's won something. There are so many beautiful women in film. It can't just be changing beauty standards; she stands out as exceptionally disgusting in her time too. I'm a reasonable person. I have nothing against below-average looking women, but it's like some sort of conspiracy. I would concede that she has one of the most punchable faces, though.

Anonymous 11900


Her horrible beady eyes…Can you feel them? Touching you?

Anonymous 11902

I agree Audrey isn't beautiful, I've always thought the same. But she was very very charming imo, and was naturally elegant if that makes sense. The real troll is Emma Watson. She has no redeeming qualities.

Anonymous 11913


Meh, I find it hard to care about how "beautiful" or not any actress is when Hollywood constantly makes me look at sub-par and outright disgusting men. Where's the female John Goodman? Where's the female Steve Buscemi?

Anonymous 11914

The internet is very, very boring now. Ever since 2015 it has been on a downward, noticeable spiral. It was the worst in 2016. It is especially bad in 2018. Everything is regurgitated, nothing is novel or interesting anymore, and I think people are just becoming crazier and weirder as the effects of the internet is spilling into real life.

Anonymous 11917


She is beautiful to me. She has pretty doe eyes and very cute face. However, I do not think she is more attractive than the likes of Jayne Mansfield, Monroe, ect like a lot of people seem to think she is.

I think it's honestly because a lot of people in this generation, particularly the folks who have more "alternative" interests, are infatuated with gamine, pale, frail looking women. Of course the super normalfags aren't like this. But I think it's because Korean and Japanese entertainment industries are becoming so mainstream their beauty standards are starting to spill over to us too. By the way, Audrey was considered more beautiful in China than she ever was here in the West.

Anonymous 11919

I find Marilyn Monroe physically ugly, but I find her charisma and attitude sexy, and so overall to me, Marilyn Monroe herself is beautiful/sexy. I imagine it's the same for a lot of people with Audrey.

Another component to people thinking she was beautiful is that she was like a foil to Marilyn. She was classy, brunette, had a thin, graceful build, and came off as wholesome and youthful.

Anonymous 11924


There are plenty of ugly women in Hollywood. I love Buscemi though.

Anonymous 11928


i think this anon wins the "unpopular opinion" thread lmao. definitely the hottest take here, never heard of someone that didn't love audrey hepburn. respect.

Anonymous 11937

I agree. The smaller niche internet communities have all died out or amalgamated into bigger but blander forums.
It's good though, it's made me rediscover my offline interests. I'm reading more books now than I ever have before!

Anonymous 11952

if you judge yourself by the standards of others instead of your own, you'll never be happy.

Anonymous 11981

>Thicc is just a euphemism for fatt
>Curvy girls lack elegance
>North Americans enable unhealthy eating through memes and social media, it's cute and funny to scarf down fast food "Omg nuggets are life!!".

Anonymous 11982

>>North Americans enable unhealthy eating through memes and social media, it's cute and funny to scarf down fast food "Omg nuggets are life!!".
I feel like it wouldn't be so bad if people were saying this for self-depreciating humor and because they know it's wrong but they still indulge because junk food tastes good. I see that people these days don't even joke or exaggerated about it anymore, they straight-up eat like pigs and think that alone is funny.

Anonymous 11985

>Curvy girls lack elegance
This one seems kind of ana-chan to me. The only ones who might have a case for elegance are those of a high position in society and who possess a certain demeanor. While granting that the majority of fat people are disgusting, the majority of all people are disgusting, so I don't really see the point of this statement.

Anonymous 11998

if anything having a low whr emphasizes feminine elegance.

you must be one of those morons who think curvy women only means "plus size" and can't believe skinny women can be curvy, because you yourself are a repulsive brick shape.

shut up.

Anonymous 11999

Curvy doesn't mean fat though. Skinny women who don't have curves is not because they're skinny, it's because their body fucking sucks and will be always horrible no matter what weight.

Anonymous 12001

I do understand that there's difference between curvy and fat, skinny girls can have curves too, yadda yadda. But in daily life I hear people describing straight up fat people as thicc (somehow a lot of my peers are fat).

Also, not everyone wants a huge butt and huge boobs, how shocking.

Anonymous 12002

nobody minds diversity quotas when you are the one getting the benefit lmao.

Anonymous 12004



curvy doesn't only mean huge boobs and butt you fucking tard. it's literally only the difference between your waist and hip. Meaning if you have a small waist but still relatively small or average hips without having a big ass or big boobs you are still CURVY.

You probably have none of the above you block waisted dumbass.

Anonymous 12016

Skinny women don't have curves, ever, aren't feminine or elegant, look like shit, and they should be embarrassed that I can post a picture of their bodies on a trans/trap website and no one would know that they aren't a man in a dress :)

Anonymous 12024

are you the same anon sperging out in the other thread? who hurt you?

Anonymous 12025

Stop skinny women CAN HAVE CURVES without big boobs or big ass. However, the BADLY SHAPED skinny women need to stop pretending curviness only means borderline fatness to make themselves feel better about their genetically shit body lmao

Anonymous 12028

dont listen to retarded weirdos online then lmao damn. most skinny people are normal especially the ones who work out and look like they go outside (not those weirdos on these websites, usually)

Anonymous 12030


Lol mod you're such a joke. You let a deranged anorexic go into periodic fits where she is an insulting cunt in multiple threads, you've let her literally thinspo post and only put a stop to it when the user base complained, you let her make duplicate threads despite meticulously merging things like similarly theme image threads, and you play dumb about all of this. But the minute I sling the shit back and talk about how gross these people are both physically and as humans suddenly it's too mean and it needs to stop.

You think you're cute and clever but you're incredibly transparent.(ban evasion - permaban)

Anonymous Moderator 12031

If you want action taken, please report the posts you're referring to. There have been no reports showing what you're mentioning.

Also, ban evasion is not cute either.

Anonymous 12033

this is just sad

Anonymous 12071

wtf happened

Anonymous 12072

I think streetwear is boring and uncreative.

Anonymous 12073

It had the potential for creativity (especially in mixing textures and silhouettes for expression of personal style, also incorporating pieces from other types of style like workwear or haute couture), but became overrun by hypebeasts.

Anonymous 12078

"no1curr" is a retarded comeback.

Anonymous 12081

agreed i would rather say my golden phrases

Anonymous 12085

Overwatch is definitely overhyped…It's not bad, but definitely unworthy of all praises it gets.

Most of fps multiplayer are toxic and shouldn't exist.

Anonymous 12089

K, I'm this anon. I know there are so many subtleties in this type of debate, and I for one am quite biased, but I think that's due to the people around me and things I'm just sick of hearing. I live in Canada, I'm skinny but not ana, and I feel sort of isolated in my view that skinny with with low "assets" is my ideal body type.

Anonymous 12096

That woman from The Shape of Water is the female Buscemi.

Anonymous 12119


Yeah, Sally Hawkins is probably the better example since she's not that old. Her and Buscemi both have odd looking faces, and most people would not call them sexually attractive, but they're still somewhat within the realm of conceivable attraction, i.e. they fill a niche.

Have you seen the movie yet?

Anonymous 12172

Yeah it was ok, overhyped tho. I think the visuals in Crimson Peak were much much more beautiful

It did annoy me tho how nobody seemed to care this woman was fucking a monster/animal

Anonymous 12176

I think it's really the bulging eyes…

Anonymous 12187

Sally Hawkins is the one on the left and I never really considered her eyes "bulging"… unless you're talking about Octavia Spencer (right)?

Anonymous 12196


I find girls that like love live! immature/superficial and/or antisocial sometimes. I'm not saying that anime in general is stupid (quite the contrary) it's just that generally people that I known that enjoy love live! seem to behave like that.

Anonymous 12206

Because it's boring superficial moe shit. Find people who like og oldschool anime, pre 2010s at the very least.

Anonymous 12212

people take nonsense on the internet way too seriously sometimes, especially on imageboards which is the most retarded way to get mad online. it's embarrassing and you just stress yourself out for no reason. i think this is an unpopular opinion because most people seem to act the opposite.

Anonymous 12215


No matter what people say, the new moe anime style is much more pleasing to the eye than the older ones.

I mean, I love a few older animes (Sailor Moon, Revolutionary girl Utena, Samurai x, etc.), but I'm not really into all the sharp and thick art. The thin lines and toned down colors are much nicer to look at.

Anonymous 12217

I agree with you. New style is much cuter and cleaner.

Anonymous 12218

It's objectively less pleasing. The lines are less voluptuous and rounded. The shading is less complex. It's more elementary.

Outside of being "objective", I dislike how paler they are, how more inhumane and featureless they look, how their facial expressions look more listless, and their bodies look hunch back and tend to look skinny fat, as opposed to the more athletic curves of female 80s & 90s characters or muscular slim bodies of 80s and 90s male characters. It's like it's trying to appeal to the losers who watch it.

Anonymous 12219

Yes it always surprised me when I typed some nonsense as a joke obviously joking around and people legitimately got mad. Well, that's them if they want to make their blood pressure higher and make themselves sicker in life. I'm over getting mad on the internet especially since I have such a bad temper I become physically ill and suffer painful bowel movements.

Fuck it.

Anonymous 12221


Anonymous 12225

interesting. i have the opposite knee jerk reaction. the 90's characters in that graphic have so much more personality and "life" and you can imagine them talking and moving easily. the moe one looks so like a derpy sock monkey devoid of any human thoughts. the only thing i can get behind is less garish colors and shading.

Anonymous 12230

i absolutely disagree

Anonymous 12235

I'm attracted to sharp features. The current character design trend in anime has turned me off of it completely.

Anonymous 12236

nah. new shit looks so derpy that it attracts all the special kind of retards now. cant wait to see the next trend in anime tbh

agreed. the characters look like melting sillyputty or a bad playdough project.

Anonymous 12240


Agreed 100%.
Current anime look has nothing on 80's and 90's anime.
Most anime girls and boys now look all the same, with bordeline child bodies, same facial structure that does not derive from the norm, no personality in their design, and no variety other than hair color and hairstyle, yawns.
I'd take stuff like pic related a thousand times over any current borin ass moe shit design.

Anonymous 12242

Same. I like more mature faces too. The current anime trend makes them look like babies, not baby faced, but actual babies. It's weird.

Anonymous 12257

People in astrology communitys suck and are all very weird and emotionally draining & manipulative. All of them. I only got back in this stupid shit because I desperately need money for my situation..

Anonymous 12263


vent threads in cc and lc could be fun if people actually vented about random shit. like, some guy said the weirdest thing to me today! or TIFU i did the dumbest thing in front of my crush today! or I GOT FIRED TODAY, MY EX BOSS IS A ____ and other dumb drama and stuff like that. i know you do get actual random venting, but in my experience all posts are usually

>i'm depressed

>i'm sad
>no friends
>i've never seen a therapist in my lifetime, but idk guys i can't stand living with this self diagnosed social anxiety and depression anymore </3
>add me on discord cuz i need lady friends :(

but i don't know,when most posts are about stuff like that it loses any impact.

most of those posts hardly get replies too because the lurkers in those threads just want to post "im sad" too and nothing else. of course i'm overgeneralizing it and i'm aware mental illness does exist. i'm just saying i wish vent threads geared more towards dumb greentext venting. and less of those all too similar vague posts about how hard things are. idk, crucify me, after the fifth post itt that's exactly like yours, i stop caring completely. so unpopular opinion; its a vent thread not professional therapy session. the reason you don't get replies, is because most people don't care. who knows, i don't check those threads anymore because of that i'm probably being cynical

Anonymous 12265

you should make one, anon-chan.
there's also a random thought thread, here on our very own /b/.

Anonymous 12272


pic related

Definitely make one anon! I agree with you, it's kinda why I don't browse /feels/ too much because I have to be in the right mindset/feel focused. Maybe you can call it Casual Venting or Random Venting? Up to you but it sounds like a great idea and I'd take part.

Anonymous 12333

people who suffer depression and are 25 or older should be allowed to die after receiving treatment and not getting better.

Anonymous 12398

Kpop is trash. All singers look like skinny gay faggots and their music is just as shit as most western pop music. It needs to die. Their fans are cancerous too.

Anonymous 12409

Agreed. The music is basic as fuck and for those who can't into real music without turning to the radio or looking at the flavour of the month kpop group videos on youtube's trending front page. Korea and their society is so fucked up I don't get how koreaboos become obsessed with it or any of the surgery-ridden "idols". I can see falling into the japan trap when you're young, but there's absolutely nothing likeable about korea's values or stolen western pop culture whatsoever. It's really disgusting what's going on there and people romanticising it is faith lost.

Anonymous 12411

I'm all for people enjoying whatever it is they like but in the past five years k-pop has become more popular and it's getting On my nerves
My sister, my friend both people in their 20's are huge k-pop fans and it's absolutely embarrassing
When my sister explained the process the stars go through to get poplular it sounded so awful so why support the groups?? You're supporting an awful industry (not the singers themselves they're just puppets)
It's just like Hollywood but extremely sugarcoated with uwu cute boys and uwu cute girls
Props to the ones who could dance but I can't stand most Korean singing voices
This is kinda irrelevant but since we're on this topic, ask anyone what's a place they wanna travel to and if it's Korea or Japan I'm already assuming they're koreaboos/weaboos (no offense to those who genuinely love those countries for its actual culture but I'm so sick of this wierd weaboo culture)

Anonymous 12413


My biggest problem is that it's just extremely derivative of fucking 90s and 2000s American music, including R&B and Pop music. It's not even taking from the genre and making it sound modern, they're literally ripping off some melodies, chord progressions, basslines, ect from American singers and putting it over their Korean shit. Not only that, they're stealing whole choreographies and looks too.

Not only it is highly illegal and copyright infringement, but very very uncreative and unoriginal. Imagine fucking supporting a carbon copy plastic rip off of the artists who did it better, who were far more talented, and innovative anyway.

That's my problem with Korean and Japan media in general, tbh. A lot of it is extremely derivative of Western shit and retarded Westerners get stupidly impressed all the time because I guess, they see cool Eastern people doing it.

Anonymous 12415

>Not only it is highly illegal and copyright infringement

Okay, calm down Warner Music Group. It's not like they bashed an OAP's head in.

Anonymous 12416

It's the facts. Stealing from other artists is copyright infringement and unethical and unlawful by any standard.

I cant wait for American producers to start suing those fucks, tbqh, but it'll open a whole can of worms for both of em.

Anonymous 12417

Very interesting read, it explains just how much propaganda is behind this whole kpop machinery and looking at the sudden insane increase of its popularity all over the world, sadly it seems to work…
Kpop is not only taking over the music industry, but their fashion, makeup, skin care, even snacks are in high demand


In the late '90s, when Asia went through a huge financial crisis, South Korea's leaders decided to use music to improve its image and build its cultural influence. So the country's government poured millions of dollars into forming a Ministry of Culture with a specific department devoted to K-pop.

"It turns out that the Korean government treats its K-pop industry the way that the American government treats its automobile and banking industry, meaning that these are industries that have to be protected," Hong says.

This included doing things like building massive, multi-million dollar concert auditoriums, refining hologram technology, and even helping regulate noeraebangs — karaoke bars — to protect the interests of K-pop stars.

"They wanted Korea of the 21st century to be like America of the 20th century where America was just considered so universally cool that anything made in America would automatically be bought."

Anonymous 12418

The Oscars are very cringe inducing.

Anonymous 12421


I miss it when America was on top of the world in the 20th century and early 21st century, tbh. I miss it when it was looked at in reverence. America made pop culture and entertainment what it is. Even if you didn't like it, it was just a special cool feeling with everything.

Now its only known for having memetard tier politics and retards everywhere.

Why, whyyyyyyy did it all have to go to waste. Why?

Anonymous 12428


I really want us to have a man hating thread but at the same time I know it's probably not worth it since it would attract raids and such. It's a shame, really. Just had to let this out there.

Anonymous 12429

I lowkey enjoyed the Oscars this year. More specifically the winners.

Anonymous 12431

Tomoko con Café.pn…

Good point, but maybe you can let a little poison out? /pol/ won't notice a few interspersed rantposts and maybe a spicy image or two.

Anonymous 12432


I could make one lol.

but I don't really haaaate men though

Anonymous 12435

I hate how those fucking autistic babies get so intensely butthurt they have to RAIIID even though they always complain about women

Fuck men

Anonymous 12436

I'd love a man hating thread, personally.

Do you girls really think such a small site would get raided?

I'm asking this as a genuine question, because I have no clue if we'd get raided or not.

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