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Anonymous 90643

This says a lot about our society

Anonymous 90645

Why are men so obsessed with breast reduction, as if the few women who do it are personally out to ruin every man's life.
Fuck you.

Anonymous 90647

Daily reminder that if you have small breasts you will never find a quality man

Anonymous 90667

Anonymous 90683


Anonymous 90685

>quality man
>his main concern is boober size

Anonymous 90693

It must be a "washing your hands of things" reaction, particularly for dealing with uneasy attitudes towards breast implants, but I am likely biased about this.

Anonymous 90694

I don’t even understand this picture

Anonymous 90695

That anon is probably a self-hating small boob girl.

Anonymous 90702

The illusion … being undatable
onlyfans breast reduction
big boobs … of free choice.

Anonymous 90704

So what kind of delusional moron made OP pic?

Anonymous 90705

>when you get cheated on with girls who have smaller boobs
Why did yall lie to me like this

Anonymous 90706

>Been married for 8 years
>Teen romance that stuck
>Husband still adores me (and I him)

Y'all liars.

Anonymous 90707

How fat are you lol

Anonymous 90709

don't be a hater

Anonymous 90711

this anon again >>90705

I'm an H cup as well and most men treat me terribly, a male friend actually sent screenshot of my ex complaining about how my natural big boobs were a "let down" because they were saggy and thats why he cheated on me with girls who were like A-C cups like lol I'm a damn H cup on a 90 lb body no shit my titties aren't going to stay up. On the flip side my friend is a B cup and does pretty well with men. It's all about how you present yourself and who you come in contact with I guess. The whole big boob worship seems to only be present in niche sides of the western world if even that

Anonymous 90714

>how my natural big boobs were a "let down" because they were saggy and thats why he cheated on me with girls who were like A-C cups
Jesus, that's depressing.

Anonymous 90732


this fucking thread is blasphemy lol. ittie bittie committee member here, ive only ever been chastised by moids for having 0 tits. once had an ex-boyfriend cup my breasts and then his own pecs to 'reassure' me i had more than he did and call them 'stress balls' at best.

i envy you guys on having what is socially accepted as feminine, sexy, and desirable. i don't like having the physique that feels underdeveloped (because i am scared of fetishists as is, im rather short) and not to mention atypically masculine. it's sickening.

men equating your value in your tits with or without is still the main problem tho lol

Anonymous 90740

If you have big tits and you still can't find a man there's something else wrong with you, which is why you're undateable.

Seriously this is like a man complaining about having a big dick.

Anonymous 90742

Where does the “undateable” come from? I don’t believe people aren’t dating you because of your boobs. My major problem has been being heavily sexualized from a young age which isn’t exactly mentioned in that meme.

Anonymous 90743

every single girl out there can find a man lol. even if you have a literal flat chest, belle delphine is like a b cup and so are a lot of porn stars like riley reid and sasha gray and they have men at their feet

finding quality men is hard, and boob size isn't going to help you

Anonymous 90744

i'm praying my boobs get smaller as i lose weight, if not, i'll get a breast reduction. i like women and i'm tired of the sexual harassment i've had to endure from men

Anonymous 90747

Finding quality men isn't hard if you're a quality woman. You sound like a moid incel on r9k lol.

Anonymous 90750

Then why are hard working beautiful women getting cheated on? Or let me guess it's because they pick men wrong, etc. Its almost as if a lot of women have a hard time finding quality men
Men sexually harass you because you're a woman, don't alter your body because men are shit heads, if getting a breast reduction truly prevented sexual harassment from men then itty bitty girls with A cups would never get sexually harassed but they still do

Anonymous 90751

>she can't keep a man
>she blames everyone but herself

If you knew how to keep him happy he wouldn't have a wandering eye sweetie.

Anonymous 90753


Anonymous 90754

>Men sexually harass you because you're a woman, don't alter your body because men are shit heads, if getting a breast reduction truly prevented sexual harassment from men then itty bitty girls with A cups would never get sexually harassed but they still do
i know, but my boobs are also affecting my quality of life as in back pain and such and plus i'd rather not deal with men staring at my boobs instead of my face.

Anonymous 90755


I hope you're only excusing the eye-wandering and leaving and not cheating, inflammatory-anon-chan

Anonymous 90756

Granted, if he cheats that's wrong. I never said it wasn't. But if you find a pattern that all the men you are with are cheating on you, you need to look in the mirror and figure out why.

Anonymous 90759


so if all these men can't fess up about their true feeling and resort to cheating and sabotage themselves and everyone else, that still points to anon's deficits? I get your point but that argument is weak.

honestly all I'm getting from that anon is that she is mistrustful and that the average Nigel probably doesn't understand her and that she takes failed relationship to heart. way to jump to conclusions though. you are not a scrote by any chance?

Anonymous 90760

I've has two (2) men cheat on me. One happened when he was drunk and we were apart.

Quality women get quality men. Simple as.

Anonymous 90762


Best post ITT.

Anonymous 90764


that is very nice for you personally that two men cheated on you and that it's as simple as quality women getting quality men. I feel like this is extremely oversimplified just to stir the pot. Henceforth I'm outies

Anonymous 90766

wait actually none of what you're saying is making any sense. it's just all bait. whoops my bad. I'll cease my troll-feeding now

Anonymous 90769

>You work three jobs, keep up with your body, have great ass and tits, are funny, smart, educated, have a good reputation, cook, clean, and your man sucks? You're simply low quality

It's always women's fault, never men's

Anonymous 90770

As a small-chested girl I don't understand how other girls even have the courage to date lol. As far as I know, very few guys out there truly prefer small boobs unless they're attached to someone who looks like Keira Knightley maybe. At best they'll tolerate them, at worst they'll make fun of you for them. In both cases, you'll just end up feeling like crap about yourself sooner or later. Dating as a small boob girl is self-harm in my opinion, that's why I'm not even gonna try.
And this might sound contradictory but I personally actually don't mind having a small chest. Straight guys hate it though and that's the "problem".

Anonymous 90772

Then why do some of the most famous porn stars have small boobs if men hate small boobs so much?

Anonymous 90773


small boobs are gr8, any boobs are gr8, even flat chests are gr8.
surround yourself with people that see beauty everywhere and don't feed into creepy obsessions about looks, that see the irreplaceable beauty in your personality and don't objectify you or objectify you in a healthy manner.

Anonymous 90774


Don't forget, a lot of sex dolls are made with small boobs too, the most expensive and best selling ones too

If shit loads of men are willing to pay top dollar for a honk of plastic that has no use but to lay there and arouse them/get them off I can assure you a man dating a woman with small breasts isn't "literally self harm" kek

Anonymous 90775


You can't reduce a person to any one feature. How does that work?

For immature, confused dudes it may be super-important and they may waste your time and you may waste your time with them. But there are countless people out there who see you for you who are as a complex individual and who find it a privilege to get to know you and your boobs however they look. It's also important to learn to accept yourself and heal your self-esteem. Then everything will fall into place with time.

Boobs are fucking cute. I'll take any boobs any day. I see so many attractive women everyday with all kinds of different bodies and outfits and never once does it occur to me what size boobs they have. Literally there is no bad tier of boobs. I could never

Anonymous 90776

personal preference with agency and clarity is okay but general and confused expectations are fucked and these latter opinions are trash and should automatically be discarded.

Anonymous 90778


100%. The only ones who really obsess over women having small tits are men with boob shaming fetishes and men with fat fetishes, the rest just seem like bitter women who are insecure about their boob size and shape so they cling to "but but muh tig o bitties, men think small boobs are worse than the devil himself!". There are shitty men out there who are assholes about boob size I won't deny that but if you have a nice fit, curvy or skinny body and have breasts that don't have any sort of deformity like tubular breasts men will love you and men will love your boobs

Pretty sure there's some pickme in crystal cafe for the past few years, there was a thread like this one a year or two ago and the anon ended up spazzing out on everyone who said small boobs were attractive and a lot of people prefer it and kept scrambling on about how "big boobs reign supreme! Big boobs reign supreme!" Lol

Anonymous 90786


we got the big honkers

Anonymous 90787


the itty bitty titty committee

Anonymous 90788


the shy milk jugs

Anonymous 90789


the bazonkers that shall eclipse the sun

Anonymous 90790


the milkshake that brings all the miners to the yard

Anonymous 90791


the humble bazookas

Anonymous 90792


the unbothered. moisturized. happy. in my lane. focused. flourishing. boob avalanche

Anonymous 90793


the sophisticated teet

Anonymous 90794


the elusive cannellonis

Anonymous 90795


and last but not least, the happy swadronis

Anonymous 90796

All breasts are beautiful. And I’m straight.

Anonymous 90799

No breasts are beautiful. And I'm gay.

Anonymous 90800

lmao what

Anonymous 90803


No gays are breasts and I'm beautiful

Anonymous 90805

>only posts big tits in a push up bra and tight dress with spandex

Anonymous 90808



Anonymous 90809

i kinda wanna get a breast reduction even though i wear an a cup bra ( idk my actual size i havent changed bras since 9th grade and i think they fit me ? ) itty bitty boobs are so pretty and feminine to me id rather have my partner be the one with the big boobs
also because i like the smooth look of tops that arent skin tight

Anonymous 90811


Anonymous 90814


Her power is unspeakable

Anonymous 90876


>I'm a quality man
>Comes to a small female imageboard in the middle of the night to bitch about women's boob size

Anonymous 90878

i've never been chastised for my small boobs. i don't think i could care less if i ever were. i would look really stupid with big tits.

Anonymous 90890


Boob size is only a problem for women with actual small tits. Anything bigger than an A Cup is fine. I'm an A Cup and women like me are only finding either pedos, guys on the gay side or men who are not really physically attracted to us and will inevitably cheat on us

Anonymous 90891

Thats not even remotely true. I'm not gay but small boobs are much more lickable imo. They're just really elegant

Anonymous 90892


I appreciate it but that's really not how men feel unfortunately

Anonymous 90893

According to who? Not a single one of "small boobs are the worse" people explained to me how porn stare ,strippers, sex dolls and escorts are able to make it so big if men hate small tits so much.

Anonymous 90895

>I'm an A Cup
You have to be over 18 to use this site

Anonymous 90896

>According to who? Not a single one of "small boobs are the worse" people explained to me how porn stare ,strippers, sex dolls and escorts are able to make it so big if men hate small tits so much

Lol yes sis ittie bitties are the new sexy now. Pornhubs homepage is filled with A cups porn stars and men are picking A cups sex robots over D cups ones. Women are actually getting surgeries to have their boobs looking like mosquito bites now. Give me a break. I said B cups and all other sizes are fine but if you search for "A cup" on google images a lot of the results will be pics of teenage boys with gynecomastia

Anonymous 90903

shape matters more than size, cope. that having been said, all sizes are attractive, but a cups are just as attractive in a different way. the female torso in an adult woman/ribcage is different than a child's (typically), so the pedo thing i don't think is so much a thing. the real problem is when a man can't handle pubic hair or adult stature

Anonymous 90911

you have to be female to use this site

Anonymous 90924

This anon is correct. I really think when people imagine "small boobs", they imagine a perfectly shaped A cup on a slim and petite body, similar to Ariana Grande, that's why they tell us small boobs are totally seen as attractive and acceptable.
In reality, some women can't even fill out the average A cup bra and no, they're not tranners or under 18 which are common jokes directed towards small boob women btw.

Anonymous 90952

>fat fetishes
ugh, small boobs are cute but it makes me irate that insecure girls with small boobs always push their headcannon that big boobs = fat. There are men who genuinely prefer big breasts and don't like fat chicks, you know? There are also people with big boobs who are slim.
I have to buy all my bras in specialized stores because of the small band with big cups and bitches saying stuff like this literally gave me an ed as a teenager. fuck that.

Anonymous 90953

What the hell are you talking about? I didn't say "A cups are the most ideal" I'm just saying that B-C cups are popular and that having small boobs isn't a literal death sentence in terms of attractiveness for women. Yes even 180 degree flat women can still find tons of men to worship them. It's almost as if beauty is subjective

Anonymous 90954

….I just said that in my experience lots of men who are obsessive about boob size being big as possible are often fat fetishists,not that "literally every woman with big tits is fat" chill

Anonymous 90964

Pretty much all highschool boys and pr0n magazine editors are all fat fetishists? Hentai mangakas too?

Anonymous 90965


Anonymous 90994

That is a very big cope anon. I think not being able to enjoy small titties is cringe and plebby but, and sorry if this breaks your worldview, moids have been obssessing over big breasts for decades now while simuletaneously hating fat girls. Haven't you heard things like "abs on a skinny guy is like boobs on a fat girl"?
Get a boob job or something if you're that insecure.

Anonymous 91031

I'm glad I don't give a shit what moids think about breasts or literally any other topic, sounds exhausting tbh

Anonymous 91033

I dont understand that picture.

Anonymous 91034

You obviously care enough about it to cope though.

Anonymous 91048

it's just my personal taste though anon. you know breasts arent for moids only right?

Anonymous 91051

yeah that's clearly a man problem and not a you dating pieces of shit problem

Anonymous 91053

>It's always women's fault

Anonymous 91054

Are you able to communicate without taking everything out of context? Also porn and teenage boys tend to go for hot women, boob size doesn't play as much of a part as shape does

Anonymous 91057

not saying it's her fault, just saying many men wouldn't have done something like that

Anonymous 91058

I think you're giving men way too much credit most of them are pretty awful

Anonymous 91062

most people are pretty awful in general, men or women alike. Most people aren't willing to compromise or make a sacrifice for the sake of others and will gladly fuck people over for their own gain if it is safe to do so. Just self preservation, people above all things want to survive, regardless of their gender, so they crave safety and for that they need power, hence why they value their personal gain over morals.
It's sad, because we're trying to live together as a society, and as such we should try to benefit our community. People acting greedily undermines communities and divides people, and it's up to well intentioned people to clean up the mess.
But good people are out there, i think.

Anonymous 91083

someone needs to shoot you, your pick-me harem of choice quality cheaters and your nonsensical derailing arguments that have nothing to do with anything onto the moon asap

Anonymous 91086


Anonymous 91090

Now that really makes you think

Anonymous 91093

Huge cope. There are tons of huge breasts in of all shapes in porn. Hentai famously has big droopy udders, and they can draw whatever they like. Also I have big breasts and know how I have been fetishized all my life kek.
>muh perky breasts!
No one actually cares about it when they have FFs on their face.

Anonymous 91096

Chocolate is a fruit?

Anonymous 91097



Anonymous 91113

It's saying that a well-endowed woman who makes porn or who gets a breast reduction is undateable

Anonymous 91118

Then explain

Anonymous 91119

Anon probably goes to the battered women's shelter to tell them they just weren't a high quality woman and that other men don't do that

Anonymous 91126

nothing to do with their "quality", bad things happen to good people all the time

Anonymous 91141


it's a very specific image. i don't understand why someone would make it when the audience for it seems so small. who is even thinking either of those things? are moids even this stupid to make a meme this weird and specific? i feel like this is not even a thing men think about a lot

Anonymous 91148

Did you not read the conversation?

Anyway some of you anons need anger management. Saying small boobs are attractive and popular to lots of people isn't saying not a single person is attracted to big boobs and that big boobs are ugly. If you're that insecure get a breast lift.

Anonymous 91149

If true she was simply unlucky, or pissed off the moid somehow. Moids who are butthurt will attack every part of your body, even the ones they worshipped before. It is obviously not representative of the reality for most men and most women, especially not
>in the western world
lmao asian men love huge boobs

Anonymous 91151

Love =/= having extreme fixations on them

Most men like small boobs. Why are you so offended at the idea we don't live in a world where big boobs is the expected factor in women to be worth anything? Everytime I go to a strip club there's always tons of girls with small tits who make killings. Surely small chested women wouldn't get so far with scrotes who are willing to pay tons of money if they we lived in a world where the masses exclusively liked big tits?

Anonymous 91162

Maybe you shouldn't base your self worth on whether or not you can project yourself onto hentai

Anonymous 91164

Are you the same anon from >>91093? Let the other girl cope. Most people agree that big boobs are vastly more attractive than small boobs. I don't know how much more validation you need.

Anonymous 91173

Who made this thread, a moid or a flat chested girl?

Anonymous 91191

Can I see valid things and not randos who want small boobed girls to be put down

Anonymous 91192

She can cope all she wants, but it's annoying when they shit on us for it. They always try to push the "hurr durr only fat girls have big boobs" or try to associate liking big boobs with fat fetishism. It's annoying. If you have big boobs you have surely heard this all your life. I can tell chestlets have been seething and shitting up this thread since the beginning (like here >>90805). At this point just get a boob job and leave us alone, fuck.

Anonymous 91194


From what I seen, statistically, most men prefer medium sized boobs

You're the one who seems insecure and coping. Your "example" of evil chestlets seething was an observation. That should say enough.

Anonymous 91196

This is the most bitter fucking shit I've ever read in my life. You have a severe lack of empathy and understanding. you're the beauty standard in the male dominant society for having a C+ cup. shut the fuck up. nobody cares if men want you more, or less, or call you fat because you have tits. That is such a fucking first world problem cope that this post almost reads like a joke.

anyway who cares you sound like you genuinely have 0 understanding of what you're talking about.

Anonymous 91197

>Your "example" of evil chestlets seething was an observation.
It makes me want to post my own body just to spite you kek. You're all over the thread. Here too >>90707 . Where is the observation there?
>muh internet statistics
Moids lie. Do you see a swarm of people getting breast reductions to be more attractive to men? >let me get rid of my H cups so I can snag that millionaire
Said no bimbo bitch ever. If you were not a chestlet you would know how much men actually care about big breasts. I don't measure my value from my breasts and I don't particularly care about moids' opinions, I do care about uppity fridge-shaped bitches trying to shame me for something I didn't choose because they are jealous.

Anonymous 91200

That wasn't me psychopath, no one's stopping you from posting your body kek get over yourself. I even have big tits for my body myself and will happily post myself. Youre clearly insecure about your boobs or you're a man with a boob shaming fetish
>Statistics are made up I swear all men exclusively prefer big tits no exceptions
Sounds bitter to me

Anyway post your body with a timestamp unphotoshopped without a bra and ill post mine

Anonymous 91202

>Anyway post your body with a timestamp unphotoshopped without a bra and ill post mine
If any anons fall for this you lose your woman-on-the-internet card

Anonymous 91203

Good enough for Conan, good enough for me

Anonymous 91208

wtf did this thread turn into why are we fighting

Anonymous 91213

Different anon here, please post your boobs to make the other anon shut up!

Anonymous 91215

I'm still waiting
Also you ignored where I said I had big tits too apparently because you're too caught up in insecurity

Anonymous 91217

Moid bait thread lol

Anonymous 91221

No one's saying men only like small boobs they're just saying people have a diverse taste, which is true
Anyway boob jobs aren't for men in the means of most men don't care and women are just as attractive without it, most women do it simply because it's more aesthetically pleasing

Like I said, refer to the women men pay for. Porn stars, models, strippers, sex dolls,etc. They all range from a cups to HH cups. There IS no fair way to say men prefer this or men prefer that, anyone who says this is most likely trying to put women down because they're insecure or have a boob shaming fetish

Anonymous 91224

Every single study I've seen said men prefer medium sized boobs, can you link me some?

Anonymous 91228

Someone made this thread a few days ago on /hb/. If you girls with big boobs want to make us breastlets jealous, please, post here:

Anonymous 91229


Small tiddied bitches and their allies deserve the rope

Anonymous 91231

According to your own study 43,5% of men like them large or very large and only 32,7% like medium size breasts.
More men like them large than small or very small combined. So overall I'd say that this study pretty much proved the point that they like them bigger.

Anonymous 91232

Yes but 52 percent preferred medium or smaller, meaning large isn't the number one preference of all men no exceptions since majority prefer small or average

Anonymous 91236

That's just because there are 5 groups on the survey. Small and large are divided between two groups, you can't do this with medium. If we divide the results in three groups instead of five the overall preference is big>medium>small. Don't get me wrong, the results are a lot better for us, flatties than I thought, but it's still bad.

Also, most of the studies on Psychology are pseudoscientific:

Anonymous 91243

>This study doesn't say what I want ill make it mean what I want
I again will ask how do you believe sex workers with small boobs make so much money if small boobs are unattractive?
And what's your definition of big?

Anonymous 91245

Sex workers with cocks also make a lot of money. I guess men are all gay. Or maybe they just put their dicks in each and every hole. Whichever is most likely.

Anonymous 91246

No but they attract a lot of rich people. Most women with small boobs have simps, people who have crushes on them, etc. Gay and troon porn also isn't as big as like Riley Reid and belle Delphine. Small boobs aren't the end for women

Anonymous 91248

>This study doesn't say what I want ill make it mean what I want
You're literally the one saying this, the study says that almost 50% of men like big breasts and 1/4 like small breasts.
>I again will ask how do you believe sex workers with small boobs make so much money if small boobs are unattractive?
First thing, I wasn't on this thread before, so your "again" is pretty much meaningless. Now, regarding your answer, I think it's quite stupid, many of them have brown eyes even though most people think blue and green are prettier and yet lots of people drool over brown eyed-men and women. You can still be attractive despite having small breasts, just like a man can be attractive even if he's 5'7'' you just need other assets (a pretty face, or a good butt) and you'll be fine. Also 1/4 of men actually prefere small breasts, which is around 1 billion people or 1/8 of the world population. You can still pander to lots of them, even if they are a minority.

Anonymous 91249

Half of men like average or small breasts and half like big why is it so hard to understand? Or are you that obsessed with putting women down? Men could have chose any size and they chose average, if you group two together it's obviously going to be more

Anonymous 91251

Anon, why are you so bad at Math? Let's suppose big=bigger than the median. That means 33% is small, 33% is average and 33% is big. That basically means that 33% is prefered by 43,5%, 33% is prefered by 32,7% and 33% by meager 24,8%.

In other words, even the "average" group is underrepresented. It's a simple majority, not an absolute majority, and it's more likely for a man to like big or very big breasts than average breasts.

>Or are you that obsessed with putting women down?

Anon, mine are tiny, I've said in my first post ITT.

Anonymous 91260

nta but she did say medium "moderate" breasts were most attractive followed by large.

https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S1090513816302847 (the majority of raters preferred medium sized, followed by large sized breasts)

https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3210352/ (We also found that medium to large sizes were rated as the most attractive by both male groups)

https://www.researchgate.net/publication/235629866_Men's_Oppressive_Beliefs_Predict_Their_Breast_Size_Preferences_in_Women (Results showed that medium breasts were rated most frequent as attractive (32.7%), followed by large (24.4%) and very large (19.1%) breasts.)

https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10508-019-1464-z (large breasts were not regarded more attractive than average ones, though small breasts were the least attractive)

https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/0162309595000747 (Female figures with slender bodies, low waist-to-hip ratios, and large breasts were rated as most attractive)

https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/00224545.1980.9924231 (significantly more favorable ratings on liking and personal appeal to stimulus persons with medium rather than small or large bust sizes)

Anonymous 91264

That's because you put two groups together, that's why. Go teach statistics at Harvard if you know know sooo much. Nevermind average was the most chosen boob size out of 5

Anonymous 91265

So everyone is wrong and medium boobs are the most attractive

Anonymous 91269

Anonymous 91270

Yes? I am comparing small breasts with big breasts and medium breasts. Again, I assume that each of these groups have a similar distribution among the population. Average was more chosen than very big and very big because it represents a larger group, but above larger and very large, representing two groups, was still more chosen than medium. It ain't that hard.

Anonymous 91309

>using Belle Delphine as an exemple
Top kek, no one finds her attractive because of her breasts, ask any of her orbiters what are their favorite thing about her, they'll even answer her taste in vydia before her boobs, and I bet many of them wish they were bigger. Not that she's that small as far as I know.

Now, ask any Katy Perry, Cindy Crawford, Gisele Bündchen, Catherine soyboy-Jones or Marylin Monroe male fan why they love them so much and see the magic happens.

Stop coping, anon, men do obsess over huge breasts and the fact that they also like other things doesn't change that.

Anonymous 91326

I don't think they're coping. They sound like they're trying to be nice and uplift pessimistic small-boobed girls precisely because they don't know how it is to have a small chest. I appreciate their positivity, but it's as you said: In reality, straight guys like us despite our small chests and not because of it and that's just something we have to accept.
Some women can't and waste their time dating all sorts of guys in the belief that they can really find The Special One who will genuinely love and adore their boob sizes when that's as unrealistic as finding a flying pig.

Anonymous 91354

maybe just lift weights and you'll be able to carry those milkers around

Anonymous 91355


[sick guitar riff plays]

moids out
moids out
moids out

trolls out
trolls out
trolls out

y'all stink
y'all stink
y'all stink

y'all stink to the high heavens

moids out [x3]

trolls out [x3]

y'all stink [x3]

go use a deodorant

The illusion … being undatable
onlyfans breast reduction
big boobs … of free choice.

Anonymous 91359

The autism in this thread is palpable, I'm taking away everyone's breasts until you can learn to behave. Who the fuck cares that much, it's titties for fucks sake!

Anonymous 91360


Anonymous 91362

I mean true but also swallows breasts so you can't take them from me

Anonymous 91365

You're coping too hard, anon. >>91309 said that girls with small breasts can be desired despite, and not because of of their small breasts. You can check the research >>91194 and >>91260 posted here. Yes, some men do like small breasts, just like some of them like old women and fat women, but they on average deslike small breasts.
>b-b-but I know this guy
Yeah, some of them have different opinions, that's the point. On average big breasts are more popular, followed by average breasts.

Anonymous 91367

I will admit I overreacted but I get legitimately triggered any time someone tries to tie big boobs with fatties. Next time a salty chestlet tries to pull that on me I'll pull the "men who like small boobs are pedos" card.

Anonymous 91368


Anonymous 91370

Work on your own self esteem and quit obsessing over other girls' boobs if youre supposedly wanting to date men. Comparing adult women to children is peak retardation

Anonymous 91371

A-cups are far more common on slender women than DD and even D (maybe even C cups( and yet I don'see them on your image. No one's saying that women with small breasts are ugly, just that their breasts are perceived by most moids as attractive.

Anonymous 91372

Are not*

Anonymous 91373

The heck anon? I'm not obsessing over other girls' boobs. My boobs are 10/10 in my subjective opinion. Making assumptions of how other people's bodies look or how much they weight based on their boob size, or what kind of fetishes men who like certain boobs might have, is what is borderline obsessive.

Anonymous 91374

At this point they're just projecting their own insecurities. She sounds just like the other jealous girls from highschool. I bet you know what I'm talking about.

Anonymous 91375

I wouldn't know what you are talking about, but posts like >>90707 sure do read like classic projection, anon.

Anonymous 91376

Why are you girls fighting over what a fucking moid likes. That's stupid.

Anonymous 91377

Yes, you are. It's not that deep anon. It's just titties.

Anonymous 91379

>hur durr guys who like big boobs have to have a fat fetish
>hurrr those pictures of women with normal bras and cleavage are totally wearing pushups and spandex
>duuurr anon who posted bra size must be a landwhale
>hurrr muh most moids prefer flat chests against all evidence
but I'm the one obsessing. 'kay.

Anonymous 91380

Didn't you have a couple of jealous highschool "friends" that pretended that girls with big breasts were fat in order to cope with the fact that moids didn't care about them?

Saying that women with big breasts are fat is the classic pancake cope.

Anonymous 91381

I mentioned in this thread getting an ed because of it, never mentioned highschool friends. Anyway, this is getting too retarded. People can live in their headcannons if they wish.

Anonymous 91382

Oh, I'm not talking about you, I said what happens in general. Literally happened to all of my cousins too.

Anonymous 91401

What's she eating? Looks like a giant slug

Anonymous 91428

I believe it is (strawberry?) mochi

Anonymous 91429

To be more precise it's strawberry daifuku

Anonymous 91430

Oh, thank you. that shit looks so yummy. I've still yet to ever try it but I'd like to

Anonymous 91440

One person called them fat, chill your insecure ass out. And lots of women with big breasts are fat get over it. Big boobs don't make one fat but girls with big boobs tend to be at least overweight

Anonymous 91442

This. Anons are so fucking triggered it's ridiculous. Small boobed girls were told to die as soon as this thread opened but one girl asked another anon if she was fat and all hell breaks loose. Imagine being this delusional

Anonymous 91451


>anons actually caring what men prefer and actually getting angry about it
Imagine actually giving a fuck what people who willingly fuck watermelon would think

Anonymous 91471

I'm pretty sure it's one person coming in this thread BTFO and getting triggered by other girls' boobs because someone called her fat in high school

Anonymous 91490

No one said that they should die, just that their breasts are considered ugly by most of the population.

Anonymous 91491

As you can see, most "pancake" girls in this thread know their place and put themselves down instead of throwing around copes. No one said moids prefer literal flat chests either, unless you consider B and C cups to be flat.
And those low-effort one-line posts taking digs at big-chested girls sound like they were made by a troll who just came here wanting to bait you into sperging out which you did.

Anonymous 91503

You're either lying or you didn't read the thread. Some users actually said that you can't have big breasts without being fat. Some of them were so jealous that they even said they prefere on average medium/small breasts than the big ones.

Anonymous 91506


I don't mind the intense discussion.
Boobs are a loaded subject and almost every woman has heard incredibly hurtful things said about them. Naturally, it's gonna attract discussion.
That being said I wish everyone could come to terms with their bodies and realize how low-vibrational and silly these hurtful experiences were. But that takes time.

Anonymous 91508

Jeez that was like one comment one girl made. This doesn't give you the right to put every flat chested girl down, saying we have ugly tits or something like that. Have you thought that what you are writing can make people who have nothing with it feel self-conscious about their bodies, just like you were feeling when they told that big boobs = fatties? I just wish you guys stopped this, because it is beginning to get really tiring.

Anonymous 91509

Small breasts are for pedos and large ones are just fat. Just call it a day.

Anonymous 91512

This thread has around 170 posts. >>90707 and >>90805 were mean and definitely uncalled for and most likely posted by the same troll. Only one girl >>90954 claimed that men who like huge boobs have fat fetishes but she did add it was only in her own experience. That's just 2-3 posters. Then there was this discussion where people argued about stats and numbers; it didn't read like jealousy to me.
But the majority of the posts say "all boobs are nice, stop worrying" or they're girls with small breasts who only talked about their own insecurities without insulting big breasts.

Anonymous 91514


Anonymous 91516

I'm cackling like a cartoon witch at this

Anonymous 91517


Anonymous 91520

Unlike you ill link

Either way, extremely disturbing things are being posted about small boob girls… I'd rather be called fat by one person instead of being told no one will truly love me and I'm better off dead. This thread is filled with cope from enormous boob girls and self hate that small boobed girls were always taught to have

Anonymous 91525

this is the funniest thing i think ive seen all day. thank you anon

Anonymous 91534

if it was chestlets who were taught to self hate, what do "enormous boob girls" have to cope with?

Anonymous 91543

Uh, I'm 99% sure that the fedora pic is mocking girls with large breasts, so you can count that as another one claiming that we're fat.

Anonymous 91548

But this fedora person doesn't seem to have large breasts anyway. This doesn't make sense.

Anonymous 91552


Boobs r boobs

Anonymous 91562

Saggyness, misshapen, large nipples, etc are seen as unattractive and a turn off

Anonymous 91563

Can't see the breasts well and I speak from personal experience when I say this but girls who cling onto and place themselves above other girls for having that feature usually have nothing else good to offer physically outside of that feature. I really doubt lingerie models and playboy bunnies would come to this thread and tell everyone how much better they are than chestlets because of their boobs. If you take their boobs away from these female neckbeards they have nothing, that's why they're so defensive and victim playing

Anonymous 91565


>hating big boobs

Anonymous 91569

It was his birthday yesterday! Happy 24th, John!

Anonymous 91575

Sem título.png

You're kidding, right?
In any case, the words and the image alone are enough to show that she was saying that the fedoras are the ones with big breasts, that's how the fedora meme is used.

Anonymous 91587


This whole threat at this point is bait yo

Anonymous 91598

Does anyone else in this thread smoke weed?

Anonymous 91605

with my girlfriends

Anonymous 91610

Three of them?

Anonymous 91617

Do moids actually care about saggyness? I thought this was just a meme. I mean, saggy boobs also mean soft boobs, like, porn actress with fake breasts usually have those rock solid tatas and they look awful to touch and play with. In order to have soft breasts they have to sag.

I didn't know about large nipples too. I personally find them cute; I think they dislike darker ones though.

Anonymous 91624


Showed one of the posts to my friend and they sent me back this about medium boobs

Anonymous 91626

Moid think nipples have to be pink as a rose petal and the size of a coin. They're retarded

Anonymous 91629

That's odd considering how they always go for the nipples and ignore the other sensitive parts of the breasts. It never ceases to upset me how they simple don't know anything about the female human body.

Anonymous 91635

There are fully grown adult moids who think hymens are a thick flap of skin with no perforations that make an audible pop when a penis or dildo is forced through it and that blood will flow out of it like someone sticking a straw through a Capri Sun.

Despite the fact this is entirely incorrect, there is a custom in some Eastern European countries that virgins and non virgins alike will stuff a little packet of ox blood in their vaginas to make a show for their wedding night.

Moids are actually so universally retarded that there are cultures that have to bend to accommodate their autism

Anonymous 91641


We need to make the moids suffer equally.

Anonymous 91654

Yes! They smoke weed

Anonymous 92191

>Do moids even have preferences on women's bodies?
Also there's preferences now for those big hard bolted on tits and there's several subreddits dedicated to those. Memes aside men aren't a hivemind who just zombie go for big tits without thinking

Anonymous 92202

dicks are ugly as shit

Anonymous 92243

fug. oh fug.png


Anonymous 92246

>liking big boobs = fat fetishism
Yeah, and liking big dicks = muscle fetishism

Anonymous 92268

Dicks aren’t a muscle they’re an eyesore.

Anonymous 92275


o-okay we get it you're gay

Anonymous 92434

That was obvious bait anon

Anonymous 92468


I think that was a joke reply, too

Anonymous 92498

You can like big boobs but being obsessive about them is different, that's where you're taking it out of context. Normie men just appreciate nice looking boobs, big or not, fat fetish dudes have fixations on wanting the comically largest tits possible

Anonymous 92664

Having small boobs doesnt make you undateable unless you're really into guys that have extreme porn addiction.
No sane guy ever is gonna not date a girl just because her boobs are small. Im ugly and have small boobs and still had guys be attracted to me. The hard thing is that you will have less chance of attracting a guy initially. The guys wont give you attention "just because", you have to prove yourself with other qualities. From experience i can tell you that by being interesting you can easily attract the more "intellectual" types.

Also im pretty sure that the guy that made this pic/posted this would sell his family for a crumb of attention from a girl with boobs of any size.

Anonymous 92699

I think this really only applies to women who are completely flat or have small boobs compared to their body. If you're fit and cute with like C cups there will be many men who would kill to see your tits. Men like women and are usually happy to see a nice rack even if you don't have boobs bigger than your head

Anonymous 92702


Big boobs can look nice in clothes but I feel like a lot of insecure anons really deny the importance of shape. You can have big boobs without being fat and sagging is natural but acting like it somehow gains you points as a human being compared to others is sad and stupid. From what I've seen in porn, modeling, reddit, whatever the most attractive boob shapes to men and women are either nicely done implants or medium or little bigger or smaller perky tits. Which should only matter if you're a model or stripper, if you're an average woman you shouldn't worry too much about your breasts unless you have legitimately tubular breasts or extremely big and saggy boobs that limit your range of motion

Anonymous 92728

I can guarantee you that a man that likes you will be dying to see your flat/small boobs. It pays off to have a personality, it makes your body more attractive to your partner lol.

Anonymous 92734

this looks very painful

Anonymous 92756

>completely flat or have small boobs compared to their body
As someone fitting both of these, I can guarantee some dudes will still be into you. Women, too.
Not to say I get mega attention from everyone all the time, but I'm alright. This sort of insecurity is definitely exaggerated.

Anonymous 92782

True. I feel like people assume moderately large tits that are perky are getting reductions when in reality it's people who look like this. Not a very attractive breast shape, and when people think big tits they think of people with breast implants or girls with naturally big boobs wearing lifted bras, a corset and tight flattering dress. Once boobs get to a certain size it's impossible to have an attractive breast shape

Anonymous 93034

This literally made me say oh my god out loud. Those look so uncomfortable. Poor lady.

Anonymous 93035

am I the only motherfucker who would love having these? I'm a 36D but have a big ribcage so it doesn't look that big but I honestly think the shape and size here are beautiful especially on her body type

Anonymous 93047

yes, they look extremely painful in every respect. they make me extremely uncomfortable to look at. i don't care about the shape but they just look irritated and like her skin and back can't handle it. i know i couldn't.

Anonymous 93096

This sort of looks like she had pretty big saggy boobs and decided to get implants to "fix" that. I dont think that natural boobs are normally shaped like this.

Anonymous 93107

But when a guy dates a small-chested woman, he gets shamed for it by his friends for being in the closet or being a pedo and then he'll start to hate his girlfriend.

Maybe your boobs are not as small as you think.

Anonymous 93114

Too much porn? These look extremely unhealthy and misshapen. No same person sees this as attractive

Anonymous 93116


>Tissue needs to be removed because you don't like it
Yes anon, not because it's a health issue to carry around 20+ lbs of tit on your back but only because us evil prudes don't like it. Also her breasts are by medical definition, misshapen. There is such thing as too big and this is the perfect example. If you don't believe so you need to take an anatomy class

Anonymous 93123

Not the anon you replied to, but this girl is living in hell for the sake of sexual attraction. This must devastate her back to some degree. Any girl with boobs even a bit smaller than hers will tell you that they negatively impact life and tbh it's not even just physically

This is sad to say but the world we live in will never take her seriously. Tbh, I doubt anyone sees her as much more that a pair of boobs and the fact she has turned to porn is pretty indicative that this is the only life she knows. A women who got fake implants nowhere near as big as these lost her job and couldn't get another one despite being more than qualified because she looked absolutely ridiculous with her massive boobs.

This girl is going to suffer physically, socially, really any way that one can suffer, because of these boobs.

Anonymous 93128

fuck this, i'd want to die. no offense to women with large breasts because this is not an aesthetic thing but it must be really awful to not be able to escape attention from your breasts AND suffer physically at the same time. the physical pain and being so aware of them, having to be forced to be so physically aware of them constantly, would be a sensory hell.

Anonymous 93129

Anon. Look at the size of them compared to her body. Theres no way you could possibly think they aren't killing her back. They are absolutely misshapen by virtue of being absolutely fucking massive. I know people make the joke "shaped like an uppercase P" but she genuinely fits that description. They're misshapen because they belong on a caricature of Dolly Parton and not an actual human woman. Imagine having two massive arms on a normal body. Sure, they look like arms and are perfectly shaped, but they're still about ×3 bigger than they would be on a healthy person so yes they are misshapen

She will never escape attention from her breasts. People won't even treat it like a deformity tbh, people think shes lucky (if they're morons which a majority of people are).

Anonymous 93130

A cups are sometimes too big, they are that small.

Anonymous 93131

>says by medical definition
>can't provide a medical definition
Good to know.

Looking up more I suppose by definition she has Grade 1 ptosis, but all of us will eventually develop ptosis as time goes on, so unless you're arguing all saggy grandma tits are also "medically misshapen" that doesn't matter either.
>Theres no way you could possibly think they aren't killing her back.
Okay, that doesn't make them medicall misshapen, it makes them heavy. If by "medically misshapen" you meant "heavy" sure, they are.
>They're misshapen because they belong on a caricature of Dolly Parton and not an actual human woman.
Yet an actual human being has them, which, by definition, means they do in fact belong to an actual human being.
>Sure, they look like arms and are perfectly shaped, but they're still about ×3 bigger than they would be on a healthy person so yes they are misshapen
If you define "healthy" as in "average" sure, but the average person isn't Olympic athlete material, does that make being an Olympic athlete "unhealthy".

You've said nothing of substance other than "they are large and heavy and inconvenient" which none of those terms constitute being medically misshapen.

Anonymous 93132

nta i agree they're not medically misshapen but medically just abnormal due to size? absolutely. i don't think any of us need to bang on about shape when the real issue here would be the pain and inconvenience

Anonymous 93133

Yes anon having super sized body parts is perfectly natural and healthy. Both of these women have ptosis breasts. Isnt it funny when people have unproportioned sized body parts it's bad, unattractive, and they need help except women with extremely large and unhealthy looking breasts or buttocks are sexy and encouraged and it's something women need to strive for

Please think about what you're doing to women. This is unhealthy for them and for you mentally

Anonymous 93134

>Comparing back breaking ptosis tits to Olympic body builders

Lol. Go back to your ZZ cup worshipping hell hole

Anonymous 93137

> absolutely. i don't think any of us need to bang on about shape when the real issue here would be the pain and inconvenience

A lot of things can be inconvenient. Being ugly sure is one, wouldn't recommend everyone start getting plastic surgery for their face just because it's "inconvient" to be ugly.

>Both of these women have ptosis breasts.
>ptosis is bad
I sincerely hope you don't believe this or you're in for a terrible nightmare when you wake up one day to find your own saggy grade 3 ptosis grandma tits.
>Isnt it funny when people have unproportioned sized body parts it's bad, unattractive, and they need help except women with extremely large and unhealthy looking breasts or buttocks are sexy and encouraged and it's something women need to strive for

I can't even parse this sentence, try again.

>Please think about what you're doing to women. This is unhealthy for them and for you mentally

Why would this effect me negatively? Do I have breasts those large? No. That doesn't mean my breasts are wrong, that doesn't mean her breasts are wrong. If she wants to get rid of them, sure, she can do so, whatever. Cutting off healthy tissue because it's inconvenient is all the rage at the moment, have you not been paying attention to troons lately?

I don't know, seems an apt comparison.
>being an olympic athlete is an unusually physically demanding existence that requires innate genetic advantage that bestows social benefits in exchange
>having massive breasts is an an unusually physically demanding existence that requires innate genetic advantage that bestows social benefits in exchange

Please correct my logic.

Anonymous 93138

you don't have breasts that large bc you don't have breasts, period. we can tell, retard

Anonymous 93139

>only a moid could see a reason to not to cut off healthy tissue
Whatever TiF, go get your breasts chopped off because they make you feel bad.

Anonymous 93141

This tissue isn't healthy. Any excess tissue that hurts you isn't healthy. Why would you encourage women to have so many health problem and then compare fixing those problems to trannies completely removing their body parts? You're ridiculous. I hope you never have a daughter

Anonymous 93142

she doesn't have to remove tissue, but troons don't have abnormally large breasts. you can't compare the two. no one needs to remove anything but too bad, yeah, some women don't want to deal w this. your crying over the fact that some women wouldn't want this sounds exactly like men who lament the fact that women get their breasts reduced, not the concerns of a woman. you're just invoking the troonery argument to seem reasonable.

Anonymous 93146

>This tissue isn't healthy.
Why? Is it tumorous? Is it tuberous?
>Any excess tissue that hurts you isn't healthy.
Having flesh at all hurts you, being physically embodied hurts you, what makes this tissue specifically unhealthy compared to anything else?

>Why would you encourage women to have so many health problem and then compare fixing those problems to trannies completely removing their body parts?

Because both are removing perfectly healthy body parts to feel better. I suppose technically the troon is doing it for mental health benefits, but then some of the arguments I've seen in this thread ala

>but it must be really awful to not be able to escape attention from your breasts
which is also a mental health thing, and because I categorically hate troons, I would state that fixing the mental health before the physical should always be done first. Period.

I already told you to fuck off and get your breasts chopped off like all of your TiF friends, so get going. Enjoy the gay "male" with a vagina dating market.

Anonymous 93147

>I already told you to fuck off and get your breasts chopped off like all of your TiF friends, so get going. Enjoy the gay "male" with a vagina dating market.
if you don't think this response is extremely telling, you're really out of it

Anonymous 93148

Does it tell you that TiFs influencing woman to chop of their perfectly healthy breasts is bad?

Anonymous 93150

Anon probably stands outside of plastic surgery centers to tell women who had to get back surgeries because of their tits and want a reduction that they're mentally ill trannies

Anonymous 93151

probably, bc he thinks it hides his boner's investment in their breast size

Anonymous 93152

What do you even mean by "back surgery"? Spinal fusion, discetomy or laminectomy aren't going to fix back pain caused by large breasts because the pain isn't localized in the spine itself, but the strain on the surrounding tissue. You have no idea what you're even talking about.

Anonymous 93153

>probably, bc he thinks it hides his boner's investment in their breast size
f you don't think this response is extremely telling, you're really out of it

Anonymous 93158

This is bullshit. People can have their backs fucked up from having large breasts and need back surgery, just like how people who carry heavy objects all day fuck their back up. My mother is one of those people who had to get back surgery from the problems their breasts caused. Calling women trannies is an extreme reaction to saying unreasonably large boobs would benefit a lot from a reduction, mentally and physically. You are literally hurting women by insulting them for getting surgery and stripping them of their femininity

Also ffs a reduction and mastectomy isn't the same thing

Anonymous 93159


Having very large breasts can lead to spinal deformities, deformities lead to surgery. I'm only a C cup and even I have upper back pain. I could imagine these women's backs are practically slaughtered. Trying to insult them out of surgery because you think there's no difference in making your body more healthy and livable and removing your breasts completely is repulsive

Anonymous 93160

Do women that undergo breast reduction suffer from phantom pain?

Anonymous 93161

Phantom pain happens in amputees lol. Breast reduction is more of a less embarrassing way to say lift and nipple reduction unless the woman specifically asks for a good bit of breast tissue reduction

Anonymous 93162

If you have upper back pain with just C-cups your breasts aren't the problem.

A breast lift and a breast reduction surgery are not the same surgery, don't conflate the two.

Anonymous 93163

>Calling women trannies is an extreme reaction to saying unreasonably large boobs would benefit a lot from a reduction, mentally and physically.
Yeah and TiFs "benefit mentally" from getting their breasts chopped off too.

>Also ffs a reduction and mastectomy isn't the same thing

Both are removing healthy tissue for cosmetic reasons.

The article doesn't provide a source for it's claims large breasts cause spinal deformities in isolation, furthermore, it doesn't state anything concerning whether or not a properly fitted bra would eliminate in part or whole said spinal deformities, when most women aren't wearing the right size bra, and decide that getting the breasts removed is superior to just changing the piece of fabric involved.

>I'm only a C cup and even I have upper back pain.

If you have only C-cups, you probably have back pain from poor posture and being at a computer all day instead of working out.

>rying to insult them out of surgery because you think there's no difference in making your body more healthy and livable and removing your breasts completely is repulsive

Removing healthy tissue because it doesn't confirm with your mental model is repulsive and troon thinking of the highest order.

Anonymous 93164

Okay anon you proved me wrong having extremely oversized breasts is perfectly healthy and doctors are lying

Anonymous 93165

Who on earth said Doctor's are lying? Even your own article supports my claims. What are the first two parts of advice?
>get a good bra
>work out

Surgery is the last recommended option.

I know as a TiF you're used to denying reality but come the fuck on.

Anonymous 93166

I read somewhere that women with macromastia have a higher risk of breast cancer. I also read that having more than 4 kids multiplies your chances of getting alzehimer.

Anonymous 93167

Getting surgery should be the last option but you're insulting women for wanting surgery that would greatly improve their back and life. That's disgusting and sick

Anonymous 93168

Imagine insulting women who get skin tag removal, tummy tucks or other surgeries after weight loss, or anything else that involves "removing perfectly healthy tissue"

But since it gives you a boner, going from like a MM cup to a G is evil and makes you man

Anonymous 93171

Finally, first person in this thread to give me a medical definition to work with. If the individual has macomastia (continual enlargment and growth of the breasts as life goes on) and not just large breasts (i.e. the breasts are larger but are not continually getting larger) then sure, get the surgery, obviously your body has a hormonal sensitivity issue because it doesn't know when to stop.

And you're disgusting and sick for being a TiF, your point?

>gives a laundry list of cosmetic surgeries to confirm with male beauty standards for women
Whatever pick-me.

Anonymous 93172

>it's a perfectly healthy state of affairs where women have to get surgeries to "correct" their bodies for men's viewing pleasure
You're disgusting for implying that there is anything positive about changing yourself for moids.

Anonymous 93175

>making your body more comfortable is for moids

Anonymous 93177

Why do you think moids troon out?

Anonymous 93179

how is that relevant? wtf?

Anonymous 93181

trooning out is one thing but skin tag removal is for men ffs? is doing anything for your appearance or comfort at all for men and the only way to please the anons is do shower and thats it? I suppose trimming your nails is also evil pickmeism since you're removing healthy tissue so it must be for moids

Anonymous 93184

he's just a bad laper, he's very confused and can't understand and actually utilize and construct an argument with our feelings or positions in a way that makes sense. big time give away.

Anonymous 93185

I'm the anon from the macromastia post and I need to tell you that a larger density of breast tissue is also a risk factor that enhances your chances of suffering breast cancer, even if the tissue is orifinally healthy. Just like being overweight or obese (and many girls in such cases have the biggest natural breasts). Here's the link:
Check it out ALL OF YOU. I got my period at 12yo (can't remember if a week before turning 12 or before turning 13) and the article says getting it before 12yo is also a risk factor. Life sucks.

Anonymous 93186

Anonymous 93211

>C cups causing damage
Girl, go to the gym. How weak are you if you cant carry C cups?

Anonymous 93212

I was anorexic for a bit lol. I got them professionally sized at a 30H which shocked me never less but I just wear a 32C just because that's what most people assume I am

Anonymous 93216

>I got them professionally sized at a 30H which shocked me never less but I just wear a 32C
That's your problem anon. You need a tighter band for support. Get some problem bras and a physio and it'll go away.

Anonymous 93217

proper, not problem…

Anonymous 93220

>trooning out is one thing but skin tag removal is for men ffs?
I don't know, why does not having skin tags make someone feel better? They're natural, they don't cause disease, hell they don't even cause pain. Assume social relations don't exist, what is the reason to have them removed? Why does it feel better to not have skin tags?

>I'm the anon from the macromastia post and I need to tell you that a larger density of breast tissue is also a risk factor that enhances your chances of suffering breast cancer, even if the tissue is orifinally healthy
Yes, and having ovaries means you have a chance of developing ovarian cancer, doesn't mean you should recommend everyone to get their ovaries out.

Says the TiF who can only ad hominem all day because "he" wants everyone else to make the same mistake.

Anonymous 93232

Removing some tissue to make your life easier and a better back = completely removing your entire boob

Anonymous 93234

Again, removing some tissue so that you "feel better" = removing some tissue because it makes you "feel better"

Anonymous 93237

My only posts are: >>93166 >>93185

Calm down. The only thing I recommended was that anons read the article. Don't put words in my mouth I didn't say. While all women have ovaries, not all women have the same breast tissue density, so there's differences in risks for each of us depending on that specific trait. You need to understand what you read and stop exaggerating.

Anonymous 93240

Your argument revolves around removing an entire organ. That's the issue. Why do you get so pissed at the idea women are making their life's better and being more happy with their physical appearance?

I also have to know what exactly is acceptable physical maintenance to women in your book?

Anonymous 93253

It's the same issue, removing healthy tissue because it may at some point develop cancer has no logical limit to it. Make your arbitrary risk profile analysis, just "increased chance of cancer" is not a good one.

>Your argument revolves around removing an entire organ.
My argument revolves around rejecting the notion that the original women's breasts were, and I quote, "medically misshapen" when they were just large, with no signs of any issue other than some mild ptosis. The comparison is apt because the only arguments I've heard is "it helps them feel better" which also applies to TiFs, and "it's physically painful" which even the articles quoted in this thread recommend it as a last resort over just getting a proper fitting bra and actually working out.
>Why do you get so pissed at the idea women are making their life's better and being more happy with their physical appearance?
Because TiF use this exact, literal, argument to justify their behavior. Word for fucking word. If you want a reasonable argument, try not sounding like a fucking TiF.

>I also have to know what exactly is acceptable physical maintenance to women in your book?

Acceptable is a loaded term, but I'll bite. All cosmetic surgery is bullshit. Full stop. Changing yourself through surgery to "feel better" reeks of society caused mental health issues in regards to beauty standards. "Some women are self-conscious of their large breasts" well she shouldn't have to feel self-conscious instead of chopping them off. Oops, I suppose you instead want me to say "chopping part of them off", so much better.

I would also say make-up is bullshit for appealing to male-created standards of beauty. Basic bodily grooming is fine, animals self-groom, but that is completely separate from putting chemicals all over your skin just to tweak yourself to match some arbitrary standard.

People should just feel comfortable in their bodies WITHOUT needing to slice it up with a knife, period.

And before I hear
>but breast reduction surgery isn't cosmetic
Yes it is, it falls under the umbrella of plastic surgery.

Anonymous 93256

You sound like one of those men who get pissed off when women level up their appearance and get off on the idea of destroying women's appearance. I'm honestly convinced that you just have a weird fetish of destroying women's appearance and try to convey it through here

>Muh even basic skincare is wrong

Anonymous 93257

I didn't talk about removing anything at any point. Again, don't put words in my mouth I didn't say. I never said ANYWHERE in my posts that taking healthy tissue should be encuraged to prevent cancer. I just talked about major density breast tissue being more prone to cancer. That's a fact, an abstract reality I learned from an article and which I didn't follow with any personal recommendations on extirpating anything because I'm not a doctor. Please learn how to read.

Anonymous 93260


>anon thinks this is exactly like removing your entire boob

Can I get an actual argument on why this is wrong outside of "muh you're removing tissue" you remove tissue when you exfoliate, cut your nails, etc ffs

Anonymous 93264

Hair isn't tissue, the skin you exfoliate is by definition dead tissue or you're scratching yourself raw, and nails are also not tissue. You're an idiot for thinking any of those involve cutting off healthy tissue.

Anonymous 93274

The lolcow admin was right when she called them TELFs (Trans Exclusionary Liberal Feminists)

Anonymous 93275

Everyone there is a self admitted radfem

Anonymous 93277

Nails are keratinized epithelial tissue lol. Either way you have no decent argument outside of muh precious tissues and you must be a ftm. now I feel like scheduling a breast reduction just to spite you

Anonymous 93289


Hmm but anon, I got my 2 wisdom teeth removed because it was a nuisance. Not a huge one but a nuisance nonetheless. I didn't want to lose my teeth and the experience was a little spooky but I thought it was for the greater good. One was not a problem…yet…but the other was so I got them out. If it was mostly unnecessary, am I a tranny-like person too?

Anonymous 93290

Just because they label themselves radfem doesn't mean that they know anything about it outside of hating men and troons. Admin was based and correct.

Anonymous 93295

Do you have any proof I'm a tiff other than the fact I don't think women should kill their backs because of muh tissue

Anonymous 93296

>when you and your tiff friends go makeup shopping after your brow wax and skin tag removal

Anonymous 93297


>believing lc admin is actually based and not just pretending to be criticizing users from the left in order to, again, scapegoat and whine about them

Anonymous 93303

Lol. For a while moids on 4chan actually made threads bragging about how they became mods and started infights to ban anyone that disagreed

Anonymous 93360

Plastic surgery doesnt necessarily mean cosmetic. It involves reconstruction, restoration and alteration. Reasons can be different.
For some women the reason for a breast reduction is cosmetic, for some its for relief. I agree that any kind of purely aesthetic surgery is unnecessary and should be talked about as if it was something bad. But when a person has a part of their body that is making their life harder i think its completely reasonable to reduce that body part. I mean im all in favor of making yourself more competent and useful to society and if your boobs are getting in the way of you doing your best, by all means, get that fixed. People get laser surgery to fix their sight all the time, they remove wisdom teeth, get braces, remove their appendix. Why not make boobs smaller? They are still gonna work.
But of course, your first step should be weight loss if your boobs are big due to your weight, or strenghtening your back, if you're experiencing back pain.

Anonymous 93403

This 100%
But I also think that women who are legitimately flat chested should be able to get implants without being discriminated again (and no I don't mean internet flat which is like anything below a F cup)

Having a flat chest for women can diminish your quality of life due to social stigma, clothes fitting, feeling underdeveloped, etc

Anonymous 93418

What's wrong with people wanting to look better physically? Go back to Tumblr. Women will never take you seriously unless you have an argument other than "muh tissues, you won't die therefore it's unnecessary, even if it would improve your quality of life"

Anonymous 93420

>To meet arbitrary beauty standards of what "good teeth" look like

To some degree this is true but if you are young and have crooked/compacted teeth there's very little way to predict how they will continue to position themselves naturally. Braces prevent a ton of problems both short and long term and any orthodontist has a list of horror stories of compacted teeth that need to be removed that could have been prevented had braces been introduced years earlier.

Anonymous 93435

Exactly. Even if it was for cosmetic reasons, it's perfectly normal and sane to want to look physically approachable. Anon acts like people who do anything other than shower and trim their nails/hair is crazy with a shit ton of problems

Anonymous 93437


Sup ladies, did you know wearing makeup, getting facial treatments, removing skin tags, getting braces or fixing the appearance or comfort of your teeth and body at all is completely unnecessary and I think you should just live in pain and insecurity unless you're literally going to die, stupid over exaggerating cunts. Let me tell you what's best for your own quality of life. clearly women who have breast reductions but still keep their big boobs are extremely mentally ill and need to be throw in the psych ward immediately because I said so! And I know they're all lying about their back problems anyway

Anonymous 93438

>I'm taking away everyone's breasts
Half anons here don't have them

Anonymous 93440

You sound like a moid gaslighting women into being ugly and, therefore, subservient

Anonymous 93443

>What's wrong with people wanting to look better physically?
Because they're doing it for the perverted male set standards of beauty, and I fucking hate the standards moids have created pickme.

>Exactly. Even if it was for cosmetic reasons, it's perfectly normal and sane to want to look physically approachable. Anon acts like people who do anything other than shower and trim their nails/hair is crazy with a shit ton of problems
I've already covered this strawman, so good to know you're just arguing in bad faith.
>taking a shower =! surgery

Why should anyone, anywhere, at anytime feel insecure about their teeth or face? Whether they good or bad, whether they are pretty or not? Why do you support harmful beauty standards that push "ugly" women to the outskirts alongside the men you so obviously love to show off to?

Anonymous 93447

>Because they're doing it for the perverted male set standards of beauty
But how does this apply to breast reduction surgery? Have you seen how creepy men talk about women who've had it? Moids act like they own their bodies and those women are selfish monsters for wanting smaller titties to reduce their back pain. Plastic surgery is usually superficial yes but there are exceptions.

Anonymous 93448

this guys face reminds me of cook from skins

Anonymous 93450

>medium boobs are perfect
My time to shine

Anonymous 93456

I'm none of the above, but I don't want huge titties for moids. You're full of shit.

Anonymous 93470

You shame women for doing things that increase their quality of life and then claim that their back problems and other physical pain are all in their head and thus equal to being transgendered. Save the muh beauty standards for Tumblr. You clearly have a list of other issues pertaining to what women do with their own bodies and the other anons are either, you just seem like you don't want women to reach their full potential in confidence

Anonymous 93476

>refusing to shit on women for doing non invasive things that make them more confident is "pushing ugly women to the outskirts"
Anyway, what's your reasoning behind why 100% lesbian women do things for their appearance? Are they all stupid evil pickmes catering to disgusting perverted men?

Anonymous 93481

It's different because it's for women, apparently. Pay no attention to the growing amount of men who have a fetish for masc lesbians.

Anonymous 93484

>acknowledges you accept showering but points out that it is the only thing acceptable for appearance in your book
I cannot even fathom this level of retardation

anyway do you ladies want to turn this into a looksmaxxing thread? whats your current goals and routine? whats your favorite beauty products and procedures? I personally like blow outs, hydrafacials and eyelash perms

Anonymous 93486

masc lesbians still dye and style their hair, wear minimal makeup, get skin tag removals, and get breast reductions if needed lol

Anonymous 93495

Sure anon we believe you. Never in history have butch lesbians done anything for their appearance except basic grooming. Kek

You remind me of Onision, trying to strip women of their beauty and femininity

Anonymous 93515

I'm sorry you think femininity is a good thing and not a prison created by males to help with the subjugation of the female sex.

Anonymous 93517

>Like seeing feminine and beautiful women
>Like emulating the femininity you cherish in others

Still don't see the problem in being a lipstick lesbi4n

Anonymous 93520

>nooo women are dumb, if you disagree with me your a brainwashed NCP that only wants to cater to moids and get followers on Onlyfans
Can't you fucking see how you're just adapting the anti-feminist speech here?

Maybe some women don't like huge breasts because moids like them… maybe unlike you they have good taste and like them because they're beautiful. Ever thought about that? Stop deciding what's better for the others, retard, people are smarter than you think and they might have their own tastes an opinions.

Anonymous 93529

Do you feel better now that you've painted your shackles pink? Does the boot taste like freedom now that you've applied a $43 lipstick?

Anonymous 93541

I only lift makeup, and dollar store makeup at that lol

Anonymous 93543

IDK I don't trust the eyelash perms/extensions that are becoming all the rage right now, then again I wear glasses so even minimal mascara just ends up smeared on my lenses. Love a blow out whenever I get a haircut though.

You realize even with bare faces and short hair we're despised and abused, right? Work on structural changes before screaming at the ones in shackles.

Anonymous 93620


Don't even talk to me if you don't look like this femcels. It's over!

Anonymous 93621

Ugh same, I usually like to emphasize my lips to even everything out though

Anonymous 93622

>W-women are too stupid and any sort of femininity is a mental illness that you have from catering to men
How does someone as weak as you even survive?
>If you're not exactly the way I want you're stupid and a pickme

Anonymous 93644

>Having a flat chest for women can diminish your quality of life due to social stigma, clothes fitting, feeling underdeveloped, etc
Those are terrible reasons to get a breast augmentation. Breast implants give you a high risk of developing anaplastic large cell lymphoma (an uncommon cancer of the immune system) and breast implant illness, which symptoms include: fatigue, memory loss, skin rash, trouble concentrating and thinking clearly, and joint pain.

Anonymous 93663


What the actual fuck have you smoked to hallucinate those green texts?

Anonymous 93664

She can't argue against the actual words so she has to hallucinate a strawman to deconstruct while preserving her worldview from attack.

Anonymous 93678

Okay anon You're completely correct! Oh how will I recover from such embarrassment? They/you didn't talk down on women for being feminine at all and just that being feminine is all by and for men done by women. And if you actually read, which I doubt, femininity apparently = any upkeep to your looks outside of basic hygiene

Since men don't ever do any of those things like get braces and dye their hair

Anonymous 93680

This anon is probably a moid

Anonymous 93681

This. Most small boobed girls I know love their boobs. The only insecure girls I've met were overweight girls with small boobs to their body or obese girls with very saggy breasts like >>93116

Anonymous 93685

I love the feeling of getting my nails done, homemade hair masks make me nice and soft as well, i really which my skin was smoother though, any recommendations?

Anonymous 93687

I take showers, cut my nails, brush my hair. When I really want to treat myself I take a really hot bath.

Anonymous 93736

Depends on your skin problems and skin type. If you don't have acne and just want smooth skin you probably just need to incorporate more hydrating products like a glycolic acid serum. If you don't already you may want to also try chemical exfoliants like AHA once or twice a week before moisturizing.
Also goes without saying that you should be wearing sunscreen if you don't already.
That's about the best I can think of without knowing what you're working with. Good luck anon.

Anonymous 93751

If you can't tell the difference between performative femininity(I'm spelling it out for you: repetitive, time consuming, expensive beauty rituals most women are socially pressured into doing. Things you have to do every day and shudder in fear at the thought of someone seeing you before you do them.) and things like hair dye, braces, and basic hygiene you're genuinely retarded.

Anonymous 93752

Okay, I'm retarded. What's the difference? Both take time, both take resources, the only difference I can see is the degree with which the lose goes. Explain to me the difference like I was a 6 years old.

Anonymous 93753


Maybe this can help you figure out the difference between making sure you don't stink and dropping hundreds monthly on useless beauty products you spend hours every day applying.

Anonymous 93754

Kek I know strippers who don't even spend that much time or money on makeup
Anon I already told you anon considered braces, skin tag removal etc to be pickmeism. Just Ctrl+f "skin tag" and you'll see them sperging out at people who do anything for their looks other than the bare minimum

Anonymous 93757

Great, you've posted something that proves performative femininity exists, which I blatantly agree with and have been stating the whole thread. Now, prove to me where the line is drawn between performative femininity and
>and things like hair dye, braces, and basic hygiene you're genuinely retarded.
Again, explain it to me like I am 6.

Anonymous 93768

I'm going to assume you're asking this in good faith. Like I said earlier, it's things you do every day, spend a considerable amount of time, money, and effort on, things that are uncomfortable or painful that only women are encouraged to do. Of course this is a bit nuanced, I'll get into that in a bit. But the key here is that it's /only women/ being pressured into doing these things, and at the end of the day it's what men want. It makes women weaker (high heels damage your feet, dieting hurts your body) and wastes time and money they could spend learning or cultivating hobbies. If you don't know if something counts as performative femininity, ask yourself if men are pressured to do the same thing and you'll get your answer. I'm not going to even comment on the fact that the beauty industry profits massively on manufactured insecurities because that's a whole different can of worms, but your money is going to overwhelmingly male CEOS when you purchase eyeshadow and razors.

By doing these beauty rituals as you're encouraged to by society, you're contributing to performative femininity being the norm and the societal pressure placed on other women to also do these things. I'm not saying it's women's fault, I'm just saying it's a form of peer pressure. Like I said earlier, the topic of performative femininity is nuanced. And no one's saying you have to go 100% natural all the time either. Insisting that all women should stop doing beauty rituals asap or they're a pickme is cultlike behavior lol. No one except skin tag anon cares if you remove a skin tag or get your nails done every once in a while. Just realize that none of your decisions exist in a vacuum when it comes to performative femininity and think more critically about why you do the things you do. If you were stranded on a deserted island and happened to have a makeup palette in your pocket would you still apply it even though no one was there to see you? What about all the other beauty rituals you do?

I personally like to dye my hair and paint my nails. I don't get looked at strangely if I don't do those things. However, I don't wear makeup, don't shave my body hair, nor do I wear restrictive, uncomfortable "feminine" clothing and undergarments. People always ask me "why not?", or stare at my legs in public. Notice the difference in public opinion on these things. I'm not saying hair dye can't be performative femininity. Think about women who are greying, or women bleaching their hair to fit a trend or cultural beauty standard. You always see older women dying over greys whereas (attractive) men are allowed to go grey and even get called silver foxes. Hair dye isn't expected for women until you don't fit the beauty standard anymore.

When it comes down to it, the only reason why women feel confident after these rituals is because they've ascribed a value to the validation they receive afterwards. It's a form of social conditioning, "pretty" women get treated better. Once you stop giving a shit what bottom-of-the-barrel moids and nosy aunties think about your appearance, you'll realize that it's all a waste of fucking time and money. I haven't worn makeup in a year and I feel so much better about my appearance than when I was obsessed with skincare, masks, and wore makeup every day. I also have a lot of extra money and can spend the extra time sleeping in or cooking breakfast. And my skin has never been clearer either.

Anonymous 93789

First off, I am >>93757 and I believe I am the so-called "skin tag anon" in question. Regardless thank you for this heuristic
>But the key here is that it's /only women/ being pressured into doing these things, and at the end of the day it's what men want.
Which is useful. In this case, the only thing that I know men are expected to do is
>trim nails
>keep hair relatively clean
>shave (and only if they don't already have full facial hair)
So in the end, I am correct in my assumptions about what is or isn't performative femininity.

Anonymous 93816

>dieting hurts your body
You can't be serious

Anonymous 93818

Wtf are you talking about? Most men I know who arent hillbillies at least had braces, diet and work out and so on. Like get skin tag removals

Also "men are gross and don't care for their appearance so women should do it to". Stop gas lighting women into being ugly under the guise of muh feminism. I bet within a few hours you're gonna simp over a woman who is high maintenance

Anonymous 93928

I think it's smart when women who are already conventionally attractive use techniques to make themselves more attractive. Attractive women undeniably have like a million times advantages in society compared to a normal person. You're more likely to be offered jobs, raises, are more liked by colleagues and such, people see you as more trustworthy, and you can get even more money if you're a model or your job revolves around looks, even if you're just a waitress. Call these women pickmes and brainwashed all you want, they are 100% living a better life than you and you can't handle it

As for tits and breast reductions, breast reductions for women who have unproportioned big boobs it can definitely help level up since it makes your figure more visible, but that's ofc if you actually have a nice figure and your large saggy boobs aren't due to being obese. Girls who legitimately have small boobs can level up too if they can find different ways to make their boobs bigger (birth control, weight gain, etc), but most women and men don't understand proportions and bitch about how women don't have anime tits

Anonymous 93931

>living a better life than you and you can't handle it
I am well aware that those who perform performative feminity have better lives. That's the entire point, why should your life quality revolve around a moids POV? I'm glad they get to be head bitch of the pack, but she's still living on scraps off the table.

Anonymous 93933

Because this world sucks but basic survival is maximizing what you have. Surely models who are making millions and are ready to retire at 30 with no financial issue aren't "begging for scraps". Don't hate the player hate the game. Women who looksmax are intelligent and know how to maximize their experience in their life

Anonymous 93934

>Surely models who are making millions and are ready to retire at 30 with no financial issue aren't "begging for scraps".

Compared to the moids worth billions they are.

Anonymous 93940

Being a woman in this world sucks. It's not like people can help what gender they're born in, but shitting on women for doing nothing but being born as women in a world like this is the most stupid thing ever. Like I said don't hate players hate the game. Don't hate women who maximize what they're given and use it to their advantage

Anonymous 93953

>It's not like people can help what gender they're born in, but shitting on women for doing nothing but being born as women in a world like this is the most stupid thing ever.
I have never, and am not shitting on women. I am shitting on women who do performative femininity because "that's just the way things are." Moids intentionally pitting woman against woman in incredibly unhealthy ways devastates me, as they are ruining perfectly fine woman who should have more sense of self worth than that. Whether or not they are the ones to "win" or "lose" this game, both suffer playing a moid game.

Anonymous 93980

Your definition of performative feminity is doing anything for your looks outside of just basic hygiene, that's the issue. And if you hate women for that you are literally hating all women

That being said women who keep their looks up to manipulate men out of money and careers are based. No one cares about you when they're sitting on a pile of cash

Anonymous 93981

>And if you hate women for that you are literally hating all women
As you say, I 'hate the game'(as you call it) that all women are playing, and I want it to stop, and it won't stop until all women stop playing it.

Anonymous 93983

You're as bad as the "feminists" who think porn is empowering.

Anonymous 93984

>and it won't stop until all women stop playing it.

stop men from making our lives hell when we stop playing the game and the game ends, so therefore the game continues until extinction

Anonymous 93985

Whether you like it or not women will play so instead of blaming them just grow up and accept that not all women are going to be dykes who do exactly as you please
Yes, because literally hating most women is super feminist

Anonymous 94015

The OP image made me instantly so fucking sad. Not the meme edit but the image of the cow walking to its death. I'm kinda tipsy and I'm tearing up now.

Anonymous 94063

i understand what you mean. take this time to consider not eating meat, and beef, especially. i think that'd be nice.

Anonymous 94075

Beef is literally the best thing a human can consume.

Anonymous 94078

it's definitely not, but feel free to enjoy your bowel cancer.

Anonymous 94079

Theres literally no proof of that.

Anonymous 94088

True in terms of micronutrient density if you mean beef Liver specifically. But beef muscle, which is what most people mean when they say beef, no.

Anonymous 94108

don't start with the nutritional value of liver for this anon, she's only eating meat, does not want to diversify her diet, and will end up giving herself vitamin a toxicity. smh.

Anonymous 94109

Hi anon, thanks. I don't eat meat but the image still makes me sad and reminds me why I stopped.

Anonymous 94116


that's awesome, anon! (not the sad slaughterhouse part, ik how you feel)

Anonymous 94152


4chan is that way, demoralization shill

boob obsessors are among the biggest weirdos I've ever met. They’re like rapey children in adult bodies

Anonymous 94154

This 100%, esp when they try to speak in the place of other men "sorry ladies only a handful of men like small boobs, go get a boob job" like what planet is your brain in that you have the audacity to speak about what other people find attractive just for the sake of boob shaming women? Pitiful

Anonymous 94155

To be fair, they might be able to legitimately speak for all men if they have esp.

Anonymous 94166

Guys who date small boobed girls are probably pedos.

Anonymous 94190

Men who like Belle Delphine are pedophiles

Anonymous 94208

Yes beef muscle. You can sort of overdose on certain nutrients if yoh overconsume beef liver. Beef muscle can sustain you on its own, it has to be relatively fatty tho.
>does not want to diversify her diet
What makes you think that? Im not doing this for some shitty political/compassion reason. The reason im doing this is the simplicity and the fact that im feeling better. I've been trying out other stuff but so far there wasnt anything that didnt make me feel bad in some way. Dairy brings back body odor (i dont want to smell bad if i dont shower for 2 days), veggies make me bloated and gassy, and make me more sensitive to allergens. Bread and pasta make me very sleepy when i eat them and i have to poop very often. I also get pimples, like one or two, when i otherwise have really clear skin. Oil is the worst, if i consume shit that contains plant oil i literally pee out of my asshole. I havent tried fruit yet, but i dont think i will since most of it gave me very annoying allergic reactions (my skin would itch, my lips would swell up, some fruit even made my breathing more difficult.) Also used to have UTIs sort of often, havent had one the whole time i changed my diet (not sure if thats because of my diet still, but it could be since the best thing you can feed bacteria is sugar and i didnt consume any). Also my bf did it too and he lost weight, his skin stopped being dry and pretty much everything else i listed as the good things that happened to me. For him everything is also much more obvious.
Im not saying you shouldnt eat anything else, im just saying that you can eat only meat and be healthy. And as it seems some people should eat only meat.
Also why would i give myself vitamin a toxicity?

Anonymous 94209

OK mikhaila

Anonymous 94210

Why would that be? Its more common for a healthy adult woman that didnt have children yet to have small breasts than big breasts.

Anonymous 94212

Hey, dont knock it till you've tried it.

Anonymous 94213

Guys who date big boobed girls are probably fat fetishists >>91514

Anonymous 94216

But you dont have to be fat to have big boobs. Just like you dont have to look like a child if you have small ones.

Anonymous 94228

Anons what sort of herbs and spices do you like to put on your steak? I want to try something different the next time I cook it.

Anonymous 94245

I usually go for salt only, but my bf likes it with garlic. Also would like to try basting it in butter.

Anonymous 94247

You're right but men who are overly obsessive about a woman having the biggest tits possible are usually fat fetishists, or at the very least will enable their girlfriends obesity. Normal healthy men just like boobs of all sizes as long as if they look nice when the bra comes off

Anonymous 94249

You can't speak for all men just because you want to stomp on women lol. If this was truly a huge problem every single small boobed girls would be at some holocaust style boob camp until they get forced to get a boob job
Okay. Let's say the small boobed girls agree with you and drop everything and get implants. Where do you think that would take this planet next for evolution?

Anonymous 94251

>normal healthy men just like boobs of any size
True and true.
When women complin about guys being obsessed with gigantic boobs its not because the size is the problem, i mean its the same thing woth small ones. Its the fixation thats the problem. Most guys who have a fixation on big boobs are some kind of misogynist. The ones obsessed with smaller boobs are sometimes pedos and sometimes just have a weird superiority complex.
Also id say that the guys that have a bad relationship with their parents tend to have the fixations.

Anonymous 94253

Women are fucked when it comes to relationships. I've been on both sides of the spectrum and men are shitheads everywhere. I got sexually harassed like 3x more with like a b cup and when I had triple D's (not pregnant or fat) I'd get hit on but dating was a struggle since a lot of men went ghost after a few dates. I'm a full C and get treated great by men except this one who had an extreme fixation on big boobs and dated morbidly obese deathfats just for the sake of boobs

Anonymous 98524

they're pedos that's why

Anonymous 98534

What about old men who brag about fucking 11-16 yr olds with large boobs and butt? Most athletic women have small boobs, does that mean guys who wanna fuck fully grown adult volleyball players are pedos too? What about men who are attracted to Milf's with small boobs? Guys who wan a fuck Audrey Hepburn and other vintage starlets pedophiles too? Come on now anon there's more to attraction than boob size alone. You also have to account for all the women who would kill for a chance to fuck Audrey Hepburn, Grace kelly, Kate moss, most lingerie models,etc. Guess they're all pedophiles too I guess

Anonymous 98546


I'm a bit lesbian for Keira Knightley. Am I a pedo too? Quick, answer me.

Anonymous 98568


All aboard the pedo train

Anonymous 98774

>complaining about how my natural big boobs were a "let down" because they were saggy and thats why he cheated on me

that sounds like his problem,not yours

anyway im petite as fuck so i feel like people naturally assume i'll have a-c cups and i feel like im going to let them down if they are drawn toward a certain body type because i hide 32e's behind massive layers lol

Anonymous 98816


Anon probably sees women as walking tits and doesn't know women can have sexy and womanly bodies outside of titties, because picrel isn't womanly one bit and only a pedo could be attracted to that

Anonymous 98820

Her boobs aren't even small. You guys aren't even posting small boobs, you're posting skinny women with proportional breasts. This woman's breasts are pretty large imho.

Anonymous 98821

>these are considered small breasts

Anonymous 98837


What is considered small? Small is pretty objective now, there are celebrities who think emrata and scarjo have small boobs. It makes a weird blurred line that women don't even know what's large and what's small anymore, and then you have posts like >>90647 and it creates a weird confusing barrier since most women who maintain a healthy body weight won't have large boobs

Anonymous 98843


yes, people are demented and consider everything "small" when they're actually proportional and normal. emrata has massive breasts and so does scarjo. it's all just picking on women and trying to make them feel like shit. girl in your pic really doesn't have small breasts either imo. she has a lot of breast tissue. small boobs are like this to me.

Anonymous 98844

They have similar sized boobs girl in my pic is just arching her back, haven't you ever taken boob pics before?

Anonymous 98845

yes, i have taken breast pictures. they have entirely different amounts of breast tissue. entirely different. your girl has way more tissue, way more.

Anonymous 99339


I know that saying what is and isn't small will cause a ton of debate for some reason, and also saying that there's people who are extremely and weirdly against small boobed girls existing will also cause tons of debate but

I feel like most of the men and women who are weirdly bitter and against small boobs are usually just upset. A lot of women with small boobs (or what would be considered small by western standards inb4 everyone wants to claim anything bigger than a b cup is Tig ol mommy milkers). On top of that women with small breasts tend to have killer bodies and nice proportional curvy hourglass figures all while maintaining youthful perky but plump boobs, men don't like this because a lot of those women are leagues well above them so in their mind if they tell themselves something like "akshully I don't like the full C cupped Victoria's secret models I like my 300 lb bae with H cup tits and we laugh at the flat models together!", Then it doesn't seem so much like rejection in their heads. As for women goes, it's just bitterness like usual, if a woman has a legit nice body, and nice boobs, she wouldn't need to put down other girls who also have sexy and womanly bodies just because they don't have tits as massive as theirs, from what I've seen girls who hate on women with small boobs are often unattractive and overweight pickmes who have nothing to offer but their breast size, I've not once seen a woman with large breasts who has an attractive figure shame women for not having large boobs, girls with large boobs that are actually nice on the eyes don't care about other women's boob sizes

Anonymous 99350

Well, I didn't bleed when I lost my virginity and I think is quite common. I think that even if I was a virgin in these countries, I'd be better safe than sorry.

Anonymous 99462

I also feel like planning the wedding around your period would work, why would men even think there's some magical button that would cause the vagina to bleed that they need to press with their dick? What do they believe happens to virgins who go to the gyno?

Anonymous 99544

are we saying fran has small boobs? i swear it feels like almost all boobs are small boobs to people.

Anonymous 100143

shit, my friend chose both doors because she had boobs that caused her hella backpain, and onlyfans is a viable way of earning money.

any guy who doesn't understand the importance of the beforementioned isn't worth the trouble anyway.

Anonymous 100144

they don't care, the important thing is the existence of boobs, not the size of them.

Anonymous 100155

we're talking about what society would consider small dude, yes i know she has decent breast tissue yadda yadda, but this thread wouldn't even exist if most people actually agreed with you, it sucks I know and I forever wish my 28F cup would be considered big and womanly but I get called flat like once a month or so. But either way just because they aren't a negative A cup doesn't mean the general population doesn't think they're small

this 100%, most guys in general seem to care about the appearance of the rest of the body more than anything, most girls with small boobs are toned and have good proportions which is universally seen as attractive, where as most girls with very large boobs tend to neglect the rest of their figure since they're told all they need is boobs, but then these women just end up with a suitcase of body issues

Anonymous 100922

Anon probably thinks "I find this attractive therefore it's not small" as if all small tits were small sad little shapeless dots

Anonymous 100924

> but I get called flat like once a month or so

Are you in middle school or something.

Anonymous 100946

>as if all small tits were small sad little shapeless dots
Are you talking about yourself here…?

Anonymous 100978

>You mention x feature that means you must have x feature
What in troll logic is this

Anonymous 101008

booba haha

Anonymous 101032

Insecure people often put themselves down like this.

Anonymous 101037

I never put myself down though, I just mentioned anon probably has a negative view of small boobs because in their head it's only "bad" small boobs but when small boobs are nice they're just say they're not small. Nothing to do with myself, it's like you/them didn't even read and just wanted to start shit

Anonymous 104988

Why do so many girls with big boobs HAVE to take a picture with their bras on or half off, holding up their boobs, or just laying down and pushing their tits together? Like why can't you just stand straight up and down without having to do crazy positions?

Anonymous 104989

This is some extreme mental gymnastics. Most guys like big boobs, some don't mind, a small minority like small boobs. But they're as small as the girls who like short guys, narrow shoulders or small dicks.

Anonymous 104991

For the same reason they use filters, makeup, style their clothing, their hair, use specific lighting, and choose specific angles: it accentuates the traits they are wanting to accentuate.

Anonymous 104993

Can we let this retarded thread die or are we just cursed to fight over sacks of fat forever

Anonymous 104995

People with blue/green eyes do the same. You can see how they have to show to everyone on Instagram and Facebook that their eyes aren't brown.
Everyone likes to show their good features on the Internet. I honestly don't think it's wrong. Maybe the using mainstream social networks is the problem here, but not taking the pics.

Anonymous 104996

Two types of guys say that, pedo weebs and guys trying to make their girlfriends feel better about their small breasts.

Anonymous 104998

A on breasts_41ba0…

This. Most men I know like small boobs and even prefer it. On top of that
I think the fact that r/smallboobs on reddit has 300k+ followers while r/bigboobs only have 100k is telling and more valid since in statistics like the ones posted they only use very small numbers of people where as people who gravitate towards the thing will actively go out and try to find that specific thing

Some of the sexiest celebrities according to men have small chests and lots of famous porn stars do too. Even in breastenvy posts men will actively agree that shape> size, the moderators of that subreddit say themselves bigger isn't always better and lots of men will agree that the woman with the smaller chest is more attractive



+ Most stacies I know have small breasts so

Anonymous 104999

>Most men I know like small boobs and even prefer it.
Guess you don't know lots of men then…

Anonymous 105000


"I swear anons men only like MY body type, not other women's who don't look like me"
Holy fuck you delusional insecure bitch please seek help

Anonymous 105002

>The trend could also be inspired by the rise of smaller-breasted sex symbols like Kendall Jenner and Taylor Swift
Bad Examples IMO.
Let's suppose Tom Cruise and George Clooney have small dicks. Would that mean they're a no-no to most women? I think they are able to ignore small breasts as long as you can compensate somewhere else (eg. having a pretty face).

Breasts, as well as other parts of the human body, are important, but as long as you have something else you can be attractive. It's just your chest that will be less than optimal to most men.

Anonymous 105003


Eh, 90% chance they're saying that to not sound creepy. Also I have extreme doubts about the way the data is interpreted in your news site. The same site shows not a single search for "small breasts" in the most popular searches. What it seems to be analysing is the frequency of videos watched with small breasts. It doesn't mean men like small breasts, it means they are searching for things other than big breasts.

Anonymous 105004


Most of my social circle is male due to the fact I'm in a field dominated by men lol. All of them agree shape>size and will take a nice perky pair over a large saggy pair anyday

Anonymous 105006

I'm coping? You wrote a 600 word essay on why men secretly prefer your breasts, against basically all of what is known about the male desire. Honestly you're kind of like a short guy saying, askhully girls LOVE short guys, you can see the search trends

Anonymous 105008

Small boob searches have been increasing like crazy though and this stat was also taken after 2000s but not as recently since the 2000s had a fixation on large boobs. Small boobs have never been an issue throughout any point of history. Reddit proves this as well

Anonymous 105009

NTA, but that pretty much exemplifies what I said here >>105002
What makes her attractive are not her breasts. Moids would ignore it and go for the rest. Big breasts being replaceable
=/=moids like small breasts.

Anonymous 105011


Then by your logic, porn and nude sites that revolve around what men want to see would not have any girls with small boobs right?
Then no one has explained why small boob subreddits are more popular than big boob ones, or how so many porn stars and nude models in things like playboy would be allowed to have small boobs?

Also a lot of those pics often have their boobs alone in them, if it was about compensation for the rest of the body they would focus on that not just the boobs lol

Anonymous 105012



>Small boob searches have been increasing like crazy

Either you are extremely deluded (maybe schizophrenic) or you're a pedo moid trolling. 30 seconds on Google gave me this:
Why the frack do you have these pics saved? Weirdo.

Anonymous 105013

Men will sleep with a goat if it was shaved. If you mean there has been a rise in the popularity of it yes maybe. But its nowhere near popular.

It's basic sexual biology. Primary and secondary sexual characteristics are more noticeable and attractive when they are bigger. It'd be like liking a flat, small butt or a small peen.

Anonymous 105015

I don't have small breasts, I just said men like them not that men only like small boobs. You're the only trying to convince everyone and their moms men are exclusively able to be attracted to big boobs and everything else is just them lying. I'm sorry your boyfriend left you for the small boob Stacy

Anonymous 105016

Tits size don't matter. Or matter very little.
The shape of the breasts, the size and color of the nipple and the symmetry of the pair matters more.
But ion the end of the day none of this matters unless you want to be a shallow fuckdoll to your fuckboy who only cares about your looks and use your body as his fuckdoll.
If you want a husbando whom you can raise your kiddos together in peace that guy won't care about any of this.

Anonymous 105017

Oh, come on, if you're going to samefag this hard at least come up with something new.

Anonymous 105018

>Men like small boobs
>Scizo, pedophile, etc
Ah yes, the main patients at psych wards, people who think men are capable of enjoying small boobs

Also this sites weird since they say natural is a top search but then say that fake is a preferred search so

Anonymous 105019

Small boob anon here. This isn't me scizo

Anonymous 105021

Brb dropping out of college so I can commit myself to a hospital because I think men prefer small tits. I wonder how ill explain this to the therapist? Is there hope for me anons? Is there medications that can help? Only time will tell

Anonymous 105022

Yeah, significant. Less than 10% according to that graphice? Considering how pedos are even more porn addicted coomers than the average moid those 0.09 of small breasts searchers are probably quite overrepresented, so the real number is even smaller. I swear to god, you girls are taking this reality shifting meme too hard.

Anonymous 105024

>Ah yes, the main patients at psych wards, people who think men are capable of enjoying small boobs
I didn't say that. Like. At all. I said that believing that "Small boob searches have been increasing like crazy" is pure coping.

Anonymous 105025

Flat no but small yes. A lot of evolutionists also think that perky > large since more collagen and the breasts look "filled" for breast feeding and Freud goes more into this, which is also why people go on hormones their boobs get that more filled in appearance but don't get dramatically bigger

Here's more sciencey info on the evolution behind it

I'm not saying all men only like small boobs but it's obviously a lot more about shape

Anonymous 105026

I do remember what a p-value is from college, but I still don't see your point. Are you going to deny that the overwhelming majority of the searchers were about big breasts? By the way, we're using a census here, not a statistical sampling, so your point is pretty dumb.

Anonymous 105027

Porn hub literally confirmed this though. and you confidently ignored my Reddit example where the small boobs subreddit is literally 3x as followed than the big boobs one. You're the one who sounds scizo

Anonymous 105029

I didn't deny it. Thanks for ignoring everything else though you sure showed me.

Anonymous 105030

Sorry for butting in. I'm the new anon who posted
>>105016 <- This
I'm 100% standing by my opinion. If you want a douchebag only because he looks like an eyecandy, go for it and be conscious about your body till he cheats on you or dumps you.
It's your life.
If you're really so self conscious about your small boobs then get a boobjob. But only do it for yourself. Going under the knife because of a guy's attention is just pathetic.
It's like going to college to please your narcistic parents. It's the same concept.

Anonymous 105031

How do you believe porn stars and nude models with small breasts got popular among men?

Anonymous 105033

Who's self conscious? The ones insisting men are only able to be attracted to their body types are the self conscious ones. Im just saying men prefer a variety and a lot of them prefer small boobs, not literally all and if they say otherwise they're lying like the other anons are trying to say. That's self conscious right there

Anonymous 105034

What? This was literally my point here, schizo. >>105012

So, your point is? Yes, lots of men like small breasts. Pretty sure many of them also like fat women. There are like, 3,7 billion men Supposing 10% of them are gay, maybe almost 350 million (around the US population) likes small breasts better. The question is, how many of them are pedos?

Anonymous 105037

Small breasts have more popularity which is why I keep mentioning models, porn stars, subreddits, etc. Which you are all ignoring where as you'll never see a fat girl on playboy, penthouse or a high end strip club

Anonymous 105038


I can think of two reasons. 1 Many of them are still perceived as attractive by most men despite, and not because their breasts. I don't know a lot about porn, but I bet most of them don't focus on their breasts, usually showing toned bellies, cute butts and pretty faces. Not gonna check though, porn should die.
2 Same reason why BBW porn is a thing There are literally billions of men around the world. Some of them do like small breasts. They might be a minority, but they are numerous. It's like tall Chinese men. They exist, probably more than tall whites and blacks in America because the country has 1,3 billion inhabitants.

Anonymous 105039

You also have to remember porn big boobs and real life big boobs often look nothing alike. I imagine most of the femcels ranting about how men exclusively want their breasts will be laughed at and rejected if they try to go be a nude model

Anonymous 105040

Yeah but things made by and for men that are extremely popular (PLAYBOY) as I keep reminding you, have lots of girls with small breasts and take shots focusing on their boobs despite the fact you keep insisting their boobs are flaw even though men seem to not get enough of them. You also never explained my subreddit popularity example

Anonymous 105041

This also doesn't explain the studies focused on how shape is more important when you're trying to say size is more important to breast attractiveness

Anonymous 105042

First post ITT.
Just checked and /r/bbw and /r/cuckold. The first have 450k subscribers. The second, 800k. Do you think men like this sort of things too?

Anonymous 105043


&Small breasted sex dolls and sex robots. This also refutes the claim of "those women just have other ways to compensate" since their literal parts are interchangeable and men still choose small breasts like half the time

Anonymous 105044

Sure but that doesn't change the fact r/smallboobs is 3x as popular as big boobs. And a lot of women on cuckold and other subs have a variety of chest sizes

Anonymous 105045

>things made by and for men that are extremely popular (PLAYBOY) as I keep reminding you, have lots of girls with small breasts and take shots focusing on their boobs
How do you know so much about porn? Honest question.
Also, I believe the reason one I've posted here >>105040 explains this very well. I pretty much doubt that they focus that much on their breasts.

Anonymous 105048

And /r/bbw is 7 times bigger than /r/skinnygirls. Even though I don't think men like skinny women I'm pretty sure the vast majority of them hate fat women even more.

Anonymous 105049

That makes my claim that "a considerable part of men that like small breasts are porn addicted pedo coomers" strong though.

Anonymous 105051

How many times do we have to repeat that no one is denying that some men do like small breasts? The point is that the vast majority of them think bigger is better.

Anonymous 105052

So if men like big boobs in porn it's normal but if men like small boobs they're pedophiles and porn addicted? Okay then

Also that doll is clearly a woman. Small chested women look nothing like children. And by this logic men would also prefer underdeveloped hips and boobs that look similar to developing nipples. Not fully shaped, round and developed boobs

Anonymous 105053

Did you not see the previous comment? Saying "yeah men can like boobs that don't look like mine but they're all stupid and pedophiles!" Doesn't make it better or are you remotely correct lol

Anonymous 105054

According to these sites at least:
Unrealistic, gigantic breasts are more common among the best selling dolls than tiny breasts (although there are a few flat dolls too). If we're using sex dolls as a real argument, I could claim that for many men the best size doesn't even exist, even in porn and are definitely more popular than small breasts. Luckly for you I'm just trying to show that your argument is not very good, not claiming that mean like those monstruous breasts.

Anonymous 105055

Pack it up ladies, it's been confirmed she has no idea what she's talking about

Anonymous 105056

Care to explain?

Anonymous 105057

What makes you think I have big boobs though? You do know there are many anons in both sides of the debate, right? I wish I had, but I'm not going to lie to myself and pretend that small breasts are popular just because some men like them, it's basically saying that men like fat women. Some of them do, most of them don't (though I think we can all agree that being fat is worse than being flat).

Anonymous 105058

>things made by and for men
For a woman you certainly know a lot about things made by and for men, don't you?

Anonymous 105063

To be fair with her/him, I love reading playboy interviews and I think many women read them. Now, a straight woman seeing pics of naked women on a magazine is indeed sus.

Anonymous 105065

What ad hominem? I was all but civil with you. You either don't know what ad hominem is or you misquoted my post.

Anonymous 105067

I didn't call anyone a moid or a schizo. Some people ITT are talking this thread too serious. If you girls are so sure about your opinion being right why is it so important to convince the others they are wrong on such a boring, frivolous subject?

Anonymous 105068

It's easier to cope about men liking small boobs when you also pretend to believe that this is also a popular opinion among women.

Anonymous 105082

Anonymous 105094


>You're the only
>tfw started the shitstorm then ghosted the thread and now get to sit back and enjoy the shitstorm

Anonymous 105100

For those of you on the small size side of the discussion. Do you at least agree that the average moid thinks big breasts>small breasts Ceteris Paribus?

Anonymous 105110

As someone with actual small boobs - which means NOT perfect B-cups on a fit body or something like that - every small-boobed woman I've talked to says men vastly prefer big boobs and that's what I think as well.
I get the impression that women who defended small boobs in this thread have a totally different definition of "small". If every single poster here had uploaded pics of what sizes they deem small or big to accompany their argument, we probably wouldn't be having this discussion here.

Anonymous 105117

I was on the "big" side here (although I'm not big boobed myself). I realized that most of this flame war is pretty dumb. Both sizes agree that there are men that like small breasts. As a result, both sides are strawmanning it other; one's claiming that "YOU TITTYCOWS ARE SAYING THAT MEN ARE INCAPABLE OF LIKING WOMEN WITH SMALL BREASTS!!!!11" while the other is accusing small-chested ladies of coping because "IT'S NOT TRUE THAT MEN PREFER SMALL BREASTS!!!!11".
There's a difference of degree, not of genre about the opinions. That being said, I do believe that the "small" side is overestimating quite a lot the quantity of men that prefer or even like small breasts, and use many ridiculous arguments. I mean, Reddit? Give me a break. This was one of the most ridiculous arguments I've seen here on CC.

Anonymous 105119

Yeah, it all depends on what you determine as small. I've had several people say I have large breasts but I've also had like 1 obese girl claim I was completely flat chested lol

Plenty of men do like and prefer small breasts though, I guess it depends on where you live but most men I know don't care too much for big tits

Anonymous 105181

"T-they're just joking anon! You're the bad one for taking it seriously"

On another page, how do you anons explain the attraction to small breasts long before porn? It seems like small/medium breasts have been fairly ideal for most of history, and if men were exclusively only able to be attracted to small boobs then what sense would it make that small boobed women were able to carry on their genes and find a variety of male partners?

In typical CC fashion most of you assumed that I claimed that literally all men like small breasts when in reality I didn't say anything close, I just said small boobed women are capable of having a variety of male partners who are extremely attracted to their breast

Anyway I will repeat myself since no one can read apparently but
Reddit - AskReddit - Men: Do you prefer small breasts over large breasts? https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/q9vph/men_do_you_prefer_small_breasts_over_large_breasts/

Most studies agree that men overall look for SHAPE and not necessarily size, which makes sense because unhealthy women who smoke, drink, etc tend to have sagging breasts due to poor health and lack of collagen. Jumping through hoops to try to convince the small boobed girls that they'll never be loved or attracted to by stable men isn't going to do anything, nor ignoring all of the studies I've posted or claiming that the top tier nude models with small breasts men seem to like akshully have unattractive breasts. On top of that comparing them to men who are short is also false since most rich men and normie men who don't have an obsession with breast size would kill for a girl who has medium bust with a nice shape where as short men or small dicked men have a much harder time finding women who are aroused by those feature where as small boobed women can easily find partners aroused by their breasts. Either way it's extremely pathetic to jump through hoops and argue but anything to make women feel insecure I guess

Anonymous 105184


Anons that have been sperging about how men are incapable of being attracted to small breasts and if they do they're pedophiles/lying/ etc. What DO you define as small?

Anonymous 105185

You're citing a reddit question with 4 up votes. And those have the forum effect. When you ask a question online with a clear stigmatised answer, most responders shy away from responding.

This is some serious cope, why would men be attracted to attracted to average characteristics? Likes it being attracted to a person of average height. You're deeply confusing "don't mind" with "don't prefer". Like some don't mind a short or average guy, but that's very different from saying they don't like tall guys.

Anonymous 105186


I did post sites that prove my point with more popularity. Why wouldn't men be attracted to medium or even small busts with nice shapes? That makes zero sense. Also average features are unable to be considered attractive? Really? On what planet? If this was the case women with average noses, lips, breasts, etc would never be featured or anything catering towards what men find attractive but we are human beings attracted to other human beings, at this point you might as well try to convince men don't find women attractive without extreme features

Also I really really doubt most men are standing around begging women who look like picrel to put their bras back on because they're exclusively attracted to large tits lmao

Anonymous 105187

There was literally only one peer reviwed study ITT and it showed that big/very big>medium>small/very small.

Anonymous 105188

>It seems like small/medium breasts have been fairly ideal for most of history,
What? For most history even fat women were perceived as attractive. Small breasts were never popular anywhere. They were perceived as vulgar because of Christianity, as women with large breasts were top "sexy" pretty much proving the point that even in the ancient ages they were considered the most attractive.

Anonymous 105189

I posted several but okay then anything to make women insecure I guess
T. Someone failed history
The ideal that fat as been attractive only applied for certain parts of Europe, certainly nowhere in the west, Africa etc. Aphrodite was often depicted with small breasts too not to mention most Victorian erotica was women with small breasts

Anonymous 105190

"small boobs are not considered attractive by a single person who aren't pedophiles" anon - again what DO you consider small? Certainly the women being posted don't look anywhere near a child? Why would make sites even post these women that have their breasts front and center if they don't find their breasts attractive? And what do you suggest women with small breasts do to please you? Chop them off and go full troon or cater pedophiles? Because that's what your mindset sure seems like

Anonymous 105191

You're showing a very poor understanding of how genetics work here. Do you know how genes related to homosexuality survived? This puzzled scholars for years. A gene related to homosexuality or something considered undesired, like short stature for men or small breasts for women might be related to something else so they can thrive.

Anonymous 105192

You're strawmanning me again. Average is just average. Would you be attracted to a guy because he had an average dick, or an average height?

Anonymous 105193

Venus de Milo and The Birth of Venus were considered curvy for the middle ages. The heck are you smoking?

Anonymous 105194

Which studies did you post? I honestly saw only one peer reviewd plus a pornhub link showing that the extreme vast majority of men search for big boobs on that site.

Anonymous 105195

Short men haven't been considered unattractive until recently and most homosexuals hid their homosexuality - even in misogynistic societies that revolve around women's appearance men were still able to find small boobs arousing
Boobs are supposed to be arousing though and most straight women prefer average sized or only an inch or two above average. This just kinda proves my point

Anonymous 105196

I'm not spoon feeding you since I already posted evolutionary studies, also it's common knowledge most rich men have chose small breasts over large. Porn hub is usually frequented by poor men and as a another anon mentioned porn big boobs look nothing like real life big boobs
Greek literature describes Aphrodites breasts as "small, pale and desirable" several times

Anonymous 105198

+By this logic as well models who are fit with large breasts would be on top of the world in terms of their ability to arouse men but most models men love have boobs that are proportional or even small

Anonymous 105199

>most homosexuals hid their homosexuality
Your knowledge on history is even worse than on genetics. Not even a single study on the subject will agree with your speculation.

Anonymous 105203

The kind of models you are talking about are chosen by clothes designers and marketers to present a glamorous image. They're all very tall, thin and have striking faces. They actually starve and dehydrate themselves before a show to maintain that appearance. It is absolutely not realistic, men like them because of their faces not because their breasts are small.

Anonymous 105204

>just 1 or 2 inches above average
That's 7-8 inches and exceedingly rare. Men 7-8 inches and above are about 3% of the population.

Anonymous 105206

Theyre big? Lol I've seen men call Scarlett Johansson and emrat small

Anonymous 105207

Maybe in Asia, definitely not in America or Europe

Anonymous 105208

>Men don't like models bodies

Anonymous 105209

How? I posted several websites from peer reviewed studies basically proving shape > size. If you truly think men are unable to be aroused by small or medium sized boobs you're extremely delusional.

Anonymous 105210

Brb getting xxl implants since apparently no man to ever exist on the face of the planet would be turned on by my medium sized boobs

Anonymous 105211

IMO they are, but you've said another interesting fact, they seem to be more attracted to actresses than models.
I think most of the most desired actresses are very buxom (Marilyn Monroe, Pamela Anderson, Catherine soyboy-Jones and Scarlett Johansson just to name a few).

Now, they drool over some women with small breasts too, like Megan Fox and Audrey Hepburn. But I've never seen a moid praising them for their breasts.

Anonymous 105212

One of the funniest things about CC is that some of you will swear up and down no woman is capable of being attractive without large breasts but then when women try to fix the issue you made them believe was a flaw they're evil and in the wrong. Why don't we just genocide all women under DDD cups at this point? Will you bitter cunts finally be happy at that point?

Anonymous 105213

Megan fox was notorious for her body anon what are you smoking

Anonymous 105214

People said literally hundreds of times ITT that men that like small breasts do exist. The point is that they are just tiny a minority, just like men that like fat women. Your refusal to understand it makes me think you're not acting in good faith here.

Anonymous 105215


CC is /r9k/ but the dicks are replaced with vagoos. It's incel haven.

Anonymous 105216

Certainly not a tiny minority if small breasted women were agreed as attractive enough to do things revolving around the attractiveness of their body

Anonymous 105217

Fat women try to lose weight though, why shouldn't small breasted women get state funded breast implants if only an "extremely small, pedophilic" minority was capable of being aroused by them? This is just confusing since you go out of your way to convince small breasted women that they're basically doomed and unable to arouse men and genetically fucked up by as soon as someone wants to fix they're issue they're villainized and "noooo plenty of men and women favor small boobs". Just say you hate women who don't look a certain way and go this is just retarded

Anonymous 105219

That was literally the point of my post. She was notorious for her body except for her breasts. I remembed when I was at School and the first Transformers came out. Moids were drooling over her because of her legs and her butt middrif, but they didn't mention her boobs.

Anonymous 106344

Its for men the same as if a guy decided to go for penis shortening surgery. They dont know how it feels having fat balls on their chest unless they are obese, so they see them as only body accessory that makes girl more attractive.

Anonymous 106363

yeah but extremely large penises aren't attractive and hurt women during sex. Any sort of extra large body part is just unpractical unless you find someone who specifically fetishes it which is rare.Femcel memes aside most men have limits on how large boobs can be before they start becoming unattractive. Also most men only go for face value and forget a lot of large breasts have unattractive shapes and breast reduction really helps with a more photogenic and easy-on-the-eyes shape

Anonymous 106364

homegirl men were raving about her boobs during nude scenes. What do you think you are going to get out of convincing us that men are unable to be aroused by most women's breasts? Did you forget men actually like boobs?

Anonymous 106366

+missalice was always famous for her boobs, even when she was a B cup and now that she's a b cup again men still see her as the god-tier tiddy girl pretty much

Anonymous 106370

>and so are a lot of porn stars like riley reid and sasha gray and they have men at their feet
I'm pretty sure moids are at their feet to get some fuck and not to actually date them.

Anonymous 106373

>I'm not gay but small boobs are much more lickable imo.


Anonymous 106374

Okay anon convince everyone men don't find porn stars breasts attractive. I'm sure that would work well for you.

Also no one was talking about dating… We were talking about attractiveness in their bodies lol. Also men watch porn because they think Sasha grey will fuck them? I don't know a single man who genuinely thinks a porn star will ever fuck them, they are just attracted to their bodies including their oh so terrible breasts according to crystal cafe

Anonymous 106384

I honestly feel sorry about flat girls ITT. At this point they're lying to themselves.

Anonymous 106386

What did a flat girl do to hurt you

Anonymous 106387

Who is it that's trying to convince everyone that moids don't like Megan foxes boobs?

Anonymous 106389

Have perky boobs maybe

Anonymous 106444

stole their man, committed insurance fraud and pinned it on them, have nipples that don't take up 50% or more of their titty, be slim and healthy looking. Those pesky flat girls really at it

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