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Anonymous 17821


Anonymous 17823

I identify with this post's energy.

Anonymous 17824

How fat and ugly are you really?

Anonymous 17825

>tfw no cute 2D bf

Anonymous 17826

Guys like that are literally a dime a dozen though…
Like don't get me wrong, they're precisely my type, but they're not exactly in short supply.

Anonymous 17827

Maybe op is too insecure to get a bf, or does not take care or her appearance

Anonymous 17828

I’m longing for a miner counterpart to this instead of relying on 4chin pics

Are you saying something about OP?

Anonymous 17829


tfw also shy and awkward so there is no possibility short of a miracle that I will ever talk to one of them much less acquire an shy bf

Anonymous 17830

Sorta. I don't think she's actually put much effort into getting a bf and is just hoping one will fall out of the sky.
Like this: >>17829

Anonymous 17831

Where irl?
Every male I meet at uni turns out to be degenerate partiboi normfag scum. Or they want to be those males.
Genuinely introverted men who would be happy with a non-manic pixie dream girl to change them are very rare.

Anonymous 17832

What do you mean by

You mean the simple stuff like bfs who stutter and avoid eye contact? Or the more advanced stuff like bfs who accepted your initial advances on him because he found it awkward to say no but then ended up loving you, respecting you, and acknowledging you all the way toward your marriage (which again you first propose cause he is too awkward to make move) together? The latter one is something I found on reddit but I doubt its true because people lie how they met their partners

Please explain in great details

Anonymous 17834

not op, but why do you doubt women can make first moves?
t. woman who always makes the first move

Or do you doubt a man would like it? In which case, yeah, in my experience they dislike it. Or it could be that they dislike me.

Anonymous 17835

What program are you in? I met my bf in a biology course and there were plenty of guys like him, he was just the only one I clicked with.
>Or they want to be those males.
Just make it clear that you hate that type of guy. The only reason they want to be like that is because they've been brainwashed into thinking that "girls all want Chad". All it takes is a reasonable amount of reassurance that you're not into that.

Anonymous 17836

I dont doubt that.

I only said that akward bfs who dont make the first move are a more advanced form of

Anonymous 17837

Making the first move is whorish

Anonymous 17838

Where on earth did you get that idea?

Anonymous 17839

What do you mean by “whorish”?

Please explain in great details

Anonymous 17840

Business. I've talked to two reserved-seeming men and one turned out to be normie and the other has social anxiety but actually wants a huge circle of friends and a MPD gf.
Also properly hit on a music student who turned out to be a partier but that's to be expected of them, even if he seemed like a band nerd.
Would you recommend hanging around the science building for guys to cold approach? I wouldn't mind an ecology bf who could enjoy animals and nature with me.

If a guy has that bias about me he'd be wrong, so sucks for him. I'm a super monogamous KHV. Although I'm just a KHV because I have hugged men, so perhaps I am the town whore lmao.

Also, for someone interested in passive men and who doesn't attend parties or group meetings there's no other choice here. You have to (wo)man up and take the rejections/judgements about being "whorish" or face being alone forever. That's just how it is.

Anonymous 17841

Maybe not cold approaching, but if you can take a science elective that's a good idea. Science/eng students are "real" nerds, as in my bf is pretty much Peter Parker but without the dead family members.

Anonymous 17842

Both. Well it really doesn't matter who makes the first move imo. But I don't want to pressure anyone to be my bf who doesn't want to be. *o_O although it'd cute.

Anonymous 17845

I think if you approach a shy guy he is going to like you just because you paid attention to him. I don't want that, I want someone who will like me because they like me. I will know he truly likes me if he approaches me despite being shy. And then I will be happy then? Who am I kidding. it's probably not going to happen

Anonymous 17846

Meanwhile, on /r9k/…
>I want someone who will like me because they like me. I will know she truly likes me if she approaches me despite being shy.
Femcels are just as retarded as incels.

Anonymous 17847


We’re gonna make it, anon.

Have you tried online maybe…? My friend met her husband on 4chan who lived on a different continent so anything’s possible with the right person.

also fuck capcha i had to redo it 6 fucking times to post this

Anonymous 17849

I am in a couple of soft science introductory classes next term, but I doubt that would yield the same sort of students.
Admittedly I'm only taking them in hopes of scoring a humanities bf with a "useless" (you know what I mean, no offense to any humanityfags here) bachelor's who I can financially support in the future.

Anonymous 17850

Some guys like it when a girl is direct. I've asked guys out on dates and they felt flattered to know a girl is interested in them. All you have to be is a cute girl anon and guys would be willing to go on dates with you. Plus it takes some guts! I'm shy around men, but I have gotten to the point where I'm just tired of waiting so I want to take charge of my own love life.

It sounds easy, but in reality it's hard as you really don't know if the guy will like it or be turned off by it. However, if you don't take a chance how will you know that a guys likes you?

Anonymous 17851

Oh, you might run into some issues there. I only have my boyfriend to go off of, but it seems like the more sciencey type guys attach a lot of value to being a provider.

Anonymous 17855


Just contemplating posting that Spiderman pointing at himself meme but im phone posting on toilet. It’s still relevant though in terms of the inverse counterpart

I know who you are and I cant believe you post here

Science undergrads aren’t much better than humanities in terms of salary. A bachelors by itself in biology or chemistry isn’t a golden ticket for high paying job. Quite the opposite. Only added bonus for a dream STEM bf would be that they have less percentage of womans in their classes

Anonymous 17859


Consider yourself blessed.

Anonymous 17860

Theyre usually short in height though

Anonymous 17861

tbf I think that's a common male issue regardless, but I can see it even more with engineers or doctors since they're guaranteed good wages.

>I know who you are
Why do anons keep claiming to know me? This has happened twice now. You'd literally have to be male to recognize me by what I've posted.
Comforting to know I'm not the only woman out there who fetishizes weak men + wants a househusband though.

Anyway, don't (male) STEMfags also tend to be cocky about taking something intellectually superior? Or I imagine he'd prefer someone who is also STEM master race and would share no real interests with me, or at least not for the same reasons.
Also what >>17851 said.

That's just a bonus.

Anonymous 17862

All the ones I know are 5'8 and up. Besides, you're never going to get a shy slightly awkward bf who happens to have the body of a greek god. Life is comprise.

Anonymous 17868

jiggles puff.jpeg

>mfw watching cute guys
I've given up playing hard to get. HMPH

Anonymous 17871

dis is the future …

thanks friend

paging @ >>>/feels/16925

and some other post in the no bf thread about paying for meals.
>Why do anons keep claiming to know me?
I recognized your post, so I responded with a meme. It's just a reference to how small and comfy this site is and its premise on anonymity. Regarding personalities of college majors that you brought up but they are largely based on stereotypes and you can find unique people in any type of department. The arrogant neckbeard STEM-lord stereotype does exist but it is largely a caricature blown out of proportion by redditards. Even then 90% of those cases they tend to be solely CS or Physics majors (you won't hear much copypastas about geology or aerospace majors for instance). which are not exactly representative of STEM as a whole (plenty of women in biology too, yet you dont see copypastas about some biologist dragging down her Lit professor). I can only say that in my own field (econ) fellow colleagues are infamously accused of having "physics envy" and often are dismissive of other fields (sociology being a fun basket-case); business majors are also brought up and they are stereotyped as being arrogant individuals who need their own type of math reqs. That banter between different fields though is all meant to be humorous though and only undergrads are the ones who may view other fields with hatred. Back to the premise though I can see why you may have trouble finding introverted potential bfs in the business department; that field is harder for a introvert to succeed in due to the requirements and applied skillset on the job (reference to your "degenerate partiboi normfag scum"); despite finance being completely different from what they first imagine it to be ("frat bro culture" isn't prevalent in the industry beyond a few immature interns with little influence; lawyers are worse in this respect). There may be more introverted males in the accounting department or if you look at some grad finance programs (terminal masters not doctorate programs). I brought up the salary of your average bachelors STEM degree being not much better than a humanities degree; referencing this in your other post
>I'm only taking them in hopes of scoring a humanities bf with a "useless" (you know what I mean, no offense to any humanityfags here) bachelor's who I can financially support in the future.

All I can say is that STEM bachelors aren't exactly the richest individuals; regarding their personalities, everyone is different.

Anonymous 17872

What if I told you I posted >>17846 and >>17859?

Anonymous 17873

my friend I would initially post something like "you read my mind" but then I realize how could something that is true be a surprise?

However incels and femcels aren't retards; they're just naive

Anonymous 17883

Would a 30 year old never ever guy that have a job and spends his free time at home work?

Anonymous 17888

am I just so tired or does this sentence make no sense

Anonymous 17889

It's complete gibberish.

Anonymous 17890


The strokeposters have arrived.

Anonymous 17891

has anyone really been far as decided to do even go want to do look more like?

Anonymous 17896

I imagine it's "Would a 30 year old 'never ever guy', (a khv, I'm guessing) who has a job and spends his free time at home, work (be okay with you)?

Anonymous 17898

Yes after I posted that I realized that's what they wanted to say
but it's fun to imagine what else it might mean.
Would a 30 year old that was never ever a guy do that (here, have a job) and spends his free time at home-work?
ok I exaggerated too much and now it's not funny anymore

Anonymous 17900


>shy bf will be just as shy and won't reach out to me

Anonymous 17901

I post tfw no bf all the time but in reality I don't care if I have a bf or not, I am truly happy even by myself, I know I am too shy and I don't care if nobody reaches out to me, but if it happens I know I am going to be elated.

Anonymous 17902


also I wanted to attach this pic but forgot

Anonymous 17939


>tfw no bf who is just you but male

Anonymous 18121

Be stoic.

Anonymous 18128

if you could only narrow it down to 5 or 10 traits about you that you would most like in a bf what would they be?

Anonymous 18130

1: doesn't pretend to be a girl online to infiltrate girl only image boards

Anonymous 18131

Most men are unfamilar with imageboards so this search is off to a good start!

Anonymous 18133


>does not get offended easily, can take banter and offensive-ish jokes but is not an edgelord or /pol/fag either
>has good knowledge of body language and general social cues so he knows exactly how far to take a joke, and also is nice enough to make up for bantering with me
>likes the same video games and animu that I do
>not super clingy or smothering but is affectionate when the time is right in private
>ideally has 0 mental illnesses and little physical problems
>is going somewhere in life
>average build and looks nonthreatening, goes to gym but doesn't take it too seriously
>solves problems instead of complaining about them
>generally introverted but wants to go to places with me sometimes, the places that he wants to go to are places I want to go to as well

That's my very specific nonexistent /literally me/ dream bf. What about the rest of you miners?

Anonymous 18135

Honestly I'm with you on wanting a bf who is also just like me, but tiny, submissive, and doesn't work out.
So personality wise, just someone quiet, clingy, teetotal, bitter about society, still watches cartoons, and likes to doodle mediocre stuff casually. Maybe some minor differences, like being softer than me (I'm a bit of a bitch), but still very similar.
…I think most people want to date someone like themselves, though.

Anonymous 18136

>What about the rest of you miners?

>5'11 or taller.

>Prefer he doesn't use tobacco, drink or get high
(not because I'm judgemental but it'd be hard for me to keep living cleanly while dating someone who didn't.)
>jaded politics that resulted in him hitting a point where he doesn't vote and is some kind of nihilist/excellerationist about our society, don't care if left or right wing.
>Skin darker than mine, at least a little tinted.
>quiet, as in listens to music and tv quietly and doesn't trigger my misophonia raging
>humanities minded so we could have "deep" discussions together about history or something instead of me going "uh-huh" while he spergs about fusion energy or something
>smart but not to the point he has to dumb down his speech to communicate with me
>slender, not chubby not fat, bonus points if muscles
>likes animoos or at least enough to watch them with me
>secure in himself and his masculinity but not an asshole, basically no fake alpha compensation cringe
>i dont know how to describe the happy medium between clingyness and distance, it's different for everybody, he doesn't smother me but meets my emotional/romantic needs
>will eat vegetables and enjoys mushrooms, onions, spinach, tomatoes also horseradish and mustard

pls no one get mad at the 5'11+ thing it's only because I am tall

Anonymous 18137

>pls no one get mad at the 5'11+ thing it's only because I am tall

nobody would get mad about that, the only ones who would dont deserve to post here

Anonymous 18138


That listing of items led me to the mental image of someone eating a steak with a bowl of mustard seeds on the side

Is it weird that I blank when asked what an ideal partner would be like?
I recently spent some time thinking about it and at best found things that are nonstarters for me (for example those huge balls of walking muscle they call bodybuilders).
When I think of cute or dateable boys I'm quicker to think of 2D than someone IRL. Am I just broken?

Anonymous 18140

Describe someone 2D but pretend you are talking about 3D. This is all fantasy anyways.

Anonymous 18142

Are there any dating sites specifically for introverts to meet other introverts?

Anonymous 18143

crystal.cafe if you’re quick enough to see posts that are deleted withon 5 minutes
Most mainstream dating sites (not apps) probably have a more introverted userbase.

Anonymous 18145

>first two options
Please do not bully the tanzanite.teahouse posterbase with malign recommendations

Anonymous 18151

She said introvert, not women-hating no-life degenerate guys

Anonymous 18157


Anonymous 18162

I passed everything but one subject and I can't sleep

Anonymous 18163

Exactly, introverts.
All introverts are terrible people. Orson Welles said some nice things about it.

Anonymous 18170

Is a foretelling of this

Mentioning this place but knowing trolls would be anything but dishonest

Anonymous 18173

Have a friend who made the first move.
Her boyfriend thought it was really cool of her because he never expected it.
Making the first move isn't whorish, thats complete poppycock.

Anonymous 18179

>All introverts are terrible people

Anonymous 18186

this tbh
They're not shy, they're just lazy and terrified of taking responsibility for their own success or failure, and as a result would rather whine as they stay in their rut and rot away rather than ever take significant steps to accomplish their goals

Anonymous 18188

Is this bait?
Introversion doesn't make someone a coward. I'm working towards my goals and talk to people when necessary, even make the first move when it fits. I just like spending free time alone doing solo activities and prefer to be quiet in group situations when they arise. Although I highly prefer one-on-one interactions with few close friends and tend to avoid parties since they're unnecessary.
Is any of this toxic? Please explain.

Anonymous 18189

>I just like spending free time alone doing solo activities
Same. My greatest fear is that I don't enjoy being around people enough in general to be able to give a significant other as much attention as they'd require.
I can only hope that if someone is the right person it will cause me to want to be around them.

Anonymous 18228


>smells good
>feels good to hug + cuddle with
>nice hair
>enjoyable conversationalist
>doesn’t anger easily
>lets me pick on him
>good enough economically to be comfortable

Anonymous 18284


tfw u make out with shy slightly awkward boy but never get to see him again to cuddle with or have him possibly become my bf

Anonymous 18294


I had one and he totally broke up with me just because he thought we were too "committed" and now i hate cute, shy, slightly awkward boys

Anonymous 18308

This is why chads are the only way to go.

Anonymous 18337

It's a normie who thinks they understand what introverts are and then fully explains to introverts what they are because they are an expert on something they don't understand but think they do understand. Like most normies tend to act.

I get flak like this about depression all the time. "Hurrr but I see you smile and laugh, you don't have depression!" I roll my eyes at this shit all the time, apparently you have to act like the biggest bummer at all times in life to be validated as depression in normies. The fact I can't internally enjoy anything or feel anything but a numbing sadness and nothingness while I feign the ability to be personable makes me not depressed.

>tl;dr fuck normies who think they understand shit about anything that isn't focused around them

That being said, after reading this thread, it's clear we need the ability for introverts to be able to meet other introverts. This impasse of "I don't want to put myself out there but I hope I get approached one day." from both sides is actually kind of sad, so many missed chances at love because of the inability for introverts being able to hit up another introvert in their fleeting moment of courage of being able to put themselves out there before withdrawing again.

Anonymous 18338

don't you have to be a stacey to be with a chad?

Anonymous 18345

Not if you're willing to share.

Anonymous 18350

Anonymous 18356

tfw this is what happened to me but we broke up yesterday

Anonymous 18361


>"I don't want to put myself out there but I hope I get approached one day." from both sides
It's like one of those movies where two characters have crushes on each other, but in this case both of them are borderline suicidal and have no friends to push them together.

Anonymous 18364

And it's real life so there's no happy ending.

Anonymous 18373

this is the truth, i gave up on shy awkward guys because of this. they're just normal guys but with less social skills, not worth it, etc.

Anonymous 18378

This is a coping mechanism to save yourself from having to make the first move and nothing more.

Anonymous 18379

no it isn't, it's based on my experiences and those of friends

Anonymous 18386

I hope you find a wonderful partner next year!

Anonymous 18400

This is why chads are the only way to go.

Anonymous 18412

I disagree, this isn't the truth. There are very deep things at work here involving dating social norms and a bunch of other dumb garbage I'm sure no one wants to read but the gist of is this: The younger you are doing this strategy the greater chance for it to fail. But this doesn't' mean that all shy awkward guys will just love you just because they received attention from you.

>tl;dr faulty logic, don't give up keep trying, not everyone is the same and this shouldn't deter you from being the one to extend a hand first versus waiting around for it to happen to you. Don't give up hope and keep trying.

Anonymous 18442

>This impasse of "I don't want to put myself out there but I hope I get approached one day." from both sides is actually kind of sad, so many missed chances at love because of the inability for introverts being able to hit up another introvert
It's a real paradox but what can you do?

>create introvert dating site

>nobody ever sends any messages
>site fails

Anonymous 18443

>create introvert dating site
>flooded with chads and stacies expecting easy pickings
>Becomes a normie playground like every other dating site/app

I don't bother with online dating when I realised majority of people my age use those things for sex and only sex. For that reason I felt embarrassed, I didn't really want to lump myself in with that category of people so I deleted my account.

Anonymous 18444

There is no easy way. Honestly, you gotta just have someone benevolent enough and with enough cash to want to continuously host a website even if it's low key. At least give them the chance, not everyone will get their dream, but shit even if a few I'd call that a win.

Unfortunately for me I'm broke as shit so I can't support something like this, even though I've considered it many times.

Anonymous 18445

I think a lot of introverts would be willing to send messages to other introverts, given the opportunity. The primary obstacle is the initial meeting. If you're someone who rarely leaves your house or talks to strangers in public, looking for someone else who rarely leaves their house or talks to strangers in public, how could you possibly meet if not online?

Anonymous 18448

It's kind of funny in theory, someone whose too shy to even say a word to someone else, breaking into someones house, looking at the floor the entire time, completely red faced, offering the cookies to the guy while trying their to hardest to say "I made these for you." but all that comes out is stutters and half spoken words so it's just really incomprehensible gibberish and in their mind, it played out completely different than the train wreck that happens in reality and they are left to realize that perhaps their fantasies will never come true ever. I'd pay money to see something like that unfold in real life.

Anonymous 18449

what happens with the inevitable infighting over the label and the identity around it

>"uwu this bitch isn't a introvert she's a stacy cuz she has gotten over $10 in twitch donations"

>"this guy is a fucking mega-chad because he says he has a female study-buddy at college"

>"thsi fucker showers more than twice a week"

Anonymous 18451


Socially awkward yandere? I'd watch that anime.

Anonymous 18453

Hmmm, maybe more of a tuned down yandere. I don't know, my issue is most yandere is that you see gotta have the knife, gotta have the killing intent, gotta be 11/10 crazy.
I'd rather see the failed yandere, the one unable to act on their urges because they are too scared of social interaction, and every attempt at being a typical trope yandere is just an utter failure, but god bless her little heart she tries hard. Then the boy she tries to pursue just kinda views her as that weirdo who does weird shit.
Like for example: Boy's birthday is coming up, she might think it would be romantic for her to appear in his room with gift in hand. She ends up stalking the boy to find out where he lives and his family's habits to try to formulate a good plan of breaking into his room. Spends way too much time on this, loses track of everything and realizes his birthday is tomorrow and she has no gift or plan and she just stalked him for a week with no productive result. Now in a hazy panic, she buys the gift as intended that she overheard he wanted in class one day, but unable to surprise him at home in his sleep and having no tools or plans to do so she tries to do something spontaneous at school. As the day goes on, she keeps thinking of fantasies to surprise him, but never gets the courage to act on them. End of school day, shes panicking because it's now or never and the boy doesn't even know her name, just her face because same class and she wants to stand out to him. She sees him go into the boys restroom, and noticed it was really calm around and mostly everyone else is gone/outside at this point. She gets the brilliant idea to surprise him in the bathroom hopefully while he's walking out of the bathroom. So she stands by the door waiting for the sound of a flush, all red faced and embarrassed that she's even going to do this, and at her moment of glory she hears a flush and bolts into the bathroom and fully rams her head into her crush's torso knocking him down. She drops the gift and it slides across the floor. She scrambles to get the gift while the crush tries to understand what just happened, and when he gets to his feet shes standing behind him with this crazy menacing but frightened face mumbling "I-I got this…. Ha-Happy birthday." He fully realizes the situation, face turns red that a girl is in the boys bathroom and just quickly takes the gift and says thank you while looking away. Then boy's friend enters asking what's taking boy so long, notices the girl, gets shocked and states "That's the girl that's been stalking your house for a week." And girl runs off embarrassed and ashamed that she got caught stalking and hides in her room defeated until next crazy scheme.

I kinda got carried away with this, but it's a fun idea. Do you think it would work?

Anonymous 18454

I’m saving this and keeping this as a format to when I have enough money I will commission a starving artist to make a comic out of this. And when that happens I can assure you I will post it on bloodstone.burgerplace

Anonymous 18455

I did something similar to this irl but he never found out it was me and he never will.

Anonymous 18456

I'm curious, what is your story and how did you get away with your perfect crime?

Sure, you're more than welcome to. I'm actually a little happy that someone likes it enough to do that.

Anonymous 18458

>realizes his birthday is tomorrow and she has no gift or plan and she just stalked him for a week with no productive result
At this point I pictured her just tying a gift to a brick and tossing it through his bedroom window the next night without even signing it or anything.

Anonymous 18459

Nah that one can be a whole other episode, inspired by the classic american movies she sometimes watches, she notices how in all of them when love seems lost the protagonist has to to an all out confession from outside of their window. Only she tried three separate times, with the gentle tatic of throwing a pebble at the window to get his attention before showing her gesture. Each time she makes this trek on her bike, and it's a bit of a ride, she really has to go out of her way to get to his home. After the third failed attempt to get him to come to the window, she searches for a large enough rock to get his attention by the river. She went overboard and the rock is clearly too big, but she doesn't care at this point, she wants him to notice him. Drunk on hysteric love fantasies she returns to his window again, chucks the rock, and shatters the entire window. In that moment of hearing the glass shattering she is immediately sobered back to the harsh reality that she just destroyed her crushes window, and that clearly she fucked up once again. To try to salvage this moment she hastily searches for her pre-written note due to her socially awkward tenancies she believes this will keep her on track. Quick onset anxiety sets in on her as the light turns on and she fumbles around trying to open the paper, while she rehearsed this speech a million times over in her head to psyche her up, she now forgot almost all the words. As the boy comes to the window to see who threw that, visibly annoyed, he's a little taken back to see it's the girl who gave him the gift. She mumbles a little actually saying word for word whats on the paper correctly. The boy can't hear her and just shouts at her "What? What do you want?" She's taken back and now stricken by fear that she has to start again, panicking, she tries speaking louder but this time the paralysis of fear set in as she notices a second light in the house come on and assumes his parents are now watching this all unfold. She then only manages to try to recite the first sentence of "You are an amazing person, and deserve the best, let me show you how amazing this romance can be." Instead what comes out is "Y-You deserve this!" unable to speak another word, she is floored with herself and the fact she just literally said this in front of her crush and possibly his parents and somehow managed to skip at least 5 words per one word spoken. She gets incredibly embarrassed and scared and runs off internally screaming about how bad she just fucked up and resorts to hiding under the bridge out of fear of going home and possibly getting into trouble for breaking a classmates window to their home.
(She also forgot her bike there.)

I have a few of these, this one isn't as fleshed out and I don't think has enough substance outside of the predicament.

Anonymous 18461

This one sounds more like crippling social awkwardness causing her to look like a yandere to others, rather than a socially awkward yandere.
Her initial intention of throwing a pebble at the window and confessing is fairly tame, compared to wanting to break into his house and stand in his room at night in the last scenario.

Anonymous 18464

Hm, this is a valid point.
These ideas are things that have floated around in my head from time to time, but this is the first time writing this out. I think if I ever made a series of these or gave this serious thought, I'd start out tame and slowly build into each act becoming more obsessive than the last.

In this case, I wanted to show a more erratic romantic obsessive gesture while emphasizing the fact that these two have yet to formally meet outside of class. Most yandere affection builds over time, with stalking, watching from afar, and snowballing from a series of fantasies that all seem plausible and realistic if only their interest loved them back. I wanted to focus on that more so the usual go straight to end game, where she's secretly putting bodily fluids into baked goods and feed it to her crush, or swinging a knife around hastily about how crush should love her by now.
>tl;dr of that one is she makes two batches of brownies, one tainted with her blood, and one clean, the tainted batch is dark chocolate, the regular is milk chocolate so she knows to give the darker brownie to her crush, and then the normal batch to give out to rest of the class for some celebration reason she will make up. Only to realize upon opening the container to share with the class that the entire tray is tainted except for one. She freaks the fuck out because no one else but her interest was supposed to have these and refuses to give these sacred brownies to anyone but him and now stuck with a situation I have yet to figure out how to get out of giving the class brownies laced with her blood.

I don't know, I feel like I waste too much time on these fantasies when I know I won't do anything with them that's productive.

Anonymous 18465

I had a crush on this guy in one of my college classes for 2 years, but I was too scared to ever talk to him. I didn't even know his name, so I just called him "backathahead guy" because I usually sat behind him. I won a sum of money and wanted to do something with some of it, so I bought a watch and put it in a box with a note that read: "Wear this next week if you want to get coffee." I found another random guy from a different class and offered him $10 to give it to someone leaving a class at a certain time (I had class with him in the morning and afternoon, so I just told delivery dude what he was wearing.) That was on Monday (the day before Valentine's Day.) I snuck out of class as soon as it ended before anyone else and watched the door from another corridor so I could make sure the guy showed up on time, and he did. I left when I saw him so I wouldn't be noticed. Next Monday comes around and we're in the afternoon class. I notice he's not wearing it, but nothing seems odd. Then halfway through discussion, backathahead guy starts laughing with the student next to him and someone asks what they're laughing about, and some girl says that some girl asked him out with a watch. Other students start laughing, then the TA gets involved and tries to convince backathahead guy to do it, saying, "It's not like you can give it back," and someone else goes: "And it's a nice watch." Backathahead guy starts talking, "Yeah, I looked it up and it's a $150 watch," (I got it on sale), but he seems weirded out when people suggest he wear it. Throughout the rest of this class I try to hide my embarrassment until I can leave. I show up to class on Wednesday and notice he didn't wear it. By Friday I feel too embarrassed to even check if he wore it and drop the class so no one can figure out that I sent it. Luckily, my social reclusiveness prevented anyone in the class from knowing my name, so even if someone were to match the action to the face, it would go nowhere and soon be forgotten.

Anonymous 18468

>I feel like I waste too much time on these fantasies when I know I won't do anything with them that's productive.
If you enjoy coming up with them, then I don't think the time is wasted. Creativity is never a bad thing.

Anonymous 18470


Sharing is caring. There’s not many good men around so we have to play nice and make sure nobody gets left out. It’s the way of the future.

Anonymous 18559

How can someone possibly be this socially incompetent? I applaud your courage at least.

Anonymous 18561


Good men wouldn't accept this offer in the first place though

Anonymous 18565

Having a harem of several different women to fuck is basically every man's dream.

Anonymous 18567


Yeah that's why the rare good ones wouldn't do that because seriously entertaining having that kind of lifestyle is a huge red flag for a guy being a bad quality life partner who will ignore you when a newer, prettier and younger waifu joins the party. Being in the harem of a "good man" = unpossible scenario

Anonymous 18569

Screen Shot 2018-1…

Exactly. The rare good man is hard to find because almost all married men don't truly believe in monogamy and would drop their wives at the prick of a pin if they thought they could get away with being polygamous profligates. A good man would not share parts of himself among several women.

Anonymous 18571

Only insofar as going home with a different Chad from the bar every night is every woman's dream.
A lot of people in general are garbage. But there are a lot who aren't, as well.

Anonymous 18583

How to stop being superficial?

Anonymous 18586

How superficial are you?

Anonymous 18657

I have one and he is cute

Anonymous 18729

me too uwu
mine is cuter and better than yours though

Anonymous 18734


suck my tits, mine is better

No, better, our boyfriends are good and deserve the best, and so do we!!!

Anonymous 18735

all true anon, bless you

Anonymous 18760

Putting aside the issue of whether I have enough courage to make the first move, where would I even find a place with shy partners up for the taking? Is there some place where introverts hang around that's not just a small group of friends that know each other?
Chads and Stacys find themselves at bars, pools and whatever, but where do I find people with my interests and personality when people like me never leave the house?

Anonymous 18761

Comic book stores

Anonymous 18763


Missed that ship.

>Comic book stores

Are there places with more balanced male/female ratios?

Anonymous 18768

Maybe try places for creative hobbies.
Drawing schools, music schools, etc. Literature clubs?

Even though I prefer to practice drawing at home, I've thought about the idea of going to drawing classes just so I can meet a shy artist bf there.

Anonymous 18775

I like reading, will I meet cute guys at Barnes and Noble? I usually buy my books online.

Anonymous 18781

>Are there places with more balanced male/female ratios?
I'm curious now, is there data on the male/female ratio of introversion itself?

Anonymous 18782

Probably skews in favour of males since women are socialized to be more people-oriented.
Guess that makes us girl social failures extra special.

Anonymous 18783

>Is there some place where introverts hang around that's not just a small group of friends that know each other?
The closest thing introverts have to a bar would probably be an arcade, but those are far less common.
Otherwise, as far as physical locations, yes and no. Introverts don't typically have places like bars where a bunch of them go hang out in a room with strangers (aside conventions, maybe) but there are places you can go to potentially become part of an introvert's network of friends. Your local tabletop gaming (D&D, WH40k) store will probably have an avenue by which you can join an existing group, which will likely contain at least a few introverts. Colleges typically have videogame clubs and anime clubs and whatnot. If you can do it without being ashamed or guilty you could probably just start attending meetings; I doubt most of them have any sort of official sign-up process. You'd have to bullshit your way out of it if someone asked you about college stuff, though.
Or hell, try outright saying you don't go there but think their group seems cool. They might let you stay anyway.
There are Facebook groups and subreddits and stuff for most cities, try seeing if yours has one and there are any events or anything that look good.

Honestly, most places where you'd find introverts congregating is only going to have a higher-than-average percentage at best. I don't think there are any introvert-exclusive physical locations like the extrovert-exclusive examples of wild parties and loud bars and such. It mainly comes down to thinking about what an introvert might most likely be willing to leave their house to go do, and going and doing that same thing.

Anonymous 18785

I went to drawing school and didn't meet anyone cute, only shy guy was tall but fat and didn't feel interested on him not even as a friend. This guy dropped out and someone asked teacher about him, almost everyone knew him and was I shocked so many knew him, he wanted to take care of his grandparents because nobody else would, some talked more about him being so reserved and shy but also very helpful and caring and made me realize he had a heart made out pure gold.
I wish I wasn't so shallow or cared so much about looks. Thinking about this makes me feel like human waste.

Anonymous 18790

Don't worry about it, you deserve the best, you go girl.

On the upside, people like you leave more good men for the rest of us :)

Anonymous 18793

You don't deserve love.

Anonymous 18797

weight is probably the easiest thing to change when it comes to looks, that's so dumb.

Anonymous 18799

>not even as a friend
>I was shocked so many knew him
>realize he had a heart made out of gold

I don't understand, did you not know the guy at all before he left? Was him being fat the only reason you didn't want him as even a friend?
I can understand not being attracted to fat people, but shunning him completely because you thought he was ugly seems pretty awful.

Anonymous 18991

Here is what happens: autists don't go out too regularly unless they're adopted by extroverts/partiers. So, if two autists are to find each other at social gatherings, it has to be at their first or second one each, because they don't really like to go to them. Your window of contact is much smaller.

Anonymous 19031

Fuck off incel

Anonymous 19032



Anonymous 19036

>Two shy introverts get together
Just imagine how clueless and shy your kids would be!

Anonymous 19042

My parents are both shy introverts, can confirm that my creation was a severe and continuous lapse in judgment on their part.

Anonymous 19166


The mall
The food aisle specifically
Introverts only leave the house when they have to, but they do take their time in mall halls, because they don't go regularly and don't know where to find stuff. If you see a cute boy wandering around in a mall or something all by himself and looks completely lost offer him some help. You'll immediately make a good impression, he'll like you for helping him and he'll give you a dorky smile.
Then ask him for coffee

Anonymous 19185

overweight delusional retards who think a guys willingness to fuck you means he wants to pursue any kind of long term relationship

Anonymous 19337


Such is the fate of those that forsake God. Degeneracy is what atheism and feminism buys you.

Anonymous 19371

life right now.jpg

based monogamous stacy

Anonymous 19427

Its possible.
Just read books around the section of books that interest you.
Want a nerdy bf try the manga, want a self improving bf hang around the self improvement section, want a smart bf hang around the academic books, etc etc.

Anonymous 19428

I've always got the impression that the kind of people who buy self-help books are the kind who "try" to improve themselves, but never actually do. I wouldn't be surprised if most of them don't even get around to reading the books they buy.

Anonymous 19429

>tfw no bf who wants to be better but just keeps failing
That's kind of vulnerable and cute. I'm turned on by it.

Anonymous 19430

It's already 2019, nobody besides 60+ y/o gramps read physicall books.

And even if a shy bf whould buy a book, he won't buy book in store, he more likeley whould order it online.

Anonymous 19450


Anonymous 19451

>It's already 2019, nobody besides 60+ y/o gramps read physicall books.
You're triggering every BookTuber on this board.

Anonymous 19473

>It's already 2019, nobody besides 60+ y/o gramps read physicall books.
This isn't true at all. Reading on a screen fucking sucks. Books are still a massive business, it's only with the advent of online shopping that the cost of widespread brick and mortar stores is no longer viable, not the books themselves.
>And even if a shy bf whould buy a book, he won't buy book in store, he more likeley whould order it online.
This part's true though, yeah. I don't know how to solve this. Maybe look for cute boys in the comments of BookTubers, or scour goodreads profiles.

Anonymous 19474

>Maybe look for cute boys in the comments of BookTubers
I feel like the odds that you'd find one that just so happened to also be in your area would be pretty slim.

Anonymous 19475

I walk four miles to my local library to pick up and drop off books, since I like them so much. I'll fight you.

Anonymous 19476


I want a cute, awkward (within reason) BF who doesn't care about sex.
I crave physical and emotional affection but I've always been completely repulsed by sex.

Do cute asexual guys who aren't incels exist? I need cuddles and kisses in my life but I don't want to settle for the average pornsick man who will cheat on me again.

Anonymous 19477

Guys literally jizz in their sleep if they don't cum often enough. You're not going to find a healthy adult male who doesn't care about sex but also wants physical intimacy.
What do you find so repulsive about sex?

Anonymous 19479



Go to church anon.

Anonymous 19480

>What do you find so repulsive about sex?
Everything. I never feel the desire to have sex even with someone I find aesthetically attractive. I don't feel comfortable being naked around other people and being touched in any kind of sexual way makes me extremely nervous no matter how many times I try. I am disgusted by any kind of porn and all of my "fantasies" are very tame.

The internet has also made me repulsed by how men express their sexuality and the kinds of horrid things a huge amount of them get off to. I can't even look at things I used to like before, like Animal Crossing, because of it.

>Guys literally jizz in their sleep if they don't cum often enough.

Ideally I'd be with a guy who masturbates when he needs to but also doesn't desire sex or feel the temptation to cheat on me because he isn't satisfied. I crave love and companionship but I'm old enough now I know I'll never be able to change my disgust towards sex and male sexuality.

I just want a cute, wholesome life partner to cuddle and possibly some day adopt children with.

I know I'll never find anyone like that, and that I'm unreasonable, but I felt like venting.

Anonymous 19481

>I don't feel comfortable being naked around other people and being touched in any kind of sexual way makes me extremely nervous no matter how many times I try. I am disgusted by any kind of porn and all of my "fantasies" are very tame.
You sound like my bf lol. I'd offer him up to you, but he's (obviously) taken.

Anonymous 19484

>but I've always been completely repulsed by sex.
Have you tried therapy?

Anonymous 19511

>Guys literally jizz in their sleep if they don't cum often enough.

Anonymous 19512

That anon is stupid. If you slept through health class they mention this, they are called wet dreams. Guys have it during puberty, there is no actual cause for it aside just being a side effect of puberty, it's just a thing that might happen one night for a guy and it is in no way determined by when they came last. They are speaking out of their ass to try to demonize men into being sex crazed fanatics who can't control their dicks and must always cum into things.

Anonymous 19513


Gonna hit on a cute small boy who is probably shy in one of my classes this Thursday, wish me luck! He is never with friends despite this being his second semester at least so that makes me think he's as asocial as me hehe. Hopefully not a total island, though, just too shy but also into partnership.

Anonymous 19514

It's true though? Wet dreams can happen regardless but it doesn't make what the anon said false. The man's body is producing semen and that semen needs to get out somehow someday.

Anonymous 19516

I'm the anon that posted it (not that I can prove it). I've since Googled it and learned that it's not true, my apologies.
My point still stands though, a healthy dude is gonna "need" to cum more than once in a while. I know my medical knowledge is now extremely unreliable, but there's almost certainly some hormonal effects that aren't exactly stellar.

Anonymous 19521

Okay there is a lot more to the process than what you think you know. The male body doesn't just say "lol welp we made too much semen for the balls to handle! time to just cum in his sleep randomly!"

If you really want to get into this, it's about a few days (2-3), for a guy to really be at his limit for how much he can produce and how much will produce in an orgasm. There are many males who don't masturbate that often or even ejaculate unless they are having sex, so no it's very wrong.

Yes a healthy male with a strong libido will want to get his nut on, but there are also other healthy males with more tame libidos who don't need to.

My take away point to the readers here is that males aren't ruled by their dicks. Some of them are a bit sex hungry and want to fuck everything in sight and that's all they are after, but this isn't a case of wet dreams or anything else biological, they are just shitty people who chase physical gratification and pleasure; and use people as tools to achieve that goal.

Anonymous 19524

>a healthy male with a strong libido will want to get his nut on, but there are also other healthy males with more tame libidos who don't need to.
I'm sorry, but if a guy doesn't want to nut at least once a month, he should consult his doctor. That goes for all you lurkers and larpers out there.

Anonymous 19525

I hate to say it, but if you're the anon who didn't even know what a wet dream is, you have no room to actually say what is and isn't healthy when it comes to males. Let alone fun male fact for you! As a male gets older their desire for sex also lessens, testosterone lessens and it becomes less of a ruling factor. Having low testosterone and being someone who doesn't want sex isn't a bad thing and doesn't mean they need to see a doctor. You're going to fill readers with some dumb ass impression that their boyfriend is broken and something is wrong with him if they desire less sex, and I already dealt with one idiot semi-friend who soaked up misinformation like this and spouted it around like they knew anything about men and shit talked their boyfriend behind his back about stuff like this to her other friends trying to seek counsel on how to fix their broken boyfriend.

Anonymous 19537

If the "nofap" stuff is to be believed, not cumming will cause a man to ascend to godhood and develop psychic powers.

Anonymous 19538

Let us know how it goes!

Anonymous 19549

You'll probably be deleted soon but to answer in earnest, it depends on the girl. You'd actually have to ask the individual, there is no rule. Just as if I asked "would saying I'm a mommy dom ruin a relationship?" there would be no universal male answer.
Sucks but that's reality. You have to take chances.

Anonymous 19559

Nope, that's wizardhood. That's being a virgin until the age of 30. No fap is partial meme, partial bullshit where it's rooted in "If you stop jerking off, your life will improve and you will be able to interact with girls better!" They just use pesudo science bullshit idea leaping to get to the idea of "Well if you don't nut without the aid of a girl, you will get better at interacting with girls so you can get that nut!" I don't get why no nut November became a thing honestly.

Anonymous 19677

Well, I chickened out on actually talking to him but did sit next to him so he knows I exist now. Even had to sit in the fucking front row to achieve this, which is sp00ky on its own imo.
More importantly, someone said "hi, [his name]" to him in the hallway (I walked close behind him because I'm awful) which just confirms he is who I suspect from the class list. Also meaning he doesn't use his social media at all, except for maybe chatting. And I got to hear his voice…very cute, kind of monotone.

Anyway this knowledge gives me the confidence to actually speak up next Tuesday. Ask his name (despite knowing it) and say I've seen him around. Hopefully next update I'll be able to say I have a potential tiny quiet mixed latino bf lol.

Anonymous 19836


I just drew this, I thought you gals might like it… err… Any resemblance of image to me and a certain classmate is t-totally a coincidence I swear!!
>tfw can't talk to men so I draw myself sitting on them
How do I become less pathetic

Anonymous 19838

Damb, good draw anon.
I do the same but am too much of a coward to post it on an imageboard.

Anonymous 19839

Heh I know what you mean but I think nobody here will recognize me because I live in a small country. I mean I hope so. if someone recognizes me: I beg of you please do not tell anyone what I do in my free time. thanks

Anonymous 19845

What if your classmate is lurking right now and he recognizes you and also himself?

Anonymous 19847

The piece with the glasses removed is just the perfect part.

Anonymous 19853

That's adorbs, you should print it out and slip it in his notebook~

Anonymous 19854

i love it! you should send it to him, if he likes it he's a catch

Anonymous 19857

i love this drawing and your arts great! just dont follow the advice of people saying to send it to him, thats a bit too autistic i know id be weirded out if a guy in my class gave me drawing of me sitting on him lol. just talk to him and say hi anon

Anonymous 19860

If you are reading this, subject 710, I am here. She is my trade school crush.

Anonymous 19862

No anon don’t fucking do this

Anonymous 19863

What is it with this place and encouraging people to do terrible ideas?

Anonymous 19868

Hhahahaa don't worry, I wouldn't ever do that. you people are silly, >>19857 is right, who wouldn't be creeped out?

Anonymous 19870


Anonymous 19873

where are you from?

Anonymous 19893


What cute couple.

Anonymous 19895

Anonymous 19903

Bombed out library…

That's actually pretty hot. I think that if you work up a little chat with the guy and it all goes smoothly, you could show it to him casually, ask him what's hist opinion on 'art'.

I know a girl who knows a girl that loaned a 'book' to guys he liked to see what they thought about it. That book was De Sade's Justine.

Anonymous 19907

Anonymous 19911

Lol perfect
I thought about that, I might do it but just the thought makes me feel all wrong inside (can't be more wrong than sharing a piece of creeper art on an imageboard though right) but I mean boys are stupid so when you like them you gotta draw a picture for them to get it sometimes. so it might come in handy

Anonymous 19912


Anonymous 19913

Here's a hot take for you, saying "I like you" works a lot better than an image of you domming him that you drew. One is normal, the other is creepy and yes it's even creepier giving the image as a deceleration of affection than sharing it anonymously online. Guys aren't dense, you have to speak what you feel to them, not do subtle actions like "Lets watch TV together." because there are a lot of stories of girls doing this to guys, they think it's a date, and they give them shit saying "Omg ew no, I think of you as a friend." and because of this along with the rising accusations of sexual harassment by just talking to females, shy guys really don't want to assume shit because they don't want that kind of heat on them.

For your sake before someone else comes along and tells you this is a good idea, just talk to the guy like a human being and tell him how you feel versus all this insane stuff.

Anonymous 19915

I was just kidding, I feel like erasing my life now though

Anonymous 19917

I mean, I'm not trying to shame you for having those feelings or urges. It's just I keep seeing people egg you on as if it's a good idea to share this picture. You have to share that kind of stuff with the right person who wants that kind of stuff. You're not gross or bad for having these feelings either, I want to make that clear. You just, gotta know who you are working with before you share those types of feelings with another. I know I keep saying the same thing a lot, but I do feel bad, I didn't want to make you feel ashamed. Just don't lead off with it.

Anonymous 19918

Don't be too discouraged, some people need to be told that kind of thing, I'm sure you know it would be over the top to lead with that (as you already said). Some imageboard people aren't that socially intelligent and would lead with this kind of thing, though.

Example: One of my highschool friends befriended a nerdy guy in her class, they found out they had some mutual interests, so the logical conclusion for him was to give her a binder full of handwritten Neon Genesis Evangelion hentai fanfic.

Anonymous 19919

Don't worry; I might be inconsiderate and weird but I'm not absolutely autistic. But I want to thank you for taking time to reply to me in such long responses, I feel really honored (I'm serious, people here are so nice mostly.)
Also I feel as if I derailed the thread a little so please take my apologies
holy shit

Anonymous 19920

Oh my god, holy shit. Please tell me this is a lie. I'm losing it over here if this is actually true.

Anonymous 19921

Anonymous 19922

It's true, though this was around a decade ago and imageboards weren't as known as they are now back then, so the odds he went on 4chan are slim. He was just a run-off-the-mill nerd who thought that a girl showing the slightest interest in conversation with him meant that she had to read his ShinjixAsukaxRei porn.

Anonymous 19923

HAHAHA OH NONONONONOOOOOO. I thought this was just some fanfic shit that someone else made, not shit HE made. What a fucking tard, holy shit.

Anonymous 19924

Fug how do I delete my life

Anonymous 19926

Oh yeah he wrote it, by hand, enough to fill a thick binder. Just threesomes all the way with no understanding of how sex or anatomy works.

Anonymous 19928

That's even worse. Did he not watch porn to figure out how that stuff worked to a degree? Like nothing is worse than erotic fan fiction that has no idea what's going on down there.

Anonymous 19929

>implying porn gives anyone realistic expectations of sex

Anonymous 19931

It does to a degree, you can learn a thing or two if you never even seen a naked girl. You aren't going to become the most expert on sex but it gives you a better idea than just going on imagination and a sex talk of how things works.

Anonymous 19951

conflicted feeling…

>Just threesomes all the way with no understanding of how sex or anatomy works.
I need this binder.

Anonymous 19956

I mean, it taught me that peepees go in holes and that casual sex is disgusting, so I'd say it's good for something.

Anonymous 19966



It's ok, apparently I'm a succubus :I

Anonymous 19968

I felt bad at first but then I realized it's a board for incels and they're just gonna antagonize us whatever we do so it's best if we just ignore them.
But being called a succubus is kinda cool though, they could have used worse insults

Anonymous 19969


>get ready to make move on classmate
>contacts in, all dressed up
I can't believe it. Checked the list and he hasn't dropped out at least. Probably just the snowstorm.

Anonymous 19974

Cant stop haters from hating, cant stop shitposters from shitposting, cant stop meanies from being mean. Just realize its dumb shitposting and not at all sincere, and itl all wash out like water through a tilted roof.

Anonymous 19975

It's a word filter you dip

Anonymous 19976

sounds like something only a [[man]] would know jk

Anon, that's cute, and it's kind of good because you had a test run and felt confident, right? So now you'll be more relaxed when you try again

t. proud succubus

Anonymous 19979

>the snowstorm
do you live in the alpine region of europe or what ?

Anonymous 19980

Yeah, next class I'll be powered up I guess. And a bit more used to the contacts lol.
Canada. There a lot of Europeans on here though, huh? I don't blame you for assuming.
Did you all come from kc or something? Even on lc I think it's majority murricans.

Anonymous 19982

I came here from the place that shall not be named

Anonymous 19986

I came from LC and I'm European. I see a lot of Europeans there lately, their screenshots give them away because of the localized interfaces.

Anonymous 19991

Technically you are, if you follow the wizard meme or any kind of fantasy nerd memes it makes sense.

t. a big nerd

Anonymous 19994

>it's a board for incels
I've been lurking there for a few days and it's seems to me like the majority of them are homosexuals, possibly closeted, with only a small minority of incels, truly a weird place!

Anonymous 19995

>shy & awkward
pick one, they usually dont go hand in hand unfortunately

Anonymous 19997

>she doesn't like frumpy ugly-cute boys
Must suck to not have patrician taste.

Anonymous 20001

Hhng why do posts like this make me nervous.
I’m scared one of my cringy posts will be screenshotted and mean boys will bully me :^(

Anonymous 20002


I got a friend that is trying to probe wizchan. She has penetrated their discord and has managed to fool multiples wizards on VC somehow. I don't know what her endgame is but to any wizchan users still lurking : there's a fox in your henhouse

Anonymous 20003

Can I ask for what purpose? Like even look at this place, everyone just wants their own space away from others. Why bother the wizards when they just want to be left alone from girls for the most part?

Anonymous 20006

IDK she's pretty strange and won't give me a straight answer. I think she has a fantasy of being made mod and then rocking everyone that she's actually female

Anonymous 20007

I get the vibe that if they ever got mod, they would just fuck over everyone and everything.

Anonymous 20050

Wizardchan was originally made by people who participate in the encylopaediadramatica style community of harassment and trolling. Wizardchan has a userbase of schizo depressed men who should be in a psychiatric ward, 18 year old incels, and the kind of people who have stalked Chris-Chan daily for 10 years. Wizardchan is a relic of the retard internet. They spend their entire life high on prescription drugs insulting teenagers in the youtube comment section. It should be ignored and left to die.

Anonymous 20052


Anonymous 20054

try tinder

Anonymous 20056

there's literally nothing wrong with that

Anonymous 20059


>Ugly cute

How does that even work? Ugly is ugly, some of you have really shitty tastes. Most ugly man are fucking terrible people just like their looks.

Anonymous 20067

I didn't want to interact here, but these spurious allegations are entirely uncalled for.

Wizchan is not Wizardchan. Wizardchan was founded by people from 4chan's /r9k/ upset by the change in the board from just posting about life to outright misogyny, /b/ tier antics, /soc/ crossposting and general corruption of the board. It had nothing to do with ED. After endless brigading due to the Elliot Rodger incident (which WAS fueled by ED - they were instrumental in convincing a journalist that Elliot Rodgers visited wizardchan), and again a cross over where the board was discussing nothing but virginity, several of us started wizchan after wizardchan went down. Our aim was to preserve the best parts of wizardchan, which is why we implemented a hobby board (which is the most active) which discusses such things as mathematics, reading, coding, and other things. We ban women for the same reason that you ban men - we just want peace. Incel like antics are banned, immediately.

Why can't you afford us the same respect as we do to you? I don't want wizchan to discuss crystal.cafe, and I imagine crystal.cafe does not want to discuss wizchan. Please, just leave us in peace.(YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US)

Anonymous 20069

Ugly cute is real. It refers to guys who have unattractive features, but particular traits (in one’s eyes) make them holistically cute. The idea is that they are ugly to a lot of people, but cute to others. Someone like Tom Cruise most everyone will agree was attractive in his hayday. Similarly, Danny Devito is recognized as ugly. However, someone like Barry Keoghan has enough ugly traits to make him look ugly but enough cute traits to make him cute in addition to that. Ugly cute guys are actually better than Chads because you find them attractive, but they have lower SMV (not celebrities obv) relative to purely attractive men.

Anonymous 20071

Doing a hard think here because that is basically what lolcow is and a majority of the posters here are from there, I don't know if you see the irony.

Anonymous 20075

>Most ugly man are fucking terrible people just like their looks.

Is this the "halo effect" that robots complain about?

Anonymous 20076

A bit, but that person is also a bitch as well.

Anonymous 20077

Like >>20069 said, it's guys with "bad" features but a few cute ones that bring it all together nicely. It's also pretty subjective, my personal favourite flavour is big nose, acne, and gaunt with big crooked teeth paired with big eyes. Weak chinned baby face with "awkward" proportions is a close second.

Maybe it's bad taste, but I'd consider myself ugly-cute as well so we would match lol. I also don't think uglier people are any cruel, at least in my experience. Your average hot frat boy is about on par with your average incel lol. I'd rather neither personality.

Anonymous 20119

I think it's like how some guys find "plain" women attractive.

Anonymous 20120

>Someone like Tom Cruise most everyone will agree was attractive in his hayday.
Fun fact: Tom Cruise's top teeth are misaligned. He has one tooth directly in the center.

Anonymous 20134


Fun fact, Tom Cruise was orally probed by aliens and that why his teeth are fucked up.

Anonymous 20135

This bitch again. I tried to talk to him but he clearly didn't want to have any of it. I asked for his name but he didn't ask for mine at all and reluctantly answered some questions I had. He ended the conversation by saying he doesn't have much free time.
At least it's off my back I guess. Move on to the next rejection, this is my fourth. The manlets really don't want me.

Anonymous 20138

>last year of high-school
>prom coming up. Oh boy
>basically only had e-bfs. Never went o a date before. Kiss less virgin
>ask some unpopular guy to prom. He won't say no, right? I'm sure no one asked him to already. Great plan, anon. Pat myself on the back for having the guts to
>calls me selfish for saying I won't suck his dick after he heavily implied it a few times
>"we can chill with our friends anyway. Why would we need to go together? I'm not like picking you up from home or whatever."
>"You're undecided and don't know what you want."

Do men grow up or is it always going to be so face palmingly, head slammingly frustrating?

Anonymous 20151

Are you sure that was him rejecting you and he wasn't just dropping spaghetti?
You did say he seems to be shy/a loner. That seems like exactly the kind of person who would be unsure how to respond to advances, or potentially even think the advances couldn't be genuine because of his low self-esteem.

Anonymous 20152

There is no black or white answer for this. There will be people who are shit, and people who are decent. Honestly, it would have been better to gone stag for prom instead of asking a someone who you had a very low risk of rejection from, that was your major mistake with all of this. Clearly neither of you had feelings for each other and this whole thing was just a "we got no one else, lets just pretend we're going together." This was just a situation of events that shouldn't have transpired and shouldn't be an impression of dates or going on dates with men.

Anonymous 20154


After thinking it over I did actually consider that. Other points:
>he had the sweatiest hand I'd ever shaken despite being stationary for the past hour
>sits at the back now because he suddenly has a laptop and is overtly nervous about anyone catching him…doing his schoolwork lol
>fidgeted whenever I looked at him during class
>struggled with eye contact and was very quiet
>he's a STEMfag

I guess the whole situation is actually very neutral, which is scary…I'm not sure where to go from here. I may try speaking to him again just to apologize if I made him uncomfortable, then he can pick up his spaghetti if he indeed did drop it.

Any other advice is welcome though! Pls I don't think either of us have social skills.

Anonymous 20156

I think it'd be a good idea to maintain steady contact with him until he considers you someone he knows. Don't necessarily smother him, but say a few words to him when you pass him or occasionally ask him how his day is going, things like that.
Once he's familiar with you in public, you can start exploring ways to interact with him in private. Asking him on a traditional date might work at this point, but you'd probably see more success if you learned what kinds of things he likes to do and tried to do them together with him; invite him over to play videogames or ask him if he wants to go with you to see a movie, that kind of thing. You should probably refrain from even calling them dates.

Anonymous 20157

Oh yeah, I wasn't intending to ask him on a date right away, just talk to him during class and such, then lead into coffee (at one of the campus cafes) eventually. I have asked out a guy directly out to a date before and it went badly since I, myself, had a social anxiety time.
But thanks for the tip about dates where we do things first off, that sounds best for two awkward people lol. Probably better than coffee.

Anonymous 20159

I'm wondering if you go to my university.. the guy sounds like most of the guys I see in my program

Anonymous 20160

I think coffee is a bit too "one-on-one" for the first alone activity for two socially awkward people. I think that something where you're together, but have something to focus on besides each other, such as a concert (as an example, I imagine it'd be too high-energy for him), a movie, going to a museum together, et cetera would be better until you're very comfortable around each other.

Anonymous 20161


>palms are sweaty
>sits due to weak knees
I think I found your guy.

Anonymous 20164

lel are you in STEM? That's why I included that as a reason he might be awkward.
It may be a stereotype, but I swear I see the most shamelessly anime merch clad nerds when hanging around the engineering/compsci/chem buildings…and oddly enough girls in the humanities.
Those are all good ideas (although even I never want to go to a concert unless it's classical haha), thanks anon. Assuming things work well and we become acquaintances then a movie is probably what I'll go with.
Next class I'm sure he'll take off his disguise and it will be clear he's been a household name rapper all along, much to my surprise (or so he thinks).

Anyway, in the end, I've decided to say hi to him when I see him in passing (I almost certainly will) but also give him some space next class in case my original assumption was correct (he's not into me/is gay/is ace). I want to play it safe. If he sits next to me I'll take that as a green light though.
Upd8 next Tuesday I guess, unless he gets ballsy if/when I see him casually.

Anonymous 20170

Unfortunately so, anon.
As a non-weeb, I've made the casual observation that STEM also has the most covert weebs; they won't show their power level unless they know you well.

Anonymous 20205

Yes to both.

Anonymous 20207

Before the Internet if you wanted to have any kind of social interaction you would go out for cinema/theater/coffee/drinks. Even introverts would get dragged along and they could eventually find someone with the same inclination. We didn't really care about that distinction back then but I am pretty sure that whole subcultures that catered to introverts one way or the other, for instance goths.
The Internet really did a number on them.

Anonymous 20208


>I asked for his name but he didn't ask for mine at all

He probably didn't even cared about your name because he knows he won't need to use it on any occasion anyway.

>reluctantly answered some questions

He has no hobbies and isn't good at socializing, hence reluctance.

>saying he doesn't have much free time

made up stories so you won't make any practical joke on him like cat-fishing.

I knew a weirdo like him. Dude literally had no life, poor loser.
I hope not. m&m looks like a grandpa now.

Anonymous 20212

I hate how painfully truthful this is. The worst part is there's no going back.

Anonymous 20241


>bullyfucking him so he only grows more loyal
>pretending to catch him looking at other girls when out and watching him squirm trying to convince you he wasn't
>teasing and emasculating him when he cums too early
>all he can do is quietly stutter out "sorry"
>knowing he's prepared for days for your birthday and then just vacantly accepting the cake, gifts and dorky card he's bought for you
>when you go to bed and he hesitantly tries to get your birthday sex started, just shrug him off that you're too tired, then start idly browsing crystal.cafe on your phone
>sheepishly asks if you enjoyed your day
>without looking up from the phone, answer "Yeah sure, I guess. I didn't really like the cake though."
>he just quietly inches closer to spoon and nervously puts his arm around you

Ahahahaha yes!

Anonymous 20242


that's bretty mean anon

Anonymous 20243


Anonymous 20245

keep going

Anonymous 20246

There's a fine line between sadist and outright asshole.

Anonymous 20247

Damn, I'm a fd anon and I'm not even into that. Just want to treasure a sweet qt but also beat the shit out of him and scar him during sex.

Anonymous 20251

This is sad and pathetic

Anonymous 20253

what message is this image supposed to convey

Anonymous 20265

A jewish stacy I guess? An apex female that can have it all while having the traits of a jew which are manipulative, lives to cause turmoil and strife through passive actions, and enjoys watching people under them struggle and suffer for no real valid reason but to sate their immoral sadistic lust. Honestly that person is fucked up.

Anonymous 20267

Ohh thank you, that was a nice explanation. Also shy boys are for not for bullying :(

Anonymous 20271


>Also shy boys are for not for bullying

Anonymous 20272


I will only allow bullying of shy boys if it's in the style of Nagatoro!!

Anonymous 20320

I don't know, nagatoro is pretty rude. It's only funny and endearing in hindsight when her acts of pushing him away threatens to push him into the arms of other girls and then she gets very jealous/angry about this and has to try 10x harder to show affection/break a "friendship" boundary which fucks her up really bad inside because she is emotionally incapable of showing affection like a normal person.

Anonymous 20322

Screen Shot 2019-0…


Anonymous 20337


Where do I even look for trying to procure such BF? I tried in the shopping malls around sci-fi and history magazines section but it's always empty. Libraries didn't work either.

Anonymous 20340

They're probably trying to stay out of sight whenever they venture out into meatspace. You should check more frequently and try to be stealthy as they are.

Anonymous 20341

Have you tried breaking and entering weeb hovels?

Seriously though you should try the grocery store and wear something red as the color is known to activate hunger signals in the brain and they'll think you're tasty while all the food is around. It's subtle but will give you a boost in effect.

Anonymous 20346


>not wanting a tsundere loudmouth cunt bf that inexplicably gets quiet and shy around you and stupidly hurts or embarrasses themselves in various stunts to impress you

not living ur best lyfe anons ill tell ya huwhat

Anonymous 20350

I thought orange was the hungry color?

Anonymous 20352

Shades of orange and red. Think McDonald's fries boxes.

Anonymous 20353

I didn't know yellow was too though.

Anonymous 20358

You're a terrible person and incredibly selfish. You don't deserve anyone and I hope you die alone with that attitude. Expecting someone to overwork themselves so you can sit around at home shitposting on crystal cafe and do nothing is worthless. I thought this mentality of entitlement died, it's gross other women actually think this way.

Anonymous 20365

>role playing as a woman.
Enjoy your ban cakeboy, stay in your own zone and stop pretending to be a girl.

Anonymous 20368

You're going to get banned but if you read this:
Bored, pampered housewives are literally what gave rise to cuck porn and blacked and all that shit decent heterosexual guys despise. They're still around today.

I understand you might think today's society has gender role problems with all the video game playing, screeching manchildren with no wife to work for and that it needs to go back to something else, but the 1950s model actually had more problems than you think despite the good economic climate. You have to remember what followed the 50s style was the drugged up party mode 70s, where everyone collectively said "fuck it".

I get a career obsessed person would suck as a partner, I wouldn't want a boyfriend like that, but what you're describing didn't actually work long-term, people threw it away in completely the opposite direction after a single generation.

Anonymous 20372

>tfw empathize with manon because I want the reverse
His goal is only marginally more attainable than mine, it's sad. I, too, like the idea of providing for my lover as a means of showing my affection and devotion. Just want a sweet husband to come home to who will offer me companionship, support, and regular sex. Ideally he'd also be caring and gentle so we could raise a child.

Hope manon can reach his dream future, too. I disagree that it's something that can be forced onto everyone though, like >>20368 stated. Only select people operate in this way romantically and need to somehow find each other. I know prospective househusbands exist, as do many more housewives, it's just a matter of locating them and showing them that they can trust you.

Anonymous 20375

What's the appeal, they sit at home all day, they don't really contribute. I mean they can vacuum every few days and clean now and again and cook. Honestly it feels easier than ever now to be a house-based lover because there is so much shit to do at home that isn't staring at a wall or watching TV reruns. I mean then again I'm a huge nerd and a lot of my time can be spent on time sinks as long as they can be funded, video games, or hobbies like warhammer 40k. Miniature painting can be pretty fun.

Hypothetically, I mean I know a lot of guys who are nerds obviously since it's male dominated, some of them do table top role playing, would you be jealous if they spent some of their hours doing things like this instead of hanging out at home? What would your criteria be, the female vision of this is always more interesting than the male, because men just want it to be like a cliche 50's era life which is just depressing. Sitting at home like a puppy dog legs open and waiting for him with a fresh cooked meal. Female dominated always feels a little more interesting because there's different motives behind it it feels like than just male cliche " gotta be the dominant provider, praise me."

Anonymous 20380

I should know better than to get baited but
>A man working hard for long hours while a woman makes the home worked for centuries.
So did actual slavery, soothsaying, bloodletting, administering mercury as medicine, geocentrism, and a fuckload of other stupid shit humanity did for a thousand years before discovering a better way.
Sure, it works, but the fact that society managed to not collapse from it says nothing about whether it's the best possible situation.

Anonymous 20383


>What's the appeal, they sit at home all day, they don't really contribute
You shouldn't undermine actual housekeepers. It's one of those jobs that can be minimal effort, sure, but it's also incredibly demanding if you're serious.

Maintaining an entire home goes way beyond "vacuuming every few days" and cooking. Just from being at home my mom was basically an electrician, roof tiler, arborist, landscaper, along with extremely good chef and teacher and knew how to use a sewing machine and overlocker. All for "free". The only reward was a happy husband and a happy daughter. She was also a very content person herself, like never had giant mood swings or depression, or seemed withdrawn or crushed. She was often happy and enjoyed herself whenever they invited friends over and stuff, or would go out on 'dates' with my dad.

>or hobbies like warhammer 40k. Miniature painting can be pretty fun.

Holy fuck you're a dork like me.
>tfw will never find shy bf to thin paints with

Anonymous 20386

What's your favorite race anon? I'm not very good myself, but my pride is the bloodthrister I did. Granted I used a lot of tips from the duncan videos, but it worked out really well! I'm still a novice so I don't do fine details like highlights, but I think it came out really well all things considered. I even gave it a blood splattered snow base because I love the snow effects on bases and also the way I build my army concept was that I sacrificed my HQ to become a bloodthrister later in the game.

Oops repost because I linked the wrong post, sorry!

Anonymous 20388

>what's the appeal?
I mean, it definitely is a bit of the "dominant provider, praise me" even as a woman haha. Mostly, like I said, I just enjoy the idea of working hard to have a tangible, undeniable symbol of my dedication to the person I love. I'd definitely appreciate if he kept the house (I fucking hate cleaning and cooking), but most of what I expect is him to be fulfilled and thank me with affection (and consistent access to his body). Manon's posts were deleted, but what he said about working long hours knowing your partner is comfy resonated with me. It's a reason to keep going; even now every choice I've made is so I can hopefully get a future househusband to support. It's my life goal.
Overall I think I'm just inherently a generous person who likes to care for someone, but I'm not very good at overt affection or warmth so this is how it comes out.
>would you be jealous if they spent some of their hours doing things like this instead of hanging out at home?
As long as he doesn't cheat I'm fine with him hanging out with friends sometimes, although my ideal partner is as socially isolated as me and only sees them twice a year lel.
Speaking of cheating, that definitely is a small part of it too. If I've done everything I could for him and he still does that then I'm completely free of blame. Financial support, attention, and regular sex? Come on. No excuse.

Anonymous 20389

There was some truth in what he said; the main issue was saying that only men should be dominant and that only women should be subordinate, and that all men and women must be so else they're not "real" men/women, whatever that means.


Personally, I don't think there's ever an excuse. If the other person treats you like shit or the relationship isn't working, just break it off. Cheating demonstrates a lack of honor that I find sickening.

Anonymous 20390

I don't know, being that much of a shut in is kinda rough including when you're kinda set to only be home. I think a lot of reason why people cheated in those environments is due to pure boredom. And then a mix of a slow marriage where sex drives die out, and the flare of affection isn't as strong as it once was.

I'm not justifying cheating, but I look at my life now, I'm a NEET and I think I'd kill myself if I didn't have my saturday nights where I go play a TTRPG or board game with a few people I became friends with. Maybe the dynamic wouldn't be bad if I had a lover, I'm not sure, I never lived with one. I don't know how I'd feel about that.

Anonymous 20391


>What's your favorite race anon?
Blood Angels. I'm in love with that whole 'blond space vampire knights who might go insane for their primarch' thing, I'm trash I know. Sanguinius is perfect and best son, I want to touch his giant wings.
>I even gave it a blood splattered snow base because I love the snow effects on bases and also the way I build my army concept was that I sacrificed my HQ to become a bloodthrister later in the game.
That sounds great, I like the uniqueness. It's like the HQ is given back to the warp and Khorne gives you a greater demon in trade.

Yeah I don't highlight much either, it's too fine of work, you need like a base-grip and a magnifying glass most times. I just do the most efficient way that still looks good.
1. prime
2. base coats and some details like medallions/seals/crests
3. very, very light wash to deepen grooves and define
4. very, very light dry brushing to pop some of the edges and corners
Looks good and I don't have to spend weeks on a squad lol.

Anonymous 20393

Yeah, I obviously disagree with his points like that lol. Especially in regards to couples who both work and contribute (so, most couples these days), it's just partnership in a different way. Don't know what nonsense he was on saying the lesser paid partner is just a tenant as if financially supporting your partner fully is that much different? Morally better? No idea. It's just preference.
>Cheating demonstrates a lack of honor
Agree with this, there's never any real reason. It's always cowardice. I guess it just makes me feel like there's an extra layer inexcusability added. 200% inexcusable.
Well I wouldn't stop him as long as he isn't the type to go clubbing every night or something, although I doubt I'd end up with someone like that in the first place.
idk about getting bored with people, either. I still find it fun to interact with my mother who I see daily/friends I've had for years. Maybe I'm just boring though.

Anonymous 20394

At least it's not the ultrasmurfs. Anything is better than them, well them and forehead vaginas.

And yeah that's basically the idea, as a big nerd of chaos lore, the concept of having your form turned into a powerful demon is like a gift from the chaos god. Since it's a bloodthrister, it's khorne but I believe they lose their personality that way and become the daemon where as a Daemon Prince the person receiving the blessing is still the person they once were, but now a hybrid demon style so they still have the free will to command legions and do heretical shit.

And that's about what I do with mine, except I do kinda heavy with the wash. I think it's because I'm working with chaos and khornate marines, I want to show a lot of dirt. I normally use a very dark wash to make the recesses show more and kinda show more filth.

I've experimented with the idea of instead of doing a dry brush of a hue similar to the base color, if I should do a dry brush of white to give the impression of snow dusting on them. I did it on a heldrake and I liked how it came out, it made a lot of the red/gold fade in how violent they look and it looked more worn from weathered effects.

Are you working on anything currently?

Anonymous 20395

>forehead vaginas
lol who're they? I haven't heard that, I'm trying to think.

Yeah snow is incredibly hard to pull off on the models themselves. I'm too scared and don't touch environment effects on the models, I only do battle-worn stuff, like using a knife to gouge little shrapnel damage and dents in armor, then detailing that with some basic greys.

>Are you working on anything currently?

I'm trying my first conversion complete with some green stuff. I'm going to attempt a custom jump pack with wings for like a Blood Champion similar to the Emperor's Champion the Black Templars have. Rule wise it's probably be a basic elite assault unit or something, still working out how I want to allocate points yet if he's going to have a power sword with a combibolter or not.

We better stop. Our posts might get deleted for being off topic lol. Good luck with your snowy chaos army. It was nice knowing there's other 40k dorks here.

Anonymous 20397

Oh they were the Tau. And I suppose you're right, I get kinda carried away when I meet people with similar interests, I'm sorry.

I do want to talk more though, so if you want to be friends, I got a discord it's RaccAtacc#3353.

Anonymous 20412

I hope other 40k anons add you, because I don't use any of that stuff. I enjoyed our little talk regardless, thank you.

Anonymous 20422

If only i was living in a a big western city where weebs have their own conventions regularly and not in slav boondocks.
Red is too vulgar imo. I can go with orange instead.

You know those "butler anime" trope? This is an actual thing for some of them neets. Making sure your "princess" is taken care of after all day out there in the wild of work and business because one is grateful he doesn't have to deal with it.

Anonymous 20438


Passed him today, smiled at him and he cracked a tiny smile back and mouthed a "hi."
May be nothing, but I've never seen him smile before so it was nice at least.
I was honestly hoping to see him today since on the day I spoke to him I kind of pulled a fit and avoided looking at him when passing him afterwards. Wanted him to know it's SAFE to sit next to me and I'm not judging him if he fucked up socially. Sage because this is really nothing but I wanted to gush a bit, will talk to him tomorrow.

Anonymous 20440


Sounds promising!

Anonymous 20470


>tfw no fit bf with long hair
real feel hours

Anonymous 20471

Which one of them is you?

Anonymous 20472


this is the first time i've been accused of being a man on here, surreal

Anonymous 20483

He skipped class today (but he has before…I've actually never seen him there on a Tuesday).
Then I walked by him later because we were lounging in the same area (by chance! It's a comfy place with lots of plants) and he got up and left when I returned to that area…
I feel like I'm antagonizing him by now. By existing. Maybe he really is just an isolated person. Or maybe he thought I was stalking him?

Anonymous 20484

Please, remember to say "hi". It's pretty much stalking if you're acting shy but not weak. Ask how he feels, etc.

Anonymous 20493

I should have said something or smiled at him, you're right. gdi
>shy, but no weak
You don't know me, but you just described my whole demeanor better than I even could. Probably why I struggle so much, I'm in the uncanny valley of confidence.

Anonymous 20495

Yeah. Might want to stop that. Keep a good smile on your face, a close yet comfortable distance, and be sure to say hi, or else he'll think you're gonna kidnap him like some kind of savage.

Anonymous 20496

I don't think any male on the face of the earth above the age of 14 is worried about kidnapping unless they are involved in some gang shit. I think you guys are taking this a bit far and putting way too much fantasy into the situation at hand and overthinking a simple thing.

Anonymous 20498

Catch me kidnapping him on Thursday after class.
In fairness to anon, although she has no way to know, he is 5'4" and maybe 125 lbs max (shorter and lighter than me).
What do men fear in terms of stalking, anyway? Is it just the uncomfortable invasion of privacy?

Anonymous 20499

Calm down. It's a joke.
Harm. He's small and obviously weak, so he's definitely scared of being hurt by you, whether physical or mental. This is why you need to try and appear more friendly.

Anonymous 20500

>What do men fear in terms of stalking, anyway?
As far as what could actually endanger them?
My guess would be either getting drugged, or threats of false rape accusations.
Not that they constantly fear those, but if they believe a girl is stalking them that seems like the kinds of things they might fear from her in particular.
Basically everything that could fall under "do what I want or I'll hurt you/your life in some way."

Anonymous 20502

You're implying that at this point he THINKS they are stalking him. And unless he's absolutely terrified of people which he isn't if he's sitting in public spaces, he prob just keeps to himself most of the time. Guys don't play games like this a lot of times, sitting here trying to do all these mental gymnastics and other crazy stuff trying to figure out what he's thinking and being way off base.

The only thing you know about the guy that is solid evidence of who he is, was that he didn't seem too interested in talking to her. You don't know why, or who he really is, you're trying to assign motives and feelings to him when anon can't even hold a conversation with him. You all need to calm down with this stalking path, you're in a school. Most people spend 8 hours of their day there you will see reoccurring faces while hanging out in the same place almost daily on a set schedule for months.

If you're legit serious about getting to know this guy, stop thinking about 3D so much and learn to be a person in this current generation. You don't have to look pretty to hit on someone or ask them out for coffee, or anything else. All you gotta do is ask for contact, phone#, some kind of instant message user ID instead of giving him these shy glances and always staring at him like you're trying to create a criminal ID on a perpetrator you never met.

Remember guys are straight forward, if you're gonna take the guy role in situations like this, you have to act like a guy, not a girl. Be the one asking for ways to contact, making the first step, always initiating conversation, showing you're into him through verbal means, you have to be clear in your intentions. You are all going about this the wrong way, you're trying to assume a dominant role in courtship while still using female tactics and female tactics are honestly garbage in a dominance role. They are too subtle for shit and all it does is lead to childish games of trying to guess what the other is thinking, no guy likes that stuff.

Anonymous 20503

He may not have an outright fear of people, but I think having her ask him out on a date or for personal contact info at this stage is still not likely to succeed if he's an introverted or private person.

Anonymous 20504

Cell phone#/private messaging information isn't as valuable or selective for males. You are trying to treat this as a female still. Guys will add anyone because they know no matter who they add, they aren't going to have 50 thirsty people bothering them every day so they don't have to be selective of who they share their contact info with.

He has a personal story as to why he may not like human interaction with people but anon has to figure that out while talking to him. She needs to know him and staring at him while doing these silly hypotheticals isn't getting to know him.

Anonymous 20505

Oh sorry, I forgot the mention the bit where the best way to talk to people who are shy and have difficulty communicating in person is through stuff like phones and text methods because they can be in their safe zone where they don't feel uneasy all the time, and they don't feel pressured. There's a guy I know whose been emotionally repressed so bad growing up he is physically unable to talk to people directly by staring at their eyes, let alone have an emotional conversation with another person in front of them. He's told me times where he's had to take out his phone and text the other person they are interacting with their emotions and feelings because they cannot verbally express such things. Sometimes people feel safer through a text medium because it's less judgmental to them.

Anonymous 20506

>tfw was straightforward with the last guy I asked out (tracked his schedule and waited to stop him before his Russian class to ask him to lunch) and got a date with but it turned him off after a while
>one of the first things I said was "I meant this as a date and have romantic intentions" (to clarify) and he visibly cringed
>but he accepted it and flirted with me a bit
>continued to just say what came to my mind to say in that moment for the rest of the date whenever he asked questions
>essentially quizzed him with what I wanted to know
>he got progressively more uncomfortable
>got friendzoned
>after recounting it to my mother she literally said "I don't know why you have no social skills"
I guess I'm just scarred from that experience and am now worried and playing it safe. Although that guy was a huge normfag so perhaps the outcome will be different with someone who is also awkward in social settings.
But I've also talked to my male best friend about this whole deal and he said I should "not overstep his boundaries" but said friend (gd fucking Chad) has had stalkers/creeps before so his ideas may be affected by that. I just don't know!

Most of my neurotic ideas about the situation now are just because I've been waiting until class so I can have a "reason" to stop him and speak to him. Should I stop him in the hall if I see him before our Thursday class? I just might since I'm tired of this. Tired of myself.

Anonymous 20508

>Guys will add anyone because they know no matter who they add, they aren't going to have 50 thirsty people bothering them
What about guys with low self-esteem who, if approached by a girl out of the blue and asked for their number, would immediately assume the girl must be a stacy, or have been dared by staceys, playing a cruel prank on him?
I just think it would be better to become acquaintances with him in public social situations first before attempting to initiate one-on-one contact, lest it seem too good to be true.

Anonymous 20509

Bear in mind that not everyone is a fit for everyone else. That story does sound unusual, but on the other hand I know that there are a lot of robots who would find such a direct, candid approach very refreshing. That's not to say it will necessarily work for this guy, but I don't think you need to feel like it's you who must radically change. Your pool of potential matches might be smaller than average, but it's still there if you don't mind having to spend more effort than average looking for it.

Anonymous 20510

There is a lot to break down here.
On your green text here is my highlight points for you, you treated the date as almost like a job interview or if this was some meeting through a dating agency. Quizzing someone on a date can be a bit weird, it's like they are on trial and you have an internal checklist that you are comparing the answers to, to see if they are worth anything. I will admit, even though I'm forward too, I wouldn't have said "and have romantic intentions" part. I would have left it as a date, the rest is implied. You're right, you have a bit less tact, but I'm seeing two different games going on here. You haven't figured out the happy medium of direct interaction but not EXTREMELY direct. You can take it to an extreme level.

With that said, with your question, I think you should try talking to him and say something simple like "I'd like to get to know you more! Do you have a way we can talk outside of school?" and just try to have a casual conversation with him on terms that might be less stressful for him. You're trying exceptionally hard to get this persons attention and I believe they either A. don't care, or B. don't notice. You just gotta go for it, because wasting a semester like this isn't good for you especially if you're just trying to figure out if he's into you or not.

He's lost if he thinks like that. You are better off not interacting with people like that who assume every interaction with someone with the opposite sex is some high school grade shame prank. More often than not you will see highly sexist things come out eventually and probably thinks like an /r9k/ robot and will turn into a douche after gaining confidence that they are desirable.

Anonymous 20512

It would be really strange for him to think that specifically, I'm not Stacey-passing at all. Or even Becky-passing.
Not that I'm a frumplet, I just dress differently than most people where I live (think vintage inspired business casual) and wear glasses some days.
I can see him being nervous because I'm a girl, but assuming that it's a prank is really out there.
>quizzing someone can be a bit weird
Oh no, I kind of pulled this with my first interaction with this boy, too. But didn't ask him on a date so it was probably even weirder. Fuck I'm bad at this.
Regardless I definitely don't intend for this nonsense to go on for the whole semester, I'll try to settle it within the week. Your advice sounds good, I'll go for it next time I can feasibly snag him for a conversation. But definitely before the weekend.
tbf we really weren't a good fit, he's also quite social while I'm (evidently) not. It's for the best nothing happened there lol.
I'll try my best to be forward-but-not-too-forward.

Anonymous 20513

Best of luck to you, at least some of us won't be dying alone.

Anonymous 23957

Stores related to their hobbies?
Make a venn diagram of your ideal boyfriend and visit places that check off multiple traits.

Anonymous 24004

I would do this if I wouldn't end up with a faggot.

Anonymous 24598


>tfw no cute discord bf to videochat while eating simulating a date
It hurts ;-;

Anonymous 24601


Forgive me for not being able to speak to somebody irl and be a hiki

Anonymous 24606

I almost had this but I was way too ugly to show myself and just couldn't risk the humiliation so I ran away. Feels bad.

Anonymous 24608


Unfortunately it was about a year ago now and I've since lost contact. I don't think I want to deal with people online anymore and am just gonna focus on real life now. But thanks friend, I hope if I get the chance next time I can be more confident.

Anonymous 24610

And what's the correct meaning sis?

Anonymous 24611

(it must be cute af with that hairstyle also, nice drawing)


Anonymous 24619

a good ahh ofc

Anonymous 24640

I didn't think about that
AHHHHHHHHHHHHH (that's a bab ahh btw)

Anonymous 24656

It's going to be okay anon. (comfy)

Anonymous 24661


cringe feel, but still feel

Anonymous 24687

absolutely disgusting

Anonymous 24694

Is he supposed to be the spitting image of Michael from Rooster Teeth?

Anonymous 24698

don't kinkshame

Anonymous 24815

wow I just found my ideal bf thanks anon

Anonymous 24825

That's hot, daddy.

Anonymous 24832

>insecure dom
more like tryhard bitch that has miraculously gotten his first gf and tries to play the 50 shades of gray guy because he has no idea what self confidence is and has to resort to made up concepts that are easy to emulate even though they go against his passive, scared nature

Anonymous 24833


what a burn

Anonymous 24834

that sounds kinda cute >>24832

Anonymous 24853

isn't that a little bit superficial? bonding with people with similar traits may seem nice at first glance but even if the guy you start to hang out with is a confident, muscular and extroverted chad but loves you for who you truly are you'll probably have a blast
anyway what I'm trying to say is that I want someone in my life that loves me, and that doesn't necesarily correlates with "is like me". shit, I don't love myself at all, and I'm the person I look like the most

Anonymous 24869

This is the best description of these kind of guys on the imageboards i've ever seen. They have no idea what confidence is, not a single concept of it so they resort to stuff straight out of porn or shit they've seen in movies - almost equaling confidence with abuse at times because "da man has to be stronk" at all times

Anonymous 24870


I dunno. I never dated anyone so I'm simply spouting some wishful thinking, yet I'd like to think everyone can get along as long as they're nice
I have nothing against conservatives but the recent conservative wave that drowned imageboards created some cringy-ass indidivuals. let's just hope some of them are honest to themselves and others about their insecurities

Anonymous 25098

don't do it…

cute image!

Anonymous 25105



Anonymous 25107

Aww, what was it?

Anonymous 25109

It was a satirical Billie Mayes style post about getting a bf. Prolly made by a dude if it was removed

Anonymous 25113

Oh, I just remembered that. I didn't think that was a malepost.

Anonymous 25149

>I just want an attractive boyfriend with a good personality and a lot going for him

never gonna happen, those guys are in committed relationships. if you're here you're probably unattractive/autistic. gonna have to settle. why is the idea never,why can't I find a guy who has potential but maybe lacks a little motivation and nurture him? some guys had terrible mothers who never cared for them and its not their fault

Anonymous 25151


I just want someone to come home to and go to cafes and shit. I think I don't even want a bf, just a friend.

Anonymous 25152

>It's not men's fault it's their mothers

It's never men's fault it's always womens

Anonymous 25153

>why is the idea never,why can't I find a guy who has potential but maybe lacks a little motivation and nurture him? some guys had terrible mothers who never cared for them and its not their fault

Literally my bf, he's almost 2m tall with handsome face but i was the only one girl he keeps contact with because he grew up with overprotective single mother and we met trough internet on niche videogame forum. It took him a lot to be able to talk with me freely because he was so autistic at first but he has heart of gold.

Anonymous 25154

Single mothers are cancer. My bf mentioned >>25153 here wasn't even able to play outside with his peers because "what if something happened and she couldn't save him???!"

For a long time i was a way for him to learn talking to girls isn't some magic shit and to find general confidence. Normally i'd be disgusted by someone like him but he was cute enough and always appreciated our time spent together without seeming like creep + he was so shy he wasn't hitting on me in the slightest. Only year ago he found out i have a crush on him and we decided to be in a relationship

Anonymous 25156

"My boyfriend had a helicopter single mom therefore all single moms suck, fuck all the hard working ones, nevermind the men who abandon their families"

Also why do men always get to blame their moms for their behavior? I've never seen anyone allow a woman to blame her father for her behavior, why?

Anonymous 25157

>I've never seen anyone allow a woman to blame her father for her behavior
Well, the term "daddy issues" does exist.

Anonymous 25160

Yeah but women still get told to get over it, not coddled

Anonymous 25161

NTA but overprotective sheltered raising is also wrong. Not gonna praise parents for raising kids to hide under momma's skirt all the time. Don't raise your kids to be safe, raise them to be strong.

Anonymous 25162

Well in case of single mothers it's the lack of father figure in son's life that's damaging.

Anonymous 25168

>moved into a city that has more men then woman
>Dating life has become much better

Still no BF though but at least guys here try to actually put effort into getting woman.

Anonymous 25177

Doesn't matter. The inevitable abundance of loose women is going to push most of the men into either fighting or flying. That is, they're either going to go full MGTOW whilst simultaneously playing "the game" or hiding in their dorm room praying to God for the sweet release of death from their loneliness, your preference probably doing the latter. Catch them while they're outside.

Anonymous 25181

Because asking for a relationship where the feelings are mutual is too much

Anonymous 25186

The loose women create the vacuum. Men get pulled in by their dongs if they do not resist hard enough, and become savages, who then go out to make more loose women. This growing sexual market destroys the world of romance, leaving you less likely to find someone who wants romance.

That being said, you can't know of this, and just give up on it. You need to try harder. As life becomes difficult, and the gap closes more and more for survival, only the heartiest can make it past the ritualistic chaos into the future. You really, really need to push yourself out of the door more often. I'm not implying it's an even split between lust and love in the world, either. You're part of a minority, and so are the shy men. Both of these groups are huddled in and isolated from the loud carnal orgy going on in the outer modern world. You have to wade through these pools of lust to find your others, without sinking in. It's not as difficult as it sounds.

Anonymous 25187

That and in places where men don't need to be nice in order for women to throw themselves at them only create more problematic men. I know men are to blame and all but desperate women with no standards give men the idea they can do whatever and still be God's. I know hideous men who treat women awfully and still get laid, it's sad

Anonymous 25190

Don't pretend like women don't get the same benefit and act the same way when the odds are in their favor. It's basic supply and demand, and neither sex is morally above it.

Anonymous 25199

Blaming helps no one. Simply do what you can with this knowledge for yourself, so that you can help others.

Anonymous 25203

>I just can't see any men being monogamous in a world like this given how they tend to describe their sexuality.

Oh dear, dont ever belive men's self described sexual conquests. They have to over exaggerate even among their best male friends because otherwise society will think they're unmanly. That's how it's always been: men advertise themselves to boost their "value".

Anonymous 25204

Having a lack of faith in finding the right one is your problem. Giving them what they want in your searches is obviously not the solution. You need to focus on what no self-engrossed "alpha" will want, and that is kids. You'll be able to tell the trash from the food, at first sight, hearing, but for the extra deceptive it simply helps to be open with what you want out of a relationship. You just have to try and be careful doing so.

Anonymous 25205

>Men have no shortage of partners and no problems dating.
>I'm not sure if men get attached the same way women do. I've seen them try to claim that they do and it's shocking to me
>I just don't think men bond the same way.
>I just can't see any men being monogamous in a world like this
>he'd just trade me out whenever he felt like it
Consider this: reverse the pronouns and this is literally an /r9k/ post.
There is no shortage of shitty men and shitty women because human beings are, on average, shitty.
However, it seems both have an issue with assuming that 100% of the other side behaves that way.

Anonymous 25221

I am 100% sure I've seen the reverse version of that post on /r9k/ almost verbatim.

Anonymous 25231

yeah both of the extreme ends are as insufferable as each other - should probably just try to ignore them.

Anonymous 25366

what were you doing there? mods?

Anonymous 25385

So basically pussy. What's at all attractive about a guy like this? I mean, go off, but it's a huge turn-off when he's got no confidence whatsoever, or very little of it.

Anonymous 25388

>she doesn't go on /r9k/ to bully trannies and laugh at beta males
It's cathartic I suggest you try it sometime

Anonymous 25391


>everyone that goes on r9k is a male
>mods mods come rescue me from them
stupid cunt

Anonymous 25394

Ironic considering you are the one witth daddy issues in the first place

Anonymous 25481

My guess is that the scared/insecure part is more of a worry out of genuinely harming you, and imo, that's way better than the guy having no sense of boundaries at all like most "dom" guys have. I don't even like dom men but I can see why some people would prefer this

Anonymous 25494

Lots of men seek out shrew, domineering women who walk all over them while they ignore kind, good women. Lots of women seek out spineless feminine men while they ignore strong, good men.

Men are women and women are men. Way too many people in the modern western world are mentally fucked.

Anonymous 25514

Are you a lesbian or male

Anonymous 25519

No boys allowed!!!!

Anonymous 25520

I like to imagine she's some super masculine lesbian whose parents just really wanted a boy.

Anonymous 25522

You're not a failure. A 30 year old with no job, no employment history, no savings, no skills, that's a failure. You sound very young, and you should focus on doing well your schooling, and focus less about what girls your age think. Don't worry so much about superficial things like your looks and abs, focus on improving your life incrementally. Get a valuable degree/certification, get a good paying job, stay physically active and healthy, keep a good group of friends. This type of thing. Lots of people who are social butterflies in school end up losers after graduation, and people who were wallflowers during school end up successful and outgoing. Don't read too much into whatever happens before you get out of college.

Anonymous 25532


>A 30 year old with no job, no employment history, no savings, no skills, that's a failure.
>tfw 30yo with 4 years of employment history, highschool dropout, no marketable skills

Anonymous 25575

The Anon I replied to was male and by their manner of writing, quite young. I was trying to be supportive and let them know they haven't royally ruined their life or anything like that. The post I wrote describes a hypothetical 30 year old man with no skills, training, or employment history. Such a man will have an uphill battle ahead of him if he wants good career and a stable life for his future family.

I am assuming you are a woman. The same rules don't apply to women. A man is not really interested in gaps of employment history when determining if you will make a good housewife and mother. Your markers as a woman, in how men perceive you to be a successful mate, are different.

Anonymous 25576

Okay but I don't want to be a housewife and/or a mother, I'm a person for myself and not for someone else's (husband/child) benefit.

Anonymous 25579

>men look for signs that you will be a good mother and housewife
i had a good kek anon

Anonymous 25580

Do you really believe there are none who do?

Guys on TRP and 4chan say the same thing about women.. That they're superficial and only want Chad who drives a sports car and looks like a supermodel. And it holds true because they only chase after the absolute worst types of women. I am willing to bet you're doing the same thing, and chasing after the worst types of men, if that's what your experience is.

Anonymous 25581

>tfw cute shy boy works at local small department store
>unfashionable, struggles with eye contact, always wearing headphones and looking down on his breaks
>An inch taller than me, which I don't like, but he is very skelly
I know what has to be done…but do I want to do it again? And fail horribly if I manage to get a date and he ends up disappointed in me?

I'll probably just try to make small talk next time I see him.

Anonymous 25584

>tfw no cute boy to fuck

Anonymous 25585

Say hi next time and then smile. That's always a good way to start.
Do your best!

Anonymous 25614

How do I get a skelly bf?

Anonymous 25616

Do it faggot, you have absolutely nothing to lose. If it doesn't work out it isn't the end of the world.

Anonymous 25617

They are either overly confident skinny chads that will pump and dumb you or mentally ill incels. You don't want to deal with either of those.

Anonymous 25619

Are you sure? The other anon >>25581 implied that she found a nice skelly. Maybe I'll wait to see how it works out for her.

Anonymous 25620

>works at local small department store
>unfashionable. struggles with eye contact, always wearing headphones and looking down on his breaks.
That's a broken man. She likes him because she's either desperate because she lacks any self esteem
>and he ends up disappointed in me
or has some fucked up kink for people like him.
>an inch taller than me, WHICH I DON'T LIKE.

Objectively speaking, her crush is trash tier. Probably autistic, probably bullied/abused, certainly unstable.

Anonymous 25622

Hmm, I see now yeah. That's kind of sad though…

Anonymous 25624

It is, but what can you do. We're all animals.
Maybe I was a bit too direct when telling you not to bother. Obviously what I said isn't 100% truth and there are exceptions. But I'm warning you, you are playing a stupid game and might win a stupid prize.

Anonymous 25626

Yeah, I'll try to interact with him a bit next time. Alternatively, I hope I get hired there (I applied for the summer).

>has some fucked up kink
I…I just want to care for someone vulnerable and make them feel loved. I'm not desperate either, I'm about 90% sure an extroverted sporty dude (not Chad, but very outgoing) was trying to get with me a couple months ago (he asked me to coffee twice and dropped a hint that he likes girls making first romantic moves). That's just not my energy.

As for the times I've been disappointing, whenever I pursue men I do like (the short, small, reserved ones) they tend to reject me after a date. I don't know what's up with that but it's made me somewhat nervous when dealing with them. I think in those cases I mess it up by putting too much pressure on myself actually haha, and come off as forced and a bit of a jerk.
And the height thing is indeed just a fetish lmao. I just think they're so cute and I like to feel tall.

I'll let you know how it goes. If it means anything I have two skelly male friends and they're both quite kind. One is my best friend and the most empathetic young man I know, and the other is very chill and seemed to care a lot about his last gf. From what I know she broke him though.

Anonymous 25629

Fuck, replied to wrong anon. I think it's clear I was addressing skelly-hunter though.
Specifically >>25619

Anonymous 25632

skinny guys assume by default their body type is not attractive to females. so they're not going to have the uber confidence chad has. if you smile and talk to them, they are likely to assume by default you're just being nice or want something out of them. so you might have to be more forward in sending signals to them.

incels come in all shapes and sizes, but if you think skinny guys are all chads you're crazy. that could not be further from the truth. in reality, most skinny guys will be in total disbelief if a woman shows interest in him or his body.

Anonymous 25639

I think the level of skinniness also factors into confidence. If a guy is semi-ottermode or just low average and has a cute face, I've seen such types being cocky.
Actual skeletons with little muscle mass are generally more self-conscious, though (unless they're ana-kuns). I'm talking guys with arms that look like skinny girl arms.

Anonymous 25746

If you are asking who they are
Jhonnes Mattos (model ofc)
couldn't find him
don't know his name, can find him in omegle some times
timmahtime (old tumblr celeb, has instagram)
Use this boys sis

Yes I don't have anything better to do

Anonymous 25779

>cute will always be Chad
Come on, robot-kun. You're just projecting your insecurity.
Cute for me is often a tiny South Asian guy, no matter the facial aesthetics. I know there are also other manlet lovers and even chubby chasers on here. We even recently discussed skellies itt.

And I somehow doubt you're above wanting a partner you find attractive.

Anonymous 25782

I'm mixed myself, it's too late.
Anyway why are you coming to the Femcel Hub to call us whores? We have an unusual concentration of female virgins here.

Anonymous 25784

>being celibate voluntarily makes you a whore
>I just said I don't want Chad, which you even quoted
Are you okay? Seems you're very upset and just venting since your statements are becoming nonsensical.

I hope you can stop seeing women as all the same and against you someday for your own mental health.

Anonymous 25786

We ban all men, anon. If you have a weenie then you aren't allowed here, it's in the rules.

Anyway I do agree with you that women can't be truecels despite you creating a narrative where I flipped out about that. But it's okay shorthand for "women who struggle more to get partners and are still virginal" which was my point. Many of us are virgins and you're calling us whores.

Anonymous 25789

Well, I tried to communicate the truth but it seems you're stuck on believing these things.
Wish you the best.

Anonymous 25798

Anyway, anon who was arguing with the manon here.

I will vent itt that the promiscuity these days also makes me anxious. I was just listening to a podcast where one of the men mentioned sleeping with women on the first date and felt sickened by the fact that it's that easy for young men to sleep around. It's very upsetting, even nice young shy boys have probably done this.
There isn't much hope for any side here and I feel on the verge of tears.

Anonymous 25809

I'm certain virgin/minimal sexual partners people are just as common as the sluttier types seem, but the main problem is trying to find them.

Being a slut is just easier, even in like a dating bio.
>you have to be tall, otherwise anything lol ;P
Compared to
>I'm a virgin and I'd prefer to match with another virgin for a serious relationship
It just sounds fake or creepy.

I have no idea how to solve the online lack of virgin x virgin dating phenomenon. Again, if you just want sex, it's the easiest thing in the world to obtain today. The meaningful one-partner longterm thing seems impossible.

Anonymous 25813

>felt sickened by the fact that it's that easy for young men to sleep around
As opposed to what? young girls? its easier for ladies to get laid if all you care about is sex.

Anonymous 25814

It may not have been opposed to anything. It's possible he said "young men" instead of "young people" just because he was speaking from his own experience. I don't know the podcast she's talking about, though, so I can't really be certain of the context or anything.

Anonymous 25817

Yeah, I don't know how to go about finding them at all. I'm avoiding tinder and online dating since it seems the whole culture around it is very promiscuous, but just taking chances on randoms irl hasn't yielded results either.

The other anon is correct, it isn't opposed to anything. I just specified young men because that's what I'm more concerned about.
It's not jealousy, I know I could catch dick with relative ease but want to settle down with a man who also has good self control.

He was just talking about himself and it was passing small talk.

Idk it just seems that if men can pass up such large amounts of women for relationships and only pump and dump them, what would make it different in my case? It's just self pity really, I know there are men who commit even when young. But how can I be a woman that someone wants to commit to?

Anonymous 25828

>I don't know how to go about finding them at all
I'm not even sure if such a problem has a good solution.
Such people, who are shy and awkward and just want someone special who is in the same position they are, are unfortunately the same kind of people who are not likely at all to actually approach/meet such people IRL. You can't really tell whether someone is that kind of person at a glance once you're out of school and they're no longer "that kid who sits alone at lunch," and even if you frequent places where such people would have interests you've no way of knowing if any of them are even looking for relationships or are in ones already or would even be compatible with you in the first place unless you want to take weeks/months to make friends with each one to learn about them beforehand.
A dedicated dating website would be great in theory, but I can't imagine it would be possible for a "Come get matched with virgin women who want to date you!" website to not go down in flames within a month of creation. Maybe if it was structured so that only the women could send messages/open communication channels, but I imagine it'd still get flooded by low-effort male accounts only looking for easy scores, making it a pain to find actual genuine guys on there.

I mean, in theory any one of us could start a thread on /r9k/ and probably get a dozen guys' Discord names, but again, same problem.

Anonymous 25836

Call me naive but is there really anything you can do to make someone else commit to you? I think it just depends on luck in finding the right person with whom you share common goals in life (= marriage or so) and a good connection.

In my country, there's at least one dating website for singles who are looking for serious relationships. Maybe something similar exists in yours.

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