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Vent Thread Anonymous 18315

Last one has reached post limit

Anonymous 18316


I want tomorrow to be 2019 already!

I know we're so close and to be frank I don't have many plans for the new year but a couple of important things, but I want to start "fresh" again, y'know the feeling when it's a new year and you feel all pumped for things, even if for 2 or 3 weeks. I want that feeling! I also think it will help with my current diet (as in what I eat, not a diet exactly), I started it early December, so it's not like I'm waiting for the new year to start changing. I think it will give me an extra boost!

Anonymous 18318

Promised myself I'd get back to my old weight by my birthday (the 28th) after getting seriously fat the past couple of years but since last December I've only lost 7 lbs. I would have needed to lose 15 to fit in my old clothes, and even then I'd still be too fat for my liking.

Why am I such a disgusting, lazy pig? Really fucking hate myself right now.

Anonymous 18319

I think I’m super fucking racist and I don’t know what to do. I genuinely don’t know if I’m just aware of shit or I’m becoming radicalised or like what. It’s fucking scary like. I keep catching myself saying and thinking things. Ironically did loads of charity work fighting racism when I was younger. What is do.

Anonymous 18324


ahhh…i want to be pretty
i feel like i should be
my parents in their youth were gorgeous; dad's sort of wasted away thanks to booze but my mother is aging beautifully. people take her for 30~ all the time despite the woman pushing 55 and being somewhat heavyset.
i however, am an amalgamation of all their worst features, an awkward weight, and am considered to be a few years above my actual age. this kills me.

Anonymous 18334



Anonymous 18336


I feel kinda guilty but I really don't like hanging out or interacting with most of my family - particularly my mum. She isn't abusive or anything and I can tell she tries her best most of the time but I just cringe whenever I interact with her which usually leads to bare minimum conversations. Same with her partner of 10 years and my brothers. I think because I was closer to my dad as a kid and my mum was always stressed out/angry when they split up I didn't know how to talk to her and my dad was away so I was kinda isolated from the both of them.

It's a shame cos my brothers and her partner are really cold to her a lot of the time and flat out inept. (Nobody in the family except me got her a gift on her 50th birthday which she was really excited for, ended up calling me in tears.) I stay an hour and a half away for uni and I call every few weeks/visit two or three times a year which I'm perfectly happy with. She's dropped the idea of selling her house and moving closer to me a few times or coming up to stay for several nights and honestly it's my worst nightmare. Lmao why am I so terrible

Anonymous 18340

ive lost interest in literally everything

Anonymous 18341

As long as you aren't being an asshole towards people you have racist thoughts about just because they're of a different race or ethnicity than you (e.g. talking behinds their backs in a racist way or spitting into their food because you "don't like their people"), I don't think you need to worry about it.

Anonymous 18346

>I think I'm super fucking racist
Don't know why that anon is lying to you, that behavior is fucking disgusting. Maybe educate yourself and avoid sites online that reenforce this behavior.
I consume a lot of foreign media/literature/art and it helps me humanize people from all cultures.

Anonymous 18351

Depends what you mean by 'super fucking racist', what standard are you applying there? Are you going by the old definition of racism or the newer definition that recognizes micro-aggressions and the like?

If you want to reign back racial bias (or any group bias) I recommend remembering that people are individuals, and there is as much variation within groups as there is between groups. Every person is an individual that stands on their individual dignity.

Anonymous 18352

I want to go home. I want to take a dump, eat my own food and do whatever the fuck I want in peace.

Anonymous 18360

saaaame anon, re-adjusting to a house full of siblings and parents is so fucking frustrating when you've lived with your friends

Anonymous 18375

this made me so sad wtf

Anonymous 18376

Thanks for your mature and empathetic response. I wouldn’t be an asshole to somebody based on it no, that’s not the way I conduct myself.

I’ve been brought up in a way where I have “consumed” different cultures and backgrounds, especially through travelling. I understand the assumption you’ve made here but I had a very fortunate upbringing where I could meet and experience a lot of different things. I’m not an uneducated hick if that’s where your basing this response. I agree about the websites, I’m going to stop using twitter and the like.

Thank you for this well thought response. I’m unsure, I think I’m basing it off what people would currently regard as racism though. Not old time racism.
>I recommend remembering that people are individuals, and there is as much variation within groups as there is between groups. Every person is an individual that stands on their individual dignity.
Perfect idea, thank you. This is exactly what I needed Anonette :)

Anonymous 18377

coming from someone who has worked on their internalized biases, what helped me was to try and catch myself every time i would think or say something bigoted, and then remind myself of what was actually true ie if i had a thought about how someone i knew was probably something stereotypical based on their race/gender/whatever i would stop myself and make sure to remind to myself that that not all members of xyz group are stereotypes, and remind myself to focus on what i know of them as an individual, not a stereotype.

maybe that sounds obvious but it did work for me. it took a while for me but i found myself having those thoughts less and less, and it was much easier to look beyond whatever stereotypes i had internalized. idk if that's helpful. it's not ok to be racist/bigoted but you probably won't get anywhere by beating yourself up over it either, just be realistic and put serious effort into changing/challenging your views if you want to change.

Anonymous 18388

I feel like I’ve lost basic empathy for people, I no longer relate to them or enjoy their company. I really don’t know what happened or what’s wrong with me. It’s probabaly because I’m boring and can’t hold a decent conversation, or I probably just got more selfish and self-absobed.
I don’t want to know what it is to exist and be a real breathing human being anymore. All I look forward to is going to sleep and forgetting I exist, like how sad and pathetic is that? I just want to get over it and be normal like everyone else, but I’m paranoid, and in a very unhealthy way, is in I think people know what I’m doing in my privacy, and I can never know what that’s actually like. I feel like I’m just stuck in this constant cycle of failure and shame. It really sucks the life out of me. I already have the “1000 mile stare”, and I truly believe if this goes on I’ll be reduced to a shell of a human being.

Anonymous 18395

No problem. I went through my own scare a while ago. I grew up somewhere mayonnaise white (with some Italians) so my practical exposure to other groups was minimal. This actually didn’t lead to racism in itself, since I was exposed to the corrective measures of the social justice waves of the time by way of the internet. This kind of backfired on me, because by the time I had actual practical exposure to other groups and found that basically every culture has its ups and downs, I became afraid that my ‘failure’ to positively process every aspect of other cultures or ways of being meant something darker. I went through a phase where I had to beat back thoughts that felt almost intrusive every time I was directly confronted with someone (never manifested in my actual behavior save for maybe looking anxious during brief social interactions)- and the punchline is they only ‘went away’ when I stopped worrying about them so much. It was almost like a mild OCD, in my anxiety about impure thoughts I held them front and center.
Saying “everyone’s a little bit racist” is reductive, but honestly you can respect individuals on an individual basis while not giving every cultures ‘defaults’ a glowing review. I remember my blood running cold when an Indian friend of mine started going off about brown boys behaving in sexist ways, like, “Oh no I’m not supposed to hear/believe this”. Of course #notallmen, but she was speaking cathartically from her own experience and I wasn’t going to shut that down just to keep myself ‘pure’. I’ve since accepted that negative assessment is going to be a part of me, and as long as I stick to my basic principles and evaluate people as they behave individually I won’t be being terribly unfair.

Anonymous 18421

I'm so tired of gender war bullshit. I just want a small bf to love and hide away from the world with.
I no longer want to fall into extremely biased generalizations born out of fear, while simultaneously proving myself and other women as different than what the other side makes biased generalizations about.
I might start actually limiting myself from sources that irritate the issue for me, since it's become addicting to immerse myself in man-hate then flip to /r9k/ to confirm my biases and get anxious and angry. Normfags aren't bothered by this nonsense for the most part and there's no reason for me to concern myself with it, either. It only upsets me and contributes nothing towards my ultimate goal.

Merry Christmas. This is my New Year's resolution.

Anonymous 18422

I'm angry at how pretty people on this website are. We on an image board. This is suppose to be filled with ugly rejects. Instead it's beautiful people that are fun to talk to. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH WHY ARE YOU ALL SO PRETTY

Anonymous 18427

Good God. My bf drank so much last night and I told him to stop. He didn't and I told him this morning I should drive even though I didn't really think he'd still be drunk when his last drink was 6 hours ago. He leaned forward to switch a song in the car and swerved so he got pulled over…i wonder if they detected any alcohol in his system…Either way, now we're late to to my immediate family's Christmas and I was really looking forward to it as I thought he might not come. Fucking I told you so fifty times over here.

Anonymous 18428

He got arrested and I'm ending up going alone to Christmas anyway. I wonder what his BAC was? It couldn't have been that high. I care more about the fact this bitch will cry and moan and use this experience to validate his feelings of worthlessness which will make him not motivated to change or do anything productive.

Anonymous 18429

Men are whores and so are most women. Men however will always dream of prettier and younger girls than you, they never settle mentally. Even the incels. It's just a fact. It's not a surprise that a world ruled mostly by men is also dogshit, war and greed everywhere. Women are pretty shit but men are more shit.

Anonymous 18430

See, this is what I mean. I know men that are not like this in my life, and men with atypical tastes 100% exist. Just as I love weak little manlets there are men out there who love fat chicks and shit. My own male best friend wants a tall tough amazon.
There are many males like you describe, but also many who are not. Not all men are criminals despite most criminals being men.
I refuse to become a handmaiden of course, shit men deserve shit, but hating all men is equally as delusional. I want to recover and judge individuals.

I will see individuals.

Anonymous 18431

Good for you, this is how you should view people in general. I'm happy for you that you came to this realization yourself. Escape from the hellscape of generalizations and blanket terms for an easy scapegoat as to why people fail at romance. It's easier to blame a group than it is to blame yourself and that's what a lot of these people do.

Anonymous 18450

>I will see individuals
That's a good way to go about it. It takes more effort on your part, but I think it leads to a more fulfilling experience in social interaction.

Anonymous 18452

It's so hard to give it up. Even though I know it's just a worthless timesink.

Anonymous 18460


I have no goal in life, honestly. I don't see the point if it's just to survive without getting anything good from it.

Anonymous 18466

Getting uglier has made me realize how much I need to get my shit together or I'll die alone

Anonymous 18467

yeah how dare he

Anonymous 18469


Yikes, you sound like a massive stuck up bitch.

Anonymous 18471


poor guy.. cant you just let him down nicely?

Anonymous 18473

I hope you're joking or exaggerating. Why are you so mean.

Anonymous 18476

It would be pretty funny if this same person was complaining at the tfw no bf thread.

Anonymous 18479


Incels detected. This is a girls only imageboard.

Anonymous 18481

you can't even call someone out for being a bitch (even if it's obvious bait)?

Anonymous 18482

Back to /r9k/ adventurer.

Anonymous 18483


>girls calling out an asshole

>must be incels


Anonymous 18484

read this>>18483
thank you

Anonymous 18485

Lmao I bet you're one of those girls bitching about being single in the single thread here. You're such a bitch tbh

Anonymous 18486

I'm pretty sure that's incel bait anon, and it looks like it's working :^)

Anonymous 18492

I want to leave my job so badly. But I have to wait for my boyfriend to have surgery first (because of youknow vacation time and such) and ugh I so desperately want to leave NOW, I know it's not smart. But this place makes me so angry, I genuinely feel like we kill people on a daily basis and I honestly don't get paid enough to deal with feeling like a bad person every single day. We don't really know when the surgery will be but it should be soon because we just got a notice from our insurance that the surgery is covered and now we just have to wait for the doctor to call us back and we can set a date. I wish we knew when the doctor would be available. I just tired of being here. Fuck if the pay was even a little bit good this would be a different story. But 12.70 truly isnt enough to throw away my morals

Anonymous 18493

What do you do if I may ask? Something in healthcare?

Anonymous 18494

Basically. I work in a laboratory but I work in the call center part, so I talk to the nurses and doctors all day.

Anonymous 18499

>Move into apartment for university
>Roommates are the most stereotypical, unlikable caricatures of black people ever
>Loud screeching almost every night until 1PM
>They have shrugged off every attempt I've ever made to introduce myself or talk to them

And if I try and report them for making living here hell I'll just look like a stereotypical black-hating Asian., and I can't swap rooms without a reason.

Anonymous 18500

>a stereotypical black-hating Asian
Is there any race that isn't a stereotype against hating blacks for being awful people to live around when they act like their stereotypical culture?

Anonymous 18501

The issue is that I'm Korean. I just look like stereotype for disliking them due to the LA Riots (which admittedly my grandparents got their shit burnt during and is why my mom moved our family all out to the sticks before I was born).

Anonymous 18502

Can you not move to another apartment where you won't be culturally enriched? Because fuck, I would rather die than live with roomates like that.

Anonymous 18504

Nope. The housing office needs a valid reason to move me, and the only reasons I have would just make me sound like an exaggerating racist.

Anonymous 18505

You can't just put it as simply as "We don't get along and I can't study?" See I'm white so everything I can do is racist, these concepts of dancing around the issue at this point are long gone. I just stopped caring.

Anonymous 18506

At this point I'm too hesitant to get caught up in some huge ordeal to bother, so I just use my around-the-ear headphones, turn my music up, and deal with it. I'm running out of candles, though.

Anonymous 18507

If you can enjoy the smell I suggest incense, it's way cheaper than candles.

Anonymous 18508

The smell reminds me too much of my grandmother. Wish I had her around to ask for suggestions.

Anonymous 18509

I mean my real advice would be to not give a shit. Honestly you can't let a bunch of inconsiderate people with a garbage lifestyle that clashes with your own interfere with you and you being comfortable, including in college where you have to get work done and focus on your studies.

Truth be told, who gives a fuck if they think you are racist or not. In the end is it worth being miserable in your garbage living situation versus being happy while a fucking ignorant assholes want to play a race card against you because they can't act like grown human beings. You gotta learn at some point to not care about what EVERYONE thinks about you, you can't control their thoughts and in the end if they want to place the race card because you don't enjoy their lifestyle, they are truly ignorant and they are the core reason the world is in a shit state.

Other side of the coin is that I'm sure they won't give a shit and actually be more happy that you're gone since they keep snubbing you and the whole racist thing is an exaggeration.

Anonymous 18510

I guess.

Anonymous 18524


Absolutely based

Anonymous 18525

bait part 2 ?

Anonymous 18527

I can see it being weird if he declared his undying love for you after one month, but even then you still described the behavior cute which means you enable it and maybe even like it too. I'm not scared to state if I like someone and I wouldn't be offended if a guy said that to me.

Anonymous 18531

Lmao well according to them POCs can't be racist so

Anonymous 18535

Just tell them your roommates are loud and refuse to quiet down at any time during the day so you are having trouble getting to sleep and being able to study. It’s important you be able to do those things so you can pass school.

Honestly who fucking cares if some obnoxious hoodrats think you’re racist for wanting peace and quiet? You aren’t, and anyone who isn’t a complete retard can see that.

Anonymous 18536

she should confront them first, if they don't improve then there is no other option but to get the school involved.

Anonymous 18545

I'm too stupid for modernity. Just leave me in the woods and if I can't manage that I'll just starve, it's fine, really.

Anonymous 18551

if i'm still friendless by this time next year i might kms

Anonymous 18552

Don't do that! I'll be your friend.

Anonymous 18556

Come to Church (a real one with good preaching)

Anonymous 18557

From what I've seen of religious institutions, it's just a place for people (mostly men) with ruined lives to go and fool themselves about a better life on the other side. It's actually depressing.
I'd like to think I'm not that much of a defeatist.

And I don't have a positive view on religion either way. From what I've read of christian philosophy, it sounds like patriarchial bs written by frustrated, autistic men. Basically the medieval equivalent of r9k.

Anonymous 18558

>with their non problems
Try a hobby-based community if you don't want to hear about the life problems of other people. Most people aren't very interesting and the interesting people usually already have interesting friends.
>Recounting memories of internet shitposting to people who have actual stories to tell?
Maybe you are looking at the past through rose-tinted glasses? Back then there weren't that many interesting stories either, it just seems that way because people don't bother remembering or saving all the boring posts on the internet.

It can be hard to find friends but there has got to be a handful of people who click with you somewhere. I personally dislike speaking to the majority of people out there but I managed to find a couple of like-minded people and only speak to them.

Anonymous 18560

I mean it would help if you dropped the whole arrogant attitude about shit you don't understand what so ever. I wouldn't want to be friends with you either because I can't stand people who act like you who have to talk down to men, and talk down to shit they don't understand and feel like they do. Anyone who groups people by an entire gender is a very small person who has yet to grow emotionally. It's one thing to have a preference over things but I can tell just by your tone you look down at a lot of things with disdain.

If you don't like spirituality, that's cool. But your handle on the christian faith is so pathetically narrow I wonder what "christian philosophy" you read that wasn't from some clickbait article.

Anonymous 18562


I miss having a group of internet friends to watch movies and play vidya with and just spend time with in general…last time I had friends like that was 4 years ago and since then I've become a completely different person, not in a good way.
I just wish I knew how to talk to people without totally embarrassing myself

Anonymous 18563

Thanks for trying to help, but I'm not sure "go get indoctrinated into a religion" is the best advice.

I don't look down on all men, just those who indulge in escapism to hide from their problems, but disguise it as "spirituality". My uncle is like that. After he ruined his career, he became weirdly religious, and started preaching about living a modest life, and "worldly" things are meaningless. Meanwhile, his kids are growing up poor. It's so predictable, it feels two faced. Like he's in it for the comfort rather than faith.

Also, I don't see how you can't recognize the parallels between religious scholars rambling about the importance of an intact female hymen, "degeneracy", evils of modernity, "family values", and incels rambling about exactly the same topics, with the same arguments.

But I guess you're one of those "trad thots" I keep hearing about, keep sticking up for men who want to confine you to a kitchen, I'm sure they'll respect you so much for it.

Anonymous 18564

In the same boat, I'm hoping maybe I will finally have a tight-knit social circle of gal pals when I have kids some day and they're old enough to join sports and I can hang out with the other moms. To me that feels like the legit "adult world" and I'm in an in-between phase now of extended adolescence and being an actual adult. And if I miss the boat on that maybe I'll make friends with other old ladies when I'm crazy and shitting my pants in a nursing home where it's normal to yell old memes at the top of your lungs because everyone there is nuts.

Anonymous 18568

Same fam I was a childfree edgelord when I was a teenager and at the time thought for sure I'd always be one, but since getting older and hanging out with other people's kids I realized they are fun and not just Satan spawn. I'm lonely now but I'm looking forward to that "family life" phase of my life when it happens, and even though I spent my teenage years on dark corners of the internet and no one can relate to that IRL, just having kids the same age as yours is a good common denominator for making friends with other moms. And if that doesn't work and I'm still a social pariah around other women for being too weird, maybe when I'm an old lady it'll finally be my time to shine and I'll become the most popufur golden girl in the care home for winning all the feces smearing competitions.

Anonymous 18570

I pity you. I truly do, no words can ever reach you to understand how ignorant you are in life. You are so emotionally stunted you have to correlate your man hate to your uncle who befell misfortune and instead of being depressed accepted a new thought process so he doesn't meet each day with suicidal thought of how he's a failure. All you care about is your niece/nephews "growing up poor". You don't understand what spirituality is, the face you say he's in it for comfort rather than faith is stupid. Part of spirituality is finding comfort in your soul and by extension emotions. Some people find that comfort through faith, or the simple life teachings that it provides. So no, no one was telling you to get indoctrinated or take everything critically, just be open to perhaps a new experience to grow you as a person. I wasn't even the person who suggested it, but seeing your shit talk against it disgusted me.

To top it off you can correlate the church to "incels" because they said the same thing. People say the same shit all the time, just because one parrots off of the other doesn't mean they have the same intentions. You try to force the context of an "incel" wanting a virgin with that of the church when it's two totally different principals. This is what I mean by ignorant, you don't understand deep meaning behind anything. You are so superficial and shallow.
Which by the way to tie this all off google the term thot sometime, you will then understand that traditional women can't be thots.

P.S. Take some time away from shitposting and read about some shit seriously and take time to experience it, become educated. Shitposting isn't going to get to anywhere and you got about as much knowlege/understanding as an incel.

Anonymous 18573


It's hard to describe how funny and stereotypical your whole post is. That's exactly how losers who seek religion to escape their own failures sound like.

"You are so ignorant!11 Go get educated!11". While providing no arguments whatsoever.
Let me guess, your SO or some other male in your family is a failure at life, and uses religion as escape. So instead of admitting that he's a failure and doing something about it, he pretends to be oh so pious and moral. He convinced you of his bullshit, and now instead of rightfully despising him for being a pathetic piece of shit, you start pitying him, and stay as to not appear shallow. You also enjoy the sense of validation that comes from feeling morally superior to others, and the victim complex that comes from feeling like a martyr.

His faith is a coping mechanism for being a failure, and your faith is a coping mechanism for being WITH a failure.

Anyway, the fact that your first piece of advice (and one you seem to give to everyone on this board) was "go find a man to tell you how to live" is pretty telling. "Internalized misogyny", they call it. Personally, I call it "being too weak and stupid to not be manipulated by men".

Anonymous 18574

Holy scapegoats and man hate batman. You know I was just shitting on you for acting like people repellent and perhaps you need to work on yourself some. While also drilling in there the notion that possibly you don't know shit even if you pretend you do. But let's be real, you are so disillusioned to what the fuck reality is and so entrenched in this whole man hate garbage that you just keep bringing it up when in reality, a belief system has nothing to do with men. Just because it came from an era with heavy patriarchal affiliation, doesn't mean the actual teachings inside on how to be a decent person is somehow related or negated because of this. Just like any pile of garbage information, you pick the good stuff from the shit, not look at the shit and invalidate any worth in there. But I digress, you have a serious man hate issue that goes way beyond this and the fact you keep moving goal posts about how you don't understand the christian faith and correlate it to men is fucking sad. I don't know what your uncle did to you, but it's time to separate personal experiences from actual things you know, this projection makes me want to vomit. I thought people on 4chan projected but this is far worse than anything I've ever seen. I don't know why you're so hard on "failures" because in my eyes, you're feels posting about not being able to make one friend, wasting your young adulthood on image boards, and you have not one actual fond memory of anything tangible in real life is pretty much a big sign of a failure. So maybe you're mad about how much of a failure you are and you're jealous of how someone else can cope with not being successful in life while still being happy. I don't know, I'm not Sigmund Freud. All I know is that person nor I was telling you to run to a man for advice that was you shoving words down our throats about your personal issue with men.

Also I'm not here to teach you shit. You aren't going to learn, you are making a fake persona of me to attack based on who you think I am. You're too arrogant to teach, you need to be humbled before you would be susceptible to any ideas that somehow, just somehow being happy even when you fail at life isn't a terrible thing. You know the saying "make lemons into lemonade", you can't just quit on life when you fall and wait until you get back up to your former glory, sometimes you never do. You gotta keep moving because life doesn't stop for your ass and this is a common fact among many functioning adults in the real world. This whole garbage you spout about religion being an escape is stupid. That is what religion is PERIOD. It's a way for people to feel less shitty because they take spiritual view points where maybe all the shitty things that are happening in life aren't that important, and they learn to adjust their focus on what they feel is more important. People want to feel at peace and calm, that is why they do shit like organized religion, yoga, tai chi… whatever the fuck else. Just because it helps people feel better doesn't mean it's somehow fucking the worst thing in the world, and this notion of failing and succeeding is seeded in something personal for you that I don't understand. Failing and succeeding is a relative term anyways.

Also last note, posting pictures of anime girls smoking doesn't make you look mature or smart. Including with all this ignorant man hate? I'm done after this, but I implore you with this. It's time to do some self reflection, you need to grow as a person emotionally and ethically. You are lagging by 10 years, this is shit I expect out of 14 year olds being shepherd by failures with a liberal arts degree in feminism.

Anonymous 18575

Yeah, maybe religion is great for being happy wallowing in your own shit and deluding yourself, but I'd rather be sad and wallow in my own shit, because then at least I'd be honest. Acceptance is the first step to enlightenment, as they say.

If you need a dusty old book to tell you how to live, good for you. I'm glad you found a way to lower your standards and expectations. But not everyone is content with being a failure. Some people think being a failure is bad, and try to do something about it. And offering religion as a solution for real problems is like saying "just forget about your problems, jesus loves you lol". Yeah, no. That's not a solution, that's self delusion.

I don't have a man hating issue, rather it's you who has a man-worship issue. If a man is a pathetic sack of shit who can't provide for his family, and doesn't even try to fix that, he's a pathetic sack of shit in my eyes, religion or not. Even more pathetic, though, are women who put up with that.

Anonymous 18577

You've just confirmed that religion is a coping mechanism and not much else.

Anonymous 18579

I wish the tradthot bible thumper who posts "go to church" in every feels thread would go away.

She's literally trying to indoctrinate socially awkward and insecure girls into a misogynistic religious cult. Which also has a history of pedophilia and sex abuse.

Anonymous 18580

First, I'm not Catholic. I think Catholicism is a wicked false religion that has lead many people straight to hell. I would love it if the Pope and all his pedo priests died this instant.

The world needs more true Christianity now more than ever. If you look at all the sin in the world, you should be hoping that more people get right with God. Living and obeying God's commandments (not for salvation) will result in a more enjoyable life.

Anonymous 18581

Proof that God exists?

Anonymous 18584


The most god-fearing, religious people you know are adulterers, child abusers, virulent racists, domestic abusers, thieves, alcoholics, drug addicts, liars, rapists, etc with a thin veneer of righteousness. :)
I'm not some edgy atheist with no knowledge of Christianity, either. I know this because I was literally raised by this group and surrounded by them all my life. My parents are devoted Protestants, and outside of their issues, which I won't go into, they were close to one of the most prominent, "iconic" Christian figures on the face of my continent.
Guess what he did? Try to siphon large amounts of money from them via lies and manipulation, attempt to loop my mother into a sexual relationship with him while she was married, and advocate for a rapist to further his scheme with us. A rapist who hugged me as a child, and they let it happen. This isn't on his Wikipedia page, and it never will be, because he is successful, influential, rich and Christians love him. My parents are still so brainwashed that they forgive it (he never apologized or acknowledged his wrongdoings), and continue to praise him as a "Man of God". That much cemented for me that it wasn't just me with a negative experience. This is how this institution is meant to work. Stronger people eating the weak, who go out of their way to brainwash themselves, each other and their children. If this is truly a "Man of God", I want nothing to do with this evil cult, and no one else should. Stop shilling it. People who haven't experienced what this is first-hand don't deserve to suffer even more just so you have even more people to be delusional with.

If God is real, any truly righteous, spiritual person needs no institution and will worship alone.

Anonymous 18585

NTA. I was raised in a heavy christian environment and you have a point. many of the fake god fearing people are fucking perverse, like the man who abused me. a few aren't though, like my mother. she's an actually good person and tries to do what she preaches, but she is an exception. i wish more people decided to worship their god without an institution… if god is real he doesn't really need that shit imo either.

Anonymous 18587

Not the case for me. I was raised on kind of "Christian", but I didn't get saved until I was 23

The Bible says that we should not forsake the assembling of ourselves together. If you are a "lone wolf" Christian, you're not in God's will.

God is real, and he hates false prohpets who abuse people like that. The Bible talks about those people and you can be sure they will burn in Hell for all eternity. Vengeance is mine; I will repay saith the Lord.

Anonymous 18590

If that were the case, those prophets wouldn't be leading such successful, wealthy lives well into their old age, and God's "real children" would see through their bullshit instead of exalting them. Also, >>18589 is correct.

I feel like "good" Christians are just vulnerable to "bad" ones, and it makes me sad.

Anonymous 18592

God's children are those that have heard and believe the Gospel. I can tell you from experience of asking people if they're saved, that the vast vast majority of people (at least in America), who say they're Christian are on their way to Hell. It's sad when someone tells you this, because often times they don't want to hear the one true Gospel.

Anonymous 18605

Not any of the anons ITT but I just wanted to point out that obviously religion is clearly not for everyone. It obviously isn't OP's cup of tea but she could of just said that without being a bitch tbh. Yes maybe it wasn't the ~best~ advice but she still did try to help OP and Op's snobby response wasn't needed. I mean if you respond to suggestions like this on the internet how do you really talk to people irl whose just tryna help? It seems you are socially isolated because you come across as unapproachable

Anonymous 18606

Yeah, nah, she (assuming it's a she) has been trying to indoctrinate girls into christianity in every single thread, and it's a r9k crossposter, too.

I won't spare her any benefit of the doubt.

Anonymous 18607


Wow this thread got derailed.

Anon who is trying to evangelize, this is not effective. When you come at people all fire and brimstone and insulting/admonishing them it just makes them more entrenched in their beliefs that Christians are bad people. Do you think anyone has changed their mind from this conversation or is this just creating more bitterness?

Remember these rules for when it's appropriate to "admonish the sinner":
Is the thing you are admonishing serious? Unless they explicitly ask you to, nitpicking people over trivial matters does not help them. It is likely to drive them away. I know this is coming from a place of concern for other anons' souls but if it didn't before this definitely turned into nitpicking when you started going off on anon just for posting pics of anime girls smoking.

Is the person you are admonishing likely to heed your warning? When you admonish someone who isn't receptive to it, it makes them defensive and emboldens them.

Are you the best person to deliver this message? Even if something is serious and they may be receptive to admonishment from you, sometimes there are people in their lives who would be a better choice at delivering the message.

If you can answer all three questions with a yes, then you should admonish. Otherwise, it is better to bite your tongue.

Anonymous 18608

I don't appreciate being called a sinner by some random person on a moral high horse either, so I guess you should also bite your tongue.

Can't you religious freaks just piss off? I don't come at you breaching about buddhism or whatever, so maybe you could have the common courtesy to do the same.

Anonymous 18613


The Gospel is offensive to some, as they don't want to admitted that they are sinners and deserve Hell. But you don't have to go there, as long as your trust and faith is on Jesus alone.

YouTube: the Bible way to heaven

Anonymous 18615

O-Oh I don't know about that lol I never see her comments.

Anonymous 18616


Sorry, I put that in quotes because that is a common term in Christian circles for what people think they are doing when they are trying to engage strangers by rebuking them like a street preacher. I didn't mean to say it as an insult to you, I can see how that language sounds offensive though. I was just trying to say to her that what she is doing doesn't work.

Anonymous 18617

I think that guy on the left is Ruben Israel, and I believe he's an unsaved false teacher who preaches repent of your sins for salvation. If so, he's not saved

Anonymous 18618

Even if he is considered unsaved in your denomination, this is basically exactly what you're doing in this thread. Maybe someone can speak up if I'm wrong and they got saved because of what you've been posting and derailing several threads here with, but I really don't think it's working and is just making the community here annoyed to see it happening in every thread.

Anonymous 18619

Someone is not saved or unsaved by what type of church denomination they belong to. They're saved by simply believing and trusting in what the Bible says about Jesus Christ.

Anonymous 18621

practice you dummy

Anonymous 18623


Maybe what I'm trying to say is getting lost in the details but the point I'm trying to make is that insulting people you barely know anything about isn't how you change hearts and minds to love God… I'm just gonna exit the conversation now, I don't think this is going anywhere…

Anonymous 18629


Anonymous 18647


Me too. It's hard for me to make friends online. A lot of the time I just don't share or even really understand any of their interests or sense of humour and I don't really have any life stories/experiences to share with them or relate to. I guess a lot of them just don't like the vibe that I give off and they don't like whatever I have to say. I also find that a lot of groups especially on discord can be quite cliquey, even the ones that are advertised as places "to talk about anything and make friends". Like you the only places I have ever found people to relate were on imageboards.

Anonymous 18648

According to anon, they’ve ignored her any time she tried to communicate with them. It’s already about time the school got involved.

Anonymous 18656

I feel like shit right now because I'm starting to lose friends thanks to a girl that hates me for no reason since 5 years ago. Fuck, she is even going to make a group cosplay with a close friend, and my friend knows that she is transphobic (he is a trans man).

This year I'm having less and less friends due of it and it sucks. Thanks to her I'm barely getting invited to parties with my old friends. Sadly I barely have friends and I feel I'm going to die alone. At least I have my best friend and my boyfriend.

Anonymous 18658

Today’s my 26th birthday. Had to work an 8-hour shift till 10:30 pm and saw no one other than my coworkers because no friends.

At least I have Champagne…

Anonymous 18664


I'm alone too. Let's be friends.

Anonymous 18665

You in the DC metro area? Because that would be gr8

Anonymous 18667


Sadly I'm not from the US. I'm from Latin America.

Anonymous 18669

Happy birthday!

I was born in SA, but don't live there anymore. I've noticed a large amount of Latin American anons here, interesting.

Anonymous 18670

Is there an age limit for taking up a creative hobby?

Anonymous 18671

No, of course not.

Anonymous 18673

The more you put it off the worse it gets, start ASAP! Don't beat yourself up too much over "starting too late" either, a lot of people who started at the "right age" were probably forced into it by their parents, not to say they don't enjoy it, but just have fun and don't compare yourself to where you could be. Basically what >>18672 said. Just do something you love and the more you do it and the more passion you have, the better it will be.

Anonymous 18687

Darn. Well I hope you find a buddy or two in the new year! There is hope for us, I hope.

Thanks anon!!

Anonymous 18707

what to do with unrequited love?

Anonymous 18709

Act on it or ignore it.

Anonymous 18718

I've invested so much time and effort in moderating some online communities that now fatigue me. Whenever I see criticism I beat myself up even if it's something I can't change. I get a lot of happiness from it but it feels like an uphill battle. I wish I had more help but it's very niche and even when there are people who want to join they usually have ulterior motives or go rogue at some point. What's the point if for everything I do to improve the place, ten times more negativity comes flooding?

No I'm not a Farmhand

Anonymous 18720

I can't wait until I can finally have sex for the first time, I just want to have a dick deep inside me and be the closest I can be to my husband and feel his warmth and affection while making him feel loved as well. However, I'm probably gonna die a virgin because good men are rare and if I see decent guys I can't imagine them being into me

Anonymous 18722

I appreciate the reply but why do you think this is about an imageboard? It's not and your answer comes off really weird because of that.

Anonymous 18726


i love her so much & it's irritating. this crush, idolization, infatuation, whatever has gone on for 3 YEARS. it's completely one sided.
i wish i'd never found out about her…or at least had made a better effort to connect when we first met.
who knows what could've happened if i'd just been braver?

Anonymous 18727


I feel so dumb and led on
So earlier this year I move back with my family, they moved to a new town. It’s small and there’s only one store there
Meet new neighbor, he’s kinda cute but I decide I shouldn’t get involved in romance this year. It turns out he works at the only store there. My family goes there A LOT. All through our summer he kinda low key flirts with me. I thought he was sweet. Then one day he compliments the way I dress and says I look pretty. At this point I already had feelings for him and this pushed me to tell him that I had a crush on him . So the next week when I went to the store I told him I liked him. He says cool, and that we’ll talk about it later (we don’t) two months pass by and finally in November he talks to me and asks why don’t I talk to him (I put all the effort to admit I liked him and we’re neighbors he could’ve easily come over and talked to me?) he tried asking for my phone number but I told him the truth , that I don’t have a phone in service just a phone to use WiFi. I later brought up the idea of him taking me to the movies (and I hate the movies I only said it so he could ask me out) and he said okay that he will come over my house and ask me out. Last thing he said before I left the store was “don’t worry I’m a nice guy!” That should’ve been a red flag. I was so so excited and happy and I told my mom that I might be taken out on a date. And now we’re closer to 2019 and he hasn’t even tried to contact me, I moved out this week and I doubt he even cares. To make matters worse, my cousin (who’s 15 and has Kim Kardashian’s body type, the reason why I mention that is because he’s said before those girls aren’t his type) swears that he asked her out to the movies before and that every time she goes there he stares at her. I don’t know if this is true or not but it really broke my heart. I put so much feeling into a person who never cared and honestly I shouldn’t care about him I didn’t really know him but it still really hurts. I kept telling myself “oh well he’s probably really busy” but I don’t know he probably was just messing with me
Pic is unrelated I just really like tulips

Anonymous 18728


My ass hurts so much because of fricking haemorrhoids. I've had it for a few months actually, but today I've really outdone myself on the toilet. Like even after hours I still feel pain/discomfort. A few weeks ago the GP gave me a cream and laxatives. The cream works, but the laxatives don't for some reason which creates a dumb cycle of laxatives, cream, healing, tearing my ass open again, laxatives, etc. I would consider taking more laxatives than prescribed but I'm scared of fucking up my digestion because I remember reading about this ana girl that used laxatives just once and then had to wear a stomabag for the rest of her life. I have a new appointment in 2 fricking weeks. It seems so far away..my ass hurts so much pls help I have no idea how to prepare for my next shit, I'm srsly gonna suffer girls

Anonymous 18730

Sit in warm baths as long as you can(neither cold or hot enough to hurt yourself) it helps a lot.

Anonymous 18737


That sounds really painful, I'm sorry you're going through that. If you're scared of laxatives, have you tried natural laxatives like prunes etc? Or charging your diet in general? Sorry if this is a dumb question.

Anonymous 18741

Hi, I had almost the same problem but I fixed it. Of course everyone's different and blablabla but I saw your post and felt really bad since you are basically where I was about a month ago, so I thought I'd tell you what I did. Hope it helps. [spoiler]
>make a natural laxative out of 2 tbsp baking soda dissolved/mixed in a tall glass of water
>no, this isn't poison (https://www.healthline.com/health/digestive-health/baking-soda-for-constipation). It'll make you burp a bit and should taste like salty water if you mixed it correctly. It has the effect of sending water to your colon and making it contract, which makes you poop
>drank that, slowly, not all at once, and followed it with some apple vinegar drink, but this is optional. I read that it's supposed to aid digestion
>wait about an hour, until stomach starts to grumble
When you feel like you have to fart, go to the toilet. You'll be shitting liquid for a while until your insides are completely cleaned out. If your first one's relatively solid, then you still have way more to go so don't think you're finished yet. Let it do its thing, try not to strain at all (you shouldn't have to, tbh), and then take a warm shower and put some hemorrhoid cream on when you're finished.

Afterwards, drink a lot of water. Like, a lot a lot. Like, find a tall glass or a refillable bottle and go through so many of those that you're peeing regularly. Get some spinach if it's readily available where you live and eat it a lot, since the roughage from that stuff practically lubes your colon up and makes for smooth passing shits.

Do this and you'll be fine. I went from passing shits so hard that they kept me in bed for hours afterwards to being in and out of the bathroom in minutes by doing this. The laxative acts as a nice reset, and the rest is up to you, assuming you don't have some other dietary/hereditary issue. You don't have to post an update, but if it works for you I'd be happy to know I helped someone. Merry new year!

Anonymous 18750

any girls here literally wear no makeup ever? i tried putting mascara on today since my sister gave me me one and i felt so ugly. i feel like its not really me, like an ugly girl trying to make herself look better but its not working.

Anonymous 18752

I stopped wearing make up in 12th grade. No regrets.

Anonymous 18754

well anon im trying to say i never even started, i cant help but feel its probably also the reason ive never had a bf

Anonymous 18757


I got dragged to a late company Christmas party today by some relatives. Everyone there seemed really happy, and the people there who were my age were super bubbly and seemed really excited to be alive. I just wanted to go home the entire time, but I went in my family member's car so I was trapped until they decided to leave. I know spending the holidays alone is supposed to have this stigma against it, but the whole experience today made me feel more alone than ever. I couldn't relate to anyone, and worse, I didn't WANT to relate to anyone there. I think that's the worst part of it. I feel empty, and so so lonely, but actually being around other people only makes it worse.

Anonymous 18776

Nothing bad with being an introvert.

Anonymous 18787


discord is sooo shitty… i can't wait until people have a better plataform. it works bad on my phone and it always crashes for the dumbest reasons on my computer and laptop even though they're new and fast running.

Anonymous 18792

Same here, anon. I’m in my mid-twenties now and get mistaken for a high schooler all the time, my theory is the lack of makeup to fuck up my skin.

Anonymous 18805

Mascara isn't for everyone. Hell, I wear eyeshadow and lipstick sometimes and never wear mascara.

Anonymous 18806

Makeup is the least productive hobby you will ever find, and it's expensive too. There's literally no point to it and it's bad for your skin.

Anonymous 18814

finally I am among my people. Wherever else I brought up that I don't use makeup everyone was like "but you should try it, you'll look at least 20% better!!!" Come on, you can't turn a mutt into a show dog no matter how much paint you pile on top of it. And it's expensive. You have to wash it off anyway

Anonymous 18832

Thank you so much for your tips! I'm gonna try them today.

It's fine! I've tried swtiching to whole grains but it doesn't seem to do it for me. Haven't tried prunes though.. I'll look for some. Thank you as well.

Anonymous 18834

im celebrating this new year alone and nobody cares about me!!! i went out with my friends today only to realize they're not my friends and they don't care and neither do i

Anonymous 18842

I always bragged about never getting period cramps or other symptoms but, I'm 4 days into this one and just experienced a migraine + nausea. I'll never brag again, lmao.

Anonymous 18909


You're not alone

Anonymous 18920

My boyfriend is going to be at the other side of the globe for six months in a few days. I try to act happy to not make it harder for him to leave. It's really difficult though.

Anonymous 18928


thank ……

Anonymous 18929

Why would someone give me their number, spend time with me, and say all those nice things to me if they don't actually want to be with me?

Anonymous 18930

Is there any chance he could have mistaken your cousin for you? Some people mix me and my cousin up although we have ten years apart, and I don't think we look the same. Do you look anything like your cousin anon?

Anonymous 18934

If they were using you for something

Anonymous 18936

The only correct response to meeting a psychopath is to get the fuck out of there and cut all contact.

You can't out-bully someone who doesn't feel emotions.

Anonymous 18937

I wish that was the case
No she has darker skin and is much taller than me and curvier

Anonymous 18941

if you know he is dangerous just drop him completely!! it is not worth it, whatever the reason you have to keep talking to him

Anonymous 18942


fucking newfags jk

But seriously, 4chan is full of larpers who pretend to be sociopathic for edge points and go out of their way to spin stories about how fucked up they are. You're either really naive and new to contactfagging on 4chan or you've met a real edgelord. Either way I wanna see caps of this presumed crazy bastard so I can judge.

Anonymous 18951

I don't know, ask the thots that do the same shit to guys and pretend that for a second they weren't leading them on and valued the "friendship" and didn't want a massive amount of orbiters.

Anonymous 18954

I'm >>18492 and I just want to say the surgery is in Feb. Holy shit its so soon.

Anonymous 18955

Sometimes people meet, think they'll get along, and realize that they don't. This has nothing to do with using or orbiting, nobody owes you their affection just because they initially thought you were cool. Honestly just ask them what changed and you may or may not get an answer.

Anonymous 18957


I'm drunk and horny and i want to fuck my boyfriend but we are ldr right now reeeeeeeeeeeee.

Anonymous 18958


This is an older post but I feel pretty much the exact same way with my mom and my family in general. The person I was closest to was my dad and he died some years ago. I still live at home but I just feel detached from my the rest of my family, but I don't hate them. I live in my own world kind of and feel like I barely know them, but that's all internal, they still treat me the same. I have this urge to just move away and pretty much cut off contact with everyone but at the same time I feel guilty. I feel like I'm going insane because I'm more attached to fictional characters than real people

Anonymous 18959

That cat has no ears and it's kind of freaking me out.

Anonymous 18963

>>I know you don't want males in your woman only space
>>does it anyway
leave lol

Anonymous 18965

i was going to be nice to you and give you some advice before this would be inevitably deleted but then you had to act a fucking fool and randomly mention you don't believe in race mixing. dont really understand why you have to be straight up racist while you're looking for pity. men always find away to shoot themselves in the foot and wonder why the fuck no one talks to them.

Anonymous 18967

I'm drunk and want to wish everyone here a very happy year and life in general. We will all find what we want in life, I have faith in everyone.

Anonymous 18968

thank you, I want to wish you great enjoyment in celebrating the coming triumph of achieving your goals for this year because I know you will achieve all the endeavors you set your mind towards too.

Anonymous 18969

The last couple days I’ve been a little miserable but reading this cheered me up. A bit
Happy new year! We have faith in you too!

Anonymous 18973

happy new year!!

Anonymous 18975


it will be 2019 here in 1:15h. happy 2019 hoes! <3

Anonymous 18976

I wanted to write something depressing and bitter, but then remembered it's new years and didn't want to spoil the mood.

happy 2019, everyone

Anonymous 18981


I miss my friends so much. Why did we have to fight? I thought we were all so good. Did anybody even care the whole time? Where am I going to find another group like them?

Anonymous 19004


>promised myself to lose my gut and work out more, be more social, etc last december
>made literally zero progress in all aspects of life except for salary

Anonymous 19007


Why are all my pillows so fucking uncomfortable I wake up with neck pain every fucking day, where the fuck do i buy comfy pillows

Anonymous 19009

Burn your fucking pillows

Burn one burrr!!!

Happy new year

Anonymous 19010

wtf my house burned down

Anonymous 19011

New years resolutions are memes. You an't make resolutions for change out of guilt or to fit the trend, you will never fulfill them, they have to be made from pure conviction that you desire change and are determined to see it through.

Anonymous 19012

Happy New Year quartz.watering hole.

Anonymous 19013

It's not so much the new year that does it for me, I just tend to reflect more when it's cold and gray and shitty out constantly. My usual "new years" resolution starts early in December.

Anonymous 19014

I never heard of a food establishment called “watering hole” but thank you and I wish you a even happier new year than mine!

Anonymous 19015

Fun fact(?): Watering holes were an old west terms normally correlated to saloons or bars. Watering holes before that were related to animals gathering to an area of clean drinkable water to refresh themselves. So people took that term themselves and related it to bars as the human equivalent of a common gathering ground for refreshment.

Anonymous 19025

I hate myself and I want to die

Anonymous 19026

been there, it does get better

Anonymous 19034

I thought the term fit because I was drinking at the time.

Anonymous 19037

My pillow is an absolute godsend. It's like sleeping on a cloud, the same thing with my mattress. And I'm going to have to move out tomorrow and leave this behind.

Anonymous 19038

What did you fight about?

Anonymous 19039

what kind of pillow is it????

Anonymous 19040


I think it's this one. This particular vendor seems iffy, though.

Anonymous 19041

You should get a feather bed to put on top of your mattress. They're heavenly.

Anonymous 19043

same, i hate every aspect of myself. fuck existing tbh

Anonymous 19061

tbh I want everyone else to die

Anonymous 19095

i hope all the people that were awful to me in hs live boring, normie lives. i hope they continue to obsess over how other people conduct themselves & never know the joy of world crafting or creating actual art that hasn't been traced or is just a shitty photo copy, i hope they always stick to boring shows like one upon a time & scandal, prime time tv blunders
this is a bad thing to say but idc, i hate them, fuck them all.

Anonymous 19096


big clit energy

Anonymous 19102


Why cannot i stop overthinking everything about my relationship, it's making me paranoid.
I keep thinking that he doesn't really like me, that he's settling, that he doesn't find me interesting, that he regrets going stable, etc and overthinking every little thing, even-though he reassures me constantly that he loves me.
Why do i always let my insecurity best me, reeeeeee.

Anonymous 19113

My bf said if I keep convincing myself that I'm the worst person in the world he'll break up with me. I don't know how to feel about it, he's been desperately trying to cheer me up and "fix" me and then he says that. Not five minutes later he's all over me and giving me loads of compliments and telling me he loves me.

I love him too but I don't like ultimatums.

Anonymous 19116

That's not even an ultimatum, that's just him looking out for his own wellbeing.

Anonymous 19119

Everyone has their limits anon. Honestly hearing someone talk about how they're this and that every day can be tiring. Maybe go to therapy if you truly believe you're a terrible person.

Anonymous 19121

Honestly if you love him, this shouldn't be an ultimatum, this should be reason to change because living in a state of dread and being unable to recognize and receive his affection is awful and no way to live with someone who you claim to love. You have to change for you honestly, not even for him. But the change needs to happen.

Anonymous 19123

i'm going to make 2019 a good year but depression won't back off so easily
so, i'll take this hour to stew in regrets then i'll get back to work.
this year has to be good. it just has to

Anonymous 19136

Thanks for the eye opener anons.
Honestly, I don't really think I'm the worst - I think I'm relatively average actually. But I feel like there's nothing about me that's special or noteworthy and that I'm easily replaceable.

Analysing these thoughts, I don't really hate anything about me in particular - I'm relatively nice looking, although it took me years to get here. I'm nice to people but shy and standoffish, and I assume that they are either indifferent towards me or vaguely dislike me. I don't have many friends, am not stupid but not particularly smart, my personality only shines when I'm in private with my bf, I haven't done anything noteworthy, I'm just… there.

These thoughts do not occur regularly, but they're easily triggered by random setbacks like losing at a game (which will sometimes lead to thinking that I'm shit at everything), someone casually telling me something that I'll pick apart and use to feel bad about myself, getting a bad grade, not looking my best at a particular moment…

As a child I escaped a war, my parents fought bitterly and divorced around the same time, and my grandmother that I lived with never had a kind word to say about anything ever. My dad always doubted everything I did (when I wanted to join a kids church choir he asked me if I was sure I could sing, as an example), my mum tried to force me to love myself by threatening me that nobody will love me unless I do, I developed panic disorder as a preteen and had days long existential crises from overthinking about death. I got cheated on 6 months ago. I don't know what the cause of this is, but it's making my life pretty shitty. I feel like I'm not supposed to feel bad and that's what I've been told my whole life ("I cook and clean for you, you have everything you need, WHY are you still unhappy?"), nothing in my life is explicitly bad, it's just a collection of marginally shitty things that eventually ball up into some sort of rat king of misery. Maybe I really am just a spoilt whiny baby, idk.

I've felt like this for a long time. I thought maybe it's BPD but I don't fit the description otherwise, I'm very routine-oriented, love familiarity, never lash out at anyone else and always keep my thoughts to myself. Most times I just want to disappear when I'm upset. I can't afford a therapist atm.

I hate seeing my bf desperate, I hate seeing my parents unhappy, I hate being like this but hating it just makes it worse. I don't want to be like this but I don't know what it is and how to stop thinking I'm shitty. That's my novel for the evening.

Anonymous 19149

Did it work out?

Anonymous 19155

Sentient foreskin …

I think I found the animal I truly am. Thank you for listening, gemstone.restauranters

Anonymous 19167

AAAAAAAAAAaaaah! what is this? Is it a turtle without its shell?

Anonymous 19171

You look like a bepis?

Anonymous 19182

I'm upset that the Ethel thread on /b/ was deleted. I made a good point.

Anonymous 19219


All of my friends see me as being in the best relationship ever and I don't want them to judge me but I NEED to get this off my chest before I explode.

>in a relationship for ~4 years

>bf is my best friend, my everything, love him more every day, yadda yadda yadda
>bf is always attentive to my needs in bed, no complaints
>move far away from our hometown with him
>things get a little rocky due to my mental instability & need to start drama
>start flirting with our mutual guy friend back home who def has a thing for me
>we're not sexting or anything but we text constantly and talk a lot about our sex lives
>guy friend gets a gf, we stop flirting
>go back to having a great relationship with my bf like nothing happened
>fast forward 1.5 years, me & my bf are better than ever
>go home for the holidays last week
>hang out with guy friend on new year's
>get wasted together
>my bf isn't there and my friend is in a LDR
>flirt shamelessly with friend all night
>have a sex dream about him (on new year's oh lawd) and wake up extremely horny for him
>feel ok about it because I know I'm happy in my relationship and these horny feelings will pass
>sleep over at his place (he has a roommate I'm also close with so it's not like we're alone)
>the whole night there's definitely flirty vibes
>roommate leaves, friend starts giving me lingering looks
>he seems to realize this and excuses himself to go to bed
>meanwhile, I can't sleep because I'm literally throbbing due to horniness
>still horny for him even though I'm back home with my bf now

Feeling this way makes me hate myself. I love my bf, and my friend is head over heels in love with his gf (we both talk about our s/o's a lot). I don't want anything to happen between us, but I can't help but feel really, really sexually attracted to him.

It'd be nice to talk about these feelings with him so we can clear them up and move on, but I know I'll never get the balls to have a conversation with him about it. Ugh.

Anonymous 19220

please don't do anything dumb and cheat on your bf, this was bad enough.

Anonymous 19222

I definitely won't, anon. Back when we started flirting I was very unstable and I thought about cheating (dumb), but now that I've grown a bit, I know I'd never do that. It's just hard to keep these feelings bottled up since I can't talk to my IRL friends about the situation.

Anonymous 19223

I question if you know what love is. You keep saying you love him and you are super happy, but if you were really in love with your boyfriend you wouldn't be fucking around with this guy behind his back so much. You wouldn't need his attention, interaction or anything.

I feel like you're just so comfortable with your situation now, that you don't want to lose it all for a risky and possibly shitter situation with another guy that you want to get with. I don't think that's love, that's just complacency and it's kind of a bitch move that he's given you everything you wanted but somehow you're still not happy.

Anonymous 19225

This is a good example of why not to trust people with high sex drives

Anonymous 19226

I've made a couple friends online, but I never instigate the friendships. I don't really have the desire to become friendly with anyone, I just want to post my art & reblog stuff from fandoms. All in all, I don't enjoy texting, I find it more of a struggle than a joy to keep up the conversation. I always feel as if it's left up to me to not let it go stagnant, so I just don't bother texting in the first place. I'm mostly texting out of politeness when I do now.

The people I've become friendly with are really nice, when I'm in the mood I can keep up a fun conversation, but the rest of the time I cannot be bothered. This becomes a problem when I post my art, or reblog something, cause each of them immediately text me hi. I'm normally posting at the early hours of the morning sO I'm not wanting to delve into a deep convo, but they keep messaging me. I start to feel guilty cause I know they can see I'm actively blogging and it means I'm ignoring them.

I don't really know how to go about it, I've started to avoid posting at all cause I don't want them to see I'm online. I can't use the excuse of 'I was busy sorrryyy' all the time, and it's not as if I can say that I don't want to be friends anymore. I know it makes me a bad person - each of the dudes keep asking for me to video chat / phone call, and I feel as if we don't know each other THAT well and it makes me uncomfortable, so I avoid talking even more. I hate feeling as if I can't be active online without having to be available to people.

I feel equal parts that I'm a shitty friend for not texting, and that I literally don't care.
I'm writing all this cause one of the guys is currently guilt tripping me for not texting him recently after reblogging some art I liked. I've actually gone to the trouble of making a separate twitter to reblog stuff on, it's pathetic the lengths I'll go to to avoid conversation. I also feel low-key that they're only friends with me because they think they'll get free art of it, or they like the fact that I've got a decent amount of followers. I don't know, I just can't imagine why you'd still text someone who clearly isn't bothered in keeping up conversations with you.

Anonymous 19235


Feeling lonely and sad and wanting to get blazed but I've been out for a good month FML

Anonymous 19268


>lolcow is getting worse, the cows with active threads aren't interesting, or at best not anymore
>got banned for a few days for racebaiting for telling the anon who was doing it to stfu and stop shitting up threads
>but mods can't be bothered to remove the snuff videos that were spammed on /ot/ some days ago
>anons who reply to my posts don't know how to fucking read and just can't stop derailing threads as soon as I post completely innocent things that are easy to understand
>anons just won't stop getting into fights over height and weight as if we could all see each others and know what we all look like in front of our screens

>now coming back to cc a year after it turned to shit with people creating the same threads over and over again

>it's still slow and boring
>there's captcha now too
>so many useless and repetitive threads
Where do I go now? I'll probably only post on the threads about vidya and BL in /media/ and finally have a life outside the internet.

Anonymous 19273

>Where do I go now?
Real life

Anonymous 19274

FYI I saw Captcha complaints in meta and they said they'd work on the spam issue and/or switch to another Captcha service. I've seen posts on other boards offering money for spambots to target specific imageboards and I think that's where this shit is coming from. Mods if you read this, don't give up.

Anonymous 19275

I can understand this. Holly Brown was the only reason I went on lolcow but there’s nothing new on her

Anonymous 19276

Holly Brown is the most boring "cow" ever, I don't understand why she even has a thread. It's like nobody even knows what a cow is anymore. If you only come for that thread, you're probably not on the right site in the first place.
But I'll take this to >>>/b/26479

Anonymous 19278

Just go to 4chan and talk about stuff. Going to lolcow was a mistake, I always assumed that place was the wizardchan for females but it's somehow worse.

Anonymous 19279

>I always assumed that place was the wizardchan for females

It's a drama site. It never pretended to be anything else. It was made to replace another imageboard which was only made to move /cgl/ gossip to after /cgl/ mods banned drama threads. I don't know where you even got the idea it was female wizardchan unless you purely lurk on r9k.

Anonymous 19280

The notion on a female only image board with no boys allowed kind of gave me that vibe. It's not like I go on a trash board like /cgl/. /co/ for life.

Anonymous 19281


Ok halp.

Am I weird for thinking my bf is a cuck when he says he doesn't care if I show my cleavage to strangers on the internet for money? Like those camwhoring gamers who dress like sluts and pretend to play games. I know it's not like showing my nudes but it bothers me that he's not annoyed by the idea. Thinking that he's ok with that gives me huge cuck vibes and it weirds me out a lot (and dry af).

Anonymous 19282

Men are allowed, they just forbid posts like

>Male here, I'd fuck her

>Can anyone link her nudes lol
>tfw no gf

because they don't contribute to the threads.

Anonymous 19283

It means he's secure in the relationship and doesn't mind if other guys ogle you because he's proud of having a hot gf. A lot of guys are like this. I post nudes sometimes and my bf isn't into looking at the comments but he also doesn't care as long as I don't flirt.

Anonymous 19284

Works really well on my phone and laptop. Maybe you disabled automatic updates and keep forgetting to update it. Or maybe you keep forgetting to update whatever Operating system (ie. windows, iOS, android, etc.) that your device runs on.

Anonymous 19285

He definitely knows I wouldn't cheat and he feels secure in the relationship, but it weirds me out so much as if in a couple years he'd be totes more extreme things. He said he wouldn't be okay if men looked my breasts outside, but behind a screen is a-ok!?
Thanks anon.

Anonymous 19287

This has to be bait. This makes no sense what so ever, you are shitting on your boyfriend for allowing you to do something you want to do. I mean you are asking people to ogle you, and then you are getting upset that he won't get upset at this. You are making choices that are poor and getting upset that your boyfriend won't guard you for it which is just silly if this is real.

Anonymous 19296

>you are shitting on your boyfriend for allowing you to do something you want to do

You clearly didn't read my post right. I don't want to do it.

Anonymous 19297

Then this is such a non issue. You don't want to show titties, your boyfriend don't give a shit. There's no situation here, why you making a mountain of out a molehill?

Anonymous 19299

I have to agree.
Either I misread or you are fishing for drama with your bf and are upset he won't take the bait
>I don't want to do it.
Then why are you doing it?

Anonymous 19301


ill tag along to this post
i realized that i'd have no relationships at all if i'd stop going online, but i can't do anything about it because i am tied to it for my needs
i can't even afford therapy

Anonymous 19303


are you offering to talk to me or just asking in general
i have people i can talk to, but since i almost exclusively talk online, i end up posting at a rate that no one keeps up with
occasionally (like now), i feel like it's all completely pointless since im not making any tangible connections
if this is just a personal offer, sure i guess

Anonymous 19322

Why on Earth do you keep on flirting with this fucking guy? You don't deserve your boyfriend, you don't deserve a healthy relationship and you don't have one either. I would break up with your current boyfriend so he can find a girl who can stay faithful to him.

Anonymous 19323

I'm getting there slowly. Maybe my favorite websites getting worse is actually a good thing after all.

I've never read her threads but I think they're still updated on a regular basis. I wouldn't be surprised if they're really repetitive and boring compared to the first ones though. I've been reading more about artists and cosplayers cows because I've followed a lot of fanartists on tumblr and twitter and I was curious but these threads are either slower than a snail or dead and buried. I've been following momokun's antic too but now there are too many threads and the 50 last ones are filled with boring shit like farmers calling her fat and ugly and nothing else. I pretty much only use /ot/ and /g/ now.

I don't really care about 4chan anymore, I liked that lolcow was mostly used by women and I want something similar. I got really bored with /cgl/ at some point, idk why.

Anonymous 19330

My boyfriend of two years broke up with me last night. My life, my online spaces, friend circle, all my hobbies, my finances, everything is entangled with him and I feel like a puppy left on the side of the road. We had issues but he was everything to me and I was desperately trying to make it work. For a whole month I kept asking him if we were okay and when we'd see each other again (LDR) and he led me on and then finally dumped me over text messages. I don't know what to do. I know people go through heartbreak every day and all I can do is wait, but it's hard.

Anonymous 19331

tenor (1).gif

I've finally accepted that there are probably guys lurking & posting here, and all the worry over replying to a dude won't help me in enjoying this place.

Anonymous 19333

To be fair the guy posts are very, VERY blatant, it's pretty easy to mentally filter them.

Anonymous 19344

that's so dumb. this is an image board, everyone is anon and not being easy to identify you is part of the fun. if you feel someone is guy just report them or ignore their posts, guys are dumb and out themselves 99% of the time anyway.
if you want to be 100% sure someone is a scrot you should go to non anon places, chans clearly aren't for you.

Anonymous 19348

How are you finances entangled with someone in an LDR?

Anonymous 19349

maybe they did before one of them moved?

Anonymous 19350

Isabelle should be the mayor in the next game and the player her bitch!

Anonymous 19357

Well there's your issue, you turned your boyfriend into your therapist. Clearly he was nice and willing to provide, but you threw too much on him. Including if he works, or does shit to maintain his wealth, it's pretty demoralizing to come home to someone whose just throwing baggage on him.

Ya needed to look at him more than you were looking at yourself, you acted very selfish as a romance partner. That is if your side is 100% genuine, I don't trust anyone when it comes to relationship stories like this because of BPD people.

Anonymous 19358

I wonder if you were the anon several months ago who gave me hope when I was complaining about not having a short bf. She said her partner was very hardworking and she was inspired to match his energy.
If it's you that's sad.

Anonymous 19369

I feel so empty. My ex-friend (or boyfriend… I don't even know) found my social media account and sent really disturbing things again. I don't want him to commit suicide, I know he can be a wonderful, intelligent and creative person, but I am just too scared of our age difference and his mental illnesses. I also acted like a piece of shit because I have ghosted him, even though I promised I won't do this, but his constant threats and rude comments were too much for me. I wish I was strong enough mentally to become his friend.
I also know that realistically he is the first and last person to love me romantically. I feel like I lost my chance to have a bf when I rejected him and it makes me so sad.

Anonymous 19379

Sometimes I would get very honest in a post and people would tell me I need to see a head doctor but I kept putting it off. My best friend asked me to go and so I went on the third of this month as a new years resolution. So I went to the local non profit mental health clinic that does a sliding scale for low income.

The lady I talked to made me cry at multiple points and the entire experience was very awful. At one point she suggested locking me up in a loonie bin again and I said nothing about suicide. The lady was an absolute quack and made me go into detail about sexual shit between me and a guardian instead of just accepting my "yes" when she asked if I had been abused. She was very pushy going "WHY!?" when I said I never pressed charges, she was incredibly pushy and kept telling me I needed to tell my dad and wouldn't listen when I said no good would come from it.

It was such an awful experience. I hate psychologists so much. I've literally not met one that wasn't a fat old retard. I was very clear I just wanted to see a psychiatrist and get meds but she insisted to sign me up for "trauma therapy". Holy fuck.

Anonymous 19381

Just ordered my first sex toy ever. Feeling paranoid about the post office opening it or something lmao. Also gonna have to think about what to say if my mom asks what the package is. Also scared the shop is gonna steal my credit card information (idk why, they seem legit). This is such an Experience I'm having so many feelings about it

Anonymous 19382

Shipping vibrators is 10x more common than you think. A friend of mine worked in warehouses and would often talk to the UPS guy during pick ups and would always talk about how they would handle a lot of vibrating boxes. Sometimes if it's crazy enough they think it's a bomb but so far it's only dildos.

So you know, it wouldn't be the first time, but unless they have plausible reason, they wont open it.

Anonymous 19383

What ages are you guys?
Btw you must ignore anyone who threatens with suicide.

Anonymous 19384

I am in my early 20s and he is almost 40. Yeah, I know I should ignore his threats, but it is tough.

Anonymous 19390

I'm sorry that happened to you anon, that sounds awful. I know you might not want to but I would really suggest reporting that experience. If you put in a formal complaint, it has to be reviewed. Because that conduct is absolutely not on.

Anonymous 19393

Don't let him guilt trip you and do what is best for yourself. I had an ex (who always threatened to kill himself and said he was sad 24/7) turn against me after I was mentally exhausted from being used as his emotional source of energy for years. The guy literally tried to kill me just because I couldn't deal with his depresshun anymore. You're not responsible for his happinesss and you don't need to deal with his mental illness, do what's best for you and let go.

Anonymous 19401

Just remember that not everyone who disagrees with you is a man!

Anonymous 19402

I worry less about replying to a dude but more about seeing posts that I suspect are made by dudes from certain corners of the internet but nobody else seems to think they're a dude, and I wonder if I've just gotten too paranoid by lurking on male-centric forums (e.g. incels) and seeing their ideas parroted around here.

Anonymous 19403

>I am in my early 20s and he is almost 40
Jesus christ.

Anonymous 19404

Yeah those ideas from "incels" are not sex exclusive. They aren't males, they are just angry humans who act like pieces of shit.

Anonymous 19408

not really
i've seen posts on r9k and /lgbt/ about gay guys (which is surprising in itself) posting here bc they think they can relate to the women.

kek i know this
i only suspect a poster of being male if they say some absolutely disgusting stuff anyawy

Anonymous 19426

>have roommate
>leaves her shit everywhere
>tell her to put away her shit or at least get it out of my area
>"I'm so sorry! It's just work has been so busy, I just haven't had time, I'm not trying to excuse myself just explain myself ;_;"
>cleans up but proceeds to get things dirty two days later
>fucks her boyfriend on my bed
>tell her to not do that shit because it makes me extremely uncomfortable
>"I'm so sorry! I didn't realize that overstepped your boundries! It was just that your bed was softer and we used towels I swear ;_;"
>proceeds to have her boyfriend use my shit and sit in my area when she believes I'm not going to be coming back for a while
>she uses many more dishes than me but never washes them
>tell her I'm sick of cleaning her shit
>more excuses "I'm not trying to excuse myself, just explain myself :^^^^)"
>always apologizes but NEVER makes any effort to change

Anonymous 19432

I'm so tired of imageboard culture, but any alternative is infuriating in its own way. Discord is cliquey and gross, Reddit is just upvoting shitposts and also gross, twitter is probably the worst thing ever.

I just want to be friends with people who share my interests, but every platform to do so sucks.

Anonymous 19439


Sigh everything was fine and now everything feels so fucked because someone said something shitty and ruined my happy day

Anonymous 19443

>fucks her boyfriend on my bed

Why haven’t you banged her out already, this is so over the line. Tell her to fuck off, she’s a mentalist

Anonymous 19447

Me too. I can't connect well with "normie" internet because of my niche interests and I don't like having profiles where my dumb shit can be looked up years later, but I also hate how imageboard culture is radical, sex-obsessed, and crude to the point where I can't visit any board without being bombarded with porn, changirl worshipping, extreme hatred, and "ironic" shit. And everyone is just waiting to backstab each other and god forbid you're a woman or else your worth ends at whether or not you're fit to be objectified.

Anonymous 19460

I've known her for years, it's a love hate relationship. She does a lot of things right but a lot of things wrong. I just hate how she makes me feel like the bad guy because I'm upset.

Anonymous 19471

Oh god, they're all passive-aggressive hiveminds designed for fetish circles. I like how twitter and tumblr especially have proven child porn is basically mainstream, so long as you maintain an 'ironic' atmosphere.

I completely understand this weird loneliness on the internet, it seriously feels like the odds for a normal, half-decent person is one in ten million.

Anonymous 19496


I'm getting so tired of the internet.
I don't want to say "i'm just getting old" because I don't think that's the main reason, but I don't know, maybe I am? Anyone else here feels like imageboards are just not the same anymore?
>CC is the best one imo and there's no doubt about it, but it is way too slow, so sadly I get bored after refreshing the page 10 times and browse other places while waiting for replies.
>4chan is insufferable nowadays. You can smell underage from miles away and it is full of borderline porn even in the 4channel sfw boards, not to mention womenhate spilling out everywhere. I browse it next to my bf sometimes to look at videogames and anime related stuff but that's it.
>LC is dying because they're more paranoid and critical than ever now when it comes to their staff (as if moderating that shithole full of angry bitches was easy), the nitpick has no end (90% of the current "cows" aren't even cows to begin with and almost all the current threads reek of jealousy to the point I get secondhand embarrassment), not to mention the spergs on both sides of the manhate drama (reee no manhate thread VS yes please a manhate thread!!!) that has infested pretty much every offtopic thread there.
>I don't like having a name or nickname attached to me and I hardly even have friends anyway so instagram and all that bullshit are out of question. I go on plebbit to browse interesting things but it's just so… predictable. no one says anything outside the box because they care about fake internet points, it's just embarrassing tbh.
I guess I'll stay on youtube watching cat vids..

Anonymous 19498

Anonymous 19531


We had to add 15 extra GB this month because Microcock Windows 10 installed updates without my permission, so we went above our monthly plan in December. I'm so mad! Downgrading is fucking impossible. I'm changing OS if we can't fix this shit this month.

Anonymous 19532


Anonymous 19533

Install Ubuntu

Anonymous 19550

i hate men lmfao why can't they just leave women alone

Anonymous 19551

Lots of them do. At my college half the guys are too afraid of getting accused of something to do anything. I don't mind now that I have a boyfriend, but it really messed with me in first year.

Anonymous 19556

I'm continually heartbroken over my little brother. I love him so much, it's why it's so utterly painful sometimes to see him in so much pain and misery. My life sucks sometimes, but his life is miserable and I hate saying this, but, I don't think it's going to get better any time soon. He's NEET. He's incel (technically, he doesn't seem actually hateful or anything, told me doesn't identify as one.) And he's very mentally ill with the same rough childhood experience that I have. He was sexually abused as a child and it has utterly ruined him. He doesn't have any friends. He just sits in his room all day, on his computer, or playing video games. There is no spark in his eye. He tried to commit suicide a few years ago and he really did give therapy and medication an earnest try, but he's still the same he's always been. He tells me he doesn't know what he wants anymore, he has no aspirations, he doesn't even think about tfw no gf anymore.

He went years without speaking to me because he isolated himself from anyone, and also because I kind of said some hurtful things to him and he held a grudge for a long time because of that. I still regret that to this day. But now we have a better relationship, we talk more, I've gotten to know him better and he's gotten to know me, but it's also been emotionally taxing for me because he's so needy, and deservedly so because no one else in our shit family cares about him or has tried to help him. Every time I talk with him irl he ends up crying and saying how sorry he is for being a burden on everyone, how much he hates himself, and how he wishes I had a better brother. It shatters my heart every time. I'm the only girl, nay, the only person he's ever really been close to, the only person who has hugged him since he was a little kid and emotionally he just can't deal with intimacy in a normal way that most people do.

I'm just so angry at the world for having failed him so miserably. Michael, I know I tell you this often, but I love you dearly and I wish I could somehow go back in time and prevent all the bad stuff that happened to you, to us. I wish I could take your pain anyway and put it on myself. You are such a gentle soul, such a sweet, smart, funny guy deep down inside. You are too good for this world.

I'm about to go ugly cry now.

Anonymous 19569

You should show him this, Anon

Anonymous 19573

How do you think this post makes you look any better?

Anonymous 19634


I want to be sad or angry, betrayed or just, something, but it's entirely my fault for relying on that place so heavily for happiness anyway.
Gonna take a while to detox but I must. Sticking around won't do me any sort of good.

Anonymous 19635

wht place is that?

Anonymous 19636

Another imageboard I like to browse.

Anonymous 19640

And… I've been rejected again

Anonymous 19643

I'm curious, give me a story. Why did you get rejected?

Anonymous 19644


I just got ghosted, I wish it was more direct tbh. Wasn't even a romantic interest, just a friend. Its still in the sweet spot where I can still hold out some hope ill hear from them again, thus obsessing over it even though I know it is very unlikely. Not much to say other than that.

Anonymous 19647

I like it more when you ask if they are ghosting you and give you that half assed reply of "no I'm not ghosting you, I'm real enough to tell you I don't want to talk to you instead of ghost you." but then proceeds to ghost you.

But truth be told I expected it to be a romantic thing, not so much friendship. I feel like a ton of people do that because they have the attention span of a toddler and the people that don't hold their interest fall the wayside and then they can't feel assed to pretend to be interested in you anymore.

Anonymous 19649


Friends are hard enough for me to try to manage

Anonymous 19650

Why can't you make friends? Do you think you have a theory?

Anonymous 19651

Speaking from experience with being ghosted by several people, it's usually thatthey have issues which cause them to detatch from everyone, not just you.

Anonymous 19652

I've ghosted a lot of people, it's due to anxiety + lack of self worth and most of the reason people ghost others is for the similar reason, or they aren't interested and to them it's not ghosting it's just not interacting with some one they don't want to interact with.

Anonymous 19658

Remember when Mother Teresa was caught up in a human trafficking scandal?

Anonymous 19659

Sounds like he's just a goofy, meandering, noncommittal fuck. I don't know how much you were expecting from a dude who works at a convenience store.

Anonymous 19660

>I was attracted to an attractive person and literally nothing happened
>I hate myself

Calm down.

Anonymous 19667

i want to be friends with intelligent and articulate people, but i'm not smart or interesting and i cannot speak very well

Anonymous 19669


I'm autistic, literally, I have been professionally diagnosed. I'm not so weird that everyone knows I'm a sperg but, it is obvious to everyone that I'm shy and socially awkward.

Anonymous 19674


Have you acted on it in a direct way? I thought I had unrequited love but actually it was reciprocated… But both I and the girl I liked were too shy too speak up so we never were (actually it was probably for the best, I still think fondly of her even though we don't talk at all).

Of you've actually confessed and the person you like doesn't feel the same way, you can either move on or jeep trying. Without more details I can't really give advice.

Anonymous 19679

ngl kind of sounds similar to Clerks

Anonymous 19682

fuck.im terrified of my compsci prof
inn4 why

Anonymous 19683


Well, do you want to explain why?

Anonymous 19684

no sorry

Anonymous 19690


I don't like when people hate on middle class suburban soccer moms who are involved with their kids lives and do things like organize community children's plays, plan holiday parties for their kid's classroom, plan campouts for girlscouts etc. They're not getting paid to do any of that and those are all things that make a community an actually nice place to live in. It's sexist to devalue the work they do.

Anonymous 19696

Me too! It's hard work and like you said, it goes underappreciated. I used to have edgy turbofeminist takes like that but I have so much respect for moms now. My mom was great. My sister has kids and works a full time job and she is busy 24/7 and never complains. Moms are bad ass and FUCK YOU if you shit on them.

Anonymous 19697

I… agree.

Anonymous 19698

This is the whitest thing I think I ever read.

Anonymous 19699

My upbringing was kind of ghetto so I hate on them from a certain level of envy, but a lot of it is genuine disgust. My ex's mom and sister, holy fuck freaking middle class blonde people, dinner was so awkward and they were a bunch of fruitcakes.

Anonymous 19707

I really hope you're doing well now or are getting better!!
You sound mentally ill yourself. No sound person would care to do something like that.
Me too… my life is a complete wreck and I just have absolutely nothing. All I can wish for is a place to hang out with people that I can relate to, but then again I end up drifting away and not talking to others even when I like them, so idk.
Made me fucking cry. Nice to hear about caring people, though, I hope things can go well for you both.

Anonymous 19710

Darn white people and their shuffles deck pulls card volunteering

Anonymous 19713

>made me fucking cry

I'm sorry! I didn't even plan on venting as much as I did when I wrote that but I ended up getting pretty personal with it, and emotional. I actually had a talk with him last night and it went about as well as I've come to expect lately. There was a lot of crying and he tried to self-harm again but I physically restrained him. He eventually calmed down. We spoke for hours. It was brutal and exhausting. He really opened up about his molestation in a way he never has before and it was earth-shattering to hear him talk about honestly. All the self-hatred and self-esteem issues he's had to deal with. He said something like this to me, he said, "I'm chasing an idea of manhood that'll never be attainable to me because no matter what I'll always have to live with the fact that another man had his way with me." And the anguish on his face when he said that was suicide fuel. I was close to calling someone and having him admitted because it got so bad at points. He cries so hard and with such extreme force that I worry his head is going to explode. I wish I could do more for him but what can I do? I just stay with him and hold him and tell him I love him, that'll I'll do my best to help reintegrate himself into society but I don't know if it'll actually work. I'm so angry at everyone for failing him so miserably. Grrrr!!

Anonymous 19715

HOW do i deal with exclusion? i'm having a hard time moving on from people that don't want me around

Anonymous 19716

You realize none of those things actually improve a community or make it a nice place to live. I'm surprised they didn't also list planning fun sleepover events while they were at it.

Ordering a few pizzas, buying chips and other snacky foods with soda paired with some shitty holiday themed 1 dollar table cloth for children does not improve a community. Neither does organizing a shitty play, or any of those things. Volunteering would be actually helping people in need, cleaning up parks, doing hard labor, throwing pointless events and parties that doesn't benefit anyone but saying "kids look at how great and fun I am". Everything a white mom does does not improve or help anything, they just flourish how nice their life is to everyone around them because they have such little worries in life that they can do asinine shit like this as call it "volunteering".

Anonymous 19717

This post sucks.

Anonymous 19720

>You realize none of those things actually improve a community or make it a nice place to live
They do though, regardless if it isn't to the extent of doing hard labor. Improving the school environment does help out kids. Most people who volunteer don't claim to be saints or anything, a lot see it just as a hobby, they aren't super serious about "changing the world". Many just do stuff for their own families and children, there is nothing wrong with that.

Anonymous 19721


I wish I had a qt boyfriend who makes me feel safe around him but I'm scared of men. I'm too socially awkward with guys because of that but I'm so lonely and lowkey horny. If I had a boyfriend like that we would go eat to restaurants and travel so much. I also wish I could go shopping as much as I want, anywhere in any kind of stores without being followed by the security guys or the employees all the time just because I'm not white. I wish I could find cute bras that are my size but my breasts are so small they don't fit in a A cup bra. And I'm really craving sushi right now but going to the restaurant alone is pathetic and none of my friends like sushi.

Anonymous 19725

This post smells like an incel devaluing the things caring moms do to try to provide their kids with a nice upbringing because it's not "men's work" like hard physical labor.

Anonymous 19726

Doings things out of a self interest and benefit is not volunteering. That's not doing anything for the good of anyone, you are just using a public display to spoil your child and involving their clique because if you did this public display for only your kid you would look like an absolute piece of shit.

This is why I don't respect you or any type of person like this, you pretend that you're a good person and caring and that they actually do good things, but in reality deep down at the root of it your just spoiling your child in front of every other kid who can't have that treatment and involving them on what it's like for the spoiled child's life causing envy and bitterness in other kids because they have a shit life compared to your child.

Provide your kids with a nice upbringing, do it in your home, not gloating in front of other kids who don't have the same privileges. Not every kid can have a stable home, let alone have a parent be there for them, it's insensitive and ignorant to everything that isn't in your little world view of your tiny bubble of your child and your ideal dreams of being viewed as a good mother by other parents.

Anonymous 19742

Don't be sorry! I just go from 1 to 100 real quick, and some of it hits close. At least he's someone you can care about and not a person that continues the cycle of abuse, if there'a anything good to see in all that. I wish I had advice that could help you help him. If it helps to know that a stranger cares, I'm glad you're being strong for your brother!
I think the story in that image is more about a petty woman that has nothing to be proud of, but lives a comfortable life with no worries and only cares about being 'cool' or whatever, so she's really only doing things for herself and isn't a genuinely caring mother. That's why there's the whole part where the daughter gets grounded for taking the 'spotlight'.
Don't get me wrong, it's great if they actually mean well, and it's disgusting how most of society (or at least boys) view single, hard-working moms, but that story isn't a good example.

Anonymous 19744

NGL that looks pretty good

Anonymous 19747


Also this. I had a really nice childhood thanks to moms who tirelessly volunteered at our school, some had full-time jobs too. Without them my mom wouldn't have been able to afford expensive dance classes or tutors to teach me to play instruments and I would have probably just sat at home watching TV or hanging out with a bad crowd. Thanks to them, I made friends with other kids in my area that I might not have ever spoken to otherwise (and who I still talk to) and I was keeping fit while discussions about how to tackle obesity were going on. Our school wouldn't have been able to do put on half the events that we had annually if they didn't take such an interest in what their kids were doing. All of these things rely on moms volunteering to drive kids to sports matches, cook warm meals for kids and staff, make costumes, sell tickets and operate behind the scenes while everyone else is having a good time. Just because they're working a thankless job, doesn't make the value of their hard work any less.

Anyway, I've seen the kind of effect something like this has on a community. Now I'm volunteering to teach kids how to code because I want to give back.

Anonymous 19758

>pretend that you're a good person
But they aren't really? They are just doing something nice, and it's normal to be grateful when you are someone benefiting from those nice actions (like your kid goes to the event). Volunteering can be out of self-interest, literally all it means is doing some kind of work for free. Everyone ultimately does things out of self-interest anyways, even these "real volunteers" you talk about. Doing something nice for your kid every once and a while isn't necessarily spoiling them. Do you get mad when a parent throws their kid a birthday party in a public space?
I'm sorry you're so salty about being a poorfag.

Anonymous 19786


I'm starting to grow distant with a friend of mine. I feel like she's become more pushy and doesn't respect my boundaries. For instance, I keep telling her not to message me asking to hang out during the week since it pisses my mom off (this is a whole other thing), and she acts like she understands at first, but then a few weeks later she does it again and acts hurt when I don't rush over to meet her.

In her defense, she's had a rough time these last few weeks, and I want to support her so I've tried to be there for her more often, but it feels like she's gotten even more demanding lately. Am I being a baby about this? It just feels like she doesn't understand I have obligations to other people in my life besides her.

Anonymous 19787

…I can throw you a birthday party…

Anonymous 19789

Go to /r9k/
Open any thread
Realize how many of those stunted manchildren are stunted manchildren because their parents never had birthday parties for them, never got them involved in plays, etc.
Check how many miners are awkward for similar reasons.
Sister, events with neighbors, classmates, and such ARE community. If you wake up, get into your commutermobile, work in your cube, return for calories and rest you aren't a member of a community, you're a drone.

Anonymous 19811

Birthday parties, plays, all of that crap isn't what made incels the way they are, both male and female. What made them the way they are is because when they had to reach social independence without their parents planning all their organized events where the kid could socialize among friends, they failed. They couldn't spread their wings and fly, they fell out of the nest and hard unto the ground and instead of getting up they stagnated on the ground and got angry at others who were able to fly while they weren't.

Being a parent isn't about the big extravagant things for the "community" or any of this other crap. Being a parent is about the small things for your child, taking them to their friends house, picking them up, helping them with school projects, listening to them and never being too busy to spend time with them regardless as a small child or a teen and providing home cooked meals or at least meals they like.

This is another reason why I don't respect mothers like that, they are so focused on this picture of community, when in reality they don't bother to focus on their own kid and family, they are too busy shoving themselves and said family into a setting that while it's nice to once in a while to participate in, it is not a healthy environment to grow a family in.

t. kid who was forced to constantly participate within a church community with kids I had nothing in common with and didn't go to the same school as while my parents focused fully on their community participation leaving me to feel incredibly isolated and all exclaims of hating these sentiments were met with "You just gotta do things you don't like something, you will like it eventually." Thus I turned to internet and video games for escape and I even went as far as to installing starcraft secretly on a PC we had access to in someones office so I could hide in there and play games.

Anonymous 19817

>Doings things out of a self interest and benefit is not volunteering.
All volunteering is out of self-interest and benefit. Even the most "selfless" of volunteers are still only doing it because helping others makes them feel good.

>gloating in front of other kids who don't have the same privileges. Not every kid can have a stable home, let alone have a parent be there for them

Isn't this even more reason for the parents who are well-off to organize group events for all the kids in the community, since not every kid can rely on their own parents for such experiences?

Anonymous 19818

There's a huge influx. Please help me report them.

Anonymous 19826

Some are like that but a lot of people that end up like that also had bad upbringings where they had no opportunities for community participation and just watched TV/played video games all day, I see both scenarios a lot. There are a lot of things that can mess someone up but getting your kids involved in things like little league and Scouts which require a lot of parent involvement if the kids want to do those things isn't going to hurt. You were coerced to do activities you didn't want to but a lot of kids enjoy that kind of stuff. You can give your kids needed daily one on one attention and also get them involved in community activities, these things aren't mutually exclusive. Even though you had a bad experience, hypothetically in the future if your kids wanted to do that stuff and you had the means to provide it for them, would you deny them the opportunity?

Anonymous 19894

i have no personality and i'm boring. read through old convos with interesting people that i somehow managed to speak with and every reply from me was just dull, no wonder i was so insecure. it's like i've never had an interesting thought in my life
i keep reading through smallish twt accounts of people years younger than me & they're all so cool already; they've got nice ways of speaking and actual opinion on stuff. i don't. it's like i'm living as a thing

Anonymous 19933


I know this is probably irrational but I can’t stop thinking about this one embarrassing thing I did 3 months ago and the cringe is so overpowering that it literally is making me want to rip my skin off. I really hope the person involved didn’t tell anyone. I feel like I will never forgive myself for doing it, it’s too embarrassing to type. How do you anons deal with things like this?

Anonymous 19934

I don't think there's a solution to these things, just hope they forgot

Anonymous 19936

If you get the courage, I'd like to hear what happened. But I'm always haunted by things like this, it's worse when I'm about to fall asleep and out of no where I'm reminded of something like that. My knee jerk reaction to suppressing the cringe is trying to think of my favorite animal bunnies. Unfortunately for me, I also under my breath or quietly say "bunnies".

Anonymous 19938


>tfw 5'5 midget
I wish i was tall
>inb4 no one likes tall girls
Fuck you, i do

Anonymous 19939

Could always date a Danny Devito-mode guy so you could feel tall around him.

Anonymous 19964

Are you a Swede or something? You're slightly above average if you're a Murrican or a Canuck. Even the average Brit is 5'4".
We may not be on lolcow, but if true womanlets are here they'll be ready to bash you.
t. 5'6" bitch who also wishes she was super tall by the way

Anonymous 19981

1: i'm in my third semester of cc, taking college algebra ~finally~ + a bonus, remedial course to pair with that since i've never studied math properly. we had to graph functions today & i could barely do it. the teacher told us not to worry, since everyone is going to have issues with doing things for the first time, but man i feel guilty & ashamed. i wish i had studied harder in the past so i wouldn't be so behind now.
also somewhat worried over my scheduling, i have a transfer agreement with a certain uni but if i run out of funds to pay for cc right now, i don't know what i'll do. wasn't planning to be here for more than 4 semesters, i also wanted to take a few summer courses, but perhaps i should add those to fall in order to meet the fall aid requirement.

2: i love my mother but i wish she wouldn't hype herself up & brag all the damn time over how great she was at parenting just for doing the bare essentials. mainly keeping a roof over my head, not having men in and out of the house, keeping me fed & clothed, etc. dgmw i am definitely grateful to her, since i grew up in a poor neighborhood and not everyone had that.

but i am also somewhat resentful, since if she hadn't gone messing with married men i would not be here in the first place, or if she hadn't been an alcoholic and brushed all my problems under the rug with 'well people don't matter anyway' or 'just get over it', perhaps i would be in a better place right now.

Anonymous 19984

A function is really just a set of ordered pairs representing input from some input set and output set. Realistically it's just a relation from some inputs to possible outputs with the only restrictions being that each input only has one output and each input has a defined output. A graph is just a visual representation of a function where you take each ordered pair and put the input on one axis with the output on another axis.

So, for a concrete example lets say your input set is just the numbers {1,2,3,4} and your relation was just asking if they were even so your output set was {Even, NotEven}. Then your function would just be the resulting set: {(1, NotEven), (2, Even), (3, NotEven), (4, Even)}. If you wanted to graph this then you'd just set up your X axis with the numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4 and your Y axis with the values Even and NotEven. Then just take each input {1,2,3,4}, put your pencil over the input, then move up to what its output was and make a dot there. In this case your input set was just the numbers {1,2,3,4} and your output set was the two values {Even, NotEven}. Clearly each input maps to a single output and every input has a valid output so it's a function. Now you can just apply that to much larger sets and relations like the real numbers and arithmetic to get more useful functions. But I'm sure you'll realize that enumerating through all its pairs for big functions is a big pain so people just write a shorthand like f(x) = x + 1, you can read this as the function f at the value x. That just means that you can get any of the function's input / output pairs by substituting x for a value from your input set. So, if my input set were the real numbers I could just take some random value like 1.5, substitute it into the generic form f(x), and get out the pair (1.5, 2.5). Then you just put that one your graph, repeat for enough values until you get a good idea of the shape of the graph and then stop. Some functions don't have defined input at certain values like f(x) = 1 / x, which breaks when x = 0. For those you just make your input set something like "All real numbers except 0" so you have defined output for every input.

I'm sure this didn't help at all but I was just trying to see how much algebra I remembered since you never use it once you finish the class.

Anonymous 19998

I’ve always wanted a daki but I live with several people and would die if one of them found it

Anonymous 20035


I feel so bland and uninteresting compared to everyone else. Everyone I talk to both IRL and online is always a lot funnier/cleverer and knows about so many more cool things than me.

Anonymous 20048

I'm sick and tired of crushing on someone who won't send signals. I've been crushing on someone for half a year who won't send any kinds of signals at all when we interact. It's almost as if I don't exist. I try to be nice and happy and talkative and funny around them but they just haven't noticed or something. I guess it's stupid to just hope that your crush would notice you but then again I wouldn't want to tell them of my feelings if I can't get any sort of confirmation that they think positively of me. For all I know they don't even think about me. Also having a crush for this long just sucks so bad because now I'm emotionally unavailable and my fantasies have gone so far I just want to have children. How do I get out of this rut?

Anonymous 20051

I don't want to, I fear rejection too much. Also I'm not sure we would work out because our values don't quite line up on one thing that is a little bit important.

Anonymous 20055

Just wait until he gets a girlfriend, die a little on the inside, and move on.

Anonymous 20058


Ask him out. I did this with a dude I was crushing on for 6 months that I acted very similar towards. I'd write down interesting things throughout my day for when I talked to him on discord, that sort of thing.

I mean he was always friendly but I had no reason to think he actually crushed on me too. When I asked if he wanted to go to dinner together I got a "oh I'm flattered but I don't think us dating is a good idea" all those fantasies of popping out beautiful babies with him evaporated in about 5 seconds :') I feel better for it tho.

Anonymous 20060

i don't think I could bare to see them in a romantic relationship
But won't that change the friendship? I don't want to risk losing what little we have now just to not see them again.

Anonymous 20068



Meh I crush too hard for my own good. I know I need a hard reality check or I'll orbit emotionally unavailable men perpetually. It was worth losing a friendship for my own sanity. YMMV.

Anonymous 20078


I finally sent a pic of my face to the boy i had been kind of somewhat e-dating (or at least we both felt great for each other i think). He had seen cropped pics before (like obscuring my nose or mouth, but he had mostly seen everything indivisually) and he thought I was perfect. He said on multiple occasions he thought I was catfishing him etc and I didnt undertsand and thought he was trolling me about it. I kept saying I was super ugly and he said no youre not etc. But yetserday I sent him a pic of my full face and I think things have died down a lot. I still dont know if its just me projecting but idk. I feel like Ive ruined our relationship. It was the only thing that brought me joy and an escape of my disgusting real life and now my real life has gotten to me online as well. I asked him about it and he said he likes me but "i must say, oure not perfect, but nobody is". I know hes just being as polite about it as he can, its obvious by his responses that he doesnt really find me attractive anymore.

I really really like him, what can i do to not lose him

Anonymous 20079

He is weak and you deserve better.
Caring about facial aesthetics to the point of needing perfection is stupid.

Anonymous 20080

Hard truth is, you can't really do much. If he loses interests because of shallow appearances, there isn't much you can do to change that unless you're fat or something like that. That's why it's important to not hide yourself or your flaws to people, because honestly when the flaws come out and you become attached, it hurts a lot worse when they decide they want nothing to do with you.

Or maybe he will get over it and things will be fine. Just stick it out and wait and see what happens honestly all you can do.

Anonymous 20082

tuesday afternoon.…


Don't loose hope. He liked you enough before the pic, so that proves guys can like you. You've got a filter to get rid of the shallow guys.

Anonymous 20083

High IQ comment. Thinking that your personality alone will snag a guy if you are that ugly is just going to get you hurt.

Anonymous 20092


i hope my mod app is accepted lmao
there are like 2 obvious male threads i want to delete right now

Anonymous Admin 20097

We have 0 reports right now, please use the report feature!
I'll contact applicants this weekend.

Anonymous 20098

>Doesn't even report male posters
Come on anon.

Anonymous 20117


god i hate my life

Anonymous 20118

>if I can't get any sort of confirmation that they think positively of me
What do you mean by "think positively of you"? Is he actually ignoring you/acting like he dislikes you, or do you just mean he doesn't compliment you or flirt with you?
It may be the case that he doesn't see you in a romantic way, but that doesn't necessarily mean he'd say no to a date, which would give you the chance to make him see you in that way. It's even possible that he's not making advances because he sees you as being out of his league. Either way, I doubt he's going to spontaneously change how he's been acting, so if you want anything to change, you're going to have to be the one that asks him out.
You may not want to disturb what you have with him now, but would that be worse than seeing him with someone else? Because he will find someone else sooner or later if you don't make a move.

Anonymous 20130

I was a fucking retarded teen and I can't believe it's still coming back to haunt me

>had abusive e-bf that encouraged me to get nude on cam and got me addicted to that attention

>I posted on /b/ while underaged a handful of times being a typical attention whore
>after e-bf and I weren't a thing anymore
>he somehow collects all of these instances of me being a camwhore
>posted threads about me on /soc/ giving out pictures of my face and real screen names etc
>cause bad fucking break downs from me
>randomly google my old screenname because I had a bad feeling
>I have a thread up on one of those chanwhores websites, all CP pics of me, with old pics of my myspace days also thrown in.
>tryna not to panic

The thread was posted late last year so this crazy fag is still obsessed with me when I think the last time I got contact from him was 2013 where he texted me and I didn't respond. At my lack of response he said something like "Lol I bet you're ugly and fat now"
And the last time I actually spoke to him was probably 2011
It's been so fucking long I don't understand why he's still after me and it's driving me crazy.

I'm in a committed relationship now and about to get married. All my screennames I use now are drastically different but I'm fucking terrified of him finding me and exposing me.
I just can't believe he has 10+ year old pictures of me still saved and he's still looking for more.

Anonymous 20133

i cant get a normal crush on anyone i know irl. most men i know are so immature and annoying, there are only a few exceptions, so ill just stick to being a creepy weeb and having crushes on obscure """celebrities"""" and anime characters.

Anonymous 20137

>> 20130

I know the feeling. An ex (was an Internet thing) from two years ago messaged me out of the blue recently saying he still has all nudes and voice files from when we were still together, when I was 16. Dunno if he posted them anywhere but it's weird af, especially since he has a new gf judging by his Facebook.

Maybe it's worth a shot to report the thread and say it's childporn. I'd get the thread down though if your face is in those pics and recognizable in any way. They ban IP for childporn even on memechan.
Only bad outcome is if they don't IP ban him and he starts thinking that you saw it and that you're still around and starts being even more obsessed, if that's somehow possible. Best of luck to you though, anon.

Anonymous 20139

So many guys on that website like this. They have so much anger in them and can obsess for months or years over even a short interaction.
In your position I'd have a conversation with my partner and explain the whole thing. It doesn't seem like a reason for him to feel hurt and he probably will support you. You shouldn't live with that fear.
Whatever you do, don't even acknowledge the ex. That's what he wants. No amount of explaining will put some sense or empathy into his head.

Anonymous 20141

one half.of.me.is looking forward to having dinner with my mum but the other.is depressed at yet another failed attempt to make friends
it's an odd feeling

Anonymous 20142


Late but no, I wish I was a Swede
I'm latina

Anonymous 20146

Thanks anon, my previous long term boyfriend knew about the whole thing. But it's just been so long since I've had contact with that guy that it just didn't even occur to me to mention it to my soon to be husband. I honestly haven't worried or thought about this in so long, it just feels bad to dredge up old feelings of anxiety.

If they refuse my request to remove the pictures from the websites I'll tell SO, I think, I don't wanna be deceitful but I'm still ashamed of having done all of that.

Anonymous 20147

Have you tried filing a DMCA claim and to have the Google search results omitted?

Anonymous 20149

dad's got cancer of the bladder
i'm sad
i think he said something about it not being that advanced? so hopefully he'll be ok
praying that they don't actually have to take a piece of his bladder out. and also that he'll stop smoking and drinking so damn much

Anonymous 20167

The sites have a reporting system for reporting CP, one emailed me back a little earlier and actually removed the album that was uploaded of me.
The second one also has a thing where you can request to be on a "do not post" list so I did that as well.
Just waiting on the second one to respond now, seems like it'll work out though.

Just never thought I'd be dealing with this BS 8 years after the fact.

Anonymous 20168

I'm 25 now, things are looking un-optimistic for me. High school I dated someone for a few years, but it fell apart due to a lot of reasons. I failed during college in finding someone. Even post college, I tried talking to people, tried putting myself out there, there was no traction. The people I did have something with didn't want anything to do with me. People always say two things when it comes to dating "do something you love and you will meet someone eventually" and "you have to love yourself". The thing I love doing is being a shut in, I like being indoors doing dumb stuff than I do being out, and the few times I do go out I'm going out to eat alone. And the loving myself part is very hard, I'm sure I have some diagnosed variety of depression coupled with some kind of co-dependency issue. I feel incredibly alone and I'm not a big fan of this feeling but I feel like nothing I can do will let me escape from this self imposed cycle of isolation unless I force myself into situations that I'll hate and won't feel comfortable in.

The worst part about all of this is my high school relationship complications left me with certain feelings and ideas that aren't ideal to others. I can be a bit obsessive and junk, and it also put me through an emotional hell where at the end of everything, made me feel more compassionate and in the end all I want is someone who I can emotionally connect to and lean on. I don't want to make them into my therapist, or even fix me. I just want that person who knows who I am deep down, that I have had these issues and they stuck with me. They don't rule my life, but they influence how I feel and it seems like everyone gets bored of me after I tell them who I am deep down. All I feel at the moment is this suffocating feeling that I'm a failure and no one will ever like me romantically, the more time I wait the more I feel like I'll just never find anyone and I'm terrifed of entering into that relationship of 'Well we can't find anyone else, and you make me fell less alone, lets get into a terrible relationship that is half hearted love and will likely end up in divorce 15-20 years down the line after we get sick of each other." In the end all I'm trying to say is I'm really alone, I have baggage that doesn't rule my life, I'm a shut in, and I just want to find someone to love who will love me and it feels like an impossible feat because how am I supposed to find another shut in? No one wants to do LDRs.

Anonymous 20171

Well, there was that one anon's advice about looking for boys that look lost in stores, and chatting up with them.

Anonymous 20172

are you me

Anonymous 20174

I feel wrong, I self insert myself into those situations. Most of the time when I'm at places like that I'm just trying to find something to buy, I don't want randos to bother me while I'm trying to find thing I want. I'm socially awkward, if I'm not emotionally/mentally prepared to interact with others I'm cold and distant and I just try to end the conversation to go on my way.


Anonymous 20175


I wish I was better at talking to people. I never know what to say or how to say it. I dislike interacting with people as well so it's difficult to find the motivation to improve my speaking skills. I've read meme books like pic related but I can't ever put anything into practice correctly, I feel very fake all the time. People have made fun of me behind my back for having a deadpan expression all the time out of nervousness.
>tfw didn't return a call from an internship person because I'm afraid of phone calls and questions

Anonymous 20176

You'll be socially awkward as long as you keep away from socialising. You just have to hone it like a skill. Try anon. Relax and talk to others. I tried it, and it kind of works.

Anonymous 20180

Do you work from home as well?

Also I still think there should be a dating site marketed specifically toward shut-ins. If a dating site for farmers can succeed, why not one for hermits?

Anonymous 20181

I wrote a pretty big paragraph about this but honestly, it comes down to a lot of shut-ins/hermits are mentally ill and do not play well with others a lot of the time. Also the fact that somoene actually has to have a sizable income to be able to support the website and be able to give shut-ins the actual courage to constantly/frequently use the website. Let's be fair a lot of shut ins go through a high and low of social interaction, where in a high they will be courageous enough to reach out and find someone, and then hit a low where they want to be alone and sometimes these lows last a long time. So you have the risk of a lot of dead/inactive accounts.

Also every time I tried internet dating groups that were long distance, I was lied to a lot and people aren't as honest as they seem. I don't think it would work well, I'd love for it to but I don't want to start an investment like that where I'm pretty sure it will be rooted in drama, name dropping, and tales of shitty people doing shitty things to each other.

Anonymous 20190

im so unfunny

Anonymous 20191

I want to die. That's all.

Anonymous 20192

You can send me all your money first if you want to!

Anonymous 20195

I just threw up. I hate throwing up. I don't even know why I did. I don't feel sick or anything. Now my mouth tastes like mint from toothpaste and stomach acid and my throat burns.

Anonymous 20196


I'm so mentally exhausted i can barely take it anymore.
I'm drained of energy but i still need to pretend to always be the happy and strong friend.

Anonymous 20204


I’m over him yeah he was a loser I think I was just desperate
On the brighter side I met a really sweet girl and we’re taking things slow but I’m pretty content

Anonymous 20214


i want kpop friends
but the majority of people with this interest are either
1. whew qween slei types from twitter
2. normies
there was a gen on another chan ( just guess ) with peeps i thought i could talk to, but due to . . . various circumstances, that's fallen through
it's sort of frustrating but whatever

Anonymous 20215

People interested in celebrities do tend to be normalfags

Anonymous 20296


I have a huge crush on a teacher. He taught me last year, not this one, but he will probably teach me again since I failed his classes (lmao). Gosh he's so cute and agh. I have a boyfriend but I'm 100% horny for him.

Pic of Wakaouji-sensei from TMGS2 bc thanks to that game I can dream about dating a cute and intelligent teacher.

Anonymous 20349

I often see men arguing about if asian, black or white women are better. It makes me sad when women start playing into this and start arguments as well. Why does it matter what some random guy thinks? Can't we just all ignore those men and do what makes us happy without attacking each other?

Anonymous 20418

i have no real issue with growing old and wrinkly. i've never been attractive, so it wouldn't bother me. i AM however worried about getting older without knowing a damn thing, and without being successful.

Anonymous 20420

What's "successful".

Anonymous 20424

being wise, having a good career, having contributed something to this world

Anonymous 20430


I have this friend, and she constantly leaves me hanging to spend time with her boyfriend and her friends out of the blue even if we made plans beforehand, but in the rare occasion i am the one that wants to spend time with other people and move plans to a later date, she gets upset with me.
It just makes me feel like "??????".

Anonymous 20432

Hang out with your friends anyway. What's she gonna do. Stop annoying you?

Anonymous 20439

a character in a video game said something to the effect of 'helping me get back at the guy who shot me' and my heart melted a bit
i dunno it just felt good to have someone that wasnt my immediate family care about me

Anonymous 20467


I'm still hungry, too

Anonymous 20501

Burn the house down to erase the evidence of your crime.

Anonymous 20515


my new laptop charger comes on monday &, i'm using the post dude's need for a signature as an excuse to skip my class.
it's psych, our teacher doesn't have an attendance policy, most of our tests are online . . . shouldn't be a big deal. in all honesty i think she realizes most of us in that session are exhausted stem kids & wants to make things easier which is sweet but that may be me imagining things

Anonymous 20516



Anonymous 20517

It seems strange to me that a signature would be required for something as cheap as a laptop charger.

Anonymous 20518

NTA but where I live, no matter the price, if it's a tracked delivery, it has to be signed for. That's the whole point of tracked shipping.

Anonymous 20539


it's a battery for a business laptop, i even had to get verification from the bank during purchasing.

anyhow it's cold & rainy as hell outside so, I'm gonna skip today & go monday. get someone else to sign it for me

Anonymous 20558

i've consumed so many calories today holy fuck

Anonymous 20579


Everyone leaves

Anonymous 20582


Anonymous 20750


As of lately I've been thinking about a guy I used to be friends with in high school and jfc was he awful
>insults my taste in anime and vidya despite him having the most basic entry level taste ever
>gets personally offended when I get tired of his bullshit and tell him his shitty edgy favourite anime series are trash, doesn't talk to me for days
>tell him someone asked me if I was a lesbian because I never had a bf, fag tells me I better not be because then he'd stop being friends with me
>in an expression of autism that'd make Chris Chan blush, my retard "friend" casually puts his finger in my asscrack, when I get mad he apologizes like the retard he is
>next day cooks me a pizza and I accept his apologies because I don't want to be a friendless loser
>gets offended when I give him suggestions for his autistic book that's edgy fanfiction 101 with a shitty edgelord protagonist with an angsty past even though I was trying to help him make his shitty book less cringe
>gets offended when I try to help him out at Chemistry class because reasons
>had to pretend I didn't like sportsball because he hated sports and anyone who liked them
>stopped talking to me when I told him I didn't love him nor wanted to shag him
I don't even know why we were friends in the first place, he was the embodiment of cringe (wore all black, gun sperg, unironically listened to linkin park, liked edgy anime, pervert, acted like an autist while not even being one, edgelord, liked ragefaces in 2015, you catch the drift)
Anyway, I'm so fucking glad he's out of my life. I thought men would make better friends than women because they don't talk about lame shit like boy bands and their crushes but fuck if I was wrong.

Anonymous 20762

my mother somehow finds the time to clumsily take nudes for the man she cheats on my father with but not get a job or actually listen to me when im talking to her and i dont know if i can stand it any longer

Anonymous 20764

If there's no talking to her about it, then just let it be. No sense dragging yourself down with her.

Anonymous 20766

i would really but we live in the same house and i am currently financially dependent on her (i am 18), things can get pretty in your face

Anonymous 20772

If you're 18, then just endure your mom's behavior for a little while. You'll soon be off to college or whatever, move out and be independent.

Anonymous 20789

Damn. He seems like a colorful person. I'm so boring I'd switch lives with him if I could
And I want 2019 to be over already. It's going to be worse than 2018. Mark my words.

Anonymous 20812

If you're in a position to move out, tell your dad.

Anonymous 20820

The person I'm with tells me that everyone thinks I'm ugly but it doesn't matter because he's the only person that's supposed to find me attractive. He says he wants me to be unattractive.
Then he talks about how hot other people are. Great. Thanks.

He also says people insult me and call me a whore and all of these names… but it's okay because he defended me. I didn't need to know ANY of this. It's so far fetched it's almost as if he's lying.. but possibly not. It bugs me sometimes..

Anonymous 20821


sounds pretty messed up
have you talked to him about it? like, directly

Anonymous 20822

it sounds like he is attempting to isolate you, consciously or not, from other people by making you believe that the only opinion that matters is his. i really hope you know thats not true, i might be overanalyzing this but take care anyway!

Anonymous 20823

sounds like abuse to me. like you said, even if he did "defend" you, it was information he probably should have withheld unless he was purposefully trying to help you in terms of like "I only tell you this because you think they're friends but they aren't. They talk about you behind your back etc etc" sort of thing.

Anonymous 20824

I agree with everyone else, this is fucked and is red flag central to me? Have you considered this point of view? I genuinely think if anyone said that to me I’d be too outraged to even speak to them again. It’s a mega cunty thing to say, and probably not true like.

Even imagining the best reason why someone would say this, it still doesn’t make sense? It’s just a shitty thing that you shouldn’t say to your partner like

Anonymous 20832


please (do what file name tells you to do)

I hate graph theory. Shit doesn't make sense and even worse are its applications. I'm only taking this course because it satisfies my program/degree requirements.
Pure math > Combinatorics

Anonymous 20834

What are you studying?

Anonymous 20838

Already missed my second day into the semester , fuckkkkkkkkk.
Told myself I'd never miss another day of school unless I'm on my death bed since last semester I rarely stepped on campus due to depression and it was a mess. Although this time it was out of my control though since the person who would be taking me to the transit center flaked out and I couldn't find a ride in time :( I would have walked but it's below zero in my city and I can't see myself walking for an hour in that type of weather. Luckily it's only the first week, I just need to make sure it doesn't become a habit.

Anonymous 20843

I study a mix of math and computer science; for my program requirements, I have to take some abstract algebra, which is a lot more fascinating than graphs!

Anonymous 20851


I've been hatefollowing this one weeaboo piece of shit for years now because I initially found her craft content interesting but now she barely uploads anymore and it's low quality whenever she does. Her popularity is dying and I'm happy enough with that because what changed everything from a normal following into a hatefollowing was how she started copying "popular" trends (including tide pods) to stay relevant.

She married a while ago and has a baby now (that she openly admitted to naming after an animal crossing character… jesus christ) and while that's more than what I've done over these few past years I'm considering the vendetta over and unfollowing permanently. Chances are she's going to make a shit mom and will probably start milking her child for youtube views, knowing her shitty personality. I'm not sticking around anymore, and if anything held on for waaay longer than I was ever obliged to hoping for shit to get better when it didn't.

I won't be surprised if she ends up on PULL or lolcow if she follows through with her shit behavior, but I'm not gonna be bothered anymore.

Anonymous 20853

Even if he's not lying (fat chance) that's not the kind of shit he should be telling you unsolicited.
It sounds like he's purposefully trying to hurt your self-esteem so that you become emotionally dependent on him. That's fucked up.

Anonymous 20854


>senior in college about to graduate
>got no bfs my entire time here
>tried to "put myself out there"
>met many horrible men that ruined my self esteem, used me as a cumrag, and deceived me
>hit rock bottom and attempt suicide
>slowly getting better and improving myself
>realize it's for nothing because if i cant get a bf now it'll be 100x harder in the "real world"

guess i'll just be alone for the next few months and then forever ha ha

Anonymous 20884

Only harder in the sense that you have to seek them out, but the quality of guys have the potential to be higher. College isn't the only place to get a bf, it might be a place with a steady stream of dudes, but at this point in their lives the majority of them are into the fuckboi meme.
Or see it as "why bother wasting your life on this if men are this awful?"

Anonymous 20917

Glad to see I'm not the only one with this situation. I don't particularly know why, but I find it hard to stay connected with family.

Anonymous 20928


I wish all the happy couples would go away, already.

I don't hate them.
I don't even know them.

But watching them kiss and grope each other in public just makes my heart ache for something I didn't even realize I was so starved for until recently. It's only going to get worse as Valentine's Day approaches. I hate this hollow, empty, dull ache that I feel in my chest whenever I pass these couples on the street. Today it got so bad that I almost started crying on the bus. I didn't ask to feel this way again. It was an urge I thought I'd done away with after feeling this pain many years ago, but it's just resurfaced and every day just feels like drowning slowly.

Anonymous 20929

I feel similarly anon, except that I want to assault them.
Hope we can either both get over it or get someone.

Anonymous 20930

it makes me want to die.
But I don't want to die alone, unloved, a virgin,

Anonymous 20943

>weak pelvic floor muscles
>thought I was done with my cold
>pissed myself slightly at work today because of a coughing fit
>had a meeting I couldn't be late to
>went to meeting smelling like urine no doubt
>had to hand wash my underwear and wring it dry in the bathroom sink afterwards, fleeing to a stall every time I heard footsteps so no one would see me holding a pair of undies
Do your kegels. Even if you aren't getting laid it beats pissing yourself from coughing too hard. I'm so embarrassed.

Anonymous 20947


I’m so tired. I feel like there’s no point in me even talking to people because I feel anxious and self conscious the entire time, constantly analyzing what I say to the point that it burns me out. Since my only friends are online sometimes I just think of ghosting them all and isolating myself even though I’d feel guilty and probably miss some of them.

Anonymous 20948


fucking same

Anonymous 21007

I feel really guilty and bad about a message I sent a girl on social media. She was being an utter cunt to my best friend but I really overstepped the line. Like seriously. It happened years ago and I still feel bad about it. It must have upset her so much. Her response was just as awful but I can take that. I deffo deserved the response even if it did McTrigger me slightly. I don’t believe in karma so there’s literally nothing I can do to “fix” it. At the same time I haven’t lash out that badly since. It just makes me think about the times that people have randomly sent me abuse. I wonder if they feel guilty about it years on? Who knows.
I hope I can forgive myself for this one day.

Anonymous 21010

>mean to the guy i like until he hates me
>feel like shit, but also relieved.
god im such a horrible person. why am i like this?

Anonymous 21014

Because loneliness and misery are your comfort zones and leaving those behind feels unfamiliar and scary. Going from knowing what tomorrow holds to having no idea about the future. No idea about how this other person will respond to you when you open up emotionally. It's terrifying and it'll never be perfect enough to bother trying. So you lash out, or ghost him online, or make him think you're not worth the time by acting like a crazy person, and he goes away and the future regains its certainty.

I'm the same exact way so maybe I'm just … projecting a lot. But that's why I do it. It hurts and I'm always lonely. Break out of it if you can help it; don't be like me.

Anonymous 21021

Are you the anon who made a /qa/ thread a couple years ago asking about how to remove images from that one 4chan archive site?
I stumbled onto a thread on a different archive site that linked to that /qa/ thread on another archive, and it reminded me of your post.

Anonymous 21054


It's been seven years of being a complete shut in now. I have no friends, no boyfriend, no skills, no interests. I am living on inertia at this point, trapped in limbo forever. My health deteriorating, I am rotting. I don't shower or eat much anymore. I just got out of the hospital for malnutrition, the first time I had left my house in months maybe a year.

Anonymous 21056


Amazing. This website has a similar culture to /pol/ or /r9k/
Anyone who disagrees with me must be a jew shill/roastie
But instead you just accuse everyone of being a guy

Anonymous 21059

>This website has a similar culture to /pol/ or /r9k/
have you even read the thread
3 people called them out for that dumb post & the op confessed to baiting a little

Anonymous 21119

i would have poured all my emotional labour into you, fucked you into oblivion listening to our favourite music and cooked you decent meals since you're stupid as shit and can't even manage french fries but you decided it was more fun to act like damaged goods instead YOU COULD HAVE AT LEAST NOT GIVEN ME SOMETHING TO MISS IT /ACHES/ LIKE HELL

Anonymous 21151

I am hyper sensitive to pain and my nipples hurt too bad to breastfeed. When I was hopped up on painkillers in the delivery room to get my torn open anus and vagina sewn up and tried to breastfeed I was still in so much pain I was crying and my mother in law was scolding me for scaring the baby. I've been helped by lactation consultants and it's not an issue with the baby having a bad latch or a tied tongue, it's just me. I tried pumping on a gentle setting that I can tolerate and my milk production was very low, I had to pump for about two hours to produce enough for one feeding (and the baby needs to eat 12x a day.) Constantly pumping my breasts for a half hour every two hours was so stressful I decided to switch to formula exclusively and I feel immense guilt for it because I know "breast is best." And formula is so expensive, it's $30 for a can the baby went through in less than two weeks and the best quality formula is like $40-$50 a can, which I can't afford, so I also have guilt from not being able to afford the best food for my baby.

Anonymous 21153

I guess if I were in your situation, I'd simply live with the pain. Very sorry, anon.

Anonymous 21154

Maybe stimulation, however painful at the time, will eventually desensitize them enough for it to be manageable?

Anonymous 21155

That sounds terrible. Are there any milk banks in your area? If not, some food banks carry formula.

Anonymous 21157

I tried that for about two weeks and the situation was causing me to start developing symptoms of PPD so I decided it was better for my baby to stop so I could be more emotionally present.

My milk is already drying up so I think it's too late now to rethink switching to formula. The lactation consultant told me if I had been toughening up my nipples while I was pregnant by rubbing them with a washcloth it might have made a difference but that trying to do that now would just cause them more distress. I will try doing that if I ever have a second child though.

I've looked into it and my income is just barely enough to not qualify for free assistance and paying for breastmilk is also very expensive at about $15 per four ounce bottle.

Thank you everyone for being so supportive, I don't know where else I could talk about this. People definitely wouldn't be sympathetic on other imageboards.

Anonymous 21159

>if I had been toughening up my nipples while I was pregnant
Have they always been so sensitive, or did the problem come about from the pregnancy? Or from the birth?
Like, would I know ahead of time if it's a problem I could/would have? Or would the washcloth thing just be a precaution?

Anonymous 21160

They've always been a bit sensitive but not like this. This is kind of TMI but for example my husband has sucked on my boobs with the full force of an adult man before with no problem but when the baby was doing it, it felt like someone put binder clips on my nipples and was pulling on them as hard as they could. My nipples suddenly became way more sensitive in third trimester, it started to hurt to wear a bra and tight fitting clothes. I don't know why this happened, maybe it could be due to hormonal changes.

Anonymous 21162

I am so so so sad right now. I miss my friends but they're not my friends anymore because I left them and I know there's something wrong with me because I always always leave and it's always my fault and I don't want to hurt people yet I keep doing it. I have to leave, I can't stay, I have to but then I regret it so much. I wish I wasn't so sensitive I wish I had a thicker skin but I don't and I accept myself the way I am because I like feeling things I like feeling good and feeling bad and I would kill myself before I stop having emotions but I get so lonely and desperate sometimes. I had so many people who loved me and I loved them too, I loved them with all my heart but I always have to leave I always end up leaving and I always end up hurting people. I can never let them know who I really am because my duty is to help them, not to force them to listen to what happens to me.
I know that when this stops I will feel empty again. I will miss them as I always do but I won't feel as sad as I do now. I can never have them back because there's something wrong with me. That's why I leave. And I haven't hurt anyone in the past few months. But I wish… I wish I wasn't like this. I wish I wasn't the way I am. I like myself. And if I had the chance of changing myself I wouldn't. Because I'll always be alone, and there's nothing wrong with loneliness. It just feels bad sometimes, but I'll always have myself and my imagination

Anonymous 21163

Are you on any medication you think could be affecting your nipples?

Anonymous 21170

I relate to everything you said and you're not alone in feeling this way.

Anonymous 21189


my vagina is broken. I can't get wet or aroused. foreplay feels like nothing. i feel asexual.

i've been off anti-depressant for almost a week now and i feel even more hopeless. they say it can take months for sensation to return, if it ever does. How am I supposed to wait 3 months at the least for function to hopefully return? I just entered a relationship with a great guy and I already feel the tension my condition is putting on our relationship.

At the same time, i'm also on birth control, which can also reduce libido. So it might not even be JUST my anti-depressants and then I'd have to wait another 3 months for the birth control to wear off. And then what? Condoms forever? I hate everything, why is a pill i have to take everyday that's so poisonous to my brain the only decent option. it's not fair. i don't even feel human, what kind of human can't have sex?

Anonymous 21202

BC wouldn't be as popular as it is if it reduced libido. I don't know why you're worried about how long relationships will last taking that stuff, but it's probably just the anti-depressants doing it. Hold on, anon.

Anonymous 21203

BC does reduce libido for a lot of people. it reduces the amount of free testosterone in your body. testosterone supplements your sex drive.

I'm just scared because i only attempted to have sex after taking anti-depressants and i don't know if im broken or if it's the anti-depressant doing it. I've never really been too interested in sex. my bf is great and he deserves sex but I can't give it to him (other than oral). i pretend that i'm enjoying foreplay and oral because it makes him happy to know that he's doing something for me. i'm trying to hold hope, but he is clearly aroused when i'm alone with him and although he says it's ok, but i know he's sexually frustrated. who wants to date someone who doesn't enjoy sex..

Anonymous 21206

You really need to just come through with telling him how you feel about sex, anon. If you were low in libido to begin with, taking meds that worsen it isn't the best idea. Does he ever talk about if he wants to have kids or not?

Anonymous 21209

We've only been dating for ~2-3 months but I'm pretty sure he wants kids. I'm so-so on the matter. I told him everything about the anti-depressants and such, but the only thing I don't have the heart to tell him is that I feel absolutely nothing down there. I can't blame past me for starting the drugs, It's hard to choose between a functioning mind and a functioning vagina.

Anonymous 21216

Doesn't he make you feel happy just a bit?

Anonymous 21219

what do you mean by that? physically? nothing. mentally? i like being close to him and I so appreciate how much he wants me to feel good. but to me right now, sex isn't exciting and I'd MUCH rather do something comfy with him. he's kind of taken the hint bc we mostly cuddle now, besides when i'll get him off.

Anonymous 21221

I mean mentally. It's good that he's helping you feel at ease. I just wondered if he made you feel good enough to not need the pills anymore.

Anonymous 21231


cracked the screen of my old phone.
got a new one via walmart, but bought the wrong screen protector.
Figured i could wait a few days before turning it in for a new one, but today i dropped it and shattered the screen.

Its been two days.

Anonymous 21239

Pulling an all nighter studying for an quiz after I wasted my sunday doing fuck all. I really need to get my shit together

Anonymous 21243

I know my ex and I were incompatible and I often posted in the vent threads about how hopeless our relationship was, but I still wish we could've worked things out and now I don't think I have any chance at finding love again because it was sort of my last opportunity for many reasons. I'm very tired.

Anonymous 21246

Are you me?
>didn’t start studying until last night
>got a 77.3 on my exam (passing grade is 78 for my major)
>waiting for written response to be graded which could make or break my grade
I gotta get my shit together

Anonymous 21248

I'm so tired of crushing on every boy that shows me the tiniest bit of kindness, but at the same time, these crushes make me feel alive. I don't have anything to live for outside of this.

Anonymous 21249

Will they give you another replacement?
Or do you mean you bought a new one at cost?

Anonymous 21250

Not that anon, but one time I went into the final exam for a class having not shown up to a single lecture all year. I just found flash cards for the class online and crammed the week before.
I think I did actually pass, if I remember correctly.

Anonymous 21251

I found some of the questions online after going over it with some classmates, so I think my professor mixes it between a testbank and her own questions. As an update, she just put the final grade in so now I have an 82. I’m just exhausted now and have classes until 4 today.

Anonymous 21252

There's always more fish in the sea. You just need to be willing to fish. Don't stay hung up over someone that doesn't want to see you again.

Anonymous 21254


Reminds me of this comic.

Anonymous 21259

You still have your humanity. That's good. If you like them, try asking them out.

Anonymous 21274

I don't think so, the only medication I was taking during my pregnancy when I started having nipple sensitivity was occasional Tums for heartburn.

Anonymous 21279

I want my friend back so much I've been stalking his accounts from a catfish and I've talked to him a few times but I want him to know it's me this is so annoying I miss him so much

Anonymous 21296

It's not that deceitful, I told him straight away I was a catfish/fake account and I haven't technically lied to him. It's been 10 months since I last spoke to him and I deleted my social media because he hurt my feelings once
Re-reading what I just wrote I don't actually deserve friends so I'll just stalk him silently

Anonymous 21306


She probably sperged out because he got a gf or something and he didn't pick up on the 200 tiny hints she dropped

Anonymous 21308

Assuming things about people you don't know is rude

Anonymous 21309

You're assuming she doesn't know her.

Anonymous 21335

Too real

Anonymous 21337

>zero experience flirting and unable to distinguish it from just being kind/polite
>a small compliment of any kind from someone I don't know causes me to spend hours wondering what they meant
>remember how alone I am
>rest of the day is ruined
It's so much easier to just not talk to people.

Anonymous 21340

Someone please help. I want to fucking scream.

Anonymous 21342

What’s going on?

Anonymous 21343

same tbqh

Anonymous 21344

I made the final split from my toxic, emotionally abusive ex, and let him know I was cutting him off. He got really mad, then made a big public post about it on social media, prompting me to send a message explaining why exactly I was leaving. He said something like "I have a lot of things to say, but I don't need to defend myself to you. I don't care anymore, think of me as a horrible person if you want" then blocked me.
Then he texted me (and DM'd from an old account) saying I was right, he was a piece of shit, I deserved better, and he wished me well.
I was just battling with the part of my mind that still clings to him, and then I found a post on another board obviously by him just attacking me, accusing me of using him, finding someone else, saying he wants to """expose"""(?) me. I want to defend myself in the thread, unblock him and order him to say all those things to my face so we can actually talk, anything. I know it's futile, but I don't even have words for what I'm feeling right now. I don't know what to do.

Anonymous 21346

The more you try to socially interact, the more you learn. Trust me on that. It's never to late to start training your social muscle.

Anonymous 21347

why anon

Anonymous 21348

>I want to defend myself in the thread, unblock him and order him to say all those things to my face so we can actually talk, anything.

That's exactly what he wants. He wants to provoke you into talking to him. I've been there plenty of times because I'm insecure and people like that LOVE insecure girls. So here's my two cents: The worst thing you can do to someone like that is to not give him anything to twist and manipulate, because that's their biggest power. Anything you say can be ammo because then they can defend themselves, tell you you've got it wrong, sperg out at you, or swear they'll be better. Usually all of the above in a constant cycle. I know being posted about hurts, but you have to understand that no matter what you do, you can't change people's opinion of you, especially on an anonymous board where the entire story is very one-sided. None of this really affects you. Try to not even read it. Absolutely don't engage. If you cut him out, you have to be firm and establish your boundaries or he'll keep doing this forever as long as he knows you'll react. Don't engage, don't justify yourself, don't defend yourself, don't say or do anything. Anything you say or do can and will be held against you. You can't rationalize with someone like that because they're not rational.

Anonymous 21350

strange enough a similar reason to the other anon except we never dated and he posted it in a public place. it has been ages but he still won't stop tormenting me.
>>21348 your advice is godsent I was about to confront him but now I won't.

Anonymous 21351

I'm glad it helped a little, I know it's hard but really the best thing you can do is pretend you're not thinking about him at all. I've just been thinking about this recently because I happened to get in touch with the ex-girlfriend of the guy who treated me similarly. That was 9 years ago. He dated her after me and I found her blog randomly while checking if he was still uploading photos of me or references to our relationship. It was a really bad relationship but most of the crazy shit happened once I finally left. He uploaded photos of me on art sites, wrote poems, did really crazy shit like dress a blow-up doll up as me and take pictures and upload those, tried to sue me for using a self portrait we worked on together after I involved him in my photography hobby and so on. I'm really just scratching the surface because I don't want to make myself too obvious because I'm still paranoid after such a long time. But talking to her really helped because she told me he did the same shit to her down to where she had to pay over 1k in lawyer fees because he continued photography with her to "surpass" me and even copied my photography 1:1 down to the motifs and crop. He did anything he thought would get my attention, be it positive or negative, even outrage was welcome to him because it gave him a hook to reel me back in with. As long as I tried to reason with him, negotiate, try to get my belongings and files from our shared apartment, he'd use that to try to harass me and intimidate me or act kind and sweet to get me to come back. Only once I completely stopped reacting to anything and told him to just keep it, he finally left me alone a few weeks later and got a rebound. Once you see this sort of person for who they are, don't waver and don't relent or they'll use that, too, to make you feel crazy.

Anonymous 21353

That is really what they want with that kind of behavior. This dude used every little thing I told him against me. He must be out of ammo so now he's waiting for me to take the bait and provide him with more. I'll let him starve.

Anonymous 21354

I just took a shower to wash off the sadness rot, and you're right, anon.
I don't want to fall into the trap. Any ill will there is, he will harbor on his own.

Anonymous 21355

You can do it, Anon. Just post here when you feel the urge to react and vent into the void.

Anonymous 21357

Thanks, anon. You're a gem.

Anonymous 21362

[sperg incoming]
Just sitting here wondering how the fuck I used you. What did I take from you? I gave you all the love I had, put so much effort into making us work and you gave me almost nothing. How am I an opportunist and cheater? What did I gain from all this besides emotional breakdowns, more self-hatred and sadness? You used me to curb your loneliness, ignored my pain and slutted me out. Maybe you did "love" me in your own way, but you sure as shit didn't act like it, and whenever I tried to talk about it, you just said it was your depression and shrugged your shoulders.
I don't owe you anything, and no, I haven't "found someone else". I'm too fucked up to be in a relationship, no matter what you tell yourself to feel better about demonizing me. What I do have is someone who considers my feelings and understands me. I latched on to this person because they were not only in the midst of the situation, they cared. They were there for me.
I'm sorry if you don't have that, but it's not my fault and I don't deserve to suffer. You have a therapist. You have J. You have I. You have all those people you play video games with and blog to on Discord. I have exactly one (1) person, no resources for therapy, no meds for my existing issues, no desire to share personal things on social media, no video game friends/communities, no one else I can talk to. Do you see me trying to hold it over your head? No, because I actually don't think you should be in pain, in spite of everything.
If how you acted, the callousness and racism is your idea of love, then it's bad for me and I don't want it. I thought we belonged together, but I just can't do this anymore. If you bring me pain and you don't have the capacity to care, that means I need to take care of myself. Until you can show me you've changed, address everything that you swept under the rug and grow up, I cannot be around you. Period.
Oh, and stop saying no one can or will ever love you besides me. I've been telling you it's wrong since we were together. It's the most unhealthy fucking mindset. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. If you really are improving yourself, fucking act like it.

Anonymous 21363

crying about 'being used' when none of that happened is a form of manipulation. they can't accept their part on the downfall of that relationship so they adopt a victim role to protect their ego and punish you by making you feel bad and doubt yourself. make no mistake, it's malicious and they know what they are doing.

Anonymous 21374

You're right. I guess I expected him to be less shitty about it.

Anonymous 21420

So I was hospitalized at age 12 for major depressive disorder & put on meds, tried going off them at age 18, had to go back on them age 22, and then age 25 got hit with adult onset schizophrenia and put on meds for it. a bunch of other stuff happened while I was growing up like my father dying, grandma dying, pets dying, house burning down, being homeless, having to work full time and raise my siblings and such, getting raped, getting dumped, losing my job(s), et cetera.

I'm 28 now. last december I suddenly inherited a large chunk of money, so for the first time since I was 18 I don't have to work, and I paid out of pocket for college night classes as I went along, so I only need to take a few more classes to have a degree. I'm living with friends and spend my days fussing over my cat and reading books.

My life has never been this nice, or this easy. Last time I was this carefree I was 16. My little siblings are adults now.

Am I too old to enjoy life, now that I can have one? I'm almost thirty and I feel like I'm just starting out as a person. I lost so much time to mental illness, taking care of my family, and just struggling to survive. Being free to do whatever I want is scary.

Anonymous 21422

You're never too old to enjoy yourself. Have fun.

Anonymous 21423

invest some of that money or it will run out quickly

Anonymous 21424

I agree with >>21423 investttt.

Anonymous 21425


Wow. This sounds like the beginning of a great story. Please, please, find loving people to be around you, and don't allow assholes to manipulate you and abuse you. 28 is the prime of your life, you are so on time to blossom, like a flower. A cuckoo flower, but you'll be loved that way.

Do invest some of that money, like anons said.
And find a nice therapist (not expensive: a nice one, one you really like). A therapist helps you see things in your life that you are unable to see. Like triangulation.

Anonymous 21450

I just got turned down for yet another job I wanted in my field. Most probably due to location again. I'm tired.

Anonymous 21473

Screen Shot 2019-0…

I'm majorly jealous of my sisters body type. She has a perfect hourglass figure, whereas I have a very straight body - and I hate it. My Mum and Gran both have the same body type as my sister. Literally feel cheated out of a genetic lottery that should have been in my favour. I remember thinking all through my teen years that 'one day I'll grow into that shape' and obviously the day never came.
It's very much a situation where we all want what we don't have; my sister complains about having big boobs and not liking her shape at all. I'm practically flat chested compared to all the women in my family, and as stupid as it sounds, it upsets me.

I mentioned this to my mum and she went on about how I should be happy that I won't 'sag' in the future or have back pain, and how she always dreamed to have a smaller chest when she was younger. But on the other hand, I told her I wanted to lose bit of weight, and jokingly said I was worried about 'losing the little amount of boob I have' and she agreed & said I didn't want to end up with 'fried eggs for breasts'.

…you can tell that didn't reassure me. at all.
Anyway, sorry if this was bit nsfw, or if it was more an insecurity than a vent. I just feel like nobody in my life can relate to my situation. It's something that's kinda on my mind bit recently as I really haven't been loving how I look.

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It’s annoying as hell to me that half of 4chan males are trannies now.

I really used to enjoy /fa/ but nowadays there are at least 3 /soc/-tier threads posted by attention-whoring trannies trying to get other men to fap to their crossdressing. And 9/10 threads are spammed by troons asking questions like “how to look feminine in this” with more camwhoring.

Even with all of the anons calling them freaks and telling them to kill themselves doesn’t scare them off because the few thirsty replies from tranny chasers keeps them coming back. Reporting does nothing, and it’s highly likely the mods there are trannies because the complaints get deleted while the offtopic camwhore posts stay.

>inb4 just go to /hb/!

There’s not nearly enough traffic and it’s full of other crap besides fashion that I have no interest in.
I’m also a bulldyke into female androgyny who almost exclusively wears mens clothing and I know full well posting a male fashion thread will get me reeeeed at and banned.

Anonymous 21478

I don't think you need to be concerned about a menswear or androgyny thread. Go for it anon.

Anonymous 21479


I mean I suppose I could try and use only female models but even if I don’t get called a man or a troon I highly doubt I’d get many replies. Women into menswear is pretty uncommon and most people here on this slow as farg website seem to have drifted from /cgl/.

It’s easier to just get fashion advice/inspiration from men.

Anonymous 21483

I'm pretty sure there are butch girls on lolcow, maybe try /g/? It's only marginally faster than here though heh.

Anonymous 21491

Haha possibly, and lolcow also seems to be one of a few places on the internet that has (for the most part) successfully scared trannies off the platform. All hail the terven queens.

Anonymous 21523

I have no more oxy and I fucking hate it. It was like my refuge from all the stress that came from me having to deal with people…. School… Work, etc. now it's fucking gone.

people are giving me shit because I don't want a relationship with my dad. my mom moved my dad's desk in to the room that used to mostly just be mine. I'm raging. I do not want a relationship with someone I can't respect. This guy told me I "split up" our family because I reported my brother to the police for molesting me. This man fucking told me to "get over" my abuse when I was 13 and the abuse had only stopped 2 years prior to me saying that. I had to see this man plot with my mom over how to get my brother Scott-free and his record sealed because of his actions. My father is rigid in his beliefs and thinks if you don't follow them you are a "fool". I would rather not have a relationship with him. I don't want to deal with feeling drained over and over because of this man's obsession with the merits of masculinity and faux logic.

Anonymous 21524

In this scenario the best option would be to become an extrovert. I know how it feels when a house doesn't feel like home, and when it comes to something like this it's better to just escape outside, instead of into a bottle. If you're lucky you can find a new place to call home. I hate it because I'm so possessive of where I've lived for so long, but that's just the way it is. You're hatred for people will subside the more you learn of them from first-hand experience. Trust me.

Anonymous 21526

Why are normies so keen on backstabbing each other? It is fucking insane to watch them tear each other apart even over mondane stuff

Anonymous 21527

Did you just insult 5.0 Mustangs, motherfucker? Don't insult my favourite team! I love skub!

Anonymous 21529

your team a shit, your husbando a ho, your sport a joke. Come at me

Anonymous 21530


Anonymous 21531

please be my gf!

Anonymous 21534

that hit to close to home, anyways I was more talking about the bitching about each others back and stuff like "I will reply to the text later to appear busy"

Anonymous 21540

Oh I thought you were talking about how normalfags' lack of expression in public lends them to a badly maintained temper strewn about in a sea of passionate consumerism.

Anonymous 21542


My friend got into a fight with her friend because of some stupidity like she didn't respond to his message enthusiastically enough or something. I don't understand this need to fight with everyone, if you don't get along with someone just don't associate with them instead of looking for things you can start a fight over.

Anonymous 21545

It's like I said: they spend so much of their lives bottling up their emotions and obeying social barriers that it's only when they're allowed to be militant (ie sports teams, social faux pas) that they'll go all out. At least on a site like this, you can vent out and speak of your feelings which helps a lot. They just can't let anyone know how they feel. It's uncool. Even on stuff like Reddit they have to put on a guise to gain virtual social credit. It has to come out somewhere.

Anonymous 21577

I'm going to get banned for this, but as a lurker this was the most objectionable thing I've seen anyone write on here.
If I get married and my wife wants to do stuff like this, I'm going to be grateful and happy that she does, and support her every step of the way. My mom was a cheater and a drunkard who neglected me hardcore. Despite that, I made peace with her and forgave her, and now that I'm not bitter about the life other kids got, I realize how much I'd love to make sacrifices to provide that life for my kids, including patiently waiting for the right lady, and court her right, and follow the rules to make sure we're all able to enjoy happy family life.

You sound like you're envious of other people, and instead of being happy for them, you want to make other people miserable like you. Do me a favor and reflect on your hardships, and do your best to forgive the people in your life who hurt you.

Anonymous 21579


I'm so f*cking sick of outrage culture on the internet.

Anonymous 21585

I want to PUNCH the next person who says they want to PUNCH someone who makes comments saying they want to PUNCH someone for something they said on the internet


Anonymous 21586


Had caffeine and all it gave me was a headache.

Anonymous 21588

aerobic exercises are the galaxy-brain tier of caffeine

Anonymous 21594

*drinking lots of water and eating plenty of meat and greens

Anonymous 21607


I got turned down for 3 jobs in the space of 1 week. All mainly down to location. I can’t deal with this anymore, I can’t move, all I can do is basic functions like eating and bathing and even that is a mammoth task. All I do is lie in bed and listen to audiobooks and stare into space, I can’t deal with this anymore. I have no future and I don’t see the point in trying or living anymore when I already know my outcome is always going to be failure. (Pic unrelated).

Anonymous 21615

I've ruined my life and there's no way do to anything at this stage.

Anonymous 21616

I feel so pathetic about crying over a job because they want to revisit the next steps after I graduate. Ik I posted on lolcow but god I feel so fucking pathetic crying about something that wasn't even guaranteed. It might not even a soft rejection and I'm just overreacting because they didn't give me an offer.
Shit hurts but I'll be better tomorrow. I just can't focus on my studying fuck

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