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Vent thread Anonymous 49241

last thread was >>46828

Anonymous 49262

Everyone talks crap about others, don't fall for the moid PR campaign that they "don't gossip" because it's a total lie. Moids can be some of the most catty bitches out there. True friends are hard to come by but sex isn't gonna determine whether someone is a snake or not

Anonymous 49265

everyone talks shit about each other. when men do, it's acceptable, though, when women do it, they're seen as shitheads.

why do people talk shit? they don't want to offend but still be honest (To at least someone)

Anonymous 49281

me too :( but i keep meeting the pickmes who try to compete for male attention, and see every girl as a potential threat. i've met some sweet girls, but it's difficult for me to befriend them unless they're super extroverted because i won't initiate.

Anonymous 49282

I feel like my LDR boyfriend is super condescending. Shit like adorable/cute should be seen as a compliment, but it feels so dismissive when I'm talking about something serious that I'm passionate about, and he just goes, "haha, that's so adorable," and is constantly comparing me to stupid cartoon characters. He also acts very "parental" sometimes, which grosses me out. He treats me like a child, and I dislike it. I don't like when people do not take me seriously.

Anonymous 49286


There, there, you'll feel better after you take a nap.

Anonymous 49289

How do you know if your parents were emotionally abusive or if you're the one who is toxic to them? Everyone I can find online asking this type of question lists something obviously super abusive, but I was never hit or insulted, and I wasn't unloved or anything, so I don't know why I feel like this.

Anonymous 49293


I'm too blackpilled and socially retarded to ever make friends.

Anonymous 49294

I wish this place was less straight. Not because I'm anti-heterosexuality or something, I'm not even true 100% lesbian, but I'm pretty much only physically attracted to women. All the moidlust here reminds me of feeling like an outsider back in school when all the other girls were going on about hot guys and I didn't get it.

Anonymous 49295

there is a fuckton of lesbian forums, you can go there

Anonymous 49296

I wish the opposite of that.


Anonymous 49301

nana my love.jpg

tell him this and make it clear you and your interests deserve to be taken seriously

Anonymous 49311

definitely, if you've already given up.

Anonymous 49331


I'm so tired of feeling ugly, I know realistically I'm not but I just don't like anything I see in the mirror anymore. No matter how hard I try to make my clothes and hair look nice I hate everything and never feel confident anymore. I feel like no one notices me in public anymore.

The thing is, my skin is clear and I work out and really like beauty stuff as a hobby so i can't even glow up because this is the best I can do. Is this how I'm going to feel forever?

Anonymous 49344

go goth anon, not tryhard egirl amazon miniskirt goth, just classy mature still noticeably gloomy goth.

Anonymous 49345


when am i going to make amends with my social retardation. i mean it's been a constant thing since high-school, and i just want to finally accept me being an outcast (among outcasts) and stop getting so jittery and disjointed – i can't call this vibe depression – whenever people inevitably like someone else more than they'll ever like me, or when i go ignored in group chats, or when nobody approaches me for anything (like they approach other people!), or any multitude of things that come about when a connection with people is weak at best, and usually nonexistent.

i feel art is a good way to escape this loneliness but fuck i suck at drawing and have no real know-how on how to improve. i'm already in uni, but to be honest with you i'm worried i'll suck ass at my major and be leagues behind everyone that 'just gets it'.

so tired.

Anonymous 49362

The state of my relationship has turned me into a closet yumejo and it's pathetic. At the same time, maybe if I'd just been into 2D guys sooner I could have avoided this shit. Just Why?

Anonymous 49363

Lmao, just today I was telling him about how I use a weighted blanket, and he goes, "poor baby, you need a special blankie to sleep, hehe how cute!"

I wanna drop kick him

I guess I will, he won't stop unless I say it bothers me, but I feel like I seem overly sensitive getting angry at him calling me "cute".

Anonymous 49365

This sounds like a psychological issue. Maybe talk to a therapist?

Anonymous 49376

>dude at my job shows interest in me
>also think he's cute, consider opening my dead heart a little if he goes all out and asks me out
>he gets fired, coworker feels urge to tell me about it
The universe is comical in its efforts to keep men away from me. I can always trust her to look out for me when my self-control weakens.

Anonymous 49409

I'm still lurking in a discord server for a mobile game I said I'd leave last year. I ignored the whole situation and quit the game until now, but I want to leave peacefully so it's not awkward when we eventually match up in teams or see each other in world chat. I don't know if I should dm one of the members I used to be friends with and tell him I'm leaving and then block him and the server so they don't possibly retaliate from anger or leave just like that and risk the chance of running into them in other games we all mostly play, becoming friends and realizing its them. They know my name due to an accident so I think I'm justifiably being paranoid when some are men 5+ years older then me.

Anonymous 49411

What kind of toxic cesspit did you join where leaving a discord is this scary

Anonymous 49412

Just leave the server and make up an excuse that you need to study more or something if they ask.

Anonymous 49413

there is something very very wrong with my brain

Anonymous 49415

My mom came into my room and asked me how my first college class of the semester went. I told her it was 6hrs long and I was struggling with it, and she just stares at me and slowly closes my bedroom door. Why fucking ask me if you don’t care?

Anonymous 49417

It's bugging me how me and my boyfriend, long distance at the moment because of covid, only message each other shit like good morning, good night, memes, and summaries (if we even get to that) of our days. I'm often the one initiating, too. I want to speak up about it but I don't want to come off as clingy. I'm pathetic.

Anonymous 49418

If she's anything like my mom she wanted you to give a positive answer so she could feel good about it

Anonymous 49419


One where the server admin added back a guy who was harassing and dming all the female members because "he deserves a second chance" but we didn't want to complain or he'd have a tantrum and ban people/ leave for 2 months. And guys would stay up late talking to this 14yo girl who's STILL there bullying people like the first day she joined while 25yo guys enable her and probably groom her :(. I thought maybe everything is innocent and I'm overreacting but their public nsfw channel only privated when I specifically told them to revise the rules and stop talking about stuff with a literal minor.
I know I was dumb and and should've left when my actual game friends left, I've just been scared because I was 18,accidentally showed my name and said some private info and the admin caused unnecessary drama with people so I didn't want to make myself a target. I'm gonna stand for myself and flat out leave pls pray for my existence

Anonymous 49420

It's not as dramatic as you think. Dont give a fuck and just leave like a boss.

Anonymous 49421

Why are you joining normalfag disocrds that have NSFW stuff in them anyway? care about what you are doing not anyone else and if others upset you then you just need to remove them from your life or toughen up a bit. That girl is using them as much as they are using her so who gives a fuck just stay out of normalfag spaces if you dislike them I do.

Anonymous 49424

Dump him no moid deserve you

Anonymous 49427

I've tried therapy but after I see the same therapist for a while I just start lying to them because I don't want to disappoint them by doing badly. I know it's a psychological issue and it's not normal to get upset and embarrassed by looking in the mirror, but I only started feeling this way once covid depression combined with winter depression. I hope once vaccines roll out and it gets warmer I'll be normal again. I'm already on too many meds so idk what else any external influence can do for me.

Anonymous 49431

I should, but I won't. I want someone to hold so badly right now.

Anonymous 49437

This is actually helpful to read. I assume he's like this because of me. But it might not be.

Anonymous 49439

was playing with probably my best friend, i really like him, and he started doing something he does fairly often, just stop and type to someone else. but this time he did it a LOT. i got a little mad and i just wanted to know am i being unreasonable here?? like overly clingy or is he being an asshole??

Anonymous 49443

Vent– I kinda hate being so asocial and disconnected from people on an emotional level I have gone a year without talking to anyone irl and online and not felt lonely I can see family crying or even bad medical news of a serious nature and not feel a thing I am cold despite wishing I wasn't.
I feel like a HUGE chunk of what makes life worth living is just not possible for me as I am what a psych has said I am schizoid and I try so hard to care but feel nothing in general.

Anonymous 49446

Maybe he is unaware and needs to hear from you how he makes you feel? if he is aware he is an asshole or does not value you.

Anonymous 49456


Does anyone know if shitty posture and a childhood spent sitting on your arse playing vidya can hamper the development of your figure? I always considered myself a busty curvy gal. Now that I've lost weight my boobs are pretty average and the small waist+big hips are still there but my butt is beyond pancakey. I never carried fat there even when I was a fat fuck so I was always insecure about it but jfc it's horrible now. From the side I look like a little boy and it's humiliating going out in public which makes me want to scream because the whole reason I lost weight was to feel good about myself and feel like a normal person.

I've always had a serious inferiority complex and have always felt the need to show everyone I'm perfect so this shit is eating me alive. I can't stand the thought of just being born a lesser woman when it comes to my appearance so the way I cope is by telling myself I must have fucked up my butt development by being lazy and having bad posture as a kid instead of it being genetics. It's not like I can ask my family if it comes from them. But god does it hurt to have worked so hard to improve myself only to come out of it still looking like shit.

Anonymous 49458

Anon, take solice in the fact that a lot of people are quietly miserable in their friend groups even when they're socially adept. People these days are too scared to be without friends so they stick with others even when they don't actually like them all that much and when it's clear those "friends" would betray them in a heartbeat if enough was in it for them. Of course it's good to have friends but being sociable and having friends often doesn't amount to that much happiness for most people, socially awkward or not.

Anonymous 49459


i could wear so many cute outfits if only my boobs were smaller
they're all saggy and they have stretch marks all over them and i don't like them i want small boobs

Anonymous 49460

>tfw starting to seriously consider dating the guy I friendzoned so I can have straight couple privilege

Anonymous 49463

I’m just fucking sick of the state of my life right now. Rotting away in my parents house, getting older turning 28 (god I’m old), my crazy abusive mother won’t let me go outside bc of the covid bs, in love with an emotionally unavailable distant guy who obviously doesn’t want anything to do with me, no friends, shitty job, shitty car, seeing all these racist fucks everywhere esp on the internet but the worst part is my brain and my depression telling me things won’t get any better. I just want to end it all but I’m too much of a wimp to go through with it. I don’t know what to do. I thought manifesting and law of attraction will help me but I can’t manifest for shit lmao. I doubt anyone cares about this or will read this but I just need to get this off my chest. Fuck my shitty fucking life I wish I was never born

Anonymous 49465

Force them in or lose weight. According to fiction shotas prefer big booba. So you might have an edge there.

Anonymous 49468


vent- after you’ve had so many one sided relationships whether it’s friendships/relationships/family or whatever and you finally have one where they care about you equally it’s SO hard to accept their comfort. Whenever I show negative emotions and they cheer me up or something I feel so guilty since I’m so used to people just writing off my emotions. I know this shouldn’t be a super big issue but I wish I could be vulnerable about what i’m upset about without assuming they’re gonna think I’m an awful person & leave me. I’m just so worried they’re going to think i’m a nuisance eventually, I really don’t think I deserve them sometimes.

Anonymous 49469

>shotas prefer big booba
>lose weight
you sound like a moid
>"Saggy" is normal
i guess
they still get in the way and they're annoying, i would get breast reduction surgery if i had the money..big boobs are fine but i don't like them on me
>What type of clothes are they stopping you from wearing?
boxy tops, oversized clothes, sweaters, idk i feel like everything would look better on me
also sport bras give me uniboob but i can't wear normal bras either when doing sports because they just don't do anything to keep my boobs in place

Anonymous 49472

>also sport bras give me uniboob
I'm almost titless and they give me uniboob, that's just the lay of the land.

Anonymous 49474

I am fucking exhausted and I feel like I have so much to do and not enough time to do it all. I really wish I could freeze time just to nap and then unfreeze for 24/7 productivity and time to watch Netflix

Anonymous 49475

You’re wearing the wrong size and bra type. Take a look at r/abrathatfits and r/bigboobproblems

Anonymous 49476


His celebrity crush is Margot Robbie.
I am literally brown with a round ass face what the fuck.

Anonymous 49477

Why did he tell you his crush? Did you ask? Or he just said it for no reason?

Anonymous 49478

Ugh Margot Robbie is so ugly. Who cares.

Anonymous 49479

We were talking about our celeb crushes and I said i dont have one and then he said his celeb crush is Margot Robbie. I wanna die. I am gonna hang myself.
I wanted to dye my hair blonde awhile again and he said id be ugly and now he is telling me his celeb crush is a blonde
are you kidding? shes so pretty

Anonymous 49480

> he said id be ugly
Forget about the crush thing, dump him for this.

Anonymous 49481

It's just a celeb crush, you retard.

Anonymous 49485

He told you you'll be ugly because he doesn't want you to change, it's a celebrity crush stop sweating over it.

Anonymous 49486

>because he doesn't want you to change
What does it matter what he wants? He doesn't own her.

Anonymous 49487

me too anon
you deserve them, negative thinking like that is what causes bad things to happen. you are worth their attention and love <:)

Anonymous 49488

this ED shit is kicking my ass im too tired fpr this but i feel like every other cope i have is being taken away.

Anonymous 49489

>I wanted to dye my hair blonde awhile again and he said id be ugly
dump him he does not own you

Anonymous 49495

what other copes did you have?

Anonymous 49496


I met this cute boy on discord a couple weeks ago and we hit it off immediately. Last night I said I loved him and he didn't really reciprocate and now I feel like I've made things weird between us. I'm so fucking stupid but at least I got it off my chest.

Anonymous 49498


My first boyfriend who cheated on me by getting his dick sucked by his 12 year old cousin is abusing his new girlfriend and I can't convince her to report him to the police. He's cheated on her 3 times by trying to fuck her sister and her best friend and she's still treating him like he's a king and it makes me want to throw up. He's happy.

Anonymous 49499

Where do you live. Redneck land? Why all the inbreeding lol!?

Anonymous 49500

Where does one even meet guys on discord who aren't creeps?

Anonymous 49501

Fashion discords tend to have pretty people. Being the hobby of pretty people and all…

Anonymous 49502

Anyone else feel chronically irritated? Every single day, there is something to be angry or stressed about. Every single time I drive, I get angry at some idiot going below the speed limit. I had to delete my social media accounts becayse I couldn’t stop having arguments with people. I might snap one day. I’m so miserable.

Anonymous 49503

I'm chronically tired but then again I do exercise everyday because there is nothing to do in life this days.

Anonymous 49504

>trying to fuck her sister and her best friend
Um, so did he rape them? This is beyond concerning. He's clearly on his way to becoming a societal menace (and he basically already is)

Anonymous 49505

I'm proud of you, anon, for taking steps like deleting social media to better yourself. You at least acknowledge it's a problem and are taking action about it. That's still more than many. Sorry for having little to add.

Anonymous 49507


They could be muslims or redneck muslims.

I remember feeling somewhat like that, when i still was smoking and hanging out with my "friends". Eventually i grew tired of my lifestyle and decided to take my life in a better direction, i had to cut my smoking buddies loose, they were talking about their problems too much, while probably thinking that my life is carefree, when in reality i'm simply bad at talking how i feel, most of the time i don't know myself. So their negativity was piling up in me, while i couldn't vent my own. It took me some time to get rid of that company, because i'm weak like that, but pandemic helped and now i feel great!

Anonymous 49509


I want to pet a cat but they always run from me :(

Anonymous 49510

That's not really what I meant. In my experience "pretty" doesn't always equal "not a creep."

Anonymous 49511

You just have to be patient and gentle. Some are always shy, but the social ones are real sweeties when they realize you're a petting dispenser.
t. Had an extroverted tomcat who loved everyone and now have a shy girl who is still scared of my mom sometimes

Also thx for gif

Anonymous 49512

Awwww, anon, they are probably just nervous if they're feral or street cats. They don't know whether to trust or not. But if you're slow and frequent an area and show you are willing to give food to them, they will eventually see you can be trusted.

Anonymous 49514


>Want to make actual friends because I'm tired of being fucking alone
>Can't due to social autism
>pandemic has only made it worse
>Feel actual jealousy and anger whenever I see others bonding with their peers
>brother makes fun of me for being socially retarded
>Go on discord
>Make some friends
>Still don't really go out of my way to talk to them but it's better than nothing
>End up losing some of them due to some drama bullshit
>Start spending more and more time hauled up in my room because it's my only place of comfort
>parents lecture me about having no friends and I always tell them that I'll try more to be social but of course I don't
Man what the fuck is wrong with me? Am I just destined to be a loner all my fucking life? I genuinely dislike being social, but it's come to the point where just thinking about this isolation shit has me in tears now. Good fucking God fuck this, I'm so tired of myself.

Anonymous 49516


I have recently realized that in my entire life I have never been passionate about anything, or cared about anything beyond "yeah I like it/them ig" and I sort of don't know what to do with that. How am I supposed to try at life and do my best when there is no long-term incentive for me from anything? Is this some mental problem or have I just not found something good for me or… I am pretty sure it is not depression since I feel quite fine mentally, but I do not know what could be the cause of this and it is driving me nuts.

Anonymous 49517


Yeah I love cats so much, I try to go to the same areas but I live in a city with not a lot of rare cat encounters.
When I do encounter I try to become small and make the pspdpsp noises but they never stay for long..

Anonymous 49519

you have to consciously decide that you are going to be calmer, if that makes sense. you'd expect time to heal you but for me, unless i pay attention my mood just gets worse and worse.
also this.

Anonymous 49520



Anonymous 49521

please just alert the authorities

Anonymous 49528

>you have to consciously decide that you are going to be calmer
I have done this a few times. I did it yesterday when a nurse told me I was late for my appointment and that I needed to reschedule (they gave me a different time..). I just said “no thanks” and walked out because I was so stressed internally.
Thank you <3 I almost cancelled my health insurance yesterday out of anger (its complicated) but i didnt haha
I’m chronically exhausted too. I have no motivation to exercise. ):

Anonymous 49529

Would you be okay with your friend dating your four years younger brother? Friend is the same age as you.

Anonymous 49530

Yeah, who cares ask her if she has a younger cute brother and date him back. Love's free.

Anonymous 49533

It'd be kinda weird but I guess I'd be ok with it.
She better treat him right though or I'm never talking to her again.

Anonymous 49534

Yeah I'm like this, too. It's called anhedonia and it's a symptom of major depressive disorder (I'm diagnosed with that).

Anonymous 49535

I was "that person" and despite not fucking him over, we did break up and I don't think the friendship will recover.

Anonymous 49545

does anyone else have a problem with maladaptive daydreaming? i live entirely inside my head… everyone daydreams, but i evade reality completely by escaping into my fantasies inside my labyrinth to the point where reality itself is intrusive or annoying because i'd rather be daydreaming. i seriously conk out and people are like, "lights out, is anyone home," and i become aggressive because i'd rather be dreaming. i can't even "feel" anything in the real world. it's like i can only get my dopamine fix from my fantasies.

Anonymous 49547

I aspire to re-learn mathematics (my knowledge ends at Pre-Algebra), and learn coding, and become a programmer/cybersecurity expert… but I'm at rock bottom right now. I was groomed and kidnapped as a child (pretty intense shit, yes,), I have debilitating PTSD. It took over my life, and I became overwhelmed by my mental illness that I had to drop out of school in grade 7 despite being one of those "gifted burnouts," that was told I would achieve great things. I want to rebuild my life & education, but I have to start from the ground up, and it's so deterring to see people who had a more traditional learning experience breeze through without having to try. I got a GED, and I will push myself to succeed because I have no other options, and I don't wanna be a basement dwelling NEET anymore at 22. I know I had potential, but did I lose it? I'm scared of failing, and realizing I lost my momentum. I'm just an average IQ nobody, but I hope I come to be good at something in the future… Something I'm proud of. I don't want to be a shell of the person I once was anymore.

Anonymous 49606


try and get back to uni when you can
talking to your course mates and flatmates when you can i assure it will make you feel better

Anonymous 49607


>>had to present in an online class today
>made presentation in my "other" native language, which i dont speak well whatsoever
>prof and everyone else knows abt this, they dont really mind it
>everyone else was composed and relaxed throughout their turns
>i start presenting and at the second sentence i just lose track of what i was gonna say and start stuttering and sweating to no fucking end
>looked like some budget autist throughout the entire thing
The same happened to me two years ago in a regular face to face class. The sadest thing is that the professsor really felt bad for me and I failed one of the two exams and when I repited it I couln't do it, started crying in silence but he put me a 5. He must think I'm the most retarded thing in this world. I have a very thick accent, very different from where my uni is. But I learned my lesson: prepare much more and don't do it while listening to heavy metal. I hope you feel better now, anon!!!

Anonymous 49614

somehow i keep attracting manipulative people
i wish i was more assertive so they wouldn't walk all over me all the time

Anonymous 49628

I just don't want my mom to cry anymore. I feel so bad for her but I don't know how to comfort her.

Anonymous 49633

Been long so lonely and desperate I actively daydream of relationships with manipulative jerks. My self-esteem is so low I can not imagine anybody else willing to bother with me.

Anonymous 49643

Reddit banned r/trufemcels but r/incelswithout hate is still up wth

Anonymous 49644

>Reddit banned r/trufemcels

Anonymous 49645

Welp, for promoting hate

Anonymous 49647

Probably for "transphobia" or something.

Anonymous 49648

Judging by some of the recent posts there it seems like they expect to follow suit anyway.

Anonymous 49658

Exact same boat as you. I started writing mine down, writing full plotlines and having playlists dedicated to whatever's going on in there. In a way I actually like it and don't want it to be fixed, as it's been beneficial in handling my trauma BS-though I don't know if it's similar for you, anon?

Anonymous 49659

People who have low self-esteem often think they don't have much or any worth.

Anonymous 49663

>do literally anything
>"this would be more fun if you had friends"

Okay, tyvm brain you can stop now.

Anonymous 49664

>want to do anything
>this is boring alone. wait until you have friends and then do it together

Anonymous 49665


I think I'm an emotional sadomasochist. I really enjoy inflicting pain onto others, I love being the bearer of bad news, I love when my friends or just random people online are going through some tragedy, and I don't mind awful things happening to me because I think "at least it's interesting". I wonder what's wrong with me (beyond the obvious)

Anonymous 49666

girls girls girls girls girls girls girls i want to kiss girls i want to cuddle girls i want to hold a girl's hand girls girls girls i'm gay for girls i want a girlfriend girls girls girls girls g a y

Anonymous 49671

Too bad.
I want racoon bf.

Anonymous 49678


Even among my friends I still feel like an outcast.

Anonymous 49688

Just take one lmao.
They aren't going to approach you.
They aren't going to be given to you.
So just start casually hanging around with one and gradually close the distance to the point where he is emotionally dependent on you.

Anonymous 49694


My dad brought the USB that I store NSFW images in to his business trip

Anonymous 49698


I'm really attracted to my special friend and I wish I could lose my lip virginity to him. And, y'know, my regular virginity too.

I wonder if we would even still be only friends if we could do those things, I'm shy to admit I really like the idea of being his girlfriend….. he'd make a really cute little boyfriend. Only time will tell. Maybe someday I'll be able to afford to close the distance between us, pandemic permitting.

I already feel so happy that I'm his friend at all, he's been really good for me and what we shared the other night was really something special.

Anonymous 49702

I do like drama. My life is boring on a day-to-day level but many interesting things happen to me. So I guess I just crave the excitement.

Anonymous 49706

I'm sorry to hear that, anon. I can't say things will get better because that's the same reason I left my fiends. Maybe try to find just one person you feel really close with and work on that.

Anonymous 49716

what manga is this from? It looks familiar.

Anonymous 49718


this is utterly retarded but i'm seething over the fact that if either of my parents won the lottery, they probably would only give me like, one million dollars. one million dollars out of a mega billion ticket because they're assholes

Anonymous 49726

So my guy says he sees porn as degenerate and gross because he's sick of it in terms of how it's plastered everywhere and he says he doesn't watch it anymore. I feel like a dick because internally, I feel "that's nice of you to say sweetie, I don't for a second believe that no matter what beliefs you may have". I feel like I should give him the benefit of the doubt and believe him. But it's almost like I'd rather know my guy watches porn than live in a fairyland where he doesn't.

Plus, just because he doesn't watch porn doesn't mean he's not jerking it off to "soft" core porn, or regular pictures of women. But then again, I'm known to be paranoid, so I feel like I'm a jerk for assuming he is getting off to other things.

He never was pornsick and he loves having sex with me. he only watched porn when I wasn't at his house (to my knowledge).

Man, I really can't be pleased. BPD is a helluva drug.

Anonymous 49727

>Getting mad about receiving 1 million dollars from your parents
What the fuck? That's still a shit ton of money. Buy a house, or go to college or something. Be grateful they're giving you anything at all. Your parents are far from assholes

Anonymous 49729

Oh, he is very genuine in his beliefs. He's discussed it a few times but only this time did he say he had been done with porn for a while. That's kind of why I have trouble, he was critical of it before, but he still participated in watching it. Now he's even more anti-porn in that he thinks there are problems with sex positivity, especially with sex workers, and he added in this discussion he's been done watching it. So I guess I'm just a bit cynical because of the past. Paranoia is the name of my game and he hasn't shown himself to be degenerate in other ways, so I think I am being unfair to him.

Either way, I care about him and I'm glad he's reached this conclusion.

Anonymous 49731


ew. why did you reply to me? idc about men i'm talking about girls

Anonymous 49732

Mine doesn't use porn because when he was a coomer teen he used it too much and ended up watching just out of boredom so he dropped it altogether, but I'm still skeptical because it sounds like really he developed porn addiction and got out just in time. Now he uses his imagination but in an idiot moment he let it slip that he sometimes jerks off thinking of other women (real and fictional) and even though that's to be expected it really turned me off of him and I haven't been able to be intimate with him since then which, of course, makes me feel like I'm gonna make it worse. I hate moid sexuality.

Anonymous 49733

no anon, they're assholes. 1 billion dollars is approx. 1000 million dollars and you mean to tell me they'd only give me a sliver of that?

if i won a billion dollars i'd give them both 10 million at minimum.

Anonymous 49737

I don't think there are even any lotteries out there with billion dollar prizes.
You should be thinking about the money they actually have, like potential inheritance not hypotheticals.

Anonymous 49740

My mind feels foggy these days lately. Hope I snap out of it soon. It's an absolute hell to experience.

Anonymous 49744

Someone from my course at uni has applied for a higher role at my company and has an interview with my boss but 1) we have the same qualifications and experience and 2) she’s a massive fucking dick who made me feel super competitive and stressed out all the time, literally super privileged and rich so didn’t have to work through uni whilst I had to work 30 hours a week on top of studying and going to class, and would ask me what grades I got constantly only to tell me she did better.

I don’t know what to do. Part of me wants to tell my boss not to employ her but that feels super toxic and mean. I’m fucking stressed as balls work was my safe space and now this.

Anonymous 49746

If your boss is a male, such petty behavior might backfire, unless you're way more attractive than your colleague, in that case go ahead.

Anonymous 49750

I don't recommend to interfere with the process. At work you are expected to put your personal differences aside and be professional. It will make you look bad if you tell your boss unless you were asked first. Even if that is the case start by telling them something positive about her education (she has the same as you so that will be good for you too) and then you can mention something about her behaviour.
If she does end up getting the job I would recommend to avoid her as much as possible. If you have to interact with her try to have another coworker around. She will have to be nice or the coworker will notice her behaviour as well.

Anonymous 49761

I really appreciate the conversation and advice from my post >>49744

All very good points. It turns out it’s a position equal to mine, I found this out subtly. If she gets the job I’ll be civil but keep my head down and focused so she doesn’t drag me into any drama. If she doesn’t get the job then that’s amazing.
I’m also aware the way I spoke about it indicates that perhaps I’m jealous of the advantages she has in life, so I will be doing a lot of self reflection around that and seeing how I can be a better person.
Thanks again everyone <3

Anonymous 49769

>make cute pink heart cookies
>break out from food dye
So tired of my skin not being able to handle ANYTHING

Anonymous 49772

Was it artificial coloring?
If you think it might help, beet juice makes a very easy natural/plant-based red coloring.

Anonymous 49775

It was. My body fucks up my skin for a lot of processed things, which is ultimately good for me but also annoying.
Thank you for the tip, I'll have to try that next time!

Anonymous 49800


I hate men so fucking much
I wish they would all just die already

Anonymous 49802

Anonymous 49804

>see upset person in vent thread
>ask for clarification
>you are moid

Anonymous 49805

Eh, just ignore them, if I were you I'd hang around the pinkpill threads, they should give you a good idea as to why most people here hate men

Anonymous 49807

I'm neither anon, but I'll spoonfeed
The usual reasons are:
>higher rates of violence (includes assault, homicide, and rape but can also include war in larger discussions)
>their desires to oppress women
>porn addiction and refusal to change
>lack of empathy/sympathy
>sexual harassment
>the trifecta: pedophilia, necrophilia, and zoophilia
>madonna vs. whore complex
>ever-changing beauty standards set by men that can't be reached or maintained (related to weight, proportions, desire for women to always be hyperfeminine and made-up, and eternal youth. Also related to pressure for plastic surgery)
>inability to commit (related to cheating, but not the same…think more "pump-and-dump")
>fetishization of lesbians
>stinky (unironically, we're talking poor hygiene)
>hypocrisy (eg. wanting a model only but being an obese NEET)

I don't hate men btw. The nice ones are cool, but the bad ones are fucking horrifying.

Anonymous 49808

>higher rates of violence
One interesting thing I've seen posted here is that while men commit disproportionately more violent crimes, they're also disproportionately more likely to be victims of violent crime. Apparently men primarily attack other men.

Anonymous 49809

Why does my boyfriend live in such a lala land
>have green, clump discharge for weeks
>go to gyno
>get prescribed antibiotics and get tested for stds
>boyfriend thinks I can't possibly be serious in thinking I have an std because otherwise why would they immediately start me on antibiotics
like, I had to remind him that's exactly what happened when they suspected I had herpes and it's like he doesn't want to admit I may have an std. He doesn't want to admit he may have one either, he believes in the age old
>muh no symptoms means no std
and it's like, get a grip, you're a bio major, you'd think you'd know more about that…

Anonymous 49811

That number is skewed because of prison, hence why men are "officially" the most raped demographic. Men rape themselves the most (at least officially), go figure. They literally fuck themselves, men's rights activists be damned.

Anonymous 49814

Screenshot (25220)…

mfw another platonic male friend has decided to develop feelings for me and now I have to distance myself from him because I don't feel the same way whatsoever

Anonymous 49815

well if we're speaking only on who attacks who it's women who hit men more, but obviously we can't really hurt them unless we have a weapon. So it's not fruitful to discuss this, it'd be better to ask who damages who more.

Anonymous 49816

i wish i could love myself a little bit more
three years of bullying ruined my self esteem and now i can't talk to people or function like a normal human being

Anonymous 49817

>it'd be better to ask who damages who more
Agree. It's okay to admit women are usually weaker than men; this isn't demeaning to us. Humans are also weaker than bears but that doesn't make humans lesser as a whole than bears.
However, it does put responsibility on men. I am gentle around smaller women since I could hurt them more easily, so men should be with us. If they take the risk of hitting a woman it should be seen as intentional damage as they know their strength and are responsible for controlling it.

Anonymous 49818

>It's okay to admit women are usually weaker than men; this isn't demeaning to us
>I am gentle around smaller women since I could hurt them more easily, so men should be with us
I feel like in society too much emphasis is put on "don't hit women because women are special and fragile" and not enough emphasis is put on the simple fact that testosterone aside, larger people in general are a lot stronger than smaller people. Men just happen to be a lot larger than women on average, is all.
If you're a foot taller and 100+ lbs of muscle heavier than the other person and you put all your weight into a punch, you have a serious chance of landing them in the hospital or killing them. It's the whole reason weight classes are a thing in professional fighting.

Anonymous 49820


Anonymous 49822

I have no personality and I have no idea how to fix it.

Anonymous 49826

Girl, this isn't America's Next Top Model, who cares, you are a star

Anonymous 49831


i have no time management skills. no matter what i try i cant fix it. last semester i just gave up and that ended poorly, so i can't do that again. im just wallowing in my own pity at this point. i had a three day weekend to do shit and i spent it sitting around doing nothing, not even something to make MYSELF happy. i was in a limbo.
i want to start journaling again, and i still have all that work to do (its now 5 am, school starts in a few hours, and im not awake enough to drive myself there). so i'm just stting here. god damnit.

Anonymous 49838

My boyfriend is pretty, femmme in the face and has a very slight, thin build, but is straight, dresses well, and isn't high maintenance. He also still has thick body hair (which I like), a gorgeous skin tone, and tattoos. I know these are shallow reasons to like someone, and there's many other reasons to like him, but it just makes me so fucking blushy and excited at times. What a babe. He reminds me of my husbando from Harvest Moon, Luke, appearance-wise.

Anonymous 49842

I have a huge crush on my best friend. We have been best friends since we were infants, there are photos of us together on my third birthday. Even our fathers are great friends. Should I feel bad about this? We were apart for a long time because college but now we're both home and meet frequently and now my feelings for her are at an all-time high, I think. I already have a sister, so I never thought of her as a sister, even when I didn't have a crush on her.

Anonymous 49845


So.. I just found out I am ugly.
Well I always knew I wasn't the prettiest. But to me in the mirror I look alright. But not to other people, I look like some kind of freak to them apparently.

Anonymous 49849


i could talk about myself for hours
but i don't want ppl to think i'm full of myself (even tho i 100% am)

Anonymous 49850

no talk me angy.jp…

Ok I exaggerated I don't hate all men I know only a few of them are shitty but ughhhhh
all the men I know are shitty. where do I meet decent men? not for dating I just want male friends who aren't weird perverts
I'm moderately good-looking, and I can't go outside dressed up without gross old men catcalling me or getting uncomfortably near
I just hate the objectification. like my whole existence should revolve around pleasing men. fuck that
She replied to me, not u

Anonymous 49858

He might still resent you for lying about it, and is bringing it up specifically to punish you because he knows it makes you uncomfortable.
How long has it been since you told him?

Anonymous 49859

>all the men I know are shitty. where do I meet decent men?
What country/region are you in? Local culture can play a big part.

Anonymous 49874

Me too but not because I'm full of myself, I just for some reason only process things by talking abut them bc spewing my half-baked thoughts makes them any more real

Anonymous 49875


im ugly and it makes me feel sad and ashamed to live my life, i can’t even imagine what it would be like to be pretty cause it hurts too much (i’m scared of surgery though). i honestly don’t even know what i look like objectively cause each day i see something different

Anonymous 49881

>being attracted to someone's looks is considered shallow now

Anonymous 49882

tenor (3).gif

W-well anon, I've never really been attracted to a man physically before. In contrast to my other relationships with men, my attraction for them was purely out of caring for them, but this added element of physical attraction feels foreign and even though I've been with him for a year and a half, I still worry that me being so attracted physically is bad somehow. I value his personality and I love talking to him, but it feels so naughty to me I find him hot.

Anonymous 49883

>I still worry that me being so attracted physically is bad somehow
Kek. Anon, don't worry. You finding your bf hot isn't going to send you to hell.

Anonymous 49884

i dont want to eat lunch today rant over

Anonymous 49885

how did you find out anon? did someone tell you orrr

Anonymous 49895

i had to get my card cancelled due to fraud today and I was planning to go shopping today and I have no food….

Anonymous 49911


thankfully my friend ordered me some food but it's still not a lot of fun as the delivery around here always has delays

Anonymous 49914


God that reminds me of something only tangentially related but I'm gonna post. A few years ago a friend of mine had some very classy photos taken of her in lingerie, the outfit was really tame (pic related) and the posing/mood/lightning was soft and dreamy rather than erotic and sensual. She gave a little print of the photo to her then-bf.

Fast forward to 2020, she has a new bf and the ex is stalking her and trying to establish contact to the new guy. She tells me she's afraid that the ex might bring up the picture. I ask why that would be a problem and she says her new bf is very possessive and he would hate that her ex has something that he doesn't… it's such bullshit, they only just started dating so of course he hasn't reached all the levels of intimacy yet that she shared with her ex. The new bf basically felt that if she had done something with her ex then she owed it to him as well. Disgusting.

Anonymous 49916

Do not lie to your partner, jesus Anon. Do you even want this relationship to work?

Anonymous Admin 49917


I accidentally deleted this post out of sheer idiocy, I'm very sorry. Pic related was salvaged from the log of deleted posts. My apologies to the poster.

Anonymous 49918

>thick body hair (which I like),
Why do you like that?

Anonymous 49919

An imageboard where mods admit their mistakes and apologise? I'm impressed.

Anonymous 49924

Okay, in all fairness, it's not like he has excessive body hair. It's a nice amount. I like it because I like to rub the middle of his chest and pet the lower back floof. I find it adorable.

Anonymous 49926

>not using girl talk

Anonymous 49928


Hey, I just want to say fuck you if you support rice cakes. Worthless fucking block of carbs. Tastes and smells like petrified, 78 year old Rice Krispies.
Don't give me that "But it's low cal" shit either. 30 calories for what? Styrofoam? Garbage excuse, literally a waste. I bet your own piss is low-cal too, are you going to drink that so you won't binge on apple juice? Fuck OFF.
Imagine being the person who made this shit. Imagine not being sane enough to just eat the fruit and PBFit by itself. Disgusting.

Anonymous 49932


Pic related is much better than those ones that are perfect cylindrical disks.
They don't have much flavor of their own either, but they're only meant to act as a carrier for other toppings in a similar way to bread, anyway.

Anonymous 49933

I just realized that the image I grabbed is apparently onion flavor- I've never actually tried any of the flavored varieties of these.

Anonymous 49943

100% agree. The only edible ones are covered in flavouring, and at that point why even bother? Rice cake supporters are clearly mentally deficient.

Anonymous 49944

yep. in all facets besides texture, they suck. it's like some anorexic health tip.

Anonymous 49949


they have awesome texture tho
and they're great to have with coffee or water as a small breakfast if you don't want to eat a lot
but i'm literally retarded so disregard my opinion please

Anonymous 49950

Thats alot of passion in one post that just rants about rice cakes

Anonymous 49959

something i like about my sexuality is that when i'm single i never get horny, so i don't feel lonely or sex-deprived or anything but when i have a partner i turn into a pervert and i'm horny 99% of the time

Anonymous 49972


Anyone have a parent that they get worried will kill themselves? I get scared about my dad

Anonymous 49973

i'm 90% sure this girl i'm talking to is actually a guy. but he gave me $50 for no reason during our first conversation??? i don't know why he's pretending to be a girl. if he'd told me from the beginning he's a guy we could be friends but i added him thinking he was a girl + potential gf. what the hecc do i do

Anonymous 49974

yeah I'm worried about my dad too :( he's a 46 yr old, unemployed, divorced drug addict and no offense to him but a lil ugly. idk what to do to help him

Anonymous 49976

I’m sorry. My dad is also divorced but luckily found someone new. He lost his job, has kidney disease, and has depression though. It just scares me. He always sends me sad texts

Anonymous 49982

>have friend
>friend has other friends
>feel replaceable and start resenting these other people
>even if we meet I already have a bias against them and am defensive
>start resenting friend
>ghost friend
It just keeps happening. I'm best off alone because I can't cope. I also assume everyone dislikes me and can twist my friends being nice to actually be cryptic insults.

If my father wasn't a bpdfag who abandoned me and my mother wasn't overprotective as a result it wouldn't be like this. I'm not for this world.

Anonymous 49986

Possibly? I know a psych discussed ptsd about me as a kid but I haven't been since. I doubt bpd since I don't fit too much criteria.

I've just already dealt with so much emotional nonsense on my own and feel as if it should be over now. All these years and all that work and I still can't have healthy friendships…tsk.
Just tiring. But I guess it could be much worse.

Anonymous 49990

Why do so many people in the gaming community have those incel-y biases? Men seem to think women go through life with every fucking man in your wake putting out his coat to let you walk over a cum stain on the ground, feed you grapes while fanning you with a little feather and shit, and it's ridiculous. Anytime I speak of a problem, I get with a, "yeah, but tons of guys want to fuck you probably!!!"

Anonymous 49992


One of my current biggest pet peeves rn is when my sister shows me videos/social media posts from their fav influencers as if they are her real friends and as if I'm supposed to care? Like "Ohhh, she had her baby, isn't that so cute and amazing??? WATCH THE BIRTH VLOG" or "Look, her mom got her a car for Christmas and here's the reveal video, isn't it sooo sweet??". I will be nice about it and watch a bit of the vid, but the amount of emotional enthusiasm she seems to expect me to have for total strangers is bizarre and p annoying.

Anonymous 49993


Yes, anon. I'm scared for my dad too. He called me once a few years ago to tell me he was going into rehab for alcoholism. I called him right back after we hung up bc I had a nagging feeling that this was a lie to cover-up that he was about to kill himself, so I called him back and asked him point blank. Turned out he really was going to rehab and not to worry. I still worry though.

Anonymous 49994

thanks anon i'll try to be careful, i think i'll just return the money and block him or smth

Anonymous 49996

i'm too cute to be single wtf someone date me already

Anonymous 50007

yeah that parasocial stuff is really unhealthy honestly, those people arent her friends and dont care about her

Anonymous 50010

ive had a cocaine-induced cold for a week im in watery-eyed itchy-nosed hell

Anonymous 50013

>getting high to get sick

Anonymous 50014

i can't tell if i'm autistic or if it's just adhd but there is something very wrong in my brain and i need to know what it is before i can fix it
why are psychiatrists so expensive god damn

Anonymous 50015

i'm unbelievably jealous of people that can draw well

Anonymous 50016

why? literally anyone can do it

Anonymous 50017

i feel so lonely. the only person i can talk to is asleep and my depression is crushing me. i suck at making and keeping friends, i try to convince myself i can do just fine without but it's hard, especially in moments like these

tbh there's nothing more that i want than female companionship. most of the online friends i've had in the past few years have been male and i'm tired of it

all i want one female friend i can talk to and relate to (bonus if she's also femcel/femcel tier) who's not mean

Anonymous 50019

thank you <3

i need to leave my parents' house but don't have the courage to
my depression is already bad (partly bcuz of them) and i feel like it'll get worse once i go since i have no support and will have to deal with my parents' guilt tripping and insults..

Anonymous 50023

i have, but i don't want to make it too hard for my family
and i'm afraid i will regret it in the future if i just don't attempt to maintain contact with them

Anonymous 50026

I wish my life was more than just refreshing the same sites all day and then sleeping for 12 hours. I wish I had irl friends to do things with.

Anonymous 50036


I think I may have pissed off my friend or something, I've noticed that I'm getting outright ignored even when I told him this was my time off. Feels kinda bad and I wish he'd just outright tell me what's wrong if he is unhappy with something I've done.

Like, I kind of know a couple of the reasons on what it could be that he's avoiding me over but I don't want to go full-on psycho and address any of them when it could really just be that he's busy with other things or wanting a break away from me, since he has so many other friends to juggle and I honestly don't.

I just want quick confirmation on whether he's cool with what I've worked on or if he admits he regrets inviting me into a thing, which I would understand but admittedly be a bit disappointed over. But even more than disappointment, I'd be happy that he was honest and upfront with me about his feelings.

I hate being paranoid, I wish I could kill my paranoia forever.
I've also been super pickme lately and that's probably repelled him.
Thinking about being a little cold and mean next time he talks to me, since he likes that too and also it's what he deserves for not even a quick emoji reply or anything.

Anonymous 50038

I'll do exactly that if he still isn't responsive for a couple days after what I've poked him with this morning. We have a planned thingy Friday together with others (if he doesn't drop out for some reason) and I would be shocked if he was quiet until then.

His time management skills are abysmal and we've talked about how flighty he can be at times, but in the past he's reassured me he isn't going anywhere. Again, I'm the one that gets really insecure and freaked out if things stay quiet too long without a positive resolve, from past abrupt ghostings and sudden horrible forced friendship/relationship quits from emotionally abusive family members…

His last messages to me were about how he wasn't sure if I actually wanted to join the thingy because of how boring of a session it was, while I've gone gung-ho about it and shown I'm interested in giving it a shot.

He hasn't said anything at all about what I've posted and it makes me feel like perhaps those last words were a subtle "please just forget about it, I don't want you to join" (even though he's the one that rallied on my behalf to set it up).
But I want him to just directly say it if he regrets it. No games.
That's why it's so hard to tell, if he's really just busy or avoiding me on purpose. Could even be a combo of both.

Anonymous 50040

If I were you I’d just stop messaging him or just ghost him. He sounds like an asshole who can’t communicate, I’m too tired to play stupid games like that. You can engage him and try to ask him “what’s wrong” but I feel like that’s exactly what he’d want you to do.

Anonymous 50041

I'm so drunk and suicidal i want to off myself can anyone talk fdgagfd#2903

Anonymous 50043


>He sounds a bit flaky and like he changes his mind a lot.
That's him alright, and yeah. Though I'll try to phrase it like it's exactly his fault for not being clear with me.
>"You are gonna be there Friday, aren't ya? Unless…?"

I've been too gooey, and perhaps ghosting will help activate the rubber band effect.

He can communicate, though I will admit sometimes he really does need to be slapped and reminded of stuff sometimes before getting overly sidetracked. Like how we both get sidetracked while playing games or just getting lost in chatter instead of doing what we said we'd do. It's nice.

He's the exact opposite of the type that wants me to outright ask what's wrong unprompted, he'll usually whine first or confess to me directly. He prefers confidence (which, I should really prefer for MYSELF too,) and we've had one falling out over my own insecurities, where he even owned up that sometimes I remind him of himself when he was younger and less confident in himself.

Anonymous 50046

Did you click the wrong post?

Anonymous 50048

why are americans so easy to hate

Anonymous 50049

Really feels like our country is full of retards and as though we're so close to a total collapse just because of how divided we are even on common sense bullshit like wearing masks in public.

But what in particular has you asking this?

Anonymous 50050

they are fat and stupid

Anonymous 50051

aim to make other friends so he has less impact on you

Anonymous 50052

They assume everyone thinks and acts exactly like them.

Anonymous 50055

This. Americans and Canadians in my experience don’t seem to have much experience outside of their own country. If you ask where they are from, they never just say the US or Canada, they always assume you are familiar with whatever unimportant state or province they are from. They also assume you know the cultural same references as they do. It’s like they can’t think outside of their own experiences. Canadians are even worse for this, as a big part of their identity seems to be tied up in the fact that they are not American and so have free healthcare because they are so special and so fake-polite, except every developed country has this.

Americans also have the issue of living in capitalism gone wild but being brainwashed to think they live in the best country on earth (the whole pledging allegiance to the flag every single day is creepy).

Their English sounds ugly too. “I’m going to write him”, “burglarized”, etc. And they never think they have accents, proclaiming “Ah down’ haaav an accent!”. They also talk 5 times louder than they need to.

Service in America is also always terrible yet you expected to tip at least 20% every time. Food is awful too.

NYC is the most overrated place on earth. It’s just dirty and crowded. LA is boring too. Every other major world city outranks them easily.

Anonymous 50064


what is wrong with straight men???
The only reason I haven't come out is because literally everyone knows I'm gay, I've never had to say it because it's just so obvious from the way I act and dress and talk
and this literal Chad comes around and he seems so clueless?? I can tell he's waiting for the right moment to ask me to be his gf did he not get the memo??? I don't wanna break his heart but I can't date him wtf :/
I wish women had men's standards, I would be swimming in gfs rn

Anonymous 50066

Are you butch?

Anonymous 50067

I'm jealous of their country tbh.

Anonymous 50068

Anonymous 50069

Drawing well is difficult and takes years of practice.

Anonymous 50070


anons im so lost please i dont know what i wish for from life anymore or what i should be doing im neet and adhd and somedays my hobbies become so dull to me. i live in a new state with my boyfriend so i have no friends im trying to get a kitten but no place will reply. its winter so i cant go on walks anymore.

im losing it sitting inside all day, even with so much hobbies and interests. do i need a shift in mindset? or a job and online college? please help wtf

Anonymous 50072


id move somewhere nice, purchase some reptiles and a kitten and puppy from a breeder (since id have the money and wouldnt need to wait months to hear from some fucking adoption plsce) and umm buy so much crafts and get a therapist

i think im jealous of the motivation/determination other people have.

Anonymous 50074

pretty much yeah

Anonymous 50075


Hœrni. that is all

Anonymous 50076

Some guys like butch women. He's probably hoping you're straight in spite of your appearance.

Anonymous 50086


>8am: "breakfast eaten, time to tick some things off my to do list!"
>3pm: "if I can download a podcast maybe listening to it will give me the motivation I need to put jeans on and go downstairs"

Anonymous 50087

Get a kitten from a shelter or maybe an older cat

Anonymous 50088

this, a lot of guys are really into tomboys/more natural looking women

Anonymous 50089


i low-key kinda miss being in love, parts of it were really painful but the good parts made up for it
i'm going on dates with a girl and she's cute and we have stuff in common but it is taking a while to develop any sort of feeling properly, i knew both my exes for years before i dated them as well
i'm glad i don't fall for people easily since it gives me more free time but idk i just miss cuddling someone as i fall asleep

Anonymous 50092

they qualify good vs bad with sex

Anonymous 50095

I'm trying to take the steps to be less hedonistic and eventually be able to live wholly independently.
I'm trying to develop self control in a lot of respects and I think being a full blown, solitary volcel will be the thing that makes me happy. It won't be easy and I'm still in the early stages, but I'm ready. I feel more motivated than ever, which is freeing.

Anonymous 50098

I dont get how people actually find real humans attractive. I find real men disappointing. As time goes by I find myself only getting attracted to anime men. I am no longer ashamed by that fact. I lost all desire for real men. Its not like I plan on getting married or having kids anyway so its not like falling for 2d is detrimental to me. I stopped caring about what normies think. I just wish that I didnt have so many husbandos lol.

Anonymous 50104


i wish i could communicate with pictures instead of words irl
picrel would be my default response

Anonymous 50105



I'm the exact fuckin same holy shit
Men become so ugly when they get older (especially white men) and most are too afraid of seeming "gay" to try to appeal to women by having good hygiene and giving a shit it's so depressing. It doesn't help that most men are already pornsick horny trash like no thanks I'll stick to my idealistic anime husbandos

Anonymous 50109

My boyfriend is cute.

Anonymous 50110


Anonymous 50111

I wish people didn’t judge my bf and I’s relationship because of the age gap. He’s just 8 years older than me but I know there are people out there who would call him a predator even though he’s not

Anonymous 50112


god same, the last time i got with a guy he was so pornsick & obsessed with hentai that it's just put me off men forever KEK

he unironically wanted me to be his 'yandere mommy' so yeah… i'll stick to pining for fictional dudes for the foreseeable future (there's nothing wrong w/ it ladies)

Anonymous 50114

I wish 4chan's /adv/ wasn't so horrible so I could ask for mental health advice there, other forums regarding my problem only get a dozen total posts a week, and signing up to them is a chore when they don't properly send email confirmation.

Anonymous 50128

this. real men cheat on you no matter how good you are to them, how attractive you are, and have a high chance of killing you if they manage not to do any of what I just mentioned. Not to mention the general total lack of real love and porn addiction.
I'm not kidding when I say that the 2D pill is preferable to real men. Real men are 100% unsalavageable, so, go off queen

Anonymous 50130

1 bitcoin wouldn't solve all my problems but it would definitely solve like 70% of them

Anonymous 50131

You should try 1.3 Bitcoins.

Anonymous 50132


not having anyone to talk to is really starting to get to me

Anonymous 50135

>get bored
>search for hs bully on instagram
>she's going for psychology
what the fuck i thought it was a meme that terrible people went into psychology

Anonymous 50139

My bf cockblocks me in my dreams. I never used to dream with men, but now I do and I dream about situations where I could have sex with them but I end up not doing it because, inside my dream, I feel bad about cheating on my bf. Sometimes he doesn't even show up in the dream but the guilt is still there and I can't do it, what the fuck this is annoying.

Anonymous 50140

>I dream about situations where I could have sex with them but I end up not doing it because, inside my dream, I feel bad about cheating on my bf
That just means you're a good person.

Anonymous 50142

what happened to your old friends? assuming you used to have friends

Anonymous 50143


What do you think about men who feel the same way?

Anonymous 50145

Most male equivalents have never actually been in a relationship or been severely hurt by women so often times it's an idealization thing. I personally don't care as long as they truly do stay away from real women and don't hurt them, and just do what they do in private y know?

Anonymous 50147

the guys that can keep it separate from irl are fine, as long as they don't try to project onto a possible partner & try to make them 1:1 with their ~waifu~

Anonymous 50150

bruh don't search up your old bullies on social media

Anonymous 50152

But it's very annoying. Either don't make me dream with other men, or don't make me think about my bf. I end up feeling a mixture of temptation and guilt during the whole dream and it's not nice. Dumb brain.

Anonymous 50153

These are the autists who will contribute to the creation of robot anime bfs in the future. Based.

Anonymous 50154

why did my period have to start now lmfao i don't feel like working i'm nauseous but i have an assignment due tomorrow, midnight, wanna get it done early today

Anonymous 50155


I was convinced I had a series of friends throughout my life, but it seems like they fit more the description of "acquaintances". I have lost contact with them. It is my fault, though, because I mostly restricted my interactions with others to academic-relevant purposes and failed to nurture deeper connections.

Anonymous 50156

i'm glad i did, anon. it made me feel better. i would've felt bad if she were doing excessively well in spite of all she did to me, but she's gotten fat and her skin is terrible. also she's pregnant b(at like 20 y/o kek)

Anonymous 50157

I dont care, if its not hurting anyone and it makes them happy. Same with the ones with tulpas. Who am I to try and deny them.
I do sometimes draw the waifus in those waifu weekend drawthreads. Because i love how it brings someone joy. But I havent drawn in about a year or maybe its been two or more at this point……..yay depression!

Anonymous 50161

I wonder if these are even the real subtitles.

Anonymous 50162


well why not make new friends then? i know it's hard if you're an introvert but you won't feel as lonely anymore

Anonymous 50187

My entire body feels numb right now, like all of my blood went cold.
I'm freaking out…

It was like a fucking itch I couldn’t scratch in my head, my entire life… I always know when my mother is lying… I was playing Inspector Gadget as as young as 4, calling her out on her lies. With her story of my "Dad" I always knew something wasn't right. I just fucking KNEW she was lying. She told me that he died a year after I was born, but has always been super weird when I bring him up. Doesn't talk about him. She cut out all members from his side of the family. Speaks about him coldy, etc.

I looked up court records today, and apparently there was a custody battle for me between them a year after I was born. What the ever living fuck? I've looked up death records my entire life, no sign of him.

I also think the people that I was in contact with from "his" side of the family are just estranged people from our family because on Spokeo, they have the same last name as my mom.

I also think I was molested because I have every fucking sign of sexual abuse, yet, no memory of it.

She's been lying to me my entire fucking life.

Anonymous 50188

Upon stalking, I found someone who may be him, who was only 16 when my mom had me. I think my mom fucked a 16 year old. I think my mom's a straight up ephebophile, and was ashamed of it. What the hell is the Maury show shit? I can't wait to confront her and her aggressively deny it.

Anonymous 50189

Jeez, keep us updated

Anonymous 50197


>give up on moids, not even sure if I'm actually attracted to them
>dude who I eyed at a local dumb nerd con years ago and a couple times on campus is in one of my classes
>close to the spergy Ideals for Men I came up with down to rare specifics
>"epic, too bad I can't into scrotoids and it's all online anyway in a class with dozens of people hehehe"
>he replies to one of my discussion posts
All fate does is prank me. Idk if I have it in me anymore even if there was anything I could do.
Or if anything could ever happen whether or not I'd just be seeking validation and would never actually want to interact with any man romantically/sexually.

Anonymous 50198

This is some The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time type shit.

Anonymous 50201


anon please try to reconnect with your old friends, try to invest in a new hobby and stop putting yourself down
the best way to combat depression like this starts from within

Anonymous 50211


I would like to anon, but where would I make friends? I'm not at school or employed anymore. And making friends online often leads to nowhere.
that's a cute forg cake, it reminds me I need to make a cake

Anonymous 50212

i used to want to be a famous cartoonist or comic artist. in many ways i still do, but i dont think its in the cards for me anymore. looking at the twitter feeds of everyone big in the field right now makes me physically ill. the most entitled, whiny and cringey fucks in existence. not a single normie in sight, its as if every insufferable person from art school did meth and developed a personality disorder. i used to sigh at how the industry was dominated by men, and it very much still is, but we have such talentless and entitled shits coming into the industry i dont think theres any point to trying anymore lmao.

its almost as bad as the YA author field, if not worse.

Anonymous 50217

Do people cheat on their partners now more than ever or do people just notice it more because of how easy it is to get caught?

Anonymous 50218

disappointment and…

I've been kinda stressed lately because of some absolutely ridiculous interpersonal drama at work, and this really intensifies feelings of isolation and unimportance I've had. I was mildly harrassed by a coworker, he's pretty autistic and generally socially bad so I cut him a lot of slack and tried to explain to him at length why he was making me uncomfortable, also so he wouldn't bother other women with similar stuff in the future. Sometimes he was apologetic and cried about how he's just in so much pain and only wanted to talk to me to clarify things, etc. Ultimately he went as far as to try to convince me I was severely mentally ill and I shouldn't be dating my boyfriend, stalking my bedtimes through work-related apps, and lying (e.g. in work related gdocs comments lol) about things I had said to him as well as things he had done.

He has always seemed sane and was well-respected before, so it was difficult to let others know what he was doing. We're a pretty tight-knit group and he's one of the founding members, so I wanted to avoid causing unnecessary drama and for a while even agreed to discuss things when he seemed just more sad instead of crazy, in case he would snap out of it. No one really thanked me for this or offered a lot of support. I thought people didn't believe me, or figured I was exaggerating even though I phrased things really cautiously and tried to be charitable to the coworker's point of view (a bizarre point of view, sure, but he was also actually suffering a lot). I also think the coworker might have tried to convince other people that I'm mentally ill as well so they wouldn't believe me, so I feel pretty anxious interacting with anyone now.

Recently, the coworker started raising concerns that my boyfriend (who also works here) had a concerning degree of dark triad traits, and shouldn't be in a position that's relevant to org strategy. The evidence for this was that my bf is calm under pressure, socially confident, and an ex of his had after their breakup ages ago posted on fb about a cockroach she named after him(?). The coworker got everyone to discuss these concerns seriously for a little bit, and my bf also had to sit through some bizarre mediated conversations where the coworker questioned him on his relations to a fucking cockroach, until it dawned on everyone how unhinged the coworker's arguments were. Now the coworker is finally most likely going to get fired or leave. Everyone is impressed with how patient and mature my bf was in handling this stuff, but no one has really even checked in on me. I guess I mostly wish people acknowledged and expressed some appreciation of the things I put up with.

My bf is an exception of course, he encouraged me to talk to others from the start to have the harrassment on record and stood up for me even before the coworker involved him directly. I'm so grateful for him, if he didn't work here I would have dropped out months ago. I just don't feel at home with these other people at all, and I dread having to sit through all the future org culture discussions and team cohesion improvement BS. I used to like these people and maybe things are repairable, I was always a bit of a loner anyway and maybe they just thought my bf would be supporting me enough which is mostly true, but it's so weird to hear how much they care about my bf's feelings in comparison.

I also regret being so nice to a batshit stalker who just abused my kindness. Live and learn I guess.

Anonymous 50220

hate reading/following is like extremely dumb but i do it anyway.

Anonymous 50221

im impressed if people are able to actually cheat during lockdown, especially with live in partners

Anonymous 50229

Ive been struggling with chronic depression since early childhood. I dont remember what happiness feels like or to laugh non stop.

Anonymous 50231

Now? I might chuckle but hardly anything gets a real laugh. Its hard to explain, I tried watching stuff that use to crack me up but now I dont laugh as much or at all. I used to loose it to over the stupidest stuff now even watching stupid stuff with my boyfriend I cant laugh. He keeps saying im putting up a front.

Anonymous 50232

diakko (2).jpg

gib gf

Anonymous 50233

I also want this.

Anonymous 50234

not really femcel but i really need more female friends too. i have a few online who are great but everyone else in my life (irl) are males and a lot of times its incredibly annoying and sad to not be able to talk about or do certain things bc they can't relate, are bored of you or aren't interested at all (even if they're nice otherwise). i truly believe men and women are completely different and i just need more girl friends/feminine energy in my life you know?

Anonymous 50238

January is over and I'm still as much of a lonely disgusting NEET as I was when it began.

Anonymous 50240

Same. Although I love my male friends and I am deeply grateful they exist I really miss talking to/meeting female friends irl.

Anonymous 50246

maybe ask them to introduce you to their female friends?

Anonymous 50248

wondering if my boyfriend is the one for me or I'm just clinging on because of time. I feel like I have 0 hope in this relationship
small example
>bf throws pillow at cat to see her reaction because she was staring at him
>call him an asshole
>I'm not an asshole I just wanted to see her reaction
>you're an asshole, my dad used to do that
>well I'm not your dad
>well quit acting like it
>Okayyyy I'll stop since I'm apparently an asshole now and you're both mad at me
I know how petty this is, I find myself getting almost disgusted by him but we've been together so long I don't know what else to do. sometimes I wonder if he genuinely loves me or what I give him

Anonymous 50251

nah he sounds pathetic if he's trying to scare your cat for no reason

Anonymous 50252

I have low standards. just be nice, don't watch porn, be a decent human being. most of the time he is that but he can still be a fucking idiot. ideally he wouldn't play video games either since moids who do tend to be immature but sadly most do. I feel like I struck gold because I found one that doesn't watch porn.
it's not even our cat, we're petsitting. still, be decent to her at least.

Anonymous 50253

joined yet another femcel server and stuck around for about two weeks…
almost the girls posting pics are at least normies, many are objectively pretty, only one could be described as a low tier normie

it was full of discussions on tinder, boyfriends, etc.
i'm just giving up on trying to find a genuine femcel group chat. they're all full of regular or qt girls being insecure. on top of this i get called negative/toxic and bluepilled mantras are repeated to me when i express that i will never find someone who truly loves me because of my subhuman looks

starting to think incels are right, at least about the majority of so called femcels. pain

Anonymous 50255

I'd say the latter.

Anonymous 50256

I wish I could get my eating habits under control.

Anonymous 50264


He's not going to make it today, is he…?

I told myself I wouldn't cry if he didn't, try to be strong and tough it through this, but… I just can't help but feel sad. It's upsetting, and I can't hold back my tears. I wanted him here with me. Even if nothing cool happens at all, I just wanted him here…

I don't know where you are now, if life has you by the jaws or if I've gone and ruined things trying to be cool but crossed the lines so you just wanna hang free of me for a while, I get that, but the reality is I miss you. Please be okay…

I just want to know you're okay…
If you're not okay, tell me what's wrong. What can I do to help you…? How can I help you…?

I'll move on without you, but know that I won't let go of you until you tell me to let go. Our friendship is not a weak one. Even if you disappear on me too, I won't forget you. I won't leave you. You mean too much to me now. I'll still be here.

Anonymous 50267


Anonymous 50279

He made it, we had a good time.

Anonymous 50283


>try to listen to some sexual audio thing to turn myself on
>takes a long time to find something I actually like
>can’t stay focused when I do find something
>scroll through Tumblr and Twitter as I listen
>pause it to listen to a song in a video
>end up on listening to more songs and scrolling through social media some more
>completely forget about getting off
>get back to the sexual audio
>start finding it boring/funny instead of sexy
>give up
Is this weird? I’m often bad at focusing in general. My boyfriend often complains about me zoning out when we do sexual things. I lose the mood or get distracted very quickly, it’s like those “yeah sex is great and all but have you tried (some non-sexual thing)” posts, but in complete seriousness.
I’ve literally had to stop myself from laughing at some stupid meme I remembered during sex bc I don’t want to hurt his feelings. I just can’t pay attention for the life of me. How to fix?

Anonymous 50290

Do you have ADD?

Anonymous 50301

Are you able to take yourself seriously when you want to be in the mood? Sometimes I'm the same way, but I can usually get more into it and less meme-y about sex if I put a bit of makeup on and lacey clothing.

Anonymous 50302

I've noticed this is more common in American white men than European white men (based off my experience, not sure if other European cafe goers can verify).

I blame our shitty diet and stressful lifestyles. White men can age nicely if they take care of themselves.

Anonymous 50303

>tfw no butch lesbian best friend
>tfw your butch lesbian best friend will never lie in bed with you reading or playing games, happily co-existing
>tfw your butch lesbian best friend will never casually eat out after a couple of hours later you announce that you're bored
>tfw your butch lesbian best friend will never randomly say quotes from the SCUM manifesto in public or glare at any shitty male that approaches you
>tfw your butch lesbian best friend will never drink beer with you in the evening and greet with with a coffee in the morning
>tfw no butch lesbian best friend

Anonymous 50304

>I don't know how to forgive myself, but maybe I never should.
come off this, anon. of course you should, but it can be difficult to figure out how, absolutely. i'm not trying to reduce you to a deer-like victim, but groomers are good at what they do, and they make you feel special, and you play along (like you wrote) because you like that they make you feel special and etc etc. it's not a character flaw in you–you were taken advantage of, and unfairly. please try to be a little nicer to yourself, and i hope one day you _can_ forgive yourself

Anonymous 50305


i hate men i hate men i hate men
i hate men i hate men i hate men
i hate men i hate men i hate men

Anonymous 50308

what did this one do

Anonymous 50310

catfished me and then basically told me that if i didn't send him nudes i was useless to him

Anonymous 50312

holy fuck block this pos and never look back

Anonymous 50314

Stop making excuses and talk to him dummy

Anonymous 50315

yeah i just did. i'm kinda sad though because he seemed nice at first. goes to show you can't trust anyone on the internet

Anonymous 50317


still coming to terms with my sexuality
kinda wish i could leave the country so i wouldn't have to confront my family

Anonymous 50329

Why is it so hard for boomers to understand how technology works. I am tired of having to explain to my mom the difference between wifi and mobile data. She knows the answer to her dumb questions but absolutely refuses to think for herself for 5 seconds and acts like she has never touched a phone in her life.

Anonymous 50330

will you be my butch lesbian best friend?

Anonymous 50331

>Why is it so hard for boomers to understand how technology works
Who do you think invented mobile phones and WiFi?

Anonymous 50332


Anonymous 50333

Unironically, it's because they're too prideful to learn how to adopt to new technology.

Anonymous 50334

Whether I am or am not is irrelevant to the point I made. >>50333
Just because that anon's mom had a problem with her phone, that doesn't mean every one of her generation has the same problem. My parents learned how to use their phones by themselves long before I got my first phone.

Anonymous 50335

srry i'm a tomboy at best

Anonymous 50338

Find work is so utterly dreadful. At least reply to my applications you little shits ! I'm not asking for much, just some automated email telling me I didn't make the cut. Why does this have to be so soulcrushing and humiliating ?

Anonymous 50339

Oh my fucking God, I'm going through this right now and it hurts so much. At this point, I see rejections as a win because at least someone is getting back to me.

Anonymous 50341


>be in love with best friend for over 7 years
>you both like each other but never admitted it

I cant do this anymore, especially with covid. I just want to be more than friends, I want to hold hands and be able to know hes mine. Im tired of this indirect flirting and jokes with hidden meanings. I wouldnt mind them if we were together, but its driving me mad. 7.whole.years. We have so much history together that a simple 'hey i like you lets date' text really isnt enough. Its pretty obvious and everyone knows we've always liked each other, but the second we start dating im scared we'll break up and never talk again.
Should i shoot my shot sometime soon and piss myself doing it bc im the biggest illiterate dweeb???? I literally do not even know HOW to shoot my shot and make it special, its always men that do big gestures to the female on tv. I still have a lot of time, but i keep having thoughts of how they could find someone else since we aren't technically dating. im going insane im goind nuts mad Help

Anonymous 50342

Just ask him: hey do you want to date to get to know each other more? Moids are retards indirects are not going to work, they don't pick up well meaning subtleness.

That's it don't mind if it doesn't end up evolving into a relationship but you gotta make that jump now 7 years is way too much. Stop being so beta af.

Anonymous 50343

a lot of men struggle with indirectness. but being too bold can also backfire, because they'll think you're joking or messing or etc etc. meet somewhere in the middle–ask him to do something with you (AFTER COVID…) and have a genuinely good time with him and pick a sappy romantic time towards the end to–not dramatically–casually admit you have some feelings for him and want to know if he feels similarly. again, casual. no theatrics

but that's just one example of something that could work. point is, >>50342 is right in that indirectness doesn't work, but you definitely can't be too bold either. gotta work through the middle…

Anonymous 50344

I'll never understand women who drop hints about having a crush. Always thought it was the dumbest fucking shit.

Anonymous 50345

Why? I haven't been in that position but I'd guess it's only natural to try and test the waters.

Anonymous 50346


Genuinely upset because I know that the fictional character I have a crush on wouldn't like me back if they were real. I guess this is what they call mental illness.

Anonymous 50347


you and me both, anon

Anonymous 50348

i think everyone leaves hints even if they don't realize it. boys, definitely. girls are just more… perceptive, so we assume they'll be, too. maybe. we need lesbians to chime in here and see if the indirectness works on each other

Anonymous 50365

>we need lesbians to chime in here and see if the indirectness works on each other
it's worked like that for me yeah, like i'll share a quote from a book abt wlw love and my crush will like it because she knows it's about her. and then she'll mention said book in conversation or wear an accessory related to it or smth like that to let me know she got it. that's just one example tho we did all kinds of subtle stuff before we started dating

Anonymous 50366

girl me too

Anonymous 50370

I saw the new Goji vs Kong trailer. I enjoyed the first half.

As for the rest, well: I'm going to reread my stupid fan fiction from 9-10 years ago, just to remind myself WHY I'm not THAT cringeworthy anymore.

All of it. We're talking 21 chapters, +epilogue and prologue, consisting of 64 thousand bloody fucking words. ಥ_ಥ I'd rather eat level 5 spice Thai chicken.

Anonymous 50378


Im pretty sure my dad's been cheating on my mom for over half a year but idk what to do. Ive walked in on him on a FaceTime call in bed with another woman during the night while my mom was taking a smoke outside. I heard my dad say shit like 'yeah oh yeah i like that'.. my dad doesnt have any female friends.. and when i heard the female voice i walked into his room and he immediately hung up and hid his phone under his blanket like a fucking child. I asked who he was on the phone with and he said he was on the phone with one of his male coworkers. Yeah okay blatant lie, he genuinely thinks im oblivious and dumb for some reason and tries to pull things that just dont work. Then he kept acting super suspicious with his phone the whole night. Weird things like this happened several other times but i wont go into detail, u get the point. Recently, when he picked me up from work, i hopped in the car but he got out and walked away to take a smoke while on the phone. He walked away a good 9-10m and talked for over 15min, but then he got closer and the Bluetooth connected and i heard a womans voice. Im sorry but my dad has no women to call at 9pm, and he works in construction so literally ALL of his coworkers are men, plus in my culture married men arent allowed to have women as friends at their age, its just a standard. He hung up after a few seconds realizing he cant hear the call anymore on his phone bc its connected to his car Bluetooth. He comes back inside the car and starts yelling and mumbling trying to act as if he was on a call w a male coworker. Again, he thinks im dumb and innocent. His call history was showing on the car navigation screen, so I memorised the phone number. Today he picked me up, he was in a call with someone, and when i opened the door to the car he didnt see me right away and the second he did, he hung up super quick without saying bye to the caller. i checked the phone number and it was the same one as last time. That number repeats a bunch of times in his call history, ive noted it down at this point. Frankly i keep thinking I'm imagining things but i seriously resent both of my parents, ESPECIALLY my dad, they keep arguing, and my dad is a freaking alcoholic. Tbh id be happy if both of them got divorced at this point, but that would fuck up my family big time since my mom hasnt had a job in over 20yrs bc my dad's been supporting us financially. I read somewhere that when someone cheats, they start acting super/overly nice so the partner they're cheating on, mostly because of guilt? And well ever since i started being suspicious of my dad, hes been doing insane gestures to my mom and giving us a bunch of ocerly expensive gifts, which hed never do before, and if he didnt it was NOWHERE near this extreme. Im not even kidding you he once bought her 400 roses and a diamond ring out of fucking no where, set them around our pool and lit a ring of fire with gasoline around the whole thing to do a light show. Hes also been trying to act nicer to me recently. I still resent him for a bunch of shit hes done in the past, and for his alcoholism. For fucks sake, recently he was so drunk he kept yelling at me that he doesn't consider me as his daughter but as a fucking stranger, hit my mom and almost hit me. I hate it here. Hes either always at work, and when he has days off hes spending it with friends getting drunk, or getting drunk alone. If by chance bes spending time with us, hes already drunk. Any advice on how to handle the cheating thing though? Im thinking of telling my older brother (who lives on his own) but idk if i should gather genuine proof or this is enough. I dont want to tell my mom right away, I dont even know how to confront her. I honestly feel like she herself has a hunch but is staying with him because 1)she still loves him 2) because of our financial situation and 3) maybe shes not sure just like me and is in denial. sos :(

Anonymous 50379

holy shit that was long

Anonymous 50380

>For fucks sake, recently he was so drunk he kept yelling at me that he doesn't consider me as his daughter but as a fucking stranger, hit my mom and almost hit me.
was going to suggest you confront him or call the number but it might not be safe anon.
I'd tell your older brother if I were you. Tell him the phone number, maybe it's better if a man handles this. You shouldn't tell your mom yet, I don't think.

Anonymous 50382

he hit your mom, almost you, so maybe she's not safe. It would be good to tell your brother for a perspective of someone who understands you and the family better, and support, and maybe see if you can get you and your mom away. If you leave, you're not breaking the family. The family is already broken whether you are under the same roof or not, so let go. You can't let him keep hurting you and your mom, it may escalate.

You don't have to confront your dad, he knows what he's done. Men turn off to words a lot, especially from women. It's better to show rather than tell.

If your mom has no support from you, she may lean on your dad for affection, familiarity and support, she really needs you right now. I will pray that you find peace and a safe place for you and your mom, I hope you know you're not alone here

Anonymous 50390

That's really cute! Share more stories pls

Anonymous 50415

I read the stupid thing yesterday.
Yeah, it was cringeworthy, but FUCK me was it mostly convoluted as shit -_-.

Anonymous 50416

my bf is always getting sleepy whenever we talk. is this a bad sign ????
also we always argue when we play video game together and he doesn't like how I play video games

Anonymous 50417


The autistic moid I'm forced to cohabitate with caught a cold recently. He sneezes and coughs out into the open no matter how much we tell him to use a tissue or his shoulder or to even bend over and do it at the floor, and we just learnt that he couldn't even be bothered to check the cabinet for the plastic measuring cups and has just been swigging straight out of the medicine bottles. We're obviously catching his cold and now we have to use new bottles to avoid the cross contamination. I'm so ready to leave this planet, anons.

Anonymous 50418

what an inconsiderate little shit. autism or not, that's just a lack of human decency.

Anonymous 50422

I'm unable to enjoy my days. Unable to enjoy being with my family, unable to enjoy my time with my boyfriend, unable to enjoy being in my own bed.

I dread the difficult decisions I know I'm going to have to make in the next year and the hardships that will result from them. I already feel as though I am living the consequences, it's impossible for me to disconnect and live in the moment. I don't even want to hug my mother even if I need it badly right now, because I know I'm about to do something that will hurt her and that she might never forgive me for. Being born to an orthodox devout but loving family is terribly unfair. And I know this might seem silly to those who have to deal with the abusive ones, but the fact that my family are good people makes leaving the hardest. It makes me feel like I am the bad person for wanting to live my life the way I would like to, because it would disturb the otherwise peaceful life my family has. My motives seem selfish and it's hard to convince myself they aren't even if I'm dead set on doing what I want. Crazy because just a year ago I thought I was such worthless being that I didn't deserve to live a free life. My self esteem is still bad, worse in some aspects (BDD) but I somehow still managed to move away from that thinking. Guess that's great.

Every time I go to sleep I hope and sometimes manage to convince myself I won't wake up or that my sleep lasts very, very long. It puts me in a better headspace and my anxiety fades for a moment. Hope I can manifest eternal sleep.

Anonymous 50424

I hate my bf’s long hair and beard so fucking much. I’ve vented about this multiple times. He used to be cute and clean shaven and have a snappy short haircut. I still think he’s cute under all the hair but it just looks so caveman-like and gross. Kms facial hair is one of my biggest turn offs its so fucking ugly

Anonymous 50431


i like this girl atm but she's always busy with her coursework and stuff
i'm thinking of properly asking her out after the 11th when her coursework is due, hell i'd love to do something valentines day wise with her
i'm worried she just views me as a friend but we do click on lots of things and she's really cute… i'm really hoping she likes me back

Anonymous 50437


I was retarded and spent like 5 years with a cheating psycho and then 4 with a guy with bad OCD + GAD and whatever attachment problems he had that made him oscillate from completely in love with me to cold and dismissive. With the latter guy, we were nevertheless very committed and did a lot of work to figure things out way past the point where it was already impossible. There were countless times he swore he would stick with me until his issues were resolved, and even if his feelings might occasionally fluctuate because of his disorders, he would work for a future together. Every time he was feeling down, I could still tell he was thinking of ending it and felt judgmental and resentful of me. We talked about these problems all the time and he always repeated his reasoning on how committed he was regardless and reassured me that these feelings would pass with work. I was very invested, all the inconsistency felt like hell and the stress fried my brain, and needless to say it ultimately didn't work out.

Now I'm with a guy who is better than anything I could have dreamed of, we are a perfect match in terms of values and lifestyles and generally make a great team. I feel really calm and secure around him, he's consistent in showing affection and overall just very stable and well-adjusted. He does sometimes have mild depression, and lately this has cropped up with work stress and it's making me spiral pretty horribly. If he's lost in thought when we spend time together or in a slightly grumpy mood (not even towards me), I feel this old panic about how my partner must be reconsidering things and secretly resentful of me.

"Just communicate with him" doesn't help, because a great deal of the anxiety stems from my previous relationship, where we talked about our feelings and commitment constantly but ultimately there was nothing to be done because my ex simply felt too bad to continue. After all the reassurance I got from him, all the actions we took to maintain a connection and improve our life together, it still didn't work out, and it lasted for years so now it's like there is nothing my current partner could say or do that would fully convince my brain.

After my past relationships, resentment is pretty much part of what I expect my partner to feel towards me. I just feel fundamentally unlovable and like there is no other outcome possible anymore than me being abandoned again after my partner starts criticizing everything I do in his head. But nothing bad has even happened, apart from him being more distracted and a bit distant on some days. He hasn't said anything judgmental and keeps saying he wants to share his life with me, and that the depression makes more salient how much he loves me because he would feel so much worse without my support. I just can't shake this gut feeling that things are wrong between us now and I need to get prepared for the day, maybe next week or maybe after half a year of things being seemingly fine, when he inevitably says he doesn't think we should go on after all.

I don't want to go crazy clingy with my anxieties because that would obviously make things worse. I have so far managed to explain roughly how I'm feeling without bringing up my endless need for reassurance all the time. The past couple of days have been really hard though, I just don't know how to stop worrying and return to normal life when he's feeling down. My mind is in emergency mode all the time and I'm so tired of feeling like this again.

Anonymous 50449


Any miners have an experience where a friend wants to be much closer to you than you'd like? There's this one girl who I've been friends with for a few years while I was in undergrad. We used to live together until I graduated so we saw each other a lot and I was there for a lot of rough moments in her life. Recently she's been messaging me almost everyday about random stuff and asks to videocall with me a few times per month. I guess this all sounds pretty innocent and I wouldn't mind if this was any other friend, but responding to these messages are such a chore because I am just so not interested in what she has to talk about and same goes for when we videocall. It's not like she has done anything explicitly wrong to me, but it's just little things that make it not fun to chat with her or hang out with her to the point that it all almost seems like a chore. I assume that the frequent messaging is probably because she's bored in quarantine and also apparently I'm one of the few people she talks to now because everyone else has been "pissing her off." I guess the solution is to just decrease how much I engage with her, but I just wanted to vent because it's draining. On one hand I feel bad purposefully ignoring messages that are directed at me, but on the other hand the more I engage the more frequently she wants to talk and it is so draining!!

Anonymous 50461

I get like this with everyone because I'm an antisocial freak. I even accidentally cut off people I love.
It gets easier and easier to cut them off. After a while you feel nothing.
Stating that you no longer wish to speak is a much cleaner cut than ghosting BTW. It takes a bit more confidence but worth it if they're a message-all-the-time type.

Anonymous 50464

> have body dismorphia
> active treatment for body dismorphia
> working hard on it
> working hard at job
> boss praising me a lot, inject it into my veins
> job know about body dismorphia
> working from home = team catch ups on zoom
> a few times I haven’t used my webcam
> boss doesn’t like this and we always end up discussing it
> ok for the guys to not use their cams though???
> didn’t use cam today
> boss mentions it in meeting (others weren’t on cam too)
> boss calls me this afternoon
> get turd sandwich’d, with the turd being “use your webcam or I’ll fire you” basically
> devastating realisation that despite my hard work for degree, masters, hard work during the job including matching the workload of the highest performing engineer within four weeks of starting, I can indeed get fired over something so trivial, and it’s because my brain doesn’t work properly


Anonymous 50465

Wit so the men do not need to use their cam but you have to how is that right? is there anything you can do as that is very unfair I know in the real world bosses can ignore rules and make up other reasons to get rid of you but have you tried to talk to anyone about any of this?

Anonymous 50466

I believe they were told to use their cams too but the conversation only seems to come up when I don’t use my cam. It’s very very odd and strange.
> make up reasons to fire you
God I hope that isn’t it. On Wednesday he mentioned my mentoring ability and how he sees me mentoring staff in two years time/indicated a leadership position…
Will consider the potential scapegoat though, ahhh anxiety

Anonymous 50467

I have no idea what it is like where you are but where I am we can get a medical note about these things and I am wondering if that would even help you at all but could hurt you but there is another way to look at it and use this to try get even further past your anxieties trust me I have been incapacitated by anxiety in the past and forced exposure helped me greatly!

Sounds depressing anon good luck.

Anonymous 50468

I’m in the U.K. but I’m literally just too embarrassed to get a medical note about it at this point, I’ve explained the condition to them and it’s evident they dont get it. I have to accept that I think.
Agree with you about the forced exposure probably helping me in the long run, tbh I really need the security and stability this job gives me and it had been empowering me before now. I don’t want to lose any of that.
I want to stay with this company super long term and build my way up in it, I don’t want to lose out on that dream. Thanks anon

Anonymous 50469

I often wish we had that third option but really in life we have to compromise and it is not fun but life is shit so it makes sense lol.
Good luck

Anonymous 50487

Tell HR. This is sexual discrimination. Log everything that happens.

Anonymous 50496


whats a good way to make money comfortably or online? my savings is getting low so i have a job interview monday and im freaking out!! thinking about how stressful its going to be (i read some reviews) and dealing with some customers and just overall slaving some days a way for someone else…

granted its part time, and its for making gift baskets so its exciting, but i worry because it will still be part time i could spend elsewhere. i need the money but was wondering if things like streaming, selling things online (which i hope to do soon! but i worry itll be fruitless) or…anything not sex work is even attainable. i could sharpen my art skills?

tl;dr: im freaking out about having to maybe stay in a high stress job or something forever @-@

how possible is it to even profit off of something i love?

Anonymous 50498

Teach English

Anonymous 50501

if you have a car/license & live in a fairly busy area, doordash is nice. if you're an artist starting out, i'd recommend studying up on instagram algorithm to post and promote your art, and look into putting prints on redbubble. tbh there are ways to monetize pretty much any creative hobby, my MIL sells pimento cheese on facebook ffs, but i wouldn't bank much on streaming - too much competition there.
all that being said, what collection is that pic from. it's beyond cute.

Anonymous 50524

>have bf since a few months back
>as far as I knew he had broken up with his ex nearly a month before we started dating
>find out that they were together a fair bit longer than that, he had talked to his friends about how much he loved her WHILE we were dating and considered her his girlfriend even after he had kissed me
What do I do? Do I confront him?

Anonymous 50525

Dump him and ghost. Don’t waste your energy explaining why. He’ll know why.

Anonymous 50526

please do this anon

Anonymous 50527

It doesn't feel right. I love him very much and don't think I'll ever meet someone like him.

I just wish he'd be honest with me. Even if he doesn't like the truth it's better to hear it from him than to find out by accident.

Anonymous 50528

cheaters are a dime a dozen anon, you can find someone much better
he wont change and he can and will lie again

Anonymous 50552

>as far as I knew he had broken up with his ex nearly a month before we started dating
>as far as I knew
Did he actually tell you this, or was it just an assumption?
If the latter, it's possible that he didn't actually think of it as lying or being deceptive. Some people have weird ideas about dating and believe it's fine to date multiple people at the same time as long as you're not "serious/exclusive."
Not saying you should stay with him, if your views are incompatible in that way, but if intent is all that matters to you then there is the possibility he was just being dumb rather than malicious.

Anonymous 50558

Confront him and let him explain himself. If you love him and he has been faithful since then it might just have been a messy break up thing. Try to see if it's recurring. Don't see a reason for dumping him just for that.

Anonymous 50563


ive gained 7 pounds since september and its entirely due to unhealthy eating. i feel so much shame and guilt because i started to become careless again. i cant even look in the mirror without wanting to cry, because i feel the weight gain shows in my face (not that i liked my appearance before) i have been cutting calories and exercising but i still feel hopeless as im doing it all. i know this formula works, but for some reason i just worry it wont come off or something. i really just want to love myself. i dont know why i didnt just have the discipline to say no to the food, but its becoming easier to avoid using food as a solution to boredom/stress because i want to feel happy about myself more than feeling happy over the taste of food for 5 seconds…

my boyfriend has been so kind through it all and reassuring. im a bit overweight so i know as much as he says im fine how i am, i need to lose the rest of those pounds from last year.

nnmgg thats pretty much it :~[ i trust in myself to work hard. even when i think i need some sort of food, i need to remember that i truly dont. i can go without it.

Anonymous 50564

English teachers are worthless. She should teach maths or science

Anonymous 50585

Do a few 5 day fasts to lose all that weight easy and without needing to move. Thank me later

Anonymous 50587

If she doesn't permanently change either her eating habits or her exercise habits, she'll just end up gaining that weight back over time when she stops fasting anyway.

Anonymous 50598

i used to IF and have been doing it again recently! ranges from 16-20 hour fasts and i allow myself two eating times and maybe a small snack. but yeah if i fasted just 5 days and didnt commit to going back to my old eating habits i would definitely cave in and maybe gain more.

Anonymous 50599


I am begging you to just eat fruits and vegetables like a normal person. The average strawberry is only 5 calories. A large carrot is only 25. Starving your body is not a good long term strategy.

Anonymous 50603

Do they seem happy to see you?

Anonymous 50605

every time i see a straight couple on fb i become 3% more heterophobic

Anonymous 50608

Do they start convos with you? Text more than a couple of words?

Anonymous 50609

You just have to believe them because you'll always think everyone hates you. Even if they're perfect you'll nitpick and find "proof" that it's all fake.
t. Convinced everyone hates being around me and can never shake it

Anonymous 50618

I broke down crying while organizing and cleaning the kitchen. I feel so helpless, useless, and stuck.
I know I have issues and that I should get help but I don't want to make the effort. I analyze myself and contemplate my life nearly all the time, if I'm not fantasizing about my ideal life.
I've been like this since I was 13 (22 now) and don't like change. I've been a shy quiet girl for so long that despite wanting to stand up for myself and fantasizing about it, I can't bring myself to do it because it's not "me" and what other expect of me. I'm such an approval seeker. I hate my life but it's all that I know.

I was planning to move out last year but covid put a stop to that since we were put into lockdown. I had worked myself up enough to actually get things ready but now I'm back to hyping myself to take the risk of moving out of my very small community where I know I'll be taken of, to a city where I'm pretty much on my own. I think I would do well in a small-medium city, it would be a new beginning. I would no longer see the man who molested me on the street or at the store. I could pursue my goals more easily. I could meet more like-minded people. Easier access to healthcare without having to drive out to or wait for a doctor. It's more convenient overall. I hate living a small community and how it's romanticize as "close-knit", it's suffocating if you're considered weird.

Anonymous 50624

sounds like you're just shit testing him. I do it occasionally as well.

Anonymous 50625


Anonymous 50626

I need to take better care of myself. I let the quarantine get to me and undo a lot of the good habits that I was working on.

I need to love myself. I need to love myself so much that I can put aside childish things and take care of my own personal responsibilities.

I've let my inner womanchild run free for far too long. Though I love her, I must punish her, and in doing so discipline myself so I can become a better, more functional person.

I've paved this difficult road for myself, but I'll walk across it anyways and become a better person for it as a result.

Anonymous 50629

Uggghhh I really know what you mean.
Do your best! I'll do my best too

Anonymous 50630

best of luck to all of us!

Anonymous 50639

I've posted about this before but seriously hoping someone can help me get over my disgusting profile. I've lost lots of weight and people actually think I'm cute now but from the side I look like an actual gross witch because of my submental fat and downturned nose. I know I sound ungrateful and should just be happy that people can like how I look at all but I feel like I'm cheating by hiding my profile. It just feels like I'm disguising how ugly I really am. I also know that most everyone hates their profile unless they have a perfect angel skull and everyone hides their imperfections but I can't see it as anything other than cheating in some way. I can't accept people giving me compliments about how I look when I know that such a huge part of me is so ugly. I don't want surgery because that obviously feels like cheating too and is super risky. I just can't get over that, along with the despair I feel over having made the effort to better myself only to come out of it still feeling shitty and ugly all because I was damned with permanent neck fat.

Anonymous 50645

I also have a shit profile so I can relate with the self-disgust, but I don't know why you're so concerned with this idea of cheating. Cheating implies that you're being unfair and that you are wronging someone in the process. That's not what you're doing. I would get surgery in a heartbeat if I could. If you feel like that's dishonest, then by all means go ahead and tell everyone you meet that your nose/chin/jaw are fake, but I can assure you that they don't give a fuck.
By the way, you do know that people who compliment you can also see your side profile right? Unless you're talking about social media, in which case no one fucking cares about "cheating".

Anonymous 50646

Thank you anon, glad to find a kindred spirit though I'm sorry to hear you feel that way too. It's hard to explain my thought process behind the cheating thing. I think I just have weird rigid rules in my head. I feel I don't deserve to be considered be 'beautiful' because someone who actually is beautiful wouldn't need to hide their face or do their hair in very specific ways all the time, so that leads me to feel that I'm somehow lying to people by doing just that and then gaining compliments. They are irl people but still.
I also still just can't see myself getting surgery because of the risk and the 'cheating'. I myself don't really look down on people who get surgery but I know if I were to do it myself I'd feel that way. If I get surgery I think it would also feed my obsessive, perfectionist, narcissistic brain. Ever since I was young I've always felt pressure to be cute, probably because of my autism picking up on the role women play in media and the fact that I excelled at so much when I was little that I quickly realised my worth comes from being 'better' than everyone around me. Sounds braggy I know but yh thank u for taking the time to reply because it has helped

Anonymous 50647

I so feel you. Not to humblebrag or anything but my face looks so beautiful from the front because my nose looks slim, upturned and non-bumpy (your typical angel skull nose). However, from the side, I have this horrifyingly ugly downturned protruding witch nose with a huge dorsal bump, and it's only emphasized by my underdeveloped weak jaw. It isn't fair. I know I won't get any matches posting my side profile so I have always done front-facing selfies on dating apps. When I went on dates, I could see the guys get disgusted and disappointed that I catfished them even though all I did was hide my bad angle. So I get the feeling of catfishing people by hiding my ugly angles. I gave up on dating apps because men would always ghost me after seeing how ugly I am in person. I am so self conscious about how ugly my nose looks but I refuse to get plastic surgery. I don't want to be like one of those plastic surgery kpop couples where their kids don't look anything like them.
Besides my nose and weak jaw, I love everything about my face. I have nice pouty lips, almond shaped cat eyes, high cheekbones, and Jennifer Connelly eyebrows. It's my nose and jaw that ruins all of it. I wonder if there are any models that have that witch skull. That'll be such a confidence boost for me.

Anonymous 50648

I just re-read my earlier reply and sorry if I came across as judgemental or anything anon, I understand the weird self-imposed norms. It sucks and I hope you do manage to get over them. I think you shouldn't look too deep into the implications or the "requirements" of beauty; if people say you're pretty then that means you're pretty from whatever angle they saw you and that's good enough. And honestly IRL there's no way people haven't noticed your side profile. Even if you actively try to hide it, we have a natural sense of three dimensionality (which does get lost in pictures) and unless you act like a robot, you're certainly moving your head from time to time. So rest assured that those who compliment you are doing it with full awareness of your side profile. I do think it's great that you've established a clear line in terms of plastic surgery and you know it's off limits for you. That way you don't spend your entire life weighing the pros and the cons and wallowing in regret.

Anonymous 50649

Same anon here, are you me?? No joke I didn't want to humblebrag either but I can't get enough of my face from the front either as bad as it sounds. Harmonious face and almost all the angel skull features.
I'm coming around to accepting my nose a bit more because of ladies like Gisele Bundchen and now I really just think the problem is the combination of nose and chin and place most of my blame on my chin. I'm still hoping that if I lose a bit more weight or lower my overall body fat my double chin will go away but I have a feeling thanks to my weak jaw that it'll never change.

Really sorry to hear about what you went through with online dating. I have a feeling it's less to do with you and more to do with the overall expectations men have for women now that porn and other shitty media is allowed to sit and fester in their brains all day. I imagine they'd react the same way even for women with more desirable side profiles purely because they're always chasing the mirage of 'the perfect cutie' they saw online. Not to invalidate your experience or anything though.

Anonymous 50650

No problem anon, as I said you really are a big help and being judgemental to some extent is no bad thing. Ty for your supportive words as well as your more blunt ones because it has helped me realise a bit more that because I have drawn a line for myself and know what people think of me that I should just learn to accept myself a little more. Hope you feel better about your profile soon too

Anonymous 50653



(proud roman nose woman passing by) At least you don't have huge pores skin, do you?

Anonymous 50655


I've been trying to go down to a BMI of 18 because the fat will melt away and make my jaw look sharp. As of now, at a BMI of 23, it looks like my chin melts into my neck. That's the only non-surgical option I have for being comfortable with my big nose + weak chin combo. I think pretty features as a whole won't be drowned out by one bad feature. We're just too self conscious and fixated on our noses to see us the way others see us. I think this girl looks gorgeous even though she has a non-stereotypical celestial nose.

You do have a point. Men are definitely fixated on an idealized woman they saw on OF or e-girl on twitter and try to chase her lookalike irl or off dating apps.

Anonymous 50656

I'm very tempted to follow suit and try to keep losing weight as well. Do you know if going that low does get rid of the fat there? I always just kind of thought that if your chin is weak the fat will always be there no matter what, or the skin will always sag down that way. Not to kill your motivation or anything though because I definitely have heard of that being a solution for a couple girls on reddit. I just think knowing my luck it won't be the case for me lmao.
But yeah I think you're right on the self-consciousness thing, as tends to be the way. Confidence + mostly pretty features should trump a bad profile so I'm going to try and keep that in mind myself. Girl in pic is definitely pretty enchanting.

Anonymous 50657

I am coming to terms with my nose a little more, glad you're already proud of it anon. My pores could definitely be better though lol

Anonymous 50658

Look up mewing on yt

Anonymous 50659


I have been at a BMI 18 before and I had a sharp jaw. It depends on your body fat distribution. If fat naturally gathers in your chin and neck area, then it'll be very hard to get rid of it. There is no such thing as 'targeting' an area for weight loss so that's why I'm aiming for a BMI as it's overall weight that matters.
Sometimes I browse 'big noses are beautiful' tumblr blogs and instagram pages to make me feel more comfortable with myself.
I don't think mewing works.

Anonymous 50663

That's really interesting. I was always doubtful that could work for me because my sibling was very skinny at one point but still had noticeable neck fat but at the very least I'll probably try lowering my overall body fat through going to the gym and see if that does me any favours. Will check out the blogs too.
Ty for the advice but sadly I think mewing has been proven to be a scam

Anonymous 50664

Have you ever seen an orthodentist? I thought I had fat under my chin but even now that I've reached ana-tier levels of underweightness, my chin still looks weak. I've come to accept that my lower jaw is just recessed but yeah, you might wanna look into dental work.

Anonymous 50670

I think mewing does work as it was developed by an orthodontist and there are papers with results. I think DIY mewing is difficult to get right which is why it might seem scammy.

Anonymous 50676

molested by my sister when i was little multiple times and she even raped me and ever since then we have had a terrible relationship because i am a fucking asshole to her while she tries to be nice to me and it just makes me look like the bad one but i cant stand looking at her. we've never talked about it (she was older than me, i was like 6-10 and she was around 10-14). ever since puberty i have had really intense gender dysphoria and i dont know if it's correlated to that and it is just getting worse and worse.

Anonymous 50678

i'm so sorry about that anon. i think gender dysphoria is a common defense mechanism in people who go through traumatic events of the sort; it must be terribly difficult to try and make out why your own sister would do something like that. is this something you ever want to talk about with her? would it give you closure? maybe things will get better once one of you moves out and you don't have to think about her 24/7. anyway, i hope you manage to find yourself again through everything anon.

Anonymous 50687

Isn't that the thing incels are obsessed with? Like pressing their tongue in a certain way is going to turn them into a gigachad with a granite chin?

Anonymous 50688

no. it just affects your facial development and has a minor effect once developed. although so does diet, working your jaw as a kid is important, soft foods are bad. it's just good tongue posture. people with good-looking, even faces naturally have it. mewing is just corrective exercises, like you would with back posture.

Anonymous 50695

thats really fucked up im so sorry anon do your parents know

Anonymous 50705

I've been lying to my parents about going to school for close to 4 years. I'm so scared of telling them the truth that I'd rather kill myself.

Anonymous 50709

do you have job? did you leave the house everyday to pretend like you were going to school? sounds mega stressful.

Anonymous 50710

yeah they know because i mentioned it in therapy when i was like 13 and my therapist had to tell them but we never talked about it and they never told my sister

Anonymous 50716

so your sister never faced any repercussions? that's fucked up

Anonymous 50718

>do you have job?
I have no job. I've never worked a day in my life.
>did you leave the house everyday to pretend like you were going to school?
Yeah, I used to make the 1 hour commute to school and usually just hang out in the cafeteria or library to pass the time. Sometimes I'd go to the theatre and watch like two or three films.

Anonymous 50731


The worst thing about all of this is that, by common wisdom, in 3 to 4 years from now I’ll be going through the exact same bloody thing with her. Meaning I’ll have a MIRACULOUS reason to forgive her, despite it being waaaaaAAAAAAAAAAY too late on her part given what she’ll have gone through by then.

Though I do admit I’m somewhat curious as to how that’ll pan out since we atheists don’t exactly travel in packs (nor at least keep in touch THAT well).

Anonymous 50735

i was ghosted by someone i was friends with for 10+ years. i was not surprised because i'm a depressive person and was no longer fun but it still hurt. on the one hand i want someone who won't abandon me, but at the same time i am too unlikable to be friends with anyone, unless they were a replica of me. though maybe that would be worse. who knows what i would do if i had someone to mirror my ugliness.

Anonymous 50738

i guess the thing to do here would be to actually reapply for school, start going, and have a dramatic episode where you tell them youre changing majors entirely because whatever field you were currently doing gives you no passion any more and now you must pursue your new goal. i mean, it'd work.

Anonymous 50740

Honestly they may have ghosted you because of their own issues. It's not necessarily your "fault."
t. ghost

Anonymous 50746


i have a bmi of 15 and have a little fat pocket under my chin as well. its just there bc my jaw is weak. idk how to fix.

Anonymous 50749

your tongue is in the wrong position

Anonymous 50753

I can't fucking take it anymore. I haven't been able to cry in years. I'm failing 4 classes. Socially I'm totally fucked. I am so incredibly lonely and isolated and I'm panicking 24/7 and it's taking all the willpower I have just not to drop out and spend my days fucked up on every substance imaginable until I inevitably overdose. I can't feel my soul I don't see the reason to carry on, the world is so fucked up. But I stay anyways because it's not like I'm actually /that/ sad/depressed or whatever, it's just some stupid fucking cry for attention and validation! The worsening of our current economic depression is going to make life very good and swell too :)

I don't feel okay being sober, but its not like I have an addiction to anything. I go weeks without drinking. I just don't feel good being in control of myself. I wanted to stay away from drinking and just stick to weed though.

Went to a psychologist but I can't even be honest with her. Psychology has never worked for me. She said next time I come she'll give me sheets to fill out for an OCD and anxiety diagnosis, but literally what is the point of this. It upsets me so much that the shit that I believe in can so easily be dismissed by a "magical thinking" OCD diagnosis. It's stupid but I've been so fucked up over it. Yeah sure there's distress that comes from that, but it's not something that fucks with my life to the point where it has to be treated. If I were honest with her and told her I think I feel ghosts, angels, and other entities around me occasionally that would be even worse. The world is so fucking boring. I don't understand why deviating from the norm in thought slightly is something that's classified as a detrimental diagnosis even when you function okay for the most part. Sick sick sick sick sick. Collecting all these diagnoses makes me look sicker than I actually am. Rotting at the bottom of the well.

I just want to want to live again. Or rather, I want to be able to see what the point of the constant wagecucking and studying is. I don't give a shit about any other malady I have. I want to have meaningful relationships and to fall in love. I don't know if I'm capable of love.

Anonymous 50755

facial exercises

Anonymous 50757

It's pretty to dropout of a class than fail. Maybe drop out of 2 so you have more time to finish the other 2?

Anonymous 50761

I wish my boyfriend would shave. He grew a beard even though he knows i hate beards. I hate it i hate it i hate it it looks like a patch of pubic hair. I have NEVER seen an attractive beard in my LIFE

Anonymous 50762

I hate that my dog is getting old. I dont want her gone

Anonymous 50790

What is the right position?

Anonymous 50793


ntayrt but as flat as possible against the roof of your mouth and breathe through your nose. though if this is truly a weak jaw issue then it's not really gonna help. i have the same issue.

Anonymous 50794

Start to smile and swallow at the same time. Your tongue should end up further back and on the top of your mouth.

Anonymous 50806

why are you both here spouting this r9k trash

Anonymous 50809

Because they are r9k trash

Anonymous 50812

wow you really fucked up lol

Anonymous 50813

absolutely tell him you didn’t appreciate that shit and he needs to be transparent with you or you’re gonna leave his ass

Anonymous 50824

weirdly enough, i love being talked to like this lol

Anonymous 50825

I take out my depression and stress from my life on strangers on the internet. I say cruel things to purposely hurt people. I want to try to stop. Sometimes I am just in public, and I get the thought that if anyone around me knew the kind of person I was, they would hate me. Unintentionally quitting lolcow (b&) was an ok first step. I just have so much stress and worry and uncertainty. I’m such an asshole.

Anonymous 50826

at least you feel guilt, anon.
what kinds of assholeish things have you done?

Anonymous 50828


yesss she agreed to hang out with me on valentines ^^ wish me luck anons im gonna try and ask her out maybe!

Anonymous 50829

I'm happy for you anon! I wish i could get a gf too

Anonymous 50830

It’s a real thing by an orthodontist and there are papers written about it. I know it’s a bit of a meme but it does actually work.

Anonymous 50831

Good luck anon!

Anonymous 50842

thank you anons!

Anonymous 50844

>as flat as possible against the roof of your mouth
Is that not normal for everyone? I've always held my tongue in that way, but I don't ever specifically remember learning how to.

Anonymous 50845

If you do the smile and swallow thing and there is no change then you are probably doing it right naturally. Another indicator is if you ate mostly modern food (soft) or traditional food (tougher) growing up, and if your teeth are naturally straight or not.

Anonymous 50847

I got braces but all it did was straighten my teeth and bring my genetically weak jaw forward. The change is so unnoticeable. I feel like crying.
I have always had fucked up teeth. When I was a kid, I had three rows of teeth because of overcrowding. My parents let me suck on a pacifier as a baby and toddler so it made me develop a weak jaw and forced my adult teeth to grow too early before my baby teeth were ready to fall out. They only fed me soft fast food like fries and hamburgers, so I missed out on the proper foods to develop a strong jaw. They also let me drink sugary drinks and eat candy all the time. This gave me a lot of cavities, gingivitis, and my dentist recently told me that I have gum recession like an 80 year old and I'm only in my 20s. All of this has made me so bitter. My breath has always smelled so bad and I've always been so self conscious over it. It's turned me mute. Because why open your mouth if people will be repulsed by your breath?
Not to sound like I want a pity party or anything. I just want to vent about how ugly I am because of bad genetics in combination with bad parenting.

Anonymous 50848

I got this job offer via email and it seemed too good to be true. I sent a long email back. I was still suspicious so copy and pasted the email into google, and it was a scam. Fml I wrote a whole long ass email back to them. I didn’t give away any personal information but I still feel dumb.

Anonymous 50849

It happens to everyone anon. I sent out a bunch of proof reading applications and got one reply. I had to check a document as a trial. Got ghosted after.

Anonymous 50856

I feel like a rug. Some ppl in this world are so evil and heartless

Anonymous 50871

At least you had the sense to be suspicious anon

Anonymous 50872


want to get into crypto but there's so much shit to learn. i made a binance.us account, and half the coins i'm interested in purchasing don't seem to be offered there, so i looked into addresses and stuff and my brain fizzled out. i'll give it another go this weekend.

Anonymous 50873

i found lolcow about a year ago when my boyfriend’s ex had posted photos of him there with false accusations. he was somewhat of a known figure so i would check up on the thread to check on what was being said. months later, i have started going on lolcow daily. i probably spend two fucking hours of my time lurking and reading threads about random people. i feel so evil and pathetic, because i dont know if i do it to avoid tasks and its easy reading material (adhd) or to feel better about myself. i really just want to stop…

Anonymous 50877

there's nothing for you on that site but crab bucket mentalities. stay off

Anonymous 50898

I agree with >>50877 try to stop going there, it's like brain poison.

Anonymous 50900

im stopping cold turkey. i notice going on it ruins my day completely as well. thank you anons!

Anonymous 50934

Insulted people’s appearances unprovoked (on boards like /soc/), told people they were unloveable (trannies), and have said racially prejudiced things. This is only online. It gets the rage and misery out for a split second but then later I feel like a piece of shit. The thing is, if anyone in this thread called me a piece of shit, I would probably snap back at them and insult them. I’m trying to stop. I want to be a better person. The meds I’m on (Lexapro) can cause irritability but I don’t feel like going on a whole new medication. My emotions spiral out of control when I am not taking my meds.

I got permabanned and I actually am happy about it. I was a daily user who would browse the site for hours and now I haven’t even looked at it in 2-3wks. I used to make fun of people who left the site for sounding moralistic/“i’m such a good person” but I get it now.

Anonymous 50941

good job anon

Anonymous 50951

I actually wouldn't care if you only did it to moids/trannies lmao

Anonymous 50963

i can't stop having intrusive thoughts about my abuser :( i think about her every day

Anonymous 50966

I want a gf…

Anonymous 50967

Sounds like you have complex ptsd. Next time the thoughts happen, tap the back of your hand to pull you out of it. Try and keep busy and listen to music or audiobooks too.

Anonymous 50968

i really want to have sex with other women lol. i need to try it out this year

Anonymous 50969

yess get yourself a fwb or something

Anonymous 50970

I have a new fictional crush and have to go through these painful feelings of inadequacy for the millionth time. Too bad this happened so close to Singles Awareness Day too, so now my brain is ruminating how much of a evolutionary failure I am.

Why fictional? I wouldn’t dream of crushing on a real person, me liking somebody would be the gravest insult to them. Nobody wants the ugly girls affections.

Anonymous 50971

like, how ugly we talking?

Anonymous 50974


Anonymous 50975

which fictional character?

Anonymous 50977

Don’t want to spoil the character for anyone else.

Anonymous 50980

Aw come on anon, tell us!

Anonymous 50981

No. The character is great and everything associated with me turns to shit, he deserves better.

I will just silently pine for him for a while and then hopefully the feelings die with time.

Anonymous 50994

if you are not disfigured like a burn victim or something I highly doubt it

Anonymous 50995


im so lost on a career path. i plan to attend college again in fall but just to finish up my associates. im recently 20 and live with my bf as a neet. i help a lot around the house and with our kitties and use my savings when needed, i even applied for a job and had a wonderful interview but got no call back… yet? i have a lot of hobbies and skills and dreams but half the time i work on them and the other half i put myself down because i just feel like its useless. ultimately i want to be a housewife (“neet”) and sell stuff on etsy like things i make, so i can help out but still do something i love.

clearly this is stupid though. because how sufficient is it really? i want an education and love to learn, i have a couple of real career ideas but i dont want the fulltime job associated with it and i dont know if itd make me happy. i see a lot of girls nowaday able to attain the life i want but when it comes to me, i dont feel good enough. i dont push myself and get my art and creations out there because im terrified.

i dont know what path to take and im overwhelmed and depressed. i want to throw my hobbies away at this point. do i work part time? or find a decent career and pursue college?

im sorry i sound insane but im struggling. i have no clue what to do. should i just go for it with my shops instead of spending months and months planning? and what the hell do i do now to help for my future? i want to be happy. and before lately i was happy for many reasons, i have my ideal life minus the successful art and shop stuff. but now i feel foolish.

Anonymous 51008


Sounds like my life. I was recently given the opportunity to work at a law firm on case management, and I always feel like I should have an adult full-time job because everyone else my age has one. However, without more education, I can't get a job that I would really enjoy. I think I'd rather take advantage of my situation and take my time trying new things and seeing where my hobbies take me. My insecurity makes me think I should have an adult full-time job, but the truth probably is that if I did have one, I wouldn't be satisfied and would be longing for the free time I have now. I worry about being middle-aged and still in this state, but if I didn't worry and trusted myself, I'd probably find a path somehow, but I have a habit of not knowing what to do or worrying and doing nothing. I think most people trust their instincts and even if they make mistakes things still work out really well for them because the rest of the world still admires people who try to and fail more than those who are too scared to develop their lives and interests.

Maybe you should find a part-time job. My boyfriend has money, but just being able to have my own money to spend how I want without feeling guilty is really freeing and now I can buy whatever I want to make daily life less burdensome. Also, more importantly, just having regularity, responsibility, and being a part of something in the real world is really good for my mental health. You'll be able to focus so much better on your projects because you'll fear failure much less because you're entire life won't be dependent on the success or failure of something that is supposed to be enjoyable.

Anonymous 51121

I've never had a valentine.

Anonymous 51810

Ok ya all moids are stinky and gross but the guy I've liked for a really long time has just completely disappointed me (they like me too),, He used to be super clean and organized, always wore nice clean clothes that looked good, wore nice clean shoes, showered once a day and his hair was always nicely done. IDK what the hell happened but now all he does is wear the same 3 pairs of jeans from the thrift store (nothing against that, but theyre so fucking worn out and it looks like he hasnt washed them in over half a year, same thing with his shirts). His hair is extremely ungroomed, reaching his shoulders now and dirty as hell, literal dandruff flakes everywhere. His coats are absolute trash too. Hes really attractive though so it breaks my heart to see him let go of himself in this way. Whenever we go out to hangout, i always go all out and make myself super pretty since its like a date, but he puts absolutely no effort and its so disappointing it's like a lack of respect to me, imagine going on a date and your date shows up looking literally homeless and stinky and ughh.. God and i also noticed his dental hygiene is crappy too. I tried taking him shopping but that didnt work out. How do i nicely ask him to take better care of himself, and to try a bit better when we go out on hangout dates without sounding like an asshole?? its seriously a huge turnoff im in love with his personality but i just cant overlook this its getting gross :\

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