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What's an indicator that you're attractive? Anonymous 17855

For me, it would have to be
>someone paying for your meal/coffee
>strangers smiling at you
>having your first kiss <20 years
How about you?

Anonymous 17856

None, only one person ever showed attraction towards me so I think I'm below average.

Anonymous 17858

It's hard for me to believe I can even be considered attractive without some serious surgery. No one has ever hit on me who wasn't some creepy old man. No one my age has ever asked me out.

Anonymous 17859

moid attention. it doesn’t have to be romantic or sexual advances just literally more attention from moids. if you’ve always been attractive i guess you wouldn’t notice but as someone who had a “glow up” by losing 20 pounds and dressing better the difference in just how much nicer moids are to me is crazy.

Anonymous 17861

Yeah I never got any moid attention, not even negative one but I count that as a positive. Maybe that's why I'm not really hateful towards them, they just like don't exist for me, because zero interaction.

Anonymous 17862


I'm 18 and only one boy show interest in me and it was four years ago, the moid studied with me and seemed autistic. The only persons who compliment me are older ladies and female friends. Moids where I'm from are ugly as fuck, I don't want to settle for an uggo, I hate how they being ugly as fuck demand hot girls to be their maids, while usually They're skinnyfats manlets with 3/10 faces (picreal).

Anonymous 18007

This. Moids are polite to me at most. They'll say hello and do basic polite things like holding the door open for me or helping me put my luggage on the train/plane rack. That's it.
It's a stark difference from how they treat other women my age: moids will actually go out of their way to make small talk with them and smile and look at them more. Whereas with me, as soon as I'm not in their field of view anymore, I stop existing. It doesn't bother me, though. At least, I don't get negative or unwanted attention.

Anonymous 18008

My mom tells me I am and that's enough for me lol

Either way.. I don't really want that type of attention from random moids

Anonymous 18072

When pick-mes either try too hard to be your friend or get aggressively mean towards you, but it must be a mix of both

Anonymous 18076

>helping me put my luggage on the train/plane rack.
You are attractive or you live in a very nice country.

Anonymous 18090

It's the latter. People here are generally pretty helpful when they see you struggle with something. My dad gets the same treatment when we travel around the country. If I was attractive, I think men would do more than just show common courtesy.

Anonymous 18093

you're self-confident
you're bad at math
your bmi is less than 18

Anonymous 18094

>They'll say hello and do basic polite things like holding the door open for me or helping me put my luggage on the train/plane rack.
This is just basic civility, not male behaviour. What does it have to do with attractiveness?

Anonymous 18096

>What does it have to do with attractiveness?
Everything. The fact that men only treat me with basic civility and do stuff for me that women also do means I'm not attractive. They treat me like a man or a faceless NPC but don't register me as an attractive woman.

Anonymous 18882

>They remember the things you've said
>They smile at you while talking to you
>They genuinely listen to you and take interest in your hobbies
>Women copy you

Anonymous 18885

I never get moid attention but I've had women show attraction to me several times, idk what that means.

Anonymous 18887

God I wish that was me

Anonymous 18889

how do you do that?

Anonymous 19056

What causes this phenotype

Anonymous 19062

hell if i know
I lost 30lbs recently and at 26, I finally was asked out by a classmate. I'm still pretty repulsive to most people though.

Anonymous 19063

one of my bffs got soo much female attention at our all girls school from seemingly straight girls, they would straight up admit it to her face. continues in our young adulthood. she even had me twirling my hair and going hehe, holding her hand and shit. she is racially ambiguous so they could separate her from their usual wcw and has a calm unbothered personality and voice to match, once had a pixie cut.

Anonymous 19066

>They remember the things you've said
most men, actually most people, can't remember anything beyond a week. if you want a man to remember things you've said, you should lovebomb a mid one. they will probably note down your birthday, anniversary, etc. if they love you. you just have to make an effort, most men aren't prepared for a lovebomb

Anonymous 19071

Women who don't know me saying I'm attractive

Anonymous 19072

based female gaze anon >>>/b/248177

Anonymous 19074

When I was a teen/early 20s I would dress more androgynous and only ever got approached by asian guys (no idea why) or bi girls. Now that I have a more "professional" look I'm popular within my tech niche with moids, but I'm invisible everywhere else and to women.

Im pretty sure there was a study on match.com or something saying that 'unconventional' women were most popular among men? I'm not conventionally attractive, so my experience has been being invisible most of the time, but having 1-2 really obsessed people per year. Also I look about 10 years younger than I am, so I'm worried some of those people are just closet pedophiles.

why is that pic so accurate

Anonymous 19110

Nona, please… If a man respects you he will remember stuff about you without lovebombing. It's called "being interested in your partner"

Anonymous 19237

people treating you kinder in generally and talking to you first. I get treated better with light makeup and put together outfit than my usual clothes. I was also treated better younger

Anonymous 19626

>people smiling at you or upon seeing you
>receiving free stuff randomly
>people being nicer and letting you get away with stuff
>people having prolonged eye contact with you OR nervously looking away from you
>moids and confident lesbians will openly hit on you, womyn and shy lesbians will covertly flirt with you
>people embrace your touch/are unbothered if you touch them
>children, especially little girls, want to be around you (bc you remind them of a princess etc)

Anonymous 19759

>children, especially little girls, want to be around you (bc you remind them of a princess etc)

MFW I have never experienced this and never will

Kids are the ultimate litmus test: they are less indoctrinated by society, yet they instinctively don't want to be like you

Anonymous 19761

Kids are not less indoctrinated by society. They have a less nuanced understanding of social rules and roles than adults, but they also have little critical thinking ability to question them.

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