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/vn/ - Visual Novel general Anonymous 2501

Any miners play visual novels? What are you playing right know? Which are your favorite genres: otome, galge, eroge, horror, mystery…? Feel free to make suggestions and discuss your favorite VNs!

Anonymous 2505

Theres an otome/otoge thread here (just fyi) >>>/media/143

I know its not the same but has some suggestions too

Anonymous 2507


Currently playing Grisaia no Kajitsu, Michiru's route (already finished Makina's and Amane's).

It's a long ride. The anime was mediocre so I wanted to try the full thing. Amane probably has the best flashback in the entire game.

Anonymous 2650


I actually play a lot! So far my favorites have been Zero Escape, When They Cry, and The House in Fata Morgana.

I think VNs can be a great medium for storytelling. I easily get sucked into them.


I just started reading that series. So far I like it.

Anonymous 4035

I'm reading Higurashi rn.
It's a big step up from Umineko so far…
There aren't any genres I really prefer since I spent a lot of time playing absolute trash for no good reason (see just about any BL translated + stuff like wanko to kuraso)

Anonymous 4037


>It's a big step up from Umineko so far…
That's one controversial statement.

Anonymous 4038

The Eva chapter got on my nerves. Hurr, patriarchy.
Also I got a little bored and googled up spoilers, found out that witches weren't real and the villains primary reason for doing all that bad shit was because Battler didn't love her, boohoo.
Turned me off.
Though, I may give it another try later on in my life.

Anonymous 4040

Personally EP3 was my favorite in the game. I liked Eva's chapter and sort of related to some parts of it. I don't think the "muh patriarchy" part was all that forced, the setting is 80s Japan within a conservative family. I believe Eva's frustration and motivation was understandable.
The ending is pretty retarded yeah but there was a bit more to it than just Battler not loving her. If you aren't going to read the rest I'd recommend reading the EP8 manga as it goes into Sayo's circumstances more than the VN does.

I think Higurashi is good too but the depiction of friendship seemed a little overly-idealistic and some of the humor didn't age very well. The ending to Higurashi is equally as retarded as the ending of Umineko imo too.

Anonymous 4163

I was one of those people who loved Higurashi and shat all over Umineko, but once I sat down and read it again it was amazing to me. I was one of those goats that got mad that it shifted from murder mystery to dumb magic anime shit. But in the end I really loved all the crazy metaphors, picking apart the pieces of truth from the magic scenes, the way fantasy corresponded with non-fantasy, it was seriously an absorbing and unique read and I ended up speculating a lot more than I did with Higurashi. I also liked the mostly adult cast, Eva and Krauss ended up being some of my favorite characters.

>Hurr, patriarchy.
Normally I'm the first to shit on SJWs but she had an actual valid reason to feel the way she did. No matter how hard she worked it wouldn't be recognized and she would just be told to learn her place and give up on being the successor. Especially frustrating when the successor was an incompetent idiot who failed at every business venture he undertook.

And I thought the ending was good. You don't get anything reading it from someone's synopsis, especially if they misinterpreted shit and are probably biased. In fact focusing on that part is missing the whole point R07 was trying to make. You are supposed to read it yourself and up with your own conclusion.

Anonymous 4167


I love VNs, been playing them since I was 14 (Yes that included ones with porn).

I'm currently going through Clannad. Some routes have been great (Sunohara, Fujibayashi), while others have been shit (Yukine, Kappei). Still haven't finished all of the pre-After Story routes yet. I'm curious to see how After Story is given how many people love it.

Anonymous 4177


Just finished up Fata Morgana; I'd recommend it to anyone that loves tragedy and dark settings in vague areas of history.
It's got Umineko vibes but isn't nearly as silly in places, if that interests anyone.
I'd recommend you stay away from spoilers though – I feel like me saying that is a sort of spoiler, lol.
Also as a tip, make sure to reserve a few save spots for every choice you come across. Please don't be an idiot like me and waste hours skipping through the game again because you fell for the vn's tricks.

Anonymous 4178

*The House in Fata Morgana.
I'll be reading it's sequel next.

Anonymous 4186

I read Fata Morgana: A Requiem for Innocence a while back. It was an asshole feudal lord, some slaves and an ugly witch girl. The art style was really good and the reviews were positive so I was looking forward to reading it.
It actually turned out to be a pretty boring story. I felt betrayed when I finished it, there doesn't even seem to be an alternate ending. It was short, everyone dies in the end, and there wasn't even a lot going on. You only get one choice in the game, that is giving a flower to one of the 3 girls (or keeping the flower) and none of them and it doesn't even matter, I got the same ending either way. At least there was one good background track.
Am I missing something? Some secret button? That shitty novel kept me from playing the other fata morgana games. I actually meant to read the one with the maid but I got the wrong one by mistake.
The art is just so good but I don't wanna be fooled by pretty things again. Anyway…

Anyone read Remember 11? I can't say I enjoyed the story but somehow I read it for 7-8 hours non-stop. both satoru and kokoro's stories but separately. The ending was… [there isn't even an ending though] I don't know, somewhat dry, but I guess the story itself was interesting.

Anonymous 4187

>It was an asshole feudal lord
meant to write it was about an asshole feudal lord

Anonymous 4188

clannad is my fave. yukine is portrayed better in the animu somehow. kotomi is best route, but the kyou route is full of feels. nagisa is fine, but i feel like i don't really relate to her or feel that much about her either.

Anonymous 4323


Higurashi is so much fun, gorls.

Anonymous 4356


I love Seiyuu Danshi!You're playing as a voice actor and you get to actually play the voicing acting parts. It's really nice

Anonymous 18025


Any non-porny (or not very porny) yuri vn recs, miners? All the yuri vns I see are made to cater to males and I'm trying to have a little lesbian moment that's closer to reality.

Anonymous 18026

ooh whats the BL aspects like?

Anonymous 18041

ebi-hime has a few yuri VNs I think

Anonymous 18047

Thank you! I started Blackberry Honey earlier today and it's pretty good. The art isn't the best but I still enjoy it.

Anonymous 18077

Kindred spirits on the roof, I havent even gotten halfway through it but its about a straight girl protagonist surrounded by lesbians

Maybe she becomes gay at the end I dunno, but its not about picking your relationships, its about the relationships of other characters

Anonymous 18084

I have it on steam, bought it a few years ago but never ended up playing it. Will try it tho, thanks.

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