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Cellphones Anonymous 265

Post phones, cute cases, etc!
Is your phone rooted?
I rooted mine to use more features, remove bloatware, and to replace the boot animation (the brand logo you see when you switch your phone on) with my own.

App thread: >>>/media/82

Anonymous 266

I use an iPhone 4s, but my mom is kindly buying me an iPhone 6plus or 7plus soon. I'm pretty excited, since my phone's battery has gone to shit and the screen is too small for some apps now. I jailbroke it once, just to try a few apps not available on the Appstore, but prefer the Appstore so un-jailbroke it (not sure what that is called).

I'd like to get a nice folio case for it, but not too expensive either.

Anonymous 272

I want to make a tacky (but totally cute) decoden case for my phone since I can't find any. Have you ever made one? Does it look good?
Thanks in advance.

Anonymous 273

disegno pressed re…

Real flower phone cases look neat, but make sure the flowers match your case color.

Anonymous 1222

I miss flip phones and phones in general with a physical keyboard. I don't want to get started on Apple's same shit with phones and not giving any good features for the overpriced garbage they give

Anonymous 1225



>I miss flip phones and phones in general with a physical keyboard

Anon, are you me? I hate touch keyboards so much, they really stress me out. Flip phones with physical 3x3 keyboard master race.

I've been looking for a flip android phone for forever, and they do exist, but they are way out of my budget. They are my dream phones, though.

Anonymous 1226


One of my exes had this phone, it was my first time using a smartphone and I still miss it. The keyboard was great and it was a nice solid brick without being too heavy or big.

SwiftKey makes typing on touchscreens easier and faster, but god, nothing compares to a physical keyboard and haptic feedback.

Anonymous 1227


I confess that I am not a big fan of qwerty keyboards (maybe I just have monster fingers, 'unno), but damn, this over touch keyboard anytime. And looks nice, too.

Anonymous 1228

To be fair, that phone is from 2009. But I'd also prefer T9 over many other options.

Anonymous 1231

this tutorial is very bad. these types of tutorials make a cheap end product that isn't going to hold up more than a month. i used to make them and they do look good if you know what you're doing. here's a few tips.

for sweets deco:
>choose all your pieces and put them on the case way before you even bring out glue or icing, use something like blue or white tack to stick them in the orientation you'd like them
>stick to one theme, whether it's color, food type or just things you like, it will look tacky, but in a more organized way

>don't use super glue, it will pop off

>don't use silicone (especially caulk), it gets dusty, wears down easily and will get stained easily

>piping is the most difficult part don't pipe a full line in one motion, and don't pipe straight up with out the correct tip like she does in the video, pipe to an angle, it will look automatically better

keep in mind, if you use premade plastic or firmo pieces it will be very heavy. you can try to find clay ones but they're usually handmade and pricey.

i can share some more tips etc if you'd like.

Anonymous 1232


+1 for missing physical keyboards. I despise touch screens for typing, I admit they're much more convenient for nearly everything else but I'm always losing my shit at typos and autocorrects and a bunch of other minor annoyances associated with touch screens.

I miss this particular phone like burning.

Anonymous 1234

yeah the typos are annoying, but seriously, anon just turn off autocorrect lmao. idk why people bitch about it but then never turn it off

Anonymous 1237


ntayrt but if I turn off autocorrect I make even more typos, honestly

Anonymous 1238

Autocorrect is bad but my typing is even worse without it

Anonymous 1244

I'm probably going to treat myself to a new phone soon! Anyone have any good suggestions? I'm looking for:

1. Good enough camera to take pictures for my blog with
2. Can play LLSIF without lag (low bar but my current phone has really small ram and can't)
3. Expandable storage
4. Preferably good battery life but this isn't a huge deal to me

Anonymous 1245

For an expandable storage you should get an android phone that can let you insert a memory card. I have a samsung galaxy A3 (released in 2016) or something like that and I put all my photos, videos, music and documents in my memory card so I can have more space for apps in the phone's memory. I don't think any iPhone can have memory cards, correct me if I'm wrong but you can only rely on your phone's memory if you get one.

My phone isn't so good for photos though. Sometimes photos look good, sometimes they look really blurry and the colors are all weird, regardless of how much I change the settings. My phone downloaded a update recently that messed up the settings of the camera app even more so now my photos are even uglier these days. A friend of mine has an android phone with a really good camera, it's not a samsung so I'll have to ask her for the brand or the model she owns. It might be an LG phone. I think iPhones take good photos but that's what I've been told by friends so I can't speak from my own experience.

I'm not sure I can help you with the other criteria, but if it can help for LL, my phone can run Fire Emblem Heroes without any problem. Try to see if you can get good phones for decent prices, some models are way more expensive than they should be just because of the brand.

Anonymous 1246

In terms of expandable memory, I'm willing to budge on it if I can just get it with a ludicrous amount of memory already (like with iphones)

I'm really impressed with the iphone 7 camera and I'm happy that it comes in <5" size because I have tiny girl hands, but I'm worried about how it will hold up, since I've heard that apple intentionally throttles old phones to make you want to buy a new one. Will it get really slow and annoying in a few years if I get an iphone?

Anonymous 1247


All the phones ive had have been LG and i'd recommend them.
I currently have an LG G5 SE, previously had a G4 that broke down because of factory defects, but otherwise was pretty good for the price.

They are releasing/have released a new one, V-some number, that is supposedly amazing and not overly expensive, but if you do not mind slightly older phones, the G5 is fantastic for games/camera.

I've had no lag problems at all even with demanding android games, it also doesnt overheat too much.
Pic related is a pic i took with my G5's camera on normal lighting conditions.

It has a very big expandable memory and you can even change the battery if it dies, which is pretty neat.

Also if you like emulating games, like psp or so on android with this one i had no lag in any of the psp games ive played on it.

Anonymous 1248


I'm looking to buy a phone that will be really good for many years to come, so I think it'd take some convincing for me to buy an old phone. Not really because I'm concerned with status or anything like that, but just because I feel like phone technology is moving pretty fast, so a few years from now a phone that's already kind of old today is probably going to feel ancient.

The other thing is I'm really willing to pay the extra dollars to get a phone that really gets it done. Like, if an extra $300 is the difference between a phone I can take great pictures with under the right conditions or a phone that I can get great pictures with pretty consistently with not too much thought put into it, I'm kind of in a place to treat myself to that right now.

On that note (hah, get it? Note?) I'm kind of starting to think about the galaxy note 8. The dual camera post-editing stuff looks super cool, and I think I'd get a lot of use out of the quick notes feature they have going with the pen. I'm not too concerned with the price because black friday is coming up and I'm not opposed to buying things used, but the biggest concern is the battery life. If I get a portable charger, am I likely to be okay with the small battery life? Or is that going to be a black mark that I'm constantly getting frustrated with?

Anonymous 1249

and also the size too. I'll need to go into a store and see whether I'm even able to use a phone so big. But it seems like <5" phones are pretty rare, so I might be stuck with the iphone if I decide to be stubborn about that.

Anonymous 2518


Sorry for necro but my charger is starting to get some cracks and performing like shit so I've been searching for a new one.
Found a samsung one (micro usb fast charge 2A) that has almost the same specs as the one I'm currently using (original LG G5 SE charger with fast charge) but I've seen on the internet that it's supposedly not good for a phone to use a different brand of charger because it fucks up the battery or some shit.
Is this true or a meme pushed by companies to spend more money on them? Should i try to find an original LG one?

Anonymous 21494

are there any good modern fliphones with the keypads? I really like them, but I dont want a cheap phone. just something that has the same capabilities of a regulars smartphone, but flipable and with a keypad.

Anonymous 21572

I have a 3x3 flip phone, it's not a smartphone but it has some modern features like voice to text, internet browser, predictive text. It has a 2 megapixel camera and its own selection of apps.
One specific app that stands out is that they remade Fruit Ninja for it for some reason and instead of using a touch screen, each fruit has a giant number stuck to it and you have to push the number's key to cut that fruit, it is ass to play and I got 0 fruits on my first try because it's really hard.
There's also Jetpack Joyride but with no cosmetics, no bg changing or scientists, only 2 types of lasers, and sometimes you fall through the floor which makes you unkillable until you fly back through the floor.
I don't remember why I have picked a flip phone, I have a really bad memory but I know I had a reason.
I wanted a cute one but could only find plain black ones for sale, I put some cute stickers on it though.

Anonymous 21624

I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S6 with LineageOS. I hate modern smartphones with a burning passion. Case is a thick black one because I drop my phone like twice per day. Don't care much about looks.

Anonymous 21627

I wish they still made phones small enough that I can reach with my thumb all 4 corners of the screen.

Anonymous 22294

How can I just buy a vintage hello kitty nokia
What model is it, how do i get my hands on it??
I hate smart phones. They're addicting insufferable timewasting pieces of crap. I need to throw mine in a LAKE. That is literally the perfect phone. Why would anyone need anything elseā€¦.??

Anonymous 22350

don't throw it away, clear it up and give it away please

Anonymous 23035

i actually have a blackberry KeyONE, i absolutely adore it. android OS, physical keyboard. i love it.
that's so cool, i'd love those

Anonymous 23036

phone goals.jpg

oops i hit post early, but here's the phone i'd like to own someday.

Anonymous 23244


even though it's a japanese phone and i probably wouldn't be able to use it properly, i really want to buy a cute docomo flip phone just for fun :]

Anonymous 23246

Just changed my phone for a fairphone recently, the launcher was shit so I downloaded a new one. I also discovered the joy of making my own widgets with KGWT. It's pretty fun

Hugh, same. The phones are so big now. I can't fit them in my pockets and I hate that.
A friend of mine use a blackberry and he told me it was working really well. I dunno about the price but there's still that for keyboards

Anonymous 23247

Ah, it looks so cute

Anonymous 23362


Phones are so fuckhuge these days and I'm sick of having to free up both hands to use mine. Kinda tempted to get something like pic related.

Why fairphone? Not judging just curious. And is it meeting your expectations?

Anonymous 23876

Different reasons. The whole etical aspect of the brand is really nice, the fact that I can just replace anything I want is pretty awesome too. But to be honest the main reason why I was looking into it was because I wanted a phone not made in China. But each brand I looked at that didn't make their phones in China was owned by whines investors. So fairphone was kind of the lesser of the two evil in a way.
Now that's it's been a while, I can say the battery life is OK, it really benefited from the change of launcher. Also changed the default photo app because it is also really bad. For the use I get out of it, it's a really nice phone, in all the reviews people talked about slow openings of app and I don't feel it at all but YMMV

Anonymous 29916

there's the Samsung Galaxy Folder 2, but that's import only.

Anonymous 30006


Indeed. Smart phones are huge and dumb computers. Small computers are the way.
I want the cyberdeck I was promised in the 80s.

Anonymous 30426


I don't care if it's a necro check out this phone, Docomo Q-Pot

Anonymous 30427


I think this phone is so cute! I'd love to own one like this.

Anonymous 30442


Too bad old phones don't work these days. You'd have to get one from Japan where flip phones are still popular.
It has to be 4G(LTE) or 5G.

Anonymous 30444

thats a good thing. 3G is insecure

Anonymous 30456


I wish my phone network had the 4G bands for Japanese phones…Their flip phones are sick.
I haven't heard of any flip phones with 5G functionality yet, even in the US. Are you familiar with any?

Anonymous 30468


I have this exact phone pictured here, in white. I love it because the buttons light up!

Anonymous 32005

that's so cool. i love it.

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