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Writers thread Anonymous 372

I'm the anon who wrote >>>/b/846 and I'm drunk again.

I hope to god there are better writers than me out here, so a thread!

Do any of you write? How did you start? Tips on how to combat writers' block or procrastination?

I have something that might be able to be fleshed out into a semi-interesting novella, but I just can't get over my embarrassment of looking back over it and adding shit to it.

I also suffer from "I write when I'm ~inspired~ syndrome". Just when it's been a while, I'm no longer inspired rip.

Anonymous 373

To add, I started by writing lame Naruto one shot fanfiction in middle school. Even back then I had multiple ideas for stories but could only handle short works.

Anonymous 379

d-does anyone else use wattpad

Anonymous 381

>>372 I literally just had a conversation about the post! I DESIRE YOUR FRIENDSHIP.

Writing is the only thing I've ever been sure/certain I'm good at. When I was about 10 my teacher plastered a story I wrote across the back of the classroom with annotations as too why it was goals AF essentially. I was very blush blush but it felt amazing. Similar experiences have happened, even though I went down completely different academic and career paths to writing. My lecturer the other day said I write "beautifully" even though it was a research assignment for comsci UwU

I have an idea for a novel but I just need to get around to writing it. I have very recently been told to check out writingprompts on Reddit to practice.

Let's all practice and cheer each other on!

>>379 I have it but I haven't posted on there yet. Totally just there for the smut ATM I'm not gonna lie…

Anonymous 385

Anons here are too kind, it wasn't really all that great.

I love writing kind of whimsy stuff like that though with real world inspirations. I'm feeling kind of motivated to take a look at my short story, thanks!

I've never heard of it before. What's it like? I'm always scared to share my stuff online because literary circles always come off as super elitist.

Anonymous 390

I've always wanted to start writing but it's hard because I'm ESL, and writing in my native language just sounds embarrassing/cringy. I've recently been doing some writing about things I'm passionate about and I'm really happy with how it turns out, I wish to one day be able to write fics or stories!

Anonymous 662

I started my novel! Hopefully it will turn out okay. I'm unsure what to do after it's finished… if I ever do finish it that is haha. There's an independent publishers near to me so maybe I'll take that route…?

Anonymous 663

Congrats anon! Keep us updated please!

Anonymous 668

Does anyone else write poetry but feel like it's too edgy and embarrassing? I don't think I suck at writing, I just think my life is too angsty.

Anonymous 669

I began writing way back in 4th grade. I'd write a lot of dumb nonsensical stories and in middle school I discovered fanfiction and began building actual plotlines. I write more original stuff now(and fanfics to circulate amongst friends for laughs) but I'm in college so I don't always have a lot of free time.

YES. I reread poems I wrote and feel like I'm 13 and end up throwing them out. Even if it's meant to be a goofy poem it still feels bad and I shred the paper.

Anonymous 670

My friends (and strangers, so I hope it's not just ass-kissing) tell me I have a way with words and always urge me to write. I sometimes write small drabbles about my life or experiences or analyses, I've contributed to kink memes many years ago, but I've never really finished anything longer. I have big plots for fanfictions and write scenes in my head but never type them out. Last year I got into a fandom I was really motivated to write for, but I only wrote the start and a middle part of my fic and will never continue. The only piece of writing I ever finished and published was a troll fanfic because I wanted to see if I could pull off impersonating different writers and I still get reviews and feedback on it but it feels bad that it was the least genuine thing I've ever written. Maybe I'll go into self-published literotica idk.

Anonymous 761

Update from >>662 here!

I started so positive but it had gone so dark by the end of the first chapter. What I wrote actually drove me to tears. It was so sad. I question my brain a lot sometimes. I've always been like this though… even as a kid stuff would just 0-100.

I feel confident though. I'm going to have some close friends read what I have already when I've polished it enough. I kinda have a vague idea of how to turn it into a trilogy of books too!

Excited but also nervous AF.

Anonymous 3667


Is anyone doing Nanowrimo this year? I'd consider making a thread if so.

Anonymous 3668

Can someone give me tips to turn into a good writer? I also want to practice my english in that way!

Anonymous 3669

>Read a lot
>Write a lot

Mostly do it consistently because the practice is what works, even if it means you slog through churning out garbage for a bit.
Also editing practices, but dunno what style you're going for.

Anonymous 3680

There's already a thread >>1455
Consider using it to garner interest!

Anonymous 4155


Pretty much nailed it.
You want to read as much as possible (especially so if English is your second language), but the best thing to do is just write and write and write.
But the important part is to then leave it a bit. An hour, a day, a week, however long, and then go back to look at it again and analyse it. Pick it apart a little bit and reword the bits that jump out at you.

As for simple tips there's one thing I always end up having to change up in books.
>Try not to repeat the same word too much in too-short a space.
This is especially bad in some fantasy and sci-fi novels I've edited, where there just arent many ways to say some particular thing. Its really noticable if a character is a mage and you end up getting a paragraph like

"Anon flung her hand out towards the thief, her fingers making a complex magical sigil as she summoned the magic to her. She felt a tingling spread from her fingertips, down her arm, across her chest and to her heart where all magic resides - and then it flashed outwards, a blue electric whiplash sending the man flying into the wall."
Stuff like magical / magic / magic showing up three times in this short bit will end up really standing out to people. It can happen with just about anything, this is just based on a recent example I bumped into a bunch.
One book had a fight between two mages which ended up only spreading across maybe two pages, but used the word magic about 3.4 zillion times.

I guess the other big thing to suggest is 'When writing dialogue, read it out aloud to yourself'.
A lot of people end up writing dialogue where people never use normal speech patterns - like never using contractions like can't or 'couldn't* and the like. It makes their characters all sound always formal, which isnt usually what you want at all.
Reading it aloud isn't always going to work, b ut in a lot of cases it'll help you iron out weird wrinkles in conversations!

Anonymous 4156

Ironic that I didnt proofread this carefully enough BUT OH WELL.

Anonymous 4158


Unrelated, but thank god I'm not the poly serial drunk poster.

Anonymous 4159


I meant to say "only," but the typo is too funny to delete.

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