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Anonymous 5958

What do you think happens after we die?
Have you ever had a near death experience?
Discuss death and the afterlife

Anonymous 5959

The afterlife topic is very interesting. I'd like to know more about reincarnation, I'm inclined to believe in it, although I don't think it's something automatic to everyone.
Also, there's already a couple of threads for discussing near death experiences.

Anonymous 5960


You just disappear and your consciousness fades into the abyss

Anonymous 5965

We are recycled back into the earth and sky. We become both nothing and yet we become everything.

Anonymous 5966

nothing as well

Anonymous 5967

Yes me too, i’m really fascinated with reincarnation and i think it’s what happens. A lot of NDE stories allude to it

Anonymous 5969

Fuck off scrote

Anonymous 5970

You're dead.

Anonymous 5971

Huh, never thought of it that way

Anonymous 5972

The simplest answer is usually the most correct.

Anonymous 5973

You’re dead when you die, revolutionary

Anonymous 5974

Trying to push for everything to be exciting and different and revolutionary instead of focusing on what's real is how you end up with trannies. You can keep your flying demons and your hellfire and your men in dresses. No thank you.

Anonymous 5975

No ones pushing for anything and i don’t even believe in the abrahamic hell you schizophrenic retard. calm down. People have their different beliefs about the afterlife. Consciousness and existing is weird and bizarre as it is, what’s wrong with thinking there’s another level of weird shit after it?

Anonymous 5997


my mom brought up a good point when I was talking to her about this earlier. She was saying that we aren't concerned or aware of where we are before life, so why is there so much fear about after life? This was making me think that we will either die with nothing, reincarnate with no memory or semblance of this life, or be somewhere so far away that we may as well not be ourselves (ex: high school can make you unrecognizably different, so an afterlife would be infinitely more indistinguishable). It's just comforting to think that there was an infinity of time before we were born equivalent to the infinity of time after we die, and both states are equally irrelevant to our state today. And if our life, which might as well be a fraction of a second in comparison to this infinity, really has a chance to land us in eternal punishment with no chance at redemption, then God would be cruel. This is why I think that even if there is a Christianity-like afterlife, the only way for God to be truly good is if there are chances for redemption after death that were maybe not revealed to us. Our modern understanding of an irredeemable hell either stems from the corruption of man or a corrupt God in my opinion, as the cruelty simply doesn't add up.

Anonymous 5999

You have to keep in mind that just about no one maintains any serious belief in a hopeless, "fire and brimstone" hell. I've talked to people who claim to and they typically get embarrassed and fold if you ask them a few basic questions about the implications of such a belief.

Even for Christians, hell is nothing more than a literary concept.

Anonymous 6007

Welp I mind find out soon. I'll keep you posted nonas!

Anonymous 6011

Lets meet on the other side

Anonymous 6044

Do you guys believe the whole "brain floods with DMT" thing

Anonymous 6047

What happens to fire after it dies? Is there a heaven, hell, or other form of afterlife for fire? When I snuff out a match, what happens?

Anonymous 6048

I haven’t looked into it but it explains the before death visions

Anonymous 6049

Fire goes to hell when it dies obviously

Heaven to us is what Hell is for fire. It's a paradise for fire sprites.

Anonymous 6116

I can't find it right now but there was some study that attempted to measure the amount of DMT in a cadaver and there isn't enough to cause hallucinations so all that's left in a material sense for a theory is the process of brain cells dying slowly causing a sort of short circuit glitch or something like that.

Anonymous 6128

What happens to the radio broadcasting station if you smash your radio?

Anonymous 6174

>What do you think happens after we die?

Nothing. Everything just returns to what it was like before you were born. I don't really believe in an afterlife since I'm not religious. Well, only as a sense of comfort for my loved ones that have passed and that bad people, who managed to get away being bad their whole lives, actually have somewhere they go to get punished. I guess those are just the reasons most people want to believe in an afterlife, though.

>Have you ever had a near death experience?

I don't think so. Several times I've been almost hit by a car and miracly survived each time but it wasn't any kind of out-of-body death experience. It did convince me there must be some kind of spritiual power / guarding angel-things out there though. That's just happened to me too often to be a coincidence. I should have turned into a vegetable by now, but the cars would stop just inches away from me every single time and I would be completely unscathed. Other than the last time it happened, when the car did manage to slightly hit my leg and I had to limp on my way to school. Still wasn't a serious injury though because I managed to activate some kind of cat-like resources to dodge edge of the fucking car right as it was pulling up.

Anonymous 6200

i believe in reincarnation. it sucks that we’ll probably never truly know what happens. western society puts too much of a negative emphasis on death though. maybe people would be a little less scared if we approached death differently.

Anonymous 6201

DMT experiences also differ a lot from NDEs. The only thing they usually have in common is an out of body feeling.

Anonymous 6207

Woah mind… blown…

Anonymous 8317

i kind of think it's better that we don't know. if people knew what happened after death, they would either give up/become apathetic if it was just nothingness, or if there was some otherworld, try to manipulate the dead for their own personal gain. we can't just leave things alone, always got to fuck it up somehow.

but on the other hand, i don't think when we die we just disappear but at the same time i don't think everyone continues on/reincarnates. i have my suspicions that you get a "choice" what happens to you and sometimes i think some people just choose not to reincarnate. personally, i've had some weird experiences like dreams that suggest maybe i've lived more than one life, and i've dreamed of people i've known coming to see me again to let me know they are still "alive", but at the same time…i just don't know, so i try not to worry about it too much.

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