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Screenshot 2023-04…

uncanny/weird sites thread Anonymous 8858

/x/ removed uncanny sites ?? i cannot find…
send links i nedd

Anonymous 8861

If it was removed it was for a reason so why would you make this thread
(but it wasn't you are just a tard who can't use the catalogue)

Anonymous 9520

no retard they removed it from /x/ the other link is just everything the old site thread was ONLY for uncanny sites. I miss it ;-(

Anonymous 9534


Anonymous 9536


Very interesting website must see for all.

Anonymous 9542

wanted to know what гороуна is, now know that i'm uneducated in my own culture


Anonymous 9547

it's ok нона i'm not very well versed in slavic culture too but it's interesting

Anonymous 9671

isn't picrel LHOHQ?

Anonymous 9973

Anonymous 9975

this is a strange one…

Anonymous 10153


i love mouchette ♡ i'd specifically recommend this:
idk why but it isn't on the website anymore but this is one of my favorite things ever

Anonymous 10157

i always wanted to email the posters who left poetry on that page with their email attached but i never knew what i would say

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