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I want to start worshipping Gods Anonymous 9680

Does anybody else here worship the Greeks? How do you get started? Do I just make an altar and start praying? Can an altar be anything?

Anonymous 9683

check this thread since it has some links that could be useful
I would start with reading material on the worship of the deity you're drawn to. Some deities were worshiped in different ways so it wouldn't make sense to treat them all the same just because they come from the same pantheon. Some of them may be better for a relaxed approach while others might require a very structured form of worship.

Anonymous 9695

Read things like Homer and other works from that time for an idea how people saw the gods and how they fit into their daily lives.

You might find Helen of Troy by Bettany Hughes interesting too as it goes into detail about how Helen of Troy was worshiped as a sort of god.

Anonymous 9697

The first poster has it right, usually not all of the Gods and Goddesses were worshipped simultaneously or the same, especially the Greek ones. They were often divided into "cults" (not like how we define cult today) and had different means of worship. So you might want to choose the few you want to worship first and then study how their cults worshipped them. Usually with specific offerings.

Anonymous 9708

a highly useful resource, it's been inactive for a couple years, but still the best blog I know of on this subject. the author is a lesbian, apparently.

Anonymous 9972

Why do you want to worship the Greek gods?

Anonymous 9983

Literally no reason. It's a stupid impulse.

Anonymous 9996

Might I suggest just try sending love and appreciation towards a creator God? Or at least not the Greek/Roman gods cause they hate women and all stories are of them being assholes. No need for rituals or anything, just take a moment to send a thanks for life and your blessings and then wish for whatever you want from specific to general sending of help or easing of burdens. I find a personal connection is nicer than the rigid rituals of old and just freely asking for things has gotten them for me. Granted I haven't asked for anything too crazy but they happen from me finding a killer new phone deal the day mine broke (phone I wanted that's not even sold in my country), to consistently catching buses when normally I have shit bus luck now that I pray before leaving, and a freak situation happened which saved me from an ex I was too scared to leave making him leave for me while I kept everything after he'd done stuff to ensure I couldn't have rights to my things.
If you're looking to fill your worship hole and get things honestly I feel praying to the Creator is the best option and on the right track cause shit does happen. I got a friend to try and they're experiencing the same wave of good things and wishes granted so it's not just me being crazy from what I can tell. Meanwhile I know I ranted at Zeus and the others as a small child reading the stories and nothing happened so honestly I think they're a dead end spiritually. Plus they're all dicks

Anonymous 9998


I'm sure you can get creative, seeing how these Gods are no longer a coherent religion, but romanticized relics of the past.

An idea would be to look into what other people who worship a certain god/dess do. If you'd like something handy and quick to orient yourself how to honor a god, here's a fantastic blog that has handy cheat sheet guides how to approach every Olympian god and more minor deities. It's got interesting details but is still concise.


Picrel is an example sheet on Artemis from the same blog. Devotional acts are, I assume, the best way to show worship. Fortunately, this doubles as self-improvement in the name of your god or goddess, so you can't lose even if you abandon your interest in Greek deities. May you pick the most suited patron for what's best in your interest. Best of luck anon!

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