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Lolcow Bunker Thread 4- didn't think it'd last this long Anonymous 177135

>no updates
>speard love

Anonymous 177136

Who did I call a tranny? Did you respond to the wrong post? Is the thread in schizo hours now? I knew it had to happen. Oh nvm
This is because all twitterfags get triggered by transphobia, like you seem to be right now. Be blessed. I'll still compliment attractive women.

Anonymous 177137


Anonymous 177140

Yeah, I'm on /OT/ pretty often and I've never seen her posted. I think some s need to take a break off LC if they can recognize her and the people that post her that quickly.

It's gotta be someone self hating because I've seen this argument so many times. It's always newfags too, because back in 2019 no one gave a shit. Feels like it's former Twitterfags trying to blend in by tone policing.

My thing is, it wasn't always this insufferable. Within the last 2 years it seems like every other post is someone bitching about proper imageboard lingo, like do you see what you're typing? You're online too often if it actually annoys you. Going full autist whenever someone steps out of what you deem proper chan lingo will not keep Twitterfags out

(Just posting this because the other thread locked and I had more shit to say. See y'all on lolcow)

Anonymous 177141

before anyone goes back tell me who this >>177100 is thanx

Anonymous 177142

Bye CC anons! Eventually when LC goes down again, we will be back to terrorize you again!

Anonymous 177143

>My thing is, it wasn't always this insufferable. Within the last 2 years it seems like every other post is someone bitching about proper imageboard lingo, like do you see what you're typing? You're online too often if it actually annoys you. Going full autist whenever someone steps out of what you deem proper chan lingo will not keep Twitterfags out
You're right, I'm 100% too lazy to minimod and I might wince when lsafags/zoomer newfags start saying "it's giving" but I really can't be bothered to point it out kek
See you too n0na.

Anonymous 177144

>free speech friendly
>gets sent to hell

Anonymous 177146

My husbando Piers from Pokemon.

Anonymous 177147

fuck off to twitter

Anonymous 177149


>make a post in the tinfoil thread
>some normie screenshots my post and laughs at it
>a couple of other anons join in
just. LEAVE ME ALONE. I hate normies so much. No, it wasn't about the vaccine or jews and this happened a while back. Why do they visit that thread anyway.

Anyway, thanks, CC. Bye /b/ janny.

Anonymous 177151

he's beautiful. cya on the other side n.nnies bye

Anonymous 177152


Anonymous 177155

Anonymous 177157

wtf sorry. Ok bye now!

Anonymous 177163

Please promise some of you will come here on cc sometimes to visit us

Anonymous 177176


Anonymous 177177


Of course n0na I love cc despite the rivalry

Anonymous 177197



Anonymous 177202


y'all really filled the last thread with your husbandos… I can't hate it.

Anonymous 177204


Anonymous 177212

They are so fucking annoying tho

Anonymous 177213

this place is pretty cozy, i'll be back

Anonymous 177215

cutest post on cc

Anonymous 177216

I'm sure some of us will. See you later CC-chans ♥

Anonymous 177217

>oh lolcow is back up! yay
>go to Shayna’s thread
>she wore a too-small-for-her miniskirt and no underwear to the airport

I want to go back.

Anonymous 177221

that's the thing. like what are we supposed to do, let the sites we love go to shit? ik minimodding is bad but when i see
>it's giving
it makes me a-log. I need to go to a monastery and forget the internet, it's been dead for a long time.

Anonymous 177298

jeez louise and on my lunch break too?

Anonymous 177299

damn again

Anonymous 177300


We all share your pain

Anonymous 177302


Anonymous 177303

nvm it's up again. And the first image I'm greeted by is Nikacado Avacados dick

Anonymous 177305

>sees avocados dick
>continues eating
you can't break me, nothing can

Anonymous 177310

>sees nikocado

Anonymous 178131


It's down completely. I had to make sure it wasn't just me typing in the address wrong in my morning retardation

Anonymous 178133

I don’t recall seeing this error message before

Anonymous 178136

it brokey

Anonymous 178137

Anonymous 178138

It works for me.

Anonymous 178139

Admin said that at some point they would be changing servers. The error I get is “server cannot be found” so it could be that

Anonymous 178140

Sorry meant to reply to>>178131

Anonymous 178142

Guess whose back? Back again, guess whose back?

Anonymous 178144


Most devastating lc offline event of 2022 like and reshareif you survived

Anonymous 178145

Nevermind site is working see ya later needs (hopefully not until next month's bunker thread)

Anonymous 178146


Anonymous 178147

no it's not you liar

Anonymous 178148

Deep sighs

Anonymous 178149

Wtf it stopped.

Anonymous 178153

You jinxed it

Anonymous 178156

I was refreshing thinking my internet was just playing up, dammit

Anonymous 178158

its working for me now

Anonymous 178161

Lucky. It's still down for me.

Anonymous 178162


I hope it's that….
It's working for some nonas, but it's still broken on my end.
I'm looking for cute pixel art in the meanwhile

Anonymous 178165


Uh, it's working for me but only on my phone, I tried 4 different browsers on my laptop and all of them gave me a conection error for LC. Hope it comes back soon, the threads I participate in have been pretty active since yesterday.

Unrelated, but I'm playing P5 for the first time and I dunno how the text when you give Ryuji a gift & when you firt meet Goro is like in the english version, but the spanish localization made it sound gay af lmao

Anonymous 178170

It's never that. They just use that as an excuse to cover.

Anonymous 178171


I just want to say I'm thankful to CC miners for always giving us a place to stay in these times. Love you. ♥

Anonymous 178179

Is it blocked on vpns? I'm not using one and i can still access the site

Anonymous 178180

Fuck it, i had it for 5-7 minutes and back to nothing agaun

Anonymous 178181

Is lolcow coming to an end

Anonymous 178183

gotta love the no communication

Anonymous 178184

Wtf its still down for me, is it because im an eufag?

Anonymous 178186

Not for me. I hope they aren't banning VPNs.

Anonymous 178187


Damn I wanted to see the reactions to this tweet on the leftcows thread

Anonymous 178188

Damn, LC is down again? That admin is so fucking incompetent

Anonymous 178192

samefag it brokey again

Anonymous 178197


Anonymous 178200

samefag it works now. yay brokey lc

Anonymous 178209

Damn, LC giving us intermittent reinforcement….

Anonymous 178225

Now it's not working for me with or without a VPN. Wtf is going on

Anonymous 178228

Kf is down again too. Related to lc this time?

Anonymous 178229

KF is working for me just fine

Anonymous 178230

kf and lc arent related at all, lc uses cloudflare

Anonymous 178231

No i meant related as in maybe the troons caused this

Anonymous 178233

NTA but I dont think so, LC has been acting funky earlier this week too

Anonymous 178235

What the heck is going on with lolcow

Anonymous 178236

works for me now but will prob disappear 2 minutes later lol

Anonymous 178241

>crypto woman

Anonymous 178246

…and like clockwork

Anonymous 178254


Jesus Christ I just want to shitpost on /ot/. Why does this shit keep happening. First there was that weird error a week ago where no one could post, now we've got some kind of DNS issue. I can't tell if it's because trannies are DDOSing the farms, or because the site is held together with fucking duct tape and paperclips. Is it really that hard to find a code monkey that isn't a scrote/tranny? Good grief.

Anonymous 178262

Judging from previous fuckups, I'm guessing it is the latter. Remember when /m/ imploded suddenly and then they never managed to fix it?

Anonymous 178266

Guys what are some free vpns that aren't banned on 4chan? I think one of my retarded neighbours got the entire area rangebanned so neither my wifi or data works.

Anonymous 178271

It's annoying as shit that everyone in the area pays for one retard. I only use some game threads there.

Anonymous 178272

it's back up now I think s!

Anonymous 178273

None, they're all blocked on 4chan. Just wait a day, these rangebans usually get lifted.

Anonymous 178274

It's probably because you have a dynamic IP (same with OP). In which case it's not necessarily your neighbor, but someone somewhere around your city.

Anonymous 178281


Oh lol my mistake

Anonymous 178283

nta but it's always weird when i post on 4chan and it says i am banned, and then it's like "your ban expires in 2017, now that you have seen this message you are not banned anymore", i dont know why i find it funny but going from wtf! to oh never mind is quite a rollercoaster.

Anonymous 178286

the rangeban for my data has been like that for months now, I don't think that ones going away. And its annoying as fuck since I rarely used to post at home on wifi

Anonymous 178288


LC gone again, when will the pain end

Anonymous 178291

It's still here, just not accessible from a vpn or a mobile network. Idk why they did that, no explanation as usual

Anonymous 178293

I'm accesing thru a computer and no VPN, I think it just hates me.

Anonymous 178295

same anon

Anonymous 178303

It's down for you guys too, right? It was going on and off for me earlier, now it's just off.

Anonymous 178304

it's on for me now, when it has been off for me this whole time

Anonymous 178305

why do you guys use vpns for lc? just a habit?

Anonymous 178306

Down for me

Anonymous 178308

and it just went down again

Anonymous 178309

I only use a vpn + private tab if I'm about to type something embarrassing or really sexual. Admittedly it doesn't happen really often. I can't help but imagine a mod reading my post history that includes my masturbation habits kek

Anonymous 178310

It's so weird that it was up for some and down for others. A farmhand said they have to keep stuff about updates secret to protect the site or whatever, but I honestly don't believe all the downtime has to do with the site update anymore.

Anonymous 178311

Just in case a dedicated or crazed janny wants to track me down and ask for my hand in marriage

Anonymous 178314

I don't anymore so all my retardation is up for jannies to see. I use to use Opera so I could be cringe in peace kek

Anonymous 178316

i really filter out what i write, i have a reputation to upkeep with the jannies you know. only think keeping me from going full retard is the fact im too lazy to get a vpn

Anonymous 178317

Jannies have no room to judge though, they literally do it for free

Anonymous 178321

Oh wow i'm completely vulnurable over there kek I'm sure a mod could track back my first post up until most recently if she wanted to. Admin said she'd ban them all with the site upgrade right?

Anonymous 178322

oh thank fuck it's back

Anonymous 178323

Kek I don't use any VPN hope the farmhands don't find my husbandos trash
I posted about my fetishes too… Oh well, at least I am not a furry or footfag

Anonymous 178324

>Oh wow i'm completely vulnurable over there kek
I have this straight up retarded "what if" in my head, what if I become a mod one day and the other mods laugh at my silly posts? I'm not even interested in becoming a janny or a mod, nor do I have the time for it kek

Anonymous 178325

>still not working
You lied to me, nona… You lied to me.

Anonymous 178326

it works for me sorry nonnerz

Anonymous 178328

Kek what was her name

Anonymous 178330

I live in a small country that I'm pretty sure no one else who frequents LC lives in, and I don't want to be tracked by jannies. I remember Oldmin had a fixation on knowing what individual users would post, and it even got to the point where she'd think VPN posts were by the same users. I just don't trust any of that, even if all my posts are mundane. It almost feels like the site is too small and tight-knit to truly be anonymous if you're not using a proxy or VPN or something.

Anonymous 178332

>Oldmin had a fixation on knowing what individual users would post
Woah that sounds weird as fuck

Anonymous 178333

This is still so odd to me. We never got our old /m/ threads back. Admin said she would fix it and then just ignored it. What kind of spaghetti code are we dealing with?

I’m an oldfag and I just remember how important it was that every thread would be properly archived. That’s the whole thing with lc, unlike 4chan we keep every single thread. Still salty about years of /m/ content not being in the catalogue

Anonymous 178334

The thing is… it would've been okay if she just said afterwards that its impossible/difficult to fix and let us know but instead we got… nothing?

Anonymous 178337

Ngl I wonder why admin hasn't done anything about romaniachan or pakichan who frequently shit up threads. Even a perma ban would help.

Anonymous 178338

romanianon got banned a million times, she's computer savvy enough to use a vpn

Anonymous 178339

Yeah exactly, I can’t stand it. I’m still so chocked that the previous admin chose her? A part of me doesn’t believe that we don’t have a single anon who knows how to code and would like to be an admin.

Anonymous 178340

Which vpn is safe for LC?

Anonymous 178341

Was in the middle of writing a post on the celebricows thread and I thought my internet crapped out on me. Ugh

Anonymous 178343

was she also the anon who posted about wanting to sell nudes on onlyfans recently in the vent thread?

Anonymous 178344

oh wow i actually got in for once after trying all morning, lets see if it lasts

Anonymous 178345

I was jk i dont use a vpn im too lazy

Anonymous 178346

tbh I think it's more than just 'nona that needs to code' from previous posts it seems like nona has a small group/team that does front end back end and sysops stuff.

Anonymous 178347

Just went to check, definitely reads like her kek

Anonymous 178348

Still doesn't work for me. Sigh.

Anonymous 178349

it just stopped working for me. i'm gonna go do some chores. and im hungry

Anonymous 178351

i wish i was wasting away on lc reeee

Anonymous 178354

i think its gone for good this time……..

Anonymous 178355

Take care, anon.
Don't say that as CC probably doesn't have much time left either.

Anonymous 178356

Where did all the s go this place is pretty slow

Anonymous 178357

I think because the site still works for some anons.

Anonymous 178358

Oh my bad I didn't know what word was muted here.
>Where did all my anontachi go?*

Anonymous 178359

nvm im back eating beans in tomato sauce and waiting fore your response

Anonymous 178360

No one? >>178340

Anonymous 178361

…. she said every time lc goes down

Anonymous 178362

yoda is that you

Anonymous 178363

I use riseup although it hasn't been working today

Anonymous 178366

Don't say that, noner. Manifesting that lolcow will return soon

Anonymous 178367

How comfy. I just had chili with beans myself yesterday, but today I had pizza rolls.
Sorry anon, I would help you, but I don't use one. Only sometimes so I can't really recommend one.

Anonymous 178368

I am pretty bored, I thought about making moids seethe on 4chan but I don't want to waste my time on the Y chromosome

Anonymous 178369

maybe well actually get the new themes after this and stuff

Anonymous 178370

>rangebanned on 4ch
>lolcow down
>cc seems dead
>not a fujo or kpoppie
Uh… where do I go?

Anonymous 178372

God don't remind me Shaymin just…practically deleted a whole board. It's almost comical to me. Can you imagine the backlash if she did that with /snow/? (yes I know all the /m/ threads still exist somewhere but that just tells me it shouldn't be that hard to fix)

Anonymous 178374

>not a fujo or kpopper
are you telling me that there is a board for those two things?
>t. fujo and kpopfag

Anonymous 178376

I sure hope so.
Nta but yes lmfao where have you been, silly.

Anonymous 178377

Soz anon I just want to stay protected now
Not working because of LC site issues?
No worries

Anonymous 178379

Anonymous 178380

>doesn't know the secret gaypop board

Anonymous 178382

god bless you, nona. I only know lc, 4chan and cc kek
I mean there is my countries' imageboard but they are only a place for pedo incels to gather around

Anonymous 178384

>Not working because of LC site issues?
Yeah that, usually it works just fine. And it's completely free

Anonymous 178385

It's okay, anon. I hope you enjoy exploring.

Anonymous 178388

Alright ty anon I'll try it once things hopefully go back to normal

Anonymous 178389

oh but dreamchan seems cozy thank you even though i'm ntayrt

Anonymous 178391

My VPN is always on it wouldn't make sense to turn it off for individual websites.

Anonymous 178393

And which vpn is that

Anonymous 178396

Does it matter? I only have it on because I dick around on my phone while connected to my employer's wifi so literally any would do

Anonymous 178399

I'm asking for myself, I want to try using them

Anonymous 178401

Gues whose back?Back again, guess whose back?…wish I wasn't

Anonymous 178402

Private internet access because I bought a long subscription when it was on sale but I'm switching to mullvad when it expires

Anonymous 178407

Anonymous 178414

I have no idea how VPNs work and at this point I'm too afraid to ask

Anonymous 178417

Feeling very lonely without lc. I'm gonna have to go to bed early and distract myself with a book or manga or something

Anonymous 178420

Do tell us what you end up reading please.

Anonymous 178432

Having an awful say, I just want to waste time on Lolcow. Getting real frustrated with all the site issues lately.

Anonymous 178435

Me too, I've been in a bad mood and I just wanted to laugh with some shitposts on LC.

Anonymous 178438

I'm on my period and was really looking forward to posting on /m/.

Anonymous 178442

Are other anons posting too?

Anonymous 178445

the vpn issue is because of a certain group of people, those ''people'' also had the police on them again.
Do the crime, do the time.

Have fun either rotting in jail or getting officially registered as a sex offender. Now id like to still see you spam lol.

Anonymous 178446

do we have a live laugh lolcow banner

Anonymous 178448

nta and i'm not on a vpn and anons are posting

Anonymous 178454

Im on mobile and no vpn, it has been working for a while on my end

Anonymous 178456


they are posting kshhhk i repeat nonas are posting

Anonymous 178467


Got my hopes up, I tried firefox and duckduckgo on my phone and still nothing. Retarded question but could it be a regional thing?

Anonymous 178470


Lucky for them.

Anonymous 178480

maybe. eurofag here and it's working for me

Anonymous 178494


Have any of the jannies said anything in /meta/ or /ot/?

Anonymous 178498


Anonymous 178499

lol no. maybe some on in the dumbass shit thread will be redtexted with an explanation in a few days

Anonymous 178503

kek true why is it that the dumbass shit thread is the first thread for news and updates?

Anonymous 178504

for shits and giggles. no other explanation

Anonymous 178516

based tbh

Anonymous 178520

I tinfoil that one of them is a regular poster there. I remember a farmhand posting (with the farmhand trip on and everything) in an old dumbass shit thread from months ago too answering some other anon's question.

Anonymous 178528

kekkk any caps of that existing out there?

Anonymous 178532

Can't get any now cause I forgot the thread number but it was probably earlier this year or maybe last year.

Anonymous 178543

i found it. it was from october last year. they're just like us

Anonymous 178547


now i wanna see what was going on in the vent thread at the time kek let's see

Anonymous 178560

Woah where did she post the history of manifesto chan, and why?

Anonymous 178567

Which VPNs do you use vpn anons? i used mine for awhile (and always use it whenever i make new cow threads, i get oddly paranoid about it) but i've stopped using it for overall posting cause it really heats up my computer

Anonymous 178577

I have a yearly subscription for Norton and they have their own VPN so I just use that

Anonymous 178581

Mtf dump that got deleted and to share manifesto Chans words as a set.

Anonymous 178852

Not much to elaborate on. It's exactly how it sounds. If you gave her a hard time or criticised her, she'd reference your post history as a flex / threat. Don't need to be an oldfag to know about it, she was doing it over the past couple of years.

Anonymous 178869

Was the creepshow reveal worth it in the end

Anonymous 179876

Iz wowcow down for yew tew??

Anonymous 179877

Anonymous 179878

lolcor wont even load for me.

Anonymous 179880

same, i feel like its been more frequent these past few weeks

Anonymous 179881

Hmm this happened last Monday to hmmm

Anonymous 179882

not again kek what the fuck are they doing

Anonymous 179884


Not again…

Anonymous 179885

download (10).png

Now who has been making fembot threads on /r9k/ and what tard used Cece image (I know thats from here not lc)

Anonymous 179886



Anonymous 179889

Blaine was gone for like 2 weeks and the rumor was that he was on the psych ward. He showed up a few times and is still annoying (and CP got posted agan) but his posting style is sort of the same but much calmer, I think he got medicated there. Hopefully for his sake he keeps taking them but this is sort of a pattern with him. The fact that CP got posted though shows that it's not something he does when he is all fucked up and manic but something that is cold and calculated. What a disgusting human being.

Anonymous 179890


What’s up taking a fat dump rn while we are gathered in the school gym for this drill

Anonymous 179891

Kek I'm posting from the shitter too

Anonymous 179893


I mostly read lc on my work breaks or during my terlet time

Anonymous 179894


Kek but honestly ..

Anonymous 179895

kek i wonder how the anon who posted that image feels

Anonymous 179896


I am a SAHM Stacey so have more time to dedicate to shitposting than I'd like to admit lol

Anonymous 179897

Lol who is this?

Anonymous 179898

NAYRT but it’s a meme, I think the original says someone took the stairs going up to his house with a picture haha

Anonymous 179899

>sahm Stacy
Is that your child then?

Anonymous 179901

Kek are you saying he was posting CP from the psych ward for his 15 minute phone breaks

Anonymous 179902

No I'm saying when he was back and calmer Blaineposting in the kf thread CP somehow managed to appear at the exact same time like it always does.

Anonymous 179903

My youngest lol

Anonymous 179904

Oh, well yeah, he's a pedophile

Anonymous 179905

I love her/him
Also we back guys! (Kind of slow)

Anonymous 179907

I feel like the pedophile troon is itt, why else would he be mentioned? I had already forgotten he existed.

Anonymous 179913

I know some s like to bring him up but again as he has documented history of falseflagging / being self centered and inserting himself into ANYTHING I wouldn’t doubt it

Anonymous 179917

I'm the anon who wrote the post about him being on the psych ward and not him obviously lol, he got brought up by another anon speculating it was him posting on /r9k/. He has a very distinctive typing attle that he can't even suppress when samefagging. Personally I doubt he is here rn but wouldn't be shocked at all if he turns up shortly. That fucker needs to be banned from life but I hope at least soon he gets his devices seized and consequently winds up in a MALE prison.

Anonymous 179918

+typing style I hate phone posting


Site's back!

Anonymous 179937


We are not your bunker. Go somewhere else

Anonymous 179944

Based. They aren't welcome here.

Anonymous 179950

You late as hell

Anonymous 179951

Janny can delete the thread if they think otherwise

Anonymous 179952

And what will you do about it kek
I have been posting in CC and LC for 2 years & both of them got shitty people, this is pot calling the kettle

Anonymous 182444

I accidentally made a thread because I forgot about this one, oops.

Anonymous 182450

Rip lc anyway going to go take a piss lemme know when it’s back up

Anonymous 182453

I'm going to cry please please please don't be true….

Anonymous 182455

What are you farmers up to this fine Thursday evening? I can't believe lolcow is dead again, any ideas as to why this time?

Anonymous 182458

what happened to that site upgrade anyway

Anonymous 182460

I think anons should collectively ask on /meta/ because it's literally been a year ever since the promise, but in the end, all they got was an absent admin with unfixed /m/ and no changes, moderation that barely works, etc.

Anonymous 182463


I mentioned this in the tinfoil thread but has anyone else noticed increased CPU usage while browsing LC? Ever since the last down time my computer locks up and my CPU usage spikes to 100%. Is Shaymin mining Bitcoin or something?

Anonymous 182466

Lc used to be cool but it’s been kinda stinky recently, also I think cc was conceived after lc so maybe that’s why. I just started using cc a couple months ago and I’ve been on lc since 2017

Anonymous 182467

Kek omfg can anyone find that out. That would be kind of hilarious but I notice LC does load slowly sometimes for me

Anonymous 182469

i literally forget cc's existence while using lc and other sites. then when i'm here for bunker threads i always think "huh, maybe i should come here more often"

Anonymous 182471

only if i open the catalog, but normally no.

Anonymous 182473

Wtf did my Chris Pratt thread get deleted

Anonymous 182477

Goodmorning sunshunes

Anonymous 182481

What other sites do you use? Im stuck in a cycle of LC, Reddit, and Youtube and I want to break free

Anonymous 182483

To be honest, at this point where LC is so wobbly in the stabilization department and utterly shit in the communications department I wouldn't be adverse to users from LC merging onto CC if CC is a better alternative, at least CC seems more stable though I'm curious about how often mods/jannies will interact with the userbase and do their jobs in comparison CC to though I think at this point anything is better than what LC has been doing as of late.
It's not fair, I just want a website with a predominantly woman userbase without males or males pretending to be women as that shit is hard to find in this day in age unless you set up a private community with intense vetting. The only thing I can think of is GirlsChannel but that's primarily in Japanese.

Anonymous 182485

nta but reddit gets worse and worse, i never go there anymore, what do you get out of it?

Anonymous 182487

new rumor Shaymin is mining shaycoin on your computers

Anonymous 182489

I'm not sure how the mods are here because I only come over sometimes, there has been cp posted that stayed up for quite a while, but that also sometimes happen on LC, there is also degenerate moid living here and spamming his fetish, but I guess that also happens on LC. I see no snarky comments by mods, dunno if that is a pro or a con for you.

Anonymous 182491

If it depends on my outdated notebook, she'll remain poor forever.

Anonymous 182492

every first of the month the site goes down, Admin aint paying her bills

Anonymous 182493

LC is older and it's primary draw was the drama boards for /cgl/ fags from 4chan when moot banned pt discussion so it already had a user base.

I agree even though as a shaytard I would miss /snow/. I've always tried to be supportive of whatever admin LC has had because I know that moderating an image board is difficult. With Shaymin it's hard because she never communicates and there's a lot of bullshit permabans being given out.

I'd mine it.

Anonymous 182494

I wanted to see the anime rec spreadsheet, does anyone have a link?

Anonymous 182497

Wait really? Is this true, I thought it was a coincidence.

Anonymous 182499

so there's a new fat boy in my king sized bed…I'm over it. It's safe to say it in the bunker thread

Anonymous 182501

Kek honestly. I think they said they were trying to find a new payment method
>tinfoil shayna really is Admin and she also is begging for money as “”””””rent””””””is due

Anonymous 182502

i will second this tinfoil because its hilarious

Anonymous 182503

Anonymous 182504

what the actual fuck, i was just about to post this.
>Site is always funny at the first of the month
>claims to be a "Fan" of Shayna
>Always trying to stop the fun in Shayna thread
>Never around because busy

Anonymous 182505

I want this plot twist.

Anonymous 182508

I don't look at my CPU, but I don't notice it being slower than usual. Maybe there's a possibility that shaymin some backend updates that could be making the site slower, but I doubt there's been any updates to the site at all.

Anonymous 182511

Everytime the sites down it's because Josh is using it to power the kiwifarms.

Anonymous 182512

no Josh is with Drakechan shayna is the admin and she has bought too many cheemsburgers and went to a Lizzo concert

Anonymous 182513

I heard before that we only have one janny and admin and that's why stuff xy garbage stays up for hours.

Anonymous 182514

DrakechanXJosh is on a offical break. As I said, there's a new fatboy in the king sized bed with me in my brain. Josh is cute but..I'm over it.
I guess it was the whole, "Let me protect my swamp from the troons, let me protect my ladies on my swamp site" that got to me.
Anyway, I truly am buying that Shayna or Ellen is the new admin.
Who knows it could be fucking Fupaul

Anonymous 182515

Joke's on you, CC was made by a farmer and the initial userbase was all farmers. CC is a spin-off of LC which is a spin-off of /cgl/.
Because lc was made for gossip, so a lot of people from other places and even outside imageboards post on it. Meanwhile CC is just another super niche altchan that barely anyone knows except for some people on other imageboards.

Unrelated but just now when I typed "imageboard" on my G-board I got "ImageFap" as a suggestion. I'm fucking repulsed

Anonymous 182516

I really hope the administration there starts handing out harsher bans for people and obvious reddit/twitter/tiktokfags. Anything to clean it up.

Anonymous 182517


>shaysanity shaynatorium was closed down

Anonymous 182518

Your phone is a nasty scrote nony. Burn it

Anonymous 182519

Some of the long time posters in the Shay threads have also received permabans recently.

What if Shaymin is Josh and the reason we don't get any communication is because he knows he can't disguise his typing style. It's no secret that he wants to own LC.

Anonymous 182520

i got laughed at once for saying this but i have been banned and told to "intergrate" , sometimes I do wonder if the farmhands check/know how long someone has been there. Surely they see my posts right??

Anonymous 182521

I don't think he actually wants to own LC. He owned an imageboard before and said he doesn't want to again.

Anonymous 182522

To be honest with how lc is right now there is no point for him to own it. Unless he wants a majority female user base and he took over it’d get flocked by kiwi moids or something. It wouldn’t be successful, it would never be LC in the end

Anonymous 182524

what the fuck, snapchat anon got banned for saying she wanted to take the site. Then Shayna's snap chat gets banned..what the fuck.

Anonymous 182525

I said it. Coincidence? I think not. If someone had the Charlie Day Elsie pls put in lolcow and shayna in the back of it thanks

Anonymous 182526

he has the beauty parlor on his site, I think he does want to get a bigger female population and have them sectioned off on his site. Plus lolcow girls and kiwifarms girls overlap a lot. Most of us use the site or have accounts

Anonymous 182527

what did you do that got you banned and told to integrate?

Anonymous 182530

They are watching so i don't want to say kek, I believe it was multiple times but I've been on the site for some years. Just stupid ass mistakes/i think one was reddit spacing

Anonymous 182531

We don't seem to have many mods, but they're attentive enough. They do their job. Admin however has ghosted us, we don't even know if she's still around.

Anonymous 182532

You're an oldfag? Also I would assume so but maybe they also judge on a post-by-post basis too to save time. Anyway, lately, I wonder if LC is being mentioned elsewhere too often. Doja Cat even sperged about it, kek.

Anonymous 182533

LC is back

Anonymous 182534

ngl i wanted more time to shit post

Anonymous 182536

Dang when was the last time she (Snail?) commented for you guys? Shaymin has made few comments here and there (a couple months ago too) but she’s been pretty radio silent too

Anonymous 182537

The 90% of the king sized bed always makes me laugh I’m not even a jotchua fag

Anonymous 182538

>at least CC seems more stable
I haven't been here in days but I remember miners on /meta/ saying that admin has been absent for a while and that the constant raids have probably gotten too much for her, and that there must be like a couple of jannies still active

>I see no snarky comments by mods, dunno if that is a pro or a con for you.
On the downside, they tend to delete everything in an argument or any post intentionally or accidentally replying to a moid. I'm glad they don't leave shitty posts up but I don't like that either.
Also the scrote who spams here is the same one over at lc

Anonymous 182539

It has been several months. The call for jannies has been open for a while too, and to my knowledge no one was taken. She doesn't reply on Discord.

Anonymous 182542

I was so young back then, I sometimes wonder if he's seem the shitpost, He probably found it weird and i hope I didn't hurt his feelings going, "Lol fat", even though he does that as a living.

Anonymous 182545

It’s slow for me again. It worked for like 2 seconds

Anonymous 182546

ugh it's loading slow, I wanted to leave on my dumb post, now i might gotta answer to it

Anonymous 182548

okay it's back again

Anonymous 182550


Anonymous 182551

>I was so young back then
How long ago was that? What percentage of the king size bed does he currently take up now? I'd guess 120%

Anonymous 182552

Some posts are only showing up in threads and not on the board, weird.

Anonymous 182557

0%, I'll be honest even if he's an asshole weird scrote, I do feel bad talking about his fatness. I do genuinely think he's cute, I often feel bad when I talk shit about all cows. Even Shayna,but I can't stop shit posting.

Anonymous 182558

i inject lc into my veins like heroin

Anonymous 182559

>I'll be honest even if he's an asshole weird scrote, I do feel bad talking about his fatness
Why though?

Anonymous 182560

what the fuck? Same, i take two

Anonymous 182563

kek, he seems kind of sensitive in his streams, am I the only one who thinks he cries everytime the sites down?

Anonymous 182564


>Elsie is Jesus Non n y is man

Anonymous 182565

about to edit this and possibly post it here and on lolcow

Anonymous 182566

Please. Also had to repost because I forgot the “n” word is censored here

Anonymous 182567

I hope it did hurt his feelings

Anonymous 182569


Anonymous 182570

Working on a self-reflective essay, what are some interesting (possibly funny) long as fuck video essays one can listen to while working on an essay.

Anonymous 182571

I hope it made him eat more because i'm into feeding

Anonymous 182572


Was this the shortest down time in the history of el cee

Anonymous 182588

im happy lc is back but it was a blessing in disguise for me because i was able to finish a bunch of homework that's due tomorrow now to proceed with my nightly shayna fix

Anonymous 182632

Nothing. Every time it bothers me I close the app, but I've been using it for so long, like 8 years. I can't deny that theres some good stuff on there, it can be informative at times. I tried deleting the app off my phone but I redownloaded it after 2 weeks

Anonymous 186623

Is lolcor is dead ??????!!!

Anonymous 186625

>>>/b/186624 planned downtime

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