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Lolcow bunker thread #0010 Anonymous 191866


Anonymous 191867

Caroline Ellison has pleaded guilty to charges related to FTX's collapse

Anonymous 191868

In a way they did. All the raids that have been happening were so annoying it made the site unusable. Hoping the update is gonna help with a lot of the spam bot issues and not make it an fbi roulette every time you go to the home screen

Anonymous 191869



Anonymous 191871



Anonymous 191872

I hate you guys, I've been shitposting here all day instead of working. Thanks.

Anonymous 191873


what are you s drinking rn?

Anonymous 191875

You know that one person who gets really invested in cooking christmas dinner and makes like half a dozen incredibly over-the-top dishes, and takes it so seriously it spoils the mood?

Anonymous 191876

Either way it's not true because you can go in the thread and see anons responding to people posting cringe from other sites and trying to infight.

Anonymous 191877

Me too kek

Anonymous 191878

I can't access new or original lolcow, but from the looks of it, from what other anons posted. Fuck this, i hate new lolcow. Are all previous threads just going to be nuked? nobody warned us.
And i fucking hate new design, Shaymin better brings an option of turning AT LEAST the classic lolcow imageboard skin. Not whatever this new bullshit is (not even mentioning that this >>191710 looks like a bad ripoff of Crystal cafe's /x/ board. fuck this i want my true lolcor back

Anonymous 191879


im not exactly sure but i'm going to go to the more expensive grocery store and see what kinds of fancy meats and cheeses they have! this is my inspiration picture.

Anonymous 191880

I just want to swallow the cum of 2d men. I can’t wait to die and go to heaven, I’ll be such a whore in the afterlife

Anonymous 191881

Non-alcoholic irish coffee

Anonymous 191882


Reposting from the last thread, So If a planned migration of the old content on the new site is happening, how will it work?
is every single thread going to taken over or just the last incarnations of those threads, could someone on the lc discord ask them ?

Anonymous 191884

Even though I shat on you nonas that one time you have my sympathies and my belssing, this post warmed by cold heart.

Anonymous 191885


Sorry for fujo infighting nonni3s

Anonymous 191886

oooh very fancy! i'm hungry and want fancy cheese now kek

Anonymous 191887


you goin' straight to hell

Anonymous 191888


I don't understand why there's so much of this type of manga. "She's X but she's actually Y?!?" it feels like a cope on the moid author's part.

Anonymous 191889

It's true for the most recent infight.

Anonymous 191890

i know anon, they just have to tell themselves they never did anything wrong and pat each other on the back, guilty conscience

Anonymous 191891

>the tits going over the title

Anonymous 191892

There wasn't just one.

Anonymous 191893

I'm back nonitas and still no lc. I'm getting hungry.

Anonymous 191895

It's gap moe.

Anonymous 191896

suggestions for lolcor skins/themes

Anonymous 191897

Make quiche

Anonymous 191898

Lychee and strawberry juice!

Anonymous 191899

>maidenly, innocent elf
sounds gross already

Anonymous 191900

Same, can't wait to touch my husbandos slutty chest and underarms and his hideous stupid sexy face

Anonymous 191901

>thinking they won't all pick angel gfs over you
Just like right now!!!

Anonymous 191902

I'm watching these "3 designers design a space" videos, I like them but god the designers sound so pretentious lmao

Anonymous 191903

Three days with fever, I am dying.

Anonymous 191904

nayrt but i made a spinach mushroom one yesterday and it was delish

Anonymous 191905

wtf is a quiche

Anonymous 191906

Savoury pie

Anonymous 191907

damn how do you get so motivated?

Anonymous 191909



Anonymous 191910

No! Not the femcel Stacy queen

Anonymous 191911

>sound so pretentious
I feel like this applies to every interior designer

Anonymous 191913

Anonymous 191914

my own saliva

Anonymous 191915

I'm fine with gap moe when it's a part of the character but when it's the entirety of the character it just feels like a massive cope. "She's not actually a slut even though she acts and dresses like one, she's really a pure innocent virgin who's never even held a guy's hand and she's been saving herself for you!", "She doesn't actually hate your guts, she just secretly loves you!", or "She's not really strong, assertive, or independent she's actually a demure, innocent, and shy girl who's submissive to you!" it just reads like a massive cope.

Anonymous 191916

i just like cooking it's my hobby, and i'm not good at anything else kek

Anonymous 191917

Yes I know, especially the super faggy ones

Anonymous 191918

>not being your husbando's ideal gf by default

Anonymous 191919

Those tiny 6 oz cans of root beer. I want to have a fancy soda tasting with my friends.

Anonymous 191920

ultra rosa monster energy drink

Anonymous 191921

Now it's another breed of horny losers dragging down the thread

Anonymous 191922

I'd fuck this bald piece of shit, I'd fuck his vocal cords. I know his hole is pleasant.

Anonymous 191923

I'm just gonna open my xmas soda!

Anonymous 191924

none of these look like places where people live

Anonymous 191925

We call those just pies. Upper anons spinach pie sounds delicious.

Anonymous 191926

>She's not actually a slut even though she acts and dresses like one, she's really a pure innocent virgin who's never even held a guy's hand and she's been saving herself for you!
I always hated this trope, but the popularity of dressup darling made me hate it so much more kek

Anonymous 191927

>find a channel that reviews every house in each CAS world
>he has the most faggy pretentious voice imaginable
FUCK. I already have to deal with that shit with my brother, why do I gotta deal with that shit in the Sims.

Anonymous 191928


Anonymous 191929

that girl with a dozen of necklaces is a bit too much though

Anonymous 191930


you will never have a penis

Anonymous 191931


You sound like you have a cock

Anonymous 191932

Do you know any good cooking boards? I fucking hate the insufferable moids on the cooking subreddit, they're all such fucking redditors.

Anonymous 191935

fakeboi or real moid ?

Anonymous 191936

you're scaring me

Anonymous 191937

I have 10 fingers and a tongue

Anonymous 191938

Their generation didn't grow up with the horny jail shit, they grew up in faggy RP groups so they think this shit is normal

Anonymous 191939

Once lc returns we should have a cooking thread

Anonymous 191940

it looks like rdrama or something. all those archived threads RIP

Anonymous 191941

the past few days have been shit, my cat’s been really sick and not having lc as a distraction has sucked. these threads are keeping me going thank u nonas

Anonymous 191942

and a dream

Anonymous 191943

I made my mom mad rn by saying “it’s twelve o clock” like “ it’s twayyylve o clock”

Anonymous 191944


Tap water sold as sparkling water.

Anonymous 191945

It is a blessing that you do not see the ugly

Anonymous 191947

pet your kitty RIGHT NOW

Anonymous 191948

I think it's an active attempt to make this site worse and the high-quality posters to leave in disgust.

Anonymous 191949

I need to vent and I need lolcor back this place is too unfamiliar to me

Anonymous 191950

I hate how scrotes talk about man sex, everything is "hole" or some gross word like "Bussy". It sounds so disgusting.

Anonymous 191951

Wtf why do you want to lick moid anuses

Anonymous 191952

>made by a man
did you forget ines’ role in that?

Anonymous 191953

>high quality posters
>in a bunker thread

Anonymous 191954

/ck/ is unironically good if you ignore all the fast food ones. there's great advice every now and then but i stopped going on 4fags altogether so i dont know if it's still the same. there's always archives too to look through. if anybody know any old school forums i can join lmk
also i get most of my most passionate cooking inspiration before i get my period mostly from video based social medias or pinterest kek. i trust moms or actual chefs only when it comes to techniques or tricks but i freestyle everything else

Anonymous 191955

Current status
>Website is offline for 90% of s
>People who can access the site are autobanned for namefagging
>Admin is AWOL

Anonymous 191957

Why does the new layout suck so hard

Anonymous 191958

>angel gfs
Literally rent free

Anonymous 191959

I only use /ck/ to make troll threads about weed and veganism kek. Sometimes I make threads and don't even bother reading the replies

Anonymous 191960

End of the day Ian is the one who made and maintained LC first. Was she the one he originally handed LC off to?

Anonymous 191961

i just got fucking auto banned on new LC for responding on mobile, and it immediately said I'm spamming and namefagging. Admin says there's something wrong with replying mobile, especially using safari, but I can't get my ban appealed anyways.

All of the old threads are gone, i dont like the looks of this

Anonymous 191963

good idea nony, i'm sure there's a long forgotten one in the boards somewhere we can revive. i'd love to swap recipes with anons

Anonymous 191964

consider sewercide at this point

Anonymous 191965

because admin just got the site up and had no time working on it yet + it's customizable

Anonymous 191966

posting is disabled for everyone rn

Anonymous 191967

this is why i need a handler, pasted some shit I meant to send to a friend on here instead of what i really wanted to paste. Fucking retarded

Anonymous 191968

How many times are y'all going to give these dumb ass "updates"? She just rolled out the new LC like two hours ago, it's going to be buggy for a good while. Like wait until after Christmas to start bitching about how bad everything is. Shaymin doesn't have a reputation for being techn savvy so there's bound to be a long bumpy road for the new LC

Anonymous 191969

I once made a thread about cooking with lavender and got sneered at because flowers are for girls.

Anonymous 191970

Looks cute n0nnie.

Anonymous 191971

There's no reason these issues couldn't have been fixed behind the scenes before the cutover

Anonymous 191972

You guys keep saying it's customizable as if it is a good thing. I want lolcow not a fucking blog

Anonymous 191973

do any of you tech smart guys know a safe tutorial for a virtual machine? i tried to download one before but it didn't work

Anonymous 191974

Shows how uncreative moids are. Have to dismiss a whole ingredient because muh masculinity!!1

Anonymous 191976


nonners rn

Anonymous 191977

toxic masculinity XD

Anonymous 191978

i just woke up and i’m so baffled about new lolcow. it doesn’t even look like an image board anymore and why do you need to go to the original.lolcow url to see old threads? it seems very obvious that on a site dedicated to chronicling cows where old threads constantly get linked all the information should be on one site?? what was even the point of this update? we didn’t want a new layout we just wanted the /m/ board back and glitches fixed…. why can’t i post on my phone…. i am so done with lolcor

Anonymous 191979

I know, and he also said that roses taste bad, the genius was just eating straight rose petals.

Anonymous 191980

calm the fuck down

Anonymous 191981


Still can't access lolcor

Anonymous 191983

there was, i used to post on it a lot and it recently got bumped before maintenance. it's not very active though but we can try harder! i'd love to try nonichka recipes from around the world. sisterhood

Anonymous 191984


bring back the sensitive catposting

Anonymous 191986

Spotted the moid

Anonymous 191987

oldmin wanted and started working on this update years ago, shaymin just continued with it. no clue why they couldn't move threads over or even fix /m/.

Anonymous 191988

I actually think it looks pretty nice, it will probably prevent spam too right? Since now you have these small checks, I'm looking forward to seeing the finished result!

Anonymous 191989

I dated a scrote (for 3 days) who told me his dad said that drinking too much milk will give him tits and make him leak milk. I told him that was retarded, he also thought every woman had leaking breasts 24/7 and that was why we wore bras.
He was 22 and I was 20 at the time. He had a big dick though but was very retarded.

Anonymous 191990

Anonymous 191991


Anonymous 191992

Cooking thread will almost certainly derail into anachan sperging You know I'm right.

Anonymous 191994

kekk fr

Anonymous 191995

It needed to be updated firstly because of the old software and 2nd because it was hosted on cloudfare and we saw how that turned out for kf. Seriously, just fucking wait.

Anonymous 191996

If you could really splurge on ingredients, what would be your dream dish?
Hope the mia-chans can claim that one.

Anonymous 191998

thank you anon

Anonymous 191999

I want to beat my husbando to near death and nurse him back to health

Anonymous 192000

Have ypu considered admin actually has a life and a job? Holidays and new year might be her free time.

Anonymous 192001

theres a cooking and baking thread in /g/
it's just dead

Anonymous 192003


Barilla blurhapsody, 3d printed pasta. I'd love to make something like picrel.

Anonymous 192004

Oh, that's why I don't remember it since I avoid /g/ like the plague. I think /ot/ would be better

Anonymous 192005

i feel you

Anonymous 192006

I'm assuming they'll bring back the basic ib themes like yotsuba and futaba, and we'll probably have a wide assortment of user submitted themes. There's a lot of nonas that know css/html. Relax

Anonymous 192007

you can literally just make it look like the old layout then

Anonymous 192009

iirc there's a things you ate thread in /ot/ and some nonas shared recipes there

Anonymous 192010

then why did she schedule the update for now of all times? she could’ve pushed it back and no one would’ve noticed, she went a year without doing anything

Anonymous 192011

to stop the fighting either it needs to be a theme option or somebody should post it in a future css thread

Anonymous 192012

this is all incorrect

Anonymous 192013

Screenshot 2022-12…

I'm looking for disscounts & why the fuck is this a game on the switch kek

Anonymous 192014

new theory just came up: shaymin sold lolcow for 2 bananas and a christmas tree

Anonymous 192015

Just download VM Workstation or what ever it's called and an .iso file of windows 7/xp/whatever

Anonymous 192016

stop being retarded then.

There's actually a lot of reasons. Bugs will pop up because instead of he testing with her PC in an environment she can control, the website is live, being accessed by people all over the world who all have different agendas when posting. Bug testing in a sandbox environment is hella different than irl application. It's going to take her some time to smooth out the kinks, this happens with every website ever.

Anonymous 192017

How so?

Anonymous 192018

Mongo Mango

Anonymous 192019

Stupid question but can you be a radfem while being married to a moid

Anonymous 192020

Same but he's stronger than me..

Anonymous 192021

thank you too anon im going to try virtualbox and if it doesnt work (it did't work the first time I tried it) i will try this one

Anonymous 192022

Let's all agree to ignore questions that will start fights.
(not sayings its deliberate bait, just that it may as well be)

Anonymous 192023

this is such a moid thing to ask

Anonymous 192024

Sorry I didn't mean it as bait, I was genuinely curious

Anonymous 192026


My husbando hit the wall….

Anonymous 192027

Np nona! I used that a while ago to download illegal software kek.

Anonymous 192028

is modding a 3ds completely really 100% risk free? mine is from my childhood yes im a zoomer and i would seriously lose my mind if i lose any of the data on it.
>inb4 look it up
i have but i keep getting mixed or uncertain answers, one time it's risk free the other it's not. i know i can trust you nons to tell me the truth.
also i'm not tech savvy AT ALL, would it be hard or is it beginner friendly? yes i know there's a manual but i'm dumb as rocks to begin with and seriously tech illiterate

Anonymous 192029


Portobello Mushrooms

Anonymous 192030

hell yes nonners. i love portobello mushrooms

Anonymous 192031


so bored i'm doing a puzzle what the fuck is my life? I have nothing to do today

Anonymous 192033

Don't do it if you aren't tech savvy or can't follow instructions

Anonymous 192034

looks so good but pricey

Anonymous 192035

That site is all you need to know, I hacked 4 3DS when I have never done anything like it and had no problems.

Anonymous 192036

I hope the threads-disappearing-between-pages bug will be fixed with this.

Anonymous 192037

you are the worst anon on this imageboard

Anonymous 192038

depends on method
as long as you're not doing some crazy soldering mod chip it should be okay, everything is a lot more streamlined than before
just back up your 3DS system files before doing everything and have a good quality SD card so it doesnt crap out mid way
are you hacking the planet

Anonymous 192039

Depends on your definition of radfem. Political lesbians would say no while acknowledging that marriage is an institution and compulsory for a lot of people. I think the thing is, marriage itself is a reminder of women's oppression. Being with a moid is more ambiguous. Political lesbians hate the "not my Nigel" shit. Some het radfems thought it was possible but aknowledged the possibility that it could be cope. Personally I don't like not my Nigel, but I also don't like "my moid pisses me off sooo much" because it's like, why stay with him then?

Anonymous 192040

I pray for your soul but there is no redemption

Anonymous 192042


Anonymous 192043


s…is the price right?

Anonymous 192044

Only if you are the dominant (NOT in a deliberately organized, sexual fetish way) partner.

Anonymous 192045

i'm laughing so fucking hard

Anonymous 192046


Are all the old threads going to be restored?

Anonymous 192047

women can't be dominant over men in a male dominated society

Anonymous 192048

You should back up your files before you do it, save them to your pc or cloud etc (I am sure there are videos how to do it). It's not hard to do, but you need to follow instructions. The 3DS store is dead so you are shit out of luck getting games otherwise if you do not have physical copies, so hacking is good for the longevity of the console.

Anonymous 192049

Is alogging bannable here? Anyways, I hope you know you make me want to alog

Anonymous 192050

I'm not tech savvy at all and I managed to do it. I used this guide: https://3ds.hacks.guide/ which holds your hand trough the whole process. But there is always going to be a risk when you do stuff like this so think it trough. It's been a while since I done it but I think you need a free game on the nintendo store in order to do the method I linked(unless the method has changed) so if you go trough this method make sure that game is still available. Read the whole guide trough before you do it
>ack up your 3DS system files before doing everything and have a good quality SD card so it doesnt crap out mid way
This is good advice

Anonymous 192051

why everytime this specific anon posts this fat guy he goes samefagging "kekk omg you are the funnier anon here!!" like that? so cringe

Anonymous 192052


yes, im hacking the lolcor as we speak

Anonymous 192053

Anonymous 192054

I seriously hope i'm not causing you real life anger, This puzzle is hard as hell though. It's good at wasting time.

Anonymous 192055

There is no way to be dominant over a moid, it's all a fetish to them

Anonymous 192056

If the goodwill runs out where do we go after cc?

Anonymous 192057

There is more than just sex that determines who has power in society. A rich woman can absolutely have power over men, just not ones who are anywhere near financially equal.

Anonymous 192059

ayrt thank you for the answer n0nnie. I'm just trying to learn about these kinds of things since I'm a privileged burger-chan that comes from an immigrant family from a 3rd world country so I was just genuinely wondering kek but I understand why the other anons were wary about my question

Anonymous 192060

I know right

Anonymous 192062


i think we have to integrate here, or at least that's what i plan to do

Anonymous 192063

Anonymous 192064

i thought it was funny

Anonymous 192065

why do ex fds users view everything in such a individualist way? i'm saying that if men hold the power in society, an individual woman can't have power over an individual man in any way that matters

Anonymous 192066

Nta but I think this update has been coming for at least two years, with old admin having done some of the work (again, I think) so it's not like there wasn't any time to fix bugs or reach out to other people to fix any issues. Not to say the site should or would be working 100% perfectly after moving to a new server, but I'm just saying that there has been time.

Anonymous 192067

she is worse at least fujoshi dont spam ugly fat moids

Anonymous 192068

>I'm a privileged burger-chan that comes from an immigrant family from a 3rd world country
wtf does this have to do with your question retard. read a book

Anonymous 192069

he's her 3d husbando

Anonymous 192070


i'm so hungry

Anonymous 192071

I’m thinking about all of the emotionally unavailable men I would yearn for so badly and how in reality they were actually all insanely boring people kek

Anonymous 192072

just woke up where's my lolcor

Anonymous 192073

just explaining why im a retard anon but i forgot the only discussion you freaks like to have is yume vs fujo shit

Anonymous 192074

i hope she and he die of diabetes and stop spamming here

Anonymous 192075

Same but I’m a bpdchan

Anonymous 192076

My phone's home button is broken, so everytime it dies I have to use command prompt to restart it and it always makes me feel like a super smart hacker tech person

Anonymous 192077

It isn't working at all. GIVE ME LOLCOW BAKC!!!

Anonymous 192078

It's not spam, people just start spazzing the fuck out and assuming anyone posting what is obviously a shit post about Josh is the same anon and start telling people to die and shit. It's honestly odd and it didn't use to be like this.
Just like that Fujo shit, some of people in the bunker thread gets so fucking mad about dumb ass posts

Anonymous 192079

you may not be moid but you're annoying and dumb. Sorry about your mental delays nonz

Anonymous 192080

I feel like this whenever I use a basic keyboard shortcut instead of the mouse.

Anonymous 192081

After consulting with my team and excexuting a complex financial assessment, we have determined that lolcow is worth 3 Colombian pesos.

Anonymous 192082

same, I still have shit taste, just a little lest shit

Anonymous 192083


I don't want to work today. I just wanna sit in this thread and watch everyone sperg and infight.

Anonymous 192084

not gonna read this. you are boring and unfunny. stop with this shit you are not going to be the new pakichan

Anonymous 192085


Anonymous 192086


Anonymous 192087


that's what i'm doing, so comfy

Anonymous 192088

You could not believe how many people think even those are some sort of wizardry

Anonymous 192089

Should I buy a Miku figure or Crystal Cafe?

Anonymous 192090

tfw you still can't afford it (I don't believe this btw)

Anonymous 192092

What other tabs do you have open? I'm listening to Rapture by Blondie, and hatereading reddit.

Anonymous 192093

i know right? i don't even know what they're fighting about anymore but it's kind of entertaining.

Anonymous 192094

dont listen to them cc, you're priceless

Anonymous 192095


Anonymous 192096

I finally got my taco bell. I think they gave me the wrong burrito but it's ok because it's still delicious. I also got a chalupa.

Anonymous 192098


Anonymous 192099

Brb buying CC

Anonymous 192100

What are your favorite subreddits to hateread?

Anonymous 192102

So I called myself getting a mexican pizza, I was thinking
>Ohh dough
>Taco sauce
instead it was
>Soggy Taco shells.
>Beef (cold)
>Soggy tomatos
>nasty taco sauce
it was my fault

Anonymous 192103

shitposting on /int/ and listening to kanye

Anonymous 192104

Some troon threads on the classic lolcow /snow/ archive that I'm catching up on.
Also, go read r/fourthwavewomen so you'll have a reddit sub you actually won't hate.

Anonymous 192105

I bought one of those huge platters of salami today because it was on special but it doesn't add enough flavour to toasties for my taste.

Help! what can I use ~500g of mild salami for?

Anonymous 192106

>get off my vag

Anonymous 192107

A taekook tinfoil video because some kpop anon brought it up in the other thread and twitter

Anonymous 192108

My husbando died so… oof

Anonymous 192109

yall please dont judge my cringe ass but i like to read r/nosleep unironically

Anonymous 192110

NTA but BestofRedditorUpdates and the big relationship advice subreddits have been entertaining recently.

Anonymous 192111

egg_irl and purplepill for ragebait, AITA for some hearty keks.

Anonymous 192112

It's a prime number, congrats cc

Anonymous 192113

You've never had a mexican pizza from Taco Bell®? Damn n0nny the taco shell is what makes it good tho

Anonymous 192114

is that pewdiepie

Anonymous 192115

Anonymous 192116

Sounds bad but how did shaymin get her name? I’m assuming something w shaymus or did she give it to herself?

Anonymous 192117

So it looks like all the cow threads will have to be remade and the old ones are achived (though I guess anons can just copy paste the most recent OPs)

Captcha is a good idea to stop moid spam. So far so good.

Anonymous 192118

same lol, some of the nosleep stories are good to read when you’re really bored and don’t want to think too hard

Anonymous 192119

she's a shayfag

Anonymous 192120


I just cleared my tabs a couple days ago

Anonymous 192121

Pour lime and eat them

Anonymous 192122

nah pewdiepie is kinda ugly but not fat and hideous like this guy

Anonymous 192123

what do u be watching on youtube

Anonymous 192124

Can we make an iterim heather sparkles thread on cc?

Anonymous 192125

Also that hated corndog header is still there, unfortunately, and the old spoiler image, I hope one of the spoilers artanons made can be put in

Anonymous 192126

No, but >>192095 is

Anonymous 192127

I keep thinking it's MrBeast.

Anonymous 192128

I use chrome groups and never cleared my tabs again

Anonymous 192129

My computer eventually starts to turn into a potato if I have that many tabs open at once. I wind up dropping them all down into OneTab, which is basically like having another bookmarks option.

Anonymous 192130

This stresses me out so much, backup the tabs you need as a favorite or in a file or something and close them aaaaaaaaaaaaa

Anonymous 192131

no actually its >>191887

Anonymous 192132

Will CSS be able to change the spoiler image?

Anonymous 192133

i hope they dont add those hard captchas. i cant pass them and im not a robot

Anonymous 192134

She took over the site bc she did not want the shayna threads to end

Some Business Insider and Architectural digest stuff, internet drama videos, LegalEagle, Our Changing Climate, doll and miniature stuff, chemistry videos, nail art, tech stuff

Anonymous 192135

>im not a robot
Sure bud.

Anonymous 192136

Ikr like whoo is she trying to fool

Anonymous 192137

Any obscure but catchy music recs?

Anonymous 192138

If you'd believe it, I was never mean online until Lolcow.farm. I would'nt get into fights or insult. The past few months are the first time I've been directly an asshole to people online (I don't use social media like that)

Anonymous 192139

yes british fat pewdiepie

Anonymous 192140

once i tried to post in a alien thread on /x/ and i couldnt because their captcha is impossible for me idk if im dumb or something like that

Anonymous 192141

Is the pork chop one still there?

Anonymous 192142

Oh sorry how could I forget, 4 hour long videos about my fave video games by some fat soyboy

Anonymous 192144

Vanilla Cream Brû…

Anonymous 192145

Tim Rogers?

Anonymous 192147

I would prefer that. It would not only stop moids and trolls but also filter out twitterfags.

Anonymous 192148

I feel so boring. My tabs are boring
>Sims 4 cc
>Locked paetron shit on sims 4 I may pay for to share and brag about later
>This thread

Anonymous 192149

ok smarty pants

Anonymous 192150

It's funny because I had no reaon to be mean, nobody was insulting me on other gossip sites. I'd talk my shit and go. Now every time I make a post it's some bullshit. YOU MADE ME THIS WAY. Never told anyone who didn't have a dick to "Shut the fuck up" until like three weeks ago on lolcow.org

Anonymous 192151

Omg nta but I thought those bowls were supposed to be better than other ones because they don’t have to pull their whiskers back as much. Was I wrong this entire time? My poor kitties. What is the best bowl for a cat?

Anonymous 192152

Will terfposting and scrote hating be allowed site wide? I ask because I don't see anything in the rules about it and /2X/ is gone

Anonymous 192153

No, The Salt Factory

Anonymous 192154

God damn the cowboards really generate a lot of traffic huh

Anonymous 192156


is worth more then Lipstick alley and lolcow according to this site that is probably wrong.

Anonymous 192157

why do you think lolcow would turn into a male space out of blue? tf

Anonymous 192158

Did it get voted off, or is that something to do with the fact that it was a hidden board?

Anonymous 192159

a r/hobbydrama post about twin peaks, 6 different vintage magazines, an essay about tifs, some book I was recommended, pdf of another book, article about lowell george, and trying to switch my internet provider
I'm gonna listen to Blondie thanks

Anonymous 192160

Pretty sure you can get a patreon downloader that bypasses the pay wall

Anonymous 192161

I don't but you get banned for making pinkpill, peak trans or radfem related threads in offtopic. They would get locked or moved to /2X/

Anonymous 192162

(Is it illegal?)

Anonymous 192163

if terfing around gets illegal i'll be so mad. if there cant be a single space free of tranny pandering i will lose my mind.

Anonymous 192164

I was wondering if the new admin would change that too. I think for now, she might leave it as a hidden board, if anything.

Anonymous 192165

There's still ovarit, shit as it is.

Anonymous 192166

Also forgot to add but paysites must be destroyed has tons of sims 4 paid content for free too. Been using it forever

Anonymous 192168

of course that's not legal

Anonymous 192171

I’d have to look more into it but on chrome there’s a extension you can use that downloads it all for free, I forget the name but I used it to get some sims 2 stuff lol

Anonymous 192172

I don't think you can change it anymore, the culture has become very anti-man and anti-tranny. Also notice the "freedom of speech friendly" bit in the description, plus adming linking spinster

Anonymous 192173

>Literally posting shit these people on their social media

Anonymous 192174

Technically it’s illegal for the creators to be putting sims clothes on patreon, it’s against ea’s terms and service. So downloading it for free isn’t illegal, paying for it basically is.

Anonymous 192175

whats spinster?

Anonymous 192176

I wasn't aware that existed. Neat. I always thought the only way to get around their shit was someone would actually sign up as a paypig, then just post everything online for everyone else.

Anonymous 192177

right, it seems really popular though. is it a fetish thing?

Anonymous 192179

I saw someone charging $25 a month for some shit they ported from IMVU. I take great pride in getting paid cc for free. I'm scared to use the bypasser though. Reporting to EA does nothing, a pants recolor can cost more per month then fucking DLC it's crazy

Anonymous 192181

why are random ips banned

Anonymous 192183

what do u mean

Anonymous 192185

I'm banned for namefagging and spam on new lolcow but I didn't post before now.

Anonymous 192186

drop the essay anon

Anonymous 192188

dont worry about that get a vpn

Anonymous 192189

It’s happening to everyone there’s no posting right now, probably due to some moids fucking shit up and making threads

Anonymous 192190

it's not multiple fresh ips

Anonymous 192191

there is a surprisingly large amount of porn games on the switch - they are targeting the soyboy demographic i guess

Anonymous 192192

How can you call yourself a lesbian and then go and suck troon cock. My best friend started dating one and I've lost any respect for her.

Anonymous 192193


i'm vibing rn

Anonymous 192194

Posting is closed as far I know, instead of giving the actual reason (still testing the site) they just "ban" you for a day

Anonymous 192195

Sorry if this has already been asked but is anyone else having issues seeing threads in /snow/ and /pt/? Are they still updating the new site?

Anonymous 192196

Anonymous 192197

>Are they still updating the new site?

Anonymous 192198

me a eurofag and i can finally see the new site woooo

Anonymous 192199

I mean they use strapons so at least it’s the real deal. Just being straight with extra steps lmfaoo

Anonymous 192200

wait n0nny don't make me sad, i miss the tif thread too

Anonymous 192201

kill her

Anonymous 192202

she's just bisexual. many such cases

Anonymous 192203


ITT I laugh at the wagies who don't get a winter break

Anonymous 192204

, dump her ass

Anonymous 192205


I'm procrastinating and very lazy today

Anonymous 192206

what is the bypass check thing? is it the same as sage?

Anonymous 192207

Screen Shot 2022-1…

What's this all about? We have accounts now? I thought it was supposed to be anonymous

Anonymous 192208


Look at this doggie

Anonymous 192209


Anonymous 192210

It’s for mods

Anonymous 192211

This dog has fingers

Anonymous 192212

It’s for mods to sign in, we can’t. You also can’t post. The site is also still being worked on.

Anonymous 192213


Anonymous 192214

having access to lolcow but not being able to post feels like torture. Mods hurry up.

Anonymous 192216


Anonymous 192218


Anonymous 192219


Anonymous 192220

there's nothing to access but a few test posts

Anonymous 192221

lolcow is such a little tease edging innocent anons

Anonymous 192222

idk why the site loads on my phone but not desktop

Anonymous 192223

eugh, putting it that way makes me a little happier i can't get in

Anonymous 192224

looks like they're getting rid of w

Anonymous 192225

They could at least change the spoiler pic to something less porn-y

Anonymous 192226

If anybody cares it's because of DNSSEC I imagine cloudflare did it automatically but shaymin doesn't know how to verify it on her new host.


Anonymous 192227

I've been a lolcow user for over four years now. Never thought I'd last this long on such a retarded site but here I am, obsessed with lc based and pink-pilled. Over the years I've sensed that the site is a ticking time bomb, that eventually the whole thing would get taken down. After surviving the annihilation of the terf threads, kiwifarms ddos attack, and the many many cows that wish death upon lolcow daily, I started to relax into the idea that perhaps nothing could stop us. But now, with this new site update, it appears that the day has finally come. Will lolcow ever be the same?

Anonymous 192228

im so boreddddddddddddddddddddddddd

Anonymous 192229

if it all goes to shit i'm just gonna stay on this site until it crumbles too

Anonymous 192230

Hello, that can't be you BECAUSE IT'S ALREADY ME. Unless you're me?

Anonymous 192231

try crapping yourself

Anonymous 192232

Anonymous 192233

Wanted to ask this boy in front of me what perfume he's using, turns out it's a vape. Smoking has come far since I was a kid. Smells like literal candy btw wtf

Anonymous 192234

why does the new /m/ board say 'kpop' after fujo? will kpop be allowed back on lc? you know it'll only attract underaged twitterfags again

Anonymous 192235

I'm sad I'll be forced to look at ugly kpop males but I'll just hide those threads and live my life

Anonymous 192236

melon vape smells so good

Anonymous 192237

i miss the kpop critical threads tbh, wouldn't be mad if they came back

Anonymous 192239

i had a dream last night that elon munsk was my dad, and i liked it

Anonymous 192240

There's a reason why only teens and young adults use vapes kek.

Anonymous 192242

sometimes i miss it but honestly its for the greater good. kpopfags are like mice, you find one and then suddenly 100 pop out of no where. they'll also NEVER bother integrating.

Anonymous 192243

I like kpop alright but I was under the impression that the farmer consensus was that it brought too many newfags and weren't worth it. It feels like no one was asking for it.

Anonymous 192244


I hate coming to my dad's house because time passes so slowly. I'm also on a shitty mood today and all I want to do is go home and cry, but instead I have been sitting on the same spot in the sofa, watching shitty series and annoying quizz games with people trying to talk to me all afternoon. I have been here for 4 hours and it's felt like an eternity.

Anonymous 192245

Right?? I know it's a pic of PT but I feel so embarrassed to think someone would see that on my screen. It looks scrotey even with context.

Anonymous 192246

yeah pretty much

Anonymous 192247

Screen Shot 2022-1…

Anonymous 192248

Being Meguca is Su…

fuck my life. I cant access the new site or the old site. I wanna join you nonitas and shitpost in /ot/ but I cant

Anonymous 192249

I miss those threads for all the sperging they brought, but yeah, the amount of newfags who don't understand imageboards will get annoying pretty quickly. Maybe now that ccc exists there won't be as many if the kpop threads come back, I just wanna talk shit about idols

Anonymous 192250

NTAYRT but same thoughts. Everything that's trendy in general brings loads of newfags. Genshin threads for example reek of new and underagefagging.

Anonymous 192251

it defeats the purpose for a spoiler image kek they could just use a non NSFW picture of PT

Anonymous 192252

We did an art contest for a new one but either admin didn't like any of them enough, or she just prefers to keep it og. It's not that bad of a pic honestly, the piggy banner and pt sucking on a corn dog are much worse for public viewing imo, hope theyre gone for good

Anonymous 192253

No one can post rn, we're all here nona

Anonymous 192255

is it because we're eurofags?

Anonymous 192256

found the twitter of a crazy person who is either living in their car or in a storage unit. it's hilarious but i think they might also need some mental health care so i feel a little guilty laughing about it.

Anonymous 192257

what cows do you miss?
fatvegfemme still lives rent free in my head

Anonymous 192258

Im such a creep. If irl boys were actually cute I’d be such a sex pest.

Anonymous 192260

Congrats on being a creep?

Anonymous 192261

Anonymous 192262

I miss plasticandproud/Ariana, especially the times where she spent the entire time oversharing on social media

Anonymous 192263

If the site is acting up this bad right now I doubt you'd even want to use it anyway

Anonymous 192264

I want to a-log about ham on oldcow.

Anonymous 192265


I don't like most of the new banners honestly.

Anonymous 192266

I miss her so much, she was truly my favorite cow and I'm still mad she never got moved to /pt during her prime. It's even her initials! But somehow Lillee Jean got moved to pt even before feebz went dark. LJ sucks.

Anonymous 192267

Me too I can't stand that fucking hAM

Anonymous 192269

i miss the trainwreck that is ginger bronson. she literally disappeared into thin air one day 5 years ago. i also miss soren's milk, he was insane and we were mutuals at one point on tumblr so her antics hit me a little harder.

Anonymous 192270

Being eurofag is S…

Anonymous 192271

>awful layout was changed
>it still sucks
why the fuck doesn't lc just use a normal chan layout?

Anonymous 192272

ana LARP ham?

Anonymous 192273

Soredemo Machi wa …


Anonymous 192275

I don't think so, I have an american vpn and can't see it.

Anonymous 192276

Right? If it's not broke don't fix it.

Anonymous 192277



Anonymous 192278


I'm going insane

Anonymous 192279

I'm not even going to pretend to praise the admin.
After months long periods of silence, miscommunication and snarkiness when they do reply, and an established precedence for lying, this is literally the most low effort update that they could have shat out.
Maybe if this was the product early on when "newmin" took the reins, but not at this point. This is just pathetic.

Anonymous 192280

am eurofag and can see the farms

Anonymous 192281


this has some 2006 vibes to it. and not in a trendy y2k way

Anonymous 192282

>anonymous forum
>has the option to login in
As if the site didn't have enough Twitterfags

Anonymous 192284

that option isn't for you

Anonymous 192286

Ugly as duck. Admin broke the website. I hate u admin.

Anonymous 192287

So we'll have to start the threads all over again? This sucks. I'm just going to stick to cc now.

Anonymous 192288

What's up with lulcor I've been at work and don't want to spend my lunch break catching up with the goss

Anonymous 192289

truly a cow for the ages. I’m waiting for Jill to go full munchie but it won’t be the same

Anonymous 192290


Even Kikomi got the short end of the stick…

Anonymous 192291

I can open the site but there any no threads other than the test ones. Also, I hate the themes. They are too dark and I can't read anything.

Anonymous 192292

i'm a burgerfag and can't access the site either.

Anonymous 192293

Fucking hate dark imageboard themes, only edgy moids like them.

Anonymous 192294

saw a post where somebody was talking about how attractive some football moid was and somebody replied with THEY* so i thought what how did i not hear a peep about this pronouns change if we're in a religious country there's no way. so naturally, i look up his name and pronouns and nothing comes up so i think ok maybe its some inside joke im not getting? turns out there was another moid behind him in the picture this whole time that i just didn't catch so the replier meant two people instead of a pronoun change… looks like i too have been affected by the gender brainrot this is so humiliating…

Anonymous 192295

the site is gay and ugly now

Anonymous 192296

Girltalk is the only light theme, I'm using it

Anonymous 192297

Which is the new lolcow's address nonas?

Anonymous 192299

Ditto. They should have just prioritized on getting more farmhands to curb the raiding/newfaggotry instead of breaking the website and coming up with these ugly low-res banners >>192290

Anonymous 192300

it's the same lolcow.farm
there's also original.lolcow.farm

Anonymous 192301


She’s pooping?

Anonymous 192302

Same. I don't get the obsesion with "darkmode". At best, I don't really notice a difference, at worst it makes it harder to read and find things.
That's the one I set it to as well.

Anonymous 192303

what the fuck.PNG

>The Lain theme

Anonymous 192304

i like her she's kawaii

Anonymous 192305

I wonder if the adms made those ugly banners themselves. There were so many nice banners that anons posted as suggestions, why did they pick the worst ones?

Anonymous 192306

So are they seriously not restoring any of the old threads? Because that's ridiculous. Or do we just have to wait longer?

Anonymous 192307

I think they’re just testing things out. Wish we had communication!!!!!! I know there’s css (that I’m excited for) but I agree the themes rn are too dark

Anonymous 192308

same. i also hate how they removed the menu options from the top of the site. now in order to switch from /ot/ to /snow/ i have to click the menu or home page, just extra steps for something that used to be effortless. i will scream until my dying breath

Anonymous 192309

Why would that be Lain? It doesn't look like lainchan or like anything from the anime

Anonymous 192310

what lol.png

the random IPs getting banned thing is true lol, apparently i'm banned? i've been using lc for years and i've never been banned before. i haven't spammed or namefagged. i also don't use a VPN and post from my real IP address (bad practice i know,) so i didn't accidentally catch someone else's ban. weird

Anonymous 192311

They definitely did. I don't recall seeing these banners at all in the banner request thread on /meta/

Anonymous 192312

That's right, the poop is our shitposts!

Anonymous 192314

Maybe the admin is a tranny

Anonymous 192315

the site looked fine before… new themes and banners would have been nice but they didn’t need to change everything

Anonymous 192316

we're all banned until further notice, not just you

Anonymous 192317

also they removed the ability to appeal bans??

Anonymous 192318

Your mom is secretly posting

Anonymous 192319

I come with news from a friend who knows things about the internet! There is probably a problem with the DNS. It could take 72 hours at worse for everyone to see the new farm. But normally it should only take a few hours.

Anonymous 192320

If they restore the threads what's the first thread you will post in?

Anonymous 192322


Does this mean we can't just copy and paste URLs to cross quote anymore? Also what the fuck is dice rolling and tags. Found this under 'help' for nonas who can access lc.

Anonymous 192323

I miss the old lolcor. I feel like most old users will go and it will mess up the coziness of the site. If that happens I'll just go here permanently, who's with me?

Anonymous 192324

Cooking thread to revive it.

Anonymous 192325


>3 more days of no lolcor

Anonymous 192326

Same. I wouldn't mind the new layout if it wasn't for this.

Anonymous 192327

shayna thread absolutely and without a doubt

Anonymous 192329

These are probably just default lynxchan things, I tested the <pinktext earlier and it didn't work so some of them are probably disabled

Anonymous 192330


Anonymous 192331

We could use the website if we knew the new IP from the new farm. Someone from Canada send HELP!!!

Anonymous 192332

oh my gosh i miss pheebs and pnp.
for me it will always be nemu, she was what brought me to lc. what i would give for just a drop of milk

Anonymous 192333

They couldn't even restore /m/, I doubt they will do it for the whole site

Anonymous 192334

Pheebs is definitely some kind of radfem, or radfem adjacent now.

Anonymous 192335

the autism thread. I miss my fellow autistic anons

Anonymous 192336

I actually like the font options.

Anonymous 192337

Can we make new threads yet or is everyone banned? I’m having a bad day and I just want to laugh at shatna

Anonymous 192338

whatever happened to pnp? did she just stop posting? i remember admin kept shutting her threads down so i figured that's why we stopped getting updates

Anonymous 192339

is there any other image boards nonas can recommend? cc is so slow that i regretfully have been browsing 4chan awating lc to open back up again but its obviously not great either because i hate scrote content. im spiralling without lc. has anyone used spinster here???

Anonymous 192340

i think the server change caused this or something and admin wanted to give us a little something but didn't realize the importance of recognizability

Anonymous 192341

spinster is so dead and you have to make an account so it's not even properly anonymous

Anonymous 192342

the admin wanted to switch to a more reliable database like mongo db

Anonymous 192343

Fujo s I just saw there was a Hikaru ga Shinda Natsu thread on /a/.

Anonymous 192344

me too nona.

Anonymous 192345

Since we're all getting a fresh start, are there any threads that we think should be moved to PT?

I used to be an avid proponent of migrating Shayna but now I kinda like the meme of her having 100+ threads in snow

Anonymous 192346

i hate how you cant click the banner to take you to the front page anymore.

Anonymous 192347

I wonder if thats when the site will re-open?

Anonymous 192348

I forgot about pnp, i told my nigel about lc once and he saw her thread and apparently she used to constantly be in his dms when he was in college

Anonymous 192349

Spinster is garbage and overrun by tradthots now

Anonymous 192351

why would you show lc to a moid you retard we dont need any more of them
>inb4 he didnt post
idgaf dont do it

Anonymous 192353

I miss you too

Anonymous 192354


Wow, RIP LC. I didn't expect the boards to be nuked.
Why did the whole site have to be changed? Wasn't it enough to, say, just add one or two things once in a while and then test what people think about it? I don't understand this at all.

Anonymous 192355

pro-ana scumbags, i need to bitch about ganer

Anonymous 192356

Do you guys think that the downtime will impact the future activity of the site? If lolcow becomes as dead as cc I don’t know where I’ll go.

Anonymous 192357

Maskfag thread, monsterfucker thread, hornyposting husbando thread

Anonymous 192358

If the bunker threads and matrix saga and such didn't kill lolcow, this won't.

Anonymous 192360

My votes for cows that should be moved to PT:
- Shayna
- Abby Brown
- Nicocado
- Grimes and Musk

Anonymous 192361

i was thinking that too :( i hope not

Anonymous 192362

I don't like it either tbh, I hope some is keeping screenshots of cows who like to delete stuff (like Shayna)

Anonymous 192363

the down day has been like 2 days not 2 months chill

Anonymous 192364

miss lolcow..

Anonymous 192365

shayna and grusk are the ones keeping /snow/ alive rn

Anonymous 192366

I've gone back to 4chan like one would go back to a shitty ex

Anonymous 192368

Screenshot 2022-12…

this post happened while I was asleep. I just want to say that's what a sleep demon is. Nicholas cage is your sleep demon.

Anonymous 192369

Posts like >>192356 make me wonder how many users are underaged

Anonymous 192370

I think Grimes and Elon Musk should been in celebritycows threads. Well, he is sort of a celebrity, for better or worse.

Anonymous 192371

I wonder if we'll be able to get a proper pro-ana thread on nu-cow.

Anonymous 192372


Anonymous 192373

Wasnt the website down for a few days some months ago also? And back then we didnt even get a notice, you really dont have to worry about it.

Anonymous 192374

okay so why can everyone access the site but me? like that's the tech behind that?

Anonymous 192375

True, sorry for being dramatic.

Anonymous 192376

Didn't they say they'll bring the threads back?

Anonymous 192377

Shayna drunk dancing with her mom's dog, I love how she has no respect, literally drinking and posting in her mothers house to post to coomers.

Anonymous 192378

PNP was my favorite cow and how I got into lolcow. I joined one of her lives the other day and she looked REALLLY out of it (def on some drugs) and had massive grey bags under her eyes. I’ve been watching her saga for years and it was def the most concerning version of her I’ve seen. Sad there’s no more thread since she’s so private. But you just know she’s full on stripper & prostitution & drug era now that Matt’s gone.

I also love Heather, shayna, and the ftm thread

Anonymous 192379

true, in fact momentum on the site has already been pretty slow. s haven't really been introducing new cows and there's not a lot of milk coming from the existing ones. i have a bad feeling that nuking the old site will kill a lot of what little momentum we had left on LC

Anonymous 192380

do you want that? why would anyone want that

Anonymous 192381

The thing I do not get about the celebricows thread is how if there are celebricows who are being especially milky they'll make threads for them. Isn't the point of celebricows to talk about milky celebrities? Idgi.

Anonymous 192382

I’m not underage and I’ve been using the site on and off for years.

Anonymous 192383

Heather has a new Ryan and there is literally nowhere on the internet to discuss it. I'm dying here

Anonymous 192384


Anonymous 192385


I hate thi so much and I wish I could hate on it with lolcow!!!

Anonymous 192386

Of all the underage sounding posts itt, that's it? Farmers have been worried about LC dying for years because there isn't exactly much other places to go.

Anonymous 192387


Anonymous 192388

had no idea matt left, wow we really need to revive her on nu-cow

Anonymous 192390

komahina banner.PN…

Anonymous 192391

she went private and the milk just ran dry. she's a stripper, does her shitty art on wood slabs and is still plastic surgery addicted. nothing changed she just started posting less and got boring

Anonymous 192392

dns propagation

Anonymous 192393

are there any svenskanons with us here

Anonymous 192395

Was this on the banner thread wtf?

Anonymous 192396

retarded summerfag strikes again

Anonymous 192397

Kek, no. Do you want me to comb through this entire thread and link all of the underaged-sounding posts?
The histrionics, the dooming, and the "all-or-nothing" way of thinking is more common among very young people or adults with arrested development.
Then you'd know that even a week of lc being offline isn't going to stop the flow of traffic, at least not in the long-term. Oldfags know this isn't the first time that the site has gone down for several days.

Anonymous 192398

She is getting more face surgery in a couple weeks. She left Matt like 2 months after the wedding to go full stripper life.

I’m screaming that we can’t talk about Heather love bombing her balding Ryan

Anonymous 192399

IDK I saw it early and posted it kek

Anonymous 192400

No, I guess it comes from Komaedaanon?

Anonymous 192401

It "didn't used to be like this" BECAUSE HE WASN'T POSTED IN
WHEN WILL JOSH POSTERS GET THIS? HOW DO YOU NOT TAKE THE HINT? Are you legitimately retarded? Here i'll help you

Anonymous 192402

Lol yes collect all the underage posts.

Anonymous 192403

no, this is a website for the civilised

Anonymous 192404

You know France is not in the Balkans right? That was a fake map in the previous thread. What if someone thinks that's real…

Anonymous 192405

Josh posters are so annoying.

Anonymous 192406

don't be such a whiny little bitch

Anonymous 192407

NGL If PNP wasn't shitty, I'd admire how she lives life exactly how she wants. Wants to look a certain way? Changes her face, drops her scrote kek. I don't know, I sometimes do find it kinda cool how cows lack awareness and wish I had a bit of that so I wasn't such a mess

Anonymous 192408

I wonder how the schizochan who spams pictures of JC ‘ s girlfriends butthole is doing

Anonymous 192409

s was i the only one who got banned for 'spam'? i haven't used lc this week. i tried posting on the new websites meta thread.

Anonymous 192410

You are still fucking whining about a fat ass scrote being posted? Move the fuck on, you keep bringing the shit up and losing your mind.

Anonymous 192411


I hope we will be reunited soon on lc

Anonymous 192412

I am but a humble one year old newfag, but I don't understand why the celebricow thread isn't on /pt/. It seems pretty active, there's milk, so why isn't it on the gossip boards ?

Anonymous 192413

Nobody's whining but the retard who thinks a several years old imageboard like lc is going to lose most of it's user base because of a few days of downtime.

Anonymous 192414

same nona. think raw spinach, stay strong xox

Anonymous 192415

Anonymous 192416

it's syd, seething makes up her entire lifestyle and personality

Anonymous 192417

that post has been buried, who gives a fuck?

Anonymous 192418

i'm almost certain that matt dumped her ass after she started whoring herself out full service

Anonymous 192419

I don't. You're still responding to me anyway.

Anonymous 192420

>still fucking whining
>keep bringing the shit up
This was my only post in the thread dumbass.

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