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Lolcor bunker thread #0011 Anonymous 192423

Anonymous 192424

the celebricow thread was on /snow/ for a while, but it degenerated to such a severe degree that it quietly got put back on /ot/ where peace has been restored. idk why s behave so differently in each arena but it would be a fascinating sociological study

Anonymous 192425

Im already widowmaker

Anonymous 192426

>How long DNS propagation takes usually depends on your records TTL setting. This can be anywhere from several minutes up to 48-72 hours or longer. However, there are sometimes other reasons for a long propagation time.
48-72 hours or longer? Admin, how am I supposed to survive Christmas without lolcor?!

Anonymous 192427

These threads get a little boring when all we are talking about is lolcor's development, but I understand that there is a lot to speculate. Love you my fellow farmers, I hope the site is back up when I'm off of work and we can all be as autistic as we want <3

Anonymous 192428

because most of the activeness is due to infighting, they rarely discuss actual milk

Anonymous 192430


Josh has declared total retard war

Anonymous 192432

Are there miners posting rn? Who aren’t lc natives? I’m curious since this site seems so slow

Anonymous 192433


triangle head

Anonymous 192434

Okay, is anybody in the know bc i'm still not getting it. 1. Are the original boards and threads going to be brought back on the new lolcow.

i'm kinda mad that we weren't warned this will happen, i thought shaymin would just move everything to a few site, but all would look the same.

Anonymous 192435

no one cares about josh but that one tranny who shits up our board

Anonymous 192436

if that troon called people's families and doxxed them, I will 100% be on board for it and try to support. That shit is creepy

Anonymous 192437

different anon, but celebricows have always been on /ot/ because it's one of the most hated threads thanks to the obvious fact that it always ends up getting some retarded refugees, redditors and baiters. it's always been that way. now it's just full of twitterfags and idiots.
/pt/ is not for just active threads, it's for goldmine cows, not some 'every random celebrity in the world general' thread.

Anonymous 192438

Are the old threads going to be migrated soon??

Anonymous 192440

sorry, deleted next part of my post. so:
1. Are the original boards and threads going to be brought back on the new lolcow?

2. If they are, will it be possible to continue posting in them or they get locked/left as archive and we have to make new threads to post?

Anonymous 192441

Threads should be coming back. Admin did say the site was going down for maintenance on the 19th. We should all be familiar enough with the staff at this point to know that it was probably going to be a while before it comes back up.

Anonymous 192442

Wish Shaymin or her team would say something as basic as this cuz I’m tired of seeing this question asked a million times!!!! Jk non ny ily

Anonymous 192443

Even tho it was bad in /snow/ it's gotton way WAY worse in /ot/ in the last few months.

Anonymous 192444

There've been a lot of newfags running around the site lately.

Anonymous 192445

who was here during tempcow? didn't that last for months?

Anonymous 192446

Screenshot 2022-12…

Anna K went on the actual Dr Drew podcast earlier this month. I don't think this came up in the leftcow thread wtf, are we just bad at farming now?

Anonymous 192447

Me, i'm a miner!!

Anonymous 192448

Some nonatellas (Sorry cc I like the term cuz it sounds like Nutella) said that the threads were infested with admitted gay moids and twitterfags

Anonymous 192449

for some reason i couldn't stand it on snow. i think s in ot are somehow more thoughtful, or less retarded, or something

Anonymous 192451

ot is horrible and the no fun allow weirdo aggressive ass anons are in this thread and probably the ones starting meltdowns and whining about everything.
Snow is'nt that bad. You get cursed out for posting something that a anon doesn't find funny in the dumb ass thread. Doesn't even have to be offensive. You can get mocked and picked on in the vent thread.
/ot/ needs serious moderation. I don't even think it's outsiders doing it either

Anonymous 192452

Celebricows is shit but that those few s posting milk are doing goddess's work.

Anonymous 192453

You can tell who's a gay moid in celebricows when they start going on a vendetta against some random female celebrity and won't shut the fuck up.

Anonymous 192454

i just realized that the word n0nnies keeps getting deleted here and replaced with s

Anonymous 192455

Yes, what i hate about celebricows is how they're just raided by blatant coquettes

Anonymous 192456

why is the double-n Nona word not allowed to be used here?

Anonymous 192457

Hi miner

Anonymous 192458

I don't understand how the new site works…

Anonymous 192459

No fucking way some big millionair CEOs let themselves get bullied by a single troon. I doubt these men with huge egos would give in to that. It has to be bs.

Anonymous 192460

does that make amanda-chan a moid lol

Anonymous 192461

because its stupid

Anonymous 192463

Kek didn't amanda chan make like one or two posts?

Anonymous 192465

the forbidden n word

Anonymous 192466

I was a miner first but now also browse lc.

Anonymous 192467

Should I drink tonight?

Anonymous 192468

The anons honey for Josh are the saddest

Anonymous 192469

N0nny is redtexted on lolcow too… I must be too new, I always wondered why it was redtexted

Anonymous 192470


Anonymous 192471

you must don't know the story? The troon doing this is a millionare himself. He's done more to kiwifarms then Keffals, he called up someone's wife for a girltalk. Another dude got a woman fired from her job for being loosely connected.

Anonymous 192472

yes and they live in infamy kek

Anonymous 192475

New site is so fucking ugly I hate change i want my old pastel blue simple ui lolcow back

Anonymous 192476

The no-fun-allowed anons are necessary for a lolcow where hellweek isn't a thing anymore.
I hate seeing the website's culture change so much because of newfags and undermoderation

Anonymous 192477

kanye's been quiet, I wonder what his next stunt will be?

Anonymous 192479

same reason as here: because its stupid. got popular in the kpop era and all that implies.

Anonymous 192480


Thanks for giving me permission, first one's dedicated to u

Anonymous 192482

N0nnie started out as a tumblr-ism which is why it got redtexted

Anonymous 192483

Where can I read more about this? I thought he was just a garden variety programmer socks AGP, wtf.

Anonymous 192484

No they aren't When you are posting the correct things in the correct threads but some anon comes in insulting you, wishing you to die or just being an asshole, thats not needed. They don't just do this to new fags. Just anyone posting anything they don't like at that moment.
I've seen someone come at an anon in the vent thread and endlessly mock them for zero reason other then to derail the thread and be annoying.

Anonymous 192485

don't summon them

Anonymous 192486

i found that in the last few threads there's genuinely been older twitter using folk im talking 40s+ from the way they type and the kind of gifs and boomer facebook/pinterest "quote" images they keep using

Anonymous 192487

Anonymous 192489

it seems like the term has evolved to a term of endearment. i use it bc i love you bitches, although i also hate you, but mostly love you

Anonymous 192491

do they still make beers like these?

Anonymous 192492

was this song in english? its good

Anonymous 192493

Oh that makes more sense, I thought it meant that he threatened their wives with violence or something. How sad to see these women have no backbone.

Anonymous 192495

I really thought lolcow going down for a bit would encourage me to get offline… the exact opposite has happened kek I want to know when it reopens.

Anonymous 192496

same now i'm just addicted to this bunker thread FREE ME FROM THIS ENDLESS NIGHTMARE

Anonymous 192497

I love tranny on tard violence I hope they both lose somehow.

Anonymous 192498

>some anon comes in insulting you, wishing you to die
Sorry but this is just hilarious kekekek
Anyway my point still stands. Sometimes anons can be a little overdramatic, but if you're not going to make the attempt to integrate and spend your time acting like a sperg on /ot/ then be prepared to get called a sperg.
You also gotta get used to being told to kys sometimes, especially on an imageboard. It's just a part of life here

Anonymous 192499

Has anybody mentioned how ugly the new theme is ??

Anonymous 192500

Yeah, it's not my favorite. Someone else mentioned it earlier. But then again, I'm an oldfag.

Anonymous 192501

Anonymous 192502


>You also gotta get used to being told to kys sometimes, especially on an imageboard. It's just a part of life here
It's literally agaisnt the rules. And again, like I said, to pretend that it's all just newfags or people who are being weird this is happening to is a lie. People have been complaining about it for a while.

Anonymous 192503

look I don't like Null but he fights for his site and that's admireable. Hope he wins for the sake of LC cuz you know who'se likely to follow if they succesfully take down KF.

Anonymous 192506

its like the only thing people have mentioned about the site

Anonymous 192507

Oh. Hm. I must have missed that. that had a cutesy name for anons because why? anonymous asks?
I had a tumblr for years but didn't ever chat with people on it - always seemed wrong to me, tumblr is for posting pictures. Audrey Kawasaki followed me when she had like 200 followers and that's the only thing I remember because she's artist famous now

Anonymous 192508

the additional click required to switch boards now is a bigger quality of life downgrade than any of the shiddy upgrades lynx brought

Anonymous 192509

Yes like 47 times

Anonymous 192510

nta but that rule is mainly for the cow boards

Anonymous 192511

banner worthy tbh

Anonymous 192512

sitting here trying to paint or embroider or do something creative but all i really want deep down is to watch the shitposting in real time

Anonymous 192513

I've never seen anyone get redtexted for telling another anon to kys, only when they say something unhinged like "I wish Shayna would get kidnapped and SA'd"
Kys barely counts as a-logging anyway, people say it all of the time on imageboards

Anonymous 192515

Yes, you can find them in sketchy gas stations and convenience stores across the USA.

Anonymous 192516

I have and I have also seen in it happen on here

Anonymous 192517


Anonymous 192518

how do you find out about CC before LC that's my question

Anonymous 192519

same anon, I don't get why people are trying to normalize shit that isn't really lolcow culture, like we don't just go around telling eachother to die and I've seen people get red texted for that behavior. Thats moid image board shit

Anonymous 192520


Anonymous 192521

Probably in the context of infighting, not a-logging. When anons (used to) regularly call each others faggots and spergs I doubt, and haven't seen, anyone get banned for saying 'kys'

Anonymous 192522

it's under global rules

Anonymous 192523

For some reason, 4chan moids always reference CC as the female imageboard and never LC, even though LC gets more traffic. So I can see people discovering CC first through that.

Anonymous 192524

don't be mean :( she's trying her best, or at least i'm assuming and hoping she is. at least she told us there was maintenance in the first place

Anonymous 192525

Lolcow/Stamina Rose literally started as an off-shoot of a 4chan board
Imageboard culture is lolcow culture

Anonymous 192527

do you seriously follow every rule down to the t? are you dutch or something? relax. context clues, lurk, watch what happens around you…

Anonymous 192528

Huh I wonder why LC is not mentioned on 4chan as often?

Anonymous 192529

people don't casually say "kys" on lolcow like they do on 4chan. sorry you are the one who is wrong.

Anonymous 192530

Kek yes they do
Lurk moar

Anonymous 192531

I'm going to stop responding but it's not about being a good little rule follower, my whole point was that /ot/ was really weird and ONE of the weird things was people telling anon's to kill themselves or being overly aggressive and weird towards small things.
It's not about the rules. I never see that kind of behavior and YES lolcow is a imageboard but does it have all the same exact rules as every other imageboard? No.

Anonymous 192532

I just chalk it up to them being retarded or something.

Anonymous 192533

Do people really get upset at being told kys? No offence but you shouldn't be such a little bitch.

Anonymous 192534

I think "kek" should be bannable on nu lolcow

Anonymous 192535

ayrt and you're legitimately lying and/or overcompensating for newfaggotry. and im not any of the anons who responded to you before btw

Anonymous 192537



Anonymous 192538

what why i love kek

Anonymous 192539

kys means kiss in danish so I can't read it as kill yourself

Anonymous 192540

so bored no lc no kiwi just bored im gonna go do chores

Anonymous 192542

are we gonna start banning x-fag and x-chan next

Anonymous 192543

You can use a vpn to get on kiwi

Anonymous 192544

>does it have all the same exact rules as every other imageboard
Just so you know I'm NTAYRT but if you've been on LC before 2018 you'd know how much this site has changed and why some anons get so anal about user behavior
LC has grown more accommodating to normie tastes ever since, and exponentially since 2020
Don't complain when anons start typing 'skdhdishshwns' instead of 'kek' in a few months

Anonymous 192545

Beautiful edit

Anonymous 192546

>im gonna go do chores
kek no you're not

Anonymous 192547

kek hell no. stop trying to erase every trace of imageboardisms we're not going to become anonymous facebook or instagram 2 just because they were coined by moids doesnt mean anything if its used by us

Anonymous 192549

How would you guys stereotype the boards?
/ot/ - incredibly aggro, hates everything
/g/ - incredibly horny
/m/ - chill for the most part, a little horny and a little hateful
/snow/ and /pt/ - I don't use them enough to know their differences, but see them as very catty and super obsessive, but not as hateful as /ot/ surprisingly

Anonymous 192551

/g/ is cringe

Anonymous 192552

kek keep dreaming.

Anonymous 192553

but free

Anonymous 192555

i'm a glass bottle 40 appreciator and it seems like they've been slowing down production of them in favor of big tall boy cans, it sucks, i'd much rather drink malt liquor out of glass than cans. one time i specifically went on a hunt for them, i searched convenience stores, gas stations, and walmarts all over the place and i literally found 1 that that was on a dusty back shelf of a walmart. Maybe it's just the region i live in, i dunno.

Anonymous 192556

>She thinks we should erase a word merely because she doesn't like it.
My sides are in orbit.

Anonymous 192557

I've been actively using LC for like 5 years now, idk how I feel about it.

Anonymous 192558

Now I want to draw board-tans where /g/ is a total fangirl who makes /m/ and /ot/ cringe. Would be cute.

Anonymous 192559

nta but i already started noticing a few posters censoring words like rape unironically like they're on tiktok or something

Anonymous 192561

I would really like to see this ngl

Anonymous 192562

no it's just bad for discussion
I should just stop comparing things to how it is on 4chan because i got too old or something and no one ever knows what I mean. I'm 32 now and I visited 4chan from age 16-24 almost every day. "kys" was typed in every other post, not even exaggerating, an no it's not like that on lolcow.
kek is from World of Warcraft not imageboards dummy. know your history.

Anonymous 192564

It just seems like so much beer, kek. My mom used to buy the golden champelle and it looked so tasty and cold. Now she just buys cans.

Anonymous 192565

Have only glass beers in my house, my Nigel better leave them the fuck alone before Christmas

t. irish

Anonymous 192566

this has already been made before, i'd post but lc is down… any anons have the board gijinkas?

Anonymous 192567

What's worse is anons saying "sameanon" because they don't want to say fag, I've only seen that happen here

Anonymous 192568


Anonymous 192569

Now that is retarded

Anonymous 192570

you are correct

Anonymous 192571

/g/ is aggressively heterosexual and has the worst taste in men, like a tourist in a gay bar.

/ot/ is a wild west free-for-all

Anonymous 192572


i stand corrected!

Anonymous 192573

This is literally what i was saying. Now anons are acting like it's so common to just be like
>I like ice cream
>Bitch kill yourself
with no joking or anything on lolcow or it happens every thread. It's bad for decision to be a weirdo and aggressive, people are acting like, "Oh everytime it happens it's a new-fag or someone who deserves it".
There's complaints you can see on /ot/ of people annooyed and discussion of how they feel it may be people purposely trying to start fights/drama.Like the, "Lol just stop being straight" person.

Anonymous 192574

Which lolcows got you you get into LC? It was Luna and Abby Brown for me.

Anonymous 192575


Anonymous 192576

>an no it's not like that on lolcow
Different anon but yes it is. Maybe we're reading different threads idk but it's common on /ot/

Anonymous 192577

i like it because i always know it's going be enough to get be blitzed

Anonymous 192578

Just because people aren't autistically throwing out 'kys' every other post on lolcow doesn't mean it doesn't get used casually still
Lc used to be very similar to other imageboards, especially in the 2014-2016 years, just with an emphasis on lolcow culture
Since you're 32 (no offense) it's probably because you've matured out of imageboard culture

Anonymous 192579

I came for the Suzy Hansen drama and I didn't know how spoilers worked so I thought the spoilers were pictures of Suzy; I actively started posting in Shayna's thread. I remember it vividly.
>Scrolling through new-ish site
>See shayna with red lipstick smeared on her face
>Ew gross
>Click a spoiler
>See her full hoo haa
>go to her thread
It's around the time she was wearing the cowboy hat and that green..I believe tank top, with the shorts and socks? Or something like that?

Anonymous 192580

Pixielocks. I feel like I should thank her or something kek

Anonymous 192581

Why is it bad? It's no different from calling someone retarded. It just means you think their post is stupid. Nobody is actually telling you to end your life.
Actually if I remember correctly on 4chan it was mostly used as "kys retard".

Anonymous 192582

patrician - side note i visited dublin for the first time this past year for Bloom's day and holy shit people were not joking about the draught guinness there being some different god-tier beast from the rest of the stuff

Anonymous 192583

kotakoti which got me into internet aidorus, then i forgot about them, and then while at a party i was sat alone in i decided to use their computer to browse the internet where i found some mei overwatch cosplayer's thread and kept browsing from there. i think that was in 2015 or 2016

Anonymous 192584

What about /m/ hanging out with /ot/ and agreeing that fangirling and yooming is cringe and coomer-pilled, but then she goes to hang out with /g/ and they fangirl together in secret?
Now I'm picturing /ot/-tan as a pissed off cowgirl sheriff

Anonymous 192586

idk what’s going on i just post in the husbando threads on /g/ from time to time

Anonymous 192587

Yeah I don't understand the complaints. Even with anons getting aggressive and telling people to kys lolcow is still not as bad as the Kiwi Farms in terms of general toxicity (in certain boards)

Anonymous 192588

came through the early onision threads, I think the 6th thread was the active one at the time. stayed for luna.

Anonymous 192589

Have you guys ever seen someone irl posting on an ib? Im in a hookah cafe and someone saw my screen and sideyed me lol

Anonymous 192590

I'm watching a-team with my brother rn

Anonymous 192591

remember "an hero"? lol

Anonymous 192592

Kpop anons if this happens please promise you will start posting anti-tranny memes to scare them away.

Anonymous 192593

text (6).gif

Anonymous 192594

i would wholly support a sitewide ban of even mentioning kpop tbh

Anonymous 192595

Wait kpop is coming back? Oh hell no.

Anonymous 192596

who remembers the 2019 erin lc era

Anonymous 192597

The Suzy drama is so funny in hindsight, she was a cringy NLOG but it turned out everyone's sweetheart Holly was the real cow all along, lying in stasis.

Anonymous 192598

the vtuber board, actually. it was back when hololive english was just getting started and i lurked the kiara drama

Anonymous 192599

My favorite thread on LC are Stefany's. I can read her thread over and over again. I just find it so funny and cringe.

Anonymous 192600

Murdoch is such a retard hes so funny

Anonymous 192601


If kpop threads return I will spam their threads with this gif.

Anonymous 192602

No, but I always kind of wish I did. I remember posting to /jp/ while in line to see ZUN in person though, and other people were also posting from the line. Was fun.

Anonymous 192604

Half her thread was calling her fat and ugly, I always felt she was cute

Anonymous 192605

Is this BTS?

Anonymous 192606

once, back in high school i saw some kid on 4chan during an assembly

Anonymous 192608

Can someone explain-
>Who he is
>Why is he doing this
like seriously?

Anonymous 192609

these threads move too fast i missed out on like the last 4. apparently the new site is up? but i can't access it

Anonymous 192610

post this every time joshfag posts her ugly husbando

Anonymous 192611

kpop/twitterfags coming back are going to make lolcow insufferable. they started saying "r slurred" because saying retard is too problematic and it annoys me to no end

Anonymous 192612

i always liked the proana thread because of how much you could learn about the human body/physiology in it, especially if medfag s posted (they used to be more prolific). i also like it as a ways of learning about how the mental healthcare system functions in my own and other countries, it's interesting to see how other places do things. Wish there was a lot less nitpicking and weight/bmi sperging because it has a lot of potential to be a good thread

Anonymous 192613

I think people who post that are being ironic. At least I hope so.

Anonymous 192614

I think it's annoying because they're kinda still saying "retarded" they're just being cute about it. like wtf use a different word if you think retarded is literally a slur.

Anonymous 192615

when lolcow comes back I'm reporting everything by the rules. Imma clean it up just like I do on my twitter account which I use spefically to report people kek

Anonymous 192616

The people I've met who've said they use imageboards look exactly as you'd imagine

Anonymous 192617

no but if i did i would just walk up to their ear and loudly shriek KEK then run away

Anonymous 192618

I haven't but now you're making me wanna browse lc/cc in public casually kek

Anonymous 192619

yeah that's how it is for everyone

Anonymous 192620

exactly and then once she lost weight the thread became dead quiet until the projared incident kek

Anonymous 192621

kek I really don't understand it. Nobody knows who you are on an imageboard and why not use a different word instead of censoring yourself. And if they are being ironic, well that's just extra fucking retarded.

Anonymous 192622

Ahhhh shit shaymin is gonna to make me actually stick to my new years resolution and leave lc 4 ever.

Anonymous 192623

I came for Abby Brown and the munchie threads. I miss those.

Anonymous 192624

no but im certain others have seen me do it. i dont gaf. i open imageboards anywhere no matter what blatantly like i would anything else, which isnt to say this is a badass act or anything

Anonymous 192625

I got my tooth pulled and i browsed lolcow/lsa at the hosptial.

Anonymous 192626

Screenshot 2022-12…

Trannies btfo. kf is back again

Anonymous 192627

My bf watches The Crown and it's just like watching the Kardashians except they have more money. I'm not a britbong but I felt so much rage whenever one of those spoiled retards called the ex-queen "mummy" or when she called herself "mama". Do they do that shit in real life?

Anonymous 192628

everyone i ever went on a tinder date with eventually fessed up to being an imageboard user. now im marrying someone i met on /mu/, oh well

Anonymous 192629

I’ve met up with people I’ve met through 4chan and they say they would never expect someone like me to browse 4chan/ins in general. Not bragging I think it was just bc I’m a woman

Anonymous 192630

I came here because I missed my s and I knew there had to be a bunker somewhere. I know CC has been mentioned a lot so I came here and glad I did. Otherwise I’ve never been here.

Anonymous 192631

I used to follow Luna during her Tumblr peak and talked to her every now and then. I was a 14 year old Courtney Love stan and thought she was super cool. Then I stopped using Tumblr and randomly Googled her years late and ohr boy…

Anonymous 192633

Is it bad to browse in public? I just assume most people don't know what it is. Like if I showed it to my sister's ultra normie friends nobody would know what they are.

Anonymous 192634

I told someone to kys just earlier this month and didn't get banned

Anonymous 192635

That's kind of scary to think about. I wonder how many moids I went on dates with complained about me on imageboards later. I'm always paranoid they're gonna leak my pics and ask for other scrotes opinions.

Anonymous 192636

that seems like a bad idea if a raid happens tho

Anonymous 192637

i've fought with so many of you fuckers but some of you have been angels to me, i always feel so conflicted about lolcow and whether it's healthy for me or not lol

Anonymous 192638

I guess n*nnies isn’t allowed? Kek

Anonymous 192639


you said a bad word

Anonymous 192640

Yeah I've never met another female who uses imageboards, only scrotes

Anonymous 192642

the first thread i remember posting in was on the artist tearzah like 6 years ago, i found lolcow bc i wanted to make fun of bad tumblr artists and i kind of got into other cows from there

Anonymous 192643

To be honest i think most of them thought i was gonna be a tranny, and none of them ever really treated me like a girl (i am an autist who grew up on 4chan and am socially feral).

Anonymous 192644

When it was in /snow/ every other post was an anachan screeching about Lana being fat. In /ot/ it seems to attract racebaiters constantly

Anonymous 192645

I think of it as my toxic little habit that needs a limit. like I know cigs eventually aren't good for me but feel great in the moment, just limiting them & hoping to quit someday. doesn't mean I don't feel sad about the prospect of quitting and missing that good feel though

Anonymous 192646

Oli London, he is doing that to get his botched nose fixed.

Anonymous 192648

i miss develv

Anonymous 192649

I feel like imageboard users aren't super common in the wild since the whole concept is still fairly niche
You can lower your chances of this happening by avoiding nerdy white scrotes (or western-born Asian scrotes)

Anonymous 192650

Kiki Kannibal for me

Anonymous 192651

Kanadajin3 and Venus, I found PULL from Rachel's video calling out Mira and from there I found lolcow

Anonymous 192652

ayrt and same. so i don't care, especially considering even if they could read my screen they wouldn't be understanding any of it since it's all in english and my thirdie country barely has any english speakers. recently a girl in my uni asked if it was some kind of special twitter website or something kek

Anonymous 192653

I'm always lowkey embarrassed about using imageboards because irl I'm not the kinda person you'd associate with them but fuck it, at this point it's pretty much the only place on the internet where a lesbian can openly acknowledge that FTMs are dudes. The cows are funny but I enjoy light moderation - IBs are the last remnants of old internet, sadly.

Anonymous 192654



Anonymous 192655

ayrt are you me? My current nigel confessed that during our first date he thought I was a tranny (I'm detrans) and felt conflicted for the first half hour til I explained. kek

Anonymous 192656

Anonymous 192657



Anonymous 192658

Yeah, unfortunately just subhuman men who browse 4chan who I met through school or hobby groups, nobody from lc or here

Anonymous 192659

Damn that's disappointing. Glass bottle 40s have SOUL.
>golden champelle
What does it taste like? I've literally never seen it before and I've lived all across the states.

Anonymous 192661

nta but it annoys me that i have to type n0nnies. it makes me feel like im tiktok. the only reason im going to ditch cc when lc is back up is because i want to be able to say n0nnies uncensored

Anonymous 192662



Anonymous 192663

I swear to god I saw an upskirt picture of myself on 4chan once. I could even tell the exact spot it was taken at my church. I feel fucking crazy and like no one would believe me. This was years and years ago anyways.

Anonymous 192664

##kek that was me##

Anonymous 192666

There’s definitely some s who unironically would though

Anonymous 192667

dasha/cyr, i was searching up cyrs gf and stumbled onto lc eventually

Anonymous 192668



Anonymous 192669

new lolcow looks a lot different I love that they added themes though

Anonymous 192670


Knees weak, arms spaghetti. Goodnight nonitas.

Anonymous 192671

kek is this whole thing just an elaborate fantasy revolving around anon's fetish for zest soap?

Anonymous 192672

Haku, the fellowship, and Kaden got me into LC. I was in some of the same tumblr circles at the time and got curious after one of Kaden's infamous anon spergs. One thing led to another and here we are.

Anonymous 192674

yeah i ended up with a tranny chaser who was looking for the most trannish looking woman he could find. he didn't want a real tranny so his parents wouldn't disown him or stop giving him bux or whatever.
the worst part is that im not even detrans lol

Anonymous 192675


sorry I can't spell it's "Golden Champange" and despite being a drinker neet in my adulthood, I've never tried it. My mom would drink it and it looked so fancy. I even thought that it looked cool inside the paper bags

Anonymous 192676

Are you still with him?

Anonymous 192677

I hate this how do I post on my phone how do I see the different threads

Anonymous 192678

is jenna marbles ever coming back?
during the early days of BLM summer she did that crying apology video about racist asian jokes in a song she made for a dumb video and also dressing as nicki minaj for another video which was not blackface according to her she just had a self tanning problem (which was really funny because it was actually true) adn then she deleted half her videos and actually disappeared from the internet. last i checked her boyfriend/husband was selling nailpolish on his youtube

Anonymous 192679

Question for detrans anons:
Do you still have side effects? How do people react to it- Im particularly interested in how romantic prospects react

Anonymous 192680

that makes me feel like we're gonna end up with actual detrans chasers. trannies without the Y + mentally fragile if they are fresh out of it.

Anonymous 192681

jesus christ thats horrible, hope you're ok

Anonymous 192682

this always makes me cackle

Anonymous 192683

Do any s read comics/manga on mac? I cannot find a single good manga reader for this shit. I just want honeyview.

Anonymous 192684

Yeah they just look good as fuck, like hood classy (one of the best types of classy). plus glass is better for the environment than metal cans anyway

Anonymous 192685


took this sc a bit before lc went down

Anonymous 192686


This one makes me kek every time

Anonymous 192687

how are you guys seeing it, did the site's url change or is my pc broke?

Anonymous 192688

I just use dynasty reader b/c am retard

Anonymous 192689


I love Howe-chan

Anonymous 192690

When will we be able to post?

Anonymous 192691

My brother said he posted about a female friend of his on 4chan once because he was pissed at her, I didn't ask for more details because he's a nutjob but I assume he posted her face and info. He said he regretted it but he was "going through a bad time". With that, the last remaining bit of respect I had for my brother went down the drain.

Anonymous 192692

would'nt the bottles be better? Then again…you can't reuse them, like your whole throat would be sucked out trying to drink out of a glass bottle

Anonymous 192693

I tried to post and they banned me until friday, so probably then

Anonymous 192694


Anonymous 192695

God the new site looks awful. Did they wipe everything?

Anonymous 192696

HELL FUCKING NO, it was my first and worst relationship. he ruined his life with meth and gave himself schizophrenia though so i can live happy

Anonymous 192697

Thanks anon. Part of me still doesn't want to believe it, because what are the chances I'd happen to see myself? Maybe that's just a cope though. At that point I had stopped going to that church so I can't confirm for sure if the photo matches.

Anonymous 192698

I still need to know who is He. I will die if you don't answer.

Anonymous 192699

What a fucking freak. The audacity of moids to think they can just post the personal info of anyone who’s wrong then. I hope he gets his teeth knocked out

Anonymous 192700

horrifying to consider but unfortunately you're probably right

Anonymous 192701

see ! you act like you hate us but you need kpop expert
His name is Jake, he's from the band Enhypen wich the new boy groupe formed by BTS' compagny. He is performing what is known as an "ending fairy". When idols finish their dance routine, the camera focuses on a member and he's supposed to act cute/ badass/ sexy while being out of air

Anonymous 192702


Anonymous 192703

You already have choachan. Jfc

Anonymous 192704

Yeah, I just checked it out as well and the darkcow theme looks really nice

Anonymous 192705


For Me it was Vicky shingles. Nobody in Toronto likes her (why would they) and I unfortunately met her at a party. My friend was going off on how she looks nothing like her photos. She pulled up her facebook to show me and said she pretends to be famous and is all over the internet. So I looked her up one day on google and found lolcow. Been a farmer for 5 years now

Anonymous 192706

Oh good, happy for you. I'm sorry you had to go through all of that though, jesus.

Anonymous 192707

how come everyone can see the new site except me

Anonymous 192708

>acting like a dog is cute/badass/sexy

Anonymous 192709

>i see you hate us
can you stop acting like this place is one person? I have no opinion on Kpop, I just see this gif a lot. Thanks for the answer

Anonymous 192710

went to a creepshot forum out of morbid curiosity once and I actually recognized the location in one guy's photos (outside the Carnegie library in Pittsburgh near the universities). so creepy. literally made me stop going to the Oakland library.

Anonymous 192711

tfw no nonna gf to…


Anonymous 192712


>cute/ badass/ sexy

Anonymous 192713

what do you see when you go to the site?

Anonymous 192714

Wow Howe-chan is my new queen, i had no idea anyone thirsted over him but i'm glad this is the case

Anonymous 192715

I got banned too. I'm glad I'm not the only one, kek.

Anonymous 192717

based stevefag

Anonymous 192718

Screen Shot 2022-1…

what the fuck, did we lose everything? The new layout fucking sucks and I am AMGRY

Anonymous 192719

Screenshot 2022-12…

NTA, I'm having the same problem.

Anonymous 192720

stopped T 1 1/2yrs ago after 4+ yrs - I still have to do laser (thankfully my country has my insurance pay for it) cause I had a legit thick beard. I still have chest/stomach hair I feel like shit about. I'm a singer so I trained my voice back to stop sounding froggy and cringe, it's still deep but w/e people call me ma'am on the phone. Still gain weight in the gut area which is a bit scrote-like. The rest has either reverted or is gone.
The troons in my life started talking to me less/pretending I don't exist. Any others I meet immediately get uncomfortable. Normal people either don't care or feel for me and get curious about the conversation around giving endocrine disorders to teens.
I've actually gotten with a lot more moids since I detransitioned & they don't give a shit (because they're men). It's been rare that on a date someone doesn't follow through because of it. They honestly don't really care aside from curiosity about my experience & my views. my nigel argued the other day that feeling like shit about it is a made up issue because no one cares and I'm an adult human female and that's it

I haven't been with women again yet bc I feel like I'd see what I wish I could be again in them and feel bad about myself. They probably would wish I had tits and it'll take a while to get good reconstruction
sorry for blog+sperging but tl;dr it gets better after you peak & stop wanting to kys about it

Anonymous 192721

You clearly know too much, I fear just thinking about all you have seen.

Anonymous 192722

how many anons have dated a tranny chaser? Sadly I think we've all dated one unknowingly (found out later) or found out durning.
For me, I had a boyfriend who knew the name of a trans pornstar (I chcked his twitter and saw him on a post that showed just a short click of the troon doing something random, they weren't even the focus just in the video). and he was like,"oh that so and so in the blue"
I looked the name up and it was some troon with a onlyfans and pornhub account. I asked him about it and he got really fucking mad, said I was stalking him. Screamed at me so loud that I let it go.
He privated his account after that. We broke up because it lived rent free in my head and even if I was fucking a pick me for me, him liking men was something I couldn't unthink.

Anonymous 192723

Same, I wish she showed more about her personal life.
It's super fucking common. I knew a bunch of 4chan users as a teen/college student and most of the people I work with (tech) probably used it for at least some period of time. Finding people who browse niche imageboards like lolcor is very rare though

Anonymous 192724

Someone should archive new lolcow so that the rest of us having connection issues can hop on

Anonymous 192725


I want to start making a blanket for a future birthday gift, I have a design planned out in my head and everything by the thought of how expensive it will be to make a queen size blanket is killing me. I already am making a blanket for myself using yarn that's $7 a ball (hell, the price has probably gone up by now too).

Anonymous 192726

That's so fucked. Glad you stopped going there. I wanted to start going to the library regularly, but I don't want to if they are hotspots for that sort of thing.

Anonymous 192727

Not really a cow I guess but Emily Hu/averyniceprince, I saw a post years ago on /cgl/ where someone shit talked one of her cosplays and posted a pic and another anon told her to fuck off to lolcow and not vendetta post. It was when I was still on tumblr at the time, in 2015 or 2016.

Anonymous 192728


ayrt i get this

Anonymous 192729

I literally just visit Shay threads for the unmatched autism kek

Anonymous 192730

I guess it depends on where you live/who you're surrounded by
If you're in a tech-y field then of course imageboards will be more common than in more normie arenas

Anonymous 192731

try it on your phone w/o wifi , that's the only way i can access the site rn

Anonymous 192732

Can you make me a cute blanket too nona?

Anonymous 192733

I think the fact that it was in the middle of the universities was more of a draw than the fact that it was a library. students liked to hang out on the lawn out front and sunbath etc.

Anonymous 192734

i listen to 2 kpop groups but mostly krnb/ krap. I used to be around kpop stans in middle and high school so i "know" the culture. I'm very much anti music industry (even western artists or label wich are almost always owned by pedophiles)
I do think it's wrong and i don't listen to it that much now but it's hypocritical to act like kpop is the only genre that use horrible method.

Anonymous 192735

my ex-bf excitedly showed me this tranny porno because he thought one of the actors looked EXACTLY like me! and tbf he kind of did and at the time i just thought it was funny but now its gross

Anonymous 192736

why the f doesn't it link to the post ?

Anonymous 192737

my ex broke up with me right as he went closet AGP. I learnt from a mutual friend he did camming shit with kneesocks (he thinks I don't know). now he constantly posts edgy anime girl shit and has an obvious fetish for trannies.

Anonymous 192738


I'm on wifi on desktop and it's working for me, i think it has to do where you are located

Anonymous 192739

wait, did he show you it knowing you could tell it was a trans or just let it be like, "hey this trans pornstar looks just like you".

Anonymous 192740

Not only a kpoptard, but a newfag too? Stay on choachan

Anonymous 192741

Nta but wow that worked thanks! Even using a VPN wasn't working. I actually quite like how the site looks, I think the anons complaining are just upset there's any kind of change.

Anonymous 192742

I WANT TO VENT about this, I am so very fucking angry about the fact that men ruin EVERYTHING. I cannot go to our fucking local public library because there are scary mentally ill men there every single day. Last time I was there some homeless moid was having a meltdown and started screaming at another man, and on the same day some other guy took a shit in the foyer. I hate that we can't have anything nice after college/university, because the general public fucking SUCKS. I hate men so much and I hate mentally ill homeless men even more, not sorry

Anonymous 192743

she deleted her post for some reason

Anonymous 192744

Really wish I still had the screencap of that /g/ nona who gave herself a gap tooth because her bf said he likes them, and then he dumped her afterwards

Anonymous 192745

thanks for the tip, im finally able to access it and initial reaction…i don't think it's THAT terrible, but why is there only one light theme?

Anonymous 192746

had one and to make a long story short my ex was very gay and sought out tranny porn as some weird form of "inspo" and went to trans orgies to "find other girls like me"
now hes detrans + catholic trad larper

Anonymous 192747

the fan letter written in period blood probably

Anonymous 192749

Moids will watch tranny porn and still ardently deny being bi or gay lmao

Anonymous 192750

Samefag, I do wish the website was the classic white/light blue and blue colors that it always is but I'm sure admin will add more themes. I think the current themes are just the ones from the donators + girltalk. But if she does not add the old themes I will riot!

Anonymous 192751

i kinda miss the old themes. i thought we would get new themes on top of the ones we had already. oh well

Anonymous 192752

it goes on and off between dns shitting itself, 404s, then it's online again but you still can't post

Anonymous 192753

slams fists on table

Anonymous 192755

thankfully he just showed me a screenshot from it, i just wish the old me hadn't tolerated moids who watch porn

Anonymous 192756

porn addiction is not a god indicator of someone's sexuality

Anonymous 192757


Anonymous 192758

Started with onision, then recognised shayna from following her back in her stoner days, and also jonny from being a fan of DGD. That was like 5 years ago and the rest is history RIP

Anonymous 192759

Ohh I see.
Exactly, this is what keeps me inside. It seems everywhere I go now there are transient moids who are dirty, crazy, and violent. I just want to be able to walk to and from my small local library in peace, but I fear something bad will happen.

Anonymous 192760

which is why I constantly call them gay/bisexual and I earn anons to do the same online. I saw someone posting that dumb ass study about 'brains lighting up when they saw tranny porn, the same way straight men brains light up"
Fuck out of here. So seeing a big hard dick gets you going as a man? The best thing I saw a trans chaser claim was, "I watch it because I focus on the breast and body, the feminine parts"
as if there's not porn with actual women. It's the dick and you gay. I might make an twitter account just to call scrotes gay who try to pull the, "I'm straight" card.

Anonymous 192761


I will make all n onnies cute cow blankets, but you motherfuckers better pay for the materials.

Anonymous 192762

is it psychopathic of me to hope my bf keeps taking his ssris so he continues to not be interested in watching porn/jerking off

Anonymous 192763

I didn't want to start a kpop fight but I was too slow deleting it

Anonymous 192765

trannies and catholicism are like peanut butter and jelly. i think its because catholics are already pretty gay, not just the pederasty but altar boys and goodie two shows catholic boys are fruity as fuck, and plus the theatrical pageantry of mass and it all, its just so flamboyant compared to other christian denominations

Anonymous 192766

luna. i dont remember why i googled her name one day but the thread was the top result kek

Anonymous 192767

Onision I think, and then some of the early mtf and ftm threads. Not sure exactly what the timeline is but it was something like that.

Anonymous 192768

no that's just wanting him to have basic standards of decency

Anonymous 192769


need mah lolcor

Anonymous 192770

Kotakoti and/or Venus Angelic
Nowadays I don't follow internetcows anymore, they're really fucking boring and/or I've grown out of it

Anonymous 192771

Who else is excited for cocaine bear?

Anonymous 192772

because they think being a woman is performing femininity, therefore jerking off to someone who resembles a woman isn't really gay

Anonymous 192773

Anonymous 192774

More like need a diet.

Anonymous 192775

i still don't know who he is

Anonymous 192776

us consumer produc…

did the snowstorm hit yet

Anonymous 192777


I saw this on kiwifarms, cannot confirm but someone says this is a new banner

Anonymous 192778


I miss /g/ and I miss hornyposting. Spoiler, for Nathanfags only

Anonymous 192779

What are all the imgboards you guys use other than lc? I need some more places to sperg (preferably with only women).

Anonymous 192780

It's better that way

Anonymous 192781

and you dare mock fujos

Anonymous 192782

Joshua Moon, the guy who runs Kiwifarms, also known as "Null"

Anonymous 192783

Cocaine Bear, Barbie and M3gan are the 2023 movies I want to watch the most

Anonymous 192784

newfag alert

Anonymous 192785


I’m sorry I ever complained about lolcor. I regret saying we needed new banners and themes, I didn’t know how good we had it. I just want the classic theme and layout back. Please shaymin, I need to shit talk about trannies and moids on my female imageboard again

Anonymous 192786


providing some eyebleach

Anonymous 192787

same, what the fuck is going on

Anonymous 192788


did anyone see shaynas embarrassing meltdown on twitter where she jumped out of her moms car bc her mom said not only black people suffer

Anonymous 192789

i love how i was about to ask why lolcow is down only to be greeted with you lot

Anonymous 192790


Anonymous 192791

people are dying shayna

Anonymous 192792

can confirm it is

Anonymous 192794

who cares about the layout, the problem is that all threads have been nuked

Anonymous 192795

where are all the cute banners I saw in the banner thread… don't tell me the cute non-snowflake ones weren't added..

Anonymous 192796


Anonymous 192797

why the fuck were they talking about black people? I feel like Shayna brought that up. Oh well, Shayna and her mom are shitty. I also don't believe Shayna. She's retarded and isn't about to hop out the car because her mom talking shit about black people. Yet larp as a fucking toddler/deal with retarded moids all day. I bet if her mom was saying how she wanted to be tied up and totured Shayna would be a-okay. Fuck Shayna and her mom

Anonymous 192798


Anonymous 192799

kek Shayna Luther King Jr at it again

Anonymous 192800

thank you but why is there so many pictures of him ? shouldn't he know better than to post selfies on the internet if he runs kiwifarm ?

Anonymous 192801

I see a lot of cute ones honestly, I could sit here and refresh but I wanna leave some for s.

Anonymous 192802

I miss the lolcow doodleboard…

Anonymous 192803

Since i can edit lolcow css on the new site I just gave myself a new cursor yesssssss

Anonymous 192804

you get push notifications for shayna tweets? lol

Anonymous 192805

look at it this way, we'll finally do the reunion theme

Anonymous 192806

there's not a lot, these pictures are very old. Hence why you only see like 3 decent pictures and the one gif where he looks cute.
There's like 15 pictures of him, all old, all fat and some he was underaged or close too it I believe.

Anonymous 192807

wait, tutorial, now! please

Anonymous 192808

shayna farmers are another breed

Anonymous 192809


Anonymous 192810

Come on, Elaine is a dead meme.

Anonymous 192812

It's because he's a fat ugly retard. Any "n0nny" who defends Josh is a kiwifag and should be excommunicated.

Anonymous 192813


thought this was a pic of riker

Anonymous 192814


remember! there are dedicated threads for posting ugly scrotes

Anonymous 192815

They weren't even nuked, you guys are so dramatic.

Anonymous 192816

isn't she the reason why that fucker who stalks lolcow came around?
Most nonni3's browse kiwifarms or have accounts though?

Anonymous 192817

click on the settings option up top, then click on css, then go to https://www.cursors-4u.com/ and find a cursor you like, then copy the css code provided, then paste it into the css place provided and click save

Anonymous 192818

No the fuck they do not, stop projecting kiwifag.

Anonymous 192819

Someone could make a temporary anything-goes board until the site is back up, like the ones we had in the February bunker threads. I enjoyed the lack of theme

Anonymous 192820

Not true.

Anonymous 192821

So tired of seeing Jenna Ortega's face everywhere and seeing moids thirstpost about her, also the show sucked

Anonymous 192822

Absolutely not

Anonymous 192823


I can never get into her thread, Don't know what it's about really except she's like. She has a banner

Anonymous 192824

I'm bisexual and she's cute, I'm sorry anon.

Anonymous 192825

i love you

Anonymous 192826

also holy fuck she was born in 2002. I feel so old and decrepit

Anonymous 192827

I've only briefly lurked but it's clear she is extremely mentally unwell and sick

Anonymous 192828

So no nonni3 uses Kiwifarms/browses kiwifarms? Okay, and not a kiwifag, I use BOTH sites and other farmers have admitted they use it as well. I guess we're just going to pretend nobody on lolcow uses Kiwi to look at cows (mainly male cows) that aren't talked about on lolcow?
Like I do for Kevin Gibes mostly

Anonymous 192829

I think she's kind of ugly to be honest. nothing against her or anything, just not my type I guess

Anonymous 192830

Thank God we have new banners, inward so sick of seeing the two porny ones all the time

Anonymous 192831

Most anons in her thread are more affectionate toward her

Anonymous 192832

I want a borzoi cursor

Anonymous 192834

Omg my favorite popn song

Anonymous 192835

I really wonder why her parents let her post on the internet

Anonymous 192836

I'm sure /snow/fags do it but the average /ot/ /g/ and /m/ users most likely do not.

Anonymous 192837

No one said no one uses both lolcow and kiwifarms, but you said most anons use both which just isn't true. Idk why you guys like to change arguments like this like people can't just scroll up and see what you said. Maybe most have been on KF at least once but I doubt most anons are using both regularly.

Anonymous 192838

weighted blanket.p…

imagine your blanket-fort killing you. that is literally a nightmare I had as a child

Anonymous 192839

Nta, I use kiwifarms for exactly that purpose. The Kevin and Tranch threads are my mains. Funnily enough, I don't typically use /snow/ or /pt/, just /g/, /m/, and /ot/. I like the layout on kiwifarms better for keeping up with cows.

Anonymous 192840

How do I access them then?

Anonymous 192841

I was wrong to use most, like >>192836 said, I hang out in snow a lot, so i do see it brought up in reference or in the kiwifarms thread (Which I use ) so maybe my view of it is kind if overblown.

Anonymous 192842

she looks like a child to me even when not in costume

Anonymous 192843

not a 4chan user by any means but i was curious to see how their random board is compared to here and lc's /ot/ and it's literally mostly porn. their AI porn thread has AI CP. creepy as fuck and I hate moids

Anonymous 192845

There's a lot of nonas who have never even visited visited kiwifarms and have no idea what goes on there. Like >>192836 said it really depends on the specific board you're talking about when you mean farmers

Anonymous 192846

Access them after the site is actually fully functioning, obviously there not going to be available right now.

Anonymous 192847

I've always hated weighted blankets and now I feel vindicated.

Anonymous 192848

thats the only reason to use it, for male cows that aren't spoken about on lolcows. I'm not interested in Chantal, but I am in random troons like Kevin, keffals, Lizfong, that thread on the weird gay troon who met biden whose name I cannot think of right now. I also use the MTF thread in snow as well.

Anonymous 192849

Anonymous 192850


i need lc to come back. i'm so bored and have nothing to do when i'm eating dinner

Anonymous 192851

Because she is literally twenty years old. Of course she looks like a teenager when she's just barely stopped being one.

Anonymous 192852

Kek anon that /b/ has always been infamous for those reasons.

Anonymous 192853

I have this delusional hope my favorite cow will think lc died and will come back

Anonymous 192854

Is it Felice Fawn

Anonymous 192855

Yeah, I admitted that I was wrong to use "Most". I guess I see a anons reference it on Snow which I use a lot, which makes sense. There's no reason for it to be talked about outside of snow.
I only use snow and /ot/ anyway most the time

Anonymous 192856

Yeah that MtF thread is fun to occasionally find weird pics from lesser-known troons, but I find the imageboard thread system to be really disorganized and hard to follow. So I don't really like having to use it to follow specific cows closely. I like the Anisa thread on kiwifarms better too.

Anonymous 192857

it doesn’t

Anonymous 192858

I used to go on /b/ when I was like 13 and there was definitely a lot of porn, but I just went back and there is SO much more. Wish I didn't look. The AI CP and threads dedicated to making deepfakes of women's photos are so disturbing. I kind of thought 4chan died after all the qanon /pol/ shit

Anonymous 192859

You can also watch threads, which I hope is really a feature on new lolcow (I saw it) and it works the same. I'd love to watch my favorite threads

Anonymous 192860

I feel like you have to really enjoy commentary when reading threads. I love reading threads because it feels like I'm listening in on some crazy gossip at work.

Anonymous 192861

download (1).jpg

I think she's pretty, anyone else get "New Selena Gomez" vibes? Can she sing somewhat? I think she's the new babyface'd actor in town.
She doesn't look like a child to me though

Anonymous 192862

Same, I started using it at 12 and it was my first exposure to porn. I don't think I had ever seen naked people before that.

Anonymous 192863

No it's tessa, the girl obsessed with being tifa.
I never read the felice fawn thread, but I googled her just out of curiosity and I remember this girl posting her photo on /soc/, so wild, I want to read her thread now

Anonymous 192864

her mouth is huge, she doesn't have a babyface she's just young

Anonymous 192865

Any former PULL users itt?

Anonymous 192866

I never used 4chan for anything besides the time I wanted to find information on Jerma and if Pat from super best friend slept with the
>Oh my god I'm so mad to find out this person talking about Resident evil on youtube is a troon!
Person who shows up almost every MTF thread because anon's don't know the history of Spherehunter.
I feel bad when i here nonni3's stories about how fucked up it was for them in their youth.

Anonymous 192867

Me. It's how I found LC.

Anonymous 192868

I'm also bisexual and I find her face very punchable. I feel bad that she's got a bunch of weird ass moids thirsting after her though. She's only 19 and they're already making porn deepfakes of her. I hate society

Anonymous 192869

Still can't see the site. Can't do the phone with no wifi trick since I have no mobile data.

Anonymous 192870

That's probably it. I like to read commentary sometimes, but I mainly want to see the milk in an easy-to-see and chronological order.

Anonymous 192871

Me too anon! This is random but I was trying to remember the name of that one cow who was black and hispanic and was living in japan and talked about the hookup culture there? Would you have any idea who I'm talking about? She was weirdly hypersexual.

Anonymous 192872

Can't access on mobile. Can anyone get on lolcow using a laptop?

Anonymous 192873

I used gurugossiper and I think it had parts in slowly peaking me, because the thread about the TIM make up artist/youtuber

Anonymous 192874

NTA but do you mind if I ask if you still dress masculine at all or are you more feminine in dress/appearance now? It seems to be a trend amongst female detrans to swing back to the other extreme after detransitioning. Just curious.

Anonymous 192875


Nona I have reread your reply 5 times and I can't understand what you're trying to say at all

Anonymous 192876

i'm going to bed so feel free to advertise this temporary bunker doodle board while we're here, good night

Anonymous 192877

I used PULL before LC. My favorite person to follow on PULL was simplykenna. Those were the glory days for me

Anonymous 192879

It probably did mess me up in some ways, but I think it made me a better person in other ways. Probably just cope Stockholm Syndrome, but it will always have a special place in my heart lol.

Anonymous 192880

I'm >>192869 and I can't. it's not working on any device.

Anonymous 192881

>I never used 4chan to post or lurk
>besides the time I wanted information on Jerma
>and also to see a post where someone said Pat from super best friends (youtuber), fucked the troon Spherehunter.

Anonymous 192882

theres not much to see

Anonymous 192883

if people used sage differently you could actually use the "hide saged posts" feature." but I think farmers are afraid their milk isn't sage-worthy so half the gossip is saged and the feature is useless.

Anonymous 192884

NTA but omfg yes Morena In Japan. She was batshit. Going to go see what she's up to now.

Anonymous 192885

I wasn't a user, but I used to lurk some PULL threads but the userbase was absolutely insufferable.

Anonymous 192886

I meant bump-worthy oops

Anonymous 192887

so whens lolcor getting its threads back

Anonymous 192888

There's no more threads up about her, she's a regular influencer/tiktok user trying to capitalize off her PULL threads now, ig.

Anonymous 192890

i hope those of you who came from /m/ and /ot/ grace us with your presence and make this site great again

Anonymous 192891

what do women have to do to prevent men from sexually harassing us? wear burqas? jesus christ

Anonymous 192893

i never really understood this anyway, seems to function more as a way to signal you're part of the in-group and not a selfposting cow/newfag

Anonymous 192895

I browse LC during down time at work. I don't open anything NSFW or anything so it basically just looks like a bunch of dark text on a screen to anyone who doesn't know what LC is. Normies don't really give a shit, and if one is looking over my shoulder I also don't give a shit. Moids will watch CnC porn on their work computers during office hours… I'm not concerned about someone seeing me browse an obscure Korean meme imageboard

Anonymous 192896

carry a taser and/or gun

Anonymous 192898


She's still annoying

Anonymous 192900

I'm on a macbook on Chrome and it works for me. It's REALLY finicky thought.

Anonymous 192901

I think i've made like 7 unsaged posts my whole lolcow career on cowboards.

Anonymous 192902

I remember her thread(s) on lolcow was mostly people complaining about pulltards samefagging

Anonymous 192903


Anonymous 192905


Shaymin is flop

Anonymous 192906

I hate this shit so much. It’s such a simple concept but bc of retards it’s useless.

Anonymous 192907

As we come into the new year, who was your favorite cow of 2022? I can't decide but I will say Creepshowart was a highlight of the year for me

Anonymous 192908

Was is this year??

Anonymous 192909

Kathy/Stefany/Jill have provided me with the most laughs this year.

Anonymous 192910

Gimpgirl, fml I have no excuse for what the heart wants

Anonymous 192912

Now that you say it creepshow for me as well. That was the first time I witnessed lolcow go outside of lolcow for a cow I watched.
I was there when the post was dropped about her by the admin. I've also watched sooo many Creepshowart videos roasting her. It was amazing.

Anonymous 192913

Thanks for making the doodle board! Even if it will get lost on all the posts…

Anonymous 192914

My cat peed on my bed >:[

Anonymous 192915


I am so hungry n0nnies

Anonymous 192916

jill turning into a DID larper rekindled my love for her thread, she was the only cow who kept my attention all year

Anonymous 192917

kek whoops youre right it was last year

Anonymous 192919

didn't she start this year off with the video exposing Emily?? or am i also confused?

Anonymous 192920

luna and lillee are the 2 i kept up with the most. i started reading shaynas threads too

Anonymous 192921

soren will always be my favorite, a goat among cows

Anonymous 192922

sorry, blehh just browsing 4chan is so nasty. I see some interesting stuff in some of their boards but 95% of the site is just coom

Anonymous 192923

someone here mentioned simplykenna, i had forgotten about her so had to look her up and she really succumbed to photoshop in the last year

Anonymous 192924

are there any other horrorcows that come close?

Anonymous 192925

So many anons talking about a new ugly layout? Is LC up for you nonas? I can’t access it at all

Anonymous 192926



Anonymous 192927

She always did tbh, she just doesn't care about being consistent anymore

Anonymous 192928

someone should post it in the next thread op

Anonymous 192929

Soren actually dying was the craziest way to end that horrorcow journey

Anonymous 192930

shayna's threads weren't that milky until she got fat. the rolls taking stealing the spotlight from the vag nitpicking alone greatly improved the thread quality.

Anonymous 192931

it's sad because she's always been genuinely cute, even though shes extremely cringey and inconsistent

Anonymous 192932

>actually dying

Anonymous 192933

Even when lolcow was just a single pink board for awhile, it didn't look as unappealing as it does now

Anonymous 192934

kelly chompers

Anonymous 192935

didn't someone find her active depop recently? didn't she fake her death

Anonymous 192936

Did I miss something, is Soren alive? Didn’t the Soren threads even get locked cause admin said there was no milk concerning dead ppl

Anonymous 192937

it's been up for me since this morning but I can't post at all because it keeps telling me I'm banned for "namefagging". Anyone else getting erroneous bans? And yeah also it's ugly. somehow looks MORE dated than old LC, I miss my light purple and white normal theme. And there's a login feature???? I was gonna ask about it in meta but new LC thinks i'm a ban evading namefag and has banished me.

Anonymous 192938

Disagree, her descent into Fupadom was her most milky arc. Especially when he “bought” her a terribly outdated suburban home and made her eat eggs on the floor.

Anonymous 192939

I hope so, I got her in the "which cow will you marry" quiz last year.. if only

Anonymous 192940

I actually loved ginger and nicole's own threads, want to say there's someone else in a similar vein but I can't remember for the life of me ughhh

she will rise again… her and her flesh tube and her kingdom hearts figure collection

Anonymous 192941

REEEEEEEEE s I can't access the site from my phone or my home but I can from my server account which is useless, so I guess it is not routing everywhere? VPN or no VPN.

Anonymous 192942


Come draw on the temporary doodle board

Anonymous 192943

I miss Ginger Bronson and her absolute dogshit poetry/soundcloud rap.

Anonymous 192944

Screenshot 2022-12…

she doesn't have enough insulation

Anonymous 192945

You're kidding… that sounds like a nightmare anon wth? So no classic lolcow white and purple theme? Why would admin think anyone would want this?

Lc looking the way it did was fine, it looking like a proper imageboard is what keeps the newfags out. What shaymin should’ve updated was the banners, easier ways to organize the catalog, given us more themes, and a better moderation team. Not this shit.

Anonymous 192946

Screenshot 2022-12…

Anonymous 192947

quick someone respond: yes or no?

Anonymous 192949

Anonymous 192951

How is she still alive? How can she still function? At this point I'm convinced she's immortal. Nothing can kill her

Anonymous 192952

Screenshot 2022-12…

> Lc looking the way it did was fine, it looking like a proper imageboard is what keeps the newfags out.
this, I loved the fact that it is a very "old school" imageboard. I go on another ib that uses LynxChan and I'm not a big fan of it. Unless switching is going to put an end to the tranny identityfagging and cp spam then why?
> What shaymin should’ve updated was the banners, easier ways to organize the catalog, given us more themes, and a better moderation team. Not this shit.
exactly. someone on KF said she did update the banners though including this banger

Anonymous 192953

Anonymous 192954


thank you

Anonymous 192955


for anyone who can't see what new lc looks like. I don't want to be too hard on them because god damn it, they're TRYING, but as of right now it seems like no one can post on the thing because it banned everybody… and also all the old threads are gone and can only be accessed as an archive at https://original.lolcow.farm/

Anonymous 192956

>it looking like a proper imageboard is what keeps the newfags out.
except it really didn't

Anonymous 192957

wtf i can't say no-nnie on here? shaymin free us from the shackles of cc

Anonymous 192958

Isn't there an ana-chan with a KF thread that is arguably even worse than eugenia? And has been so for several years now.

Anonymous 192959

that is not a string of words that i wanted to read but i did it anyway

Anonymous 192960

thanks i hate it

Anonymous 192961

Have we all forgotten Ashley?

Anonymous 192962

i want to draw the bunker thread soup pot on the doodle board but i'm not able to right now. cries

Anonymous 192963

no, ever since i became aware of her i periodically check in on her, i'm legitimately curious as to how long a human body can survive in that state

Anonymous 192965

samefag, you have to go into the burger menu icon to get routed to an entire other page (as in, it doesn't even function as a burger menu) in order to SCROLL DOWN to find links to the other boards. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

Anonymous 192966

>keeps the newfags out.
Have you been living under a rock?
Imo, if anything the new server and hopefully admin finally bringing on more jannies will make newfags integrate. Also the new layout seems a little more confusing.

Anonymous 192967

it's the lynxchan experience

Anonymous 192968

Really don't understand why oldmin wanted this Lynx switch in the first place. I can't stand looking at it and it makes mobile browsing a huge pain since everything is stuck at the top.

Anonymous 192969

can't get to the original version either

Anonymous 192970



Anonymous 192972

pact with dark gods. has to be.

Anonymous 192973

New thread:

Anonymous 192974

At this point? Probably not. Julien regularly streams on his Twitch and he sometimes mentions her. I don't watch him too often but I do think people were saying he said she's quite happy offline.

They have 5 dogs now, the normal rambuncious bunch of meebs, cermet, weach, and yes, and they recently foster failed a black greyhound named Loni. They regularly had 1-2 fosters in their home, but since adopting Loni I'm actually not sure if they have one in their home. I think she probably busies herself with the fosters, plus all of her own dogs, and she probably still earns enough passive income on her remaining youtube videos. During the Twitch leaks, it showed Julien earns a substantial amount on Twitch and probably still does, so they are financially set. There's a possibility she might return, but I think she's smart enough to realize she's run her course on youtube.

Anonymous 192975

I'm not hyper feminine but I dress with a lot more color+jewelry, pay more attention to styling my hair, practice skincare (kek) and enjoy some light makeup. I'm poor with a passion for vintage (70s-ish) fashion so all my stuff's thrifted, doesn't show much skin and could look great on men too. I get told I "dress like a lesbian" (cant help blundstones are comfy+look great) but dressing particularly feminine hasn't been much of a concern as wearing the clothes I actually love to wear (I pretty much forced myself to wear dark ugly stuff because I was afraid to be clocked even with a beard lmao)

Anonymous 192981


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