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Lolcow Bunker Thread #0014-Planned Downtime Anonymous 194105

Anonymous 194109

These threads feel more like a groupchat than actual threads

Anonymous 194110

Give sauce

Anonymous 194112

I'm just glad my CSS theme was implemented in the new lolcow

Anonymous 194113

finally this feels like home again

Anonymous 194114

Makes me nostalgic for temp cows!

Anonymous 194115

Crested Gecko Amig…

Sometimes I wish more anons were into crocheting/knitting. I like talking about that stuff on lolcow. In general, the crochet community feels pretty niche even though it's a relatively big craft.
I offer miners this lizard.

Anonymous 194117




Anonymous 194118

this is exactly what i mean when i say that the majority of anons who hate kpop also hate other niche female interests and will have no trouble going after them.

in the past it was kpop fags, now its fujos, then its husbandofags or being attracted to men who are not old.

Anonymous 194119


Let's go home, let's make this thread more "homey" shall we?

Anonymous 194120

I like to knit even though I always fuck up with counting

Anonymous 194121

hella late on the save convo, but the reason i hate seeing y’all is because when i still frequented tumblr the ones who used it also used the folx shit and were all genderspecials screeching that the french revolution didn’t have enough pocs or fatties in it

Anonymous 194122

Proof fujos need to be banned along with kpoopers

Anonymous 194123

hot anime men > korean men

Anonymous 194124


This nasty shit

Anonymous 194125

samefag *aave now save

Anonymous 194126

I feel sad that I never experienced tempcow. I either joined just a tad too late or was still very new while it was happening.

Anonymous 194127

download (3).jpg

Anonymous 194128

V true. No one debate her, she's right.

Anonymous 194129

i really like that lizard, it's cute! i've always wanted to get into crochet and handmade crafts but i honestly don't know where to start

Anonymous 194130

>kissing ass to the kpop haters and they still hate you for being a fujo.

how pathetic kek.

Anonymous 194131


that isn't true

Anonymous 194132

Question, am I the only anon who deletes every picture they post on lolcow/cc after they turn in for the night?

Anonymous 194133

Anonymous 194134

Eh? Don't get me wrong, I'm not a fujo, I don't even like anime men. I just believe that anime men are superior just on principle of being 2D creations.

Anonymous 194135

where my ghost fuckers at? George Washington is my Ghostbando

Anonymous 194136

Aw, I guess my main husbando wasn't popular enough to get featured. At least there's Shane and Sachiko art.

Anonymous 194137


Anonymous 194138

lilac. makes it stinky as fuck in here but i want dat jar asap

Anonymous 194139

I know, it makes me feel like I have unhinged friends I can shitpost with

Anonymous 194140

Why are kpoopers so obnoxious, they already own choachan and twitter. Furries and bronies are better because they at least understand how undesired they are and are kept in their cointainment boards/sites.

Anonymous 194141


missing dano riddler on there.

Anonymous 194142

why are there image posts on original.lolcow.farm ? isn't posting disabled? the fuck is admin doing

Anonymous 194143

Yeah I let them rot on my hard drive and occasionally jumpscare me

Anonymous 194144


>crystal.cafe turns into fujochan 2.0
where can the normal people go now?

Anonymous 194145

Gimmie a pic of them and I'll add them

Anonymous 194146

Screenshot 2022-12…

Anonymous 194147

awe its cece

Anonymous 194148

>being attracted to men who are not old.
idk about that, I feel like lc was one of the few places where you'd get (rightfully) dogpiled for being a geriatric fucker. Nobody wanted old men in the 'conventionally attractive men' threads and we had a whole thread for laughing at post wall men.

Anonymous 194149

To Facebook or Twitter. Normies get off my board reeeeeeeeeee

Anonymous 194150


Hell yeah

Anonymous 194151

Anonymous 194152

What's with the fujo hate? Is Paki-chan here? Cause if yes, I love you, Paki-chan. And if no, get over it already, you oversensitive weirdo.

Anonymous 194153

kekkk n0nny, please post more of one direction fujos

Anonymous 194154

this thread really is just anons raging at kpopfans and fujos.

Anonymous 194155

As long as they don’t start seething about yumejos and hating female characters fujos are fine. It’s only the twitterfag ones that can’t control themselves and leak containment. At least when obvious moids invade (posting about hating women and outing themselves as male) fujo spamming is funny, but not the weird coping that’s been going on in the ftm and fujo cringe thread lately.

Anonymous 194156

the balance between the two is key, I've joked about the capricious moderation on lcf more than once but them enforcing culture is indeed why we aren't just another dead altchan

Anonymous 194157


Anonymous 194158

ugh he's doing the symbol of the eye of haron with his hands. This shit is sick

Anonymous 194159


i'm not a normie, just normal by lolcow standards if we're talking about kpop fans and fujos

Anonymous 194160


Anonymous 194161


Anonymous 194162

Anons who think all fujo critiscizm is pakichan are coping. Paki chan always specifically mentions ‘shota’. If they don’t bring up shota it’s not paki chan.

Anonymous 194163


One of these. Have a winter storm where I live, so I have it burning in case the lights go out.

Anonymous 194164

everyone go to original lc ot rn

Anonymous 194165


not having guzma there is a hatecrime

Anonymous 194166

That's abnormal by LC standards.

Anonymous 194167

I've tried mobile data, dns flush, VPN off, VPN geolocation changed, everything and still can't access lf I do not understand

Anonymous 194168


Remember when deranged one direcation fans trended so much that harry styles got pregnant by Louis that dailymail even wrote a article about it.


Anonymous 194169

there is still a way to post on old lc https://original.lolcow.farm/ot/res/1453655.html

Anonymous 194171

it works for me only on phone (mobile data) without vpn. she said there are routing issues. odd that this should happen at the same time that josh's site is being blocked at dns and infrastructure levels but I actually don't think it's related, I can access KF with settings I can't access LCF

Anonymous 194173

Not really, so far her triggers are
>3D men shipping
>power dynamics and bottom/top

Anonymous 194175

I can't access that but I assume it is just a static archive of the html pages (like mine) so trying to post won't do anything

Anonymous 194176

ily n0nny, you're bringing back memories of the 2 months i was in the 1D fanbase in 2015 and the larries were so insane

Anonymous 194178

yes yes, you're right! there is no way to post. that would be crazy. Nothing to see there.

Anonymous 194179

What would you say is your theme song?

Anonymous 194180

I am pretty sure if you say shit about a white moids she will show up to say how much worse the paki moids are

Anonymous 194181

If there is any song called "I'm a Failure" then that one.

Anonymous 194182

can the who said 1D is satanic please post your theories to distract the fujo/antifujo infighting debate part 45788997544 thanks

Anonymous 194183

When I was in high school a girl I had a crush on turned in a larry fanfic in English class

Anonymous 194184


new thread?
n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie n​onnie

Anonymous 194185

*the N0NNA

Anonymous 194187

I wanna read them too.

Anonymous 194188

I stan satanic-theory-anon tbh, her takes come with real emotion.

Anonymous 194189

We can apparently post on lolcow…but only with images.

Anonymous 194190

Screenshot (2).png

kek, we can still post images on the original.lolcow.farm, so I guess she just sucked at coding
she really just scrap this whole idea and bring back the origianl lolcow

Anonymous 194191


what book are you retards currently reading or would like to read soon? picrel. hopefully i'll actually finish it this time, reading books with adhd is hellish

Anonymous 194192

Thanks n0na

Anonymous 194193

Accusations of satanism feel so nostalgic. It reminds me of my childhood when evangelical parents started to burn yugioh cards.

Anonymous 194194


ojhhhh fukkkkk teh yaoi ehi-its takin gg over my bodyyyyyyyy

Anonymous 194195

"we"? I can't. the site won't come up at all

Anonymous 194196

me neither

Anonymous 194198

I was reading bridge to terabithia…. since july or something but I'm back at harry potter

Anonymous 194199

its now original.lolcow.farm

Anonymous 194200


I just finished Norwegian Wood because apparently Murakami is required reading on the internet. Holy fuck it’s so bad. I’m never reading this fucking coomer again.

Currently reading Rules of Civility.

Anonymous 194201

i wanted to do that exact pattern sometime soon!

Anonymous 194202

what comes up when you try to follow this link? https://original.lolcow.farm/ot/res/1453655.html#1453667

Anonymous 194203

anyone else posting images on the lolcow thread?

Anonymous 194204

leech boy by crywank or how to never stop being sad by dandelion hands

Anonymous 194205

sorry i'm retarded. this was about crochet anon

Anonymous 194206

Europeans are kind of crazy for leaving babies and kids outside unattended haha. I feel like even if I move somewhere where people do that, there's too many crazy people where I live (America) and everywhere else for me to ever feel safe doing that.

Anonymous 194207

Still won't open for me

Anonymous 194209

If you feel comfortable, you should totally post it in the fiberarts thread once you're done!

Anonymous 194210


wake me up when admin-chan gets her shit together

Anonymous 194211

i know but that's not working
>This site can’t be reached
>original.lolcow.farm’s server IP address could not be found.

Checking the connection

Anonymous 194212

when shaytember ends?

Anonymous 194213

ilu anon I remember those days too, I might be just a few years older because the panic was about Magic cards, but I remember reading the tracts about them very much directed at adults when I was young and thinking it sounded cool as fuck tbh

Anonymous 194214

We should be grateful shaymin is giving us a new place to live instead of abandoning us

Anonymous 194215

anon, that'll never happen… I'll have to wake you up with true love's kiss instead

Anonymous 194216


i don't even like lc anymore. i'm fully ccpilled

Anonymous 194217


Anonymous 194218

>we should be grateful shaymin kicked us out of our nice warm basement in the middle of december and made us live in a cardboard box and share kibble with rabid possums

Anonymous 194219

n0nnie turn your wifi off on your phone then try on there

Anonymous 194220

I’m grateful she even bothered with upgrade I know old site was very limited and one insane tranny away from disintegrating. Farmers just tsundere.

Anonymous 194221


Part of me wants to be patient and thankful that we have an admin that is willing to "upgrade" our site but the rest of me is screaming endlessly. I hate this. I hate change. I just want to shitpost and read about my favorite cows.

Anonymous 194222


Everyone post your best 1D imagines

Anonymous 194223

we are for sure more rabid than the cc regulars

Anonymous 194224

but she won't even let us in

Anonymous 194226

good book, anon, big feels. even hearing the name makes me think of some images of when I was a little girl

Anonymous 194227


Anonymous 194228

that just stops the internet connection altogether on mine

Anonymous 194229

this one but with the teeth is the only image that has ever made me pee myself from laughing

Anonymous 194230

I am but if she didn't think her userbase was going to pick nits, she didn't know us

Anonymous 194231

I wonder if they intend to get more mods along with the great reopening.

Anonymous 194232


Anonymous 194233


Anonymous 194234


Anonymous 194236


Anonymous 194237


Anonymous 194238

Cool, welcome. It’s a bit of a fixer upper. We need help sanitizing this place of troons and 4chan e-daters.

Anonymous 194239


One of my fave memes of all time

Anonymous 194240

damn are fujos obsessed with mpreg in every fandom?

Anonymous 194241


Another favourite

Anonymous 194242


Anonymous 194243

nta but another anon who just comes here for the bunkers I want to like this place (and the theme is super cute) but there's something about lolcow…and yeah, this place suffers from being mentioned on 4chan too many times, ngl

Anonymous 194244


Anonymous 194245

Ah shit you beat me to it. This meme is still so fucking funny all these years later kek

Anonymous 194246

thanks anon this one is a strong contender for funniest meme of all time

Anonymous 194247



Anonymous 194248

This is so beyond my comprehension.

Anonymous 194249

Kiss Me Kill Me

Anonymous 194250


Kek what

Anonymous 194251

how can i be grateful for a new place to live when she won't even give certain people the keys. she took the keys from the old one too i tried breaking in through the windows and all the tech suggestions and nothing

Anonymous 194252

That pic wasnt supposed to be posted here kek ignore

Anonymous 194253

Early access for donators only. What are you poor?

Anonymous 194254

One of the reasons why I don't want to let go of LC is cause Elsie is so cute. I always try to make picrews of her and 2X, I never post them tho, cause I'm embarrassed of myself.

Anonymous 194255


i love lolcow's new posting format

Anonymous 194256

yes and this is my homeless s shelter

Anonymous 194257

fuck i forgot nonn1es

Anonymous 194258

which one of you posting yaoi porn?

Anonymous 194260

>this place suffers from being mentioned on 4chan too many times, ngl
Why is that? It's relatively quiet and uncontroversial here compared to lolcow, you'd think 4chan would be way more concerned with lc anons. Maybe their priority is larping as women or getting a femcel gf and they think they can blend in better on here because it's calmer? Whereas on lolcow you'll get accused of being a moid if you put a toe out of line.

Anonymous 194261

ugh, joshposting

Anonymous 194262


Anonymous 194263



Anonymous 194264

90% of us would literally prefer to just posting images over the eye-sore of the new site, just fucking let us have it
only updates on the discord

Anonymous 194265

idk why it is but it seems to be the case. lcf is an older and better known state and is known to bully moids off the site mercillesly, either the 4chan scrotes think here is a softer target or they are still trying and lessen or give up eventually?

Anonymous 194267

to me this site is comfy precisely because there isn't this sense of people calling everyone a moid/tranny every two seconds. the downside is, that makes moids and trannies feel more comfortable. but the upside is that it makes those who aren't and are just women with differing viewpoints also more comfortable

Anonymous 194268


Not me. I'm just having fun

Anonymous 194269


Anonymous 194270


Anonymous 194272

I can't disagree I have been called moid/tranny for differing from groupthink as well I think we all probably have lol and I agree that it can be toxic but also basically just what you said it provides a barrier and that is good and bad at the same time…idk what a middle ground looks like but that's a board I'd like to post on

Anonymous 194273

you’re cute, please post them

Anonymous 194274


wait lolcow.farm is still down? im getting worried nonas

Anonymous 194275

I think it wouldn't be necessary if the staff did their jobs. If they banned the trolls in time we wouldn't have to "moderate" on our own

Anonymous 194276

Give me the same vibes as those early 2000s "kill pokemon" flash games, unhinged and cringe but kinda funny

Anonymous 194277

confession: i got so distracted by the rapid fire bunker posting all day that i almost forgot to throw out the trash and food on my bed

Anonymous 194278

no one is doing that to moderate. they're doing it to shut down different opinions. a lot of anons will see someone called a male and automatically ignore their comments when they're really tame.

Anonymous 194279


I can't wait to post mp4 files on lolcow.

Anonymous 194280

i've spent far too much time here as well

Anonymous 194282

Anonymous 194283

Anonymous 194284


Anonymous 194285

i bunkerposted all day at work and ran errands all on cc in public, i simply don't give a fuck

Anonymous 194286

samefag also got only 4 hours of sleep

Anonymous 194287

I just use an online mp4 to webm convertor and I have never had an issue

Anonymous 194288

This is not healthy for anons. We need our wide open farms to roam in.

Anonymous 194289

based af

Anonymous 194290

cute lizard!!

Anonymous 194291

somehow a s are still posting on farmcow lmfao, & they even got fujo for yer asses ahaha

Anonymous 194292


Average bunker thread:

Anonymous 194293

tag yourself, I'm the green chick on the left

Anonymous 194294


We'll, the threads going, as far as I'm concerned.

Anonymous 194295

the snide looking one with the green fin

Anonymous 194296


so that's where the fujosperg went

Anonymous 194297

based whitneyposter

Anonymous 194298


i love her

Anonymous 194299

>Is Kpop a thinspo for young girls?
Yes it absolutely is.
>always thought they were all too uniformly skinny
Kpop doesn't find girls that look a certain way, it molds girls into looking a certain way. They are like farm animals raised to entertain. They start training when they are really young and don't debut for years.
They sign a contract that they will maintain a low BMI and there is tremendous pressure to be like <105lbs (arbitrary weight I'm guessing at) even if they're like 5'8". Everyone in blackpink is within a couple kg of eachother even though rose is like 5 inches taller than jennie. Everyone kpop girl over 5'4" is clinically underweight.

Anonymous 194302


I got in and I’m disappointed

Anonymous 194303


we won

Anonymous 194305

How do you think Shaymin is coping with the backlash rn

Anonymous 194307


We’re using the loophole to play hangman

Anonymous 194308


I saw this song cover and it's really bothering me that she's wearing two different heels

Anonymous 194309


>abuse and objectification of young women
i hope you don't stan any female western celebrities then because they go through similar rituals. plus i personally don't stan ggs but even if i did it wouldn't mean i support what goes on, just the other day there was a freejennie hashtag on twitter, gg stans stand up for them for the most part and want things to change for the better

Anonymous 194310

forgive me.jpeg

I take back what I said about saying kys on lolcow we must fight the kpoppers

Anonymous 194312

you're retarded

Anonymous 194313

just ignoring it and turning your back to it isn't really a solution either though. it's better for gg stans to actually care and speak up for them than just shun it

Anonymous 194314

God can you go back to choachan all you do is infight here and be annoying

Anonymous 194315


i'm only here for the updates, once lolcow is up i'll use that site since we're welcome again!

Anonymous 194316

long time ago when the gen4?(whichever number it was) MLP just started getting popular bronies infected every part of the internet, especially in comment sections constantly making pony meme references and every third icon having some pony in it. but they at least eventually died down.

Anonymous 194318

by that logic boycotting won't do anything about it either kek. they'll just go back into the abuse mill and worse fans who don't care will stick around while the ones who actually gave a shit just gave up. but like i already said i'm not really here to argue with retards. see you on lc

Anonymous 194319

stop ambertar fagging weirdo

Anonymous 194320

Let’s organise a lolcow girls trip to South Korea and save them all

Anonymous 194322


IDK they chose this job, can't they work in an office if you don't like the conditions?

Anonymous 194323

>Worse than lolicon.
Whew, let's step back now.

Anonymous 194324

no they didn't retard they're like 10-14 years old when they start training

Anonymous 194326

fine but they're absolutely human trafficking the idol trainees

Anonymous 194328


i'm here for the football vs. anti-football infight

Anonymous 194329


Anonymous 194331

does anyone wanna play skribbl.io

Anonymous 194332


where in the world is lolcor.farm????

Anonymous 194333


Anonymous 194335

as a former kpopfag i'm wondering what they're attempting with this when ccc exists (which the new lc seems to look like now as well) and having wony as the threadpic feels like it'll just bring the worst to the thread

Anonymous 194336

let's DO this

Anonymous 194337

Now we're talking. Argentina sucks, the only balls they catch are the ones between their legs

Anonymous 194339


i'm nta faggot

Anonymous 194340

Why are this cat's eyes so creepy in black and white

Anonymous 194342


your stupid

Anonymous 194345


Congrats to everyone who guessed my word 'bunker'! Thanks for playing with me.

Anonymous 194346


Anonymous 194348

whisper me lolcor related word suggestions and I'll host

Anonymous 194351



Anonymous 194352

What was this replying to?

Anonymous 194353

words to live by

Anonymous 194355

anyway us 2d trapfags are exceptionally oppressed

Anonymous 194356

what the fuck is this

Anonymous 194357


Anonymous 194358


This you?

Anonymous 194360

based account, is that a real twweet?

Anonymous 194361


one direction mpreg. there's so much it's hilarious

Anonymous 194362

pls host i wanna draw with some s
word suggestions: cow, milk, Shayna, Elsie, uhhhh someone help me out here

Anonymous 194363

Anon, I saw your post about one direction omegaverse, you can't hide from me.

Anonymous 194364

good one. I guess she is finally adding them, saw a few good ones and a few cringe ones flipping through screens on my phone.

Anonymous 194365

Yeah she's one of the writers for Reduxx kek

Anonymous 194366

i thought about calling it omegaverse but then i realized it was more just plain mpreg since omegaverse wasn't as popular back when 1D was at its peak

Anonymous 194367

i hope this thread remains this fast in the future. feels like choachan's dst except i don't have to pretend i give a fuck about kpoo

Anonymous 194368

Hammie-chan, borzoi, bunker, redtext, komaeda-chan, dedededede

Anonymous 194369

kekkkk girlies will always find a way

Anonymous 194370


The only acceptable mpreg

Anonymous 194371


Anonymous 194372


i wonder what the baby will look like

Anonymous 194373


Anonymous 194374

I wish cats actually looked like this.

Anonymous 194375

That explains why she prefers plastic surgery to working out.

Fuck you whoever made that thread. I will hunt you for insulting Wonyoung.

Anonymous 194376


>That explains why she prefers plastic surgery to working out.
wait wha-?

Anonymous 194378

i hate it thanks

Anonymous 194379


Anonymous 194380

ok guise just 3 rounds sorry if the words aint so good i tried my best desu


Anonymous 194381


yea imma head out

Anonymous 194383


I’m gonna pretend this is real and a consequence of allowing K-pop. 144 of the 150 users left

Anonymous 194384

>file deleted
what was it

Anonymous 194385

only 6 people? that can't be accurate

Anonymous 194386


i miss our napoleonfags

Anonymous 194387

it was this >>194379

Anonymous 194388


Winter has come and passed
The shitposters can never last
Wake me up when Shaytember ends

Like my farmer's come to pass
Eightish? years has gone so fast
Wake me up when Shaytember ends

Anonymous 194389

Sorry, I was the one who deleted. Replied to the wrong person, but I only made it worse, kek.

Anonymous 194390


i wish i was gently holding a dog snout right now…

Anonymous 194391

That's a joke. She posted pictures of her in bikini on 4chan after her BBL. She is a cow.

Anonymous 194392

oh shit i didn't know. was there a thread on her?

Anonymous 194393

i fuggin disconected, sorry skribblio friends it was fun

Anonymous 194394

Why did the skribbl server restart? the last drawing was supposed to be Adam Driver btw

Anonymous 194396

skribblio down too?? cruel twist of fate

Anonymous 194397

if anyone not on mobile data wanna host one here were my words

##yaoi, kiki kannibal, shayna, onision, rainbow dash, borzoi, paul dano, josh, shaymin, kpop, cow, grimes, elon musk, luna, jill, hatsune miku, pixyteri, kikomi, kiwi, chicken parmesan, venus angelic, kermit, momo, nikocado, poopin, lolcor, autism, peewee herman, omegaverse, harry styles, mario, bowser, adam driver, spurdo, elsie, cece, tom nook, neopets, pakistan, infighting, patrick bateman, amanda seyfried, fakeboi, mpreg##

Anonymous 194398

Right? His stuff is so bad, I'll never understand the hold he has on book communities. Even women shill him hard for some reason despite how terrible he is at depicting women…

Anonymous 194399


Anonymous 194400

kek just realized that's Anna Slatz/slatzism, she's pretty based but a bit unhinged too. funny story, she wrote an article years back on Mike Thurlow/Angry Canadian because he was doing Nazi activism on his college campus, years later same dude has been involved in weird gaslighting of Elaine since almost a year back ago but I digress…

Anonymous 194401

lol good word list

Anonymous 194402

anyone want to listen to music on cytube or something?

Anonymous 194403

I too remember tumblr in it's prime

Anonymous 194404

how are some n0nnies getting into lolcow? it's still down for me

Anonymous 194405


any n0nnas look at the sex offender registry for your area and gawk at the fucked up looking moids?

Anonymous 194406

how do they all manage to look the part? it's amazing
only works on my phone

Anonymous 194407


kirby deserved to be on the word list too

Anonymous 194408

Yes lol. It's always disturbing how they seem to all live around public parks and such.

Anonymous 194409

Wanna see the old one?

Anonymous 194410


based kirbyfujos……..

Anonymous 194411

I did that several years ago and found a woman in my small trade school was on the list. Someone age 17 joined the school and she "went on vacation" until they turned 18. I always wondered why she was on the list, but was too scared to ask.

Anonymous 194412

Shadow my beloved.

Anonymous 194413


>human versions

Anonymous 194414

I want wholesome threads on the new farm, like cooking, crafting, plants and less I hate/love men.

Anonymous 194415


FOOL. The appeal of Kirby is how they look naturally, humanizing cheapens them and removes 98% of their charm.

Anonymous 194416


Anonymous 194418

kirby omegaverse?!?!!!?

Anonymous 194419


Anonymous 194420

lol chicken parmesan

Anonymous 194421

I hate kpop but I love how the male idols are made to humiliate themselves for fan service

Anonymous 194422


I have such bad sweet tooth lately. This holiday is going to wreck me.

Anonymous 194423


Anonymous 194425

Surprisingly enough, I haven't seen that save for one single fanfic where Meta Knight, not surprising, is an omega. There wasn't any porn and it wasn't particularly interesting with nothing but melodrama so I kind of forgot about it.

Anonymous 194426

Ugh yes. There's one across the street from my old highschool who was on there for kidnapping and raping a girl on her way home from the fucking highschool, says he held her hostage for multiple days doing that. How the fuck is that piece of shit allowed to live there???

Anonymous 194428

Don't fucking start this again. You shat up the thread last night, don't fucking do it again.

Anonymous 194429

i found the dad of this guy i know on there, it says he had possession of child porn under 12… i've always wondered if he ever knew.

Anonymous 194430


sis why are you reading kirby fanfiction

Anonymous 194431

I can't stop gooning like a mental patient to images of the boys from my cartoons and the thoughts of the boys from my cartoons

Anonymous 194432

How is someone like that allowed to live, period.

Anonymous 194433

uh oh here we go again

Anonymous 194434


mobile loaded front page of old snow for some reason..this was the last reply made. oh how i miss you lolcow

Anonymous 194436


Any updates from the past 10 hours? I left after admin blocked posting.

Anonymous 194437

I recently had some of those cookies for the first time and I am in love. The ones with excessive cinnamon are the best

Anonymous 194438

Supremely based

Anonymous 194439

>she doesn't know about the kirbyfag

Anonymous 194440

it changed my life

Anonymous 194441


Fellow fatass-anons, what's you're favorite holiday dessert.

Anonymous 194442

Jake oppa! 사랑해요 오빠! 바게트와 크로와상!

Anonymous 194443


Anonymous 194445

There's lots of interesting stuff to read, though as of late there hasn't been anything interesting on ao3. Doubly so as the English fandom barely makes any fics featuring ships I actually like.

Anonymous 194447


sensitive cat posting

Anonymous 194448

where are the satanic tinfoil-chans when we need them. please literally anything else.

Anonymous 194449

Stop. I am BEGGING do not start this again.

Anonymous 194451


it's a brand at this point

Anonymous 194452

I do love them. I've also been on a peanut butter cookie kick lately. The last ones I made came out a little crispy when I was going for soft, though.

Anonymous 194453

if i had a child and they seriously wanted to become a professional athlete I would really feel like I did something wrong. they're on their own with that.

Anonymous 194454


choccy chip pumpkin cookies

Anonymous 194455

N0nnie I'm so confused kek did you mean to tag me? I'm the first one

Anonymous 194456

omg YES you have excellent taste

Anonymous 194457

>uwu troon cat gif
>doesnt know kirby anon

Anonymous 194459


Welcome back kpop stacies who I trust to self moderate to keep out the twitterfags.

Anonymous 194460

<3 they're the best with dark choc chips imo

Anonymous 194461


Anonymous 194462


post more store cats

Anonymous 194463

>troon cat gif
Kek how is the cat a troon

Anonymous 194464


yeah sorry i know about all the other anons but somehow the kirby one slipped by me. call me a troon all you want i don't care, not all sensitive catposters are moids

Anonymous 194465

I'll confess that I find him cute, but I've never posted him outside of the unconventional male attractions thread.

Anonymous 194466

Just ignore him, eventually he'll get bored of talking yo himself.

Anonymous 194467

theres a uwu "girl" here who keeps spamming cat gifs and posting things like "immm scareeeddd"

Anonymous 194468


Anonymous 194469

male hands typed half the posts here like everywhere else on the internet but that's life

Anonymous 194470


sensitive cat posting

Anonymous 194471


I guess that's a no.

Anonymous 194472

are cat images that bad? better than the alternative.

Anonymous 194473

That's how I feel if my kid wanted to go into show business. I want to support their goals, but I would have a really hard time if they wanted to get into Hollywood. Maybe I could distract them by letting them become a theater kid or something.

Anonymous 194474


Anonymous 194475


Anonymous 194476

sticky toffee pudding. i refuse to make it for myself because if I learn how than i will become an even fatter ass. at least if i only order it when i'm out i don't have it very often.

Anonymous 194477

No discord updates yet. Just nonies shitposting here and on original lc

Anonymous 194478

guess i'll stop avatarfagging with my sensitive catposting then, it was fun while it lasted

Anonymous 194480

I heard some nonñies really hated cat reaction images on lc lol especially the crying cat pics

Anonymous 194481

Actually, I remember similar behavior in one of the bunker threads from a year ago. Also during romanianon drama with her moid. He even got banned for spamming at some point.

Anonymous 194482


Anonymous 194483

i'm the sensitive catposter girl and i wasn't on lc or cc year ago, i just think cats are cute

Anonymous 194484

Ew I just posted the cat pics because they’re funny / cute to me. I hate that moids have to tarnish everything even something as simple as cat images

Anonymous 194485

>on original lc
It works for you?

Anonymous 194486


Anonymous 194487

She is probably waiting for the new farm to be up for everyone or still working on it.

Anonymous 194488

Only posting images

Anonymous 194489

Will the threads on the original lolcow be transferred to the new version?

Anonymous 194490

She made some posts in /meta/. I don't want to screenshot because I can't access the site on my computer, but she basically said that she was going to migrate the /snow/ /pt/ and /w/ threads, and would only do the other boards if there was enough wishes for it. I think she also said that she would set up somewhere off-site to get updates, but it's hard to tell what she meant so idk. The sites back down for maintenance so we can't post but we can see the site.

Anonymous 194492

Shaymin said she might bring some over but she kept the original lolcow.farm site up as an archive where you can’t post anything. I think she wanted us to start making our own threads and everything from scratch on nu-cow

Anonymous 194493

I still can't even few the website, neither the new one or the original links.

Anonymous 194494


Anonymous 194496


I will post cats all day and it triggers moids, you can tell that by their attacks always saying "femcel cat lady."

Anonymous 194498

Of course

Anonymous 194499

No, just that specific poster that uses them like avatarfagging.

Anonymous 194500


Anonymous 194501


Original.lolcow.farm you can only post images

Anonymous 194502


beetles are the coolest type of insect

Anonymous 194503

i love

Anonymous 194504


applecat nona? more than one person makes them

Anonymous 194505



Anonymous 194506


Anonymous 194507


Gonna go back to bed let me know when nu-cow updates or something

Anonymous 194508

No, I bet.

Anonymous 194510


Anonymous 194514

shaymin looks so cute there!

Anonymous 194515


Anonymous 194516


Anonymous 194517

No not her, that's not what avatarfagging is since she was just dumping OC.

Anonymous 194518


Anonymous 194519

stop killing this thread with your ugly cats

Anonymous 194520


Anonymous 194521


Anonymous 194522


omg girls im so scareedd now that lc is down!!! at least we still have cc to post cute cat girly things right?? because im totally a girl like you all uwu desu

Anonymous 194523

cat iphone keyboar…

Anonymous 194524

What's with all the cat spam?

Anonymous 194525


's please come to original.lolcow.farm/
we can't post text but we post images, webms and youtube links, we have to show the farmhands that we love original lolcow

Anonymous 194526


Anonymous 194527

you get it. I would have to pretend to not hate it so I don't alienate my kid for life by not supporting their dream or whatever. I would slip up and say, like, sorry but your dream is really really stupid, honey.

Anonymous 194528

i can't access it either

Anonymous 194529

that is parenting, though,sometimes the dreams need not maybe shattering but interrogating T. mom of 2.

Anonymous 194530

not sure about the other posters but I got annoyed someone tried to call cat posting male behavior so I posted cats out of spite because that was a stupid thing for them to say

Anonymous 194533

maybe you're not a troon but you sure are insufferable

Anonymous 194534

who knows how many n*nnas you may have peaked, and you were a part of the collective…yes, it was worth it if you are terminally online enough

Anonymous 194535

they're schizophrenic, like i get if someone posts something coomerish or offensive or moidbrained to call them a tranny or moid, but cats? it's just people who like to throw around accusations when they're bored at this point

Anonymous 194536

Why though, do you hate it for political reasons?

Anonymous 194537

I hate the n*nnas who post crying cats, like what are you trying to express. That you're crying? That's cringe

Anonymous 194538

Anonymous 194540

I love cats but I kinda agree about the sad ones

Anonymous 194542


that anon already got banned for spamming. unless this anon has an exhibitionist furry fetish, that's troon behavior

Anonymous 194544

it's like dedicating your life to winning the lottery.

Anonymous 194545

Learn to read

I would love to know which country I need to migrate to in order to even see the website..

Anonymous 194546

okay maybe… you have a point. but as one of the catposters i really didn't spam and i'm not a troon

Anonymous 194547

why do we have to put up with interrogation for posting cats? i think the cat haters need to lighten up.

Anonymous 194548

There's too many abusers

Anonymous 194549

i don't know, i guess some anons think it's troon behavior + i kinda was avatarfagging

Anonymous 194550

>which country I need to migrate to
not croissantland. i cant access the site either

Anonymous 194553


what about crying dogs?

Anonymous 194554

That's not what they said, avatarfagging with the same few images of cats over and over again (aka adding it to every single post and response one makes) + the posts themselves being repetitive ("guise i heard staff are troons" "guise im so scared i have a bad feeling uwu.." "i think i will leave lc and stay on cc since here are less meanies calling me a tranny" "no one likes fujos, nta btw uwu" etc etc) is what smells like troon.

Anonymous 194555

Mundane shit thread Number [[bunker]]
my head smells bad. like the inside of it. I'm getting over a sinus infection and this is the stage I'm at. sense of smell is returning and it's not good.

Anonymous 194556

now THIS is woman behavior, keep it coming

Anonymous 194557

stacy behavior

Anonymous 194560

It wasn't the cats but the text that went along with the cats.

Yes this. the "im scaredddd uwu" thing is just… no. Sounds like a hideous troon trying to pretwend to be an uwu girly girl goin through girlhood guise!1

Anonymous 194561


wait, half of those things you quoted me as saying weren't even me. i was avatarfagging a little but there were other anons posting cats around the same time too. the only thing i said was that i was staying on cc

Anonymous 194562

that's teenager behavior not male behavior in my opinion

Anonymous 194563

this is pretty close

Anonymous 194564

they think they can tell which anon is which because they've lost their marbles and they're experiencing paranoia
hope they find their marbles

Anonymous 194565

ehhh it's something a 40 year old balding man wearing programmer socks would also say imo

Anonymous 194566

stop avatarfagging and people won't assume you're that person

Anonymous 194568


Anonymous 194573


Anonymous 194574

just realized I've never met anyone from the internet in real life. not even once. can't even picture how that would go down. i know people who are married that met on IRC and that just seems wrong to me

Anonymous 194576


I’m gonna go to the store later today to buy pokemon violet.

Anonymous 194578


Bad art thread n0nnies, GK n0nnies, I have one FRESH off the presses for you.

Anonymous 194579

what is this? Koito's daughter?

Anonymous 194580

I want too but it looks like shit. Is it that fun?

Anonymous 194581

I've met people from the internet irl, not from lolcow or adjacent sites. It is a strange thing. you feel a stronger intimacy with them than yo have. it is not a good foundation for a sustainable frenship

Anonymous 194582

Is lolcow still not accessible for most? Tried bringing up the page on my phone and laptop and nothing worked. I wonder why some can see it and others can't?

Anonymous 194583

anons using mobile data and vpns can see it

Anonymous 194584

Anonymous 194585

I can see it and I'm not on cell data or vpn, just my normal laptop browser

Anonymous 194587

Nothing works for me. There is nothing to do but to wait.

Anonymous 194588

Anonymous 194589

i'm a vpn user and i can't. doesn't work without vpn either

Anonymous 194590

finally made it on using computer and phone data hotspot instead of wifi

Anonymous 194591

i wish farmer movie nights were in my timezone, they always either happen when i'm at work or asleep

Anonymous 194594

I lost all respect for my fatehr when he got addicted to WoW. Now he's dead.
Not even a fake shitpost it's my real life, it just popped into my head. he's been dead for two years. he went completely off the grid before he died, like no running water off-the-grid. god he was weird.

Anonymous 194596

Should we queue random vids

Anonymous 194598

I have this stupid thing where I can’t fantasize about my 3D husbandos/crushes without it being a situation where we could actually meet IRL. And then, once the fantasy starts, I end up worrying that he’d turn me down or I think about what would happen if he wasn’t immediately into me. Did I just completely lose all of my self-esteem or something? Why can’t I just let my imagination run wild and enjoy the fantasy and make him do whatever I want?

Anonymous 194600


meyoco posted the devil version of her angel cardigan and it's not as good. clearly wasn't meant to be these colors.

Anonymous 194601

It irks me when I'm reading a ship fic and the character who's an asshole (the main reason I like them) falls in love with other character and slowly lose all their personality.

Anonymous 194602

i don't think we can skip the long track currently being played.
i check in there from time to time especially when they are playing music. it's actually a really comfy space if yo can catch it

Anonymous 194604


you're just being realistic with yourself anon. daydreaming is for kids

Anonymous 194605

Still no luck here. I'm on my phone too, but to be fair I have rural wifi in the middle of the mountains and an ancient router.

Anonymous 194606

why am i still straight in light of vidrel, n0nnas?

Anonymous 194607

this is happening to me except somehow I never cared when i fantasized about scrotes, i guess because I don't respect them, but now that i'm into this woman it feels so wrong, like it's disrespectful of me to fantasize about her when i'm literally bottom of the barrel ugly (sad kek)

Anonymous 194608

because that dress is ugly as fuck

Anonymous 194609

they are all hot though

Anonymous 194610

Nta but daydreaming is fun

Anonymous 194611

Theres voteskip right?

Anonymous 194613

dunno,try? i'm in there right now

Anonymous 194615

idk, not my thing, but she looks cute and this is a good version, she sings it well

Anonymous 194616

what song is that, I can't find it

Anonymous 194617

no way my animation was actually used! let me innnnn

Anonymous 194619

sorry for deleting, I get annoyed when embedded videos don't play. it's like what is the point? sometimes I think it shouldn't be a feature because half the time you have to go to YouTube anyway.

Anonymous 194620


Anonymous 194622


posting lolcor screenshots I have cause I miss your shitposts

Anonymous 194623


Anonymous 194624


JP makes me sad

Anonymous 194625

It's almost fucking 3 am and I tried to sleep but I'm up thinking about lolcow. Someone knock me out or something.

Anonymous 194626

kek n0na keep going lolcor's own caps was my fav ot thread

Anonymous 194629


Anonymous 194630


Anonymous 194631

KEK wtf was the context

Anonymous 194633

EW it has a GUNT

Anonymous 194634

i wish everyone could hear the way i dramatically read this post. i feel it enhances the experience 100 fold

Anonymous 194635


Anonymous 194636

Will OP ever tell us who He is?

Anonymous 194639


I think it was shaynas thread when she let that Ken dude rawdog her?

Anonymous 194640

make a vocaroo

Anonymous 194641

the second post made me kek hard

Anonymous 194642


Anonymous 194643

Like you don't? Fattie.

Anonymous 194644

i cant its nightnight time and i have people in my house sadface

Anonymous 194645

Sorry Anon I bet you are beautiful. I am lashing out due to the circumstances.

Anonymous 194646


Anonymous 194649

too tryhard, i feel like this person is the same type that posted those "LISTEN UP KNUCKLEHEADS" funnyrants on 2013 tumblr

Anonymous 194650


Anonymous 194651

for full effect read this in an invader zim voice

Anonymous 194653


idk why this makes me laugh so hard

Anonymous 194655

come to the cytube nonn1e is playing miley and i adding some stuff

Anonymous 194656

is there a sims thread on cc?

Anonymous 194657

no, but there could be one in /media/ i guess but all the boards that are not /b/ are slow af and nobody really cares to check them anymore including me

Anonymous 194660

The whole mission trip industry is a scam for shitty, virtue-signalling rich kids and pedophile scrotes.

Anonymous 194664

the first time I saw this post i didn't even laugh, the second time, I cracked a smile, the third time i chuckled, the fourth time I laughed so hard I threw up, now I shit myself. I don't want to know what comes next.

Anonymous 194665

>women use cat pics and talk about being concerned about things you don't care about, or just don't share your takes
>"clearly the same person, also they must be a tranny!!!"
is this autism? please go outside, women aren't a hivemind.

Anonymous 194666

I'm making this into a shirt unironically

Anonymous 194668


To be fair I don't blame nonas for being annoyed by cry-typing. It's a big zoomer thing to do and while funny in certain contexts it gets overdone easily and becomes obnoxious.
I'll always love cats though, I don't care.

Anonymous 194669

N0nnies i hate this i want back into lolcow i feel like i have been left out in the freezing cold for days i just need to get back in i need the comfort of my threads i need it I NEED IT

Anonymous 194671

queen behavior

Anonymous 194674

more than one anon posted the things you're complaining about, though. one poster getting banned doesn't mean it was all just them.

Anonymous 194676

you guys better not infight i SWEAR

Anonymous 194677

does anyone have the doodle room links? Was looking forward to the christmas stuff

Anonymous 194679

why do some anons say "lolcor" im feelin like i missed out on an inside joke

Anonymous 194680

anon it was literally just posted like 10 minutes ago

Anonymous 194682

scroll up n0nnie

Anonymous 194684

shit my bad, i dont have my contacts in kek i need to go get my glasses

Anonymous 195214

Nonas I don’t think I will ever eat better I just hope me drinking water all the time will compensate for all the sugar and grease and the lord spares me of the beetus til I’m at least 60

Anonymous 195215


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