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Lolcow Bunker #6 Anonymous 213048

Both lolcow and farmcow are down for now. Shaymin is instating new admins and farmhands.
Do not engage with nonn1es saying provocative shit to start infights. Report and ignore.

Last downtime's bunkers >>>/b/206139

Previous: >>>/b/212411

Update on the quest for new admins >>>/b/209975

Anonymous 213049

there is and it never got locked. how could anyone forget the infamous ip reveal incident

Anonymous 213051

So, does anyone know anything about what's wrong with the site yet?

Anonymous 213053

>ip reveal incident
what happened?

Anonymous 213054

I’m a prehistoric fag and I had no idea about this (probably because I only look at the same three threads and that’s it)

Anonymous 213055

>someone samefagged their post about cat piss or something
>got redtexted for it
>denied the samefagging
>janny came in and showed the ip addresses on the posts were the same
>poster kept denying it, then they (or someone else? forgot) kept getting redtexted as blaine

Anonymous 213056

There definitely is a cat hate thread because I lurk there. It's never as angry and violent as the dog hate thread

Anonymous 213059

mystery stone 5.jp…

If one person posts Shayna in this thread, lolcow will never return.

Anonymous 213060

The absolute state of the jannies jesus christ. good news is that people can change their IP by unplugging their router for a few minutes so I hope n0nnie had the sense to do that.

Anonymous 213062

the dog hate thread is so weird. so many anons in there go on and on about the suffering of these poor animals which would lead you to believe that they care about them but then they also constantly and obsessively muse about dogs dying it's quite strange and creepy. dogs aren't my favorite, but i don't want to discuss how they should be systematically taken out in my free time kek

Anonymous 213063

To be honest, I love the internal drama. It's always funny when someone accidentally leaves in an icon or some shit and it turns out to be someone's best friend. Had it happen a few times, I find the reveal of vendettas more interesting than a lot of the cows themselves. The thread attracts the worst sorts and oddly i find it fascinating.
Damn there's a new thread already?

Anonymous 213065

>pretend they care but muse about weird death
Those ones are more serial killery than the ones who just outright admit that they want to kill dogs. They're not autistic enough to just say they like when dogs suffer, so they just… have mild daydreams about dogs dying and share them with eachother

Anonymous 213067


Anonymous 213068


shayna cooks her first ever meal (and proudly shows off that she subscribed to hellofresh) while lolcow is dead this is getting ridiculous

Anonymous 213069

OMG Ive been follopwing this bitch for years and this is the first time Ive actually seen her cook(and it looks edible)

Anonymous 213070

it was only that one time afaik but still pretty strange, and all over cat piss. this was also near the same time some other anon who had cancer was "accidentally" banned in the vent thread just for venting about people around her not using masks. the ban was undone but still weird.

Anonymous 213073

Yeah I’m an ardent cat hater for a multitude of reasons (environmental being the main one) but I’d never harm a cat or wish harm on someone’s cat and I don’t care if other people love cats (so long as they don’t try to show me pictures of theirs). People who hate dogs are a special breed of sociopath (in my experience)

Anonymous 213074

This was posted and discussed in the previous thread nona

Anonymous 213075


Anybody watched Avatar or Puss in Boots 2 in the cinema?
My partner wants to watch avatar 2 because family kept praising it for how beautiful it is (without saying much about the plot) in the cinema, and it took us a few days to finish the first Avatar because of how unnecessarily long it was…

Anonymous 213076

One day of the year lolcow should become just one massive thread, every conversation at once. It would be hell but also so fucking funny to witness.

Anonymous 213077

I said the same thing, it’s the first time I’ve seen her eat a vegetable too. The way she is so proud of making a pre-portioned meal using instructions on par with baby’s first cookbook makes it extra hilarious. At least it looks like less of a disaster than her attempt at croissants a couple of days ago. Sometimes I really can’t believe she is 25

Anonymous 213080


Why are these people so hyperbolic? How did they get it into their head that some middle aged woman who writes wizard book wants to literally genocide them?

Anonymous 213082

i wanna see them both so badly but especially puss in boots, i really love where they went with the art direction

Anonymous 213083

they need to make it seem like shes hitler so they can garner up support from normies who normally wouldn’t give a shit

Anonymous 213084

They're giving this game so much publicity
I wouldn't have even heard of this game without them

Anonymous 213085

My girl friend is a big 'potterhead' (?) she genuinely loves the fandom and franchise, and she is a geeky normie. She even went to a HP party on Halloween last year, and yet she is very worried about streaming the new HP game on twitch because people would go off the rails on her. I am happy she is okay with Rowling and doesn't take anything too deeply, but I can only imagine there would be sjw spammers going on twitch chat.

Anonymous 213086

People (young women especially) are peaking, just take a look at radfem twitter and even tiktok, coupled with the UK’s move to block the GRC bill being passed, the troon tide is turning

Anonymous 213088

The weird dog character looks super ugly and is kinda putting me off the whole thing

Anonymous 213089

I watched Avatar 2. It was a decent movie, some plot threads moved too fast / superficially in my opinion, but I enjoyed the characters and the visuals.

I don't get the hate for Avatar personally. I was 11 when I watched the first movie and loved it. The story is generic, but the same can be said about most movies these days. The biggest Avatar haters, ironically, are smug pseudo-intellectual men who watch capeshit Marvel movies made for literal children.

Anonymous 213092

reply to the animal loving noona i do too , but i understand why they hate pitbulls since theyre arent supposed to be home dogs considering by the harm they do… the baby story really unsettled me

Anonymous 213093

That’s what makes their seething all the more hilarious, they think Joanne could give a single solitary fuck about them while she’s tucked up in her mansion sipping her tea and counting her millions. I’ve never read/watched Harry Potter nor do I intend to but I love her purely because she makes trannies mald harder than anyone else on the planet

Anonymous 213095

Did JKR ever said anything worse than suggesting males should not go to women's toilets? Tranny supporters online talk about her exclusively using extreme terms like "genocide" or so, but has she ever said anything more controversial than forementioned thing? I bet there are so many worse trasphobes, why do they make her seem like such a monster?

Anonymous 213096

I think a lot of people own those types of dogs because they think it makes them look tough and cool. Basically using a dog as a bragging right, or as a threat.

Anonymous 213097

The zoomer boy character was annoying and there's weird ass shots of the female characters, including the teenage ones

Anonymous 213098

Oh yeah I fucking hate shitbulls too, they’re horrific creatures that have been bred and inbred specifically to cause harm. I hold them in the same regard as feral cats; they should be humanely euthanised

Anonymous 213099

>The biggest Avatar haters, ironically, are smug pseudo-intellectual men who watch capeshit Marvel movies made for literal children.
Yeah, Avatar hate is pure psued nonsense. It's a film that costs huge amounts of money to create; it needs to have a plot that is easy for the lowest common denominator of person globally to understand so that the money can be made back. Not that there's even anything wrong with enjoying a simple plot to begin with.

Anonymous 213100

Thats ok. Personally, Im a dog hater because dog people are insufferable and because cats get abused on a larger scale and are generally cared for less. (Europe, even statistics shows cats get abused more, etc). Men have no issue shitting on cats and hitting them because cats actually require time to like you, so I hate men who hate them. Women who hate them, I dont really care for. I personally hate dogs because theyre loud, and a lot of them do attack kids or people in general. My mothers dogs likes to attack people and its a small dog.

Anonymous 213104

No. Read her essay. It's good, it's worth the read.


She puts her positions forward in a very polite manner and doesn't even say anything super pressing on the matter. They've just decided to make her a boogeyman because she's actually peaking people.

Anonymous 213105

I've seen pitbull owners lose control of their pitbulls so many times ending in violence from the shitbull. If your shitbull gets too close to me you better get it under control quick or things are gonna end badly for that shitbull. As far as I'm concerned most people don't have a good reason to own a shitbull.

Anonymous 213106


sad that lolcow is still down, i miss shayna
where am i going to talk about golden kamuy now

Anonymous 213107

I don't remember any weird shots personally. Do different countries get different cuts? I saw the movie in a non-Anglo European country.

Anonymous 213108

Some people also think shitbulls are dog versions of black people and make it their mission to prove to society that shitbulls can be nice dogs if you treat them nicely, implying if you're nice to black people they'll be just as white as white people

Anonymous 213109

I generally don’t like small dogs because I’m a quiet person and I don’t like noise and neurotic behaviour (another reason why I don’t like cats, I hate the noises they make, plus they’re dirty and they stink and I’m a germaphobe with OCD and a sensitive nose) but I like big dogs so long as they’re quiet, well behaved and not inside the house

Anonymous 213110

>moids have no issue shitting on cats
N0nna the most neurotic, violent, dog hating cat lovers I've ever seen are moids shitting up the 4chan nature boards daily. Don't turn animal hate into a gender thing when "I hope all (insert animal) suffer greatly" is an autism thing

Anonymous 213111


Anonymous 213112

why do people treat you like a sociopath if you say you don't want pets

Anonymous 213113

You're almost right. People don't think pitbulls are black people, but because pitbulls are so closely associated with American black culture it's considered vaguely racist to see those dogs are violent

Anonymous 213114

Thanks for sharing, I didn't know it existed. Wish more people were as brave as her but I guess not everyone can afford being so relentlessly "cancelled" over and over. After reading this essay I admire what she does for women even more now, hope more women will continue being inspired by her, even if in secret.

Anonymous 213115

I completely agree. Though shitbulls aren’t popular in my country, thank fuck. Other bull terrier breeds are though (like Staffordshire terriers) and I’m not a fan of them. Obviously it’s subjective but I think they’re ugly in addition to being obnoxious, and their owners are invariably just as obnoxious

Anonymous 213116


I want to alog

Anonymous 213117


Figure making noonie here! I coloured her face! Her twintails fell off but ill glue them later. I plan to make elise next!

Anonymous 213118

You can’t count 4chan scrotes as human

Anonymous 213119

Can someone TLDR the storyline he is referring to for someone who has only seen the first two movies five years ago?

Anonymous 213120

goddamn, twitter LOVES throwing a bunch of buzzwords.

Anonymous 213121

Because people are retards who can’t understand that some of us don’t like noise and smells and dirt and mess and the cost and responsibility that comes with providing for another living creature

Anonymous 213123

Ayrt nobody who wishes death or suffering on animals is human idc if it's a 4chan scrote or a farmer

Anonymous 213124

Imagine saying a video game about wizard kids harms people because its author didn't want men to enter women's bathrooms while people are literally being bombed in other parts of the world

Anonymous 213125

Fucking KEK

Anonymous 213126

It is a gender thing. Its a stereotype for men to like dogs when women like cats. Men take up most of animal abuse statistics. About Up to 70% of domestic violence victims have pets. Of those with pets, 48% to 71% report that their pets have been abused or killed.

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of this history is how the continuing abuse of cats today can be traced back to that moment. Studies show cats are abused at higher rates than dogs or other domestic animals in almost every category of abuse — beating, throwing, mutilation, drowning.

When you take in the fact that majority prefer dogs over cats (and people own more dogs than cats), of course dogs would get abused more as they are a higher market, however, the rate for cats do get abused and killed.

>>Surveys suggest that those who intentionally abuse animals are predominantly men under 30, while those involved in animal hoarding are more likely to be women over 60.

Anonymous 213127

Our lolcor is back up yay

Anonymous 213129

no it isn't? anon pls

Anonymous 213131

It is for me

Anonymous 213133

They have to exaggerate like this because without context most normies wouldn't see anything wrong with her statements. So they have to make her this evil monster and fabricate a narrative that she's so evil you shouldn't even look at what she says. But I think it will eventually peak most people. The trannies are so over the top with their genocide accusations and the discussion is in the mainstream now, people are waking up to it.

For me too, I even considered playing it because they hate it so much but I'm not a potterfag and I don't think I will ever be

Anonymous 213135

>"kek I'm going to say wanting bugs out of my house and people who want to skin cats are the same, that will show 'em I'm not retarded"

Anonymous 213137

im craving crepes but like the cute ones in harajuku where they're filled with strawberries and cream and nice things. i want to post about it in the food cravings thread gdi

Anonymous 213138

But they’re so cute

Anonymous 213139


I dont wish suffering on animals, but you cant deny that there is a lot of people who have deep rooted hatred for cats, to the point where they do actively have less empathy for them. You want to bring up 4chan? Look into the /k/ board, they fucking love dogs and brag about killing cats. I think its a terrible thing for dogs to get abused, but cats are treated as less than because they require more time and care.

Sorry, but its the same thing as humans. Women are disliked less than men in this world, which is why its easy for society to shit on them and for them to get desensitized for abuse against them. You cant act as if people wont be biased for one animal and act as if most people dont like dogs. I mean, there was a whole genocide for cats in Europe back in the day, and nobody gives a shit about that. I dont wish abuse on any animals, what I do wish, is for people to stop acting obtuse about this and act as if a small minority on lolcow means something. It doesnt.

I wish people were more empathetic to animals, but they arent. I have been around animals my entire lfie and volunteered, and I can definitely tell you that cats are favored much less.

Anonymous 213140

Nona I just walked past a place not far from my house that’s called Harajuku Crepes and was thinking that it smelled so good but I’m vegan so none for me

Anonymous 213141

Anonymous 213142

the Avatar movies aren't about plot, it's literally just supposed to look nice. the plot is so generic and stale "human evil, alien good, they fight, good guys win"… same as the first one.
Still enjoyed it because it IS really pretty to look at.

Anonymous 213143

nta personally it feels more like watching a very long game cutscene

Anonymous 213144

Oh I make my own I just can’t have any from that particular place. There’s another Japanese one nearby that specialises in Japanese cheesecake and crepes, they have these really delicious looking crepes that they roll into a cone and then brûlée the custard on top so it’s like a crepe, strawberry cheesecake and crème brûlée all in one

Anonymous 213145


love you too nona <3

should i make one on here or just leave something so we can add eachother?
or wait for lolcor to be back?

Anonymous 213146

>one of the richest women in the world, constantly donates to womens charities
>based unwavering opinions despite actual deranged troons doxxing her address to other deranged troons
>created a story that will be adored for generations

Every Moid Millionaire
>does not give a shit about domestic violence or sexual assault against moids
>pedophile island holiday goers
>manipulates every industry to suck up to troons

>shayfag (learning disability)

Anonymous 213147

i had one and it was fine, not thaaat great. the good fillings are only in the top third, they stuffed the rest with nothing but whipped cream

Anonymous 213148

i don‘t follow these cancerous threads sorry x

Anonymous 213149

>adored for generations
I like JKR too but let's not get carried away

Anonymous 213150

>Women are disliked less than men in this world

>which is why its easy for society to shit on them and for them to get desensitized for abuse against them.

But that goes completely against your previous hypothesis about cats. You just said cats are abused more because people prefer dogs. Here you're saying women are abused more because… People prefer women? And are desensitised because of it?

I feel like you must've made a typo here for his statement to actually make sense.

Anonymous 213151

I watched both movies and I liked puss in boots more. The story and characters were really good and it had an unique animation style. Its fun to watch for adults to.
Avatar was mostly just like the first movie but with improved cgi, the cgi was pretty but just like the first one I did not care about the characters or story

Anonymous 213152

America isn’t indicative of the entire world though. I’m originally from the Middle East and dogs are abused WAY more than cats in that part of the world (and in Muslim countries in general) because dogs are considered “haram” in Islam (fwiw I’m not Muslim so I wasn’t brought up with that nonsense)

Anonymous 213153

Samefag but the dog is really not bad, i thought he would be super annoying comic relief side character for kids to laugh at but he's actually one of the best characters

Anonymous 213156

ntayrt I'm not trying to be funny but this does not at all surprise me considering when people describe the best cat they ever knew or somehow always boils down to the cat having traits associated with dogs. Its just that most people have figured out that you can get dog personality traits in dogs instead of other animals

Anonymous 213157

>constantly donates to womens charities
Yeah, I like how people like to conveniently forget about this when discussing JKR. Wow, the woman is so awful. She literally donates to help women in peril. What an evil act. Gasp.

Anonymous 213158


post cute doggies

Anonymous 213159

She also launched support centre for female victims of sexual violence. Basically, female-only shelter.

Anonymous 213160

I am not blaming women for it either. Im saying that people take their anger out on things that are harder to understand and arent palpable to them. Because men run most cultures and run the world (only 14 countries have full rights for women), they hate things that dont automatically appease to them. Im not saying everyone who dislikes cats is like this, im saying men who dislikes cats are a red flag to me lol.

Anonymous 213161

terf shelter

Anonymous 213162

Men are a red flag full stop

Anonymous 213164

With her own money too, most places of that nature are taxpayer funded, yet the fuckwits in Scotland want to screech ad infinitum about how she did it out of spite for troons. They’re fucking unhinged

Anonymous 213166


Anonymous 213168

cool story bro

Anonymous 213169

Yeah, I agree. I personally have mistrust towards men who are very open about hating cats because Ive had cats who were killed by them, especially when they are kittens. Although, maybe the other anon is right that its a problem only in western countries, since most cat abuse is prevalent in said so countries and are liked more than dogs in the rest of the world.


Is this a joke?

Anonymous 213170

People who hate animals disgust me.

Anonymous 213171

I noticed something bizarre about the wiring of my brain. Whenever I consume nordic media I am automatically compelled to dedicate a full day to grooming myself? It doesn't matter if it's a stand up comedian, viking show #344040, a documentary, etc. I was watching that Icelandic comedian Arí Eldjorn on Netflix at 3am and then just learned how to thread my eyebrows on Pinterest. I'm going to binge Norsemen and soak my feel in vanilla bath salts

Anonymous 213172


Anonymous 213173

where did you get the idea women are disliked less than men?

Anonymous 213174


Anonymous 213175

I hope this won’t be taken as race baiting, because I swear I don’t mean it that way. But I’m taking a programming class and there are three islami women in it that just WON’T. SHUT. UP. even when the teacher ask them to stop talking or at least quiet down since it seems one of them is struggling with the language so one of them is trying to translate. But it’s driving me insane because it makes it really hard to focus during class. Thank god majority of it is self-study.

Anonymous 213176


Anonymous 213177

They don't conveniently forget it, they spin it as "she funds terf groups". I have a theory that the reason she donates such an exponential amount to certain organisations is so they have enough to afford legal action against troons if one of them decides to launch a discrimination law suit against any of them

Anonymous 213178

My hair is falling so much…

Anonymous 213179


i have not showered in 6 days because im sick someone needs to blast me with a fire hose

Anonymous 213180

Islam isn't a race, when will everyone finally get it.

Anonymous 213181

The fact that most sexual abuse is perpetuated against women? The fact that female celebrities like amber have gotten the worst treatment while male celebrities like Weinstein and Ron Jeremy can get away with shit against women? The fact that most women dont actually support other women? Women are disliked less than men, why do you think people shame ugly and fat women much more than ugly and fat men? Or that women attempt suicide more than men and have higher eating disorders? They dont develop it from themselves.

Anonymous 213182

is this retard trying to say voldemort was the good guy

Anonymous 213183

I've literally never seen a TRA bring up that she donates a lot of money to charity, and plenty of her charity donations were from before she was a "TERF".

Anonymous 213184

Did you mean disliked MORE? Because disliked less means the opposite of that

Anonymous 213185

There was a deaf girl in one of my classes with an assigned translator and I know how you feel, it's impossible to focus when there's a kung fu match going on in the corner

Anonymous 213186

No. The game isn't anything to do with the plot of HP. It's set like 200 years before. The plot revolves around stopping a Goblin Rebellion and people (including the tweet you're responding to) are equating it to killing literal actual real life slaves trying to fight for their freedom.

Anonymous 213187

I think that nona mixed up two terms "seen as less than" and "disliked more than"

Anonymous 213188

I’m aware, but I wanted to cover my ass a little bit if a mod happens to be retarded

Anonymous 213189


LOL my bad anon.. My glasses arent on and I cant see well.. I am so sorry for the confusion.

Anonymous 213190

this is such an autistic analogy

Anonymous 213191


shayna actually looks kind of cute here IMO

Anonymous 213192

>Is this a joke?


Anonymous 213193

It's often used as a shorthand to refer to MENA people.

Anonymous 213194

Oh I just know you're baiting

Anonymous 213196

But cats aren't difficult to understand, that's the flaw in most peoples argument about cats being less favourable. Cats are the most popular pet right next to dogs and maybe goldfish. If a thousand people have a dog then at least 900 have a cat. They're honestly not that difficult to understand or else they wouldn't be as popular as they are

Anonymous 213197

The majority of people conflate racism with sectarianism. And criticism of religion is neither. Especially when it’s a religion with foundations in misogyny and pedophilia

Anonymous 213198

Nona I'm sorry I reported you for being a troon before you said this kek idk I wasn't taking any chances, I'm sorry

Anonymous 213199

Can we not talk about animal hate? It's so fucking unhinged to hate animals.

Anonymous 213200

I know, Im sorry. My glasses werent on..
I dont think theyre difficult to understand, but to men they are because they dont go to them like dogs.

Anonymous 213201

Why are you tying dogs to moids and cats to women?

Anonymous 213202

i'm not. her eyes look shiny with the eye makeup/lashes and the red blush makeup/countor makes her nose look small and cute. her mouth area isn't so cute, but tbh i've seen so many awful photos and gifs of her against my will, it's surprising to see her look sort of normal and cute

Anonymous 213203

As is “Arab”

t. (nominally) Christian non-Arab MENA woman

Anonymous 213205

On the topic of cats does anyone dislike just boy cats? Every boy cat I've known has been incredibly rude, you unknowingly piss them off and they are literally pissing all over the house on everything as some sort of revenge. I can't deal with it. Girl cats might just meow at me if I don't overfeed her. Boy cat? Peeing into the stovetop burners because I wouldn't overfeed.

Anonymous 213206

Nona I hate to break this to you but she is using a filter. It's called the bella poarch filter or something. She doesn't actually look like that

Anonymous 213207

I'm sorry but I refuse to believe you typed the same thing twice, doubling down on your mistake even after it was brought to your attention because your "glasses weren't on", when everything else you said was perfectly legible. You just got confused with your wording.

Anonymous 213208


nta I think people who deeply hate cats in general are a red flag. If you can't handle another creature not being blindly obedient, having their own internal logic and then also projecting weird shit on them like "revenge" and "plotting", I don't believe they'll be much different with humans. Considering cat logic is a lot simpler and predictable than human logic. I think some people who own cats are massive cat haters too, coming up with some elaborate story that their cat is pissing in their sink to "punish" them for having a boyfriend. No, the cat has kidney issues and you haven't cleaned the litterbox in a month.
Disliking cats for harming the ecosystem is all okay. You can say cats just aren't your cup of tea. There's just some people, men and women, who really feel deeply personally offended by the existence of cats and project so hard, that it's concerning.

Anonymous 213209

Id like to clarify that I think dogs are fine, bigger ones, I want a big one, but I still dislike dog people (men who are dog people).
Because my entire point was how I mistrusted men who hate cats and that men who abuse cats tend to abuse women lol. I was saying that because women dont go to them automatically, they abuse them and send threats to them, etc. I am a bit biased, however, as I have seen cats get killed by men more than dogs since theyre easier targets and are generally smaller. In my first post, I said that men who hate cats are a red flag to me, but I have no problem with women hating cats because they have actual reasons instead of their own selfishness.

Anonymous 213210

Why do you get to decide which reasons for hating a cat is ok or not

Anonymous 213211

Really? Male cats are a lot more mellow when neutered. Female cats can be a lot more aggressive from my experience of having mostly female cats. I love them though, all of my cats had such distinct personalities I can't really lump them in one basket

Anonymous 213212

Yeah, thats why I deleted it and corrected myself. I said in my earlier post that the anon was right about how in most countries cats are proffered, though that maybe in western countries men are just more louder about their hatred towards cats.

This was my post.

Anonymous 213213

oh, ripp. pic still looks better than usual though

Anonymous 213214

I've also noticed male cats tend to be worse behaved.

My ex's (male) cat pissed on my bag and he blamed me for leaving it on the floor in the first place. His cat was littered trained, but it would just randomly stop using the litterbox sometimes just because it wanted to mark its territory on something.

Anonymous 213215

All of the male cats I’ve met (including my own) have been real cuddle bugs that you can fling around however you want and they will just purr and enjoy the attention. Or play fetch. Though tbh I can only remember interacting with 4 male cats my entire life, rest has been females.

Anonymous 213216

I think a lot of people (moids especially) hate them because they can’t be trained and manhandled the way dogs can. Dogs love pretty much without condition, it’s actually been scientifically concluded that cats don’t actually love/care about humans, they only act in a way that’s conducive to getting what they want from us (eg. food)

Anonymous 213217

Stop being insane.

Anonymous 213218

You can hate them for whatever reason you want to and I reserve the right to view that as a red flag if I want to. If someone talks about wanting to kill all cats for not being obedient like a dog or they are paranoid that their cat is a mastermind plotter, yeah I'm going to avoid them.

Anonymous 213220

nta but you can hate something for a "bad" reason. What that nona listed are generally stupid reasons to hate cats. Some, like another nona on this thread mentioned, dislike them from an ecological standpoint which personally I can understand more.

To put it in perspective, both terfs and conservatives hate trannies but for entirely different reasons.

Anonymous 213221

Are you saying cats are dumb?

Anonymous 213222

Are you fucking retarded?

Anonymous 213223


Anonymous 213224

waltor junyor

Anonymous 213228

I believe a pretty big reason why a lot of farmers hate dogs is because they're associated with men. Every time a dog person pops up lolcow they're called a scrote and then they keep bringing up men

Anonymous 213229

Why do all cat lovers make this assumption about cat haters like they’re a monolith? Sure it applies to some people but not everyone who hates cats “doesn’t understand boundaries” or whatever, some of us just hate that they torture other animals purely for fun and drive entire species to extinction. It’s really not that deep.

Anonymous 213230

if you hate cats, there's something wrong with you
if you hate dogs, there's something wrong with you
if you hate monkeys, there's something wrong with you
there's no justification at all.

Anonymous 213231


Anonymous 213232

Oh right. Time to stop responding.

Anonymous 213233

it's so autistic to "gender" entire species, especially when dogs often protect women from violent scrotes

Anonymous 213234

I hate bugs am I ok?

Anonymous 213235

I like both cats and dogs and dislike things about both of them I think they can both be cool

Anonymous 213236

It is, but a lot of people do it and it's embedded into gendered languages so you start doing it subconsciously.

sage 213237


What are your thoughts on ducks?

Also, what should I do at almost 2 am? I am not tired at all..

Anonymous 213238

Because they're insane and think there is a conspiracy to hate cats based on the nonexistent belief that cats are plotting something

Anonymous 213239

No nona you must only think in black or white grrr

Anonymous 213240

im gonna shrink you all with my shrink ray and put you all in gacha balls and you'll be like noo let me oute let me oute!! and i'll giggle and laugh while you run around like youre in those hamster balls and eventually i will let you out if you promise to be nice to each other and i will give you little dresses and furniture so you can have a little tea party with each other

Anonymous 213243

hating monkeys isn't that weird, it's the uncanny valley. wanting to hurt them is what's weird, finding them creepy is neurologically normal

Anonymous 213244


I specifically remember Blaine doing this in the vent thread by responding to a random post and saying that “you claim rape over anything” and he quickly deleted it but another nony caught it cuz she had the tab open. Just dont respond to stupid shit because it might not even be authentic stupid shit

Anonymous 213245


Please do it to me nona I want this to be me

Anonymous 213246

if you go around killing/torturing bugs just for fun, mental illness. if they intrude on your property and you find it annoying and kill them, it's fine.

Anonymous 213247

They're cute
When I was a kid my grandparents used to have ducks

Anonymous 213248

What's creepy about monkeys, they're cute.

Anonymous 213249

No, but they're not pissing everywhere to "punish" you. It's more likely an issue with the litter box, the litter, kidney issues etc. People are too quick to label an action of a cat as "bad", ascribe morality and then act like their cat is a mastermind who is hellbent on making their owner miserable. Often missing the real reason why a cat is doing something, which is often related to health problems or the accommodations. An animal isn't stupid for having their own internal logic and motivations, you don't need to anthropomorphize an animal to acknowledge their intelligence.
>some of us just hate that they torture other animals purely for fun and drive entire species to extinction. It’s really not that deep.
You know I acknowledged that, right? It wasn't about you.
>Disliking cats for harming the ecosystem is all okay.

Anonymous 213250

The only animals I hate besides cats are monkeys so make of that what you will

Anonymous 213251

Ayrt it's not even that. It's just this weird thing I've noticed where farmers (or really anyone who makes these arguments) can not talk about the divide between cats on dogs without
>bringing up moids
>ignoring that women like dogs
>ignoring that most people have owned both a cat and a dog without blowing the cat up with a grenade

Anonymous 213252


Infamous reddit trains Laurelai Bailey (serial rapist) and Bardfinn (domestic abuser) are dating according to mod leaks from yesterday and nobody can post about it on lolcor

Anonymous 213253

Samefag and it was Blaine too because he was actively spamming lc and he randomly started acting nice to the same nony when I said it was him who made the rape post kek. Fucking unhinged weirdo.

Anonymous 213255

I have always wanted to ask a monkey hater why they dislike monkeys

Anonymous 213258

Why does LC keep going down is it DDOS by moids or admin not paying the bills or what?

Anonymous 213259

Sorry nona, it was a general question, not a direct response to what you said. I see the “hurrdurr the only people who hate cats hate them because they can’t control them cats are a lesson in consent” argument all the fucking time, it’s so infantilising

Anonymous 213260

My mom hates them so much it was a running joke my whole childhood I'd go look mom a monkey and she'd scrunch up her face in pure disgust. For her she heard a lot of stories about monkeys turning on their handlers she finds them creepy. Honestly I agree to an extent but I like the teenie ones

Anonymous 213261

They're broke

Anonymous 213262

a lot of people have an instinctual fear of the uncanny valley, they very much breach the uncanny valley in some cases
so it's kind of instinctual to find them creepy, in the same way that it's instinctual to fear spiders because of the possibility they're venomous

Anonymous 213263


I have 6 of them that my mom volunteers to raise. I also have 2 dogs, 3 cats and 1 turtle.

Anonymous 213264


I don't know why I bother looking these people up when they always look the same.

Anonymous 213265

what's your turtles name?

Anonymous 213266

Examples of uncanny monkeys? I think they look hilarious at worst. Orangutans on the other hand are nightmarish

Anonymous 213267

My little sister named her. I believe its Blinky?

Anonymous 213268


very cute but not as powerful as geese

Anonymous 213269

Because they’re hideous, nasty, neurotic, aggressive, murderous pieces of shit that rape literally anything. So basically the very worst qualities found in human scrotes

Anonymous 213270

Honestly if its this bad and donations are bare I'd be alright with white listing it with adblock

Anonymous 213272

I just wanted to go to the Cat Hate thread, and found the site's down again. The neighbor's cat left a nice little "surprise" in my driveway in the form of a dissected chick's headless body. I think humanity as a whole should give up owning cats if they can't keep them inside. They're pests, they kill actual useful animals and them being fluffy or cute is not an excuse. Dogs are better companion animals anyway, and more importantly, they can't roam free just because of their physical build, and if they do get away, people call animal control. When a whole hoard of cats lived in a shrub near my old home, all the old ladies fed them until the stench of piss became unbearable.

Anonymous 213273

People are just giving up their projects. Like people just don't care anymore about making stuff happen. It's getting harder to get shit done every step of the way.

Anonymous 213274

depends on the type
normal person monkey hater- monkeys creep them out, they're usually afraid of other uncanny valley things like distorted faces, uncanny statues ect and it's less about the animal and more about the internal reaction to something looking human but not looking human, this is generally just marked by repulsion and avoidance, no desire to hurt monkeys. just hates seeing them
the third worlder- monkeys are horrific pests in a lot of countries and torment locals so they develop anti monkey aggression
the pedo sadist- they don't hate monkeys they want to torture monkeys because monkeys are a stand in for babies

Anonymous 213275

and that justifies humans watching torture porn of baby monkeys?

Anonymous 213276

Admittedly there is something very eerie about monkeys/chimps/apes. They're intelligent enough to make friends with one without necessarily keeping one as a pet, I think they're too close to humans mentally and they actually understand the concept of pet ownership to not feel angered by attempts to domesticated them. I fully believe if they were integrated into society then after a few generations they would be semi functional members

Anonymous 213277

orangutans are hilarious

Anonymous 213278

>the pedo sadist- they don't hate monkeys
they do though. i've seen accounts of people who used to watch babies crying or getting abused, then found monkey torture videos and thought they were so much better. some sadistic freaks just also hate animals.

Anonymous 213279


it's generally worse when they're babies, this guy is a common example

Anonymous 213280

Absolutely fucking not, what the fuck

Anonymous 213281

Nta and I don't hate monkeys but holy strawman.

Anonymous 213282

yeah i meant don't hate monkeys particularly they're just vile sadists who want to hurt innocent things lol but I'm sure there's a combo of these things

Anonymous 213283

I heard some orangutans staged a coup and murdered their old leader after dragging him far away from their home turf. That is not hilarious.

Anonymous 213284

My neighbours cat used to leave dead rabbits in my driveway and I always wondered if it was attempting to communicate

Anonymous 213285

sorry anon, your comment gave me flashbacks to the "monkey hate" community people trying to give "reasons" that their shit is defensible

Anonymous 213286

oh. Sorry

Anonymous 213287


I don't hate animals. I was being edgy and making fun of a specific dog breed that is deformed and anon got her panties wadded over "muh psychopath dog haters!" I dont even post in the dog hate, it was the bullfrog pet breeding ethic thread i would visit and rarely because that thread only gets bumped every 4 months. Those dogs are ugly and shouldn't even exist, it looked fucking miserable, like it couldnt even walk. I was saying that in the joke I wasn't saying every dog ever should be dead. My sense of humor is just messed up, I laughed at the hartley hooligan thread.
I just think that some things are so morbid and so twisted that it's just absurd and my brain translates it to being funny.
So Lock up your doggos, you never know I might just fantasize about them dying after they bark at me while I walk down the street!!
Be fucking for real.

Anonymous 213288

aw I think this creepy little dude is a adorable kek

Anonymous 213289

So is there a reason why lolcow is down for so long right now? Anyone know why? Admin forget to pay the server bill again or something?

Anonymous 213290

Its face is so cute but its limbs are so gangly and out of proportion.

I'm conflicted.

Anonymous 213291

IMO, so are cats and dogs when they're in a hunting or playful mood. humans too (but humans are probably worse because of all their power). dolphis are some of the fucking worst. most animals as groups can do horrible things, but individual animals can be lovely.

Anonymous 213292


This was the announcement shaymin made

Anonymous 213293

It's okay to shrink me but plz don't put me in a confined space Im claustrophobic

Anonymous 213294

I need the site/thread back up too I wanted to complain about a retarded video I watched. These cat owners go to their neighbors house to confront her over "stealing their cat" and their neighbor is like, well how long did it take you to notice? The cat was sick and full of fleas and you guys have 6 fucking cats you should be grateful I took it. Everyone in the comments are calling her a thief and other names but in my opinion she's right..? Like why do you need more than 1 or 2 cats to begin with. And if it was really free roaming and covered in fleas they should face animal neglect charges. I hate the attitude of catfags that they can just put the bare minimum effort into the creature and it's a-ok the standards need to be raised

Anonymous 213295

Awh, who'd wanna see this cute lil abomination in pain tho?

Anonymous 213296

Fellow cathate anon here who has been sperging about the damage they do to the environment, THIS is why I hate them. It’s actually legal to kill feral cats in my country because they’ve wrought so much havoc on native species and driven several to complete extinction, it makes my blood boil. It’s illegal to have cats outdoors too, but obviously people disregard this law. If they get caught they’re in a fair bit of strife.

Anonymous 213299

never post that video again

Anonymous 213300

Could you post the link?

Anonymous 213301

Its not a strawman at least I think, anon is referencing this creepy trend of hate on comment sections where people revel over dead, tortured monkeys google it, its a fucked up thing on the internet.

Anonymous 213302


>use panty liners only when necessary and not every day
This came up on my Pinterest and I'm perplexed. Do some people really wear period pads just all the time??

Anonymous 213303

This is interesting. Where are you from, n0nna?

Anonymous 213304

Get rid of the hair down where? My toes?

Anonymous 213305

People apply our own moral code of ethics on animals and then get upset when the animals break it. Also I noticed a lot of the reasons why anons hate cats or dogs can usually be attributed back to humans anyway, like introducing cats to areas they're not native to where they become pests, breeding dogs to be dangerous etc. It's just so silly to hate an innocent animal for that.
I understand the frustration don't get me wrong, but you won't catch me frothing at my mouth because of a pitbull existing or a cat killing a bird, something it's hardwired to do.

Anonymous 213306

Thank you!

Anonymous 213307

Incredibly retarded and wasteful. You may as well just wear adult diapers everyday if you're going to police your own body to this level.

Overgrooming is something forced on women from the moment they're barely sentient.

Anonymous 213308

Most people don't wear panty liner at all. "Wear only when necessary" means only wear it when you actually have strong discharge or an infection, otherwise it's completely useless

Anonymous 213311

I think it's because the people who hate cats for weird paranoid projection reasons are a lot louder than the people who have a problem with them because of how they wreck the ecosystem. Is it even really hating cats? Or rather hating humans for being irresponsible and making cats such a widespread invasive species? It's not really that personal generally. The unhinged cat haters really make it weirdly personal.

Anonymous 213312

>legal to kill feral cats in my country
Isn't that a thing in australia?

Anonymous 213313


Yes, the thin ones. Some women use them every day. In fact I did so for a long while when I was a teenager because I thought my discharge was unnatural and I was retarded. Frequent use of liners gave me a yeast infection

Anonymous 213314

No undies.

Anonymous 213315

No underwear

Anonymous 213316

People are supposed to wear underwear to prevent leaving shit particles on furniture. Whoever made this seems to have forgotten about that.

Anonymous 213317

The n0nnie never said that. All she said was she disliked monkeys and gave reasons why, then she gets a reply like "SO YOU THINK THAT JUSTIFIES PEOPLE WHO ABUSE MONKEYS?". Uh, no? That's why I called it a strawman. Responder was assuming she was okay with the abuse of monkeys just because she doesn't like them.

Anonymous 213318

what about male ducks and dolphins, who also rape

Anonymous 213319

Take this with a pinch of salt because this is anecdotal but my experience with dog haters is that they think dogs are annoying or scrote things then when you argue it that's when they say "ok well dogs are violent". That never actually seems to be their real problem with dogs, it's just the card they pull. It's ironic considering how easily a cat will scratch or his at people. If they were big and strong like a dog then they would be far more likely to attack people, that's why you can breed domestic wolves but a domestic lion or puma is far too dangerous due to how feline brains are wired

Anonymous 213320

>Do some people really wear period pads just all the time??
I have a lot of discharge - like, there would never be a day where I'd remove my panties at the end of the day and they would look clean - and for the longest time felt like I should wear panty liners every day but stopped giving a damn at some point since apparently when you wear them it can get worse / makes infections more likely
btw I hate the use of term "down there", just say vulva or genitals like a normal person, why act so timid around it

Anonymous 213321

Your obsessive need to be in control of judgements is a red flag. Moids everywhere, block and stay safe from this lady!

Anonymous 213322

You can wear baggy pants and no panties, you seem to forget that

Anonymous 213323

I live in Australia (I know, pour one out for me)

Anonymous 213324


Anonymous 213326

nta, stop being an autist. read >>213285. that anon you're replying to is right, move on.

Anonymous 213327

? it's not trying to control people to have your own thoughts and opinions on things. this sounds like moid DARVO kek

Anonymous 213328

What's bad about being blocked and avoided by scrotes?

Anonymous 213329

but then the poo particles get on your pants

Anonymous 213330

You're going to have to burn those sheets.

Anonymous 213331

I also hate 'down there'. I think it comes from parents not wanting to say penis / vagina to their child for some reason and resorting to 1000 weird psuedonyms. I met a 23 yr old woman who still called her vagina her 'front bum' the other day. Vomit inducing tbh

Anonymous 213332

Panty liners aren’t pads. They’re useful to prevent bleaching but don’t wear it everyday

Anonymous 213333

Well they're my leisure poo pants

Anonymous 213334

I got a bladder infection from scrubbing cleaning fucking up vaginal flora when I was fourteen and an abscess under my armpit from shaving with soap from once again destroying the microbiota that helps to protect the skin from opportunistic infection.

Both happened due to paranoia from social conditioning of other girls around me and a failure of society to teach young women this. Women are forced to scrub every inch of their body in the name of "feminine hygiene" to their own detriment. Learning bout microbiota in university from
a microbiology course helped elucidate the bullshit internalized from this but it really shouldn't have existed in the first place.

Anonymous 213335

Did anyone else mum call vaginas something weird? In 2000s Ireland every mum ever would call it a mary

Anonymous 213336


Anonymous 213337

i do because i have bladder issues and surprise periods. i also almost sharted a couple of times

Anonymous 213338

Seriously why the fuck is it telling women to shave our genitals, pussy hair is there for a reason. To protect the vulva and vagina from friction and dirt.

Anonymous 213339

Cats are way more aggressive than dogs, they’re just smaller and deranged catfags with toxoplasmosis riddled brains think it’s “cute” when cats attack people, just look at the 5784228978842 clips all over the internet

Anonymous 213340

How is she being controlling? If it's a red flag for her, who the fuck cares? It doesn't mean you have to like cats.

Anonymous 213341

Mine has never even said or acknowledged the word

Anonymous 213342

The term 'down there' is an attempt to denigrate and act as if women's genitals are a thing of shame that should be kept quiet about and hidden. Vulva/vagina/genitals are absolutely the correct choice.

Anonymous 213343

noooo I’m sorry nony. Sharting made me lol tho

Anonymous 213344

Nothing, that was the joke. As you see, other nona missed it so hard she accused me of DARVO. The push for everyone to be literate was a mistake.

Anonymous 213346

I just physically cringed so hard I think I ruptured something

Anonymous 213347

I have never met someone who bought a cat. They just show up at your house and move in on their own accord, I don't fully believe cats are stolen. My friends cat left for like a month and then came back after with a collar and cummed fell asleep on the couch like it never left

Anonymous 213348

*immediately, not cummed

Anonymous 213349

>front bum
Gross, does she shit from the front too? No? Then she needs to stop saying that.

Anonymous 213350

>and cummed fell asleep

Anonymous 213351

How did you make this mistake?

Anonymous 213352

Ignore the scrote, n0na

Anonymous 213353

What kind of autocorrect is this…

Anonymous 213354


Anonymous 213355

My mom called it a "coochie" I used to say it casually until I learned it's kind of a vulgar term..

Anonymous 213356

Should've asked her to clarify which front bum she was referring to.

Anonymous 213357


ayrt stooooop it autocorrected

Anonymous 213358

You really want this "dog= male cat =female" thing to be true but at least in my country, almost nobody likes cats regardless of gender and most people, including women, love dogs. In fact, most women here see cats as unapproachable and cold, not very feminine

Anonymous 213359

What kinda porny phone do you have?!

Anonymous 213360

literally, it's blaine. he's so bad at attempting to fit in and has narc meltdowns over women having boundaries. pretty sure he's a monkey hater, too, which would explain some other autism in this thread.

Anonymous 213361

is this ''blaine'' here in this room with you right now?

Anonymous 213362


Stooooop it was a mistake idk

Anonymous 213363

99 per cent of cats aren’t even cute anyway, so

Anonymous 213364

Cats get abused more because they can't fight back as well as a 30-45kg dog, it's not some insane thing that needs tinfoiling.

Anonymous 213366



Anonymous 213368


Damn it, why did LC go down when i was going to brag about getting the latest Touken Ranbu guy? Well i got him nonas

Anonymous 213369

Then stop doing that. And stop group north africans and arabs, I have nothing to do with arabs and I wish they didn't shove their bs religion down our throat.

Anonymous 213370


>uh oh stinky

Anonymous 213371


>Not wanting poo particles in your pants

this loser wears panties on her days off guys

Anonymous 213372

Are you a North African n0na too?

Anonymous 213373

Is Africa a European concept or have those people historically considered themselves African?

Anonymous 213374

>*immediately, not cummed

This is cracking me up super hard. I don't know why.

Anonymous 213376

Yes but born and raised in Europe, I used to go to Morocco every summer to visit my cousins though but that's it.

Anonymous 213379

Must be kinda cool to have four arms

Anonymous 213381

You've become paranoid and unable to see a joke. I literally called men moids and joked about them blocking women to stay safe. I like cats, mine is even sitting on my lap, but you've got their brain parasites from not washing your hands after cleaning the litter box.

Anonymous 213382

did we get the bad deal for becoming ground dwellers? That looks like pure freedom

Anonymous 213383

Africa is a continent, I'm assuming Africans just consider themselves from the country they are from

Anonymous 213384

Ok but Europeans consider themselves European in addition to the countries they're from

Anonymous 213387

at least TRY to sound like anything other than yourself sometimes it's just lazy

Anonymous 213388

Only for the ones who don't end up in zoos

Anonymous 213389

I don't have a choice because I have an excessive amount of discharge and before anyone gets on my ass, I have been to the gyno several times and I don't have a yeast infection, I just have a lot.

Anonymous 213391

I bet some gaming review sites will refuse to review it

Anonymous 213393

If your "jokes" fall flat with multiple people and you get pushed to this much rage over it, maybe you're just too inept or not smart enough to be trying that.

Anonymous 213396

The real question is whether a certain prestigious RPG forum will review this pleb game

Anonymous 213399

I don’t know why so many women think discharge is always a sign of something being wrong

Anonymous 213402

I doubt they historically knew what a "continent" was, but I do wonder how widespread pan-african ideas are today.
The place is more ethnically diverse than other continents.

Anonymous 213403

Depends, outside of Africa or Europe we tend to bond over it by default. I befriended a guy from Ghana when I was in Japan just because he was super happy to see someone with north african parents, and that's how most of my coworkers made small talk when we started working around the same time.

Anonymous 213404

Nonitas please stop responding to the moid regardless of whether it’s “the tranny” or some other retard, just ignore and report

Anonymous 213405

Legitimate question, what do you consider rage? It feels like it's a buzzword that people throw around in order to pretend they've won. Because I'm assuming that you're not raging as you typed this anymore than I was. You're probably sprawled on your bed while you scroll or sitting oddly at your computer while visiting other sites in between responses. You have no investment in this random conversation and your facial expressions probably don't change, so how can that be considered "rage"?

Anonymous 213406

Do people have no shame? How do they just ask the internet for money? I get if something tragic happened, I know someone who lost his whole family recently and that completely makes sense. But “please help me eat today!!!” from a communist will always make me laugh

Anonymous 213408


I have a disorder where I barely have a neck. My sister took a photo of me the other day and I thought "holy shit". My chin seemed to overcome my neck. However, I have had some people tell me Im pretty while people bullied me my entire life. I have had men smile or nod at me. Are photos of me genuinely that fucking terrible? I am 5'6 with broad shoulders. I feel fine when I look in the mirror, though. Does anyone relate? Im not overweight, but my face was all scrunched up, etc. How do I fix these things without surgery?

Anonymous 213413

Yeah I have a TIM acquaintance who brings up his cashapp at every opportunity and is just like "pay me for existing". He has a job in STEM so there's no good reason why he does it.

Anonymous 213414

Considering the fact that the ancient Chinese knew of the continent now called Africa it's possible Africans knew about their own continent

Anonymous 213415

Idk if they're in an extreme situation like they were fired and can't find a job I feel bad for them and I've donated before. It's the scammers that annoy me like when it's obvious they're not that poor

Anonymous 213416

she kind of looks good here

Anonymous 213417

What disorder do you have?

Anonymous 213418


I had a dream of him, again… When will it end? I know it's counterproductive to spend my energy talking about it, but I feel so convicted I can't help but confess

Anonymous 213419

I was in a group for my local anime convention and this girl deadass made a post with a gofundme asking people to give her money so she could afford to attend. We ripped her to shreds

Anonymous 213420

Return to monke and free the monke.

Anonymous 213421

That’s my experience too, especially when I meet people from Ethiopia and South Sudan because the majority of them in the diaspora share the same religion (regardless of whether they’re actually practising or not)

Anonymous 213423

Um pubic hair protects our vaginas from infections and disturbances? Wtf?

Anonymous 213424

Klippel-Feil Syndrome, but its mild. Its not as bad, but ive gotten bullied for it throughout middleshcool and whatnot. Ive taught kids and even one pointed it out a year ago and it made me deeply insecure. I got very sad about it. Ive done exercises, everything I could think of.

Anonymous 213426


This you nona?

Anonymous 213427

what you look like in the mirror is closer to what you look like irl than your phone. phone cameras distort things a lot. you might just not be photogenic or used to seeing yourself from a phone cameras perspective so it makes everything look more harsh and jarring to your brain… don't worry about it though and you def don't need surgery

Anonymous 213428

Nta but you sound so autistic.

Anonymous 213429

I dislike dogs and I'm scared of them but I don't hate them or spend time online talking shit about them. I don't blame people who have traumatic situations with animals to "hate them"

Anonymous 213430

NTA, but do you believe people in Africa never left Africa or something?

Anonymous 213431


STOPP I actually got compared to him in a dm

Does this apply to back cameras too? I am fine with front cameras but back camera photos of me look the worst.. Thank you.

Anonymous 213432


reeee it was an accident it was autocorrect the cat didn't cummed on the couch

Anonymous 213433

This is literally a bunker thread for one of the most autistic communities on the internet, what do you expect

Anonymous 213435

I keep ducks for eggs and they're cute and lovable. I do still think they're tasty though and prefer eating duck to chicken.

Anonymous 213436

sure does. don't sweat it, if people irl tell you you are pretty then you can believe them even if that fat bitch of an iphone/android tries to lie to you sometimes

Anonymous 213437

It shows the shaytonmy of shaytards/heads that some of you really are shaycited about her cooking food from Shay Fresh. Like it's a big shayappening

Anonymous 213438

I’m sorry n0nita, I’m not booly I promise.

Anonymous 213439

Fullscreen capture…

I found this old screenshot from 2014 on my computer, I must have thought to myself what a weirdo but nowadays being a genderfluid they/them is one of the mildest identities you could have kek

Anonymous 213441

also nta but you're still outdoing the thread

Anonymous 213442

What's it like being African living in Japan? I've heard Japanese society can be weird with non Asians

Anonymous 213443

Ma'am, I'm on crystal cafe, do you think that I'm socially normal?

Anonymous 213444

>thinks the dog hate thread has actual females posting in it and not males LARPing who want to kill and rape animals
i wish i was so naive

Anonymous 213446

It still made me laugh for like 15 minutes straight so thank u n0nnie

Anonymous 213447

I’ve honestly never opened the thread one single time because I have an idea of what gets posted there and I do not want to subject myself to that

Anonymous 213448

i probably bullied you back then. feeling old now

Anonymous 213449


I watched the background of this gif and its amazing what animals are capable of with training and love.

Anonymous 213451

I mean the average guy on the street, not some one in a million long distance trader. Also obviously not north Africans. The idea of culturally distinct continents doesn't apply to the Mediterranean.

Anonymous 213452

Do you keep them penned up or let them free roam? I had ducks as a kid and while the eggs were good they would just lay them everywhere

Anonymous 213454

Eh, there's plenty psycho women. The idea that everything evil and bad and toxic is men is dumb.

Anonymous 213456


In theory you could use those neck rings that look like they stretch your neck. They only push down your collar bone, but it creates an illusion.

Anonymous 213458

What happens if you take these off?

Anonymous 213461

This honestly sounds based as fuck. I wish we would do that with out current political leaders.

Anonymous 213462

Noo it wasn't me, just me screencaping someones profile because I found it ridiculous but when I put it into todays context it's barely worth glancing over

Anonymous 213463

the neck would break, obviously.

Anonymous 213464

The cat hate thread had this within the first 5 posts and it didn't even get any pushback, yet no one made a bazillion infights about it. Strange.

Some people just don't like your ugly shitbulls.

Anonymous 213465

Anyone who frequents lolcow dot farm should be well aware of this too

Anonymous 213466

oh kek. i agree though i used to follow a ftm on tumblr back in 2012 and i thought it was so whacky and unique and now look at the state of us…

Anonymous 213467


>disappears for weeks
>feeds off another family
>suddenly decides to return
>cums on your sofa
>falls asleep without further elaboration

Anonymous 213469

So does hee neck get longer?

Anonymous 213471

Wikipedia says the process of moving the collarbone and ribs starts at two to five years old and that by twenty, they are permanently moved to a 45° angle. So I would imagine that taking them off would start the long term process of them returning to normal, but that it would be very gradual.

Anonymous 213472

I actually did look into that when I was younger, but they cause a lot of health related problems. My neck has gotten longer, but I cant wear tshirts without feeling insecure. My nigel did make a joke about it once and I started crying to him about it because he knew I was very insecure about my posture and that, and he reassured me it wasnt. I tried taking back photos of myself just now, and it doesnt look too terrible, but I think if it were a lower angle, it'd look terrible. There are times where Ive been hit on and where people have complimented me, etc.. Im not sure.

Anonymous 213473

Looks like a old exe of mines

Anonymous 213474

Only the cp spamming tranny's.

Anonymous 213475

Honestly, I think that's why our political leaders have gotten too powerful, they don't have the threat of the people they're lording over going absolutely ape.

Anonymous 213477

I read they would break their neck without the rings because the muscles normal people use to hold their head are so atrophied they can't do their job.

Anonymous 213479

This is far from being universal. Where I live wild cats were once native. Now feral and semi-feral farm cats provide a necessary function of keeping vermin to a minimum. Rats when left unchecked do more damage to bird populations because unlike cats that usually only catch sick or injured birds, rats are able to climb into nests and destroy an entire clutch of eggs. Obviously introducing cats into environments where they were never native has a damaging impact on wildlife.

Anonymous 213480

Why do they do the neck thing? Can they turn their heads? Does food take longer to get to her belly? So many questions

Anonymous 213481

idk i got banned once for being him when that's very much not true so i don't like jannies playing fast and loose with the laws of ips like this. they should just start deleting posts that don't stop infighting like on here

Anonymous 213482

No, the angle of the collarbone and ribs change as they're pushed down by the weight of the rings giving the illusion that the neck is longer.

Anonymous 213483

Omg stoooop I'm crying laughing.

You dated a cat?

Anonymous 213485


Exactly, the world's gone mad.
I miss my ignorance

Anonymous 213487

My ex has the same face shape/face type as the cat

Anonymous 213489


The Dutch have paintings of the cannibalism of political leaders and still keep pieces of them in museums, but the current political leaders aren't very fazed.

Anonymous 213492

Why would they be fazed? What are the people going to do? Tweet at them?

Anonymous 213494

The cat is being so polite it doesn't want to fight. Autistic rude monkey

Anonymous 213495

Anonymous 213499

Exactly. Almost everyone, including you and me, are docile way too docile, if we went back to how things were and went absolutely violent on any political leader who lets shit hit the fan or get too indulgent then a whole lot of problems would be solved and a whole lot of progress would be made!

Anonymous 213500

People thought I was Indian or Pakistani so I can't speak for others, since I'm north african so I'm not black. I would tell people about my European citizenship because if I told them I have two passports and my parents aren't from the same country but from the same ethnic group they would have been lost. A friend of mine is black but not african and people assumed she was American all the time when she was there.

Anonymous 213501

I ain't docile. The system serves the likes of me.

Anonymous 213503

We could eat them again? It's an option. The last time a prime minister stuck around too long he got eaten, how does Rutte know for sure history won't repeat for himself?

Anonymous 213505

im a cat. i didnt cum on my owners couch. i didnt put my dick anywhere near the couch. Ive never done anything weird with my owners couch. I promised myself i wasnt going to make apology videos after last years thing so im just trying to be as short and honest with this as possible. (1/?)

Anonymous 213507

Ducks and geese do that. I find eggs in random places. I live on a homestead so in the morning I let the ducks and the other poultry free roam in the large back garden where I grow vegetables because they like eating pests. Then at night I shut them up in their own coop to protect them from foxes. If there's bird flu restrictions in place they get kept in the barn.

Anonymous 213510

NTA, both you and the cat hate people should fuck off. nobody likes animal haters/abusers except each other

Anonymous 213511


i love you lolcor bebe!

Anonymous 213514


>have commission
>it's nine pages worth of pregnancy and impregnation smut
>it's good money so I do it
>infertile so I'll never be able to have kids
>really want to have kids
>cry at least once every time I work on the commission.
>go to bed every night depressed because of it
This is it, my absolute lowest. I can't top this level of pathetic I think.

Anonymous 213516

>saying any kind of animal hate fags should leave is shitting up the thread

Anonymous 213517

I'm pretty sure literally every woman has "a lot of" discharge. Like if your underwear is clean at the end of the day there's something wrong, it's supposed to be cleaning itself out and producing fluids and stuff.

Anonymous 213518

>It's never as angry and violent as the dog hate thread
You have one catsperg literally downthread saying cats deserve to be killed lmao.

Also quoting from the original thread on google cache:
>A decade ago, two randoms cats decided to use our parking lot as a giant litter box.
>Those cats would have been poisoned.

>The Australian cat hunters are heroes and I'm tired of pretending they are not.

>They got rid of the robot that kills cats in the desert. They've designed a robot called Felixer that sprays poison on cats as they walk by. Unfortunately Victoria banned it

etc etc, there were also several posts advertising cats getting shot, saying they deserve to be killed etc

Anonymous 213519

anon, thats so sad. I hope things get better for you.

Anonymous 213520

From Wikipedia:
>In late 2008, most of the young women who entered the refugee camp removed their rings. One woman who had worn the rings for over 40 years removed them. After removing the rings, women report discomfort that fades after about three days. The discoloration is more persistent.
Anthropologists have not yet established a reason. The general answer however is that the neck rings are a sign of beauty. The Kayan women in Thailand who wear these rings were featured on an episode of this old show from the 2000s called Jessica Simpson's The Price of Beauty (which is a pretty good show btw)

Anonymous 213523



Anonymous 213526

It's horrifyingly ironic to be honest but also, very funny. The sooner I get it done, the sooner I can get the money and never look or acknowledge it again. I had thought I've come to terms with my infertility issues but nope, apparently not. Everytime I open the .cmc file it feels as if a dull blade is being twisted into my stomach and I'm still in the drafting stages.

Anonymous 213527

I fucking hate that wet feeling I get in my ear canals.

Anonymous 213528

ok, then you should get equally mad at both threads and not pretend to be mute when the cathate spergs have their episodes.

Anonymous 213530

kys blaine

Anonymous 213531

What's it like to write smut for money? Do you do other kinds of writing gigs? Just curious.

Anonymous 213532

Ok now look at the dog hate threads and read such thrilling posts as
>ew my mom let's her dog inside the house I wish it would just get hit by a car
>dogs are scrotes and scrotebrained and that's why I hate them
>shitbulls reee round them up and kill them

Anonymous 213533

Except you're completely removing it from the context of all of these being about feral cats

Anonymous 213534

>Go to QuikTrip
>checking out at register
>hand over gift card
>”We don’t take these”
>look at card

I’m so embarrassed

Anonymous 213536

Really because when I read the thread it was just full of dog attack stories and anecdotes

Anonymous 213537

Seriously. It’s a self-cleaning organ. Between that, hormonal fluctuation, getting aroused, etc, we’re always going to be producing some form of moisture that will end up on our knickers, it’s not gross or abnormal, it’s our vaginas doing what they’re designed to do

Anonymous 213538

Actually it's a comic. I draw mostly. I do commissions sporadically, usually when I want some extra disposable income.

Anonymous 213539

The original posts said it isn't as angry and violent which those quotes show as untrue.

Anonymous 213541



Anonymous 213542

Saying that feral cats that destroy whole ass ecosystems should be humanely euthanized isn’t the same as wishing torture upon someone’s pet, anon

Anonymous 213543

Nta but personally it feels uncomfortable for me when the undies are always wet so I find it easier to just use pantyliners since it can be changed more often. I just hate the wet feeling basically, I don't think it's weird.

Anonymous 213545

I'd always confused this movie with Good Boy from 2003 both are epic

Anonymous 213546

No anon… wipe your pussy, there's not supposed to be a river of discharge in your panties. Maybe one or two drops here and there but if you're wet to that extent, there's something wrong

Anonymous 213548

Samefag but I don't recall a single post saying any of that kek. Though there is one unhinged moid who keeps spamming videos of pitbulls getting kicked by horses, but at least he gets a negative response within the thread occasionally.

Anonymous 213550

Oh okay. I've once had someone tell me she'd pay me to write erotica (which I write for free), but I wouldn't really wanna do it because it would take the fun out of writing and put too much pressure on me.

Anonymous 213551

>humanely euthanized
>getting shot and spray poisoned

Anonymous 213554

Almost all of this is solid advice though even though I personally find the commando one to be unrealistic. I get the negativity around removing pubic hair but it's annoying and it's just overreacting at this point. I get rid of it to make using a bidet easier and the smooth feeling isn't bad either kek it's not all about subliminal pedophilia or moid aesthetics or whatever

Anonymous 213555

I actually used to produce a lot of discharge when I used panty liners daily. Nowadays I'll only have extra discharge when I'm ovulating I think, but even then it's not horribly wet like before

Anonymous 213556

>No anon… wipe your pussy
This is killing me lmfao. I agree. Also, it’s not wet all day. On and off, sure. But it dries.

Anonymous 213558


What is your favourite soda nona

Anonymous 213560

Yeah, that's why I do my commissions rarely and sporadically. As long as I'm transparent and frequently update I don't really feel pressured. Though after this, which while the subject matter like the characters used is fine, comic commission I don't think I can do commissions for a while especially if there's a chance I'll be commissioned anything similar to what I'm working on now. I want to go back to drawing cute ship art, not pregnancy porn that reminds me of how I'm infertile.

Anonymous 213561

You're dehydrated. Depending on where you are in your cycle, you'll have anywhere from nothing to a couple tablespoons of discharge when you wipe.

Anonymous 213563


Reminds me of mahouprince who always confused me as a 11 year old into j-fashion. I remember showing them (I still don't know what their gender is lol) to my family because I loved the fashion and they were making jokes about how they're "non binary"

Anonymous 213564

I was referring to the anon itt, not what you quoted

Anonymous 213566


Currently none, they all changed to (cheaper) formulars and taste like shit now.

Anonymous 213569

I never said there was a river of discharge all day
but the cleaning cycle is a daily one. If there's no discharge in your underwear at all at the end of the day then your vagina isn't cleaning itself and there's a problem

Anonymous 213570

That looks fancy and the logo is cute. For me it's fresca I love how lemony it is

Anonymous 213572

Seconded. There is no way that's not a woman.

Anonymous 213573

>Spray poisoned
I got a little secret for ya, when a cat is euthanized, what exactly do you think the vet injects into the cat? Because it isn't magical healing juice, it's an overdose that poisons them. Besides, how else do you think they are going to catch feral cats in the outback? You're more than welcome to do it yourself so you can personally bring each feral cat into the clinic so it can be euthanized.

Anonymous 213575

I can't believe I miss those times.. I take tumblr weebs/jfashion over tiktokers on any day.

Anonymous 213579

Since I can't post it in any LC thread about troons I post it here. Troons made me hate nailpolish kek. Literally 99% of TIMs wear nailpolish because in their rotted brains it makes them feminine. After looking at them so many times I developed an absolute aversion to it so I threw my nailpolish bottles in the trash even though they cost money. I don't care too much if other women enjoy painting their nails but I won't anymore because it reminds me of perverted TIMs.
I also hate high heels now and other pornified clothes. Men can have it all. I don't care. The fact that these things are now defining what a woman is in our neoliberal clownworld makes me hate them like I should have before.

Anonymous 213581

Lol thank you. I never revisited her after turning 13
Fun times (heart emoji) I'm glad I grew out of it though, it was magical as a young girl but eventually other things are more titillating. But I love seeing other people wear it still.

Anonymous 213582


Can we stop talking about killing animals

I also love this one

Anonymous 213585

I love the mango Rubicon but I've not had one in years.

Anonymous 213587

Kek unrelated but I can't find a trannyhating thread on here that isn't necro/locked but will add my own annoyance, earlier today I was listening along to math videos on youtube sped up and this autoplayed, even a few seconds in and even based only the voice distorted slightly from speeding you could clock immediately that it's a troon kek. Warms my heart they'll never be women no matter how hard they hide and try

Anonymous 213588

The human answer is to discuss mandatory sterilization/castration not excite yourself over shooting or slowly killing cats.
And no, euthanasia and spraying/feeding them with poison like rats is not the same.

Anonymous 213590



Anonymous 213591


Anonymous 213592

It's actually hilarious how tame Pixyteri is/was compared to the average Twitter troon. I feel like being cringy and weird is so much more acceptable now than it ever was before.

Anonymous 213593

Why are the lives of those feral cats worth more than the delicate ecosystem and fragile endangered animals that those cats are killing? Those cats aren't going to stop killing just because they can't reproduce anymore.

Anonymous 213594

Chickens have cool personalities

Anonymous 213596

I met a moid whom I was friends with as a teenager after not hearing anything of him in 5+ years. He used to be a bit nerdy but otherwise normal and I liked to hang out bc I was nerdy, too. Fast forward to now and
>he has purple hair
>profile pic is a drawing with cat ears
Like clockwork.

Anonymous 213597

Because it significally decreases the amount of feral cats without going on a psycho shooting spree.

Anonymous 213600

Arguing with catfags is futile, nona

Anonymous 213603

You clearly don’t live in Australia. Or if you do, you’re actually delusional

Anonymous 213605

What color notebook is each school subject to you? To me:

>math = red

>history = orange
>language arts = yellow
>science = blue

If you disagree fuck you im right

Anonymous 213606

61 1ZELKrXL.jpg

Anonymous 213607

Trannies are the chipped-6-weeks-old-nailpolish look. Just take care of your nails and they won't resemble those of trannys kek.

Anonymous 213609

Math is blue, Science is green, ELA is Red and Social Studies/History is either Yellow or Orange

Anonymous 213610

Science is green
Math is blue

Otherwise I agree.

Anonymous 213611

It's not country specific but whatever makes you feel better about getting off on dead cats.

Anonymous 213612

>science not being green

Anonymous 213613

Either that or horrendous cheap acrylics

Anonymous 213615

Good job making me feel old.

Anonymous 213619

It's a tragedy, if she was born a bit later she might've been somewhat popular kek. Truly ahead of her time.

Anonymous 213620

I’ll add some more subjects
Psychology is purple
Biology specifically is light blue
Sociology is orange or yellow
Economics is whatever

Anonymous 213621

It absolutely is, and if you had first hand experience with what they’ve done to endangered species you’d (hopefully) be able to see it from a different perspective. And I don’t need to feel better about my views, I’m perfectly comfortable with them, and if that makes me a sociopath in your eyes then so be it

Anonymous 213622

How long are you meant to wear nail polish for? I don't usually wear it. But I once did like 10 days or so and my moid friend made fun of me for it.

Anonymous 213624

we're the same n0nny except i have tokophobia so im ok with being sterile (most of the time). its easy to get drawn into the glamourization of pregnancy and feel shitty, but motherhood is a hardship and a shitty deal so in a way we're lucky.

Anonymous 213625

And being pro-euthanasia is not “getting off on dead cats”, it’s called being a rational adult

Anonymous 213629

I can't wait until lolcow is back so I don't have to listen to these cat and dog spergs.

Anonymous 213631

That anon is mentally ill, she compares cats to female humans and believes cats can't do no wrong, they're animals and when shit hits the fans we humans have to handle the situation

Anonymous 213634

>its easy to get drawn into the glamourization of pregnancy and feel shitty,
I know of the hardships, the pain, the tears, the sweat and lots of blood that come with raising a child. I know how it's a series of thankless chores before you even begin to get appreciated for it. I understand the sacrifices that come with it. I understand all of that but I still, eventually, want to have a kid if I married the right guy. Sometimes I do see the positives in being infertile but sometimes I hate it.

Anonymous 213636

I live in a country where castration/sterilization actual helped to a huge amount over the time, so I do. Again, no one but psychos love mass killing animals when there are other options, no matter how much you cope about your sociopathy being "mature adult decisions".

Anonymous 213637

I know the brain parasites make you sexually attracted to cat urine, but you're on a whole other level. Accept that other animal's lives have value and move on.

Anonymous 213642

Science = blue
Language arts = orange
Math = yellow
Social studies = green

Anonymous 213645

can we make it to bunker #69 at this rate

Anonymous 213646

Welp, I'm full depth shit posting, might as well continue.
> t. you love watching helpless endangered animals being murdered for fun becuz your wittle kitty witty is just so precious!

Anonymous 213649

>she compares cats to female humans and believes cats can't do no wrong,
Are you hallucinating posts now?

Anonymous 213650

Princess Diana is low key ugly. Just an example of mediocre white women getting hyped up.

Anonymous 213651

Why did you ban me for asking if anon thought cats were retarded when they were implying cats are incapable of spiteful behavior?

Anonymous 213653

What went wrong in your life to make you think social studies is green

Anonymous 213655

If you think Diana was ugly, who do you consider pretty?

Anonymous 213657

That anon is not even a psycho killer, she just wants to protect other species

Anonymous 213658

She's good looking by English standards probably. Isn't it a meme they're cousin inbred and all have wonky teeth?

Anonymous 213659

If that was my opinion I wouldn't advertise for cat castration, I would advertise for even more animals getting poisoned and killed like certain others.

Anonymous 213662

Cats are such fucking ugly creatures too, I don’t understand how anyone can find them cute. There is literally nothing endearing about them

Anonymous 213663

I mean, people more so hype her up because she was treated like shit by the royal family and spoke out against them. And also because there's so many conspiracy theories regarding her death.

Anonymous 213664

is lolcor back?

Anonymous 213665

As another anon said there is no reasoning with catfag brainworms just let it go

Anonymous 213666


Charles looks like a caricature of royalty.

Disagree. I want cats to stop destroying whole ecosystems, but they're quite beautiful.

Anonymous 213667

Don't play dumb, you deadass think liking cats or dogs is a gendered thing which is bullshit

Anonymous 213668

Anonymous 213670

theyre far prettier than your ugly mug kek

Anonymous 213671

Where did the “all British people have bad teeth” thing originate anyway

Anonymous 213675


Anonymous 213678

I had heard that it started because Americans place a high value on straight teeth, but the British only placed a value on healthy teeth so they rarely got braces.

Anonymous 213679

The cat infighting is actually making me slowly lose my mind. I'm going to have nightmares tonight about cats eating my brain or something, I swear to god.

Anonymous 213680

Ignore any moids commenting on your appearance. But usually it should be changed when bigger chunks of polish start to get off the nails.

Anonymous 213682

Cats are autistic and cold blooded

Anonymous 213683

No, where the fuck did I say that kek?

Anonymous 213685

I might be ugly but at least I don’t have boxes of literal shit in my house that no one wants to visit due to the stench kek

Anonymous 213686

That voice is so obviously a tranny. Tech trannies are such a cliché. Yeah no matter what they do, even if they enslaved us all, they will never be women. It's impossible for them to achieve their goal.

I know what you mean, they really are kek. I just don't want to go back anyways. I take care of my nails but I won't use nailpolish anymore. It's just a waste of time and I have less exposure to toxic chemicals.

Anonymous 213689

I love this question because I would rotate which colors I used each year, the only consistency was I’d always give my hardest/highest level subject pink or orange because it felt girlbossy. What mental disorder does that give me nonas?

Anonymous 213691

Cat owners should keep their cats inside and sterilize them, but for feral cats TNR isn't a solution. They are still exposed to the elements, still wreck havoc on the local ecosystem and you need to hit like a +75% rate to even begin to shrink a feral cat population. Especially since it's not a closed system.
They either need to be socialized and adopted, go to a sanctuary or they would have to be put down. It's not necessarily more humane to be run over or die from illness. Even trapping a cat in the first place can actually lead to more wildlife dying, due to the bait not just attracting cats. So I can see there are situations where it becomes more logical to shoot. People will justify hunting all sorts of native animals for "population control", but have a problem when it's an animal we consider a pet, even though cats are more destructive and an invasive species.

Anonymous 213694

Yeah you're right, I like colored nailpolish occasionally but usually it's just too much of a bother.

Anonymous 213695


We really still TOCKING. About THIS STUFF? STILL??

Anonymous 213722

Nta but I know what she means. Society and stuff. Personally I associate hating dogs with edgy retards and hating cats with normie cringe (both when coming from males) so I’m neutral on this matter

Anonymous 213723

people still want to visit cat piss smelling rooms to meet a cat than yours….so thats saying something

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