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Lolcow Bunker #7 Anonymous 213697

Lolcor our beloved is still down while outgoing Shaymin is handing it over to new staff.
Do not engage with bait. Report and ignore moidposting.

Last downtime's bunkers: >>>/b/206139

Previous thread: >>>/b/213048

Update on the quest for new admins: >>>/b/209975

Anonymous 213700


I wonder how many times Lucinda has binged and purged today. Hope that girl finds peace one of these days.

Anonymous 213702

Alright retards, let’s keep the sperging to a minimum this time

Anonymous 213703




Anonymous 213704

Female Donald Trump

Anonymous 213706


Anonymous 213707

Why was Harry ginger if his parents weren't.

Anonymous 213708

You will be disappointed pretty soon

Anonymous 213709

Has anyone watched the movie Spencer? Is it good? I like Kristen Stewart and the topic is interesting to me but I fear that a mainstream biopic will be disappointing and cheesy.

I still haven't completely given up on make up though. Sometimes it makes me feel better but I reduced it by like 95% in the last two years. It's also less maintenance than keeping your painted nails looking good.

Anonymous 213710

It means you're super cool and always right.

I loved how nail polish looked but then I was the manager for a nail salon for a year and those women are nightmares so I hate everything to do with nails now. Seriously, you will never meet worse people then the women working at a trashy nail salons. If I had a gun with two bullets and was in a room with one of my employees and Marget Thatcher, I'd shoot the employee twice. At least that would stop her from slashing the customers tires because they didn't give her a big enough tip.

Anonymous 213712

Recessive genes? Idk.

Anonymous 213717

No nn ies I'm writing a (saucy) femdom(?) fanfiction to post in the nsfw board. It's about a 3D husbando. I just wanted to share.

Anonymous 213719

Wow I can imagine

I remember when Charles did a paternity test because there were rumors that Harry was from this other guy who looked much more like him. I still don't believe the resusts.

Anonymous 213720

She's probably watching chicken run

Anonymous 213725


Anonymous 213728

Anonymous 213729


Anonymous 213730

Holy shit why are late 90s early 00s games so good

Anonymous 213732

Anonymous 213733


Anonymous 213734

I hate chicken run so much one watch is more than enough for a lifetime. That's one of the most fucked up things about her

Anonymous 213735

They banned me for asking a question about whether anon thinks cats are retarded because I believe cats are not retarded

Anonymous 213737


i hate troons and moids who've taken my lolcor from me. where will i tenma post now?

Anonymous 213738

this place is moderated like reddit, it's kind of ridiculous at this point

Anonymous 213739

Those goofy-ass hoof-like kitten heels you know she got off of amazon kek.

Anonymous 213740

Shit bait

Anonymous 213741


Anonymous 213744

she looks different in every damn image, though she's obviously skelly now

Anonymous 213745

Question. Does anyone know where one could buy baby powder but like, in a powder compact form?

Anonymous 213747

This whole "mid" meme on the internet is annoying, at least create a catchier term

Anonymous 213749

try the mother aisle in the grocer or a medical store

Anonymous 213750

Anonymous 213751

Pure crust

Anonymous 213753

I like 'mid' and it makes me feel like a zoomer

Anonymous 213754

We watched it in the movie room, it was okay since the end was cute but it's very long-winded.

Anonymous 213755

She might’ve been a good person but she ain’t gorgeous

Anonymous 213757


cool chikn

Anonymous 213759

She looks exactly like this British guy I used to know who used to post photos of his taint on websites

Anonymous 213760



Anonymous 213761


Not as cool as this chickn

Anonymous 213762

Thank you. I so badly want to join a LC movie night, I hope the site will be back up soon so I can.

Anonymous 213765

Perfect timing, it's back up!

Anonymous 213768



Anonymous 213769

Anonymous 213774

She’s just blonde, white and royal so she’s gonna get over hyped for her looks.

Anonymous 213775

so like is there going to be an explanation as to why it took 2 days to transfer ownership

Anonymous 213778


Some people think Diana's tennis coach James Hewitt is his real dad.

Anonymous 213779

You sound retarded, it's probably because she was a very well liked public figure who championed many humanitarian causes (people tend to like that) and was the black sheep of the royal family which intrigued people. It's a reverse halo effect, people see beauty in her because of her likeable persona. Britain has a lot of blonde white people so that definitely wasn't what set her apart IMO.

Anonymous 213780



Anonymous 213781

Ok wowowow

Anonymous 213784

What it really is oldmin and instead of being a shayfag she'll be a jillfag or lunafag kek

Anonymous 213787

This, there are lots of irrelevant royals but she was very interesting. I also think race and influence played a part on her massive fame tho

Anonymous 213789

Yep that's probably the main reasons. She was very feminine and elegant but people loved her for her personality and she has a kind of girl next door vibe which was more popular back then.

Anonymous 213790

I almost feel like not checking it out, I'll have to come back to cc anyway (probably).

Anonymous 213791

Sorry for the vent but what is it about guys wanting to flash their dick everywhere? Getting so tired of it under trending hashtags. Always without fail there's straight dicks or tranny dicks. Put that shit away it's frustrating, it's always so unrelated to the hashtag and forced too.

The theory is she had an affair as there was someone in her life with ginger hair, rest her soul. Could be easily debunked one way or another if Harry did a paternity test. Then we'd never have to hear about him again, huzzah.

Anonymous 213792

Of course the shayposters start bumping the thread immediately, lmao

Anonymous 213793

They never grow out of being 2 and wanting to show everyone their pp

Anonymous 213794

Catch ya on the flipsode, n0nitas.

Anonymous 213796

can the nona who dreams about walter white jr please tell me what her dream was about

Anonymous 213797

They did a paternity test years ago which confirmed that Charles is Harry's father. The rumor remains however.

Anonymous 213798

I wonder what "soon" means by shaymin standards.

Anonymous 213800

remember when the update was going on and you could only post images on original.lolcow? the shayheads were still posting in their thread. not even a broken site can stop them

Anonymous 213801

I doubt the royal family would ever tell the truth about it because it would be humiliating for Charles and the UK press call him a cuck for the rest of his life.

Anonymous 213802

you too noonitas , thank you cc noonas for giving us shelter in our milkless rain

Anonymous 213803

Farm cow loaded. It’s backwards again. Still no lol

Anonymous 213804

I've never felt more pride and shame for being a regular in the Shayna threads before these past few weeks. Absolutely nothing stops the shaytarded population. Beautiful.

Anonymous 213805

flood messages too , seems the great noona migration has begun

Anonymous 213806

My thoughts exactly, that's why I still think the other ginger guy is his father. Who believes anything coming from them? They have a pedophile in the royal family who visited Epstein's island ffs.

Anonymous 213809


name this dog

Anonymous 213810

it was purposely flipped back a few days ago because the normal link works again. check the announcement thread in /meta/

Anonymous 213811


Anonymous 213812


Anonymous 213813

Anonymous 213816

diana's sisters all have red hair, it runs in the family.

Anonymous 213817


Anonymous 213819


You couldn’t incentivize me to give a shit about some random dresses. Legitimate autistics posting shit like this is always fun

Anonymous 213820


you wanna see some calico critter clothes I made

Anonymous 213822

Anonymous 213823


Also I can’t tell if Asia Argento’s son is actually female and attempting to be a troon or is just an actual boy. What happens to you when your mother smokes while pregnant

Anonymous 213825


you can tell I’ve been bored

Anonymous 213826

Anonymous 213828

, i am so glad to find you here! i have been meaning to ask you how do you close the clothes. do you have velcro, a mini zipper or a button in the back?

Anonymous 213829

That's super cute. Good color selection.

Anonymous 213831

I mostly use little snaps and just started to use Velcro, but for some things like t-shirts and and pants, it’s often stretchy fabric so there’s no closure. also recently I’ve been experimenting with elastic thread for stuff like pants and skirts. Closures make an outfit look bulky really quickly when you’re working with such a small scale, so the goal has been to reduce the awkward bulky look

Anonymous 213833

idk, i actually found the kim k marilyn dress situation a bit upsetting, mainly because hollywood refuses to let the woman rest in peace, some of the disgusting comments she made about her like she was an object (the whole uwu i am going to use her hair to do voodoo!), and that this is a piece of history and her bionic butt should not have been put in it, but you know because she coughed up probably a million just to do it, she could do it.

Anonymous 213834

The Marilyn dress thing is absolutely disappointing and it puts an awful taste in my mouth to see her be treated with such disrespect and contempt in both life and death, but McQueen is a faggot who can burn in hell tbh kek

Anonymous 213835


thank you!
ok last one I won’t shit up the thread

Anonymous 213836

This is so wholesome I wanna cry

Anonymous 213841

I am so jealous I've always wanted Calico Critters but they were/are(?) kind of expensive and I was already 'too old' for toys or whatever. THEY ARE MROE THAN TOYS TO ME. Works of art.

Anonymous 213844

these are beautiful, thank you for answering my question!

Anonymous 213864


lc.farm is finally back and up again, I'm so happy nonitas! I typed the mirrored link and picrel turned up. Then I tried the actual link and everything seems fine!

Anonymous 213867

we know retard

Anonymous 213870

Good for you

Anonymous 213871

Why are you so rude

Thank you for telling me anon, i didnt know!

Anonymous 213872

I didn't know :(

Anonymous 213875

Are you the same nona from the consoomerism threads? Beautiful work! The lavender and green fit is my favorite.

Anonymous 213878

I love u so much

Anonymous 213881

I can't be the only one sick of hearing about fucking Elaine or Blaine or whatever schizo of the week. I only care about my lolcor, let me make fun of trannies in peace.

Anonymous 213907


for me, it's gosupermodel

Anonymous 213918


He’s such a faggot.

Anonymous 213975

Since there's no stupid questions thread, is there someone I can commission a high-quality cassette recording? I like making mixtapes but there's a number of songs my cassette recorder is too low-fidelity to play back well.

Anonymous 213983

Like two of my posts were deleted. Let me speak, jannies!

Anonymous 213984

why do troons say that there's no way to tell if someone is a troon based on the voice? its one of the biggest giveaways.

Anonymous 213985

I love you fellow avoidant . I have more unopened dms than opened. Opening them is too scary.

Anonymous 213986

stop replying to trannies/moids then

Anonymous 213987

Fuck yeah, same nona

Anonymous 213989

But one of them I'm pretty sure wasn't even in reply to a tranny.

Anonymous 213993

So bipolar isn’t a personality disorder?

Anonymous 214010

bipolar isn't real
personality disorders aren't real
NEWS FLASH!!! People have different personalities and we're not all the same.

Anonymous 214013

Personality disorders are definitely real but I think the way we view them is outdated.

Anonymous 214014

i have a weird craving for cereal. like all i want is a big bowl of just shaken out the box cereal, in ice cold unsweetened almond milk (diary makes me too gassy), preferably something like toasted wheat or lightly sweetened cornflakes with some nuts and seeds and fruit. munch munch munch.

Anonymous 214015

Also, is LC down for anyone else? Some tard is spamming josh's ugly mug again.

Anonymous 214016

watch the spam never get deleted, just pushed into the catalogue, like last time

Anonymous 214017

It was down forn a sec and then up again. Full of spam though

Anonymous 214018

Not that shit again. Every day some new problem at lc

Anonymous 214019

Some tranny is spamming his anti-Josh Moon propaganda or whatever.

Anonymous 214020

holy shit, yeah spam. I was excited it was back up

Anonymous 214022

lolcur slow as fuck and filled with spam already smh. already know that it won't even be deleted, i don't think they even bothered deleting any of the josh spam last time it happened. death knell (or death null?)(sorry)

Anonymous 214024

I'm so confused about what the Josh spam is even about? Who is this guy? Who is the retard posting it all?

Anonymous 214027

This is so annoying god dammit

Anonymous 214028

Anyone else notice that the josh spam happened the same time today as last time?

Anonymous 214031

i admire the jershspammer for commitment to the bit, i guess. all boards. so many pages. incredible

Anonymous 214032

how do they even post so much and so quickly across all boards

Anonymous 214033

definitely using a bot. nobody, not even a supremely retarded individual, would be able to spam hundreds of threads in a matter of minutes

Anonymous 214035

But why post this spam on lolcow…

Anonymous 214036

Did anyone see the posts in meta about Jenny Death possibly being anti-terf/pro-trans or whatever? I think it's a little far-fetched considering Death Grips is 1. A relatively well-known band (on the internet) and 2. Trannies love Death Grips. It doesn't surprise me that there could be multiple Jenny Deaths on the internet who are pro-troon. Personally, I don't think Jenny Death admin are those people but idk.

Anonymous 214037

It's the same as the cp spamming tranny but he seems to finally have figured out how to use bots after pretending to know it for months.

Anonymous 214038

why lolcow? lolcow has hundreds of threads documenting people's insanity. I'm sure there are a good number of said insane people who'd do anything to disrupt the site

Anonymous 214041

Has the site been extremely slow for anyone else in the last week or two?
And does anyone know what these downtimes are about? Are they planned? Is the site dying? Is the new admin talking to anyone about anything?

Josh is the owner of Kiwifarms, a forum for gossiping about weird people on the internet. It has some overlap with the lolcow parts of the site and the userbase overlaps some too.

Why he is being spammed?
I can think of three reasons:
-some farmers absolutely hate him and would be upset if they see his face
- trannies think he is literally Hitler (he lets people talk openly about them and his website hosts a lot of evidence of misdeeds of various high profile trannies), and he has pedophiles stalking him from way back (related to the CP spam?)
- maybe it's some attempt to make farmers dislike him, to divide the userbases of the two sites

Anonymous 214042


The josh spmamer is a cow and I hope he dies soon.

Anonymous 214043

The site has been loading very slowly for me ever since it went online again earlier today

Anonymous 214044

Elaine is angy that lolcor is still thriving

Anonymous 214046


Hence why it's classified as a disorder, not something so simple as a difference in personality. Personality disorders are often characterized by chronic, debilitating emotional/mental dysregulation, and usually these disorders follow identifiable patterns with root causes.

Anonymous 214047

So is it a tranny spamming Josh or what

Anonymous 214051

I was thinking today how it would be based to get YWNBAW as a vanity plate but I also don’t want anyone fucking with my car

Anonymous 214052

It's a shame the move to lynxchan didn't go through, lolcow sounds like it barely works.

Anonymous 214053

Because we don't accept him and he's mad he keeps getting clocked. The spam happened literal minutes after nônnies on /meta/ pointed out his retarded posts.

Anonymous 214054

Yeah, that's asking to get keyed.

Anonymous 214056

I hope admin throughout checks them before giving them admin rights.

Anonymous 214058

yeahh I’ll stick to decorating public spaces with terf stickers

Anonymous 214059

Yes I just posted it in /meta/ a few mins ago

Anonymous 214060

sorry im tarded when it comes to tech stuff but what does "timed out of the site due to spam" mean? how would spam make the mods unable to access the site if their job is to delete spam? again my apologies if this is a dumb question

Anonymous 214061

i hope that will be able to happen soon so the spam can be dealt with easily
she didn't say that exactly, may have been the reason but for whatever reason it failed? not a tech person though so

Anonymous 214062

Maybe they're seething that they can't take down kiwifarms so they need to move on to the next target.

Anonymous 214063

Essentially thats what ddos is, overwhelming the server with requests and making it crash due to too many requests

Anonymous 214065

Site was running like shit before the Josh spam, is the new admin planning to fix that? Some of the banners load like blinds

Anonymous 214066

ah i see, thank you for explaining

Anonymous 214068

Is this from the actual discord though?

Anonymous 214069

Yes the one and only current lolcow discord

Anonymous 214072

Nah one thing about the people after kiwifarms is they literally don't shut up about it. Their would at least be on #stoplolcow.farm twitter account posting mintue to mintue updates to cloudflare as to why we need to be dropped. It's that Troon or some retard. I hate seeing Josh's face now and I hope whoever is doing it has a horrible life

Anonymous 214073

Calm the fuck down

Anonymous 214075


If lolcow was a country I'd have already saught refuge in Crystal Cafe. Thank god it's just a website.

Anonymous 214077


You can join this discord from LC, it's linked on there so no it's not fake don't worry, this is from earlier for example.

Anonymous 214079


To add to that, if we start simplifying disorders as just "different personalities", then it's easy to start labeling certain people as irredeemable, evil assholes and dismiss that they likely need psychological or psychiatric care in order to work through certain traumas and attempt to heal. I will say it can be difficult to pinpoint where the overlap between personal vice and mental illness begins, because while most people react predictably to traumas, some may differ (and yeah sometimes that shit is genetic which makes the likelihood of the disorder being triggered or developing without much prompt very high). Not really going to bother getting into that though, you get the idea.

Anonymous 214080

This just in schizophrenia is a personality trait

Anonymous 214082


Because I posted the earlier example on /meta/ too when it had 0 reactions, pic related. I'm a bit confused at what you're getting at, since this discord is quite literally linked on lolcow.farm, where all the boards are

Anonymous 214086

Can we gossip here about shangus and other cows if lolcow is gone? Sorry new to Crystal cafe

Anonymous 214087

Augh, why on discord and not on telegram or whatever? If the site is going to go down they need an offsite place to post news and it can't be a discord server.

There's also brain injuries that can trigger antisocial behaviour.
Kind of a pet peeve: I feel like Antisocial Personality Disorder is often misdiagnosed as BPD in women. I knew one person personally and relatively closely who got slapped with BPD but was literally a textbook case of ASPD and over the years I've come across a couple truecrime cases where the woman was imo clearly ASPD but was labelled as BPD despite not really fitting the criteria, but I also didn't personally know those people so who knows.

Anonymous 214089


Last 3 posts in the discord. I'm pretty sure #general should be visible to everyone as I see unverified and new members posting there

Anonymous 214091

It loads but u can't post without getting cloudflare page

Anonymous 214095


I'm cropping my screenshots but here you go, anyway last time I'm taking the bait but you can literally join this discord through lolcow so stop being dense

Anonymous 214096

Isn't Elaine thread locked? Why is she still fucking with us

Anonymous 214099

i wonder if josh regrets taking that selfie

Anonymous 214100

Why does lc now have 'three admins' instead of one?

Anonymous 214101

It's getting hard to tell with all the fearmongering and I don't want nonas to get paranoid again please understand kek

Anonymous 214102


>asking rhetorical questions about the new admin is highly abusive

Anonymous 214107

so about this jenny death person do you think the s over on /meta/ are right in thinking it's a tra? lc won't load for me quick enough or i would provide screenshots

Anonymous 214111

it's just a death grip reference isn't it? sounds like a sad attempt to stir shit and not enough evidence

Anonymous 214112

How the fuck are we still talking about Elaine?

Anonymous 214113

And I say "we" very loosely, because I'm not convinced it's not samefagging.

Anonymous 214114

I'm in the discord but can't post anything.
Can someone in there please ask why they aren't disabling or at least limiting new thread creation and using post cool down timers. These are standard features of tinyboard IIRC.

Anonymous 214115


Definitely a tranny, only they are capable of this much autism and ruining everything for everyone.

Anonymous 214116

I don't even know who elaine is, some tim?
I worry about them turning their attention to other threads and wrecking those but yeah a cool down timer would be great.

Anonymous 214121

i thought it was the tranny but apparently it's not(?) if it's some /snow/ character then i dont know about it, him, her. i don't know kek

Anonymous 214123



Anonymous 214129

Elaine is a woman who had a thread on snow and endlessly sperged out about it. The tranny is often trying to blame his spam on her though since they had kiwifarms beef, including this time.

Anonymous 214130

Well I guess we are back on this site, anyways, my hair grew like 4cm in just a month wtf holy genetics

Anonymous 214132

kill yourself blaine

Anonymous 214134

kill yourself cp spamming tranny

Anonymous 214139

I posted the screenshot and I myself hope it's not true. I just googled the name+lolcow. Their discord history goes back to the beginning of the year.

Anonymous 214141

It's well known that ASPD is treated like a man's diagnosis and BPD is treated like a woman's diagnosis. At the same time the standard for when a woman is showing antisocial behaviour in contrast to gender role expectations, is pretty low. The concept of it originates from the same ideas around the asozial category. To give an idea, depending on the area and culture, being lesbian is seen as anti social. Being gnc is seen as antisocial. Being a spinster is seen as antisocial. Living a nomadic lifestyle is seen as antisocial.
Also there's no real plan for treating ASPD, most we know about it is for prison populations. If someone with ASPD tries to get help willingly, there's none really. There are no treatment plans which are really known to work, not something like how BPD is immediately prescribed DBT. Maybe it does work too, but there's not exactly much info on ASPD patients who willingly get treated. BPD doesn't look good in your files, but ASPD is treated worse due to the understandable connotations. Everything is geared towards harm reduction towards society anyway, so if you're not an addict nor an active criminal, nothing more to do. Fixing trauma? Nah.

Anonymous 214142


>"Things you hate" thread
I hate the chess community so much it's unreal.

Anonymous 214145

You know what I think I'm okay just not knowing the answer to this one

Anonymous 214148

How come anon? Tell us more

Anonymous 214151

You might have to verify your phone number to discord or something like that

Anonymous 214152

I hate moids

Anonymous 214156

What I don't get is why whoever the fuck spams lolcow of all places? It's not like we actually are connected or give a shit about Josh or by proxy kiwifarms.

Anonymous 214159

This is new spam kek

They hate us because we're women that's all, as for why they're spamming with jersh and ralphamale I do not know

Anonymous 214161

Elaine wanting her thread gone

Anonymous 214169

Yeah it was so slow. It took me like 25 minutes to fully load a 59 second video hosted in a thread.

Anonymous 214177

The ASPD woman I knew was in DBT, but it did nothing for her. Besides being misdiagnosed she had no interest in getting better. It kind comes with the territory, I guess, it's not like these people decide to have no regard for other people and compulsively lie and abuse everyone them. It's not something they choose to do, it's what they are.
I heard someone who claims to have it say their only motivation for therapy is to not go to jail, which is probably as good as it gets, but even that requires enough intelligence and self discipline to not do it anyway and hope you don't get caught.
My acquaintance came from a rich family and had no history of trauma or even abuse (though there was a head injury at a young age), and her father's connections are probably part of the reason she never went to jail for her crimes.

Anonymous 214179

so glad the shaynafags are gone swear to god i'm not even saying this to be mean to them specifically or to get back but it was seriously so annoying to have to see her be reminded of her and the jokes just weren't funny. okay she's an obese pedo that makes faces in her porn like alright could you have some patience until you regurgitate that in all the different ways somewhere else

Anonymous 214181

Check the rules:
> Refrain from posting about race/ethnicity and religion. This restriction includes discussing stereotypes, conspiracy theories and personal preferences. Gender critical discussion must be contained to designated threads.
They delete posts because I guess if they leave them up more and more people keep replying, so it makes sense to get rid of them.

Anonymous 214183


Anonymous 214187

The fuck are you talking about?

Anonymous 214188

yeah they remind me of kpop posters in the way that they feel the need to bring her up and post out of context selfies of her in totally unrelated threads and seem to enjoy annoying everyone who doesn't care to see or hear about her. inb4 someone starts spamming with her pics again to be annoying kek

Anonymous 214189

Anonymous 214195

My sister needs to have a medical abortion but keep it a secret from the rest of the family because of their beliefs. She will have the abortion via a pill and I'll be with her at her house just in case things go wrong. However, I can't be there the whole day, so our mom will come over to watch her too. She has been pestering my sister over why she even needs to come over, which is difficult on her. Which excuse could my sister use for a medical reason that is close enough to abortion in experience (shedding blood, extreme painful cramps etc) ?

Anonymous 214198

damn! the dedication is kind of admirable i guess

Anonymous 214203

i don't even know why they'd post her everywhere like they're fans of her despite her abhorrent behavior that they're 100% aware of since they're obsessed with documenting it. do you hate her or love her? enough to annoy everyone with using so many different pictures? which is it? i don't want to be subjected to some fat pedophile or pedo adjacent it's seriously not humorous to me at all. at least kpop fans are normal in the sense of the korean celebrities being people you could be fans of as they're manufactured and policed to be that way

Anonymous 214204


Anonymous 214205

hormonal imbalance causing heavy period

or just make it about being sick and having her period at the same time. She can say she has her period and some kind of sickness causing diarrhea. That's probably best.

Anonymous 214206

I has a friend in college who did this. Just be prepared and know what you're doing. My friend bled all through her sheets and mattress and had to throw them away because she had no idea what was going to happen or how long it would take.

Anonymous 214208

Your friend sounds a bit retarded

Anonymous 214210

Oh my god I am so sorry I thought this was about normal periods

Anonymous 214212

i literally got bipolar directly from my mom

Anonymous 214214

I don't find Mariah Carey gorgeous but I find her pretty and she has sex appeal and she's very alluring and feminine.

Anonymous 214216

I've had one at ~5 gestational weeks (v early). just be prepared for sudden bleeding after the event as well - this can occur for 2 weeks or so. Get a lot of large pads and period underwear (wear together) because you can't use tampons.

It really wasn't that painful, though I have Endo so my periods are awful. I was terrified but the night itself was just tiring in the end. Encourage her not to look at whatever comes out - it's just going to be a bad period.

Anonymous 214218

So Retard 28 year old woman child anon here from yesterday, I went to get my ID today and I wasn't able to because I was missing information. However, I do feel good and hopeful being outside and I've been talking about getting a job (asking relelatives) So even if I'm fat and ugly, I can make a change I guess. I did sweat A LOT and it was hot, but I assume it's out of nerves.
I thought of what the said about talking to my doctor about therapy and Diet pills so I plan to do that as well

Anonymous 214220

Wasn't painful for me or anyone I know who's had one via pill. It's not as dramatic as people make it out to be most of the time unless you have complications for some reason

Anonymous 214221

oh my god not you again

Anonymous 214222

Definitely do the pills my friend lost 14lbs in a month

Anonymous 214225

so crazy to see nearly everyone i follow online who self diagnosed themselves with bpd making the switch to self dx'd autism and making that into their entire personality instead because having bpd isnt interesting and trendy anymore. they make it so obvious that they view mental disorders as a cool accessory and something to blame your negative behaviors on so people can't judge you when you act insane kek

Anonymous 214226

Yeah I'm definetly going to stress it to my doctor

Anonymous 214227

for real, people (and men) fetishize BPD so much, and i don't get it tbh, people with actual bpd seem to be miserable and unable to function or love normally why is everyone so obsessed with such a sad diagnosis?

Anonymous 214228

That's great! Just keep going. It doesn't matter if it didn't work out today with the ID.
Good look with everything else too, you can still achieve a lot at your age.

Anonymous 214233

thank you so much, this is really helpful to me.

Anonymous 214234

why is this thread taken over by fat babies

Anonymous 214235

Blaine is a tranny and he's worth making fun of. Go look at his KF thread

Anonymous 214237

tranny got mad he'll never be woman

Anonymous 214238

Thank you so much and I wish you the best as well and it wasn't "that" bad. I just hope next I go I have everything I need. I didn't have some informortaion an dit's embrassing because EVERYTHING i have is from like 2013-14, to identify me, I have no work history or bills anything. But this is my year. I feel like I've gotten out the house and I have to realize that I'm someone and like me for whatever I am. I can't keep going in this loop

Anonymous 214239

same here i don't even know who any of those are the only times i went on kiwifarms was to keep up with tearzah if anyone remembers her and i stopped around like 2020 kek so i got no clue who any of those are or is if its one person

Anonymous 214240

well happy first day newmin

Anonymous 214242


if she's not gorgeous, who is?

Anonymous 214243

Kill yourself

Anonymous 214244

tattered curtains.…

spot the difference!

Anonymous 214245

I have a clinically diagnosed autistic troon moid "friend" (I don't like him but I tolerate him) who constantly posts online encouraging all of his friends to self diagnose using like, diagnosis criteria he finds on Tumblr, a lot of which covers behaviour so variable it could basically apply to anyone.

I don't get it.

Anonymous 214246

I also wasn't here for the convo, but good job anons. I got out of a hikkiNEET funk at an older age than you two, so you're definitely not too late. Its a process, but stick with it, it'll be rewarding.

Anonymous 214247

cut it out

Anonymous 214251

they should hold a funeral for Shayna's anus :(

Anonymous 214252

_ (6).jpeg

I had another dream last night where he and I were laying on the bed in his room, chatting in the afternoon. Our conversations covered every imaginable topic. At a certain point, we landed on his disability. In a tender voice I asked if he ever wished he could live a life free from his disability. He said that he sometimes did, but he didn't want to focus on something that would never happen anyway. It was silent for a moment. I take an interest in chiropractic care and had some knowledge about his situation. I turned my body to him and leaned on my arms, my face hovered near his. „Would you allow me to try something? I promise it won't hurt.” He nodded, a bit confused. I sat back and instructed him to lay on his belly and relax. I used a gentle tone of voice and ran my hands along his back. „Just relax, I'm going to try a few things” I applied gentle and constant pressure along his back, easing him into it. Then I corrected a few joints and bones, swiftly and carefully. He gasped slightly. „I'm done.” I tucked my hair behind my ears. He raised himself up on his hands and moved his legs. He seemed confused. When he stood up, he looked at me with a puzzled expression. He took a few careful steps, and couldn't believe what he was experiencing. Long story short, the whole family was overjoyed and they invited me over for dinner .

Anonymous 214253

I'm also surpised to see so many anons, have expereinced agrophobia/social aniexty and have had long periods of…not doing anything. It feel so lonely but it's nice to know you aren't alone and everyone isn't just super comfortable and able, sometimes it takes time. No it's not normal that I am how I am, but I'm working to fix it and anons are working to fix it. So it's nice.

Anonymous 214254

wait is this the guy from breaking bad

Anonymous 214257

Anonymous 214258

we're all part of Shayna's acid trip

Anonymous 214259


N0nnies, I wish I had a father like him.

Anonymous 214261

who is doing the spam on lcf and why?

Anonymous 214262

i've been wanting it from the beginning since it allowed css customization

Anonymous 214264

goddamnit there's so many posts on lc i wanted to reply to..

Anonymous 214268

same, it can be an extremely alienating feeling when you don't know anybody else who feels the same way. i just thought i was being overly-difficult and lazy for my entire life until i got a surprise agoraphobia diagnosis when i started seeing a new therapist when i was 18. i'm slowly coming out of it, i live on my own now and have a job that requires me to leave the house and socialize and it helps. i leave the house by choice now, which is something i wouldn't have done 3 years ago. i hate to sound corny but it is always possible to recover, though the experience is uncomfortable and scary you just gotta keep going and it'll get easier over time. i believe in my fellow agoran0nnas

Anonymous 214269

It's not talked about much due to the stigma. I've been a NEET too but I was younger. I'm much better but I still get periods where my social anxiety worsens and I stop functioning. It doesn't freak me out though because I know I am able to do things and that it's only temporary when it's bad.

Anonymous 214270

anons here think it's "blaine". it's someone who hates josh

Anonymous 214272

Anon wtf lol

Anonymous 214273

I don't think nucow was inherently bad, but like everything Shaymin did, it was done with zero communication so people were naturally upset about the long downtime and sudden change.

Anonymous 214274

I’m jonesing sooo hard for the Jonny Craig thread I want to see what my favourite crackwhore and his posse of horse women are up to

Anonymous 214275

that nucow bunker was so fucking fun, shit was a wild ride from start to finish

Anonymous 214276

ily waltjr anon

Anonymous 214277

i dont go in those threads but every time i pass them i think about how weird it is that someone from bands i used to listen to as a youngin is a full-fledged cow now kek. real ones remember the macbook drama

Anonymous 214279

true, the nucow bunker was unhinged in a very fun way

Anonymous 214280

It was ugly, but I don't think I managed to use it at all, if anyone did, I don't remember, maybe I wouldn't have hated actually using it.

Anonymous 214282

One that dresses up like food stereotypically atributted to your race?

Anonymous 214283

lolcow seems to be up but a moid is spamming some shit about null ?? is there some context I’m missing s

Anonymous 214286

Ntayrt but too bad I missed them


I subscribe to this conspiracy because the same thing came to my mind

Anonymous 214287

this was happening before it was last down, just a deranged kf user trying to be a nuisance and mods can't delete it i guess

Anonymous 214288

same but with the grimes thread

Anonymous 214289

>check this thread
>initial comments say it's back up
>open lolcow
>null spam


Anonymous 214291

Tinfoil Time! The spam is done by the joshfag to spread her love of josh, the comment is just a redherring.

Anonymous 214294

what is female precum

Anonymous 214296

How come every time I set aside time to catch up on lc this happens? I was so glad it was finally back up and in normal mode too. Fucking joshspammer. It's so low effort too.
Honestly I'm just relieved it's not gore or cp. It's hard to get too mad because at least I'm not seeing troon dick or dead people.

Anonymous 214297

because you prefer cheese to salt water

Anonymous 214298

Someone on foxdick said soyjak party was also spammed.

Anonymous 214300

Well I'm glad it isn't lolcow-exclusive. At least we know now that they probably don't have a vendetta for lolcow in particular. Maybe they just hate Null and think spam is a good way to make others hate him too?

Anonymous 214302

I wish n0nnas liked sports so we could watch and live react together

Anonymous 214304

maybe its a 9d chess move attempt to getting site owners to think kf is raiding their site
just another day on the internet

Anonymous 214306

It's the pedo tranny. It's about the 3rd time he tried this woth the exact same spam but in true tranny fashion, he only succeeded now.

Anonymous 214307

the ugly layout was easy to change though

Anonymous 214309

i only like a few sports but I'd love to watch the olympics with some s tbh

Anonymous 214310


Anonymous 214311

Just ignore it and it'll go away

Anonymous 214312

Why is that word even censored, which salty anon decided that?

Anonymous 214313

Does the pedo tranny have a thread on alogs.space?

Anonymous 214316

how have you guys still not realized that talking about it makes it worse. just ignore it all and talk about kirby or something

Anonymous 214317

Nonita pls I kek’d

Anonymous 214320

why is l so slowowowow i have something disgusting to post in the ftm thread

Anonymous 214322

>just ignore it all and talk about kirby or something
Kek this is so cute anon like trying to get a little kid to stay calm

Anonymous 214323

I'd be posting this in unconventional male attractions if some dickhead wasn't spamming
Who else thinks Klaus Schwab is attractive? His wet juicy lips, perfect round head, his voice which exudes power…. the list can go on..

Anonymous 214324

he needs to give something else a try

Anonymous 214328

kek it's the last argument i remember slightly annoying me before all..this, but looking back on it now i have nothing but fond feelings for the kirby girls

Anonymous 214329

Kirby is a girl and no one can convince me otherwise.
Pretty true kek
Wish some of the Keatanons would post

Anonymous 214330

posts seem to be going through now but it takes for fucking ever to get it through and even load the thread at all. way slower than last time

Anonymous 214332

I watched some recaps of the show Servernce, s would you do it? Would have a "Innie" and an "Outtie"

Anonymous 214333

why do people here censor the n word, does it get you an instaban?

Anonymous 214335

How big do you think Chef Boyardee's Spagetti Noodle is?

Anonymous 214337

Try it out yourself, you'll see

Anonymous 214338

no the word just doesn't show up.

Anonymous 214341

what the hell are you talking about. n0nnies???

Anonymous 214344

not the regular n word, the girl imageboard n word

sounds plausible but idk if i wanna try it myself considering >>214337

Anonymous 214345

KEK it's ok we've all been there

Anonymous 214347


That is your headcanon and I won't dissuade you from thinking otherwise, just know that it's technically wrong. You will not stop me from thinking Kirby's woman and you won't stop me from imagining her in romantic cahoots with Dedede or Meta Knight.
>Kirby is a girl and no one can convince me otherwise.

Anonymous 214348

Be forever curious…..it'll eat you up..don't you want to satiate your curiousity..

Anonymous 214349

I've been telling this guy we should have a phone conversation to catch up. We've been doing this like every 3 months for like 15 months. Will he think I'm trying to date him? I told him I have a boyfriend.

Anonymous 214350

>the site was down for admin switching and moderation hehe!
site immediately gets raided by some joshfag as soon as it’s back up

Anonymous 214351

The site always goes down around the same time each month… 17-19

Anonymous 214352

kek it was cute

Anonymous 214353


Which is your favourite Kirby form, n0nnies?

Anonymous 214354

sigh, ok, here goes…

Anonymous 214357

oh my god

Anonymous 214359

The owner said it specifically went down this time because of moderator switching

Anonymous 214363

Yes…the whole “lolcow is gonna die” debacle was because the owner said she didn’t want to do it anymore after everyone hated the site update so she gave it to someone else but now that new owner is incapable of reacting to this raid, somehow

Anonymous 214364

NTA but that explanation still doesn't make sense to me. All the other admin transfers didn't require downtime.
..you're responding to it

Anonymous 214365

non where have you been? >>>/b/209975 >>>/b/214077

Anonymous 214366

Like what >>214364 said lc has never had a downtime for admin transfers before

Anonymous 214368

you're responding to the porn spammer

Anonymous 214369

oh hey it was true!

Anonymous 214370

oshit sorry didn't know

Anonymous 214371


My favorite will always be Kirby using the Meta Knight copy simply because it's adorable that Kirby's wearing Meta Knight's mask but I have a soft spot for Kirby wearing Terry Bogard's copy ability!

Anonymous 214373

Yes, I’m well aware of that. The explanation makes no sense to me either but that’s what they said.

Anonymous 214375

Kirby is a shit game and will always be shit

Anonymous 214377

Is LC unbearably slow for anyone else?

Anonymous 214378

I guess? I've always found the main problem with Kirby is that it can be way too easy for some to play. While the games are very interesting and Hal tries all sorts of things I think the main problem is that difficulty tends to be sectioned off into special modes rather than something from the start.

Anonymous 214379

Yes for me and many anons here

Anonymous 214380

Yep. it got slower once the regular site started working again and farmcow was flipped, now it's even slower than that and takes a whole minute just to load a thread and make a post

Anonymous 214384

Screen Shot 2023-0…

Try some self-imposed challenges

Anonymous 214385

Thanks, nonitas. I’m a bit out loud the loop. Have we heard from newmin?

Anonymous 214387

Oh sweet, thanks Nona! I've been itching to re-play Super Star as of late so I might have to try some of them that I can apply within that game. I've done a Hammer-only run on a bunch of the games, though that's just me sticking to my favorite ability rather than an actual challenge.

Anonymous 214389

Screenshot 2023-01…

21 across is "Apple field worker?"
26 across is "23-across, in boxing" (the goat)

Anonymous 214390

there's a team of newmins now, we only heard from one third of them so far >>214077 >>214089

Anonymous 214393

Anonymous 214401

26 across is ALI

Anonymous 214403

9 down i think is nettle. don't know the apple one

Anonymous 214404

21 across is "itpro"

Anonymous 214405

9D is Nettle

Anonymous 214408

I want to eat some sweets, why must I be a sugar addict

Anonymous 214410


saw this and thought of you kirbynona

Anonymous 214413

I read that as “swallow me”

Anonymous 214414

Apple - ITPRO; Boxing - ALI
I’ve been enjoying all the NYT games.

Anonymous 214415

How do I mirror farmcow.lol on mobile I need my fix

Anonymous 214417

Oh, let’s hope the newmins work out. Do we know why a triumvirate was chosen?

Anonymous 214418

Where do you get the idea he isn’t a baby? His age is never mentioned but he acts like a baby and literally can’t talk like meta knight can. What a cope, anything to justify the coom huh

Anonymous 214419

god i love this thread

Anonymous 214420

Why not straight to the source?

Anonymous 214421

just put original.lolcow.farm into the search bar and it’ll flip back to normal

Anonymous 214424

My fears of loved ones dying interferes with my quality of life. Losing a parent when I was a child heavily impacted my view on relationships. I developed a fear of meaningful relationships, as they may abruptly know a brutal end. I never feel adequate in the attention I offer in relationships. I struggle with device addiction, which contributes to my guilt. Thoughts of people close to me dying, or of me accidentally killing an innocent animal, keep me up at night. I see pictures of puppies who are dead and I want them to stop. I have a dog myself who is my best friend, and I am so afraid of the day he will die. I can't handle thinking about it. I can't do this. I can't sleep properly

Anonymous 214426

Are you in therapy?

Anonymous 214427

The only tip I have to offer as a civilian with no therapeutic certifications is to draw your attention to making your quality of life more comfortable (not necessarily ‘better’ at an immediate rate, just more comfortable for that moment) so that it’s a little more bearable.

Anonymous 214431

Kirby is a man and he's 19

Anonymous 214433

I'm not joking Kirby is a man and he's 19

Anonymous 214434

lirby is a he him lesbisna

Anonymous 214436

DO NOT.png

If you can't afford therapy or don't want to do it, you should look up INTRUSIVE THOUGHTS. That's the term for what you're suffering from.

You can research how to deal with it on your own, but make sure you don't end up on religious or other woo woo sites. It's a real medical issue that requires proper management, and many alternative people recommend to do the exact opposite of what you need to do to get better.

Anonymous 214437

whats the deal with that anyway. never seen that specific spam before, is there any credence to it? normally its moids who spam the farms but i dont see a moid posting that

Anonymous 214438

We don't know shit, the new boss is very much the same as the old boss in that regard, except now the site barely works at all anymore.

Anonymous 214439

I wish I could meet women like you irl. It's lonely out here

Anonymous 214447

i agree with the rest of your post but aborting fetuses isn't the same as killing babies

Anonymous 214448

It is but we can all agree to disagree on that one

Anonymous 214451

anyone else get absolute whiplash from how quickly things load on cc? i didn't realize how bad the farms were until i was browsing cc threads recently

Anonymous 214452

Kirby anon is hilarious, I cannot believe someone this autistic exist

Anonymous 214453

Yes, lc is so bad these days I thought it was my connection, which is always very bad but other people been saying they see images loading slow or not at all and cc is fine even when my connection sucks

Anonymous 214456

you still had to park your opinion in here though as if anyone asked

Anonymous 214457

it always loaded fine for me and it just loads a bit slow today. i'm afraid to ask what you're all browisng lolcow on

Anonymous 214459

Yes, it's been loading extremely slowly for me for a couple days before they took it offline. I actually thought someone was going to fix it, but when it came back it was just as broken as it was before. It takes minutes for a long thread to load, loading catalogues times out before it loads beyond the spam wall, and clicking on images is a waste of time.

Imagine if we had admins that communicated with the users, wouldn't that be something.

Anonymous 214460

nta but i alternated between chrome and brave, phone, tablet, and PC and it's still super slow on all of them. taking literal minutes to load threads and pics

Anonymous 214461

odd. wonder if my wifi is just compensating a bit harder

Anonymous 214483

It seems to work better on Firefox for me, you can try that.

Anonymous 214484

NTA, but it's still slow as fuck on firefox for me.

Anonymous 214487

That sucks. While its still slow on Firefox, its definitely faster than Chrome and Brave for me, easily.
I just tried behind a VPN too, didn't really change the speed. Seems like something we'll just have to wait out.

Anonymous 214488

I wish all my favorite farmers (the funny, cool ones with good taste) would colonize the mines and usher in a beautiful new era of anonymous image board activity free from constant scroterference, and shayna clifford, amen

Anonymous 214489

Lolcow board when

Anonymous 214492

are boards kill? i only get a blank page for all of them, even though the front page loads

Anonymous 214493

it was noticeably slower after the shaymin change and now it's even slower

Anonymous 214494

I've been browsing normally but images take forever to load. I had no problems during all the weird outages though so maybe I'm just lucky.

Anonymous 214495

I miss the reddit hate thread tbh. I browse reddit for the shows I watch and keep up with but I need fellow nooooon!es to sperg about retarded reddit moids with.

Anonymous 214496

Same and I also miss my daily terfposting

Anonymous 214504

I'm two of those things so I guess I fit the bill somewhat.

Anonymous 214509

I miss it too, reddit is a fucking shithole but I still use it to get advice on my hobby and everyone is so fucking stupid, mean, unhinged, or full of themselves and the site culture is fucking awful. If you have a girly looking avatar they will talk down to you and nitpick your shit but if you have a generic one and type like a moid they are 10x more respectful and helpful. Fucking hate it.

Anonymous 214510


i miss the vent thread. i'm letting stupid shit get to me despite a literal anvil hanging above my head right now in regards to my degree (will not elab) and i just want a place to scream. so i am screaming here. too lazy to click on /feels/

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA petty internet cliques in my hobbies fuck off if it's my persecution complex/anxiety coming back to mess with me then that should fuck off as well. this is the year i do not ruminate over this garbage let's get over let's move on already

Anonymous 214512


>a literal anvil

Anonymous 214513

those threads are still on lc and posting works you just gotta scroll through the sea of spam in the catalog. might not even have to scroll for some of the threads that have been bumped

Anonymous 214514

It's working now, just slow as fuck. I didn't see any josh spam.

Anonymous 214515

Will we ever escape neoliberalism hell
I feel so hopeless over the future

Anonymous 214516

elsie is too slow i kinda like it here better

Anonymous 214518

Still a lot in snow but pushed down a bit. w is full of it. pt might be, I'll tell you in 20 mins when it loads.

Anonymous 214519

kekkk i'm so sorry for laughing

Anonymous 214520

it's on every board

Anonymous 214521

My cat drools and pokes her tongue out when she's making bread on me sometimes, I looked it up a while back and it means she's very relaxed and happy. If your cat was a stray he might just be weird as fuck but it sounds like he loves you a lot and gets overwhelmed sometimes with it or something? Haha like zoomies maybe?

Anonymous 214523

I was wondering if that was what was slowing things down so bad but it all seems to be from hours ago. What is even going on.

Anonymous 214524

dear god.PNG

So what's the deal with this place, are there only like five regular users or something? Are they all in this thread and that's why the rest of the site is so slow? Crystal.cafe feels like a beautiful abandoned mall.

Anonymous 214526

A dying mall with a charter school located inside.

Anonymous 214527

Ayrt, lol I adopted two strays a while back and they really are so fucking odd compared to my spoiled idiots who I raised from kittens. We like to make up ridiculous dramatic backstories for them to explain their quirks. The one I mentioned to you is just learning to meow too and it sounds like air escaping a balloon haha. It is so cute to watch them open up and get comfortable.

Anonymous 214528

He's using you as a pacifier and he never learned how to "cat" properly probably.

Anonymous 214530

I remember it being pretty active for at least a while after it started and it seemed like it was going to thrive. That was forever ago, though. I wonder what happened.
All the LC anons be like "Sorry we're taking up your space" and then you turn up like "Thank god you're here" lmao.

Anonymous 214893

I met a scrote ok tinder who sent me 1k. How can this potentially be a scam and what should I do?

Anonymous 214894

they will probably charge it back thru their bank or claim fraud and your account will be -1k don’t spend it

Anonymous 214898

How did he send it? Can it be traced back to you? could be a chargeback like >>214894 said or could be money laundering from organised crime. Maybe even just plain weird scrote behaviour? I've had weird scrotes send me money for no reason and nothing back happened so perhaps that's true in this case.

Anonymous 214901

I just blocked him and didn’t accept the money I got too much to lose lmao

Anonymous 214916

its always been slow but cp/gore spam has really been killing this place. the bunker threads are the most active besides the terf threads kek

Anonymous 214921

i don’t want to mention her by name since she wants attention clearly but that one cow that is obsessed with lolcow is very annoying and I hope she snorts too much coke
also I am having period hunger save me nonies

Anonymous 215025


i was in the latest meta thread and it looks like we are back to square one again. i used to thinks farmers theorizing about shaymin being weird were maybe being a bit hyperbolic, but now it does seem like what people have been saying is true. i don’t think we have a new admin team. it looks like she is still running the board and lying through her teeth again, banking off of the naivety of some of the newer farmers to keep this weird charade going.

i am really just so tired of this. the meta thread is an absolute mess with people throwing accusations around like mud, and likely shaymin in there defending herself instead of actively moderating the board. whoever chose her, i hope they regret it now. i don’t like to call people crazy, but she really is nuts. she spends more time obsessively psyching out over what someone says about her like an absolute nut than she does being productive. she really is not normal, and she’s taking lolcow down to hell with her in a handbasket. and the thing is i don’t know why she is so focused on fighting with everyone, why she can’t step away, get some fresh air, and focus on her actual job. it’s just a fucking imageboard, not a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. i have no words honestly. it’s just sad watching this all go on in real time. eventually she’s going to have an empty board with no one there but spammers.

Anonymous 215027

Take your meds anon. The craziest people post in meta.

Anonymous 215036

I've seen anons engage and repeat the same exact talking points without any evidence they're probably the same barely 18 crowd from tiktok

Anonymous 215038

> she spends more time obsessively psyching out over what someone says about her like an absolute nut than she does being productive
this is not true. she barely posts anything. shaymin hasn't had made like a couple upset comments this whole time (that she's tired and done and you can't fix autism which is probably about the tranny trolls and cp/gore/porn spammers not the users). we've seen plenty or people lash out online and and freak out on lolcow and this isn't what it looks like.
but who even cares? honestly I was convinced a man in singapore owned it this whole time and I didn't really feel one way or the other about it. doesn't matter to me, I don't pay the site or post anything I wouldn't say in public or anything else that would make me care who runs it.

Anonymous 215042

it is true, and we all have seen her in the past either in discord (mainly) or here when the board first went down, with her freaking out about what people say about her. it was her fault all this elaine/blaine bullshit started cause she can't stop touching the poop and leave things well enough alone.

i don't want to argue too much about it, or get too deep into it because at this point i'm kind of tired of it, lolcow, and imageboard culture in general but i just think it's sad that this is how the site is going out and that we kind of have this self-fulfilling prophecy going on with whomever is running the board being the one to kill it, even though i don't think it's intentional on her part.


i don't know, i don't really care at this point. i have a headache just thinking about it. you guys can have the board for all i care, it isn't going to last long anyways at the rate things are going.

Anonymous 215046

Nta I don’t really agree with her on some things but I do agree the meta thread is a hot mess (all the time)

Anonymous 215047

> in discord (mainly) or here when the board first went down
>on here
When was shaymin on cc? I followed all the early bunkers and she didn’t post. That other cow admin did though.

Anonymous 215050

Ntayrt but if you're in the discord then you know who owns the account because she spoke there months ago

Anonymous 215054

reminds me of the time anons kept posting in a moid bait thread for several hours and claimed anyone against it "hates fun" and got pissy any time someone called them out for responding to him
>honestly I was convinced a man in singapore owned it this whole time and I didn't really feel one way or the other about it.
that would've pissed me off kek. moids shouldn't be allowed at all, not even as the owner (that includes the original owner ian too)

Anonymous 215055

>they're one and the same
>take the site offline to delete spam off of a offline site

Anonymous 215059

it's not the fucking troon you retards jesus christ you can not be saved from yourselves. the site is literally being trolled into its death right now and you still believe all of this shit

Anonymous 215060

that's what servers are for? there's bulk deletion tools so you can do it through a vps

Anonymous 215062

It doesn't have to be just the troon when they admit to reading these threads and posted in the last bunker

Anonymous 215064

i honestly have no clue what this post is implying

Anonymous 215065

Cows who will not be named

Anonymous 215066

oh her? i honestly don't think so. she craves attention above all else and she seems to have gotten that with her kf thread. doing it anonymously without her name attached and trying to hide it's her is not really her style as we know

Anonymous 215067

It's not even a debate at this point when she revealed herself and mods deleted her posts

Anonymous 215068

the posts are still up on meta? or here? n0nnies get their posts deleted on here all the time and get mad at the janis. bad argument tbh

Anonymous 215069

Emails with her name were posted before mods deleted it iirc

Anonymous 215070

if you saw all that then you also saw all the posts calling her xyz getting deleted as well. how would that fit in? why would she brag on here about it anyways with her trollcow name and not on kf? or lc? and why stop once people stopped talking about the admin? it's all a bit sussy i'm sorry

Anonymous 215074

LC is slow because it's barely functional and cc is slow because, well, it's just slow here. What I'm supposed to do?

Anonymous 215084

site finally works for me again, check the catalog and have to scroll to the halfway point to be past all the weird josh spam, why are moids so retarded?

Anonymous 215089

i honestly think you might be a bit retarded if this is hard to follow for you. you're clearly very upset though and not terminally online whining about your hugbox or anything and getting very mad on top of it. god bless and have a nice day

Anonymous 215090

i'm not talking about the nonsense spam posts though. those happened way later and got deleted super quickly i didn't even see most of them

Anonymous 215095

Nta but weren't you just complaining about n0nnies taking bait and not being able to stop replying? You're doing the same thing here.

Anonymous 215100

Why are you all still here? Lolcow is up.

Anonymous 215118

I don't even feel comfortable there anymore because of all the cp spam. It just feels gross and risky now, I don't want to see that shit and keeping tabs on a bunch of internet retards isn't worth it anymore

Anonymous 215123

I do what I want.

Anonymous 215147

farmhand and new admins still won't delete spam and fix whatever else it is that's causing the site to load like a website from 2001
still no communication outside of a discord server that nobody wants to join
feeling this as well

Anonymous 215163


It would be nice to be so pretty that I’m not required to have a personality. Being ugly and average is too much work and I’m lazy.

Anonymous 215182

even if you report the offending ip to fbi there isn't much that can be done unless you tie everything with an identity like "so and such is a known child predator and they post with the ip address" since ip addresses are recycled
and that's not really a guarantee that the fbi will actually go after them afterwards
the whole system is a fucking joke

Anonymous 215183

The FBI can't just arrest people for being reported for CP possession, unfortunately. I'm pretty sure it takes a long time if they even arrest him at all.

Anonymous 215186

LC is dead

Anonymous 215187

It's alive for me. I'm browsing the thread that shall not be mentioned right now.

Anonymous 215201

It's a bot spammer with a different ip, until all vpns get banned theres not much mods can do but delete it when it appears. This is a general problem on imageboards without captcha sadly

Anonymous 215202

>tfw cp bots spam imageboards because they know imageboard males love cp

Anonymous 215204

They do it because it's highly illegal and gross as fuck so it makes an effective weapon. That's why gore is also common.

Anonymous 215207

There's two different types of CP spam that happens on LC. There's the bot that posts it to LC and other image boards, then there's the spam that is manually posted by various people.

It's a known tactic of trannies to spam CP on websites so the website gets shut down for hosting CP.

Anonymous 215210

This is wrong.
>yesterweb discord gets joined by admin of lolcow (who has a neocities site, nenetl) who talks about changing shit on the site, unbanning people, etc (the yesterweb admins confirm it)
>nenetl has a ton of blog posts from a self-described hispanic woman who's into lainchan, webdev, programming, and radical feminism (obviously oldmin)
>shaymin later has a meltdown in the verified section of the bunker server(?) and posts screenshots admitting to it being her site saying that blaine found it, arguing with hex (former mod of the old lolcow discord)
Since Elaine and Blaine are retarded schizos, they presented all the evidence in the most haphazard, schizo-seeming way, but it holds up. It's her, but I personally don't care as long as she's actually signed the site over to people who can actually run it without having sperg breakdowns or banning radfems because of her personal ideology.

Anonymous 215234

lc is barely useable… I give it five more days for the newmins to show themselves or else we've been hoodwinked!

Anonymous 215254


n0nnies i’m concerned that my cat may be peeing all over my clothes and shoes, but i can’t tell. i’m so accustomed to my cats weird smells that i hardly even smell her litter box. i’m worried that i stink like an mf and everyone can tell but me

Anonymous 215258

> posts screenshots admitting to it being her site saying that blaine found it

still not enough proof for me. I dont think shaymin and oldmin are the same. I think the other stuff could be true but shaymin could also just be kinda weird. 2 weirdos can exist at the same time

Anonymous 215259

>reminds me of the time anons kept posting in a moid bait thread for several hours and claimed anyone against it "hates fun" and got pissy any time someone called them out for responding to him

god that was so annoying they could literally treat the shitposting thread or dumbass shit like that but its okay bc autist moid teehee

Anonymous 215260

the "trolling lolcow" schizo theory is really funny

Anonymous 215265

>it's true because two people notorious for lying are saying it
Talking about yourself in 3rd person doesn't make it any more convincing.

Anonymous 215266

It does get him though, he always starts moid rage spamming immediately after getting recognized and rejected, regardless of what thread or board it is.

Anonymous 215285

I'm so tired of getting permabanned for an unspecified reason for just trying to post. What am I doing wrong? Are there some new words or abbreviations they automatically ban you for using? I'm not a newfag, troon, or a baiter, I just rarely post anymore because I'm tired of always getting banned and having to wait to get unbanned after appealing the ban. I'm not using VPN or doing any other tricks. It's so tiring. Lolcow used to be my home on the internet for so many years when I was a depressed hikky NEET and honestly even though I improved I'm still so lonely in the real world that I just want to post into the void every now and then, hoping to reach some other anonymous crazies. I know the site etiquette and I'm not being off topic, I just want to be autistically drunk in a drunk thread or horny in a hot men thread or whatever, is that so wrong??? Of course I'm a dirty ESL-chan but still it feels so unfair.

Anonymous 215288

No, at the moment I'm not phoneposting. I used to get banned both on mobile and on my laptop, though, frequently as well. I really don't get why it keeps happening, my posts cannot be that wild and I'm not ban evading because first of all I can't be bothered and secondly I'm not super tech literate anyway.

Anonymous 215309

Can you quit with this "All anons are a hivemind and anyone who doesn't think the same as I do must be the troon or elaine" thing? Blaine shat up the thread, had his posts deleted.
Again, I don't think any of this is relevant. I've been using LC since the first admin, oldmin isn't really an important person. I just want to be able to shit on scrotes/trannies and laugh at cows and not be at the mercy of a BPD spergfit every few years.

Anonymous 215315

i think i know what you’re talking about. i used to have the same issue a while ago when i posted more frequently; i would get these weird permabans out of the blue for no reason. i let the then admin know at the time and she told me it was a software issue/something in the code that would attach old permabans to ips randomly. i thought they had finally fixed it but i guess not?

Anonymous 215334

Knock knock, what are you all still here? Lolcow is up go have fun

Anonymous 215336

Because the josh spam still isn't deleted and everything on the site loads like dialup internet in the early 2000s

Anonymous 215342


Is it just me or have infights been dragging on for longer than they normally are?

Anonymous 215350

i think a lot of people have just left all together so the only posters left now are the mean ones.

Anonymous 215593

The site barely loads, spam is all over. and the quality posters have long gone even before the downtimes.

What's left is minimods and retards who are using threads like their personal blog to derail with off-topic infighting or moralfagging. There really is no going back now.

Anonymous 215609

I feel like the site is abandoned and I feel it started when Drop Kiwifarms was at it's peak. I noticed the board was already kind of slow but I do think some kiwifarmers came to lolcow during the downtime, they refuse to intergrate. Some anons seem downright cruel and angry towards the smallest of shit. It's not goofy anymore, the site is full of mini-modders, people who take things too seriously and runs like shit.

Anonymous 215610

idc i just want lolcowfags to leave

Anonymous 215611

So why are you in the lolcow bunker thread?

Anonymous 215612

because you keep bumping it when your site is already up. go back.

Anonymous 215617

It's taking forever to load today. It has been slow this week but it's even worse today. Guess it's time to abandon ship for good.

Anonymous 223448


Me when lolcor has been down for literally five minutes:

Anonymous 223455


You and me both nonita.

Anonymous 223459


let's gooooo

Anonymous 223469



Anonymous 223470


Post the last gif or pic you saved from lolcow, this is mine

Anonymous 223471

doesn't make sense…

Anonymous 223473


Anonymous 223474


Screaming into the mirror dimension.

Anonymous 223480


sup bitiches

Anonymous 223481

i've barely been on lolcow much for the past week or so but i still really miss it when it's down…. fujochans back up which i'm glad about, but there's only so much of it i can tolerate considering i don't really consider myself a fujo lmao

Anonymous 223483


Does anyone think that the you. here. now. gif is actually kind of hot?

Anonymous 223484


Anonymous 223485

I wanna see his face

Anonymous 223486

please go outside, I say that out of love

Anonymous 223487

It gives me a weird feeling but it's definitely not arousal

Anonymous 223488


Looks like it's gonna be down for like 8 hours now

Anonymous 223490

I Love you fried chicken goky

Anonymous 223492


C'mon every get in here!!

Anonymous 223495



Anonymous 223496

Anybody know why lolcor is down?

Anonymous 223499



Anonymous 223500

Cerbmin was in the hate thread and said it was because of host maintenance or something >>>/b/223445

Anonymous 223501

I imagine this dude as those nerdy /almost theatre kid type of guys, with like curly blonde/brown hair, lots of acne scaring, jagged teeth or braces, with a voice thats cracking. He might actually be gay. I'm not attracted to that, but thats probably another nona's dream guy

Anonymous 223503


ayrt Would have appreciated a heads up, admins.

Anonymous 223504

Oh shit nevermind cerebmin did their best. Now I feel like a dum dum.

Anonymous 223505


I mean, we're kind of lucky we get notified about what's happening at all

Anonymous 223506

True, and they really are doing a better job. Can't wait for nucow to go live I'm curious as to what they're working on.

Anonymous 223507


Anonymous 223510

man, i wanted to read the tnd threads after seeing one of her videos pop up on youtube last night. i clicked on it because i like fish and the whole time i was thinking "wow her lip filler is really ugly i wonder if she got it dissolved or if shes botched now" and then my eyes drifted to her channel name.

Anonymous 223511

i appreciate cerbmin using little emojis on the status page

Anonymous 223512

Kinda, but I was always too embarrassed to say anything. It's ok as long as I imagine him as hot and not ugly

Anonymous 223515


Anonymous 223516

Since lolcow is down I might actually do something productive with my evening kek

Anonymous 223518


hiiii everyone

Anonymous 223520


Pictured: s hiding away in the bunkers waiting for their lolcor to return

Anonymous 223521


Anonymous 223522

fal out boy? I only recognize the guy on the left. sorry if i got it wrong

Anonymous 223524


i ordered uber eats im in my shera right now (shay era except just the uber eats part and nothign else)

Anonymous 223526


ryan is so cute

Anonymous 223527


where is everybody I'm bored

Anonymous 223529


Anonymous 223530

i think about shayna every time i smoke a dab

Anonymous 223531

No, it's hilarious and pathetic. Although maybe that is hot, I would destroy this guy.

Anonymous 223535


What are you eating right now n0nny's?

Anonymous 223536

the walmart special dress shirt and belt combined with the band nerd attic room really make me cringe here. i would have thought this guy was hot as fuck in 2006.

Anonymous 223538

I could beat that guy up

Anonymous 223539


my husband is making puttanesca!!! it's one of my favorite things he makes.

Anonymous 223541


I've got pizza on the way

Anonymous 223542

It's midnight for me rn so I'm snacking on some cookies I made earlier. I can't resist late night snacks when I'm on period lmao

Anonymous 223543

>ill fitting cheap clothes
>tie goes past his belt
>hand in pocket (omega male behavior)
>where is he
>hiding soy face
>super skinny
I want to watch thugs beat him up

Anonymous 223545


ryan ross… my ovaries

Anonymous 223546


love puttanesca! i used to make Nigella's recipe (where she used the literal translation 'slutty spaghetti') all the time but just seen she was forced to change the name kek

Anonymous 223547

in sync nona. just started my period, it's midnight here in the UK and I'm bingeing on homemade scones.

Anonymous 223548

no. he was just another degenerate on tumblr. not attractive

Anonymous 223549

bootleg friend rice i made
the rice tastes odd (jasmine).

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