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Imageboard toxicity Anonymous 216640

Idk pic related from a random dread felt a little too real to me

Browsing imageboards you realise that memes aside, there is a majority of users who will unreasonably attack people cause of gender/race/appearance/sex life etc
Most anons are 1488ers,~reee roasties~robots,nit-picky lo lc ow ''' farmers ''',self hating >I'm better than the other members of my minority - - or average guys who don't really care cause they aren't directly threatened
None of this I used to mind since ~~hehe how edgy heh I'm not a stacy hehe~~ but after I escaped my abusive situation and started improving my life I realized. Why lurk boards where every other post is either how to sabotage women or manipulate them pretending you're nice in order to use them(which worsens trust issues ) . I know I sound like a pussy sjw newfag but idk haven't you guys bacome less tolerable of others toxicity when you started taking control of your life?

p.s there are noic chans and i am no saint compared to salty anons, just screechin ignore oωο

Anonymous 216641

True and don't forget humblebragging

Anonymous 216642

Yes I've confessed before that I was an edgy thick skinned 1488er. I started lurking in like 2007(newfag) and honestly it was all insecurity on my part. I was eager to hate all sorts of hobbies, media and people because I wasn't happy with myself.

I'm tired of race/queer/gender bashing. I don't want to be a part of it anymore and so I only use CC. Yet I've failed and brought negativity here on bad days. I'm still not happy with myself but I'm doing much better.

Anonymous 216643

quartz.bakery is pretty toxic

one time these people attacked me for my hobby in mountain climbing

Anonymous 216644


Same, I hope this place can become something different, I found 4chan as a teen from desu spam and I got brainwashed by the internet hate machine and it took a serious toll on my mental health. But all imageboards are kind of like walking down a dark alley, you might find $10 on the ground but more likely a crazy person will splash you with piss. It's probably better to just not go at all but it's so addictive when you're lonely and crave interaction with others, so here I am and here we are.

Anonymous 216645

what would you define as the "$10 on the ground" you would rarely find on imageboards?

please explain in great details

Anonymous 216646

I was one of the people in that thread and I sincerely wish I could take it back.

Anonymous 216647

Finding something very funny in the kind of dark/juvenile way that only quality OC from imageboards is or good discussion about a topic I am interested in. When you fish up a golden pearl in the ocean of piss it's like winning at a slot machine and makes all the wasted time feel justified.

Anonymous 216648

why not just avoid it entirely and stick to finding "pearls" in knowyourmeme instead?

Anonymous 216649

Knowyourmeme sucks, they don't remember the good stuff like Ecstasy AKA Darks and even basic things about imageboard culture like cracky-chan are not confirmed memes according to them

Anonymous 216650

It's hard to start shit irl without looking like a retard.

Trolls need a place to go. A place to express their frustrations and dark humor. I don't like them but the idea that they shouldn't be alowed to exist disgusts and scares me so much more. That idea is what the sjw stands for.

Anonymous 216651

i think it's very board specific. i still use 4chan and i use mostly /sci/, /an/ and /qst/. there's very little /pol/ leakage on those boards and especially /sci/ shoots down all sorts of retardation pretty quickly since things are expected to be actually based on something there

unlike many people here i don't think most anons on 4chan are hateful bigots, just that the ones who are are really REALLY loud about it and nobody cares to go in arguments with them because it just derails everything, it has derailed entire boards. you also need to remember (this is pure speculation from my part but i think it sounds reasonable) that the sort of person who has grown bitters towards the world, towards women, towards minorities, is a lot more likely to spend almost his entire day on 4chan since there probably isn't much else going on his life. while a normally adjusted person would spend a lot less time, since there's other things to do as well in his normal life. So if a toxic person spends 10 hours spewing bigotry, you'd need like 5 normal folk to cover that entire 10 hours if they only spend like 2 hours each, which makes the bigots seem like majority of the traffic. if that makes sense

i have a lot more positive picture about men in general than most people here though, i have a fairly positive outlook on life and have had the privilege to meet some wonderful people in my life

Anonymous 216652

the so-called 'neutrals' are even worse because you know they'll call you out if you do it to them for being a guy or white, but wouldn't say SHIT if another guy said it about women or another race or sexuality. They're the most selfish of all.

Anonymous 216653

to be fair 4chan shittheads who hate women and say crap all the time doesn't have any effect on me anymore. i just think they're sad and sick in the head and feel sorry for any woman has to interact with them. with that said i don't really go on there because i feel the place is toxic as fuck.

lolcow is a different story because i care more about how women feel and think than how men feel or think. i always get kinda sad there when i see girls nitpick on each other or say dumb shit or toxic about other women, stuff that is clearly based on their own bad self esteem, or sense of self, or ED, etc etc etc. you name it.

you can tell some of them only say the crap they do because they have problems with themselves (i.e. retarded fights over weight or height, hair color, nasolabial foldsss, 25 is old!!!111, etc). with this said, this type of behavior happens here to but to a much smaller extent because we don't revolve around internet personalities.

the entire internet is cancerous at this point. people always think they're right, live on a pedestal and that their opinion NEEDS TO BE HEARD, LISTEN HERE EVERYONE, I THINK X AND Z uwu ! when that is not true.

Anonymous 216654

whew lad, this is a terribly bad written post. sorry, i guess i was kind of distracted when typing it. hopefully it will get my point across anyway.

Anonymous 216655

>i care more about how women feel and think than how men feel or think

I do the same but with even then I can't say I support all women. when you project your insecurities on other people, hurt them and laugh you don't deserve compassion imo. It's no one's business other than theirs.

Anonymous 216656


We make both sides our enemy. How is that selfish?

Anonymous 216657


i know im supposed to not be toxic but holy shit you write like a fucking mentally impaired donkey

Anonymous 216658


There's a way to express every toxic thought you have. For example, instead of suggesting OP writes like a mentally-impaired donkey, you could compliment her unique and mysterious writing style.

Anonymous 216659


What >>216658 said.
What are we to do with simple name-calling?

Anonymous 216660

if someone is bad at writing i don't know how complimenting her solves anything…

Anonymous 216661

It's not our place to solve it. Who cares?

Anonymous 216662


was drunk t b h


Anonymous 216663

i agree that if there's nothing good to say then more often than not it's better to not say anything. but making up fake compliments just for the sake of it just feeds their ego for no reason and stalls growth

Anonymous 216664

Okay that's fair, I concede.

Anonymous 216665

what is quartz.bakery?

Anonymous 216666

It's the sister website of quartz.tavern and diamond.eatery among dozens of other variants.

It's a comfy imageboard where women can come together and discuss their own interests without fighting each other with toxicity that would be found on lol.cow (not related to the sister websites)

Anonymous 216667

can i get a link? i tried http://quartz.bakery but, well. it didn't work lol

Anonymous 216668

dunno if you're joking but she is joking and talking about here!

Anonymous 216669


Anonymous 216670

oh, shoot, i had no idea


Anonymous 216671

redirect all robots there where they can larp among other robots and leave us alone for good

Anonymous 216672


/rp/ board for me & like 3 other girls to enjoy

Anonymous 216673

sounds good to me!

Anonymous 216674

I've grown insensitive for toxicity online since most of it is just "edgy" (hate using that word) attempts at attention and supposed disguised banter but really a coping mechanism of sorts. So you can just be playing a mic video-game and some kid starts spamming "n%%@#-f%%@#" or says "spell dabbing backwards lol" and you just ignore or mute.

What really makes me angry though is when meme culture/discourse spreads outside towards websites where it has no business in; such as serious discussions and the like. Most commonly in youtube comments or subreddits completely unrelated to chan culture now starting to be spammed with memes with terrible histories behind them. I dont want to discuss say medieval history online and be bombarded with kids spamming "remove kebab lol". Twitch for instance is infamous for this but I guess it's due to the demographic age of it's audience and the historical demographics where it was targeted for.

I'm not good with computers; but can those nicknames for here actually serve a purpose for redirecting people who have no business being here by making it harder to link threads here?

from the words of someone here "CC is just one girl with 10 proxies talking to herself"

Anonymous 216675

[email protected]
i don't know a thing about programming or whatever though
hope i didn't give the impression i did :o

Anonymous 216676


I started lurking LC early in 2018 in the depths of depression and school stress. I was suicidal and it was really bad at some points. It made me feel good to see other people get torn down and tbh get a few laughs. I still go look at 2-3 threads once and awhile for my fav cows, but I don't go as often anymore because it makes me sad. CC is less depressing and more comfy. I like it here.

Anonymous 216677


Anonymous 216678

I think that a majority of imageboard toxicity is just people with shitty lives and various mental disorders that have nothing better to do. They get attracted to anonymity and ability to say what they want with little consequence. Even if they don't get any response, It just feeds into their " le edgy sociopath ecks dee" complex.

There is something so addictive about them so I keep coming back, but it attracts the literal roaches of the internet.

Anonymous 216679


I feel like I'm too old for 4chan now, developmentally speaking. I started browsing when I was 13 and now at 22 I can't stand to be in a thread that goes even slightly off topic, because all of the animosity and hostility is such a turnoff for me now. Back when I was an edgy teen, I was eager to berate others but now looking back it's such a waste of energy. And I don't care how ironic the rampant misogyny and racism is, I can't stomach being exposed to that, being unable to differentiate between who's joking and who is serious about what they're saying and carrying those beliefs in their everyday life. When I stopped using 4chan, it felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders because I was now able to use all of my time I invested into shitposting into my hobbies and talking to real people.

I went on yesterday to see how /a/ was reacting to the KyoAni fire, and seeing how many people were tripping over themselves trying to be the edgiest tryhard possible solidified my decision to leave permanently.

Anonymous 216680

>being unable to differentiate between who's joking and who is serious about what they're saying and carrying those beliefs in their everyday life
This thought depresses me sometimes. I've seen some crazy and deeply judgemental, hateful beliefs spouted on imageboards that I've never even heard about irl which led me to wondering how many of the people I've come across so far in the anime and vidya fandom secretly believed in that stuff.

I can deal with Facebook/Twitter "normie" stupidity where people attach their real names and faces to their words but anonymous websites, including imageboards, are on another level of crazy.

Admittedly, I've done my own fair share of shitposting which makes me a hypocrite for complaining about this.

Anonymous 216681

I have had the experience you had. Grew up on 4chan (now 28). I think 4chan is good though. Everyone always comments how I am unshakably calm, nothing can goad me. It's because I've been trained by years of shitposting. By now I've been called every name and accused of shilling every viewpoint, I imagine.

I also appreciate this one simple thing: it's a place to express a thought that is forbidden anywhere else. Like this one: Yeah, sure, the KyoAni fire was a tragedy. Horrific. Deep sorrows and regrets to the animators, their families, and the creative records that are permanently lost to the destruction. But does that really mean Fire Force has to be indefinitely delayed??? I just wanna watch my shounen escapism.

I could never post something like that on a place with a name. I'd be crucified.

Anonymous 216682

>which led me to wondering how many of the people I've come across so far in the anime and vidya fandom secretly believed in that stuff.
Like you said about shitposting, always keep in mind at least half of those opinions are plain trolling. As for other the other half? They come from immature people that would likely change their opinion if their lives turned out to be better. Only a tiny fraction of these people is actually serious.
I happened to meet a dude that had the most jaded opinion about women (/r9k/ on steroids) because of a sour breakup with his first gf, he really sounded serious, he was firm in his beliefs etc. Fast forward he meets a girl he kind of likes, they end up dating and suddenly he's all nice and not an angry virgin anymore. He wasn't even a kid, he was 22 when he spouted that bullshit. We had so many arguments on the subject and really the only thing that convinced him was having an actual positive experience. Some people are just retarded like that, where noone elses experience matters other than theirs.

Anonymous 216683

I fully believe that it was the evilness of 4chan that wore me down over the years to the point that I'm now this depressed husk who can barely go outside.
I wasn't that popular in high school and I didn't trust many people there anyways so I was always looking for somewhere to get my social interaction fix and that was when I found 4chan.
The people there are so harsh and cruel and yet I just wanted more because what else was I going to do with my time?

And then I found r9k.

If 4chan was bad, then r9k was a million times worse. I had thought that I might find company among other outcasts of society and that the life experiences that were commonly posted there would be interesting to read but I couldn't have been more wrong. The awful things they said there cast me into such despair. Their animosity began to cause me to feel shame for myself and fear for the world. I know I shouldn't let it get to me but I've always been a bit sensitive.

I'm still lonely and I continue to rely on 4chan years later but I've long since discarded r9k and I just stick to the more casual boards. The people there are still utter scum but at least it's better than what it could be.

This relative slowness of this place doesn't quite scratch the itch for what I need but maybe the much smaller scale is exactly what makes it so much calmer and peaceful. I actually feel welcome here compared to the raging battlefields of hate that 4chan is.

Anonymous 216684

i mean r9k is moar fem friendy i thok?correct me if im wrong,caus moar fems lurk

Anonymous 216685


As a former “femanon” on /r9k/, it is for girls who hate themselves and thrive off of internet flagellation. They eventually move on when they realize that the people on there are retards that hate our entire sex and should be regarded as such.
I will admit that part of my current disdain for men is in part because of some of the disgusting things I’ve seen on /r9k/. Not even the casual terms they use for women, but i’ve seen them making fun of women being murdered in very gory ways. Even if it’s just angry incels and edgy teens, it’s fucked.

Anonymous 216686

>making real life decisions based on an imageboard

Anonymous 216687

And imageboards are filled with real people. Who knows. Maybe that quiet brown-haired guy in your college class or the part-time cashier at your local supermarket is a /r9k/ poster. They live amongst us. It's quite frightening.

Anonymous 216688

I don't think it's wise to base your disdain on men on a bunch of social rejects. It'd be like disliking Austrians because of Hitler or disliking Corsicans over Napoleon. Less than 0.001% of the men in the world browse around /r9k/, all it really shows you is that men can be scum sucking pieces of shit like those guys are, but really, that's all humans. Human capacity for cruelty is terrifying.

Anonymous 216689

Do you call your bf "scrote"?

Anonymous 216690

>Tfw no bf to call scrote while he calls me femoid

Anonymous 216691

>tfw no meme bf that whispers incel copypastas in my ear while fucking me until I scream "did you just post cringe?" when we cum simultaneously

why even live?

Anonymous 216692

>I fully believe that it was the evilness of 4chan that wore me down over the years to the point that I'm now this depressed husk who can barely go outside.

Me too anon, I was not prepared to learn from 4chan and other places on the web how evil so many people reveal themselves to be when they're given anonymity to express it. It really wore down my spirit and my faith and trust in people and made me lose motivation to try to make it in the real world because why even bother in the state that it's in. I used to also be more cheerful but now I'm feeling myself becoming snarky and nihilistic from too much imageboard use, although like other anons mentioned I guess it did help me stop being so sensitive all the time.

Anonymous 216693

Don't you think it's naive to think 4chan is evil or even remotely bad?
You're posting on an anonymous messageboard for christ's sake, which means you ultimately recognize the advantages of posting anonymously.
People can be evil, but messageboards aren't at all. If anything, it only exposes people for who they really are.

Anonymous 216694

>People can be evil, but messageboards aren't at all. If anything, it only exposes people for who they really are.
That's what she's saying, no? At least that's how I understand her post.

I feel you, anon. I really do. Especially the part about being demotivated to make it in real life. Let's meet up and be snarky and nihilistic about the state of the world together.

Anonymous 216695

I feel all of this, I really just assume men in real life are all secretly /pol/tards or robots and hate evil roasties and want us dead. Especially any men who look socially awkward, "nerds" I guess. I realized the effect when some classmates of this description shared more lefty/empathetic views and I was in disbelief. But really I expect all men to be anti-woman deep down.

I know this is retarded though and I just don't interact with people enough. But it has caused me to hate men these days.

Anonymous 216696

So I use a combination of lolcow, PULL and crystal cafe but I think I'm really gonna stop browsing lolcow. I've noticed at least a handful of instances of people throwing around racial slurs pretty as well as farmers repeating some awful stereotypes. As someone who isn't white, they comes off pretty bad and feels hostile. I'm okay with edgy attempts at humor but the stuff I've seen really seems more like casual racism being openly expressed due to anonymity. I think that along with the nitpicking of other women's bodies while having threads complaining about sexism has become tired.

Apologies for the blogposting and if this belongs more in a venting thread or a more appropriate one.

Anonymous 216697

Imageboards known for a female userbase really opened my eyes to the existence of casual racism and racist shitposting among women.
For some reasons, I always thought we were better than men when it comes to this particular -ism. Guess we aren't after all lol.

Anonymous 216698

> I had thought that I might find company among other outcasts of society

this desu. I think I started browsing r9k in 2013-2014 really heavily, I remember thinking "these are other people who understand"

I miss it, maybe a little. but maybe that's just because I was an edgelord teenager with le internalized misogyny.

I remember those circlejerk avatarfag threads, oh god the memories/drama

Anonymous 216699

>edgy attempts at attention
>What really makes me angry though is when meme culture/discourse spreads outside towards websites where it has no business in; such as serious discussions and the like. Most commonly in youtube comments or subreddits
Caustic bile tier memes will always exist to grab attention, some people desperately seek attention. Positive or negative attention, they are past caring which type they just need to feed their addiction. Any site with an up or down system will always be open to this no matter the mod quality. Only websites without upboats can escape it. I honestly think the future is tiny IRCs or discords for niche stuff.

Anonymous 216700

I feel this so hard. I really enjoy the anonymity of a lot of imageboards, but the culture behind it gets to me all the time and I have to take breaks and leave.

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