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Lolcow.farm Bunker Thread Anonymous 155321

If you’re using CC because LC is temporarily down (probably due to server changes mentioned by the admin a few days ago; worst case scenario: it’s being DDOS’d by trannies), use this thread to shitpost, talk, or post updates about the website

Anonymous 155360

I miss my cows.

Anonymous 155361

I miss the other husbandofags, I wonder how the other morganhoes are holding up and if a big chunk of farmers are just waiting until the site is up to even post

Anonymous 155382

Sorry to miners for shitting up your nice site, there's like 4 different LC themed threads up right now. I miss the comic thread, I've been saving so many to post and discuss on /m/.

Anonymous 155467

why is lc down again ?

Anonymous 155508

No one knows. Discord is still live. Most likely a ddos from a troon

Anonymous 155511

Look for one on media and make one if there’s not I’ll jump in and help start the Convo.

Anonymous 155532

Spent way too long on that site. 4 years this autumn. I'm not a proper oldfag but it's become a constant in my life.

Anonymous 155539

What brought you to Lolcow? Sadly am an Oldfag. Felice Fawn reeled me in about 10 years ago. Womp.

Anonymous 155561

same. on my soapbox for a second but that site was such a positive during the worst parts of my life & i'll be sad to see it go if it does, it helped me a lot. the vent thread nonas helped me realize my ex was abusing me & helped me leave him. good times.
lolcow originated from the ashes of another gossip board to begin with so hopefully will be resurrected again even if the trannies got to it.

Anonymous 155564

I forgot there's a smaller bump limit here.

Anonymous 155567



In case Shaymin updates (if at all)

Anonymous 155568

Welp, other thread hits its limit. I concur with the other anons about how early lolcow definitely had more moids and pickmes though. If you can dig up any old threads when the site is back up to read, you'll see how different it was.

Anonymous 155569

I miss talking shit about Jill. Why did this have to happen on the weekend?

Anonymous 155571


Samefag her most recent kofi post. She did say when the new site was going to be set up it would have to go offline for a bit. But there was no announcement prior to the downtime

Anonymous 155572

What's the limit here?

Anonymous 155573

NTA, i just happened to stumble upon it twice on some google searches, first around 2018 but didn't stick around, then again in 2020 but this time I stayed until now, so I guess I count as a newfag at least activity period-wise. pretty sure it was through the K-pop critical threads or some personal cow terfblr drama, but I do not remember which one I found in 2018 and which one in 2020

Anonymous 155574

510 apparently.

Anonymous 155575

Obviously we're not talking about years ago when males were allowed, duh. We're talking post-male ban. It's true, this last year has sex an increase in males posting, and people in general being increasingly aware of lolcow's existence, even as more as just a gossip site. Remember the Depp v Heard threads? Yeah moids are now aware that lolcow is an imageboard where feminist women post. Trannies also think they can pass by posting on there. Being a gossip site isn't an effective distraction for them anymore.

Anonymous 155576

>this sex
*has seen

Anonymous 155579

not sure but I think the no males rule was either introduced or at least more harshly enforced when the non-cow boards started getting more attention. the /sty/ board was made as an off-topic containment board that allowed males iirc.

Anonymous 155581

I avoided the depp heard thread because I knew it would attract moids. The roe v wade thread was confirmed to be made by a moid (was also posted to KF so they could laugh at us so when Jersh shouted us out without name recently i knew it was a stupid attempt to have lc suck his dick)

Anonymous 155582

I really hope it is just admin making changes on the site.
Because if it is Lucas' fault I gonna a-log nonas. Honestly I would have thought they would go after ovarit or mumsnet first

Anonymous 155584

Lolcow was being referred to as the site kiwis would go to after kiwi is off the clear net. Sucks. If it was the stupid big fake booby moid tranny teacher I will a-log

Anonymous 155586


Miss the Yumi, Twitch, YouTube, and consoom threads. Also, /m/. I'm starting to foam at the mouth.

Anonymous 155588

what was your last post 's, mine was in the childhood crushes thread, I posted ashitaka

Anonymous 155590

i think mine was some comment in the mtf tranny thread

Anonymous 155591



Anonymous 155593

I refreshed /g/ just as I was about to read new posts in that thread and the nerd one, and that's when the site went down

Anonymous 155595

I posted in the LC weekend thread.

Anonymous 155599

I can't believe Mr.Garrison-chan was the reason kek
I wanted to see what happened in his saga only to find the site was down. I hope it comes back soon

Anonymous 155600

That's a bit too tinfoily for me, but if it were I wouldn't even care because that's someone whose life is shit and about to get shittier, I know anons have no expectations for canada, but regardless of what their laws are, people who have to deal with him will get exhausted even if all they can do avoid him. Still hoping the thing is a hoax tho. And troons will never be women, no matter how much they stop me from discussing niche husbandos.

Anonymous 155601

off-topic but speaking of Mr Garrison remember when they showed actual footage of poopwound surgery in the episode when he got his? and he even pretended to be a "lesbian" in another episode? then he detransitioned iirc because he found out that even with a poopwound he still couldn't get pregnant and abort

Anonymous 155604

true to life. Literally any mtf in the mtf thread fit that

Anonymous 155606

>hey showed actual footage of poopwound
What? I think that must have been edited out in my country

Anonymous 155607

yeah, probably was, i watched that episode online years later, not on TV

Anonymous 155609

what do you mean his fault? also do you mean the tranny shop teacher with the huge breastplate?

Anonymous 155610


Anonymous 155611

I bought the scum manifesto because of lc, read it while drinking hot chocolate. What I loved about lc aside from the retarded cows I came there initially for was all the feminist resources I got from there, as well as a lot of /m/

Anonymous 155613

Is there an archive of lolcow anywhere? If not, we should get started on it. I have some lolcow tabs open, we should save what we can. If I can’t shitpost on the mean girl image board I can at least reminisce over the leftcow threads.

Same, lc introduced me to obscure feminist and sex related books I never would have found otherwise.

Anonymous 155614

Nona, Canada shitted out Sophie Labelle idk this troon's true name fite me, Lucas Roberts and Jonathan Yaniv. It should be paying for it's crimes against humanity the same way Russia is paying

Anonymous 155615


Fuck. I decided that maybe I should revive the torabu thread today, only to find this.
Meh.. Shaymin is notorious for her dilatory disposition.

Anonymous 155616



Anonymous 155617

her WHAT

Anonymous 155619

It’s the troon falseflagging

Anonymous 155620

There was a nona making one in one of the Jersh/KF threads but I don't if she actually did it or shared a link
Yes, that one. I was just joking, but it was rather curious that the site went down after that story got posted so I am putting my tinfoil hat

Anonymous 155621

Yeah but those guys basically live in their own world with little to no connection with society.

Anonymous 155622

the earlier mtf threads were at some point archived on the wayback machine

Anonymous 155623

I was a fellow no nn y that joked about him taking down the site as well kek

Anonymous 155624

>post-male ban
Technically there's no male ban, just a rule saying "Male posters, do not say you are male". It's more a don't ask don't tell policy than a ban

Anonymous 155625

It's a joke retard

Anonymous 155626

You think he is that powerful? He's being clowned all over Twitter, isn't he? I think if it's troons, they're more likely to be Keff*ls' troon army DDoSing the shit out of LC.

Anonymous 155627

LC is not permanently down , they’re probably changing up the website. One thing I hate about the /meta/ staff there is that they suck at communication but I’m not surprised by the amount of female autists we have on these imageboards. They’re probably going to implement a logo, stronger defense, remove hideous old banners and maybe add spoiler images that doesn’t use pixy’s ass lmao

Anonymous 155629

Exactly and lolcow is known as “not letting men in” anyway so males are pretty much not allowed because time and time again they only prove to be retarded

Anonymous 155630

Sperging about Hakuouki in the /otogen/ thread, because for once someone knew what I was talking about. The one time in february also happened directly after I posted in the otome game thread, I'm starting to think it's my fault lmao.

Anonymous 155631

Does that mean the "Good luck" Venus banner is going to be gone? That one gives me nostalgia.

Anonymous 155632

i'm actually really glad lolcow is down. i use it daily. i haven't posted in a year or two but it's such a negative place and it's really bad for my mental health. it's full of schizos who make me afraid to be a woman because they talk about how dangerous it is and how the world is ending and it's over for women. i'm a better person for sure when im not using it but it's hard.

Anonymous 155633

oh boy, i'm missing lc already. the posters there are a different kind of retarded and unhinged, and contrary to retarded twitter users and disgusting 4chan moids, farmers are actually amusing.

Anonymous 155634

favourite hakuouki boy?

Anonymous 155635

I have laughed multiple times out loud because of farmers lol rip anorectal violence kun has he ever attacked here?

Anonymous 155636

that story is all over instagram, it's too late for trannies to stop it with their stupid ops. the school confirmed the tranny was a teacher working there. multiple accounts are are reporting his fake tranny name and not his real name which is steven hannah.

Anonymous 155637

men are so used to being the default they are are abysmally bad at trying to pass as women, even only in text format.

Anonymous 155638

is this the thread now?

Anonymous 155639

That was a moid?? Yes, there was definitely an anorectal violence poster here.

Anonymous 155640

yep, check /nsfw/. i don't think he's been as spergy here though.

Anonymous 155642

It’s definitely not a positive place and the pessimism is fucking over the top. But it’s the only place I know where women can get together to talk that isn’t constantly surveilled for wrong think and can just be insane. Where else can we jam with female autists? I know what you mean though because lc does put me in a bad mood.

Anonymous 155643

Omfg nooo. Can’t believe he’s still out there kekkkk

Anonymous 155644

speaking of trying to pass as women, has blaine the Y chromoid ever talked about his extensive history of posting and consuming baby monkey torture snuff films?
>zoosadist pedophile males thinking they blend in with women
hearty keks all around

Anonymous 155646

Oh, I thought Mr. Garrison-chan name was Stephen Hanna without the 'h'
It was written like that in the school's site as well

Anonymous 155648


Still, by the window pane,
Pain, like the rain that's falling.
She waits in the air,
Matte Kudasai.
She sleeps in a chair
In her sad America.

When, when was the night so long,
Long, like the notes I'm sending.
She waits in the air,
Matte Kudasai.
She sleeps in a chair
In her sad America.

Anonymous 155649

Samefag im pretty sure anorectal violence kun was revealed to be a moid

Anonymous 155651

yes, he did reveal himself as one and posted his anus manifestos on multiple imageboards

Anonymous 155652

Where can I get the latest updates on KF? it's completely down rn right. Not a Kiwifag just interested considering LC may be the next.

Anonymous 155654


Of the OGs it's Okita, but overall it's Souma

Anonymous 155655

Not DDoS since they’re protected by cloudflare (they offer a good ddos protection so it’s impossible to attack it) They have mentionned on their website that they can cover ddos attacks "over 37 Tbps which is over 30x bigger than the largest DDoS attack ever recorded, allowing all internet assets on Cloudflare's network to withstand massive modern-day DDoS attacks." which mean that the Admin is maybe working on the website (knowing that she talked about adding CSS themes and working on the infrastructure) and pulled the plug for a while, or maybe it’s just a hosting problem. Dunno. She doesnt give any uptades, so i consider that it is just under maintenance for now. Admins and farmhands lack a lot of communication which is very annoying since it’s a niche community..

Anonymous 155656

>schizos who make me afraid to be a woman because they talk about how dangerous
How's that schizo? What kind of utopian first world haven do you live in?

Anonymous 155657


Anonymous 155658

Stephen Hannah is a different teacher, the student who took the snapchat got it wrong.

Anonymous 155659

I hope her garlic, garlic, garlic one stays

Anonymous 155661

we should hang out

we all can agree farmhands are notoriously uncommunicative but with everything going on with the other farms you'd think there would be some bare minimum here. the site's been bombarded more than usual with cp in recent days i still think the troons did this. but if this turns out to be scheduled downtime then wtf.

Anonymous 155662

ano kun.png

my last sighting of him

Anonymous 155663

Of course the tranny likes the rapist

Anonymous 155664

nta, it's absolutely true that we still have a VERY LONG way to go until we get to actual female liberation, but it's not like we have to live our whole lives as blackpilled doomers without enjoying even the smallest things

Anonymous 155665


lolcor where are you
please come back home, or else I will need to get a life

Anonymous 155667


Anonymous 155668

as spergy as he was (is?) his points are correct

Anonymous 155669

Miss you, s. It's nice to be back on CC though, I stopped using it back during that time period when it was impossible to post new threads. It's so comfy though, maybe I'll stay.

Anonymous 155670

Stinky Griffith is a rapist

Anonymous 155672

Stop stanning a rapist weirdo

Anonymous 155673


Anonymous 155675


Can't believe this is the only picture I got saved from lolcow

Anonymous 155676

You can jam with fellow female autists here too, nona.

Anonymous 155679

no, not this again kek

Anonymous 155680

I wonder if she ever was a real true honest woman

Anonymous 155681

Telegram. Don't bother joining the Sneedchat though, it's only cancer. Just follow Josh's page.

Anonymous 155682

OIP (7).jpg

Now in this far away land
Strange that the palms of my hands
Should be damp with expectancy

Spring, and the air's turning mild
City lights and the glimpse of a child
Of the alleyway infantry

Friends, do they know what I mean?
Rain and the gathering green
Of an afternoon out of town

But Lord I had to go
The trail was laid too slow behind me
To face the call of fame
Or make a drunkard's name for me
Though now this better life
Has brought a different understanding
And from these endless days
Shall come a broader sympathy

And though I count the hours
To be alone's no injury

My home was a place by the sand
Cliffs and a military band
Blew an air of normality

Anonymous 155683


You're kind of right, though it's mostly due to frequent raids like you said. The Ukraine/Russia situation, Chris chan, Roe v wade, Amber/Depp and now Kiwifarms threads and maybe Kaitlyn Tiffany brought them in more than usual and we didn't have enough staff to bitchslap them away fast enough.

Anonymous 155685

I love how clutching-chan is built like a Jojo character kekk

Anonymous 155686


Have this one, then

Anonymous 155688


what the fuck is with the autistic sneed shit anyway???

Anonymous 155689

Imo yes, she said she was obese so it's not too outlandish for her to make fun of stereotypical bimbos

Anonymous 155690

No, it was the cp posting tranny who's also itt, please ignore him. He has been referring to us not getting his "banter" in another thread shortly after.

Anonymous 155691

Can someone explain this to me kek wtf

Anonymous 155692

i don't know, when i was a 17 year old shutin NEET i enjoyed obsessively hating men online and now it's boring and i've moved on and people shit up literally every thread talking about men. i don't even like them that much, i don't care one way or the other, but i feel like obsessing about them 24/7 is letting them win a lot more than just like. logging off and taking care of yourself. idk

Anonymous 155693

i miss the luna slater thread so bad already

Anonymous 155695

I love that clutchin' poster, I'd buy it

Anonymous 155696

Me too anon, I want to know what evil Dad bought her!!! More Lurch meth spergs please!!! RIP

Anonymous 155698


Anonymous 155699


another memoir of the green pastures

Anonymous 155701


Anonymous 155702


Anonymous 155703

Patron saint of lolcow.farm

Anonymous 155704

I like the Sneed's Feed and Seed. The sign is a subtle joke.

Anonymous 155705


Anonymous 155707

Lol I remember her posting those, so insane

Anonymous 155708

Respect for a decade of lc. You must have been there before the scrote ban? I found it from pixielocks of all fucking people but I mostly lurked the cow boards, maybe made max 5 posts there.
Like >>155561 /ot/ and /g/ were a refuge for me and interacting with these mean bitches helped with my character development, I'd say. I doubt I'd be as determined to grow up, lose weight, and respect myself if I hadn't become a regular.

It's also just nice to talk with women anonymously because we feel free to be as deranged as we are inside. You don't get that in real life because of social expectations, especially from women. It really warms my heart.

Anonymous 155709

Tranny made some misogynistic drawing on the doodle board, anons told him to dilate and he then sperged out, making several angry drawings while posting cp and porn, only further proving he is a man.

Anonymous 155710

she was a legend for that

Anonymous 155711

Someone post the dano bf

Anonymous 155712

One anon in the draw thread drew the bimbo on the right "driving" by riding a bald moid like a horse and texting, when the given theme was "female utopia". Some liked it, but many anons in typical lolcow fashion accused her of being a moid/tranny because she was making fun of bimbos, so she replied with that picture, calling her critics pearl clutchers

Anonymous 155713

Sidenote keffals was working with Nai that I’m a teen wolf turned tranny.

Anonymous 155715

haha sneeed

Anonymous 155716

probably a smthg on the Keffals vs kiwi thread

Anonymous 155719

>defending bimbos
but why?

Anonymous 155720

Awwwwww that is cute even tho I’m not a danofag. The pic of some no nnas boyfriend where she claimed he looks like a cuter dano

Anonymous 155721

That troon appeared on the Sneedchat once or twice behaving like a total lolcow, those were the only moments where it was worth it being there

Anonymous 155722


High flying glider, spread your wings
Flying high on a cloud
Born on the air, spiral around
So busy making circles
You never touch the ground

You see the sea, feel the sky
Don't know where you go when you die
Don't know the answers
To what's in my mind
Riding on the wind and turning with the tide

Life takes you up, it brings you down
Changes the pain that remains
Keep moving fast, though the wind and the rain
And if the world keeps spinning round
You'll be back again

Anonymous 155723

OOOOOHHHHHHHHHH yeah, unfortunately I deleted those, maybe someone else has them

Anonymous 155724

in going to una live myself I don’t see the dano bf pic

Anonymous 155727

Nooo anon LC needs to come back our husbando anons need their thread and this anon needs her Dano and I have a confession for the confessions thread dammit!!

Anonymous 155728

can someone post the discord link? It was inactive in the top/footer menu on the site for a while and someone in the meta thread said it was in one of the kiwi threads but I couldn't find it before it went offline rip…

Anonymous 155729

FMK Paul, Adam, or idk whoever else was a de/g/enate mascot moid

Anonymous 155731

oooooh cheese.jpg

Cheese is a kind of meat
A tasty yellow treat
I milk it from my teat
But I try to be discreet
Ooooh cheese (x3)
Cheese is a type of meat
A tasty yellow treat

Anonymous 155732


is the lolcor discord still active? any news from there or is it still nothing but nazi breeding imagines kek


Anonymous 155733

Either bimbo posters that don't like being made fun of, or radfems believing that any criticism on any female stereotype is so vile and misogynistic that it could only be done by a scrote/tranny, as real women would have no reason to make fun of other women (as if…)

Anonymous 155735

Invites are disabled unfortunately I can’t send a link I don’t think

Anonymous 155736

Bug professor!!!!!!!

Anonymous 155737

Maybe for you hating men was a hobby, but I don't need lolcow to do anything when I turn on the local news and literally everyday they're reporting at least one feminicide and yes, I'm using literally right.

Anonymous 155738

too bad she didn’t go Full Retard

Anonymous 155739

lurch's foot fetish made me laugh so hard and then i tried to explain it to my husband but i have to differentiate between the cows with stuff like "that's the fat heroin addicted one" so im not sure if he really got what i was saying

Anonymous 155740


Anonymous 155741

They didn't defend bimbos, they told the "artist" the doodle looks like stereotypes men made of us in the 00s (women can't drive, women are vain and dumb and obsessed with surgery and social media) and rightfully called them a man because of it, since it was drawn on a board with the theme female utopia. To which the "artist" did not respond with anything but basically "stfu you pearl clutching feminazis, take a joke".

Anonymous 155742

Keep in mind bloon the troon on LC used to pretend to be a radfem going off on women about “radfem” things to try to make farmers attack each other

Anonymous 155744

i wish admin would at least make a temporary disc link or something that redirects new people to like one channel only

Anonymous 155745


Anonymous 155746

Samefag i don’t think any site admins or mods are on it either honestly and they have a bunker chat atm they’re just as confused as us

Anonymous 155747

Honestly I agree with you. Lc definitely scratches an itch but overall it always makes me feel worse. If this is the end then RIP but maybe we cam all become a little less online.

Anonymous 155749

oH HELL naw is this your oblivion oc as sheogorath for the dlc quest

Anonymous 155750

And I still have no idea what that means.

Anonymous 155751

Stop oh my god I’m going to cough laughing

Anonymous 155752

>criticism on any female stereotype
There was no criticism, the moid said it themselves, they just liked to make fun of women and said it's the same as laughing at troons.

Anonymous 155754

why are all the cute anon nicknames filtered here? What do they filter too?

Anonymous 155755

lolcow does the opposite of making you trooning out, just say you wanted to troon asap but felt bad for it kek

Anonymous 155757

hard disagree, I find it like the only place that isn't completely filled with moids, it was really nice

Anonymous 155758


Health-food faggot with a bartered bride
Likes to comb his hair with a dipper ride
Once had a friend with a cloven foot
Once he called the tune in a chequered suit

Great Deceiver

In the door on the floor in a paper bag
There's a shoe-shine boy with a gin-shop slag
She raised him up and she called him son
And she canonised the ground that he walked upon

Great Deceiver

Cigarettes, ice cream, figurines of the Virgin Mary
Cigarettes, ice cream, figurines of the Virgin Mary

Cigarettes, ice cream, cadillacs blue jeans

In the night he's a star in the Milky Way
He's a man of the world by the light of day
A golden smile and a proposition
And the breath of God smells of sweet sedition

Great Deceiver

Sing hymns make love get high fall dead
He'll bring his perfume to your bed
He'll charm your life 'til the cold winds blow
Then he'll sell your dreams to a picture show

Cigarettes, ice cream, figurines of the Virgin Mary
Cigarettes, ice cream, figurines of the Virgin Mary

Cadillacs, blue jeans, dixieland playing on the ferry
Cigarettes, ice cream, figurines of the Virgin Mary
Cadillacs, blue jeans, dixieland playing on the ferry
Cigarettes, ice cream, figurines of the Virgin Mary
Cadillacs, blue jeans, dixieland playing on the ferry
Cigarettes, ice cream, figurines of the Virgin Mary
Camel hair, Brylcreem, drop a glass full of antique sherry

Anonymous 155759


Anonymous 155761


i love this……………….

Anonymous 155762

what do you mean? you can say or nona.

Anonymous 155763


I am slightly glad we get to have another bunker thread. They were so fun. Rockstar yaoi spam when?

Anonymous 155765



Anonymous 155766

oops seems like you can't lol

Anonymous 155767

My beloved LOLCOR

Anonymous 155768

Why is it when I have so much to ask or post on lolcow it goes down fuck this

Anonymous 155771

Someone post you troll the janitor pls

Anonymous 155772


you can't create cheese without milk..
elsie x sheogorath pls drawfags

Anonymous 155773

he wont pick you btw

Anonymous 155774


LOTGH anon lend me your strength in these trying times

Anonymous 155776



Anonymous 155777

1444180 - Hellrais…

Anonymous 155778

this degenerate art has no right to be this hot

Anonymous 155780


Which one you can’t choose both

Anonymous 155781

i'm >>155778, not the schizo troon. and i hope to god it wasn't him posting that pic or i'm gonna kms

Anonymous 155782

I can't think of anywhere else online that would be so accepting of her autistic and perverse fantasies. Hope she's alright

Anonymous 155783

Anonymous 155784

Well, can I inherit your stuff then?

Anonymous 155786

wtf is this tranny spam

Anonymous 155787

We know you’re not him he just keeps inserting himself because he wants attention

Anonymous 155788


Anonymous 155789

blaine join the 41% and lolcow is gonna be up again

Anonymous 155790


Anonymous 155793

He has to bother us because the alog cows are emailing his mom and the tech specialist for his local police department as of end of august for doing the same shit to them.

Anonymous 155794


yYoI movie WHEN

Anonymous 155796

I manifest it for u

Anonymous 155797

I still want to know where Wood shop tranny got the breastplates kek
I searched and even the biggest ones werent that size. Which leads me to think there is someone who makes them to cater for troons like him
>nazi imagines
Kek you can't post that and not the milk, that's free entertainment

Anonymous 155800

maybe he makes them himself? it's not too far-fetched given the class he teaches

Anonymous 155801

Screen Shot 2022-0…

i had a small flirtationship w this girl. then i realized she slept w my friends bf, so i told her. now she's telling everyone i was ~creepy to her. ok..

Anonymous 155802

Did you try using "hentai" in your search?

Anonymous 155803

The fuck is happening here?

Can someone explain what lolcow farm is and why these people are flooding our serene board?

Anonymous 155805


never forget

Anonymous 155807

>stop posting me to lolcor

Anonymous 155808

you’re so wise

Anonymous 155809

Reminder to not respond to the troons samefagging.

Anonymous 155810

t. kaitlyn tiffany

Anonymous 155812

LCF was an imageboard mostly used by women (much like this one) and was used to document cows but had other boards open for shitposting and general discussion of topics. It’s crapped and there is no communication from the administrator of it

Anonymous 155814

*the troon's. It's one.

Anonymous 155816

Samefag im not native to CC but it was made by farmers from LC too apparently!

Anonymous 155818

that's what they say about crystal cafe

Anonymous 155819

Personally I don't see what's so funny about cows. Beef and diary production are really bad for the environment.

Anonymous 155821

Not him I genuinely haven’t used CC before and someone in the burning lolcow thread said it was made by farmers and I thought that was neat haha

Anonymous 155823


Here’s a Blaine list. Don’t respond to him and he’ll go somewhere else.

Anonymous 155824

You're responding to him. He thinks accusing others of being him is slick. Just ignore.

Anonymous 155826

You can say that about anyone though. LCF had poor moderation in the past year and there has been so many newfags and retards

Anonymous 155827


Anonymous 155829

i wish we could all get along <3

Anonymous 155831

I found LC by googling Pixielocks. That was life 4 years ago. RIP.
Thank you for hosting us, sweet miners. Hopefully we'll be out of your way soon.

Anonymous 155832

I wanted to talk about homemade plant milk in my country's thread.

Anonymous 155833

I found it through Venus and Bree (E-Brat) because I used to follow the original tumblr art hoe sphere

Anonymous 155836

Glad we have this to stay in touch. There isn’t a lolcow discord anymore is there?

Anonymous 155837

I was in lolcow since cgl days and stamina rose, started out from kota/charms/lori, it's kind of crazy thinking that I'm still on lolcow everday and its been fucking YEARS.. I hope it comes back up, it's like my daily guilty pleasure rip

Anonymous 155838

Will Victorina ever win the draw room theme? Find out next time on lolcor z

Anonymous 155839


Anonymous 155841

The lolcow discord is active but no new invites, and they are just as confused and uninformed as we are

Anonymous 155843

Anonymous 155844

is that person still posting nazi shit..i was in it 2 years ago and i left bc of the retardation

Anonymous 155846


You can't tell me what to do

Anonymous 155847


My compatriot anons were talking about making plant milk a while ago tho, are gringas even familiar with yam? Soy milk felt like too much work

Anonymous 155848

I know yam but I’ve never personally made milk out of it. Can’t eat soy anymore. Been doing almond and when I’m fancy macadamia nut.

Anonymous 155850

does cc have an /x/ type board

Anonymous 155852

Anonymous 155853

Is that Rupert Friend playing a nazi?

Anonymous 155855

why can't the mods or admin post at least an update so we know they're aware of this and trying to fix the situation?

Anonymous 155856

build a wall

Anonymous 155858


Idk where you're from, but I feel like peanut milk is underrated and it's so good to drink it by itself and for desserts

Anonymous 155860

Oh how I miss the Jill threats rn

Anonymous 155861

They probably won’t be online for a couple hours. Then maybe a farmhand will post to discord and then a farmer will post here so we can see.

Anonymous 155862

I can’t drink peanut milk sad days. That sounds delicious like in a latte yummy

Anonymous 155863


deploy the SCP-096

Anonymous 155864

I was thinking about it cause other nuts are much more expensive here.

Anonymous 155866

there's coconut milk too

Anonymous 155867

tbh i think theyre just in the process of merging their branches on github or w.e they use, to update the site. It doesn't usually take this long tbf but I have a feeling it's probably something like that + moving their infrastructure to another host maybe? They did say they were doing big changes so who knows. I just hope it's not some shitty ddos by the troons but it's under cloudflare so there's way less of a chance.

Hope admin communicates soon though. And maybe from here on like make a discord or something with the actaul admins/farmhands in it, I duno

Anonymous 155868

He not only posted in the hidden board but also /hb/. I think his threads are still up. I think I scared him away when I brought up his real sex though.
Yes, him educating every imageboard on the consequences of anal sex is quite a good thing and I admit I must thank him for it, but also remember that he's only doing it because he has a fetish for "perfect anuses".

Anonymous 155869


Hehehehe I’m ayrt I can’t choose myself so I force the choice on others

Anonymous 155871


since LC is down I was able to save the latest draw room link. theme is anime/horror movie but you can honestly draw whatever tf you want, jannies would probably appreciate it if you put anything honestly you don’t need talent

come draw!!

Anonymous 155872

>he's only doing it because he has a fetish for "perfect anuses"
and that is still somehow far less deranged than actually wanting to fuck in the ass

Anonymous 155873


Anonymous 155875


If I had to absolutely choose or I'd die, I'd go with Sugi, but I think about Ogata too much to consider it an exclusive thing. Nothing like SugiO art to scratch the itch just right

Anonymous 155876

Holy cow, I haven't thought about anorectal violence kun. I remember he used to post so much here when I was more active a year ago. He might have actually been the most active poster by virtue of posting like a million screenshots and PDF of a thesis on butthole trauma

Anonymous 155877



Anonymous 155879


Anonymous 155880

The discord is more of a chill chat since the only channel rn is a bunker one. I think the mods of it just abandoned it because they were supposed to delete it all together

Anonymous 155881

Doing good work anon!

Sidenote should I make a tarot thread on x. It’s my day off and I’m in the mood to read cards in a bit?

Anonymous 155883

Anal sex is degenerate and all man who want to fuck women in the ass should be lined up and shot. There I said it.

Anonymous 155884

I use it as a term of endearment

Anonymous 155885

Movie night is still active as well dunno if they want me to put a link here though. Remember they have movies lined up everyday in October!!

Anonymous 155886

Anonymous 155887

Abstract Enlighten…

yess nona

Anonymous 155890

Wasn’t that nefeli anon booted out of the discord? The entire discord is full of weirdos who are incapable of having normal convos with each other (including myself kek) and they also allow men on that server. I posted something in that discord and a male somehow weaseled its way into my dms and tried to talk to me and they banned him for grooming me even though I was of age for the discord. kek, only time the discord mods were based, other than that they are just boring and hate the users who post on the gossip boards

Anonymous 155891

>There I said it
It's not like it would be an unpopular opinion in here, right?

Anonymous 155892


LC s, I need your opinion on this, do you think the thread in picrel was made by a troon?

Anonymous 155893

…. we all know that already?

Anonymous 155894


How popular is lolcow now? These are already the top searches

Anonymous 155895

>Jill threats

Anonymous 155897

Idk there's a thread full of pro-bimbo libfem rhetoric on this site so who knows
There's no way it wasn't

Anonymous 155899

It was on the twittter search results too. Lolcow is growing

Anonymous 155900

And it shouldn't be anywhere else.

Anonymous 155901

That’s such a disappointment. I’m autistic and I was hoping it would be a bunch of autistic s and aspies and we could play videogames and talk about moids just without having to adhere to imageboard etiquette


My copy is arriving this week, I'm so excited!!

Anonymous 155903

>asking about lolita femboy porn

you don’t even need to ask the answer it’s right in front of you. this place stinks of unwashed gay fruity troon booty and scrotum, I think this site needs to become an official sister site with lolcow so we can purify this shithole

Anonymous 155905

Proof that insufferable twitterfags roam lolcow now

Anonymous 155906

I love it so much, I plan to get Dworkins stuff too

Anonymous 155907

>other than that they are just boring and hate the users who post on the gossip boards
the last time i checked before i left (yes i was also verified) the /m/-adjacent channels were also basically dead and lackluster, it was all lame blogposting and the occasional cow nitpicking

Anonymous 155908


Anonymous 155909

>unwashed gay fruity troon booty
My sides

Anonymous 155910

That’s how we know there were gay moids in celebrity cows too. Someone admitted they let their gay moid friends post in the thread.

Anonymous 155912

Last time something big happened was when the entirety of /m/ was deleted overnight and the way admins dealt with it was by saying absolutely nothing and never mentioning the thing ever again, I don't think they're going to communicate about the crash

Anonymous 155913

It’s like beating a dead horse we needed more mods and more admin communication and I want to trust in her but waiting until near the end of the year to communicate is pathetic

Anonymous 155914

i need my genshin thread baaaaack hnngnggngnggn

Anonymous 155915

The fucking is happening cant believe i had to come to this fucking trash site

Anonymous 155916


Question: Are we allowed to remake a thread, even if there is an existing thread for the same topic, if the thread pic of the existing is has an OP pic that's scrotey or just barely concealed softcore (fetish) porn? Like can we remake the zodiac thread >>2895 ?

Anonymous 155918

wtf be nice to minors

Anonymous 155919

Anonymous 155920

Anonymous 155921


judgement day ocurs

Anonymous 155922

No idea, but be nice. We’re in the miners cave right now anon. No need to be mean to them.

Anonymous 155923

Im just tired of everything being pornified and women defending it i guess

Anonymous 155924


Anonymous 155925

yeah. For some reason it linked to a different thread

Anonymous 155926

We’ve had lolcow down before, multiple times a week I think and it was okay. Has it ever been a full day being down?

Anonymous 155928

Yeah, I'm betting on things going like that too, I don't think it is because of the wannabe hentai teacher but anons will understandably continue to tinfoil about it because we'll have no info on anything.

Anonymous 155929

remember when they finally re-opened /m/ and they promised the threads would be soon restored

Anonymous 155930

Will patron saint dog boy hold the scale

Anonymous 155931

>when there are still “temporary” threads

Anonymous 155932

Are you trying to make me cry? I hope /m/ threads are safe

Anonymous 155933


only one way to find out .. maybe this himbo knows

Anonymous 155935

tranny fight.webm

Anonymous 155936

copy link.png

yeah let me check

Anonymous 155937

Kek poor himbo

Anonymous 155938


kek wait we aren’t allowed to say n/o/n/n/a? the cc trannies fear the fury of lolcor worldwide

Anonymous 155939

yep, that's how you do it, right click the timestamp link, click copy link and paste it in your reply and the imageboard will convert it into a post link much like lolcow

Anonymous 155940

Elsie as pitbull NOW

Anonymous 155942

Stop! CC is very nice and you will be respectful!

Anonymous 155943

im so hungry and indian food sounds rly good right now

Anonymous 155945

I can't believe I'm this disappointed that LC is down, but I was catching up on the tranny threads and I'm going to be devastated if it's really gone. Nonas are so funny, lolcow really brightens my day sometimes, I am STILL laughing at that "While you bitches were out partying, I was studying the consent" anon from the Park Avenue Pinup thread, and of course the Big Areolas. Once LC's back up, because I really am hoping this is just maintenance, I hope someone archives all the MTF threads somewhere secure. I haven't caught up on the kiwi drama but from my understanding Keffals got shit removed from the wayback machine, right? Hopefully we can achieve all the tranny antics somewhere safe.

Anonymous 155946

i'm not well nonners

Anonymous 155947

Would she be bald too?

Anonymous 155948

Not this anon Post da big areolas pic if anyone has it pls

Anonymous 155949

Yes. With her horns or perhaps a bald cap

Anonymous 155950


Anonymous 155951


My lolcor, my lolcor
You're my lolcor, say it to me
Lolcor, my lolcor
Tell your miner that I'm your farmer
I bet on losing milk
I know they're losing and I'll red text for derailing
By the thread

Anonymous 155953

God that sounds hideous, bald with horns

Anonymous 155955

guy looks a little like leon kennedy. feels good to imagine your husbando beating a troon

Anonymous 155956

That guy is so nasty I hope he gets fired

Anonymous 155957

>Hopefully we can achieve all the tranny antics somewhere safe.
Archive.is should be safe, right?

Anonymous 155959

Anonymous 155960

not THOSE big areolas, I want the OG big areolas, the areolas a smoke shop Indian can really lose himself in

Anonymous 155961

Don’t post him here he’s a curse he will take down the site

Anonymous 155962


unfortunately that would be considered a hate crime in canada.

Anonymous 155963

lolcow farm janny face reveal moment

Anonymous 155964

kek nta but he's already been posted in the resident terfposting general, don't worry

Anonymous 155966


If u do not post you troll the janitor you fuck the janitor this instant I will be Upset.

Anonymous 155969

..so THAT is what the admin fucks
shaymin beyond warning

Anonymous 155970

I will be ratchet

Anonymous 155971

Canada existing is a hate crime

Anonymous 155974


Hope it’s back soon. I want to make the most of these shitposting times, the last years of imageboards before the internet becomes a corporate troon shithole forever where everything you post has to be pre approved

Anonymous 155975

imagine Leon fighting tranny zombies kek

Anonymous 155978


Anonymous 155979


Any other Dutch boerinnen here? Who /deBradge/ here?

Anonymous 155980


Anonymous 155981

Anonymous 155983

My husbando would definitely be gender critical
I wonder what these moids were fighting over, I don't know anything about this but it looks like the tranny made a scene and he was being recorded because of it. Also lol the way the manlet was able to manhandle him so easily

Anonymous 155984

omg I love this film director so much my favorite movie of his is the roman polanski petition that was made in 2009 you should definitely google it anon!

Anonymous 155985

I hope Jill terfs out and takes that ugly fucking bull ring out of her nose and starts lifting and getting fit and beats the shit out of her faggy tranny boyfriend

Anonymous 155986

im so sick of troons ruining every single female centric space on the internet. EVERY TIME. There's never anywhere we can go without it being swarmed to shit with entitled men.

Anonymous 155987



Anonymous 155988

wtf is this shit about womb transplants? thats not a really thing is it? no way that kind of surgery is ethical. it makes me sick

Anonymous 155989

This is definitely the right time to post it

Anonymous 155990

Be nice to Miners and respect crystal cafe or else! If you keep being a meanie I hope you fall for the troon psyop and fall in love with a tranny!

Anonymous 155991


this is crazy
please bring back lolcow

Anonymous 155992

Whatever loser, I only came here to tell you your site is garbage. You're infested with trannies anyway. Ban me, faggot.

Anonymous 155993

that's why I loved lc so much, it made me feel fucking sane for once. I know it may be cringe but LC really gave me the confidence to be a big meanie terf everywhere I go and to be unapologetic about it.

Anonymous 155994


Anonymous 155995

ok partys over, when is lc coming back now. im serious

Anonymous 155996

I don't think it even works. There was a radfem comic comparing lesbian procreation and gay male procreation and one step of the process for the males was a womb transplant I think. It would be excruciatingly painful and likely to not even work, because the inside of men's bodies are just not built to accommodate a womb or baby.

Anonymous 155997

I kind of hope people start coming here more often. I always forget to come by here, because its usually so quiet. The increased activity has been fun.

Anonymous 155998


"Boo hoo hoo!"

Anonymous 155999

Anons i'm already missing jill's threads, the whole /m/ board and a bit of /g/. I was about to ask a question about makeup and now lc is down aaaa. If it's gone forever i want to say that i'm gratefull because lc reactivated my love for studying and gossiping again. When I finally write the thesis I will thank my nonas kek, after all their posts were the ones that motivated me to study again.

Anonymous 156000

The site is probably being updated, I wouldn't despair so much nonas

Anonymous 156001

that's the attitude we need right now!

Anonymous 156002

This thread isn't even approaching the magic of the /ot/ bunker threads.

Anonymous 156006

This. Although it’s strange that we weren’t told

Anonymous 156007

I’m from lolcow
She wouldn’t get it…this is very /cozy/ despite everything. Also trannies should kill themselves

Anonymous 156008

Proko and anatomy …

Its been a thing for a while, that troon the movie The Danish Girl was about died of one. I guess braindead troons are thinking IT'LL TOTALLY WORK THIS TIME GUYS, like science has found a way to trick biology. It won't work, the male pelvis is too small to carry anything to term. The only thing close to doing it has been a ghoulish experiment where a male rat was parasitically sewn to a female rat or some shit.

Anonymous 156009

NTA but lolcow is full of moids lately and now it's down kek if you don't like the roleplaying trannies here please do help purify this place and bully them off the site

Anonymous 156010

can't wait for bone marrow sperm to get our all female society

Anonymous 156012

Why the hell would they want to post on CC?

Anonymous 156013


What a time it was
With so few friends to turn to
What a time it was
When all we did seemed wrong
We'd broken all our bonds
And the battle plan was drawn
What a time, what a time it was

2022, the year of Keffals
Who'd have thought our site would survive or stay alive
the wokies made us outcasts and the tranny's said we couldn't last

Now I don't say we were right
And I don't say we were wrong
I'm just trying to tell it like it was in simple song
You see when people love their homeland
They regard it as their own land
And they fight whether they're right, or they are wrong

What a time it was
With all the world against us
What a time it was
Not all we did was wrong
We'd broken all our bonds but life kept going on
What a time, what a time it was

Well twitter should've sealed it
But instead it just revealed that all the players in the game were pulled apart
Well they had to find a way to start again another day
With all prepared to take a peaceful part

What a time it was
With all the world against us
What a time it was
When all we did seemed wrong
We'd broken all our bonds
And the battle carried on
What a time, what a time it was

Never mind the rest, what we're doing's for the best
And all we want is a peace we understand
We've got to end this dreadful ban
We've found what we've been fighting for
Will the world wake up and stop this conflagration

What a time it's been
With so few friends to turn to
What a time it's been
When all we did seemed wrong
We're trying to put things right
But the battle still goes on

What a time, what a time it's been

Anonymous 156014

Stop caping for the tranny site, CC is not "cozy" and you aren't cute.

Anonymous 156015

we have retard larping trannies here thats why

Anonymous 156016

You're not wrong nona

Anonymous 156017


hope from despair

Anonymous 156018

If you're not enjoying yourself, leave. There's no reason to rain on other anon's parades.

Anonymous 156019


Anonymous 156020


Come back baby

Anonymous 156021

It's not strange, we haven't had much transparency from the admin or mods in months, this seems right on par with it. The admin did make a post a few weeks ago saying the update was happening soon and that there would be downtime because of it.

Anonymous 156022

forget about the male body not being able to accommodate the womb, imagine a fetus developing in that womb. how would it get proper nutrients if the male body isnt designed to do that? would they tranny just be living in a hospital while the baby is developing in the tranny womb?
and the risk for infant mortality would be astronomical. i just do not see this kind of surgery ever being considered ethical.

Anonymous 156023

To post in this thread

Anonymous 156024

Based baby, based
Fuck you anon, I don't have to be nice to you or praise your gay little website. LC forever.

Anonymous 156025

You mean the one that came from lolcow?

Anonymous 156026

Doesn't seem worth it.

Anonymous 156027

No, she means the ones who already post here everyday and have for ages.

Anonymous 156030


Anonymous 156031

Yeah you're right it's even more nightmarish than I had considered. Males will keep seething and wishing they had the ability to give birth to new life but it'll never happen (even if it happened it would be horrendously unethical, further showing that they're sociopaths)

Anonymous 156033

I very rarely visit this site but I think the banners are cute and I like the pinkpill thread. I despise trannies with every fiber of my being and in sincerely hope there is a mass uwuicide. But I want to stay positive about this site because it’s the only place we have for right now

Anonymous 156034

Ignore the bait from now on nona, it ain't worth it and they're obviously doing it out of boredom

Anonymous 156035

>the only place we have right now

Anonymous 156036

Fuck I meant to reply to this nona. Am retarded

Anonymous 156037

I never joined the groupchat thing and discord is apparently FUBAR. If I don’t know, I guess I’m not in the know.

Anonymous 156039

I'm sorry nona

Anonymous 156041


How about trying to integrate a lil, anons? Don't be scared. Just go find a nice thread that appeals to you and settle in.

Anonymous 156042

I keep wanting to pee. I don't wanna have to get up to go every 10 minutes dammit. I just want to sleep.

Anonymous 156043

Did that kittycatmae discord kitten woman in the lolcow discord have her crack baby yet?

Anonymous 156044

Why would we integrate? If we wanted to integrate this thread wouldn't have been made. What do I do to integrate? Post lolis like on the brazil thread? Get off my back.

Anonymous 156045

I agree with him when the victims are women. Moids get what they deserve for being degens.

Anonymous 156046

Anonymous 156048

Jokes on you, Brazilian anons from lolcow are already posting in that thread kek. Cope.

Anonymous 156050


i love lolcor i love lolcor i love lolcor i love lolcor i love lolcor i love lolcor i love lolcor i love lolcor i love lolcor i love lolcor i love lolcor

Anonymous 156051

I was about to ask the other anons from the nerd thread to post the guy from Archie(?) He was very cute, I want to know more about him

Anonymous 156052

So you admit to posting on the loli thread, good look for you anon, you really owned me there. Seems like you're the one coping.

Anonymous 156053

Mods, please ban LCfags

Anonymous 156054

Awwww, look at them seethe, so adorable!

Anonymous 156057

if you think you're getting a uti try taking d mannose pills they help a bit

Anonymous 156058


One that appeals to you. Your negativity sounds very painful. Just look around and find something you enjoy. That's all I'll say.

Anonymous 156061


Anonymous 156063

Quality post anon!
It's not negativity if I'm having a good time

Anonymous 156066

I just went to the bathroom and peed as normal so no, thankfully not. Maybe I'm just drinking water too often

Anonymous 156067

bella says.png

I don't think any of us want to be here for very long. Unless lc is down for good, no use integrating.

Anonymous 156068

But I enjoy my negativity.
I'm almost sure that was created by a channer moid.

Anonymous 156069

If LC is down for good I'm just going to have to float in the ether, because ain't no way I'm gonna settle down here.

Anonymous 156070

Make our own imageboard i call it LOLCOR

Anonymous 156071

I think you're right nona, the fact that it's still up and CC posters don't mind using it says a lot

Anonymous 156072

Anonymous 156074


That's the fuckin' dream right there

Anonymous 156075



Anonymous 156079

ah s ive been so worried

Anonymous 156080

I’m glad you noticed

Anonymous 156082

To be fair the recent comments were by refugee farmers, please understand that right now it is either that for br anos or magali chan and we don't want to go to magali chan. But yeah, back in lolcow we'd have reported it as scrote,

Anonymous 156084

I'm not Brazilian, I just saw the latest posts when I was looking at the first page on /b/. Anyway yeah it was probably a scrote, at best it was a pickme

Anonymous 156086

You could just make a new thread, it's not as if CC is well moderated or even slightly organized.

Anonymous 156087



Anonymous 156089

I randomly think about this post when I drive and it makes me laugh really hard

Anonymous 156090

fate worse than permaban

Anonymous 156091


>Troon Virus, otherwise known as the t-Virus, is the general name given to a series of mutant Progenitor virus strains.
>Initially developed by Umbrella Pharmaceuticals in the late 2020s, the primary goal of the "t-Virus Project" was to effectively eliminate the need for a large-scale production of feminizing hormone medication and generate revenue to go to their eugenics program, the Wesker Project.
>This required two things: the virus had to be highly-contagious to the point of infecting an entire target male population and guarantee a 100% mortality rate, instead of the standard 41%.

Anonymous 156092

That’s the Troon teacher

Anonymous 156094


just let me go back to the farms and laugh at troons PLEASE

Anonymous 156096

Admin did mention something in /meta/ a few days ago, but it wasn't concrete it was more of a confirmation that the site will be updated soon

Anonymous 156097


Also, try start using woman’s probiotic. Picrel is what I use. I haven’t had one in years after taking them. And I’m guilty of not showering daily too

Anonymous 156098

i can't believe lolcor wasn't here in my time of need… sick and had nothing to do at 3am. i will never forgive shayna admin.

Anonymous 156101

>Mass uwuicide
I'm using that phrase now kek, thanks anon.

Anonymous 156102

Same I’m on my period and feel like shit I want my beloved lolcor. I want another shayna Chris chan comparison pic

Anonymous 156104


Anonymous 156105


just start washing your bits when you use the bathroom when you can. carry wipes if you're going outside. bidetgang ftw

Anonymous 156106

They want everyone to be technologically dependant pod people.

Anonymous 156108


the only thing men need to be doing is cooking, cleaning, doing labor and having a fat ass

Anonymous 156110

>hate the users who post on the gossip boards

Anonymous 156111

ily you nona

Anonymous 156112


I headcanon discord ’s qt nazi moid husbando as being a tranny gasser but who doesn’t harm anyone else. Ok maybe some insufferable gay scrotes

Anonymous 156113

I want my comfy dead CC back

Anonymous 156114


which one, jughead?

Anonymous 156115

Of course you do, loser

Anonymous 156116

I like this pic a lot I like Vegeta looking at the camera smugly like that

Anonymous 156117


someone pls draw 2kun over this ugly moid’s head this is perfecto or I will do it

Anonymous 156118

The one with glasses but I'm not even sure he was from that comic, it just looked similar in art style

Anonymous 156120

Only losers are allowed to use imageboards its the law

Anonymous 156121


no need for hostility anon

Anonymous 156124

Almost all lolcow anons are weirdly hostile

Anonymous 156125

I was just about to say. Lolcow has gotten more hostile in recent times honestly

Anonymous 156126

Unlikeable people are drawn to anonymity whether they're male or female methinks
This includes me, of course

Anonymous 156127


Admin is truly retarded and so are the mods, what a bunch of morons, they give you a fucking 2 day long ban for forgetting to sage some shit in snow and take their sweet time deleting that nasty shit I keep reporting. Put their retarded opinions on why you get a fucking ban, I know why i took a fucking ban, because you bootlickers cant see a dry tranny ass hanging about, you fucking have to lick it. Thats right. As soon as the word 'tranny' leave my lips they fucking ban me for a longer time. Fucking handmaids, but you think i learn? No, i love lc, but these scrote loving dumbasses make my life harder. Tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny i dare u to ban me now faggot tranny lc mod!!!!!!!! Hahahahahahahabahz fuck you

Anonymous 156129

Says you, I’m likeable

Anonymous 156131

Of course. Every likeable person calls themselves likeable after all.

Anonymous 156132

Thats a fucking bingo right there, only charismatic people namefag or have avatars

Anonymous 156133

my likability depends on how tolerant you are of autism

Anonymous 156134

we're all retarded imageboard dwellers at the end of the day

Anonymous 156135

NTA but I think it's in part because there's a lot of Twitterfags and underage posters there lately.

Anonymous 156136

No we dont we call ourselves bad things to prove we dont care, which is cool in the eyes of others.
You got a lot to learn autismo

Anonymous 156137

is 2X-kun, the buff goth dude

Anonymous 156138

Samefag for as long as lolcor has gossip elements it will always have petty and hostile people

Anonymous 156139

yes pls draw his sexy face over that gay man’s face thank you kisskissmwah

Anonymous 156140

>which is cool in the eyes of moids

Anonymous 156142

I think they're weird girls who got bullied by the mean girls in school and now associate mean=cool. Literally, it's to cover up their raging self-loathing.

I was a bullied weird girl too, but at least I can see the meanness for what it is and not blindly emulate it.

Anonymous 156143

i ONLY tolerate autists, genocide NTs NOW!!!!

Anonymous 156144

Nothing is cool in the eyes of other women, that went without saying.

Anonymous 156145


he thought this was cute, oh ben you little retard

Anonymous 156147

True, but I pick the harmless autist retards over the argumentaive hostile retards

Anonymous 156149

I think you're probably right

Anonymous 156150

Who is this?

Anonymous 156151


What are they thinking at this moment

Anonymous 156152

he looks like a kid with a learning disability in this wtf

Anonymous 156154

I'm pretty sure that at least on lc they are the same people 90% of the time.

Anonymous 156155


Anonymous 156156

why do people easily pathologize women for their catty behavior. sometimes there is no back story and in reality a lot of people here had semi-normal school lives and childhoods that were neither too traumatic but also not that glamorous. most users here probably had a couple of friends, hobbies, family, normal goals and achievements with the exception of third world chans and the iconic bpdchans with childhood trauma but sometimes there is is no explanation, sometimes it’s just that some people are mean. imageboards are just like this, but apparently women can’t be mean or that’s a major federal crime

Anonymous 156157

Wondering if they still have time to quit that class.

Anonymous 156158

is there anywhere that isn't toxic anymore? Compared to normie places like twitter or tiktok, lolcow's not even that bad tbh

Anonymous 156159

"fuck it there's still time to transfer"

Anonymous 156161

they’re all talking about how shaymin didn’t notify the user base of her own website that she’s updating the site and that they’re sick of having to post on the tranny site crystal.cafe yet they keep posting

Anonymous 156163

Anonymous 156164

i just think as women we shouldnt be catty to one another, wouldnt that be nice anon

Anonymous 156165

Ew you want a tranny hugbox

Anonymous 156166

Nobody should be mean

Anonymous 156167

you’re going to hate me for this but LSA is pretty decent i’ve been lurking that place for a few months

Anonymous 156169


Anonymous 156170

not wanting to be around clapback obsessed idiots isn't the same thing as wanting a tranny hugbox

Anonymous 156171

I miss the 2000's so godddam much

Anonymous 156172

original (1).jpg

We can go back

Anonymous 156174

sometimes a bitch just wants to use a site where everyone doesn't tell you to fuck off at every turn like its a moidchamber

Anonymous 156175

owo we can webuild herw ^_^

Anonymous 156176

Exactly, it's exhausting and stressful. I just want to talk about hobbies and feelings and occasionally dunk on some cows. That's not a hugbox.

Anonymous 156177

Everytime someone comes up with these growing up bullied theories, all I can think of is that I didn't go to school in an american teen tv show and there was virtually no bullying at my high school because everybody was too busy trying to get into uni. It's just the way I am.

Anonymous 156178


Me too

Anonymous 156179


I think we can all agree that Justin Bieber SUCKS XD
Oh and Avril is mah queen 4 life :3

Anonymous 156180

Sorry anon but that makes you a tranny because it just does ok

Anonymous 156182

It really does feel like how men speak and act. I know women are fully capable of hostility and aggression but usually we get pissed about something that is meaningful - Not just fighting to fight? Idk whatever.

Anonymous 156183

as someone who was in that scene, no one particularly hated Justin Bieber that much, we disliked his music but didn't pathologically hate him the way men did that at that time

Anonymous 156184


1-i didnt go to school
2-umm maybe cuz u were like bullied as a kid in school you now see everything as a personal attack or somth

get well sis

Anonymous 156185

ugh this sucks I wanted to see if there was more about that kayla leimor weirdo

Anonymous 156186

theres a tutorial on how to make an imageboard on youtube, need few bucks for ddos protection and hosting and here we go

Anonymous 156187


Who else was pulling all nighters on here?

Anonymous 156188


Ummm IDC

Anonymous 156189

the 2000s didnt owo uwu

Anonymous 156190

>i didnt go to school

Anonymous 156191


Anonymous 156192

Here's the entire 2000's

Anonymous 156193

That's a guy btw l

Anonymous 156194

Anonymous 156195

I am jealous of your willingness to post your 3D husbando on an image board that is not your own kek

Anonymous 156197

in this case it should stay down kek

Anonymous 156198

I spent all my childhood breeding ovipets, sadly.

Anonymous 156201

This thread feels so comfy. Like we're all remembering the glory days. I don't think lolcow is gone forever though. If it is I will kill myself.

Anonymous 156203

41% looking like a projection rn

Anonymous 156204

If lolcow is gone forever (which it won't be) just make a new lolcow yourself

Anonymous 156209

is it true that the cwcki at sonichu.com was shut down because the owner trooned out and started relating to chris so he felt bad

Anonymous 156210

Anonymous 156516


Anonymous 156634

it is tho

Anonymous 156646

omg the ben shapiro fags are here, I missed you Nonas so much, now where are my peterson fags I want us all to reunite <3

Anonymous 156753

Did mr fetish tits get fired yet

Anonymous 156878


no his school is defending him

Anonymous 170812

i look just like this

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