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Kpop thread Anonymous 10409

Anonymous Admin 10410

The last kpop thread was deleted for unknown reasons, here's a new one. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Anonymous 10411

so is this asshole scammer just back now? i thought he left his flop ass group and would lay low since he literally admitted to the accusations, but he seems to be back and peacocking as some soloist as if he has the talent to back it up

Anonymous 10412

the biggest problem I have with wonho is his face

Anonymous 10413


Him and johnny are the same type of ugly imo

Anonymous 10414

i honestly find him so fucking unattractive, dude is ugly as hell

Anonymous 10415

his body is pretty nice and I can understand why people appreciate it, especially since bigger guys are rare in kpop, but I just can't get over his face

Anonymous 10416

I don't like his face but I like the song

Anonymous 10417

Taeyong's voice is so grating. Why the fuck does he have any lines jfc.

Anonymous 10418

his rap is so bad too…i dont like mark's squeaky ass voice either but taeyong is grating on another level

Anonymous 10419

Im glad there’s gonna be a bunch of taeyong-less songs on the nct 2020 albums

Anonymous 10420


His solo sold 100k. Pretty impressive.

Anonymous 10421

dont attach unrelated pictures of ur botched fucking oppa no one cares

Anonymous 10422

if hes your oppa you probably shouldnt be coming to this site to begin with lmao

Anonymous 10423

kek that too

Anonymous 10424

another instance of the western media sucking BTS's ass

they're now touting them as the next Beatles when they're honestly more so just the one direction for this generation's preteens


Anonymous 10425

would love to see them start taking psychedelic drugs and getting assassinated tho

Anonymous 10426


oh and the best part is even though the article is literally eating the shit out of the group's ass the reporter still had to tweet a disclaimer because she knows how batshit the fans are

im already seeing ratmys get upset because the reporter described suga as "bristly" which apparently is too mean to say for the poor bubu

Anonymous 10427

i just want to watch them fall because it'll be glorious

honestly i hope its either RM, V, or jimincel who starts the downward spiral, those three piss me off the most with their holier than thou attitudes

Anonymous 10430

Honestly they are bigger than One Direction at this point. 1D didn't have a #1 hit as a group and didn't usher in a whole genre to the US. The 1D obsession also was coincided with Justin Bieber, Big Time Rush, etc, so there was competition in that demographic. BTS only have Blackpink. 1D only had 1 year as the top touring act in the world, while BTS have 2. However BTS is nowhere near Beatles level. Beatles transcended being a boy group. BTS are and will always be in that box due to having young fans. Young girls are just not taken seriously so the things they like aren't taken seriously. BTS in honesty has already passed N'SYNC and Backstreet Boys in terms of impact in the music industry. Many kpop groups are signed under American labels just due to them. Until they grab an older demo like the Temptations or Boys II Men, they will never be taken seriously enough to rival the Beatles. Don't let the clickbait fool you.

Anonymous 10433

Gosh, i just want them to crash and burn instead of losing popularity over time, but i honestly think that's not gonna happen. It feels like they haven't even reached their peak yet. Life rly is unfair, huh.

Anonymous 10434

I understand the absolute hate of ratmy and the fakeness of the bts brand but some of y’all sound like psychos wishing for assassination and a horrific downfall lol

Anonymous 10437

Ok, but we've been waiting for years. Have a little compassion

Anonymous 10438

we dont want them to fucking die dude we just want them not to be in our faces all the time and see their shit being praised to high heaven by every media source out there

Anonymous 10441

Another dumb ratmy twisting peoples words to paint their grown ass "boys" as victims

I think they already peaked in some places (like korea and japan) but we'll peak in america with the next album. it will probably get a bb #1 but the album itself will be shit. 7 was already terrible.

Anonymous 10442

how am i a ratmy for saying i dont want to see bts everywhere lol i hate them

i cant wait for the yearly ratmy grammy meltdown, why do they insist on demanding that BTS deserves a grammy for their bruno mars reject music

Anonymous 10443

No, i was agreeing to you re: >>10434

Anonymous 10444

How do you guys pirate kpop content?

Anonymous 10445

I feel like Black Pink gonna perform at the Grammys via Lady Gaga. They are really pushed with all these collabs.

Anonymous 10446

o man i would love that solely bc the ratmy meltdown would be spectacular, since only BTS has the fame and talent to be able to perform at the grammys, how dare BP think they're on the same level

if this BP comeback breaks any BTS records all hell is going to break loose

Anonymous 10447

BTS second performance on fallon…this is so weird and bad, i dont even know what they were trying to go for

Anonymous 10448

stop fucking posting a bts i'm sick of hearing about them I beg you

Anonymous 10449

then post other shit instead of complaining

Anonymous 10450

Jimincel and Junglebook on the bed. Lmao, bigshit is rly pushing this ship.

Anonymous 10451


Why didn't Sica hire a ghostwriter? I'm trying to get through the book and while there are some lulzy moments most of it is really boring.

Anonymous 10452

i thought it was known that she hired a ghostwriter? the book is SO bad though, but thats to be expected for a YA novel

Anonymous 10453

>i thought it was known that she hired a ghostwriter?
Where did you hear that from?

>thats to be expected for a YA novel

this shit's literally wattpad tier

Anonymous 10454


I'm surprised they allowed mnet to upload this.

Anonymous 10455

what is happening to that chin

Anonymous 10456

i wanna read this just for the keks but i don't want to pay for it

Anonymous 10457

ePub: https://www98.zippyshare.com/v/JqiceTVl/file.html

I've posted this before in the deleted thread

Anonymous 10458

Jaw shave + chin implant = not a good combo.

Anonymous 10459

nta but it's pretty well known that most famous people hire ghostwriters for their literary ventures

Anonymous 10460

thank you so much anon

that necklace looks like something a toddler would make. and that long hair is atrocious

Anonymous 10461

Thanks so much captain fucking obvious. Now where did she find her ghostwriter, ff.net?

Anonymous 10462

Ew I always thought this kid was fugly but I had no idea his chin was that fucked

Anonymous 10463

Found some juicy semi sasaeng accounts
Apparently Taehyung has been eyeing actress Kim Yoojung since DNA era, when….. get ready guys: she was a minor and high school student in Korea lol

Anonymous 10464


Anonymous 10466

He looks like Mina Minyoung lol

They're just 4 years apart I don't find that very scandalous tbh it's a pretty mainstream rumour btw if you check her ig there's tons of ratmies comments about them. She's recently signed with TH bff Park Seojoon agency. Not sure if she's actually dating him or some actor from that group of friends.

Anonymous 10467


o god he looks like that ugly cow from kard

Anonymous 10468

I guess we will have to see, some people are saying Dispatch is planning to come after Bts somewhere in October INB4 their comeback

Anonymous 10469

sad part is while wonho has at least a roided up body, johnny's body isn't even that impressive, especially not in that photo

Anonymous 10470


Do none of you want to talk about how you pirate or do you guys all use youtube2mp3.ru or something?

Anonymous 10471

It's easy to pirate songs. Look up any YouTube video to mp3 converter and you get your songs free without having to support the group or whatever. Also, when I used to be a fan of bts I remember people would upload the paid content like videos to pornhub. Not that hard to find pirated content.

Anonymous 10472

>I guess we will have to see, some people are saying Dispatch is planning to come after Bts somewhere in October INB4 their comeback

Wow October really is stacked with comebacks

Anonymous 10473

>Look up any YouTube video to mp3 converter
Absolutely disgusting.

Anonymous 10474

imagine going to pornhub to find bts concert vids kek

Anonymous 10476

Considering there's ratmies out there flicking their beans to their oppa's fancams, it makes sense to have bts concerts on ph

Anonymous 10477

You'd think he'd learn from Felix how not to become a plastic monster.

Anonymous 10478

tbh I was hoping maybe one of you had a jpopsuki invite but who knew that you're all as technologically inept as twitterfags. Christ.

Anonymous 10479

>screeches that cc is technologically inept for not having obscure invite to pirating service
>also does not have invite or any idea how to get one
anon ur brain seems really smooth

Anonymous 10480

you think I give enough of a shit about kpop or jpop to dedicate part of my life to keeping some tracker site's community alive?

Anonymous 10484

Lmao what even

Anonymous 10485

kek this dude is the "visual" too
stray kids is a bunch of uggo nugus who cant even do well despite being having big3 privilege

Anonymous 10487

imagine coming onto this site and getting offended and sperging that no one will help u pirate kpop music

fuck off u dumb bitch

Anonymous 10488

skz have such an awful fanbase too, for a group that hasn't been around for that long they're almost as annoying and retarded as ratmies

Anonymous 10489


lmao struck a nerve? No need to take it so personally. There's a middle ground between private trackers, and DLing shitty transcoded youtube DASH streams while being smug about it


jpopsuki has kpop content so stop embarrassing yourself

Anonymous 10490


Not sure if I'm the one that's sperging here.

Anonymous 10491

what are you going to do with a 23+ gig file of tvxq videos anon

Anonymous 10493

upload them to pornhub ofc for the fellow 35+ kpop hags who dont know how to use spotify

Anonymous 10494


Nothing. I didn't DL it because I'm not into boomer kpop


This is just a discography torrent. "FLAC", "MP3" usually indicates this.

Anonymous 10495

alright but in general why would anyone want a multi gigabyte file of kpop videos, only the mentally ill would enjoy putting in all the work needed to maintain a private tracker site

Anonymous 10496


mr. fan favorites nose from iland/enhypen is terrifying

Anonymous 10497


everything about him is terrifying, the nose is the least of it

Anonymous 10498

Nice try but that wasn't even from a private tracker lul

>only the mentally ill would enjoy putting in all the work needed to maintain a private tracker site

Those grapes are sure sour

Anonymous 10499

Speaking honestly about BTS, I feel like they really messed the idol market up am I the only one? Aside from their annoying fans and them being the ones representing Kpop I feel like after their shit releases since 2017, everyone’s came out with below average songs with no originality just noise except for maybe Ikon, Blackpink and SM idols. The idol market is really saturated right now and there’s no group that really values quality music except ironically SM idols (excluding NCT’s/Sperm shit songs) and even them are degrading.
I feel like Kpop would be different and less shitty had a group like Bigbang with the raw edge or Exo with the archetype R&B group style had Bts’ place.
They annoy me alot I really agree with this anon fuck lol >>10433

Anonymous 10500

no one fucking cares anon we just want to talk about ugly kpop stars and stupid shit

no one wants to see ur sperging about some pirating site and how u download music fuck off

Anonymous 10501

>no one fucking cares anon
when you stop sounding so angry maybe I'll believe you

Anonymous 10502

hard agree anon, wish it was a group with an edgier sound that made it big. at least then we wouldn't have all these love yourself bullshit concepts

Anonymous 10503

i wish BAP wasnt shafted so badly by their company, i enjoyed their music which was usually "harder", but they still could do the floaty airy ballads that are popular

i guess even if they did make it big they would've gotten fucked by the himchan scandal, but the dude was dead weight anyways so maybe not

Anonymous 10504

soulseek should suffice for most artists, even k-pop ones. i found flacs for artists mentioned on here. metadata isn't as organized as a private tracker's, but that's fixable with mp3tagger and picard. jpopsuki/avistaz invite would be more useful for vids because they take longer to dl on soulseek. tbh your behavior's aggravating but at least you're mpv based.

Anonymous 10505


Enhypen as a whole are really plain or ugly looking
Especially Jake, Jesus his mouth is big
BIGHIT should take Cre.kers strategy and hire a SM casting agent or director lol
BIGHIT fucked up his nose like they did to that Txt dude

Anonymous 10506

i mean the sm director who casted the boyz or whatever is also blind kek

Anonymous 10508

@ 0:24 seconds
I’m dead what even

Anonymous 10510

kpopfap had a field day with that move, esp with Ryujin

Anonymous 10511

this is gross, it doesnt even look hot it just looks aggressive

Anonymous 10512

Enough with sm visuals meme jfc

Anonymous 10513

If someone's on a forum dedicated to making fun of idols I'd expect them to be able to take being called a twitterfag once without flipping the fuck out.

Anonymous 10514


Holy shit
hot tho

Anonymous 10515


her face is so sexy, she has such a fierce gaze

Anonymous 10516

she looks like a fucking giant amazon next to these tiny ass girls

i want to see her next to the twinks

Anonymous 10517

Ew the degeneracy…ugh I was doing so well with forgetting that kpopfap exists, anon :(

Anonymous 10518

skz is a special case because their leader gave them the greenlight. other 4th gen fanbases aren't as toxic unless you are on 4chan of course.

Anonymous 10519

>unless you are on 4chan of course
/kpg/ is a lot more laid back than here so idk what the hell you're on about

Anonymous 10520


Wow, the stylists did him dirty. Junglebook looks like a thumb with his manbun.

Anonymous 10521

I find it funny that Ratmies ship V with Lisa so much. I don’t think he’d go three feet near a southeast Asian girl.

Anonymous 10522

he looks like the casually racist alcoholic aunt at thanksgiving that no one wants to talk to

Anonymous 10523

Racist ratmy check
Y’all are really some begs trying to shade someone for being SEA like get your Knet wannabe ass tf out of here

Anonymous 10524


They're gonna place her at the very back of music shows kek

I honestly feel sorry for her, it's gonna be the same as with Nine Muses, she's too tall and sexy to not make male fans feel threatened.

No they didn't, that styling would be ok if he didn't transform his face into a shapeless blob a la Suga. Reminder that he was actually always known for having a fairly big nose in comparison to the rest of his face, even as a kid he wasn't that roundfaced, he must have had a shitload done at this point.

Anonymous 10525

K-pop idols are fucking gremlins
"male idols shorter than everglow's aisha: a thread" https://t.co/2e43huMmtc

Anonymous 10526

download (3).jpg

how tall is she compared to sowon

Anonymous 10527


? Not because being sea is bad, but because he clearly is super trad and the way he pushed that black chick away. Ratmy narrative of V being some woke open minded anti-racist king are ridiculous as hell. He would never date a sea girl periodt

Anonymous 10528

I love it when Sowon stands next to male idols. I think her height is around 5’9 but I’m not positive

Anonymous 10529

bts white girls.JP…

how do dark skinned ratmys cope with these lyrics

Anonymous 10530

Suju hags are the fucking worst. The only fandom who actually managed to drive somebody to suicide. It's been 15 years, how come TVXQ and SNSD fans managed to grow up enough to be ok with dating and even marriage, but when one of their uncles is rumored to be dating, they jump on the innocent girl again? She was in a gg, is much younger than him and now they're trying to paint her as being a member of a cult.

So…everyone except maybe Chanyeol and Kris? kek

I'd even say she's 5'10, same for Aisha, like come on, look at that proportions

Anonymous 10531


Thread should be called "proof that all male idols are fucking mediocre, bland, undeserving of their hype" every single pic of hers easily mogs any male

Anonymous 10532

what's the appeal of girl groups unless you're a lesbo

Anonymous 10533

I'm neither into gg nor am I a "lesbo", it's simply fun to see people (like you) being triggered by their oppars being insulted

Anonymous 10534

Bye lmao ur on Crystal Cafe some of these threads are basically filled w misandrists or lesbians lol

Anonymous 10535

it's just a fucking question stop projecting so much ffs

Anonymous 10536

>y-you ebil lesbians bullying my baby cow's height

I'd say in order to feel attracted to the one on the left you can't be completely straight either lmao

Anonymous 10537

yet this is the first thread we've had here without nctfags, the eunwoofag, the scammerfag or the mingyufag gushing about their oppas

see >>10535

Anonymous 10538


what in the everloving fuck is this photo
dude looks like the penguin from batman

Anonymous 10539

Well answer to ur question as a straight chick, they’re more fun to stan because most of the GG members are more humble and easy going than the male ones IMO
Cause most male idol groups are filled with creeps, misogynists, and overall not good people

Anonymous 10540

>what's the appeal of girl groups unless you're a lesbo

Tragic. Gg usually pander to nasty korean incels so it’s hard for me to love them but some gg like RV 2ne1 fox had such fun concepts, songs, and aesthetic.

Anonymous 10542

Girls love looking at pretty girls. It’s a fact.

Anonymous 10543

Posts like these once again prove that this site is littered with scrotes and trannies: not only liking the opposite gender makes you gay and joking about male idols is misandry…
Sorry, let's go back to being obedient little girls again who gush about boys 24/7

Anonymous 10544

i just think theyre pretty and sometimes their makeup is fun to try and recreate

not everything is about sexual attraction lol

Anonymous 10545

Anyone know a sasaeng acct on Twitter that doesn’t repeat the same dating rumors ffs I just wanna know blind items like Kpkf used to do back in the day, I’m in pain

Anonymous 10546

>yet this is the first thread we've had here without nctfags

Where my nct fam at? Miss y’all.

Anonymous 10547

Stop putting words in my mouth, you obviously have a chip on your shoulder.

Anonymous 10548

Thanks this is like the only place on the internet where it’s not filled to the brim with girls who have internalized misogyny that stan 5’3 mongrels
Seriously wherever I go there’s hate on a female idol for doing the bare minimum let us make fun of male idols here without having hordes of fan girls come at us

Anonymous 10549

Bye lmfao please don’t let the Lucasfags find this thread here too I’m gonna lose it

Anonymous 10550


Those accounts are all bullshit anyway. I once got deep in a sasaeng rabbit hole and talked to this girl who payed for info from an apparent sasaeng.

Apparently Mark has an older woman sponsor, Renjun has a shit personality behind the scenes and Rose from black pink likes to get dicked down anytime anywhere and fucked some dude in a car at coachella

Anonymous 10551


U basically said u can’t support or like women without being a lesbian u sound like u have a chip on your shoulder

Anonymous 10552

this is why i love this site too like fuck i just want to make fun of these manlet assholes without getting screeched at by twitter stans

Anonymous 10553

Renjun seems really annoying so that’s plausible, spill some more don’t be shy

Anonymous 10554

wtf is this victim complex lmao

The BG stans in the previous threads could handle their favs being bashed around yet you spergs can't even take one single post questioning your tastes without taking it as a slight against all 3.5 billion women in the world smh

Anonymous 10555

Btw did you guys hear about this SM trainee who’s set to debut in the GG say Kai is ugly and that she wanted to get dicked down by Nct and have their babies
I’m rollinggggg
I think she’s the female dancer here lol

Anonymous 10556

nta but ive hovered around the weibo kpop scene and ive heard the same, there were murmurings about him having an arrogant personality (i think exact translation was "worst personality in nct dream")

other snippets arent as juicy…mainly stuff like winwin having a long term girlfriend (non celeb) who's still in china, and ten hating the fact that he got added to wayv

most saesang news now have migrated to private wechats and kakaotalks, the stuff on twitter that's in english is rarely if ever accurate, but honestly us normal muggles will never know if something is real or not unless we actually join those rooms

Anonymous 10557

I don't see how people can say army is the worst fandom when elf still exist honestly. Every time I think another fandom might take the crown they pull some serious bullshit and remind me what they're like. From what I heard too they actually blackmailed him into revealing the relationship because they wanted to be able to hate on her publicly.

Anonymous 10558


Did someone shit in your cornflakes

Anonymous 10559


Some nct fan made that up apparently. Ppl are wilding on twitter making all kinds of shit up these days.

Anonymous 10560

Shouldn't that be my line? You're throwing a huge tantrum over a single question rn

Anonymous 10561

ratmys are the worst because they constantly victimize themselves about how theyre not shit and toxic

elfs are has beens anyways, so no one gives a shit. besides, bts hasnt truly had a dating scandal yet so the shit hasnt truly hit the fan, so we havent even gotten to the lowest point for ratmys

Anonymous 10562

Nah I was in the Sm trainee DC gallery and these rumors have existed for a while
Except the text messages the rest is real I think
Sm keeps casting morons and bullies, what’s up with them lately

Anonymous 10563

I don't see it honestly, I like Aisha because she's around the same size as me and I like getting an idea of how huge I'd look next to most kpop idols, but I don't think her face is anything special.

Anonymous 10564


I like Renjun but I can totally see it. He has a temper and is kinda in your face. It’s obv even on camera. But keep In mind he has told ssng to fuck off before so that may be why they don’t like him.

Anonymous 10565

I heard about it but people made it seem like the people spilling the info were friends of hers? for her sake I hope its not true or she will get eaten alive.

Anonymous 10566

yup, like i said unless you somehow manage to join saesang chat rooms you'll never know if whatever they spread is truly real

ive also seen that they knew about jaemin's gf for a while, and jeno's as well, i saw a bunch of posts of them getting angry bc jeno was flaunting his couple necklace in some vlog

Anonymous 10567

I wonder why Taemin isn’t as famous as a soloist outside the industry he isn’t rated at all and it makes me sad
Especially when he begged fans to promote since SM didn’t do a good job yikes

Anonymous 10568

Heard someone claim Ryujin was either dating Jaemin or someone else in Nct. Have u heard of that?

Anonymous 10569

korean GP wants ballads. Does taemin do ballads?

Anonymous 10570

So the girls SJ are officially dating are 23 and 25 years old. Seems like their fans didn't get the memo that 99.9% of them would be too old for their "oppars" anyway kek

Anonymous 10571

gross af tbh

Anonymous 10572

im pretty sure thats a crackpot fanship, last time i dove into weibo they were still adamant he was dating that actress

Anonymous 10573


Jeno is straight???

Anonymous 10574

why do people just assume idols arent straight

he had some cartier necklace that he wore a ton and was in a bunch of dream videos, but fans for some reason assumed it was a couple item with jaemin

chinese fans were pissed for a while bc apparently they saw it as him "flaunting" his relationship with his gf, and after the jaemin scandal both of them stopped wearing their couple items

Anonymous 10575

it is said Aisha is the tallest active girl group member (among every group)

Anonymous 10576

i live for the fact that shes taller than the majority of men in kpop. that alone makes her more attractive than all of those dudes lmao

Anonymous 10577

May from cherry bullet is the same height. She was born 04 so she might even grow taller but her group is nugu so no one cares

Anonymous 10579

I think May is 171 and Aisha is like 175cm
May just looks huge because her group members are short af compared to her or exaggerate their height

Anonymous 10580

I dont know but she was asked about her height in IDOL RADIO she said that she is now 174cm (5'8") tall

Anonymous 10581

tangentially, does anyone know how tall wonyoung is now? I heard she's 171 but that might be an old measurement, she's been looking extra gangly lately and I would love if she hit a growth spurt and ended up even more massive

Anonymous 10583

There are other kpop communities on 4chan than /mu/ kpg. There is /bant/ kpg, /trash/ kpg, The Loona General, gaypg, purepg, /hd/ kpg, and more.

Anonymous 10584


Wonyoung on her own isn't even that tall, just slightly above average for a young skinny girl nowadays. She only looks so gigantic because they put her on a group with tiny japanese girls who don't even hit 150cm.
Here in comparison to another gg and definitely less than 180cm (or even 175cm) nct.

Anonymous 10585


SM visuals

Anonymous 10586

unnamed (1).jpg

Izone is basically just another Woozi situation lol

Anonymous 10587


Yes, and what are their differences

Anonymous 10588

he looks horrible lol

Anonymous 10589

he's literally mid movement during a dance are you guys retarded. this is some lc cow thread level nitpick of taking unflattering screencaps from a video where they're in the middle of talking

Anonymous 10590

>their leader gave them the greenlight.
what does this refer to? him being fake woke or was there something else?

Anonymous 10591

Ill do the ones I'm familiar with, but all of the kpop generals on 4chan have different cultures and don't tend to share posters.
- /bant/ kpg is slower and allows a lot more off-topic discussion, since /bant/ is an international/random board.
- /mu/kpg, or mukpg is a lot faster, (like there's usually at least 3 generals on mu at any given point in time) and is more exclusive on kpop. Also a lot more shitposting and general incoherence.
- /trash/ gaypg is the only bg centered general on 4chan. (All the others talk almost exclusively about ggs) And the posters are typically female. Some off-topic discussion occurs, but that's like with all the /trash/ kpg threads, since /trash/ is an off-topic board.
the other kpop related gens anon didnt mention, were the /trash/ fromis_9 gen, red velvet gen, and the wjsn gen, as well as a yeji gen in /qa/

Anonymous 10592

What I meant was, how are any of them toxic as claimed by >>10518

Anonymous 10593

But Mnet usually uploads relatively flattering pics

Anonymous 10594

yeah that one clearly isn't though. i wasn't really talking to OP there's nothing wrong with what they said but the replies were OTT retarded. idk guess he pissed in some mnet staffs food that morning

Anonymous 10595

mnet staff isn't responsible for his ridiculous chin filler though

Anonymous 10596


it doesn't even look ridiculous when he's not you know.. being photographed mid dance.

Anonymous 10597

i first noticed his new filler on his fansites' photos so it's not just this photo unfortunately. his chin now is too pointy, and even looks asymmetric at times. not his fan, so no photos to prove but you can look them up

Anonymous 10598

"Toxic" isn't really accurate, but the shit-flinging on 4chan can get incredibly brain-dead, incoherent and autistic. But they all mostly have the decency to keep it to their own threads. Except Loonatrannies. Fuck them and their raiding asses

Anonymous 10599


like here? that's honestly tasteful compared to the botched shit you see in nct all the time

Anonymous 10600

The pointy chin trend needs to die. There have to be better ways to fix his weak chin.

Anonymous 10601

Yutas chin was fixed tho both hyunjin and Felix have terrible ps

Anonymous 10602

>implying yuta's chin is the only thing wrong with that faggots face
check your oppar before you try to criticze someone elses jaw shave

Anonymous 10603

I dont care about yuta, i just said that he got terrible ps that was fixed. I dont think that he looks good before or after Ps. Everyone except blind stays can see that Felixs jaw shave is one of the worst in kpop lol.

Anonymous 10604

did they forget to fix the rest of his face too

Anonymous 10605

yuta is ugly, Felix is a plastic Monster and hyunjin is on his way to become one.
Seethe stay

Anonymous 10607

this isnt tasteful at all, his lips are the size of fucking sausages and his chin is so ugly

stays are truly the new ratmya

Anonymous 10608

lmfao imagine using yuta of all people to defend how ur oppa looks better

christ at least pick the bar off the ground when you're comparing

Anonymous 10610

is this dumb stay trying to curse us over the internet for saying her oppa is uggo and botched kek

Anonymous 10612

it said compared to. not everyone wants to crawl up the dude's asshole just because they think your nitpicks are retarded

Anonymous 10613


Anonymous 10614

Literally Utah-tier. Sad!

Anonymous 10615

The pointy chin needs to go but it could be worse. I don't know why this is even a discussion as if this thread doesn't think everyone's ugly because it's 90% lesbians who got bullied by kpopfags on twitter

Anonymous 10616

because we like to nitpick everything anon
what is with this influx of moralfags/"whyyyyyy are we even talking about this"

istg stays are just as piggy and screechy as ratmys, no one cares when nct members get nitpicked but the two hours someone dared make fun of the poor stray kids uggo has derailed into just moralfagging, actual attempt at ancient curses/witchcraft, and just general "omg leave oppa alone"

Anonymous 10617

More entertaining for sure. Sorry your womb got cursed barren, though

Anonymous 10618

It wasn’t “ fixed” the filler just migrated

Anonymous 10619


R we actually being cursed for talking about oppas dorito chin?

Anonymous 10620

Hmm i dont know to me it looked like a chin implant that they took out

Anonymous 10621

>no one cares when nct members get nitpicked but the two hours

because no1curr about nct

Anonymous 10623

I feel like nct is the perfect group to talk about in places like this because they're high profile enough that everyone knows a few members and has heard a few of their songs, but the actual fanbase isn't big enough to be very autistic

They're easy to shit on and nobody really complains

Anonymous 10624


yiren from everglow is so pretty imo. Everglow is nugu so she never gets mentioned but she’s one of the prettiest female idols of the newer gen.

Anonymous 10625

I hear people praise her looks so often that I'm kinda over her tbh

Anonymous 10626

ooga booga fucky offy

something about her face looks really frozen, maybe its the botox? have to agree she's quite pretty in motion though

Anonymous 10627

the curse anon is the best thing on this site so far, the raccoon moid thing follows

Anonymous Admin 10628

Please do not curse users in the kpop thread

Anonymous 10629

based admin lmfao
imagine having to come in here and tell a sperg not to send ancient roman curses

Anonymous 10630

are there any actually good ballads in kpop?

I'm not against slower music on principle but I swear every kballad I've heard is the most boring shit ever

koreans go nuts for them though, I feel like I'm missing something

Anonymous 10631

this one's my favorite, but i do agree ballads are normally boring as hell (this one is no exception)

i think they're meant to be unoffensive and sad, so they all kind of mesh into one another into a big pile of "sad music" mush

Anonymous 10632


Miracle in December by Exo is my all time favorite slow song in kpop. Makes me cry a lil.

Anonymous 10633

Why would you delete the hexes. This thread deserves it and you know it admin

Anonymous 10634


LedApple is one of those groups that disappeared into obscurity relatively fast but I will never forget this song. One of my all time faves and not boring.

Anonymous 10635

Screen Shot 2020-1…

Tragic. Will we ever see the day TY beefs up and stops looking ana af?

Anonymous 10636

well this post awakened some loooooong forgotten memories of the height of my koreaboo phase

Anonymous 10637

even if he beefs up he's still 2/3 the size of a normal human so he'll just look even shorter and stockier

Anonymous 10638

Thanks anon never heard it before. This is pretty good.
Generally ballads are boring, but T-ara had good ballads. My fave of all time is probably IU's above the time.

Anonymous 10639

I like the flute in it, or whatever woodwind that is, but does it really count as a ballad with a beat like that?

Anonymous 10640

Just curious, how old is everyone itt?

Anonymous 10641

I’m a huge balladfag because I love vocals + being sad. I would say that some of my favorites are
I’m Fine Thank You - Ladies Code
Downpour - ioi
One of These Nights - Red Velvet
Way Back Home - BtoB
Universe - EXO
After 10 Years - b1a4
In Heaven - JYJ (extra sad because jaejoong wrote this about a friend who offed himself)

Anonymous 10642

Anonymous 10643

piggybacking because im that one btobfag

they do nice ballads, but like everyone else said ballads dont reinvent the wheel and are thoroughly forgivable

Anonymous Admin 10644

The threads fill up very quickly, so I don't want to support derailing. However I told the user she can make an /x/ thread to hex you all.

Anonymous 10645

hcilthytoil feels very standard/boring to me, but this b-side off the album is one of my absolute favourite slower songs in kpop

Anonymous 10646

yes but they’re rare. wonho losing you and hwasa lmm are good recent ballad releases

Anonymous 10647

also as sad akmu goes, melted feel a lot fresher to me, musically, than most other ballads for some reason

Anonymous 10648



There was a brief time in history ty didn't look like he'd easily nestle his whole body into the arms of a 110 lb girl group member. It was short lived and idk if we will get to see it again.

Anonymous 10649


this fucking wrench looks so much like bts jin

Anonymous 10650

Anonymous 10651

This thread is like 70% twitter fags and then 30% LC farmers who give no shits in calling out scrotes and trannies.
Do you still go on DC gallery?
Lucas looks like a monkey to me, I cannot find him attractive at all

Anonymous 10652

anon pls no ur gonna summon the lucasfag

Anonymous 10653

lucasfag and stayfag fight

Anonymous 10654

feels like i'm already cursed whenever i have to see lucas' ugly face anyway

Anonymous 10743


Here's DC Inside gallery link for anyone who is curious about the SM trainee gossip

Anonymous 10744


He should take all his pictures like this, it’d be a huge improvement

Anonymous 10745

could not tell if this was jeno ten or yuta since the only focal point of the photo is that bigass nose

Anonymous 10746

I think shes on the dot 170 cm tall or 169.
Because Doyeon of Weki Meki is wearing flat shoes here and shes about 173cm, on the other hand Wonyoung is wearing heels.
On running man she looked about 4 cm shorter than Doyeon
I think Yujin is the taller one tbh Wonyoung only looks tall because her legs are skinny whereas Yujin is big boned

Anonymous 10747


Lucas had a big impact on visuals for 4th gen though. In every other group you see a Lucas lookalike.

Anonymous 10748

i enjoy this new narrative of admitting that lucas opened the door for monkey eared jocks to join kpop

but this dude just looks like junglebook with big ears

Anonymous 10749

Lol I was trying to say that he should take all of his pictures with most of his face covered

Anonymous 10750

I don't pay much attention to 4th gen since I'm a lot older than most of them, but even if I wasn't I'd probably still avoid it if they're all going to be that ugly

Anonymous 10751

Mashiho is cuter in the face, a shame hes like 169cm tall

Anonymous 10752


>cuter in the face
>this monstrosity

anon get ur eyes checked

Anonymous 10753

looks like lisa

Anonymous 10754

omg ur right the giant fucking mouth makes them look related

Anonymous 10755


Yes my oppas got 65% of their income taken away by Bang PD oppar!!!!!
Why are Armys so braindead

Anonymous 10756

I think hes cute tho ^^"

Anonymous 10757

i wonder if theres a reason the most irrelevant members in groups are always the ones who cause the most trouble

kangin, seungri, more recently vixx hongbin and bap himchan…

is it because the management just doesn't give a shit so they get overlooked, or is it an attention thing lol

Anonymous 10758

u know what good for u anon everyone has preferences

good on you for not flying off the handle the moment ur oppa got shit on

Anonymous 10759

1601575438781 (1).…

Enhypen really needs a better PR team.

Anonymous 10760

I don't think kangin was the most irrelevant suju, he was quite popular on tv shows before his first scandal

Anonymous 10761

lol you're so pressed

Anonymous 10762

huh i was being sincere LOL
i think its refreshing someone came in and didnt immediately derail into reeee my oppppaaaa when people didnt agree with her

Anonymous 10763

they don't have as much attention on them so they might not care about keeping up appearances as much as popular idols do

Anonymous 10764

people come in here just to argue because people immediately get provoked by someone defending their oppa. it's too easy

Anonymous 10765

maybe thats it, i wonder who in the nugu groups like ateez, pentagon, nct etc are gonna shit the bed first

i would add straykids in there too, but they already had that stupid ugly dude cause trouble so they prob are on edge rn

Anonymous 10766

Anonymous 10767

say what you want about nct, but they are not nugu anymore

Anonymous 10768

strange times we live in indeed

Anonymous 10769

Compared to their label mates they really are though
Even Sm's disbanded groups are more famous than Nct in SoKor
All it takes is Sm debuting a new Gg and Bg to make Nct fall to pieces

Anonymous 10770

They're not nugu within their own community like most flops, but they're definetly nugu to the gp. You can't find a random adult on the street able to name 1 member and there are 20+ of them.

Anonymous 10771

cmon anon u gotta admit the gp might know taeyong, but probably not connect him to nct kek

i know that apparently he's innocent, but that scandal will never leave him because he let it drag on for so long

Anonymous 10773

Punch was 5 on Gaon…

Anonymous 10774


Why are Bighit stans behaving just like YG stans before YG crumbled lol
Hoping the same fate for Bts and Bighit <3

Anonymous 10775

Nta but I really don’t see the point in arguing about that kind stuff. For example lucas’s and yuta's looks have been shat on nonstop and even though I personally don’t think they’re ugly I don’t see why I should stop anyone else from saying otherwise lol.

Anonymous 10776

But they really don't actually. They even admit it on kvariety. Even some more popular members in EXO have said so, just imagine someone with 1/20 of exo's fame.

Anonymous 10777

this is just normal ratmy behavior kek
what is this fucking retard even sperging about

Anonymous 10778

Its happening sooner than we realize…

Anonymous 10779

anon its just fun to shit on idols and doubly fun when a sperg takes it seriously

Anonymous 10780

the absolute fucking delusion. having a song on gaon once doesn't mean you're suddenly famous and well known with the GP

Anonymous 10781

Hate to tell you this but I doubt the spergs who fight you are taking it seriously either. You're both just being xD ironic

Anonymous 10782

Kpop fans are really deluded about who's an actual celebrity to the kor gp. Having tons of teenaged girls willing to stream your song like zombies is nothing really. Normal people just know it's an idol group, get pissed with the chatt manipulation and skip the song.

Anonymous 10783

Explain the rise of Oh My Girl then. Even though they were on Queendom, it didn't help Loona and Lovelyz to chart better. They got a hit and now are everywhere in Korea right now.

Anonymous 10784

ateez was on gaon too kek
can any of you even name one member

gaon means nothing for nugu status, nct is a flop group that would've disbanded 3 years ago if it wasnt being propped up by SM

Anonymous 10785

Charting is now based on unique listeners. Why do you think most 4th gen boy groups are digital flops now?

Anonymous 10786

Ateez wasn't on Gaon digital chart

Anonymous 10787

>explain the rise of oh my girl then
they're a girl group and people actually like them. there you go. hope you figure this out soon nctfag

Anonymous 10788

im surprised they survived after the curry song and the burrito burrito mexico scandal but then i realized koreans dont give a fuck kek

Anonymous 10789

Oh My Girl has been on the rise for awhile now. Loona wasn't on queendom and Lovelyz just peaked early though people seem to really hate them idk why. Kick it would've been an easier song to use since that song iirc charted on melon a lot better than their previous releases even if it wasn't a huge hit.

Anonymous 10790

OMG is from B1a4s label. They were known for Windy Day, Coloring Book before Nonstop and Queendom.

Anonymous 10791

They don't know each members names. The same happened with BTS until they hit it big in the US around 2018. Before that, people didn't really know their names, just the group as a whole.

Idol culture has been VERY niche, people used to know every SNSD members, but they can only name 3 girls tops of Twice. Idols have been doing less and less variety and even if they did adults are watching less TV anyways (streaming services getting bigger), so it's harder to reach celebrity status.

Anonymous 10792

Anonymous 10793

Yall notice Koreans decrease in interest for Kpop only got worse after the fad Bts started getting famous
Fucking CJ and their minion Mnet and Bighit has ruined the industry for good
What's worse are the countless of labels trying to copy them

Anonymous 10794


lmfao this dude doesnt even have half a brain to keep his cigarettes in his pants pockets

also just post the damn picture next time why link a twitter thread on a fucking imageboard

Anonymous 10795

He actually looks so retarded and hard to deal with
Baekhyun looks so done with him 90% of the time because of his informality lol hes such an eyesore too

Anonymous 10796

The same thing is happening around the globe. Ever since the Internet, celebrities became smaller. Taylor Swift and Drake are not as big as Britney Spears and Michael Jackson. Because people can hide in their echochambers. Korea is just late in the game on that regard. Trot is also making a big comeback so there is that too.

Anonymous 10797


Anonymous 10798

honestly im still in disbelief this guy doesnt have a single language he's fluent in

i watched him on chinese running man since my mom watches it and his mandarin is terrible, but his korean is also god awful. my korean is maybe at the level of an elementary school student since i stopped going to korean school when i was like 7…and his is even worse than mine

i can totally see being fed up with him because he's loud, rude, and unintelligible

Anonymous 10799


Anonymous 10800

Some people are just retarded. See Shuhua.

Anonymous 10801

He speaks canto fluently tho I think

Anonymous 10802

he doesn't lol my canto friends say its super accented too

Anonymous 10803

not gonna deny shuhua's retarded but at least she speaks mandarin chinese natively

you have to be on a different level of retarded to not be able to even speak a single language without an accent

Anonymous 10804

i don't know shit about lucas but that's endearing lol. love me some retarded idols

Anonymous 10805

The difference in talent and image between Nct and BaeKaiMin is grating lol Nct members give backup dancer vibes

Anonymous 10806

Isnt he like half thai too tho someone said that as well
Lol idk tho

Anonymous 10807

why would korea care about this? this is controversial on stan twitter only

Anonymous 10808

Lmao such a himbo. But have his fans caught to the cigarette packet yet? If so what excuses are they coming up with?

Anonymous 10809


Nevermind I searched and there’s mixed reactions lmao

Anonymous 10810

no idea, im sure you'll see people spinning about how the poor guy is so stressed etc etc

i mean its really not that big of a deal if he smokes especially since he already doesnt sing, but fucking dont put it where already rabid fans are gonna see

Anonymous 10811


Lucas smoking makes him hotter.

Anonymous 10812


This is the brand so now you can smoke the same cigs as him! Lucas cigarette advertisements when

Anonymous 10813

Smoking means you are disgusting and you have no self control. Hiw is that attractive?

Anonymous 10814

lmao? smoking is unattractive in a partner because it makes you smell bad but it’s not that serious

Anonymous 10815

thats how i see it too like its gross but these are all adults and if they want to have gross habits so be it

still cannot comprehend how he put them in his chest pocket for an event that literally points a camera half down his shirt and didnt make the connection

Anonymous 10816


Unless he's a chainsmoker with bad hygiene, slight cigarette smell on a guy mixed with cologne is honestly really hot

Anonymous 10817

Only if the guy is tall and broad, which luckily for Lucas he is

Anonymous 10818

Screen Shot 2020-1…


Its always the prettiest bitches who inspire the most dedication. A damn day can't go by on this forum without one of you fatties mentioning Lucas.

Anonymous 10819

Ew cigarette smell makes me puke
Yall rly want unhygienic dudes all smelly masking it with cologne?

Anonymous 10820

Cope. He is trending for a reason.

Anonymous 10821

Screen Shot 2020-1…

I've been suspicious about Jaehyun for a while the dude just looks high af at times and the rest hes so weirdly chilll 24/7

Anonymous 10822

I thought Jungkook is the most popular/talked about idol. Looking at recent threads and reddit, you would never get that impression. Is it the NCT/Jimin age now

Anonymous 10823

kinda like a modern renaissance song

Anonymous 10824


Anonymous 10825

Jimin has always been popular though and NCT has a large US fanbase looking at their album sales. They (currently) are doing way better than Blackpink in that regard.

Anonymous 10826

there was literally two giant cases of coors in their target cart in that same vlog, would not be surprised at all

Anonymous 10827

Lmao at the replies saying that he was sick. The absolute state of nctzens.

Anonymous 10828

the way his coughing alone irritates me.. like his voice is actually deadass so fucking annoying and forced sounding

Anonymous 10829

oh god yuck why is he just open mouth coughing into the air or into his hand

imagine that slimy germy hand just touching everything else in that room…gross

Anonymous 10830

oh my god i hate when people cough out it the air or in your hand, that's nasty as fuck. please tell me there are more countries than mine that are taught to cough in the bend of the arm

Anonymous 10831

Whats the tea on Lucas being mysoginistic and a fuckboy? He got called out a lot on lolcow but I didn't read all the threads

Anonymous 10832

Link video atleast

Anonymous 10833

Screen Shot 2020-1…


You can't tell me Jaehyun isn't smoking something

Anonymous 10834


Anonymous 10836


Mark and Jaehyun were way more than "drunk" in their Ukraine trip

Anonymous 10838


why though? its not like its uncommon

Anonymous 10842

>I don't think he's a stoner he just has butthole eyes
Idk if he's a stoner but he does have butthole eyes lmao

>he was sick here, walking pneumonia

I was the one who posted that video and I didn't know that. He still should've covered his mouth

Anonymous 10843

Screen Shot 2020-1…


dead. The entire nct fandom is collectively hornier for lucas

Anonymous 10844

>but the shit-flinging on 4chan can get incredibly brain-dead, incoherent and autistic
But /kpg/ is very tame compared to these threads. Posters here don't seem to have the maturity not take things very personally.

Anonymous 10845


Lucas & V our juul kings.
Highkey think Ten is shady af for posting this selfie tho.

Anonymous 10846

>trying to be holier than thou on an anonymous image board discussing korean pop music

Anonymous 10847

Aside from the cigs, what's wrong with this pic? He looks fine.

Anonymous 10848

holding cross.jpg


Anonymous 10851

>chunkiness of the arm alone is a giveaway.

I saw of the size of the hand but didn't account for chunkiness, my bad.

Anonymous 10852


That anon is straight up lying. I never noticed anything weird between Baek and Lucas. Despite none of the members wanting to be in sperm they seem to get along fairly well. Except Kai and Lucas lmao

Anonymous 10853


Yoongis jaw shave is accelerating his face sagging. Idk why anyone would get a jaw shave knowing that this is one of the side effects u will have to deal with forever. Jaw botox has a less dramatic effect but sounds so much more sane.

Anonymous 10855

IME most people in Korea don't cover their mouth when they cough, anon. Idols probably aren't much different unless they're raised abroad.

Anonymous 10858

You can literally see Baekhyuns soul leave his body whenever Lucas does his retard laugh
Are u that Lucasfag lmao
His body language screams uncomfy around Lucas
Do you even know Exo lol if someone wasnt on speaking terms with him it would be D.o
Kai and Baekhyun dont talk my ass lel

Anonymous 10859

Why are japanese physical albums so bare bones compared to korean ones?

Anonymous 10860

Atleast he can read the room and pull his clown shtick when it's appropriate
Lucas is just overall a clown, it's not even a joke

Anonymous 10861

American Albums are also very minimal just like in every other country , I think Its just Korean albums that are the exception

Anonymous 10863

Are non-kpop korean albums like that as well? I thought bundling only pertained to the kpop business model.

Anonymous 10864

No bundling is big in America too, it is just not at the quality of kpop albums in terms of packaging.

Anonymous 10866

>No bundling is big in America too
I know. I'm just question the discrepancy between domestic and Japanese kpop releases.

Anonymous 10868

And also while there's bundling in america their business model is based on streaming.

Anonymous 10869

> You can see everyone else's souls leave their bodies as they fake laugh out of respect (and/or fear) everytime ole Baekhyun screams something annoying to seem xd random and quirky, and MY soul leave my body every time he comes on camera with a boner and his brainlet fans act like having a 6 inch peepee makes up for being a botched, racist skelly-kun who doesn't believe in mental illness.
Lmao anon thank you for this

Anonymous 10870



Lucas being a perv coping a feel on Gilde Yuqi during running man china also what he said about women needing protection.

Anonymous 10872

>and you… disagree that males should protect the weaker sex…?
thread derailed in 3…2…1….

Anonymous 10873

No it is both. America bundles SINGLES because 1 sale count for more than 100 streams. There are also deluxe versions of albums that artist use to debut to #1 on the Billboard 200. There are also tour bundles that contribute to the 200 as well, even in the Coronavirus era.

Anonymous 10874

Can you just answer the question about japanese release ffs

Anonymous 10875

Its true though. Try carrying all your luggages to a dorm room with no elevator. I needed a guy to help me. Only so much that the female body can carry, and I once saved a passenger beneath a car by lifting it up with raw strength.

Anonymous 10876

take it to /b/

Anonymous 10877

I don't know shit about kpop besides the fact that they only look locally because they don't need the overseas market to sustain itself. So probably there is no need for fancy packaging and bundles.

Anonymous 10879


The point of the game is to use shoulders and the rope to climb on the top which he did for all the male contestants but when he got to Angelababy and Yuqi he lingered above them and even touched Yuqi

Anonymous 10880

why do i have a feeling ppl from 4chan kpg know about this thread now
someone here was saying how 4chan kpg was less toxic than lc and cc kpg lmao

Anonymous 10883

They knew about CC for 2 weeks now since one notorious poster there was revealed to come from here.

Anonymous 10884

I wish Lucas would manhandle me


Anonymous 10886


womfyn so weak!!!! how is this related to kpop u asshat
ur the type of person to say gg's cant do good or hard choreo right go back to twitter pickmeisha

Anonymous 10887

>Nta but what do you mean barebones
Like previously said it's about bundling and packaging. Not sure what's left to clarify.

>not sure about Kpop artists

Well the question was specifically about kpop

Anonymous 10888

cause u sound like a smelly 4chan user fuck off now

Anonymous 10889

Screen Shot 2020-1…

Lucas manhandling another girl in a game.

Anonymous 10891

>4chan kpg was less toxic than lc and cc kpg lmao
Because it literally is. Unlike here they don't flip the fuck out when their waifus get mocked or criticised.

I'm the one who resurrected the kpop thread on cc and I've always been browsing /mu/'s kpg. Go find your own safe space if that's no good enough for you.

Anonymous 10892

Screen Shot 2020-1…


Lucas perv getting excited at looking between a girls legs

Anonymous 10894

I see braindead people also demand some representation in kpop so let's leave Lucas and his fans alone.

Anonymous 10895

Which /kpg/ general are you talking about? And yeah people aren't throwing shit 24/7, its just that when it does start its usually some of the most iq-dropping imaginable

Anonymous 10896

Based high test Lucas exhibiting healthy male sexuality

Anonymous 10897

If my bias starts smoking I'm dropping him like a hot potato.

Anonymous 10900

/mu/ and I've yet to see any serious shit flinging there.

Anonymous 10902

why is this thread going retard
remember Yoo Jimin, her texts messages leaked and she basicallys says in this post that
1. SM is losing their credability and she shouldve gone to BH
2. NCT's new members are ugly and she wonders where the hot male trainees went
3. Even tho she was a BTS anti she regrets not auditioning for BH
4. Jimin and Kai are ugly
Basically text messages are from before the 19th and she still knew NCT was adding two members lol its real

Anonymous Moderator 10904

Don't derail.

Anonymous 10905



Scam level dedication right here.

He never manhandles her at all or looked between her legs. When she lifts her leg he turns his whole head away the fuck anon??

Anonymous 10906


man she sounds insane i love it
i want SM's han seo hee v2, SM is probably seething rn and she probably isn't going to debut

pls reveal more my queen
cherry on top would be something akin to "i kissed and hugged ur oppas"

she looks fake and plastic as hell

Anonymous 10908

even tho lucas is a idiot one thing i can appreciate is him not being sleazy like the other members (incl Mark)

Anonymous 10909


shes natural plus she looks like kim minhee shes rly pretty imo
probs only had minimal treatments done ala SM lel

Anonymous 10911

this woman is ugly as hell christ

Anonymous 10912

wow people here really have some fucked up standards

Anonymous 10913

low-key feel bad for the girl but this is one of the funniest videos made only funnier by the dramatic editing

Anonymous 10914

its a retard from 4chan lmao ignore

Anonymous 10915


Anonymous 10916

i forget this kid is as old as the 00 liners were when they debuted
why do they make teenagers act like grown women

Anonymous 10917

doesnt refute anything
if you use kkt your messages wont get deleted unless u change your number and deactivate
so thats probs why she used imessage

Anonymous 10918

just let me dream that SM has a han seo hee ok please

making fun of nct uggos and a dose of bts hate on the side, sign me the fuck up

Anonymous 10919

>another Taeyong situation
They are debuting this year

Anonymous 10920

Screen Shot 2020-1…


So she had enough sense to not use kkt because she knew talking all this shit to her friends would cause her huge trouble … but she did all the shit talking on iMessage to her friends instead?

Anonymous 10921

None of the others have proof of being sleazy tho? If there is pls share

Anonymous 10922

Screen Shot 2020-1…

He's just trying to not step on baby or yuqi since hes literally twice their size. Also trying to use yuqi's legs instead to pull himself up.

@ 3:33

Anonymous 10923

> (incl Mark)

.. Mark?

Anonymous 10924

Unfortunately she only made fun of the new trainees, not the existing members

Anonymous 10925


Treasure Popularity rankings are in based on fancam views and sales distributions from fansites

1. Haruto 1000
2. Junkyu 666
3. Jihoon 450
4. Asahi 440
5. Yedam 430
6. Hyunsuk 420
7. Mashiho 400
8. Jungwoo 390
9. Jaehyuk 380
10. Jungwhan 340
11. Doyoung 300
12. Yoshi 250

Anonymous 10926


Sleezy NCT's youngest member setting feminism back 50 years

Anonymous 10927

She sounds like a dumb bitch for thinking Big Hit is the future and that they would debut a gg in her prime years topkek

Anonymous 10929

lmfao yangyang being an xxxtentacion fan is so on brand

mark just seems like a church dweeb who doesnt know how to handle his weiner tingling bc god said it was bad honestly LOL

rest of them do seem gross tho

Anonymous 10930


The amount of reaching… r u same anon who posted the dumb af Lucas screenshots???

Anonymous 10934

What made Haruto so popular? I thought Yedam was the popular one.
I had a similar thought when I saw some of the things Somi did during her ioi/p101 days.

Anonymous 10935


These three are the only somewhat legit ones and even then you exaggerated at lot

>Jungwoo - friends with registered sex offender Woojin and was mentioned by the person who first made allegations against him iirc, watches a misogynistic youtuber whos jacked off on Blackpink pcs

The only real info her his that he has mentioned being friends with woojin & he apparently used language that is used in japanese porno

>Jaemin - watches the same youtuber as jwoo

If you believe that based on how he says "hello" & the twitter proof was clarified but ppl can believe what they want

>Yuta - friends with another creepy perv youtuber

Yuta himself said hes friends with that guy but no one seems to know the actual content of that YouTube some ppl saying hes sexist others saying its misinformation.

Anonymous 10938

This is a dumb nitpick but she's kind of awkward looking? Not in the picture but in the video. There's something about her head vs her body that doesn't sit right. Again, where is SM finding these trainees? SM should go to Cre.ker Ent and beg the other guy to come back.
Kek at this anon understating Neo Cultural Misogynists Jungwoo and Jaemin's references to god-tuk. I know kpop is dry but there has to be some boy group that you can stan that has half the number of members and like one eighth the amount of misogynists that NCT has.

Anonymous 10939


I miss when SM used to cast unique looking idols and iconic visuals
17 year old ana Sehun easily mogs the fuglies from Nct it's actually horrible

Anonymous 10940


r we gonna keep beating the same dead horse over and over? shits been clarified and reclarified a billion times already. literally no one is more dedicated than salty former nctfags on this forum

Anonymous 10941


Anonymous 10943



Early debut exo was a dream. They all aged so horribly tho especially Chanyeol and Baek.

Anonymous 10944

>Yuta - friends with another creepy perv youtuber
He’d only just met the guy and according to people who checked out his channel the problematic content was from over two years ago so there’s no way to know if yuta was aware of it. Idk but I’ve never heard yuta himself say anything sexist before (quite the opposite) so I don’t think I can make that judgment just yet.

Anonymous 10945


U stan misogynistic men that like YTbers who harass female idols
Sehun is sexc ☆ but not sexist !

Anonymous 10946

This is one of the best articles on Kpop ever written.


Anonymous 10947

why is mark trending

Anonymous 10948


I think Exo 92 line aged just fine in comparison to other 92 Male idols
Especially Yeol

Anonymous 10950

Did he fuck ur oppa or something
Lmao he bothers nobody sheesh

Anonymous 10951


After being subjected to the endless flow of grim visions that were the 1bv teasers courteousy of the EXO merchbot, I disagree :(
That man is satanic

Anonymous 10952

in what world is this eye makeup flattering

dude looked like he has pinkeye

Anonymous 10953


he bothers me, they both do :( the 1BV promo was my 9/11

Anonymous 10954

whoever did the creative direction for this shoot should be taken out back and shot christ this looks like a fever dream from the 70s

Anonymous 10955

Wouldn't even call this tea more like lukewarm lemon water, but Jaemin is flirty af. They have a female translator for their video game segment and J teases her the most also the way he looks at her.

There was also the anecdote of him flirting with some nurses way back when that I can't find a screenshot of. makes sense hes flirty considering he was able to seduce an older actress.

Anonymous 10957

he looks good here
god i wish that were me

Anonymous 10959

how bored do people have to be to watch idols play video games

Anonymous 10960

I heard they were fuck buddies

Anonymous 10961

your judgement is questionable, impaired

Anonymous 10962

what groups do you think get along the least? or even like what comes to mind when you think of 2 idols in the same group who you can just tell cant stand each other?

Anonymous 10963

chan hand picked the members out of a group of trainees, do you not know this

Anonymous 10964

Anonymous 10965

Anonymous 10966


Kai and Lucas obv

Anonymous 10967

Get a life you sound miserable
And go shower, you type like you stink

Anonymous 10968

Cherry bullet if we talking new GGs, the Korean members treat the youngest Japanese member like shes a retard and it makes me uncomfy
Plus one of them dated a flat earther from that misogynist dollar store exo wannabe group

Anonymous 10969



Mark can't stand Haechan and those two have definitely fist fought at one point.

Anonymous 10970

you obviously do stink if you stan either one of those ugly freaks. streaming that shart song what a life when what you need is some WHATer, soap and A wash cloth in the LIFE you clearly do not have.

Anonymous 10971

Damn, she could call me ugly too, i wouldn't mind

Anonymous 10972

flat earther? whom?

Anonymous 10973

these two had an infamous fight of summer 2017 where they were so mad at each other they changed the choreography on stage to avoid touching each other and ncshitizens still love playing it up as this whole "couples bickering" thing

Anonymous 10974

idk they all hate each other. if they didn't during trainee years they certainly started after moving in together

Anonymous 10975

Screen Shot 2020-1…


There so many hints they themselves have given it's literally obvious as day lmao. They have also been stuck together for 7 years now witch is tragic.

Anonymous 10976


twitter meltdowns ensue

Anonymous 10977

Lovesick girls is better than how you like that but the mv and the song feel empty and awkward. It sounds like a bside track. The album is meh, they have some good parts but they don’t know how to connect them together so the songs sounds messy

Anonymous 10978

Honestly I was surprised that lovesick girls is actually a nice song, especially compared to the shit they released earlier this year. The song has a sound that isn't just loud noise which was surprising. mv is kinda hollow though, but better than before I guess

Anonymous 10979

its not terrible, but it honestly just reminds me of every "end of summer bop" a-la katy perry

totally boring but catchy at the same time, i assume it'll destroy the charts

Anonymous 10980

lisabros nooooo.jp…

who is this dude

Anonymous 10981

just listened to the rest of their album and I can't believe lovesick girls was the catchiest song on it. 8 songs, and I was bored through most of the album

Anonymous 10982

youre telling me you forgot about the masterpiece ice cream how dare you

i cannot believe you dont think ice cream is the pinnacle of music with the high pitched voice cracks every 3 seconds kek

Anonymous 10983

Loren. he played guitar with Rosé in that one ig live

Anonymous 10984

you're right how could I forget that beautiful song and its lyrical genius
"mona lisa kinda lisa"

Anonymous 10985

The boyz Q
Love sick girls is a cute song, like it

Anonymous 10986



Anonymous 10987

Fav song on The Album?
Heres mine

Anonymous 10988

>literal worst song on the album
Please be taking the piss

Anonymous 10989

Can you stop being pissy about everything and anything? What the fuck.
People have preferences stop being aggressive for no reason retard.

Anonymous 10990

Anonymous 10991

Anonymous 10992

Pretty Savage is my favorite even though it sounds kinda embarrassing.

Anonymous 10993

Lmao jessica chose the name Mina for one of the characters in Shine because it sounds like Mean

Anonymous 10994

bloom*iz also supposedly had 1mil preorders before the hiatus (eventual sales were like 400k) so it'll be interesting to see what happens here

Anonymous 10997


Anonymous 10998

I simply love EXO. I wonder if my old kaifriend is here…

Anonymous 10999


>american education

Anonymous 11000

what even is this about?

Anonymous 11001

promoting bp's album

Anonymous 11002

she was retweeting a lot of bp related tweets but what is she specifically talking about? are blonks telling her to promote it even more?

Anonymous 11003


nobody really knows

she started ragging on blinks out of the blue. probably looked up her own name and saw some less than savory tweets.

then she did a complete 180. people are speculating that she was hacked because she doesn't usually tweet like this

Anonymous 11004

yeah that is not cardi at ALL, some retarded asshurt blonk hacked her prolly

Anonymous 11005

lmao do they really

Anonymous 11007

Lovesick girls sounds just like this song, which is also infinitely better

Anonymous 11008

I'm a little underwhelmed by lovesick girls given all the praise it's getting, but I guess it's better than hylt or ice cream

Also why are koreans so into songs with abusive relationship themes? Is this a thing in wpop too that I'm just not aware of because I don't listen to it? I've seen so many mvs over the years where it looks like the couple is extremely unstable and abusive, every time it crops up again I wonder about koreans' standards for relationships…

Anonymous 11009

i think its because the target demographic are preteens to teens who romanticize the "intense" relationships

its not fun to sing about stable relationships and sharing finances, so they sing about throwing shit and breaking up every other day

Anonymous 11010

thats what it was, i kept thinking ive heard the song before and it was so familiar, this is so similar it's kind of bordering on suspicious

Anonymous 11011


he makes me want to puke
this is actually a punchable face at its best

Anonymous 11012

i hope he can compensate with good dick game bc otherwise i dont see why hyuna would ever be with him

Anonymous 11013

that's just the type of guy hyuna likes, hyunseung looked pretty much the same

Anonymous 11014

I watched their debut music video the other day and it's crazy how good looking Suho was back then. Isn't he one of the more natural members as well?
Woah I was thinking that it sounds like a reject Hailee Steinfeld demo–surprised that another anon made the connection as well. Who wants to place bets on how old the song is? My guess is 2016.

Anonymous 11015

suho has always been handsome, but he falls into the boring visual (irene, eunwoo, etc)

i do find him super attractive, but he's so bland and boring i tend to forget he exists

Anonymous Admin 11016

I increased the post limit on /media/ to 1200, so this thread shouldn't lock anytime soon. I haven't been able to confirm that it works because I'm not going to spam 1200 posts in a row in a test thread, so please just keep using this thread and I'll keep an eye on it.

Anonymous 11017

The BP album songs all sound dated and uneventful as hell. It's been like 6 years since Crush by 2NE1 was released and this song still slaps.

Anonymous 11018

In that case why is it good for BP to have comebacks rarely with old songs?

Anonymous 11019

There’s a theory that almost all of BP’s songs are just recycled songs meant for 2NE1 before YG abandoned them for fresh meat. I believe that one fully.

Anonymous 11020

thank you

Anonymous 11021

hyunseung looks even twinkier and thinner, hyuna has a weird ass taste

Anonymous 11022

I remember thinking Hyunseung was very pretty when I was sorta into Beast back in the day, but he also started looking kinda junkie-ish in the end, especially during Now

Anonymous 11023

though I will admit that was also kinda the whole concept of Now

it just seems like something Hyuna is really into

Anonymous 11024

i like troublemaker but i still think triple h was better

Anonymous 11025


Anonymous 11026

Anonymous 11027

taeyong why did u butcher my mom's favorite song

im so upset who let him do this

Anonymous 11028


ty looks so hot in a beanie tho

Anonymous 11029

ukiss (or the two they could wrangle) performed on a show a few days ago

not gonna lie this is the most nostalgic song ever, and im honestly surprised how much better the lead singer looks without the fried hair and idol styling

he isn't super handsome by any means, but he looks clean and its kind of nice?

it's just funny because their flop group is now known for having members who can't wrap it up and end up in shotgun marriages kek

Anonymous 11030


there is such a thing as having eyes too big, i never understood the hype since taeyong just reminds me of a clannad character with his freakishly giant eyes

Anonymous 11031

imo it makes him look more like a bug

Anonymous 11032

they definitely all are 2ne1 reject songs and it pisses me off so much. yg threw away 2ne1 for these unconvincing instatoths?

I do wonder sometimes if the bp girls are aware that they can't sing/dance/rap for shit, aren't they embarassed?

Anonymous 11034

maybe but then i assume they look at the pile of money and brainless fans who praise them for being goddesses and i think they're probably fine

Anonymous 11035


TY beanie bug daddy is my fave TY

Anonymous 11036

mods delete this it's too aggressive

Anonymous 11037

Kevin is kinda cute, shame that he's flaming gay. Stalker is unironically the best song that U-Kiss has promoted.

Anonymous 11038



The original tho, damn. Jaejoong is more delicate than TY he also looks pretty unreal.

Anonymous 11039


>Whenever Jaehyun and Taeyong respond about their visuals there is a clear difference. Jaehyun seems proud of his visuals while Taeyong visually cringes.

>Taeyong truly is insecure about his face. SM wants him to be aeygo but his face is too strong to pull it off. Even before he got into SM he didn't think he was pretty and was told that he looked "alien" by classmates.

Anonymous 11040

the pretend these lyrics don't exist and say he has grown as a person now and only dates black chicks. Well, the all only date black chicks but Jimin only dates black men.

Anonymous 11041


>Doyoung wasting his disposal cash on TY
Why do this?


Anonymous 11042

I'm truly confused by this whole post


I'm willing to bet good money that this was staged by SM as some sort of Cartier advertisement/sponsorship.

Anonymous 11043

agree, this is the second set of "couple cartier" SM artists have been seen with just in nct, didnt luhan and sehun have something similar?

i would gander its either a sponsored gift from cartier, or some kind of collaboration to drum up news bc fujo shit sells hard

Anonymous 11044

his cheeks were super cute… how old was he in this pic?

Anonymous 11046

Don't you think BTS is pumping too much content in America?? People will grow tired of them sooner with that much exposure. Also I can't even imagine how much they've paid for that slot. Is a grammy really worth this?! The only artist more aggressive than them w/ promo is Taylor Swift, cant remember anybody else.

Anonymous 11047

implying anyone that isn't a rabid stan isn't already tired of them

Anonymous 11048

i was tired of them back in my armpit days, mind you, that was before they were even known in the us, lmao

Anonymous 11049

I'd imagine there's a good portion of people that barely know them actually but they would grow quickly tired of this. Especially because these perfomances in Jimny Fallon are nothing to write home about? Cute scenarios and all but they didn't change it up, it's all choreo + playback… couldnt even come up with one real acoustic or live band performance for once. If I were a muggle, I'f think they're just better dancers than N'synch or whatever regular American boyband.

Anonymous 11050

Why would they cover EXO kek it just makes their fuggliness more evident. Sad @ the absolut state of kpop

Anonymous 11051

> implying exo aren't ugly as sin

Anonymous 11052

Whenever a group covers Exo or BB it looks so odd because their songs feel like they're specifically designed in every bit for Exo/BB
Especially when a group covers Exo's vocal oriented songs lol

Anonymous 11053

Not as ATEEZ they aren't, you must be a 4th gen fag if you think they're on the same level

Anonymous 11054

nah, i'm a 2nd gen fag and exo never did it for me. xiumin is uglycute i'll give you that

Anonymous 11055


Is this the anti Exo nctfag at it again
Even Exos non visual members are cute

Anonymous 11056


Anonymous 11057

This is from 2003 I think
Before or during Hug era

Anonymous 11058

exo is full of uggos, but they have one or two acceptable looking dudes

ateez on the other hand have 0 visuals and the entire group is a black hole of silicone and fillers

Anonymous 11059

Sorry but this thread is full with regards if they claim post Overdose Exo is ugly
Sure they went through their ugly face ins late 2012-2014 but they look better w age imo

Anonymous 11060

Exactly anon thanks for being based

Anonymous 11061


Anonymous 11062

Ah yes the retardation
Even CMB Tao was hot

Anonymous 11064


I was right u were that anti Exo Nctfag from yesterday lol
It's not even funny talking back at this point you're actually mentally ill if you find Chanyeol ugly

Anonymous 11065

images (2).jpeg

The power of inoffensive Gdragon!

Ateez is so ugly they can't even prompt a cheerleader effect

Anonymous 11066


since we're talking about uglies here's my top 5 ugliest male idols
1. woozi
2. bts
3. sehun & chanyeol
4. woojin
5. that frog looking kid from txt

Anonymous 11067


since u cheated and put an entire group in there here's mine:

1. woozi
2. s coups
3. KARD BM (dude seems nice as hell but damn ugly as sin)
4. jimin
5. that moon faced kid from monsta x…jooheon or something

Anonymous 11068

that anon is not me (op) so yes, there's multiple anons who don't find exo attractive, shocker.

Anonymous 11069


Bottom king Sehun?

Anonymous 11070


>ugliest idols

This kid right here idek from which group he is but he absolutely gave me nightmares… poor gals stanning 4th gen, will grow up with some fucked up standards

Anonymous 11071

the other anon is me! im just so confused, i can like groups (btob stan, vixx stan) and admit these dudes are ugly

like half the dudes in btob and 2 dudes in vixx are ugly, it doesnt diminish me liking them or make them worse

i dont get all this
if u dont like chanyeol ur mentally ill like sorry i have different preferences than you?? fucking exofags lol

Anonymous 11072

oh this kid is so ugly, i saw a clip of him talking to heechul or something and he had a droopy ass eyelid and was so unattractive

Anonymous 11073

That's Daehwi, I know cause his stans were whining about people calling him gay kek. He does look like a flaming fag to me as well but idk

Anonymous 11074

You keep typing and hating the same two members people are clocked your typing style if you're trolling do it without seeming obvious and keeping the same pattern gee
Favourite K-R&B song?
Need recommendations these days the Korean RNB songs are just boring ballads

Anonymous 11075

Wouldnt you fuck BM if he were wearing a bag over his face?

>top 5 ugliest looking idols

1. A.c.e.
2. Ateez
3. Shotaro
4. The one who got kicked from SKZ
5. Seventeen minus Mingyu

Anonymous 11076


How convenient the other anon showed up right in time to clarify!!!!!

Anonymous 11077

anon i dunno what else to tell you, do you want me to start shitting on nct so you believe me? lmao

as for ballads here's one I like. semi boring but her voice is nice

Anonymous 11078

probably not because he looks like he would smell and he also seems like the grunter type

i do admire his philanthropy, his merch is cringey as hell but you do have to give the guy props for donating and raising money to a good cause

Anonymous 11080

lady how hard is it to believe 2 people dont find ur precious oppa attractive

honestly you and the lucasfag are the two most annoying people who keep coming back to sperg whenever their baby gets insulted

Anonymous 11081

I'm rly hoping SM debuts that Yoo Jimin chick
I saw other stuff she wrote and I'm LIVING

Anonymous 11082

and this one for r&b. say what you want about mamamoo but they have some nice songs

Anonymous 11083

ngl i hope she doesnt, because if its true and they can her she's gonna air out all of the dirty laundry and it'll be han seo hee v2.0

Anonymous 11084

Ok but the bag would muffle the sound how about that

I actually think he smells nice, probably showers everyday after working out. but ya know already i 10/10 would fuck him tbh

Anonymous 11085

Bye lmao can u dead the convo you people are the only ones dragging it on trying to convince me that they are two different anons
And yes thinking Sehun is ugly warrants this reaction

Anonymous 11086

I mean she insulted her management, seniors and said she wanted to get dicked down by NCT
That's enough to get fired I just wanna see if SM pulls the Taeyong treatment or if it's only for twinkie males

Anonymous 11087

Mamamoos voices are just annoying imo

Anonymous 11088

>that frog looking kid from txt
who?? bitch 4/5 look like frogs be more specific

Anonymous 11089

'you people'
'the only ones'
'they are two different anons'

oh so you're just acting dumb. got it

Anonymous 11090

kek shes a girl so she wont have rabid fangirls, im betting on her being out the door yesterday

Anonymous 11091

the one that's half white (?).
the one with the piss yellow hair looks like a pig, not a frog, there's a distinction

Anonymous 11093

Does anybody have an irrational hatred against 4th gen groups or is it just me
I feel like an old hag but they're fucking untalented as hell
And I cant even say it because I'll get dragged for saying it and "harrassing" minors as if they're not like 20 all of em

Anonymous 11095

nah im in the same boat as you, i cant name a single 4th gen group that even makes good music, let alone has idols i can even name

i assume its a byproduct of companies just letting in rich kids instead of talented kids, so 4th gen is all untalented spoiled kids prancing around

Anonymous 11096


daisy is straight up the ugliest idol to ever debut boy or girl

Anonymous 11098


i see no difference

Anonymous 11099

Where did you find this picture, she’s usually normally cute lol
All of BTS? Jin and Jk are fine, sometimes great with the right styling.

Anonymous 11100

Every gen has plenty of untalented idols. I used to hate on 3rd gen thinking they were all untalented carbon copies of 2nd gen groups but some of them managed to turn out pretty well, RV for example.

Just give 4th gen some time to develop anon. Look at some nugu groups maybe, the big3+bighit ones are too dissapointing atm

Anonymous 11101

FINALLY someone states this (before someone calls us 2nd gen boomers or w/e). I guess I'm an old hag too as well.
Haven't we had this conversation like every thread? It's boring as shit.
Anyway in regards to SM's ngg, is Mystic Story's ngg not considered part of that? Mystic Story seems to have some pretty solid trainees.

Anonymous 11102

>the pretend these lyrics don't exist
retard, I literally went to a lyrics site and cropped them

Anonymous 11103


Out of all the idols one could defend, you choose pic related? You cant deny how viscerally unattractive her asymmetrical eyes are.
retard, anon was describing how ratmys would defend them. it was clearly a joke

Anonymous 11104

stop posting like a twitterfag

Anonymous 11105

>Well, the all only date black chicks but Jimin only dates black men.
Do ratmys really say this sort of shit?

Anonymous 11106

>that even makes good music
the fuck do you think kpop is? very few idols make their own music, even less for older gen

vast majority of idols are untalented
but 4th gen is a visual hole

Anonymous 11107


opinions on dreamcatcher?

Anonymous 11108

I'm over my weeb phase and don't want to listen to anime openings anymore.

Anonymous 11109


she looks like an ogre

Anonymous 11110

I like them but their recent shit isnt connecting with me as much. Its like they almost don't want to be rock even tho thats their schtick

Anonymous 11111

she kinda looks like chanyeol
or is it just the ears

Anonymous 11112


whoever says that female idols can't be ugly is a liar

Anonymous 11113

proxy-image (2).jp…

Anonymous 11114

proxy-image (3).jp…

Anonymous 11115

careful you're gonna summon the exol sperg

Anonymous 11116

Shut up I make this thread fun you hag

Anonymous 11117

I do like Cix but they're inactive as hell
They can succeed as the next R&B group after Exo but so many 4th gen fans have shit taste I get pissed off
I'll just wait on SM's new girl group and boy group since they're last in line for 4th gen Big3 groups

Anonymous 11118

Shes cute what's wrong with her

Anonymous 11119

mpv-shot BLACKPINK…

i want whoever produces bp's mvs for my faves
their songs are mediocre but i can't deny the mvs are pure eye candy

anon get your eyes checked

Anonymous 11120

All 3 EXO-SC fans wipe back to front and it shows.

Anonymous 11121

ugh, the type of people who say that think "supporting" nugu 15 year old female idols and their nugu pedobait groups is the peak of feminism

its always been kind of strange to me how many idols there are running around with shrek ears when ear pinning is such a low-risk procedure compared to the other shit these companies won't hesitate to get done to them. seulgi would be way prettier without those vulgar goblin ears.

Anonymous 11123

there's nothing feminist about kpop period

Anonymous 11124

Is SM even debuting a BG? I thought the new BG stuff is just another unit for nct

Anonymous 11125


no most exo members are fug. exol have to work day and night to convince people otherwise, themselves included. kai is hot though.

Anonymous 11126

Can you stfu though? Your weird hatred against Exo isnt even gag worthy it's just cringe and desperate.
Come up with another shtick anon. You've been at it for days.

Anonymous 11127

They were supposed to debut two groups this year.
The new Nct unit is just Nct 2020 you're confused.
They're debuting a GG this year and a non Nct BG in 2021.
Sm investors said something about SM wanting another H.o.t/Tvxq/Exo

Anonymous 11128

>i want whoever produces bp's mvs for my faves

Really anon? Their mvs are always the same shit shot indoors. I'd rather my faves get the LOONA treatment, they really got cinematic MVs w/ exteriors and wide angles

Anonymous 11129

>Their mvs are always the same shit shot indoors
I honestly don't know what you mean.

Anonymous 11130

Seulgi is pretty even with her ears sticking out and all.
Stop promoting weird beauty procedures

Anonymous 11131


>Seulgi is pretty

Anonymous 11132

Indoors?? Use of indoor movie sets??

Anonymous 11133

See that's why I'm confused. There are quite a few outdoor scenes in their latest MV

Anonymous 11134


Days? No, not everyone who doesn't asskiss your busted trash men is the same anon, psycho. Go the fuck outside.

Anonymous 11135

I haven't seen yet the latest but you might be mistaken because these sets are build in a way some would think it's an exterior but really aren't, like in AIIYL and PWF. Anyways even if they did use exteriors this time around it's not really their style. I'd rather something like Loona or BTS during HYYH era, better than those YG/SM boxes.

Anonymous 11136

we're talking about the aesthetics. Who gives a shit about green screens as long as it looks good

Anonymous 11137

But it doesn't it's claustrophobic and uninspiring, develop taste

Anonymous 11138

>develop taste
you first loonatranny

Anonymous 11140

But most Loona mvs look cheap and shitty. Heart Attack and One & Only might be the only two that were really nice.

Anonymous 11141

omg did 4chan freaks just take over this forum? So boring I'd rather have lucasfag writing essays on Lucas superior aesthetic at this point

Anonymous 11142

hope you get cursed

Anonymous 11143

where do you think english imageboards originate from idiot

Anonymous 11144

major pet peeve of mine. i hate when westerners react to kpop videos and say sth stupid like "oohhhhh the production value!!11". bitch, where?? they just built a ton with plastic, carbon and wood. renting a property or getting a location permit is way more expensive

Anonymous 11145

>bitch, where??
i understand this question is rhetorical but aren't set designs, costumes obviously what they're referring to?

Anonymous 11146

Can the obv men on this forum fuck off arguing over weather some thumb lookin bitch and flat pan faced bitch are cute or not. jfc the standards have been lowered bellow hell

Anonymous 11148

not everyone who discusses something you're personally not interested in is male schizo

Anonymous 11149


No respectable woman would have even wasted time to find that ugly pic of thumb girl much less go through the hassle of posting her on here

Anonymous 11150

People have also said that no respectable woman would like kpop so what's your point lmao

Anonymous 11151


it takes time to put such beauty as his into words; please be patient, sister.

Anonymous 11152

hope he dies of lung cancer lul

Anonymous 11153

>implying respectable women post on cc

Anonymous 11154

hmmm no? Idk which is only one but heart attack iirc is indoors, so not part of the ones I was thinking. Hi high, that one with grimes, odd eye circle, i'm so bad, 1/3 (?? Don't remember this unit name) are the ones with exteriors and cinematic shots that come to my mind rn.

Anonymous 11155

either a moid or some sad 31 yr old hag taking out her lack of a life on some kpop forum. pay for therapy instead of being edgy on the internet

Anonymous 11156

hope you die in a fire

Anonymous 11157

or maybe I just find people who smoke disgusting

Anonymous 11158


Only respectable ladies on cc. Discussing complex kpop theories.

Anonymous 11159

is this stepford wives?

Anonymous 11160

waiting for my womb to be cursed barren again

Anonymous 11161

seething lucasfag

Anonymous 11162


or not. the anonymity of the internet is no reason to make your sad life more pathetic. go google some TED talk on "how i finally took control of my life"

Anonymous 11163

curse anon must have been hexing us all night long look at the state of this place

Anonymous 11164

''Review: Blackpink’s debut album gleams and preens. So why isn’t it very much fun?

''But “Dynamite” has a soulful exuberance that gives the song fresh life, whereas trappy Blackpink songs like “How You Like That” and “Pretty Savage” — two vaguely phrased declarations of fierce self-determination — merely evoke the layers of technology and hours of rehearsal required to create them. There’s something vaguely oppressive about “The Album,” which hardly ever provides a sense of what Blackpink’s members are all about beyond the impatience with doubters they describe in “Love to Hate Me.”

Anonymous 11165

worse things have said about other's faves, lucasfag

go google some TED talk on "how to not take anonymous posts on the internet personally"

Anonymous 11166

how is this funny weirdo

Anonymous 11167

2ch you prick

Anonymous 11168

>has made 1000 posts about how two gay dudes offends her
get a life nctfag

Anonymous 11169



Anonymous 11170

>''But “Dynamite” has a soulful exuberance that gives the song fresh life

Lost all credibility for me right here. Was this person paid by Big Hit????

Anonymous 11171

>i'm so bad
…You mean "So What?" See, you don't even give a fuck about Poona…

>Hi high, that one with grimes, odd eye circle, 1/3

Yes all of these look painfully ghetto and those drone shots didn't change that. Blackpink does have the best mv visuals in kpop.

Anonymous 11172

you lucasfag having collective aneurysms. that's how

Anonymous 11173


Tragic… get a life anon.

Anonymous 11174

exactly i dont give a fuck

Anonymous 11175


>>11155 >>11156 >>11166 >>11173
these threads have fantasized about BTS getting into horrific accidents. harden up or go find a hugbox, lucasfags

Anonymous 11176

seriously shut up you bitches in this thread do nothing but bash on perfectly good looking idols its boring and you sound schizo
go to 4ch if u wanna nitpick looks and have retard arguments you and that old nct hag bitch
piss off

Anonymous 11178

I've made about 12 posts on this entire website since its conception, quit projecting.
I guarantee you that no one in here is as big of cringey, desperate loser as you. Normal people don't get this upset over smelly manwhores being called names online.

Anonymous 11179

i agree that there are decent looking idols getting nitpicked ITT but slug is genuinely one of the most busted looking idols esp. from SM. get your eyes checked

Anonymous 11180

shes a singer not a fucking model asshole

Anonymous 11181

frog (42).jpg

>i enjoy kpop for the music and talent!

Anonymous 11182

blink you're coping. accept your fave instathots just prance around cardboard and plastic flowers in chanel and call it a day

Anonymous 11183

Screen Shot 2020-1…


omg gross… what is up with this usage of these memes and typing style? This became a gathering of 4chan incels

Anonymous 11184

>omg gross
gtfo back to wherever you came from

Anonymous 11185


you only hate him because you are obese. death will overtake you long before him.

Anonymous 11186

you're the one whos bashing idols for no apparent reason over and over again and samefagging
piss off hope you're not above the age of 18 calling anybody a >loser
you sound out of it and everybody is tired of you going over the same shit over and over again

Anonymous 11187

you are fucking gross go back to 4ch

Anonymous 11188


Peacemaking cha eunwoo

Anonymous 11190

Yikes what happened here. no one used those frog/4chan meme reaction pics before or

or typed like an edgy 14 yr old

Anonymous 11191

Anonymous 11192

All you insecure retards do is project kek exols are as bad as ratmy

Anonymous 11193


Anonymous 11194

you type like reddit

Anonymous 11195

>frog meme reaction pics
literally how did you 12 year olds from twitter even find this place. did someone link it there

Anonymous 11196

we are supposed to be social distancing… get your diseased chinese fingers out of my face

Anonymous Admin 11197

Cool it on the a-logging.

Anonymous 11198

I blame >>11141 for summoning the lucasfags ruining this thread

Anonymous 11199

yeah yeah take ur medication

Anonymous 11200

it's the a-logs fault for a-logging, not hours.

Anonymous 11201

only it dudes from college go on reddit
i was here since the beginning lmaoo jesus i haven't seen that frog meme pic in so long is it like ironic cool to use them again

Anonymous 11202

hes so damn beautiful but i have a feeling hes gonna age badly

Anonymous 11203


was legit scared when i came on here but knowing lucasfag is nearby makes me feel safe

Anonymous 11204


he's the only man we can all agree isn't ugly so if he ages badly what's left?

Anonymous 11205


It's yours for shitting up the thread with posts about an idol who nobody else gives a shit about. The more you spam his pics or defend him the more we're gonna despise him. Pic related is right.

Anonymous 11206


I hate miners

Anonymous 11207

lucasfag is the only nctfag i like teehee

Anonymous 11208

this isnt LC critical so why are u mad about lucasfag
just ignore retard

Anonymous 11209

frog (40).jpg

>i was here since the beginning lmaoo jesus i haven't seen that frog meme pic in so long is it like ironic cool to use them again
based. this is now a frogposting thread

Anonymous 11210


sm debuting smngg and saving the industry YESH

Anonymous 11211


leave and don't come back faggot

Anonymous 11212

Why can't I hate them just because it isn't kpc?

Anonymous 11213


okay well I am still going to do it tragically

Anonymous 11214


why do u have to though? whats the point.
Blackpinks guitarist is hot

Anonymous 11215

wym by "have to"? I hate them because I hate them. Also because their attempts at converting non lucasfags is fucking annoying.

Anonymous 11216



time to cleanse this place

Anonymous 11217

get a job fucktard lol imagine being mad at a person for posting about a kpop dude in kpg
when you can just ignore

Anonymous 11218

No sign of dick from this angle, micropenis confirmed

Anonymous 11219


lately I've been finding jungwoo so fine

Anonymous 11220


look at this one, he's like a sea otter
imagine him eating an abalone

what's so fun about picking on a little retarded boy? do you feel threatened by masculine men?

Anonymous 11221


>get a job fucktard lol imagine being mad at a person for posting about a kpop dude in kpg
>when you can just ignore

Anonymous 11223

he looks like discount taemin lmao

Anonymous 11224


Someone get mark a nice exfoliant damn

Anonymous 11225

He's an ilbe incel, love thyself anona

And do you think any of the kpop idols would have good dick? Please digress

Anonymous 11226

>ilbe incel

Anonymous 11227

He looks like taemin but more attractive in every way, but yeah he is an Ilbe incel

Anonymous 11228


at least the other dickless kpop boys don't look like this guy

Anonymous 11229


Not saying Marks nose is fug but what makes SM decide to mess with Ten's and Haechan's noses for no reason but Marks gets to say natural.

Anonymous 11230

cant wait for the live for this if they'll even allow it on tv that is

Anonymous 11231

why couldn't have the idols voluntarily gone under ps?

Anonymous 11232


>He's an ilbe incel, love thyself anona
> yeah he is an Ilbe incel

Anonymous 11233


nta but

Anonymous 11234


being lee soomans best boy comes w benefits
they even fucked up Kai's beautiful face

Anonymous 11235

Fair point but since they are literally products that SM invests millions into I'm sure SM suggests what to do with their "images"

Anonymous 11236

Oh yeah no doubt, just wanted to hear your opinion on who has a sizeable peen

Anonymous 11237


Early debut Kai was beautiful. SM srsly fucks up their own artists if they make TY get a pinocchio nose I will cry.

Anonymous 11238

ok lol????
the korean investor reports say that its a non nct group
do you think sm would survive without a new bg they can pimp out
nct is past their shelf life anon
i'll give up the investor reports lel

Anonymous 11239


kai looks way better now than he did there, quit being a boomer.

Anonymous 11240


Anonymous 11241


>And do you think any of the kpop idols would have good dick?

Jaemin and Jungwoo prolly have the fattest cocks in nct tbh

Anonymous 11242


sorry anon just reminiscing about hooded eyelid Kai
ig hes still cute when he escapes exo stylists

Anonymous 11243

thats disgusting love

Anonymous 11244



His ps healed but his eyes are like permanently uneven due to it. He doesn't look that bad tho

Anonymous 11245

onisiyong is already a plastic monster

Anonymous 11247

SuperM female version?? Really?? They only have RV and SNSD and idk if Taeyeon and Yoona (the remaining stars) would be down for it. The NGG members would be more nugu that nct to debut in a super group.

Anonymous 11248


its the truth tho, any man that can do the disgusting aegyo they do publicly prolly has a huge dick to compensate

Anonymous 11249

mental illness

Anonymous 11250

But there's nothing to see here. He's got a super narrow frame too so I doubt it

Anonymous 11251


okay luv sure

Anonymous 11252

EXO STYLISTS? tf they haven't touched him since obsession, and when they do they usually give him some of the best outfits. superm stylists are shit but as the global ambassador of gucci, most of his fits are literally picked straight off the runway.

Anonymous 11253


>super narrow frame

hes the biggest in NCT Dream tho and Jungwoo is the biggest in NCT 127

Anonymous 11254


He's perfect, nb is doing it like him. I envy Krystal for **ing him on that hotel pool

Anonymous 11255

i'm not trying to argue here, i just remember reading the article and felt the overwhelming need to correct you. but yes, something new and shiny from sm would be nice.

Anonymous 11256

Screen Shot 2020-1…

SM seems to be endlessly showering money at Super M and adamant to make them happen no mater what. Lowkey hoping they succeed so ratmy meltdown happens

Anonymous 11257

exofags are honestly the some of biggest simps even by kpop standards

how you still stan a group where the members have expressed in every possible way that they despise their fans only short of outright saying it is beyond me

Anonymous 11258

lmao better than bts with their fake ''armys are my girlfriends''
i dont want grown men who i stan for music and content to say shit like that

Anonymous 11259

>endlessly showering money
sperm are signed to capitol which is where their money comes from number one, number two you look at those music videos and tell me the budget was anything more than a paperclip and a piece of string. they put fucking shindong in charge of all the editing for christ's sake. nct are the ones hogging all the resources.

Anonymous 11261


No simp september is over anon let me thirst in peace, it's been almost a year thanks to rona have some mercy

Anonymous 11262


walmart jaejoong cope

Anonymous 11263


this whole post reeks

Anonymous 11264

Jongin is the only one worth stanning, the others are bastards.

Anonymous 11265

Kim Kai solo <3

Anonymous 11266

lmfaoooo based horny anon providing the TMI we needed

Anonymous 11267

for what anon

Anonymous 11268

Imagine being a prostitute and you have to suck this guys micropenis

Anonymous 11269



Jungwoo being an incel was the biggest shocker to me. Would have literally never thought. The fact that the only non manlet member of nct is some ilbe woman hater is so tragic.

Anonymous 11270



Anonymous 11271

since hes korean im sure the girls over there are used to it
poor tings

Anonymous 11272

>the only
? He's shorter than Lucas, Johnny, and now Sungchan at least. He just has an unfortunately long torso like Sehun.

Anonymous 11273

Kai has a sizeable diq. Krystal and Jennie mess up with westerners, they have better standards than regular gangnam unnies

Anonymous 11274

Depending on how much you're getting paid it might be worth it if he showers first. Probably like chewing bubblegum

Anonymous 11275

u chew on peepees, anon?

Anonymous 11276

Yes moid i bite it with all my teeth until it bleeds

Anonymous 11277

I would formally like to apologize for talking shit about the Straykidz faggots please uncurse this thread

Anonymous 11278


wow he does have a long torso never noticed before! I was more talking about his body frame hes a big guy

Anonymous 11279


Yes hex anon on behalf of everyone here on cc kpop thread we are sorry please undo it

Anonymous 11280


Lucasfags, your husbando wouldn't live past 30 years old due to his chainsmoking and his retardation. Here are some idols you should stan before you unfortunately will see Lucas' inevitable death on the news.

>TXT Soobin

>Treasure Mashiho
>Stray Kids Lee Know

And many more big eared idols. Please, save yourself before the inevitable happens.

Anonymous 11281


Anonymous 11282

name a group that hasn't said something to this degree

Anonymous 11283


Incredible how Lucas has the ability to transcend cultural barriers and make fangirls collectively horny for something as simple as smoking. Likewise he inspires so much passionate hatred and dedication. Ppl literally can't stop talking about him. Lucas daddy rise.

Anonymous 11284

nasty. kys

Anonymous 11285


that's ok, he will be canonised and declared a saint soon after

Anonymous 11286


What do y'all think about the sexier girl groups like Bambino and stuff? I honestly feel sorry for them like not to be a prude but its literally just fap material

Anonymous 11287

He was hot here, too bad he can't keep up this shape for long, he loses weight too easily. You lucasfags gotta tell the boy to drink whey and chicken breast shakes

Anonymous 11288

no tinfoil but aren't groups like laysha basically covers for escort services?

Anonymous 11289

bambino aren't a "sexier girl group" they're barely even a girl group. they're just a dance group who shit out bad music so they can do these slutty dance events and rake in virgin cash.

Anonymous 11290

Lotsa guys are big next to haechan, taeil, and jyp

Anonymous 11291

I feel bad for them ngl but what I hate the most is twitter fags actually stanning these kinds of groups in the name of ~feminism~

Anonymous 11292

this and covid really killed off a lot of these groups' business

Anonymous 11293


>and jyp

don't do my man jeno like that

Anonymous 11294

Screen Shot 2020-1…

nct stalks stan twitter and even reposts memes i wonder how lucas and fam feel about the response to his smoking lol

Anonymous 11295

Why is NCT so popular here? Do you guys WANT to be bullied? At least with BTS, Blackpink, or even Loona you have some cover.

Anonymous 11296


Jyp wanted to rebrand and become a trendy pop boy again under a pseudonym and his disguise is not fooling me.

Anonymous 11297


This txt guy's face gives me the heebie jeebies. Before anons reee, he's 18 I can nitpick his freaky eyelids all I want

Anonymous 11298

this isn't even a nitpick the guy is 100% factually bizarre looking

Anonymous 11299



Anonymous 11300

hard agree, i have never seen a human eyelid have folds like a ballsack its befuddling

i wonder if his eyelids are gonna sag in 10 years, he's a strange looking kid

Anonymous 11301

his smug grin is so hot

Anonymous 11302



Haechan recently even gained weight/beefed up but he's still so small his fangirls must be twice his size

Anonymous 11303


haechan is just a very petite person in general

no matter how bulky he gets he's still gonna be super narrow because he's so tiny to begin with

Anonymous 11304

well Johnny is five years older than haechan, so haechan might grow out of his tiny frame by the time he's 25. though he'll never be tall or big he'll be at least normal I bet

Anonymous 11305

If the infighting within the last ~300 posts in this thread aren't proof that men literally ruin everything then idk what is.
I just like their music, I don't buy their albums lmfao.
Nobody cares about them except for degenerate moids. Terrible business model btw considering the broke scrotes of r/kpopfap aren't actually paying them anything (yes ik they're actually prostitutes).

Anonymous 11306

yeah it's men who are infighting about nctwinks you got them queen

Anonymous 11307


>the men in question

Anonymous 11308


Anonymous 11309

we get it he's the size of a malnourished orphan can you stop now

Anonymous 11311


Being a hapa can be suffering

Anonymous 11312

What kind of special Olympics shit is this

Anonymous 11313

I actually liked the new Blackpink album other than the song Crazy Over You.

And the title song is so nice to listen to. It's the first time since Playing With Fire came out that I've liked a Blackpink song on the first listen. I'm actually surprised that it hasn't been getting as much views as HYLT or Ice Cream, since its way better than those songs.

Anonymous 11314

Screen Shot 2020-1…


Daddy haechan agenda 2020. Hes not that small anymore hes bigger than Doyoung.

Anonymous 11315

>special Olympics
m8 are you really gonna rag on svt for choreo out of all things

also thanks for confirming it works

Anonymous 11316

Who? What? I don't know who your prancing oppas are the video you posted just looks retarded.

Anonymous 11317

oh no sis they got the comically large shoelace out guess we cant say anything about the choreo now

Anonymous 11318

Like I said I was testing to see if cc supports vp9 you mouthbreathing retard https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VP9

who pissed in your cereal today or do you think it's obligatory to be hostile for no reason?

Anonymous 11319

That is because most fans are listening to the album.

Anonymous 11320

I'm confident that the choreo is better than anything your oppas can do

Anonymous 11321

You know you can just see for yourself if it works by clicking play after you posted it right? Nobody even asked about your VP9 shit.

>no reason

That embarrassing display of a "choreo" was reason enough. P!NK for 75 IQ hamplanets

Anonymous 11322

I didn't ask for your opinion either yet here we are.

Why the fuck are you trying to start shit for no reason? Can you fuck off?

Anonymous 11323

>Who? What?
>Nobody even asked about your VP9 shit.
Yeah, you did.

Anonymous 11324

Where do you think you are? Go back to your twitter hugbox
Obviously referring to "svt" you illiterate retard

Anonymous 11325

JFC people who cares about some vpn can we ban discussion about any topic that isn't related to kpop on here? go make a discord for yourself and fight it out there

Anonymous 11326

>Where do you think you are? Go back to your twitter hugbox
there's a middle ground between being a hugbox and starting shit for no reason you edgy underageb& cockmuncher

Anonymous 11327

I was just making a test post while the thread seemed a bit quiet. Tell me you're not saying this is my fault.

Anonymous 11328

cringe. Once again the reason was your oppas looking like they're doing special ed courtyard activities. You started shit by getting your fat feelings hurt

Anonymous 11329

yet my oppa's blackheads are more attractive and relevant than half of svt so where do we go from here

Anonymous 11330

Are u the same anon who got mad at the lucasfag
It's time to log out love

Anonymous 11331

No. Lucasfag is a preacher. Try again sis

Anonymous 11332

Are you the lucasfag?

Anonymous 11333


Chenle has the fattest dick in Nct Dream Jeno on the other hand radiates small dick energy

Anonymous 11334


IM the lucasfag bitches did u miss me here's some xuxi to calm u hoes tf down

Anonymous 11335

Something about Izone just gets me, especially their first two title tracks. They have plenty of iffy members but I’m just so captivated by Kim Chaewon.

Having a literal child as their center is such a turnoff tho.

Anonymous 11336

fuck off lucasfag

Anonymous 11337

Sorry you think everyone who doesn't share your bad taste is the same person xxx

Anonymous 11338


this is an imposter
I am the real lucas homosexual

Anonymous 11339

No Lucas grosses me out but I respect her ☆

Anonymous 11340

I wonder how he's gonna look when he grows up & gets more ps. Can't look like a creepy puppet forever

Anonymous 11341

I agree, izone are a really great group. It's a shame that scandal kinda ruined their rep, as if it wasn't common knowledge all those shows are rigged anyways.

Anonymous 11342

Screen Shot 2020-1…

I don't even wanna think about that poor child anon pls I remember reading some netizenbuzz article about her and hundreds of 30 yr old men commenting VOMIT

Anonymous 11343

she lowkey gives me sulli vibes, her parents are gross for throwing her into the industry so young knowing she's gonna get creeped on by fucking old ass men

Anonymous 11344

Speaking of this kid
Does her agency train her to be pedobait bc it's very obvious
Sometimes when her childishness shows I just feel bad for her
Shes been stuck in the industry since 13 and CJ/Stone ent is probably gonna sell her rights away since she doesnt know anything about contracts and doesnt even have her High school diploma
This video is also so stale lol

Anonymous 11345

To be fair Sulli got treated as a child she was by SM, they were a little sus with Krystals styling at times but other than that I think SM doesnt do suggestive concepts with their GGs aside from the ICC and Peekaboo catastrophe they pulled w Joy.
Back on the topic of Sulli, she had the same cute image like a little sister, Until of course she got groomed by Choiza. SM never manages ther female artists but are hard core with their management of Male idols.
We been knew since a KBS chief or something tried to grope Jessica.
They should put all that effort into protecting their female idols.

Anonymous 11346


i don't pay attention but in the vid

it looks like she's trying to act older than her age actually. they make her extra sultry and giggly imo the other girl with the dimples is only like 16 as but she has a different image

Anonymous 11347

Weren’t there some rumors about her having a bad case of stress induced hair loss? She’s 15 and she had some bald spots at some point.

Anonymous 11348



Yeah Sulli for the most part was covered up and acted childish. I do remember this sus af boyohboy photoshoot what. Krystal had questionable outfits but she had a pretty serious image and never had to act like a dumb bimbo.

Innocence is sexualized tho especially in Korea where googling "little sister" will get u porn

Anonymous 11349

Women liking men isn't gay

Anonymous 11350

There should be a rule of not debuting trainees under the age of 16. For this exact reason. She was 14 in this vid.

Anonymous 11351

NTA but it's obviously a play on the fag in lucasfag you silly little autist

Anonymous 11352

please don't bring them back

Anonymous 11353

you have to say lucasfag 3 times in the mirror to summon them dw

Anonymous 11354


Lee Know mogs Lucasuggo

Anonymous 11355

dont pit two kings against each other </3

Anonymous 11356

Anon hes 5'7.

Anonymous 11357


Anonymous 11358


Anonymous 11359

Agreed. One of the other members said that mark keeps stealing his face masks, he probably thinks using a face mask every now and then is enough for his skin lmaooo. Consistently is how you get results.

Anonymous 11360


Fx concept and izone concept are worlds apart tho. Fx had a unique concept that didn't pander to men at all. They danced around and even wore outfits somewhat revealing but it wasn't as gross as Izone since they are marketed to men. tbh that's why they intruded Japanese members into a kpop group. Japanese women are fetishized by korean men they have this stereotype of being more demure and submissive. Izone fandom is majority older men and everything they do is so gross to me for that reason. Itzy show lots of skin but don't make me want to hurl.

Anonymous 11361

Well I did say SM doesnt manage their female idols well, they dont really focus on them outside of what music they produce for them and all that
F(x) has done weird photoshoots and I looked through the photos of that magazine lol I got grossed out

Anonymous 11362


>txt soobin is 6'-1"
Finally another chimp that can compete with Lucas

Anonymous 11363


Apparently he left them on until it totally dried too lmaoo he didn't realize ur not supposed to do that until a member told him in a live. SM is working him to death and its showing on his face. He needs a good serum too and should prolly start resin-a treatment now for prevention.

Anonymous 11364

your irrational hatred for lucas is concerning. get well soon

Anonymous 11365

Anon that's why I said this
Are u replying to the wrong post or what. I know their concepts are different that's why is said what I said.
My post on >>11350 is unrelated to that

Anonymous 11367

We are not talking about JK, anon

Anonymous 11368

Anon posting all the dumbo idols in an attempt to undermine Lucasfag has made me realize that every big eared idol is a retard. Is there a scientifc correlation between the distance of your ears to your temple and IQ

Anonymous 11369


Soobin is freaking weird looking
His lips always do that W thing and he always tries to look hazy eyed
Kek didnt he receive 10k comments on a Korean imageboard/community site for this

Anonymous 11370

hes qt

Anonymous 11371


wap wap wap

Anonymous 11372

Why do they keep doing this. It’s not limited to girls too, I remember army making a countdown for Jungkook’s graduation from jailbait.
I wonder if Wonyoung is going to talk about how damaging it is when she grows up. Jungkook has a shit ton of creepy interviews where he talks about feeling mentally stunted.

Anonymous 11373

>creepy interviews where he talks about feeling mentally stunted

In what way?

Anonymous 11374

Arrested development is pretty common among celebrities. They say you stay the same age you made it big at mentally. Probably worse when you not only have yes-men around you because you make billions for the economy but also unhinged stans who think you can do no wrong

Anonymous 11375


>billions for the economy
Christ how did the double digit iq ratmys find this thread…

Anonymous 11376

I dislike BTS but it's been reported by multiple sources that they're worth 3.6 Billion? Idk feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. I'm just repeating what google tells me

Anonymous 11377

what makes you think they're a ratmy

Anonymous 11378

Because no one besides ratmy with worms in their brains genuinely believes BelowTheStandard are carrying the Korean economy

Anonymous 11379

3.6 Billion is not carrying the economy…

Anonymous 11380

I'm guessing it's in won

naw mate you're just retarded

Anonymous 11382

>11374: because you make billions for the economy
I am begging you to learn how to read

Anonymous 11383

nevermind, seems that it's in USD after all

Anonymous 11384

i've read that
still not sure what point you're trying to make

Anonymous 11385

It's not CARRYING the economy you retard my god speak for yourself about learning how to read

Anonymous 11386


Anonymous 11387

nice selfie

Anonymous 11388

>Adding money to the economy means you're carrying it on your back
>It's totally not just a small percentage of it
Get a grip please. You still haven't made a case for how that's even disproven or wrong other than ratmie brain worms. You can hate BTS and acknowledge they've made a lot of money for Korea

Anonymous 11389

wtf was he even doing?? when's he gonna slurp his groupmates ears like jimincel? he clearly learned from the best

Anonymous 11390


Wow this was Jaehyun before he was only allowed to have one facial expression

Anonymous 11391

What’s this about Jimin and ear licking, is he stepping up on the bait game?

Anonymous 11392

They made 10 billion ish since 2017 how is that carrying anything
They barely make 1% of what Hyundai, Samsung, Kia, LG make
Not even that I'm sure they barely carry the Kpop industry
Sm made that amount of money when H.o.t. S.e.s, Shinhwa and TVXQ were promoting lmao and YG when BB and 2ne1 were active.
3.8 billion is carrying the South Korean economy yall. Applaud Bts oppar.

Anonymous 11393

Hes so damn stale
Also this Bts stage made me laugh

Anonymous 11395

I've said like 3 times now that they're not carrying anything. Literally said it here >>11388
You good? I am begging you to learn how to read

Anonymous 11396

you finally came back huh

nta but nobody said anything about bts carrying the economy apart from you. now will you fuck off?

Anonymous 11397

Anon wtf lol I'm not the person u were talking to

Anonymous 11398


Kpop twitter is so unhinged.

Remember how they absolutely skinned that russian girl lana for months because, "kpop is for asians! racist colonizer!"?
Now a black girl is about to debut and twitter already decided that she's so much more beautiful and talented than the korean members in her group and if you don't immediately stan her that makes you a racist…

Kpop mostly stems from japanese and (black) american music, but girly (who's already 25) is senegalese…
That's one of the most insane cases of hypocrisy I've seen in a long time.

The group will flop and then they'll call koreans racist too, even tho they only praised her.

Anonymous 11399

I didn't mean to quote you sick I havent even read anything yall sperging about I just put my 2 cents in why are you going retard mode on me lol I just woke up

Anonymous 11400

that dudes response is what happens when you learn social theory 101 from twitter lmaoo

Anonymous 11401

They skinned her because she pulled slant eyes and then tried to fuck off to China cause nobody gaf about her
Are yall gonna go sperg about race again like u ppl did on LC attacking Sea and black ppl
Knetz like this new girl so who cares plus shes hotter than Lana's melty face ass lel
And to be fair the reply is 100% correct even Lee Sooman says he copied Smtown off Motown kek

Anonymous 11402

>posts bs
>anons call you out for it
>hurrr u serpg! stop being mean to me!
You're cancer.

>I havent even read anything

Thanks for admitting it shit for brains.

Anonymous 11403

he literally sucked jk's earlobe when they were on stage, iirc jk was crying as well. someone back on the lc threads kept posting the gif of him doing that kek

Anonymous 11404


ha, you can see why he never moves his face once you actually SEE him move his face. I'm sure his acting will be great as he struggles to maintain that single expression.

Anonymous 11405

You're accusing me of being the anon who argued with you, I dont care about your argument and what I said doesnt take anything away from it so go to sleep you dont seem well up there sis

Anonymous 11406

He'll most likely play the same emotionally stunned rich guy who hasn't gotten over some dark trauma so he won't need to make any facial expressions

Anonymous 11408

calm tf down there with your persecution complex

Anonymous 11409


not to be nitpicky but how y'all feel about men with really small hands.

I just can't it highkey grosses me out.

Anonymous 11410

Open up the dictionary before using a word you dont know kiddo

Anonymous 11411

are you sea or black lol

Anonymous 11412

gonna end up like another alex reid. in fact, what company was her group in? it may be the same one

Anonymous 11413


Anon you want me to set u up w this dude?
His hands are fine as long as their slender
I dont rly care bc I have fucked up hands myself lel

Anonymous 11415

Don't do this. We are gonna get hexed again

Anonymous 11416

So funny teehee are u sea or black
Peak comedy fuck off now yeah
If yall wanna go on about weird race stuff you picked up from reading Knetz comment go somewhere else you sound like wannabe ilbe retards Netizenbuzz translates comments about

Anonymous 11417

schizo post

Anonymous 11418


He seems like an extreme case of toddler hands. If his fingers were a bit longer it wouldn't look so weird. Jeno has small delicate hands but they are shaped okay it doesn't look as weird.


dear lord

Anonymous 11419


Anonymous 11420

They could both succeed as solo singers in the US if they got Kpop level training idk why they came to Korea
Matter of fact I think Alex didnt even audition for it especially since Kpop was barely known back then she was just picked up bc she was a video girl in the US I guess
Koreans dont give a fuck about foreigners I'm pretty sure the top charting group in 2012 who sang that Cherry blossom song had a old white dude in it

Anonymous 11421


I'd rather a man with small hands than big ones. this the boyz guy has yaoi manga tier gigantic hands and it freaks me out

pic related

Anonymous 11422


Anonymous 11423

what the hell

Anonymous 11424

Weirdos who arent even Asian who are obsessed w Sea ppl from LC piss me off ok I've dealt enough w them already have some empathy
Yes Yeehaw go bait someone else

Anonymous 11425


Baekhyuns hands

Anonymous 11426



Love big hands the can grab both my kitties at one like hewhoshallnotbenamed's but this guys are just not proportional to the rest of him yelp

Anonymous 11427


Anonymous 11428

>They could both succeed as solo singers in the US
you really think the music industry's that easy?

Anonymous 11429

They ripped her apart even before her debut, and it's not like those twitterfags or you know whether that african girl has talent either, this is solely about skin color. Plus koreans and the chinese called lana pretty as well, it's only ifans who have a massive problem.

>Are yall gonna go sperg about race again like u ppl did on LC attacking Sea and black ppl

Those tweets have over 80k likes, we've discussed far less relevant things here already.

Anonymous 11430


>both my kitties at once

Anonymous 11431


that was supposed to say titties

Anonymous 11432

>March 23, 1995
Should've given up long ago.

Anonymous 11433


biggest hand s in the kpop industry<3

Anonymous 11434

If you're pretty and have a nice body then yes lel and theres so many vacant spots for new black female artists in the US, like Megan was unknown until last year.
Selena Gomez got famous ish with her shit singing also so
Plus the music industry is easier to break into as a underground artist if you have the right fans these days, pretty sure they picked it up from Kpop lel they even copied Kpop fans streaming techniques
Anyways let's not go off topic

Anonymous 11435

Ew… busted old hoe

Anonymous 11436

just because a handful of lucky ones made it big doesn't change the fact that vast majority of singers don't make it anywhere in the industry

Also isn't megan 3 stallion kind of broke from having to pay for all her staff out of her own pockets as per her contract?

Anonymous 11437

That's why I said in my other post that koreans dont care about foreigners. Read the room babe
Also I wouldnt have known that she got dragged before debut I dont spend my days on Twitter getting mad over what retards say to a random kpop chick
Anyways read rule 9 dont make me mini mod xoxo

Anonymous 11438

What does this have to do with anything
I just said
>they could
Never said it was definite I'm not an industry expert retard holy shit lmao

Anonymous 11439

>I dont spend my days on Twitter getting mad over what retards say to a random kpop chick
I love it when retards get so argumentative then straight up admit they don't know shit

Anonymous 11440

Nta but the point is that as a young hot black chick in 2020 your chances of making it in the US couldn't possibly be bigger, this is the right place and time.

She obviously does though, judging by her writing style.

Anonymous 11441

>megan 3 stallion

Anonymous 11442

>I just said
>>they could
That reads like they have the ability to. Should've said "they might".

Then which megan are you talking about? A kpop nugu perhaps?

Anonymous 11452

If it helps you stop race baiting and makes you sleep at night then anytime anon, anytime
I'll play retard for u xoxo
Are u black or sea teeheeeeeeeeeee

Anonymous 11453


You actually can get signed to kpop companies, even to the big 3 as a non-asian, just don't be uncute, they don't want pimply chubby twerkers who sperg on stan twitter

Anonymous 11454


modal verb: could

past of can1.

used to indicate possibility.

"they could be right"

Did u fail English anon

Anonymous 11455


I wasn't even the poster you were replying to previously.

Anonymous 11456

most male idols have such tiny delicate hands honestly, when I was in seoul last year I went to the smtown museum and they had a wall of hand prints and I of all the male idols I compared with I think there was maybe one or two that were the same size and my hand or bigger, all the rest had tiny little paws

I'm tall so my hands aren't super tiny but I'm still female and my hands aren't huge either, it was weird realising the majority of guys at sm had smaller hands than me, like how could you hold hands with a guy like that?

Anonymous 11457

in the context of your post it doesn't fit eslfag

Anonymous 11458

>people talk about black girl
>brings up sea, says people are racist to sea, again talks about sea, acts as if people want her to say she's sea
Are you okay…?

Anonymous 11459

Did u just clock yourself
>I'm not even the person you replied to
>comes back again to reply to the same post
Anyways you reek of Male poster or pick me foid now pls stop <3
It's true two hot black girls could succeed if they got kpop level training
We are not stuck in the 90-10s ok theres a new artist coming out with a viral song everyday boomer

Anonymous 11460

its… megan thee stallion… thee, not three

Anonymous 11461

Read in context it's not hard I promise

Anonymous 11462



Damn I guess pics are deceiving their hands look huge, even renjun.

Anonymous 11463

See >>11417
But seriously you're not making sense at all.

Anonymous 11464

That's not schizo, she's just a classic twitterfag, down to condescendingly using hearts and sweetie

Anonymous 11465

This isnt LC where u can come in the thread every few days and bait a week long convo about my oppar like to fuck white girls, why do Twitter retards no like Lana its retarded stop samefagging bye
I'm like so sorry I didnt give in to your race baiting
:( aw anon bully me call me schizo so sad

Anonymous 11467

Gtfo Lana

Anonymous 11468

wym pretty sure she hates lana for being white

Anonymous 11469

I love white ppl I bop to Cherry Blossom Ending everyday dont accuse me lul I have white friends
You just piss me off anon

Anonymous 11470


Many fans posted comparison pics, e.g. here's Chanyeol's (who's known for his "gigantic" hands) with a just as big yet very female looking hand (turns out she's even asian, so no huge nordic girl or something)…

Truly unhinged…

Anonymous 11471

Loved Seolhyun until she turned out to be a bully
It's sad hours

Anonymous 11472


Whoever made this post I just want to say that you're very based and correct

It's nice to have a space where we can speak the truth without woke twitterfags getting all up in our faces

Anonymous 11473

Did she in fact bully mina? I thought that was just mina being psychotic

Anonymous 11474

>huge nordic girl
Anon u need to stop pls IM BEGGING

Anonymous 11475

Mina wasnt being psycothic
Iirc Jimin told Mina to stop being immature when her dad passed away and forced her to promote not shortly after
Seolhyun was an accomplice I'm p sure she was the member who Mina said had told her to "Not make this a huge issue" and that her career would be ruined if she exposed Jimin
It's weird I also think there was a female idol who attempted because her co members sexually harassed her or something? And etc.
But I still lol and find it odd how they can flat out call each other ugly and fat on camera

Anonymous 11476



but lmao anon is totally wrong. Evidence: NCT's huge nordic girl fans tbh

but lmao anon isn't totally off the mark

Anonymous 11477

If that's true it's kind of a shitty thing to do but doesn't quite fit the definition of bullying.

Anonymous 11478

God forgive me but they're all so busted looking

Anonymous 11479

jesus it really is 3 am huh? I meant to say that anon isn't totally wrong

Anonymous 11480

Mina insinuated Seolhyun bullied her as well early on I think but idk maybe my memory is skewed

Anonymous 11481


pumpkin head in the middle is makin me kek

Anonymous 11482

Huh, I don't get it? What's not true abou that post?
Scandi or northern euro girls are known for being very tall so them having bigger hands than an asian man isn't anything out of the ordinary, but when even a small asian girl has bigger hands than him, that's quite telling of his actual size.

Anonymous 11483


Yeah but I don't really have a lot of faith in the objectiveness of her ig posts tbh

Sorry for posting akp comments but I kind of agree here

Anonymous 11484


nct nordic asian fangirls aren't any different tbh. I'm suddenly remembering the anon who said the average nct fangirl is thrice their size

Anonymous 11485

johnny looks like the teacher taking his class on a field trip lmao

Anonymous 11486

>nordic asian fangirls
is this a new meme or smth

Anonymous 11489

That's what I'm saying
Only weird ppl use
When referring to white Americans lul

Anonymous 11490


NCT in America pics are just endless evidence that America has an obesity epidemic. This is my fave pic tho. The way Quavo just fits in so seamlessly with the rest of NCT lol

Anonymous 11491

Anon what "nordic" fangirl are u seeing in this picture

Anonymous 11492


why limit it to just nct

Anonymous 11493

it's a joke since they are all asian but obv it's form USA jokingly a nordic country

Anonymous 11494


My oppars so hephap look at them pulling gang signs
Reminds me of the picture some YG artists took with Will and Jaden Smith lol

Anonymous 11495

>that ogre on the bottom right

Anonymous 11497

The chick thats standing in front of sana omg and those dudes all look like 35 yr old incels

Anonymous 11498

Isnt that beard guy the one dude who keeps reacting to kpop and even if it's horrible he keeps saying how the production is top notch
Someone explain why did guy went on for a week saying he was a chick then dropping it the very next
Thought u were being fr like
I almost got scared that we got raided by incels using
>nordic girl
While referring to white Americans kek

Anonymous 11499

I just know those girls held their breaths for a MINUTE
Poor top right girl having that stank armpit in her face

Anonymous 11500

Screen Shot 2020-1…

omg not all nct fans are gigantic ogres lmao a rare picture of Haechan looking big

Anonymous 11501

I'm so conflicted about this.

Many of their songs were bops and Seolhyun was probably the only female idol I liked, she seemed very sweet, just naive to fall for somebody like Zico. After their breakup she sometimes vagueposted something about feminism, so I thought she might be educating herself. She was just one of those cases of attractive person getting hate simply because they're attractive.
I especially sympathized with her when I saw how clearly passive aggressive the other members were towards her, likely due to jealousy. When Aoa was on knowing bros most fans said that it seems as if Seolhyun is bullied by the others (e.g. saying she's dirty, never washes her blanket, anything to make her look bad while she just smiled embarrassed).

What does bystander mean, how much did the other members witness? We'll likely never know, but I'd nevertheless feel guilty towards Mina if I continued listening to their music.

Anonymous 11502


What is the unfortunate thing that happened in 2018 the BTS members keep bringing up but never talk in depth about it?

They've said many times something was going on during that time that made them consider disbanding and they still bring it up till this day which makes me think it might've been something major.

You never know what's going on behind the scenes, I wonder what it was. I have some guesses but they're just me tinfoiling. Maybe one of them or someone from Bighit will open up about it one day.

It's kind of weird because they were just getting financially more successful around that time.

Anonymous 11503


Nordic refers to northern european, not murican, murican girls aren't known for being tall.

>omg not all nct fans are gigantic ogres
>posts pic of fat midget

Kmusicandblackwomen is a goldmine for funny idol+fan pics. What I find even weirder than ugly fans (losers being into odd stuff like anime or kpop is normal) are borderline hot fans, like this looks like the type of girl who's clubbing everyday, not simping for skinny asian boys who were makeup.

Anonymous 11504


Anonymous 11505

> just naive

idk anything about seolhyun or aoa tbh but I nobody in kpop is naive. These people make money by peddling fantasies to fans and they are trained to the T on how to behave to get people to do things for them (spend money). They are basically professional liars. not only that but most idols spend their teen years viciously competing against those around them, starving themselves, getting ahead. Nobody who is in that kind of environment is naive at all.

Anonymous 11506

Just pirate their music then lmao

Anonymous 11507

anyone have that pic of the fat white everglow fan standing with the members

Anonymous 11508


>>posts pic of fat midget

Anonymous 11509

It just sounds like they were going through a rough time, I don't think there was any specific 'thing' that stands above the rest. Most artists will tell you that increased popularity means increased stress, and random personal/professional problems can pile up at any time. No need to read that far into it.

Anonymous 11510

I'm sure ratmy have 298979485 theories about it on Quora and Reddit so u should check there

Anonymous 11511


Zico is involved with seungri and that shit, no women would date them if they could tell how creepy/evil they are, that was clearly her being dumb. Plus her image tanked severely because of him, again dumb.

I never bought any of their stuff anyway, I just can't listen to them anymore at all because it reminds me of what they did.
I'm even more mad at yoochun, thanks for ruining tvxq, all of their songs were so good.

I mean, haechanfag was acting as if that's somehow better than being tall kek

Anonymous 11512

still thinking it is just another madeup or exaggerated story for their image. Like the old, tiring story of them being outsiders in the beginning.

Anonymous 11513



Jesus NCT 127 is the taller and bigger part of NCT imagine WayV doing a meet and greet with US fans

Anonymous 11515

Yeah they said they were going through stuff that made them consider disbanding in early 2018 but they also renewed their contract with Big Hit for 7 more years in late 2018.

Anonymous 11516

imminent contract renewal was probably one of the things stressing them out early in the year, since most companies seem to negotiate with members individually rather than with the group as a whole, it probably made it a lot harder for them to agree about how to handle renewal

Anonymous 11517


>I'm suddenly remembering the anon who said the average nct fangirl is thrice their size
And I was right: 1 murican woman = 2 monsta x = 3 nct, see >>11511

Pic related, not obese but a gigantic culture shock kek

Anonymous 11518


omg pls post more

How are his legs literally skinner than both of those girls

I want to stand next to haechan so I can feel like a fat whale

Anonymous 11519


Anonymous 11520


I guess those girls are really small

Anonymous 11521


That's the only nice picture

Anonymous 11522


But I wonder how she got to take one with only one member

Anonymous 11523


Anonymous 11524

Why are you flooding the thread with these

Anonymous 11525

My question

Anonymous 11526

not them but someone asked

Anonymous 11527


they will never actually disband, they'll just fall into irrelevancy one day. idk when. 2-3 years ago people predicted it would've been their peak but they kept being at an all time high in popularity since then. bighit won't let the biggest cashcow they'll ever have leave until they don't have any money to milk out anymore.

my guess is that it was either an exaggerated story or one of the members is legitimately mentally ill but he got a shrink and they moved on or something like that.

Anonymous 11528


Anonymous 11529

major groups basically never disband anyway

Anonymous 11530



nah Jungwoo is big daddy confirmed

Anonymous 11531

Yeah these dudes are shorter on average, is anyone really surprised like SK has an average male height of 6'4? Not trying to be racist but you get the point

Anonymous 11532

Anonymous 11533

I doubt it was exaggerated. Apparently, V and Jk wanted to quit. It’s obvious from V’s current attitude and Jk mentioned that he was bringing the group down and making the mood dark due to his alcoholic habits.

Anonymous 11534

>alcoholic habits

exaggeration or legit? also lol they got 7 more years now

Anonymous 11535


they all seemed depressed in early 2018. jimin was saying stuff like this in the interviews they were doing at the time.

Anonymous 11536

Well, they didn’t exactly publicly call him an alcoholic but they did say he completely shut down and started frequently drinking by himself. He later came out and said that he felt bad for causing the dark mood in that time period.

I suppose it’s not exactly shocking that we keep hearing so many JK scandals recently. He’s probably beyond caring about his image all that much.

Anonymous 11537


This. It's yet another round of plain attentionwhoring.
Now can we stop feeling sorry for millionaires with uwu self doubts?

See pic.
For years ev