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Comments & Complaints Anonymous Admin 4

Anonymous 29

that photo gives me nightmares

Anonymous 38

How do I format and spoiler in here?

##spoiler test##

Anonymous 39

All right so it's the spoiler tag for spoilers and ** for bold font.

It'd be nice if you publish a formating guide in here admin-sama, I can't seem to find it anywhere.

Anonymous 42

I love this photo…

Anonymous 65

Can we have a misandry thread and similar things or will that attract too many trolls

Anonymous Admin 72


You can try. We will ban any male posters, but it might still attract too many undesirables.

Anonymous Admin 75

Added today:

>Post formatting help

Post formatting options appear next to all the comment fields now. I'll restyle the quick reply field soon to make it a bit less ugly.
Would anyone like to see other specific markup options or word filters? Strikethrough text will be added.

>Quick Reply

has a sage checkbox now.

>Embed field for Imgur links

This is great to help avoid cluttering your desktop with thread pics. If you use the imgur extension, right-click any image on the web, rehost it to imgur with one click, and paste the URL into the embed field.

Anonymous Admin 86

Added today:

>you can now use https://dark.crystal.cafe to go directly to the dark theme.

>>>/b/284 looks amazing with this theme!

Anonymous 88

Is there any way we can view the most recent posts on this site? I think it'd be handy to have if we want to see this site grow more. It'd be easier to keep track of recent activity. Maybe we could have something similar to the front page of lolcow.farm?

Anonymous 90

I'd like this too.

Anonymous 91

Since more varied discussion since to be the theme of the site, how do you feel about the proposal of an /x/ board (for high octane spoops) and/or an /int/ (intellectual discussion on the subjects of philosophy, politics, religion etc.) board?

I know the latter three don't always consist of intellectual debate, but I can't think of a better description tbh.

Anonymous 92

Thirding this.

Anonymous 93

Actually scratch that last one, I just realised /disc/ existed.

Anonymous Admin 107

I will add this!

Anonymous 120

Sometimes the banners appear as broken images. It's not any particular banner. Is that something wrong on my end?

Anonymous Admin 122

I'll fix this asap!

Anonymous 123

Nah, it's not just you, I keep getting it occasionally too.

Anonymous 124

Awesome, can't wait

Anonymous 127

Can we finally get rid of the troll (Forky, which I guess is a sad attempt at trying to sound like Soppny, or it's her)?

My eyes will get stuck at the back of my head from rolling them so much.

Thanks <3

Anonymous 128

(Uh, how come the post wasn't deleted?)


Anonymous Admin 131

You checked the 'file' box, which only deletes your uploaded picture, not the comment itself.

The troll is banned.

Anonymous Admin 132

I've added the listing of recent posts! Unfortunately, only one theme is possible for this page.

Anonymous 163

Would a vegan thread be more fitting in /b/ or /disc/? I feel like a thread in /disc/ would be a bit heavy when I'd just like a thread where we could
share experiences and recipes without necessarily having huge debates.

Anonymous 164

You could have a vegan ethics thread in /disc/ and then a vegan recipes thread in /health/? I've been thinking about making one too myself for a few days.

Anonymous 166

Yeah I was thinking the same at first but I don't really like the idea of putting something veganism-related in /health/. Just because a recipe is vegan, it doesn't mean it's healthy.

Anonymous 173

Why do you have to be such a goddamn weeaboo

Anonymous 174

i love this board and it's aesthetic and it's vibe and it's banners and everything, I really wish it was as used as lolcow :c

Anonymous 175

on the contrary, I'm really enjoying the level of activity right now. I can still keep up with every thread by opening all the front page posts when I log in in the morning.

I'm aware that this isn't sustainable, the community is either going to get as huge as you want it to be or die off eventually. But for now it's really cozy.

Anonymous 176

I have a complaint/suggestion?

It would be way more practical if the quick reply box opened automatically when we click a post number to answer. Like lolcow and most imageboards. As it is right now is kind of annoying.

Other than that, everything is swell.

Anonymous Admin 177

I'm aware of this bug and working on it! Thank you!

Anonymous 178

Agreed it's really nice and quaint right now and I don't feel overwhelmed. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous 179

what is this discord for this site?

thank y'all

Anonymous Admin 180

We do not have an official Discord server. Sorry!

Anonymous 181

Now the quick reply is totally gone/not working for me. :(

Anonymous Admin 182

I disabled it as part of troubleshooting, very sorry for the inconvenience! Hopefully the quick replies will be working within the weekend.

Anonymous Admin 183

In the meantime, we now have a Twitter bot that tweets two random images a day and their accompanying thread.
https://twitter.com/crystalcafe_bot. Hope you like it!

Anonymous 184

The report feature doesn't seem to work, at least on mobile. I lick on the down arrow but nothing happens

Anonymous Admin 185

Does anyone else have this problem? It works on mobile for me.

In case anyone is confused about some recently deleted threads, we were given some unwanted attention from Krautchan users! I decided it would be best to remove their comments even if they try to blend in, so as to not encourage them to post.

Anonymous Admin 187

Quick replies are fixed!

Anonymous 194

Thanks Admin and good call. I really enjoy having a female space. Even if they try to blend in, their little unwanted opinions will eventually start to bleed out :/

Anonymous 196

I've just discovered that strikethrough text doesn't work in the post submission form, it just converts to normal text.

Anonymous 246

The vent thread seems to autosage?

Anonymous 248


Hi, I just found this site googling for discussion about neocities. What would you guys say separates this place from /cgl/ and /lolcow/? I have to say it looks pretty cute and comfy here on first impression but I stopped using imageboards recently because they can be pretty negative… it would be great if there was an imageboard for girls where people tried to be kind to each other, though.

Anonymous 251

Hey, >>248 - welcome to the cafe.
I'm happy to say the cozy-posting level here is pretty much off the charts in comparison to other imageboards. FWIW there's an amount of infighting with other boards with primarily female userbases but that's consolidated to one or two threads and easy enough to avoid if you're not looking for it.
This is more or less an assumption but I do think that crystal.cafe was founded in good faith- more often than not here really does just want to make friendly conversation.

I hope you'll stick around, anon!

Anonymous 252

I poked around some more and posted in some threads, and I did see a few drama threads but there is a lot of good discussion here too. I have high hopes for this place!

Anonymous 253

Well for one we're not moderated by a squad of male overlords who couldn't give less of a shit about the cosplay & lolita community, so we're different in that we have a lot more freedom of discussion here and don't have to worry about censorship from people who don't understand the culture. I guess with lolcow this site is like lolcow's nicer, friendlier straight-A little sister? Light drama topics and discussion are allowed, but we have a policy on not singling out individuals for discussion, so that curbs a lot of the nastiness and infighting that might occur.

Overall pretty comfy, 10/10, would recommend.

Anonymous 254


Welcome, anon!
This place is very cozy indeed. There is some rudeness here and there (it's inevitable, after all), but in general, people are very polite and don't try to out-edge each other.

Anonymous 255

Just a quick question regarding threads.

I know we're super slow right now, but I wanted to know if there's any issues with necroing threads. Just don't wanna overstep anything. Thanks!

Anonymous Admin 256

Please don't worry about necroing. Go ahead and post <3

Anonymous 259


I didn't realise how hard on the eyes greentext was with the Autumn theme on mobile, guess I have to change it on my phone :D

Anonymous 260

>>259 Orange + Green = PUMPKIN SPICED REALNESS

Anonymous Admin 261

I'll fix this, thanks for bringing it to my attention!

Anonymous 262

>tfw can't drink pumpkin spiced latte because the syrup has minute quantities of condensed milk in it

Why would they do that.

Anonymous 265


I've just found this place (thank you anon who posted the link on lolcow), and I'm amazed how nice and friendly everything I've seen so far is. This is the best board ever!

Anonymous 266


Welcome to the cafe, anon! Really glad to slowly see more people coming~

Anonymous 270

A question!
Is the current CC discord that most of us are in the official one or is it a temporal one? The discord admin is not the site admin as far as i know, and discord admin seems very inactive.
If it's supposed to be the official one, how come it's not visibly promoted on the site?

Anonymous Admin 275

We do not have an official chat and I don't plan on changing it. I am a regular lurker in the Discord server, the Admin is indeed someone else. Sorry for the confusion!

Anonymous 281

I wonder if making a cooking board would be appropriate? We have a few scattered threads about food in various boards. It might be nice putting them all together!

Anonymous 282

Don't know if this has been mentioned before but I feel like the number of boards on CC really hinders the speed and growth of the site, I feel like it should be a little more condensed at these beginning stages.

Anonymous 283

I think we could proboably do with combining healthy & beauty, but I feel like all of the other boards serve necessary and separate purposes.

Anonymous 289

I actually think this is a good idea also.

Anonymous Admin 292

I'm including this in the survey that will be posted tomorrow. <3

Anonymous 431

Merging the discussion board with /b/ was a mistake.

Anonymous 432

I have to agree. It's kind of an eyesore seeing only the misandry thread basically pinned to the top of the first page and raided by angry men who are incredibly hurt by the posts and posters in that thread.

I don't want to see people fighting and sperging out if I'm just trying to find the animal thread or misc.

Anonymous Admin 433

We used to have the same complaints about the lolcow thread. Many users asked for /disc/ to be merged with /b/ since there was confusion about where to post and why they were separate in the first place. I will observe this for a little longer and split them back into two if the majority wants it.

For now, what do you think about putting the misandry into autosage mode? This means it won't bump with new posts, which will make it harder for robots to find it too.

Anonymous 435

You should definitely put that shit on autosage, for now. And ban/remove the obvious baiting shitposts that are currently clogging that thread.

Anonymous 436

I'm not sure how merging them back will stop the shitposting. I mean, they'll likely just look for that thread. We could just have an /ot/ like lolcow does to avoid the use of the name. I think the people raiding just try to find where they can ruffle feathers since many of them post wherever.

Anonymous 438

It's not about stopping it, it's about not wanting to see political infighting and trolls, especially if someone's trying to shy away from that sort of thing. It doesn't match with the themes of the rest of the threads on a typical /b/ board as already stated. It's almost like detaining the trolls to one board (because threads with touchy, political topics will always attract trolls to get a rise out of people debating) without having to look at it if one chooses not to.

And what's the point of changing the title of /b/ to /ot/? I hope that never happens here. It's straight up goofy and the lolcow mods at the time were clueless about running an imageboard at the time they made that decision. They're still clueless about modding, they don't lift a god damn finger lest they're circlejerking in their boring ass discord.

Anonymous 439

In my opinion,
>feels should be combined with /b/
Just make a feels thread and you're set
>nsfw should be combined with /b/ (people can make sex threads with spoilers)
>/img/ should be combined with /b/
I think that whole board could be concentrated into a single thread for pretty pictures tbh.

I think we should only have one or two boards for now until the site gains more traffic.

Also, I feel like the wait time for posting is too long, it's defiantly longer than 30 seconds. Could we maybe get a simple captcha instead? I really don't like having to guess as to when I can post again.

Anonymous Admin 440

The wait time is temporary to ward of the spammers. I'll revert it as soon as it seems reasonable.

The board categories were decided based on user surveys, so as feedback changes, so might the board categories.

Anonymous 441

>>just make a feels thread and you're set
I disagree. The feels board is very convenient because for one, it's nice to be able to look at the b board without seeing a bunch of angst if it's not what I'm looking for. The feels board is quite popular on here and I like how it allows for a range of topics under that category, rather than "feels" topics trying to be maintained in one thread in one board. I mean, yeah, you could have multiple feels like threads on b, but I feel like that board is popular to the point where it would clog up b even more.

Anonymous Admin 442


The /feels/ board is by far our most popular one, by the way.

Anonymous 446

/feels/ on it's own is great, and I would hate to see it combined with /b/
I also like /img/ on its own because having it in /b/ got a little spammy/cluttery, which is the reason it became its own board.
I wouldn't mind /NSFW/ to be combined with /b/ but I kinda like it separate
Idk maybe I'm just an organization freak

Anonymous 447

so then should we have our own /pol/?

Anonymous 448

samefag, but we could make /cul/ or something for culture and politics.

Anonymous 449


Having a /fa/ would be amazing

Anonymous 450

I'm happy with how the boards are currently.

Anonymous 451

lol no thanks, this board would immediately go to shit if that happened.

Anonymous 452

so do we want a political themed containment board or not? if /disc/ was that, we should make it clear it's for political/cultural discussion so shit like 'what's your favorite kind of cat' go on /b/ instead. containment boards -are- shit, which is why they are there in the first place. people clearly want someplace for the discussions of misandry and shootings and shit to go so they can have /b/ be their comfy eksdee so randumb girly-chan board, and that's fine. but saying that you want to contain political shit and then complaining about making a board to do that seems dumb.

Anonymous 455

I want an overboard implemented.

Anonymous 456

we pretty much have it, since most people here derived from cgl. the fa board would just be filled with weeb trends

Anonymous 457

can you get rid of the stormfags in the unpopular opinion thread

Anonymous 459

I think rule 5 is a bad idea.

Whether or not you bump a thread shouldn't have that much to do with your post, but more to do with the general quality of the thread. The best way to improve board quality is to bump good threads before they slide off the catalog, even if you don't have anything to contribute.

The problem with image boards is that they reward post frequency instead of post quality. As a result, the most successful threads are those which everybody has something to say about, and boards without constantly changing discussion topics tend to fall into stagnation as the same flame wars go on, day after day, for years. This is why some thirteen year old on 4chan is still arguing about whether or not traps are gay.

The most interesting threads invite posts which demand creativity, thoughtfulness, or unusual experiences, ie the threads least capable of doing well on image boards. Threads like these stay afloat through concerned people bumping them. Even if "bump" seems like a low effort post, it can still meaningfully contribute to board quality, so imo it shouldn't be discouraged.

Anonymous 460

Keep politics on /b/. Inviting nu/pol/ is a recipe for disaster.

Anonymous 466

so you want reddit or???

Anonymous 467

Nah, reddit has the opposite problem. It smothers controversial opinions. Also, the layout's weird.

I just think bump posting can make a board better. Quality threads dying without getting any replies is more of an issue on faster, dumber boards, but it's still generally advisable to let people bump good threads.

Anonymous Admin 476

I am so sorry for the broken post feature, it's fixed now! Also removing the flood protection for now. (pls cross fingers)

Thank you, I agree.

Anonymous 479

i mean no disrespect to our admin but because of the c.c thread on lolcow i got hella spooked.. (i'm also very paranoid and suspicious about a lot of things so i'm sorry about this)
they started talking about their suspicions about our admin because she hasn't revealed if she's actually a real female or small info about her identity. i'm aware that she doesn't /have/ to prove anything because this is an anonymous imageboard but i'm just worried about our security? i mean, she has our ip addresses and probably more with our threads that had personal info or pictures of ourselves. she may even recognize us by our particular typing styles but that's obviously stretching it.
i am thankful that she made this site though. i love c.c and i'm sorry if i offended you in any way, admin!

Anonymous Admin 483

I would like to clear this up.

I am not the same "snail" as 8chan or any other site. Crystal Cafe is my only project. I am really just a decade-long lurker of imageboards. I have been dreaming of creating a place like this for a long time. I went for it and am so happy with what the community has become.

I would like to maintain my anonymity, but I can prove I am female, with voice chat, if necessary.

Anonymous 484


I have an idea for a board, not sure if anyone else would think this is cool though… Our own /kind/ specifically for positive, supportive and uplifting funposting.

Anonymous 485


For whatever it's worth, I like this idea, anon! But the site as a whole is pretty uplifting and everyone's pretty kind here I think.

Anonymous 487

There's already various happy and uplifting threads on /feels/ and the /img/ board I believe

Anonymous 488

Trying to read long posts with an auto-playing .gif next to them makes me want to kms, plz give me a way of pausing/hiding them.

Anonymous 510


hey there, I like the atmosphere and the comfiposting here, but do I have to be a girl to post here? Sorry if this is a dumb question.

Anonymous 511

You can't out yourself as otherwise, if you catch my drift.

Anonymous 512


pls b in london
pls b qt

Anonymous 528

Can you do something about the idiots who keep bumping the shower peeing thread to insult eachother?

Anonymous Admin 529

I banned both of them from /b/ for a day. Please use the report feature to alert staff in these cases, it's the quickest way to get things sorted.

Anonymous 602

It seems like the yt embed feature is broken. It doesn't play as it should, when you click a link it just bugs.

Anonymous 603

That is happening to me too, not only here but also on lc. Weird.

Anonymous 612


you gals using any form of adblock? Might be related

Anonymous 613

Is this the correct thread to ask for a thread to be moved? I highly think the makeapp thread should be in /b/ because it's not about makeup technically and it's a fucking mess.

Anonymous 630

Can our little ghost stay forever? I like it so much :'3c

Anonymous Admin 633

Sorry, it'll move on after this month!

Anonymous 641

I like the way mods address stuff and issues on the board. Cheering for you girls <3

Anonymous 650

It's still here, though

Anonymous 652

images (4).jpg

When can we have a friend finder thread again? I'm so lonely wahh

Anonymous 653

Just make a new one on /b/, bb.

Anonymous 656


Or necro the old one, since the site isn't big enough to warrant a new one.

Anonymous 657

The old one doesnt exist anymore. Theres another one that was made at the same time of that one but Mod posted a link referring to it so it might confuse people a little.

Anonymous 658

I would, but idk if we're allowed to. It was deleted to protect us from the stupid raids that were happening back then. :/ I want to know if it would be ok to make another now.

Anonymous Admin 659

I hid the old friend finder thread in an internal board, I will move it back to /b/ in a moment.

Anonymous Admin 660

Friend finder thread:
Self-post thread:

Anonymous 687

Just wondering, but is the CC movie night still a thing?

I remember seeing it on the survey and thinking how cool of an idea it was but i haven't seen anything about it on the board anymore and i'm wondering if the idea was scrapped or if we are waiting to get more traffic before doing it.

Anonymous 688


I really wish that this place was more active. I posted in the friend finder thread and I'm disappointed to learn that there isn't an official Discord. Finding girl oriented communities is difficult because they're either entirely dedicated to gossiping about people I really don't care about or they're defunct. Or, in the case of Tumblr ones, people just AFK all day and over there its completely insular.

Anonymous 691


I would love a CC discord or the "movie night" chat thing as someone mentioned.

Anonymous Admin 692

I believe that a Discord server would hinder site growth as users would be more likely to write there rather than here; it also leads to forming of cliques which can be a death sentence especially for a community this small. Once we are popular enough, I will definitely open a Discord, so please stay tuned and help us spread the word.

Anonymous 693


I'll try, Admin!

Anonymous 694

me too, I wish we were more active, I love this place so much!
Also, extremely ot but if you see this let me know who you are there in the FF thread because I really want to add someone to be online buddies with, I just don't know who's still around or not and didn't wanna bother people. Lol. I posted there and 1 person contacted me only to disappear after we exchanged only 5 or 6 msgs.

Anonymous 695

I'm Noda in the FF thread. I have the MLP reaction image.

Anonymous 696

i'm the person above the mlp reaction image

Anonymous 697

youtube links seem to be broken? like the one in this post:
when I click the thumbnail, the image just disappears instead of playing the video or opening it in a new tab

Anonymous 698

That's happening to me too but not only here, the same is going on when I visit LC..so maybe it's our browser?

Anonymous 699

No it happens for me in Chrome, Opera and that other one with the little red fox.

Anonymous 700

Also happening to me.

Anonymous 707

seems to be fixed now, nice one admin.

Anonymous 708

Is there a way to delete a post once you've posted it?

Anonymous 709


you can only do this within 30 mins of creating the post I think

Anonymous 712

actually it's threads that you can only delete within 30 mins of creation, not sure what the limit on posts is

Anonymous 713

The limits on posts is also 30 min.

Anonymous 722

Is there any way we can have a no nitpicking/vendettachan rule like 2015 lolcow once had? It curbed a lot of unnecessary posts and stopped threads from being derailed because even if somebody sage's their shit, they know very well what they're doing by trying to cause in-fighting and I'm pretty sure that the one anon who has been going around lc doing this is now on here looking for things to be offended by.

Anonymous Admin 723

Considering we are not a drama site, I am not sure how we would be able to enforce such a rule without stifling discussion. I have also noticed an influx of skepticism and suspicion in threads, but as far as I can tell, there is no current raid situation. Aside from the one meme poster, the posts come from residential IPs, the users do not ban evade and have no or no suspicious post history. My theory is that we are getting new users who were not around when the current board atmosphere evolved.

Anonymous 724

I see your point. Its just been happening for weeks over on lolcow and as of today I've felt like maybe it was leaking over here because some posts sound exactly like the anon in question. Their posts, even when sage, inevitably end up derailing threads and causing in-fighting.

Anonymous 728

can we take down the friend finder again? i don't feel safe having it up…

sorry if that's rude. (also i am at work so my IP is different than my post on the thread)

Anonymous 730

Hi, idk if it's just me, but I feel like I'm seeing anachan posts that aren't in of themselves pro-ana, but seem off (like asking people their height/weight, posting stuff that is really mean to overweight people, etc). should I report those posts, or not (because we don't want to stifle free speech)? I wonder if they come from the same person. Also: what about reverse thinspo? like of fat people in the context of motivating people to lose weight.

inb4 i'm a fat, bitter hammie, i'm 100 lbs at 5'4''

Anonymous 731

Sorry to butt in but what posts are anachanny?
I'm probably a bit biased because I do have an ED, but I've never posted any pictures related to weight loss/gain, so I was wondering what posts you (and another anon or maybe it was you) are taking about.
I think it's absolutely okay to report them but that doesn't mean they will be deleted or that they will be stopped.
>>Discussing eating disorders is permitted, pro-ana thinspiration is not. Moderators may remove or spoiler images at their own discretion.
As you can see I think these issues are quite relative and as long as they're not obvious Ana, they're fine to be discussed. I vent a lot in the ED thread and I'd be really sad if it was nuked or locked.

Anonymous 733

>I think it's absolutely okay to report them but that doesn't mean they will be deleted or that they will be stopped.
Of course, but I wanted to know from the admin because I don't want to waste her time.

>As you can see I think these issues are quite relative and as long as they're not obvious Ana, they're fine to be discussed. I vent a lot in the ED thread and I'd be really sad if it was nuked or locked.

I was not meaning to imply that we should ban the discussion of EDs at all! I meant that in some threads, I've noticed an influx of people asking the weight/height of people, posting content for the sake of being mean/bitter towards fat people, and I guess I just find it worrying because it makes me uncomfortable since it isn't explicitly anachan but it sounds like it could be, so I wanted to know whether I should report those posts or not.

Anonymous 734


+1, I made the post about it in the unpopular opinions thread. I haven't reported it either because some of the posts look like they've been up a while so I assumed mod didn't care, but personally I think posting pictures of "fat" girls next to "friendly advice" is no different in intent than posting a bunch of gross sickly skeles to fap to.

Anonymous Admin 736

Please report anything you find disruptive. It helps me gauge what the users want the board to be like! There is no such thing as too much reports. I can dismiss them easily.

I have seen a comment like the ones you describe and spoilered it because I was not sure, but the consensus seems to be that the ED threads need more moderation, so I will remove the file and temporarily ban the user if they do it again.

Anonymous Admin 751

Regarding the recently deleted thread in /b/ looking to find a former user:

I wanted to leave the thread up in case OP wanted to leave their contact information for the sought-out user to utilize, but in the future, please do not make any new threads looking for someone's contact info. Threads like "I used to talk to [description of person] and we lost touch, here is my contact information in the email field if you want to reach out" should be fine in my opinion, please let me know what you think.

Anonymous 806

I really think you should actually listen to people complaining specifically about spoony. you don't seem to get it at all. you also said before that spoony was banned, why would you promote her lurking here?

Anonymous Admin 809

My reasoning was that I can not stop her from lurking either way, so letting a user offer their contact information instead of asking for Spoony's seemed like the lesser evil. I understand where you are coming from, though.

Anonymous 844


Admin, I know that it's out of your control but this is kind of why people felt annoyed. Too many users here try to police what others can and cannot say.

Anonymous 845

It's a fellow crossposter who has a legitimate complaint about you derailing on lolcow (which is what you're doing) who also noticed you're posting the same stuff here. You know you have an unpopular opinion but you continue to bait it here. What makes you think admin will protect you specifically?
If you're a rulebreaker on another site, chances are you'll push boundaries here too.

Anonymous 846

I post on both sites, but I'm not the chick derailing and I give a mod or admin permission to confirm this. I literally just replied in that thread in /b/ mentioning biphobia. That's me.

Anonymous 847

My point still stands as to why you want to reward a person who's demonstrating breaking rules on another website and posting opinions that she already knows people view as trollposts. Why do you want posters like this? I'm really curious.

Anonymous 848

I was in that thread also defending that person's perspective and opinion as valid. Not everyone with a similar opinion is that person. I am also not >>846. More than one person can believe similar things.

Anonymous 851

Because it's not as big of a deal as you're making it out to be. You're not a mod and yet you are mini-modding. I've asked admin for a post hiding feature and I'm sure she will deliver.

I've never accused you of being trans, but honestly if you aren't then why do those posts bother you that badly that you want to silence dissent? You know that compulsion doesn't end there, right? Once miners or even incels see yourself and others getting your way to silence people then others are going to whine for their own way to be catered to as well until this place becomes a walking on eggshells competition.

The admin said that the criticism which was given for cc is valid. She also stated that there is no standard for anybody to be a specific way here. If you think it's trolly then report it, but if it doesn't get nuked then don't be surprised because it may just be you not liking an opinion. Shit, I reported bitchy posts because they came off as needlessly hostile and trolly and they're still up. Why? Because the person likely wasn't trolling, but rather just reacted angrily to something that I said.

Going to bed. People are wild.

Anonymous 854

>why do those posts bother you

Because I can't escape this tranny crap.
Better question: If you hate trannies then why do you want to talk about them all the time?

I browse lolcow threads and see infighting and segways because someone brought up trannies. I can't hide individual posts there.
I come here to chill and maybe talk about some feels and post cute pics, and what's here again? Trannies.

Why is it not valid for me to be annoyed by this?
Trannies, trannies, trannies. It's mind-boggling.
How is putting these discussions in a single thread silencing anybody? You're upset because anons like me won't be in that thread? That's a boon to you.
That way you can have your discussions and there's no risk of derailing.

>it may just be you not liking an opinion

It's been multiple people, not just me.

Anonymous 859

I second this.

I really, really wish trans-related discussion at this point is either always moved to a trans discussion thread or simply banned. I'm so fucking sick of it.

Anonymous 860

I third it.
I'm sick of threads being derailed by trans discussion.

Anonymous 861

I think people often seem to be fearful because there is a danger from these people to them, and often the fear causes confusion about the best way to handle the problem. There's no right or wrong way but people do often have fear and the emotions can cloud some judgement.
It's not wrong, it's just that it's too early to jump onto some of the suggestions or consider them.
There needs to be a humane way to cure these people without thinking of extermination or isolation and we should think of and consider a humane cure first.

Anonymous 862

>It's not wrong, it's just that it's too early to jump onto some of the suggestions or consider them.

Speaking of fear, you really don't want that containment thread and it's obvious. Even though no person who simply wants a space to discuss that idea without disturbing others would be opposed to it.
If someone is interested in talking about "The Trans Cure," they'll go to that thread.

This needs to be done.

Anonymous Moderator 863

I will keep an eye open for derailment today. Admin will be informed of this situation soon and hopefully respond asap. Please avoid derailing threads for now and happy posting, miners.

Anonymous Admin 883

I have updated the rules and added a FAQ page.

Anonymous 884


Admin, thank you for updating the rules and making a FAQ. 10/10, seriously

Anonymous 885


Admin, I have a suggestion and a response, even if negative, would be incredibly appreciated.

Could you make a feature to hide certain images even if they don't really deserve a proper spoiler?
LC has that and I'd really like it here too since when we hit (-) we hide the whole thread when I just want to hide a single image.

Would that be possible in the future?
I'm starting to lurk /nsfw/ and images there don't need spoiler which is understandable, but I'd like to hide the gif showing the guy ready to fuck the sleepy girl.

Thanks in advance! I hope you respond.

Anonymous 886

maybe the double posting threads

like a thread that's in /b/ could better fit into /hb/ for example that way there are dedicated threads for people to post in

Anonymous 887

What thread are you talking about? Report it and explain the Reason so staff can move it easier. It's better than post a comment here imo.

Anonymous Admin 890

Hi dear Anon, I added it. Please click 'hide' on top of the images you want to omit.

Anonymous 891

Thank you!

Anonymous 892

>Users will not be banned for being rude or inflammatory

So why do have this up if you clearly aren't following this?

Anonymous 893

You're kidding right? No one has even been banned for being rude, just for derailing or being dudes

Anonymous Admin 895

Can you please tell me an example of what you mean?

Anonymous 898

It's still super stupid that there isn't a fashion or jfashion board. Nobody on cgl cares about cosplay.

Anonymous Admin 899

/cgl/ has been changed to allow all fashion a while ago. I realize the name is confusing now, in time we will find a better title.

Anonymous 900


All fashion but also costumes? Ok. I don't know anything about coding so I guess it's very difficult and time-consuming to change the name to jfa.

Anonymous Admin 901

It is in fact time consuming because it requires creating a whole new board and moving each
individual thread manually, which also breaks any old links to posts and comments. So I will wait until more users have chimed in and we have found a solution that the users agree with.

Anonymous 902

Just change it, it'll make a lot of traffic, really. Nobody really cares about cosplay there, and lolitas don't like being assosiated with costumes. That's what you can get better than 4chan, and a good chunk of it's /cgl/ can start posting here.

Anonymous 903

How many more people need to ask for it?

Anonymous 904

I don't know if you're the same person, but /cgl/ used to only be for j fashion, cosplay, etc. and all fashion was added because not enough people were posting in that board, and those who were wanted to be allowed to post about more fashion than just j fash and lolita

Anonymous 905

Not the same person. The way it is now, people don't know that it's for all fashion. People on 4chan cgl post about different jfashion too but there are still people who complain about being on the same board as cosplay and not using it for that reason.

Anonymous 906

Nobody's saying anything about jfash and fashion, as >>905 said 4chan also includes other styles, and many gulls wear more than a one.

Anonymous 907

I'm one of the people who suggested a name change but the board is open to all kinds of fashion, just take a look. It's just dead because we're still very small…sadly.

Anonymous Admin 910


I'll make these changes more visible in the future, but the board description of /cgl/ as well as the stickied post includes all fashion.

Please suggest board URLs and I will pick the most popular one. I suggest for Cosplay to remain a part of this board until we are big enough for either a cosplay board or a DIY board.

Anonymous 911

Honestly, I don't understand why cosplay needs to be part of fashion in general, especially since it seems to rub people who like lolita and j fashion the wrong way. At the moment, I feel like it's fine for cosplay related threads to be in /b/? But maybe that's just me. I do think an eventual DIY board is where cosplay could go, though.

Anonymous 912

I guess the board could just be kinda of "clothing" related then, if people don't really like having cosplays associated with fashion or whatever. I personally wouldn't really want cosplay related stuff on the /b/ board because I feel like it would still remain dead? idk how to explain it but keeping it in a clothing related board seems more organized to me. A name idea could be like /cloth/ or whatever. I know someone suggested calling it /fash/ but apparently that word has another connotation to it lol…

Anonymous 913


I like it! /fash/ is still my favorite but I also suggest /vogue/ or /style/ as options.

Anonymous 914

Not anyone who previously posted but I was lurking the conversation and had a thought, what if Admin created a new board and called it "Hobbies" (/hobb/?) Cosplay-related discussion could be relocated to the hobbies board and it would also be containment for art and writing discussion, tutorials, or etc, since there seems to be a fair amount of posters interested in both as well as crafting hobbies like sewing and knitting/crochet.

Anonymous 915


Admin, I think we should lock or delete the LC thread. Not because of that stupid drama shit that went down a week or so ago because discussion in general is fine, but because it keeps attracting vendetta anons and cancerous shitheads who get hurt there then come here to try to stir up shit and get revenge.

I understand most people will probably disagree with me since we have a large population from lolcow and all, but still just my two cents. CC is small but it has become its own thing and the userbase is forming just as our own culture so there's no need to let that thread there since anons who have complaints about LC can do it over there anyway.

Anonymous 975

i'm wondering if making a diy board is worth it. i feel like many threads in /b/ end up being that and it could encompass things like crafts, cooking, cleaning, anything you do yourself, until we can branch them off.

Anonymous 1000


Maybe it's just me, but I've noticed we're getting more posts lately? I'm not talking about the raids, obviously lol. But it seems that either we're growing or just posting more. I'm glad.

Anonymous 1016

Any chance of /disc/ ever returning?

Anonymous Admin 1017

Many users said they thought it was redundant, but I would bring it back if enough people wanted it. It looks like crystal.cafe has had some growth, which is great! I just do not want to get ahead of myself and stretch the board too thin.

/diy/ is also a nice option. I could post a survey soon to get a current user perspective.

Anonymous 1018

In https://crystal.cafe/rules.html it says
>If you have any questions or concerns, use the /meta/ board or email us at [email protected]
First of all, is it www.crystal.cafe@gmailcom or [email protected]. Hard to ask a question if the email address is incorrect.

Because I can't be 100% sure what the email address is, I'll ask my question here.
What software do you run in this site. If I may speculate, is it Lynxchan?

Anonymous Admin 1019

The email is listed correctly as [email protected].

We run a custom fork of vichan.

Anonymous 1020


Someone posted a link on Lolcow, that's how I found you guys.

I'm so happy, I feel like I'm at home (or at a cafe lol) drinking hot chocolate and talking about futile things with my best friends.

Anonymous 1021

giphy (15).gif


Welcome to the Cafe! <3


I would looove a DIY board! I think I've created about 3 threads on DIYs already lol Making it all closer together would be so nice, sometimes I need to scroll down the catalog a lot.

Anonymous 1022


Another new anon here, found link on that board. Fell in love with the board the first time I browsed it !

Where do I vote for /diy/

Anonymous 1023


Admin, what about a theme with the same colorscheme as 4chan's Photon? It's really easy on the eyes and would be probably my second favorite (Autumn light is always number 1)

Anonymous Admin 1024

That is possible, I did not finish the Xmas theme on time but I will do this soon.

Anonymous 1028


Yes, thanks admin! Either that or Notsuba from LC, is pretty good as well. I don't know if they are too similar. lol

Anonymous 1031

images (9).jpeg

Admin, what about a new survey/poll regarding the diy board and other suggestions given by users?

I don't understand shit about coding and I know you don't want to narrow boards too much (/disc/, cosplay and fashion in the same board, etc) again at the moment since we're still small, but so many people seem interested in a /diy/ that I think it could work and it would make things more organized.

Thanks in advance!

Anonymous 1032

Not admin but the few crafty threads in /b/ don't really get a lot of traffic, so she might not want to implement a whole board for something that won't get much use. But if there was a combination board for art/crafts/cooking and misc domestic stuff like the cleaning thread then I think it would be a popular board.

Anonymous Admin 1033

I do not think we're active enough to add another board so soon. I would like to hear some opinions on turning /cgl/ into /diy/ and including fashion in /hb/ (for now).

Also, I upgraded the server, crystal.cafe should be a bit faster from now on.

Anonymous 1034

I really like the idea, admin!

Anonymous 1035

I also like this

Anonymous 1038

i also really like it! cosplay is kind of DIY

Anonymous 1039

it's kinda weird, tbh.
i don't hear much about diy on c.c and i'm lowkey sad that /cgl/ doesn't get more cosplay traffic.

Anonymous 1051

I really like what you (both admin and userbase) have done here and how you've coped with the raids. None of the horrible farmer bitchiness, you all seem like good people. I'm not going to post again because I don't belong in your community and I'm not going to lie about that, but I'm glad you exist and wish you all the best.(YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US)

Anonymous 1052

How many posts does it takes before a thread autosages/a new thread is needed?

Anonymous 1053

550 it seems

Anonymous 1061

I wonder if it's possible to turn off flood detection on /img/

Anonymous 1062

Me again. It is 505, I am sorry.

I've wondered the same. I usually type flood detected in each to avoid that but idk..maybe robots could change advantage of that. God knows most can't be assed to type two simple words.

Anonymous 1064


I just want to say how awesome it is to stumble into this community as a fellow imageboard lurker. You seem to have a clear idea of what you wanted to create in the first place, and a plan to make it happen yourself, and your execution of it is nothing short of spectacular. It's really quite inspiring.

Thanks for all your hard work keeping this place what it is, this place is unique. I'm interested to see how it evolves as time goes on, I'm happy to be here (:

Anonymous 1073

Idk if it's just me but in mobile i cannot access /hb/, it brings me to a white page.
I doesn't happen with any of the other ones.

Anonymous 1074

Not just you, same issue here sine this morning

Anonymous Admin 1075

We had a short server outage, I'll look into this bug!

Anonymous 1079

when do you think it will be up and running again?

Anonymous Admin 1080

It is fixed!

Anonymous 1085

Can we get an option to fully hide thumbnails rather than just making them faint? gifs like >>>/hb/1104 are still pretty distracting in a negative way even after I turn on hide.

Anonymous 1091

i have one complaint, i keep getting banned for unspecified reasons! is it a glitch? have you banned my isp range due to the raid?
i've sent the mods my email / tumblr through the appeal feature, yet i get no reponse.

Anonymous 1092

I would enjoy this as well, I believe it would help a lot in case we get raided again in the future (hopefully not).

Anonymous 1093

Also, I'd really love if this imageboard had reverse image search (yandex please).

Anonymous Admin 1099

Sorry about that, I'll get back to you shortly! And yes, if someone got permabanned during a raid, future visits will result in an automatic ban.

I will look into this.

Can you take a screenshot of what happens when you hide a thumbnail? It should hide the image entirely.

Anonymous 1101

Screen Shot 1.png

not her but this is what happens

Anonymous 1103


Huh, i tried hiding one of the posts here in /meta/ to see if it happened and it doesn't happen to me at all. Weird.
Maybe it's the browser you guys use? Or some add-ons you might have installed?

Anonymous 1104

Screen Shot 2.png

hmmm weird now that you mentioned that I noticed that it works just fine on safari
but safari is poop

Anonymous 1107

can we just ban like all body posting in general? i don't think thinspo or anti-thinspo should be allowed at all. we have diet/exercise threads already no need to post weird stockphotos of ana-chans or fatties.

Anonymous 1108

I actually agree with this. I think it's okay if someone voices their opinion on a photo or voices their opinion on their preferred body types, but I don't think it's okay for people to slam a certain body type with excessive hate. It doesn't unify.

Basically, I think there should be warnings for excessive hate towards certain body types. I'm not saying I don't want people to not explain why they don't like x body type, they can't be vicious about it.

Anonymous 1109

I agree too. It seems most of those kinds of posts are of intentionally unattractive people trying to gross others out. It's really unhealthy for people to be seeing and posting.

Anonymous 1115

I know this seems really extra, but I was wondering if a hide post feature could be implemented.

Anonymous 1116


I also think anon is on the right here. mods plz

Anonymous Admin 1117

A /feels/ thread about grief has been removed upon OP's request. While some users voiced complaints about a separate thread not being needed, other users stated that they did not mind the thread at all, and we do not currently have guidelines on what justifies making a new thread, as long as an identical one has not already been made. We urge users to use their own discretion and will not implement a rule about this unless things get out of hand.

Anonymous 1125

Hey OP, if you ever see this I feel really sorry you felt like removing that thread. Those anons complaining about it were morons and probably never lost a beloved pet.

Anonymous 1148

I'd just like to thank the team here for that useless "hide" function that makes the hidden image opaque and still entirely visible.

Anonymous 1149

Is there a reason why the filenames don't show? I get that it looks cleaner but I'd really like to know when images are .gifs

Anonymous 1150

should clarify, I mean I'd like to know that they're .gifs before clicking them

Anonymous Admin 1151

Hi, this should be resolved now. You may need to refresh your cache to see the change.

Anonymous 1152

does this not work anymore?

Anonymous 1153

agreed, seeing the original filename can also give more information about what it is, especially if it's a gif

Anonymous 1158

MODS ADMIN were being raided right now by faggots at r9k :(

Anonymous Moderator 1159

Taking care of it. Thank you for the heads up!

Anonymous 1160

Thanks that was quick! Blessings to you and all your livestock.

Anonymous 1164

Not really a comment or complaint but does anyone really give a shit if I necro any of the older threads?

Anonymous Admin 1166

That's fine!

Anonymous 1187

Hi admin-chan. I'm not really expecting anything to happen or change, but just wanted it to be known that the rampant transphobia in the community has pushed me away from the site. I keep checking back wondering if all the TERFs have gotten bored and left, find that they're still here, and then avoid the site for another few months.
It's too bad because it'd be nice to have a nontoxic version of image board culture. Anyway it's already been a year, so asking you to change your moderation style at this point wouldn't make much sense.
Good luck! I'll probably keep waiting for the TERFs to leave since I'm a naive optimist.

Anonymous 1188

It's anonymous.

Anonymous 1189

Admin, can you please talk with the 4chan mods to ban any mention of crystal.cafe on /r9k/ or something like that? Look what have they done to the man dislike thread on /b/. I'm afraid mere bans don't suffice to keep them away.
Also, why is au-tism filtered?

Anonymous Admin 1191

I'll see if I can do anything about it, but users will still find workarounds or do it on other websites.

Anonymous 1192

Thank you sir. Please keep us in touch.
(and again, why is au-tism filtered?)

Anonymous 1211

I love you..

Anonymous 1213


Sage for ban evasion, but this is just silly. This isn’t even an unpopular edgy opinion, so I don’t see how it’s baiting. “WGTOW” was literally started as a joke to delegitimize women who actually want to live independently.

Anonymous Moderator 1214

Multiple users reported your posts and we got a shit ton of males today, so I probably banned you with them in the chaos. I was mostly trying to be cautious, that is why your ban is only 2 days long. I will unban you now.

Also, don't ban evade again. Ban appeal and wait.

Anonymous 1215

Admiiiiiin, it's happening again!

Anonymous 1216

>showing your IP for no reason

Anonymous 1217

Figured it was something like that. Sorry.
Don't worry, I wouldn't show my real one.

Anonymous 1264


how can we make crystal.cafe better? this site is cozy. just a chan for grills that's not centered around gossip, i'd hate to see it die :< or get overrun by bitter faggots from 4fun

does anyone have any issues with the community here? i know this is a general complaint thread for site issues and shit but i've seen folks on other girl orientated spaces (cgl, lc) bitching about the folks that post here. apparently they think this site is full of stealth trannies? i personally haven't noticed anyone like that but?

also mod, admin, if anyone sees this i really do think the cafe server should be discontinued. having a discord kinda defeats the purpose of an anonymous website, y'know? people should post here, not another website. maybe just remove the link from the board listing up there? if a miner asks in thread 4 a link then they can get one. i'd like it deleted, but the people in there love being friends from what i've seen. idk they'd probably get pissy.

Anonymous 1265


I like the discord and I don't want it to end. It's not like users have their IPs in their usernames so it is still pretty anonymous unless they bring up themselves who posted this or that or tell the staff. I think discord should only be closed if the site slows down but let's be honest it's already slow so it won't make much difference.
I do like the idea of maybe closing it to new people for now and doing what you said!

As for trannies, at least when it comes to the discord, that is bullshit. no one can control who posts here so who knows, unless they out themselves is hard to say.

and about lolcow complaining about here: it is lolcow, they live to bitch. I haven't read what cgl says yet, but I've read lc's ""complaints"" and only 10% is valid imho, especially when they themselves are full of anons who post/say the things they complain about CCs anons. on top of that, a large amount of people seem to browse both chans. so that's just more bullshit from there.

Anonymous 1268

I suggest you review your choice of mods. There's a lot of weird ganging up on people in your absence, admin. People are being banned for no other reason than a mod wants them gone.

Anonymous 1269

I agree. The modding is definitely showing favoritism towards certain users. Since the server is getting larger, I don't see how only two mods can handle it in the first place.

Anonymous 1270

Usa and dpm didn't deserve to be banned.

Anonymous 1272


>other reason that a mod wants them gone
Literally where, don't make shit up lmao.
Everyone that got banned or kicked was so for a reason, and mods have been impartial until further information was provided to them by users or they talked to the parties involved, that is as impartial as a mod can get.

Anonymous 1273

the mods didn't have anything against dpn, and USA wasn't banned, she's still in the server. Are you fucking blind?,

Anonymous 1275

She was unverifed

Anonymous 1276

that is not the same as being banned. people get unverified if they don't do the verification when mods ask them, and they try contacting people more than one time. or they get unverified for other reasons that are probably none of your business

Anonymous 1277

But usa was verfied to be a girl

Anonymous 1278

Not that anon, but she was put back in unverified for a reason.
No one gets out of verified/kicked of the discord for nothing.
The mods in the discord actually do their job very efficiently.

Anonymous 1279

I guess i missed it sorry.
What was the reason?

Anonymous 1280


ask USA yourself?

Anonymous 1281

She makes me uncomfortable i will pass

Anonymous 1283

DPN was picking fights with people and USA is a creepy r9k tripfag

Anonymous 1284

I did not like dpn but usa was fine albiet a little childish

Anonymous Moderator 1288


The only people that have been banned were actual men. And all of you know exactly why we kicked "banned" out, since we were very vocal about it. Actually, we have always been vocal about the different issues we've had, sharing with the members the reason of why we kicked X person out (if it involves the other users), and asking for their input . There have been a couple of people that have left on their own because they were good friends with X or Y, and that's not our fault.

That's it, case closed. If anyone has any questions/suggestions please feel free to talk to us on the discord. We will be more than happy to answer any question you have.

Anonymous 1290

I miss USA

Anonymous 1291

you can DM her

Anonymous 1292

Usa needs guidance

Anonymous Admin 1294

I'm currently getting on top of the Discord issue, I'm very sorry for any inconvenience caused. I have faith in the moderation, but we do need more people who are active and available. I will add more Discord moderators as soon as possible.

A user was removed for threatening to dox other users and for attempting to intimidate and deceive staff. That is all.

Anonymous 1315

Were non-verified members kicked out? I was passively on the crystal.cafe discord and never posted, but yet I saw that I was kicked off.

Anonymous Moderator 1320

We have been pruning inactive users for a while now, and we announced this in the main chat at least two times. Maybe that is what happened to you. Make sure to keep an eye on this thread so you can try to join the server when we open again!

Anonymous 1435


The board seems to be getting a lot slower, i know we are currently in finals and a lot of the userbase are students so that's probably why it has been slower.
But i'm wondering if there's anything planned to make the site grow a bit? Like new sites to advertise to or something like that?
I love this board and i wouldn't like it to become a deserted place/die out because of inactivity.

Anonymous Admin 1436

We've actually got something in the works to bring activity back up. We'll probably announce it within the next week or so!

Anonymous 1437

Ahhh, thanks for the reply, admin. That is exciting!
I hope that whatever it is, it works out and it brings lots of activity!

Anonymous 1459


~Happy belated 1 year to Crystal.Cafe~
(Plus summer solstice)

Anonymous 1465

I just wanna say thank u for this website and thank u all for being u, u are my only friends. I only found this website recently but it's like the only social place I go to now other than discord.

aaaa happy anniversary to us!

Anonymous 1466


belated, sorry

Anonymous 1467


Ah, happy birthday crystal cafe, may you make much much more!

Anonymous Admin 1481

Sorry, it's still in the works.
But I'm always here, watching… lurking.

Anonymous 1482

This is very minor, but would another dark theme be possible? I constantly use dark crystal whenever I come on here, but sometimes switching up themes every once in awhile is nice and the other themes can be a bit too bright.

Otherwise, site is great.

Anonymous 1489

What about the Halloween theme?

Anonymous Admin 1492

I can add more themes, if anyone wants to suggest some color schemes, then feel free to post a mockup and I will turn it into CSS.

Anonymous 1497


Maybe a purple-pink with a lighter background would be nice. I like Dark Crystal, so maybe something sligthly based on it, but without black.

Anonymous 1513

You and/or your mods are really quick to delete shitposts. I'm genuinely impressed. Kudos, and thank you very much.

If you don't mind my asking, how large is your moderation team? I feel like the site is at a weird size where it's hard to find the right number of moderators, since posting speed (and quality) can vary so widely with no real warning beforehand.

Anonymous 1524


why did i get banned for posting a pic of a boy on b?

Anonymous 1525

If you're banned how are you posting?

Anonymous Moderator 1526

Sorry I'm seeing it now. We are having a raid right now and it was banned by mistake . My apologies <3

Anonymous 1527

I appealed it and I got unbanned, I'm just confused.

Anonymous Moderator 1531

You were banned because pics of that guy were posted 3 other times in 2 other threads. The difference is that they were obvious trolls

Anonymous 1532

Ah, I didn't see that. He is super cute though, I would have a hard time removing the pics.

Anonymous 1534

Is there a CSS sheet available so I can play around with some colours/backgrounds for a possible theme? If not I can just mock up a couple in Photoshop, or leave a colour pallet here.

Anonymous Admin 1538

Here's the stylesheet for our default theme:

By using the inspect tool on parts of crystal.cafe, you can change the css until you like it and copy any changes you made into the stylesheet. Please take a screenshot of the result and post it in here along with a pastebin link to your css. I'm also going to make new themes as soon as I can.

Anonymous 1553

Why do threads that were bumped over a year ago show up before threads bumped a few minutes ago?

Anonymous Moderator 1554

The trolls posted on them so after we deleted their posts the threads stayed

Anonymous 1573

It's a protection for the site like in other imageboards, just post again.

Anonymous 1575

There's pretty much no need to sage here yet because of how small the site is.

Anonymous Admin 1578

Someone thought they were being funny by writing a bot that spammed tons of randomly generated sentences made up of actual crystal.cafe posts. We cleaned it up but had to implement some anti-spam measures to keep it from happening again. We'll remove them once other imageboards stop raiding. Sorry about that!

Anonymous 1579

Posters who try to exchange contact with men who out themselves should receive a temporary ban or something. It encourages manwhores to keep invading us.

Anonymous 1584

I'm obvs not admin but you need to understand this place gets raided all the time. It's probably hard for them to deal with that and there have been times when the mods explained here and in the server that they can ban someone by accident, but will lift the ban if you ban appeal and wait. I post all types of crap here and shitpost when I feel like it. You were probably reported during a bad time.

Anonymous Admin 1585

From what I know, some of your posts were mistaken to be part of our many recent raids, so mods didn't feel the need to explain specifically what went wrong. (It's wasted on raiders anyway). The mod in question responded to your appeal, if that didn't work for some reason, please let me know.

Anonymous 1610


I wanted to ask, what happened to this thread and post in pic rel? I'm not OP of this thread but i'm just curious. This girl really needs help and I think this post should stay or at least be moved to some vent/advice thread.

Anonymous Admin 1611

The poster removed it. There's a 30 minute window in which users can delete their own posts if they change their mind.

Anonymous 1612

Why do you get banned for making threads about breast enlargement surgery? I’m pretty sure at least half of anons have some thoughts on it.

Anonymous Admin 1613

If it's the thread I'm thinking, it was the first thread made by a new poster during the middle of a raid phrased in a very bait-y way.

Anonymous 1614

That probably was my thread. I’m mobile posting quite often so my IP tends to change. I didn’t mean to bait. Could I remake the thread with a less sensationalistic image and more reserved text?

Anonymous Admin 1615

Yes, please do, and by the way, it'd be better suited for >>>/hb/.

Anonymous 1632

Hello yes hi
Every single post I've made for several days has been flagged as looking too automated, plz stop this.

Anonymous 1633

Can you restore my thread but put it on /img/ instead? Thanks

Anonymous Moderator 1634

I deleted it already as per your request. Feel free to make a new thread in /media/. Thanks!

Anonymous 1635


They're not dark themes but can you consider the Stilig and Yasashii themes from the now abandoned Oneechan?


Anonymous 1636


Anonymous 1637

I didn't ask you to delete it, I asked you to move it.

Oh well. I don't feel like remaking it anymore.

Anonymous 1638

is quick reply broke?

Anonymous Admin 1650

It was, but it's fixed now, please clear your cache if you still have issues!

Anonymous 1657


There appears to be an issue where
>green text shows through spoiler.
I'm reporting this post so you guys see it.

Anonymous 1675

When did /x/ get reinstated?

Anonymous 1676


I just noticed that there's a checkbox for sageing. I've been putting it in the email field this entire time, was I not sageing properly?

Anonymous Admin 1677

/x/ has been open since October 2017 without break.

Sageing via email field works too, no worries.

Anonymous 1678

>/x/ has been open since October 2017 without break.
But it wasn't always included in the header, right? https://crystal.cafe/rules.html still has the old header without /x/.

proxyposter 1707

There's reason behind banning Tor users?

Anonymous 1735

Then what's the point of having a sage option?

Anonymous 1770


Comment: Thank you Admin and mods for doing well to keep this place running and relatively garbage-free.

Complaint: Too many repeat threads, please use the catalog dear anons.

Anonymous 1771


I'm gonna assume I'm one of those anons, I'm really used to posting on super active boards so the thought to actually look for an existing thread escapes me sometimes. I'll be extra careful from now on

Anonymous 1772

Does anyone have the suspicion that there are too many male anons on /b/ or am I too paranoid?

They don't make it quite obvious they're male trolls but their posts always sound bait-y.

Anonymous 1773

its fucked.jpg

there's no way a male anon would spend all his time on this website just to bait you. This topics discussed on this website are only really interesting to women most of the time.

if they really are men they probably just want to talk about girl shit and aren't allowed to allude towards them being men.

Anonymous Admin 1774

Male posters do come and go, especially on /b/. We do our best to catch them as quickly as possible. If you see a post by a user you suspect to be male, please report it and we'll look into it.

Anonymous 1775

I think you underestimate how loser-ish men can be. They totally love to troll places where there are a lot of female posters.

Anonymous 1776

I dont know about you but I cant trust anyone here who says “thot”, “autist” or “alpha/beta”. It just reeks of 4chan slang and I never met someone in real life who used that lingo and wasn't a male. So I just ignore said posts; I contemplated reporting them but I dont want to have a witch-hunt. The males get off to (yous) so if they dont get any they will get bored

Anonymous 1778

I use that lingo and I'm female, but, you know, I came here from other imageboards, and this is a place for imageboard culture. Not all people who have internalized fringe internet views or are politically incorrect or meme around are men, they might just be cringy women. We exist. Don't erase us reeeeeeee

Anonymous 1782

What is with all the recent accusations such as "ITT men"?

Anonymous 1783

Yesterday there was a /fit/ thread about us so people are suspicious some threads made yesterday may be written by men.

Anonymous 1996

Is /b/ not working for anyone else?

Anonymous 1997

same! /b/ isn't working for me either

Anonymous 1998

I know for a fact a couple of the threads on /b/ made in the last few months were made by men because they are avatarfags from other niche chans that I pass through on my visits around the web

Anonymous 1999

Started working for me again so it's probably back up for you too!

Anonymous 2000

Women use other chans too, that's how we got users. I know a lot of (confirmed) women who post on Lainchan for example. If they're known men though then that's different. Can you link?

Anonymous Moderator 2001


Can you please link to those threads?

Anonymous 2002

I'm like 99% certain this person is a fat fetishist avatarfag male from 4chan, or it's just a really big coincidence

There was another thread somewhere too, maybe it wasn't /b/, but I can't seem to find it again

Anonymous 2003

I feel like /nsfw/ either needs a sfw counterpart for discussing sex without posting porn, or it needs to show up in the board list at the top. CC is already pretty slow as is, but using that board is just the worst.

Anonymous Moderator 2004

Thank you! We'll look into it.

Anonymous 2050

Why the fuck is there an image of a beheaded person even after I've reported it multiple times and it's apparently been there for NINE HOURS?

Anonymous 2051

I think this is the final straw for me. I really wanted this website to do well and I'm a regular poster but this is too much. The fact that bait/troll posts are just left up and actually nice threads aren't being bumped is just depressing. All the chat proved the other night is that the current mod team are more fixated on their personal drama rather than the upkeep of the site. A discussion that was meant to be about user concerns was treated like a joke. Genuine concerns about privacy were dismissed as "old drama" when users weren't even aware that their privacy was at risk.

I'm still hopeful. I might check back when the site has been remodelled and the childish mods have been fucked out. Until then, take care of yourselves.

Anonymous 2052

I'm guessing all the mods are east coast US and probably sleeping or
>Infighting and exchange of personal info amongst mods have led to a lot of drama, which is why I decided to start fresh with a new team
no mods/new mods?

Anonymous 2055

And here I am, reporting some male posts on /feels/ and assuming the board is just so slow and inactive that no one has reported them yet. I didn't know about the drama among the mod team.

Anonymous Admin 2067

Due to the drama escalating yesterday, I'm currently the only one handling reports. I'm very sorry for the wait, I'm adding new mods as soon as I can find trustworthy ones and I promise this is an exception. Usually we've been getting very positive feedback regarding moderation speed.

Anonymous 2075


This probably isn't the best time, and I'm not trying to start shit by asking this, but.
Have any of you attempted to bring in new users? If so, how? I'd love for this place to get more activity.
Since more activity = potential discussions in the threads related to my interests here, haha.

I want to drop the link on various places ( namely certain lesbian subreddits ) but I also don't want to risk an influx of men. Or other unsavory folk, lord knows that one rampaging TERF got on my nerves. Saying that as someone that's gender critical.

Anonymous 2076

And while I'm here, does anyone know why other sites say CC is overly saccharine and normie-ish? I haven't noticed much babying or insane sweetness.
Though I have noticed a ton of normalf*g posts lol

Anonymous 2077

>I want to drop the link on various places ( namely certain lesbian subreddits )
please no, that sounds like a recipe to bring in a boat load of agp mtfs and larping men

Anonymous 2078

/nsfw/ back when?
kinda miss the gfd thread.

Anonymous 2079

People sometimes talk about their IRL friends/SOs here and their jobs, talking like that would get you banned on a place like tohnochan.

Anonymous 2081


It’s still there anon! You just have to type the url in your search bar manually. It probably got removed from the top of the page because of raids.

Anonymous Admin 2084

Anonymous 2085

how do i turn off the snow

Anonymous Admin 2086

I'm turning it off in a week.

Anonymous 2087


Apologies for posting here. I would have liked to have contacted the moderation team personally and avoid doing so publicly, but there seems to be no IRC and the available chat channel has permissions that make it impossible to contact through that.

Could I ask the moderation team here to please be active in preventing cross board posting? We currently have a thread on our imageboard - now locked - which seems to have been started by users from here, for no intention other than to generate drama.

I would kindly ask that you afford us the same courtesy as we afford you.

Thank you.

Anonymous Admin 2088

It's highly discouraged to draw unwanted attention to our board; whenever I'm aware of this happening, the user responsible is banned. For future reference, our email address is on the Rules page.

Anonymous 2101


my garfield thread in nsfw was deleted… admin you said it was ok n the town hall what happened

Anonymous 2102


Anonymous 2103


Anonymous Admin 2106

I actually decided to get rid of /nsfw/ altogether. Hiding it from the board menu hasn't improved its state, it's still mainly used for porn dumps by users who don't post anywhere else on the site. It also attracts men and was the slowest board even before being hidden. The few discussion threads will be moved and spoilered.

Anonymous 2111

good decision

Anonymous 2112

I don't know why but I can't stop laughing at this

Anonymous 2113

penis in vagina :DDDDD

Anonymous 2115

sorry but you kinda suck admin

Anonymous 2118

Oh admin, come on…
Before I sperg more, does that mean that nsfw threads on /b/ or other boards are fair game(provided that images/gifs/webms within them are spoilered) now that they don’t have a place to be contained or is nsfw content(talking more about actual porn since you’ve said you’ll be moving nsfw discussion) straight up forbidden?
Can’t really understand why its removal is necessary on account of maleposting, the whole damn site is a robot honeypot. If they know we have a space they’ll come regardless of content it seems. But you must know what you’re doing, it’s just kind of a bummer is all.

back to the supbar femdom thread on lcf with me I guess. i’m hoping your definition of “discussion thread” entails the fun ones too though and not just sex advice or whatever.

Anonymous Admin 2119

I added a new rule a few days ago (as seen in the announcement section) that forbids threads that are only made for porn dumps and the like. Posting gifs/webm/images is fine so as it's adequately spoilered.

A compromise would be to keep /nsfw/, but without the porn dumps. Those tend to be from men in more cases than not.

Anonymous 2151

Honestly, considering the entire board is more or less hidden, I think /nsfw/ should be for porn and porn dumps, but discussions about sex should either go on /feels/ or /b/. It just seems dumb to organise it any other way.

Anonymous 2165

Is there a reason why every few weeks controversial threads on /feels/ get bumped without any new posts? I suspect males but idk for sure. Is there a way to prevent this?

Anonymous 2166

Pretty sure there’s a newfag here who’s doing it, they’ve been doing it since yesterday. Could be male

Anonymous Admin 2172

Bumping old threads is fine in my opinion because it promotes variety and can add a new perspective by fresh users, but I do check the bumps for suspicious activity and take action if needed. Please report any posts you find suspicious.

Anonymous 2186


Can the fat fetish anon be banned

Anonymous Admin 2187

They're banned.

Anonymous 2188

I think /nsfw/ should be visible again. Now people are just posting their nsfw threads on the other boards.

Anonymous Admin 2193

Please join the discussion here so I can make the appropriate changes. >>>/meta/2119

Anonymous 2195


the dark crystal upgrade is nice

Anonymous 2222

2 of my replies on /feels/ were removed yesterday. What gives? One was a 2-sentence post in the vent thread and another was replying to an upset anon in that post.

Anonymous 2228

>implying that doesn’t also describe most of 4chan’s posts
That’s just chan culture in general

Anonymous 2231

cool rabbit analogy

Anonymous 2233


Anonymous 2236

Why do I weirdly back this idea?

Anonymous 2237

I can't find a thread that was where we all listed our bf requirements. I have ctrl f'ed so many times in different catalogs but can't find it. if anyone else knows what i'm talking about, could you pls link? thank

Anonymous 2238

>>>/b/24382 or >>>/b/281 ?

Anonymous 2240


hmmm it's neither of those

there was a lot of green text

a lot of requirements

I'm curious because I want to find what I wrote, kek

Anonymous 2241

Is that the one with the video in the op?
It may have been deleted (probably a male op).

Anonymous 2242

Is it safe enough to have a new friend finder thread again or should I not get my hopes up?

Anonymous Admin 2246

You can create a new thread if you wish. Users who share contact information and then change their mind can report their own post to ask for deletion.

Anonymous 2248

Is there an extension or something for Crystal.Cafe like 4chan X is for 4chan? Or something so I can see what threads I posted in and if there is a reply.

Anonymous 2250

Why were some posts in the hikki thread deleted? Was it a smegsie?

Anonymous Admin 2251

Not at the moment.
Posts are deleted if they are excessive bait/raid bait or if they're from male users.

Anonymous 2252

when threads are "moved" across different board, the original thread in the original board can't be deleted, without affecting the new duplicate thread right? Not complaining, just curious about the technical stuff.

Anonymous Admin 2254

I can leave stubs of threads so other users can find them again, but I don't use them if the thread hasn't been posted in yet.

Anonymous 2257

Thanks for the reply about the 4chan X stuff, I'll check it out.

Anonymous 2259

Is there a way to tell when a thread is over its post limit without attempting to post and being told that it is? One time due to how slow cc can be normally, I sat watching a capped thread for like a week just thinking no one had anything to say, when in fact everyone had already moved to a new thread.

Also, is there no limit to the number of threads that can be on a board? The /feels/ catalog has like 400 threads in it.
If there isn't a limit, why not? The oldest threads on various boards haven't been posted in for over a year. Even if you want to keep the content, why not lock such threads and move them to a separate area for archival? Is there really such a big concern that someone might want to suddenly bump the thread after such a long time?

Anonymous Admin 2271

>Is there a way to tell when a thread is over its post limit without attempting to post and being told that it is?

Threads are currently capped at 500 comments, you can see the current comment count on the board index page.

>Also, is there no limit to the number of threads that can be on a board? […] If there isn't a limit, why not?

There's no limit because the board is small and slow and hosting isn't that much of a problem. Rather than having threads expire to be purged or caught by third-party archiving sites, they can stay here.

>Even if you want to keep the content, why not lock such threads and move them to a separate area for archival? Is there really such a big concern that someone might want to suddenly bump the thread after such a long time?

A lot of threads are repetitive and don't get a lot of posts. It's preferable to have 1 thread with many replies including those from long-time users who have been here since the site's infancy rather than scattering around threads about the same subject with only a fraction of comments.

Anonymous 2272

I realize this idea won't be very well received but I'll still give it a go. Have you ever thought of having some sort of "wall of shame" where we could see banned posts and the reason for the ban? It's because I suspect there are certain users ban-evading constantly, and then come back and post but you can't ban them until they've outed themselves as male again. It's just a tiring cycle, and they shit up a lot of threads in the process.

Anonymous Admin 2273

Ban evaders can usually be spotted and will be banned again. If you suspect someone, please report them and make sure to mention the evading in the report reason so I can crosscheck old bans. A wall of shame would probably cause more incentive for trolls who wish to be immortalized.

Anonymous 2274

>Threads are currently capped at 500 comments, you can see the current comment count on the board index page
I don't think it's very user friendly to have to go back to the index page to see how many posts the thread has to see when it's hit the cap, especially if one has multiple threads on multiple boards to check.
At the very least the number of posts could be displayed inside the thread itself, couldn't it?

Anonymous Admin 2275

Yeah, I'll work on that. Thanks!

Anonymous 2276

Also, I don't know how feasible this is, but some sort of thread watcher or something would be really nice.
Part of the reason I was asking about a thread cap is that if slow threads are never pushed off the board and killed, I never feel like I can close them, lest I miss out on a new post. One of the threads I'm monitoring was just posted in for the first time in 4 months, for example, but I don't want to have to have those threads open constantly just to catch such posts.

Anonymous 2309

Question: Are IPs attached to reports we make?

I'm afraid of being banned because I've reported an embarrassing amount of posts lately, half of which don't get deleted or have any red message edited in which means my reports are wrong and probably annoy the mods.

Anonymous Admin 2310

I check every report personally and I have not yet banned anyone for reporting. You'd have to make dozens of reports with the clear intent of trolling for that to happen. I'm keeping an eye on some users recently reported, but most were just harmless shitposter.

Anonymous 2311


Hello. Not a serious issue, but if you could add `<meta name="mobile-web-app-capable" content="yes">` to the HTML so the site works better with the chrome web-app. That would be great.

Anonymous 2313

Is there a general blanket ban on suicide talk?
Nothing mentioned in the rules, but I just thought I'd ask here for confirmation. Thanks!

Anonymous 2314

could the nsfw board be made visible again? would love for there to be more traction on that board again.

Anonymous 2328

Any progress on making it so that the favicon updates when a new post is made in a thread so I don't have to mouse over/focus every tab I have just to check for new posts?

Anonymous 2331

why dont we have (you)s? its very hard to follow conversations without them

Anonymous Admin 2332

I'm still planning on moving c.c to a different platform where this is possible, but it's still going to take a while.

I'll think about it.

Anonymous 2369

So far I love this place!
I was recommend this site from a girl I met on *ch a few months ago. I just hate how slow it is. I want more traffic on it but I kind of dread what that would bring to this place. But I would like to see this place grow.
Although I'm afraid I've been afflicted for too long and I don't know what terminology is appropriate for this place.

Anonymous 2377

You just have to lurk moar

Anonymous 2404

Is there any truth to the lolcow thread about this site? Particuarly the part saying that the admin is a transgender woman who posts user IPs and their information to laugh about.

Just want to know, I don't care about my information being laughed about because I don't say anything on here that I wouldn't say irl but I feel bad for the anons who likely use this place to vent about deeply personal matters and realizing that it's being laughed about on a discord.

Anonymous Admin 2405

I'm a biological/cis/afab (whatever you wanna call it) woman. There is no Discord, we don't even have a staff Discord anymore and I communicate with everyone involved in c.c 1:1. I removed all old mods a long while back and right now the only people I have on board are a female developer I know personally and 1 janitor (also female) who can't see IPs.
I don't share user information.
I hope this answers your questions, although you don't have more than my word for it. Thank you for using c.c!

Anonymous 2408

Ok, thank you. This is very reassuring and I’ll continue using the site. <3

Anonymous 2436

I've realised I don't like this website that much because it's less concerning for me to just assume I'm talking to a man on another imageboard, than to post here and have the sneaking suspicsion I'm being misled.

Anonymous 2456

This board is both dead and overrun with smegsies. Sorry Admin Snail-san, your experiment didn't work out.

Anonymous 2457


Who says it won't work out at a later time?

Anonymous 2458


I actually like this website. Even if there might be some males on here without us knowing, this website fills the void of not having any friends who are women in real life. l o l

Anonymous 2459

Aww now i want to hug you so bad and tell you you're so special

Anonymous 2460


>there might be some males on here without us knowing

Anonymous 2461


Thank you, Anon. I want to hug you too.

Anonymous 2462

Yeah for me too. And even if they're here, they have to pretend to be female which is hilarious in itself and is already a win for us.

Anonymous 2463


crystalcafe rulz ok

Anonymous 2464

dis. I lurv this place.

Anonymous 2468


Please permaban the anon spamming child porn and the n word, thanks in advance.

Anonymous 2470



They really think they’re doing something when they’re only coming off as sad, greasy men. Pathetic.

Anonymous 2482

Is there a reason why a shitpost/reply of mine on /b/ got deleted even though it didn't infringe any rules?

Anonymous 2497

I posted a thread on /feels/ a couple days ago about masturbation, and I think it was deleted. I'm kind of curious why. I don't feel like I have anywhere else where I can talk about this stuff, so I'm bummed that that post got deleted here.

Can any mod/admin tell me if I broke a rule?

Anonymous 2498

Not a admin or mod
But I think yours was moved to /nsfw

Anonymous 2500

oh jeez, thanks for the heads up. I forgot that board existed.

Anonymous 2520

I don’t mean to be rude and demanding, but I think mods should respond faster to reports. So many males keep posting here, but I understand that they all have lives outside of this place.

Anonymous 2522


I don’t understand why most people keep thinking we’re all LARPing males. Well, there might be some here, but I’m sure most of us aren’t. Is the concept of women having their own imageboard really that bizarre?

Anonymous 2523

>Is the concept of women having their own imageboard really that bizarre?
"There are no girls on the Internet" is still alive and well. Less so in general thanks to sites with demonstrably/predictably female portions of their userbases like Twitter/Tumblr/etc, but there will probably always be things seen as "too weird for women to possibly be unironically interested in." I think imageboard culture is still one of those things.

Anonymous 2524

How sad.

Anonymous 2533

How about a ck board for cooking, recipes, and food economy?

Anonymous 2534

Are there enough users with that interest to sustain a whole board?
One or a few threads on an existing board might be more appropriate, no?

Anonymous 2547

Can we unhide /nsfw/? It's not like it would get raided any more than the other boards do. And people post random sex related stuff on the other boards anyway.
There's really no point in it being there if it stays hidden because nobody knows it exists and it doesn't get posts.

Anonymous 2553

Came here to post this. I've been browsing for a few months and did not know it existed. I think it's a great board and I really wish it would get higher traffic.

Anonymous 2592

Damn mod(s) you're an efficient bunch.
Is it just the admin or are there other mods.

Anonymous 2595


Why is discussion about race allowed on the site?

Anonymous 2596


Anonymous 2618


Anonymous 2619

When I first found this site it used to pretty comfy, what happened? It has become one of the most toxic imageboards, even 4chan is easier to use and more comfortable than this cc shithole.

Anonymous 2620


Corona got people actin strange

Anonymous 2622

I had a silly idea for a story called "How Bring Me the Horizon saved Christmas", where Jordan Fish and Oliver Sykes need to round up the band to save Christmas town from a dreaded evil known as "The Crooked Yum"..

Anonymous 2623

I just came here to vent about men posting during euro hours, they're like fucking cockroaches

Anonymous 2624

someones avatarfagging rn

Anonymous 2625

I noticed that, too. Mods sleep during Euro hours. We need a Euro mod.

Anonymous 2630


Anonymous 2636

I apologize if there's a more appropriate thread for this question, or if this question has already been asked. I browsed through the catalog and this thread and haven't seen it asked before.

If I see a post that violates a rule, but it's a few months old (or older), should I report it or ignore it? My incentive to report it even if it's old is because new users could possibly see it and think it's fine to make the same mistake. At the same time, I don't want old posts to be an obstacle for the mods in deleting newer posts.

Anonymous 2637

No, you aren't allowed to report..

Anonymous 2638

Care to clarify? I've had no trouble with reporting posts so far.

Anonymous Admin 2641

Reporting old posts is fine - I'd rather have too many reports than not enough.

Anonymous 2642

Can we have an abortion containment thread /b/ and include some kind of abortion general thread in /feels/?

Then, we ban any posts regarding abortion in other threads. The topic of abortion is used to detail threads and many troll threads of it get made. There have been too many bait abortion threads. I say that this way, abortion can be discussed but it gets chopped as a derailer from other threads.

Anonymous 2647

Big agree

Anonymous 2690

I was called a freak because I apparently didn't know something was "humour"? Where do these people come from and why are they allowed? Did you promote the site on 4chan?

Anonymous 2721

Is anyone else currently having trouble accessing /feels/ and /hb/? I can't access /hb/ at all using the links at the top of the page, only through clicking individual posts on the front page's "Recent Posts" section. I can access /feels/, but not certain threads. When I try to load the pages, all that appears is the favicon and link in the tab bar and a blank white page. I'm not using a VPN or proxy of any kind, have restarted my computer, and tried the same method on my phone (which didn't work), so I assume the issue is site-wide or relevant to my IP.

Anonymous Admin 2728

Have you tried clearing your cache? Everything should be fine.

Anonymous 2729

I cleared my history, cookies, and cache and restarted my computer, which didn't seem to make a difference. I also reset my router (which usually, though not always, assigns me a new IP) which made no difference. I typically use the Yotsuba B theme but this seems to be happening regardless of what theme I use. If anything changes I'll post it here, thank you.

Anonymous 2730

I'm back now, the issue appears to have fixed itself.

Anonymous 2731

xxx board not working

Anonymous 2732

I'm >>2721, >>2729, >>2730, it's also not accessible for me (same issue as I previously described.) Everything else is working fine.

Anonymous 2733

Same over here, and it is the board I wish received more traction, too…

Anonymous 2734

Yeah I’m trying to access /nsfw/ catalog via safari on iPad and it’s just a white screen. Been like this for a couple of days. Not like I’ve missed anything though lol, that board is dead.

Anonymous 2735

Can't access /b/, /feels/ or /hb/. Just sends me to a blank page.

Anonymous 2736

Same here but I can still access /hb/.

Anonymous 2738

also getting white page errors when trying to access certain threads and the nsfw catalog. using both ios safari, and firefox on windows 10. posting has also been hit or miss

Anonymous 2741

Admin, can you address this please?

Anonymous Admin 2744

Yes: Janitors can delete posts, but cannot ban due to not being able to see IPs and post histories. That's why sometimes (when I'm unavailable) a user's posts will get deleted, but they won't be banned until later on when I can look into it.

Anonymous 2745

Ah, okay. Thank you.

Anonymous 2747

So, only you can see my IP?
I sometimes feel embarrassing when I engage on a more hotblooded discussion and the person on the other side might be a mod seeing all my posts, thinking I'm a hypocrate. Supposing you know who I am by my IP's I hope you don't have a low opinion of me.

Anonymous 2748

Kek, me too, anon, I have bpd and have probably posted hundreds of posts about my relationship(s) that paint a very…scattered, unreliable picture of me. But I figure that since none of them appear to be the type of content that gets report, no one likely cares.

Anonymous 2751

I dont' get it

Anonymous 2752


Where the hell are these people coming from?

Anonymous 2754


There’s more.

Anonymous 2763

I'm kinda getting turned off off CC due to the lack of activity here. I love the community but it feels like there is only me and handful of other posters with only 1-2 heavy ones. I make an effort to reply as much as possible and try to start interesting threads but it feels like it's not going anywhere and it sucks the fun out of the board. Threads either get a couple of replies and then die or get a lot of activity but it happens across months.

My suggestions:

>Add a radfem board.

CC is one of the few places of the whole internet that allows radfem opinions uncensored. There was a big radfem base on Lolcow before they got rid of it. I think encouraging radfems to come and participate on CC could really boast site traffic. The anti-porn thread is one of the most active already.

>Merge some of the boards.

media and img are both so slow that I don't even bother checking them anymore. They could be combined. Same for x which could be merged with b.

Anonymous 2764

Maybe reaching to lolcow farmhands to move gender critical and /kpg/ threads to here

Anonymous 2765


Anonymous 2766

Kpop General

Anonymous 2767

Kpop? More like Kpoop

Anonymous 2768

Good idea anon. If /kpg/ threads are popular they could liven up media/img and hopefully the rest of the site. If they're too popular they can always get a containment /kpg/ board.

Anonymous 2769

>>Add a radfem board.
I hate trannies but please don't fucking do this admins. It was one of the worst aspects of LC by a large margin.

Anonymous 2770


Anonymous 2771

Asherah's garden seems comfy, though, despite the topic.
Unless you think it may encourage infighting between tradanons and radfems/pinkpillers.
No horse in the race either way.

Good post.

Anonymous 2772

lmao at the entitled attitude of this post. CC isn't under any obligation change >>>/b/39516 just to be a platform that accomodates you. Go to reddit or find somewhere else.


I remember making this joke 5 years ago and thinking it was original.

Anonymous 2773

I'm guessing you mean this to me? >>2763

I made the suggestions to try and attract more people to make the board better for everyone, I don't even listen to kpop. I'm not interesting in discussing radfem topics here. They weren't demands.

Yes, I think I will leave, though not to reddit. As I said before, the slowness of the board combined with the feelings of needing to post have just sucked the fun out of here. Now realising the admin and community aren't interested in using the board in the way I had hoped have just killed my interest.

Goodbye CC.

Anonymous 2776

>Why don't you help bring other women instead of abandoning the site?
NTA but what do you want people to do, spam CC links on other sites and beg people to post here? Tell our irl friends that we use this site? If I may be blunt, LC succeeded because it has a central topic which /cgl/ didn't accomodate and there was enough community demand for it to gain a critical mass of users. CC's entire selling point / sole differentiator from all the other copycat chans was supposed to be that it's a womens club and LC already provides that.

Anonymous 2777

I just realized that this website doesn't show original filenames. Why not?

Anonymous 2794

There has been a recent influx of users posting links to threads on /r9k/, /fit/, /pol/, 16chan, and 8chan affiliate sites. I think this defeats the purpose of having a separate imageboard for women when male opinions are constantly regurgitated here, and I highly doubt that even a fraction of the users posting these are women.

Anonymous 2800

mods / admins, /b/ is getting raided right now. there's like a hundred 0-reply brand new threads in the catalog.

Anonymous 2801

Yeah. I reported many of the original ones and nothing has occurred

Anonymous 2822

Am I still banned?

Wished there was a ban page showing us the reason why we get banned. I suspect it's because I've replied to males once too often.

Anonymous 2866


It has been a while since I've last visited. Hope all is well, miners.

Anonymous 2926


Can we get a feature to see how many unique posters there are per thread?

Anonymous 2927

While we're at it, an indication of whether a thread has reached the reply limit besides just attempting to post and not being able to would be really nice.
CC can move pretty slowly, so I've sat in some threads for days with no new posts before it occurs to me that the thread might be full.
Hell, there isn't even a way to see how many posts are in the current thread besides trying to find the thread in the catalog (which lacks a search function) and looking at the post count there.

Anonymous 3297

Why did mods ban an ip range of a certain country?

Anonymous 3298

Also same thoughts. Please address this if you don't want to answer the email.

Anonymous Admin 3299

I can count on one hand the users from this certain country who don't come here to spam and raid. At a certain point it got so bad I did a temporary IP range ban to get it under control. Of course I'm aware that this is easy to circumvent, but any additional step helps in warding off these people, and it has been very effective. I did add exceptions for the users I was aware of at the time. In any case, the restriction is no longer active.

Responding to males usually doesn't result in a ban, a 1 day ban happens when done excessively, and it's very rare that I ban for longer than that. You should see a ban reason when you get banned.

Not at the moment.

Not at the moment, but an easy and quick way of figuring out how many posts there currently are in a thread is to CTRL+F "Anonymous". The amount of times the word shows up will show in the search field. The current comment limit is 550 replies. If you want to keep track of threads you're interested in, you can also use this extension:


To make it work on crystal.cafe, you'll need to install the userscript, not the browser extension.

Make sure to follow the instructions in the FAQ to add crystal.cafe:

Anonymous 3300

I really love this place and I was a lurkfag for sooo long but I am curious if mods ever shill it anywhere?
I would hate for the culture to be ruined but some more users would be so nice.

Anonymous Admin 3301

I don't and I strongly discourage it. If you're going to share the link, please do so privately. Thank you!

Anonymous 3302

I'm not a raider nor spammer. I've been posting on this site for 10 months and contributed positively yet I'm banned for no reason.

Anonymous 3303

You also deleted all of my posts that weren't against the rules.

Anonymous 3304

The FAQ hasn't been updated in a while, so there's still a link to a /cgl/ board there.

Anonymous 3307

comment and complaint thread but just want to give a compliment to everyone and the admin who obviously cares so much about the board.
Thanks a lot.

Anonymous 3308

It’d be nice if another ‘catalog’ button could be added to the top of the screen and not just the bottom. Not a big deal at all but it’d save me an extra click. I also wouldn’t mind catalog just being the default way to view the boards.

Talking about mobile layout btw, never really use the site when I’m at a computer.

Also this site is nice and I’m glad it’s here.

Anonymous Admin 3309

It looks like this is another issue altogether. Please contact me on Discord (contact info is on the rules page).

Thank you for pointing that out, I'll remove it.


I'll put that on my to-do list, and thank you. <3

Anonymous 3310

i love you… please keep removing moid and pickme bullshit i can't stand it

Anonymous 3311


What happened? I can't access this board unless I use VPN, and I don't remember being banned or spamming

Anonymous 3312

Does it work now?

Anonymous 3313

Okay, I tried contacting via Discord but it says messages can't be sent. Waiting for friend accept.

Anonymous 3316

It does! Thank you.

Anonymous 3332

Anyone else having to complete a hcaptcha every hour or so?
This wasn't a problem a few days ago.

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