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Kpop Thread Anonymous 11873

Anonymous 11874

Last thread reached its posting limit.

Anonymous 11875

>lucas thread
absolutely disgusting

Anonymous 11876


This shoulda been the thread pic

Anonymous 11877


this guys eyes are so botched. they make my skin itch.

Anonymous 11878

>how effective pandering to army is
and how effective is that exactly if Grammys viewership last year was at an all time low even with bts stage kek

Anonymous 11879


Hopefully the kboo is gone lol.

Since 70% of people here are nctfags, could Lucas fit in as a local in South America? I'm not from SA but I thought about this when I saw his predebut pictures.

Anonymous 11880

Kss rumors about Taeyong doing meth have been going around for quite some time now

Anonymous 11881


Do we really need ssng to tell us that tho? Any nct fan could make an educated guess tbh. Mark and TY are definitely doing something to keep themselves going. Both are bone thin and looking rough af lately.

Anonymous 11882


fuck off with the racebait shit

Anonymous 11883

kek this is amazing
hopefully she fucked off, im here to talk shit about kpop, not read her life story about how she bagged some fat korean loser and now she's an expert on korean culture

Anonymous 11884

I feel like most idols probably take some kind of over the counter amphetamines to pep them up given how shitty their sleep schedules are, I wonder how common it is to move on to actual meth tho

Anonymous 11885

there was a huge article about prescription drug abuse driven by the companies, its an open secret that these idols are pumped full of drugs (both recreational and prescription) to keep them going


Anonymous 11886

this just makes the way koreans act about pot even more retarded… like don't smoke weed! its bad for you! do meth instead!

Anonymous 11887


His weight just isn't normal for his age. He seems to have gotten even thinner lately, so I wouldn't be surprised. I think him and Mark are the thinnest in nct now, marks face is like hollowing

Anonymous 11888

but anon its the devils lettuce and its bad because they take it for pleasure!!

have some uppers to keep you awake instead, and then eat a bunch of sleeping pills because you're too hopped up to sleep, but since they're all "prescribed" it's not stigmatized at all

Anonymous 11889

SM definitely seems to run the spermies absolutely ragged, I remember there was a period during their first promotions where Lucas looked like he was about to collapse in every picture

Anonymous 11890

What is T.O.P up to these days? I don't know if I feel sorry for the man but they hated him back then for testing positive on that ouid test.

Anonymous 11891

I got called schizo for calling out obvious racebait it’s so fucking annoying

Anonymous 11892


mark looks freaking rough, his face is like you said so hollowed out. unsurprising considering he literally has not stopped working since nct started

the guy had pretty prominent cheekbones before, but he's starting to look like a skeleton with how hollow his face is

Anonymous 11893


whys he look good while wearing a bucket hat

Anonymous 11894

I don’t know why they agreed with Capitol to form SUPERM
They should also team up with big American labels what the fuck is Capitol. Who is even signed to them anymore

Anonymous 11895


bucket hats are ugly

Anonymous 11896


looks good while dressed as Onceler too…
he's crazy

Anonymous 11898

Lucasfag <3

Anonymous 11899

they have a couple pretty big names like katy perry and sam smith…theyre not a tiny company by any means

Anonymous 11900

also why do *cc mods let racebait slide

Anonymous 11901


This is my favorite picture from my Lucas phase. The black hair, minimal makeup and leather jacket just…chefs kiss

Anonymous 11902

Not sure honestly, he keeps saying conflicting things about whether he'll come back to making music at all but Big Bang did renew their contract so he probably doesn't have much of a choice. I don't think there's been any potential comeback news since coachella was cancelled though. I remember he did an insta live a little while back where he was looking really rough. I've heard that the other three Big Bang members have been meeting up but he wasn't there.

Anonymous 11903

Anon give us another angle I don’t believe dat

Anonymous 11904

im surprised he renewed to be honest, he seems like he just wants to chill and do the weird art collecting/post "quirky" shit like pig assholes on instagram

big bang is likely dead, i highly doubt they can recover from the seungri scandal even though he technically got booted but who knows

Anonymous 11905


his eyes are botched. he's done something to his eyes during the pandemic. they're getting worse and worse.

Anonymous 11906


Anonymous 11907


TOP is a has-been and nasty. He looks like he'd have a sexually transmitted disease. That story of him going after han seo hee when she was a trainee was gross af.

Anonymous 11908

They will reboot activities in december as stated in YG's Investor Report. Not sure if with a cb, but they will be promoting.

They absolutely will, just check the video posted in the end of previous thread, people are up in GDs ass in Korea. His nike sneakers had people lining up to buy it and was sold out in minutes. There is no hope.

Anonymous 11909

You do have the scandal on the one hand, but on the other hand they still have a huge amount of recognition among the gp, and from what I've heard most people don't really hate anyone except Seungri so I think a comeback would still make a splash. GD trended really high when he was discharged from the military, and even though there are large groups that hate him and TOP I think most of the gp doesn't care that much.

Anonymous 11910


Seems bts has only one good looking member left

Anonymous 11911

oh god what the hell is this picture

it looks like his eyelids are droopy af and they used glue/tape to prop them up, but christ as least glue them evenly

he's also so bloated and doughy in the face, fucking nasty looking

Anonymous 11912

img (1).gif

he looked great in the carsian cf

Anonymous 11913

He's way too young to be fucking up his face like this. The dudes in bts have so many issues.

Anonymous 11914

Anonymous 11915

Have YG's investor reports been consistent with the timing of their other comebacks? December sounds reasonable but given how much blackpink got moved around I wonder if it's accurate.

Anonymous 11916

Is this some kind of punishment for his controversies??? He's a careless atention seeker but compared to other members he doesn't seem that annoying.

Anonymous 11917

He's an alcoholic so his face is always fat

Anonymous 11918

This one is wacky because that chinese app to enhance lq photos was used. But yeah the other photos were proof enough that he has done something; plus, all the bloat on his face, it might be healing from surgery

Anonymous 11919

He looked like a monkey like he always does, it was so annoying going to buy makeup and having his giant face staring at me all the time

Anonymous 11920


Taeyong and Mark look worse than the others, but idk if that is proof enough that they are doing hard drugs.

I mean try to name a NCT member that doesn't look ana af (minus johnny) ? Even the buff members like Jeno are rail thin when you look at videos.

Anonymous 11921

i cant wait to see how ugly these bts guys are gonna be in 5-10 years when they stop being idols, stop taking care of their bodies, and all the filler and surgery hits the big brick wall that is their mid thirties

they're all gonna be fat and botched but im sure blind ratmys are still gonna screech about how gorgeous they are

Anonymous 11922

him and jimin are hungover every day + pumped full of fillers so they have big fat plate faces

Anonymous 11923

It was a 4Q report released a little before Blackpink Ice Cream so it has been accurate re: blackpink and winner so far.

Anonymous 11924

suga and jimin are guaranteed to be fat with weird combovers and 22 year old girlfriends when they're 37.

Anonymous 11925


Anonymous 11926

I think a lot of idols are alcoholics tbh. I remember JaeHyun joking about what kind of alcohol nct should have for breakfast but I don't think it was 100% a joke.

Anonymous 11927

Do you live in Hk anon? If so are idols like Jackson and Lucas considered relevant or complete nobodies?

Anonymous 11928

This is thee most accurate kpop prediction I have ever read

Anonymous 11929

why is there a post about lucas every 5 posts? it's not even relevant to the current conversation.

Anonymous 11930

alcoholism is korean culture

Anonymous 11931

honestly i feel like the rest of us are just trying to ignore the fucking lucasfag spamming pictures, its fucking annoying though

Anonymous 11932

srsly cool it with the lucas spam damn the pics aren't even current or relevant

Anonymous 11933

I've grown to like lucasfag but she could tone it down with the image dump

Anonymous 11934

I live on the mainland, Jackson is definitely relevant, he gets top tier cfs, Lucas much less but some people still know him from running man china

Anonymous 11935

it really is, they regularly talk about how many bottles of soju they can drink, and i remember a group bragging that they could finish 30+ bottles between the 5 of them in a night

Anonymous 11936

What would happen if a tweet about cc or lc would blow up on kpop twitter? If some of them managed to invade the thread before it shuts down?

Anonymous 11937

you look like a monkey

its as bad to call SEA people that as it is to call black people that, MOOOOOOOOOOOOODS! get in here!

Anonymous 11938

Bts is younger than Exo overall and they don’t look half as good
SM surgeons are really doing THAT

Anonymous 11939

Why couldn't they do THAT to nct then

Anonymous 11940

i assume the thread would just be shut down for a while similarly to how lc shut theirs down for almost 2 weeks

wtf is this even trying to accomplish fuck off

Anonymous 11941

Wow. We got LC racebait retards over here

Anonymous 11942

well anon when you polish a turd….

Anonymous 11943

Fuck you got me anon

Anonymous 11944

Idk about Mark but Korean sasaeng have allegedly seen Taeyong with a known drug dealer who a lot of celebs get meth from

Anonymous 11945

jk and jimin neck to neck for the title of most botched idol. Idk why these two are so popular.

Anonymous 11946

Wasn’t half of Soshi alcoholics at one point
Hyoyeon still is but I got shocked hearing about it.

Anonymous 11947

nothing it would be handled like any other raid. 90% of twitterfags would be too retarded to even find out how to post.

Anonymous 11948

Doubt it
Try harder anon

Anonymous 11949


I hope that's not true thats sad af. Ppl who do meth have marks on their body right? Like yoochun did? I guess if we start to notice weird marks then …

Anonymous 11950

seriously…theyre going to be the male versions of park bom if they keep going down that route

jimin is already getting that botoxed blow up doll face with the bloated ass face and giant sausage lips

im surprised he hasnt given himself double eyelids yet, he literally tries to fuck with everything else, but i guess if he gets the surgery he cant claim to be natural kek

Anonymous 11951

Tbh i didnt even know it was possible to be a high functioning meth addict. How does he manage his addiction touring everywhere tho.

Anonymous 11952

the gp already hate him, you really think those news wouldn't have leaked to the news circles? they love a good drug scandal, and then you add that to one of the most hated idols for the current generation, it's practically free exposure

Anonymous 11953

What is this
I hate them but I couldn’t even watch this I feel bad kek

Anonymous 11954

Almost every addict is 'high functioning' for a little while, until they aren't

Anonymous 11955

istg kboos see one article about koreans using meth bc of north korean supply or something and take it and run with it

the dude is definitely on something, but i would chalk it up to probably some kind of adderall abuse (adderall causes weight loss as well) plus a super fucked schedule

highly doubt this dudes shooting up meth inbetween practices

Anonymous 11956

It's too late. I feel like he missed his opportunity to fuck with his eyes. They all pretend like they have nothing done. People claim that jhope's nose is natural despite the very obvious rhinoplasty scar.

Anonymous 11957

I thought ketamine would be more popular than meth, seems too extreme.

I hope the dream members weren't exposed to this when they were still teenagers. Picturing them on drugs really fucks with my mind.

Anonymous 11958

why the fuck does jungkook look so skinny here? sometimes he looks buff and others he looks cracked out. what the fuck does this guy even look like?

Anonymous 11959

the dream kids 100% were exposed to drugs and probably given uppers and downers in order to function

there's multiple videos of members acting weird as fuck in those "crack compilations" but it honestly seems like them being on some kind of drug to me

Anonymous 11960


Srsly just cuz some random anon on here says "korean sasaengs" doesn't make it true. ty and mark are valuable sm cashcows no way would sm let them do meth. if they wanted some uppers sm can just supply some prescription drugs for them.

Anonymous 11961

All I know is that NCT has to have a weed dealer JH looks high 70% of the time and his personality wasn't like that at debut at all

Anonymous 11962

One anon came to the previous thread w juicy stuff and now all of you are insiders
Ah yes

Anonymous 11963

exactly…these guys dont have to go out searching for meth, sm 100% has doctors on their payroll who will write whatever fucking prescription amphetamine these kids want or need as long as it keeps the money flowing

Anonymous 11964


I don't find their behaviour that weird, just fanservice. I don't understand what this was though.

Anonymous 11965


So basically just turning into Moon Heejun lol

I can definitely see it, Jimin's personality is even similar to Heejun's pre-shotgun marriage

Anonymous 11966

I just think some members might have an addiction to over the counter prescribed meds but not meth and ketamine
Maybe so ouid during their Amurrican tours but nothing hard core
Those ppl are basically overworked to the bone do you think they could handle a hard drug addiction

Anonymous 11967

>try harder
You do know Idols have been busted for meth before right? Taegoon? Jaejoong was widely known to have done meth with him as well kek cope harder tho

Anonymous 11968


I think thats just Jaemin and his 6 cups of coffee a day.


to think he actually took that pic and posted it to the public … he looks like he's having a hard time lately wonder what's up

Anonymous 11969

this kek

99% of this "juicy" shit is just kboo fanfic, there is no "international saesang" twitter circle or whatever the fuck the other anon was claiming

istg these kboos read saesang info thread #4 on allkpop's forums and come running here expecting people to see them as some insider with juicy info

Anonymous 11970

Lel Jimin gives Tony Ahn tease

Anonymous 11971

As if SM doesn't pay off the news for as long as they want to keep making money with him. They did it with JYJ and they do it with TY as well

Anonymous 11972

Please go back to stan twit, nctzen are the least funny kpop stans in existence. Yehet exol-tier
Their eyes are puffy from all the crying they do over being stan powered flops while all their seniors have been massive hits.

Anonymous 11973

i don't remember where i saw it, but it was some video of jeno just acting super cracked out, like jumping off the walls, trying to eat people's heads and hands, falling off chairs, attempting at one point to fake drink hand sanitizer (?)

i would chalk it up to him trying to be funny, but the behavior was honestly so fucking odd i immediately thought they fucked the dose on whatever drug they gave him and he was just bouncing off the walls

Anonymous 11974

tbh he hasn't gotten that much attention since his kdrama gf scandal, maybe he thought that selfie would do it.

Anonymous 11975


this dude is literally just what jimin is going to be in 10 years kek just trying to cling to the vestiges of his old popularity that was primarily driven by fangirls ugly-stanning him

he'll just be a fat washed up idol knocking up 20-somethings while trying to remain relevant with fried ass pastel hair kek

Anonymous 11976


There are actually white/international ssngs tho some of them were discussed on the previous thread. way back in tumblr days this one rich white chick who was ike 26 moved to korea and basically did nothing except follow sm idols and go clubbing.

Anonymous 11977

There are I-fans who have sasaeng circles, especially Indonesian sasaengs and Japanese ones. Mostly just exchange GC’s and translations. I’m anon from last thread, I promise you they exist lel I don’t know what else will convince you. They’re just Kpop fans but 100x as hard core idk what is “Kboo” about that

Anonymous 11978

these retarded claims that SM has a doctor on their payroll that gives them whatever drugs they want is a way bigger fanfic than them buying drugs as if that chick top was fucking didn't supply half the industry

Anonymous 11979


Anonymous 11980

Lmao I wanna see that

Anonymous 11981

there are definitely white saesangs (like that one infamous white pig ateez saesang yunhosbear or something)

but overall they operate as "fansites" instead of gossip accounts, 99% of the shit you see on twitter is fake and fanfic

Anonymous 11982


Both groups just had very different images. I'm not saying that they still look the best now, but people kind of seem to forget just how cute exo looked at the beginning. That was the true reason they got so big so quickly, according to asian beauty standards all of them were considered a 10 even the fuglies. You didn't have such a visual group before them and you will never get one in the future, SM really outdid themselves when it comes to their plastic surgery and crafting their image. Meanwhile nowadays they debut guys who hump girls on tiktok, it's just very different, maybe that "perfect mysterious boys" formula wouldn't even work anymore nowadays.

Anonymous 11983


I agree with the first half but I'm having a stroke trying to read the second part.

Anonymous 11984

there literally was an article posted earlier about that…an industry insider did a full blown interview about how doctors will prescribe uppers and downers for companies to give to their idols

han seo hee was supplementing recreational shit like pot and cocaine, youre an idiot to think companies arent feeing their idols other stuff on the back end

Anonymous 11985

Oh nvm sorry spam I'm dumb as fuck I get it now.

Anonymous 11986


Anonymous 11987

>according to asian beauty standards all of them were considered a 10 even the fuglies
No they were not, sperg kek. They weren't as good looking as TVXQ. Are you even asian? Btw whatshisface looks like johnny in that pic.

Anonymous 11988

>Meanwhile nowadays they debut guys who hump girls on tiktok

Jesus this is the most boomer thing Ive read my entire time here

Anonymous 11989

its an exofag what do u expect kek

Anonymous 11990

Noooo. Deffo the mysterious image would work, BP blew up with it recently, OG groups BB, 2NE1, 4Minute as well
Nowadays the fan service boy groups give is so overbearing it would be so refreshing with a new BG who has Exo’s image.
If only SM was smart enough.
They keep fucking changing CEO’s it’s a mess idk what’s happening.
Even the rumored GG is said by a SM trainer to be not “visually appealing”.

Anonymous 11991

I agree, maybe that’s why I like Exo now despite barely knowing anything personal about the members kek. But even when I was young I wasn’t obsessed with groups to follow their day to day schedules, uploads, interviews, etc. I should be glad that I was never like that but I seriously still question what it is that makes some fans so obsessed with a person that they don’t know. Especially with male idols, what’s the point? Even at my most interested with a group I just had a member (I think Dara of 2NE1 back in 2014) as my phone background (cringe). 2NE1 was fairly easy to keep up with back in the day bc they had like 2 promotional events before being shelved for another year. Still, I only looked up to 2NE1 as big sister figures which isn’t usually the case for obsessive kpop fans who stan idols that they’re in love with.
Another thing is that I fawn over male idols’ visuals but I would probably not be interested romantically in them. I typically will get at most like fashion and beauty inspo from good looking male idols (as a woman). That includes outfit inspo from Jeno of NCT, who is one of the more “manly” members kek. But if it really came down to it I’d probably wanna date a guy who looks hotter by Western standards like Taecyeon (ridiculous example but a bitch can dream okay?) and not a kpop twink that gives me inspo for myself as a 5’4 woman.

Anonymous 11992

Most eggs are 30+

Anonymous 11993

Are you a 13 year old army or what

Anonymous 11994

>Kpop fans but 100x as hard core
>idk what is “Kboo” about that

Starting to think that engaged kboo is the same as stale milk kboo

Anonymous 11995

Are you one of 32 year old eggcels reminiscing about their glory days or what

Anonymous 11996

Even if that's true claiming they don't buy hard drugs because they can get doctor pills is delusional

Anonymous 11997

kek uve convinced me anon

Anonymous 11998

Have you seen old TVXQ performances during their debut era lol
TVXQ only got cuter during Hi Ya Ya era
Exo was cute during Mama era, got fugly when Wolf happened, ugly again during growl era, overdose era then hit their peak again ever since CMB
It’s a SM thing, their BG’s have ugly phases

Anonymous 11999

did you even read the fucking article lol
these dudes 100% have the means and probably know where to get hard drugs, and i wasnt disputing they arent using it, i was just saying they're probably on prescriptions because its more accessible

why are you so fixated on meth kek

Anonymous 12000

o christ what is this thumbnail

Anonymous 12001

Skärmbild 2020-10-…

Henderyfag here again. Weak comparision but I wouldn't be surprised if sm has given something to him.

Anonymous 12002

Jesus common sense is just lost on everyone here huh

US stars do drugs all the time and their management knows and even helps supply it.

SK ent industry isn't all that different. I'm sure SM has some staff/connections that help it's idols get prescriptions but SM isn't some evil entity where all the staff are eager to pump 17 year old kids with drugs.

if SM kids wanted hardcore drugs there are prolly drug dealers eagerly awaiting them and those drug dealers are most likely other idols. TY doing meth isn't the most outlandish thing tbh especially with superm and nct schedules.

Anonymous 12003

No smh
Calling us eggs just hurts me

Anonymous 12004

so when is nct gonna get out of their ugly phase…its been four years

Anonymous 12005

Everyone’s just saying it’s not possible someone like Taeyong or Nct as a whole is hooked on Meth lol it’s just unrealistic
He might do other lighter drugs but not hard drugs what’s not easy to understand about that

Anonymous 12006

why are all these idols starting to look like yuta and his jay leno chin

jaemin and now this dude…did they get a groupon for chin implants

Anonymous 12007


wow i didn't know it was possible for henry to lose any weight without dying instantly but he in fact looks skinner

Anonymous 12008

Classic a la SM, giving their perfect looking idols even more work

Anonymous 12009

i mean its totally possible they are, but methchan here is adamant they have to be doing meth its just common sense

Anonymous 12010

As a Sm stan I don’t count Nct as a SM group

Anonymous 12011

Most of that is just styling though, and a lot of that was just what was in style at the time. I bet loads of people thought TVXQ were attractive back then because guys in those terrible wolf cuts were genuinely seen as attractive… I even remember finding them cute when I was like 15… dark times

Anonymous 12012

>sm stan
>nct is not sm company

this is new levels of coping anon just admit sm is going into the shithole

Anonymous 12013

Screen Shot 2020-1…

Anonymous 12014


I’m struggling ok my pride is at the all time lowest
I’m having Yoo Jimin tease

Anonymous 12015


you have to admit they released this when visual k was at its peak, hence the horrific styling

for the time im sure it looked fine, but now we look back and cringe

Anonymous 12016


I'm agreeing, I def don't think all of nct is on drugs thats just ridiculous. I also don't think SM just supplies its cashcows with drugs/prescription or wants them to do drugs… thats like destroying your investment. if ty or mark wanted to try meth on their own tho they could very easily obtain it.

Anonymous 12017

Lmfaoo. I wonder what the quote tweets are like.

Anonymous 12018

imagine paying for an album and this monstrosity pops out as your photocard

although i feel like if you're buying albums for photocards you kind of deserve it kek

Anonymous 12019


Suga is the worst, he looks like shindong

Anonymous 12020

yeah I think it was a phase of weird styling but I wouldn't call it an ugly phase… I think they still looked good underneath all the hair gel

Anonymous 12021

I belive in Jaejoong supremacy

Anonymous 12022

Sorry everyone knows your oppa does meth and you don't want it to be true. I hope you can heal from this.

Anonymous 12023

Ok I gotta be real with you (I’m anon u replied to) Yoochun with Hug styling was cute
But they looked best during O.JungHanBap and Hi Ya Ya era IMO
While Exo looked perfect during Mama pre debut photo shoots

Anonymous 12024


suga looks fat and emaciated at the same time. true talent.

Anonymous 12025

why is he so shiny and bloated im honestly baffled

is it just bad highlighter or is his skin so stretched from filler he looks like a balloon

Anonymous 12026

Is it just me or does Lil Meow Meow sometimes look like Asian Onision

Anonymous 12027

Taeyong cud neva

Anonymous 12028

are the twinks in bts gay? jimin must be.. along with jhope

Anonymous 12029

Is SM retarded. Can they just give us mini TVXQ already, nobody wants Nct fuckkkkk,kkkkkfnfnfnfnjfjf

Anonymous 12030

Take your lil oppa fantasies somehwere else pls.

Anonymous 12031

Screen Shot 2020-1…

I think to us normal plebs the thought of doing meth or being supplied prescription uppers on the regular is outlandish but eating one meal a day consisting of two eggs and a sweet potato, sleeping for 3 hrs a day, getting fillers at 18 and needing to have regular IV drips to not pass out is also outlandish.

I think drugs are just a norm in the industry like in Hollywood. I don't think anyone bats an eye if nct members snort some coke before a show or light up a blunt at the end of the day.

Anonymous 12032

I feel like SM fucked up their streak by debuting their experimental group too soon. They had a really good thing going by debuting a small, talented group first and then following that with a big experimental one (see TVXQ -> Suju -> Shinee -> Exo) but then they went straight for experimental again even though they already had another big experimental group that was on the rise. Like how did they not see it as bad timing.

Anonymous 12033


Not really, are you confusing him with TY?

Ty and onion even have the same eczema pizza face

Anonymous 12034

fucking hell spoiler that shit
how do people find this attractive

Anonymous 12035

when will kpop be this extra again, I'm waiting

Anonymous 12036


I don't think he resembles anyone personality wise nor lookwise. Maybe him and Heechul have the same hair though.

Anonymous 12037

You have to admit that was interesting af, early nct looked like a faggy and on lsd version of this

Why do you have to hurt me with this?! They were so perfect, fuck you yoochun

Anonymous 12038

I wish this could be tattooed onto my nervous system.

Anonymous 12039

Screen Shot 2020-1…

I want to hear more from TY meth anon.

From what I know TY suffers from chronic back pain, also the way he dances and the techniques he uses are not good and he himself has said that he is in pain after dancing. I'm pretty sure hes been on painkillers for a while now since he has not stopped working at all. If hes hooked on anything its prolly painkillers, but if those don't work for him anymore …


Anonymous 12040


Nct isn’t even at this level of talent and they’re a 5 year old group soon
Lee Sooman oppar has failed

Anonymous 12041


>they were so perfect
Anon I’m crying real tears rn

Anonymous 12042


I feel like I've seen an idol who looks like him but I can't really say who it is, I just know that he is somewhere out there.

Anonymous 12043


Fucking boomers . Stop posting these busted ass dudes they are all has beens. Even JJ who was the only good-looking one in TVXQ has only done shitty dramas since his glory days

Anonymous 12044

Holy shit

Anonymous 12045

can we not post ugly random men on here? I have to see ugly random men in real life id rather not subject myself to it on my free time too.

Anonymous 12046

anon thats leafy

Anonymous 12047


reminds me of him kek

Anonymous 12048

Yes B.e.G are busted ass dudes
Boomer my ass I’m probably your age bitch lel

Anonymous 12049


Anonymous 12050


TY looks like he gained a bit weight recently actually so meth rumors are put on the back burner for now.

Anonymous 12051

remember this dance being everywhere back then. miss when kpop gg dances were actually memorable and got popular because i enjoyed cute guys imitating them

Anonymous 12052


faces of meth tier

Anonymous 12053


You see this guy? This is Yeonjin, who is hard carrying TXT right now. He can dance, sing, rap, has produced a song, and is not a complete uggo. You could see the gap between him and the other members in performances. Too bad BigHit will never give him the solo. Also he is 6 ft.

Anonymous 12054



Anonymous 12056

is this a moafags attempt at a copypasta

we dont give a fuck about ur ugly nugu oppa who cant even outsell the kings of nugu ateez

Anonymous 12057

if Ty ever got in a drug scandal it would still be overshadowed by his alleged scammer past by knetizens.

Anonymous 12058

Unfunny copypasta shit but that aside he looks like Jimin before the crippling alcoholism

Anonymous 12059

Gaining weight made his face look smaller, why didn't they think of this before.

Anonymous 12060

wasn't some anon saying hes with Jennie. God I srsly hope its true because then Kai would have one more person in Super M he can't stand.

Anonymous 12061


>also he is 6ft
Tall oppars

Anonymous 12062

Obviously not lol

Anonymous 12063

You really outdid yourself in finding the smallest possible LQ image out there

Anonymous 12064

it just seems like the typical "there are international saesang circles!!!" fanfic nonsense

but hard agree, if he was dicking kai's ex gf that would make super m even more entertaining

Anonymous 12065

OG meth anon here and all I know that they're assuming it's meth because the guy he hangs around with is apparently known for that. Could very well be buying other shit or they're just friends (lol)

Anonymous 12066


Didn't you guys tell me that Felix was a faggot? Why does he play COD then?

Anonymous 12067

we've been raided by high schoolers and brainless twitterfags

Anonymous 12068

Anyone here know about nct friend circles? I've learned about BTS and even EXO friends circles outside of their groups but nothing on NCT at all.

Anonymous 12069

Eric is another faggot so he's playing with his sisters, how straight of him

Anonymous 12070

Are u clenching ur asshole over a pic

Anonymous 12071

wow this thread is fucking garbage

thanks for nothing lucasfag

Anonymous 12072

After thousands of nct/wayv posts somebody posts something else and you're immediately complaining…

This. Most 2nd/3rd gen fans are in their late teens or 20s, not my fault that you're obsessed with kids or people who debuted like a week ago.

Anonymous 12073

Nobody cares methchan

Anonymous 12074

Nothing milky to talk about in kpop rn. Is the Kyla Massie girl still relevant?

Anonymous 12075

Don’t blame Lucasfag </3

Anonymous 12076

this thread is garbage because it's constantly nct or lucas. we start to discuss something else and it wraps back around to nct and lucas.

Anonymous 12077

i'm not methchan but i'll make sure to believe her and spread this rumor far and wide just for you

Anonymous 12078


Rent free in your heads

Anonymous 12079

Omg donttttttttt nooooooooo plssss

Anonymous 12080

He looks stupid here bring back the lipstick commercial

Anonymous 12081


Okay well lets talk about worst/best proportions. Despite kpop having "strict" standards there are some really unbalanced motherfuckers out there like the itzy chicks.

Anonymous 12082


>14 versions
what the fuck

Anonymous 12083

Yeri has the worst body of an idol

Anonymous 12084

I like seulgi's body tho

Anonymous 12085

>weaving kit

Anonymous 12086

make sure to bulk buy some nct albums so you fund methyong's rehab stay

Anonymous 12088


They look okay, red velvet looks so awkward most of the time.

Anonymous 12089

based. can finally report you now.

Anonymous 12090

it always bothers me that this copypasta is in traditional characters, which lots of mainlanders can't even read

Anonymous 12091

Why Winnie the Pooh though?

Anonymous 12092

I think Joy and Irene have beautiful faces. Irene has a shit personality though. I think Seulgi is cute and her body is nice. Wendy and Yeri are ugly to me.

Anonymous 12093

it's a meme can't you just fucking google it you 14 year old twitterfag

Anonymous 12094

The age difference between irene and yeri is so big. Idk, I find it weird.

Anonymous 12095

He was supposedly banned because people kept comparing him to Xi Jinping, it was never really enforced though, I see Winnie the Pooh stuff all the time here

Anonymous 12096

>which lots of mainlanders can't even read
we can read em just fine. but if you're taught traditional chars you'd have problems reading simplified

Anonymous 12097

Stop samefagging about Red Velvet no1curr

Anonymous 12098

>Irene has a shit personality though

I like her cold stone like personality. Not every female idol has to b a bubbly smiling mess

Anonymous 12099


Ryujin has very nice proportions despite being 163cm tall, her legs are as long as Yunas almost in some pics.
Yejis legs in shorts makes me giggle

Anonymous 12100

Yes. I love Irene

Anonymous 12101

It's better than fucking nct and lucas.

Anonymous 12102


an example good proportions. I love her thighs tbh.

Anonymous 12103

Lol are you okay I was just wondering if it's actually considered anti communist china or something. That meme is shitty tho.

Anonymous 12104

I was taught simplified and have a hard time with traditional, granted I'm not 100% fluent. I've had some other mainlanders tell me they can only understand like half of stuff written in traditional though.

Anonymous 12105

For you

Anonymous 12106


Seulgis body is bomb what are you even saying

Anonymous 12107


I want to protect them at all costs

Anonymous 12108

Ok this is the Kpop thread

Anonymous 12109

her ice princess shtick just makes her seem autistic from a non korean perspective tbh

Anonymous 12110

I agree but I think they look awkward in group pictures.

Anonymous 12111

Same, I feel like that's probably what I'd be like if I were an idol lol. Not like I'd ever have a chance, but it's nice to know there's room for different personality types.

Anonymous 12112

Anonymous 12113

damn those are some ugly cats

Anonymous 12114

why are we derailing and talking about fucking chinese culture

who tf cares

Anonymous 12115


I am a cockroach
laying eggs, my cockroach babies have infested the thread as well
posting Him every day xx

Anonymous 12116

I regret being on your side Lucasfag

Anonymous 12117

What's the psychology behind why these threads attract so many lucasfags.

Anonymous 12118

>so many lucasfags
don't let the constant spam fool you anon

Anonymous 12119

it's just one girl with brain damage

Anonymous 12120

as the other lucasfag can confirm there is only one insane spamer

Anonymous 12121

its just one spammer lol
i support the trend in this thread that seems to be ignoring the lucasfag and continuing on with our conversation

cant argue with brain damage

Anonymous 12122

Skärmbild 2020-10-…

I miss the meth phase of this thread.
Anyways I wasn't expecting her arms to be that skinny, just makes her proportions even confusing, though her body is still quite good.

Anonymous 12123

I like her body but her face is unfortunate

Anonymous 12124

she is the definition of a butterface
she has a gorgeous body but goddamn her face is so bad to look at

not to mention she insists on doing sexy faces that border on "im passing a giant shit and it's stuck in my lower colon" and its so uncomfortable to look at

Anonymous 12125


He has near perfect proportions that I forget how unbelievably tiny he is. itzy girl has a bigger head and shoulders. Its kind of cute how he can barley do 5 pushups but at times I wonder if everything is okay.

Anonymous 12126


She’s so pretty with minimal makeup tho

Anonymous 12127

What perfect proportions?

Anonymous 12128

Not you again with your orphaned child fag fetish

Anonymous 12129

r u okay anon

Anonymous 12130

only if you exclude those eyebrows

Anonymous 12131

as the main spammer theres more than one

i only posted like 5 times today. someone else posts about Him or me like every 20 minutes, and then I post again!

Anonymous 12132


Long torso Sehun <3

Anonymous 12133

I hope you're aware he exclusively fucks old men. That man is not for you.

Anonymous 12134

Yes I bet you look uglier than her lel

Anonymous 12135

the straws.jpg

>those straws
do koreans really

Anonymous 12136

Nice body but even his talking voice sounds wrong.

Anonymous 12137

I can’t appreciate this man because of that
Do you only compliment people who you would fuck or what
Very beg of you

Anonymous 12138

no one looks uglier than her, she legit looks like a korean grandma who had her face smashed by a frying pan

Anonymous 12139

>near perfect

Anonymous 12140

You don’t want Sehun to lisp into your ear? No?

Anonymous 12141

Are there any other idols with annoying nasal voices?

Anonymous 12142

rosie duh

Anonymous 12143

>Do you only compliment people who you would fuck or what

Anonymous 12144


When will you EXO grannies learn to realize that EXO is not only old and busted, but it is essentially a has been group in the Kpop industry now. There are groups like pic related that make just as good music as EXO and are still making content. At least if you are a 3rd or 4th gen fan, you have stuff to look forward to. Move on.

Anonymous 12145


Good for you anon
Sehun is still sexy even tho he’s probs gay

Anonymous 12146

tenor (14).gif

Yet her music is still excellent and she's an IT girl while you are posting from an iphone 5c

Anonymous 12147

Not with that face he isn't

Anonymous 12148

>Make as good music
Anon log out for today.
Nobody will beat rookie Exo’s discography

Anonymous 12149

Ugly, talentless man. The blueprint for Johnny.

Anonymous 12150

at least post cute pictures of soobin and soobin only if you're gonna be an annoying moafag

Anonymous 12151

Wow lol if Sehun isn’t hot for some miners in this thread I don’t know who is
It’s nitpicking at this point

Anonymous 12152

not even an exofag but sorry but I'm into kpop for the eye candy not the music. not gonna follow a bunch of uggos tyvm

Anonymous 12153


Anonymous 12154

Sehun is only considered a visual because he looks like an ugly white man and that's all it takes for some people unfortunately

Anonymous 12155


actual kings of height your oppas could never

kind of hoping they'll come back after their enlistment now that their deadweight visual is gone, but they very well may be dead

Anonymous 12156


Pink hair guy looks so busted I feel sick.
Give Soobin a normal hair colour and he could maybe get an acting role in a drama.

Anonymous 12157

he's literally objectively the ugliest cunt in exo. even the fat pig baekhyun isn't as visually offensive as sehun. he looks like a pug

Anonymous 12158

Sehun has a pinhole mouth but hes otherwise hot as fuck

Anonymous 12159


What is this

Anonymous 12160

he does remind me of btob minhyuk, i think if he stuck with normal hair colors like all idols should he'd be an attractor

too bad his group is a flop and their fans are fucking insufferable

Anonymous 12161

Pls anons stop convincing random plain flower boy idols can go into acting
We already had the Eunwoo nostril catastrophe and we are gonna get bagel face Jaehyun too

Anonymous 12162

hes cute with all hair colors but i'm sure once txt disbands he will go into acting anyways

Anonymous 12163

Moas are actually pretty quiet on Twitter. They only shit up NEET forums because they are all Japs.

Anonymous 12165

Meh I'd rather see female idols with some "unfortunate" but natural features than cookie cutter plastic faces that are so common in mid and low tier girl groups.

Anonymous 12166

No they’re actually really annoying on Twitter with this “4th generation” shit
Also I still have flashbacks to how they acted during Roty season with Oneits

Anonymous 12167

has she ever been lol

Anonymous 12168

According to Google he's 185cm/6'1, so he might actually be somewhere in between 175-180.
If I'm right txt consists of this kid and the one with triple eyelids, frog eyes, weird alien eyes and the irrelevant fifth one

Anonymous 12169


are we just gonna pretend moas didnt do this shit

Anonymous 12170


Seventeen has joined the October comeback rush

Anonymous 12171

imagine having a gif of hwasa saved and thinking any of your opinions on anyones aesthetic are valid

Anonymous 12172

the only people screaming that moas are unproblematic and quiet are other moas kek

theres two sperg as moas on this thread alone, twitter is 100% a fucking shitshow

Anonymous 12173

omg I can't watch, I'm already cringed out with just the cap

Anonymous 12174

Soobin looks so annoyed kek
Maybe he’s not so bad after all

Anonymous 12175


What? she has a funny face, I love hwasa memes

Anonymous 12176

why are kpop stans always so big on being woke? I'm gonna be honest the fat white bitches annoy me the most.

Anonymous 12177

they confirmed an oct cb ages ago

But what the fuck is this concept, fedoras and alcoholism? Seriously contemplating dropping them at this point.

Anonymous 12178


Anonymous 12179

The thread has gone to hell….well it was nice while it lasted ladies. I can't believe I had to witness four images of Hwasa with my own eyes on here. not even spoilerd. absolutely fucking satanic.

bye everybody and good luck.

Anonymous 12180

hwasa laugh.gif

Anonymous 12181


i cant believe you stanned them in the first place kek

Anonymous 12182


He looked so nice before sm fucked him over completely. I never even liked his personality I just liked looking at his face and now that is over for me. Is this what it feels like to be a yutafag?

Anonymous 12183

your oppars love fat white bitches most. stay pressed.

Anonymous 12184

is this what they call a C O P E

Anonymous 12185

no one likes fat white bitches kek
seethe fatty

Anonymous 12186


I can’t tell if this satire or not.

Anonymous Admin 12187

And yet you didn't report and clearly don't read the announcements section.

To everyone infighting: learn how to ignore bait and stay on topic.

Anonymous 12194


K I wont post about hendery anymore after this but I wish he recovers from whatever he is going through and moves out of that filthy apartment. Idk about his personality but god I don’t understand how he started looking like this so quickly.

Anonymous 12195


It's been little over a month since their debut. Thoughts on them?

Anonymous 12196

who are these supposed to be

Anonymous 12197

who even is this

Anonymous 12198


Kai alone is on over a dozen magazine covers every single year - and not just some teengirl shit like your 'oppars' kek

Anonymous 12199

they're all ugly and their music is actual garbage-tier. what did YG mean by this

Anonymous 12202


First of all he gets about 2 a year, why drag him into this if you don't care about him beyond fingering your rotten boomer clam to his shirtless fancams and using his achievements to gas up Exo
Second of all don't imply he's on the same level as the other Exos kek, even he knows he's above them

God can sm please make those assholes disband and give us KJI1 now fugg exols

Anonymous 12203

Insane and disgusting.
At this point I honestly think (and hope) you're just a scrote.

Anonymous 12205

Report the Hwasa' posts, it's definetly a moid from the raid we had a few threads ago

Anonymous 12206


Fuck exo, free Jongin <3


His body is hideous and unfortunate in every way…

Anonymous 12208

Delusional Exo granny. Just accept your favs are busted and carry on with your life.

Anonymous 12209

>she doesn't know

Anonymous 12210


anyone care to explain how JYP jr. was only 15 in this picture

I swear there are league of legends teams with better visuals than treasure

Anonymous 12211


Why are american fans either like pic related or cringey faux-shy kboo

Anonymous 12212

He's still hot wdym? Maybe it's just because he looks tanned (not whitewashed) in this picture that I'm saying that though. Does anyone else like unfiltered pics of male idols?
Glad that they're charting past #700 simply bc YG deserves to burn. BP needs to leave that agency and then YG will truly be fucked.
Is this Young K? I'm repulsed on his behalf.

Anonymous 12213

imagine if an incel wore jyp plastic pants and plastered his balls with pictures of his kpop goddess kek

this is gross, i feel bad for the dude

Anonymous 12214


buckle in ladies it's time for the yearly ratmy meltdown with bts's mediocre ass music doesn't win a grammy

Anonymous 12216

Yup I think that's him, how embarrassing it must've been for him and everyone in the room

They deserve a grand total of 0 nominations. Can a ratmy seriously justify any of this?

Anonymous 12217


kevin is kinda cringy but I find him so endearing

pic related, if anyone had any more doubts that he's gay, he's really not subtle at all kek

Anonymous 12218

He seemed nice on Eric Nam show. If only I cared for TBZ kek
He answered that in Korean tho? I think it's pretty obvious gay coding even for Koreans, so props to him for kinda outing himself

Anonymous 12219


How long is Felix's cock? I mean, it must he pretty large, right?

Anonymous 12220

Worst proportions: loona, chaeyeon from dia

Anonymous 12221


SA oh nvm it's the reddit AMA. He really told the fanboy to slide into his DMs, how sassy

Anonymous 12222

who from loona?

Anonymous 12223

I used to be one of those fans that kept up with daily with groups/idols and I still can't understand why I did that. The thing is I wasn't even the delusional "my idol cares about me" type or anything. I guess I was really bored, lonely, and immature at the time but I really regret all the time I wasted.

Anonymous 12224


yup. he speaks like a kid stuck in the early 2010's down to the unironic use of ':3' but it's sort of adorable.

Anonymous 12225

almost all of them especially yves and heejin has really short arms it looks so weird

Anonymous 12226

admin delete this

Anonymous 12227

read the rules, anon

Anonymous 12228

>admin delete a post I don't like reeeeeee

Anonymous 12229

I did and it should still be deleted

Anonymous 12230

state your reasoning

Anonymous 12231

true, but what you should do is report and ignore it.

anyways, I saw that BP (or Selena?) has submitted Ice Cream for the Grammys which is somehow even MORE embarassing than Bts submitting Dynamite.

Anonymous 12232

It's darksided

Anonymous 12233

txt makes good music. now I see why people care about them so much.

Anonymous 12234


pic related
>it's you

Anonymous 12235

>clearly didn't listen to the song
at least try not to be a bigoted exol granny

Anonymous 12236

i've listened to txt before and their music is pretty shit. so is exo's though so you're gonna have to come with a new insult

Anonymous 12237

petition to ban moafag

Anonymous 12238

Nta but you're honestly just exposing yourself for being an asshole with bad taste

Anonymous 12239

>ban lucasfag
>ban moafag
>ban people i don't like

act like an adult and ignore them

Anonymous 12240

Oh no I've made both the moafags and eggs mad what do I do?

Anonymous 12242

At least lucasfag is occasionally funny this bitch is pure autismo

Anyways, I haven't been seeing that much buzz around BPs album. Feels like a MOTS 7 scenario which fans could pretend to like for 2 weeks tops

Anonymous 12243


The Album will be talked about more when Tuesday hits.

I also want TXT to flop here next comeback so Treasure can take their place and I'll have the excuse to shill them.

Anonymous 12244

Where is the anon with EXO tea? Can you tell us what is the fight between Sehun and Jungkook?

There is an arab sasaeng made her way to the k-fans sasaengs inner circel and she posts on her private twitter alot of hints about male and female idols. Her hints are something like:
- J & L "a fight".
- his mr.perfect image would be ruined if his past exposed.
- he want to go back to dating J again but she refused because he dated someone after their breakup.
- an idol from a very known girl group used to work as a dancer in a bar/nightclub.
- Sehun is getting cozy with his lover, his lover staying at his home for several days.
- an idol from SM will be in big trouble if someone leaked what happend at the party in his house. (Drugs being exchanged and used between the guests).

Anonymous 12245

What are you implying? That they both dated? Then fought?
Sehun doesn’t seem to have a mr perfect image wym

Anonymous 12246

Why are you so fixated on Exofags whe they barely interacted w you anon

Anonymous 12247

I have no idea. I am just translating some of her random tweets.

Anonymous 12248

Treasure has shit songs so I doubt they’ll be famous
YG should’ve just gone for a 5 member boygroup they’re dumb lol nobody is gonna check for a 12 member group seeing how saturated the idol market is

Anonymous 12249

moas are pure cancer so I agree.

Anonymous 12250

keep the moas, it is better that another group is getting dumpstered instead of the daily nct threads.

Anonymous 12251

what's happening on tuesday

Anonymous 12252

YG knew that Treasure was going to flop digitally no matter what so they just added the Magnum idols that had 3 Japs in it to prop up the sales. The highest selling groups tend to have alot of members, albeit exceptions. Considering that their debut is the 8th highest selling Kpop debut of all time already with no restocks, it is working so far.

Anonymous 12253

physical album release. the sales are expected to be massive.

Anonymous 12254

i remember the treasure popularity list from the last thread, why is this kid the third most popular member?

Anonymous 12255

Seems like he's the autistic one

Anonymous 12256

Is that why he's popular??

Anonymous 12257

the nctfags arent insufferably trying to shove their flop music down everyone else's throats though

i feel like 90% of the nct discussion is nct bashing anyways lol

Anonymous 12258


Anonymous 12259


Ugh V in some pics he looks so fine and in others he’s a big headed, flabby freak. What’s the truth?!

Anonymous 12260

Kevin is basically the 4th gen version of U-kiss Kevin.

Anonymous 12261

there are men who like hwasa?

Anonymous 12264

there's always one hwasashitter in kpg who posts pictures of her at fansigns and calls her "our lovely maknae"

Anonymous 12265

Where is this kid’s parents

Anonymous 12266


Anonymous 12268

I can't stand this. It's such a huge turnoff that I skip my faves' content when alcohol is involved/brought up.

but this website is way easier to use than twitter

Anonymous 12269


hey you're on kpg too you're not that much better. anyway I'm not the supposed hwasashitter but I like her too, she has some great songs and she seems to be down to earth. I'd take an 'ugly' idol like her over someone like jennie or irene any day

Anonymous 12270

From what I’ve heard and read, meth is a popular drug in Korea. They snort it over there instead of smoke it.
Tracks are from IV drugs like heroin usually.

Anonymous 12271


V looks good when he has some muscle on him. But because he's lazy/doesn't care he can never keep up with workouts so he goes back to looking skinny fat.

Anonymous 12272

You're just into a korea bargain bin rihanna wannabe. You're not any more woke for liking her instead of a classically beautiful girl, at least those boring girls are not embarrassing blackboos

Anonymous 12274

Mamamoo/Whasa stans just have the pick me complex. They're not like them other girls, they stan empowered women!! Topkek

Anonymous 12275

if I close my eyes I can still clearly hear that neither irene nor jennie can sing like hwasa. it's not about being woke, it's about being tired of idols who have nothing to offer other than good looks.

Anonymous 12276

See, if you were that into music you wouldn't be into idols full period lol and she's mediocre at best as a vocalist if you have a serious parameter; heck she's not even the best in her own group lol

Anonymous 12277

she's not mediocre, be real. a mediocre at best singer would be someone like rosé for example. hwasa isn't the greatest vocalist alive but she's good.

best in her group is clearly wheein but I just enjoy hwasa's raspy voice more.
& there's nothing wrong with having some standards even if it's just kpop

Anonymous 12278

lmao but not really
mmm's main fanbase is actual unironic lesbians

Anonymous 12279

she's good for an idol but mediocre compared to non idol singers
i think that's what the other anon was saying

Anonymous 12280

anyone get a good chuckle from all the wailing at wanna one's goodbye concert? I feel bad for the fans but gotta hand it to CJ for ending things in a rather traumatic way

Anonymous 12281

I got it, I still disagree

Anonymous 12282

then the comparison to rose must be desperation.

Anonymous 12283

he's clearly wearing huge shoulder pads here

Anonymous 12285

it's a kpop forum, we're talking about kpop. who do you want me to compare her to, katy perry? pavarotti? I chose the first mediocre singer that came to mind

Anonymous 12287

just saying it's a bit sad that you resorted to defending her by comparing her to notoriously shitty-even-by-kpop-standards singers/performers

>who do you want me to compare her to


Anonymous 12288

I clearly stated that she's not the greatest vocalist but she's good. Anon said she's mediocre at best so I gave an example of an actual mediocre kpop vocalist. Ailee is a great vocalist so it wouldn't make sense to compare Hwasa to her in this context. Anyway this conversation is stupid

Anonymous 12289

K-Pop is dumb anyway, it doesn't matter who's better than who lol. We're all out there listening to the same mass produced unoriginal content

Anonymous 12290

but anon where would we be without 'my idol is better than your idol' shitflinging

Anonymous 12291

Screenshot 2020-10…

I was watching a documentary about India's beauty standards and this is literally the top comment. The way they write his real name as if that'd add some kind of credibility makes me want to choke

Anonymous 12293

kpop is a spot the difference game for westernerns

Anonymous 12294

the fact that ratmon never even said that in the first place

Anonymous 12295

preaching about loving yourself while simultaneously turning into a ps monster is the epitome of kpop

Anonymous 12296


How to perform an exorcism on bts?

Anonymous 12297

their cheeks look like they're bout to explode, my face feels stiff from looking at this pic

Anonymous 12298


Glad that TXT is going to save kpop again this month.

Anonymous 12299

>Is this what it feels like to be a yutafag?
What does this mean? Lol are you insinuating he was ever good-looking in the first place?

Anonymous 12300

Ugly untalented trash

Anonymous 12301

god jimincel's face looks so terrifying, he needs to lay off the filler and botox

Anonymous 12302


more txt teasers my fellow moas

Anonymous 12303

as if there's anyone else on here other than your spammy ass who gives a fuck

Anonymous 12304


yeonjun - knight + paladin
soobin - archer + ranger
beomgyu - druid + mentalist
taehyun - adventurer + sorcerer
huekai - mystic + bard

taehyun clearly won her


Anonymous 12305

I saw the same fucking comment, way to not engage with the actual video and ignore the balatant colourism displayed by the members themselves (RM included)

Anonymous 12306


I wonder what younger non plastic/faggy jimincel would say if he could see himself now

Anonymous 12307

i dont get how fans seem to think BTS isnt colorist/racist as hell

they're literally shown on camera multiple times for making fun of other members being dark, not to mention either RM or suga fetishizing the fuck out of black people, or V acting like they're dirty and not even wanting to touch them for a photo

Anonymous 12308

Disgusting. You need better taste.

Anonymous 12311

post soobin or gtfo

Anonymous 12312

nah rosé aint mediocre she's plain below average, doesn't meet minimum requirements like singing in tune weak ass notes

Anonymous 12314


Anonymous 12315



From an article talking about trainee abuse. The part about the iv drips is too real, I’ve seen so many videos of idols getting done with their performance and just straight up collapsing.

Also the part about being “called” gave me chills. I would almost guarantee that this happens in those small no name agencies I wonder how often it happens at the bigger ones.

Anonymous 12316


He should just leave the group at this point.

Anonymous 12317


idgi was he just saying the whole thing sarcastically?

Anonymous 12318

taehyun has crazy eyes.
anons are right they are actually botched and mediocre, I doubt bighit will ever get the bts 2.0 they wanted out of them.

Anonymous 12319

that concept makes me sick these kpop companies need to cool it with the ugly color combinations

Anonymous 12320

He's the Robert Pattinson of BTS

Anonymous 12321

Did anyone see the rumour about yangyang bringing girls to wayv’s dorms….that’s like entering hell no words.

Anonymous 12322

except pattinson is actually talented kek
what does V have going for him other than his face and the fact that he's convinced ratmys that his hoarse wailing is palpable

Anonymous 12323

doesnt he share a room with 2 other dudes that sounds grody but entirely on brand at the same time

i cant imagine walking into that apartment that's probably soaked with piss and shit and cigarette smoke….ugh

Anonymous 12324


Source? Pls tell me it isn’t from some kpopprediction twitter account

Anonymous 12325


I find it hilarious tbh. I think BH pressured him to stay and he caved but best believe he will bitch and complain for the next 7 years

Anonymous 12326

Apparently a sasaeng but it might just have been started by desperate fangirls. I can’t imagine how that situation would be like

Anonymous 12327


Doesn't YY have money? He can afford a private hotel… unless it was one of those idol sex parties.

Anonymous 12328

thats hillarious, the dude is beyond loaded and brings these girls back to his cramped ass apartment instead of getting a hotel

Anonymous 12329


I highly doubt it tbh. Their manager lives with them and they are barley 1 yr old. When they want to get laid they prolly go to hotels/ guest houses or maybe go to other idols places for parties.

Anonymous 12330

Does anyone remember that scandal back in the day, basically an idol group had a party with girls and one slept with a girl and then another guy (random guy) went in the same room and assulted her? Was it an infinite member?

Anonymous 12331

Are sex parties a thing in the kpop industry? Seems pretty common in the American music industry but a bunch of kpop manlets having orgies makes me cringe.

Anonymous 12332

Yes I’m 12330 anon and I was trying to find the article but I can’t remember who was involved in it. Basically an idol member got caught up in a sexual assault case. Later it was found out that he didn’t assault the girl, he was at a party and slept with the girl in a room. When the girl was drunk in the room some guy( manager or a rando/someone not fameous) assulted her. Basically it was found out it was something like a sex party where a bunch of ppl were hooking up .

Anonymous 12333

All that I could find was this shitty allkpop post, but it seems kinda similar. https://www.allkpop.com/forum/threads/nam-woohyun-wrongly-accused-sexual-assault.89644/

Anonymous 12334


Yes, it was that. There were some follow up articles and some of the comments hilighted how it was a hookup party & gross how 2 sets of ppl went to the rooms to hook up.

Idols who have their own apartments have gatherings and can invite idols who may still be dorming. VIP sections of clubs exist too. When I was a bb fan I followed a lot of twitter/tumblr accounts of girls who went to Korea to work/study and were koreaboo a. One of them went to the club YG owned a lot and she saw bb members there always in the vip section sometimes they would bring girls there and buy them drinks ect

Anonymous 12335

I'd kill to know more about these idol sex parties. I wish something about bts having an orgy would come out.

Anonymous 12336

a lot came out during the jjy scandal, of just idols hiring multiple hookers or sharing girls at a specific apartment

if you can stomach the jjy texts there's a decent amount in there and you can infer what these dudes are doing in their downtime

Anonymous 12337

God I would feel sorry for their preteen fans being exposed to that.

The Burning Sun scandal and snuff film rumours were so unexpected, so if something like that involving bts happened their career would be shattered + kpop would get an even worse reputation in the west.

Anonymous 12338

idgaf. I hope it happens. I hope jimin and jk run a train on the wrong girl and we get all the juicy details.

Anonymous 12339

if anything their preteen fans would shield them while simultaneously not knowing what an orgy was…or just blame the evil women for corrupting their poor oppa

when jk's scandal came out and the girl had a coke tattoo there was a bunch of people inferring that jk likely snorted coke which is a perfectly reasonable assumption and the meltdown of "poor jungkook baby is scared of women she probably bullied him into it" was everywhere

Anonymous 12340

jk has done many drugs. no doubt in my mind. He's wild and it'll catch up with him.

Anonymous 12341


>.I hope jimin and jk run a train on the wrong girl

There’s some really fucked ppl on here

Anonymous 12342

i would be more surprised if an idol didnt do drugs, the entertainment industry is dirty as hell and kpop is no different

Anonymous 12343

that is hardly the most controversial thing that has been said on here. grow up.

Anonymous 12344

You know who's fucked up? Bts and bigshit

Anonymous 12345

What do yall think the next big scandal will be, and who will it involve?
Personally I’m thinking Kang Daniel or some other ex wanna-one member.

Anonymous 12346


This place is turning into Allkpop insider sasaeng information threads. If ur gonna try and spill tea at least post some proof or reasoning.

>the girl had a coke tattoo there was a bunch of people inferring that jk likely snorted coke which is a perfectly reasonable assumption

U must have skipped the entire “critical thinking” component in school huh?

Anonymous 12347

i wouldnt be surprised if it was daniel, i feel like the top idols right now (unfortunately that means BTS and big 3 groups) are too shielded and paid off to really get into anything or have anything leaked

daniel has just enough fame for the media to chase after him, but not enough to keep shit out of the news

honestly im still surprised zico didnt go down with the rest of them, dude is absolute trash

Anonymous 12348

do u really think jk who get scratcher garage tattoos and hangs out with grimy tattoo artists hasnt snorted some snow

Anonymous 12349

I don't think bts are untouchable. They just need a vacation again. Jungkook would def act out again

Anonymous 12350


lmao exactly. you don't need proof to know that.

Anonymous 12351

He fucks up every time he posts something on twitter. On his birthday he posted a pic in a very easily identifiable hotel. Ratmy found the exact room he was in and it was obviously a romantic night away with someone. Idk why that one was swept under the rug because it was obvious he brought his fuckbuddy there.

Anonymous 12352

Sounds juicy. You got that pic?

Anonymous 12353


Yeah I mean there are dozens of these compilations on YouTube. The desire to perform and be thin is prolly a motivation. I don’t think agencies care that much about idols health hence

IVdrips and god knows what else

Anonymous 12354


Zico gives me manipulator vibes, I can’t believe him and Seolhyun were a thing.

Anonymous 12355

He gives me major gross vibes too. There are TONS of hints about him just like there were with Senguri. Anyone who continues to stan him is just asking to be disappointed.

Anonymous 12356

Well seolhyun is a bully bitch so birds of a feather I guess

Anonymous 12357

He looks like a retard. Is he popular?

Anonymous 12358

Unfortunately yes and a strong contender for SOTY

Anonymous 12359


well it was so well hidden that not many pics are floating around but this is the balcony of his hotel room that he stayed in on his birthday. This hotel is in Seoul, near his home… Not sure why else he would stay in a hotel like this if not with a girl he's fucking.

Anonymous 12360

He actually posted THIS? And with two glasses of wine too topkek might as well announce that he's about to fuck someone
But I remember ratmys making it about their retarded Jungkook Jimin ship

Anonymous 12361


Just read through a “signs of meth use” article and based on it V would be most suspicious tbh. Major personality changes, withdrawal from others, high followed by an extreme low, depression and paranoia and anxiety. Everyone has noticed how V’s jaw got more square and ppl were saying ps, but continued jaw clenching increases ur jaw size too. JK to me at least doesn’t exhibit these.

What do ya think ladies?

Anonymous 12362

No lmao, he didn't post this. This is a pic from someone else staying in his hotel after he posted a pic of himself in his room. That is the exact room he was in though because the picture he did post was so easily identifiable. He's so stupid sometimes.

Anonymous 12363

That's interesting and all, but i need more proof girl. I mean wtf. That's all you got?

Anonymous 12364

okay give me some time and i'll give proof.

Anonymous 12365

I remember seeing this 50 year old ”noona” army on twitter a while ago, apparently her daughter got her into them. The 50 year old made a tweet about how her daughter is really depressed but bts ”helped them both so much” and it got a fair amount of likes. Wonder if the daughter will slowly realize that they are just typical lowlife celebrities, all while having a mom who is obsessing over korean men in their late 20s.

Same goes for that person who named their kid Namjoon/Rap Monster/idk I don’t remember.

Anonymous 12366

Who posted this then tho

I broke the news of JK in Jack's Bar on LC KPC and some bitches had the nerve to say that I was lying, I cackled when Dispatch exposed him a few weeks afterwards

Anonymous 12367


Okay it actually didn't take me long to find it. This is the original picture that jk posted on twitter (buy some cuticle oil you rodent) Army is fucking crazy and found his location within 20 fucking minutes.

Anonymous 12368

hotel 2.jpg

they found his exact room and booked it I guess and posted this of the exact room. Now tell me he stayed in this hotel, near his own house for no damn reason? Turns out this hotel room was CHEAP too. so he didn't bring a girl he actually likes there, he brought a girl he fucks when he's bored.

Anonymous 12369

that was you????????????????

Anonymous 12370

if he did bring a girl there then she needs to get some self respect if he wont even bring you back to his place to fuck you.

Anonymous 12371



Anonymous 12372

Yes I had to fight all the ratmies saying I was making something out of thin air, dumb hoes

Anonymous 12373

wait so did you see jungkook out then?

Anonymous 12374

Lol, he's so dumb. A real himbo.

Anonymous 12375

i mean not defending him but i wouldnt bring a random chick im fucking back to my house, what if she decides she doesnt want to leave or keeps coming back kek

but the girl should know how he sees her, but i doubt these chicks care

Anonymous 12376

You have to actually be cute to be considered a himbo. He's just sleazy

Anonymous 12377

Naah, I'm not the girl who told about spotting him on twitter. I posted on LC an ig post of a random dude saying that JK was in Jack's Bar in that night. It was one of the last kpc/kpg threads before it getting shut down on LC

Anonymous 12378


Didn’t they all buy mega nice and super private houses/apartments? That one Hannam the hill place is supposedly really restricted so they can do whatever they want there and fangirls will never know. If they r still taking chicks to motels/hotels then yikes. Apparently he also took the tattoo chick to a guesthouse or something.

Anonymous 12379

the hotel in the pics was literally $30 a night. He's known for being really cheap though. He didn't even own a pillow for years and slept on a rolled up towel. What I don't get is how can he be such a fucking idiot to post that pic when he knows his fans will find out his exact location… doesn't matter though, it was completely ignored by army for some reason.

Anonymous 12380

he looks like a frog

Anonymous 12381


except apparently you can rent a hannam apartment on airbnb…i wonder how many batshit fans will rent the place out to try and stalk their oppa

Anonymous 12382

The balcony looks nice for 30 bucks tho. The room must be trash then. But it's dumb of him too because in a place so cheap there are more chances of privacy breaches like hotel staff leaking CCTV (just like the trashy noraebang did with him)

Anonymous 12383

Yeah he took her to an even cheaper and more appalling room than that. He's such a cheap slimy man. He makes me sick.

Anonymous 12384

They don't actually live there. I mean they have a community apartment that they sometimes use if they need to with an early schedule the next day but 99% of the time they're at their own apartments.

Anonymous 12385


JK just seems reckless to me not sleezy. Idt he’s cunning enough to be sleazy. Like he could have easily said no to this pic but idt he cared at all. Managing him must be a headache for BH.

Anonymous 12386

I wouldn't bring a hook up to my house even if it's a luxury condo too tho tbh. But he could be more classy like Kai and bring his dates to an actually nice hotel.

Anonymous 12387

Namjoon and Jin own apartments in Hannam the Hill. Jhope and Jk live in Seoul Forest or Trimmage idk it's all on youtube. The point is they all live in expensive condos with top grade security

Anonymous 12388

You don't have to be smart to be a gross sleazeball, Jkfag

Anonymous 12389

>I hope jimin and jk fuck the wrong girl and we get all the juicy details.
>There’s some really fucked ppl on here

Lucasfag, you took that "run a train on" literally, didn't you?
Just because oppar is a brainlet doesn't mean you need to emulate him.

Anonymous 12390

Inspiritfag here I can answer. From what I heard from fans who were in ssng circles Woohyun fucked some girl (consensually) at a party and left and within that same night after he left she was assaulted by another guy at the party. Because the cops found a condom in the trash with WHs nut in it he was investigated but the victim cleared him.

Anonymous 12391


I think this guy is kinda cute but his eyes often look swollen?

Anonymous 12392

what? that was me and i know nothing about lucas.

Anonymous 12394


he just has unfortunate monolids they're not swollen anon

he looks like that one chinese kid from chinese produce….chen linong

Anonymous 12395

soobin qt :3

Anonymous 12396

Out of all the groups, TXT members should get the most sleep at night knowing their shitty BTS sunbais are hard carrying them. What the hell does Soobin do that keeps him up at night and causes those dark ass circles?

Anonymous 12397


Soobin is charming but this picture is so unfortunate.

Anonymous 12398

bye moafag is cringe i want lucasfag and nctfag back

Anonymous 12399


do you have eyes?

Anonymous 12400

kek except even bts ratmy power cant keep these dudes frin being flops

imagine riding bts dick and still not outselling ateez of all people, so embarassing

Anonymous 12401

i'm not even the moafag you dumb faggot i just like soobin.

Anonymous 12402

most male ''visuals'' these days look haggard after a year of their debut
plus soobin isnt visual material he looks like a stretched Btob Minhyuk
when will we have a male visual that has korean actor level looks

Anonymous 12403

i see two ugly brothers

Anonymous 12404

lol werent u the one arguing eggs on how txt music is better just a day ago

Anonymous 12405

at least nct is funner to bash on because they have juicier rumors, txt is just ugly

Anonymous 12406

Screen Shot 2020-1…

>The Burning Sun scandal and snuff film rumours were so unexpected, so if something like that involving bts happened their career would be shattered + kpop would get an even worse reputation in the west.


>idgaf. I hope it happens. I hope jimin and jk run a train on the wrong girl and we get all the juicy details.

to the completely retarded anon with 0 reading comprehension

Anonymous 12407

male visuals are boring and haggard because they're manufactured now, you pump them full of filler and cut their jaws so they have an expiration date of 1 year before they start bloating kek

Anonymous 12408

no, txt music is ass. why are you so obsessed.

Anonymous 12409

no that was me

Anonymous 12410

exactly…nct is fun to shit on because it's just a group of entitled assholes who cant stop being shitty

txt is just ugly and floppy, even bts is more fun to shit on because they have so much crap to make fun of

Anonymous 12411


Soobin looks like a chipmunk with nasty joker lips. At least he's not a mallet but nothing to write home about.

Anonymous 12412

he's cute!

Anonymous 12413

Soobin is a version of btob minhyuk with an uglier face but taller

Anonymous 12414

did he get that cat mouth surgery asian are doing, or was he just unfortunately born with those upturned lips

Anonymous 12415

Screen Shot 2020-1…

Hoya who used to be in Infinite said this in amagazine interview and it still haunts me. This will forever be the most cringey thing a kpop idol has ever said. Like I truly do not think anything will compare to this level of cringe.

Anonymous 12416

>why are u so obsessed
>posts fugly moid 2nd day in row
yes im obsessed w your oppar, totally

Anonymous 12418

oh god what the fuck i have never seen this

this is actually so cringe

Anonymous 12419


it looks like they grabbed some rando asian guy off the street, caked his face with makeup, did his hair, and threw him into a suit. what do moas see in him

Anonymous 12420

i've never even posted him kek hope you learn how to deal with your psychosis soon

Anonymous 12421

txt can hold up so much convo in kpg during boy group hours and gaypg is just filled with moas. how do they falseflag this much? at least ateez and stray kids have more twitter shenanigans and are not boring.

Anonymous 12422

you retards are spamming this thread so fast i love all the movement we're getting

Anonymous 12423

Oh he's the male version of black unnie hwasa

Anonymous 12424


there is literally no tea on nct ever. their gossip is stale af and consist of random "TY is doing meth I know because of ssng" and overanalyzing member relationship or bashing Lucas and TY looks. At least BTS has some legit stuff that can be gossiped out.

Anonymous 12425

not to defend him because hes mediocre as hell but isnt that most idols

without the styling and makeup they all look boring as hell, and some of them look downright weird because they fix their faces to do well with heavy stage makeup

Anonymous 12426


Compared to the rest of Bighit he is the only one I can tolerate (at least for now)
He isn’t visual material but his face isn’t pumped with fillers yet at least. Idk about the swollen eye thing though.

Anonymous 12427

then dont fucking reply

Anonymous 12428

a bunch of ppl got unbanned after yesterday lol

Anonymous 12429

he looks pretty cute on this are you sure this is soobin

Anonymous 12430

Dear God… at least he doesn't hate black ppl but jfc that was nail curling cringe

Anonymous 12431

Angry LC refugee dykes strike again

Anonymous 12432


or bloated plastic blackfishing unnie jessi

Anonymous 12433


The blueprint

Btobfag where are you back me up here

Anonymous 12434

NTA but get help

Anonymous 12435


y'all think Taeyong is ugly but giving this freak a pass i can't stand y'all

Anonymous 12436

You retards got banned for what

Anonymous 12437

taeyong looks like an alien and not a sexy one

Anonymous 12438

Taeyong looks like a bug and he moves like one too and his head is 3 times the size of a normal human. There's simply no denying his hideousness

Anonymous 12439

im here and i find minhyuk so much more attractive, probably because he's one of btob's weakest links and yet still has more talent than the entirety of txt kek

Anonymous 12440

this cannot be real holy fuck

Anonymous 12441


Taeyong looks like a bug, lmao

Anonymous 12442


Does she have some type of bimbo fetish? Her lips are starting to look the same as this russian reality tv star/rappers lips.

Anonymous 12443

let me burn your eyes more anon
please watch at your own risk

i cannot stand this plastic woman, she looks and acts so gross and trashy

Anonymous 12444


He looks a bit like that japanese figure skater that weebs seem to love, but more plastic

Anonymous 12445

That was a big hit too and now she is everywhere. Great.

Anonymous 12446

get help about what nobody was talking about u then just dont reply did you see me quote anybodies >>12398 post retard lel

does anybody know genuine kpop reaction channels like this one

Anonymous 12447


Ratmys crying about their millionaire oppars being 'body shamed' is so pathetic.

Keeping a slight muscle tone as a man in his 20s who works a physically demanding job is extremely easy, plus judging by the way they look, bts are allowed to be anything ranging from ana to borderline fat anyway.
I feel like a couple years ago all members of a group having an athletic or at least a thin body was the norm, so what's with all that drama nowadays? Just look at how few normie young korean guys are fat, male idols absolutely don't need to put in as much of an effort as fans claim.

Anonymous 12448


she looks even worse now lol
her lips are actually going to burst

i wonder what she's going to look like in 5 years

Anonymous 12449


Yet you have a screenshot form one of his lives. Taeyong haters doth protest too much.

Anonymous 12450

why do you watch reaction channels do u need someone to tell you how to react to things sis

Anonymous 12451

The intense fresh-off Twitter faggotry all of your posts exude is not as cute and edgy as you think it is

Anonymous 12452

twitter tard's first time saying the r word

Anonymous 12453

not to mention it's literally their job to look good, fans can cry all day about how they're successful because of talent but at the end of the day these dudes are paid to dance around and get girls to cream their pants for their looks

having a good/pleasant body to look at is a part of the job description, you cant demand to not be judged for your looks while simultaneously being an idol and raking in that cash

Anonymous 12454

not a twitterfag like this anon said
im a angry lc dyke

Anonymous 12455

>do u need people to tell you how to react

based anon kek

Anonymous 12456

I feel like normie korean are all chubby or at least skinny fat. But it'a literally the idols job to look good so fuck weightlift! The problem is also the fans tbh because the autistic kchildren that stan idols prefer fragile bodies.

Anonymous 12457

I'm that very same anon who said that at first and your most recent post has proven me very wrong about that assumption. You're just a 14 year old from twitter.
You did quote a post in your original by the way

Anonymous 12458

no i just like seeing ppls reaction to songs i like

Anonymous 12459

She's all plastic but I love her. She's a Korean woman who is actually allowed to say what she thinks and doesn't have to giggle and smile all the time that's fucking rare. Remember when Irene got shit for literally just not laughing and smiling 24/7 at that dumb fucking show. More female celebs like her please

Anonymous 12460

go back to twitter then its an echochamber for what you already want to hear

Anonymous 12461

I got it from a Twitter post posted last thread retard.

Anonymous 12462

>more idols like her please
no please, my eyes cant take any more

Anonymous 12463


Sometimes when I bored I go on Kprofiles to look at flop groups I’ve never heard of.
Now what the fuck is this supposed to be? Anyone heard of them?

Anonymous 12464

Screen Shot 2020-1…

noooo uri yongie looks like a sexy anime boy he's not ugly nooo

Anonymous 12465

No guys, you don't get it, bts are better than them! They don't whore themselves out! They are preaching self love!

Anonymous 12466

>flop group
i highly doubt anyone's heard of them
the only eggs we know here is what the moa calls exo-fags kek

Anonymous 12467

if that helps u sleep at night anon
if ur not moafag then just dont reply lel
so sad

Anonymous 12468

how dare u defile todoroki like this

Anonymous 12469

Retard. Funimation tweeted about the resemblance. Cope.

Anonymous 12470


irene…. is ugly to you?
lol anon wtf

Anonymous Admin 12471

If this thread can't go one day without inane infighting spergouts and rule violations then I'll have to reconsider if it's worth keeping. Stop antagonizing each other and stop taking bait.

Anonymous 12472

i meant jessi….r u retarded

Anonymous 12474


the fact that everyone can tell which posts are yours based on your intense twitterfaggotry…

Anonymous 12475


Could be mistaken as both Oli London and a nct member tbh.

Anonymous 12476


And you saved it… hhmmm okay sis its okay I understand fully

Anonymous 12477


holy shit this dude is way too old to be trying this kek

Anonymous 12478

Exactly. The average model get's paid close to nothing while getting down to a bmi of like 15 meanwhile bts can't even be arsed to not have a double chin.
Plus how can they claim to dance 20 hours per day and they're still not fit…? Something just doesn't add up.

Korea (and Japan) has the least amount of fat people. And I wouldn't exactly call bts fragile either, most of them are just skinnyfat/normal.

Anonymous 12479

please admin-kun ban the infighters

Anonymous 12480


op post u replied to was talking about irene
>more female idols like her
jessi isnt an idol anon
but i agree if it was jessi u were refering to anon lel mb
she was pretty with minimal ps though

Anonymous 12481

>dance 20 hours a day not fit
let me introduce you to the wild combination of alcohol, drugs, and shit eating habits kek

but exactly, why do these fucks get a pass for having a gut lol

Anonymous 12482


Anonymous 12483


>saves one pic

Anonymous 12484

I know they don't have a overweight and obese BMI, but they look chubby. Probably helps that any weight gain goes straight to the face at first.

Anonymous 12485

Funimation is for retards. It's no surprise they hire nshitizens for their pr team.

Anonymous 12486


Anonymous 12487


Is this what 4th gen male idols will look like? Maybe Yuta did something right there

Anonymous 12488

>If this thread can't go one day without inane infighting spergouts and rule violations

Id love just one day with no infighting & useless noncurrent pic spams pls ppl lets make it happen

Anonymous 12489

the moafag and felix dick size anon are one and the same? awful news

Anonymous 12491

looks like yuta but with a jaw reduction instead of implant

my god all these idols really do just look the same

Anonymous 12492

so it's you…. admin pls ban this person so we can have world peace

Anonymous 12493

Infighting was even worse on LC so we're truly fucked with one foot out of this board already.

Anonymous 12494


Idk if anyone cares but I have no words for this.

Anonymous 12495

wow this is unfortunate

Anonymous 12496

They really let any uggo korean man off the street debut these days huh

Anonymous 12497


They look like a bunch of mini-Shindongs. At least this one is 6’2

Anonymous 12499

you posted your photo gallery to prove you weren't a tyongfag but instead proved you're a moafag and a stayfag? You should apply for Mensa.

Anonymous 12500

Walmart v dick nose Walmart jk meth shindong Shrek

Anonymous 12501

Being tall means nothing if your face looks like a dumpling

Anonymous 12502

she's not a stayfag she's probably the same anon who's been weirdly obsessed with felixs jawshave for 4 threads now always posting the same picture

Anonymous Admin 12504

Reporting is enough, you don't need to fuel the infighting by responding.

I've handed out a lot of warning bans, if this continues then the users will be banned permanently. I'm not going to continue deleting all the posts that resulted in bans, you can clog up your threads if you must.

LC has more activity overall and most of the users ITT don't contribute to other threads and only come here to talk about kpop, which also causes the majority of reports at the moment. If this continues then I see no reason to harbor /kpg/ refugees.

Anonymous 12505


According to kprofiles dick nose is a smoker and almost all of them have either V or Jungkook as their idols.
the bar is on the floor

Anonymous 12506

Yes, I understand. I was just being pessimistic in regards to the chances of people complying. Thanks anyways for your efforts, I know this thread must be a hassle.

Anonymous 12507

imagine bragging that youre a smoker kek

Anonymous 12508

Anyways, to move on from all this in-fighting:
What is hands down the most cringey thing an idol has ever done in your opinion? For me this is less an individual idol and moreso a group but the episode of that BTS show where they are in LA where they get fake kidnapped will never not keep me up at night asking myself why they thought that was a good idea.

Anonymous 12509

nta and I used to find him cute but now he just looks gross and buggish. Idk what I ever saw in him. Ugh

Anonymous 12510


im between nct trying to explain sex lyrics (whiplash = my sister?) and that idiot from stray kids making up a whole fake company to dispute being a sex offender

Anonymous 12511

>Maybe Yuta did something right there
what do you mean? This guy's chin is tiny

Anonymous 12513


Kai and Lucas from Super M doing the whole big brother little brother shtick on camera when they can't stand each others guts

Anonymous 12514



When any idol is forced to do this….

Anonymous 12515

Why do you say this every day when Lucas is one of the only members Kai likes?

Anonymous 12516

It was proven that the company is a proper registered business that is located in a fancy building, I was shocked

Anonymous 12517

Screen Shot 2020-1…

The dumb gay/shower together/shipping shit Baekhyun always pulls. Willing to bet he was the one that made Ten put his leg over his too during that earlier live they did. Based TY gave them the biggest WTF bitch look but fans took that and made that into a shipping jealously fantasy.


Anonymous 12518

Speaking of SperM and cringe, Scamyong using that obnoxious post-wall grimlin, Baekhyun, for clout always makes me want to kill myself. Scam is always the only one who laughs at his unprovoked autistic screeching, but unfortunately for him it still isn't getting him any brownie points from bbh-ls.

Anonymous 12519


Dear anon what compels you to say that Lucas is one of the only members Kai likes?

Anonymous 12520

Sure Jan. I’m going to need a link for that “proof” because I also looked up the address and the company and found nothing. You’d think that a business would actually try to promote itself or have other clients and employees aside from its artist. If the company has been around for years then why is there only one artist that at the soonest joined the agency in 2019?

Anonymous 12521

It's explained on the vid related. Grazy Grace also said the same thing

Anonymous 12522

The way they treat eachother…? Have you ever actually paid any attention to superm or the members? They get along better than any other two members and never showed any signs of unironically hating eachother. Kai might hate ten though, they've interacted maybe twice since debut. Also, I asked you first.

For the record Kai is more entertaining in superm than he ever was in exo. They hated him.

Anonymous 12523

That is one ugly-ass tattoo in the thumbnail

Anonymous 12528

seriously…this is so obnoxious
the thing is fans eat it up, im pretty sure theres a manager in the back fucking miming for these dudes to grab a thigh or make a dirty comment because they know the fangirls love it

Anonymous 12531


Foreign stalker circles definitely exist. There are a ton of ssng that are from China/philipines/thai ect.

Just wanted to add another 30 year old woman stalking kids to the thread. This chick is Thai and born in 1990 and a fan of Enhyphen who are literally born from 02-04. She used to be a fansine master and followed Ten/at one point Dream around. She's also friends with other fansites/stalkers so they prolly do share info amongst each other and they are prolly around the same age.

Anonymous 12532

the most notorious saesangs are chinese/SEA…the comments in here about international saesang rings are the ones making fun of people believing white koreaboos who run fake twitter accounts

Anonymous 12533

it's a japanese trainee/competition show
the 'egg' part is pretty much referring to how eggs hatch to a chick, like from trainee to idol

chinese sasaengs are by far some of the most hardcore ones. i remember years ago some c-sasaeng posted a video of her and other sasaengs on instagram chasing taemin and kai down the street while they were running away from them

Anonymous 12534

Something I've noticed - many groups have big age gaps between members. ~5 years or more. Why? Are they trying to attract more fans (of different ages)?

Anonymous 12535

yeah that's the reason

Anonymous 12536

I remember seeing a video of Chinese stalkers following nct down the street for a pretty long time until they were able to get to a taxi. If anyone has the video pls share

Anonymous 12537


some chinese saesang managed to follow yangyang onto a plane and sit next to him

theyre honestly a different breed, but companies will never do anything because they bring in the cash

Anonymous 12538


i don't know how you can think bts look chubby. they all just need to tone up.

Anonymous 12540

sasaengs booking the same flights as idols isn't new or unheard of

Anonymous 12541

if nayeon's retarded german stalker could do it, anyone can do it

just imagine what chinese sasaengs who are actually intelligent and organised can do

Anonymous 12542


>reactivates ig
>gets hates messages, again
>surprised pikachu face
is this girl retarded or an attention whore? at this point she only has herself to blame.

Anonymous 12543

Who's that ?

Anonymous 12544


Anonymous 12545


Anonymous 12546

She looks dissapointed.

Anonymous 12548


>TXT has passed 300k preorders for minisode 1: Blue Hour

>20 days of tracking left

Such a good day!

Anonymous 12549

Suga is stuck in a permanent state of looking rotund due to his filler abuse + jaw shave kek
The others just look skinnyfat to me though

Anonymous 12550

yeah i agree with that lol. most of them don't need to lose weight though, they just need to change their body composition.

Anonymous 12552

You will never be lucasfag. Quit embarrassing yourself and tormenting us with these ugly little men.

Anonymous 12554



Anon, 3 out of 5 TXT members are at least 5'-11".

Anonymous 12555

meth shindong has me in tears thank u anon

Anonymous 12556

didn't see the post you were replying to and thought you were talking about suga for a minute lmao

Anonymous 12557

5'-11"… you mean 4'1"?

Anonymous 12558

forgot to add but you wont ever get on madam lucasfag's level… it's just the natural order of things

Anonymous 12559


He looks funny with glittery pink makeup

Anonymous 12560

honestly I don't mind the eyeshadow but I hate glossy lipstick

Anonymous 12561


TXT are many things and tall is one of them.


There is also the BigHit family pic if you want to check that out.

Honestly I am fine with that. I was only aware of this place for a month.

Anonymous 12562

manlets or not they’re still one of the most watered down and generic groups.

Anonymous 12563

For the love of god go back to stan twitter fag. No1curr about txt.

Anonymous 12564

you telling us how tall txt are is not going to make us interested in them. i don't know why you think this is the place to shill your nugu group, this thread isn't for that.

Anonymous 12565


That is what makes TXT good. Musically they are not distinct so they can fit any concept. The producers shill them into diverse concepts and lyricism that other groups don't tackle.

I didn't come from Twitter, anon.

Anonymous 12566


What are they up to now after a bunch of irrelevant members left and pulling a bboom bboom thrice didn’t work out?

Anonymous 12567

>b-but the mediocrity adds flavour
The jokes write themselves
Busted AND soulless

Anonymous 12568

>irrelevant members
Daisy was the main rapper and Yeonwoo and Taka(?) were the main visuals. Apparently they put out a comeback for the fans that sold less than nugu girl group debuts. Naeun is now acting and they are sponsoring children's programming and tampons.

Anonymous 12569

Taeil and Johnny are so ugly and have no redeeming features whatsoever. Everytime they come up on screen I crack up

Anonymous 12570

lmao @ sm forcing nature republic on nct127 after exo finished with them. nr is demonic.. i almost feel bad for 127 but i guess if it wasn't for this they wouldnt have any brand deals.

Anonymous 12571

moafag i hope you realise this thread isnt meant 4 u to convert us into one of your kind…

Anonymous 12572

i thought the moafag got a warning ban yesterday since they were quiet for around 12 hours, but guess they didn't learn

nature republic is the equivalent of like bath and body works in korea lol, but they literally cannot get anything else so im sure sm just takes whatever they can

Anonymous 12573

Lmao yeah 4 years into debut and that's all they can get

Anonymous 12574

Dunno if anyone cared abt taeha that much but Yeonwoo was one of the most popular members. Her leaving was a pretty big blow to the group. Dunno when theyre gonna have a comeback, since Starry Night didnt even get a real mv.

Im surprised Nayun's the one to go into acting. In all the momoland mvs I've watched, she only ever looked like she had exactlt one sole expression that she could do.

Anonymous 12576

thinkin today about how weird it is that there are so many gambling references in kpop when koreans legally cannot gamble ever

Anonymous 12577

i mean its the same as western music doing a ton of lyrics and videos about heavy drug use when it's illegal…what's your point

Anonymous 12578

korea usually seems way stricter about showing stuff like that though, like pretty minimal hints of sex or drug references can be pretty controversial

even smoking isn't usually allowed to be shown in korean media and that's legal, plus kpop is usually consumed by a young fanbase and is seen as a 'less degenerate' alternative to western media in a lot of non-western countries

idols will be criticised if they even swear in public, but gambling in MVs is somehow fine?

Anonymous 12579

plus idols are sort of supposed to be role models (even if most of them aren't) and present a very sanitised image, it's one of the things that separates them from musicians, it's literally why they're called 'idols'

Anonymous 12580

> Such a good day!
Lmao this has to be an anti. Even with zero self awareness (which you have) you would have fucked off already, even a retard would understand blatantly obvious responses like this >>12571 for like 2 threads now.

Anonymous 12581

Idols can’t even show their tattoos or mention brand names during their stages. Korea may have some of the most retarded censorship laws known to man. They’re all about image, not substance.

Anonymous 12583

exactly, this is why I find it strange that gambling apparently isn't covered by the censorship laws that regulate tattoos/smoking/sex/swearing/etc

Anonymous 12584


Anyways post actual hotties and shut up or gtfo moafag. You’re failing harder with every post.

Anonymous 12585

oh no, the pure retardation that your posts reek of are telling enough, we'd just like for you to stop posting pics and sharting yourself about txt

Anonymous 12586

can we all collectively just ignore the fucking moafag instead of continously eating the bait

just report the retard and move on

Anonymous 12587

anon who posted flop nugu groups can you post some more of the basic korean dude uggos?

Anonymous 12589

dont forget they can only show one nipple at a time kek

Anonymous 12590

xuxi 57.jpg

Crystal sisters, I have a confession to make.
Thanks to Lucas fag I have seen the light and it shines like Xuxi. I tried to fight against it but my attraction towards him is too strong. I would unironically risk it all for him.

Does nct have any good songs or should I just keep saving his photos and ignore music?

Anonymous 12591

Listen to wayv‘s lovetalk

Anonymous 12592

>Does nct have any good songs
Eh it's all up to taste. I think Yestoday is a good song and Lucas is on it too

Anonymous 12593

yestoday is the ONLY good nct song and I hate that it features both lucas and taeyong

Anonymous 12594

Personally I liked Boss which I'm pretty sure lucas was on and some other nct 127 songs that lucas wasn't on. Not too hot about wayv, which is the unit that he's in but that's just my taste.

Anonymous 12596

lucas-chan quit your samefagging, beg and search for asskissing on your ugly idol somewhere else on this big internet

Anonymous 12597

So are Doyoung and Mark's parts the only parts you like? Who else would you rather have on it?

Anonymous 12600

my gripe about lucas on any song is that his voice is so distinct because he just yells loudly to a beat, so its so jarring because every time he shows up its just incoherent lucas noises and throws off the whole song

Anonymous 12601

This is my first post in this thread.lol

Amazing recs, thanks anons. I also checked out wayv and regular is great.

Idk if it's due to my taste or hearing problems, but I didn't notice it so far.

Anonymous 12602

how long have you been a fan of nshitt? when i was a fan i almost immediately caught that lucas' voice is just annoying ass yelling and not just when he sings, prolly one of the reasons i never liked him beyond him being relatively good looking. like when he speaks its so fucking annoying, as if he was trying to sound deeper than he actually is

Anonymous 12603

I am a fan since today. lol I used to be a hardcore "bts-pop" army till like 2017/18 and after that, I mostly stopped listening to k-pop. Ngl tho, I too find his talking voice a bit annoying. I tried to watch funny moments compilations and his screeching made it hard not to close them.

Anonymous 12605

txtfag got banned lol just ignore the trolls fron now on

lucas is the epitome of dumb jock, dude has nothing going for him other than his looks and shitty frat-bro personality

Anonymous 12607

anon u responded to, i dont like his face either, but obviously people find him attractive and that's how he got into sm

he used to be bigger, but recently he's been looking thin and emaciated, probably from overwork etc

Anonymous 12608

So is blackpink going to promote their newest title song or…? This comeback had like zero hype following their last two releases and there's still yet to be a dance practice, a performance MV, or a live dance performance stage.

Anonymous 12609

apparently they have a netflix show coming out, they seem to be focused on promoting that for some reason

Anonymous 12610

>lucas is the epitome of dumb jock, dude has nothing going for him other than his looks and shitty frat-bro personality

Lucas has made himself more relevant in two years than all the other nct members have since debut so he def has something going for himself

Anonymous 12611

Daily reminder that this thread is on a warning by Admin so if you dont stop taking the bait and infighting we're gonna be kicked out from yet another imageboard

Gambling is just an ~aesthetic~ like Bond, Oceans Eleven and whatever movie set in Las Vegas/Monaco. It's just Hollywood culture assimilation. In my country gambling is also illegal but these poker/roulette imagery is often times used in entertainment. It's hypocritical down the line but I guess I get it.

Anonymous 12612


Will never understand y sokor uses male idols to advertise makeup for women. It doesn't make me want to buy it at all…

Anonymous 12613

i mean they include photocards and shit, its just for fangirls who will blindly buy anything with ther oppa on it (and often in large quantities to get a specific one)

Anonymous 12614

I think I'm going to watch the doc but I doubt anything juicy will come of it, though there have been juicy things in kpop docs in the past like the BTS one. But despite disliking BP I can't dislike Jisoo. She's just so harmless and kind of cute in that way. Her english is cute.

Anonymous 12615

is there a bts documentary on netflix? i assume if this blackpink one gets any traction ratmys are going to rage and demand one for their oppas

Anonymous 12616

I know ppl shit on BB a lot but I legit like them, their songs always make it on my spotify and I love their aesthetic. I hope they take over bts in the US because at least they can actually speak english and aren't selling some woke sob story 24/7.

I can see the American public actually liking bb and American celebs actually interacting with them in a somewhat genuine way.

Anonymous 12617

BB as in big bang? i didnt know they spoke english outside of maybe GD

or do you mean BP?

Anonymous 12618

yes i meant bp… i need coffee

Anonymous 12620

thanks for clarifying haha i was confused if it was big bang

but i agree, honestly their music is pretty bad and rose has an insufferable voice, but i like how they're unapologetically in it for the fame and money like every other star out there

the girls are always trying to be social media stars, and i dont ever see them running around trying to pretend to care about social issues or be "woke"

sure, their fans are almost as insufferable, but at least the girls are pleasant to look at for the most part and content with making mediocre music and posting pretty pictures

Anonymous 12621


Lucas kickboxing now he just needs to gain 13 lbs.

Anonymous 12622


Well damn, this is horrific

Anonymous 12623

I tried liking them but for me rose voice is unlistenable and Lisa’s personality too annoying

Anonymous 12624

LMAO who is this cave creature

Anonymous 12626

god his nose is so upturned he'd drown if it rained

who tf let this guy out of the clinic looking like this

Anonymous 12627

if that unfortunate dude is from treasure i wanna add that every korean dude is so ugly in that group lmao
the japanese guys are slightly better looking and yoshi honestly touched some sweet spot in me, he has what suga wants, i hope they don't fuck his face up with ps or fillers

Anonymous 12628


Damn SM really didn't have to do that

Anonymous 12629

fuck his face up? yeah

Anonymous 12630


he looks so much better with dark hair, i dont get why SM (or him, maybe) insists on doing the washed out pastel hair colors

i do find him quite pretty, but he keeps fucking with and touching up his face and he's going to melt in a few years considering he just turned 20

Anonymous 12631



The brown/dirty blonde hair looks best on him no doubt.
This current Elsa look is doing nothing for him and that sad upper lip filler makes him look like a freaky clown.
All NCT2020 members look haggard af lately but Jaemin looks like he lost the last 15 pounds that made him look human.

I like jet black hair/eyebrows Jaemin, but it makes him look older so SM will never

Anonymous 12632

WTF that’s Jaemin??

Anonymous 12633

They aren't, you're just a weeb

Anonymous 12634

This can't be real. Is there another screenshot from the same video?

Anonymous 12635


yuck….hard agree
none of the treasure kids look good, are koreans finally realizing idol life is shit or are all the pretty kids just becoming instagram models

recent batches of idols have been rough as fuck

Anonymous 12636

Studies show that men all over the world just keep getting uglier so that may play a part lmao

Anonymous 12637

this is the video, he just looks way too thin and definitely has been doing stuff to his face i assume in prep for nct2020 or something

he looks so fucking frail, the pale ass hair and oversized sweater isnt doing him any favors either

some anon posted a selfie from him a thread or so back, dude looks rough as hell

Anonymous 12638


wayv is dookie, the worst nct unit. every day I wake up crying because hes still in it.

plz listen to 2fast while you wait for him to leave stupid kpop and become a ufc fighter/actor x

Anonymous 12639

Haruto, who’s unsurprisingly also the most popular member, is decent looking but the rest are all as ugly as everyone else.

Anonymous 12640


>decent looking

Anonymous 12641

>he has what suga wants

Anonymous 12642


guess what everybody yesterday lucas was on instagram live after box practice saying he smells real bad

Anonymous 12643

Why wasn't this a single instead of 100? I don't despise Mark but the favoritism towards him is making the group suffer.

Anonymous 12644

Anon he is like 15

Anonymous 12645

Wow he’s cute

Anonymous 12646

so are the other ones, how come it was ok to make fun of the other guys for being ugly but apparently not him lol

Anonymous 12647

All I’m saying he is 15, he will probably grow into his looks so it’s not fair calling a teenager ugly
Especially assuming you are over 18 Kek

Anonymous 12648

ok moralfag

Anonymous 12649

Did you guys hear about B.I. having gang connections and becoming a Ceo of Jo Insungs label.

Anonymous 12650

was just reading about this, unsurprising considering his dad is dirty as hell too, i wonder how rich they are and if it'll be able to cover up all the shit they're undoubtedly into

Anonymous 12651

Lol is this picture supposed to prove your point?

Anonymous 12652


For people who want a fast conclusion to this

Anonymous 12653

kid's ugly and mediocre af, are we witnessing the birth of a treasurefag now too

i mean anyone who thinks a young 20-something with no executive or management experience could be named a director of a media company without anything shady going on is delusional

the dude is dirty as hell, not to mention they've dug up that half his "good deeds" were just mediaplay

Anonymous 12654

Both of them look piggy and plastic

Anonymous 12655


>Blackpink is the revolution

Anonymous 12656

What the fawk
So can they also explain the misogynistic lyrics in their early albums as well
Ew ugly dipshits

Anonymous 12657

Why is this too far but they jack off to kpoppers in lil school uniforms all day and no one says a word

Anonymous 12658

Lol because this statement is written by WOMEN that actually suffer sexual harrassment in their workplace because of the nurse stereotype? They probably think disgusting sleazy men drooling over school girls is just as disgusting if not more. Way to miss the point.

Anonymous 12659

except nurse outfits have been around forever, not to mention a bunch of other idol groups have also used slutty nurse costumes (off the top of my head EXID definitely has)

i get people have a hate boner for blackpink but this just seems like actual hypocritical nitpicking kek

Anonymous 12660

who is they? this is criticism from a union, not some random netizen yelling at clouds

Anonymous 12661

>i mean anyone who thinks a young 20-something with no executive or management experience could be named a director of a media company without anything shady going

omg this reminds me of the tea I've had about gangs and kent for a while. It falls more into Khiphop so I didn't share it but I will just post it now since its so slow here.

Anonymous 12662

Nah nurse unions/associations have been also complaining about those sexy halloween/sexshop costumes forever, this is nothing new, they're being consistent with their class and gender interests

Anonymous 12663

I get your point kind of but that doesn’t excuse sexualizing female dominated jobs and their clothing’s
Especially in a place like korea where nurses are sexually harassed because of media depiction like that and it’s on the news every time
Even tho I think the costume Jennie was wearing was just a 40s nurse scrub

Anonymous 12664

It is a 40s nurse scrub but this was an objectifying uniform. The union says in their statement they have historically fought for abolishment of nurse caps and dresses in uniforms, one of the reasons why such depictions feel like setbacks

Anonymous 12665

You're basically saying what male netizens are commenting so maybe reconsider? Kek Korean men hate any slightly feminist stance so I would not want to side with them for the sake of Blackpink/YG defense.

Anonymous 12666

a lot of korean feminist organizations are upset because in the nth room case and the burning sun ring, there was a demand for trafficked (and underage) girls to dress up in themed costumes and apparently nurse costumes were popular

Anonymous 12668

Of the few lines he gets in Superm, most of them are these cringy… phrases that make him sound like a DDR announcer and thats not really on him. But I've never thought he sounded weird or too loud in anything else. I like his voice, deep voices are superior. Might be better suited for singing.

Something very autistic about your constant "jock/fratboy" comments. It's like you think in wattpad tropes like incels with the chad/stacy shit.

Anonymous 12669

oo yes pls share

Anonymous 12670

even nctfans make fun of lucas for being a dumb jock lol wtf are you on

even he himself has said in interviews he was absolutely dogshit at school but good at sports…and if you genuinely think the dude wouldn't have been a frat bro if he went to an american college you're delusional

you can say the dudes attractive all he wants and it's true, people find him attractive (how else would he have gotten into sm kek) but youre an idiot to say he doesnt have shit for brains and is a dumb meathead

Anonymous 12671

read that the situation is korea with nurses is fucked up, and ever since nth room's biggest room was a nurse-fetish related one the increase of sexual assault and rapes among female nurses have increased along with the severe sexualization of nurses in general and porn watching

Anonymous 12672

>even nctzens make fun of lucas for being a dumb jock
You mean the handful underage indo nctzens on instagram who never moved on from nct2018, still call Kun a fatass, ship Johnten, and unironically do think in wattpad tropes? Those retards?

I don't think he has a 195 IQ either but
>and if you genuinely think the dude wouldn't have been a frat bro if he went to an american college you're delusional
Legit makes you sound like you're on the spectrum and you have to put everybody into a box. Outside the nct variety content he's like a normal mama's boy bitch.

Anonymous 12674



I think gangsters and gangs are way more connected to kent than any of us know thb. Even in khiphop which isn't that big there are gang connections. Does anyone remember that rap kid NOEL with the politician father? He got a DUI accident and someone else was gonna take the fall for him + he was going to pay the victim off


The story is sus af because what kind of "friend" arrives at a scene ready to take the fall for you for an accident? Willing to even risk jail time if it got found out? not a friend lol.

NOEL kid is from the same label as KIDMILLI owned by SWINGS. Both NOEL and KIDMILLI r friends with a kid named STAYHOMEBOY and they are all friends with this guy


who is obviously a gangster. He deleted a lot of his pics where he would be standing around with his gang buddies. Previously I clicked on the tagged pics he had of his friends and they were all gangters too, with the whole body tattoo, driving benz, gold watches money posted on instagram ect… apparently this guy "owns a restaurant" and sells some kimchi brand.

The KIDMILLI rapper is a pretty new rapper and he went on this reality show SMTM once and since then he did a lot. He started a clothing brand, featured on a lot of pplls tracks including Taemin, bought some really expensive cars and even became a judge on SMTM


He isn't all that amazing tho and a lot of ppl were questioning A. how he's making all this money B. Why he's everywhere despite not being that popular among hip hop fans.

The STAYHOMEBOY guy also is like 22/23 and owns a restaurant and he's also either dating or friends with that actress Sohee Ahn who was accused of having a sponsor since she just kinda blew up out of nowhere. stay homeboy is brothers with Lee Gwangmin of Yellowsmob ( a lot of them now working for AOMG) who beat his girlfriend and forced her to take his pills and shit


Well anyways the evidence is sort of lax, but I really think that the "friend" who came to take the blame for NOEL was prolly someone with connection to the gangster. It all blew up in NOELS face cuz he got caught but yeah. Its weird how all these random 20 somethings are blowing up, getting connected, and rising to fame so suddenly. I don't know if these gangsters are using these rappers to push drugs or if they are investing in their business and the businesses are used for money laundering? I don't know how gangs operate.

It reminds me of Senguri and Yoochun because once it was all exposed yoochuns ex was connected with senguri too and was involved with spreading the spycams and like all these nasty ppl knew each other somehow.

Anonymous 12675

this is honestly super interesting and sketchy at the same time

would be surprised if there wasnt shady business connected with the entertainment industry honestly

on another note, this explains why that han sohee chick was fucking everywhere for a while despite being actual dogshit at acting kek

Anonymous 12677


Holy shit, i feel bad for Jimincel.

Anonymous 12679

Sohee from Wonder Girls has a sponsor

Anonymous 12680

I meant Han Sohee* oops

Anonymous 12682

I know we hate wayv here, but this vlog episode of theirs feels so real and natural. Members like Ten/Winwin and Yangyang/Hendery seem to genuinely like and have good chemistry with each other, which is a breath of fresh air from seeing other nct members thinly veil their hatred for each other.

Anonymous 12683

>nct members thinly veil their hatred for each other

like who?

Anonymous 12684

you're as bad as the moafag, i swear

gen4 bg fans are a plague. i've yet to see a bg that debuted in the past 3-4 years with a tolerable fandom.

Anonymous 12686

is nct considered gen4? theyre so floppy i cant tell if theyre gen3 and just finally got mediocre traction in gen4, or if theyre truly considered gen4

but youre right, there literally is not a single fandom thats just quiet and unproblematic…granted boy groups tend to attract fucking nutters but still

Anonymous 12687

Screen Shot 2020-1…

Honestly I'm so inspired by Yeri and Jaemin. I want to get lip fillers too. I've been on the fence about it but fuck it you only live once and I want to be pretty

Anonymous 12688

get fillers if you want anon, you can dissolve them if you dislike them anyway. just don't end up like Jessi.

Anonymous 12689

Screen Shot 2020-1…

>boomers on here pretending kpop ever had any tolerable fandom ever

Anonymous 12690

Did it, would do it again. Just don't go overboard with it. That's the problem with idols, they don't know when to stop.

Anonymous 12691


just dont overdo it and end up with squiggy butthole lips like chungha

Anonymous 12692

nct are gen 3 in my eyes but i guess its complicated since a couple members debuted in 2018, 2019, then the 2 new ones who still technically haven't debuted yet… while some have been performing under sm since what, 2012? um

at least that was funny. you guys are nothing but a bunch of annoying fakebois with bad dye jobs and developmental issues.

Anonymous 12693

>at least that was funny

girl i hate gen4 fans too but i dont really find getting poisoned funny, yikes

Anonymous 12694

well, he made it did he not!

Anonymous 12695

Gen 4 and gen 3 stans are pretty similar. It's just that gen 4 stans are obsessed with babying and coddling idols to the point it's legitimately unnerving, while gen 3 stans were hornier and more bold about doing obsessive shit, like stalking and mailing idols period blood letters and what not. I think the differences mostly boils down to fact that companies have changed marketing tactics over the years. In gen 3, companies wanted to go for a mature and sexy image, while now gen 4 companies have been really pushing the whole "cute" and "baby" idol image. You'll never see any suju level live tongue wrestling nowadays, the same way there weren't bgs with bright pink hair who specialized in aegyo back then. In any case, pretty much all kpop fandoms are awful no matter what generation and I don't see the point in comparing them.

Anonymous 12696


Go to Korea to get it the ps is really top notch compared to other countries

Anonymous 12700

an egirl i follow got her nose done in korea, the results were really good.

Anonymous 12701

But why do you think they're gangsters instead of millionaire heirs trying to act edgy and swaggy?

Anonymous 12702

Ngl these are fine. Were there any ps or just fillers? In my country most woman who get lip fillers are have duck lips. Idk if they over did it or the ps is shitti here lol

Anonymous 12703


don't know y ur post got ppl pressed lol. I like this episode too. Idk about wayv being more genuine than nct tho. I don't think you should take anything they do at facevalue. They are all ambitious people, they survived sm training and they all want attention and money/fame. Not to mention that they most likely have have body issues and are hyper aware of what others think and say.

You just can't combine people like that and get peaceful harmony no matter what.

I think wayv comes off as closer because they are all foreigners working in Korea and they are probably not treated the same as Koreans. Chenle and Renjun aren't in wayv but they are closest to the wayv members. Chenle is supposed to be bff's with Jisung and a ton of people say that they can feel their genuine connection. However, Chenle has admitted that he isn't totally fluent in Korean and struggles to express complex thoughts in Korean. He only speaks Chinese with renjun when not on camera because they find it awkward to talk in Korean. So he most likely isn't as bffs with Jisung as depicted. There was an incident when a staff told RJ to not talk about WW and fans freaked out and thought it was because of racism, but I think it was because it was a live and RJ was supposed to promote one of his relationships within dream instead of making it obvious that hes closest to chinaline. Yeah so wouldn't buy into their closeness/distance stuff too much, there is a lot we don't see.

Anonymous 12704

>Something very autistic about your constant "jock/fratboy" comments. It's like you think in wattpad tropes like incels with the chad/stacy shit

You put it so elegantly anon lol. When will people stop with this Lucas fratboy analysis its so outdated and dumb. Also him being a fuckboy, dude has not displayed one single fuckboy trait.

> a normal mama's boy bitch.

accurate lmao

Anonymous 12708

Someone made a video of the Taehyung Vibe check. I don't want to be nitpicky, especially because I can appreciate an idol that doesn't fake it, but this makes me feel gross for some reason.

Anonymous 12709

he just seems rude af, like i get disliking the networking and brownnosing but it's literally your fucking job dude, just get it together

Anonymous 12710

>yg idols
what a surprise

Anonymous 12711


EXO Lay has now an Entertainment Group and we'll be debuting his own idol groups.

Anonymous 12712

Sometimes the close friendships are the ones you least suspect. I remember last year Lucas said that among all the members older than him the ones he’s closest with are Johnny and Yuta. That made me do a double take tbh

Anonymous 12713

Considering he is a control freak who can neither sing nor rap himself and has zero good songs in his entite discog, I can't see how anything good can come of this but we'll see.

Anonymous 12714


That’s a lot of people for one show

Anonymous 12716

is it just me or is jimin's head too big for his body

Anonymous 12717

All of bts are bubbleheads

Anonymous 12718

Sorry for taking so long, browsing through these groups gives you a bunch of busted looking males. https://kprofiles.com/k-pop-boy-groups/

Anonymous 12719

which gen 3 stans were mailing idols period blood letters, the only period blood incident I'm aware of is from gen 2

Anonymous 12720

I think it will go well. The guys who participated in his idol show are top stars now.

Anonymous 12722


Remember the anon who said that "Bts would get caught by dispatch in October inb4 their comeback"….
Dispatch and BH signed a contract so no juicy info
The shit dispatch was gonna come with must have been serious tho since they're probably signing a contract so it doesnt affect the IPO

Anonymous 12723

i hate it that we prolly won't ever find out all the juicy gossip about bts

Anonymous 12724

we wont until they start falling off, unforthnately they're too popular right now to really get fucked by any news

Anonymous 12726

How long til Exo's contract expires? They debuted in 2011, if it's a 10 year contract that would mean that ex Exo-M soon no longer needs to share their profits. That will be a gigantic loss of income, SM is probably shitting their pants already kek

Anonymous 12727


Lee Soo Man even congratulated him on opening is own company, but it is supposedly not under SM. So why? Does he think he will get a share, what kind of deal do they have?

Anonymous 12728

i believe they have one more year, would not be surprised if they disbanded

DO is back from the military soon and likely will go down the acting route, chanyeol has his own production company (?) from what i heard, chen is busy making more children and baekhyun is essentially a soloist

i dont see EXO doing anything other than fading into obscurity after the contract ends, everyone has individual activities anyways

Anonymous 12729


Sm has already been suffering from the EXObux drying up for a while now, their stock value is currently the lowest of the big 3

Anonymous 12730

The SM shareholders are NCT's biggest haters

Anonymous 12731

i mean shareholders react to sales and general public reception, not surprised they're not a fan of NCT considering they flopped for almost 4 years before kind of garnering some traction this year

this is night and day compared to how exo was received, so of course they would be wary when exo left for the military

Anonymous 12732

>kind of garnering some traction
m8 they're still flops and are not on the gp's radar. they did evolve from never seen the top 200 to stan-powered mess but they still have zero hits and they're still struggling to keep up with groups that debuted in 2018, under non-big 3 companies at that.

Anonymous 12733

It's not under SM but he gets a % of Lay' activities in China, same goes for all EXO-M
But maybe he'll be an investor too, who knows. That's his chance of not losing the Chinese market.

Anonymous 12734

Why do you say that? NCT have activities on the daily despite not being very successful, they're the opposite of neglected.

Their contract ending will be a gigantic loss for SM, I wonder what they plan to do. Butter Lay up so that he and with him at least some sweet yuan stay?

The requirements for his trainees are so funny, it's basically a long list of the specifics of what your video should consist of and in the end they add this kek
>5. Include a one inch bare faced official photo showing your forehead with your registration form. Please keep in mind to not over edit the picture.
Yeah, I bet talent is suuuper important here

Anonymous 12735

Does the time spent in the military count in the contract?

Anonymous 12736

apparently it does not but im not entirely sure

Anonymous 12737

yes why wouldn't it

Anonymous 12739

i assume he's letting lay do whatever he wants in china because he gets a cut, despite being untalented and ugly lay gets a ton of attention in china between his asslicking of the communist party and random appearances on tv shows

honestly i would not be surprised if lay was driving the bulk of exo income right now while everyone else is either serving or irrelevant/shunned (sehun and chen kek)

baekhyun probably will go solo, idno what the fuck kai is gonna do, and chanyeol seems content with just producing from his own private little gig

i never said they weren't still flops, but you have to admit they've definitely gained traction in this past year despite their music still being trash

Anonymous 12740

>NCT have activities on the daily despite not being very successful, they're the opposite of neglected.
Yea that's exactly what I meant, dumbass.

Anonymous 12741

>> not on the gp's radar
I don’t get why people still use this as a argument, what boygroup is relevant with Gp? this Time is over only fandom counts now nct are still flops tho

Anonymous 12742

when people say gp i usually think of general kpop listeners, not "everyone", not sure if thats how other people see it

im sure a good majority of people in korea will hear these random kpop songs on the radio/while shopping, but theyre not going to be able to name the band or any members

nct is considered a flop because even in the kpop fan circle people still didnt really know who they were until recently or be able to name any members outside of like fucking scamyong and mark (but thats also sm's fault for making two baseball teams worth of members and only promoting two)

Anonymous 12743

Kick It was the only thing in the past year that garnered any sort of success for nct, the comeback after that flopped and nct 2020’s success probably isn’t worth betting on. I don’t think nct has gotten any more traction this year, they’re flopping as much as ever.

Anonymous 12744

yes they've gained traction since Boss, what's your point?

plenty of groups are or were to varying degrees, even new ones like itzy kind of. but it is true that there's no danger of any of these lil noise music bgs getting big with the gp ig. acknowledging that kpop has become a niche fandom thing still doesn't make that look any less floppy in my eyes.

Anonymous 12745

i highly doubt 2020 is going to get anything, there are just way too many people, i cant imagine a normal kpop fan would want to bother to learn 20 names especially when their music is weird and half the dudes are ugly as fuck

iirc dream's comeback did fairly well, but not sure if it's just artificially inflated by rabid noonafans

i wonder with all this reality show stuff and all of the different youtube series sm is pushing with nct if they're going to try and push a more variety/social media youtuber image for nct now

Anonymous 12746

Nah it's for general public. Teen kpop fans will always have some knowledge of at least big 3 groups so it's no accomplishment being known by a 13 yo

GP recognition will never be on Bigbang SNSD level again, but I think it's still possible to be somewhat recognizable and that should be a goal for kpop groups.

Anonymous 12747

the only group even close to that level would be bts then, is there any other group in 3rd or 4th gen that is recognized by the gp?

Anonymous 12748

But who the fuck was streaming kick it besides the citizens? Tbh I can't remember how that song goes because the Blackpink song comes to mind first.

>not sure if it's just artificially inflated by rabid noonafans
It's this, it's almost always this for boy groups.

Anonymous 12749

Exo, bts and all produce101 groups, except x1 that had the worst ratings and soon disbanded. But they were still way bigger than any rookies that year.

Anonymous 12750

it absolutely should be a goal because only pandering to teenage femcels who will stream and hype up anything as long as one of their oppars has a writing or producing credit on it instead of making palatable music is where all the noise is coming from. I blame btshit for starting this horrible uwu self-prod oppars~ meme. put male idols back in the kitchen where they belong.

Anonymous 12751

big bang were 'self-producing' way before bts though and they have some of the best music

Anonymous 12752

bts started the trend of making the music bad and getting sucked for it anyways

Anonymous 12753

but anon they produced it themselves! ur just jealous yoongi oppa is woke enough to ironically sample jim jones as social conmentary

none of u haters understand how hard my bts oppas work and dont understand the genius behind what they do kek

Anonymous 12754

The self-produced thing as a marketing strategy/mediaplay point started with Bigbang/YG. BTShit was just copying that like other groups.

I think gp recognition is especially key for female idols though, because male fans are not loyal as female fand so you can't count on them to make a living for years to come. It's important to stand out and get acting gigs, CFs or debut as a solo artist.

Anonymous 12756

SA: thinking about it mamamoo has a somewhat good recognition too and they're very "domestic", no sizeable amount of fans outside korea to support them. Also forgot to mention Twice and BP.

Anonymous 12757

Girl groups always had an easier time getting public recognition (while boy groups have stronger fandoms) because a gg pop song can be listened to by normies too and the girls can easily be used for modeling or on tv shows. Close to all somewhat big girl groups are somewhat known while NCT has how many million followers? Yet even young Koreans are likely unable to name a single members (except maybe Scamyong lol). You either need a big achievement (like TVXQ in Japan or BTS in the US) or a hit song like Suju Sorry Sorry, Exo Growl or Bigbang.

Anonymous 12758

Scamyong is way less wellknown in SK than jaehyun, maybe jaemin and mark too.

Anonymous 12759

I meant that nct is known as the group that has a member who was a scammer/bully, not that they really know or recognize Taeyong.

Anonymous 12760

Screen Shot 2020-1…

Kick It appealed to lots of people, not just nctzens, so it got a more views in less time than a most of their other mvs.

Regardless, it did much worse than what someone would expect from a big 3 group that's been active for 4 years, but what can you expect, it's nct after all.

Anonymous 12765

mamamoo has big chinese fanbases

Anonymous 12766

You guys think they fucked?

Anonymous 12767


His hair transplant is obvious af lol

Anonymous 12769

I stop and stare at the thread pic almost everytime I see it
he's so pretty

Anonymous 12770

it really is, his hairline is so wonky

Anonymous 12771

Me too, he looks so much better with his ears covered. I hope he gets them pinned back one day

Anonymous 12772

struggle vocals.we…

This has been making the rounds on twitter. He's rightfully getting criticized for it but of course the rats are having none of that and pretending he snapped the periodt chile sis camila cabe– I mean mariah carey watch out

The troops will go to hell for letting him and the rest of BTShit's vocal line get the idea that their struggle vocals are good. That's the sound of a man who unironically thinks he can sing very well and can't. Btw he looks like an aged rodent… Is he heading for the wall already? Isn't he only like 22? Wtf

Anonymous 12773

I cackled. And this is the motherfucking main vocal……..

Anonymous 12775

I’m having trouble getting the video to play do you have a twit link to it?

Anonymous 12776

Anonymous 12777

holy crap, im convinced the bighit employees secretly hate bts, there is no way the employees watch the video and go "yeah dude youre not going to get clowned for this"

Anonymous 12779

Oh boy he really thought he was doing something there

Anonymous 12781

James Charles realness

Anonymous 12782

Guys! Remember the girl i told you about dropping hints? These are her latest tweets:

- A third-generation idol may end up in prison!
- A Twice member got betrayed by her boyfriend.
- While everyone is waiting for that member to leave the group, they will be shocked by the leaving of another member !! Just stay tuned…
- You cannot even imagine the amount of scandals and datings that have been silented or postponed throughout the past months, so as soon as one comes out into the open, the rest will follow.
- 2021 will be worse in K-Pop than 2019, guys, remember my words well ..
- a member of Seventeen and an actress are dating, their relationship began a few months ago.
- A member of Bangtan from the Hyungs Line dating a non celebrity.
- Dispatch carries in its possession a drug scandal belong to a major company.

Anonymous 12783


kek it looks like they used that Korean hairline powder makeup.
…uh furthermore just WHAT is this song? The barely audible track and his 'vocal runs' (if you can even call them that) sound like a rock ballad from the 80s.

Anonymous 12784

I don't think any of these are true (esp if it's that predictions acc) but I like guessing so I will
> A Twice member got betrayed by her boyfriend.
Probably Jihyo, Daniel was a rumored man whore iirc.
> While everyone is waiting for that member to leave the group, they will be shocked by the leaving of another member !! Just stay tuned…
Member that people thought would leave could be: Chen, Mina. Shocked by leaving of another member: probably the face or center of these groups. Or someone who has a good image and seems loyal to the group/company.
I mostly follow kpop for the drama anyways bc I find it entertaining but I miss the dating scandals. I wish couples (esp idols) got exposed more often bc I find it really interesting to see who is dating who and the petty drama as opposed to ginormous scandals that involve ugly irrelevant yet powerful Korean men. With the dating scandals some of the pairings are legitimately surprising (like IU sleeping with Eunhyuk, girl…) while others aren't but are juicy. Behavior/attitude scandals are always hilarious too, especially when idols are complete assholes to their fans and then get exposed for it.

Anonymous 12785

It’s times like these when I wish Korea had paparazzi like they have in the states. Imagine all the scandals we would get..

Anonymous 12786

the face hes making is the cherry on top lel
his voice really isnt made for runs
doesnt matter how strong of a vocalist you are, know your place and skills lol
the growls OMFGGGGGG
i am truly speechless.

Anonymous 12787

heres some ear cleanse ladies

Anonymous 12788

atleast quote the post so we can read what you're referring to i dont even know the context of this

Anonymous 12789


Anonymous 12790


Mark hittin a little different here

Anonymous 12791


yeah he doesn't look that bad when you compare him to the other 6 dream members

Anonymous 12792

i mean it could be true (not the pic related) but i doubt the pic related is true lol
jk and sehun arent friends, i dont think sehun knows anybody in bts and they dont have the same friends

Anonymous 12794

He looks so good here, that's pretty much his own style too.

Anonymous 12795

So happy 7dream is back mark looks so good

Anonymous 12796


this reminds me of that one pic that was posted maybe 4 threads ago or so lmaooo

Anonymous 12797

well this sucked

Anonymous 12798


Did Jimincel always have such an uneven jawline? lol

Anonymous 12799

he looks like hes at least 80 kilos tf

Anonymous 12800


What the fuck happened to him?? Why is his jawline so weak besides being uneven? Is this the result of fillers dissolving? For comparison a (supposedly) untouched photo from about 3 years back.

Anonymous 12801

Haechan is such a one trick pony, he always makes the same exact expression and sings in the same super nasally tone. I'm getting real annoyed and tired of him.

That did suck tho. Mark deserves better lol

Anonymous 12802

even here it looks like a chunk of his jaw has been touched up or missing, it just dents inwards at a strange angle

either way the dude is ugly as fuck, with shit skin too yikes. if he wasnt a celebrity no chick would give him the time of day, dude is so unattractive

Anonymous 12803

mark would be super famous had he been in a normal sm group targeted towards the gp ngl even tho he irks me

Anonymous 12804

still to this day knetz cry about how boss line should have been the main or only nct unit. sm blew it.

Anonymous 12805

Nah there were too many useless members in that lineup (like winwin and jungwoo) 7th sense lineup was better.

Anonymous 12806

agree but interchange winwin and jungwoo with someone you is actually talented

Anonymous 12807

or throw them out completely, those two were actually just dead weight in every aspect of the video kek

i completely forgot winwin was even in the boss unit since he got 4 seconds of screentime

Anonymous 12808

I'd switch winwin and jungwoo out with just xiaojun because I like his voice and it brings more vocal variety in songs.

Anonymous 12809

That's genuinely brilliant kek

God he looks so disgusting, that greasy mess of a skin, the way his chin juts out further than his nose, how oddly hairy the sides of his cheeks are… There's a good chunk of his jaw missing in this pic too already, now he just overdid it so much that it's no longer even a straight line (or his facial tissue/fat is already sliding down)

Anonymous 12810


did they make her get something done???

Anonymous 12811

I have an attention span of a three year old and often can't watch performances without getting bored, but this is one of the few I genuinely enjoy. It's crazy they were only rookies. Name a gen 4 idol who could do this

Anonymous 12812

pre debut Chen @ 7:04
and 2.43 kai outperforming as a 17 y/o lol
sm went all out w casting tvxq, exo and h.o.t. all three groups had 100 trainees who were narrowed down

idk what went left with nct

Anonymous 12813

we know sm turned the leftover trainees after making tvxq into super junior, nct feels to me like they decided to skip making another 'tvxq' and just throw all their trainees out at once in the suju method

if you were going to make a high-level five-member group out of nct, which members would you pick?

I'd go with mark, taeyong, doyoung, jaehyun (to cover rap, dance, vocals and visual) and idk who to pick for the fifth… kinda want another vocal but I don't know nct all that well tbh

Anonymous 12815

Taeil is ugly and looks like a beluga but he’s necessary. He’s the only member who can at least feign that he is a good vocalist.

Anonymous 12816


Kek what goes on in kpop twit

Anonymous 12817

piggybacking onto this, im very much a casual exo fan and havent consumed much of their content at all, but i remember watching this and being so impressed

nct flops hard because even their "main vocals" who are supposed to be carrying the entire team are so weak

Anonymous 12818

>>12811 if you compare to this >>12772 … ouch

i'd go with mark, ten, haechan and maybe xiaojun or taeyong? they're all manlets tho so you'd have to throw in a jaehyun or smth

damn do's voice is really pleasant

Anonymous 12819

imo having a group of all manlets would be better than having a group with only one tall member

groups hardly ever need to interact these days so you can just lie about their heights and leave people guessing, whereas as soon as you throw an actually tall member in then it becomes obvious the others are short

Anonymous 12820


Sorry I know we moved on but here is another beautiful angle of botchkook's eyes.

Anonymous 12821

is this not the weird hapa from txt

Anonymous 12822

nope. it's jungkook.

Anonymous 12823


I'm thinking of getting jaw botox and stuff like this scares me. Yoonas jaw shave is pretty good tbh, she's reaching 30 and still looks good so idk what these younger idols are doing that is botching them so bad.

Anonymous 12824

god, that is either unfortunate af eyelid glue/tape, or his surgeon had a couple bottles of soju and a line of coke before he carved into his face

that honestly looks so bad, reminds me of when i used to try to tape my uneven eyelids in middle school and fucked it up super bad

Anonymous 12825

No he isn't, no one needs a group with someone that ugly. He's old too. He can be a fucking soloist, he honestly has no business being an idol.

Nctzens are dumb… Boss line is perfect, useless members and all. Only acceptable swap is Winwin for Sungchan and thats it.

Anonymous 12826


I'm not a big fan of this soft, high school aesthetic. Dream has consistently done more and more mature concepts and now they are backtracking. Its not exciting at all.

Anonymous 12827

sungchan? we dont even know if the dude can sing, rap, or dance and you're saying throw him in arguably the most successful nct unit yet?

oh wait, he'd just replace winwin anyways and do exactly the same shit even if he stood in the back like an overgrown houseplant

but still, what a useless change, at least put up someone semi-useful like xiaojun or even yangyang

Anonymous 12828

this just looks like a group of high school bros decided to take a couple vintage photos in their mom's basement, i dont like this styling either

i guess it attracts the pedonoonas who want to forget their dreamies are in their twenties now, SM does know their demographic

Anonymous 12829

i lol:ed

Anonymous 12830


Xiaojun is among the least twink/manlet looking members even though he is 5’6. It doesn’t matter if he is insufferable behind the scenes because of his introverted personality and he has a decent voice. Also he seems like the least filthy member in wayv.

Anonymous 12831


he said his strong point was his height
i think hes untalented as fuck
hes not even hot like lucas was when he came out
plus hes 19 and look haggard without photoshop ffs

Anonymous 12832

Sungchan is taller and better looking than winwin who has no use other than raising the height average therefore he is an upgrade no matter what


4'1, can't sing as well as the other boss vocals, zero stage presence, terrible personality, terrible body, wouldn't suit the vibe of the group
5'2, weaker visuals than both jungwoo and winwin and bad rapping of all things isn't a worthy trade off, terrible personality, wouldn't suit the vibe of the group

There's more to making a good group than having all """useful""" members, anon. The word of the day is synergy!

Anonymous 12833


I just want SM style team/image makers to release a book. How did they make Chenle look 23 last year but 16 this year boggles my mind.

Anonymous 12834


hes so damn beautiful, looks like a perfect mix of key and jonghyun

Anonymous 12835

he looks 16 in both anon lel

Anonymous 12836


Comparing these two lol.

Anonymous 12837


he's built like lil uzi. have you never seen a full body picture of him he didn't take himself ?

Anonymous 12838


As long as I can see his eyes idc if his body looks like it belongs to a crackhead or 50yo man with a beer belly.

Anonymous 12839


>reeing about sungchan's ps and then posting this pic
Xiaojun's bobble head only looks good from the side, bootleg Yibo is superior no matter how many unflattering pics from that live you post

Anonymous 12840

he looks the same in both pictures?

Anonymous 12841


he looks boring but tall at least

Anonymous 12842

imagine simping over a twink who's talent is being taller than average kek

he does remind me of jonghyun, but he looks so strange in motion, probably because he looks perpetually mildly cross-eyed?

Anonymous 12843


Who's the dumbest bts member? I think it's Junglebook

Anonymous 12844

this has to be a troll subtitle right there is no way this dude actually thinks a donut is a sausage

all of bts seems dumb as rocks and RM is just average at best, but when he's shoved in between the rest of the smoothbrain mouthbreathers of course he's gonna look like a genius

Anonymous 12845

ok you stan a guy that was introduced not even a month ago based on what? his face?
you dont even know about his personality yet cope anon lol

Anonymous 12846

People do it for winwin every day. This is kpop, dude. I wouldn't be simping for any idol if I genuinely cared about talent.

Anonymous 12847

so you're admitting you just have shit taste? alright then, end of discussion.

Anonymous 12848

Did they forget that China colonized Korea too?

Anonymous 12849

and people give winwin stans shit for it every day

dont get mad if people take the piss out of you for stanning a useless dude who got introduced two days ago and has zero indication of talent so far lol

Anonymous 12850

youre giving kpop stans too much credit, they dont have two brain cells to rub together lol

Anonymous 12851

most idols seem kinda dumb honestly but I don't have a problem with it, they're not paid to be clever they're paid to be entertaining

it's kinda endearing watching them from afar but I probably would find all my husbandos to be annoying idiots if I met them irl

Anonymous 12852


Anonymous 12853

the spergers are back at it

the txt dudes look like they aged years and they've only been active for a year kek

Anonymous 12854

i think people also forget that these idols all have a middle school education at best, but it is fucking annoying to see them uwu about not knowing shit all the time

Anonymous 12855

you stan an insecure manlet who will beat his future wife even if that means having to ask her to bend down to be able to reach her face… don't worry about what I'm doing!

Anonymous 12856

these dudes look rough, are any of them over 20? i thought txt was just bts for hags

Anonymous 12859


I think Xiaojun's face is one of SM's absolute best. His body is another story… I mean he himself has been working out/gaining weight to get out of twinkdom for the past year. He could still stand to gain a good 5 kg. I think his best aesthetic was during debut, his face looked a lot fuller then and he had more natural styling which he looks best at.

The NCT2020 styling with the bleached eyebrows is awful.

Anonymous 12860

Does anyone here have any information on the triple eyelid kids dad? Gives me very cultish christian singer vibes.

Anonymous 12861

he has a sexy face, sexy enough for me to not care about his body or height

Anonymous 12862


He'll never be able to escape being a manlet completely, but I'll be rooting for him. His facial features are very masculine in a way.

Anonymous 12863

why are you comparing them?

i cackled

Anonymous 12864

they're 21, 20, 19 (2), and 18
idk why they look weirdly aged, maybe the tight faces

Anonymous 12865

maybe you've been looking at too many squishy kpop boys because he does look feminine. angular =/= manly. seems super insecure of his masculinity too, he gets unironically angry when his fangirls call him cute or small. he's also been rude as fuck to female staff and says he wants a housewife. I don't trust that mini Elliott Rodger bitch.

Anonymous 12866

his dad is baha'i
and i as a muslim will say they really do give off cult vibes, theyre a weird almagation of iranian shia islam and Zoroastrianism plus various other oriental religions

Anonymous 12867

Winwin gets roasted on these threads a lot and I can't blame people. It's been four years since debut and he still hasn't shown people his talent/relevancy. Even in WayV he gets overshadowed by those who debuted only in the last year. The dance him and Ten did was one of the first NCT content I saw so I was excited but… he's never done anything cool like this again.

Anonymous 12868

>he's also been rude as fuck to female staff and says he wants a housewife

He's a theater kid with a drag queen dad/musician family so I can't imagine him being traditional at all.

Anonymous 12869

his dad is a showbiz dad, isn't he? he reminds me of somi's dad, pushing his kids into show business from the moment they could basically walk and talk

honestly i think its sketchy as hell, you do feel bad for these kids (as much as we rag on them) because they havent known anything else

Anonymous 12870


its nct. do you think he would be either of those lel

Anonymous 12871

and he's still among the worst at the type of choreo nct normally does while ten is the best at both kek

ten still has shit stage presence tho. I constantly forget he's in superm the same way I used to forget winwin was in boss.

Anonymous 12874

Screen Shot 2020-1…

I hate unwhitewashed pictures and all the international fans who keep harping about them on twitter 24/7 about how their tanned poppas are superior and Koreans are actually all super tan and its colorist blah blah

I equally hate that fucking whitening filter that exists on every single Korean media that makes it look like Korea is the home of the palest Asians so much more superior.

The fighting between these two shit opposing forces is one of the most annoying ass things about kpop.

Anonymous 12875

Lol are intl fans gonna start canceling idols for being japanese? As if it wasn’t already hard enough for them to gain favor among korean fans.

Tbh I never liked the whole calling white kids who want to be idols “colonizers” either (despite not even being anglo white myself)

Anonymous 12876


chenle is actually really pale though??

Anonymous 12877

Same, honestly I’m glad that a lot of people are pointing this out on different platforms. So many words have lost their original meanings because of the internet.

Anonymous 12878

heres the housewife thing https://twitter.com/dailydejun/status/1211965403225710592
I don't know where the staff reciepts are now, I remember seeing an account of it and a video months ago and kfans started making those egg acounts asking him to apologize

Anonymous 12879

Wtf…. this is albino level

Anonymous 12880

He is pale kek, I cringe when I see people make those posts about idols like him, Sehun, and Seulgi.

Anonymous 12881

interesting, i want to see how international nctfags would react to this

Anonymous 12882

Screen Shot 2020-1…


Exactly, its ridiculous. Int fans want all idols to be dark skinned for god knows what reason. I've seen one for that pale chick Shuhua too like??

Anonymous 12883


how anyone thought this was okay ?

Anonymous 12884


His face is girly af Having caterpillar brows won't turn a 10-year-old boy into a sexy jock either.

There was quite a good post on reddit a couple days ago. Their own fans delusionalness will be their downfall. Keeping face is extremely important in China, them insulting other more popular celebrities is the last thing Wayv needs

Anonymous 12885

what's wrong with it?

Anonymous 12886

Is this from 2020? Looks like it could be from 2014-15

Anonymous 12887

I mean… they're ugly but this is not particularly insulting

Anonymous 12888

Screen Shot 2020-1…


He wants a gentle motherly housewife type of chick y'all. First warning sign for xiaojun proven. I've seen one gif of him like playfully pointing a small fan at female staff, but it looked playful not malicious at all.

If there is more tea tho post sis, we don't want to stan the next potential senguri candidate.

Anonymous 12889

Imagine female idols said they want a fatherly bf… But of course male idols in 2020 can still go around and say shit like that.
Fanservice is so easy, I don't get why they don't just say one of the many things that would make their fans happy?

Anonymous 12890

Lmao why doesn't he learn from the other nct members that say their type is bold girls with tattoos and piercings, etc. ?

Anonymous 12891

Anon we can identify you by the way you misspell Seungri. Is that autocorrect or…?

Anonymous 12892


They have said that lmaooo, Sulli from what I remember clearly stated that as her ideal type, but it seems to be a thing in Korea to want a boyfriend that is "like a father" and people don't bat an eye.

Anonymous 12893