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Anonymous 5246[Reply]

Are posters who spend "too much time around moids" allowed to post here? I've been accused of sounding like a moid and as far as the TERF thread has taught me that doesn't stop me from having XX chromosomes. Does Admin want me to send in a DNA test or what?
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Anonymous 5258

Unrelated but is the TERF thread cut off? I'm trying to find a new one but the previous one's closed

Anonymous 5259

Anonymous 5266

100% fact

On 4chan everything boils down to comparisons to Hitler eventually.

Here, it always results in 2 people yelling "MALE POSTER".

Every remotely interesting topic has been utterly ruined by this. Makes me come here less and less.

Anonymous 5317

This applies even if that poster is a highly autistic girl ala Temple Granden?

Anonymous 5318

I have browsed and posted on 4chan since I was 12, and I've only been banned here a couple of times. Just like with any imageboard, learn how to integrate. There are ways of speaking that are acceptable in some places but not in others.

I'm going insane.j…

I know it's a weird question but.. Anonymous 5348[Reply]

This is the second time a coom chim is spamming the/b/ board with a disgusting website that has CPin it. Can't this be reported to authorities or sites about reporting CP? The moid literally sharing the abuse of women and underage girls should pay the price.

Anonymous 5349

It's probably a bot and/or using Thor browser/VPN to not get tracked. Sorry but the kind of seasoned pedo to make a website is usually smart enough to not get caught

Anonymous 5351

tor is blocked because of cloudflare, but you can still use VPNs. I have tried.
Many VPNs store information and are required to hand it over if police request, but many don't.
If you want you can report it, there are a few websites for reporting CP/missing and exploited children, its just not a guarentee anything could be done. Just look up "report CP/ child sex abuse" and some websites should come up, the FBI has some sites.


Two ideas for stopping raids and spamming. Anonymous 5304[Reply]

Can't we create a captcha system? I know that it won't do that much againts raiding, but atleast it will slow down the raiders, spammers and bots.
2.Letter for verifying.
You know how some websites want you to write them a leeter to accept you? After the letter is varified by the mods you can go here and post anonymously as much as you want. It will also help filter out the trolls who want to spam here. Also I know the possibility of some trolls who can write such letter, but it will stop the ones who don't want to go through the effort.
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Anonymous 5311

>Can't we create a captcha system?
it already exists for certain countries
t. anon from a "certain country"

Anonymous 5312

A ban on VPNs, VPS, Tor, and other kinds of proxies.

Anonymous 5313

Oh, and an autobanning filter for certain misogynistic buzzwords.

Anonymous 5315

I deleted google and now I'm using DuckDuckGo. If this system gets on the site will I be banned?

Anonymous 5316

You mean you changed your search engine/home page to DuckDuckGo? That wouldn’t have any effect, no.


Anonymous 5035[Reply]

Is it possible as a mod to check people's posts history before deleting a post on the account of it being a "moid" posting?
Because if it is then please do so, since I posted something that was misread as me being a man when I've been posting on CC for months with plenty of misandry. Honestly it's pretty fucking annoying.
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Anonymous 5044

I went to threads I'd posted in recently where ppl had still been replying to me and they were just gone. ppl who quoted me had broken links where my posts originally were. pretty frustrating tbh

Anonymous 5070

Honestly, part of the reason why I never posted in that thread was because I knew it was going to be a moderation shitshow.

Anonymous 5072

don't feel bad, it's inevitable that some ppl are going to report posts by mistake. it's up to mods to take 5 seconds to check the thread they're in and review a user's post history. I don't think you should have been banned for it either. mistakes happen. and this shit is the extra responsibility mods sign up for.

Anonymous 5198

I don’t think it’s possible to restore deleted posts. Clearly that thread is a problem for mods as they had to put a notice at the top. Probably best if it gets buried.

Anonymous 5230

It's possible she just chooses not to on occasion.


I can never tell whether I'm having conversations with teens/preteens on here Anonymous 5048[Reply]

I just assume a ton of the user base must be that age.?? Even though they say they're between 20-30 on friend finder…. Its really confusing. I don't know anyone in that age bracket presents the way people do here IRL.

The self-loathing / wallowing posts dumped here should probably.. really be banned because they make this place look like predator heaven. Moids will masterbate to that kinda thing. They LOVE it. I find it hard to believe nobody knows this though hth?

Vultures circle this place with CP, dick pics, gore …. tradthots stacies, etc manipulating the tone of the board, and making it feel toxic.

I used to get on GC and pinkpill on reddit, and I'd never run into this problem. Even Lolcow has much less of that ick.

I feel feel tired when I come here. :|
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Anonymous 5054

If we can't vent on an anonymous site then where?
Just avoid the /feels/ board.

Anonymous 5055

Anon, those places are completely different in nature from here. CC is an ofshoot of Lolcow, but when CC was created, the majority of the userbase in LC were regular imageboard users, people who shared the culture of 4chan and the likes. Because LC gained notoriety in the mainstream media, now it has been inundated with Twitter and Reddit types, while this place keeps its more traditional imageboard culture.
Simply put, you are in the wrong place if what you're looking for is a normie-safe terfy space. Terf threads never even started to take off before a couple of years ago, the self-loathing has been here from the beginning.

Anonymous 5061

But this is one of the most terfy places I know?

Anonymous 5065

Or more like those places understand a basic thing, that its begging to be targeted and bullied when you wear self-loathing on your sleeve. I don't think you would call it venting so much as wallowing. Talking about your problems, getting feedback/solutions are all great, but I wouldn't call them the same as wearing a kick me sign on your back.

Somehow I just think we should all get to discuss whether we really want to live with the consequences

Anonymous 5067

This place is not targeted because of the venting femcelly self-loathing threads anon. It is targeted because it is an imageboard exclusively for women, with a terfy flavour at that. We will always be targeted regardless of what we do.
What we need is good moderation, we can't expect the dick-having retards to stop being retards anytime soon.


What was used to make CrystalCafe? Anonymous 5205[Reply]

What engine or website was used to make CrystalCafe? How was it made?

Anonymous 5206

You'll find your answer in the FAQ section


Anonymous 5130[Reply]

If shotas(and, I assume lolies) both nsfw and sfw are banned from the site in general then why is that not posted in the rules? At best we have a blurb on /nsfw/ but that just seems to imply that no nsfw shota is to be posted, as opposed to it being against the rules to post Naruto.

Image unrelated
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Anonymous 5168

>Somehow, its socially acceptable for men to like younger women, but not me?
How about you don't try to justify liking little boys or being a creep just because moids are pedophiles? Also where the fuck do you think you are? We shit on males for being degenerate pedos all the time, and we will shit on you for being one, too.
And fyi, the character you posted at least looks ambiguous, like the other anon said. I've seen other shotafags post about liking unambiguously prepubescent characters. That's the sort of person that should be banned on sight.

Anonymous 5171

shota isn’t a term for young men it’s a term for prepubescent boys, there’s a difference between types like picrel and fetishizing a child and trying to justify the latter is still disgusting. just cause other sites put up with pedo-pandering doesn’t mean cc should

Anonymous 5173

>oh yea picrel doesn't count even if he is like 13/14 teehee but below that they have holy bodies that you shouldn't feast your eyes upon
god you amer*cans are mentally ill

Anonymous 5174

>you should "feast your eyes upon" children below the age of 13/14
>defending your preference for underage boys at all
Fuck off pedophile. This is why everyone finds you obnoxious.

Anonymous 5181

fuming and no argument's so results to " >ok p-pedo!!! " as expected like the typical twitteroid
the cartoon drawing pic related is as " pedo " as another drawing depicting for example a 9 yo, don't play the double standards game


Raid report thread Anonymous 5128[Reply]

I only see a thread for ongoing raids. Is there one to warn about future raids, or should I just contact the admins?

Anonymous 5129

Probably best to contact the admin.

Anonymous 5134

How do we contact admins? There is a thread in one of the websites on the raid report thread that claims that they are going to raid us.

Anonymous Admin 5138

My contact info is on the rules page.


raid warning board Anonymous 4889[Reply]

Since posts about raids encourage more raids, and therefore get removed, I propose a hidden board to post about potential raids (similar to how others sites have boards to organise raids, this one would be to inform about raids that could happen)
Discussion points:
>Would this new board help enough?
>Potential negative consequences?
>Since it would be hidden, would enough people know about it to post to it if they knew a raid would happen?

Anonymous 5086

Anonymous 5087

Anonymous 5093

>Potential negative consequences?
The only one I can think of is that other sites might misinterpret the purpose of the board and assume that it's for organizing raids.
>Since it would be hidden, would enough people know about it to post to it if they knew a raid would happen?
I don't think so, they're are still people here who don't know about the hidden board.

Anonymous 5094

I clicked that link and the first raid there is literally people printing posters of a friendly bald man as a way of covering graffiti. I didn’t realize that raids looked like that.

Anonymous 5095

Would it better if you just send the admin a message on discord?


Anonymous 4875[Reply]

>CP, along with other types of spam, are being posted at least once or twice a week
Is staff working towards a captcha system yet? It's very obvious that these people are using bots to spam some of this shit considering how it's formatted. There are a couple off of Github that'd do just fine.
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Anonymous 4879

Are Russian anons faced with a captcha prompt? Since it's pretty much well-known at this point that most of these CP rings come from the Slavic world.

Anonymous 4880

I was talking about Russia so yes.

Anonymous 4882

how do you know it's country-specific?

Anonymous 4888

So that's why I have to do captcha every time and it's buggy as hell… But why Russia?

Anonymous 5068

What does everyone think of needing to solve captcha to post with a name?
I noticed that the "other types of spam" posts, ones talking about the ones about ads or "visit my website to grow your business," nearly always use a name for some reason. It also kind of discourages frivolous namefagging though I haven't seen that as an issue

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