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Anonymous 13032[Reply]

What's your day to day routine like?
Is it tiring/boring or are you satisfied with it? What's something in your daily life that gives you comfort?
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Anonymous 13409

>5:30 wake up, get on computer, read internet for a while
>6:15 or so walk dog
>6:30 get ready and drive to gym
>7:00 arrive at gym, power walk 1 hour on tradmill
>8:00 routine with weights
>8:40 or so go home
>9:00 arrive home, shower
>10:00 practice languages then get on computer, shitpost a little, start programming. mostly just for fun but also some freelance stuff
>continue doing this and intermittently eating all day
>22:00 get ready for bed
>22:30 go to bed
I didn't realize how predictable and repetitive it is until I typed it out…

Anonymous 13412


Work days suck, days off are very relaxing/boring because I've been in lockdown for months. I do 4 on 4 off so it's pretty balanced. Also I'm currently dieting so I eat at really specific times to avoid snacking.

Work day
>wake up 5am
>make bed, pee, clean teeth, rinse face & moisturize
>spend 10 mins checking emails, weather, etc
>pack lunch
>leave around 5:30, arrive to work at 6
>breakfast at 8, lunch at 11, snack in the afternoon, coffee in between meals to tide me over
>work til whenever work finishes (usually 4-5pm on weekdays, earlier on weekends)
>get home, change then eat dinner immediately while on the computer
>go for a 1hr walk
>shower, skin care, sleep before 9pm

Day off
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Anonymous 13462

Good luck on your business, anon. I hope it does well.

Anonymous 13487

>wake up around 9-10am
>put on compression socks (shitty genetics and I don't want big varicose veins)
>have breakfast
>wash face, wash bangs, brush teeth and apply moisturizer, sunscreen, lipgloss and concealer. blowdry bangs
>pack gym bag
>go to the gym
>shower in the gym if I packed my bag accordingly
>come home
>work on internship project a bit
>entertain myself on the internet with my newest hyperfixation (currently it's sewing projects and planning to move out)
>have lunch
>have 100ml of milk with coffe for comfort (it's comfy)
>resume looking up current fixation
>internship meeting 14pm-15pm
>work on project with fellow interns on discord some more
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Anonymous 13529

>wake up at 9am
>help my mother and brother start their day
>eat breakfast at 10:30
>watch tv from 11am to 2pm
>browse the internet from 2pm to 4pm
>go to the store and buy ingredients for dinner
>continue browsing the internet until 8pm
>make dinner and wash dishes
>eat dinner at 10pm
>take a shower at
>browse the internet until 4am
A very simple schedule but it's driving me insane.


abortions Anonymous 12757[Reply]

Hot topic, but what's your opinion of it? I don't like the fact that so many young people act like it's nothing, it's a quite serious topic with many angles to look at it from.
In my opinion abortions should be available until the 8th week, which is around the time the nervous system and brain reach a level of development where the fetus can be called "conscious".
Special circumstances should be available for rape victims.
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Anonymous 13495

>Anti abortion arguments are even worse
>Implying abortion arguments are already shit
quite the self own there, kek

Anonymous 13496


Anonymous 13497

>murder is bad
>so to prevent this we will slowly murder them once they're born instead by forcing them to be born in shitty conditions

Anonymous 13498

It is a delicate subject and I agree with OP that it shouldn't be taken lightly. I do support abortion though and don't believe life begins at conception. But I understand people who think abortion is wrong. My parents were really anti-abortion, for some people it is the political issue they are most concerned about and it was annoying how they wouldn't hear any opinion other than their own

Anonymous 13503

No, it's what you chose to assume, moid


Female Reproductive System Anonymous 1288[Reply]

Information, questions, advice, tips and tricks etc.


>menstrual cycle
>birth control
>gyno visits
>vagina talk
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Anonymous 12694

along with kegels, do I get tighter with increased fitness/muscle mass as well? any tips on exercises to focus on?

Anonymous 12708

I've never experienced big menstrual clots before… they were usually mucous and very thin and red like I would imagine a uterus layer to be.
But now I went to the bathroom and i passed a clot with the color, thickness and texture of chicken skin (w/o the bumps). I tried to rip it and it didn't rip it was so thick omg (I washed my hands after)
I felt so grossed out what the hell was that it was so thick like real outside skin

Anonymous 12755

I feel really disconnected from my body, I just started going back to the gym and I think I want to go off of my birth control to see how I feel physically without it but I've been on hormonal birth control since I was like 14 (I'm now in my late 20s).
I hear so many stories about how people lose weight and feel less sad when they get off the pill. Does anyone have experience with going off of it after essentially growing up on it?

Anonymous 12877


okay, i actually have something i need a little help with here. any advice would be wonderful, really, because im a little scared here.

so, in late july of this year i got the nexplanon implant to help with my heavy periods, i got it done in a sexual clinic near me and everything seemed fine until my period came a little late.

i was just sitting on the toilet about a week ago, three days into my period and i pulled out my tampon and had a decidual cast attatched to it. i heard this happens when you have progesterone-based birth control done, but thats not the issue.

my period is still going and i dont know when its going to end, its been a week and a half of spotting enough that i need to keep my tampon in all times, do i go to the doctor this week or is this normal? help please lol

Anonymous 13482

idk where else to post this but

>spend half an hour painstakingly painting nails with my favorite polish combo

>can feel my period coming

Anonymous 13413[Reply]

How's your sleep quality lately?

Anonymous 13414

Good when I can get it. But falling asleep is the hard part.

heart_earring (1).…

Earring Thread Anonymous 9694[Reply]

Wasn't sure wether to create this thread here on at /cgl/, but alas

ITT: Post cute/cool/nice/etc earrings, and preferrably, where to get them, if possible.
Personal collection displays are also ok.
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Anonymous 12906

f (126).jpg

Anonymous 12910


I love dumbass food earrings so much. Next paycheck I'm getting these.

Rose cut is the best cut. Those are gorgeous.

Anonymous 12918


Wearing these for my Art Deco wedding, found on Etsy. Mismatched all the way!

Anonymous 12922

How much did they cost you?

Anonymous 13405

I still kick myself over accidentally losing a pair of handcrafted antique gold earrings. My great-grandmother wore them.
I had stored them in a small lump of gift wrapping and duct tape so that I wouldn’t forget where they were and what they were. Extremely spergy solution, I know.
One day I was recovering from a physical accident, and required help with housework and stuff. I was so stuffed full of meds, that I coud barely form a coherent sentence, so maybe I just told the cleaner to throw it away or something. That, or she realized that they were valuable and took them with her. In any case, I never found them again after that day. Shit.


Anonymous 11863[Reply]

do you think you're good looking? what would you rate yourself
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Anonymous 13358

i don't give a shit anymore tbh. Well, the last time I've been called ugly is when i was in middle school, so I guess it doesn't count, right?

Anonymous 13359

a lot of people hve called me ugly in the past, im married now to a realy handsome man and i feel very lucky he finds something beautiful about me.

Anonymous 13402

7/10 on my best day, maybe. I'm 6'2" with a flat chest, so basically I have to be somebody's fetish for any moid (or woman) to look at me.

Anonymous 13403

you mean catwalk model stature while not attracting moids because you're tall? sounds like a dream

Anonymous 13404

6'2", but yeah. Never done modeling though, lol. Maybe I should try it.
Most moids don't like it when a woman is equal to or taller than them, but the ones who do like it, REALLY like it.


alt fashion in a more subtle way Anonymous 13054[Reply]

i want to dress in more alt style (especially punk/goth/egirl) but i don't want to go too extreme. what should i look for?
8 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 13315

both pickme thots

Anonymous 13316

>any girl I don't like is a pickme

Anonymous 13330

Is pic related even alt anymore? It looks borderline mainstream to me, besides the thigh highs maybe.

Anonymous 13345

Teens growing up with social media and phones in their hands have made so many niche things mainstream. You'll still see more girls in mall clothing than anything else, but very few styles are truly "alt" anymore.

Anonymous 13351

It's tiktok's influence. It can be goth/alt/punk/metal if you want it to, labels and definitions don't matter anymore.


Anonymous 12980[Reply]

why does drinking a lot of coffee make my knees hurt? staying up to 6am has also sometimes made this happen. i like coffee sm tho!!

Anonymous 13053

Caffeine and lack of sleep are both triggers of restless legs syndrome which can feel like a soreness or itchiness in your knees and calves. Next time you feel this, see if moving your legs makes the feeling go away. If so, it's probably RLS.

Anonymous 13301

coffee makes my veins hurt i wonder why


Favorite/Sexiest Men's Clothing Anonymous 11679[Reply]

I'm curious. What type of clothing do you like to see on men? Care to post examples? I love muscular men who wear black v-necks for some reason…

I know other women who like men in 3 piece suits, but men rarely wear them.
34 posts and 14 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 13276


Dark turtleneck + brown coat also looks good. I'm really into this kind of style but most guys in my country don't dress like this.

Anonymous 13279


Anonymous 13288


short shorts

Anonymous 13292

most formal wear. overcoats, layers, vests, gloves, scarves, belts. collared dress shirts tucked in on a very fit guy are also super attractive.

Anonymous 13293

need to add that, while tailored clothing is hot, if it's too tight it's a little off putting. really hate when men wear tight tshirts and from the back it's just all meat and no form.


Anonymous 12946[Reply]

I want to get some tattoos and piercings (mostly piercings) but I'm afraid I'll regret it and my family will bully me.

Is it normal to regret it? Because I'm really conflicted. I really want it but have no idea how to take care of tattoos and piercings.

Does anyone have any experience on this?
1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 12951

Tattoos are kinda cringe, consider what you think looks cool now when you're 20-39 will look pretty weird when you are 50 and older. Piercings not so much, especially on ears where you can p much stop wearing them and your body will heal, but as I'm sure you are well aware of, tattoos are permanent, and some of them sort of fade and look like blurry messes after a few years.

I would never get one, personally. But if it means something serious to you or you want to honor someone with it, do as you see fit?

Anonymous 12967

I mostly just want piercings. I had my ears pierced when i was 12 but took the earrings off 3 years later, because they looked cringe considering my HUGE earlobes.

Anonymous 12969

I've never really heard of anyone regretting piercings. You can let them seal up if you don't want them anymore, afterall. From what I've heard about tattoos, a lot of people regret them, but not enough to want them removed.

Anonymous 12970

>From what I've heard about tattoos, a lot of people regret them, but not enough to want them removed.
Having tattoos removed is very expensive, at least in some countries.

Anonymous 13290

be careful about piercings, as well. some mouth piercings can really damage your teeth. tbh a lot of tattoos are cringe. personally i like how they look, and if i did get one, it would be something abstract or decorative, no figures or anything

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