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Anavar cycle Anonymous 12533[Reply]

I've been lifting for a year with minimal results and I want to try Anavar but I'm a little scared. If someone with experiene could answer a few questions that would be great. Is it safe? Are there any sides? How much do I need to take and for how lobg? How much muscle can I expect to build on it? Before/after pics would be appreciated. Thank you.
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Anonymous 13719

What are you most interested in knowing about anavar?
I know a fair bit about gear. 2.5mg of anavar per day split I to 2 doses should be enough to get the recovery benefits without much risk of virilization. What duration of exposure are you thinking of?

Anonymous 13731

Should I try to cut weight before going on it? Does that even matter? Does it have any surprising side effects? Should you take it with food? How long should you take it for? I was thinking of starting with 5 mg split like you said, but idk about duration. Maybe 5 weeks like >>12717 .

Anonymous 13732

Anavar will increase your appetite so if you're already a bit heavier than you want to be then do a bit of a cut before then. And also take both doses with food. But at 5mg the side effects went be a problem unless you're genetically pre disposed to hair loss or acne.
For sides, hair loss can occur and your cholesterol can be skewed toward higher ldl. Anavar is technically liver toxic but its just like drinking a bit per day in terms of the damage done.
6 weeks should be a good cycle, you can push it up to 8 if you want but 12 weeks is well too long no matter what dose you're taking.
And while you're on cycle if you develop a bit of a persistent cough or scratchy throat, stop immediately because that's the start of making your voice deeper unless you want that.

Anonymous 13753

how much strenght you tend to gain with anavar? is something ridiculous like double your current strenght or more like an extra boost?

Anonymous 13760

Girls on anavar can get seriously strong but I'm not sure on figures. Thats probably very dependant on your baseline. You definitely won't be twice as strong on cycle unless you we're untrained before and were a hyper responder to anabolics.
Most of the girls are stronger than guys who don't lift but weaker than guys who lift regularly.


Hair thread Anonymous 569[Reply]

What are some of your favorite hair related YouTube channels?

What's your hair routine?

Do you take any supplements/do (you think) they work?
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Anonymous 12047


Anonymous 12098

has anyone here done a root perm? thoughts on them?

Anonymous 13382


>jewish mother with curly hair
>european mutt father with pin straight hair
>end up with weird wavy hair that's only wavy in some parts/the ends of my hair while being mostly straight
maybe this is stupid, but my hair type is really weird and i despise it. i remember even a hair stylist i saw a while back was trying to explain what my hair type was to her coworker but couldn't describe it well. if i brush my hair, it looks frizzy, but if i use my curl/wave products after showering it looks just as weird. ultimately i end up just straightening my hair every day since it looks better that way anyway.

Anonymous 13745

I have very boring, straight, thin hair that looks greenish and disgusting under certain lighting. It also looks completely terrible on my face shape and etc.

Is there a consistent and easy way to make straight hair wavy all the time?

Anonymous 13750

I don't know if this will work for you, but despite naturally having super straight hair, mine is usually wavy because I tie it up when I sleep. I find that a low bun gives looser waves and a braid gives a lot of little waves (like ramen noodles)
If you are ok with tying your hair every night before bed, all you need to do is go to sleep, so I think it is easy.


how do you accept looking twice your age? Anonymous 13577[Reply]

I am developmentally delayed (from a mix of neglect and a debilitating illness) and now that I'm in my mid 20s I'm having massive amounts of people considered me in my early 50s and I get a lot of insults about it when people know my real age. It isn't like I have a lot of wrinkles but something about my face looks extremely ill and sunken despite being a normal weight.
I've been happy with improving; i.e., making some money freelancing, doing some government, legal and taxes stuff for people I know, etc., but there's still something extremely off about the way I come across.

It's really not fun at all being seen as someone mature and "dead-looking" according to everyone. I know even nice people aren't blind either. Oh to clarify I think most older women look good. It's just the way I look old is B-move horror type shit. I look scary.
And I don't like that I look scary. It makes me feel so ashamed to make people feel like that.

How do you separate how you feel from how you look and continue on your life journey peacefully and with excitement? A nasty part of me is feeling like my life is already over because I'm "not allowed" to do young people things or at least be silly around others. So I usually act like a brick wall. It's dumb. I go on tiktok and it's obvious that people truly and deeply hate it when older-looking people do awkward things. Or, well, not just that, but that people have massive hang-ups and obsessions with stuffing others into strict categories of behavior based off their obvious "numbers." I get it when someone does something actually morally wrong. But most of it has nothing to do with that. Maybe cringe is sometimes born from someone relating too hard to someone else being awkward.

The positivity stuff doesn't really help.
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Anonymous 13604

You girls breathed through your mouth, didn’t you?

Anonymous 13605


probably (also I know about the whole mewing and etc. thing). I was born with a nose deformity which made it breathe through my nose, with allergies and asthma.

had surgery for it years ago at age 20 and it was amazing for my quality of life.

Anonymous 13728


>people doubting I look the way I do (asking for a celebrity lookalike)
>people accusing it of being my fault
>no one answering my question

didn't expect much but, geez.

Anonymous 13730

Anon… I have no advice to give and no experience with this sort of stuff, but I'm sorry you are getting such gross replies. I think "people" don't really care if you try to have fun as an "old" person, it's just underdeveloped 15 year olds being mean but I don't use tiktok so maybe I don't know really

I hope you can find some peace soon.

Anonymous 13738

Maybe you should look into fillers if it's really that bad (looking 50 at 25). Even just relatively simple eyebag fillers could really freshen up your face.

But if you want to accept it: get off tiktok (what are you doing on there at 25 anyway?) and social media first and foremost, that shit will NOT help if acceptance is what you're looking for.


Anonymous 13700[Reply]

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Anonymous 13707

>in the XIX century
>for women

Anonymous 13711


Anonymous 13712

I think it's also genes and the way she's shaped–she got very lucky.

My chest is naturally shaped like that and I'm pretty muscly, I'm very strong by nature but then I have the tiniest, weakest pigeon wrists.

Anonymous 13735

That image is clearly from the 1920s

Anonymous 13737

The girl on the right yes, but on the left is Vulcana, who was born in 1874.


Anonymous 13455[Reply]

Tomorrow I want to start eating healthy.

I don't want to do this with losing weight as my main goal (although I would like that, too). I just want to try to eat in a decently healthy and balanced way, drink enough water and ideally work out. No counting calories or weighing because I used to be an anachan and I don't want to take risks.

I will try to use this thread for accountability, and maybe post recipes or updates sometimes - anyone else who wants to do the same or just share and talk about healthy eating in general is welcome! (I hope this is okay, I was gonna post in the ED thread but that would kind of defeat the intention of this plan not being a disorder thing.)
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Anonymous 13515

Don't let your ED evolve into orthorexia, either. Also found out organ meats are vitamin bombs. Pig heart tastes good. I don't eat fish daily, just once a week, so I take omega 3 supplement oils.

Anonymous 13582

Alright, so week 1 has been going okay!
I've still had some overly processed foods here and there, and i ordered pizza with friends yesterday (I only ate until satiation and didn't just keep eating cause it's fun), but for the most part i've been cooking for myself instead of just snacking and have been trying to keep it balanced. Some of the meals/snacks I've hat that i liked the most:

>porridge with blueberries

>lamb's lettuce with homemade vinaigrette
>honey-teriyaki salmon with cauliflower rice
>guacamole on sourdough
>chili con carne (never knew this actually had such good macros lol)

I would say so far I'm more "eating healthy compared to what i ate like before" and less "eating healthy compared to the general public" but idk. Hope everyone is well!

I don't know if I could get myself to eat organ meats.. I might try it if I have some specific vitamin needs that I can't get otherwise. But generally I'd like to eat a bit less meat instead of more haha. Gotta read a bit more about supplements too, an omega 3 one would probably be good for me aswell. And yes, thank you for looking out! I don't think I'm a high risk for orthorexia but I will definitely keep an eye on it.

Anonymous 13593

I’m >>13456 . Glad to see you’re making progress. As far as resources I’m not sure because I’ve never had an ED, but I think “intuitive eating” may be a useful phrase because whenever I see someone explaining it as a concept I’m like …but that’s just normal eating. I guess they put a bit more thoughtfulness into it.

Anonymous 13733

My meals for the past month
>peanut butter oatmeal with chia seeds with a little bit of cinnamon
>tea with 3 sugars and 2 Maryland cookies or a donut r something from the cafertia
>curry with some sort of chicken in it or just beans, curry and rice

My lunches are in dire need of an upgrade, and I'm considering making myself some seasoned rice with some frozen vegetables and maybe a little bit of chicken. It'll probably not be warm by the time that I eat it, but it's probably better than what I was eating before

Anonymous 13736

kind of joining in my own way; wanted to fast but I ended up deciding to try keto instead.

Honestly I've just been feeling terrible and it's just an extremely easy way to eat a basic diet. I remember years ago going a long time without eating and feeling better than I had in my entire life (even other people noticed it). What I didn't realize was that I had been eating high-fat foods solely and no carbs around that time, which I discovered days later upon looking at my food journal. Thought nothing of it back then but I realize that maybe it's worth revisiting.


McClintock Effect Anonymous 9772[Reply]

Let’s see if CC has synchronised cycles yet.

Bump this thread on the first day of your period.

I just got mine today.
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Anonymous 13713

bump, got my period earlier

Anonymous 13714

Wtf me too…

Anonymous 13715

forgot to bump yesterday, this is day 2 for me it working gals

Anonymous 13716

this thread is simultaneously creepy and wholesome


Anonymous 13734



Anonymous 13374[Reply]

Anyone here used henna hair dye before? (Even better if you've used the brand in pic, I have a box of it I'm wanting to try.)

Looking for any tips- I have been bleaching and toning my hair a natural coppery red for a while, and did my roots about a month ago and hated the result (even though I used the same products as always, it went funky this time). I have heard that using henna too soon after dyeing with chemical dyes can do crazy shit to your hair, so I have been waiting. Now I have like 1cm of dark brown roots after a month of waiting, do you think this is a long enough wait to do the henna now?

Also, I have heard you need to leave it on for hours- I only ever tried henna once before years ago and it literally did nothing at all to my hair after letting it sit for 2 hours.
7 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 13673

No, henna is permanent and you won't be able to chemically bleach or dye it again (you can dye the new growth of course)

Anonymous 13674

Does that mean there are improved methods of non-chemical dying that's natural and non-damaging nowadays? That's the only way I could see henna being outdated.

Anonymous 13675

Henna isn't a chemical?

Anonymous 13676

Henna is plant-derived, it's considered a natural/non-chemical hair dye as opposed to box dye which is chemical dye.

Anonymous 13727

Hmm, posting this here bc I don't want to make a similar thread
So if I wanted to dye my hair for a few weeks, what other treatments are there?
I have very muddy dark yellow, muted hair and want to go to a more rich dark brown.

I actually have tried googling this before and getting confused as so many products act like you have to bleach and have nonvirgin hair for everything to deposit right. I.e., there's shampoos and glosses that look promising.


ovulation cramps Anonymous 13373[Reply]

i've been having gross cramps for what it seemed all month long, it wasn't sharp pain but rather dull mongering cramp similar to pms cramps for half , i was worried that i had something wrong with my uterus so i went to an obygn and i got checked but i was healthy and my obygn told me that it's normal ovulation cramping. i have to deal with ovulation cramps, pms cramps, and period cramps, i just can't catch a break can i?

Anonymous 13388

When say "checked" do you mean an ultrasound or just a visit with your obgyn? If the cramp feeling is on your right side it could be gallstones.

Anonymous 13389

visit and urine tests, the obygn refused to do more because she said i'm healthy and don't need it, the pain is in the lower abdomen and exactly in the center, happens around ovulation and i get other ovulation symptoms. i don't think it's too painful it's simply annoying.
worth noting that i choose a female obygn because i wanted to be taken seriously but she was very dismissive of me because i'm a virgin and in my 20s so she thinks i can't possibly have anything wrong.

Anonymous 13390

i did two urine tests and two blood tests. forgot to mention.

Anonymous 13393

Women can be even more dismissive of reproductive-related pain than men because their periods might not be so bad. I'd want an ultrasound for peace of mind–for example, the knowledge that I have a relatively large cyst, even though it's "normal" for women, helps take the edge off the anxiety I get when pain related to it flares.

Anonymous 13671

they say exercise and caffeine can help (as well as OTC pain meds like ibuprofen) but it never helped much with mine.
The only time I was free of cramps was when I went years with only 2 periods a year and I was on depo provera but that also made me gain an insane amount of weight and it was impossible to lose until I got off of depo.
I don't know, fren.


Unusual BO since starting medication Anonymous 13546[Reply]

I've been smelling like a mix of rotting garbage and soy after starting medication. Weirdly enough literally everything I excrete smells like this, and it's a pretty strong smell.
I've tried telling my psychiatrist about it but she has zero idea about this (she's not stopping anything or lowering the dose though as doing that would be much worse for my mental health) and the internet has nothing.
Has anyone else experienced this? How to deal with this shit? Is the smell even real (I didn't catch COVID or anything so I can't blame it on the flu)?

Anonymous 13548

well for starters what kind of medication are you talking about?

Anonymous 13561

Two antipsychotics (quietiapine and risperidone) and a SSRI (fluvoxamine). None of them have BO changes as a listed side effect.
I tried asking people closest to me about unusual BO changes but they didn't notice a thing (even if I percieve the stench as extremely strong) and I'm sure it's not an olfactory hallucination because it'd disappear when taking antipsychotics, like any other kind of hallucination.

Anonymous 13563

Are you sweating more profusely than you used to? I'm pretty sure that's a side effect of SSRIs

Anonymous 13571

I do sweat more but not as much as I did in my teens, and I assure you the odor was very different back then. It's the stench change that bothers me.

Anonymous 13670

if you take fenugreek (a herb that is good for breast development and will help lactation but not cause it) your BO will smell like maple syrup.


Body Hair Anonymous 4073[Reply]

What are your preferences for personal grooming?
How has it changed, or does it vary seasonally?

What does your routine consist of?

(I know there's a pubes thread, a few head hair threads, but I haven't seen anything about this yet)
97 posts and 12 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 13354

You could try epilating. It's painful but it keeps my hair gone a little longer than a fucking afternoon. Usually looks good for a week and then have to let it grow out to epilation length again, so I only do it when I have a week where I've planned to wear shorts and such. Our eyebrows ARE really nice though, aren't they?

Anonymous 13355

How about an electric clipper?

Anonymous 13356

did it end up being the year you said fuck it?

Anonymous 13372

I bought myself a pair of clippers a few years back to keep my legs trim and also trim before I shave so shaving goes faster.
Great decision, would highly recommend. Also works on pubes, but I would use a guard because there will be blood.

My personal grooming technique is very lax, as I don't wear makeup and I'm not huge on conditioners or masks of any sort.
I do my eyebrows, keep the legs on my hair trimmed (I rarely shave) and I put a leave-in conditioner in my hair a couple times a week. That's really about it.

Anonymous 13669

I realize this is necroposting but I did buy a IPL that looks almost exactly like the one in your image.
It did not help, at all.
First of all, you can't use IPL on darker skin. Also- you can not use them over tattoos. It will scar over your ink.
Those things don't apply to me but its something to know about IPL. How these work is that they target the pigment in the hair's root to "zap". However, it doesnt even do that. You also have to shave before using the IPL. Shaving made my condition worse, so I'd rather not do it. IPL doesn't even work and my hairs can still be seen even if shaved.
IPL is nothing like clinic laser you'd pay for at a salon. Different machine entirely. This thing was a total waste of money.

In an ideal world I would get electrolysis done, but I can not afford it.
I paid for salon laser and it was not helpful for lighter hairs. It only worked on darker hairs, and that became too expensive for me as well.

Anyway, IPL is a scam. Don't waste the money. Even professional lasers only work on dark hairs, so you're fucked over if you have blonde, red, or light hairs.

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