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me too.jpg

any miners with skin picking/excoriation disorder/dermiotilliomania? Anonymous 12858[Reply]

>how long have you had it?
>where/what do you pick?
>how does it make you feel?
>any coping mechanisms/tips?
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Anonymous 12971

>how long have you had it?
I've been pulling out my hair since age 7, picking at my skin since age 10ish. I'm in my mid 20s now.
>where/what do you pick?
face, scalp, sometimes back, chest, fingertips, or toes. I basically pick on blemishes such as acne, hangnails, calluses. Mostly harmless. I pick on pimples until they start to bleed a little bit, though.
>how does it make you feel?
Idk, kinda gross if I do it too much, but kinda satisfying in moderation?
>any coping mechanisms/tips?
Not really lol. If you aren't doing to the point where you're causing serious injury, I think it's no big deal. Stressing over it probably will just make you do it more lol. The important thing is to keep your hands and fingernails nails clean to avoid infections. I do think it also helps to do what you can to keep your skin clear, especially if you pick on acne like I do.

Anonymous 13017

>how long have you had it?
Can't remember specifically, but since childhood
>where/what do you pick?
Mostly the sides of nails and skin on the sides of nails. I get extremely sensitive and uncomfortable over having anything but very short and rounded nails for some reason, if they are edgy in any way it bothers me a lot.
I have keratosis pilaris where some hair on my legs is spiraled into a tiny bump and sometimes I also get urges to unravel them (which damages the surrounding skin a bit).
Rarely I'll randomly bite inside my mouth for similar reasons but this is much easier to control.
>how does it make you feel?
It helps destress and feels satisfying when I do it, but I also feel anxious/ashamed because it leaves damage. Sometimes my hands or feet feel a bit sore because I picked off too much of my nails, or I have some small scars on my legs, and I feel bad about the way it looks.
>any coping mechanisms/tips?
Since I mostly do it (somewhat unconsciously) when stressed, I guess general stress management stuff helps. I try to not look too closely at my legs now because the bumps aren't that noticeable at a distance. Still struggling with the nails thing because I don't like to keep my hands or feet covered and I can feel it when my nails get long, which makes me feel compelled to cut (too much of) them.

Anonymous 13270


>where/what do you pick?
I used to pick the soles of my feet and any callused areas on my fingers whenever I watched TV. I guess, I just can't sit still for whatever reason.

>any coping mechanisms/tips?

I bought one of these to keep my hands busy. It's really firm and doesn't stick like your usual children's play dough does. When my hands start to wander, I just a grab a piece of this and start kneading and pulling it apart to keep them distracted. It doesn't solve the actual problem, but at least, I don't have to walk around with damaged feet anymore.

Anonymous 13280

>how long have you had it?
Since about sixth grade. I saw my mum doing it, and thought, that looks fun.

>where/what do you pick?

Mostly face because I only pick at pimples, but I'll occasionally do my shoulders.

>how does it make you feel?

Fulfilled. Love watching the blackheads and pimples pop out of my skin.

>any coping mechanisms/tips?

Not really. I removed myself from my parent's house and found my anxiety and depression went from a nine to a two. So just knowing that when you're able to remove yourself from the horrific situation, that literally everything in your life will get better.

Anonymous 13287

>how long have you had it?

since i first started getting acne, probably middle school. It wasnt so bad then, it's like having a cigarette and thinking 'this isnt so bad' and then ten years later you have terminal lung cancer, kind of thing.

>where/what do you pick?

i will pick at any bump or imperfection. my favorite is clogged pores, seeings the gunk get pushed out. i pick at acne, and i will pick at my skin until there's more acne everywhere for me to pick at. back, legs, arms, chest, face, neck, anything. ive picked at scabs, blackheads, hair, earring holes, pores on the inside of my fucking nostril, nowhere is safe.

>how does it make you feel?

it makes me feel like im removing impurity from my body. its like a cleansing thing. if i find i have pus inside me somehwere, it has to get out. yes i have OCD. Afterwards, however, i look at my red, bleeding, scabbed skin in the mirror and feel super depressed.

>any coping mechanisms/tips?

I dont know, i thought it would get better once i stopped getting acne but whenever my skin starts to clear i pick at it out of frustration until it breaks out again. For someone with my level of issue, i'd recommend medication. I took wellbutrin for a bit and i think that really seemed to help, it may have something to do with focus. i find if i can be truly busy and focused on something else, i wont pick. but then i get giddy because, ooh, fresh skin i havent picked at yet :) i just accepted it, kind of. the guilt is part of the fuel, so dont beat yourself up over it. it starts to become the punishment and the reward. i recommend not even doing skin care, tbh, its just part of the hyperfixation. use basic soap, water, and lotion. keep yourself busy and MINIMIZE time when you're alone and have your hands free. so no tv binging, social media voids, or anything like that. and i find i do it more when i'm procrastinating, overwhelmed, and out of control, so i try to be proactive and catch up on work before it catches up to me. oh, and get a therapist.


Anonymous 13199[Reply]

i finally bit the bullet that i am in fact never gonna look like an anime character and curled my straight bangs to the sides curtain bangs style, I am finally letting my bangs grow and keeping on the sides.
it looks more mature and fits my face better + i havent dealt with greasy bangs ever since i made the decision last week.
given a lot of miners are weebs and probably have straight bangs i highly reccomened trying curling them to the sides and seeing if it looks better.
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Anonymous 13239

Is a hime cut associated with being a weeb? I'm not that into anime and I've had one for years because I thought it suited me… It's a lot better now, but when I first got the cut years ago, I felt like my face looked bulbously round and that's what drew me to the style. It works really well because the bangs minimize my forehead, the side locks sharpen my face, and I still get to have long hair that I can put in ponytails/buns/braids/etc.

Anonymous 13250

Hime cut is solely a weeb thing. Sorry, anon.

Anonymous 13253


Do you really have a hime cut or something that looks closer to the second picture?

Anonymous 13254

Himecut is 100% a weeb thing.
My cheeks look better with my hair pulled back, so himecut actively working against me. Still look better with my forehead covered.

Anonymous 13255


Oops. I'll admit I've seen more anime than the average normie, but mostly stuff like Pokemon, Ghibli films, and misc stuff that friends wanted to watch, so I wouldn't call myself a true enthusiast. I do like jfashion though
I used to have it just like the left one but I didn't cut the side pieces again after they grew out, so they are now closer to the right one but not identical. Found this similar image where the side pieces are distinct but not completely blunt, and there is a small curve.
My bangs are straight and solid like the left but slightly curved to the side
To be completely honest I keep hearing people refer to anything with straight bangs + side locks + long back as "hime cut" and I'm not super sure how blunt it needs to be to qualify anymore


Getting into sports as an adult? Anonymous 13073[Reply]

Has anyone here gotten into a sport as an adult? How did it go?

I have 0 sports experience, never played sports as a kid, and the idea of joining a team/group/class sounds daunting.

Anonymous 13107

I would recommend weightlifting.
It's not as easy as most sports(get a trainer in the beginning) but generally if you have no experience in sports you don't have muscle to get into them.
And you won't really enjoy them if you are the worst.

Anonymous 13111

Weightlifting scares me because it’s male-dominated and I always here about people being judged for the way they do it.

Anonymous 13122

Find a women's gym and see if they offer any free consultations. Lots of gyms will give you a week long free pass.

Anonymous 13175

I want to do tennis but I'm waiting for the weather to get cooler. I am pretty sensitive to heat and all that. People scare me but I could just play tennis against myself by hitting the ball against the wall, that would be good enough.

Anonymous 13226

I never really did sports growing up, partially because I was like 'im a female and will never be the best, what's the point?' and put that time into academics instead. I've started weightlifting now like >>13107 suggested, and it's amazing. I've been at it for like 4 years, and I deadlift 235, squat 195, bench 100 lbs all for for sets of 5. You don't have to get that into it though. Weightlifting is good because it helps you build base strength and coordination so other athletic activities don't seem so insurmountable.

I just started a 'love to learn' tennis class for adults this past week! It's so hard, but I'm getting better. The ball always goes way farter than I intended. I have been practicing with a wall on days when I don't have the class. You can get a pretty good racket for like $100, I got the head ti.s6 or smth at dicks. There are cheaper ones too.


chest pain after running, could it be serious? Anonymous 3629[Reply]

(reposting from anothet site)

So basically four days ago, I

-went for a short, brisk run

-everything was fine while I was running

-but after like a minute of rest i:

-felt a tightness in my chest

-hearing faded out

-vision faded away
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
15 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 11268


To add on to this, because I'm leaving out some stuff – from ordering tests on me (he had me wear a heart monitor and I just never got the results from that back) to sending his obviously untrained intern nurses to tell me shit, it just left a bad stain on my memory and made me sort of distrustful of doctors. I've been busy with school and stuff too.

I'm also reliant on medicaid so the number of doctors I can see is small.

All that being said, this semester wraps up soon, and I'm DEFINITELY gonna seek out doctors that don't suck cock to fix me. I'm tired of dealing with this pain, it's scary.

Anonymous 11269

That sounds so shitty anon, I hope everything works out for you somehow

Anonymous 13125


three year anniversary to this nonsense. still busy with uni but i'll try to see a doctor after midterms are over.

hope none of the staff team minds me blogging here about this; nobody irl seems to care (and i hate whining about it anywaY)

Anonymous 13132

Been a long time for that chronic pain. Has it gotten any better? Is it getting worse? Does it fluctuate?
It’s sounding heart related, these are almost classic heart attack symptoms. But assuming no heart damage, it’s either your blood or your lungs. If not them, it’s your nervous system. A good doctor (WHICH I AM NOT PLEASE DO NOT THINK I AM A DOCTOR) would go through the list and attempt treatments for each.
There are a few theories I have. I AM NOT A DOCTOR:
1) pain is chronic and staying roughly the same
- possibly late-developing cystic fibrosis, maybe even a mild version. Can confirm with genetic testing. If your skin tastes salty, and you are coughing up mucus, that is a pretty good sign
- possibly an autoimmune disease presenting with anemia. Low blood counts would give similar sensations to decreased oxygenation of the blood. Autoimmune diseases can present anywhere from birth into your 30s, they can also present when the body is subjected to an infection or a shock (exercise after years of being sedentary).
- hormonal disorder. Your brain is not sending out correct chemicals to direct your body to give your blood enough oxygen or make enough blood.
2)fluctuating pain
- look at allergies. Can drop your blood count and oxygenation and vary daily based on environmental factors you can’t control. Allergies develop in the late teenage years for a lot of people.
3) worsening pain
- cancer is my first bet, can be detected with a CT scan if symptoms have been worsening for a long time. Could also be bone marrow cancer (multiple myeloma) which would not be detected on a CT unless it was very advanced. Would need a biopsy.

I have ideas for treatment but I am in no way shape or form a medical professional, so please don’t listen to me. I don’t want to tell you what medicines to take but talk to a doctor about Prednisone for suspect autoimmune disorder and anti-depressant for possible neurological disorder. Prednisone can fuck you up, but it can also be incredible. It may cause heart problems so please only take it under the direction of a doctor WHICH I AM NOT. BECAUSE IF YOU TAKE IT AND DIE I WILL FEEL REALLY BAD ABOUT IT IF AN ACTUAL DOCTOR DIDNT TALK TO YOU ABOUT IT.

Anonymous 13133

>chest pain
>exercise context
>passed out
Sounds cardiac, if it has been getting worse/more frequent and your test showed coronary disease then probably unstable angina. Don't give up and go to the doctor again (another one). Get a stress ECG and 24h Holter if possible. I'd also ask for an echocardiography with Doppler to check on your valves. Some doctors are dicks and crooks, but you don't want to miss an important diagnosis. Valve stuff and arrhythmias can kill.
>I remember the hospital nurse giving me a stern warning not to let anyone stick ANYTHING into my wrist
Ignore anything nurses tell you, the super dumb ones have a tendency to tell patients the stupidest shit for some rason. You wouldn't believe the amount of scientifically inaccurate and downright mindblowingly stupid stuff I have heard nurses say to patients. If you really had an important coronary blockage you would need to have a revascularization, and it wouldn't be a nurse deciding that or taking responsibiliy for that decision either.


Anonymous 12920[Reply]

Does it bother anyone else how fat positive the radfem movement is/can be?

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for not caring what moids find attractive, but being fat or worse, obese is objectively unhealthy. I know moids say this as an excuse to insult fat women but moids use anything as an excuse to insult women, so yeah.

And when you bring it up they just go full libfem mode like "Not your body not your business" etc. and saying you can be overweight and healthy (even if you specifically state that being fat/obese is unhealthy, not just having a bmi of 25). Or that women should live not thinking about looking hot.

I just don't get it. Why is being fat suddenly acceptable now and if you're saying it's unhealthy you just want women to submit to beauty standards, but being underweight is a sign of a life threatening mental illness as a result of being surrounded with unachievable beauty standards?
16 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 13048

Is that body neutrality? i thought body neutrality means you don't have to be beautiful or attractive etc. all that matters is your health and physical/mental functioning.

>who gives a shit if someone is killing themselves by being fat? just let them and get over it

>>13046 I agree. Fat families often raise fat children and even animals which I believe is abuse since they didn't choose to have snowballing health issues.

Anonymous 13049

If a lot of the population is getting fat then it starts to spread poor health as it becomes normalized, it isn't isolated to individuals. Aside from influencing children/animals like >>13048 brought up, it affects the standards for everyday objects and foods. It isn't good for most foods to be loaded with nasty things or for portions to be massive, and when that's most popular, a lot of people aren't even aware that what they're eating is awful for them because it's the standard. That can make it harder for people to be well-informed on their health or to access healthy food; a lot of poorer people have bad diets and thus bad health because unhealthy shit is cheap and accessible. People see those around them being unhealthy, so they assume it must be fine. Also I know this sounds like a humblebrag thing to bitch about but at a low-healthy weight, it's getting increasingly hard for me to find clothes that fit due to vanity sizing and it did impact my self-esteem

Anonymous 13066

This. And it's inaccurate to say that fat people kill themselves. Most of them claim they don't care if they get diabetes or whatever then in the same breath complain if they can't access meds for it. If they really didn't care about their health, they wouldn't care to medicate all the health problems they cause themselves. It doesn't just cost a lot of money to treat them, but it takes away resources from people who really need them due to genetic conditions and accidents. It's better for everyone if people would take care of their health and avoid illness when they can.

Anonymous 13109

No because I've never seen it. Literally anywhere this just seems like attempting to rip on radfeminism.

Anonymous 13110

But I don't know wtf it has to do with radfeminism.


Can we overweight women get hot? Anonymous 8761[Reply]

I'm 25 and look like this. On Hinge I'm not able to get hits on guys who have it going on, just losers. I know I'm overweight and this could be the problem. Is it possible for someone like me to become thin and attractive again? How much work am I looking at, how long, etc…?
47 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 13072


That's because she has a shitton of makeup on + possible photo editing.

Anonymous 13075

If you let yourself get that fat, those (undeniably pretty!) features will vanish pretty quickly tbh. Fat ages you really quickly.

Anonymous 13092

Hair is greasy and you can tell she has high blood pressure from her face which is obviously filtered. Breasts are saggy and pancake shaped which is seen as unattractive and usually is a sign of low collagen, low health and considered unattractive. She has nice eyes but who even knows nowadays with how many girls basically refuse to post a single picture that hasn't been edited to hell and back

Anonymous 13096


She sure as HELL does not look like that in person. The fake freckles she put on her nose are also weird looking. You can already tell her chest is going to look like this in a couple years because she doesn’t use sun protection. This woman visibly doesn’t take care of herself. Fat people are straight up incapable of being attractive unless its to fetishists.

Anonymous 13097

NTA but you sound nitpicky as hell, and her hair is NOT greasy, it looks like it has a moisturizer in it. You can tell the difference by looking at whether the hair is clumping together at the ends (like hers) or at the roots. Roots = unwashed grease, ends = product. And her picture doesn't look very edited, it just looks like a cell phone picture with a filter on it.


Anonymous 13034[Reply]

does anyone else here get UTIs all the time and they're so painful and they just won't go away
1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 13036

Make sure you wash your hands and toys before and after you masturbate. And any guy you fuck should be clean too.
Could also be kidney stones.

Anonymous 13038

I got one a few months ago, but I only really had it for two days because I drank a shitload of water and went to the bathroom every time I felt the need - that helps flush out the bacteria I hear. Maybe that could help anon. Hope yours goes away eventually, they're annoying and embarrassing af

Anonymous 13039

Yes. Especially when I was younger. Drink cranberry juice, drink water, take a bath, and go to the doctor.

Anonymous 13062

Yes - get yourself some d-mannose. I take it at the first hint of a twinge and any time I do anything like bike or have sex. It doesn't stop or happening every time,but it definitely does stop it happening most times!

Anonymous 13065

Try a women's probiotic. The one I'm using right now is up4. it has 10 billion CFUs and doesnt need to be refrigerated. another one I get when I have more money is Garden of Life's women's probiotic which has 85 billion CFUs but needs to be kept refrigerated. ive seen doctors, been as hygienic as possible and changed my diet but nothing helped except for probiotics. they are also good for your immune system anonita, I cannot shill them enough they have saved me


Fat bitch hours, tips 2 lose weight Anonymous 12878[Reply]

Tired of being over 200lbs. Anyone have any ACTUAL good advice for starving? I hate being light headed all the time, it makes it hard to drive n shit. Also any advice for stomach pain would be mint. Also no body positivity bs, I’m here for it for other people just not me thnx.
12 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 12988


How to not be fat 101

Make sure you understand different nutrition vocabulary:
- Carbohydrate: Refers to all 'sugar containing molecules' like Fiber, Starches, Glucose, Fructose, Sucrose, etc.
- Sugar: Added sugar (that white granular stuff) also known as monosaccharides and disaccharides. Common examples are Glucose, Fructose, and Sucrose
- Fiber: Mostly indigestible sugar structures, makes you feel physically "Full" but not satisfied long term.
- Starch: Chain of sugar molecules, also called polysaccharides. The body will break it apart into monosaccharides as needed.

- Unsaturated Fat: Fat from plants, very healthy. Liquid at room temperature.
- Saturated Fat: Fat from animals, unhealthy in large quantities due to increasing cholesterol.
- Trans Fat: Cancer causing human made fat. Avoid eating it at all costs. trans fats btfo

- Protein: Collectively referring to the amount of amino acids in food. There are a bunch of different types of amino acid that humans use and not all food has all the amino acids in its protein.

Key things to know:
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 13006

You will not go into starvation mode, don't listen to this poster.
Eat 1000 calories a day if you want to lose very quickly, 1200 if you want to lose moderately. Since you're already very overweight, the pounds will come off quickly at first, and then you may plateau. But do not give up or think you are not making progress, just keep at the caloric deficit and you will get to your ideal weight.

Anonymous 13014

You gotta find what works best for you. I lost 17 kilos in the last year by eating around 1500 calories a day (not strictly measured, it's ok to eat out with friends sometimes or go over the limit, as long as you don't say "fuck it" and start eating everything in sight) and lifting weights 4-5 times a week. A moderate caloric deficit means you won't be hungry all the time (esp. if you fill up on veggies) and working out gives you control over how your weight distributes itself. It's also a good way to avoid sagging skin from losing weight too fast.

Anonymous 13019

Yes, but certain eating habits can decrease the bioavailability of the calories you take in.

Anonymous 13030

shouldnt you exercise before you eat so you burn more calories while eating?
thanks for the tips. going to lose 20 lbs with your technique. i hate lifting weights, ill skip that


Anonymous 12620[Reply]

>Got a new job where I stand for 8 hours
>Feet stink when I come home
What should I do?
5 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 12650

Anonymous 12974

>Feet stink when I come home
Might be a blessing in disguise if you have a bf who's into that stuff.

Anyway I use a little baby powder before I put on my socks and leave, and then if I come home from uni to lunch and I still have classes I put a little more of the talc under my socks. Then when I get home I usually shower and make sure I'm clean.

Anonymous 13003

Gotta just soak em after work

Anonymous 13021

Have a similar problem, just bought a foot cream from a pharmacy and no longer have that problem. Not a bad idea to wash them after getting back from work regardless.

Anonymous 13024

Wear fresh cotton socks everyday.
Are your shoes staying damp overnight? If so put a dry teabag in each of your shoes, this will help absorb any moisture (and odour).
Go to the pharmacy and ask about athletes foot spray or anti fungal cream just in case.
Wash feet after coming home from work and after exercising.
Good luck nona.


Anonymous 12693[Reply]

Have any anons gone blonde? What's the upkeep like? I want to do it but i'm kind of lazy. I would be starting off from a level 6 light brown. I feel like it would make a difference in my confidence though.
2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 12720

When you dye your hair, there's shampoos and conditioners that will help your hair not turn brassy https://www.byrdie.com/best-purple-shampoos-for-blonde-hair-4587044

Anonymous 12890

don't go full head as the upkeep is a pain. go to the best hairdresser you can afford and get balayage or something similar that can be grown out

Anonymous 12982

Nice, I'm a level 40 paladin

Anonymous 13000

I went accidentally blonde this way. I had light brown hair and kept getting lighter and lighter balayages. Don't know how to feel about it, I definitely get more compliments but blonde doesn't match my self-image and personality.

Anonymous 13022

just grow your hair out a bit and gradually transition back

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