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What's an indicator that you're attractive? Anonymous 17855[Reply]

For me, it would have to be
>someone paying for your meal/coffee
>strangers smiling at you
>having your first kiss <20 years
How about you?
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Anonymous 19110

Nona, please… If a man respects you he will remember stuff about you without lovebombing. It's called "being interested in your partner"

Anonymous 19237

people treating you kinder in generally and talking to you first. I get treated better with light makeup and put together outfit than my usual clothes. I was also treated better younger

Anonymous 19626

>people smiling at you or upon seeing you
>receiving free stuff randomly
>people being nicer and letting you get away with stuff
>people having prolonged eye contact with you OR nervously looking away from you
>moids and confident lesbians will openly hit on you, womyn and shy lesbians will covertly flirt with you
>people embrace your touch/are unbothered if you touch them
>children, especially little girls, want to be around you (bc you remind them of a princess etc)

Anonymous 19759

>children, especially little girls, want to be around you (bc you remind them of a princess etc)

MFW I have never experienced this and never will

Kids are the ultimate litmus test: they are less indoctrinated by society, yet they instinctively don't want to be like you

Anonymous 19761

Kids are not less indoctrinated by society. They have a less nuanced understanding of social rules and roles than adults, but they also have little critical thinking ability to question them.


Anonymous 19669[Reply]

Recently watched this video and while I don't normally like scrotes' side of YouTube, I stuck through this one to see something
I, as a biological woman who's not particularly a tomboy, haven't been able to answer most of those questions??
I didn't even know women referred to their mood swings throughout their cycle as a "rage cycle", I couldn't name makeup brands off the top of my hair, I didn't have any particular routine for anything. I felt like I would have gotten eliminated out of that show very easily..in fact, I probably could answer like 5 questions tops, one of them was about a Disney princess
Why did this get to me so much. Am I missing out on the "average female experience"?
Is it just autism diff?
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Anonymous 19718


God damn watching this video felt like such a chore… These guys's channel is disgusting it virtually smells like broke male living space… Nothing could convince me to put myself up on a show like this, I was surprised that many women on the show were mothers maybe even grandmother's, older and responsible and mature… I thought this kind of TikTok-able content only appealed to gen z wannabe influencers with ego problems

Anonymous 19724

Slapping moisturizer on your face has nothing to do with hygiene unless you meant cleansing by skincare.

Anonymous 19727

the fact you are worried about it is proof enough you are a normal woman. You think men ever go, "am I missing out on the male experience"? You're just a bit insecure, don't worry about it too much.

Anonymous 19746

Honestly, that vid was a scam because they changed the voices, and a male voice is a dead giveaway no matter how many hormones or surgeries they have, their nasty frog voices. None of them got caught because of their routine, there were even several women who didn’t have a skincare routine.

Anonymous 19758

>Is it just autism diff?



anyone know this style of makeup? Anonymous 10110[Reply]

I see this type of eye makeup alot of pinterest usually of white slavic girls. Ive been trying for months to figure out what this style is called so i could find tutorials on it but nothing ever give this look a name.
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Anonymous 19445

already have this look naturally, lol

Anonymous 19447

Screenshot 2023-11…

>how can makeup be racial

Anonymous 19671


Tbh don't even know if this is the right term but this is what I've been calling it whenever I wanted inspo. Like, "goth makeup" just doesn't cut it and gives me something too dark for my taste

Anonymous 19728


Edgy makeup

Anonymous 19738

tumblr makeup or grunge makeup
makes me think of dark circles from iron deficiency
probably comes from punk/glam rock subculture's inspiration from kabuki and mime makeup


Anonymous 8383[Reply]

What are good online stores for shopping comfy, e-girl-ish clothes with relatively good prices?
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Anonymous 8387

>cat tail coming out of the middle of her back instead of the end of her spine

Anonymous 8389

Yeah i thought about that too but i guess its because of her shorts

Anonymous 19668


I never believed this one but Yesstyle has grown on me.. what I love about their stuff is that it feels both feminine and cute but also mature like you could see someone non weeb-y wearing it outside

Anonymous 19731

shop on taobao and buy through pandabuy
there's also 42lolita

Anonymous 19736

you can translate taobao with built-in google translate on chrome or the "TWP - Translate Web Pages" extension on firefox


Ray Peat Anonymous 18376[Reply]

Is anyone here into Ray Peat? Do you follow his philosophies? I only started down the rabbit hole that is his website but I find his ideas pretty interesting.

As a coffee-drinker, I enjoyed his article on how coffee is a vitamin.

I'm going to start incorporating some of his ideas and eat more fruit but I'm not sure how deep I'll go.
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Anonymous 18448

I forgot how utterly disgusting canned liver is. Opening is like opening cat food and the texture/taste is so bad. But I felt great for the rest of the day. I'll definitely incorporate it into my meals a few times a week. There's a Chinese place nearby that does good liver but it's in a stirfry and probably drowning in pufas.

Anonymous 18470

I actually got into him after years of struggling with PCOS and OBCD and I don't follow this fully because meat grosses me out. I thought there's no other way for me to lose weight then to just starve myself but now I just eat a lot of fats/dairy/sugar and I've lost around 5kg in a month

Anonymous 19112

if you can, you should try to get fresh liver from a butcher's it tastes SO much better

Anonymous 19729

Bumping this thread to ask if anyone has ever supplemented progesterone? What was your experience like?

Anonymous 19735

i followed his advice a few years ago but there is too much contrary evidence to me. i wish i had a strong background in physiology to do more of a deep dive but from the research i can do too much of it just doesn't hold up.
increased vaginal discharge, higher libido, better masturbation. i stopped taking it because when ever i took it i got purple dots on my skin (petechiae?)…it was supposed to be bio-identical progesterone.


The Pill Anonymous 19675[Reply]

Do any nonas here take hormonal birth control? I just started in an attempt to manage my PMDD but feel pretty paranoid and discouraged based on others peoples experiences. Does birth control really fuck up your hormones and choice in moids? Nervous about blood clots as well, any experiences or opinions on hormonal BC would be helpful

Anonymous 19680

>Does birth control really fuck up your choice in moids?
I have no evidence in favour or against this but this sounds like incel cope to me.

Anonymous 19682

I take the mini-pill, which is a progesteron only pill. Been on it for at least 8 years. Haven't had a period in all those years, not even spotting, which is absolute pure bliss! I plan on switching to a hormonal IUD. It's basically the same thing (progesteron based), except cheaper, lasts for 8 years, and no more hassle with taking a pill daily.
>Does birth control really fuck up your hormones?
You mentioned PMDD which means your hormones are already messing with you. Might as well go on BC to help ease the struggle.
>and choice in moids?
Haven't noticed change in moid preference. I still prefer fictional ones.
>blood clots
This can be a problem when you're a smoker and taking an estrogin based pill. Normally you're doctor will assess the risk by asking questions about general health. If you have a higher chance of blood clots, they might recommend the progesteron only one.
>any experiences or opinions on hormonal BC
I honestly love it. If I knew I could stop my period with BC earlier, I would've taken it the moment I started menstruating. It's great not to keep track of my period or to remind myself to buy a stash of tampons and pads. No more leaking, no more sleepless nights because of going to the bathroom, no more cramps or back pain. Greatest invention ever if you ask me!

Anonymous 19686

Good thing my moid is already feminine

Anonymous 19717

>Does birth control really fuck up your hormones and choice in moids?
Now this is a totally wild claim op I think you ought to back it up or something


Anonymous 9757[Reply]

As a woman who has absolutely gargantuan forehead, which is less cringe: just embracing it or hiding it with bangs?

I feel like bangs look cringe on average woman, you need to look like an absolute Stacy to pull them off and even them they are a downgrade from just having normal hairstyle. But I feel like having huge ass forehead is so cringe too, even if your face is perfect otherwise.

Right now I don't have bangs because as explained, both are kinda shit choices (cutting bangs or just embracing the 6head) but at least with latter it is less maintenance as you don't need to cut your hair so often.

What do my fellow sisters think? Is having a very big forehead ugly? Or would it be better to hide it with bangs?

I'm so insecure about it. I feel like if I just had normal forehead I'd be at least 8/10 now I feel like 4/10 I just feel like it makes your face look so ridiculous and thats all others will see even if your other features are pretty. But idk I just feel like bangs are kinda cringe I can't help it? For me it just is a matter of which is less awful. I wish I just had normal forehead. :(
5 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 10448

download (1).jpeg

I have a 5head and hid it with a side part, kinda like in this pic. I have wavy/poofy hair though, not sure it would work with sleek/straight hair.

Anonymous 19613


curtain bangs are the way to go for big foreheads. even these but shorter (or like the second pic op posted) are cute and always look good if bangs don't work

Anonymous 19702


Honestly if there's one thing I learned from kpop it's that acting like bangs is a cheap way to cover your forehead IS cringe. Color theory, fashion study, face shapes, etc… all accommodate for what you're given in life with your shape/colors to work around it. Nothing wrong with bangs.
Maybe try those detachable "wig" bangs first, see if you like it

Anonymous 19705


sorry but I have to agree even if kpop isn't your best metric for these things since everything is heavily edited plus their have $5000 makeup on every photoshoot, the example is spot on. Lisa has never been seen without bangs aside from a few instances you can count on one hand. Those times have been rife with criticism (more like bullying) for her looks.
Use the 3 or 4 fingers method..if your 4head is more than 3 fingers, get bangs

Anonymous 19711

I have a 5head and I got compliments whenever I got bangs. Also I like how I look with bangs more.


favorite cosplays Anonymous 6177[Reply]

post your favorite cosplays ever ITT
13 posts and 12 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 6191

Ghost in the shell

Anonymous 6192

this pic made me laugh out loud irl. thank you anon.

Anonymous 19670


Jessica Nigri's Edward Kenway cosplay from back in the dead lives in my mind rent free

Anonymous 19700


Azujaamu is my favorite, used to look up to her a lot growing up

Anonymous 19706


does she count kek


I want plastic surgery Anonymous 19653[Reply]

On the left is a messy edit of the features I want to work on for me, in plastic surgery. Ideally, that is, because there is no way I can afford it. Beauty is a key factor of my life and my self perception. The first time I saw my side profile when I was 12 it was like my whole world view shattered. I can hardly keep up with other beauty facets like skin cair and hair care because ultimately my biggest problem will be my face, and I'm born that way and stuck with it until I can get plastic surgery, so I tell myself what's the point. I've lost all my confidence especially after starting college, I can't talk to anyone without feeling extremely self conscious and wanting to hide myself, I always feel like people are looking at me and judging me or pitying me for how hideous I am. I was I could go back to the blissful ignorance of not knowing what I look like, it's cheaper than plastic surgery and would improve my social skills. I hate having my pictures taken or especially appearing in videos, I'm incredibly non photogenic. And I as a person put a lot of emphasis on my self worth based on my looks, I essentially don't think I deserve being loved or befriended when I am this ugly, I pity the ppl who talk to me and try to show interest in me because I know they're ignoring the elephant in the room, and that's my looks.
1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 19655

It honestly just sounds like you belong in an institution. You need a mental health intervention.

Anonymous 19657

From what I see you are not unattractive, fix the double chin and you will look even better imo. It appears you have thick hair, nice nose shape and lips - you do not need invasive plastic surgery imo. Also, a styled haircut that suits your face shape makes a huge difference

Anonymous 19694

no way you posted this seeking plastic surgery validation. you're fine why the fuck are you posting on CC just to act like every other moid incel who chokes about having "undesirable" features. you're fine and if you really feel ugly, suck it up. you are dealt with the cards in life

Anonymous 19696

this isn't lolcow, go back catty lady

Anonymous 19704

Learn how to do your makeup and hair, if you get good at makeup you can change your entire face.

Winter Time.gif

Winter Protection Anonymous 19539[Reply]

It's winter time and time for the freezing cold and dry weather to wreak havoc on our skin and hair.
What are some products you recommend for the winter months?
Moisturizers, hair masks, fancy serums and treatments, whatever you enjoy! Or don't, save our wallets if you know a dud!

Anonymous 19540

shea butter.jpg

Starting with mine, shea butter as well as wheat germ oil are my favourites. Wheat germ just for my face but I whip my shea butter to make it easier to spread and use that.
I'm hoping to find a good in-shower or wet-skin cream though cause I hate using cream while my skin is wet

Anonymous 19612

cetaphil face wash and moisturizer, and then aquaphor healing jelly/ointment. i slug that shit on every night. i also have chronically dry skin (eczema) and live up north where its dry and cold so sometimes after i wash my face and put my cetaphil moisturizer on, I put zinc oxide (or diaper rash cream IK ITS WEIRD BUT HEAR ME OUT) on my face, then put on the aquaphor as a layer on top. I find it locks in moisture and helps with redness. But I heard some people with acne don't react well to it so be careful with that. I do it a few times a week becuz of my eczema but i think 1 or 2 times a week should be good!

Anonymous 19660

Cetaphil is awesome. I wonder if they changed their lotion formula recently though. Texture is kind of different and it smells (not necessarily bad) which is unfortunate because I loved that it was actually unscented, like lots of skincare products claim to be.
Petroleum jelly is great. It’s uncomfortable and sticky but it’s so good and simple for locking in moisture. If you have dry skin chill out with exfoliation. I stopped using my acne exfoliant in the winter because it’s just too much for my skin. Sounds counterintuitive but try showering less if you’re not very active during the day. Soap is a big dryer of my skin and triggers my eczema. Lastly I wash my hair less in the winter. Look into the concept of “hard water”. Briefly explained, lots of minerals and metals and stuff in your water may be causing damage to your hair. I have naturally frizzy hair so washing it with “hard water” makes it worse

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