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Anonymous 12661[Reply]

Fashion trends you hate

Maybe you used to wear them.

Maybe you have never worn them.

Maybe they even irritate you!

Anonymous 12662


There are very popular Guess and Michael Kors and such brands. People who own their stuff probably think they are rich and exclusive when they were a huge logo on the chest.

Anonymous 12664

I hate the bimbo aesthetic and especially people trying to reclaim it as femenist on tik tok

Anonymous 12665

This, lol. I hate stuff with huge logos in general. It just looks tacky and it's like walking around with a huge price tag on your outfits.

Anonymous 12666

nta but huh Ive never heard that comparison before, you're right, its exactly like that, now I'll never unsee


Period is two weeks late Anonymous 12645[Reply]

Title. It's never been this late before. I haven't had sex so I'm not worried about that. Should I just wait it out? Eat more pineapple?
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Anonymous 12648

Hmm okay, have you started/stopped any BC recently? Or changed your diet at all?
I'm not sure what caused it. I'd been on the pill for a while, then went off and lost some weight. So I'm not sure if the pill was messing with me or if it was the weight.

Anonymous 12649

I lost my period when I went off the pill* meant to add

Anonymous 12653

I've never used birth control. My diet is the same, not really healthy, not really unhealthy. That lines up with what my sister has said about BC though. Maybe I should go to my doctor

Anonymous 12655


Anonymous 12656


Naturia!!! It's my favorite archetype! What's this thread about again?


Fitness general Anonymous 2106[Reply]

Old thread seems to be locked.

>post fitness related questions

>share your workouts, goals, inspiration etc.
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Anonymous 11972

>stay away from processed protein powders
why and what are those specifically?

Anonymous 11974

Rats tore through our protein powder bag and consumed some so now we have filthy protein powder and shredded rats lurking somewhere :(

Anonymous 11980

think she means that a lot of protein powders have high amounts of heavy metals. it's good to shop around and look for reputable companies that release their lab analysis. i've used myprotein for the past few years and they're rated pretty highly iirc for their levels

Anonymous 12005

NTA, but all protein powders are processed foods and are basically empty calories. Eating protein powder is just like eating white sugar or lard, except that the macro you're getting is protein rather than carbs or fat.
Whole food sources of protein are better because they include fiber and micronutrients.

Anonymous 12635

you do 100 push ups in a row?!


dancing Anonymous 12612[Reply]

How do you all dance and how can one start? I'm adult and have never.

Anonymous 12613

Building bodily awareness (kinesthesia/proprioception) + building awareness of your muscle groups is a good foundation for learning dance. Do you already exercise?

Anonymous 12614

I tried 5 sessions with a personal trainer (2 times for 2 weeks, 1 time for 1 week), but idk if I liked the trainer. They were all up in my face and I just wanted to work out alone. Also it was just going from machine to machine, so I felt I could just go there and do these machines myself and not spend money to have the trainer just count down next to me. I just wanted someone to show me correct form, but idk if they really even did that. I just expected more. I sometimes judge how people are in daily life and how they probably were in high school. They seemed like the type to laugh at me and feel superior. Paying this trainer was on top of also paying a monthly membership for the actual gym. Other than that, I want to be sexy, so have also signed up for a 6 week pole dancing class. It was fun, but I need knee pads. I have missed 2 out of the first 3 classes, but might just retake the 6 week classes after the remaining 3 weeks. There's no actual dancing, but how to spin on the pole. It's really far to get to though.

Anonymous 12615

Just find out what are the best beginner dance classes in your area, and check them out.
Smaller student numbers generally the better. Also pick something like Hip Hop which you can use in a club and will have a really positive "crew" atmosphere.
A good dance class will typically have you cover 2 new moves in an hour-hour half session as well as a quick revision on what you learned in previous classes, by the end, all the moves should link into an actual dance routine.


Jaw surgery Anonymous 12337[Reply]

Is it worth it or not?
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Anonymous 12567

Nta but you sound pretty stupid
>Oh I don't care about anyone in this thread fucking up their face, that's why I bother to go out of my way to post about how little I care.

Anonymous 12569

Okay, let me read
>Fuck up your jaw if you want idc

Anonymous 12570



Anonymous 12572

i want to get it because im insecure but its risky and i dont want to be fake. my jaw isnt that bad tbh but i wish it was more feminine. my chin is a bit long and i want my jaw to be shorter. and my gonial angle is too wide.

Anonymous 12610

I want it so bad mouth breather face is a curse. But too poor.


What's your motivation to get /ft/, girls? Anonymous 3354[Reply]

I am not disgusting, but I have definitely gained some weight. Should I start doing yoga?
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Anonymous 8084


I've been obsessed with this girl I follow on Tumblr. (Pic related) she's my ideal body and aesthetics. Even though this is a older picture and she has way more tattoos now. It's just nice to see someone who is my height and my ugw. It helps to feel more motivated to lose weight.
I just hate myself for ballooning as big as I did.ughhhh….and I'm still overweight. :(

Anonymous 8085

I forgot to spoil the picture

Anonymous 8409

for motivation, resistance training out helps with..

reducing cardiovascular risk
Cornelissen VA, Fagard RH, Coeckelberghs E, Vanhees L. Impact of resistance training on blood pressure and other cardiovascular risk factors: a meta-analysis of randomized, controlled trials. Hypertension 2011; 58:950.

reducing metabolic issues
Ross R, Janssen I, Dawson J, et al. Exercise-induced reduction in obesity and insulin resistance in women: a randomized controlled trial. Obes Res 2004; 12:789.

Cuff DJ, Meneilly GS, Martin A, et al. Effective exercise modality to reduce insulin resistance in women with type 2 diabetes. Diabetes Care 2003; 26:2977.

Aune D, Norat T, Leitzmann M, et al. Physical activity and the risk of type 2 diabetes: a systematic review and dose-response meta-analysis. Eur J Epidemiol 2015; 30:529.

Holten MK, Zacho M, Gaster M, et al. Strength training increases insulin-mediated glucose uptake, GLUT4 content, and insulin signaling in skeletal muscle in patients with type 2 diabetes. Diabetes 2004; 53:294.

Almenning I, Rieber-Mohn A, Lundgren KM, Løvvik TS, Garnaes KK, Moholdt T. Effects of high intensity interval training and strength training on metabolic, cardiovascular and hormonal outcomes in women with polycystic ovary syndrome: a pilot study. PLoS One. 2015; 10(9).
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Anonymous 8503

fit and cgl.jpg

Anonymous 12598

Who is this?


Teeth Anonymous 11451[Reply]

Aer your teeth healthy?
Do they look good?
Any imperfections?
Jaw and maxilla problems?
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Anonymous 11480

My teeth are pretty healthy and look good overall, My gums aren't great though because I'm too lazy to floss.
My jaw is fucked and teeth are crooked despite past braces treatment. I really wish my orthodontist gave me a jaw expander and taught me about mewing earlier instead of pushing my teeth back with braces. I've been mewing for the past year or so and have noticed my jaw get noticabley better, but it's still pretty shit overall.

Anonymous 11483

anon, you might want to consider looking into invisalign or actual braces if your bone structure is totally fucked. invisalign helped reduce/eliminate my malocclusion and it's made my face more symmetrical

Anonymous 11494

I’m weird about my teeth but 4+ years of braces will do that to you.
I have a partial denture because I was born without my upper left lateral incisor.
It’s mostly annoying because I need to take it out to eat because it’s so up front everyone can see. But also, it’s annoying I have to take it out for shit like mris. I forgot the other day and it made my gums bleed lol
Other than that my lower jaw is uneven. My orthodontist back in the day said that if I wanted to fix it I’d have to get it shaved or implanted or whatever. But idc it’s kinda cool.

I’m just glad I didn’t end up with braces mouth, you know that look that people have when they finished braces. Everybody’s teeth look the same. Idk similar bone structure, too straight, too perfect?

Anonymous 12555


I have a crowned front tooth that was done at a dental school some years ago. Recently, stupid me had it broke off by from biting a rib. I'm thinking of getting a tooth implant but does anyone know where to get one for a reasonable price in Southern California? Around or more than $3000 for one tooth is way too much and I'm devastated.

Anonymous 12556

i only went to ridiculously expensive dentists at the recommendation of my bf's dad in socal but whatever you do, get a discount dental plan. not a dental plan, but a discount plan from solstice or something and go to the drs on the list. it helps tremendously. find the best plan for your specific needs

group workout thread Anonymous 12008[Reply]

ok ladies, i have a challenge for you all, if any are interested. let's post YT workouts for each other and anons can join in and post when they're done with the workout, and recommend what's next, or i can post subsequent vids, whichever. anons that join in should/could post which vids they've completed and where they are on our workout journey.

i, personally, do much better doing workouts as a group or team.

vid related is my contribution for workout no. 1 for us all. just basic arm pilates, no equipment necessary, but it WILL kick your ass swiftly! i personally like to do these 3 times. after arms, we'll do butt pilates next! hope to see you guys join in! group efforts boost morale and give incentive!
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Anonymous 12180

I feel so dumb asking this but am too embarassed to make a thread about it: what undergarments to wear in such activities? Underwear bothers me so much but when I go to the gym "commando mode" in leggings I feel like my glutes kind of chaffe unconfortably against each other? and i'm not overweight (and have NO BUTT). Maybe there needs to be something between them but thongs are a NO-NO for me. Help me

Anonymous 12181

If I'm not mistaken there are actually underwear specifically for working out and you can buy them in a set with a matching sports bra. I dont ever really see them in shops but I've seen sets advertised online

Anonymous 12437

I really like the idea of this thread, lets all get fit together :)

Anonymous 12529

sailor moon .gif

i'll be joining in too! i'm gonna do >>12437 this one tonight

Anonymous 12531

shes got no ass tho…


I am sweaty Anonymous 12397[Reply]

I don't know why I sweat so much, but it happens even when I'm not fatigued, it happens when I'm nervous, walking, I always sweat now. I am a healthy weight and don't have a disease so why am I SWEATY?? I don't want to sweat this much.

Do any other miners have this moist problem and know how to solve this? Been happening for two years.
3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 12407

Sweating when nervous or anxious is normal. Sweating when walking around in the sun or hot weather is normal, too. Idk why you seem to think that you're only supposed to sweat when fatigued? Your body sweats to cool you off, fatigue has nothing to do with it. Also, some people sweat more than others. Genetics and hormones play a role. Wearing clothing made from natural fibers such as cotton can help because they absorb sweat and moisture plus keep you cooler.

Anonymous 12408

Hormone changes perhaps?
I sweat more at certain times of the month, but am also just a sweaty person in general. I lost a bit of weight and despite feeling colder in general, I still sweat too much.

Welcome to Sweat Club, anon. Sorry.

Maybe get blood work done just in case, though. Best to be safe.

Anonymous 12415

>>12408 That has to be it, hormones. I may get blood work done but I'm starting to think some of us are cursed to be sweaty. But I did find that drinking a litre of green tea a day makes it smell kind of fresh. Still sucks though, especially sweating when it's cold.
>>12405 pretty good im sure, no excess of anything but the occasional indulgence of honey but other than that healthy

Anonymous 12425

even if i am not sweating my underarms smell bad. i shower once or twice a day, keep shaved, even tried using rubbing alcohol on them daily plus deodorant. good diet, even stopped eating garlic and onions for months now. nothing works. i feel disgusting and am super self conscious. it's probably genetic because i'm mediterranean but i hate it and feel gross. 1 hr after a shower and they already stink.

Anonymous 12429

In my experience, consuming dairy products makes armpits stink, too. You could try avoiding those in addition to avoiding onions and garlic.
I've also noticed that consuming black coffee makes my armpits smell a bit like coffee, which makes them smell better imo.


What sunscreen do you guys use? Anonymous 12359[Reply]

2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 12368

None because affordable ones have toxic shit and decent ones are really expensive. I'd rather leave the beach for winter and stay home in summer as much as I can.

Anonymous 12374


I’ve been using this for several years now. All American chemical sunscreens make my skin sting. This one doesn’t irritate my skin or leave a white tint. It makes you a little shiny but it’s nothing that powder can’t fix.

Anonymous 12377

Thanks, anon. I'll check it out.

Anonymous 12417

I use this too! It might be because I put it on thickly like regular sunscreen, but even on my pale skin it has a pearly white tint. My favorite is anessa, I just can’t afford it anymore.

Anonymous 12424

I used to use the Biore watery essence but now I use the Skin Aqua Super Moisture. Both are great, but I prefer the Skin Aqua one.

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