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What sunscreen do you guys use? Anonymous 12359[Reply]

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Anonymous 18071

La-Roche Posay Anthelios SPF 65

Anonymous 18247


My dermatologist recommended me the UV Daily tinted one for my sensitive skin. It really is gentle and soothing, feels so moisturising. It dries down to a nice healthy glow, too, and not in the way that makes you look greasy.

My only complaint is that the tint can rub off on clothes and has stained a few of my shirts. This one also gives me a "heavy" feeling sometimes, similar to how makeup feels.

Anonymous 18249

You convinced me. I tried it and it's great indeed. The skin is neither glossy nor dry.
That's said, it is bloody expensive.

Anonymous 18856

eucerin 30spf loti…

I bought this one recently and I have such mixed opinions about it. It's a combination sunscreen so part mineral part chemical. It doesn't make my eyes burn which is a huge plus but it doesn't always go on smoothly/ blend into my skin properly. I noticed that it can pill easily too if I have lotion on underneath. It does double as a lotion though so I like how moisturizing it is. It isn't thick either which is nice. I think under makeup this can work really well but it's only 30 spf and if it's going to go under makeup then I would prefer a stronger spf so it has a better chance of lasting longer. Oh and the white cast is minimal but not ghostly. Eucerin recently came out with a tinted mineral sunscreen so I will probably give that a try next. I am a big fan of their products but this is the first I've tried from them where I thought it was just okay.

Anonymous 18866


EAU THERMALE AVENE mineral lotion
great if you have atopic dermatitis or a bunch of allergies
after application your skin may seem a bit oily and rly whitened, but after 15 minutes it looks just fine


fasting Anonymous 18842[Reply]

whats your stance on fasting and such. is it actually, like, an eating disorder thing or is it ok and normal. ive been taking vitamins and fasting and drinking water and teas but apparently that's just ed stuff. even when i dont want to eat (which is always, just because i dont care that much) its apparently an ed thing to have no appetite.. nonas help
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Anonymous 18845

im fine i just want to lose weight and its not like i dont have an appetite but i just dont have the natural urge to eat i guess
its not being directly affected i just pretty much force myself to eat because it seems like i may have one but ive been thinking i dont but i dont really feel like i do but i eat anyway but i do not mind not eating at all and when i fasted for a week everything was ok but after around 5 days i didnt really feel that hungry anyway sooo i mean im fine

Anonymous 18846

>i just want to lose weight
Google "TDEE calculator" and plug your numbers in. Start counting calories and eat less than that. Add light cardio and weights (even something as simple as a walk and dinky 3lb dumbbells) if you are up to it. Understand that it takes time so if you are at the end of a week of "good behavior" and don't see the results you want it's because it takes months of good behavior to really see it (this was infuriating to me when I first began weight loss and was responsible for several false starts because I just gave up, lol).

Anonymous 18847

vitamins won’t be absorbed if you aren’t consuming macros with them. i dont think this is any more disordered than what most chubby people have to do to diet. i gained 40lbs during my undergrad, did what you did with tea and soymilk for a few months and then lost all the weight and went back to eating normally. its been a few years and I still haven’t gained it back

Anonymous 18848

>Google "TDEE calculator" and plug your numbers in
btw this is extremely depressing and demotivating if you're an average sized woman or smaller (say, 5'3) and not very fat. You'd have to eat at disordered levels to lose any noticeable weight, incompatible with any normative, socially acceptable eating patterns.

Anonymous 18849

in my experience, long fasts (2 weeks or more) are not conducive to health and harm your metabolism afterward, but shorter fasts (like 24-72 hours) are not harmful and can be very beneficial


Why do everything just look better on taller people? Anonymous 18816[Reply]

Are there clothes that are unflattering on tall people but aren't on short people? because it seems that it's always the other way around.Just why does everything look better on taller people basically? what makes height such an attractive quality?
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Anonymous 18824

>Lolita and anything "cute"
but it's not appropriate for every age, and if you don't have childish features you'll look retarded wearing lolita fashion even if you're short.
I believe they are girls nona, but now that you asked I'm not so sure anymore…

Anonymous 18830

baggy clothes

Anonymous 18831

Anonymous 18836

>if you don't have childish features you'll look retarded wearing lolita fashion even if you're short
Well, agreed, but the same can be said for tall people. If you're fat pretty much everything will look bad on you regardless of height. Very wide features like hips or rib-cages will also make it difficult to find flattering fashion choices.

Anonymous 18837

Another requirement should be people with huge eyes and round faces or at least heart shaped faces.
Having a youthful face with big eyes is almost as a requirement as being "skinny" is,If not even more.


Anonymous 18469[Reply]

Anybody here have chronic pain, and how do you treat it? My body always hurts, should I worry about it progressively worsening? I'm 21.

Anonymous 18480

Have you seen a doctor?

Anonymous 18485

Seconding seeing a doctor. Chronic pain can be caused by all sorts of things. About 3 years ago my body started hurting all the time, was extremely worried about it getting progressively worse, then after seeing many doctors got diagnosed with a joint hypermobility/defective connective tissue condition. Mine probably won't get progressively worse as long as I exercise and keep my muscles in shape to hold my joints in because my connective tissue can't. I also have neurological issues that are probably linked to it (migraines and seizures during my period). Also I have autism so I notice every single pain at a higher intensity than most people would so a lot of doctors wouldn't see anything wrong with me from tests and imaging. (being a woman probably also played into them not believing me)

I tried various combinations of steroids, gabapentin, NSAIDs, SSRIs for the pain, but the side effects were unacceptable in each case; aggression, dementia/stiff joints, stomach irritation eventually, and complete numbing of emotions respectively. This does not mean that you will have these same side effects, try them if your doctor suggests them because even if you do have the same side effects I did it'll go away a few weeks after you stop. I found that CBD has the best pain relief:side effect ratio for me but I've had to stop while looking for a job because it pops drug tests.

tl;dr: see a doctor, stay in shape, medications may or may not help.

Anonymous 18825

cbd tbh. only thing that actually helps me

Anonymous 18828

I get it on and off. I don’t do anything against it and the doctors don’t either. I’m unfit to work already though. So maybe not more can be done. I’m just glad I don’t have it all the time. When I’m feeling good mentally, my body usually does too. It’s very connected for me


Anonymous 18734[Reply]

To any nonas suffering from bacterial vaginitis

DO NOT TAKE METRONIDAZOLE, shit hurts your heart permanently and itll hurt for weeks. Best thing i've ever done (except for wearing condoms) was drink TONS OF PROBIOTICS (yakult) and my pee stopped stinging, my labia did not inflame anymore, stopped the nausea of metronidazole and yakult tastes awesome.

BV is characterized by decreased Lactobacillus counts and excessive growth of multiple anaerobes in the vagina; Yakult's exclusive Probiotic strain is known as LcS (Lactobacillus casei strain Shirota) LcS is a unique probiotic bacteria

stay safe

Anonymous 18740

I've taken multiple courses of Metronidazole over about 4 years due to SIBO and not had any heart issues. No pain either

Anonymous 18741

any vegan alternatives to that?

Anonymous 18803

Good for accidentally discovering brand new pathogen.

Anonymous 18813

That's not really true. As far as broad spectrum antibiotics go, Metronidazole is kind of a nuke, but any decent clinician should be wary of the side effects and titrate accordingly. If nausea is a concern, there are alternatives such as Clindamycin, which may be more agreeable and is even available in a topical form. Who treated you - an NP?


Anonymous 18804[Reply]

I'm an autist whose been dressing like a butch hobo since adolescence, I only know basic makeup skills and my current wardrobe is severely lacking in flattering clothing. I know next to nothing about fashion, brands, or how to dress properly.

I know preformative femininity isn't ideal, but it helps mask my autistic traits and normies treat me better when I'm presentable, which is why I want to explore it further.

Where do I even start? I have to learn everything that most girls already picked up in childhood.

Anonymous 18805

Pinterest, my b.


3AM Hunger urges Anonymous 18742[Reply]

any ideas or tricks to avoid hunger at 3AM? I'm starving at that time and drinking water or eating fruit is not doing the trick
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Anonymous 18744


Are you allowed to eat before going to bed? I like oats that were still in water/milk for some hours. They fill your stoach super full. But not the best if you wanna lose weight instead of buidling muscle/eating healthy.

Maybe a salad with peas, beans, some light stuff that still makes you full? You could add tuna and tomatoes aswell. I'm getting hungry again before bed, thanks.

Anonymous 18745

Just eat. If you're trying to lose weight just count your calories. muh metabolism is a meme

Anonymous 18746

Is this when you wake up or are about to sleep?

When it gets too late, my after-midnight snack is a melatonin, some water, and brushing with mint toothpaste to say "too late." to my brain. Then just eat something good in the morning.

But I am a real adult and my metabolism is shit. I would've given a much different answer in my early 20s…

Anonymous 18790

Eat a fruit. I do that when i get hungry too late.

Anonymous 18792

How about a can of low cal soup. I will have a can of low sodium tomato soup with added herbs like oregano basil etc. I microwave it in a mug and stir. Fast easy and you could do many kinds of soups


Anonymous 11863[Reply]

do you think you're good looking? what would you rate yourself
158 posts and 35 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 18678

uhh like a 6 because I have a pretty good body and some nice facial features but my face can improve. I have terrible eyesight so I have to wear ugly ass giant glasses but i'm going to start wearing contacts instead soon and work on skincare and stuff

Anonymous 18690

I find myself pretty but I’m probably not that conventionally attractive. I think 6 or 7. I‘m afraid to ask other people though

Anonymous 18733

4. I’m fat, when I was skinny I was like 5, maybe a soft 6 at best. I have manface, big nose, massive jaw and a weird body shape (top heavy, pencil legs when skinny but built like a fridge when fat)

Anonymous 18736

I think I'm a 5 on a scale of 1 to 10. I'm a 4 on bad days like when I'm on my period and I break out in hormonal acne, or if the dark circles show up. I can be a 6 if I try hard enough, but I don't go out often so I don't really try. I'm okay with being a 5 most of the time. 5 means average, and most people in the world are average anyway. I'd rather be average than be ugly I guess.
I dunno, I have a skewed sense of self due to years of self-hatred. If my face were on someone else it would be fine, but since my face is attached to me I automatically hate it.

Anonymous 18786

I rate my face 3/10 and body 7/10. I don't know why my face is so ugly. My mother was a famous model and beloved for her beauty in her country but her genetics weren't passed on to me properly. I do have some of her facial features but I think they're just arranged in a….weird way? I have never been complimented (except by elderly) for my face, classmates I didn't even talk to would say to my face I look like a nerd for no reason (like yeah I do, but why do you feel the need to tell me that), kids would fake ask me out and also people would make school shooter jokes about me. I could have been born attractive, because I do actually have features that fit some beauty standards from my culture, but the pieces were put together in such a strange way where I just look ugly, too different or un-stereotypical, and like a man, maybe it's because my father's genetics mixed with my mother's poorly.

I never cared about my ugliness until I gained interest in having a relationship because growing up I never could identify with the female gender so I didn't pay attention to beauty standards and kind of even liked being ugly. Now I care because I keep thinking about how even if I date a guy he might monkey branch to another girl because it seems a lot of girls where I am like to date guys on a lower level so it wouldn't be hard for a guy to ditch me for someone prettier.


PMDD Anonymous 18011[Reply]

Does anyone else here have PMDD?
For the last 2 years I have been sure I have it but never really did anything because none of the treatment really felt like an option for me.
Its been kinda bad though and causes me to start massive fights with my bf and blowup to the point where it damages our relationship.
I finally admitted to him this, and I am thinking about going on hormonal birth control to try and stop my period all together. I hate my period and I dread it every month because I know for a couple days I will feel sick with intense stomach and back pain.
My apprehension comes from some of the terrible things I hear about hormonal birth control like how it can make you more depressed, can kill your sex drive, make your boobs always sore etc.
Has anyone tried birth control to treat PMDD? Which kind should I try?
Any other ways you have managed this?

Anonymous 18701

I'm in almost the exact same position as you - PMDD symptoms, relationship issues, avoiding birth control

I also have PCOS caused by years of stress/poor diet. If you aren't eating well, have untreated trauma, or have some other stress factor, take care of those first. It all heightens this hormonal response and all the emotional and physical distress that comes with it

Anonymous 18729

I think I might. I become very suicidal right before my period, as well as experiencing the other symptoms of PMS. I’ve never tried hormonal birth control. My period is very regular and I’m afraid of the mood changes or worsening my PMDD. I try to manage it by tracking my period. So whenever I do feel suicidal, I can see that it’s due to my hormones and not my actual thoughts.

Anonymous 18731

I thought I had it for years, but I got off the pill after nine years of misery and my mood's been way less cyclically extreme, except for feeling stupid ambitious and the funniest person alive who spends a ton of money immediately before my period. Happens every time with a bizarre mix of on-off anxious hesitation. Then after a period I feel stupid and bad about all the things I bought/promised to do but not so heavy I can't rationalise and carry on. I think that's just PMS levels.

My physical symptoms are still shitty. I'm pretty sure all PMDD diagnosis and discussion is focused on the emotional swings though, and I remember a news article saying they feel better when the bleeding starts but that's the worst point for me. The fatigue stops taking me out, and sleep at night doesn't seem as far off, but the pain is unbearable and I get a good three days of never storing information I literally just heard. Listening to podcasts and lying down always helps in the moment but afterward I have no fucking clue what I just heard.

Also "breast tenderness" - bitch that pain shoots through my fucking ribs like pulling barbed wire that's wedged in my flesh. I have had dreams about getting my tits removed because of the pain and embarrassment my nipples cause me. Can't wear bra or pasties because they hurt but because they hurt they're gonna go hard and stick out even worse. Fuck you, nipples. Believe it or not it's been worse since I got off the pill - there was constant pain on it but turns out constant lowkey pain is just how my breasts are, but with a proper cycle I get treated to the extra nasty pain before each period.

Sorry I'm just using this to vent. I had a friend who was diagnosed with PMDD by a professional and she steadily became super fucking weird. Said she screamed on the floor in delirious states (and not like making stupid repetitive noises to manage pain, no pain mentioned at all) and had spent six months with "no leisure time" because she was too sick to read/watch/play things she was reading about online. Would say we couldn't watch her favorite shows because it gave her anxiety. Got into breathless indignant rage over completely unpredictable things eg. she and her family weren't religious, but an otome game using names from Ars Goetia set her off about how disrespectful anime is to Christianity and Japan should not be allowed to touch it. Our friendship fell apart after she suddenly announced she actually hatePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 18735

Being aware of when your period is sabotaging you is the biggest life hack and I wish I knew this sooner. I would have made the same bad decisions but not felt as bad about making them.

>I get the feeling that is the key characteristic. Saying shit you might not even mean because now you hate someone/thing.
PMDD wouldn't have helped but your friend sounds awful. The only thing stopping someone from apologizing for doing something hurtful is being selfish.
>My libido was pretty low and would flip round to a month long horniness every so often, but that may have been because it didn't stop my periods very well
I had this at its most extreme. My libido would disappear and then shoot up like crazy for months at a time. It ruined a relationship I had in college because my partner could not deal with me literally waking them up for sex some months and feeling like I could live without sex forever on other months.


Anonymous 18684[Reply]

have you gotten breast augmentation surgery?
please share your experiences and tips!

i decided to get mine done after struggling for many years with my self image.
i'm mainly worried about them looking unnatural (the basketball look) and not being able to go as big as i wish.
7 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 18717

are you seething because you're fat, or a small dicked scrote?
btw, A and B cup aren't flat chests, but actually the most common breast sizes (alongside C) so even calling them small would be a fallacy. porn, push ups, obesity and cosmetic surgeries blurred the lines of what is average.
exceptions surely exist, but they're not the rule.

Anonymous 18718

how many piercings do you have nona?
surgeries are surely scary but i dont mind them that much tbh

Anonymous 18722


None at the moment, but I had six done all at once this last time. I've gotten pierced before that, but I have the tendency to take them out and then get them done again years later. Six is the most in at any one time, two in each of the tops of my ears and one in both of my nipples. I wanted to get my ears and my tongue done, but I was recommended by my technician that due to how small my tongue is and where my veins are, not to do it. The ears are an ignorable pain that shortly goes away comparable to a needle in the arm. The nipples are a deep clenching, throbbing pain like taking a hit to the head or maybe chipping a tooth. The nipple pain made hungry. I got lucky and unlucky with my right nipple because it must've been close to a nerve or something. It made me moderately horny for weeks. How good it felt was constantly on the edge of my mind. It was actively distracting. Ages later, one morning when I was half asleep, I pushed my blanket off me, but my right piercing got caught on the blanket and I half ripped it out. That actually didn't hurt barely at all, but it wouldn't heal so I decided to take them both out. I've been looking into clip-on piercings since they're more my speed given I'm so temperamental. But yeah, I get I'm being hypothetical. It's just too much for me. Same with tattoos. Too lasting a consequence.

Anonymous 18723

Why did you get your nipples pierced?

Anonymous 18724

Like I said, wanted to get my tongue done but was recommended not to. The nipples were a spur of the moment spite thing after my ears were already done.

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