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Body Hair Anonymous 4073[Reply]

What are your preferences for personal grooming?
How has it changed, or does it vary seasonally?

What does your routine consist of?

(I know there's a pubes thread, a few head hair threads, but I haven't seen anything about this yet)
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Anonymous 13354

You could try epilating. It's painful but it keeps my hair gone a little longer than a fucking afternoon. Usually looks good for a week and then have to let it grow out to epilation length again, so I only do it when I have a week where I've planned to wear shorts and such. Our eyebrows ARE really nice though, aren't they?

Anonymous 13355

How about an electric clipper?

Anonymous 13356

did it end up being the year you said fuck it?

Anonymous 13372

I bought myself a pair of clippers a few years back to keep my legs trim and also trim before I shave so shaving goes faster.
Great decision, would highly recommend. Also works on pubes, but I would use a guard because there will be blood.

My personal grooming technique is very lax, as I don't wear makeup and I'm not huge on conditioners or masks of any sort.
I do my eyebrows, keep the legs on my hair trimmed (I rarely shave) and I put a leave-in conditioner in my hair a couple times a week. That's really about it.

Anonymous 13669

I realize this is necroposting but I did buy a IPL that looks almost exactly like the one in your image.
It did not help, at all.
First of all, you can't use IPL on darker skin. Also- you can not use them over tattoos. It will scar over your ink.
Those things don't apply to me but its something to know about IPL. How these work is that they target the pigment in the hair's root to "zap". However, it doesnt even do that. You also have to shave before using the IPL. Shaving made my condition worse, so I'd rather not do it. IPL doesn't even work and my hairs can still be seen even if shaved.
IPL is nothing like clinic laser you'd pay for at a salon. Different machine entirely. This thing was a total waste of money.

In an ideal world I would get electrolysis done, but I can not afford it.
I paid for salon laser and it was not helpful for lighter hairs. It only worked on darker hairs, and that became too expensive for me as well.

Anyway, IPL is a scam. Don't waste the money. Even professional lasers only work on dark hairs, so you're fucked over if you have blonde, red, or light hairs.


Bangs too short Anonymous 13076[Reply]

I went to a hair stylist who fucked up my bangs. They're too short and now my hair looks pretty much like a bowl cut. It's like a half inch above my eyebrows.

How long until they will be just below my eyebrows? How much of my bangs will grow per week?
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Anonymous 13332

Yeah i know that, that's what I'm afraid happened, but we'll see

Anonymous 13336

I didn't even know that head hair had a terminal length.

Anonymous 13360

More people need to talk about terminal hair length, it’s all in the genetics. As soon as I accepted that my hair isn’t going to grow to my tailbone and that it’s stuck at collarbone length, I was able to just take care of it better and now it’s thicker/fuller.

Anonymous 13649

I just checked my hair and actually it grew a few inches so I'm retarded but - it grew in a v-shaped form so I'm thinking it's just me treating my hair like shit, so even tho it still grows, it thins out and breaks in some parts (I also keep it in a somewhat tight ponytail most of the time and comb it pretty roughly).

Anonymous 13667

is it silly to grow it out to bra strap length if you have very fine hair? it's very lovely hair but it's just trailer-trash thin. and I realize that I look like shit with shorter hair and that a more witchy long-haired aesthetic would suit me.


Anonymous 13099[Reply]

my bf keeps popping his zits. sometimes he even calls me to look at him squeeze out the pus and blood. he says i'm the weird one for not popping mine and just letting them dry by themselves. my questions are the following:
i. what does he mean by this?
ii. is he right?
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Anonymous 13101

Popping them just spreads the bacteria underneath the skin, worsening the problem and can cause scarring. Tell him to keep his paws off his face and tell him to buy pimple patches and benzoyl peroxide and enjoy a bf with improved skincondition

Anonymous 13102

It's pretty common to pop pimples. It's kinda weird to really enjoy looking at it that much but there's an entire r/popping subreddit, so evidently he's not alone
It isn't a good idea since it does leave scars, so it's better to go with your way. It's just a really common bad habit like biting nails

Anonymous 13105

Well, popping certainly doesn't help with his acne because it spreads bacteria all over the area.

But honestly though, I don't think it makes a huge difference in scarring from MY PERSPECTIVE.
I'm prone to hyperpigmented scars so I notice that the pimples I never touch end up with the similar scarring pattern as the ones I do squeeze. That is because most of the scarring comes from the inflamation itself and inflamation happens to any pimple.
I'm super sensitive to touch and the feeling of pressure below my skin from a really infected pimple drove me nuts so most of the time i'd pop those (and ironically sometimes
they healed faster once the pus was out). That's probably the reason why he picks at his pimples so much.

But at least get him to wash his hands before and after and to do it with q-tips or clean toilet paper wrapped around his fingers so he doesn't hurt himself more than necessary, and that he apply some cleaning agent such as benzoyl peroxide to kill some of the bacteria that came out with the fluid. Or don't, you're not his mom lol.

And remember that the only effective treatment to skin picking is to just not have anything to pick at

Anonymous 13106

I pop my own pimples and it doesn’t make a difference in scarring for me. In fact, if I don’t pop some of them, they will turn into full-blown deep cysts and possibly spread and create more cysts.

Anonymous 13643

I tried not popping pimples once and one of the pimples I didn't pop grew into the biggest and nastiest pimple I ever had and gave me an awful dark scar full of those little pits. After it popped, the stretched skin on the pimple remained loose and baggy for weeks, until it glued back into whatever is under it.
Amazingly, soon after a pimple just like it showed up on the other side of my face, and I didn't pop it, and the same thing happened again.


plastic surgery Anonymous 13395[Reply]

should i get a facelift at 29 years old?
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Anonymous 13411

Nobody talks about the fact that there is almost always an upkeep process, and you might have to choose between having a savings and having a normal looking face in the future.

Don’t do it, it’s probably just in your head. If you’re so worried about a natural process, pick up retinol and use it at night and morning. You should be wearing SPF EVERY day too.

Anonymous 13500

if your face has truly aged too much for someone at 29 years old, then go for it if you wanna look hotter. but make sure you actually go to a really reputable surgeon, along with having a healthy lifestyle & skin care routine

Anonymous 13626

Aging is a fundamentally disgusting process. Stop trying to redefine reality just to make yourself feel better.

Anonymous 13627

Why wouldn't you want to redefine words to your advantage? Isn't it advantageous?

Anonymous 13630

Either ways aging happens and going around and calling people disgusting over it makes you look more shallow than anything.

Anonymous 13584[Reply]

Plastic surgery in South Korea.

Anonymous 13658

>open video
>"my sister is a trans woman"
>close video


Anonymous 12060[Reply]

I seen this girl posted on lolcow. Apparently she is heavily disliked because she posts in the body positive tags preaching about the struggles of beauty standards/body image while she looks like this.

The person who posted this says that the problem is not that this girl is skinny or pretty. The problem is that she is aware that she is skinny and pretty, has identified a space where people use her body type as an example of "societies idea of a perfect woman", and proceeds to post to that space showing off her body to stroke her ego.

I agree with the poster. I don't think it's right to hijack a movement based around struggling with image just to show off how well you fit the standard. It's incredibly obnoxious and she should just be honest about what shes really doing and stop pretending she has the same struggle as everyone else when some women literally die trying to acheive her "genetic" look.

What do you guys think?
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Anonymous 13426

I think it's attractive, my 21 bmi ass wishes it looks like that

Anonymous 13501

Nta, yes you can, what a bizarre claim.

Anonymous 13549

>21 bmi
That's not even fat. (Nta btw)
Maybe I'm imposing my own opinions, but mid-tier bmi on women looks so cute.
Lower bmi is also nice, but I do like soft but healthy looks on women. Just enough for squishy thighs+arms, and soft belly.

Anonymous 13581

she is very strange looking and her body type doesn't conform to "conventional beauty standards" so i don't see the problem with her being in the body positivity movement to cope.
there's other ways of looking 'weird' or having a strange body than just being fat y'know

Anonymous 13583


>her body type doesn't conform to "conventional beauty standards"
Oh shut up. She literally has the body of a Victoria’s Secret model. Young girls all across instagram are photoshopping themselves to look just like her. Fuck this person for exploiting young girls’ insecurities to stroke her own ego. Disgusting person.
Maybe naturally skinny if you have something like Marfan Syndromw, but no one is naturally obese lmao.


Anonymous 13322[Reply]

I have been using fermented rice water on my hair for two weeks now. Omg it is literally the best thing I have ever used. I don’t have to wash my hair as often because it doesn’t get oily and after washing, it immediately feels soft. If you have any problems with hair growth, I really recommend it.
Anyways I hope this helps someone
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Anonymous 13490

Isn't your oil production adapting to your washing frequency a myth?

Anonymous 13514

First time I used it, I boiled it. Indeed immediant difference. But the second time I fermented it and, ew, it reeked. Would not recommend but that's only my perspective.

Anonymous 13518

No. It's the same reason that using too many drying products on your face can also lead to oil overproduction. When you dry your skin out, your body produces sebum to compensate.

Most people just don't have the patience to wait out the time it takes to see results (6-12 weeks), so they say it doesn't work. And everyone is different, so some people aren't going to ever get down to once a week, but most people wash their hair far too often.

Anonymous 13523

I did this for months, much longer than 12 weeks, and I found the the best frequency to wash my hair is definitely 2-3 times a week.

Anonymous 13576

This reminds me. One time on a whim I was using a fermented rice toner with some filtered water and a tiny bit of jojoba oil in a spray bottle and spritizing it onto my still drying hair in a very hot car.

Usually I had no routine but for some reason something was telling me my hair needed more so I kept rubbing it in. It was honestly really dumb.

The entire day for the first time in YEARS people were complimenting my hair and wanting to touch it and swarming around me. Including people that had insulted my hair before. Like what?? My hair looked thicker, lusher, shinier. It looked straight out of a Disney cartoon.

And what shocked me is that normally my hair looks dead and greasy 1 hour after showering but it looked absolutely perfect all day long. Tf.

To this day I've tried similar things and etc but never have achieved the same result. Blow outs never really gave the same effect.


Cut on face, help please Anonymous 13564[Reply]

Hello, I accidentally got a cut on my cheek yesterday. I covered it up sloppily with foundation so it would be less visible at work, but it’s now the next day and it’s scabbed over and even worse looking :(

Does anyone know how I can cover it up on Monday when I have to go to work again, or even make it go away somehow? How long does a moderately shallow cut take to heal?
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Anonymous 13567

It happened to me once and the best thing I found was to cut a stretchy skin coloured bandaid to fit the length and width of the cut
It didint make it disappear but it was definitely better than having the cut completely visible or with concealer

Anonymous 13569

Why do you want to cover it up though? Are you emberassed you managed to cut your face? I say just leave it as is. I know from experience when I was younger I was always trying to cover scabs from acne up, it really only made things more ugly and accentuated. No one is going to be grossed out about a simple cut on your cheek.

Anonymous 13570


Hmm, I could use a bandage that I cut up so it’s small, that’s a good idea!

In an ideal world I wouldn’t care about people seeing it, but I got it in a very stupid embarrassing way and don’t want anyone to ask about that

Anonymous 13572

Wouldn't a bandage make it even more noticeable? The texture wouldn't blend in with your skin at all. I'd just make up a lie that isn't embarassing.

Anonymous 13573

First make sure the area is very moisturised to avoid cracking. Then you need a thick creamy concealer like Benefit’s Boing in the round pot or Mac’s Studio Finish concealer in the round pot. Get a lip brush and carefully paint it on in small amounts. Blend the edges into your foundation.

Should mostly heal in about a week, depending on the size and that you don’t pick it.

veils and hijabs.j…

Anonymous 13512[Reply]

Beginner hijab/head veiling advice?
7 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 13541

Oh I posted because I like the Amish.
The simplicity of Amish life makes them a moral time capsule. The middle east is a moral time bomb.

Anonymous 13542

My advice? Don't wear it.

Anonymous 13543


Anonymous 13552

are buddhist and daoist hats exclusively to women? or do guys also use those as well? because i don't believe buddhism and daoism mandate that women cover their hair at all, as a matter of fact, in buddhism is important that monks shave their heads

Anonymous 13554

There are a ton of sects of buddhism. One sect common in china pray and wish to give other women they dislike: still borns, womb cancer, death, etc. onto other women. So I would not be surprised if for some ceremonies some buddhists do that. But don't quote me.

I have seen many daoists wear head covers, yes, when I used to travel asia.

old man.jpg

Anonymous 12356[Reply]

I have eye eczema rn and my eyes are red, crusty, and flaky. I'm using a moisturizer and I don't wear makeup, do y'all have any other tips hehe
3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 12380

I used to have this and found out I was allergic to fragrances in laundry detergent and fabric softener. I recommend using only fragrance-free products on your skin, hair, and clothing and see if it helps.
It could be some other allergy causing it as well, though, as other anons have said.

Anonymous 12381

i have blepharitis apparently but 80% in my right eye so these little fleshy zit things grow on the corners of my eyelid and scrape against my eyeball until i scratch them off with my nail (carefully to not scratch my own cornea) and the medicine doesnt do SHIT and all this fucking with my eye is giving me stabbing pains.\

human bodies are STUPID DISEASED MEAT SACKS fuck this shit i want to be a skeleton

Anonymous 12652

are they itchy too? Cerave cream and a paraffin wax ointment for skin conditions fixed this right up for me, though I have to apply these twice a day to stop it from coming back

Anonymous 12695

NTA, but as someone who's had eczema and other skin problems before AND seen doctors/derms about my problems, doctors can't always the underlying cause of something in every individual. It is sometimes helpful to ask others with the same condition what caused their problem to help you get to the root of yours, in addition to seeking medical advice.

Anonymous 13551

Do you use any kind of facial/acne perscribed medication? I found out that is what did the same to my eyes. I fixed it eventually with hydrocortisone

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