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can i lose weight and keep my same cup size? Anonymous 19174[Reply]

I want to lose weight but I don't want to lose my breast size, is there any exercises/ways to avoid losing in that area?
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Anonymous 19325

How bad is it? I had a friend who only developed 1 boob, it was a nice boob though. The running joke was that 1 nice boob is better than 2 bad ones

Anonymous 19327

>The running joke was that 1 nice boob is better than 2 bad ones
Holy shit that's mean (and hilarious)!

Anonymous 19338

malnutrition may make them more uneven. maybe you could try strength training your chest and massaging to improve bloodflow? most women have asymmetrical breasts (about 88%) so its more common than you think

Anonymous 19339

I was with a girl recently who'd lost a lot of weight and was talking about how her breasts were uneven but I could barely notice even when I was playing with them, I think it's something you're stuck with but it also doesn't matter since probably most people have uneven breasts if you look hard enough (myself included)

Anonymous 19359

Maybe if you go full anorexia skeleton death mode where people put you in the mental ward, you end up with even non-breasts, but with "normal" weight loss I would guess >>19338 is right


How can I be less adorable and more sexy? Anonymous 19258[Reply]

People usually say I'm pretty on the cute spectrum. The problem is that I don't like this, it makes me feel like a little girl. I have quite childish features, mainly my round face and round eyes, I'm always estimated to be younger than my real age.
Is there a way to look older with makeup, sexier?
I feel like every time I try makeup like ''foxy'' ''cat'' I look funnier than anything else. It's really something that makes me insecure. All my life I have followed a more natural makeup very inspired by japanese makeup but I no longer feel comfortable with it.
Basically, how do I go from a babyface to an attractive woman face?
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Anonymous 19318

Projecting? I am anything but. Your post is amusing me

Anonymous 19324

im toayrt, you're right about me

Anonymous 19345

you dont want to hear this, but losing weight will really help.

i used to have the opposite problem, when i was like 13-14 i would have people assume i was an adult. partially because i was extremely tall even then and partially because i was very underweight and therefore i had very pronounced cheekbones and a sort of long narrow face. ive gone up to a bmi of 23 now, as an adult, and its given me a much rounder face and has softened the angularity of my features a lot, makes me look younger and cuter. you could try to do the opposite probably

Anonymous 19348

If you intimidate all men around you, you're not confident, you're just undesirable to stay around with. You lack in social skills and awareness.

Anonymous 19356

Sexiness is less about looks and more about demeanor, about behavior. You can look cute, but you act sexy, act lewd, raunchy, innuendo-y, vulgar, cheap and perverted.

Unless you have big tatas, which will make you look sexy even when you are in a coma.


Anorexia Wars Anonymous 19341[Reply]

I have unwillingly joined the anorexia war.
I am not anorexic, the only eating disorder I have is binge eating and I had it for years which caused me to be overweight and dieting for most of my life with no fruition, I kept gaining weight but I quit trying to diet for a while and solved some of my unaddressed mental and behavioural issues then I started a diet seriously with a whole lifestyle change and it worked this time, I went from having a 29 BMI to a 20 BMI.
I still live with my mother and sister, I have always been the heavier sister, my sister is younger than me and she's been thin all her life, I have some knowledge of the ED community solely because of my familiarity with imageboards, and I know that k-pop fans tend to be part of that community, my sister would skip meals and she lost even more weight having the BMI of 16 so I was concerned and I told my mother about it and she said it wasn't intentional and it just happened, fast forward me losing weight a year later and she is still the same weight she is and she is maintaining it by calculating everything she eats, I don't care because she is an adult and she should know better and I feel like a hypocrite because I was on a strict diet for a while.
occasionally I talk about my diet on Discord because I am open about it, but I took a break about two months ago and realized that my sister is in fact competing with me, she started eating more and stopped working out when I took my break, and I'm actually slipping back into binging plus some of my old habits are slipping back because they are comorbid apparently. I am trying to get back into dieting because I haven't reached my goal yet and I have gained some weight bacl and my sister is back into working out and eating less, burning 500Cals a day and walking so many steps. it's actually absurd because one of the people from Discord who is a fatty started dieting also and she does keto and weird contemporary diets but she also started posting about burning 500-100Cals from walking and lifting weights, additionally, my IRL friend now talks about eating nothing all day but a bagel and coffee, even my aunt is asking me for diet tips and is trying to do an extreme calorie deficit diet, and I feel like I am being under attack while I was taking a break enjoying food and enjoying being a slob women around me are all starting to do these things that I shouldn't be doing because they're unhealthy but I am also spiralling back into my old selfPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 19342

Cute ukrainian

Anonymous 19343


lonely castle in t…

Self Esteem General Anonymous 18774[Reply]

General talk and help thread about self esteem, body image and mental health.

> How's your self esteem?

> Body image?
> Do you like your face?
> Your personality?
> Are you doing anything to improve on things? (working out, positive affirmations, skincare, etc)
> Share tips with improving self esteem and etc

This is a help/positivity thread. We're here to get better. Please don't shit on other anons if possible. No pro-ana.
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Anonymous 19328

> How's your self esteem?
<Awful. I have no self esteem, all I feel towards myself is disgust.
> Body image?
<Bad, I struggle with anorexia. I don't know whatever it is realistic or not, but I see myself as very fat.
> Do you like your face?
> Your personality?
> Are you doing anything to improve on things? (working out, positive affirmations, skincare, etc)
<I am trying to eat healthy, lose weight and focus on natural skincare.
> Share tips with improving self esteem and etc
<Coconut oil has helped me, I think it smells nice and has no added chemicals to it

Anonymous 19330

> How's your self esteem?
fluctuates between highs and lows
> Body image?
I hate my body, I am 5'8 and 180 lbs. My BMI is 28. I want to lose weight and be at least 135, ideally 120. I have stretch marks and sh scars and my boobs kinda sag. My bf likes my body but I hate it. I used to sleep naked every night but a lot of nights since my weight gain I have to sleep with clothes on bc I dont like being naked. When I wear clothes I can arrange them to be very flattering and look more curvy than fat, I will feel OK then, but when I am naked I am hideous.
> Do you like your face?
Yeah except my jawline bc I have a gross double chin somtimes when I am expressive in the face. Sometimes my nose looks pointy when I smile, and my smile is lopsided looking, but overall I think I am very pretty in the face, I have clear skin. I like wearing makeup.
> Your personality?
No I hate my personality. I don't know where to begin. This is probably the #1 thing i dislike
> Are you doing anything to improve on things? (working out, positive affirmations, skincare, etc)
Trying to diet and lose weight. I wear makeup most days. Not super into skincare but started wearing a moisturizer with sunscreen every day.
> Share tips with improving self esteem and etc
Smile at yourself in the mirror, idk sometimes this makes me feel better

Anonymous 19331

>Coconut oil has helped me, I think it smells nice and has no added chemicals to it
coconut oil is odorless so if your coconut oil smells it certainly has added chemicals for fragrance. Check your label

Anonymous 19336

>How's your self esteem?
It's pretty average. I know I'm ugly but I am content with that fact.
> Body image?
I'm overweight, my hair is starting to gray and it's thinning out in certain areas. I'm only 20…
> Do you like your face?
FUCK no lmao. I have some disgusting looking smile lines, oily-ass skin, and shit loads of acne. I have no idea why my girlfriend calls this face beautiful lol.
> Your personality?
My personality is one of my strongest traits. I don't tell anyone about my physical insecurities because I know I'm just going to sound like an attention seeker. I think people naturally gravitate towards me because of my odd and humorous personality. I can be a bit annoying at times but I know that the people around me still love and support me for who I am.
> Are you doing anything to improve on things? (working out, positive affirmations, skincare, etc)
I go to the gym 3 times a week for 1 hour and go on 30 minute walks around my town.(I am STILL overweight btw) I use an exfoliator, salicylic acne cleanser, hydrochloric acne patches, and retinol cream every day. I never let anything touch my face aside from my hands. I also use charcoal nose strips, charcoal peel-off mass, and clay masks at least once a month. (None of that shit works btw) I also put my hair in a bonnet each night and use leave-in conditioners. (my hair still looks like dog shit btw). I accept that I'll always be ugly, and that's ok. Being pretty is not meant for everyone.
> Share tips with improving self esteem and etc
I have ZERO tips lol. I fucking hate everything involving my physical appearance.

Anonymous 19337

Even virgin coconut oil has a slight fragrance


stimulant brain damage Anonymous 19305[Reply]

what has your experience been with any dopamine reuptake inhibitor. would write more but i can barely think right now

Anonymous 19306

i am sweating i am going insane. i can feel the sweat and all the hairs on my body and my lose hairs rubbing against me. all i had was one cup of tea after a year of taking CONCERTA

Anonymous 19307

my eyelids are so heavy and uhh uhh its hard to chew. god it is over.

Anonymous 19326

it fucking sucks. im so skinny now.

Anonymous 19332

CONCERTA??? I was on that shit when I was 13. Made me feel very antsy and anxious a lot of days and I didn't know why. I think concerta actually made me more sensitive to caffeine, bc I never remembered being sensative to caffiene before that, I remember being able to sleep easily after drinking caffiene, but after concerta I started getting horrible anxiety when I drank caffeine. Stop taking it.
Slightly tempted to go on it again to lose weight now….


Hair thread Anonymous 569[Reply]

What are some of your favorite hair related YouTube channels?

What's your hair routine?

Do you take any supplements/do (you think) they work?
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Anonymous 18521


Any tips/tricks/techniques to encourage slightly faster hair growth? I already do scalp massages with oils, sleep on satin pillow cases, stay hydrated, do olaplex treatments every week or so. I'm growing out a pixie and I'm in the shaggy overgrown awkward stage.

Anonymous 18568

I've had hair parted down the middle all my life, but I've thought about wanting to try having no or at least not as apparent of a parting.
my problem is, that whenever I try to do that, it just falls back into place.
have you nonas got any tips?

Anonymous 18581


I get my hair cut like picrel. I really dislike styling, so I mostly fluff it with dry shampoo and/or hairspray (nexxus, the pink can). I use Tresemme shampoo and conditioner (red/white bottles). Anyone got good anti-buildup shampoo so I can avoid buildup?

Anonymous 18609

Use a clarifying shampoo. Neutrogena has a really good one.

Anonymous 19257

I got similar hair length to you and what I like to do is a regular braid, then wrap it around a big hair clip and secure it to the back of my head


does anyone here know how to make cheap meals that are healthy Anonymous 18045[Reply]

i am broke and only have 400 bucks in my name so i am wondering if anyone here knows how to cook cheap meals for weightloss
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Anonymous 18105

Healthy food is cheap to make and if you know what you're doing, you can make it taste good too.
If you have a target nearby, they have packs of six large chicken breast for under 3 dollars per pound. I like to trim them up and bread them in panko mixed with ground pepper, oregano, rosemary, and paprika. Then, you just fry them in peanut or corn oil. Super cheap to make, tasty and very healthy.

Anonymous 18126

Oats, rice, bananas, peanuts, sunflower seeds, and beans/lentils are cheap and healthy. Don't be afraid to season your food if you don't like things bland. Spices are proven to help slightly with weight loss.

Anonymous 18524

Learn to cook if you don't know how to, you'll save a lot of money. Also if you're really broke you might want to start dumpster diving, there's a lot of ressources about it on the internet.
Some healthy vegan recipes: https://based.cooking/tags/fasting/
Lainchan's dumpster diving thread: https://lainchan.org/%CE%94/res/9620.html

Anonymous 18700

For weight loss? Soups. Pasta, potatoes, carrots, chicken in bulk are cheap. Seasonings/broth you can pick and choose.

Anonymous 19256

Sauerkraut is really cheap, and also very filling. You could try look up recipes for that. I myself really like caramelised sauerkraut with chicken (I buy legs because those are cheapest, cheaper than filets or drumsticks)


how do i deal with my period more naturally? Anonymous 19190[Reply]

hi everyone, sorry if this is TMI but does anyone have any like recommendations on how to deal with period cramps more naturally? my cramps are so bad, and i’m on the heavier flow side. I’ve always taken medicine, but honestly I’m tired of taking it all the time and I’ve seen people say that you can build an immune system against it? idk how true that is but it still makes me nervous. i’ve tried to find some methods like heating pads and drinking a lot of water but it doesn’t seem to help. any advice is appreciated.

Anonymous 19191

Is CBD legal in your country/state? I enjoy smoking marijuana on my period

Anonymous 19196

raspberry leaf tea helps a lot!

Anonymous 19197

+1 on the marijuana hahaha

Anonymous 19198

> I’ve seen people say that you can build an immune system against it?
Medicine as in painkillers I presume? It's true you can become resistant to some medication but that's not the case with generic painkillers like Paracetemol and Ibuprofen. It's called building tolerance. Check the leaflet that comes with your medication or ask your doctor/gynecologist about it (or just google it).

Anonymous 19250

I LOVE getting intense period pain right before a nursing exam. It's so much fun
and this is after taking 200mg ibuprofen


What's an indicator that you're attractive? Anonymous 17855[Reply]

For me, it would have to be
>someone paying for your meal/coffee
>strangers smiling at you
>having your first kiss <20 years
How about you?
21 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 19071

Women who don't know me saying I'm attractive

Anonymous 19072

based female gaze anon >>>/b/248177

Anonymous 19074

When I was a teen/early 20s I would dress more androgynous and only ever got approached by asian guys (no idea why) or bi girls. Now that I have a more "professional" look I'm popular within my tech niche with moids, but I'm invisible everywhere else and to women.

Im pretty sure there was a study on match.com or something saying that 'unconventional' women were most popular among men? I'm not conventionally attractive, so my experience has been being invisible most of the time, but having 1-2 really obsessed people per year. Also I look about 10 years younger than I am, so I'm worried some of those people are just closet pedophiles.

why is that pic so accurate

Anonymous 19110

Nona, please… If a man respects you he will remember stuff about you without lovebombing. It's called "being interested in your partner"

Anonymous 19237

people treating you kinder in generally and talking to you first. I get treated better with light makeup and put together outfit than my usual clothes. I was also treated better younger


How do I deal with oily skin? + general care tips? Anonymous 19227[Reply]

I never had this problem before until recently. Had a surgery that left me pretty debilitated so barely any self-care being done, and honestly, never bothered much with it. I don't wanna Google because Google is trash. Any pro tips please?

Anonymous 19228

i had PCOS but once i started taking spironolactone my oily skin disappeared. and less facial hair too. consult telemedicine for it

Anonymous 19229

tbh unless you have bad acne or anything like that oily skin is best left relatively untouched. too many products can just cause more buildup and therefore more problems.

stick to using a cleanser (and double cleanse every day), moisturiser, toner (if you have any specific issues like hyperpigmentation find one that targets that issue), and a sunscreen. if you use these consistently your skin will thank you for it.

i also have oily skin and i use the cerave cleanser (the one for oily skin), neutrogena hydroboost moisturiser, and the peach slices toner.

good luck nona!! hope this helps :) <3

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