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Help Anonymous 11820[Reply]

I have a manly face and a big pointy chin. What should I do?
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Anonymous 11826

stop posting tranny fantasies

Anonymous 11827


They’re called femboys. The cosmetic change industry is god.

Anonymous 11828

LARP as a trans woman online and beg for money to get hormones/etc.. profit?

Anonymous 11829

Noooooo!!!! Why do they have to go full on girl

Anonymous 12043

I’m in the same boat as OP and this gave me a stupid amount of motivation, thank you


Anyone else here have really saggy boobs? Anonymous 6339[Reply]

I grew up raised by a single father who pretty much neglected me. I didn't wear a bra until late middle school and i developed fast. Im 22 now and my breast have been 100% saggy (point straight down) for as long as ive known. They are also pretty big (F cup) and Im planning on losing a significant amount of weight and I know they will get worse. I dont think surgery is a option, do you think guys honestly care that much? Im a virgin but im scared that once i get into a relationship ill be scared that my SO will be turned off by my ugly boobs. I dont think surgery is a option. Is it weird to keep your bra on during sex?
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Anonymous 8404

Yeah, I get that. Most people would think it's very out of character for me and I don't want awkward looks or mentions.

Anonymous 10634


Anonymous 11337

>do you think guys honestly care
this is a stupid question, as the internet has proven that guys will coom to literally everything, and that assholes will call you ugly just to lower your self-esteem and then fuck you. You should only change your appearance for yourself.

As for keeping your bra on, it's normal as long as you get one of those "sexy" lingerie sets rather than a normal bra that offers support and looks good under your clothes.

Anonymous 11339

The woman in the OP pick is wearing a bra the wrong size which is why she looks so bad. If she got a smaller band, larger cup, and and some inserts she would look a lot better.

Anonymous 12055

Granny boobs are a major turnoff on par with having a colostomy bag.


Wildfood + wildbeauty Anonymous 12030[Reply]

Any anons into foraging or domestic history? Want to share some tips and secrets from your region?

Anonymous 12031


I found this to be a quick, interesting read today

sorry if this thread already exists I couldn't find it

Anonymous 12032

Ireland is great for foraging. We have tons of wild mushrooms to make soup with

Anonymous 12037


Hi noneen, am also Irish, I'd love any names for mushie soups or vague recipes you might know offhand

pic is amethyst deceiver


Anonymous 11819[Reply]

i have two weeks to whiten my teeth, clear all my acne and lose 44 pounds
i'm so fucked miners WHAT DO I DO
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Anonymous 12011

A combination of animal fat and carbs makes you fat. Also asians usually have pretty healthy food and smallwr portions. Also overeating is much more frowned upon in asia.
>eskimos die of heart disease
Proof that eating red meat causes uric acid increase? (Saying what uric acid does has nothing to do with wheather red meat causes its increase)

Anonymous 12012

Dude, the obesity epidemic went to shit right at the time when that retarded food pyramid that said that carbs are the best thing that you can consume become popular.

Anonymous 12014

They had plenty of fish too, retard. They were over the sea, afterall. And that would have been all they had if they ran out of grain. The point is, they didn't have any fruits or vegetables, which are the natural sources of vitamin c. Vitamin c deficiency is what causes scurvy. Or are you trying to claim that scurvy is somehow caused by grain consumption?
Here's a source on eskimos and heart disease: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/12535749/

Anonymous 12024

>Proof that eating red meat causes uric acid increase?
Red meat is rich in purines (one of the building blocks of dna) which the human body breaks down into uric acid. So an increase of red meat consumption would result in an increase of uric acid levels in the bloodstream.
Obviously it's not only red meat that can cause gout; there are many other foods that are rich in purines and I'm sure you'd still get gout if you only ate those and nothing else.
Here's a link that lists the causes for gout if you still don't believe me:

Anonymous 12025

meat anon btfo


Anonymous 11457[Reply]

… I started a new diet this week and I just SHARTED my fucking undies for the first time ever. I shat twice this morning but just now it felt like I had to fart. So I pushed hard hoping for a hilarious reverbing ass rip to echo through my home and instead I got a splurt of SHIT.
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Anonymous 11484

anon, jilly juice is not a diet.

Anonymous 11485

Anon, this is why you should never trust a fart. What are you eating?

Anonymous 11488

Back when I was on a pretty serious diet I cut out all forms of dairy. I think I had lettuce and chicken with hot sauce for (this is not an exaggeration) every meal for 3 weeks.

And then one day I treated myself to a chocolate frappuccino. Farted, liquid shit shot out of me like snot from a sneeze

Anonymous 12019

Are you using detox teas and such? Those are basically laxatives.

Anonymous 12020

Antibiotics can do that to you too. Ask me how I know lol


Anonymous 11259[Reply]

I'm the baaaad girl
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Anonymous 11927

Dyeing your hair "blonde" is extremely disrespectful and racist towards blonde people.

Anonymous 11928

why do people never tone their hair these days

Anonymous 11929

cosmetologist here! no discernible fucking clue. but i think the primary reason is something called not knowing toner exists and the hypersexualization of 'bleach blondes' in society or some garbage. i dont fucking know.

Anonymous 11951

i don't think a lot of people think this blonde looks good. what i do not understand are wealthy people who not only don't tone their blonde, but don't want dimensional blonde hair.

Anonymous 11952

She looks like a 15 year old sped who was allowed to have her older sister bleach her hair for summer vacation

I guess if you look at it in a "well shes supposed to look unusual" way then it's not too bad, but this honestly could have been done better

unnamed (19).gif

Short & Tall girls Anonymous 3018[Reply]

Which one are you?
Do you wish you could change your height?
Does it even matter that much when it comes to dating?
And for guys, do you have a preference?

Share, I'm curious.

I'm 155cm tall btw. And yes I do genuinely wish I was taller.
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Anonymous 11813

based autist

Anonymous 11848


>Which one are you?
average (165cm)
>Do you wish you could change your height?
yes i'd like to be a dominating lanky mommy, 180+ cm (or at least 175cm)
>Does it even matter that much when it comes to dating?
not much but i'd still like my girlfriend to be shorter than me i think? or the same height i suppose.
although tall girls look elegant they're quite not my type, i'd date one though if she was almost perfect in any other way
>And for guys, do you have a preference?
i'm no straightie but i physically cringe when i see a tall moid/short girl straight couple IRL, feels like incestous shit

Anonymous 11925

5'1" (155-156 cm), people usually assume I'm tall based on my proportions in photographs) I have gangly limbs, lol). I like being petite, I'm happy with my height. It's petite, but not too petite where I look like a midget, but I hate fucking being infantalized, not taken seriously, perceived as mousy or passive. You have to raise your voice 10 octaves and practically yell in order to be heard when you're short and have a soft voice.

Anonymous 11942

Are you me? I work in management and my employees think they can just walk all over me. It's fucking annoying as hell.

Anonymous 11943

>Which one are you?
shorter side of average (5'4)
>Do you wish you could change your height?
god yeah, i wish i were at least 5'8
>Does it even matter that much when it comes to dating?
i'm too much of an autist to date, but i'm really tired of people infantilizing me for my height and mentioning how short/cute i am every other second
>And for guys, do you have a preference?
i don't really care about other people's heights


Anonymous 11932[Reply]

I'm only learning that my breasts are actually normal now. I'm almost 22. This entire time I've been comparing my breasts to models, movies, influencers, and only now do I realise that my breasts are just normal breasts. There was never anything wrong with them. I wasted my teens been so embarrassed of them

I dont even know if I can regain the confidence I've already lost to thinking they were bad or ugly breasts

Anonymous 11934

Can't tell of this is a joke or if you're just a moid

Anonymous 11935


>tehee my boobs are so weird ;~;
>won't even post pics to see if they actually are normal
ok sis.

Anonymous 11936

Anon, the point is that they're not weird, the point is that OP realised that her boobs are just normal looking boobs after years of comparing them to an unrealistic image shoved down her throat. Begone scrote

Anonymous 11937

me too sis, and i'm still wondering is there a way to make them more "round"
i"ve just always hated how they look like freaking pyramids
i mean at least they aren't saggy or anything, but still comparing to others they don't look attractive at all


Self conscious eating Anonymous 11749[Reply]

Does anyone else eat different when they're around other people?

Going out to lunch with friends or family can be hard sometimes. I always feel like they're judging my meal. When I'm on my own I actually eat quite healthy but as soon as I'm in company I just get soup and don't eat the bread

Too much anxiety. I start holding the cutlery weird like I've never used it before n shit
10 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 11817


But do you only eat one kind of jelly from the bag at a time

Anonymous 11839

yes !!!!

Anonymous 11840

Nope I love eating, tho I rarely go out to eat now with the pandemic. If you hate yourself for eating how else must you hate yourself and everyone around you? Like if you cant stand to eat in someone else's presence it must be exhausting how much you sit there judging everyone else holy cow

Just enjoy your fucking life

Anonymous 11843

Depending on what cultural background you come from, a lot of girls are shamed for enjoying food/eating or constantly have mums trying to force diets on them, thus developing an anxiety of being seen eating because they internalise "food=shame". Not everyone here comes from a situation where we are raised to enjoy food. Some of us are raised to abstain as much as possible

Anonymous 11939


Yes I eat differently but in my
case it's way better. I have the patience to cook with others and I eat more moderately. The second I'm alone everything goes to sh*t and I stuff my face out of boredom.


Anonymous 11502[Reply]

I'm at around 15% body fat but I have the cheeks of a literal obese person. My cheeks are just so fucking chubby, especially when I smile. How do I get rid of this? I can't let people take photos of me because I look so bad.

Anonymous 11505

You could try contouring. But just so you know,it's actually normal and feminine for women to have more fat in their cheeks than men or children, despite the fact that makeup gurus and celebs have glorified super chiseled, drag-queen looking cheeks.
It's also possible that you're bloated though. Drinking more water and massaging your face upwards from your chin can help.

Anonymous 11508

it's good to have fat cheeks. you will look more youthful for much longer.

Anonymous 11509

Buccal fat removal

Anonymous 11512

Ice rolling can help.

Anonymous 11784

assuming it's actually that you have genuinely chubby cheeks and not moonface because of something else like masseter hypertrophy, or your gonial being too small, i'd suggest buccal fat removal.

i had genetically rly large fat deposits in my cheeks, was low bf% my whole life but face was chubby. went to doctor, had two meetings with them and then did the operation. cost me 6 grand in aus dollars. took about 3 weeks for the swelling to go down, and then another 6 months for the changes to fully take effect. was so worried it wasn't gonna do anything because all of the before/afters online look so shit, but it actually made a massive difference because it was just a genetic weak point.

tldr; if it's actually buccal fat and not because of some other issue, then get the buccal fat removed and you'll see a difference.

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