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poor tranny.gif

Terfposting #10 Anonymous 91969

The thread for all your transphobic meme and shit talk needs. Go!

OP pic by: >>84042
Previous threads:

Anonymous 91982


If you are ever interacting with a trooner, just reply with pic related

Anonymous 91983

how can a person be reduced to this? I can't even understand, it's like a morbid joke.

Anonymous 91989


this ftm i kind of know thru a mutual hobby (art) talked shit about another person in our circle.

to them, she was like, "you blatantly draw female characters and try to pass them off as men lol" and it just made me …??

i mean, she said this while believing that non-binary is an actual thing. she doesn't seem to give a single shit about drawing her own oc's having children and possessing Huge Coomer Tits while claiming to be ~non-binary~, or any other gendered thing.

note that this talk down was AFTER she made a post about the "importance of respecting oppressed identities during pride month".

so hypocritical.

yeah this is more a personal vent but it felt on topic for the general. shoot me

Anonymous 91990

They all have a huge problem with people who are comfortable not following gender norms. If your character was a shim/sher or had a dick but identified as a woman there would be no issue.

Anonymous 91997

Anonymous 92000

I used to love watching speedrunning events a decade ago, now it's just sad how the tranny virus has spread through all these very obviously autistic dudes. I feel incredibly insulted when I see articles about "women" in gaming these days because they're all generally about trannoids, I can't say something like "ok, transwomen in gaming, now how about biological women in gaming?" as we all know how that would be received. That said, I gotta hand it to the moid menace, they really have invented the perfect way to shit all over women and their rights while being able to cover their asses at the same time.
It's all just so tiring my friends.

Anonymous 92008

This oh my god so many normal respectable gaming content makers are trooning out personally I'm still pissed about gamechamps switch to she/they pronouns because I did enjoy his videos before he started acting like a retard

Anonymous 92029


Two weeks ago, my best friend told me that if I don't accept that men in dresses are really and truly woman, then that's the same thing as her saying that butch women aren't really women because they don't wear dresses. I'm beyond mad. One of those groups couldn't vote or own land until 1919, one of those groups might need an abortion one day and be unable to get it because men want to control women's bodies, one of those groups might be forced to carry her rapist's baby, and one of those groups is more likely to die in a car crash due to everything being a man's world. But yeah, sure. Men in dresses are more valid women than butch women.

I won't watch anyone under the LGBTQIA+ tag on twitch because it's either a tranny or some ace spec demigirl claiming she's special and queer while just being a straight girl dating a whole ass man.

Anonymous 92042


Anonymous 92044

Exw_DIwW8AIVw1X (1…

Try sending her this, I'd love to hear her response

Anonymous 92062

there are tons of troons in my city and there are some near where I live so I see them a lot, and from literally a block away I can tell it's a man. it's a man. it's a man in women's clothing. it's a man. IT'S A MAN. IT'S A MAN IN WOMEN'S CLOTHING.

i even saw a car with obnoxious troon buzzwords like "trans lives matter" and it took everything in my power to not key the fuck out of it. i'll show you some god damned violence against trans "people". these perverts want to use my bathroom. oh my god. what would you even do if you walked in a bathroom and there was a troon in there? i'd just walk out, walk out of the building, and keep walking until i find a bush to piss behind because at least there won't be a troon behind the bush. hopefully. i can't stop myself from cringing full out when i see a troon and i know they see me cringe at them in utter disgust and there's nothing i can do about it. if i smelled the scent of dogshit i would get the same expression. and one day i'll cringe at a troon and they'll get asspained and tell my boss on me and that will be it because saying "women have XX chromosomes" is a hate crime now.

Anonymous 92096


Saw this on twitter

Anonymous 92229


Moids will fuck fatties, moids will fuck troons, but is there a male out there degenerate enough to fuck a fat troon?

Anonymous 92233

If Hyperkyuun can get his "boipussy" thrashed by another troon on the regular, you better believe someone is bumming this bison too

Anonymous 92235

Anon, eat a snickers, your blood sugar is low

(jk jk I hate them and they make me angry too)

Anonymous 92238

Reads like a copypasta, based regardless

Anonymous 92391


just admit you have autogynephilia bro

Anonymous 92392

I hate trannines but these threads are really unhealthy yo. Stop wasting your free time doing this shut.

Anonymous 92395


Hetero/bi miners: would you?

Anonymous 92405

What. The fuck. Is that.

Anonymous 92406


i have only ever seen men with stretch mark patterns like that, on the front bottom of the belly. most women get them on their hips and it's more to the side. their bodies always tell the truth, even when they've been on blockers since they were children.

Anonymous 92407


ftm benis made out of (possibly) thigh skin, hence the weird chickenskin texture since actual body hair grows out of these bumps. fakeboi's gotta shave "his" benis every once in a while and i'm not quite sure how are some areas of it even reachable.
i'm pretty sure the based surgeons already knew this isn't gonna be used in sex so they made it like this.

the worst part is, this benis is completely non functional, she could've got a feeldoe instead but muh gender dysphoria

Anonymous 92410

How the fuck is this legal to do. What the actual fuck.

Anonymous 92411

Ew. The lesbian pin on the tif is a nice touch.

Anonymous 92435

so does it continue to grow hair all over the 'head'?

Anonymous 92436

>~a very abstract thought~
>literally is common knowledge and is what blanchard has been saying since 1995

Anonymous 92438

>the global market valuation for sex reassignment surgery will exceed US$ 1.5 billion by 2026

Anonymous 92440

the best part is that they have to inflate it with their "balls". i mean, no offense to these idiots but it has to be extremely demoralizing and dehumanizing to be with a woman or man preparing to have sex and they have to wait for you to squeeze your "balls" to inflate your thighnis balloon

Anonymous 92456


yes if skin was taken from the areas that naturally grow hair, such as thighs, forearms in non-whites, etc (the most popular locations for phalloplasty)
most of the time the unwanted hair is removed by lazer but it's usually temporary

aiden talking about her experience with phalloplasty warning other twansmen to FUCKING NOT DO IT because her benis started rotting (NSFL pics inside): https://thestruggletobecomeagain.tumblr.com
>Turns out, even the best surgeon in the world has at least a 30-40 and even 50% complication rate.
>When I asked many times, if anyone had any damaging/irreversible/or complete loss of the phallus, he said “NO!” Well, now there are about 9 people suing him.
>Unable to get erectile implant for intimacy because the sensation isn’t enough and can cause it to erode through the skin.
>Loss of 40% of phallus due to necrosis. In fact, part of my phallus was rotting off.. and the surgeon just said “Use soap and water”. I literally had to PUSH and beg to get back in and fix it.

additional complications in fatty aidens: https://abdominalkey.com/unfavorable-results-and-complications-in-phalloplasty-surgery/ (sorry for the retarded paywall btw)
>If the subcutaneous fatty layer in the forearm or thigh is too thick (or the dimensions of the flap are not designed large enough), closure under tension, which is often combined with postoperative swelling, can cause a compartment syndrome within the flap, jeopardizing vascularization of the urethra, the outer flap, or both.

an article on phalloplasty's effects, techniques and outcomes: https://europepmc.org/backend/ptpmcrender.fcgi?accid=PMC6626313&blobtype=pdf
>Partial phalloplasty loss is one of the more common complications of phalloplasty. Monstrey et al. reported a 7.3% partial necrosis rate for the RFFFP* in their large series of tube-in-tube constructs.

*radial forearm free flap phalloplasties

Anonymous 92458

this is just truly so impossibly stupid

Anonymous 92466

he admits he overeats bc he's depressed. this is the biggest he has been by far and i just feel like it has to be because he finally got the snip snip that took like five revisions

Anonymous 92483

wtf goin on

Anonymous 92500

I think you're assuming it's the same people over and over again when from my experience it seems like it's a bunch of different people that ebb and flow. Personally, I'll post maybe once per TERF thread and I'll swing by to read the new degeneracy and gossip about once a week but am otherwise occupied with either different threads or different sites.

Anonymous 92501

i fucking love you anon

Anonymous 92540

>troons literally put a neon sign on their face declaring that they are troons
beyond parody

Anonymous 92552


sorted by controversial on r/Transgender_Surgeries and found this monstrosity. apologies if this has been posted in a previous thread

Anonymous 92581


Anonymous 92590

what the fuck is this? why would you want to give yourself a micro dick?

Anonymous 92593

The hair follicles. I'd puke

Anonymous 92616

Jesus christ. How does one even look at this and think it's okay and fucking normal?

Anonymous 92621

I noticed something while I scrolling Lipstick Alley earlier today. This is not a race baiting post.

Why are trans people so obsessed with BLM activism when they're racist, since POC fully recognise and call troons out for their shit?

Every single trannie out there is always shouting about BLM but I've noticed that their weird view of black women (troons tend to have a negative view of black women because they think they're more manly than trans women, standard troon retardation) and black people aren't afraid to call degenerate shit out (troons claim this is transphobia).

It just seems weird that troons have this huge problem with racism but are also the biggest BLM screechers alive

Anonymous 92624

to hide their racism. i love how the "left" generally starts ANY of their fundraising efforts with "TRANSWOMEN OF COLOR" before black lives matter though. i don't even really see troons promoting blm, more like, any part of blm that they can link to them, like the "transwomen of color are murdered!!"

Anonymous 92630



Anonymous 92631

How did I know the troons would make this shit about them? Seriously, as soon as #FreeBritney went mainstream I was wondering how men would butt in and make stupid comments about it. E-moids never disappoint once you expect them to be horrible.

Anonymous 92632

I don't intend to ever make a KF account, can anyone tell me how the hell they d*xxed someone just by a short video of their lightswitches? Bc jesus fucking christ.

Anonymous 92641


Metoidioplasty (basically clitoris enlargement). Second option for ftms who want to have a benis. It's superior to phalloplasty because you can actually get an erection and an orgasm (clitoral since it's still technically a clitoris) but it produces a much smaller result, you can't really penetrate someone with that gigaclit.
Has a greater or smaller complication rate compared to phalloplasty depending where the skin for the benis was taken from but it's still pretty high, sadly I was unable to find any metoidoplasty complication medgore pics though.

//reposting since i forgot to spoiler pic

Anonymous 92713

Kek I wonder if that retard is the reason more women will peak.

Anonymous 92769

Anonymous 92820

The phrase "trans rights are human rights" annoys me so much.
Like, in western countries, which human rights are they missing, exactly? Like, name a single one.
Access to toilets is not a human right. Neither is people owing you sexual attraction or social acceptance.
They can get their dicks mutilated on taxpayer money, they can get their hormone pills, they can change their names, they have all the rights any other person has in the western world.

That phrase is so stupid it makes me angry, especially since no tranny I've interacted on was able to articulate which human right is being denied to them.

Anonymous 92821

That's more a problem with the fact that "human rights" aren't agreed on by any of the countries that insist that human rights exist. The term is nebulous at best.

Anonymous 92831


Human rights essentially just means “people should have this thing” at this point. It can refer to everything from clean water to UBI to free “healthcare” where they just give you whatever drug or surgery you want at 0 cost to you.

Just realized I’m not talking about just trannies anymore so here’s a tribute from the lolcow MTF thread. I hate them

Anonymous 92852


lol is this a raid? Are we being raiding by twansphobic men who think even woman with a deep thought must be male? The world has literally gone from “women with ideas must be ugly” to “women with ideas must actually be men”. We’re evolving backwards thanks to the fucking troons

Anonymous 92861

>Access to toilets is not a human right.

Well it is. There is such a thing as a "urinary leash", and during the suffragette era women did not have public restrooms available which led to them being confined to their homes. Troons however think they should have access to the bathroom that does not correlate to their sex.

Anonymous 92960

I got banned on LC for calling out their tranny jannies, is it really true that all their janitors are trannies? The red text there is literally insane

Anonymous 92961

They have an MtF hate thread over there, how are they allowing it?

Anonymous 92962

One of them is absolutely a tranny. I've moved past the point of it being tinfoil, one of them IS a tranny. Whenever the MTF thread gets slammed with gore and illegal porn they take HOURS to remove it

They barely allow it. The threads are an absolute state, as mentioned above, and you're not allowed to speak negatively of troons outside that one thread. We used to have a gender critical thread which was banned and any attempt to recreate it is shot down immediately

Anonymous 92964

red text.png

>you're not allowed to speak negatively of troons outside that one thread
What is this then? I found this on a bad art thread on /m/ btw. I don't post on LC but I got the impression that they're fine with casual transphobia they just don't want radfem/gender critical discussions.

Anonymous 92965

I think lolcow prided itself as a safe haven from SJW rethoric for a very long time. SJWs got a lot of pushback and oftentimes their internet policing was refuted like in that ban redtext. Because as a gossip board with a lot of terfs that was a legit argument and good comeback. doesn't mean it didn't tip over into the other extreme eventually with terfs becoming incredibly domineering and very vocal all-over and then getting their own push-back.
I mean there was never even a leftist SJW transactivist culture at all or threads catering to that. and they never would've been allowed and would've been told to fuck off immediately. Now the terfs and rfs and misandrists are only asked to tone it down and not infight. They got too greedy. And they don't have the patience to not always politicize the whole board intensely until everything relaxes and the staff is eased into letting them speak freely again.

where does this tinfoil even come from? maybe I'm gullible but I never got that impression. then again, I wouldn't actually care.

Anonymous 92967

I guess TL;DR, this is kind of a whataboutism question. Pushing leftist rethoric back and maybe even unexplicitly hinting at the terf users isn't contradicting the staffs hang-ups with the terf users which are a whole other issue.

Anonymous 92969

as you said it's "only" casually transphobic.
sorry for all my repetitive, long-winded posts. and sorry about you guys getting banned completely I guess

Anonymous 92972

Yeah, they got a red text for saying something with 0 contribution to the conversation ("no milk") and making a retarded statement on LC. You're not allowed to sperg about troons outside of the containment thread but you're also not allowed to be a little handmaiden faggot woke anon either

Anonymous 92978

Anon, the admin calls TERFs TELFs because she (?) doesn't believe radical feminists can be twaaansphobic.

Anonymous 92979

What does the L stand for

Anonymous 92985

TELF stands for Trans Exclusionary Lib Fem, TELFs still hate trans people. It's weird that she thinks most of lolcow is libfem when I dont think there has ever been a more worthy source of radfem soldiers ever

Anonymous 92986

no, she knows everyone hates her for shitting on radfems so she's now trying to claim they're not radical enough and that they're just libshits, as if she gives a fuck. i can't stand her constant dishonesty.

Anonymous 93003


any other fellow europoors just can't get enough of their seething?

Anonymous 93005


My europoor country, Spain, just accepted a Trans Law. There has been little confrontation after that. I want to die.

Anonymous 93006

Whatever, a piece of paper won't make their mental illness go away. Mass suicide is still on track

Anonymous 93008

I can't translate to you the main points of the new law but when I will you'll see how bad things will get for us. Also, shit like this will encourage dumb parents and confused children to the disaster. Also, it could attract trannies to my country. If anything, this law will make them feel more entitled than before and they will less likely realise they are ill.

Anonymous 93011

just vote for neo nazis I guess?

Anonymous 93013

Our right wing parties suck, they are fake as hell and don't care about the enviroment.

Anonymous 93014

is it a self-id law? sorry for your loss anon. my state in us lets troons in female prisons and one has already r*ped an inmate. worst timeline

Anonymous 93015

what the fuck? which state is that?

Anonymous 93024

Anonymous 93064


Great thread

Anonymous 93065


Anonymous 93073

We told you about Podemos, but you didn't listen. I think Spanish is just a cursed language at this point.

Anonymous 93082

Who is exactly that ''we''? You sound like a moid. I know much more about Spanish politics than you ever will, I know how Podemos is and how trashy all parties are. Try to build an actual political opinion instead of pretending to sound like Deep Throat.

Anonymous 93189

what happened "with podemos"?

Anonymous 93195

They started like the new left, selling an image of being uncorrupted and uncentered like the PSOE (socialist party). Both parties are in chief currently. Podemos was supposedly very profeminist (Irene Montero, wife of the ex-vicepresident of our govern and expresident of Podemos, is the ministry of equality, imagine how profeminist they were to create such ministry). They turned out to be liberal tranny-worshippers and they changed their party's name to ''Unidas Podemos'' for virtue signaling before the last elections. I believe they are less pozzed than the rest but the tranny thing is unforgivable. There were rumour about PSOE and Podemos trying to transform Spain into a Federal Union instead of a autonomic sistem (less freedom for regions) but they shut it down, cowards. I didn't vote any of them anyways.

Anonymous 93199

that's too bad but ultimately expected. the "left" is coalescing around liberal tranny worship no matter where. i thought it was going to be worse news but i don't expect alleged leftists to not shill conservative tranny bs anywhere, unfortunately.

Anonymous 93207

Sometimes I think WWIII will introduce any changes into the political agenda we're being forced to swallow. But yes, it's all so tiresome.>>93199

Anonymous 93236


Anonymous 93241

Does anyone have the MTF stuff that used to go around. A friend started realizing troons are mental and I want to cement that before she changes her mind.

Anonymous 93249


I sub to one of those nonce catching channels. "Most vile" so of course it's some bloke in eyeliner, Silence of the Lambs lookin ass

Anonymous 93258

nice try

Anonymous 93259

> MTF stuff
What do you mean?

Anonymous 93281

Male(male) to female(male)

Anonymous 93288

Miners, how do you respond when asked to state your pronouns (say, by an employer or faculty)?
I don't want to come off too terfy IRL but I refuse to put "she/her" anywhere and I don't want to be perceived as an agender genderspecial either.

Anonymous 93302


Anonymous 93305

Just repeat I don’t understand over and over lol

Anonymous 93308

tell them it should be obvious what your pronouns are.

Anonymous 93327


That response is perfect

Anonymous 93328

I just have to say "she/her" through gritted teeth and bear it. I have to stay crypto because I'm in a field where I can't afford to lose my career due to "transphobia" allegations

Anonymous 93419

How did he spell his own fake name wrong?

Anonymous 93482

I straight up don't add pronouns to forms/fields (like on Slack or whatever) and if asked I say I don't care. I pretend not to understand if anyone asks (people in the area I live in tend to assume I don't speak English anyways). Honestly most normies don't give a shit about pronouns and they go along with it out of fear of retribution. If someone doesn't play the game, they have little reason to care. The most stink I've gotten was from a white woman "enby" who tried very hard to explain why it mattered (lol) but most people just shrug if you say "I don't really care about pronouns, whatever is fine" with a smile.

Downside is they probably assume you're a genderspecial, upside is TRAs don't bother with you if you don't seem like you're in the know and non-compliance sometimes inspires some of the less woke coworkers to mimic you and not use pronoun fields/state pronouns. Denormalizing it by not playing along is by far the safest tactic, other than capitulation.

Anonymous 93503

Thank you anon, I will do this too. I am also not a native English speaker so if anyone bothers me with it I will just pretend not to understand.

Anonymous 93534


Anonymous 93537


lolol the fetish is obvious

Anonymous 93545

Why are troons so obsessed with furry garbage?

Anonymous 93551

Lmao I was just making a joke because my country financed podemos. No need to get so defensive sweetie.

Anonymous 93560

Ladies, I need help. I’ve recently been hanging out with a younger relative. She just started high school and has been really isolated. She’s been showing me memes about being genderless and I don’t want to see this kid fall down that rabbit hole. How can I gently keep her from thinking she’s trans?

Anonymous 93571

"Help me Reddit. I am pregnant and about to go through the most stressful 9 months of my life. It's going to be incredibly painful and I will require the full support of my partner. How do we make this all about his fetish for being a woman? The whole banging me with his penis really detracted from his femininity"

Anonymous 93586

fetishes come in clusters

Anonymous 93659


Show her that being a woman is not one single thing and isn't about performing femininity. Encourage her to look at examples of successful gender non conforming women like Megan Rappino, right now with the olympics happening it's a good time to maybe watch that with her and point out that it's amazing that she can be herself and a woman, and that her sex does not restrict her to being any one way.
Maybe sit down with her and watch movies like Hidden Figures, On the Basis of Sex, Suffragette, or hell even the hunger games, where the main female characters are whole people not just defined by their gender.

Point out to her that feminists have fought for centuries so that she can be whatever type of person she wants to be, and that being a woman is a part of that and it's not a bad part, and it's not one that needs to be presented in or interpreted as a certain way.

It's so hard for girls right now because you can't escape this rhetoric on social media, it's either you need to be the picture perfect instagram model or denounce that and become a non-binary TRA handmaiden. She's still so young and kids her age feel like they can't just be kids anymore.

Take her to places like amusement parks or the beach or on a hike and let her get away from the internet for a minute to just be a kid. If you're able to, spend time with her and be a friend she can talk to. Be open and not judgemental, you gan gently guide her.

It's honestly a great opportunity to have a rewarding mentoring like relationship and get closer with her. She probably just wants somebody to accept her as she is, and thats how the trans community attracts so many people, they provide that sense of acceptance and for some people it's the first time they've ever felt they could just exist. Show her she can have that without joining a cult and ruining her body and just be there as a friend/family member who accepts her as she is and wants to support her to become an amazing woman. And obviously don't say TRAs are a cult/be delicate with phrasing.

Anonymous 93675

The same Megan Rapinoe who stated that movements against trans exclusion in women's sports are hateful and that trans women pose no real threat to women's sports?

Anonymous 93676

Sorry, that should be movements against inclusion of trans women in women's sports

Anonymous 93695

>try to give constructive advice on how to persuade women who don't already agree with your worldview
>get banned

Fine, go back to giving each other advice on how to convince people that already share your pre-supposition, sorry that your female relative is going to troon out though.

Anonymous 93698

Eh you don't have to listen to her talk, there's a certain amount of pandering you have to do as a public figure right now to survive without being called a TERF and losing your career.
The point is to provide solid examples of women who don't give a fuck about the box society places them in and still call themselves women.


You need to speak their language to be able to get them to sympathize. Being a rudefem doesn't help here. An insecure teenage girl needs support and love, not nitpicky bitch shit and hardcore fadfem ideology. You have to be subtle and lead by example, you can make it clear that sex based oppression is something she'll face regardless but show her that rather than trying to reject that reality by trooning out and sticking her head in the ground, she can just exist as she is and she's not alone and is fine they way she is and she is not alone and so many other women live this way without feeling the need to reject reality.
You won't get anywhere with a teenage girl already dipping into troon ideology by going full TERF.
The point is to be delicate and not out yourself.

Anonymous 93702

Most socialization for teenagers occurs between peers as opposed to older adults, unless she already looks up to you or your have a strong relationship, your ability to move her identity more than her friends is unlikely.

Any female rolemodels that are proudly outside female gender norms, are, by in large, also pro-troon as exemplified by Megan Rapinoe already being mentioned, which makes it a moot point to bring up.

Anonymous 93720

>Eh you don't have to listen to her talk, there's a certain amount of pandering you have to do as a public figure right now to survive without being called a TERF and losing your career.
It's gone beyond pandering. These people are infected with a brainworm and betrayed women in order to go along with it. There's surely a female figure out there who doesn't fall into traditional gender roles bu who also doesn't deny the reality of biological sex. She has gone far beyond pandering, how about more 'betrayal?' Women like her had a chance to stand up for what is right, instead she chooses to dispense propaganda, like the coward she is.

Anonymous 93722

Megan Rapinoe, who is happy to have biological males destroy female sports, but puts all of her 'feminist' activism into trying to get more money for herself.

Anonymous 93725

I really wonder if she would fuck a trans woman. She's a lesbian who's a public figure so I really want to know just how far she's fallen for their rhetoric/ if she actually believes any of the bullshit.

Anonymous 93737

Of course she wouldn't. She just betrayed womankind for clout and PR and ultimately money. In her private life she probably laughs at bewigged men. In her bed she wants an actual woman, not a man cosplaying.

Anonymous 93740

>Of course she wouldn't. She just betrayed womankind for clout and PR and ultimately money.
So what everyone else in this thread does when they fear for the job safety for being "exposed" as TERF, and just go along to get along?

Anonymous 93742

She, a multi-millionaire and a star player for her team, did not need to become a figurehead for trans propaganda.

Anonymous 93743

It's the same action regardless of how much money is involved.

Anonymous 93744

She has a level of comfort and security that, for example, a female teacher does not. If she stood up for what is right, and what she probably actually believes, then the tide could turn on this tranny hysteria

Anonymous 93746

You say this while J.K. Rowling got hung out to dry. Not that she's suffering, but as if J.K. Rowling had any meaningfully effect. Maybe waiting for the rich to make moral statements is a bad strategy.

Anonymous 93747

Nah, if anything she strengthened her position longterm. Only schizo trannies who burned their HP books think that they impacted her in any way. SHe could write books for the rest of your life and every one of them will be published, even if Eddie Redmayne doesn't like her anymore.

Anonymous 93749

Okay, so now you're stating that being TERF is actually beneficial long term?

Anonymous 93750

Sorry, let me rephrase that
*being publically TERF

Anonymous 93755

3 million dollars is not that rich, I understand maybe having JK Rowling "fuck you" money, but Rapinoe has more to lose than Rowling. Without public favor she doesn't really have a career, and TRAs control that right now.

Anonymous 93756

Is this love.jpeg

>3 million dollars is not that rich

Anonymous 93783

You're purposely deflecting from the obvious point. Someone like J.K. Rowling or Megan Rapinoe is insulated from the backlash in standing up for women's rights in a way that the regular person is not. And in time, yes, they will be vindicated. Once the gender insanity is eventually rejected, as it is already starting to be rejected. In the long term, it is absolutely beneficial, as they will be seen as the people who stood up for women when womanhood was under assault from tranny hysteria.

Anonymous 93786

Nonsense. Stop making excuses for women who betray womanhood. She's not going to be dropped from the team for forgoing making tranny propaganda statements. You come across as a tranny apologist, tbh. Please go back to 4chan, there's lots of places to post for males over there.

Anonymous 93807

Thank you both! She doesn’t have many friends right now, I think she’s mostly been getting internet brainrot from fandom spaces. I’m gonna teach her to bake bread and hopefully go to the aquarium soon. I wanted to ask about this here because I think we have all felt like gender ideology has caused our girls harm. I grew up watching friends fall into this trap, I don’t want to stand idly by while it happens to her.

Anonymous 93809

i agree but a fair amount of female sports stars have questioned tranny stuff. lame that she's kowtowing to them. back in 2013 rousey said fallon fox fighting was unfair. unclear as to how much she was worth back then, probably considerably less than she is now. she's only worth 13 mil now.

Anonymous 93817

Come back when you have financial literacy.

Most of her money is not made from being on the soccer team but from the publicity and event appearances as a result of her success in the field.
In that way, she is more vulnerable than JK. Female athletes make pathetically low wages, regardless of being household names they've made their qualms with their wages pretty clear.

I'm saying their not equal. Are they more safe than everyday women who cant speak up? Absolutely. But they are in no way the same.

Just because you cant think critically about how money and influence works doesn't make me a moid.

Anonymous 93866

I came back with financial literacy. 3 million is about as much as an average person makes their entire life as opposed a fucking 35 year old. You can live comfortably and affordably off of the yearly returns of 3 million dollars for the rest of your fucking life, and not even need to touch the 3 million itself. Fuck you.

Anonymous 93939


It’s fun when memes are just unedited pictures

Anonymous 93947

Despite your deflection, you know well that she is a coward who refuses to stand up for women, yet holds herself out as a champion of feminism. And she could do this more freely than an average woman. It very much sounds like you are a tranny apologist, pushing the idea that there's no point fighting back, just let the men in dresses dismantle society because you might get some angry Twitter freaks being mean to you.

Anonymous 93948

Are "fat positivity" enablers on the same level as trans enablers?

Like, both are fractally wrong in every scientific and logical basis known by humanity, but right now "feminists" claiming that it's healthy to be morbid obese despite what every medical studdy tells are starting to annoy me even more than trooners.

I'm not saying it's ok to bully fat women, it isn't, just saying that it's terrible for us to pretend that it's healthy yo be unhealthy.

Anonymous 93949

They are the same in that they can speak up for women's rights without the fear the average person has. Megan Rapinoe, the champion of feminism, doesn't think there is anything wrong with men pushing their way into women's sports. If male soccer players pus their way into women's soccer there will be no room for people like her, but if course she's made her money by now and doesn't care.

Anonymous 93958

Lol no.
HAAS, while cringe asf, is nowhere near as bad as TRA nonsense. Doctors don’t lose their job over pointing to a BMI chart whenever a chungus waddles in, but people can lose their jobs over not playing into trans delusions.

Anonymous 93959

My employer doesn't give a fuck about sjw luckily. If one did ask me I'd probably stand dumbstruck as 1,000 TERF memes flash through my brain at the speed of light and then they would call the police on me for the hatecrime of not "validating" the troons by sucking their "girldicks".

These creatures don't even want to be women, as in, caring family nurturers and garden tenders and tea-sipping feminine creatures. They want to be pornstars getting railed all the time because they watched too much porn and think that's what all women are. troons are the most misogynist people on the entire planet. They're worse than muslims because at least muslims state that women deserve respect and protection. troons slander our entire gender as "sluts" becuase they want to become the pornstar and have to wrap their fetish up in 100 layers of cope so no one calls them what they are–a delusional coomer.

Thankfully I'm female and not prone to aggression or I'd be committing mass hatecrimes across the country calling these disgusting freaks out. Every last one deserves death. Even worse, they're trying to groom children into becoming genital-mutilating sex addict porn cooming freaks. Every tranny should be hanged.

Anonymous 94126

any anon read gender trouble by judith butler? i want to read it but im afraid that it will be too hard for me to understand. i know queer theory only from internet (as in social media) should i read some postmodern philosophy before?

Anonymous 94127

I think theres a slight difference between being a bit pudgy and being so entirely mentally ill that you have to have your dick chopped off or you will kill yourself

Anonymous 94128

>Doctors don’t lose their job over pointing to a BMI chart whenever a chungus waddles in
They might, actually. But I agree they're not as bad as troons (for now).

Anonymous 94129

there's nothing hard to understand about judith butler. go ahead and read it (don't buy it though). four seconds in and you'll see what a laughable nut she is.

Anonymous 94308

Link to the original please? There are clickable links on it I'd like to read.

Anonymous 94328

fuck i really wanted these things too

Anonymous 94329

you're on an imageboard have you forgot lol

Anonymous 94330

these have the tranny cult sign engraved on the sides. i think if you get a pair w/o them no one will think you're a troon.

Anonymous 94333

oh no i guess i didnt check the image related sign but the original ones are on aliexpress and were popularized by tiktok e-girls
didn't realize they were co opted by troons just like knee high socks lol
i sorta just wanted them cus of weeb reasons

Anonymous 94334

i didn't realize they were popularized by e-girls. lmao they're aliexpress glasses, great, so these fat losers are making like $300 off each of these pairs then. i think they're charging like $500 a pair or something.

Anonymous 94422

i'm so tired of the white men boldly calling black and other women of color racist and white supremacist. first off it's not accurate at all, second of all it is fucking weird as hell. makes sense though, must be like the yaniv thing and they get off to it.

Anonymous 94463

uhhhh ok dude lol

Anonymous 94495



Anonymous 94496



Anonymous 94500


We live in a society in which large numbers of people who believe themselves champions of 'science' and 'progress' believe that the legal meaning of 'male' and 'female' should not be defined by the five senses but metaphysically divined by children (or by an adult's 'inner child'.)

It's like if someone took a child's drawing of a horse and said it's just as true to life as a Da Vinci. Then they took the horse and used the technology made possible by Da Vinci's scientific eye to make it look more like the child's drawing.

Anonymous 94508


Anonymous 94526


Anonymous 94527


Anonymous 94531

It looks like the dead space marker lmao

Anonymous 94544

Did anyone see the incident at the health spa where a troon showed his penis to a mother and her 6 year old girl

Anonymous 94545

Why do you call them troons instead of trannies?

Anonymous 94546

Some people actually defended him and started fighting counter protestors

Anonymous 94547

I don't know really I'm copying everyone else

Anonymous 94557

Just watching the latest Deadwingdork stream. Hes looking at Twitter accounts who make gore/rape/abuse/amputation fetish content about minors in the Dream smp clique and literally most of the accounts have a fucking trans flag somewhere in their pfp.

I hate that we have shit like "are the straights ok?" when the LGBTQ community wilfully turns a blind eye to the fact their strongest soldiers are all nonces on main

Anonymous 94558

Yes and its fucking disgusting.

Let me remind you- the spa sided with this degenerate on the day. This started because the mother of that child filmed herself complaining to staff and the staff were totally ok with him being there.

So, as a thanks for taking their side on the matter, the troons decided to impede business by standing outside and assaulting passersby.

The actual state of these people. Imagine being this protective over a flasher calling himself a woman when he has a cock and 5 o'clock shadow. And round of applause for the two Demi Lovato gendered "queer" women who were at the spa with him that day, doing a great service for women everywhere by escorting him into vulnerable places and screeching at normal women for having a problem with their kinktard friend.

Anonymous 94559

Samefag, but holy fuck Amerifag LGBTQ people do my tits in when they start harping about Europe having unisex spas.

Yeah. For ADULTS. In Europe we're not prudish but we also don't cultivate an environment for sex offenders to thrive in. The culture here (Western European speaking) is that kids are usually taken to a spa space that aligns with their gender. That, and if it allows attendees under the age of 18, swimsuits or similar coverings are somewhat mandatory

Anonymous 94594

Troon; Tranny + Goon. Goon is the word Something Awful (online forum) users would call themselves. IIRC it was mostly a gaming forum and, as expected, most of the users have trooned out.

Anonymous 94598

I think tranny is better. More offensive, more well known.

Anonymous 94616


Anonymous 94622

They all deserve a fucking slap. Nobody comes out as non binary at four years old, but something that four year olds actually do is babble shit that their parents say. Either their a lying fuck for saying the kid came out at four or they're a lying fuck because they coached the kid to behave that way as a child.

And what's the dynamic here? Three mums where two are the dad? Or can I even say that if they're all gendersplosions?

Anonymous 94637

Fuck, this is one of the main reasons I don't like this shit at all. Why they have to make kids go through their shit? That's sick. No kid is going to be worrying about gender, they just want to play, eat candies and watch dumb shows. If the kid really does that, it is 100% because they were teaching that kid to behave that way
I think I wouldn't mind trans people if they weren't pushing their shit everywhere like this. But fuck no, they have to trigger me with stuff like this

Anonymous 94638

imagine the bullying this kid will go through because of these deranged abominations

Anonymous 94643

This is hilarious and describes 100% of all dudes who date trans "women".

Anonymous 94646


>chubby incel tranny posts bust faceapp selfie with an obvious boobplate smoothed out
>pale, hairy arms poking out of the shirt
>discord friend group even struggling to compliment and commenting they don't know what is faceapp and what isn't but you look brave and stunning queen
What the fuck am I supposed to do other than not reply? Saying anything will probably set the asylum escapee off and he'll commit an hero and blame me. Why does anyone have to entertain tranny faceapp/facetune delusions? His jawline looks normal in some photos, but others it looks like it came out of a mobile game female design.

Anonymous 94656

>faceapp selfies
I got one troon that I’m trying to ghost who keeps sending those to the gc too. I’m convinced that app is what “cracked” him. There needs to be a class action lawsuit against faceapp

Anonymous 94676


i would say damn girl did you do something different? calling them a girl doesn't give away your opinion it's just to avoid an actual compliment lol

Anonymous 94699

don't use discord, this is what always happens.

Anonymous 94710

A friend of mines husband just came out as a tranny, how do I convince her to get out before she gets even more emotionally abused? She already has another tranny in her friend group trying to justify his actions to her.

Anonymous 94712

show her the posts on reddit, maybe? they're so depressing. it's unfortunate though she probably doesn't understand how low her tranny husband will go. there is no bottom to their behavior. it can get so miserable and so real, especially once they enter the tranny arc because they think their abuse is even more justified than normal men (and they already think their abuse is pretty justified on its own).

Anonymous 94716

The first step is to accept there are no guarantees you can "fix her". She's her own person, she can make her own bloody mistakes.

Following that, the first thing you want to do is try and slowly ween her off social contacts with troon types. If the social contagion theory is to be believed(and you seem to be applying this to your friend by mentioning troon discord) she's easily influenced by those who are around her. How would you get her to interact less on discord? I dunno, spend more time with her, invite her to do things that don't give her time to browse.

If at any point you manage to get her "isolated" for lack of a better term, you can try and have a conversation with her about why she feels the way she does. Listen. Actively listen. Don't project your interpretation of why she's trooning out on her, listen. Listen and honestly express your ideas concerning any small things that come up. Example: she say "You know I just realized that I never quite felt comfortable wearing dresses" you can say "Yeah wearing dresses can feel weird, I've talked about it with my cisgender friends, but I don't know if this is a special feeling."

Go through an emotionally intimate conversation and see what happens. Who knows. Once again though, there's a possibility she is deadset on trooning, and you have to accept that is a possibility, you can not force her out of it, you can only entice and discuss with her about.

Anonymous 94721

idgaf about her troon husband, I'm more concerned with her getting out.

Yeah, one of my thoughts was to gently expose her to the transwidow resources, bc if anything those things can REALLY peak somebody, but idk how to approach it without coming off as a full on TERF

Anonymous 94722

>Yeah, one of my thoughts was to gently expose her to the transwidow resources, bc if anything those things can REALLY peak somebody, but idk how to approach it without coming off as a full on TERF
It's impossible not to, just come off as full TERF. Your only other option is wait for the day she emotionally confides in you that she has issues, but at that point you aren't "getting her out as soon as possible" as much as "getting her out after the damage is done".

Anonymous 94723

Ah, my mistake, it thought you said she was trooning out, my bad.

Anonymous 94773

i dont like tranny because it sounds smt out of a porn. they probably enjoy it

Anonymous 94782

Marisa blank stare…

More and more my friends are giving into this trans acceptance shit. If the people they invited to our game night was a normal person I wouldn't give a shit but their entire person is that they are trans. Everything out of their mouth is how offensive things are and how "as a trans woman…" and I want to slap the shit out of them.
I think my friends are going to not ask me to come to the game night after my last comment to them trying to get them to talk about something other than their sexuality.

Anonymous 94784

What did you say specifically?

Anonymous 94785

"We get it you're trans. Can we talk about the game?"

Anonymous 94787

queen moment

Anonymous 94798

You're a stacy. I love you nonnita

Anonymous 94938



Anonymous 94940

While i can understand that it sounds like an option for women in poverty or violence, it's a pretty damn sad choice. Bothers me that it's quite normalized in so many places.

Anonymous 94944


Are we really talking about abortions in the fucking terf posting thread?
Fuck it, time to post this gem from lolcow

Anonymous 94949

And fuck them kids? Shit happens all the time. Animals induce their own abortions too. Kys faggot

Anyway, back on TERFposting topic. A discord server I'm in has a kinnie, 19-year-old FtM with a 'cis' boyfriend who kins the other half of the ship they OTP. God, I wish I could post screenshots of them… and ngl, I kind of wanna. Anyway, she's so fucking amusing and ridiculous. I found a personal lolcow. And there's a 40-year-old 'nonbinary woman' taking androgel because her doctor introduced her to the gender spectrum. I don't know how to dissect that. Just goddamn.

Anonymous 94957

Lmao, what? Psychopath? Just because I don't give a fuck about a half-sentient worm? It's like taking a shitty baby out back and smothering it or euthanizing it. Animals get rid of the weak and inconvenient all the time or have biological processes to handle or slow it down so that they don't have to. Unfortunately, humans don't. Stop being such a pussy and face reality. It's nature.
What male have you met that doesn't care about abortion? When? I'd love to meet them. It's literally not a strawman when you live in the south or backwater countries. Maybe you live in a nice, privileged place where men aren't telling you what to do with your body, but not everyone does.
…I might.

Anonymous 94970

It's because most trannies are autistic and the iq test is catered to autistic white men so they can feel good about themselves lmao

Anonymous 94976

I think it's a moid. Literally, in another thread like an… hour ago, a moid announced itself. Same writing style and all, so probably. Hopefully, the lovely mods ban this idiot.

Anonymous 94996

based and truthpilled. and abortions, in reality, prevent much misery, especially for the potential child. there was a little girl in my area whose parents beat her and cooked her in the oven. would she not have been better off aborted?

Anonymous 95000

I watched the whole video and… nothing. The only notable part is when they folded the abortion in paper like Walmart supermarket meat.

Anonymous 95002

they are not conscious and have no concept of having lived.

Anonymous 95003

Are you vegan? Shut up, Mr. Arbiter of Morals. You clearly found yourself on the wrong site, thinking somebody will agree when one other faggot moid does. Stop derailing.

Anonymous 95006

Anonymous 95011

once again, we were promised you going back to pol

Anonymous 95013

Wait. Meds only work on humans?! I knew all those veterinaries were just damn dirty liars.

Anonymous 95065


Anonymous 95066

>my small hormone boobs feel so alive like never before!

Anonymous 95081


Anonymous 95235

Immensely based, redpilled and trad. Hungary will be the next superpower for not kneeling before the global homo.

Anonymous 95290


>"These creatures don't even want to be women, as in, caring family nurturers and garden tenders and tea-sipping feminine creatures. They want to be pornstars getting railed all the time because they watched too much porn and think that's what all women are. troons are the most misogynist people on the entire planet. They're worse than muslims because at least muslims state that women deserve respect and protection."

i’m so sorry. but you’re extremely retarded

Anonymous 95485


the "i voted" thing just adds a little extra reminder about the scale of this stuff.

Anonymous 95551

imagine thinking a sequined dress means anything more than a kid just liking a sequined dress. these are allegedly adults. really frightening.

Anonymous 95565

This dude posted a covid antigen test on instagram then bragged that people thought he was pregnant (it was two of his friends and obviously to kiss his ass/make fun of him).

Anonymous 95571

check this out, bunch of FTMs telling eachother its ok for a trans man to wear a dress because men can like feminine things. no one mentions that they could have stayed as women and liked masculine things.

Anonymous 95575

it's like the world has forgotten the word androgyny smh

Anonymous 95634


>Over the past week, many trans users say they’ve been targeted by dozens of accounts with names like “trannykiller” or “Georgina Floyd,” accompanied by transphobic profile pictures.

>Another feature trolls have used to threaten members of the platform’s trans subreddits is something as innocuous as its awards system. In 2019, the site introduced something called “Community Awards,” which allowed users to send one “free gift,” once every 24 hours in the form of cutesy positive messages. According to Cedar, another moderator of multiple trans-centric subreddits, harassers quickly weaponized the awards against the most vulnerable in trans communities:

>“Seems pretty benign, right? Well, within a few days, trolls online figured out that they could use the awards system to send harassing messages directly to people and they could do things like put ‘wholesome’ awards and ‘you can do it!’ on posts made by suicidal people.”



Anonymous 95672

Man if my Lego and hot wheels loving ass had been born today, my parents would have told me I was a boy inside a female body. I literally never played with girl toys until a certain age.

Anonymous 95710


I see this idea thrown around a lot in places where eating disorders are a heavily discussed topic. In my opinion, its total bullshit. An eating disorder is a very tricky thing to navigate and it's really a fun house mirror thing.

I fully believe these people are having the trans movement approach them with "hey, have you considered you're trying to starve your boobs away?" Or "hey there, maybe you're actually starving yourself because you want to make your masculine body more petite and feminine because trans"

Its upsetting because it seems like they're taking another step into ruining everything by trying to shoehorn their degeneracy into actual mental illnesses. To me it seems like just another way for the trans crowd to groom the vulnerable to be part of their cult

Anonymous 95711

Samefag but a HUGE number of ftm trans people have eating disorders. I've seen people make the comparisons between anorexics going vegan and anorexics trooning out because both are, while not entirely similar, ways that they delude themselves into thinking it's a path to recovery when its really just an extension of their ED behaviour. I'm not an expert so I can't give you the ins and outs of it all but it's theorized to go hand in hand with how a lot of girls troon out to release themself from sexualisation and how some anorexics are said to starve to reverse their adult body, removing the signs of sexual maturity like breasts and curves

Anonymous 95720


Anonymous 95764

happened to a friend of mine. just start out the conversation saying "that must be really difficult for you, how are you holding up?"

odds are she will be awkwardly like "nooo im happy for her" but inside she's probably dying and needs someone to get it out to.

Anonymous 95770

This is what happened to me when I was a teenager trying to starve my boobs out. Luckily troons weren't pushing HRT on kids so heavily back then.

Anonymous 95772

Its horrific. Literally targeting the most vulnerable people, literal predators

Anonymous 95818

I wish women like you existed in my real life.

Anonymous 95831

>be me
>browse /lgbt/
>everytime someone posts gore or descriptions of abused/dead ciswomen ppl cheer
>yet they always toot how ciswomen are true evil
Surprises no one, right?

Anonymous 95833

They wanna be women so bad its actually hilarious how the jealousy manifests itself

Anonymous 95843

They seethe a lot at women who choose not to produce children with their womb and ovaries. It’s like your typical pro-life nutter on crack.

Anonymous 95845

do amerimutt moids really

Anonymous 95847

What did anon’s post have to do with America…? TIMs from all over the world are violent-minded predators.

Anonymous 95848

mutts have the highest ammount of troons so its easy to assume most of them are 'murican, doesn't exclude other country troons from being subhumans though

Anonymous 95856

Well, as a non American, I've noticed that most of the outspoken annoying troons are ignorant Amerimutts. Any troon chimping out in the media I've ever seen is an American.

Actually, and this might be surprising, but Amerimutts are so loud and believe so hard that the whole world/internet is American, that non Americans have been swept up by their confidence and insist upon fixing problems we don't actually have in our country. For example, where I'm from we have no guns and theres fuck all racism, and yet Amerimutts have made it so we have BLM protests and outspoken anti gun politics

Anonymous 95857

Samefag but in my country gay people have been legally able to get married for years and we had drag/trans celebrities since the 70s and 80s but Amerimutts want to act like the entire world is a shithole of violent homophobia just because they are.

Amerimutt troons and the America
LGBT have somehow managed infiltrate European politics just be being internet retards

Anonymous 95873

nice try, i dont have to be a moid to hate amerishart and their antics, stop bombing our country btw that would be kind of you thanks

Anonymous 95880

Kek anon why do you think that women can't be /pol/tards?

Anonymous 95881


mtfs can make me grossed out, scared, angry, or just annoyed. ftms can only make me sad.

Anonymous 95882

Women are better than men but there a still women that make being racist their personality (usually pickme behavior)

Anonymous 95884


As detrans women become more socially visible, I think we're going to see significant numbers of AGPs posing as detrans women

Anonymous 95885

Ironic that detrans women are the closest thing to a 'woman trapped in a man's body' that will ever exist.

Anonymous 95886

We've always known literal feminazis dwell among us. Is it any surprise they comment on things?

Anonymous 95887

Oh man, paging Dr. Freud. Imagine telling the internet that your mom doesn't really love you and that you're willing to do anything to gain that love. I'm so glad I'm older, they would have slapped my tomboy dressing, daddy's girl, four brother's having ass on hormones so fast if I had been a teen now.

Anonymous 95894

do you really think your parents would have bought into this stuff or are you more talking about your school and people around you?

Anonymous 95905

tbh it's just a way to refer to americans now, /pol/tard or not. caring about american racial purity is very scrotelike though.

Anonymous 95907

I think my school and peers would have insisted on it, and me being an easily influenced teenager, would have gotten caught up in it. My mom would have then went to bat for me, while my father would have hated it. But he's a misogynist and a homophobe, so while subconsciously he may have been happier that I was no longer a girl, the fact that I was now a man who dated other men would have made him angry.

Anonymous 95909

No one in this thread is bombing your country, retard. The post >>95845 replied to literally had nothing to do with Americans. Complain about your unrelated shit on /pol/ instead of shoehorning it into a thread about trannies.

Anonymous 95913

Yeah but they also seethe when you do get pregnant and accuse you flaunting it only to hurt their feelings. The only acceptable way for women to use their reproductive organs for these people is to donate them to AGP males.

Anonymous 95916

neutraler emoji 2.…

Does anyone else here have the admittedly a bit naive belief that any day now the mainstream has to just admit that they were wrong about the transgender stuff?

The truth is just so so so obvious. All of my friends have come around in the last few months after I talked to them about it.

Anonymous 95926

I hope so. It's true that most normies will come around if you're good friends and good at convincing people

Anonymous 95928


Very true normies aren't stupid they just are used to keeping their wrongthink to themselves bc of the freaks who cancel and try to get anyone that doesn't agree with them fired. There's been a lot more people getting closer to peaking because of all the shit that's been going on with the olympics, neopronoun tiktok teens, super straight stuff etc, having a little hope is good

Anonymous 95929

Gays are pedophiles.

Anonymous 95931

To be honest I don’t really have an issue with HSTS trans ppl, sure they can be annoying on Twitter sometimes but that’s as bad as they get

Anonymous 95932

Yeah. I was such a fucking “ally” back in the day (when I was around 17-18) that it almost makes me sick looking back, but it’s a good sign that anyone can change. Even if individual normies get peaked, public opinion can change and the normies will change their minds with it.
I was you like 6 months ago lol, now I think they’re just as delusional but less dangerous.

Anonymous 95941

why is the detrans symbol a lizard (salamander? reptile?)

Anonymous 95944

nah, they're definitely a problem. anyone advancing womanbrain theory is a serious threat to women.

Anonymous 95946

I don't believe the 'mainstream' ever agreed with it to begin with. Any normie thinks men are men and women are women.

The real problem is that the mainstream don't realize just how bad it has become, and how dangerous for women it is. They think it's weird effeminate gay men in dresses, not straight AGPs forcing their way into female spaces.

Anonymous 95947

>any day now the mainstream has to just admit

They will never admit anything directly lol. Not about lobotomy, not about the Satanic Panic, not about Saddam's WMDs. It was always some other paper that done got it wrong

Anonymous 95948



There are no trutrans.

Anonymous 95954

Salamanders grow their tails back if they lose them, maybe they expect the same thing to happen to their dicks?

Anonymous 95969


Anonymous 95994

Bloggy but a little relevant.
I had one of my social workers ask me for my pronouns and I made some joke about trans stuff and she laughed.This got me thinking how many normies are peaked but just do not say anything.

Is everyone that is not full twitter bitch aware that this trans and sexuality stuff is just a joke?

Anonymous 95997

what was the joke

Anonymous 95998

I don't remember but it was something I guess people would normally find offensive. I am poorly socialized so do not behave any different offline than online.

Anonymous 96001

Yeah, I feel like most normies know how stupid this shit is.
Whenever I need to not be mad about this bullshit I go outside and touch grass and talk to my normie friends/family and remember that real people think the twitter furry transbians are a fucking joke, and that normal people also think using "they/them" pronouns is weird and grammatically confusing.

Anonymous 96010

"Its humiliating" says square jawed moid in a BDSM collar and cheap wig in poor attempt to emulate the alt girls hes obsessed with seeing in porn. "Its almost like they're afraid of me for some reason"

Anonymous 96011

When I "touch grass" everyone is somewhat of a TERF and that gives me hope. Most of who I associate with think the mega genders and their tantrums are embarrassing

Anonymous 96012

I have met people in the meat space who act like the weirdos on twatter though! I do not really talk to people irl at all but do imagine most not directly involved in the nonsense can see through it all.

Anonymous 96063

he probably talks in that lizard-voice they do when they think it makes them sound female too

Anonymous 96072


>I am poorly socialized so do not behave any different offline than online

Anonymous 96073


Anonymous 96076

I kinda dont though anon! for example: This happened when I was going to an appointment last time outside.

>be in city getting snack

>big black man yells out across the street
>wave back and carry on with my day
>decide to get snack on my way home in same palce again
>buying sushi
>turn around
>oh hey anon let me hold your teddy
>he grabs my plushie I bring with me everywhere
>says he likes what I wear and he is emo too
>points to his facial tear drop tattoo
>asks me what I think of what he is wearing
>i think your'e dressed like a faggot
I did not even just say it once and correct myself and only thought about it later.
He offered to hang out with me and I said I need to go so I left and went home.

internet brainrot

Anonymous 96081

I’d rather not see misogynistic vaginaphobes occupying womanhood either, thanks.

Anonymous 96091


>his facial tear drop tattoo

Anonymous 96092



Watch this disgusting creature get a lenient sentence just for claiming troon status.

Anonymous 96093

I thought the teardrops were the amount of people someone murdered?? He had to be a troon, I can't imagine any other kind of degenerate to get a commemorative rape tattoo

Anonymous 96109

why the hate for detrans people? most of them are women so your comment was fucking retarded and unnecessary.

they’ve chosen a lizard bc it can regenerate its limbs or whatever. it’s symbolic obv.

Anonymous 96113

It's fine she said dicks, nothing but love and respect for detrans females here

Anonymous 96118



Anonymous 96122

they're not wrong but it has nothing to do with tranny shit like they wish they could make it. these people always try to shoehorn troon nonsense into everything. talking about ostriches? tranny time. discussing kidney disease? tranny time. disabled children's rights? tranny time

Anonymous 96143

MtFs from Latin America or Asian don't give a shit about any of that since most of them just go trans to become camgirls or escorts.

Anonymous 96212

Stupid tranny is so close to getting it, but so tragically far. He's right in that plastic surgery (and porn, and fashion, and the beauty industry, etc) are all about "gender affirmation", as in enforcement of gender roles and an idea of "woman" few women actually fulfill naturally. But trannies double down on this by tying their non-existing woman identity to these same rules. The only reason a male would ever feel like he is a woman is if he had a certain idea of womanhood that had nothing to do with being female, and everything to do with all of this bullshit social signalling.
so yeah in short fuck trannies

Anonymous 96214

Retard troon. A man get cosmetic surgery to look more female and still look like like a man, even spending thousands upon thousands will leave him as a moid with bolt ons and a silly looking ass.

Women don't need cosmetic surgery to affirm our gender because we don't equate our gender with how close our sex appeal is to porn stars, fucking sped. The smell of delusion off this one

Anonymous 96215

I have more sympathy for women who are detrans. Especially the ones who go full tilt and lose their breasts. They always admit that their actions were a result of mental illness/trauma and that gender reassignment surgery is the worst decision they've ever made.


almost all of then will tell you that theu were groomed into being trans directly by the trans community because they keep using that "well maybe you're (insert problem) because you're just trapped in the wrong body"bullshit

Anonymous 96248


Anonymous 96256

How? By tell him they should impregnate an actual female?

Anonymous 96259

Screenshot 2021-07…

Medical GoFundMes are of course a terrible byproduct of American health system problems, but holy shit I see red whenever ANOTHER troon I am acquainted with posts a "gender-reaffirming" gofundme and it's sat next to another one for a 4 year old girl who needs a heart transplant or some shit.

It's always some Aiden who is "between jobs" and "disabled" begging for 10k to get their chest mutilated that meets their funding goal. It seem to me like a crowd-funded troon factory. (Oh, and the posts always say "time-sensitive," like they're gonna drop dead without this surgery.)

Anonymous 96260

Do trans women really face higher rates of sexual violence than women?

Anonymous 96265

Not unless they're all raping each other (which is a very real possibility).

Anonymous 96270

I believe 100% they feel entitled to rape eachother. They feel entitled to force sex on everyone else, so why wouldn't they do it to eachother? Either that or their chaser pump n' dump them so they cry rape for invalidating their womanhood by not immediately falling in love with them

Anonymous 96310

If I see one more handmaiden calling breastfeeding "chestfeeding" I'm going to lose my shit.

Anonymous 96321


Contra released a trailer for his next video. Honestly, the worst, most offensive part about him is that everything about his content is so bad and so painful to watch. I see a million small 19 yo beautytubers with content that is so much better produced. He doesn't do being gaudy and OTT right at all. This is just bad editing and cheap Amazon trash strewn everywhere. Whether or not he's a troon, just the fact that he's a man propelled him to fame. No woman could release such crappy tryhard videos and be hyped like he was and is. His videos have always been very tacky (and not in a self-aware, ironic way) histrionic trash, though they have definitely gotten worse since his trooning out.

Anonymous 96323

Pediatric transition theme song

Anonymous 96347

They whore themselves out more than us though, so they get more contact with sex-buying men (of their own volition), who are known to be violent against whoever they buy sex from.

Anonymous 96349

Yes but it’s not the Yanivs and Jenners of the world. It’s all low income troons: hookers and such getting raped and murdered by their johns. The white programmers in wigs and thigh highs aren’t the victims unless it’s from their fellow groomers.
Personally I don’t think getting violated makes trannies more valid, as I think rape/murder says more about the demographic doing the crime than the victims. I know that these fucking men in wigs are throwing around “twanswomen are literally getting heckin violenced by terves in the streets” to earn pity points and probably jacking to it later. Men fundamentally misunderstanding “protect victims of SA” and warping it to mean “protect me, a potential victim of SA”. Never seen that one b4.

Anonymous 96360


Yeah cool but what about those GREAT DEALS?

Anonymous 96371

Trans women are more likely to be prostitutes than the average man, and since prostitutes face higher numbers of rape and other sexual violence, trans women have higher numbers overall. I would be interested in seeing an updated study (like, 2020 or more recent) because there are way more trans women than before and they are less likely to be prostitutes compared to even 5 to 10 years ago.

Anonymous 96376

Anonymous 96393

males who are attracted to trannoids and virtue signal about dating or fucking them literally disgust me so much. like youre literally just a deranged and perverted freak if you would ever consider fucking a troon. ive seen a bunch of liberal males be like OH i would TOTALLY date an awesome twans gal. well okay now youre completely worthless and undateable in my eyes. have fun with your limp dicks and necrotic shit infested neo """vaginas"""

Anonymous 96399

This. No man can call himself straight while fucking a troon. Any man who says they want to fuck a tranny is in the closet or hasn’t thought about it.

Anonymous 96409

Not to mention every video since he trooned out has been justifying trooning out.
His jk rowling video is what finally peaked me. No real woman acts like that, especially not any sane ones. He's like a drag queen but worse because he gets off on this shit.

Anonymous 96414


It's over

Anonymous 96422


Anonymous 96423


Anonymous 96424

to any anonitas spam following mtf redditors on accounts like "ifollowmen" and "ifollowagps" thank you for your service i am keking myself to the moon and back

Anonymous 96425


Anonymous 96427


The collective doing this made several tranny subreddits go private for awhile, it's really highlighting their fragility. I'm wishing the trolls a very lovely evening, some of the names are absolutely hilarious.

Anonymous 96428



Anonymous 96434

I_Follow_Fake_Women is absolutely sending me. All of these are priceless

Anonymous 96465


My fucking sides
Shame this isn't real and he made all those accounts himself, that's some grade A troon trolling.

Anonymous 96470

The best part of this statement is it can parsed as "Women who identify as men can have periods" or "Men who identify as women can have periods" and this is completely decided from your frame of reference.

Anonymous 96483

Nah, not necessarily. My sister had those too.

Anonymous 96491

>hunger games
>MC is a whole person
sry sis you broke my kino sense there

Anonymous 96492

I know multiple women in my family that have stretch marks like that. Jesus Christ people are looking for troon signs in all the weirdest places in this thread.

Anonymous 96523

I just use the complete word. Not the new word they invented to disassociate themselves from the fetish, but the word that's always been: transsexual. I don't feel like "tranny" offends them as much as using the complete unsanitized word. It's what they are, in the end.

Anonymous 96526

The term "transsexual" wasn't ever a fetish term though.

Anonymous 96532


The original term for their paraphilia, transvestism, always works.
Pic source is Blanchard.

Anonymous 96534

They hated us first. We wouldn't hate them this much if they didn't try to erode our rights and sexually violate us at every opportunity

Anonymous 96536


You clearly know where you are right now and you chose to post here instead of the hundreds of other threads.

Anonymous 96540


I don't know about AGPS but you if you want to offend a HSTS just remind them they are gay men and call them faggots. It affects them everytime even when they may pretend it doesn't

Anonymous 96541



The entire article is highlight worthy, so I'd recommend reading it if you want your blackpill for the day or something.

>The new resources are a tacit admission by officials that women should expect to be raped when housed in prison with men, where all sex is considered non-consensual by default within the system.

>[…] the only methods available to incarcerated women to prevent pregnancy are condoms, which appeared shortly after the men, and Plan B emergency contraceptives.

>Women’s prisons across the state appear to be making final preparations such as these for a massive wave of transfers after nearly 300 requests were initiated following SB 132 going into effect in January of this year. So far, only about 20 of the transfers have been processed (and exactly zero transfer requests have been denied) — leaving hundreds of men, many of whom are sex offenders, awaiting entry into the women’s estate.

>Trusted sources inside California Institute of Women (CIW) tell us that one reason for the backlog in transferring men who have requested transfer is the prison is making the men take a course in how to deal with their fears about living with women. […] The men who wish to transfer need only take a laughable “Right Person, Right Prison” class — which covers hard-hitting topics like: “You may be asked questions, How will you handle that?”, “Trans fears of being housed with cis”, and “What’s in it for you?”.


Related, but most of this article is skippable as it's sympathetic to the trannies. Just highlighting how vile men are.

>[…] at the Central California Women’s Facility in Chowchilla, there’s fear. Inmates say guards have warned them that “men are coming” and to expect sexual violence.

>“That if we think it’s bad now, be prepared for the worst. That it’s going to be off the hook, it’s going to be jumping,” Tomiekia Johnson, 41, said staffers have told her. “They say we’re going to need a facility that’s going to be like a maternity ward. They say we’re going to have an inmate program where inmates become nannies.”

>[…] Concepcion […] said widespread panic about the transfers stems largely from staffers who ask inmates, “What are you going to do when the men get here?”

Anonymous 96544


yup. pic related (posting the right one this time).
its real, /pol/ is doing it. they call it "operation i_follow_men".

Anonymous 96546

Damn I really want to eat some White Pudding now

Anonymous 96547

All of these complaints bar the last one are about TiF abusers though.

Anonymous 96559

my mistake, i guess i was thinking a transman was a man who was trans.

Anonymous 96694

>mens prisons suck so much even some men want someplace else
>instead of fixing the issues, dump them on women
I don’t even.

Anonymous 96695

I don’t see how it’ll fix anything in the long run. The males just start being violent over women instead. They’ll always find an excuse. This ruling just makes the environment more unsafe for women, not the other way around.

Anonymous 96700

that's not why (usually). it's because they're straight men that want to rape female prisoners. the majority of these troons that cry about men's prison end up raping women in prison, read about it.

Anonymous 96713

I know, but that’s what we’re not allowed to state in public.

Anonymous 96816

Atsushi says NO to…

literally the worst

Anonymous 96817


I fell down a fucking rabbit hole. Troons have now reached a new low as soon have taken to a weird racist LARP of Muslim women. You can tell a lot about how they view women considering they've boiled down an entire community of women to a weird bondage dream life. This is horrific

Anonymous 96818


I dont even know what to call this. It's like a weird hybrid of sissy and snow bunny pervert shit. This is insane, how are the LGBT crowd not calling this shit out??

Anonymous 96819

Anti Trans 3 BG.PN…

Anyone like ouran host club?

Anonymous 96820

Pretty sure fat troons have their own porn category somewhere so yes.

Anonymous 96821

>Autogynephilia is pseudo-scientific nonsense
>Proceeds to describe their sexuality as almost verbatim textbook autogynephilia

Anonymous 96823

disgusting. i wish ISIS would throw that troon off a roof. this is how disgusting men are: they think the oppression of women in muslim societies is a FETISH. that coomer should be stoned to death.

Anonymous 96824

and not one of these worthless pieces of shit can get a fucking job and work for their own cosmetic surgery cost? i've had medical emergencies where i had to put the cost on a credit card just to stay alive and paid it off myself. the sheer entitlement of these lazy, perverted cooming bastards floors me. our society keeps becoming more and more decadent and degenerate by the day.
no one under 18 should be allowed on the internet at all. these pedophile groomers can't be stopped and no one is killing them or putting them in jail because our fraudulent political class parasites rub their hands to the destruction of western men via coomerism. in 1821 no one did this shit becuase the parents would beat them to death with a hammer and the whole town would keep it quiet because they agreed. this is a crime against children on par with the "asian" (islamic near easterners) rape gangs in the UK and europe who are organizing the rape of thousands of children in a single city alone. and no one speaks up because they don't want to seem racist. where does it end? people don't even speak up when their children are being raped and mutilated. what the fuck is wrong with this society? what is wrong with everyone? now trannies are going to try to rape me in my own bathroom and when i mace that troon i'll be "canceled" for being a "transphobe". it's just sick. everything is sick and wrong.

Anonymous 96827

I cannot contain my disgust. Troons reduce women into a set of sexual symbols, turn us into a charicaturesque grotesque costume with stage makeup and impractical anime clothing, then masturbate to these symbols they arrange around themselves while demanding we call them real women.

I want to kill them. It's getting harder and harder to contain my disgust. I applied to this program to teach programming to low income women to set them up with a rewarding new career, and despite passing the programming tests with flying colors, I was edged out of election for the program because IT WAS FILLED WITH TRANNIES POSING AS WOMEN. I was fucked out of a six figure career because of TRANNIES. I don't have the money to attend school(the program gave free training) and if I self study I don't have the connections to even get a job. Now I'm continuing in my dead end field because I can't stand the thought of working alongside trannies and studying alongside trannies. Fuck it. It was Ada Developers academy, I'm going to name and shame. Fuck you all. Disgusting troon freaks! Fuck the tech industry. There are no trannies in my current workplace so I'm going to stay where I am.

Anonymous 96828

I get your anger but it really is not that bleak. A lot of successful coders learn on their own online and build a portfolio, which in the end is the key.

Anonymous 96829

> forcibly feminized into a transgender woman and then forced into sex work.
Say that sentence aloud. Multiple times. It is repugnant on many levels and shows the true face of troontroons in its full hairiness.

Anonymous 96830

When you actually stop and think about how actual real life women with lives and aspirations, who live and have loved, are kidnapped and forced into sex slavery by human traffickers, and now this fucker is jacking off because he thinks its hot

Anonymous 96850

So funny, how they fish for compliments. I swear half of tranny dysfunction is a drooling desperation for praise, paired with a social stigma against anyone who doesn't coddle. The manipulative screeching is so typical, and the sheer level of noise they make is absolute proof none of them are as "scared of being attacked" as they claim. No one sane could stand being that publicly pathetic.

Anonymous 96851

People this deeply mentally ill should not be allowed to procreate. Poor kid is going to have to grow up catering to her/his father's fetish psychosis and her/his mother is going shame her/him for being a bad person she/he doesn't comply.

Anonymous 96855

there are none

Anonymous 96859

i don't mind as long as they're homosexual

Anonymous 96860

I posted about this in one of the previous TERF threads, I work in tech and I'm fucking sick of trannies taking up space at events for women in tech. The Grace Hopper conference was not made for them. They did not face the same socialization that we did growing up that made us less likely to pursue this career and they do not deserve access to any of the scholarships or programs that are being made available for women to pursue tech as a career.

I feel like every other normal woman I know in the field has had a horrible experience with a tranny in the workplace or at a conference. Most of us know they are grotesque clowns but we cannot say shit because we work in a field that coddles male feelings.

Anonymous 96861

What if I’m fine with troons who blend in and don’t make a number about themselves and their womanhood, but think that the number of obnoxious hons is too damn high and it’s stupid that we’re not allowed to criticize them in any way?

Anonymous 96862

Gotta give it to the scrotes, a pretty genious way of continuing to keep the field male-exclusive, and to ensure their old frat mates still get the good spots. Ugh.

Anonymous 96863

I bet none of the hires is a feminist either, unless they’re ”lesbians” of course, in which case they either just pay lip service expecting sexual favors in return (and seething when they don’t receive them), or fantasize about fetishy mass castrations and stuff.

Anonymous 96865

i understand completely. i seriously worry about having kids when there's shit like this out there. i read irreversible damage and it said that elementary schools (not sure but i think canada) will teach kids about transgenderism and if the kids want to choose new pronouns they will use them and not tell the parents. i also looked into the youtube channel "whose body is it" and they said planned parenthood will get you hrt in secret and all you have to do is a blood test and they don't even wait for the results. honestly what is safe? private school? is there some alaskan island this hasn't spread to?

Anonymous 96868

Fine and healthy. Just don't stop being critical towards the quiet ones either, if they really are alright they'll be able to take it. That kind of grace in trannies is one in a million, kind of a miracle to find one who isn't constantly melting down and smearing shit on the walls, but it's not an absolution either. Don't assume nothing's wrong just because one learned to shut up for two seconds.

Anonymous 96870


Reading a book in the privacy of your own home is literally violence. It’s hilarious how much JKR and Harry Potter live rent-free in their heads, I think they’re mad that she’s too big to cancel.

Anonymous 96872

Trannies who "pass" often look like plastic bimbo barbie dolls like blair white.
Trannies who don't pass just look like shitty drag queens (Caitlyn Jenner to give a quintessential example).

Anonymous 96879

amazing. especially love scrolling through his twitter and seeing nothing but him calling himself #muslimslut #hijabslut

also, very simple. they don't actually care about muslims. fugly upper class men and their crocodile tears matter more than muslim women.

Anonymous 96881

> Even rightwing moids are strangely accepting of mtfs
is it strange? they're closet homos, they hate women, and believe women have stupid ladybrains. all seems to gel pretty well with their philosophy. the only potential argument comes from a religious worldview from the belief that what they're doing is "unnatural" but even then, the ladybrain belief and their investment in male supremacy trumps a lot of the religious influence.

Anonymous 96886

The problem with not minding the "quiet" trannies is that when you have to face a loud one, the quiet one is going to take his side and you'll be outnumbered 2 to 1. A quiet cancer is still a cancer.

Butterscotch 96887

Blaire White only passes until you take his Instagram angles away. Ever see those pictures of him in a bikini with actually women friends? Hes tall, wide shoulders, flat ass, no curves. He can only pass with his editing and angles

Anonymous 96891


sounds like they are closet muslims to me, i heard in iran homo's are forced to get a sex change

Anonymous 96894


I tried that thing on Twitter and the account didn't even last a day before it got locked KEK. I hate Jack.

Anonymous 96897

Kek, nice

Butterscotch 96899

Yeah, you're right. I'm so used to the usual lolcow farm mtf sperging that sometimes I forget about how weird they are about women who don't look a certain way. I gotta unlearn that knee jerk "wide shoulders flat ass" reaction, my apologies

Anonymous 96902

Sorry, samefag, I just realised my thing is set to have my posts marked with Butterscotch. Its automatic from the Horse Roleplay thread nobody ban me for namefagging

Anonymous 96906

Now everyone knows that you're Butterscotch from the Horse Roleplay thread.

Anonymous 96907

yeah, they are forced in iran, but christian men are huge secret homos too.

Anonymous 96924


Butterscotch says "NO" to letting troons have the power to shut down rape crisis clinics just because they were not inclusive to troons, who are themselves the rapists and abusers we seek sanctuary from

Anonymous 96925

You're not even wrong about companies profiting from pushing the troon agenda. The media is already doing it and has been for years. At some point, some greedy little rat fuck in the entertainment industry seen people making fan art of gay Marvel characters and turning Hammilton actors into genderspecials and realised that they could make HUGE money pandering to these twats simply by giving them the ships and shit that they want to see. Why do you think every "cool" show that people push all the time either have big time queer baiting or straight up has a cast of LGBT characters as their gimmick? It's not hard for other companies to partake in whatever hot topic gives them money

Anonymous 96927

Wonder if the term LGBT is going to be turned to TLGB in a few years.

Anonymous 96928

Exactly, and this is how they could push the women’s rights backwards.
>we’re not misogynistic, see, our female peers approve of marital rape and child brides

Anonymous 96934

Why? Just WHY?

Anonymous 96936


Anonymous 96939

>after she allegedly assaulted a child

Anonymous 96949

>she won't shut up about it
No she won't, and that's why she's amazing. JK Rowling seems too good to belong to this timeline.

Anonymous 96953

Red pill me on JKR. I thought she catered to the sjw by saying everyone is gay?

Anonymous 96966

I saw some study about attitudes regarding TiMs in female spaces recently and it was thoroughly blackpilling. It was mostly men and older women being opposed to troons in our spaces, young women mostly bought into the "be kind" bullshit. It makes me wonder what point there is in being a feminist if women are this fucking doormats and we have to rely on men to help us anyway.

Anonymous 96967

Men and older women don’t get tracked, doxxed, dogpiled, and cancelled for expressing their views, because they don’t gatekeep access to attractive pussy.

Anonymous 96983

in the /pol/ versus reddit tranny war the troons got so btfo they switched their subs to private and the admin are developing new features in the follow feature to stop the trolls. now THAT is privilege. someone makes fun of you and an entire website changes its functionality to cater to you.

Anonymous 96994

They're not going to react to troons being negative because the majority of libfems are white middle-class femoids that take the "privilege" meme hard. It is literally impossible to disarm troons using the "privilege" argument, thus they completely excuse any wrongdoing on the account of the troon being less "privileged". If there weren't inherent guilt associated with Intersectionality, maybe you would have a chance, but libfems have intentionally endorsed a game they actively lose and believe it is their moral responsibility to lose this game.

Anonymous 97029

Anon, libfems think its empowering to have an OnlyFans and air out their kink lifestyles in public. You are literally asking if prostitutes who profit off degenerates and DDLGers who are themselves kindred spirits to the degenerate troons are ok with the idea of sexually demented cross dressers lurking around being horrible.

I'm willing to take criticism for this but libfems are as bad as the troons themselves more than half the time. That's why they're ok with troons being troons

Anonymous 97032

Are there any records of this war? I want to know the heroes in the face

Anonymous 97036

I would expect even the most bootlicking of libfems to get the hint that troons are dangerous when they're literally out here every single day posting about r wording underage lesbians and graphically detailing murder fantasies about old women who don't understand pronouns. Like you'd expect them to maybe realize that this movement isn't in their best interest when the fifth mtf this week has been accused of sexually harassing children in locket rooms and impregnation inmates in female prisons. Or maybe when they see literally any big name tranny activist on twitter talk casually about their fetish of dressing up as a little kid and role-playing sa

Even the dumbest and most complicit of libfems has to know deep down that this is all bullshit and a movement literally built on destroying the female once and for all

Anonymous 97040

i wonder how long an account saying "i follow bitches/sluts" would last

Anonymous 97041

Years. Decades. Centuries

Anonymous 97057

>It is literally impossible to disarm troons using the "privilege" argument
But this is what I don't get. Most of them are white middle-class highly educated males. wasn't that supposed to be peak privilege?

Anonymous 97059


Read this book and support this qween

Anonymous 97097


Anonymous 97098


Anonymous 97099

god help me.jpeg


Anonymous 97100



Anonymous 97108

lovely troon "Street Angel" is most definitely turned on by the idea of prostitution

Anonymous 97110

He’s cute and has nice hair, shame he’s mentally ill.

Anonymous 97116


Are you prepared for the battle of bathrooms?

Anonymous 97119

>the 41% myth was real
it is

Anonymous 97121

>But this is what I don't get. Most of them are white middle-class highly educated males. wasn't that supposed to be peak privilege?
Not if they're gay, not if they're troons. LGBT > Women in the privilege games every time. This is why the pity olympics is a horrible game to play.

Anonymous 97133

i like keking at the vile shit troons say on the internet but i wonder if there are any books written by them? i want to go to my libfem friends and say ''i just read the most misogynistic book ever and it was written by an awesome trans gal!''

Anonymous 97137

Anything by Andrea Long Chu

Anonymous 97168


The tranch troons literally got geared up and into their car to photoshoot for a fake op to save another tranny from "a white supremacists den and cult".

Anonymous 97169

Women apropaching menopausal age, let along ANY women, have no business with T-Gel. Fucking drug pushers.

Anonymous 97170


They got another fluff piece recently, but just look at the pic they used LOL.

Anonymous 97171

Skin shedding. People mention the limb regrowth, but I really don't think that's it. Snakes carry too heavy of symbolism to use, so lizards work.

Anonymous 97174


Anonymous 97178

We need another war.

Anonymous 97182

If you've never lived in a predominantly right-wing area, I can see how this is surprising to you. I'm from an area in the USA that practiced forced sterilization on "undesirables" as recently as the 80s; and shock therapy on gay kids as recently as the early 00s before it was banned. They're all for this shit. They supported the fucking Bathroom Bill for a reason: to simultaneously seem progressive and get more business from liberals while they can continue their Jesus-driven butchering. It's so easy for people to get hormones here, you'd think we were in Canada.

Here, you will literally meet christian evangelists who see trannies as acceptable while thinking lgb are a perverted anomaly who need to trans for everyone else's benefit. Combine that with these parts having the highest rate of femicide, and you have a very Iranian "solution" to this shit. Any group that enforces strict gender rigidity will be over TRA shit from their own angle.

Anonymous 97183

I certainly don't, and never will. A moid is a moid, through and through. A lot of gyns here have some unpacking to do.

Anonymous 97185

You're not crazy. >>96925 is on the money. I will add to this with my own observations from an American perspective (because it's ours and the UK's fault, lets not lie):

>I noticed that hormone pushing went up as the opioid crisis took a blow to the opioid and benzo industry, which was peddled just as freely, if not more

>All of the 'gender affirming' surgeries will require lifetime dependence upon pain pills, especially moids and their axe wounds, but also Aidens who seem to often end up with horrible mastectomy's handled much worse than, say, a breast cancer survivor, so painful scarring is a possibility. That isn't even starting on the balloon penis.
>All of them have comorbid mental illnesses which would likely have benzos (Xanax) as an optional medication. While not an opioid, the sales of it took a major hit during the crisis because of pain clinics also giving out various benzos like Xanax and Valium. So the potential of eschewing real therapy for yes men and a doctor who'll write any script they want is rising due to medical practicioners who want to be on the "right" side of history" and those who are just flat-out greedy
>With the children, they're literally grooming children into humans that become dependent on big pharma. The media and merch put out for a quick profit under the guise of representation and good intentions is just a side effect, if not commissioned by lobbyists. We see this with Jazz Jennings and they seem to be the rule, not the exception.

I tried to keep the word salad and tinfoil hatting down, but this has been a slow, very observable descent into madness


Wonder if that was the tranny everyone said who was in the park getting high on heroin during the riots?

Anonymous 97187

There was a good article by a TiM about how trannies never gave JKR a chance for forgiveness, so of course she ran into the arms of Le Terves. I can't find it because I'm pretty sure I saw it on Medium where there are at least 10,000 articles crying about JKR.

It was "good" in that he had some microscopic of sympathy, while his narcissism lamented never getting the chance to gaslight her, as they do.


Holy shit he looks like a Realdoll, dead face and all.


I'm somewhat jealous of those who are sincerely surprised that rightwingers are TRAs, but I'm glad that more people are speaking up about how nuanced these lunatics are. The very basis of historical sex reassignment surgery starts from shitty, theologically or politically enforced stereotypes.

Anonymous 97196


>younger sister is in the early stages of trooning out
God please why? I hate this country so much.
At least my parents don't buy into the propaganda, but I wish we knew how to help her.

Anonymous 97199


My best friend is identifying as a he.

She's bi, doesn't fit in with girls so much, likes to dress boyish, and has some boyish hobbies. Has a few friends outside of school who validate this new behaviour.

Can I peak her before she gets surgery?

Anonymous 97201

Your best bet is to isolate her from troon friends. This helps in the scenario where it's socially influenced, but, there is the possibility she intrinsically has the propensity to troon out, and in that case, you're just fucked.

You're not going to "peak" someone who is already identifying, you can only "peak" those on the side of "I accept it, but that's not me." To repeat advice, isolating from troon reinforcement is your best option, as if she's the impressionable type it's coming from them. This doesn't work for every TiF.

Anonymous 97208

I can't separate her from these people who make her feel better about her terrible choices. I hope it's not too late

Anonymous 97219

Yeah, we're planning on finding better friends for her and getting rid of her wacko therapist who encourages this shit and tells her things like "suicide is an option".

Anonymous 97223

To be honest I would totally listen to a therapist who says "Suicide is an option". Would probably be the first time I've ever met one that appreciates my intellectual faculties.

Anonymous 97226

I saw two troons today and it ruined my day. 2. 2 of these disgusting creatures.

>get on bus this morning

>look up
>huge thick hairy legs of someone over 6' tall under the hem of a dress
>not only is this person enormously tall, but they're built like a linebacker after a holiday binging, covered with hair, and the skin is tough-looking like an old fisherman's
>look up
>the most obviously male male ever to male, a fucking caveman grug, in a sundress
>feel nauseous
>leaving my workplace
>almost out
>a fucking troon strolls into the building lobby carrying a bag of fried chicken
>5'10 balding soyboy in a fucking dress
>fell nauseous

why the fuck are troons allowed outside? being disgusting in public should be illegal. if someone walked around caked in feces they would get arrested by the cops (unless it was seattle or san fransisco i guess where that kind of literal shit flies.) why are troons allowed to be a public nuisance? it's disgusting. it's so fucking disgusting it's a man in a dress IT'S A MAN IN A DRESS

Anonymous 97227

in the other thread aren't you girls lining up to take the jab from big pharma? the same big pharma responsible for the opiod crisis and the great troon-out? the corporations who are happy to destroy the lives of millions of people just so long as they can make a profit off it?

modern "science" is a sham. academia went off the rails sometime prior to the 90s.

Anonymous 97229

>their truth
Please kill yourself. Anyone who uses hypocritical language like 'my truth' should be shot.

Anonymous 97231

Seeing something offensive, grotesque or distressing is being a nuisance, we have laws against that

Anonymous 97232

Ladies, please love yourselves and stop replying to obvious moid shit. Just report and move on.

Anonymous 97237

I didn't know it was illegal to be ugly. As much as I hate troons, advocating for beauty standards as far as who should be allowed in public sounds like moid talk.

Anonymous 97246

It's less about being ugly and more about being unkempt.

Anonymous 97255

men say the same shit about women who dare not to shave. i know troons dont shower or bathe so it's different lmao

Anonymous 97260

Ntayrt but homeless people aren't ebegging for plastic surgery and threatening to kill themselves if you don't use their preferred pronouns.

You'd think a group of people whos whole personality is about wanting to LARP/look like a woman who adheres to beauty standards would actually try to, you know, adhere to those beauty standards. TIMs are just failures at everything they do.

Anonymous 97262

Anonymous 97267

Yes, THIS. Why do all e begging troons always have to write a biopic that includes being thrown out of their home, living in hotel rooms, someone coming to murder them, someone physically abusing them, being mentally ill and needing medication, but the thing they want financial help with is penis go bye bye surgery?

Anonymous 97269

Jesus, I love my friends, but one of them is a total handmaiden. As I type this she is messaging me all about how she read that the recent Wi Spa incident with the troon who was called out for walking around his cock out was just something made up by a woman who is a Trump fangirl as an excuse to rally her TERF gang outside at the protest, completely unaware that troons are awful people who do this all the time and that this is some kind of weird justification for how those pro faggot protesters assaulted random people outside a spa that actually agreed with them

Anonymous 97287


I wanted to provide an update on this post, my friend stopped wearing her wedding ring, sounds like she's getting ready for divorce!

I'm very proud of her for sticking up for herself and not allowing her gross husband to manipulate her.

To make it worse he is having an affair and his side piece is "helping with the girly stuff". Beyond that he's just being super manipulative and secretive with her, so it seems like his selfish behavior has helped a lot with helping her make the choice. I think her being straight probably helped with making the call as well, but it sucks that her soon to be ex husband will be immune to criticism while she is the one being hurt.

Ty for all the advice everyone.

Anonymous 97289


any time my husband and I see a troon out in the wild, we just look at each other wideeyed in mock horror until the weirdo walks away- my husband has started referring to them as shiny pokemon when we are out and about as code for them. Makes it a bit more fun to play spot the tranny on errands.

A troon came up right next to me when I was picking out eggs at the store last week, big hulking beast with frizzy hair and a dress, and the fucker was whispering about the eggs "ooh yes let's pick you little guys teehee" not a foot away from me. I wanted to die, the dude smelled like old onions. Who the hell talks to themselves when someone else is standing right next to them?

Anonymous 97300

I bet most americans see troons that way

Anonymous 97381

LMAO looks like an 80s rocker

Anonymous 97385


>he is having an affair
I'm seeing red

Anonymous 97464

kek I love how troons keep alternating between saying that AGP isn't real and isn't what makes them trans, and that AGP is normal and all women have it.
tfw you love the androgynous 80s rocker look but almost everyone who sports it these days is either an AGP moid or an FTM nonbinary genderspecial.

Anonymous 97476

THANK GOD anon this is really for the best, your friend will be so much happier without a brain dead moid in her life. just be there for her and stick up for her if anyone in your friend group tries to be coy

Anonymous 97477

just a heads up if you post the "you will never be a real woman" copypasta on /lgbt/ you get a three day ban from all boards automatically. post doesn't even get made.

Anonymous 97479

>Who the hell talks to themselves when someone else is standing right next to them?
He was probably trying to get your attention, moids like to talk to themselves around women in the hopes of getting a response but to have plausible deniability if they don't.

Anonymous 97492


So moids doing the shit we hate them for (fetishizing us and LARPing as us to gain access to our spaces, and abusing and raping and harassing women - especially lesbians) is fine, but he draws the line at us not being fond of them? Sure, terfs hate men, but never in the same way or to the same degree they hate and seethe at actual women, picrel.

A site that allows actual slurs (regardless of how you feel about them, they certainly have never cared about censoring words before) protects troons this hard, how unsurprising. /lgbt/ is a cesspool of troons (they truly do colonize every space they get!), so I'm sure 4chan itself is infested with tranny jannies.

Anonymous 97493

>A site that allows actual slurs (regardless of how you feel about them, they certainly have never cared about censoring words before) protects troons this hard, how unsurprising. /lgbt/ is a cesspool of troons (they truly do colonize every space they get!), so I'm sure 4chan itself is infested with tranny jannies.
/lgbt/ is a blueboard so it's on the "sfw" portion of 4chan now. You're banned for posting porn, racist slurs, or apparently lgbt slurs too now.

Anonymous 97499

>Sure, terfs hate men, but never in the same way or to the same degree they hate and seethe at actual women, picrel.
i really don't think so. "terfs" or even most women who say they "hate men", don't hate men. they hate their behavior and attitudes. it's not as if, if men changed their behavior, these women would still have an irrational, inherent hatred toward them just because they're male. many of these women are straight or bi anyways. men just hate us no matter our behavior, the same way they hate POC for not being white.

Anonymous 97542


>You're banned for posting porn, racist slurs, or apparently lgbt slurs too now.
LOL! Are we sure trans hormones and surgeries aren’t somehow way to “clean up” the internet?
Unrelated but have this image from the other evil terf imageboard

Anonymous 97556

I want them all to 41%

Anonymous 97558

And the fact that they don't even recognize their hatred as hatred. They don't just hate us as humans, they don't see us as as humans. And that is the biggest "fuck you" to women. They don't say "women are shitty people", they just say we are shitty.

Anonymous 97559


You mean you want them to 100%?

Anonymous 97561

>I'm sure 4chan itself is infested with tranny jannies.
it 100% is. i tried making a thread about irrevesible damage on /lit/ and it got deleted twice.

Anonymous 97619


Can someone give me a couple of TERFs on youtube/bitchute/spotify(if that even exists) to listen to?

Still new here and lurking but need to be redpilled on troons asap. Liked that one girl who shittalked riley dennis a couple years back, had her own clothing and loved all things harry potter

Anonymous 97624



Anonymous 97725

Unfortunately it is not. It's just a made up number. TIMs actually have lower suicide and murder rates compared to the general population.

Anonymous 97729


Anonymous 97730

in my country, #punktoo hash gained popularity recently, exposing figures in the punk scene abusing women.
its offshoot, #hippiestoo, frequently mentions a certain poem-writing transwoman, apparently also prominent in left wing circles.
they predate after young girls and women in the hippie and anarchist scenes.
i’m shocked, but not surprised.

Anonymous 97733

Lol, no. I'm not your research jockey. Go to radblr and search under radblr tags. You'll find all the information with sources from factfems.

Anonymous 97762


Detransition, baby is an option that you could even pass off as having an innocuous interest in since it was nominated for a prize.

Anonymous 97774


can't speak for every girl but i hated being forced to wear pigtails and dresses. i also wonder if they'd find the idea of being wolf whistled at by 40 year old men at the age of 14 "validating" because i sure as fuck didn't. this is why i can't sympathize with them, as hard as i may have tried in the past.

Anonymous 97775

Troons never think of womens hardships anon. When they can, they think of it in the male frame. Being wolf-whistled at by 40 year old men means they're attractive and they pass, so that's awesome. Not terrifying and degrading.

Being groped on the bus by a fat fuck Pakistani on the way home from school when you're 10 and scared shitless and feel like you deserve it because you were the one who wanted more independence and asked for a bus pass for your birthday? Having to run to an old man who sort of looks like your grandpa and whisper to him that you're scared so that he'll protect you?
Having cars stop full of pakistani men who try to pull you into the car? Having to humiliate yourself by telling your parents and then them telling the school and police so that girls are warned and advised to walk in groups on the way home?
Having one of your mothers friends put his hand under your skirt at 11 and then being told to apologize because "it was only a joke!" when you slapped him?
Having to start yelling "Hello dad? Can you pick me up from school? I'm ready to go home now!" because a particularly creepy old lesbian IT teacher with a suspiciously mannish stubble cornered you and started eyeing you up and down like a slab of meat when you wanted to use the computer lab after school for homework and fun?
Having a pair of dipshit moids run up behind you and squeeze your tits and ass in the hallway and then having it treated as trivial by the teacher and being told to accept their stills sniggering, completely false apology?
Being followed through parks by creeps who are obviously staring at you and learning never to wear anything you can't run in, just in case.

No no, all of that is peachy, growing up like a real girl is a hoot, man they sure missed out on growing up as their "real" gender, think of all the awesome attention and validation!

Anonymous 97804

Screenshot (9).png

Anonymous 97808

These guys fetishize female puberty and little girls getting harassed, that's why they think growing up as a girl would be great. They fail to comprehend that without their porn-sick adult minds, it wouldn't be though.

Anonymous 97822

And it's exactly why they freak the fuck out when women point out growing up female is a completely different experience than growing up male bodied. Deep down they wish they're jealous of the trauma women have experienced.

Anonymous 97826

Meanwhile, their eq…

Anonymous 97828

The cult is real.

Anonymous 97840

Just heard about the tranny that smashed their autogynephile mobile. It might be obvious that he's drunk, but at first glance who can really tell since they all basically act and sound like this. Notice the front window isn't destroyed or even damaged, so he posed himself on the ground in front of the car and forced the EMTs and cops to walk him out. The yelling and "crying" hasn't failed to make me chuckle, sounds like the classic fake narcissist cry to me.

Anonymous 97842


Will you settle for an old screenshot from the Kiwis?

Anonymous 97844

he doesn't seem drunk at all to me, just a brazenly nasty and openly narcissistic man, as you say.

Anonymous 97848

Trans ethnostate.p…

Anonymous 97851

is this a well known tripfag?

Anonymous 97861


Men take any opportunity to bash women, don't they? I just want to laugh at retarded trannies and there's always a few of these cunts around. Men have been found to be worse drivers, including being significantly more likely to cause auto accidents anyway. Twat.

Anonymous 97863

Don't forget that males commonly kill themselves and their entire families by driving their cars into big trucks, and that they're 99% of road rage incidents.

Anonymous 97864

love that these assholes are literally charged more for car insurance because they're such careless, asshole drivers that kill themselves and others waaay more frequently, but they bitch about women driving.

>In addition, men happen to get into more collisions overall than women. Data from Statistics Canada shows that of the 1,851 deaths reported in 2018, 1,313 involved male drivers — accounting for 29 per cent of overall deaths that year — compared to 538 involving female drivers.

Anonymous 97866

pretty much every tranny on /lgbt/ is a tripfag, they just treat it like a discord with the tranny jannies acting as their own personal moderators

Anonymous 97877


Every single thing men say about women is pure projection and nothing else

Anonymous 97878


That's how these vermins cope with their inferiority

Anonymous 97889

god they are fucking delusional

Anonymous 97902

women truly live rent free in their fucked heads huh?

Anonymous 97940


I feel physically ill

Anonymous 97951

he looks like those ugly disney 3D cartoons

Anonymous 97952


Young woman dating an older trans woman asks if it's normal that the neovagina smells like shit. Sad.

Anonymous 97961

If you ever feel bad remember that you aren't them.

Anonymous 97973

>talking with someone about a troon
>use "he"
>person corrects me that it's "she"
>simply ignore them and keep up conversation
>speak about the troon without using any pronouns via careful wording
I have never in my life called a troon "she" and never will. It's a man in a dress.

Anonymous 97974

imagine being HR and hiring a creature that plays sexual fetish games at work. i wonder if that creature will manage to get paid parental leave for shoving pillows under its clothes.

i found out troons can get their electrolysis (hair removal) covered by insurance. i can't get that, i have to pay for it myself. this is troon privilege.

Anonymous 97975

maybe, he was posting in facebook maternity and pregnancy groups and taking domperidone to induce lactation so the LARP goes pretty deep. he probably claimed his weeping man nips were proof of pregnancy

Anonymous 97977

>diamond bar
lmao i know someone from that town. typical commiefornia shithole of bougie shitlibs.

how the fuck did that troon get that car
>literary prize for women
>they give it to a cooom brained moid
just yet another case of moids breaking down walls to invade female spaces. every troon is a walking act of violence against women. remember, ladies: carry a gun, you never know when a troon will try to sexually assault you.

Anonymous 97979

…I should fake a pregnancy too. what are they going to do, demand a birth certificate? it's even easier if you get a work from home job.

Anonymous 98008

really? diamond bar is mostly full of asian immigrant families, from my experience they don't tend to be too woke.

Anonymous 98026

why do you insist on making it obvious that you're politically illiterate

Anonymous 98027

This is a fucking pedo 100%. Pedos frequently imagine themselves being the little girl, and it usually goes with AGP.
>I can still be a little girl
>which I may as well be
I hope he gets shot.

Anonymous 98040

i think what pisses me off the most about shit like this is the fucking smugness, troons constantly berate real women for having biological bodily functions exclusive to women while smugly emulating said functions in the cringiest ways
>uwu my girlclit is so big
>uwu my girlnipples are lactating (puss)
>uwu i'm 37 weeks into my girlpregnancy (engorged obese stomach of fast food)
>uwu i'm on my girlperiod (dilated too roughly and tore open inverted penis)

Anonymous 98116


Anonymous 103655

I'm still able to post "You will never be a woman" just not the whole copypasta. It seems to be a common response

Anonymous 103950

This is result of abuse by his mother.
This show is so disgusting it hurts.
I can't event put it in words.

Anonymous 104101

Wow. I've been browsing TERF forums for years but this is probably the most nauseating post I've ever seen. I went to the comments in the forlorn hope that someone calls OP on his misogyny but the reality was much more depressing. Top comment:
>Ah, yes. The "Do I want to fuck you, kill you or be you?" envyragecrush. Yeah, that's a thing. Not even just a trans thing, though I think we've probably got some special self-loathing twists of our own that we can put on it.The only cure I know of is getting drunk, listening to Bikini Kill at high volume and dancing around in your underwear.
Everything's "totally A Valid Thing" with its own childish “quirky” name with these people, they all sound like 12yo tumblrites. No bro, this isn’t “totally a normal thing, and not just a trans thing”. I’ve had jealousy-crushes on men I’ve envied, but I’ve never fucking wanted to kill them because I’m not a psychopathic bloodthirsty moid. I spend a lot of time around meek liberal zoomers so I truly forget how much men violently hate us deep down; luckily troons have the audacity to boldly remind me in no uncertain terms because they can afford to literally wanting to kill women and still collect oppression asspats from the woke crowd.
Also, listening to Bikini Kill for the “fierce feminist punk badass” aesthetic and dancing around in your underwear? Holy shit, are you literally 12-year-old tryhard who still thinks their life is a YA movie? This man is over 21? These men are so emotionally stunted. No wonder they want to pretend to be children. Leave BK the fuck alone. BK didn’t fight their way onto the punk scene, write radical feminist lyrics about sex-based oppression, and fight off angry males assaulting them at their own shows for you to shake your pathetic flat AGP ass to.

Other comment highlights:
>a man who is baffled that his conventionally-beautiful mother isn’t very happy “even though she gets lots of attention from men”, as if it’s difficult to understand why a woman’s fulfillment wouldn’t revolve around male attention
>a man who is “so sorry that OP is going through this” as if he’s somehow the victim here
>another tranny unintentionally absolutely BTFOs OP at his own game by asking “How do you know she’s not trans?” I think this is how we can make the troons cannibalize themselves

Anonymous 106783

i can't stop to feel like escaping into ftm bullshit

Anonymous 106913

>it's most likely one of the worst things someone can experience
They are so disgustingly self absorbed and delusional

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