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Kpop Thread Anonymous 16016

Anonymous 16017


witchcraft anonnettes can one of you hex BTS

Anonymous 16018

Isn't that E-Dawn?

Anonymous 16019

Yes what’s your point

Anonymous 16020

why post him instead of bts

Anonymous 16021

Now I understand why anons call this a retard containment thread

Anonymous 16022

You nailed it tbh. I’m an ex btsfag who has grown very jaded towards them. I have a LOT of legitimate criticisms and some contempt, but it’s nowhere near what I see here. The hate here is very obviously from bitter smfags at this point. I could give a fuck about Exo or NCT.

Anonymous 16023


Look at the date of the tweet:
- Jungkook and another stage in directing, he will not be only direct his own videos!

Anonymous 16024

Barely anybody talks about Bts in these threads anymore, it’s just Nctzens spamming their shit faves acting like they hate them.
Also this thread is full with KPC refugees from LC so it’s really not bitter “Exohags” lol

Anonymous 16025

Not ratmys pretending that the only way you could hate bts is If youre a bitter exofag kek

Anonymous 16026

Yes, to contain people like you.

Anonymous 16027

Irene always came of as a bitch, good that it’s now confirmed. I hope she treats the other members not the same way. I feel sorry for them

Anonymous 16028

what does everyone think about the twice teaser? it kind of sounds more retro and im lowkey kind of excited, but always ready to be disappointed per usual

also the fucking people sperging about nctfags are more annoying than nctfags, just bring up new topics instead of screeching about how it's not what you want to talk about

Anonymous 16029

I’m very sorry anon but I had brain aneurysm trying to decipher what you just wrote

Anonymous 16030

I like it but why does JYP spoil the entire hook for their teasers lol.
Seems like Nayeon got a vocal coach because she’s singing in her range finally.

Anonymous 16031

yup, she always had that stanky diva face on camera, like the conversation we had in the previous thread, it's literally her job to be smile and not glare and be a bitch on camera

glad she's getting exposed for being a diva and bitch, i wonder if the other rumors about sm divas are true (mainly krystal lol)

Anonymous 16032

no, no one is as annoying as the nctzens itt

Anonymous 16033


When will King Taeyeon come out as bi

Anonymous 16034

It sounds really good. Jihyo looks pretty

Anonymous 16035

I don't really care for it but at least it sounds like a step-up from More & More, that song was complete ass.
How do anons feel about the fact that two members (Mina and now Jeongyeon) have had to take breaks from the group due to anxiety?

Anonymous 16036

Krystal isn’t a bitch, she’s just real
Deal with it

Anonymous 16037

Twice teasers are always better than the actual song

Anonymous 16038

honestly seeing how the industry is im not surprised at all, it's sad but it's how it is

at least they're given the option to take time off instead of being forced to prance around on camera and pretend everything is ok

as much as i dislike nayeon for her botched face and stanky attitude (another irene?), do have to give her props for not completely losing it when she had that stalker situation, i would be terrified to step outside even with protection because that dude was actually unhinged

Anonymous 16039

They are obviously overworked so not surprising

Anonymous 16040

Nayeon has an attitude?

Anonymous 16041

Everyone’s always preaching about how JYP idols have the best treatment among idols but seeing Twice’s situation …. lol

Anonymous 16042

i bet thats how you see irene then too kek
being "real" is not an excuse to be a bitch and treat other people like shit, sorry not sorry

besides, like people have said, it is literally their job to at least look palpatable on camera, and no one wants to see your grumpy ass face pouting and sulking, having one bad day is fine but she literally is always sulking or otherwise pissed on camera

Anonymous 16043

Ok Krystalfag

Anonymous 16044

Maybe this has been talked about before but as former stans/fans of any group, what criticisms do y’all have?

Anonymous 16045

Sorry but lol when did Krystal ever treat anybody badly like Irene did. Pd’s and people BTS always praise her for her attitude at the work place.

Remember this is exactly the sort of shit people said about Sulli and Krystal during Red Light era, I won’t fall for it
There are so many male idols who have the same indifferent attitude like Krystal but they’re complimented for it even if they half ass shit on stage and trash talk fans
Krystal never did shit that warrants this attitude from you guys so knock it off lol, girl suffered enough.

Anonymous 16046

Is your entire shtick to reply “ok fan of this idol fag”
Fucking contribute newfag

Anonymous 16047

i followed twice in the beginning and fell off for a few years and became more of a casual listener, but she came off super bitchy (either by her own fault or through editing) during the entire filming of sixteen, not to mention there's quite a few clips of her looking visibly annoyed or mean at members and then switching her expression when she realizes there's a filming camera on her

ngl she gives me total aoa jimin vibes, maybe it's the punchable face that's making it worse, but she was always my least favorite because she felt the most stuck up

always happy to discuss (please dont attack me for my opinion), but would love to see cases where she isnt being a bitch

plus ive seen "insider" rumors on various forums saying a gg member was being an asshole to staff (now we know its likely irene), but the other biggest speculation was always nayeon and i dont think that comes without at least some evidence

Anonymous 16048

Her stalker is still active, unfortunately. But he's currently getting cockblocked by the coronavirus which is keeping him out of South Korea, at least.

Anonymous 16049

Anonymous 16050

thats what they all said about irene before all this started coming out, do you really think she switches off the bitchy vibe when she goes backstage and is nice and bubbly around staff? no one wants to work around someone who's snobby and cold and has a diva attitude, and maybe yes she's not verbally abusing staff, but its unlikely she's very nice to them either just considering how unprofessional she is on camera

netizens gave jennie so much deserved shit for being half assed and a bitchy diva on camera and even though i dont like her, you do have to give her credit for changing the way she interacts because she knows its her job

but yeah, poor krystal's been through a lot (even though all the shit that's happened has occurred recently, and her criticism has followed her entire stint with fx)

you can stan an artist and also acknowledge her flaws, krystal's biggest one is that she's not fit to be an idol because she cant (rightly or wrongly) maintain the attitude needed to be one

girl wouldve been better off as a model honestly since they're all fine with them being frigid bitches

Anonymous 16051

it wasn't a stylist, but a female fashion/magazine editor.

Anonymous 16052

you do realise there's multiple anons who do that, right

Anonymous 16053

im pretty sure he hates physical fanservice, i dont think he minds stupid comments

also this just sounds like him purposely taking the piss and being annoying with yuta because theyre friends but it's cringey af

Anonymous 16054

Where is this from?

Anonymous 16055


couple more in this article (sorry it's koreaboo) but tldr in case you didnt want to give them traffic:

>2 videographers/directors subtweeting about it

>several "insiders" chiming in, apparently she had a habit of bunging and throwing shit when she was upset lol


Anonymous 16056

not to mention they always said how she got her own practice room because trainees were too scared of her, but ofc her stupid fans always chalked it up as

"omg shes so pretty she intimidates them"

so much stuff now just sounds worse, the chick has been a bitch for a long time and it's been allowed because she's pretty, im glad she's going down for it

usually female idol criticism is unwarranted and nitpicky, but if you're regularly making people cry over stupid shit and throwing stuff on a regular basis you deserve to get dragged

Anonymous 16057

Throwing shit? That's insane and definitely needs to be addressed. But are you sure you got that from the Koreaboo article? Because I don't see any mention of throwing things anywhere in that article.
I did find this on a different article, though:
>The insider recounts moments including Irene grabbing onto her stylists’ heads for balance as they fitted her shoes while kneeling down, of her flicking her staff’s heads as well as a staff being deathly afraid when she was asked to wake Irene up for a filming.

Anonymous 16058


yup, here's the comment about her throwing stuff (its a blanket but still, thats so disrespectful and unprofessional to be flinging things off your lap just because you're annoyed)

also grabbing someone's head for balance…what the fuck? why not just use their shoulder or something, especially since it's a big nono in asia to be touching other people's heads without their permission…i feel like this is going to start a storm of accounts, she honestly sounds horrible to work with

Anonymous 16059

Well she isn’t an idol anymore lol she was for like 5 years
She never has had any attitude in fan events or on stage so it’s unfair to say she is unfit to be an idol because she doesn’t bother to have a happy face on a few variety shows, an idols job is to be appealing to fans, be pretty, skinny, dance and sing which she does well
I would be pissed an grumpy 24/7 had I been pimped out by my parents to a talent agency at a young age and especially somewhere like SM who overworks her until she faints enough for her to be known by it

Anonymous 16060

your fave is a bitch, just deal with it lol
you can still like her and watch her shit, no one's going to hold that against you. it's not a crime to be a bitch, but blindly defending her despite her having quite a bit of evidence for being at least a frigid diva is just dumb

move on lady

Anonymous 16061

i wonder if this will be the nail in the coffin for her then, there probably are going to be more accounts coming out and the public already is hard on female idols, she probably wont be able to come back from this

honestly rv can do perfectly fine without her, did she even contribute much to begin with other than her face?

Anonymous 16062

Oops, sorry, I don't know how I missed that part. Thanks, anon.
I'm glad it wasn't anything that could break and harm anybody but it's still very immature and unprofessional behavior. She's 29 now, she should know better than this.

Anonymous 16063

was a red velvetfag (and irenefag by proxy) since debut and i can't say i'm surprised? i tend to feel bad for female idols who are constantly called bitch-y or "ice queens" by knetz for not looking 100% bubbly and happy all the time (i.e. krystal, taeyeon, etc.) since a lot of criticism of female idols is usually nitpicky and overly critical anyway. (especially with irene, considering incel uncle fans lost their fucking minds over her reading a book that discusses feminism.) treating staff badly is pretty shitty and inexcusable though.

Anonymous 16064

samefag from above but 3/5 of the rv members are basically dead weight compared to wendy/seulgi. neither joy, yeri, or irene can really sing and a lot of the rap parts (and rap parts in kpop songs in general) seem really shoehorned in. at least irene brings in money from cf stuff.

Anonymous 16065

I really want her to release the recording I want to know what she exactly said

Anonymous 16066

honestly id be down for a wendy/seulgi subunit, i have a soft spot for wendy especially after what happened to her and seulgi genuinely seems to be liked by idols and staff alike

im laughing at how when this first broke people started speculating it was seulgi and droves of stylists etc. came out to her defense and no one defended irene…that alone should've spoken volumes

i want to see this recording, the reason why sm had irene apologize so quickly is probably because that recording is damning as hell and wouldve been hell if it got out

Anonymous 16067


the fact that RV fans are trying to do damage control by saying the editor is a man when she's clearly a woman and there being several articles translating the editor's instagram post just tells me everything.


Anonymous 16068

me too, funny part is it'll be the most anyone ever heard irene talk, she's honestly so boring and nothing more than a pretty face (and i guess a raging bitch bts)

Anonymous 16069

not to mention she admitted it? how is it "ruining her life" if she actually did it, bitch ruined her own life acting like a pissy diva when she could've shut up and smiled into a camera like yoona and raked in the cash

Anonymous 16070

wendy seulgi joy subunit pls, even if joy's kinda useless

some anon last thread brought up that rv cliques are separated in irene+yeri and seulgi+joy+wendy. care to elaborate anon? I'm interested since yeri always gave me mean vibes as well but I shrugged it off as knetz criticism getting to ny head

Anonymous 16071

nta you mentioned but wouldn't it be weird for irene and yeri to be clique-y with one another? they're almost a decade apart in age and if i were almost 30, i wouldn't want to be friends with a 20 year old. if anything, rv seems like it would either be a miss a situation or the members just all kind of do their own thing

Anonymous 16072

>even if irene was rude… she could do better, ofc but she is also human? you never had bad day? stylists set rv up on literally daily basis w the ugly and uncomfortable outfits. i would be bitchy about it too if that happened to me lmao.
The absolute state of RVfags. I've had bad days too but I never took it out on other people the way Irene does. That shit just would not fly as a normal person, which people need to remember, Irene still is underneath her celebrity persona. Never bite the hand that feeds you.

Anonymous 16073

imagine justifying screaming at someone until they cry for almost half an hour because they put you in an ugly outfit kek

rvfags are losing their shit and im here for it

Anonymous 16074

I know that the rest of the members aren’t obligated to be responsible for the others actions but do you think it’s bad that they didn’t say or do much?

Anonymous 16075

i mean you never know if they did say anything backstage, but the fact that these accounts seem to fully focus on irene means that the staff probably didnt have a bad experience with the rest of them (as of yet)

this very likely could spiral into an aoa jimin situation, it wouldnt be out of the ordinary if the rest of them were bullied too especially considering how much older irene is compared to the rest of them

Anonymous Admin 16076

Hello everyone, I have decided to stop hosting kpop threads after this one and the next. Please use the remaining posts to find a new space to congregate. Please note that we don't allow discord invite links here because of the risk of invasion. I recommend making a thread on a larger imageboard to keep discussing further options. Please don't make /meta/ posts asking for kpop threads to be reinstated or for a kpop board to be made. For the time being, the answer is no. Thank you for stopping by. I hope you find a pleasant platform to continue your posting.

Anonymous 16077

Anonymous 16078


Thanks for the great work, mod. We will surely miss you. Have a pleasant rest of your day.

Anonymous 16080

thanks mod, was nice posting here
could imageboard anon share the link to the new kpop one so we can migrate?

Anonymous 16081


thank you mod for hosting us here

Anonymous 16082

Thank you for being so kind and patient with us up until now. You really had to put up with a lot.

Anonymous 16083

You were a rad host, hope everything goes well from here on out.

Anonymous 16084

Not this Exo L photo

Anonymous 16085

it's been fun anons, let's hope the other imageboard will be done soon

Anonymous 16086

other admin actually put the site into maintenance mode so it cant be accessed at all right now. it'll be done before this thread hits limit so we'll post it then. thanks for waiting, i know its taking a little longer than originally stated

Anonymous 16087

Even if it is taking long you’re a real sweetheart for creating a space to let us talk our shit, tysm!!

Anonymous 16088

Don't worry about it. You're the ones doing everyone a favor here. Thanks for all your hard work!

Anonymous 16089

nta but they all sound like newfags who have never been on a board besides cc, not even lc, and are trying way too hard to fit in. it's excessive and cringe.

Anonymous 16090

No lmao. She definitely has RBF though, so retards here automatically assume she has a horrible attitude despite seeing no evidence of that. Total silence regarding other bitchy female idols except Irene.

Anonymous 16091

>way to excessive and cringe
implying that the rest of us aren't excessive and cringe kek

im totally fine with that honestly, i love being able to shit talk and sperg on here

Anonymous 16092

thank you anon, can’t wait for our own kpop board

Anonymous 16093

Lucas selfie is the least liked on twitter of all members, his fancams are the least watched by far, crazy how many fans he lost due to fatshaming lol. Looks like twitterfags will defend anything oppar does except making fun of fat people because it hits to close to home kek

Anonymous 16094

Is that really the reason? Wouldn't Chinese and Korean fans not give a fuck and outnumber them?

Anonymous 16095

I mean they kinda forgave him the first 5 times it happened, seems like they can't excuse him anymore

Anonymous 16096

Nah, I'm also a fellow ex-ratmy and just have a love/hate relationship towards them and hate with passion the fandom, specially new fans who just got into kpop and buy their narrative at face value.

Anonymous 16097

I actually never cared about bts or even knew their scandals until this thread. I think it's some dedicated ex fans who post about them constantly especially the jimincel posts that come up every week but no one really responds to

Anonymous 16098

yeah I'm sure it's a nice break from pretending to be woke for your moots on twitter all day, eh? case in point

Anonymous 16099

so she must have some legit ssng connections. I wonder how many of her posts are just bs and how many are actual rumors.

Anonymous 16100

He always had more international fans than korean or even Chinese fans, that’s why he was chosen for sperm. He is finished lol

Anonymous 16101

Junglebook """participating""" in their MV shoot has been known way before this tweet though. They've said months ago what which member would be in charge of.

Anonymous 16102

Her tweet was from last year on 26-09-2019

Anonymous 16103

I promise the sad fat white girls of stan twitter no longer retweeting/liking his pics doesn't mean much. Most of his fans are on Instagram and Weibo, remember.

Anonymous 16104

their "self produced" album was decided this year though. if isn't wasn't for the pandemic they would be on tour.

Anonymous 16105

>if it wasn't

Anonymous 16106

True but specifically in regards to jungkook they've been saying this for a while bc of the GCFs, whenever he appeared filming stuff in dvds the members would say sth along those lines.

I don't doubt that she is able to get hand of legit info every once in a while, but for me this is another generic prediction

Anonymous 16107


Pic related lel

Guys, whom should I stan in RV now? Yeri is ugly and has a brick waist, Joy's personality is unbearable, looking at Wendy's jaw is downright painful (plus she hates whities and blackies) and Seulgi's dyke fans are annoying…

Close to nobody of his fans cancelled him for that, he was never even popular to begin with, Lucasfag simply tricked us into assuming that he's a big shot.

Anonymous 16108

And where is lucasfag? Its Thursday we have gone almost a week without discussing him on here.

Anonymous 16109

1) Grieving because somebody was racist towards her baby's skin color

2) Cancelling the perpetrator on twitter

Anonymous 16110

Screen Shot 2020-1…

At least Lucas has been saving his money diligently. He'll need those savings since SM shafted him and he's not doing Chinese running man anymore, arguably the only relevant income he had going for himself.

Anonymous 16111

what? i dont use twitter
why are some of these anons just hellbent on pissing in everyone else's cheerios

Anonymous 16112

I didn't know that about Wendy.. She doesn't like white/black people?

Anonymous 16113

wait he made fun of fat people again? where lol

Anonymous 16114


>this thread is full of nct and exo stans in disguise
Wrong, I always announce that I'm an exofag and I've seen fellow exofags do the same. I'm not ashamed of liking my oppars (unlike others…)

>I don't even care about BTS anymore but also all their haterz are jelly eggs!
See? In denial.
We might hate them but we're definitely not the only ones, when it comes to ratmys all other kpop fandoms always manage to unite lol

Anonymous 16115

>when it comes to ratmys we all unite

this..i have never seen people set down their differences and petty fights to collectively shit on ratmys in such an organized fashion before

would likely be because theyre insufferable kek

Anonymous 16116

Screen Shot 2020-1…

>Jaehyun 4.7 mil
He still has the most followers on instagram followed by Jaehyun. Wonder if that will change since he's hated now.

Does anyone know how many followers he has on Weibo?

Anonymous 16117

hooppity hoppity i…

I have no idea were the og Lucasfag or the other ones went, but personally I was busy with making fanarts of Lucas and studying korean to find actual tea.

Anonymous 16118

He has 3.1 mil followers on weibo. Is that good or not? I didn't check other wayv members.

Anonymous 16119


she did a black girl impersonation and a valley girl impersonation on tv two years ago, and did the same thing before added with a black guy impersonation on a radio show back in 2014.

Anonymous 16120

Jaehyun's individual selfies have more likes or the same amount of likes as Luca's even though he has less followers. Not sure what that means though with regards to popularity.

Anonymous 16121

for a star on weibo thats not a ton…for reference tao (the most irrelevant) has 2.9 whereas luhan has almost 8.5

Anonymous 16122

No it’s from last time where he called kun fat and he hasn’t recovered from this yet

Anonymous 16123

Surprised about Tao, he's always got work and is on shows a lot.

Anonymous 16124

Arab sasaeng tweets:
- I hope the day will come when it reveals the truth about N and her rude behavior as well
- An idol will leave SM before the end of 2020
- The leader and the maknae are involved in scandals..
- A lot are going to join Bighit in the coming year … most of them will be solos and actors
- A famous idol got into a verbal fight with a girl who was chasing/stalking him and he insulted her .. she was recording his voice
- Lay was threatened to be killed by an exol, she told him to leave EXO officially and cut off his ties with the members
- The foreign member was talking about how much she misses her family .. Well, what did that bitch do? She deliberately called her mother infront of her and began to boast that she would visit her soon, she made it so clear that the member burst into tears ..
- A surprise from Baekhyun
- A Chinese idol sent(?) his support to BTS in their recent controversy with China
- I heard that this agency is looking for a girl with a Western Korean beauty, even if she is of mixed race, it is okay .. They really care about the next group's visual standards carefully.
- If you want to know who is his girlfriend, look at him .. they are really the same in everything
- A member of NCT has been dating a trainee for nearly a year, and their relationship is going very well

Anonymous 16125

was meant for >>16112 , sorry.
here's the one from 2018

Anonymous 16126

Someone from China or who knows Cent please chime in, but is it true that Chinese fans don't like Lucas because he is half Thai and dark skinned? Is that just blown up by fans and he's actually fine?

Anonymous 16127

i feel like thats blown up, i frequent weibo/chinese forums and speak chinese and theres very little discord about him being half thai, not sure where those two cc anons got that bit of info

most of the complaints i see is that he's dumb, but overall feedback is positive especially after his season on keep running

Anonymous 16128

this shit is so vague, of course they're going to hit once in a while

this legitimately reminds me of "saesang thread #4" shit on allkpop

Anonymous 16129

She got called out at the RV Chicago fan meet

Anonymous 16130


Sorry for this interview but is he considered good looking by Chinese fans? Western fans hype his looks a lot because of his built and height also because he has western features, so I'm curious if Chinese fans view him as good looking as western ones.

>he's dumb

Is it the same" jock" stereotype that Western fans come up with?

Anonymous 16131

Obviously jaehyun is more relevant, he's been an idol for way longer and gets more push.

Anonymous 16133

chinese fans definitely find him attractive, and no i dont think they see him as a dumb jock (dont really have that narrative in asia), but they definitely give him considerable shit for being perpetually confused (whether scripted or otherwise) on his shows

not sure if any of you have watched keep running, but he definitely needs to have the rules explained to him multiple times and often is one of the couple members who's on the receiving end of slapstick humor

i dont think the "criticism" i mentioned is malicious for the most part, more so good natured ribbing about how he's not super bright

but yes, overall the comments ive seen have been positive, but i dont really care to go digging into china's version of lc or cc or whatever to find the criticisms which im sure exist

Anonymous 16134

>I hope the day will come when it reveals the truth about N and her rude behavior as well
Considering the discussion we had earlier in the thread, maybe N is referring to Nayeon.

Anonymous 16136

would not be surprised in the least, shes always had a bitchy attitude (even on their show she was given a "villain" edit but….you gotta at least act somewhat bitchy to get edited bitchy, they cant put words in your mouth)

i hate these rabid fans (we have some in this thread too) who insist they know their idols and that there's no way theyre anything outside of a perfect angel when they cant even school their expressions on camera

obviously as evidenced by the irene situation fans dont know their idols, and this blind defending/attacking anyone who theorizes otherwise is so dumb

Anonymous 16137


it's a little known fact about me: i have a life of my own.

plague be upon every member of nct who is not Lucas, and may Baekhyun go to war and die.

Anonymous 16138

Huh? Where do those numbers come from?
Tao has 10 million on insta and 59 million on weibo
Luhan has 12 million on insta and 62 million on weibo

Anonymous 16139


I thought it was well known that Irene has an attitude problem. I remember that in weekly idol the members of rv had to fill out a form that basically had stuff about her relationship with the members, strengths, and weakness and just simple stuff basically, and Irene left it almost blank, so the production staff had to fill it in for her in order to put it on the broadcast. She always seemed to have an attitude problem so this news is not very surprising to me.

Anonymous 16140

lol this made me laugh, this isnt even that hard of a task and she had enough diva attitude to decide she was above this

how did fans shield this when it came out?

Anonymous 16141

>and may baekhyun go to war and die.
Why, cause your oppar called him fat? lmao

Anonymous 16142

it really isn't surprising to me. RV fans on twitter had always passed it off as her being cute or "haha irene hates men"

Anonymous 16145

ive seen tons of stupid deflecting, my favorite one is "you dont understand what it's like to be that pretty, she has to be like this or she'd get taken advantage of"

like lol ok bitch, way to speak from experience right

i cant see how she'll recover from this one, and that recording had to have been bad, i dont think sm's ever moved this fast, even when they had artists literally pass away

Anonymous 16146

so joy hangs out with yerin
wendy caricatures races as a talent
seulgi had a fling with jimincel and smelly JB
yeri is a social climber
now misandrist icon irene is a schizo

we have lost girls

Anonymous 16147

Now that Irene is confirmed an asshole all this old info is coming out makes me wonder how much of the "overanalyzing" or reading is actually not. Like the Jaemin and Xiaojun situation. Fans always interpret everything their idols do as "cute" and "savage" and filter it through a positive lens.

Anonymous 16148

not gonna lie been lurking on the allkpop forum since this broke and the progression of denial to the multiple stages of grief in the span of 12 hours has been highly entertaining

Anonymous 16149

there are some situations that definitely cannot be categorized as overanalyzing

>mark haechan fight is not, it was pretty cut and dry and theres no explanation around it

>jaemin xiaojun…definitely discordance there considering you can see xiaojun's brain and hand fighting whenever he tries to touch jaemin or play it off, there has to be a reason there

the theorizing as to why etc is the crackpot stuff, but pointing out obvious tension really isnt

Anonymous 16150


Relax hardcore lucasfag. Lucas will be fine.

The only legitimate thing to worry about with that man is his ana body which seems to be getting more ana every time I see him. He has almost no fat in his face anymore and his legs are literal sticks.

Also yikes at the Weibo followers, babyboy has a long way to go to actual popularity.

Anonymous 16151


>i dont think sm's ever moved this fast, even when they had artists literally pass away

literally. they also responded to the rumors about their trainee whose confirmed to debut in SMNGG, yoo jimin, way faster than this. it took almost a day and a half for them to respond to the articles about irene.


jaemin makes me a bit suspicious after k-nctzens pointed out that he and jeno were doing the same hand motions and saying the same terms that this famous misognyistic korean youtuber used

Anonymous 16152

regarding the jaemin situation, i think a lot of international nctfags dont understand how bad it is and always try to deflect when kfans call stuff out. being associated with ilbe isnt like being associated with 4chan, it's like being associated with far-right groups. no one "casually" surfs ilbe the way people in the us casually surf 4chan. it's not something people want to be remotely connected to.

im half korean and talked to some kfan cousins, and theyve all agreed some of it is pretty damning, it's really not overanalyzing at that point. kfans have been talking about it forever, but whenever it drifts to twitter international oppapologists just clear the searched and attack people who dare bring it up until they delete their tweets

maybe the guy's just dumb and picked it up from someone, but that combined with some of the other stuff he's been called out on makes for a very concise case

Anonymous 16153

>seulgi and jimincel

Anonymous 16154

i just find it funny seeing the reaction towards a bitchy female idol vs a bitchy male idol lol
people on pc are comparing irenes fans defending her to quote un quote
**''It's disgusting. They keep saying "but theres two sides to every story! they did something to make irene mad!"

like first, that reminds me so much of people blaming victims of rpe or assault. "They must have done something."*

its a loss for my fellow edgy misandrist gg stans out there
bitter day.

Anonymous 16155

im sorry i tried to read your post 3 times and still feel like im having an anerysm

are you defending or calling out irene

Anonymous 16156

i remember alot of leaker accounts on twitter posting about this
i unfollowed a while ago but @mes_yeux__ on twitter might have a thread of them, shes public and only talks vanilla stuff and ships so just ur luck, there were more solid evidence in the private accounts but i cant seem to remember their @'s

Anonymous 16157

im not defending her

Anonymous 16158

my oppar has only called botched, racist manlets "pigs" desu. he is correct.

Anonymous 16159

There's a lot of people (especially misandrist gg stans) defending Irene right now, though. You're just looking for it in the wrong place.
I personally don't care about the gender of the idol when it comes to scrutinizing their actions. If they act like shit, I will be shitting on them, it's that simple. A lot of K-pop stans let their attraction get in the way of seeing things objectively and that's a problem. It doesn't matter whether it's oppapologists or misandrist lesbians. Both are equally bad.

Anonymous 16160

>being associated with ilbe isnt like being associated with 4chan, it's like being associated with far-right groups. no one "casually" surfs ilbe the way people in the us casually surf 4chan. it's not something people want to be remotely connected to.

holy shit. i knew that kfans were connecting them to some incel youtuber but i had no idea this involved illbe. i've went on there and that place is a complete cesspool. when kfans brought this up (which happened at the same time as jaemin/jeno/jisung called haechan a retard) international nctzens had already filled up the searches with keywords. when will they understand that they don't know their oppar personally

Anonymous 16161

Screen Shot 2020-1…

I literally cannot see Jeno being an incel ever. Someone slap me out of my delusion if I'm wrong.

Anon do you have any screenshots of the proof. It's all been wiped from Twitter. What I remember:
A. Disproven that the way he says "hello" is copying the dude

>other stuff he's been called out on

Whats the other stuff?

Also is my screenshot the ilbe YouTuber? Omg jesus he has a wife wtf.

Anonymous 16162

the big one is the kimochi issue, which arguably in my opinion is more damning and less shield-able than the saying "hello" weirdly

kimochii is a very, very well known term in alt-right circles as the overlap between incels and degenerate hentai is high, and kimochii is something the girls say when they're about to cum

i believe jaemin was seen writing 기모띠 on a table in some vlog, and the only shielding fans were able to do is deny that he wrote it despite earlier shots showing that the word wasn't there, and he was seen scribbling on the paper

worst case scenario the dude has ties to alt-right or at least is familiar enough with the scene to randomly use their lingo, and best case is he's a fucking weirdo with no social skills thinking it's funny and normal to write essentially "im gonna cum" on a table

Anonymous 16163


Anonymous 16164

>> jaemin makes me a bit suspicious after k-nctzens pointed out that he and jeno were doing the same hand motions and saying the same terms that this famous misognyistic korean youtuber used

Wasn’t this with jungwoo?

Anonymous 16165

Can you please explain more what ilbe is?

Anonymous 16166

incel haven

Anonymous 16167

Screen Shot 2020-1…

There is an entire thread with clarification though.


>kimochii is a very, very well known term in alt-right circles as the overlap between incels and degenerate hentai is high, and kimochii is something the girls say when they're about to cum

I'm confused, who is lying here. I don't speak Korean.

Anonymous 16168

I don’t want to defend Jaemin but writing I’m cumming could also be an edgy tennager thing. He surely has watched porn and heard it there it doesn’t have to be because he is altright

Anonymous 16169

Not to derail your point, but technically "kimochii" means "it feels good" rather than "I'm gonna cum." I get it might have different implications in Korea though (it can definitely read as sexual either way) and yeah, it's still a weird thing to write on a table.

Anonymous 16170

What makes it worse than 4chan? Is it illegal do they post molkas there?

Anonymous 16171

Grabbing someone’s hair for balance?? This bitch is unhinged, how can anyone defend her

Anonymous 16172

Kimochi has always been branded like that though, even I.M. from Monsta X got into controversy for saying it on a live broadcast, the reason its connected to this Ilbe stuff is because Ilbe users have an obsession with Japanese women and use it as a degrading term, its basically a buzzword incels use or porn sick weirdos
If you scroll down up until the references for the article it mentions that right wings or anti feminist men use it
Its not like how Japanese people use Kimochi, its basically a misogynistic meme buzzword for a lack of better words.

Anonymous 16173

that entire thread seems very defensive, a bunch of their tweets are claiming it's not his handwriting (which ok, it might not be)

i havent spent too much time in korea (only some summers recently) with my cousins, but i can say ive never heard kimochii used "by the youth" as they claim. it is, however something i'll see once in a while playing games as the gamer crowd does seem to pick up some random slang here or there

however it's not as harmless or prevalently used as this twitterfag seems to claim, saying this irl would still be strange and they even admit it themselves

kimochii is, like i said still a very well used word in the ilbe circles with the negative connotations, it's not a direct flag of ilbe, but it definitely is not as harmless as this twitter anon seems to be claiming

Anonymous 16174

Samefag but
Kind of like how young western guys use terms like ''she belongs to the streets'' or ''Chad'' its used as a niche meme but we all know its used to degrade women so hope you guys understand ..

Anonymous 16175


Y'all heard something?
Keep seething, Lucasfag.

Anonymous 16176

yup, i think thats a pretty good example, it would be like calling a girl a "roastie" or a "stacy", its not totally obscure to say, but its very obvious its not normal slang or something someone would pick up unless they frequented some of the seedier forums or knew about it

Anonymous 16177

For people who have no idea what ilbe is search up
''일베'' on google and click images and gifs.
Its 4chan but 10000x worse.

Anonymous 16178



it seems like it was jungwoo as well. the link has a video of jungwoo saying the "hello" thing with jaemin and it was mentioned in the thread >>16163 linked that jungwoo has shown signs as well as jaemin and jeno

Anonymous 16179


>I don’t want to defend Jaemin but writing I’m cumming could also be an edgy teenager thing.
This. There's a japanese band I like and they have a video of doing that "My fav food? Kim(o)chi(i) teehee" joke already back in the 90s, that doesn't mean all of them are incels, they're just painfully immature.

Jaemin, a somehwat nugu idol getting to date an older and very attractive actress speaks for him having an ok personality and not being a male who's seething on the internet about "roasties" not liking him.

Anonymous 16180

its different when a japanese person speaks his own language and when a korean uses foreign terminology associated with incels in his country
cope nctfag lol even koreans called him out, obvioisly it has a problematic meaning

Anonymous 16181

it's basically 4chan without the funny tard stories and frog memes and a whole big heaping serving of incel-fueled misogyny and women-hating

it's quite a place to go, there's a reason anyone accused of being associated with it adamantly and vehemently denies association immediately

Anonymous 16182

>i'll see once in a while playing games as the gamer crowd does seem to pick up some random slang here or there

Jaemin is a gamer and he has like two huge computer monitor in his room. That may be where he picked it up too. The gamer community is nasty so if he's part of that there is a hight chance he's used to that kind of talk or believes it. A huge portion of NCT are hardcore gamers as well so….

Anonymous 16183

who linked this site on twitter again

Anonymous 16184

Nctfags are a disease. Jeno is not nugu Noone in Nct is save for the two newbies are. If what >>16173 & >>16172 said is true ofc saying kimochi wouldn't be weird to japanese people but when its koreans using it in a derogatory way towards women its different.
besides im sure incels somewhere have gfs that doesn't mean they're not still an incel

Anonymous 16185

yup, i feel like no one has outright accused him of being an ilbe user by any means, but there has been a lot of discussion in the kfan space about the problematic terminology

it doesnt matter where he got it or if he is an incel, it's just not a very polite thing to say or be scribbling on stuff, which i think is the main painpoint by people calling him out

even korean nctfags admit this is an issue, the only ones blindly defending him are ifans like >>16179 who refuse to believe the term isnt harmless and using it (regardless of where he learned it) isn't a good look

Anonymous 16186

Are they still dating?

Anonymous 16187

If he's attractive then so is Venus Angelics ex husband, Exofag. Something about post-wall men and still acting cute for teenage girls gives me the creeps.

Anonymous 16188

the gif is from 7 years ago though

Anonymous 16189

What I'm getting here is that there is no definitive proof, just implied things.

Thread with evidence
>The way Jaemin says hello is copied from an ilbe youtuber
>Jaemin writing "Kimochi" on a table which is lingo used by ilbe users
>Conclusion= Jaemin knows ilbe terms and may watch/engage with those communities which are very anti women and degenerate

Thread of clarification
>Jaemin has said hello like that since 2013 as a cute way to say it, and it was not copied. Evidence - anecdote by Jeno.
>Jaemin may not have written "Kimochi" on the table as his handwriting does not match it.

Based on evidence by >>16172 and >>16173
I'm more inclined to believe that Kimochi is not something your everyday normal Korean just uses.

This is the only concrete evidence. Everything else like him having a hot gf, or being a gamer is just us analyzing/assuming his personality against the evidence.

Anonymous 16190

Girl no thanks I don’t want to see that shit lol. I prefer to go through life never knowing what that site is like

Anonymous 16191

i wish i was a ugly manlet idol so i could get shielded for whatever i do

Anonymous 16192


You guys are so obsessed with nct that you rather drop fresh drama to talk about an issue that was months (or is it years?) ago. I've never witnessed another fandom having so much infighting, 99% of the hate a nct member get's seems to come from stans of a different nct (or wayv) member.

Let's play a game, guess who that is

Anonymous 16193

We know, Lucasfag.

Anonymous 16194

hope the admin of the new imageboard bans u nctfags

Anonymous 16195

why would i be a lucasfag

Anonymous 16196

i hope the admin bans complaining about topics you dont like, just fucking talk about something else, there was a 3-hour conversation about irene earlier

Anonymous 16197

sorry i dont want the thread to get maximised to its limit because nctfags were arguing on which nct member is the least problematic for 3 days straight
sincerly sorry

Anonymous 16198

Really? Wow, he's always been a dog. But he still acts like that at age 30, and his fans still eat it up and treat him like he's an 8 year old.

Anonymous 16199


If I learned anything from the Irene drama it's that we actually CAN get a glimpse into what idols are like at least a little bit. I mean look at all the evidence of her attitude before brought up again.

Idols nowadays also do so much content that you can't hide behind a mask as well. It's just that fans blindly take everything idols do and put a positive spin on it.

Anonymous 16200

inb4 the admin is an nctfag

Anonymous 16201

then bring something up you want to talk about and see if people bite, christ theres like three anons in here who always whine about topics they dont like but never even bring up what they want to talk about, its always just "waaaah i dont want to see this"

Anonymous 16202

But honestly isn’t almost every korean men a misogynist?

Anonymous 16203


Anonymous 16204

There should just be thread for nctfags and any excessive nct discussion anywhere else on the site should result in a ban

Anonymous 16205

honestly for the new imageboard i'm excited to make banners, even though i haven't made one before.

yes. not to turn this into a korean culture discussion but a lot of korean feminists unironically say not to come to korea because of the molka cameras.

Anonymous 16206

>we actually CAN get a glimpse into what idols are like
imagine if v was a female idol. do you think he'd get shit for his behavior?

Anonymous 16207

facts, irene has been a snobby bitch for forever, its just her stupid fans thinking its "real" and "savage" that she cant do her basic fucking job of not looking like someone shit in her shoes

Anonymous 16208


admin is asleep post lucas eating raw hotdog

Anonymous 16209

v would be evicerated for acting half as shitty as he does, male idols do really cruise through life on easy mode

Anonymous 16210


Heart hands are hardly the cringiest thing an idol's ever done for their fans, anon. They're paid to do this shit.

Anonymous 16211

god woozi is ugly

Anonymous 16212

Ratmy are in a class of delusion all their own. If anyone else behaved like that they would have been called out. Irene has been called out a lot though, it's just that RV grew a lot and Irene was one of the few female idols who didn't always act like some dumb bimbo on camera pandering to men. A lot of female fans loved that. We wanted her to be our feminist hero but she's just a mean asshole after all.

Anonymous 16213

>baekhyun is in the top 10 of idol vocalists, very good at variety, ok at dancing, still acts enthusiastic and fanservicey towards his fans despite being in the game for a decade already
>"omg lucas was based for calling him a pig!", "ew disgusting, why is he doing aegyo despite being old?"
Bitches, he's one of the only idols who's actually good at his job, one of the only ones who's doing what he get's paid to do.

Anonymous 16214

yes lets ignore obvious derailing, socketpuppeting, so you retards can go and maximise the reply limit in yet another thread and bait infighting
every anon seems to understand when the topic is over but you nctfags have insisted for 8 threads straight
go to twitter if you wanna sperg with your akgae antics

Anonymous 16215

can you imagine if anyone dared act the way v does to any bts member? ratmys would have their head on a stick considering the way they still rip into charlie puth on the daily

youre literally the only one derailing and trying to instigate infighting…just talk about something you want to talk about, the nct conversation is over

Anonymous 16216

this, not even an exofag but lucasfags can die mad about it.

Anonymous 16217

anon is it that serious lol? will the world collapse if another thread fills of shit talking about some boyband?

Anonymous 16218

why is sm not micromanaging their idols anymore?
they used to be hardcore with tvxq, exo, soshi and shinee
what happened after the sullistal fiasco in sm??? their idols just keep getting into shit

Anonymous 16219


I love how you called my pics old while you post the same Lucas pics. Enjoy you unpopular husbando, Lucasfag.

Anonymous 16220


lmaoo i'm a shameless army and i'm sure i'm not the only one. even though bts is the most hated group here, armys are mostly quiet to not get shit, while nctfags are the most insufferable of all and never stop sperging even after being called out.

Anonymous 16221

SM just doesn't care anymore. i have no idea what happened

Anonymous 16222

honestly ive been wondering this too, they literally cannot keep their idols from being shitheads, but i feel that also might be a side effect of them loosening their standards and letting in rich pricks who think their shit doesn't stink from day 1

Anonymous 16223

lucas was very much baste and pink pilled for that. eat a dick, bbhole.

Anonymous 16224


it is, always has
we are getting booted because of moafag and nctfags
even ratmys arent this loud, you nctfags really are shameless
>go on for 8 threads about which nct oppar isnt problematic and ''fatkun''
>i just cant see why you're so triggered lul

Anonymous 16225

This thread has definetly been making rounds on twitter and random discord chats. Saw a few posts that were copy paste from a discord group i'm in… anonettes need to be more subtle

Anonymous 16226

im sorry i find the nctfags annoying too but how is >>16208 >>16219 and >>16220
allowed but having a decent but tiresome conversation about nct worth sperging over

im tired of the same recycled topics and prefer the irene shitfest earlier more, but id much rather have people actually talking about drama rather than spamming ugly dudes

Anonymous 16227

Idols slip up on social media and potential victims can easily expose idols on social media. Plus the internet never forgets anything, if an idol does one bad thing, all the other things they did will get dug up too. That makes having full control a lot more difficult for SM.

Having full control is also more difficult because many trainees and idols are so rich. They're no longer willing to do anything, they say fuck you SM I can just go and do something else or they have parents who are downright paying SM.

Also: Super Junior wasn't micromanaged either - which is why there's barely anybody left lol
When RV and NCT started they were also very much on guard and stiff, only later on SM saw how much BTS had with their approachable, boy-next-door image and thus decided to make their idols also play up the we're best friends! shtick.

Anonymous 16228

what in the bootleg shinee

Anonymous 16229

*how much succes BTS had

Anonymous 16230


Not an Exofag, I just find Lucasfag annoying. Baekhyun IS cuter than Lucas, though. And at least he can actually sing.

Anonymous 16231

Irene First Movie is coming out soon, pretty much killed a future acting career. Hopefully this means that sm gonna debut a new girlgroup now that red velvet is tainted

Anonymous 16232

Just stop all of you

Anonymous 16233

stop wasting the thread posts, what if we get locked out and we dont get the link for the new kpop board, retards

Anonymous 16234

wonder if sm is gonna boot yoo jimin after this Irene drama they cant let female Taeyong debut

Anonymous 16235

I'm not gonna claim he's cuter, because that will trigger lucasfag to post a dozen ugly pics of him, but there's enough other stuff he's miles above him, basically anything besides being tall.

Anonymous 16236

exactly. we can debate about idols having shitty personalities but i'd take a group member that can sing and has a shitty personality over one that sounds like a frog and acts like a retarded magcon boy

Anonymous 16237

smngg is just their nuclear "oh shit" button i feel at this point

just like how rv comebacks used to be the "o shit" button for whenever some other sm idol fucked up

i am wondering though, do they even have female trainees left to debut? it seems like all the ones they used to parade around have all left

Anonymous 16238

then the new admin will just post it in meta, i doubt the cc admin is unreasonable enough to not allow that

Anonymous 16239


aside from baekhyuns retard personality and his height he is actually cute

Anonymous 16240


>shameless army
>not even one thread was graced by praises or thirsting towards bts
>only hate towards Jimincel and Bvitch
you call this shameless?? improve

isn't this like 8th or 9th previev? when are they gonna finally drop an mv

Anonymous 16241

I think that's what some people want, t b h. Pretty sure it's the same situation with Lolcow where this thread attracted the Twitter stans and they want us to stop talking shit. But at least the admin said she won't boot us out until after the next thread is filled up. Surely you guys won't waste 2000 posts on this shit, right?

Anonymous 16242

KEK even your fellow hag basically admitted he's clapped, give it up. I'll remember this post when the shaved head pics drop and knetz roast him like a pepper.

Anonymous 16243

IF there's a new board, which I'm starting to doubt
I guess I'll just have to get used to posting on reddit and getting downvoted to hell kek


Anonymous 16244

plus there is uboachan and sushgirl kpop threads to post it in. Relax its not that serious.

Anonymous 16245

Yeah, I'm seriously wondering which female SM trainees we have left at this point. Does anyone know? I haven't been keeping tabs.

Anonymous 16246

ignore the nctfags and lets not waste the thread arguing newfags and bait.

Anonymous 16247

They're all hidden except the Yoo Jimin trainee
all the original sm rookie girls that trained with nct and rv got kicked out.

Anonymous 16248

>if there is a new board
the new admin posted a preview of it, they said it'll be ready by end of week

besides, theres plenty of other board as well, it'll just take a few days for people to disperse and settle into whichever one they like the most

Anonymous 16250

Seethe more, Lucasfag.

Anonymous 16251


>Hopefully this means that sm gonna debut a new girlgroup now that red velvet is tainted

RV debuted to cover up baekyeon's dating scandal, so i'd say SMNGG is coming soon.



SM actually said they were going to sue people who kept spreading rumors about her as she is a "a trainee who has her debut ahead of her." her debut is basically insured

Anonymous 16252

interesting, i guess they learned that parading around undebuted trainees and then not debuting them for a decade wasnt a great idea kek

Anonymous 16253

I feel so bad for all those girls that were on Mickey Mouse club and never got to debut. They all follow each other on instagram and even hang out so their relationship was good too.

Anonymous 16254


xiumin in a military uniform makes me tingle
didnt understand his hype but now i do

Anonymous 16255

There is also Helen (?) she is Australian and ningning I think and hina was the last old Trainee that recently left/got kicked

Anonymous 16257

Helen is a new trainee so im not sure she could get into the line up
and Ningning is rumored to have left since she has a IG account, Hina had the same rumors as well before she left

Anonymous 16258

Since all the SM trainees that gave off a very SNSD, girls next door vibe are gone, I'm assuming that this new girl group will have the opposite image.

Very pretty, tough, maybe a hip hop concept? I've always liked SM girl groups I hope it's something similar to fx.

Anonymous 16259


>S-Seethe, 30 year old manlet-hating p-pleb

Anonymous 16260


i know hina was a favorite, but she was so unattractive i could not get into her

she legitimately looked 10 years older than she actually was

Anonymous 16261


Let's discuss how little clothing kai will wear for his solo

Anonymous 16262

i wouldnt be surprised if it wasnt a more "hip hop" style, i feel like that's what all the gg are doing now, trending towards that "girl crush" style and i doubt sm is going to try for the flowery balllad look since it isn't working anymore, and the harder "girl crush" style for seulgi x irene seemed to be well received

Anonymous 16263

they already have had 6 experimental groups (suju, shinee, fx, exo, rv, nct debut in row so i doubt that they'll be mini fx
they'll probably go soshi, s.e.s and boa's path with the coming of age concept
eh, shes cute to me, looks like mini Sooyoung
I found Herin more weird looking lol

Anonymous 16264

nta but krystal is definitely not a bitch. there were no actual instances just rbf syndrome.
why are irenefags desperately trying to drag all other female idols to shield irene?

Anonymous 16265

>krystal is definitely not a bitch
Literally how would you know?
Krystal is only one thing definitely and that is being very bad at her job.

Anonymous 16266

SM is just unhinged to me lately.

I'm surprised that Yoo Jimin is debuting since she was born in 2000 and was like a popular ulzzang before. Usually SM idols are really young and never have social media. Like compare it to the nct 2000 line who were scouted as fetuses

Anonymous 16267

there was no one shielding irene? krystal being the most famous frigid bitch in the industry before irene is not a outlandish or hater claim

there are tons of other female idols with mad rbf, but theyve all learned to school it and tone it back a bit (most notably jennie, who i still think is probably mean as hell bts but still) but apparently krystal just gets a pass?

Anonymous 16268

i didnt know she was a famous ulzzang before, with that and recruiting shotaro off of tiktok (unsure if rumor but wild af if true) makes me wonder if they just dont have people breaking down their doors like they used to trying to be trainees

Anonymous 16269

I never followed f(x) so what is this "difficult past" that anons have been bringing up to excuse her for her RBF? Being forced into child stardom?

Anonymous 16270

Lol I'm a Baekhyun fan and I don't find him thirst worthy in the slightest. I guess he can be kind of cute in a puppy-like way, particularly at their debut, but those types of faces age really badly. He's also gonna look really bad when he goes to the army like >>16242 said, rip.
I recall an anon saying that this song (sorry I only have a teaser atm) was supposed to be the debut track for SMNGG. Definitely sounds nothing like SNSD and more like the girl crush shit that's been popular in recent years. Given that SM clearly lost their touch years ago I wouldn't be surprised by them choosing this basic concept to follow the trend when they're literally SM.

Anonymous 16271

i like krystal but i've heard from people who met her at concerts from when they did those SMTOWN concerts in LA that she is indeed not very nice

Anonymous 16272


I wonder if he could pull off the JYP pants. But realistically I hope for something like the red suit in Love shot.

Anonymous 16273

>krystal just gets a pass?
why are you so mad about her rbf
if she was being obnoxiously cutesy you would probably hate her for that as well lol
the camera panning to her resting face here and there is you're reasoning for her being a ''bitch''?

Anonymous 16274

i guess? i dont really know where that narrative came from either, sulli was also a child star (arguably even younger than krystal), not to mention sm has tons of very very young trainees, but literally none of them have attitude controversies the way krystal did

Anonymous 16275

I'm honestly really curious as to how/why they scouted Shotaro. Like did they just decide one day "oh, we need a new NCT member!" and a staff member just picked him out from Tiktok, because that pre-debut/training period was indeed really short.

Anonymous 16276

how would they know her personality just by going to a concert

Anonymous 16277

>dont have people breaking down their doors like they used to trying to be trainees

There is a lot of recent and pretty insta style pictures of her floating around and kfans are super pressed about this girl.

There have been rumors that they have no girl trainees since 2015. Wouldn't be surprised if they recruited a lot f members from this new girl group as there aren't pictures floating around.

SM trainees usually have sasaengs following them around, so for these trainees to be hidden means they must have joined recently.

Anonymous 16278


Krystal looked like this her entire career. Doesn't matter whether it's her actually being mad or only looking that way, it's still incredibly unpleasant for the people around her and definitely not something a popular idol should allow herself to do.

Anonymous 16279


this is not a resting face lol
girl is pissed af about something and sorry honey, its your job to keep that shit to yourself like every other idol out there

she isnt special for having a bitchy face, and she isnt the last one who has rbf, she's just famous for it because she's so unprofessional at events it's become her everything

you honestly sound like the irene defenders at this point lol

Anonymous 16280

fxfag since 2014 here but honestly i think krystal just has rbf. her and her sister are both known for having rbf and jessica's nickname was ice princess because of her unsavory face. but i can definitely believe people saying she's unprofessional and rude.


i believe that they scouted him from EXPG more than him being scouted from tiktok.

Anonymous 16282

im sure with him being a backup dancer for a famous japanese singer, he was on their radar to some extent

but yes, would not be surprised if they just saw him tiktoking and plucked him from japan, that seems about on brand for SM at this point

Anonymous 16283


Anonymous 16284

i sound like an irene defender?
what has krystal ever done that was as bad as irene??
making faces you personally dont like?
i promise you that actual fx fans dont give a shit, and if the fans dont then you shouldnt either.
theres so many idols with this issue, an idols job isnt to smile 24/7 unless its when interacting with fans
you keep recycling the same posts its actually tiring, attempt to atleast not make your posts obvious newfag

Anonymous 16285

yes being pissed because youre forced to stay at the stage of the chick that kicked your sister out of her group is bitchy boohoo

might want to treat that obsession you have with krystal

Anonymous 16286

actually im the one who didnt post the gif, it just stood out to me so i posted it again, and it seems like another anon had the same idea and posted right before me.

you can report it for samefagging if you'd like to test the theory that it isnt the same person, but krystal being a bitch isnt exactly new news

Anonymous 16287

by meeting her… as i said in the post.

Anonymous 16288

ok socketpuppet anon

Anonymous 16289

>i promise you that actual fx fans dont give a shit, and if the fans dont then you shouldnt either.
>you're a newfag
Uhm… Maybe try to sound less like an underage twitterfag desperately trying to fit in.

Krystal has retired years ago as an idol and you still lick her pussy like there's no tomorrow.

Anonymous 16290

and you're still nitpicking her facial expression claiming shes a bitch
you're grasping at strings and calling me an underage twitterfag wont make you seem less desperate
>you still lick her pussy like there's no tomorrow.
nailed it anon, i wish i could

Anonymous 16291

nta, but i agree with you on the cute in a puppy-like way. he's very normal looking, but i find it endearing. much like how i feel about mark.

Anonymous 16292

fucking what. this is my first post on krystal? i don't even dislike her and what is a sockpuppet this isn't livejournal

Anonymous 16293

all i gotta say is the new admin has her work cut out for her weeding out all these infighting spergs, godspeed newadmin

Anonymous 16294

SM has some of the wildest scouting stories. Like a grown woman chasing elementary school aged Sehun around for half an hour, bribing Taeyong with toast and simping after Winwin for 2 years (and then never using him after getting him into NCT).

Anonymous 16295

that sehun story is terrifying, i cannot imagine being a "failed recruit" and being fucking terrorized by a fat pig who thought my 12 year old ass was hot for 2 hours

Anonymous 16296

while we're on the topic of krsytal didnt they want to cast her when she was like 5 lol

Anonymous 16297

>believing that taeyeon actually kicked jessica out of snsd in 2020

Anonymous 16298

but anon didnt you read jessica's tell all? she basically outed taeyeon as a mean mean bitch and she and her poor rbf sister did nothing wrong ever in their life

Anonymous 16299

Sm is dumb if they debut yoo Jimin she talked shit about her seniors and the company, she is nothing special mediocre visuals stiff dancing.being a former ulzzang is kinda trashy. She seemed to have joined sm just to fuck idols.
Now that one of they most loved idols was exposed for her attitude they can’t have a girl who had rumors about her even before debut

Anonymous 16300

lets be honest the members probably had something to do with it
seeing how exo had the same opportunity to kick out Chen after his marriage scandal that was probably the situation with Soshi

Anonymous 16301

Were the rumors actually true? I know SM denied them, but you know how it is sometimes.

Anonymous 16302

i dont rly know much about the situation, but i thought another anon posted some evidence that it was all fabricated and she never said any of that? i have no idea honestly so i may be completely off base

if i as a parent found out a grown woman was following my child for 2 hours, i would be fuming, not allowing my son to join that company. half of these trainees have fame-hungry parents who peddle their children into this at a young age, it's really not 100% the company's fault when the parents are obviously complacent at every point in the process

Anonymous 16303

the text messages were fake but way before that there were already rumors of her hanging out with iljins.
theres no smoke without fire

Anonymous 16304

>seeing how exo had the same opportunity to kick out Chen after his marriage scandal that was probably the situation with Soshi
Did they?

Also in regards to Jessica: if everybody hates you while getting along well with each other then maybe you are the problem…

Anonymous 16305

jyp idols presence is so weak compared to sm and yg lol

Anonymous 16306

and who's claiming she's a frigid bitch? any industry insiders to back up your claim?
seriously the only ifans seething about krystal are amber's dyke fans who were mad about krystal hogging all the spotlight.
i always hated irene but she's not an excuse for this blind misogyny.

Anonymous 16307

This was the response to EXO-L's petition to boot Chen out. They basiclly said that Exo members had a meeting and they stated that they didnt want Chen to leave
also i dont really care about the soshi scandal but getting kicked out by a few of your members when you have spent 10 years with them is pretty oof worthy content
apparently some members voted her to stay but majority vote wins

Anonymous 16308

Lol at snsdfags screaming misogyny when her own members wanted her out.
And kudos to exo for staying with somebody who had the worst non-criminal scandal despite everybody dunking on them since their debut for having shit group chemistry.

Anonymous 16309

I agree that debuting Yoo Jimin isn't a good idea but then again SM debuted Taeyong even when he had that online scamming scandal and is still shilling him when he has zero vocal and rap talent.
This is potentially a stupid question but does anyone know if it's illegal for entertainment companies to poach trainees at other companies? I was thinking that SM could potentially do that (make them an offer to buy out their contracts and debut them) as there's always one hot/talented idol in a failing group. Why not make those kids an offer to debut in their group, under a more 'reputable' label instead and buy out their contracts? SM certainly has the money for any it already, and plus the return on investment for good-looking, talented trainees would be better than debuting a group that's already tainted with a scammer.

Anonymous 16310


I feel like I already know the answer but has anyone here been desperate enough to buy dating info from those sasaeng twitter accounts? I did it tbh and got some basic info but I kind of regret it. I'll never know if the info is real or if I got scammed but somehow knowing the potential "truth" made me feel terrible. it wasn't problematic or w/e but idk. maybe I just need to take a break. picture not related.

Anonymous 16311

anon ill send u my paypal i have some info too kek

Anonymous 16312

You definitely need to take a break, anon. It's not just the fact that these things are usually fake and you're being scammed, but buying sasaeng dating info and feeling bad about what you found (assuming it's even true) clearly shows you're in too deep.

Anonymous 16313

I searched all threads and found nothing about this. What do you guys think of it? It's Doyoung and Haechan in the Kick It dance practice video, around 04:03

Anonymous 16314


Anonymous 16315


Can this be straight for koreans?

Anonymous 16316

The essence of SNSD-Jessica scandal is that the less popular jealous bitches like Taeyeon, Sooyoung, Tiffany & co and their families were all super pressed about Jessica launching her clothing brand. That's it. SNSD was always a cesspool full of bitches (I think the only decent ones were Yoona and Sunny), so spinning the story as if it was good girls kicking out the meanest bitch is not what you should be doing.

Anonymous 16317

Are you srs? That fujo pandering thing was screencapped and extensively talked about months ago.

Anonymous 16318

>the less popular jealous bitches like Taeyeon
already lost me there

Anonymous 16319

knowing sm it was probably deliberately staged to pander to fujoshits

Anonymous 16320

I have all threads opened and found nothing that. Link?

Anonymous 16321

Taeyeon was always popular for her singing but she was never the "it" girl Jessica was. That's why they hated her. The only one who still keeps in contact with Jessica is Yoona, which is understandable because she's Korea's sweetheart and has no reason to be bitter.

Anonymous 16322

did anyone read jessica's novel?

Anonymous 16323

…all threads? I literally just searched "lolcow haechan doyoung gay 2020" and it took me 2 seconds to find it. How many anons weren't on the original LC threads? Jfc.

Anonymous 16324


Based, many thanks

Anonymous 16325

Twitterfags everywhere jesus regurgitating the same shit we've talked 3 threads ago, at least lurk for a while before sperging

Anonymous 16326

Shut the fuck up neetila, some people have lives.

Anonymous 16327

No you dont retarted you just spend it with your pathetic obese fellows on twitter

New board gonna ban the autismo who post this stale haechan dooyoung pic again

Anonymous 16328


Imagine being a fucking neet, lmfao.

Anonymous 16329

you don't have to pay lmao it was probably fake like the other anon said. it was just about these two

Anonymous 16330

Just ignore the newfags anon, not worth it tbh

Anonymous 16331

i was more so joking that ill send them my paypal so i can pull shit out of my ass since they're guillible enough to pay for it

Anonymous 16332

I can't believe you fags are acting all self-important on fucking crystal cafe.

Anonymous 16333


This Timothee could fit right in as a kpop idol lmao

Anonymous 16334

Why didn't they try to process her vocals before posting this? Yikes.
I hope that we get more idols exposed like the Irene scandal. I prefer it sooner than later because I stan a grand total of 0 groups and only follow kpop for the scandals (does anyone else here too?).

Anonymous 16335

i wonder how popular a white bg member would be. as long as he didn't look like the members of exp edition

Anonymous 16336

She ruined my song

Anonymous 16337

That was not good. It wasn't as bad as Junkooks screeching but not good at all.

No… I mean unless you liked some of the music or concepts why would you bother? I'm not a "stan" in the sense that beyond this forum I don't engage in any discussion or whatever, but I enjoy kpop songs and I like the dumb gossip too.

Anonymous 16338

Screen Shot 2020-1…

JFC at Yangyang letting that smelly dog on his bed. I thought only Western white people did that too, not Chinese people.

Anonymous 16339


He looks similar to Huening Kai.

Anonymous 16340

do u think haechan would date a girl

Anonymous 16341

RV's performance at a concert on the 24th of october just got canceled along with their planned fanmeet

Anonymous 16342

Damn she’s taking the whole team with her, something like this would have never happened if it was Super Junior

Anonymous 16343


poor wendy. some chinese stylist red velvet worked with came out and said bad things about irene. too bad the audio will never get released.
honestly I don't think they'll disband even with all the hate. she just has to lie low until next year and hope nothing else comes out.

Anonymous 16344

praying for disbandment and seulgi solo

Anonymous 16345

I tried but i couldn't get pass the viral duo thing because the writing was too bad, the info is mostly was been around about that trainee life sucks, the other thing I read (somewhere because I don't get that far) was how the male lead was unaware about how much harder is for female idols compared with male idols, I also remember the dude sad story being that he has no creative freedom or something like that.
Maybe if there's was an audiobook I would finish it but the writing is fanfic tier.

Anonymous 16346

Screen Shot 2020-1…

Interesting since everyone jumped to help the others. Is Lucas losing favor with his fans and NCT as well? Some may say it's scripted, but seeing how some of them behave I don't think you can force them to do anything they don't really want to do.

Anonymous 16347

I watched most of these videos and Lucas got up, cheered for the other guys a lot. So many times. Maybe he's an extrovert but people don't really like him back? Really weird.

Anonymous 16348

Screen Shot 2020-1…

What were they supposed to do though? Help him chew the gum lol?

Anonymous 16349

Ikr? Would've just looked stupid

Anonymous 16350

Irene is even trending on weibo.
WayV could never.

Anonymous 16352

>that pre-debut/training period was indeed really short
I think it's actually pretty common for SM to debut idols with short training periods if they were picked up for specific talents. EXO Baekhyun and Chen, Suju Ryeowook and Kyuhyun and TVXQ Changmin all only trained for a few months before they debuted.

Anonymous 16353


To add to Xiaojun and Jaemin drama. Xiaojun sees that Jaemin may need a mic so he tries to hand him one, but Jaemin just points at him and turns around, when Jaehyun hands him his mic he takes it though lol. Why is he acting like a 6th grade mean girl?


Anonymous 16354


your opinions on popular idol/actor do kyungsoo?

Anonymous 16356

not denying there could be beef but it might be that xiaojun’s mic was off, they don’t use it at all and when he sings into it nothing happens.
If that’s not the case then jaemin seems delightful to work with

Anonymous 16357

If he acts like this in front of the camera I wonder how he treats him bts. What the Irene scandal showed is that you can tell when a idol is an ass but fans excuse their behavior as them being introverted or savage. I don’t believe the shit fan say he is awkward or introverted. It’s quite obvious now that he hates Xiaojun for some reason

Anonymous 16358

Looking that this again I think Jaemin didn’t want a mic because he didn’t want to sing his part. He is obviously he bad singer and probably didn’t want to embarrass himself

Anonymous 16359

to anyone curious I'd recommend actually watching the clip starting at 2:08 it shows more than the gif. basically:

>Jaehyun puts the mic near Jaemin for his part

>mic doesn't seem to work?
>Xiaojun sees this and offers Jaemin his extra mic
>Jaemin just points at him? with a super serious dead expression and says nothing
>Xiaojun turns around to continue singing
>Jaehyun, in the middle of this, hands Jaemin his mic instead and Jaemin takes it
>Jaehyun turns towards Xiaojun for the rejected mic

Jaemin is starting to look like a major asshole, especially sine Xiaojun is professional and hasn't shown any malice.

>>16358 He sings the chorus tho towards the end lmao

Anonymous 16360

It looks like he's pointing at whoever's handing out mics, the MC?

Anonymous 16361

Lmaooo what is he being so petty for? He's pathetic.

Anonymous 16362

>Shaky vocals with weak projection
>Voice cracks from beginning to end

Yeesh what happened to sm's vocal standard? These guys sound terrible

Anonymous 16363

Women frowning are bitches
When male idols do it it’s okay
Thought you already knew/s

Anonymous 16364

great actor. i didn't watch his latest movie swing kids, but he was great in cart and it's okay that's love

Anonymous 16365

Kyungsoo has astigmatism, he can’t wear contact lenses when he doesn’t have glasses so he does that face to see better from afar apparently

Anonymous 16366

it’s 2020 and idols still claim they can’t wear contact lenses because they are “annoying” while body slamming rabid fangirls at the airport
… how sensible do you have to be to not wear lenses if you can’t see without them… astigmatism has nothing to do with it, these personlity-defining “they just have bad eyesight that’s why they seem so scary uwu” stories have been overused

Anonymous 16367

if it's an idol's job to not have stankface then he should just suck it up and learn to live with not being able to see faraway things

Anonymous 16368

i don't think i've ever seen ksoo wear color contacts at all so he definitely doesn't wear contacts. ksoo squints so he can see and exo-l's often called him a devil because of how he looked when he squints. that was before we knew he had an actual problem with his eyes though. i think he should wear glasses so he can see properly. i mean kai wears contacts since he's practically blind, i can't imagine how kyungsoo even sees anything clearly.

Anonymous 16369


He has a legit reason >>16365 and he's very open about it so that it won't cause misunderstandings.

He's the only one claiming bad eyesight. The reason other idols get hate is because they don't give an explanation to their fans or even claim being the ice princess of the group as their personality.

Him actually being talented might help with his reputation as well…kek If you can't sing, can't dance, aren't funny and have a stank face, then being pretty might not be enough for people to like you.

Anonymous 16370

bf material

Anonymous 16371


I liked him a lot when I was 16. I'm in my mid twenties now and I kinda regret fawning over a guy who doesn't like being an idol. But you can't really choose the person you fall in love with when you're a teen. He changed so much since his debut.

Anonymous 16372

Ok this is very telling, I wonder if they had a fight or Jaemin just dislikes Xiaojun. Xiaojun gets teased a lot but gets along well with everyone, no one outwardly dislikes him from what I can tell. I don’t know Jaemin well but how is he in dream, does he get along with everyone?

Anonymous 16373

yeah he has an actual reason, his astigmatism can't be corrected with contacts so he can only wear glasses.

Anonymous 16374

I actually like him more now lol, his more mature/natural styling really works for me

Anonymous 16375

People with that eye condition can’t wear it because it slips off, he said himself he can’t wear them and wears glasses outside of promotion because SM didn’t allow him to wear his glasses lol. I’m literally this anon
Ladies are you a huge bitch if you can’t see without glasses?

Anonymous 16376

do looks like a very genuine guy. and hes cute with a nice voice, plus he loves to cook and do laid back, relaxing shit. he really is bf material.

Anonymous 16377

I like people like Krystal and D.o. who are more serious and mature
An idol doesn’t need to be smiley and cute all the time, it’s a palate cleanser from seeing their members really loud all the time. To see a laidback real kpop idol is rare so don’t ruin it for us who like it.

Anonymous 16378

kek i remember someone on LC posting gifs of him hitting chinese members. he looked mad af.
he's def not an angel.

Anonymous 16379

Since jaemin is somewhat linked to the korean alt-right, I think it might "just" be xenophobia. Xiaojun looks so lost and confused as to why he's being ignored, and he keeps trying to at least be nice to jaemin.

Anonymous 16380


Here you can see that he's definitely not just looking bored/bitchy/like he doesn't want to be here, he clearly pays attention yet still looks scary because he has to tilt his head down in order to see the comments they wanted him to read there.

In the end whether his excuse is true or not doesn't matter, because since right after debut all members always helped clear his reputation by constantly mentioning how bad his sight is. If f(x) or BP had done the same for Krystal and Jennie they wouldn't have gotten so much criticism either.

Anonymous 16381

Wow some of you are Debby downers
From dragging Krystal and claiming she is a bitch because she doesn’t smile and being misogynistic to blaming a Kyungsoo for his eye condition and grimacing he can’t control
Relax sometimes.

Anonymous 16382

yeah he's pitiful. xiaojun is actually nice but very awkward guy, i'm afraid he's being relentlessly bullied by that lunatic.

Anonymous 16383


Anonymous 16384

if you watch the whole video too jaehyun looks a bit baffled by jaemin's behavior, he literally does a double take between the two of them and then goes to take xiaojun's mic

really making jaemin look like a fucking diva here, even if shit went down behind the scenes that's such a mean girl move LOL

Anonymous 16385

I was never into EXO and can barely remember who is who but I don't recall DO being an asshole? tbh >>16365 explanation does make sense, sorry for the blogposting but I have astigmatism and can't wear contacts (my eyes don't receive enough oxygen supply), if I'm not wearing glasses I make that same exact face and look like a total bitch. Unless has done some questionable things before then please spill the tea, I love when idols or actors prove to be pos, kinda reminds me that money and good looks don't buy a good heart. Also the fuck is wrong with that photo, Xiumin looks like my aunt, whoever did his makeup should be fired.

Anonymous 16386

whoaaa look at that astigmatism

Anonymous 16387

tao was annoying as fuck, it's probably justified. tao and baekhyun would playfight and hit each other all the time and fans thought they were serious

Anonymous 16388

This, he always had some unresolved anger issues that just slips through sometimes. Some fans say that he's reserved, but it's more like he's repressing a lot of natural behaviour, his anger, extroversion, his funny side. The sasaengs really fucked him up.

Anonymous 16389

He's immediately scooting closer towards him again, doesn't really look traumatized, does he?
Tao is a literal billionaire, he'll live

Anonymous 16390

that really doesnt look like playfighting though…im all for shitting on idols when they cant keep their expressions schooled and ok maybe he has astigmatism, but smacking someone like that is not excusable even if they're annoying, we learn not to do that in kindergarten

Anonymous 16391

do you girls not know how men act lmaooo
they hit each other all the time solely because theyre retarded and male, i doubt theres anything deeper than that. all the guys i knew from high school to even college act like this

Anonymous 16392


Anonymous 16393

does xiaojun speak enough korean to even get into an argument? i wonder if its just jealousy, xiaojun's been getting quite a bit of traffic and talk (especially for him) on various sites for his performance, this is the first time he's really being "seen" by the greater nctfag population

i genuinely wonder if its just jaemin being jealous that the attention isn't on him since he's supposed to be the "visual"

Anonymous 16394

not the anon you replied to but does anyone also remember when a sasaeng also managed to get their pee from the pipes and froze it in blocks in their freezer and snuck into their dorm and recorded audio of tao singing in the shower

Anonymous 16395

>get their pee from the pipes
im sorry what??

Anonymous 16396


Anonymous 16397

>t. oppalogist.

Anonymous 16398


Is like Chenle the only Nct member we like on CC

Anonymous 16399

I thought they got it directly from the toilet bowl lmao

Anonymous 16400

Speak for yourself, hivemind-chan.

Anonymous 16401

Everybody likes Mark. And have you forgotten about all those wayv fags? Especially stans of Lucas and Xiaojun

Anonymous 16402

>everybody likes Mark
Surprisingly I’ve seen people on these threads not like him

Anonymous 16403

no i think he's just a sadist who enjoys bullying vulnerable people

Anonymous 16404



Anonymous 16405

the theory ive seen is that xiaojun is that mystery trainee who opened the door to the practice room jaemin was holed up in and he never stopped holding a grudge over it for some reason

which, if true is fucking petty af lol

Anonymous 16406


Do is based. Only joined exo for the close up irl fujo experience.

Anonymous 16407

no one actually likes chenle, he's just irrelevant enough that no one hates him either

Anonymous 16408

I'm just saying that this hivemind attitude is pure discordfaggotry and should be avoided.

Anonymous 16409

lmao I love seeing other idols react to people doing fanservice

Anonymous 16410

idols that don't come off as assholes to me, from what i've seen

bts: jin, j-hope, suga

exo: xiumin, suho, chanyeol, lay

blackpink: jisoo, lisa

red velvet: seulgi, joy

have these people done asshole-ish things i'm not aware of or do you think there are other members of these groups that could be listed here?

Anonymous 16411

your entire list is shit solely because you put suga on there, dude is an arrogant prick who cant even own up to his own mistakes lol

Anonymous 16412




yes. exo had some batshit sasaeng fans back then, on the level of tvxq's sasaengs at least.

Anonymous 16413

Twitter tier post, even tumblr has higher quality than this.

Anonymous 16414

Fuck you so much for making me open this fuuuuuck, NSFL

Anonymous 16415

I was actually curious and went back to watch the unboxing and the MV reaction because I though people were exagerating exaggerating (I still think the Kai and Lucas "fight" is false) but Jaemin really is being a dick to Xiaojun. He looks at him from time to time but he acts like a wall between him and the rest of the members so you can see how uncomfortable Xiaojun gets because he ignores him- He seems so sweet too I feel bad for the guy, wonder what happened…

Anonymous 16416


>wuv u nevertheless anonie! uwu

Anonymous 16417


reminds me of jk here

Anonymous 16418

Ice tea slushee chomp chomp

Anonymous 16420

JK used to be so cute what the fuck happened

Anonymous 16421

im not gonna lie, xiaojun is such an awkward dude and its just amplified when he speaks in korean and i definitely feel like the other members probably cringe a little with secondhand embarassment, but thats not an excuse to treat him with the level of contempt jaemin does

its definitely also noticed by kfans, theres murmurings and theorizing just like how we do here, i wonder if jaemin's gonna see these comments and change his tune considering his image as perfect uwu idol

Anonymous 16422


i'm sorry anon i should've added a warning. feel better?

Anonymous 16423

idk what he's done

Anonymous 16424


Anonymous 16425

lmfao so dont make ur shit tier list then, why even bother making a dumb post like that if you just want to suck off oppas you think are hot

Anonymous 16426



When will 4th generation groups ever seriously
I’m still bitter about how SM handled Exo

Anonymous 16427

He'll probably won't bother, how many interactions will they really have? Maybe he doesn't hate him but is not really interested in getting to know him since he'll be back to Wayv. I think Xiaojun is not awkward on the videos, he really tries to catch other members eyes and you can see how little Jaemin looks his way. He definitely did not make it easier for him to fit in if he acts as a buffer when XJ is on the corner. I hope they don't sit them together in the future.

Anonymous 16428

i do agree they weren't promoted to their full potential, but saying they were neglected or underutilized is just exofag sperging

i got into kpop around 2013-2014 and exo was legitimately everywhere, they were so dominant and yes, their later years definitely showed a slide as sm began to focus their efforts on flopnct, but saying they were neglected their entire career is just fangirl sperging

i do feel if they had correct promotion, they may have reached bts levels of notoriety, but they also may be too large of a group to easily move around in the international space

Anonymous 16429

>we argued that chanyeol and xiumin were ours

Anonymous 16430


he still looks cute sometimes, depends of the styling

Anonymous 16431

I never said they were neglected, but SM’s handling of them broke Exo down.
Had they treated the Chinese members better the fame would’ve lasted longer
And the fact that SM threw Exo to the curb 4 years into their career for Nct says a lot of the handling of the group
SM has made many mistakes like this, Disbanding H.o,t. And SHINHWA during their 4th year and the JYJ fiasco, mistreatment of The Grace etc
SM has the best groups but the worst management it’s just a fact

Anonymous 16432

Are you 12

Anonymous 16433


Deserved. They at least gave proper fanservice and spread their legs unlike lazy btshit and nct

Anonymous 16434

SM destroyed itself the day they admitted Doyoung, Haechan AND Taeil. This ugly as fuck competent singer shtick was never their main thing really, Luna and Onew are exceptions. Junsu, Changmin, Jessica, Taeyeon, Jonghyun, Chen, Baekhyun and Kyungsoo. If you have one Tiffany, the rest of the singers can't be hideous. All NCT127 singers are ugly excluding Jaehyun.

Anonymous 16435

If you're not an SJW who gets offended by shit like Koreans wearing dreads, not really anyone from these groups is a huge confirmed meanie besides Irene and V. If you want to find idols that are actually shitty people, look no further than YG boy groups and other SM boy groups

Anonymous 16436

bts have an incredibly similar move on the blood sweat and tears choreography lmao

Anonymous 16437

why? you want my lewds?

Anonymous 16438


It’s just facts girls

Anonymous 16439


Huge chinese stylist (styled big stars like liu wen, angelababy, etc) called out irene as well

yikes, imagine being such a diva that no one is defending you kek

translated: the irene rumors are true, irene is pretty but has no character (i can say 1000 words about this). anyone who's worked for her knows this, and i think im the only one in china who's styled her, what a waste of a pretty face

Anonymous 16440


former sm trainee also came out and claimed that irene bullied her while she was at sm

honestly i cant see how she'd recover from this, her career is over

Anonymous 16441

I just checked out Enhypens debut teaser
Why is it that everyone’s doing a dark concept these days
Especially the boy groups, atleast the GG’s are versatile nowadays
Even the cutesy Verivery boys switched to a darker concept
It’s so boring

Anonymous 16442

what is going to happen to red velvet? are they over?
i'm kinda sad because i was looking forward to their next comeback. there's no other currently active gg with an equally good discography

Anonymous 16443

Chinese people are so straightforward lmao

Anonymous 16444


But without a mirror above them, so it's lame.

If nct had to do dances like that winwinfags would scream that he got raped by the other members

Anonymous 16445

I think there are some staffers defending her but they seem to be outnumbered by the ones who had bad experiences. Being decent 30% of the time isn't going to save you if you're shitty 70% of the time.

Koreans seem to take this type of stuff pretty seriously and they love to shit on female idols at every opportunity, now that they have a justified reason I doubt they'll stop until she's dead.

Anonymous 16446

probably a pushed back comeback for a few months, if more allegations come out i entirely could see irene being put on extended hiatus or just straight kicked if this really hits the fan

its going to be very hard for her to come back from this, and she's probably going to lose most of her cfs. would not be surprised if sm decided to cut their losses, but then again kangin clung on like a turd on sm's ass for forever

Anonymous 16447

At best they'll probably bench Irene for a while or she'll leave the group. They don't have enough members to carry on easily with one out of commission though, it's gonna be rough. At least their older songs are still good but I'm upset that this all went down before Wendy could have a proper comeback.

Anonymous 16448

im just laughing because apparently her chinese fanclub is trying to sue on her behalf for defamation

she already admitted it, what the fuck are you sueing for?

Anonymous 16449

SM hardly ever seems to outright kick people from the company, I think even kangin is still technically contracted to them, he's just not part of super junior anymore. They really don't like letting people go.

Anonymous 16450

Enhypen going dark makes sense because they will be TXT 2.0 if they are cute.

Anonymous 16451

well most of the dudes are uggo af, id rather see them piled up with eyeshadow and covered up than in flowery boy minimal makeup honestly

Anonymous 16452

bgs need to stop with the fake deep dark shtick and start going full sluts

Anonymous 16453

But what does that say about the other members? I highly doubt that they all have separate dressing rooms, so they must've witnessed some of it too. And none of them have a quiet/shy personality, they're not the type who couldn't speak out just because Irene is older.

Anonymous 16454

Not sure I wanna see that. BTS is one of the most unsexy and undesirable bgs for me.

Anonymous 16455

I saw a longer video of this and poor Lucas, seemed like nobody wanted to interact with him so he was just vibing by himself

Anonymous 16456

not that anon but she clearly meant all boy groups. cute concepts for boy groups are dead unless they are ultra nugu.

Anonymous 16457


what, anon? you mean you don't like this? kek

Anonymous 16458


RVfags forced >>16440 to delete her tweet because they were threatening her that 'irenebar', the chinese fanclub was going to sue her. they're using the fact that she was a former trainee at JYP to make it a false allegation but she did audition for SM in the past and some trainees from different companies are often friends and hang out at each others companies

Anonymous 16459

just imagine the slutification of a bg you do think is sexy tho

Anonymous 16460

it's amusing to see red velvet burn down, they've been around for way too long anyway and gotten redundant tbh

Anonymous 16461

All I think of is that one girl group member that said he had smelly ugly feet

Anonymous 16462

I too require an idol's feet to be in pristine condition before I stan

Anonymous 16463


she also said this after she deleted her tweet and went on private.

>"I'm writing this because I think there's been a little misunderstanding. When I said that she bullied me, I didn't mean that she did it constantly. I just meant that she scolded me when there was something I did that she didn't like when she didn't like it."

Anonymous 16464

i just know the dude cant keep his fucking shoes on, imagine how vile that must smell on filming set when hes just flinging those trotters around

Anonymous 16465

images (24).jpeg

let's rate his feet

for me it's a 6/10

Anonymous 16466


Anonymous 16467



anons, what are the chances we will a get a documentary about army's cult like tendencies once BTS fades?

Anonymous 16468

>[+7,539, -186] Apologizing? Apologizing only after the scandal blow up, does that count as a real apology? It gives me goosebumps to think that she was acting like this behind the cameras while smiling like the devil for the public and begging for popularity…

>[+887, -24] Irene and Joy are quite infamous. I do think that she had this coming. These times are new times, celebrities aren't anyone special enough to get away with abusing anyone.

>[+497, -7] SM has several cold, b*tchy female singers that they've glamorized as being 'chic'

>[+344, -15] And this is why Park Jin Young is always obsessing over character and attitude

What's with everybody always asskissing jyp as soon as an idol gets in trouble

The calls for disbandment are getting louder and louder, I don't think it's so unlikely anymore.
Sucks for the other members, but I guess not everybody can be like suju kek

Anonymous 16469

its the double standard of male idol vs female idol, except this time the female idol actually deserves it

Anonymous 16470

Anon did you see this >>16362 ? I wouldn’t even call those guys competent singers.

Anonymous 16471

I think it's kind of sad. I'm not particularly attached to any of the members, but out of the "big 3" girl groups (Twice and Blackpink being the other 2), RV was the best. They had the best songs, vocals and a unique concept. It'd be sad if this is the way it ends for them.

Anonymous 16472

what is Joy infamous for? being a bad actor?

Anonymous 16473

of course it has to be organized hate. people aren't allowed to dislike something it has be apart of some huge conspiracy.
the jyp stuff is an annoying but have any idols at jype had any scandals as bad as this?

Anonymous 16474

dont think so, the worst i can come up with is nichkun and his drunk driving, and jay park leaving. that was a huge deal back then, but theyve largely been forgotten

recently i guess the bambam n-word thing was a big problem overseas, but literally no one in korea cared which makes sense

twice had a couple random japanese member controversies, but nothing unrecoverable as its mainly a super minor, vocal group and the gp doesnt seem to care

Anonymous 16475

Bullying also seems to be considered one of the worst crimes for a public figure in Korea to commit, according to what I've been hearing about the Korean reaction. Work and school bullying in Korea seems to be very vicious and it's something that a lot of people have been affected by, so it's a scandal that's pretty much unrecoverable.

Anonymous 16476

>haechan hugging xiojun and xioajun rejecting his arm
Seems like Xiaojun has a no gay allowed policy in place
>after jaemin's mic refusal jaehyun literally crosses the stage and goes to haechan and teail
>jaemin and xiaojun wall persisting
>lucas being alone and wandering on the stage
These videos are a joy to watch and observe their dynamics.
And honestly, Renjun is a fucking aries prince, he's dancing, singing, having fun and not letting Xioajun be isolated.

Anonymous 16478

is 2016 not recent anymore? i dont get what youre trying to say here

Anonymous 16479

2016 is like 4 years ago i think…

Anonymous 16480

Lol at least he got a hug in the beginning…

But seriously why are they avoiding him?
He’s taller and better looking than all of them combined so it’s funny to see them have an aloof attitude towards him

Anonymous 16481

Didn’t just recently come out that someone from got7 bullied a disabled kid?

Anonymous 16482


Jaemin had some tense moments with Chenle and Haechan at times, but he never treats anyone like this. >>16379
I would be surprised if he's actually xenophobic considering how many foreign members NCT has that he's known for years now. Jaemin sucks at every language except Korean so I don't think he's very close to any of the foreign members, but he has no problems with Lucas, Renjun, Yuta ect….

Anonymous 16483

>better looking than all of them combined
kek, this is what some people actually believe
anyway, looks don't make up for an annoying personality, lucasfag

Anonymous 16484

i think it came out as disproved, the kid wasnt disabled and he and youngjae did have an argument, so he made up a bunch of shit to get back at youngjae

again, take with a grain of salt because i got this from random articles and have no idea if its fan-driven or not

Anonymous 16485

Screen Shot 2020-1…

NCT fandom is an absolute mess over the colorist/fat remarks. Twitter stans were banding together and making plans to call out the members during their fan phone calls with them and poor Shotaro, who has done nothing but smile and dance in his whole month of being in NCT, got a fan telling him about the situation kek.


Anonymous 16486

shotaro seems like a random choice does he even know english? but good on them for trying

Anonymous 16487

honestly i was a big shotaro hater but the kid is so sunny and smiley i cant help but like him a little….man he probably walked in expecting to be all happy and bubbly and got hit with a lecture

at least it seems he took it well/seriously on camera? its not even anything to do with him kek, the staff behind him were probably losing their shit

Anonymous 16488

This generation is so insane. I can't believe that shithead did that to him. And more than one hundred people agreeing with this bs. I don't remember international fans being that horrible to exo.
Kill yourself, twitter faggot.

Anonymous 16489

>i cant believe they did that to him
i mean he probably was a little taken aback, but i dont see this as abuse or mistreatment, if anything he was probably just baffled and confused

i do agree that these "woke" twitterfags are just preaching to a stone wall and its annoying to see the hivemind just center in on something like this

Anonymous 16490

how will he ever survive the mental scarring of such an intense encounter.. he didn't even understand it lmao he will be okay

Anonymous 16491

It's a weird mix between insane overprotectiveness and babying of idols but also being super demanding and entitled when it comes to their own american-centric interests and issues.

Anonymous 16492

Back to tumblr, hambeast.

Anonymous 16493

i get being upset over racism and whatever other garbage idols get up to, but shouldn't fans be taking up the issue with the members who perpetrated the behavior? shotaro is one of the newbies, so i can't imagine he's very high up on the totem pole, despite how well he performs i'm not gonna lie, i got strong second hand embarrassment just from reading your cap, anon, how the hell these girls function irl is mystifying

Anonymous 16494

most Twitter kpop fans have from SEA though

Anonymous 16495

tldr for anyone who doesnt want to have to listen to her grating ass voice:

fan starts going on about how recent comments has "hurt" fans a lot and they want success but also want to bring it up, no indication of what exactly was said (people are assuming the colorist/fatphobic comments)

the entire thing is awkward and i did skip around a bit because she is obnoxious and grating, and there is a translator in the back but shotaro just looks confused and smiles and nods

Anonymous 16496

But that girl sounds white.

Anonymous 16497

Screen Shot 2020-1…

The fan wasn't rude at all, she was super careful and vague, but the whole thing is just so awkward first of all and second Shotaro has nothing to do with it which is why its so funny.

I hope their staff take a look at stan twitter and make some marketing strategy because a lot of fatties are fuming.

Anonymous 16498

But cultural appropriation and whatever nowadays idols usually get accused of are things that mostly americans care about. Maybe SEAfags adapt the woke talking points muricans on twitter.

Why are people acting as if an east asian person calling another east asian person (lucas) tan is racist?

Anonymous 16499

she probably is white but most people are complaining about mudras or w/e xiaojun and taeyong did

Anonymous 16500


this is that dumb twitterfag's "notes" for the call lol

apparently it was more so about cultural appropriation rather than fatshaming etc. not sure if this twitterfag is white or not (she does sound white af) but either way shes all over sm right now trying to make herself out as some martyr and champion of justice kek

Anonymous 16501

it was, but these fags realize that nct isnt the one doing the choreography and have little to no say in it right?

and like other anons said, CA is a very western-centric idea, i get calling out idols for fatshaming or whatever the fuck more but talking to a newbie about CA around something he couldnt even control just seems like a waste of time and money

Anonymous 16502

It’s so awkward when people who aren’t even apart of the culture that was supposedly “appropriated” are the loudest about it.
I’m Ethiopian and when I see dreadlocs worn by idols I literally don’t care, the diversity in concepts and style is what makes Kpop so fun.
As long as it’s not mocking my culture I find it fun to see them reference African or Black culture.

Also saying this to idols themselves and explaining how it’s problematic won’t help.
I remember a SF9 member had a fan ask him to modify his hairstyle from those clown looking dreads that was worn during Mamma Mia era and he was shocked but the next day he wore it again.
Speak with the management if it bothers you so much, Shotaro must have been so confused lol

Anonymous 16503



Anonymous 16504

kek as if sm is going to do shit, they know these fans are all lipservice and they'll still buy the merch and screech about hot oppars regardless

and its true, this will all be forgotten in a few days until the next controversy, and then they send another wave of emails with their piggy fingers and cry for a few days and then get over it again

man it must be exhausting manning that email inbox though, i feel for that poor intern stuck with that job

Anonymous 16505

agreed though I don't think it's just outsiders trying to decide what's problematic. people on twitter live for being seen as victims so every offense is treated as a literal hate crime. it's funny seeing people act like durags are some deeply respected cultural item though.

Anonymous 16506

what about our new board? ;_;

Anonymous 16507

other admin has been working on it all day and it should be ready by tomorrow at the latest. it'll be posted here once its ready

Anonymous 16508

see anon's post here: >>16086

Anonymous 16509


Sorry for the soap box post but I need to vent.

I find it high-key hilarious how international kpop fans consume and fetishize so many aspects of Korean culture and also comment on so many aspects of Korean society without proper knowledge and zero stake in it, yet whenever anything happens that concerns THEIR culture they become the most holy, woke, PC people ever giving fucking UN speeches to these dudes.

Like they don't spend their time thirsting over Korean dudes and their shallow fucking music, consuming fanfics where they make these dudes fuck each other, literally counting down the minutes these dudes turn 18 and looking for pics of their abs flashing for fap material and want these dudes to act in a way that fulfills their fucking emotional needs like some social inept retards.

Anonymous 16510

yup, the hypocrisy baffles me, they'll prance around in hanbok and butcher the language but in the same breath will accuse idols of CA

but thats just the nature of twitter, hypocritical pigs trying to appear woke for social media kudos

Anonymous 16511

idk I feel like there's a lot of people that like kpop but hate everything else about korea. they don't want to be seen as koreaboos so they'll shit on koreans especially kfans and act like whoever they stan is an exception.

Anonymous 16512

Korean culture isn't compatible with Western culture at all so they are never going to like Korean culture, BUT imagine like Koreans making comments about American culture and current political events just because they listen to Katy Perry and watch American tv shows. Ifans act so entitled towards a whole country because they listen to boybands.

Anonymous 16513

cringe but weeaboos are cringier

Anonymous 16514

do you really think koreans don't make comments about American culture and American political events?

as an American living in Asia, you get subjected to extremely weird unsolicited takes about American culture from random people all the time

Anonymous 16515

Funny that she's acting like she did anything because I just watched the clip and not only did she not get to say anything about the cultural appropriation but Shotaro looked like he understood literally none of it. The translator didn't even bother translating anything after OP started talking about NCT offending fans, she said one short thing to him at the end and that was it (if someone here knows Korean and wouldn't mind telling us what the translator said that would be great, I would be really surprised if she told him what OP was actually saying).

Anonymous 16516


Our favorite bully prince uploaded a photo without snow filter.

Anonymous 16517

If you look closely you can see the blur on his face that’s caused by photoshop

Anonymous 16518

I do hate Korea and I hate when westerners praise their culture. I won't go into details but this also applies to Japan and its whiteknights.

Anonymous 16519

I hope that Irene can somehow recover form her scandal. RV has the funnest songs and best concepts I don't want them to die because of this. I hope SM makes her go the Taeyoung route and she apologizes and just deals with the backlash for a couple of years unit people forget.

Anonymous 16520

i honestly want her to leave, she wasnt really anything outside of a pretty face, RV can definitely survive without her (and rake in the pity points if she does leave)

i dont think korea is ever going to let RV live it down if she stays, her presence is more of a death sentence for them imo

Anonymous 16521

I love Korea for its skincare Using Korean products changer my face

Anonymous 16522


It's fx all fucking over again. RV on the decline about to be replaced by this hidden group.

Anonymous 16523

Screen Shot 2020-1…

Interesting … hope this takes off like the MBTI thing and more idols do it so people can relax with all the China/Japan/Korea who is superior tension.


Anonymous 16524

Tbh in this case they'd just say that it's ok because those girls are poc too and thus never have or can't oppress koreans.

They like kpop because asian representation but can't stand korea because most korean's mentality is closer to the average conservative boomer

Anonymous 16525

Looks immediately a lot better

I agree with all you anons being sad about rv, I mostly listen to bg but amongst gg they had the best songs and concept, neither male pandering nor fake strong
I honestly don't think that they'll survibe this…

Anonymous 16526

it's really a waste of a pretty face

Anonymous 16527


Xiaojun is like the epitome of an awkward ass theater kid so no wonder he's getting bullied. He should grow a backbone seriously imagine getting bullied by some anachan potential incel.

Anonymous 16528

all i know about nct i learned from these threads. until now, the cutest nct member posted here is xiaojun.

Anonymous 16529

Nice victim blaming here.
Anyways, I watched the fancam posted earlier about Jaemin denying the mic. Doesn't he look pissed already from the very beginning? Never seen Dream content, so I don't know if he has a RBF or not.
Either way, he is a grown up in the industry long enough to just deal with it, even if he has problems with Xiaojun.

Anonymous 16530

im just laughing because if this happened the other around (xiaojun being bitchy to jaemin) jaeminfags would have his head on a pike and be spamming hashtags like #justiceforjaemin and #protectjaemin

must be nice to have a big following, the dude has been problematic for a long time but he always will have shields kek

Anonymous 16531

Anonymous 16532

>xiaojun is a theater kid
Where's this coming from?

Anonymous 16533

here lol
he is 100% a geeky theater kid and honestly it's kind of endearing

doesnt translate well on camera, dude is so squirrely and cannot look comfortable in front of a lens

Anonymous 16534

>0.05% sub-saharan african
She's going to get bullied by k-netz

Anonymous 16535

Screen Shot 2020-1…

he literally is lmao

Anonymous 16536

is he rich?

Anonymous 16537

the Japanese and Chinese part would warrant more bullying imo especially sine it indicates Chinese great grandparents.

Anonymous 16538

im sorry can you just read any of the previous 4 threads, wayv wealth is brought up literally every single week, just look there

i dont mind nct talk as much as some of the anons in here, but i really dont want to scroll through 6000 posts of "lucas is poor/lucas is rich, x member is rich/poor" again

Anonymous 16539


yes please >>16538 there are literal essays with proof written about this. its been discussed to death on here, lipstickalley, quora, lc twitter ect

Anonymous 16540

>and cannot look comfortable in front of a lens
Then why does he look so hot and confident in this performance?

Anonymous 16541

sorry, i usually ignore all nct related posts, i just got curious about the guy.

Anonymous 16542

sorry, i meant casually
i think he performs well because of his theater background, but dude legitimately is so cringey and awkward on vlives and any non-rehearsed content

Anonymous 16543

rv not male pandering? sure not as much as twice for example, but they still pander

Anonymous 16545

as much as i wish it wasn't, i feel like pandering to gross male fans is kind of crucial to the business model of most girl groups?

Anonymous 16546

it used to be, but i think with the prevalence of "girl crush" groups it's not as much a requirement

plus there's groups like mamamoo who pander to sjw dykes, so the gg scene has definitely grown quite a bit

Anonymous 16547

I’ve always found it odd how gg have to pander to male fans for relevance, bg do it too but they seem to stick around longer and end up having more revenue. Is it a pattern or a double standard too?

Anonymous 16549

Why do you guys act like koreans don’t get insanely outraged whenever someone says or does something to offend them? Or how they hate it when anyone mixes up their culture with another asian culture? They expect everyone to be aware of what they find offensive and continuously harass people until they apologize. Idk why everyone seems to forget that and acts like it just a “western” or “american” thing.

Anonymous 16550

theyre just as picky and finicky as the rest of them, but they dont do what international fans do which is actively reach out to stars etc to "educate them" as to what they do wrong

you never see korean fans writing petitions to cancel american stars for being shitheads, they just rant on pann and dont consume their content anymore

international fans feel the need to always be "educational" and i think that's what annoys most normal non twitterfag fans

Anonymous 16551

Underage nct and wayv fags if you plan to stay on crystal.cafe even after the kpop threads are gone you should at least learn how to integrate…

Right underneath where you type in your text are 2 other fields and on the first one is written "YouTube". This means that if you want to post a video you should put your youtube link into this field and not into the normal text box. This is called "embedding" and will make your link show up as video that can immediately be watched on this site.

Anonymous 16552

Except they do for example I don’t remember everything but the son of John Lennon posted the rising sun flag and Koreans harassed him and demanded apology until he caved inÖ

Anonymous 16553

Male fans are not nearly as loyal as female fans. So girls have to gear to female fans once they established themselves to the general public but can't get them CFs no more due to age.

Anonymous 16554

Japan really fucked over Korea and China during WW2, of course it is still a sensitive issue, and you don't have to be korean to understand that posting the rising sun flag is fucking stupid. On the contrary, CA is a very petty, US-centered issue, and "educating" your faves about it is absolutely ridiculous. You can't compare the two.

Anonymous 16555

They don’t just get angry at ww2 stuff, koreans go crazy even if a blogger criticizes a k-beauty brand

Anonymous 16556

It’s not about Japan or ww2 it’s about the fact that when they feel offended they will rage no matter the topic, a different example is the Sam okyle debacle.
Also most westerner’s don’t know that the rising sun flag is offensive. And if koreans are allowed to be angry because they were oppressed so can other countries like India etc. Korea is Not the only Country that was fucked over due to colonialism war etc

Anonymous 16557


>Since jaemin is somewhat linked to the korean alt-right, I think it might "just" be xenophobia. Xiaojun looks so lost and confused as to why he's being ignored, and he keeps trying to at least be nice to jaemin.
>yeah he's pitiful. xiaojun is actually nice but very awkward guy, i'm afraid he's being relentlessly bullied by that lunatic.
>no i think he's just a sadist who enjoys bullying vulnerable people
>Jaemin really is being a dick to Xiaojun […] you can see how uncomfortable Xiaojun gets because he ignores him- He seems so sweet too I feel bad for the guy
>Nice victim blaming here.
>if this happened the other around (xiaojun being bitchy to jaemin) jaeminfags would have his head on a pike and be spamming hashtags like #justiceforjaemin and #protectjaemin
…and that's just a small excerpt of what was posted within the last few hours.

You bitches are crazy. Reading this one would think that Jaemin was outed like Seungri but it's just you analyzing mere seconds of interaction. Don't you realize that you sound exactly like insane ratmys babying their "boys"?

I knew nothing about WayV prior to the threads on lc and cc. What I learned through you is that
>Lucas get's bullied by Kai
>Lucas calling his members fat is based because he's hot
>everybody is racist against Lucas
>Xiaojun is about to get murdered by Jaemin
Not once have you posted something nice, something positive, that would make others interested in your favs, it's always just them supposedly being the biggest victims on this planet.

Anonymous 16558

Im not a fan of Wayv but posted about the Jaemin Xiaojun tension just because I find it funny when idols can’t hide they dislike for other members

Anonymous 16559

Like I don’t care about Twitterfags complaining ca but to say that koreans don’t harass people till they apologize when they feel offended is a lie

Anonymous 16560

i just like talking shit, it's not that serious lol
its not a fan's job to bring more people into their group, just let us shit on idols and talk about dumb stuff

i dont give a shit either way about any member, i just think its funny that two of them obviously have tension and cant even hide it on camera

Anonymous 16561

I'm really not sure if collecting posts from hourse ago just to complain isn't more crazy, but you know, you can always just post about something you are interested in instead.

And if you want to learn about new kpop groups, go to youtube and listen to their music, instead of trying to find stuff on an imageboard full of gossip?

Anonymous 16562


I'm not their pr team. I just come here to sperg and say things that would get me banned elsewhere.

Anonymous 16563

you do realize most of these people arent taking this shit seriously (including the "lucasfags"), most of us are just shitposting and taking the piss out of idols

meanwhile you're here compiling posts and taking specific quotes, who's actually the insane one here

Anonymous 16564

>Im not a fan of Wayv but posted about the Jaemin Xiaojun tension just because I find it funny
>i dont give a shit either way about any member, i just think its funny
Yet you use words like xenophobic, lunatic, sadist for Jaemin and vulnerable, sweet, victim for Xiaojun. Who are you trying to kid? Those posts are very obviously very emotionally charged, something you clearly care much about personally. A non-fan wouldn't get so passionate. A non-fan who just wants to have a laugh about two dudes not getting along also wouldn't search for the newest videos, they wouldn't watch them and they certainly wouldn't look out for possible tensions between the members.

Anonymous 16565

So are Red Velvet disbanding? Or maybe Irene will take a break?

Anonymous 16566

i…wasnt the ones who posted those comments? i dont get why youre getting so agitated, the general majority of kpop cc users are just here to shittalk and trigger people like you who do take it seriously

you can be a casual fan and enjoy shitposting, i honestly dont understand how you're so triggered over other people just taking the piss out of idols, just ignore it and bring up a new topic

Anonymous 16567

There are several dozen of these posts every single day and it gets annoying af

Anonymous 16569

have you seen the alt-right youtubers Jaemin is a fan of? they're completely deranged and anyone who enjoys them is a sociopath who should be thrown out of idol industry

Anonymous 16570


>Not once have you posted something nice, something positive, that would make others interested in your favs

Guys have you ever noticed Jaemin's thick daddy hands? So much nicer than Taeyong skinny, little weiner fingers. Imagine having your ass slapped by those

Anonymous 16571

Damn I was just about to say something in a similar vein as this. It's nice to know some anons feel this way too because it was feeling real dense in here. Thanks

Anonymous 16572

No, I haven't. Must have missed that amongst the hundreds of posts talking about poor Xiaojun being looked at weirdly.

Anonymous 16573

you do realize 99% of cc posts are negative right, there is little to no positive fangirling in here because its fun to shittalk without getting banned/downvoted/brigaded

if you want to see pretty kpop recommendations and listen to cute comments about perfect oppas, maybe the allkpop or reddit forums are better for you

Anonymous 16574

then why are you acting as if you know everything? people aren't simply talking out of their asses

Anonymous 16575

>Lucas get's bullied by Kai
>Lucas calling his members fat is based because he's hot
>everybody is racist against Lucas
>Xiaojun is about to get murdered by Jaemin
Omg this recap made me laugh a little too hard

Anonymous 16576

There's a difference between normal negative posts and your sociopath Jaemin vs vulnerable victim Xiaojun posts. That's not having fun, talking about drama, that's stans raging.

Yet you only focus on what he supposedly does to your Xiaojun…

Anonymous 16577

the first three is lucasfag shitposting which imo is fucking hysterical, especially when fags like the original op get triggered over it

people need to realize cc and most other anon kpop threads are going to be primarily negative and shitpost-y, they just keep taking the bait instead of moving on

Anonymous 16578

can the jaeminfag claim down, everyone is having fun shittalking except you

Anonymous 16579

nobody really cares about xiaojun imo me included. you just have to realize you're on an imageboard. people aren't here for virtue signalling we just want to vent

Anonymous 16581

I don't care about you shitting on idols, that's what this thread is here for afterall. But when you do it while at the same time relentlessly asskissing another idol, it simply takes on a very different perspective. That's no different from twitterrats fighting tooth and nail for their oppar.

I could believe you if the likes of you wouldn't react like this to somebody who dares to say something less than praise to Xiaojun. See for example here >>16529 "Nice victim blaming" - you couldn't sound any more like a twitterfag. Apparently only certain people are okay to get shitposted about.

Anonymous 16582

>A non-fan
You're not on LC anymore dumbass

Anonymous 16583


Any song deephouse/synthpop recs for nct? im an exofag and ive never been too into nct

Anonymous 16584


Calm down lady. We are here to gossip and be dramatic about boybands for no reason, taking any of this too seriously will result in a bad time.

Anonymous 16585

literally none of their discography is good kek

Anonymous 16586

>I don't care about you shitting on idols, that's what this thread is here for afterall
You're not on LC anymore dumbass

Anonymous 16587


Can't tell if you're calling exo bad or not (sorry Im literally SEA ESL)
I really like Summer 127. Also like Superhuman and Heartbreaker. Was wondering since there's so many nctposters here that I could get any recs

Anonymous 16588

Shitposting on a friday night I see

Anonymous 16589

>No, I haven't.
Then you shut the fuck up and educate yourself.

Anonymous 16590

the new admins are gonna have their work cut out for them trying to keep these moralfagging spergs off the new site, its going to be a cesspool unless they really silo everything, but then we might not have conversation

Anonymous 16591

Girl ur acting dense on purpose, there is only one (God-tuk) people were speculating on and its not even proven 100%.

Anonymous 16592

>jaemin is alt-rght
wtf I love nct now

Anonymous 16593

I was just about to recommend Heartbreaker to you, that was the first song I could think of when you said synthpop. Summer 127 and Superhuman are also great choices. It'd be helpful to know which songs/albums you haven't listened to so we can recommend some you haven't already heard.

Anonymous 16594

Solution is simple, make a "overanalyzing NCT words and actions thread". Nctfags can have the time of their life sperging there and everyone else never has to hear about NCT ever again.

New board is going to be heaven.

Anonymous 16595

korean alt-right is fucked up though
as fucked up as megalia
they both take it to extremes

Anonymous 16596


I've listened to almost all their title tracks, not really a fan of their usual style. I've hardly listened to their bsides because I assume most of their music is in the hip hop EDM style and it's just not my thing.
Looking for songs that are more vocal-heavy and less rap. Thanks in advance!

Anonymous 16597


Lets say a movie scenario happened and for some reason you and Jaemin are stuck in a room together for two weeks, with enough food and water to keep you alive. Do you think you'd end up fucking by the end or nah?

Anonymous 16598

Post examples, EDUCATE US

Anonymous 16599

Alt-right was a movement led by Richard Spencer in 2016. It's entirely about white identitarianism. It died around 2019 when the people in the movement turned against Spencer. It's not a synonym for far right wing and it has nothing to do with male supremacy or whatever.

If you want to say he follows misogynistic groups, say that. I am very aware of the huge gender divide in SK, it's badshit crazy. Megalia and ilbe take it to a whole nother level.

Anonymous 16600

>t. ratmonster worshiper

Anonymous 16601

they should just make seperate threads like there was on lc

Anonymous 16603

just scroll up someone went deep into the discussion yesterday about it

Anonymous 16604

You might have some luck with NCT Dream, none are heavy because of their concept, but some have synths

Anonymous 16605

Ok, I did now.
So Jaemin said Hello weirdly and wrote kimochii and therefore people assume he watches a certain bad youtuber and anons here changed that into him watching multiple alt-right youtubers, being alt-right himself, being xenophobic, being a sadist, being a lunatic and being a sociopath. Gotcha.

He's probably a rapist, anon.

Anonymous 16606

Lmaooo anon. Is this asking us if we would fuck Jaemin or if you think Jaemin would be trying to fuck us

Anonymous 16607

Just search for "nct soft/chill songs" and you'll get tons of results like vid related. See if you like any of these

Anonymous 16608

nctfag lol I'm tired of ppl acting like the world will end whenever anyone posts about nct especially if anyone dares post something somewhat positive

Anonymous 16609

I'm dead

Anonymous 16610

So looks like the stylist will not release the recording, very disappointing. I still hope that this pretty much killed irenes career

Anonymous 16611


Forgot about NCT Dream. I've listened to a lot of their songs and nothing's really stuck out to me. Not a fan of I liked We Go Up mainly for the metronome beat (love when that's used in kpop like Trick It by Twice and The One by Exo-cbx)
The one you linked had a nice style and I liked the violin a lot, has a similar sound to what I like about exo. Not immedietly hooked since the mixing is a bit weird sounding(?) but thank you

Hm I guess I could listen to that, it's just that I'm not too big on lofi beats and such. I appreciate the suggestion though!

Anonymous 16612

Why did you decide to become a jaemin apologist? Not even Haechan is fucked up like that.

Anonymous 16613


obv if you'd do it

Anonymous 16614

Yep it's basically just pure misogyny.

Anonymous 16615

Since we both (kinda) liked We Go Up and My First and Last, I will recommend that you try listening to Nct Dream's We Young (don't watch the MV, it's badly made), Boom and Drippin'.
Puzzle piece is a soft song with acoustic guitar that reminds me of Kyungsoo and Fx's goodbye summer. These are what I think that is NCT Dream's best.

Anonymous 16616

Why obviously? Asking whether a kpop idol would fuck greasy western fatty-chans and hags who spend their friday night shitposting anonymously about him on imageboards is a valid question, anon!

Anonymous 16617

Screen Shot 2020-1…

damn ur really gonna get this worked up over fucking Jaemin from nct.

Go outside sis take a walk run the shower faucet over your clit and relax nobody is taking any of this as serious as you

Anonymous 16618

Let the losers just be, anonnie

Anonymous 16619

We've also discussed his emoji-heavy psychotic posts to fans after fucking up. That is also problematic

Anonymous 16620


I've listened to We Young and although I like the fact that they were in sailor uniforms (very cute) the song itself was just kinda eh? Like I'm just not big on tropical house type music. Was never a fan of Kokobop either. As for ballads I only really like the orchestral vocal-heavy stuff like Sonatine by Loona 1/3, One Of These Nights by Red Velvet, and Let Me In by Haseul. Any songs where nct's vocal line are given lots of spotlight? I love doyoungs voice a lot. Wish he would cover less Engrish songs desu

Anonymous 16621


What most of us on here look like taking shit about Jaemin being an incel who hates women.

Anonymous 16622

No need to selfpost anon.

Anonymous 16623

Never noticed Jaemin has a really long torso

Anonymous 16624

oof get off your moral high horse hannamfag

Anonymous 16625

so we can all agree that exo is peak gaypop right

Anonymous 16626

We are apparently ugly fat chicks because we don’t wanna fuck Jaemincel and call out his behavior
Let’s weep ladies

Anonymous 16627

Finally we have a word for them

Anonymous 16628

>I only really like the orchestral vocal-heavy
>Any songs where nct's vocal line are given lots of spotlight? I love doyoung
I wouldn't know, I'm sorry. I like kpop songs bc they're good for working out. You will probably have some luck if you search "nct member"+solo. They have quite a few cover songs especially for that purpose, showing off their voices. Have a Renjun's cover engrish solo as a gift.

Anonymous 16629

Who will ever top them

Anonymous 16630

I am living for Nctfags scrambling for their life to find a good vocal oriented song Nct has done lol

Anonymous 16632


That's how kpop should be like. Nowadays groups like nct could never - because their own stans would attack them for their problematic gaybaiting homophobic behavior kek

Anonymous 16633

Everybody knows that.

Anonymous 16634

Ever heard anything besides the main tracks? Because on b-sides vocal line shines a LOT more, People that complain that some members don't have any lines or are not utilized as much clearly haven't checked out any of their albums.

Anonymous 16635


Jaemin gives me Chad vibes, not incel vibes at all. Why would a dude who could get his dick sucked by hordes of women be on ilbe talking about how much he hates them? He's famous, wealthy, good looking can hook up with his pretty costars not to mention he's been catered to his whole life.

Anonymous 16636

Like who tf is doing it like them
The visuals, the fanservice, the music
The gaypoop industry if btfo without them

Anonymous 16637

you'd be suprised how many korean men are like this

Anonymous 16638

Since you said you like synths/house music (or maybe not, I just read your last post saying no tropical house lol), maybe you'd like Wake Up or Replay (PM 01:27)? Those kind of seem to fit the genre you're talking about. Sorry if my recs are off the mark, though.

Anonymous 16639

I am here to remind you Nct is Sm’s shame and failure
Enjoy JoJo by SHINee oppar

Anonymous 16640

I like love song, dreams come true, knock on, and highway to heaven by 127. 1,2,3 by nct dream is one of my favorite songs out of all the units. I'm pretty genre dumb though.

Anonymous 16641


Wake Up is way too noisy for me
I liked Replay a lot, the bassline is great! Thank you :)

Anonymous 16642

PG 13 cuddling is all nct is allowed to do without stans freaking out about poor babies being forced by SM. Haechan sitting on Doyoung's lap in a millisecond clip caused outrage.

Anonymous 16643

That Jung Joon-young guy was also a chad and a womanizer yet he was a distributor of molkas

Anonymous 16644

Meant for >>16638

Anonymous 16645

Ilbe isn’t a incel site
Jaemin seems to browse misogynistic community sites (community sites in Korea are like imageboards) rather than Ilbe lol
He’s not smart enough to understand the politics behind it he site, it’s not like 4chan filled with underage edgy entitled bitches.
If Jaemin was Amurican he would most def visit 4chan

Anonymous 16646


>rat getting all that action
love him so much

Anonymous 16647

no he would frequent r/kpopfap

Anonymous 16648

this dude makes me feel a type of way I am so ashamed to say this

Anonymous 16649

Are you from Korea? If so, why? In America the guys who are incels are those that go to Korea to teach English because they can't accomplish anything in their home country. There are men that are more traditional in America but they are normal and capable of functioning in society.

Damn you're right… I think he and co were actual perverts and sociopaths though, no normal person can do that.

Anonymous 16650

No ilbe is definitely known for its inceldom. Dc insider is more like something he would browse.

Anonymous 16651


hes such a cute little twink even at his old age and is probably the most effeminate idol ever. cant wait for him to come back home, miss my man so much.

Anonymous 16652

real by SHINee is also very good

Anonymous 16653

>nct will never release a song like this
is sm even trying at this point

Anonymous 16654

This cover sucks. He made troye sivan sound like an amazing singer, that's how bad it it

Anonymous 16655

>not a single track in Eyes Wide Open is produced by Monotree or Ollipop
being meguca is suffering

Anonymous 16656


>PG 13 cuddling is all nct is allowed to do without stans freaking out about poor babies being forced by SM.
…and without their spoiled lazy members complaining about feeling 'uncomfy'.

Anonymous 16657

Aw no problem, I'm glad you liked at least one of them, anon!
Also, I saw that you like Doyoung's voice (great choice!), have you ever heard Star Blossom? I hope you don't mind that it's a duet, but I personally find Sejeong's voice gorgeous and it seems like you're okay with female idols if the pictures you're posting are of any indication.

Anonymous 16658

Just like some anons said they’re just the korean Equalivant of alt right, that includes a lot of misogynistic behavior but I wouldn’t say necessarily Incel it’s hard to explain the stigma surrounding the site.
Incels do frequent the site but they have different boards so it’s not like people will call someone with Incel behavior a Ilbe user

Lol im not Korean, I used to live there on and off ever since I went on exchange there so I read about Korean social issues a lot. To put it simply ILBE users are a almagation of hikikomori, Incel, far right activist, MRA, Otaku ppl

Anonymous 16659


Anonymous 16660


Holy shit I love this so much!!!! This is the EXACT type of songs I like from ballads. Their voices and the orchestral music is so beautiful. Thank you for this!

Anonymous 16661

i'm literally waiting for the day both of them come back from the army. i miss them so much.

Anonymous 16662

They stopped after Red Velvet debuted lol
The AR team sucks, like who even greenlit Make a Wish

Anonymous 16663


>looks and acts like a catboy
so kino, so precious, i love him

Anonymous 16664

He is so fucking cute

Anonymous 16665


Chad to Incel meter NCT

Ultra Chads


Would browse 4chan

Possibly Incel

I have no idea

Anonymous 16666

Nobody listens to NCT for their vocals you delusional cow

Anonymous 16667

I'm quite incompetent with music, but even I could make something better than that. Like what the fuck. Were there intentions to make the worst possible song ever and see if people would notice?

Anonymous 16668



Anonymous 16669

They’re from Sm and can’t sing
Sm’s failure and shame indeed.

Anonymous 16670

i used to but everything after limitless sounded bad to me so i stopped following them

Anonymous 16671

If Jungwoo is not gay he's definitely a miso incel.
And ur definitely blind and deaf.

Anonymous 16672

There is literally nothing hotter than kpop men who can pull off a beautiful acapella harmonization.

Anonymous 16673

Screenshot (353).p…

Xiumin is also a woke king who teaches his young fans to not starve themselves

Anonymous 16674

I'm so glad you liked it! I also think you might like No Longer if you haven't heard it already - it's a ballad made just for the vocal line and Doyoung gets quite a few lines in it! Sorry for spamming you with recs haha.

Anonymous 16675

And all that with almost no ksoo.

Anonymous 16676

This is a crime

Anonymous 16677


I love Exo but pls embed your links here fellow Exohag

Anonymous 16678

YY is a millionaire
Doyoung has social skills and dates around
Haechan is not an incel anon no matter how ugly u thin he is

Anonymous 16679

Haechan isn’t an Incel but Chenle is?
Share your wisdom o wise anon

Anonymous 16680

>their smiles
i miss them so much it's unreal.


Anonymous 16681


Piano ballads are just kind of eh for me. With there was more violin. I think their best vocals are Doyoung and Taeil. Would be great as a trio with Jaehyun to provide balance.

Anonymous 16682


Haechan is uglyhot, I don't how he manages to pull that off with that fucking face

Anonymous 16684


I usually do, it's just very early hours where I am and im still very sleepy. Thank u though

Anonymous 16685

>forgets johnny
when you're so irrelevant kek

did we just settle that xiumin is the only idol we like along with mark or is it just two exohags agreeing with each other?

Anonymous 16686

It's just two Exohags, lol.
I don't think there's any idol who's universally liked on here, not even Mark, as much as I like the little guy. Anon who said we were all whiteknighting Xiaojun was off the mark too since I saw just as many people shitting on him before.

Anonymous 16687


cant believe i forgot about this….. love him so much
song also slaps so hard
the choreo is so tight too, i love how graceful he is when he dances

Anonymous 16688

> people shitting on him before
What did he do?

Anonymous 16689


Anonymous 16690


Anonymous 16691


freaking CUTE

Anonymous 16692


Anonymous 16693

Screen Shot 2020-1…

I'm looking back at my choice and questioning but recently Chenle has just been giving messy tmi since he started that radio show anon. First saying he hans't been able to cry since 2016, then saying he has no interest in the world anymore and recently he said he's never had a crush like?
hes starting to sound a bit unhinged.

Looking at my own screenshot though, he said "secret crush" so he may be a ultra chad after all who just goes up to the ladies he likes and swoons them. He's also a billionaire so that ads ultra chad points.

Anonymous 16694

same. i love this song so much and choreo goes so well it. he's just so great, his voice has this softness to it that you usually don't hear these days

when i saw this pic i instantly thought of this song

Anonymous 16695

can the exohags please stop posting that rat. idk how much longer we can ignore these cringe delusional posts anymore.

Anonymous 16696

same anon, i meant
this song

Anonymous 16697


yeah, let's post kyungsoo

Anonymous 16698

That one fanaccount anon gave of what they look like irl was hilarious and described him so well he looks both 15 and 25

Anonymous 16699

I dont know if one man can be so perfect. A soft cute voice, graceful dancing, adorable face that never ages, how does he do it?

Anonymous 16700

another anon here, but have you heard try again? tbf ik you said you didn't like piano ballads but it's one of the few nct songs i like and i'm also an exofag

seems like some twitterfags found their way here… again

Anonymous 16701

kyungsoo has such a gorgeous face why is he 5'3 God

Anonymous 16702

I like the chord progression here a lot, wow, it sounds really good!! So jazzy. Love this one a lot too. Thank you again for the rec!

Anonymous 16703

Anon, I'm by no means a Chenlefag nor do I know what kind of TMI he's spilled on his radio show but not being able to cry and not having a crush doesn't necessarily make you "unhinged." The "no interest in the world anymore" comment is concerning and leads me to believe he's depressed though, I hope he gets it checked out for his own sake.

Anonymous 16704

Forgot to unlink, like I said its early SEA hours for me lmao

Anonymous 16705

Exactly what I think, if he were 6 foot he would be perfect

Anonymous 16706


Hi everyone, one of the imageboard admins here. The site is finally up and ready for use.

Welcome to choachan.cafe!

We currently have a kpop, offtopic and meta board. Please head over to /site/ if you have any questions or suggestions for us.


Anonymous 16707

This is like the male version of Doyoung's story of Irene's practice room and how all of the trainees were afraid of her. https://www.koreaboo.com/news/nct-doyoung-red-velvet-irene-poor-attitude-controversy/
NTA but seriously, go back to twitter or learn to integrate fag. It's embarrassing how many anons in here type in obvious twitter speak which just alerts the other anons that you have a [NCT] stan account and only use LC and CC because you're too scared to share honest opinions on your feed. Based on some of the unironic mentions of 'CA' in here (though some anons have laughed at the sjw shit) I'm gonna guess that at least some of you also exercise the same performative wokeness for kpop stan twitter points. And that includes the people who laughed at the twitter idiot that tried "eDuCaTiNg ShOtArO" but probably spew the same bullshit themselves when they're not anonymous. At least TRY to make this all less obvious because these threads are going to shit. I'm happy to talk about Jaemin obviously bullying that kid but don't jump to his defense like you would on your twitter.

Anonymous 16708

thank you new admin(s) for your hard work!

Anonymous 16709

Thank you! The new site looks adorable!

Anonymous 16710

thanks admins-nims, you are jinjja daebak, neomu saranghaeyo

Anonymous 16711

> And that includes the people who laughed at the twitter idiot that tried "eDuCaTiNg ShOtArO"
Oh you shut the fuck, you paranoid fuck
I love that the main theme is pink.

Anonymous 16712

it's looks good

Anonymous 16713

I feel like not crying for 4 years is really strange anon, am I the only one? Fans were super concerned for him and even did a little hashtag.

Anonymous 16714

thank you! great work!

Anonymous 16715

It's so cute!

Anonymous 16716


Anonymous 16717

So, we migrate now?

Anonymous 16718

No one has made a thread yet for some reason

Anonymous 16719

Well I mean it depends, did anything happen in those 4 years that was worth crying about? I know you guys brought up how he was one of the only ones who didn't cry at the last Dream concert. It could be a sign of depression, or it could be something else. "Unhinged" isn't the right word to use, though, that makes it sound like he's a psychopath or something.

Anonymous 16720

I'm gonna start one then

Anonymous 16721

fuck two nct thread were made already

Anonymous 16722

Read the title, dummy

Anonymous 16724

I made the overanalyzing thread but it's dumb to have two threads about nct i feel like one would be good or? should there be a general and a shit talking one?

Anonymous 16725

proof this thread is full of nctfags tbh

Anonymous 16726

Great work admin anons !!!

Anonymous 16727

Nothing wrong with that, ratmonster fucker

Anonymous 16728

The new board is fucking cute

Anonymous 16729

Choachan is officially a male board, with 4chin's /kpg/ posting girl idols.

Anonymous 16730

there's like 10 solo threads for male groups. what do you expect to be posted in the general thread

Anonymous 16731

Plotwist the thread was actually made by moafag after all

Anonymous 16732

Girls like girls too
But I’m kind of scared of male posters will disguise themselves among us

Anonymous 16733

he looks like a western chinese guy to me lol. he's attractive but not in a kpop way imo, like a normal guy way?

Anonymous 16734

Sorry for late reply anon but people were saying he was rude because he blew a fan in a staff member's face once (vid related at the 3 minute mark). They also got mad at him for saying his ideal type was a housewife or something. I don't think there's anything else he did. The rest of it was just nitpicking like calling him ugly or socially awkward.

Anonymous 16735

The posters on the new board are already insufferable

Anonymous 16736

Which thread are you talking about?

Anonymous 16737

post in the critical thread, i think thats a thread for you

Anonymous 16738

the dude to the left of taeyong (whats his name?) and lucas are the only ones who look like adult men lol.
also, taeyongs microexpressions come off as very gay vibes to me. idk maybe hes just very flamboyant but he comes off as not straight to me lol

Anonymous 16740

The new board had to have been leaked or something so many stray kids fans and the general thread is dead af.

Anonymous 16741

The general thread is not "normal", it's from 4chan.

Anonymous 16742

ngl i liked the vibe here more even with the constant bitching. Who's gonna call me out when I thirstpost manlets now.

Anonymous 16743

I made a "chat" thread in hopes that it would be similar to this one but it got deleted and 4chan's general thread won. Well, that's life.
I really liked the vibe here too.

Anonymous 16744

you can just select to watch the kpopcrit thread and ignore all the other ones

Anonymous 16745

yeah I'm going to post in the critical thread, hopefully the vibe here can be recreated minus the constant infighting

Anonymous 16746

Unironically, even tho we criticize each other, this CC thread has a really different vibe from LC and critical threads. It's softer, somewhat.

Anonymous 16747

This, I was meaning to come back here and tell you all how much I preferred the CC thread. Yes, there was infighting and NCT derailing constantly but I liked how cohesive and discussion-based it was. I appreciate the admins' hard work on it but the new site just seems like a thirstposting/image-spamming general. Also, I greatly prefer not having to share a space with blatant 4chan scrotes here.

Anonymous 16748

Can we ask adminsama to let us have a thread separate from the 4chan coomers and degenerates? That was my biggest fear, coomer moids taking over the board while the entire purpose for the site was a refuge for us from lc/cc. Men win again kek

Anonymous 16749

the critical thread seems fine for now. If we feel like scrotes are on it we can report them or ignore.

Anonymous 16750

Lol come to kpc and I will gladly call you out

Agree with other anons that the kpg thread was off from the beginning

Anonymous 16751

arab sasaeng anon please come to the sasaengs thread asap

Anonymous 16753

Admins don’t delete obvious scrotes posts so I doubt they’ll ban them
They’ll probably let men into the imageboard slowly but surely and it will be plastered with pedo shit.

Anonymous 16754

They sound like underage 4chan fags.

Anonymous 16755

I regret suggesting for someone to make a Kpop imageboard like 2 threads ago. We should’ve fought more to keep this thread I like the vibe here.

Anonymous 16759

i love my tiktok fujo sisters <3
fighting the anti-fujo terfs 24/7 in a coalition

Anonymous 16760

Ur on cc are u gonna fight an entire imageboard full of terfs or what

Anonymous 16764

you're too focused on group's thread. the critical thread is pretty much the same.
the problem is that we can't fight over moafag or lucasfags anymore because they are allowed to spam their oppas.

after some time i'm sure the new board will have its own identity. if you people don't post their we will sure miss something.

Anonymous 16775

Didnt admin say that we have this thread and the next one? Or did I read it wrong, anyway I think it’s best for now to enjoy it while it last

Anonymous 16776

Why can't we press the admins for one central thread on choa?

Anonymous 16780

Choachan admins posted this regarding male posters and that they would ban the reports against the people reporting suspected male users rather than the suspected male poster I
>I know this might annoy some of you but we would like the board to focus more on the content rather than the posters behind it.

Absolutely fucking retarded,

Anonymous 16781

Choachan admins are trannies confirmed.

Anonymous 16782

I mean, only a male would decide like that.

Anonymous 16783

What do we do girls

Anonymous 16784

Beg LC admin for kpop threads to be allowed again?

Anonymous 16785

We really got tricked by these trannies to jump ship and further ruin the thread so now there’s really no going back to LC or CC
It hurts

Anonymous 16786


Choachan was a retarded ass name for a site I should’ve known retards were behind this
They really came for scamyong’s brand

Anonymous 16787


Which one of you fuckers lol

Anonymous 16788

just say tranny, anonnie

Anonymous 16789

Looks like we were all thinking the same thing lmaooo. I tried giving the nct thread a chance but way too many non fans trying to stir shit up. Someone even fucking suggested that a terrorist group was going to bomb the Korean embassy over nct having a Shia Islamic prayer written somewhere on their stage.

Anonymous 16790

Holy shit lol I saw that
Honestly in some other threads the racebaiting is crazy, just another proof gaypg 4channers took over.
They can’t hold a serious convo even if their life depended on it, the spergouts are amazing.
And the fact that the Admin said that the gaypg fujos have intergrated well is another proof that the tranny is one of them.
Topkek we just got trolled how naive of us to believe they would make a imageboard for us to migrate to with no ulterior motive

Anonymous 16791

Screen Shot 2020-1…

Wow although Jaehyun also has 4.8 now.

Anonymous 16792

But what is the ulterior motive? Could it be anything more sinister than pretending to be a woman? Are they harvesting our data, our IPs?

Anonymous 16794

I don't think it's that dramatic. I'm sure that word got out about a thread being made and everyone just ran on over. the amount of threads and posts is insane for something creating like 3 days ago and I'm sure more people will join.

Anonymous 16795

a board I mean not thread

Anonymous 16796

I’m torn between the admin being a crazy tranny fujo ally or the admin actually being TIM
I can’t tell

Anonymous 16797


Eh probs just worded it wrong but are u the Admin lol

Anonymous 16798

No, I'm the one doing the questioning. What else should I ask? Pls, post your hand with a ruler just like the LC admin?

Anonymous 16799

>I’m the one doing the questioning
?? What the fuck lol

Anonymous 16800

Can you even read, retard?

Anonymous 16801

>Pls, post your hand with a ruler just like the LC admin
Im dead


Owner doesn't sound entitled like a man or violent like a tranny so I'm willing to believe.

Anonymous 16802

Your whole post gave me aneurysm, learn to put words together in a coherent sentence before calling anybody a retard

Anonymous 16803

Admin and the minions have come
It’s over girlies

Anonymous 16804

You're the only illiterate asperger here, go do your homework
I also want to believe because a k-pop board is something cool.

Anonymous 16805

Admin is a stay, fujoshi, and a raging mtf, what did we do to deserve this

Anonymous 16806

god you guys are fucking retarded no wonder every place kicks you out

Anonymous 16807

For what lmao

Anonymous 16808

for being bitter paranoid stuck up losers preoccupied with other anonymous strangers and the way they behave

Anonymous 16809

Screen Shot 2020-1…


I hate how politics have seeped into kpop. Politics ruin everything and kpop is no exception. From this to preteens on Twitter bothering yangyang on his virtual fanmeet about colorism in nct.

Anonymous 16810

Eh. Admins a schizo too add that to the list.

Anonymous 16811

It’s all Sm’s fault lol

Anonymous 16812

What makes you say that?

Anonymous 16813

Just read for context lol wtf

Anonymous 16814

rly showing us all how totally not paranoid u are

Anonymous 16816

NTA, but imagine thinking a large amount of your userbase is full of wealthy white psychic women who somehow all know your race and target you over it because they think you owe them free labor.
And after you rant about that, you proceed to talk about "pajeet coons". But it's totally them, not you who's racist.
How is that not schizo?

Anonymous 16817

who tf is talking about lolcow. do you guys ever move on

Anonymous 16818

Oh, Admin, not Board owner. You're right, I agree. She's a bit paranoid indeed.

Anonymous 16820


Jaemin bullying Chenle.

Anonymous 16822

I don’t see the appeal in Jaemin, he looks like the twink version of the guy Yoona dated. They’re both so ugly

Anonymous 16824

I think admin just wants more people/traffic on the board, that's it

Anonymous 16827

i tried the new board but it's full of ratmies and starkidsfags. i already miss this thread vibe
the problem is not the admins but just the spamming over photoshopped idols.

Anonymous 16828

The posters are all brain dead spammers. I don’t even have a single picture of an idol saved on my phone so I find it all very tiresome to look at. I was scared of the new board being too stan-like but that’s exactly what it is smh

Anonymous 16829

And the fact that they say they’re a board derived from LC but let this autistic s circle jerk on their board is just lol

Anonymous 16830

lolcow had the idol spam threads though? just post in the critical thread? it feels like everyone here is just mad they can't infight anymore because everyone went to their respective fandom threads to shill kek

Anonymous 16832

srsly. The shilling is mostly contained in the group generals and I don't notice any culture change in the kpop crit/general. Just avoid the threads if it's so full of autistic spamming

Anonymous 16837

i think the critical board is our best bet, i spent some time on it today and the admin is forcing the nctfags out to their containment thread, and there was decent talk about music recs and the new smgg

feeling optimistic about that thread but im sure eventually the spergers will get bored and try to stir up shit, so its entirely on mods to keep that out

Anonymous 16838

>brain dead spammers
You're a fucking idiot, you know that?

Anonymous 16839

Ok Admin lol

Anonymous 16843

I think sushi girl has the same vibe although thread rn is dead it can be revived if we gather enough girls


Anonymous 16844

I was gonna say if the vibe in choachan doesn't improve why not just go to shushigirl and continue the thread although I think we pretty much lost everyone

Anonymous 16845

The BTS thread was milky goodness at first but then it devolved into edgy stan twitter

Anonymous 16846

Group threads are bound to become full of stans. I mean, ?

Anonymous 16847

choa will be fine once it slows down more. gaypg anons got bored after admin allowed them to stay. they're contrarians. you have to actually post on it though? the crit thread doesnt get a lot of engagement it seems

Anonymous 16849

Choa is very dead rn
It should have limited the number of new threads
Also they're handed out warnings for posting that nct drama on kpc but that was kinda milky and should be allowed. What they should be giving warnings for are those retardeds spaming "i want to peg jungkook". Fags, troons and fujos are the unholy trinity of chan ruin

Anonymous 16850

>Fags, troons and fujos
You say it like that and I can almost see a confederate flag in your post.

Anonymous 16851

honestly i get that nct sperging/fighting is annoying, but when theres actual drama and discussion it should be allowed in the critical channel

so if youre telling me if bts inevitably fucks up again, we have to discuss it in the "containment" thread where all the batshit stans are who will try their hardest to sperg and derail?

we'll see i guess how things settle, but fragmenting the discussion into 500 groups and then selectively banning in discussion threads will kill it off real quick

Anonymous 16852


What are the lucasfags supposed to post about exactly? nct drama was a bit milky and the nct thread is completely dead so where to discuss?

Admin posted this
>TL;DR Direct your oppar-posting to your respective oppars' threads until one of them dies or commits a crime or something else that would be interesting to non-stans

nct will never reach this level of drama.

Anonymous 16853

The issue may be that we never defined the thread. I just says post dislikes of idols and the industry. We should have come up with a definition of what the thread is about (more serious discussions based of milky or slightly milky drama/topics) and list of rules for the thread so people know what to post and what not to.

Anonymous 16854

That mod "global volunteer" xx luv seems annoying as fuck

Anonymous 16855

I think the problem lies when the industry as a whole isn’t producing any milk. At that point it slows down or we revert to speculation. If you go on the sasaeng thread there is a lot it discuss in terms of hypotheticals. If you want to talk kpop critically as a whole then at some point it becomes nitpicky or just dragged to hell

Anonymous 16856


Damn Yuta must have tremendous self esteem to take several pictures next to Lucas. Jaemin could never.

Anonymous 16857

The sasaeng thread is choachan's only saving grace. The thread is fun as fuck even though its mostly bullshit.

Anonymous 16858

There are four threads that mirror the LC/CC threads
kpop crit
breaking news
Just decide here, in this very thread, which one will be the CC successor instead of spreading yourselves thin. I say this as a nctfag.

Anonymous 16859

Since none of the NCTs became bffs with Lucas, I do think they are a bit afraid of being mogged by him.

Anonymous 16860

yup, except the new admin seems to want to make an allkpop forum instead of a cc/lc forum with all the rules she's set

i vote moving to sushi if this continues, the thread is so dead bc people dont know or afraid of posting in the wrong thread

Anonymous 16861

I want to know where all the nctfags went? nct thread has been dead even though nct is promoting rn and there is some drama going around. Its also the smallest thread with even the exofags spamming seem to have more posts

Anonymous 16862

Maybe the lurkers are not posting because there was a fight and now they are afraid of being called out? The comfy vibes went away with all the nitpicking and aggressiveness by the mods and the posters. Me included.

Anonymous 16863

The problem is there shouldnt have been those 4 separate it all could be under kpc/kpg. Doesnt matter what we ""decide"" here, anons will keep being aimless with that amount of freedom and options
There have been more posts here in the past couple of hours or more than in all these threads combined btw… it's a failed model, congrats

Anonymous 16864

kpop crit seems the most reasonable successor since that is kind of the vibe/purpose.

but like >>16860 said the mod is watching that thread and they have their own rules.

Agree with you. What made this thread interesting was that everyone was forced to share one thread but the general consensus was that you weren't supposed to be too "stan" like so you would get all kinds of interesting posts from negative to positive and milky.

I'm not going to comb through 50 pictures of jimincel on the BTS thread to get the latest dumb gossip on them. Here I just had to only endure around 5 pictures of jimincel and could get the newest shit on them spoonfed to me.

Anonymous 16865

>there was a fight
We posted shamelessly for the entire 10 threads on here despite being called out daily. Lets bring that kind of energy back to choachan.

Anonymous 16867

maybe you guys should post these complaints on there. seems kind of weird to complain here because nothing's gonna change that way

Anonymous 16868

The absolute lack of contrasting opinions and confrontation makes everything die down fast and it all prone to simping & shilling

Anonymous 16869

exactly, and what deems "news" for kpopcrit? i feel like the admin is just going to cherrypick shit that she finds interesting/tolerable and ban the rest

like the irene drama would be classified as kpopcrit material, but theres bound to have been people who didnt care about it

yes, i agree these cc threads were nct dominated and some of the nitpicking (mainly ree yuta is ugly/lucas is hot) was annoying and could do with being quarantined, but some of the true drama (the twitter meltdown about ca, members being harassed etc) probably could remain on crit

i guess im just frustrated the admin is just brute forcing what she wants and as a result destroying conversation bc no one knows where to discuss

Anonymous 16870

except the admin has already shown her colors of being pretty intolerant of other opinions, plus she's outed herself as a hard stayfag

i understand that its impossible to remain totally neutral, but saying shit like "just stan bangchan" makes me leery of posting and facing potential ban backlash because she obviously cannot remain relatively neutral

Anonymous 16871

where did she say that what?

Anonymous 16872

I wonder how is she satisfied tho because the skz thread is dead af. and before i was at least exposed to skz and even gave them a second and third chance as a consequence. now i wouldnt even know anything about them because their drama isnt enough to make it to kpc kek

Anonymous 16873

i saw someone else complaining about it, but all i see in the feedback thread is her posting a picture of bangchan so not sure

hopefully as more people feel comfortable posting we'll see some cc/lc culture feed in but its honestly dead af rn

Anonymous 16874

its been up for 3 days and this thread was never all that active anyways if you take out the nct posting. honestly i think everyones being a bit too critical and paranoid about the new board im surprised it even got close to 4k posts in that short amount of a time. if we want changes we should let them know personally though i dont think anyones been banned for complaining so far?

Anonymous 16875

yeah I agree, most of the posts on cc were about nct and then more infighting. Take that out, and you're not left with that much content. Although the brute shutdown of any milky nct content in the kpc thread on choachan isn't great, otherwise I think that thread is fine on choa

Anonymous 16876

i guess you're right, im happy to be able to discuss new releases and such without getting derailed by nctfags, but i do have to admit the condescending ass "luv, a mod xx" attitude admin has shown is annoying as fuck

hopefully the new mod team she sets up isnt as edgy and holier than thou, it just rubbed me the wrong way

Anonymous 16877

i agree that was annoying but it was a mod not admin. maybe we can convince her to fire her kek

Anonymous 16878

oh, was it an actual separate mod? i thought it was literally just admin running point so not sure

but yeah, hopefully they let up and the powertripping gets better, that entire psa rubbed me the wrong way with screeching about autism and irrelevant oppars kek

Anonymous 16879

it says global volunteer instead of board owner so i assumed it wasnt her? her feedback postings sound different too. i agree though, they should consider being more relaxed at least at the start

Anonymous 16880

well hopefully they see these comments and are humble enough to try and curb it, not gonna lie i dont want to risk it and post it on their meta in fear of getting rage ip-banned since the board is so new and i have zero idea how these admins and mods are going to be

Anonymous 16881

>fear of getting rage ip-banned
Does that happen outside 4chan?

Anonymous 16882

Somebody posted about twitterfags unironically "educating" nct members during video calls in the critical thread, I also chimed in and then that anon and I immediately got banned because this should have stayed in the nct thread. Admin could've given a warning first or explain what exactly is allowed and what not (based on my post history she could've also seen that I'm not a nctfag trying to spam them everywhere)
All major groups have their own threads, so what are we supposed to post in the critical thread, only drama about nugus? I thought the individual containment threads are supposed to be a for fans and the critical thread for outsiders who want to be mean to an idol or a group?

Anonymous 16883


Samefag but I just saw this:
>anachans that inspire you
You can't convince me that these aren't 15-year-olds from ed twitter…

Anonymous 16884

i went to read the rules and it doesn't seem to be an all girl image board. i'm not sure i'm ready to share a thread with males we wouldn't be able to ban if they out themselves

Anonymous 16885


Just saw this
Damn, the scrote jumped out, probably salty that gg threads are dead kek
Sounds exactly like those fags who infiltrated lipstick alley, that's how males type in an attempt to copy women - only difference is that the vast majority of actual women aren't stereotypical queen bees who go all condescending "honey, sweetie,…" on you.

Anonymous 16886

this is retarded and you just sound like someone from gaypg trying to stirr shit up

Anonymous 16888

Dumbass why would I want to call out fags if I was a fag myself

Anonymous 16889

>trying to shill the idea that gaypg is for gay men and not just fujos from twitter larping
yep you're from there

Anonymous 16890

>t. annoying nctfag salty you can't flood the entire site with those ugly flops

Anonymous 16891

i feel the same…not to mention all this powertripping that's already so obvious by the admin and her mod leaves a bad taste in my mouth

>males allowed

>if you complain about a male we'll ban you
>also bringing up valid news in a brand new board where everyone is getting used to the rules constitutes immediate ban
>shitty "xx luv" announcement that reeks of scrote

not to mention the board is dead as hell, and theres some racist bait spammer hitting all the threads but not banned kek

Anonymous 16892

>not to mention the board is dead as hell, and theres some racist bait spammer hitting all the threads but not banned kek
where? i don't see anything. also anon you replied to was talking about sushigirl…… pretty sure choa still doesn't allow males

Anonymous 16893

nta but choa allows males as long as they aren't "obvious" about it

Anonymous 16895

just like every other female imageboard including this one kek do you want them to make a verification board where we all post our hands next to rulers

Anonymous 16896

in the critical thread there was one, and when i was scrolling down the main homepage i saw the comment in like 4 threads

i know its hard to "ban males" and honestly idgaf if they integrate, but making an explicit rule of "if you report for being male/theorize we ban u" just feels scrote-pandering

> We will also consider handing out warnings to people who consistently accuse other users of being men because their posts seemed "suspicious".

> If a poster doesn't explicitly state that they're male or makes it obvious without a shadow of a doubt that they are (robot posting) please don't report the posts because we will not ban them

Anonymous 16897

eh it was already clarified that reporting it wont get you a ban. you guys are really nitpicking the only place that will take us and will ban scrotes that out themselves on sight and idgi

Anonymous 16898

What is this faggotry
It kind of annoys me how they are being passive aggressive to suggestions, type like edgy twitterfags etc like I don’t want anybody like that modding a site we use
Also it’s weird how they’re constantly in this thread replying with nonsense and egofagging

Anonymous 16899

Can you fuck off lol, if you like choachan so much go there, obviously people still here are the ones not satisfied with the board.
If you’re ego-fagging mods and admins atleast try to be discreet.

Anonymous 16900

Capture d’écran 2…

here are your racist bait spammer

Anonymous 16901

i'm the anon you replied to. i wasn't mad, just trying to answer your question lol

Anonymous 16902

this unhinged samefagging
well its been deleted since then because i dont see it anymore

Anonymous 16903

im not happy with the board either imo, its mainly revolving around the way the mods and admin have communicated with the users and complete lack of regard for suggestion

not to mention admin seems to have a huge ego/powercomplex, i saw her sperging about server fees and stuff in the meta board

just seems like a trainwreck way to start a board imo

Anonymous 16904


>not to mention admin seems to have a huge ego/powercomplex, i saw her sperging about server fees and stuff in the meta board
This? Or was there something else I missed?

Anonymous 16905

yup, it just seems stupid to respond to people with shit like "but im paaaaaying for it", i get some of the people are annoying accusing her of being a scrote/being skeptical of the board, but she 100% could've ignored the comments instead of fighting lol

as much as lc and cc had their issues, neither admin got into tumbles like this with baity salty posters, especially right off the bat

Anonymous 16906

Doesn't really seem like fighting to me I gotta be honest with you here…
>lc didn't get into tumbles with baity salty posters
Is this a joke?

Anonymous 16907

are u admin sama
sorry we dont like the way youre turning the site into allkpop

Anonymous 16908

No? I was just confused as to how that could be considered fighting and thought I missed something else. Also saying that LC Admin didn't fight users is just plain wrong

Anonymous 16909

why can't everyone from the CC thread just migrate to kpop critical on choa? the only reason why it's so dead and doesn't have a lot of interesting/conflicting opinions is because it's basically three or four people talking with each other

Anonymous 16910

because a bunch of this page was driven by nctfag fighting with non nctfags, and the mod axed that so there's no kpc conversation

it comes and goes though, ill see a burst of replies once in a while but it seems to be pretty dead

on another note, how do these sites make money? i dont see ads but i assume admin is trying to make a buck off running this thing

Anonymous 16911

if theres no ads theres no money to be made

Anonymous 16912

Image boards are a passion thing. God, how new are you?

Anonymous 16913

>complete lack of regard for suggestion
This. So many people said they'd prefer one thread, and one anon said the admins can actually merge threads.

Anonymous 16914

They can't literally merge threads, they just can order them to be merged after the next bump, like it was done on LC. Or even just lock already all the current ones and make a new one

Anonymous 16915

lol the admin is definitely lurking here, she just made an announcement in kpc that she wanted to merge kpc and kpg

Anonymous 16916


it seems she's making some changes and taking stuff into account, im going to stay optimistic and hope powertripping "xx luv mod" will keep her stupid shit to herself and announcements are less twitterfaggy from now on

Anonymous 16917

She even wrote that people told her to go and look at cc

Anonymous 16918

Do you even know what samefagging is.

Anonymous 16919

Why are they so nice when we are so mean? I bet they have real office jobs, admin speaks as an adult.

Anonymous 16920

What a fucktard.

Anonymous 16921

The tone of the nct post about fans educating nct on CA wasnt like that at all. It was just making fun of them being so delusional

Anonymous 16922

you do realize most of us have office jobs too right, its just one or two troll-y spergers that make the rest of us look bad

Anonymous 16923

they're clearly just trying to antagonize the admin as a social experimenting, info harvesting, exploitative scrote tranny
>inb4 i get accused of being admin-sama or tranny mod

Anonymous 16924


Right, these posts were only shitting on fans, no babying of idols

Anonymous 16925

im going to hold out, admin seems at least open to change and opinions from her newest update, im going to chalk up the trigger finger banning to a mod

also apparently there are two admins, so at least one of them seems to be reasonable if she's the one making the update posts

Anonymous 16926

agreed. lc and cc mods aren't going to change their minds about hosting a kpop thread, so like it or not, people will have to move somewhere else and choa's kpc is probably our best bet. aren't sushigirl/uboa both run by moids anyway?

Anonymous 16927

The duality of woman.

Anonymous 16928

Im gonna complain about it there, hopefully I'm not rage banned bc I'm not even a nctfag

Anonymous 16929

the admin did say they weren't going to ban people for asking questions and stuff, so godspeed anon

Anonymous 16931

choachan admins are nice and normal yet you unhinged faggots tried to ruin that too. cant take you anywhere

Anonymous 16933

Anonymous 16945

Admins and mods shouldn’t be nice, especially since moids are everywhere spreading our imageboard.

Anonymous 16954

kek have you all seen wayv and their costume dance? its something else

Anonymous 16964

That was just weird and embarrassing. Is SM punishing them for something? What direction is WayV going anyway they are all over the place. I like their rich chinese boy sexy vibe so much more than this fucking kpop 2007 bullshit.

Anonymous 16995

Did everyone move again?????

Anonymous 16999

yeah … read the thread… or are you talking about how dead choa is?

Anonymous 17005

i'm lurking because i'm kinda interested but also have nothing to contribute
a friend of mine is really into kpop
frankly she's obssessed with it
so i got curious and decided to check for myself but i don't see the appeal
it's not for everyone i guess
i just don't like the way korean sounds lol

Anonymous 17007

Anonymous 17008

Anonymous 17009

Anonymous 17028

Anonymous 17041

yeah it's very pretty

Anonymous 17042

I’m feeling this Stayc group, seems like their company is doing pretty well with their promotion

Anonymous 17063


GOT7 Comeback

Anonymous 17068

yes we're in choachan.cafe

Anonymous 17417

Any lolcow nonette still here? Choachan fucking sucks now that retards from gaypg took over
Let's slide a 20 usd bill to a farmhand so we can get our thread back

Anonymous 17418

told you bitches that their leniency re:moids was a red flag

Anonymous 17427

not to mention they banned me as a "known spammer" for posting pictures of idols when other anons were doing the same

bitch there's no tea other than the same 6 recycled, old-ass topics and infighting/screeching is allowed but apparently posting pictures isn't

i just want our old thread back, im so tired of seeing the same 3 anons fight over "ur oppa uggo"

Anonymous 17430

kek you do realize that that's an automatic ban that happens if you use a VPN and the VPN IP is on the chan spam list right? happens to me all the time. your persecution complex is a bit wild

Anonymous 17439

i didnt use a vpn though…

Anonymous 17440

>i just want our old thread back, im so tired of seeing the same 3 anons fight over "ur oppa uggo"
way to out yourself as a newfag who's larping having been around for lc kpc threads because those threads were exactly that but on steroids

Anonymous 18508


choachan is gone girlies… sad! Finally found enough nctfags to start a community with…

Anonymous 18509

Wait, is it gone gone or is it just down?

Anonymous 18510

Even I am confused. Like I had checked in there a few hours back and now it shows error.

Anonymous 18512

noooo really what happened? havent been on there in a while but i liked it. i refuse to use kpg on 4scrote

Anonymous 18513

Holy shit what happened to choachan???

Anonymous 18518

I found nice community for my group as well. Where to go now

Anonymous 18519

I was on there every day. Is it definitely gone for good??

Anonymous 18525

it says technical difficulties now so hopefully it's just down and not gone for good. I like choachan. People generally stick to their threads and there are funny posts and topics.

Anonymous 18526

404 means the site got removed by the owner?

Anonymous 18527


ugh that site was getting me through lockdown. i'm lowkey depressed if it's gone for good.

Anonymous 18528


Anonymous 18529


oh good news. where did you see that?

Anonymous 18530


omg ccc sisters god i hope they fix it its been 2 days now


Does anyone know anything about Jeon Somi?

Anonymous 18539

so depressing lmao. but i'm kinda questioning why i rely on that site so much. maybe i need kpop friends irl

Anonymous 18542

it went from 404 error to 502.. not sure what that means.

Anonymous 18544

just want ccc back it was helping me survive college plus i wanna discuss the loselose situation… and kingdom… god… i miss it

Anonymous 18546


i liked the anonymity of it i cant stand a lot of kpop stans on other platforms so thats why i liked it so much plus it was pretty much a scrote user free haven

Anonymous 18547

hate sounding dramatic but i miss my ccc girlies wtfff

Anonymous 18548

It was fun, you could shitpost freely, but it also was kinda free of the vitriol you find in other ib, i miss it

Anonymous 18550

ccc please come back i need my funnies

Anonymous 18552

im wondering if it's gone for good. if so, idk why. it was a good site

Anonymous 18554

the page is saying 504 rn thats a server error right? i dont think its gone for good but eeeeee im getting restless

Anonymous 18556

im just saying hypothetically- where the tf would we go after like ccc had specific threads for each group other sites are meh theyre too generalized i dont wanna be lumped with btsfags no offense

Anonymous 18559

Same it was a good stress release

Anonymous 18560

exactly, except I’m a btsfag and I was in the bts thread everyday lmao

Anonymous 18561

Same, and K hip-hop thread was entertaining too

Anonymous 18564

yeah, just saw this. willing to wait longer, relived the site isn't gone for good. we'll be back soon girlies!

Anonymous 18565

Thank you for the update anon!

Anonymous 18567

god yes. i came to this thread specifically to say that i miss ccc and get information. didn’t realize how much i loved that site before it went down for so long kek

Anonymous 18569

Someone need to make a thread on ccc for ccc stans. Gosh there interface is so clean and sleak. Hoping this thread dont bring new fags there.

Anonymous 18572

deobi anons i love you guys so much

Anonymous 18574

god i hope ccc comes back. daily sperging was the only thing keeping me from dying from exam fatigue

Anonymous 18576

Another NCT member caught smoking

Anonymous 18577


>we're working on resolving the issue but it may take some time

Anonymous 18578

what the fuck is happening?

Anonymous 18580

Screen Shot 2021-0…

win win hanging out with girls and smoking! One by one the nct members become hotter and hotter. Winwin is finally remotely interesting after 5 years. Nobody seems to care at all except kfans who are anti chinese.

Anonymous 18581

April bullying confirmed… So who in your fave group do you think is getting hazed?

Anonymous 18582

>cfans dont give af
when will twitterfags get it? you dont see cfans getting mad because they barely have any