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Terfposting #12 Anonymous 102150

Anonymous 102159


I just found out the heroic toilet guardian has a Youtube channel.

Anonymous 102160

gonna advertise my totally non existent terf server again that was totally not posted in the friendfinder because i know some more lc users came here just now

Anonymous 102162


Anonymous 102167


Anonymous 102168

"Infants believe anything I tell them! I'm so happy!!!"

Anonymous 102177

God I feel bad for that kid.

Anonymous 102178


Anonymous 102209


The fuck is "two spirit"?

Anonymous 102210

anon have u heard of the "plural community" whats the bet its something related to that? Any anons know wtf Im talking about? People that think other people live in their heads but its not classed as a mental illness for some reason? even though most of them literally believe their imaginary friends are real spirits living in them too. Like DID but where they are considered real, summoned entities. Again, somehow not seen as something weird. Why is the world like this. I love being a big ol bigot theres so much stupid shit to laugh at.

Anonymous 102211

I've heard of the DID stuff and the stuff on r/systemscringe where people claim to have a "system" of different personalities, is that what you mean? Usually it's more than 2 so I don't think it's that
>I love being a big ol bigot theres so much stupid shit to laugh at.
Lol same sis

Anonymous 102213


Picrel, it’s a mishmash of a bunch of different native cultures’ ideas of being GNC.

Anonymous 102214

Something really confusing me, i was wondering if someone in here could explain what the hell it is about? TiMs spend theirs times saying they feel like women, but as a woman i dont really feel anything related to being a woman, do men got feeling of being a man instead of just knowing they are?

Anonymous 102215

Thanks today I learned
I have asked and it means, to them, "I like stuff girls like I must be a girl." I don't like stuff girls like so I just be an onion. Naturally.

Anonymous 102216

???? what the flying hell????
Like in my family we are three girls and a guy, we all loves different stuffs, older sister love sports and video games,
i like mecha (trauma related, imagining being in a giant armor that would protect me from everything bad just make me feel safe, i know, super dorky)
my little sisters is a beers "connoisseur".
that all stuff associated with men, we are still three cis women, are we not women anymore because we like stuff associated with guys???? That so dumb

Anonymous 102218

It's because they feel like their stereotypical idea of what women are. Like when Caitlyn Jenner said she knew she was a girl because she wanted to paint her nails and host slumber parties. They don't know what it means to be a woman.

Anonymous 102219

oh gross, dont talk of Bruce, i gonna be sick, that man deserve jail for life, imagine being a mysogine killing a old woman with your car and then winnning prize for woman of the year the same year, to finally answer the night you receive your prize that the hardest part of being a woman is to choose what your wear in the morning, teehee…. Disgusting…

Anonymous 102220


Anonymous 102221

their rhetoric lives in my head rent free ;_;

Anonymous 102244


Do you ever browse this side of the internet and wonder if it's all downhill from here? Is this how it's always going to be? On one side those who are always going to support these troons and on the other those who dont'. You can't fix this. We make this threads to laugh at them but we can't penetrate their bubbles. You can protect your friends and family but we can do nothing to stop this suicidal behaviour from these people.

This is always how it will be from now on. Social Media has destroyed us.

Anonymous 102245

What the western societies are doing is not sustainable long term. Thus it needs to stop at some point. I reckon it is going Islam winning. Until the cycle repeats itself.

In the mean time, just enjoy it. The best parties are always at the brink of collapse.

Anonymous 102246

It'll get better anon, normal people were always transphobic from the start because that shit makes no sense, once you think about how transgenderism is basically just promoting surgically changing your body to match your 'gendered soul' while disregarding how it's usually just blatant mental illness, internalized homophobia, or just general self loathing
We need more old school gc stuff out there I thought we all agreed boys could like pink princesses and girls could like muddy trucks and that doesn't mean they have an internal gender monologue in the 90s

Anonymous 102249

Anonymous 102251

>There are two wolves inside of you

Anonymous 102252

while i agree with the sentiment that we can be women that like "masculine" things , and men can like to be pretty in pink, i dont like the whole argument that it alright because normal peoples always been transphobic, because the same can be said of homophobia.

Anonymous 102255

I assume it means the same things that "genderfluid" TiFs mean when they say they feel like a woman some days.

Anonymous 102256

Oops I meant transphobic as in critical of the ideology not anything physically harmful like that, when something as menial as using the wrong pronoun is treated as a "transphobic human rights violation" or discussing female issues or just saying the word woman transphobia loses its meaning, feels like everything is transphobic now

Anonymous 102265


when you first heard about trannies did you buy into it? i remember my parents playing something on NPR about i kid who told his parents "when you talk about me, say she" (can't find it now) and being very confused as to why people went along with it.

also i checked, this was posted on a saturday.

Anonymous 102267

i'm pretty skeptical as a person, i dont really understand the pronouns stuff , why do it matter so much? like if a culture had just a singular pronoun for both men and women would they still be having thoses anger fit over being gendered the same as theirs sex?

Anonymous 102272

Yes. I know some trannies become so enraged over the fact that some languages don't have male/female pronouns that they make them up. I want to say they did this for Turkish? I might be misremembering which language they invented pronouns for though.

Anonymous 102274

I wouldn't say I completely bought into it, but I definitely accepted it, mainly on the basis of my own beliefs in gender roles being bullshit. I grew up as a tomboy and still am pretty "gender non-comforming" meaning I just wear jeans, t-shirts and rarely bother with makeup.
I basically thought, "Oh, okay. Dude wants to paint his nails? Coo1, good for him!" So I kinda went along with it for a while, not militantly but I thought, to each their own. Back then I thought it was all about dismantling gender norms, not reinforcing them like we see today. I'm an older millennial so this was back in like, 2010 when this stuff was just starting to take off but wasn't nearly anywhere near as huge as it is today.

Anonymous 102275

I would still consider myself buying it. But the Trans Community accepts everyone and dosen't make a difference between those who have dysphoria and those who have mental illness. Maybe you think those are the same thing, but there's a clear difference as to who is a real trans person and who isn't. The biggest problem is the fact that there are confused and troubled nerds out there who are falling down this rabbit hole and hitting rock bottom by doing this shit to themselves and their families.

Anonymous 102276

Unfortunately, yes. I used to be a massive TRA and was for like 6-7 years. I was a doormat handmaiden and felt awful that I could never trick myself into whole-heartedly seeing a male person as a woman and vice versa. I felt guilty, as though I was committing some sort of thoughtcrime. And all of the trans talk 24/7 gets so old and annoying after years of it. I slowly, sloooowly peaked but I'm glad I've gotten to this point in the past year. JK Rowling's essay helped me a lot with understanding my own feelings regarding the issue.

Anonymous 102278

>but there's a clear difference as to who is a real trans person and who isn't.
i really doubt you can convince me of this but show me a "real" trans person.

Anonymous 102281

Dysphoria is a mental illness

Anonymous 102283

Can these "women" at least make any attempt too actually appear like a woman??

Anonymous 102284

The only reason English has gendered pronouns is that it used to have full grammatical gender. Having to put everything in a gender and therefore not always being literal gender still happens in English as a result, even though it no longer truly has grammatical gender. Any language that doesn't or didn't have grammatical gender, just won't have gendered pronouns.

Anonymous 102290

No. I thought it was bullshit from the start. I was in my last year of high school in 2014 and I noticed transgender ideology was gaining a lot of traction and awareness in popular culture. It caused me to split from the mainstream ‘feminist’ thinking and sent me down a rabbit hole since I felt so at odds with my peers who were feeding into a delusion.

Anonymous 102296

Honestly I was kind of skeptical at first but a lot of my friends came out as trans or nb so I accepted it. The bad experiences with trannies started piling on, then I started hate reading threads on bovine ranch. God, I wish all the shit you guys said about trannies were all just stereotypes and exaggerations, personal experience tells me otherwise.

Anonymous 102301

A little, to be honest. The very first time I read about trannies was in a girl's magazine. They interviewed a young guy who said he always preferred playing with dolls over cars and liked makeup or something so he felt he was a girl rather than a guy.
I didn't understand how having gender nonconforming hobbies suddenly made you a different gender and looked it up. The whole gender dysphoria/"transgender people having the brain of a the opposite gender" reason made sense to me and since there was no tranny craze back then, I just accepted that explanation.

Anonymous 102308

I did in college. I had to take a gender studies class and learned you should let trannies transition as kids otherwise they'll an hero. I was like, okay, fair enough.
After graduating one of my guy friends told me he was trans. He said he wanted to transition to a woman but that he loved "being a man, being a boss, and getting shit done." As if you can't do that as a woman?? I told him he wasn't making sense and after a few weeks he told me he was wrong, and told me about places like r/detrans, r/gendercritical etc that helped him realize he wasn't trans.
Since then I've figured a lot of trannies are similarly misled and lack a real friend to be honest with them.

Anonymous 102310

There are men and women that identify with and are invested with the stereotypes associated with their gender in the same way trans people do / are

Anonymous 102315

I fucking hate the "I always loved pink, dresses and playing with dolls!!!!" Ffs it only reinforces dumb genderstereotypes and roles. I don't think any of these dumbasses realize that men (in the west) used to wear dresses and the color pink (and blue was for girls) centuries ago, it means nothing beyond the fact that dresses and pink are considered feminine right now is nothing more than cultural programming.

Anonymous 102322


Anonymous 102364

Sometimes I wish wish there was a wave of female troons transitioning en masse in accordance to unflatering male stereotypes like male troons do to us, out of spite.
>I haven't washed my ass for 2 weeks, my asscrust is sniffable for a 10 mile radius, I must be a guy
>I completely lack empathy and theory of mind, I must be a dude
>I systematically overestimate my own abilities and turn a blind eye to my incompetence, I am a man
>I started HRT and now I can't make my partner orgasm, such male energy
And so on. Would be dope.

Anonymous 102368

most fakebois are very feminine, more so than the average woman, and even take pride in being "femboys" for some reason

Anonymous 102371

Cringe. Both the troon and the poster.

Anonymous 102372


Anonymous 102374

I was a strong believer in trans rights until I met actual trans people. Then I started seeing the contradictions in the ideology (if gender is a social construct how can people be born the wrong gender etc.), and realized how entitled, narcissistic and toxic so many of them were. I realized that what they call "trans rights" are really just priviliges, and how they threatened to bulldoze so many women's spaces. I realized this new "civil rights" movement trampled on every civil rights movement before it save the African American one. And though I resisted these doubts for a while, I eventually came to see the truth.

Anonymous 102375

I bought into it until I was confronted by the reality and actually thought about it. Men have male brain chemistry and are socialised as men. How the heck could they possibly know what it feels like to be a woman? Since I don't believe in magic, all I can assume is that they feel as though they should behave the way they PERCIEVE women to feel. That just sounds like a delusion to me. Any other explanation requires scientific proof in the form of brain scans and biopsies or the demonstration of the supernatural occurrence of the soul; neither of which have been supplied by anyone.

Anonymous 102376

The thing that still amazes me most how they can in one breath can say "Gender is a social construct, I knew I was trans because I like makeup." How do they not get called out for this shit?

Anonymous 102377

Question for the thread: when somebody says "social constuct" what do you think that term means?

Anonymous 102378

Made up by humans, thus up to discussion. Since 'we' are progressives, and progress means 'everyone before us was wrong', therefore when 'we' say 'xyz is a social construct' means we win by default.

In a nutshell.

It is a reverse appeal to tradition.

Anonymous 102401

I'm glad reverse peaking isn't real, like once you know the truth you can't unlearn it

Anonymous 102402


Contra’s actually the one that made me peak trans. Watching him talk about what womanhood meant to him made me realize that gendershit was nonsense. Especially in one video how he talks about picrel, saying Sylvia Plath was wrong about womanhood.

Anonymous 102406


I was always uncomfortable about the idea of drag queens and I once described them to a friend as "woman blackface" and this view was accused of being "very feminist". I always saw them as weird woman clowns who are displaying their fetish publicly, never something thats good clean fun and should be exposed to children. Trannies are an even worse version of this because at least you never had to pretend drag queens were actually women. I was never a feminist as of the modern definition, and I don't consider myself a TERF but I'm sure some people would consider me one.

I was able to get a liberal Jewish girl to see how some trannies are victims of mental health not being properly treated and that genital mutilation is unnatural and shouldn't be encouraged. This only worked as she was also a hippie and the word "natural" works on them.

Anonymous 102408

I believed they weren't hurting anyone so they should be able to be who they wanted. After all, I didn't want to be a bigot. I believed they would behave like proper women in women's spaces/stay out of women's spaces and not impose themselves on us. I didn't even consider the women's prisons or what kind of effect of would have on programs designed to benefit women. That is, until I heard about all the negatives here and on that website that archives trannies in the news.

Anonymous 102472


Anonymous 102486


>fujo ftms literally not getting enough attention on /tttt/ so they're going on bovine ranch /snow/ threads to get attention
this is the funniest shit to me i'm gonna have the most fun watching these girls detroon after 5 years of attention whoring

Anonymous 102487

Anonymous 102489


Holy shit, the top comment

Anonymous 102490


kek he looks more like this than like human shrek.

Anonymous 102491

When I first heard of it, it was from some random youtube video I somehow found when I was maybe like 14 of an ftm basically claiming to be male because she liked "masculine" things. Trans stuff wasn't really mainstream at the time and I thought it sounded ridiculous and sexist. Then a little later in my teens I went on tumblr and discovered the whole "brainsex" theory and became supportive of people doing whatever they want to relieve dysphoria. Eventually I grew up and started seeing an increasing number of idiots claiming the biological sex doesn't exist and that creepy moids are women as long as they "self identify" as one. I also discovered Magdalen Berns around that same time and that's when I started to actually think about gender ideology and realized it makes no sense and was invented by pedophiles like John Money.

Anonymous 102532

Hannah Hays has brain damage from a a car accident, and is/was manipulated and taken advantage of by her agent, manger, and producers. It's one thing if a mentally sound person gets into porn, but to take advantage of someone with brain damage is next level evil.
In this video she said that they wouldn't let her have her emotional support animal (a small lizard) with her at a shoot. She had to be hospitalized because of an anxiety attack.
Read her Twitter, it's nearly incomprehensible:

Anonymous 102552

Anonymous 102557

It means they are very low IQ people trying to appear smart while having a fundamentally simplicistic and mono-dimensional view of reality

Anonymous 102560

Alright, I understand their mindset now, but what do they mean?

Anonymous 102562

thursday is a social construct, there is no way to measure that it is thursday but we still treat it like a real thing because we've all agreed to.

Anonymous 102595

the absolute lack of effort makes it even more hilarious, if I didn't know any better I would probably think it's a joke

Anonymous 102694


All right, which one of you did this?

Anonymous 102748


Anonymous 102785


> move into women's sober home
> there's a hulking troon
> filthy moid refuses to do dishes or his chores
> complains about his cramps
> a girl says, "you don't even have a uterus"
> cries about twansphobia
> thankfully hides in his room, because he hates the butch lesbian
> lesbian says she hates dicks
> "muh twansphobia"
> gets away with not cleaning, coming in after curfew, not getting a job, doesn't attend any NA or AA meetings, etc, etc
> any of us women would be kicked out for fucking up that badly
> house mom starts to get on his case
> "this isn't a safe place to transition!!"
> house mom tells him it's his choice to troon out and not our fault that he doesn't "feel safe"
> we all rejoice when he leaves to go relapse

Fuck, I went to a WOMEN'S sober living space for a reason. There's plenty of co-ed houses. But no, that wouldn't have made him feel validated. I'm so sick of TiM feelings taking a priority over what is supposed to be a women's space. A lot of us have suffered sexual abuse and the retard owner let's a 6' man in here. I'm just glad most of the ladies are gen x and don't give a fuck about tranny feelings.

Anonymous 102793

This girl I always thought was a crypto just posted a pic of her 'new gf' and it's literally a man, and a low effort non passing likely 'enby' troon at that who still wears men's clothes but paints his nails. Fuck I'm so disappointed for her, between her and this other 'butch' I know who's also dating a low effort enby troon I feel so hopeless for lesbians. I know some incredibly smart people that I otherwise respect who are falling for this bullshit and it's so disappointing every time. Like goddamn have you never dated a woman before? You can't feel the instant downgrade?

Anonymous 102795

Fuck. My scrote lets me paint his nails, but he hates troons and just doesn't care, because it's fucking nail polish. What happened to being GNC. I know it's been said a million times, but trannies and TRAs set us back to the fucking 50s.

Anonymous 102834

which one's the sister?

Anonymous 102888


>What gender do you identify with?
>gender non-conforming
So not adhering to strict gender roles is a different gender now? Also, why the fuck is this asked on Spotify of all places? I've had it with this shit.

Anonymous 102901

I pulled the pic from linkedin actually, you only see this when you apply to work at spotify (the linkedin post was viral for "promoting inclusivity" etc)

Anonymous 102902

>what gender do you identify with?
based spotify boomers not knowing or giving a fuck about any of this and throwing random labels to placate the troony zoomers

Anonymous 102905


Anonymous 102923

All of them, this is a photo from the Tranch (Tenacious Unicorn Ranch, also known as the "Trans Ranch")

Anonymous 102925


actual comment from reddit
>Its not a duck nor is it in a costume. Its a dragon that has a duck body and is using technology to align its physical being more closely with its identity.

>All we're seeing is this things body, which is duck and its presentation, which is dragon. Now me, I have a masculine body and a feminine presentation and I am a woman. So it seems to me that if I take this comic as a trans metaphor this version is about right. Your version would imply that my presentation is the lie and my biology is the truth.

>Seems weird in a trans subreddit to be looking at this comic and insisting its really a duck just because of its anatomy.

Anonymous 102967


Anonymous 102969

Maybe this has been asked before, but does anyone have "terfs fuck off" and "genderspecial" friends? I love my friend a lot but I wish I could open her fucking eyes to the moidery. It's annoying lying through my teeth

Anonymous 102970

The basics to opening your eyes to all of this as a woman usually starts with acknowledging female oppression then acknowledging gender isn't innate or real. Maybe try having a conversation about the abortion ban that's probably a good jumping off point to seeing how horrible things are for women and how oppression is not something you can "identify" into

Anonymous 102987

I'm glad we're finally reaching true equality across all realms, including crime.

Anonymous 102989

I have a genderspecial friend. She also calls herself a lesbian. I really wish I could show her that she has a lot of internalized misogyny and homophobia. I love her and she doesn't get mad when I "misgender" her, but it's still uncomfortable that I can't openly talk about most radfem issues around her.

I don't know if I should wait for her to outgrow the non- binary bullshit, because I don't know if she will. I just keep my mouth shut when she talks about "dysphoria" despite her being very much a "girly girl". Wish I had advice, anon, but I don't. I lost a friend over not calling his retarded girlfriend "they".

Anonymous 102996

If a pronoun mattered more to your friend they weren't worth keeping

Anonymous 103001



Anonymous 103036

tr (1).png

Anonymous 103037

tr (2).png

Anonymous 103058

Imagine larping your split personalities shitting on you for threatening suicide. It's like even you acknowledge your behavior is shitty but still have to maintain this weird plural larp

Anonymous 103073


Both should have been denied service

Anonymous 103100


this is barely readable because of all these eyestraining colors

Anonymous 103104

Anonymous 103132


Anonymous 103135

Holy fucking shit

Anonymous 103138


lol how can it get THIS fucked up?

Anonymous 103139

I honestly feel uncomfortable looking at the one that isn't fucked up, too. It doesn't look like a woman's breast, it looks kinda like a 12 year old girl's or something.

Anonymous 103140

Well it's not a woman and never will be

Anonymous 103141

kek, I'm aware of that of course, and he'll never be a girl, either. but if the goal is to look like a woman, this dude is failing at that, too.

Anonymous 103142


Anonymous 103143


This subreddit is so depressing. I wonder why HRT gives so many of them tuberous breasts.

Anonymous 103150


Have you gyns heard of the Wi Spa shitstorm? Turns out the troon in question was a registered sex offender.
Quelle surprise.


Remember when the women who protested this in front of the spa were beat up and mainstream media called them far-right transphobes? Let the rage radicalize you.

Anonymous 103162

did anyone else think this was a story about a spa in wisconsin until they heard it aloud?

Anonymous 103180

absolutely nightmarish timeline

Anonymous 103205

One Piece controve…

Apparently the One Piece fandom has been tearing itself to pieces trying to figure out whether or not this character is a TiF or not, with the end result being Oda canonically declaring the character female and just getting referred to as a man by others incidentally.

Anonymous 103226

These people have no problems

Anonymous 103290


Anonymous 103307

> Marxist
> troons are the biggest capitalists

> Maoist

> bisexual troon

> BIsexual

> xe/xim/xir
Kill me. Are they just willfully retarded?
This has to be a troll, right? Please say yes. I feel so uncomfortable with these degenerates even owning animals to begin with.

Anonymous 103308


yeah it just for giggles.

Anonymous 103325


post op ftm. best not to look.

Anonymous 103327

It's amazing how horrific that is

Anonymous 103345

Anonymous 103363

tired cece.png

oh my god, i wasn't ready for this one. this looks absolutely horrific

Anonymous 103365

This is absolutely terrifying.

Anonymous 103366

cursed photo

Anonymous 103451

Why do transbians and gaydens somehow feel even more masculine/feminine than the average straight person of their respective sex? I obviously don't mean the conventional Chad/Stacy kind of masculinity/femininity, but more like demeanor and interests. They really don't know how to act like a person of their identified gender, homosexual or heterosexual.

Anonymous 103468

idk the answer to that question, but I will add that they seem to exhibit all the worst, most toxic aspects of masculinity/femininity. The transbians are violent, rapey, and have poor hygiene, while the gaydens are pathetic, overemotional, vain, consoomers.

Anonymous 103548

Some lovecraft-ian almalgam of agressive mimicry, "fake it till you make it", and "How do you do fellow kids"

Anonymous 103578


>It's not a fetish hehe

I can't believe we're actually regressing this fast towards commodifying femininity into spinny skirts, knee socks, and boobs.

Anonymous 103582

Lol how old is this person

Anonymous 103592

Anonymous 103681

>Probably in their 40s

That's not the only thing in the 40s

Anonymous 103831

>Furry profile picture
Why does trannoidism always coincide with a shit ton of other fetishes? Is this what peak monkey brain looks like?

Anonymous 103850

alana mclaughlin.p…

>picture doesn't even show the face of the female fighter


Anonymous 103910

I feel like Foucault is someone that you’d just know about vaguely via cultural osmosis if you’ve been the internet enough

Anonymous 103914


Anonymous 103928


He is Foucault.

This comic is all you need to know about Foucault. You have know absorbed all knowledge that Foucault has to offer you.

Anonymous 103940


this video is 6 years old but idc. we had to watch this for one of my college courses and do a reflection on it, and i 100% know i will fail this assignment because i’m not going to pretend that i approve of these parents putting their children on puberty blockers. i think its disgusting what the doctors say about the puberty blockers and they choose to test them on literal prepubescent children anyway. i feel so bad for these children, because there is no way they will end up normal. i couldn’t even get through the entire 90mins to write the paper because i was so disgusted and sad.

Anonymous 103943

where do you even study (general area, no doxing) and what course even is this that you have to watch a video on troon kids

Anonymous 103945

nta but I had a similar unit in my gender, culture, modern society class. I studied STEM but a sociology course was part of the core curriculum

Anonymous 103953

i live in florida, but the class is a sociology course about marriage and family. believe me, i don’t know why we’re watching this dumb fuck documentary about trooning out kids in a course that is supposed to about the family unit

Anonymous 103955

Presumably to prep people for handling situations where parents do not approve of their children being queer and the problems that develop.

Anonymous 103959

then do they make you also watch something about families of lgb children or just trans?

Anonymous 103968


Anonymous 103971

my sister went to america and got indoctrinated with TRA and I don't know what to do. My son displayed transgender urges when he was 10 (wanted to watch winx club and sailor moon when it came on, begged me to buy him female clothes, said how he wishes he were born a girl) so we sent him to a psychiatrist. he spent 3 months in an institution and came back with a prescription for antipsychotics that we have been making sure he takes. it has been 5 years since and the treatment has been working well. now my sister spent a year in america for her job and exported all this "trans acceptance" crap back to germany that the americans poisoned her mind with. she went insane and yelled at me how the pills are child abuse and I should have let him "be herself".

She has ended all contact with me and I think she has been talking with my husband behind my back because he is acting strange lately and even said last week that he thinks the psychiatric system is "repressive". I'm getting afraid that he is absorbing TRA ideology from my sister and will divorce me and take away our son and get him off the pills. I don't know what to do and I'm panicking. I lost my sister to this and I think I'm about to lose my husband and son

Anonymous 103972

>wanted to watch winx club and sailor moon when it came on

This is bait.

Anonymous 103975

>This is bait.

please read the rest. it started with tv and escalated to tantrums over wanting to be born a girl. watching sailor moon wouldn't have been a problem if that's as far as it went, but it was the first red flag in hindsight knowing how it escalated

Anonymous 103976

>the first red flag
A red flag that does result in trooning and doesn't result in trooning isn't a red flag. Second, this entire trans nonsense is backed up by "gendered clothing" and "gendered media" talk that reinforces that just because a girl likes bikes or a boy likes dolls they should be surgically altered. That's fucking absurd.

Anonymous 103980

>Well maybe not because theyre 5 and I cant imagine children having rational thoughts.
I guess it depends on the child, but children are quite capable of thinking rationally, with the caveat of overwhelmingly having bad premises for their logic.

Anonymous 103982


the part you should be focusing on is wanting to wear crop tops to school as a 10 year old boy and having fists-on-floor tantrums about wishing to be born a girl. that made the affinity for tv shows that are marketed towards girls seem like the first sign that something was going wrong in retrospect

Anonymous 103984

>the part you should be focusing on is wanting to wear crop tops to school as a 10 year old boy
Again, gendered clothing, the entire concept that a crop top is only for girls is just a symptom of the problem not the problem
>having fists-on-floor tantrums about wishing to be born a girl.
There we go, the actual sign of being a troon that is actually real and doesn't reinforce the troon narrative by saying "girl clothing is only for girls".

Anonymous 103985

he didn't have internet access at home until he turned 14 but I can't know what he looked up on other kids' phones in school prior to that. we have an app that shows what sites he visits from our home internet and he isn't looking up anything gender related. it hasn't been a problem since he began his treatment, but I'm terrified that my sister will make it a problem again

Anonymous 103988

You live in germany? Bring him back to the same clinic if you can afford it and transfer custody to them. If your husband divorcec you the court won't be able to give him the kid and if hes 16 when the clinic releases him he cant do anything about it

Anonymous 103989

doesn't my husband have to sign off on a custody transfer?

Anonymous 103990

>doesn't my husband have to sign off on a custody transfer?

No, not for medical custody. If you make them believe that the husband is opposed to his treatment you can even get a restraining order against him filed through the clinic so he can't visit the kid and reinforce his delusions.

Anonymous 104074

Did your son have other psychotic behaviors besides wanting to be a girl? I know I don't know your situation but it seems kind of extreme and homophobic to put a kid on antipsychs for liking girly stuff when most grow out of it unless their parents troon them out. Just make sure you terfpill your husband and show him the facts before your sister brainwashes him too much.

Anonymous 104104

ladies…. we're done… we've been beat

Anonymous 104106

America truly is the enemy of mankind

Anonymous 104125

>I know I don't know your situation but it seems kind of extreme and homophobic to put a kid on antipsychs for liking girly stuff when most grow out of it unless their parents troon them out.

Liking girly stuff is fine and he isn't gay. It's the delusions about being "born wrong" that made us look into treatment options. I don't know how much has changed in the medical world here in the last 5 years, but that was considered the best intervention back then. Maybe it wouldn't be politically correct anymore today with all the "acceptance" platitudes being imported from the US but it wasn't unusual or in any way extreme in 2016. They started platforming trans people on TV recently so I'm glad he has his medicine and can't have his delusions reinforced by that. I don't want to imagine what would have happened to him if he was on his own in today's climate without psychiatric support

Anonymous 104139

If a boy has fists-on-floor tantrums or any such proto-violence outburts and says he wants to be a girl, maybe he should receive the same punishment girls get when they show similar behaviour. Destroy his fantasy of what being a girl is like. Show him he may get yo wear crop-tops, but he has to keep quiet at all times, can't throw tantrums as he wishes, has to be tidy and organized and can't run around in the filth and get his clothes dirty. Make him feel sorry for raising his voice even if the situation is unfair, because that is not ladylike behaviour.
I'd like to see how many boys would troon out if this was applied sistematically.

Anonymous 104141

my daughter had those tantrums about everything. It's a classic autism symptom. There is so much statistical overlap between troons and auts, that anon's son is probably afflicted with that too. I think she made the right call getting him sent to the shrink before he could become a problem in ways that are worse than transgenderism…

Anonymous 104228

I can't find the study, maybe you can, but there was a transgender children organization in tbe US that showed the large majority of children treated at gender clinics do not continue having these thoughts after puberty. Only 2-20% turned trans after puberty, and the boys were on the lower side. And this was not an anti-troon organization, but the opposite.
Most did however turn gay.

Anonymous 104230

I don't believe that without seeing the statistic, and I"m glad i listened to psychiatric professionals than leave it up to a 20% gamble

Anonymous 104231

and most turning gay isn't very reassuring either, but that has been legal since 1994 here, so probably a lost cause at this point

Anonymous 104233

Mentalize that your sister can go fuck herself. Consider her dead until she snaps out of this propaganda indoctrination, if that ever happens.

Show your husband images of all the gross surgeries they do to men to try and give them vaginas, explain what dilation is (in case you don't know it's shoving a dildo inside your "vagina" every day for hours to loosen up the hole because your body treats the "vagina" as a wound and is constantly trying to close it back up), tell him that this is PERMANENT in case he's a dumb fucking moid, remind him that if your son gets put through this he will be sterile (yes, hormone blockers will do that too, they can atrophy a boy and grown men's testicles), show trans suicide rates and how they're still like +40% even AFTER surgery, go on /r/detrans subreddit or other detransition/trans regret communities and show the horrer stories to him.

Anonymous 104234


Show him the Wikipedia page of the man who invented "gender". If that doesn't make you change your mind, I don't know what will.

Anonymous 104235

>Mentalize that your sister can go fuck herself. Consider her dead until she snaps out of this propaganda indoctrination, if that ever happens.

I'm trying to but we were best friends before she went crazy and it hurts to have lost her

> go on /r/detrans subreddit or other detransition/trans regret communities and show the horrer stories to him.

thanks I didn't know about that place… heartbreaking what's posted there… I will send him some links.

Anonymous 104236

>man who invented "gender"
i'm familiar with john money's depravity but he didn't invent trans ideology. it was a big problem in the weimar republic before his sickening "research" until the nazis rose to power. I of course don't support the nazis and their reprehensible actions in any way, but raiding clinics and throwing those trans manifestos in the fire stopped the push for TRA normalization until now, so that makes it especially difficult to see it resurface now through american influence

Anonymous 104237

>John Money
God I hate that sick piece of shit pedophile fucker, the fact that he was worshiped by mainstream groups until his past became too badly optical makes me fucking sick.

I know it's a Steven Crowder vid, but here's an easily digestible video that anon can show her husband if she really wants him to learn about John Money.


Anonymous 104238

But he invented the idea that gender is a social construct and the troons and especially `enbys` latched on to that as a talking point. It's important to show people on the fence like your husband where this dogma came from

Anonymous 104246

Whatever you do, don't let the courts/justice system get involved. You never know what kind of crazy activist judge will order you to mutilate your child.

Anonymous 104250


>But he invented the idea that gender is a social construct and the troons and especially `enbys` latched on to that as a talking point.
That isn't what he proved, in fact the opposite. If gender was purely socially constructed (as in: your entire identity would revolve around how others viewed and treated you) then the result of the John Money experiment would have been David Reimer identifying as woman and "feeling" like a woman. However, this turned out to not be the case. Despite being feed hormones, despite having a "vagina" from a young age, despite being referred to as a girl by his parents, and despite being socially raised around children that believed he was a girl, he never felt comfortable with the identity, and later in life became a man.

What John Money proved is that some facet of "gender identity" is innate and divorced from hormones and social conditioning.

Anonymous 104282

Yeah, we know hat now, but back when he was still around he had managed to "prove" that gender was a social construct and until the twins came out about what really happened everyone applauded him for that.

Anonymous 104287


>Yeah, we know hat now, but back when he was still around he had managed to "prove" that gender was a social construct and until the twins came out about what really happened everyone applauded him for that.
No, no he didn't. He wanted to prove that. He was a post-modernist that wanted that to be true. He absolutely tried and failed. The entire reason we give a single shit about this experiment is because John Money proved that "gender identity" wasn't socially constructed. If John Money had proved gender identity was socially constructed, David Reimer wouldn't have killed himself, he would have just been fine "being a woman".

I suppose the murk here happens because people are confusing "gender" with "gender identity" and using the two terms interchangeably when the John Money experiment disproves the later is socially constructed while leaving the former intact as a social construct. According to the John Money experiment: Gender Identity =/= Social Construct, Gender ?= Social Construct.

Anonymous 104293

>then the result of the John Money experiment would have been David Reimer identifying as woman and "feeling" like a woman.

Consider that often, a similar experience that trans identifying female people have is being sexually abused at a young age. Compare this to Reimer and his brother being sexually abused by John Money himself. IMO not only does this prove that this already unethical experiment is pretty much moot but it shows that Reimer could in fact have successfully been female socialized, as sexual abuse resulted in a disidentification with being female.

Anonymous 104298

I laughed and I spat at my screen

Anonymous 104299

>end trans genocide
Should we tell him that the only troon genocide is the one they do themselves?

Anonymous 104301


The only answer here clearly is destroying America.

Anonymous 104303

>Consider that often, a similar experience that trans identifying female people have is being sexually abused at a young age.
It is a relevant confounding variable, but there's two problems.
1. This is a recent phenomena that's only started really picking up steam as trans agenda starts getting taught to teenagers. There's little documentation to support this going far back in time.
2. Even if that weren't an issue, the fact that the majority of sexual abuse victims don't end up trans.

>IMO not only does this prove that this already unethical experiment is pretty much moot but it shows that Reimer could in fact have successfully been female socialized, as sexual abuse resulted in a disidentification with being female.

I suppose, care to run another test?

Anonymous 104349


Why are trannies like this? I see them commission a lot of art of themselves (usually nsfw) and they're always portrayed as cute twinkish futas instead of gross troons. Is it like face blindness or something where they perceive themselves as uwu cute anime girls instead of horse piss gurgling men?

Anonymous 104354


Why are troons so obsessed with beating up female athletes? What do they have to prove? What is causing their insecurity?

Anonymous 104358

It's cope, raw undiluted cope.

Anonymous 104361

Lots of wishful thinking to cope with their reality that they will never be women.

Piers is usually a dickhead but he's totally right here, fuck any man who does this shit, and fuck any woman who gleefully cheers this on because they want to seem progressive, it's a sick world we live in.

Anonymous 104362

They will never pass and they know it, so they live their fantasies through art.

Anonymous 104363

I fucking vomit.

Anonymous 104364



>Be me

>150kg 2m tall tank
>Love beating women
>MFW it’s illegal (damn)
>Dress up as a woman and sign up for female sports
>MFW now can beat women all I want
>MFW people pay me for it
>MFW people celebrating me for being stunning (literally) and brave
>MFW I’m a hero
>Living a dream

Anonymous 104365

Edit some lipstick on Giga Chad

Anonymous 104368


Anonymous 104370

>you walk into a public restroom
>see this inside the women's bathroom
>what do

Anonymous 104392

It's obvious bullshit from a scientific point of view, but honestly, as long as it is just about physical changes I don't really care either way. If you want to have surgery and take hormones to change your appearance, go ahead. It's really no different from other forms of body modification in my book.

The so-called trans community is a different story though. The main problem I see here is the glorification of transitioning as an instant fix for all sorts of mental issues, most predominantly problems resulting from autism, depression or social anxiety. As someone affected by all three, it is no overstatement when I say that throughout my adventures in the trans community, I have not met a single trans person without at least one of the conditions listed above. Not a single one.
There may be some cases of genuine gender dysphoria caused by innate hormonal imbalances or intersex conditions, but for the vast majority of trans people, dysphoria is just a symptom of some underlying mental disorder. This is why the narrative of transitioning as a cure for dysphoria is so harmful, and why trans suicide rates are so high - hormones and surgery may "cure" the dysphoria, but they won't cure the depression or autism that induced it.
Unfortunately, therapists and other mental health professionals can't even bring this up without immediately being cancelled for transphobia. The idea that some people are just inherently trans is a dogma no-one dares to question, as is the narrative of transitioning as the only possible treatment for gender dysphoria.

I don't even think the trans community is hurting women as much as they are hurting themselves. A lot of gender critical people and "TERFs" are barking up the wrong tree here, because trans people are the victims, not the enemy. Calling them slurs or intentionally hurting their feelings is just an extremely shitty thing to do, and the reason why I personally don't want to be involved in that community.
I am fairly certain that I would be on testosterone myself right now, had I been born four or five years later. The future will look back at our current treatment of gender dysphoria the same way we look back at bloodletting or lobotomies today - but by that time, it will already be too late for so many who will have killed themselves in pursuit of the broken hope that this medical fad falsely promises.

Anonymous 104395

>this medical fad falsely promises.
it's unfortunately not a fad. It has been a constant since the weimar republic. That's where modern western degeneracy started. Something happened after it that put a stop to troon ideology that was so effective that we are only now seeing a resurgence, rather than in the 50s. We can't undo the damage of the trans resurgences until we examine what happened in that era that was so effective against it

Anonymous 104396

I wish crypto-nazis wouldn't try and astroturf TERF threads.

Anonymous 104397


My pleasure, there are few things I find more annoying than being around children.
Not a criminal though, since you'd actually have to go outside for that.

>pic related

Anonymous 104398

and I wish the american parts of the gc movement had historical awareness. You don't need to be a n*zi psycho to understand that anti trans militancy worked. We can learn from it without the anti-human, genocidal rest of that era

Anonymous 104399

e: we should at the very least have the same kind of presence at trans clinics that christian fundamentalists have at abortion clinics. Intimidation is the only language that men understand

Anonymous 104400

The type of anti-trans militancy you are historically described including out right murder and destruction of property, not a democratic style "sit-in" or protest. These posts fucking glow.

Anonymous 104401


Anonymous 104406

Do a 360 and pee in the mens bathroom. At least they have the decency to stay out of ours.

Anonymous 104407

no man would be bothered by that

Anonymous 104409


Maybe men and your fellow tr00ns fall for this kind of bait but we’re a lot more emotionally intelligent here than to be goaded by what amounts to the tranny version of sneed.

Anonymous 104411

Always has been

Anonymous 104412

That might be a joke but Velmaface Shaggybody is an approximation of a lanky guy with glasses and bobcut hair

Anonymous 104419

>but they won't cure the depression or autism that induced it.
Tell that to the guy with the theory that autism is caused by testosterone binding to mercury who champions treatment for autism by leuprolide.

Anonymous 104422

That man never had a vagina. He is biologically a male, there is no way around it. Even if gender didn't exist (which it doesn't, not in that way detached from sex), you would never be able to prove it with a mutilated male. Women are not mutilated males, as his test subjects were well aware. Their experience would never be the same as that of a woman by the virtue of being males.
More substancial proof of gender not being a biological thing is people with DSDs like complete androgen insensitivity syndrome who are XY males but almost invariably identify as women since they were likely identified as female at birth, raised as such and had for all purposes a female phenotype without medical interventions.

Anonymous 104425

>Even if gender didn't exist (which it doesn't, not in that way detached from sex), you would never be able to prove it with a mutilated male.
I don't understand what you're trying to say. The double negatives right next to each other obfuscate what you are trying to deliver.
>More substancial proof of gender not being a biological thing is people with DSDs like complete androgen insensitivity syndrome who are XY males but almost invariably identify as women since they were likely identified as female at birth, raised as such and had for all purposes a female phenotype without medical interventions.
1. Androgen Insensitivity moids are still moids.
2. If Androgen Insensitive moids identify as female that is a point in favor of gender being socially constructed, if not gender identity.
3. I forgot to mention that David had a twin brother, thus, a perfect control for whether or not gender is socially constructed. I suppose if you find a pair of Androgen Insensitive twins and treat one like a boy and one like a girl you have a good experiment, but until then, that's not an experiment that's just data.

Anonymous 104427

I keep reading this and laughing over and over.

Anonymous 104428

>If Androgen Insensitive moids identify as female that is a point in favor of gender being socially constructed, if not gender identity.
Which is what I said, but apparently you were filtered by "double negatives" or whatever.

Anonymous 104429

>Which is what I said, but apparently you were filtered by "double negatives" or whatever.
I was, do you care to elaborate or are you just going to be catty?

Anonymous 104431

>Women are not mutilated males, as his test subjects were well aware.
Congrats, you now understand how the experiment worked. If a mutilated male could develop an internal sense of belonging to the female gender purely through social treatment, then gender identity was socially constructed. If it didn't, he wouldn't. I'm glad you now understand what the test was.

Anonymous 104432

Arguing about whether a post is nazi or glowie in a terfposting thread is kinda cringe and useless, it doesn't change the fact that they're right and there was weird proto tranny shit during the pre-nazi Germany time.

Anonymous 104433

Go away glowie (tood bad N is filtered).

Anonymous 104435

>before women start being killed
It’s going to occur at some point, and the woke crowd will excuse it and blame the victim. Our lives aren’t worth shit because we were born with a vagina, just like in the dark millenias of the past.

Anonymous 104436

>dark millenias of the past
This implies the current millennia is not also dark, that doesn't seem to be how you're describing it though.

Anonymous 104437

We’re just past the twilight of the brief silvery age, in which we were somewhat more protected, yet not quite seen as an equal. Not an era that I miss, however. I’m homesick for a time that never was.

Anonymous 104444

You will never:
>experience your first period.
>wonder about who is safe to go to about reproductive health problems.
>wonder whether or not you are pregnant.
>wonder if the man who is staring at you just thinks you’re cute or is planning something else.
>experience girlhood and EVERYTHING that comes with that.

Anonymous 104447

Quads confirm.

Anonymous 104478

To be fair he really did not, John Money and the David Reimer case study can't be used to prove Nature vs Nurture in regards to gender roles because this was a sample of one and there are a variety of other factors involved. To ignore Reimer being bullied, being the victim of molestation and seeing marriage fall apart can all individually lead to suicide along with the fact that Reimer was forced to transition rather than be an enthusiastic volunteer like almost all trans people today.

Anonymous 104490

>Reimer was forced to transition rather than be an enthusiastic volunteer like almost all trans people today.
I thought that the majority of trannies DIDN'T want to have surgery downstairs, they just want to look like women and keep their dicks. Am I wrong?

Anonymous 104491

I am quite sure it depends from person to person but I personally know trans people who are very committed to transitioning but abhorring the idea of surgery in the lower regions. Honestly seeing the horror stories of botched proto/faux vagoos puts me off any surgery whatsoever in such a delicate region.

Anonymous 104493

>To ignore Reimer being bullied
I don't know, reading the report, Reimer was bullied in an incredibly similar way to most any other unattractive girl. The majority of female bullying victims didn't go on to be trans at the time. We now see a bunch of Aydens stop identifying with themselves now, but that was a different time.
>being the victim of molestation
Fair enough, but as has already been pointed out here, with several conflicting factors though. >>104303
>and seeing marriage fall apart
That's after he "detransistioned" back, the test was over at that point. Anything relevant to the experiment was over once he was told what happened.
>can all individually lead to suicide
Him committing suicide was not fail condition of the test. It was an unforeseen side effect, since the attempt by Money to solve this problem was first of it's kind, but it wasn't the fail state. The current discourse notwithstanding and explosion of TIFs recently (because it literally requires the John Money to be true for it's foundations,) the majority of bully victims did not become trans, the majority of molestation victims did not become trans. The way you argue David Reimer went from identifying as a boy, identifying as a girl briefly, than back to identifying as a boy again. I am certain John Money wanted to prove that he could make David Reimer "a happy little girl", but for the purposes of the test, David just needed to identify as "a girl", happy or not.
>yea Im going to go with the "we chopped off his genitals and lied to him his whole life" as probably the major factor in why he wasnt a happy little girl
Yes, you understand what we were testing congratulations. Certainly would have been novel had it hypothetically actually made him a "happy little girl" since that was the test.

Anonymous 104496

>Which means Im a real woman and should be allowed to show little girls my cock. It proves it! The science doesnt lie.
Hold your fucking horses, where at any point in time does this case prove Reimer was a "real woman"? What the fuck does that have to do anything? You sound like a troon.

Anonymous 104504


Anonymous 104505

>wonder if the man who is staring at you just thinks you’re cute or is planning something else.
I'm starting to wonder if the hatred of men is the result of not being able to read and understand others

Anonymous 104506

Sure, when men make it hard to read them it can be hard to understand them. Your point?

Anonymous 104508

>wonder if the man who is staring at you just thinks you’re cute or is planning something else.
Troon hands touched this post, you can't sit with us.

Anonymous 104510

I hate watching tv with my parents because when there is a male on-screen no one says anything but the instant a female appears my mother starts nitpicking and making sexist remarks which encourages my dad and little brother to join in.
I understand that she does this out of jealousy but there is always women who encourage and justify misogyny for their own benefit -in their eyes- which not only backfires but makes it harder for other women as well.
I hate class traitors.

Anonymous 104512

But anon… I have doctor dysphoria… a doctor’s soul inside a non-doctor’s body…

Anonymous 104528


Anonymous 104534

i am pretty sure nore the parents nore society at large really raised that kid as a women. If parents knew they subconsiously raised him as a man.

Anonymous 104536

Possible I suppose, but how would you identify someone "subconsciously" treating him differently? John Money was an expert in the field, with money and fame on the line and he certainly didn't take note of anything like that.

Do children and adults treat Androgen Insensitive Intersex people different "subconsciously" as well? If not why not? For all social intents and purposes Reimer was indistinguishable from one of those.

Anonymous 104544

You just know he’s got a cult of lost and outcast girls and boys lined up around him that he’s turning into trannies day-by-day

Anonymous 104566

Would this classify as an unironic case of internalized misogyny? If it does it think it would serve to say how entrenched patriarchy is despite the world ever increasingly losing its strict gender roles.

Anonymous 104567

That's a really long-winded way for that person to admit they're a pedophile

Anonymous 104569

>class traitors
But yeah I understand what you mean. That fucking sucks, I'm sorry you have to go through that crap. Ask your mom why she only does that with female characters, confront her.

Anonymous 104578

Oh no. Honestly, I can only feel pity over how much he has fucked up his body. If anyone wants to know what the imagine is without actually looking at it: a trans identifying male took female hormones to grow breasts. One breast looks normal, if mostly pre-pubescent. The other breast is completely flat except for a tumor like growth directly under the nipple causing a hanging ball like appendage where a breast should be.

Anonymous 104579

To be fair, though trans people have declared for years that animals can be trans, this sub reddit was created as a joke by a reddit user to make fun of trans people.

Anonymous 104580

Because it itself is a fetish. They cannot control their AGP and it often has a whole bunch of comorbidities. You'll often see them be into scat, sissification, and furries.

Anonymous 104585

Dude's "names" read like a bad Harry Potter fanfiction OC….
>The Forgotten Weasley
>Outcast and loner Octavia Ghost Kestrel Shiloh Rikka Shin Fiona Weasley finally gets her letter from Hogwarts, and to everyone's surprise she is sorted into Gryffindor!
>How will our purple-eyed white-haired fox-like beauty (but she's still bullied (but everyone likes her even though she's bullied)) challenge destiny itself

Anonymous 104685


notice the man pinching his nose in the background.

Anonymous 104695

Need a closeup of the guy in the back

Anonymous 104702

It doesn't even look like a 12 year old girl's breast either. It's a shapeshifter trying to resemble a woman

Anonymous 104709

I just got banned from a discord I have been on for a year, because a tranny was granted moderator status. They really don't have a life, do they? That's how they can spend so much time and effort in communities.

Anonymous 104711

>spend one year on a discord server
>they don't have a life
what did she mean by this

Anonymous 104718


Anonymous 104719


have you girls seen this yet?

Anonymous 104720

You can be in a server for a year and have a life lol

Anonymous 104721



Anonymous 104728

You literally cannot make this shit up, adding insult to injury

Anonymous 104729

I thought discord trannies were a meme until I went into a slightly popular videogame server and noticed the dozens of trans picrew photos.

Anonymous 104734

And you will STILL have people in the comments pretend this isn't a sick perverted straight guy.

Anonymous 104735

Sometimes I feel sad and pity them too, at the end of the day most if not all of these guys became addicted to porn and were groomed and made to think that mutilating their bodies would cure their life's problems.

But then I remember that these pieces of shit would gladly beat up women if given the chance, like >>103850 >>104354 to try and regain their lost masculinity and all my sympathy dissipates.

Anonymous 104759

Imagine the poor artist that has to go through these commissions

>make the chest lumps bigger

>make my dick less obvious
>make my shoulders rounder
>put the face of Leonardo Davinci from FGO on me
>Here, now I look woman enough!

Anonymous 104760


Picture for context

Anonymous 104779

I think an artist would automatically do some if not all of those things, no? I'm no artist, but trying to make and draw things pretty is what they're paid to do.

Anonymous 104785

It depends on what has inspired you, or what the commissioner wants. In this case, the commissioner wants a distortion of reality, and so yes, the goal would be to make them prettier. The distortion of reality is the key here.

Anonymous 104797


sad to see it…

Anonymous 104806

kek that suit looks way too big and long on her. Which makes her look smaller and more womanly. If she wanted to wear a men's suit, she could have at least gotten it tailored to fit right to help her pass as a small man.

Anonymous 104807

AGP, obviously.

Anonymous 104808


I should have included the shoes

Anonymous 104810

All these tumblerina "multiple systems" with weeb fanfic OC alters almost make me think that DID doesn't exist and it's just bored idiots LARPing.

Anonymous 104816


Anonymous 104825

>when you transition into a preteen boy

Anonymous 104826

Anonymous 104827

She was like the manic pixie dream girl for a while, but more deadpan and shit, because of Juno. I also blame The Last of Us for (I think) modeling Ellie after her, that gave a lot of guys who played the game and developed a wife husbandry fetish an outlet.

Anonymous 104829

Not the first time ive seen something like this.
My headcannon is that those pedo flags are bait placed by someone that wants LGBT+ people to look bad.
There's no way that anyone would rep something like that with a straight face right?

Anonymous 104831

>wants LGBT+ people to look bad
They do a good enough job doing that themselves.

Anonymous 104833

>There's no way that anyone would rep something like that with a straight face right?
We're talking about people who decided that "MAP" was a good name

Anonymous 104835

Pedophiles, particularly tranny pedophiles, don't need help to look absurd.

Anonymous 105073

I was okay with it when they first rolled the rainbow flag like, alright, have your symbol, but now they've added the triangle and extra colors and made specific flags per specific orientation to the point that there are more pride flags than national ones. I'm exaggerating but who can remember every single pride flag out there and why would they care to remember them?

Anonymous 105172

Actual unironic "MAPs" exist, I'm afraid. They say being a pedophile is a sexual orientation and that the child can actually consent, and that society is hurting children by not letting grown ass creeps fuck them.
They're very careful about voicing their opinions online, though. That's why you almost never see them and why it's so easy to just dismiss them as a falseflag. That being said, they exist in all parts of the political spectrum and they're not exclusively queer, but no matter what broader group they belong to, they're hated everywhere (yes, including in the trans community). That's why they never talk about being MAPs, because then they'd be ostracized and brutally bullied. However, I'm willing to bet that most of those pedophiles are moids since it's a proven fact that men are more pedophilic, but I digress.

Anonymous 105173

>That's why they never talk about being MAPs, because then they'd be ostracized and brutally bullied
*not to mention reported to the authorities

Anonymous 105177

kek I wonder if that was the look she was going for, intentionally, given the oversized suit and those ridiculous sneakers. That's literally how pre-teen-high school aged boys dress when told to dress professionally.

Anonymous 105328


the well of gross shit that trannies do NEVER runs dry. i didnt realize that "tucking" involved pushing the testicles INSIDE the body.

Anonymous 105329

Be careful what you wish for. The vast majority of both FtM and MtF tend to stick with women as partners.

Anonymous 105332

the tavistock ruling has been overturned, british children are being put on puberty blockers again.

Anonymous 105337

Wtf I didn't know that men had fucking alcoves under their genitals that they could insert things in? Why didn't anyone tell me?
I thought tucking was when a man pushed the genitals back then squeezed his legs together to create the illusion of nothing in between, I didn't know the testes were going somewhere

Anonymous 105338

The alcoves are not under the genitals they are above. If you imagine the nutsack to be just that, a sack, then the "top" opens up into the inguinal canals. The testicles are pushed "up" into these alcoves. Then the troon takes their penis, pulls it against their taint and towards their ass, and tapes it in place. The penis does not go into any "alcove" behind the genitals.

Anonymous 105340

Anonymous 105344

Sorry that was poor wording on my part, I get what's going on now
Either way, I didn't know that they had alcoves at all, I thought it was solid. You'd think that with people who love talking about their genitals, I'd have heard about this at some point

Anonymous 105432

It doesn't exist, it's social contagion, like those girls who start pretending to have tourette's after seeing it on tiktok. They few with an "official" diagnosis get it from the same handful of enabling psychiatrists or from tumblites in psychiatry, or just straight up lie.

Anonymous 105464

This. Wtf is wrong with you, giving a 5 year old antipsychotics, which have many serious side effects, just because he liked to watch winx club and wear pink? I hate people that troon their kids out, too, btw. Giving your kid unnecessary drugs and truning them into a life-long medical customer just because they like a tv show with opposite-sex characters is abuse, whether they're tranny drugs or other psychoactive drugs.

Anonymous 105493

This is true. Pedophiles are pretty much everywhere, like roaches crawling out of the cracks and corners when there's a crumb of food on the floor. It's silly to think there aren't any that think they're wronged by society. Their existence and their attempts to justify pedophilia is proof that therapy won't do anything for them. This is why I hate the "child rapists and pedophiles are different things!!! pedophiles that seek therapy are valid uwu"

Anonymous 105498

You're talking about a literal pre-pubescent child, anon. Kids that age throw tantrums or start crying over dumb shit all the time, and often have strange or illogical beliefs. The mom should have disciplined her son properly to stop the tantrums and taught him that you can't change your sex/can't always have what you want, and that he should just accept being a boy who likes dresses or whatever.
>trannies should be euthanized
"gender identity" doesn't exist. if you want to make the case that adult pervert TiMs should be euthanized, that's one thing, but there's no such thing as a trans child (since there's no such thing as a trans brain or identity). Euthanizing kids for not following gender roles 100% of the time or for saying stupid shit like "i want to be a girl" or "i want to be a mermaid" makes you no better than the transactivists who want to chemically castrate such children.

Anonymous 105500

>kids throwing tantrums because they can't have what they want is mental illness
if this is true, then basically all children are mentally ill, since basically all children throw tantrums at some point. Most of them grown out of it too, especially if their parents and other adults around them don't let them get what they want after throwing the tantrum and instead reinforce good behavior.

Anonymous 105502


kek. Whatever you say, retard. I'm pretty sure you're trolling at this point. Here's a meme to avoid derailing thread.

Anonymous 105503

I dunno
With how many there are, I feel like at least some genuinely want help.

Anonymous 105504

A tantrum about wanting to be a girl for a 10 year old child is not normal.
Besides, I know that a lot of people love to talk shit about meds but they can be actually good. They're not the work of the devil. A psychiatrist is way, way more likely to know the correct treatment for anon child than you

Anonymous 105505

>since there's no such thing as a trans brain
There literally is, though. It isn't a female brain, but it is distinct.
>The homosexual transsexual sample was intermediate in volume on all six brain structures, significantly different from the male controls on five of the six (and significantly different from the female controls on all six). That is, these male-to-female transsexuals were different from the control males, shifted towards the female direction on all parameters.
AGPs are a different story, however.

Anonymous 105507

wanting to be the opposite sex as a child is pretty common among kids who grow up to be LGB, and throwing tantrums over not having what you want is normal for a 10 year old. Most grow out of it. Meds can be helpful but do have tons of side effects, especially among children who's brains are still developing.
>A psychiatrist is way, way more likely to know the correct treatment for anon child than you
Okay, then I guess all the "trans affirming" psychiatrists are right too, regardless of what the science says.
there's a homosexual brain, not a trans brain. Homosexual males have distinct brains from heterosexual males. TiMs in general do not (as you've admitted by claiming that AGPs don't count).

Anonymous 105512

Nta but,
>woman is against drugging children, including HRT
>"only trannies are against HRT and letting big pharma turn kids into life-long drug addicts"
you may need anti-psychotics, anon lmao

Anonymous 105520

>TiMs in general do not (as you've admitted by claiming that AGPs don't count).
I distinguished them because they're completely different groups, with completely different motivations for transitioning, so it's unlikely they share the same cause.
Also the differences look a lot more pronounced in hsts than normal gays.

Anonymous 105522

Is this the yaoi hole?

Anonymous 105581

no, most ftms are "gay" thats why people call them "gaydens"

Anonymous 105589

It's meant to rhyme with "Aiden" because a lot of white FtMs name themselves "Aiden"

Anonymous 105590

From what I've seen online at least, most transbians date other transbians and most gaydens date other gaydens. They like the mutual nonstop validation that they can't get from normal people.

Anonymous 105613

Isn't this dangerous for men's health tho ? Like it can cause infertility or something, but trannies don't care about this, I guess.

Anonymous 105617

who cares

Anonymous 105622

have the women that were there sued the spa for allowing a registered sex offender into the same pool as their children?

reminder that business, especially corporations, only learn when you hit them in their bank accounts for large sums.

Anonymous 105623

Degeneracy is a race to the bottom. What you're seeing is what happens when they take the breaks off a fetish and let it consume their life.

Anonymous 105907

Wi Spa was trying to not break CA law. I hope the women sue.


From the article:
The spa added that it complies with California law, Civil Code section 51(b), which provides that "All persons within the jurisdiction of this state are free and equal, and no matter what their sex, race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, disability, medical condition, genetic information, marital status, sexual orientation, citizenship, primary language, or immigration status are entitled to full and equal accommodations, advantages, facilities, privileges or services in all business establishments of every kind whatsoever."

The spa also referred to California Civil Code section 51 (e)(5), which states that: "'Sex' also includes, but is not limited to a person's gender. 'Gender' means sex, and includes a person's gender identity and gender expression. 'Gender expression' means a person's gender-related appearance and behavior whether or not stereotypically associated with the person's sex assigned at birth."

"Thus, California law prohibits discrimination against transgender and gender non-conforming people in business establishments," the spa's statement said

Anonymous 105984


Anonymous 105989

So it's the Californians' fault. Serves them right. I hope this keeps happening.

Anonymous 106042


What did you just fucking say about me, you little shit? I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in the TERFy SEALS

Anonymous 106049

>London school of Economics and Political Science
>MSc in gender (sexuality)
>tranny power fantasy gets praised

I do not think there is any era in human history, the christian desecration of Roman religion, the Barbarians trashing classical civilization, the nazis burning books, the bolsheviks blowing up churches, ISIS destroying ruins, which comes close to the sheer madness of the present anglosphere.
I mean, the other ones were much more brutal and murdered more of course, but at least they weren't praised by their enemies and the people they sought to destroy for being deranged fanatical schizos and allowed to walk in free into whatever institution they wanted to destroy.

Anonymous 106053

Sadly it's been par for the course since at least the 1960s
Norman Mailer attempted to murder his own wife at a party full of New York elites and nobody batted an eye
Foucault, Deleuze & Guattari, William S. Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg - all open pedos
Wilhelm Reich argued that repressing children's sexuality was the major cause of fascism, wokebros ate that shit up, and in the 1968 Paris Riots they threw copies of his book at the police
The rot runs deep

Anonymous 106136


the ACLU edited a quote from Ruth Bader Ginsburg on ABORTION to use gender neutral language


Anonymous 106143

I saw this. It's despicable.

Anonymous 106159

Lmao didn't even understand it was about women and abortion. Mission accomplished I guess.

Anonymous 106223

thankfully the trans community is doing what it can to accelerate its downfall https://eu.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2019/06/24/lgbtq-acceptance-millennials-decline-glaad-survey/1503758001/

Anonymous 106235

>woman and female pronouns become [redacted]
I am glad they keep doing this. Imagine the amount of people it peaked.

Anonymous 106236

Kinda interesting that men get to be a solid, visible identity, but women are a vague umbrella. Soon the term ”woman” will either become a curse word, or something meaningless. Or both. Just like what happened to ”lesbian”.

Anonymous 106242

Yeah it was higher in 2017 because troon acceptance was a relatively new thing, but now that its been around for 5 years people are seeing how fucking disgusting these people are and how ridiculous its getting so fast.
People are getting fed up with woke twitter troons grooming their kids and claiming "muh bigotry" as an excuse. Unfortunetly I don't think its enough because to come out as a homophobe or a transphobe in 1st world countries is social suicide, so they'll all just continue to play along until the next generation is 100% brainwashed.

Anonymous 106244

You guys do realize that changes like this are targetted at TiFs, not TiMs right? It's not about "including transwoman", but the original not including "transmen who get pregnant".

Anonymous 106251

I really don't like how so many people lump it all together as an all or nothing "do you support LGBTQIA+" thing, as if the only options were to accept anything they threw at you or to actively harass and bully them.
I'm completely cool with LGB, I like girls in that way to an extent too and there are lovely people who just happen to like the same sex. But I don't approve if they're the really obnoxious type that make their whole personality about being flamboyant over rights and oppression, and that's the main image that gets represented. I am really skeptical about T and while I would theoretically be okay with one who was just a normal chill person, I have never seen one, only nutjobs. And then I absolutely don't support weird shit like genderfluid or demi-boy or neopronouns.
They aren't all the same and I'm tired of people acting like thinking some women are sexy is on the same level as believing that womanhood is a problematic and meaningless concept that needs to be abolished.

Anonymous 106257

>Nazis burning books
Well of course it wasn't sheer madness, they very specifically burned tranny and pedo books, along with other filth of the sort.

Anonymous 106261

Does that make it any better?
Transmen are women. And I know that this site tends to focus more on moids who wanna be girls, but transmen are fueled by sexism too.
Because think about it: what is it they think they can be as men that they can't be as women? And if there's something like that out there, shouldn't we be fighting to change that? Not giving into it in this manner?

Anonymous 106262


Thought this was good.

Anonymous 106264

Girls who transitioned did it because they were at the receiving end of sexism, they are not comparable to sadistic and hateful men

Anonymous 106266

Still, the fact that they think that they're "not girls" because they don't deserve this sexism implies that the "real girls" DO deserve this sexism.
They might not be as bad as men, but they're sexist all the same.

Anonymous 106310


Anonymous 106321

trannies be like
>"why are transphobes so threatened by us, we're only a tiny percent of the population???"
>expect the whole world to bend over backwards to cater to them despite being ~only a tiny percent of the population~

Anonymous 106322


Anonymous 106323

what a shame, he was cute

Anonymous 106328

that goes without saying, all men are.

Anonymous 106333

They're just sad and confused I feel for any female ): transwomen on the other hand…

Anonymous 106334

I agree with you 100%. I'm soo sick of these "flamboyant", rude, annoying, extroverts pretending that they represent the entire LGB community and assuming that anyone who doesn't make being gay their entire personality is a "cishet". Also, everything after the B has nothing to do with same-sex attraction, and the T is mostly a bunch of delusional narcissists and porn addicts.

Anonymous 106340


"bodies with vaginas". on the cover of a MEDICAL JOURNAL
every day I experience more rage

Anonymous 106342

lol they get triggered even by the word "women". the catering that needs to be done to trannies because they are fully aware they aren't, and will never be, a woman.

Anonymous 106343



Anonymous 106350

Haha the two real women in the front row looked back when the trannies passed through and they smiled

Anonymous 106351

>is used by some Indigenous people
Is this cultural appropriation if not used by "indigenous peoples?"

Anonymous 106354


>when the trannies passed

Anonymous 106379


at first I didn't even realize that all of them were trying to be women, just thought "oh ya there's some trannies with some men"

Anonymous 106397

Anonymous 106415

kek i wonder what caused that. is it just because he's male taking the wrong hormones, or could it be that he constantly fondles them roughly or does other weird bdsm shit to them while jacking off?

Anonymous 106419

think its the former. i've been watching "i am jazz" and that kid has tuberous breasts as well (we know this because he goes for a consultation with a plastic surgeon) and he's not doing any weird sex stuff because he claims to have no sex drive and to have never had an orgasm.

Anonymous 106472


Attention Ladies, may I have your attention please?
Good, it seems all is in order. I have an announcement to make.

That is all, you may carry on.

Anonymous 106494


Anonymous 106496

Watching his smile disappear made me giggle

Anonymous 106501


Anonymous 106555

Makes sense. Troons are the ones who get really triggered when you don't call them by their preferred name, which they refer to as their "true" name.

Anonymous 106619

I for one can't wait for the inevitable collapse of Western civilization.

Anonymous 106648

Why is his eyeshadow/lipstick done so badly? He'll never be a woman, but he could have at least looked like male rocker or something if his makeup was decently done.

Anonymous 106657

>when a tranny has your name
Even though it's not his real name it still makes me boil with rage…

Anonymous 106666


Anonymous 106673


>clearly recognizable as a woman
Trannies really believe being a woman is wearing earrings and dying your hair, huh?

Anonymous 106678


lol, thats rough. unfortunately lily seems the be one of the more common tranny names.

Anonymous 106685


Karens are hideous human beings because they act more empathetically than only 99% of men, while an above average woman is nearly unmatched by any moid who has ever lived.

Anonymous 106686

I always used to think of Alice as the archetypal troon name, but nowadays I think each of these three has overtaken it. (Sorry Leah, Amelia, Lily and Alice)

Anonymous 106695

>How it's going
So not well?

Anonymous 106696

Any woman who complains about anything is a "Karen" now. Even if you complain to the police about a man threatening to kill you or following you home, if he's of the right race and you happen to be filmed, you're a "Karen".

Anonymous 106707

How many men does Reddit subject to social ostracism for displaying similar behaviour?
Also the Christian Cooper incident. That man was, in fact, threatening a woman and her dog and she got harassed by media, called a racist and fired for complaining about it.

Anonymous 106708

If that thing wasn't trying to strip me of my human rights I would feel so bad for him. He has a face made for bullying and people are just ripping him apart.

Anonymous 106709

They got me too anon. And it seems like my name is growing in popularity among the tranny population so I keep having to see more of these disgusting AGPs with my beautiful name.

Anonymous 106710

the bald manlet who complains about hypergamy in the bagel store comes to mind

Anonymous 106716

Is that the one where he said something to her that suggested he carries poisoned food for dealing with dogs off their leashes which he then coaxed the dog with and fed to it (though it wasn't poison, he was bluffing)

Anonymous 106721

He conveniently left out that he threatened to kill her dog and tried to give it food without her permission after telling her he can do "whatever he wants" and that she "can't do anything about it". Any man who would tell me that would get the cops on his ass.

Anonymous 106723

throwing a fit over hypergamy in public is objectively cringey, it is not comparable to flipping off some black gay dude and then being followed home, having your address and car plate filmed and called a racist homophobe for the entire internet without any sort of context or possibility to defend yourself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCVNFTAeTIw

Anonymous 106724

>I'm going to do what I want, but you're not going to like it
You are in a park and a man tells you this. What the fuck are you supposed to do? How are you supposed to interpret it given the statistics of murdered and raped women? This is an overt threat. She apologized after being fired and publicly shamed by the entire country.

Anonymous 106726


FtM are not men

Anonymous 106729

Of course he did. Scrotes abuse and lie like they breathe and then the second a woman reacts appropriately by freaking out, they start recording while screeching how women are emotionally driven Karens.

Anonymous 106730

Not her, but stop being a hand maiden on crystal and run back to preddit. You have the entire internet to support and coddle men, what are you doing here?

Anonymous 106733

Kay, hope you have fun ignoring men in parks when they tell you they will do as they want but you won't like it. I am sure you won't be killed or raped.p

Anonymous 106734

Oh, and following a woman home is never justified. I don't know what the woman in the video supposedly did (the faggot said she flipped him off), but if a man followed me home he wouldn't be uploading videos on youtube, he'd be in the ER with pepper-sprayed eyes.

Anonymous 106739

yeah, it's related since troons are the number 1 offenders of pushing the karen thing through their seething envy of actual women

Anonymous 106741

Looks like a twink at best. Clearly male.

Anonymous 106742

Check the way he looks. Those felon eyes are never wrong.

Anonymous 106743

More like you're blindly loyal to believing anything a man shows you. Let me guess, you believe that the Wii Spa incident was a hoax and all those women were Karens too?

Anonymous 106745


I had a troon tell me we were "twinsies" when I introduced myself and he told me his name was also insert extremely unfortunately common troon name and I almost fucking lost it. Like, this is the name my mother gave me you fucking degen.

Anonymous 106747

>wanting to get threatened by twitter mobs and groped by antifa incels
She just has common sense.

Anonymous 106748

fall pokemon.png

Is mental illness even stigmatized anymore?

Anonymous 106751


male logic all the way down

Anonymous 106755

I believe it's a man who had a woman delusion but got over it

Anonymous 106756

A girl, got brainwashed into thinking she could be a boy, transitioned (or almost transitioned) and regrets it so she's going back to being normal.

Anonymous 106757

Anonymous 106758

No, see >>106751
The title of the post is literally FTM (female to male)

Anonymous 106759

thats the title of the post to which they are responding. i just went to reddit and it looks like the reply in the screenshot is a male whereas the OP is a female.

Anonymous 106780


I'm about to throw up

Anonymous 106785

What I read is "men never had to grow up being preyed on and experiencing to soul crushing realities/limitations of being a woman, so my husband gets to larp as a misogynist ideal of femininity without in total ignorance of what tortures he has skipped over, and I will gently cup his balls and coddle him because I am a handmaiden"

Anonymous 106816

it's like they're constantly this fucking close to reality but do all the mental gymnastics possible to avoid it. i can't infer anything from this post other than "trannies appropriate womanhood based on their own male gaze while actual cis women suffer a life sentence in a patriarchal society and therefore don't indulge in the same 'carefree' femininity as the men who fetishize them"

Anonymous 106942


Anonymous 106953


They laugh at us and hold us in contempt even as they use us

Anonymous 106954

this is the kind of meme an r9k incel would make. oh wait.

Anonymous 106955

>"living rent free in your head"
kek at least they are self-aware

Anonymous 106958

I enjoy being a woman, and I don't suffer from it. Is there anything wrong with me ?
Why does womanhood has to be a terrible experience, even after centuries of feminism in the west ?

Anonymous 106959

>I enjoy being a woman, and I don't suffer from it.
Women have their fair share of obstacles that are different from men, but I don't suffer from it either. I guess the only sexism I really had to put up with was online. However what trannies experience is not womanhood at all.
>Why does womanhood has to be a terrible experience, even after centuries of feminism in the west ?

Anonymous 106963

Modern feminism, as a movement (opposed to indiviudal "feminist" authors, that existed since the middle-ages), started with the blue stockings in the late XVIIIth century in Great-Britain. It is true that feminist struggle became mainstream only in the late XIXth century tho, with the New Woman trend, for instance.

>However what trannies experience is not womanhood at all.

Agreed, they're just living in a weird fantasy. Sadly I think that trannies are basically test subjects for transhumanism at this point. Think about it, they can think they can "reassign" their body according to whatever fantasy they have in their mind.

Anonymous 106968

Orwell was bad, Huxley was superior.

Anonymous 106974

Hating how society treats women =/= hating being a woman
>Why does womanhood has to be a terrible experience, even after centuries of feminism in the west ?
Good question, maybe because those centuries of feminism didn't make all moids magically see women as equal beings?

Anonymous 106997

>Orwell was bad, Huxley was superior.
I wonder why people don't comment on orwell's whole "women make more subservient citizens" thing even though 1984 gets touted as the most essential political novel ever on reddit and so on.

Anonymous 106999


a big pile of misogyny straight from the horse's fucking mouth, posted in a "trans memes" channel

Anonymous 107000

>touch your guts

Anonymous 107001

I can't touch my guts, am I still female?

Anonymous 107003

kek, most of these things don't even apply if you're a tranny.
Yeah have fun trying to pee standing up without a dick.

Anonymous 107004

Sucks cause I really would love to be a wizard but not if it means being a troon

Anonymous 107015

i see you don't know very much about trannies. try not to let that change.

Anonymous 107016

Wizard rights are human rights, anon, you are committing literal violence by questioning that! The role of a wizard is a social construct. You obviously have been having these feelings for a long time, it's perfectly normal! You can't do magic? That's okay, no one here can, but that doesn't make you any less of a wizard and no one can tell you otherwise. Report them if they do. Have you tried buying wands and waving them around for the aesthetic? That's all that makes you a wizard, you don't need any of the innate qualities just the accessories you socially associate with wizardry, obviously. No magic needed, it's basically better.
Im joking, You Will Never Be A Wizard.

Anonymous 107023

>touch your guts
What did they mean by this?

Anonymous 107030

Because women don’t really matter. Guess we never did. Everyone’s just putting on a smiley faced facade so that they can sell products and feed propaganda to us.

Anonymous 107031

He probably thinks we can reach in and touch our womb and ovaries, just like that. Lmao.

Anonymous 107044

I audibly lol'd

Anonymous 107045

Touch guts instead of touch grass. Sa-weet!

Anonymous 107059

Didn't know dying your hair and putting "they/them" in your twitter bio makes you a wizard now.

Anonymous 107064


Axe tranny decides perhaps she's not a she after all.

Anonymous 107065

i remember that video
>see man in a dress enter store with an axe
>decide not to do a single thing because you dont want to be intolerant
deserved what they got.

Anonymous 107073

Can't stop laughing at this video

Anonymous 107137


Anonymous 107141

Ben Shapiro is a cunt but that is just legendary.

Anonymous 107202

>only 4 and a half years

Anonymous 107205

I wish everyone would stop babying trannies. They're just manchildren who are mentally ill. It feels like the media cares more about trannies than women, and that's really messed up. As much as I don't like men, I really wish more women would speak up to the men in their lives, even privately, about their fear and concerns so they'd tell trannies to fuck off when they try to get into women's bathrooms etc. Like just go to therapy, incel. You will never be a woman.

Anonymous 107209

The victims said they thought it was a fancy dress costume but yeah sure I can see how they deserve an axe to the face for not crash tackling every potential tranny they see. Completely fair.

Anonymous 107210

That's from ages ago. The sentence was declared "manifestly unjust" after that and upgraded to 14 years.

Anonymous 107211

That's better than 4 years, at least. Seems like it would be more severe because he was out to kill people from the looks of it.

Anonymous 107217

Jesus. That was bad and I don't even like Ben Shapiro

Anonymous 107227

Honestly it should be illegal to not shoot trannies.

Anonymous 109004

can anyone give an ovarit invite code pls? i dm'd their twitter account but that always takes awhile

Anonymous 109013

I never made an account but honestly I don't think it's worth the trouble. It scales extremely old, and all respect due to based older women but the sheer amount of credulousness and lack of any internet savvy is grating at best.

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