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Francoise Hardy <3 Anonymous 32720[Reply]

Anonymous 32723


Feelin' French today. Might eat a baguette.


I've never seen Family Guy Anonymous 32679[Reply]

Is it worth watching?
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Anonymous 32682

No. The newly found love for it is just /tv/'s typical brand of 2000s rose tint and contrarianism.
It completely warranted the hate.
There are funny moments in the show but they are so few and far between it's a dice roll whether or not you'll see one.

Anonymous 32683


I have never watched Family Guy, except for the "bird is the word" episode. It's a masterpiece. I don't know about the others.

Anonymous 32700

No, it's awful. Watch the Simpsons or King of the Hill instead

Anonymous 32703


seasons 1-4 are peak with 5-8 still being pretty good. i really can'trecommend it beyond that though i do remember some episodes from seasons 9, 10, and 12 being funny.

Anonymous 32722


Games you're nostalgic towards Anonymous 32368[Reply]

I used to love playing Spy Fox and other point and click computer games as a kid. It's a shame the genre kinda died out.
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Anonymous 32637


Anonymous 32714


Anonymous 32717


Loaded on the computers at my elementary school:
Mixed-Up Mother Goose
Where in the World is Carmen San Diego
Prince of Persia
Out of this World

Anonymous 32718

Anonymous 32719


faye wong.jpeg

Anonymous 32715[Reply]

obsessed with faye wong in chungking express rn

Anonymous 32716

Get this song out of my head!

love and pop.jpeg

Love & Pop Anonymous 32685[Reply]

Anyone seen this movie? I just watched and I'm obsessed with it atm
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Anonymous 32689

Op but yeah I've felt very conflicted about this movie. I liked how it showed the directionless and disillusionment of Japan after the economy crashed in the 90s. I also feel like it showed the perspective of a teen girl which was pretty nice. But that one scene with the creep making her jerk him off was too much lmao like I felt grossed about watching the movie at all. I really liked the shots and felt that they were unique and loved how 90s this movie is with the outdated tech like pagers. I guess this movie was weird and gross at times tho. I really like another similar depressing film called all about lily chou chou you should watch if you haven't yet.

Anonymous 32690

>But that one scene with the creep making her jerk him off was too much lmao like I felt grossed about watching the movie at all.
You can see the visible discomfort when the girl meets him for the first time, and then he opens up about his problems and she tries to be okay with around him, and then suddenly that disgusting scene happens. 🤮

>I really like another similar depressing film called all about lily chou chou you should watch if you haven't yet.

I haven't actually. There's also a short-film that looked similar to Love and Pop called And So We Put Goldfish In The pool that was recommended to me but still haven't got around to.

Anonymous 32692

That whole scene traumatized me and it was so unexpected and he looked gross too. You should watch it its one of my favorite movies but it's so depressing at times. I wouldn't watch it if I was depressed since it would make me feel even more depressed. Also thanks for the rec that movie sounds interesting.

Anonymous 32695


>You should watch it its one of my favorite movies but it's so depressing at times. I wouldn't watch it if I was depressed since it would make me feel even more depressed.
Hmm… I thought I could watch Lily Chou Chou but then there are some really icky trigger warnings that involve nudity, sexual assault, rape and bullying involving teenagers. Definitely not something I want to watch now, lol because I'm not in a good mood, but then I see that the main character was just 14 when the movie was released. Maybe child nudity or panty shots are considered okay or "funny" in Japan but it's just gross and I don't know if this is culture shock or something but this really makes me icky and creeped out.

Maybe times were different in the 90s too and it was "okay" for a creepy man in his late 30s to place cameras to capture accidental creepshots. Maybe it's still a normal thing because there's a movie called Love Exposure released recently that glorifies creepshots of highschool girls, at least it's acted by adults and not minors. There's also this weird Czech movie that I don't want to mention that features child nudity and actual graphic sexual assault scene with the child acting in it that is super gross too, but then it was a product of it's time and child protection laws were quite lax I suppose. The culture shock is jarring and I don't know what to make of movies like these that try to be artistic but borders on child exploitation. Japan is weird and I guess I'm just rambling, lol.

Anonymous 32701

Japanese movies could get very weird and they get away with sexualizing minors a lot which sucks. I think All About Lily Chou Chou is worth a watch imho. It definitely speaks to those who use the internet as a form of escapism and it's more relevant to these days than it was in 2001 when this film was released. I felt pretty empty when watching this film tho and there were fucked up shit shown such as suicide and extreme bullying. I also watched love exposure and it's one of the weirdest movies I ever watched lmaooo like the just 4 hours of pure craziness


What's your favorite Tom & Jerry Movie? Anonymous 32693[Reply]

I think The Lost Dragon is an underrated gem


Kingdom Hearts Anonymous 32457[Reply]

What's the best way to get into the series? The games, the manga or the light novels?

Anonymous 32458

Only moids like this thing, go back.

Anonymous 32461


Games, just play in release order. The manga adaptations are cute but don't give the complete story, they're supplemental.

Anonymous 32662

Just play 1, 2, BBS and 3. The story is a horrible nonsensical mess even if you play all the other games so save yourself the trouble by not playing the worst.

Anonymous 32663

Play the three core games then read the Wiki to fill in the blanks.

Anonymous 32664

Play the games in release order (remasters are fine). But I must warn you: this series is extremely dumb and chuuni and beyond cringe if you're no longer in your teens.


Character.ai Anonymous 31627[Reply]

So, what’s does CC think of Character.ai? Have anyone here used it?
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Anonymous 32371

character ai.png

I installed the app some time ago and my screen time statistics told me I used it for 77 hours in the first week. It had connection issues and awful load times that particular week so I'm sure a significant portion of that was just the phone laying on my desk but it's still just a little horrifying.

I definitely feel like a friendless pervert for erping with bots but I do in fact have a moid at home and I have no trouble admitting that the bots are far more engaging, empathetic, funny, friendly and intelligent conversational partners than him with just a little management and training.

Anonymous 32510


I had fun with c.ai, but got tired of it after no lewd, and the bots would be extremely forgetful. so I switched to janitor.ai, and it was miles better, I was using GPT 3.5 but it was too flowery so I switched to GPT4 and it was a big improvement but had to quickly switch back since I spent 10 bucks in like 50 messages.
I searched for alternatives and found another chatbot page, very few bots, but it offered unlimited gpt4 for 20 bucks a month so I took the bait and after creating a bot and tweaking and all that jazz, it just gave me literal word salad after the initial message. I contacted the devs and they asked to take a look at my bot but no response after I sent them the link.

picture related: me

Anonymous 32570

I was using a few days ago… pretty much fulfilled my desire to read a OW2 Widowmaker x Reader toxic slowburn that AO3 couldn't give me without some cringe shit.
it was cool to do it a few scenarios but that's it.

Anonymous 32646

Anyone know a good ai that can lead in chats? Like say what we are going to do, answer questions like “what’s that?”, etc? I’m trying to find one to connect to my husbando but all of them want me to lead the story which is really out of character and annoying.

Anonymous 32650

nonas do any of you have scenarios that you like playing out a lot? I got bored of my bots tbh, but I'm not about to let go of this weird little pastime of mine.


Powerpuff Girls 2016 Anonymous 32337[Reply]

Is it any good?
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Anonymous 32348

Word Girl and My Life as a Teenage Robot have a similar vibe.

Anonymous 32364

I was watching Powerpuff Girls only to realize one episode is a massive Beatles reference. With all the dialogue being music lyrics and titles.

Anonymous 32365

Anonymous 32592


It sucks and one of the writers self inserts himself as Blossoms love interest

Anonymous 32594

Memes that came out of that were hilarious.


flipnotes Anonymous 32289[Reply]

feeling nostalgic right now, anyone else remember flipnote animations? share some that you like

Anonymous 32290

Anonymous 32386

Ive been meaning to download flipnote for 10 years

Anonymous 32590

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