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Sanrio General Anonymous 17251[Reply]

What is your favorite Sanrio Character Anons?

Do you have a wishlist on Sanrio merch anons?
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Anonymous 25352


Anonymous 25353


Anonymous 25354


Anonymous 25355


Anonymous 25356


I like Purin! Because he's a chubby pudding dog, what's not to like?
He seems so friendly and huggable.


Favorite AMVs? Anonymous 3402[Reply]

A friend of mine showed me this AMV yesterday and I can't get it out of my head:
I also really like this one

I love it when people take the time to make an AMV that actually syncs well with the song and fits with the moments showed instead of being just a compilation of scenes with a random song slapped on it.
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Anonymous 25245

Don't normally like AMVs but loved this one.

Anonymous 25268

Very niche and specific thing I know but I love it, especially the end.

Anonymous 25272

Forever my favorite

Anonymous 25319

Heatwaves was made for Rengoku

Anonymous 25331


Sports Anonymous 18314[Reply]

Does anybody like to watch sports?
I'm really into watching a lot of winter sports like figure skating, alpine and ski jumping.

But this summer I'm trying to catch up with who's on top in fencing and track & field before the olympics next year.
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Anonymous 23900

i really like the winter olympics too, i've been following them closer this year than usual due to being stuck at home with health issues.

my favorites are snowboarding and figure skating, and my tip for hockey is to watch the reactions of the players to better follow the puck.

they already happened this year a few weeks ago, but do any other anons like to watch the x games as well?

Anonymous 23901

And yes! Clemen won slalom. My two faves got golds.

Anonymous 23913

Cam Thomas may be rookie of the year if he keeps up the good work, the nets def did not miss

Anonymous 24098


Anyone into F1 or maybe some other kind of motorsport?

Anonymous 25249

I love to play sports but don't really watch most sports. I love watching Judo, Jiujitsu, Wrestling, and MMA though.


Celebrities you hate Anonymous 729[Reply]

Shitpost away.
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Anonymous 25145


She was annoying then, and she's annoying now. The froyo thing just proved it further.

Anonymous 25146

the fucking what

Anonymous 25149

>Because most Argentine people are a European mix and people are affected by where they grow up (even partially).
What? She could pass any European.

Anonymous 25150


She basically went all Karen at an ice cream shop that didn't have food that would cater to her fat ass. It's supposed to be an ice cream shop that serves sugar-free and diet foods, and this apparently "triggered" her.

Awhile after that incident, she comes out as "non-binary". Her PR Team definitely wouldn't be behind this, oh no../s

Anonymous 25165

I used to like her back in her Disney days.

Old real life films Anonymous 24884[Reply]

Does anyone else watch these? There's quite a few archive channels on Youtube of all sorts.
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Anonymous 24896

Anonymous 24897

Anonymous 24906

the music is horrible but the footage is really amazing…. if this is what you're talking about then yes if they're clips from the 60s,70s,80s

Anonymous 24926

This is amazing! holy fuck are there more links

Anonymous 24929

Check the rest of that youtube channel. There are more AI enhanced films like that.
> https://www.youtube.com/c/glamourdaze/playlists


Problematic female artists Anonymous 24628[Reply]

What problematic female artists are /media/ into?

How do you cope with knowing your fav is a dirtbag? Where do you draw the line with regards to supporting the artist?
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Anonymous 24810

Why are these problematic? No offense, but you're all assuming everyone is aware of everything.

Anonymous 24819

That's what they say about Amanda Palmer for example
Here's her talking about some controversies
I really wanna believe she's just a misunderstood

Anonymous 24821

Thanks, but lol. It reads as regular 4chan edge. I mean, it's show-business, makes sense she would make a spectacle of herself being edgy, it sells.
What does "problematic" actually means? Is it "this person is the apologist of a shitty dangerous ideology" or "I'm a tad bothered about what this person said that one time"?

Anonymous 24822

I guess sometimes artists get canceled for just saying something not completely appropriate one time, so I guess it really depends on the definition of what people see as problematic

Anonymous 24862

ITT: let's parrot moral panics engineered by celebs representatives and their enemies


Anonymous 24849[Reply]

Anyone else here into FKMT stuff? All other fans of his works i've met have been moids

Anonymous 24852

I like his stuff

Anonymous 24855

>All other fans of his works i've met have been moids
Where the fuck have you been looking?
I'm pretty sure FKMT's works have a lot of female fans (fujos and yumejos alike)

Anonymous 24857

4chan and Reddit

Anonymous 24858

>why do i keep meeting males on male sites

Anonymous 24860

I did end up meeting a lot of girls on those sites from my other hobbies though (Mainly vtubers and cosplay)


PDF Dump Thread Anonymous 24751[Reply]

I don't think crystal.cafe has ever had one before in it's whole history (although as an imageboard the posting format would support it I assume). I suppose this can serve as a place to just dump any pdf you might have, be it fiction, nonfiction, biographies, cook books, manuals. Really anything that is a pdf. I think this would also serve as a good place for us to exchange our literature, especially for the more GC oriented posters.

Anonymous 24752

Oooh this is good i have some

Artbook of alice madness returns


Illustrated guide of lovecraftian monsters


Sonia Johnson's books

Anonymous 24753


Entire website with pdfs of early century horror short stories

Anonymous 24804

Anonymous 24809


Title: Herbal Abortion
Subtitle: a woman’s d.i.y. guide
Author: Annwen

“A Womb of One’s Own: Taking Charge of Your Reproduction Without Doctors” by Jane Doe https://www.jexblackmore.com/store/a-womb-of-ones-own-taking-charge-of-your-reproduction-without-doctors-by-jane-doe

Anonymous 24814


Some simple solo pen and paper RPGs you can pick up and play easily.

princess peach (2)…

Video games Anonymous 79[Reply]

Let's talk about video games. What are you playing now? What games are you looking forward to play? Which games or consoles are your favorites, and which ones do you dislike or disappointed you? Etc.
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Anonymous 24515

I believe it's cheaper for the original Overwatch owners.

Anonymous 24552

They’re not changing things much just adding a new mode and changing team composition idk if im going to buy overwatch 2. The ping for overwatch 1 was atrocious for me.

Anonymous 24553

Anonymous 24617

I recently rediscovered TERA thanks to the servers dying and tried out that Menma one. I forgot how addictive this game was.

Anonymous 24625


>I used have a huge crush on him when I was young and I still gush about him time to time, I even cosplayed as him when I was 15, but we don't talk about that.
Please tell us.


Anonymous 6308[Reply]

How do you feel about Mecha? What's your favorite show?
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Anonymous 24258

c'mere fren.jpg

Space Runaway Ideon was a really cool series, although the middle was weak and the you probably could have trimmed it down to 26 episodes without losing much. I cried a lot during the movie and a few times during the show. Great anime! I strongly recommend it if you like Tomino. Or even if you like Eva since it clearly influenced Anno a lot.

But I think Ideon itself kind of looks dorky so I'm posting the superior Mecha.

Anonymous 24259


Ideon itself looks too much like a Transformer for my tastes.

Anonymous 24281

probably too late to reply but i relate to Asuka because of childhood trauma that's very similar to hers. lots of abuse from my mother etc
i forgot about this thread since i'm not a frequent user, sadly i can't edit the post now but thank you for explaining how spoilers work!
see above

Anonymous 24578

can concur, ideon is great if you can get past its inherent goofiness.
prepare to be depressed afterwards though

Anonymous 24581

Yes to the first part but I don't remember any of the female characters except Lady Une. It is mostly about the five guys in that pic

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