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Anonymous 32806[Reply]

>he caught you a delicious bass
How do you respond?

Anonymous 32807


Anonymous 32808

Hilarious how this dude had more game than Napoleon in his new movie.


Anonymous 32796[Reply]

Is there any “hipster” anime nowadays? I’m talking about mainstream series that look stylish and artsy. Not in violet evergarden way, but more in mawaru penguindrum way. Sonny Boy and Devilman Crybaby was close, but still not exactly what I mean. I think recent Scott Piligrim counts as well. I know there will be new Madoka movie and new PSG soon, but anything else? There certainty was a trend for anime like that, but do we have something like this after 10s?

Anonymous 32800

Odd Taxi is probably the most correct answer.

Anonymous 32802


Your definition seems vague, but if you just mean anime with atypical styles there are some every season Ochibi-san is pretty cute right now.


Penguins of Madagascar Anonymous 32771[Reply]

The show is actually decent and gets better as the series goes on. While All Hail King Julien started mediocre and devolved into randomness for the sake of randomness. Becoming borderline unwatchable in the later seasons.

Anonymous 32786

ENA Power of Potluck Anonymous 32774[Reply]

Seems the series is becoming less random comedy orientated. With some elements left to interpretation and character development for ENA. I like the new direction and hope there's an overarching story.


bluey Anonymous 32615[Reply]

I haven't watched it but for some reason this kids show has a large adult following? Why? What makes childrens shows like Bluey and MLP have such an appeal to adults? Can someone explain it to me?
I understand cartoons like Spongebob, Regular Show, and Adventure Time having a large adult audience (because they have consistent stories, jokes that appeal to all ages, and there can be some nostalgia involved), but why shows like bluey and MLP?
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Anonymous 32622

Nona, isn't it obvious?

Anonymous 32626


Alright, this shitposty answer aside, I'll try to give an explanation to figure out what is going on. I'll try to extrapolate what I read about fandoms to MLP, because I personally haven't watched it and surely won't.

Let me put my schizo hat on.

Firstly, anything that blows big like MLP has an extremely important aspect to it, an universe that allows creative freedom [of expression], especially the freedom to make you, the audience, participate and live in it. Spongebob, or any other regular show, usually follows a specific cast of characters that rarely develop centering around locations and an universe that never change as well. You can watch it for jokes, moral values, story and whatnot but you can't exactly participate in it. You're passive as an audience. Meanwhile, you can create thousands of Sonic variants, but you can't really do that with Spongebob, or even Pokemon. Pokemon Universe has an official list of Pokemon designed by it's creators, and it's also copyrighted, which means anything you personally concocted is not canonical, but I'm sure that's not the case in MLP.
You can create a pony that's purely based on your imagination, and it would still have it's place in the MLP universe, even as a background character. It's a pony sandbox.

Another way that I can think of through which you can interact with a piece of fiction is… shipping.
Take Miraculous Ladybug [which I stopped watching because I just couldn't] for example, which has a very notorious love dodecagon going on, with it's audience shipping every character and their dog with each other, writing fanfiction and even erotica based on it. There's enough material for the audience to weave their own fantasies with, and through these fantasies, they find people who have similar tastes and bond with each other through their shipping fanfiction at tumblr, discord or other communities dedicated for a specific ship.
I don't even want to mention the staggering amount of pony porn that exists online.

Another reason that may not be true that I can think of is, MLP is from a decade of deteriorating mental state, with Global Recession going on and USA facing serious economic crisis. I saw an image at another thread in here that had a graph about suicide rates in USA, and you can see a really sharp increase in the suicide rate from 2008 to 2010 upto 5% aPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 32629

I haven't watched it, but I'm pretty sure Bluey has a lot of subtexts aimed at adults. I know there's at least one moment implying the parents had a previous miscarriage, so I think it might just be a weird show with a hybrid target audience.

Anonymous 32645

my boyfriend loves this show lol
The brony thing was always mostly a meme among 4chan retards. I get there's nonas who love the show too, don't care, we all know it's true. The thing that makes the Bluey phenomenon truly unusual is the fact that this time a lot of the adults who love it are totally normal and not at all online. It is to be fair, definitely an above average quality kid's show. If I had to deal with kids I'd be much happier watching it than anything else for them but it's still a kid's show.
I saw somebody in a record store buying the official soundtrack and the cashier said to the person buying it "I love this show" and then the buyer said "Yeah I wish I had kids so I had more people to show it to."
Very weird times.

In general I think it's yet another example of culture moving in a direction of perennial childhood. I notice this trend in everything from fashion to television to (especially) music.
The interest in content that is truly "for adults" seems to be disappearing and it's really odd because I see nobody talking about it anywhere.

Anonymous 32745

My niece (4) loves it so we frequently end up watching it when she comes over. It's wholesome and cute and there's occasional jokes put in for adults (nothing dirty or raunchy, mostly the parents being cynical and sassy).

Pet Sounds Anonymous 32729[Reply]

one of my favorite albums

Anonymous 32730

good taste! I should listen to it again… what's your favorite song from it

Anonymous 32731

Caroline no is so iconic but I also love "wouldn't it be nice" and "I just wasn't made for these times". I love the beach boys and will die on the hill that they're one of the greatest groups ever lol. What about you?

Anonymous 32744

I love The Beach Boys!
I am so nostalgic for the time period when that album was new to me because I had just discovered it on the internet.


NES Nerds Anonymous 24466[Reply]

Any NES fans in the audience tonight? Mega Man got into music and gaming simultaneously as a kid and i'll forever be grateful
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Anonymous 32562

I actually like adventures of link, it is different but not necessarily in a bad way. Some of the enemies can be really annoying until you get that downward stab move though

Anonymous 32564


There were good elements of it and as you said things get way better once you get the downwards thrust. The implementation of the magic system was cool and I liked a lot of the spells like bounce and fairy which never make a return as far as I'm aware.
But overall I still think the game was more frustrating than fun, especially the final stretch of the game, dying in the final temple and needing to backtrack the entire way just feels demoralizing especially since Zelda 1 starts you right back at the entrance of the underground.

Oh well, beat ALttP and am in the middle of Awakening right now, it's fun to see the series evolve and what elements get carried between games. I don't think Adventures is as big of a black sheep as people are saying. While I was playing it I realized that the iteration of Link that inspired the Smash Bros moveset was him and the stage Temple draws from it, so, not forgotten by Nintendo at all. Don't regret playing it at all.

Anonymous 32709

Totally agree, it is miserable to make that trek to the final temple if you game over. Awakening is great(I def prefer the OG over that weird clay remake) The gbc games are all awesome in my opinion. Idk which I think is better, seasons or awakening, but you'll likely enjoy them all if you've come this far

Anonymous 32712


I actually just beat the GBC version of Awakening a few days ago and REALLY liked it. It's better than ALttP in my opinion and the game was very charming and sweet. ALttP didn't really have much side content to explore so I appreciated that Awakening had the trading sequence and seashells.

Replaying OOT was what got me started on my desire to play them all so the next chronological Zelda game I'm going to play will be Majora's Mask which I played as a kid but never beat. Though I think I'm going to take a short break to either play Donkey Kong Country or Mysterious Murasame Castle.

Anonymous 32741


>so the next chronological Zelda game I'm going to play will be Majora's Mask which I played as a kid but never beat
I honestly think it's the best 3D Zelda game of all time. Such an amazing game.


albums Anonymous 32737[Reply]

whats your current favorite album(s)?

Anonymous 32738

Anonymous 32739


webocmic Anonymous 32733[Reply]

what's that webcomic about girls on a planet? where it's a bunch of vivid colors and trippy weird like dreamy dialogue and stuff where you don't really know what's going on at first.. and it's like a universe with only girls in it? i know a bunch of pictures from it are popular on pintrest etc.

Anonymous 32734

Shimeji simulation? Might be a different one but still a good read

Anonymous 32735

Just reread and saw you said webcomic, my bad.

Anonymous 32736

no, but i have heard of that & been wanting to read! thx for reminding me


Anonymous 32625[Reply]

Whats your guys favorite britney album i think mine is her 2001 album but in the zone is up there too

Anonymous 32726

blackout. the tracklist's pretty diverse and they're all fun

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